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08 LOCAL NEWS The Parade Shops have reopened, after closing its doors due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The exterior has been redecorated, plus there has been re-surfacing and works on their private car park.

12 LOCAL NEWS Park Hall Countryside Experience in Oswestry, have launched Animal Adoption, after closing back in March due to the pandmic.

14 BATCH COOKING TIPS Batch cooking can be great for making life a little bit easier, and saving money too. We have some top tips on how to get it right.

28 RECIPES For a special treat this summer, why not try these delicious lemon and raspberry tartlets with meringue...

34 FASHION TRENDS This summer - fashion is full of frills and florals. From pretty floral Tea dresses to full-of-fun frilly blouses.

38 HOMESTYLE Get inspired for summer 2020 by combining tropical and coastal decorating schemes.

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48 MOTORING Motoring reviewer Syd Taylor test drives the Mini Countryman John Cooper Works All 4 Auto.

Syd Taylor

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It has been great seeing the way that people have played their part during lockdown; the vast majority of people have followed the rules and helped to stop the transmission of the virus, and of course protect the NHS and our Keyworkers too. It really makes me proud to be a part of the fantastic community in Shropshire. We have seen so many people stepping up to volunteer to help others that are shielding or vulnerable, not just now during the Covid-19 pandemic but before that too. The amazing work that they have done from delivering shopping to keeping in touch by telephone to make sure they are coping okay, has made a massive difference to people’s lives and helped them through this really difficult time. Now we begin to look forward to this ‘new normal’ everyone keeps talking about (whatever it might be!) and working out ways of getting back to some form of life after a weird 3 months in lockdown. There has been so much work going on behind the scenes at Telford & Wrekin Council to get things ready for a return to the High Street shops, which are now open again. There have been a number of measures put in place to help keep people safe. We too have been looking at ways to bring the Shrewsbury Lifestyle magazines to our readers in the safest way possible, just whilst some of the

government’s measures are in place. With many bars and restaurants set to reopen and hairdressers and barbers are getting ready to tackle 3 months of growth - we will be keeping an eye on things to see when it will be possible to beginning distributing physical copies of the magazines. Some places will not be able to have them, as they could pass the virus from one client to another but in time, I am sure this will be possible again. Until then we will be continuing to produce the magazines for online distribution on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With paid for boosts to ensure we reach the right people locally across our area. Business has been very badly affected by the pandemic and lockdown, but as we slowly, and carefully move out of lockdown we should see a return of some of our favourite products and services, and it’s important that we all support local businesses as much as we possibly can. As well as advertising for local businesses, we also want to keep bringing you the latest local information on what is going on in the borough. It’s great to be back together with more people - even if it is 6 feet apart! Take Care & Stay Safe,

Cllr Eileen Callear



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Let your customers know that you are open again Inform people about the services you are offering Let people know what measures you are taking to keep them safe from Covid-19

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The Parade Shops 190-year-old building has now re-opened...

LOCAL NEWS Shrewsbury’s Parade Shops re-open! The Parade Shops have reopened, after the independent shopping centre closed its doors due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The exterior of the building has been redecorated, plus there has been re-surfacing and works on their private car park.

There is a mixture of independent and individual businesses based in the historic building, which is just a couple of minutes walk from the top of Pride Hill. Some of the businesses were able to open again from mid June.

be exit only. He adds, “We are delighted that we are able to open our doors again and we are doing everything we can to make it as safe as possible for our customers. “We would be grateful to customers for being courteous to others and adhering to social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone can shop safely.”

Crystal’s Cupcakes, Beadles, Salop Stamps, Second Chapter Books, Setonaikai, Bill Leighton Photography, Time Span, Kashmir and Silk, Salop Technology and Think Tank are now open to the public. The rest of the businesses will follow suit. The hair and beauty businesses need to wait until after the 4th July before they are allowed to tackle Shropshire’s overgrown lockdown locks.

“There is a feeling that public support for Shrewsbury’s small businesses is growing through what a has been a hugely challenging time for them, and I hope that fantastic sense of community support is extended to our collection of independent businesses here at The Parade Shops.”

Philip Freeman, proprietor of The Parade Shops, urges visitors to use common sense inside the building to social distance from other customers. The main doors at the front of the building and the side door on the lower ground level will be entrance only, and all other doors will

The Parade Shops houses a mixture of businesses with fashion, gifts, food and specialist services, as well as a café overlooking the river, health and beauty salons and a pottery-painting studio. For more information visit


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HORTICUS MODULAR LIVING WALL - LARGE KIT WITH EXTRAS £1152 By Horticus Living is extra large kit is without a doubt a statement piece for showing off a large plant collection in any room. An ideal vertical garden kit with bags of potential for various layouts.

Big Gardens for Small Spaces Having a large collection of plants is amazing, but it can get a little crowded with our floor space disappearing pretty quickly. This is particularly true for city dwellers. 43% of Londoners live in a flat, the most of any region in the UK, promoting the move of our gardening skills to our balconies and our living rooms. With the mean average UK one-bedroom home being 46 sq m (495 sq ft), according to Riba, space is one of the issues these horticulturalists face.


By Horticus Living is is a living wall terracotta planter for use with our vertical garden frame to expand ones green habitat or simply to be used as a stand alone plant pot.



By focusing on our desire to nurture our carefully grown fauna, we’ve rethought the living wall; made it more flexible, added a few lifestyle features and kept the practice of cultivation. Horticus is a modular living wall system that can grow in keeping with your botanical demands. You choose the size and layout according to your preference and it doesn’t have to be all plants either. Use an empty planter for mementoes or select from pods with different functions. You can grow your living wall at your own pace. There is no need to get a lot of plants straight away to have the impact. Our small kit consists of 1 powder

coated steel frame and 3 terracotta planters and can add a touch of jungle to a bathroom, bring fresh herbs to a kitchen and a sense of calm to a living room.


Planters are made from terracotta and can be lifted in and out of the frame. Easy when it comes to repotting or if rearranging if the mood strikes you. Even better, the planters can be watered from above through a grid of watering holes.

By Horticus Living is is a vertical garden that fits perfectly in any room, easy to care for and does not compromise on style. An ideal living wall kit consisting of 7 terracotta planters, 4 powder coated steel frames and bags of potential for various layouts.




The adoption scheme is now live on their website at

LOCAL NEWS Animal Adoption launches at Park Hall Farm... Park Hall Countryside Experience in Oswestry closed their gates to the Covid-19 pandemic on the 18th March. Since then the family-run farm has continued caring for their livestock and making improvements around the farm, while they wait for the news that they can welcome back visitors. After receiving enquiries about animal adoption from members of the public missing the furry and feathered friends at Park Hall, joint owner – director Richard Powell asked their social media following whether being able to adopt the farm animals would be of interest - and he was overwhelmed by the positive response. The adoption scheme is now live on their website at where you can choose from bronze, silver and gold level packages. They are offering adoption for animal groups rather than individual animals to ensure every animal gets access to the support. Customers can choose from alpacas, sheep, pigs, goats, ponies, parrots, rabbits and guinea pigs. Richard Powell commented, “I think our friendly farm animals have been missing our visitors just as much as the visitors have missed them! We wanted to

provide a way that the public could feel part of the farm and support our wonderful animals. We think it is the perfect gift for animal lovers or young aspiring farmers, and it could even spread a little joy to those people who can’t have a pet at home. “I really hope that all our amazing visitors are able to come back and see us very soon, and in the meantime consider being part of what makes this farm so special.”


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Let your customers know that you are open again Inform people about the services you are offering Let people know what measures you are taking to keep them safe from Covid-19

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DATE ose dishes... Whilst freezing prolongs the life of food it doesn’t last forever so it’s important to date your food to ensure it’s eaten in plenty of time. Once frozen many dishes look the same, is that one frozen chilli or bolognese? Labelling your dishes prevents any nasty shocks when you think you’re making a Friday night curry only to find it’s your picky teenager’s pasta sauce!

ProCook Glass Ovenware Airtight Storage Set £15, ProCook Gourmet Non-Stick 24cm Casserole £34, ProCook Cast Iron Casseroles from £44, ProCook Nesting Blue Storage set £7, Small Square Storage containers £1.99For more great kitchenware inspiration, recipes and cooking tips go to

KEEP Portions in proportion... For savoury dishes you can multiply recipe quantities easily, but watch your spices and seasoning to prevent overpowering the flavour of your ingredients. Remember, you can’t remove seasoning but you can add it in gradually! Taste your food regularly, season only when it needs it and don’t fall into the trap of freezing huge portions as it will take forever to defrost! As a rule of thumb a good portion of stew, chilli or soup will be 250-350ml so for a family of 4 you’d need around a litre of food per batch. For pasta sauces 100-150ml is about right so a 600ml container will hold enough sauce for each meal.



PICK THE RIGHT CONTAINERS Batch cooking containers need to be freezer safe and airtight so keep an eye out for these features when picking your container. Several containers of the same size maximise space in your freezer and our airtight glass ovenware dishes are a practical choice for going from oven to fridge to freezer to microwave. For smaller quantities these 600ml square storage containers are perfect for stacking sauce portions in the freezer.

top tips to

batch cooking Looking for ways to prep meals for the family? Batch cooking saves time in the kitchen, reduces food waste and helps you plan ahead. It’s also a great way to help friends and neighbours in need who might be unable to cook for themselves or just need a little pickme-up. Here you can find our top tips for making batch cooking easy so you’re never left scratching your head wondering what you’ll serve tonight.

PICK FAMILY FAVOURITES Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes batch cooking, make simple dishes you know the whole household will enjoy instead as this ensures whatever you pick out of the freezer will be a hit with everyone. If you’ve got a fussy eater in the family, batch cooking is a blessing as you can prepare their favourite meals several days in advance and you’ll never run out of something to serve.

USE A BASE SAUCE Pick dishes that can be made with the same starter sauce and life will become much easier. You can freeze your sauce in small portions ready to defrost as and when you need it, and don’t forget that one sauce can be used for a huge variety of dishes. A basic tomato sauce is great for lasagne, chilli, bolognese, cassoulet, curry or even tomato soup whilst white sauce can be flavoured with veggies, herbs, cheese or even white wine for mac ‘n’ cheese, vegetable bakes, fish pie and coq au vin blanc… the list is endless!

USE LARGE PANS It goes without saying that a batch cooked meal will start as a large dish so don’t get caught short without a big enough pan. Look for the litre measurements on saucepans, stockpots and casseroles to give you the most accurate idea if the pan is big enough. For a family of 4 you’ll need cookware that holds at least 2 litres to make more than one meal. For a slow cooked meal this 6.2L casserole dish can be popped in the oven for hours and holds enough food to make up to 6 family meals.!

KEEP Your cool...

Allow cooked food to completely cool before freezing or refrigerating to prevent the growth of bacteria. Once cool, pop on your airtight lid and freeze immediately. Cooling racks are a good way to speed up the cooling process as they allow cold air to circulate under the dish.



The Shrewsbury Recovery Taskforce Group, made up of Shrewsbury BID, Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Council, is funding the packs to help as many businesses as possible reopen under the current coronavirus restrictions.

LOCAL NEWS Town Centre Businesses Opening Safely With Free Equipment Packs Traders in the centre of Shrewsbury have been provided with free “starter packs” to help them reopen and keep their customers safe. The Shrewsbury Recovery Taskforce Group, made up of Shrewsbury BID, Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Council, is funding the packs to help as many businesses as possible reopen under the current coronavirus restrictions. The packs contain items to support safe social distancing and help keep staff and customers safe, including social distance posters, window stickers, pavement markers, and an initial supply of masks and sanitiser. They also include advice on relevant resources to help businesses to reopen safely, such as risk assessments. Stephanie Mansell-Jones, business liaison for Shrewsbury BID, said the packs were proving to be very popular. “Everyone is really looking forward to opening again, and business owners are understandably very conscious of the need to keep themselves and their customers safe,” she said.

“These packs contain a range of materials which will help businesses to trade under the coronavirus restrictions, and include bright and welcoming posters and signs to educate and reassure customers. “Although it’s great that shops and businesses are opening again, it is absolutely critical that everyone works together to stop the spread of the virus and avoid more restrictions having to be introduced. “The Shrewsbury Recovery Taskforce was keen to fund these packs to give as many businesses as possible the opportunity to get the materials they need to reopen safely. “They are available on a first-come-first-served basis, and we have been promoting them through our usual channels to make sure people know about them.”

Business can visit: to register for a pack.

WE’RE OPEN! Welcome back

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Let your customers know that you are open again Inform people about the services you are offering Let people know what measures you are taking to keep them safe from Covid-19

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Footfall Steadily Rises As Shrewsbury Reopens

The number of people visiting Shrewsbury town centre jumped by more than 65% as many shops reopened last week. The Shrewsbury Recovery Taskforce, made up of Shropshire Council, Shrewsbury Town Council and Shrewsbury BID, has been coordinating the work to support the town centre to reopen. The main initiative has been the creation of a temporary central pedestrian zone, which involves High Street being closed to vehicles during peak pedestrian hours. This is allowing the road to be used by pedestrians, so people can safely queue outside shops, and will enable space for outside areas to be used by businesses. Various initiatives have been put in place to create a ‘safe and welcoming town centre’ over the summer which has included an enlarged central pedestrian zone during peak hours and pavement stickers to advise people to keep their distance.

Footfall counters operated by Springboard UK in Shrewsbury town centre recorded a 67% increase in visits over the week compared to the previous week – and an 85 per cent increase on Saturday. Seb Slater, executive director of Shrewsbury BID, said: “Overall footfall in the town centre last week was running at about 60% of the same week last year, which compares well to a national figure of around 40% for UK High Streets. “Obviously town is quieter than it normally would be, with many businesses still not able to open, but this steady and significant increase in footfall is what we need to support our local businesses, many of which have suffered a huge loss in trade in the past few months. “A huge amount of work has gone into making the town safe, and it’s important that people continue to observe social distancing rules – especially as the town gets busier as hospitality businesses reopen in July. Recent consumer research has found that as well as shopping, people are most looking forward to meeting up with friends for a meal, and we plan to promote Shrewsbury this summer as an enjoyable and safe day out.” Kevin Lockwood, manager of the Shrewsbury Shopping Centres, said the Darwin and Pride Hill centres had about 50% of the footfall as the same period last year. “I think our traders were happy with how the week went,” he said. “The increased hygiene measures and signage to encourage social distancing worked well, so I think it’s fair to say the first week back was a success. “We are expecting a steady increase in footfall as the weeks progress, especially once cafes and restaurants are allowed to reopen, so it’s important we all stay vigilant and work together to keep the town centre safe for everyone.”


Councillor Peter Nutting, leader of Shropshire Council, said: “The measures to support public safety and the town centre recovery are temporary. Although there are fewer cars on the roads in general at the moment, as expected we have seen an increase in the amount of traffic using the Town Walls route. “We will continue to monitor this situation and put in place any further measures we can to reduce through traffic at this time. Signs are being placed to advise motorists that town centre businesses and car parks are open, but directing through traffic around the edge of town. “Additionally, as part of the Big Town Plan, we are developing a town-wide movement strategy to transform access into and around the town centre including reducing through traffic for the whole town centre.” Councillor Alan Mosley, leader of Shrewsbury Town Council, said he felt the introduction of traffic measures had gone well. “These interventions are always going to require some level of compromise,” he said. “We appreciate that some residents have concerns and we appreciate that some businesses are having to reschedule their deliveries and suffer some inconvenience. “We are extremely grateful that people are willing to work together to minimise the spread of the virus and enable the town centre to safely reopen, which is ultimately in all of our best interests. “Indeed, when visiting the town over the weekend there was a great welcoming atmosphere and I feel that we must use the experience to plan for a much more pedestrian friendly environment for the longer term.”





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Steel Design Fabrications Ltd are a family run business. Our team of conscientious and experienced craftsmen will design, fabricate and install unique ironwork, all of which are manufactured to the highest possible standard using the very best quality materials available in todays market place, the latest techniques and equipment for the cold forming of metal and the combined expertise of of over 100 years of our workshop staff. We have been servicing both commercial and domestic markets. We supply a comprehensive range of Steel Staircases Fire escape systems, gates, railings, balustrades, balconies and handrails.

The company also provide a complete design service where we will undertake complete management of the site by organising the brickwork and groundwork before finishing the project by fitting the gates, railing etc, giving you peace of mind that you are getting a complete professional job from start to finish. There are 100’s of designs to choose from. The website shows just a small selection of the more popular designs. Other areas we specialise in are security grilles, dog enclosures, motorcycle and camping type trailers. small selection of the more popular designs. Other areas we specialise in are security grilles & dog enclosures.

Telephone: 01939 210246 or 07793 633853 Or Visit Our Website For More Information WWW.STEELDESIGNFABRICATIONS.CO.UK Painsbrook Lane, Hadnall, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 4BA


TAKING a stand against bullfighting & blood sports - joining forces with PETA The Ironworks’ Anti-Bullfighting Monument




ironworks Join Forces with PETA Taking a Stand Against Bullfighting & Blood Sports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a worldfamous animal rights charity and organisation dedicated to ending violence against all animals. They are based in America but have millions of supporters all across the world. We now have a number of PETA leaflets and informative material available here for you to view whilst visiting us, and we hope to do a lot more with them in the future! Inspired by PETA’s work and as part of our dedication to end all forms of violence through educational workshops and programmes, we have created the Anti-Bullfighting Monument. This unique monument features the image of a bull in the midst of a fight, showcasing the pain that these creatures have to endure whilst they are put on display for human entertainment and consumption. Designed to promote conversation and to raise better awareness over these issues, the monument not only highlights the negative effects of bullfighting but also the cruelty of all other blood sports. Every year, over 250,000 bulls are killed during bullfights. We want to use our Anti-Bullfighting Monument as an important point of tuition for children and visitors alike to gain better awareness over the reality of these inhumane sports. The monument is now on display here at the Ironworks and will form a crucial part of our school trips and visits. We are eternally optimistic that our Centre will resume a sense of normality soon, allowing us to safely welcome schools here for their FREE educational trips. We host hundreds of schools and youth groups here each year, offering a number of different activities and educational trails tailored to their respective curriculums and age groups. All of our school trips are completely free, and we pride ourselves on being the only visitor attraction in the UK to also provide free refreshments for all students and teachers visiting us. Of course, for most of 2020 we have been unable to do this, but we are very excited to welcome you all back as soon as it is safe to do so. For more information, keep an eye on our website and social media pages!

British Ironwork Centre Black Country Metal Works Limited Tel: 01691 610952 | Fax: 01691 611890 | Web: Whitehall, Aston, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 4JH



A drive-through coronavirus testing facility, part of the national test and trace initiative, is to open at the Ironbridge Park and Ride in Telford

LOCAL NEWS Council secures test and trace site for the Borough... A drive-through coronavirus testing facility, part of the national test and trace initiative, is to open at the Ironbridge Park and Ride in Telford, that will help make it easy and quick for any borough resident to get tested. The site will be established over the coming days and will remain open as long as the national effort requires it to be.

“The site makes testing easily available to anyone who needs it in Telford and Wrekin.

Telford & Wrekin Council worked with Government and the NHS, providing them with a number of suitable sites to choose for a permanent testing site, which will serve people in the borough and surrounding areas.

“Anyone who develops symptoms can quickly get a test and find out whether they need to self-isolate with their household or safely return to a more normal life.”

Each site was assessed for accessibility and security; also additional signage is being installed by the Council to prepare the site. People in the borough experiencing a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of or change in their normal sense of smell or taste, can book an appointment on the NHS website or by calling 119 to be tested for whether they currently have coronavirus. Councillor Shaun Davies, Telford & Wrekin Council leader, said: “We have worked very hard and fast, with Government and other partners, to help set up this test centre. “I would like to say thank you to the Council staff that have worked to make this happen alongside the political leadership of the Council, we are proud to be doing our part in helping the borough tackle coronavirus.”

The facility will be piloted for its first few days of operation. To allow the testing site to operate, the Ironbridge Park and Ride service will no longer run. The impact of this will be kept under review as part of the Council’s recovery focus work in district centres around the borough. Liz Noakes, the Director of Public Health at Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “Test and Trace is the next stage in the fight against coronavirus. “Working with Public Health England, we will be using our local knowledge and expertise to control any outbreak that occurs in Telford and Wrekin. This testing site will be central to getting people tested easily and then help us understand if there are any outbreaks in Telford and Wrekin. “It’s really important that everyone understands how the scheme works and people do the right thing and self-isolate if they are contacted by NHS Test and Trace.”

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Latest news from Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

LOCAL NEWS Antibody Testing in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin for NHS & Care Staff... Tests for seeing if someone has had COVID-19 (coronavirus) have started to be rolled out across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, for frontline health and care employees and hospital inpatients. The antibody test tells the person if they have had the virus or not, but not about any level of protection or immunity from getting the virus again, and local health leaders are clear that anyone having this test should still adhere to important social distancing measures.

“We initially will have a limited amount of testing kits, but we hope that this will increase over the coming days and weeks – which will help our capacity to test more staff. We will prioritise frontline health and care employees and hospital patients, and when we can increase this for the wider population, we will.”

At this stage these tests are not being made available to the general public and therefore the advice is not to contact your GP practice or other local services until such time as Government guidance changes.

Whilst the antibody tests are an important part of the local and national response to COVID-19, health leaders in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin are asking people to continue to adhere to social distancing measures, to continue to stop the spread of the virus. This includes keeping at least 2 metres away from people when outside and in other public areas, practising good hand and respiratory hygiene, and continuing to follow the Government’s advice on selfisolating if anyone develops potential symptoms of COVID-19, these include:

Victoria Rankin, Director of People for Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and chair of the Local COVID-19 Testing Task and Finish Group comments: “We are now in a position to start to roll-out the antibody testing for staff working in our local health system, and this is important as it will help us to understand how the virus has spread through our population.

• a high temperature • a new, continuous cough • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Test, Track and trace work has begun in Telford and Wrekin

LOCAL NEWS Test and trace work has begun in Telford and Wrekin Anyone in Telford and Wrekin who tests positive for Coronavirus will need to share information with NHS Test and Trace about people they have recently been in contact with. People identified by NHS Test and Trace will need to stay at home for 14 days, even if they do not have symptoms - in order to stop unwittingly spreading the virus. Those in isolation who develop symptoms should book a test online or by calling 119. If they test positive, they must continue to stay at home for seven days or until their symptoms have passed. If they test negative, they must continue and complete the 14 day isolation period as they still may develop symptoms. Members of households with people identified as having contact with a positive case will not have to stay at home unless the person identified develops symptoms - at which point they must also selfisolate for 14 days. Liz Noakes, the Director of Public Health at Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “Test and Trace is the next stage in the fight against coronavirus. “Working with Public Health England we will be using our local knowledge and expertise to control any outbreak that occurs in Telford and Wrekin. It’s really important that everyone understands how the scheme works and people do the right thing and self-isolate if they are contacted by NHS Test and Trace.”

Councillor Andy Burford, cabinet member for health and social care at Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “It’s important that you contact the NHS Test and Trace service as soon as possible if you have coronavirus symptoms. “The NHS Test and Trace service will allow us to trace the spread of the virus, isolate new infections, and will give us an early warning if the virus is increasing again locally.” Symptoms of coronavirus include - a high temperature - a new, continuous cough - and the loss or change to your senses of smell or taste. Meanwhile, social distancing measures remain in place. Everyone must: - stay at home as much as possible - work from home if you can - limit contact with other people - keep your distance if you go out - wash your hands regularly - stay at home and self-isolate if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus. The latest information and guidance around coronavirus is available at GOV.UK and on the council’s own coronavirus pages at -

Latest news from Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

LOCAL NEWS Updated Advice For Outpatients & Visitors To County’s Hospitals... • •

Local hospital visiting restrictions currently remain in-place Hospital patients and attendees required to wear face masks

NHS Hospitals across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin have updated their advice for visitors and outpatients, in-line with new Government guidance and recent recommendations from the World Health Organisation, in order to keep visitors, patients and staff safe. Although specific restrictions on visitors to the county’s hospitals are still in-place for the time being, anyone who is specifically allowed to visit a patient, due to an exception to the current restrictions, or is attending the hospital as an outpatient from Monday 15 June will need to wear a face mask during the whole of their visit, in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Commenting on the change of guidance, Zena Young, Executive Director of Quality at NHS Shropshire CCG and NHS Telford and Wrekin CCG comments: “We can all play a role in reducing the spread of coronavirus and keeping our hospitals safe. So, if you are coming to hospital either as a visitor or for planned treatment, it is important that you wear a face mask at all times. This is for your safety and the safety of other patients and staff. “All visitors to our local hospitals will be provided with an appropriate face mask to wear, and all visitors will

continue to be expected to comply with existing social distancing and hand hygiene measures in addition to the face coverings while in the hospital setting.” Patients that are currently shielding should also have been provided with a surgical face mask for their hospital appointment, and are requested to continue to use this. If they have not been provided with a surgical face mask prior to attending, they will be provided one on arrival. Patients who have any specific requirements should speak to a member of staff, the hospital will have a range of communication options to ensure that they can communicate with these patients. Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin’s NHS hospitals are continually reviewing policies and procedures to make sure they are able to allow visitors to see patients, where it is safe to do. Anyone wishing to visit a patient in one of Shropshire’s main hospitals in Shrewsbury, Telford or Oswestry, one of the county’s community hospitals in Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Whitchurch or Craven Arms or the Redwoods Centre in Shrewsbury should check with the specific hospital or ward area to find out their current visiting arrangements, prior to arriving. Visit:

LET’S EAT. For a special treat this summer, why not try these delicious lemon and raspberry tartlets with meringue... Behold the sweetness of meringue and the tang of lemon, and raspberry! I absolutely love tartlets, they are easy to make and simply delicious. ese are two of my favourites; I adore lemon meringue, with its sweet topping and zesty lemony filling. ese raspberry tartlets are divine too with the creamy crème patisserie, and icing sugar dusted raspberries - talk about spoilt for choice!



Method for Lemon Meringue...

1) Preheat oven to 200C. Lightly grease each recess of a cup muffin pan. 2) Using a 10cm cutter, cut 12 rounds from pastry and place into prepared pans. Chill for 15 minutes, then prick bases with a fork and bake for 5-10 mins. 3) Meanwhile, combine water, lemon juice, sugar and cornflour in a saucepan, until smooth. Bring to boil, stirring continuously, until mixture thickens. Reduce heat and simmer for 3 mins. 4) Stir in yolks, butter and rind and allow to cool slightly. Spoon into the cases. Chill until firm. 5) To make the meringue, in a clean, dry bowl, using an electric mixer, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar, one tablespoon at a time, beating until sugar dissolves and foam is stiff, thick and glossy. Beat in vinegar (or lemon juice). 6) Turn the oven up to 220C. Pop a dollop of meringue and swirl over the filling in each tart. Bake for 4-5 mins until lightly browned. Allow to cool.

THE INGREDIENTS Makes 12 Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes 2 1/2 sheets frozen shortcrust pastry, thawed 250ml water 150ml lemon juice 100g sugar 50g cornflour 2 egg yolks 30g butter 1 finely grated lemon zest 2 egg whites 50g cup caster sugar 1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice For Raspberry tartlets use milk instead of water and lemon juice and add 1 tsp of vanilla extract. You will also need fresh raspberries and icing sugar for dusting.

Method for Raspberry Tartlets...

1) This is the same as 1 & 2 for the Lemon Tartlets. 2) For the cream filling, beat together the sugar, cornflour, eggs, and vanilla extract in a bowl. In a saucepan, bring the milk to the boil, and remove from the heat just as it starts to bubble up. Pour the hot milk onto the egg mixture, whisking constantly. Return the custard to the pan, and bring to the boil, whisking constantly to prevent lumps, as the custard heats it will thicken considerably. At this point reduce the heat to low and cook for a further two to three minutes. 3) Turn the thickened crème patisserie out into a bowl, cover the surface of it with cling film (to prevent a skin forming), and set it aside to cool. Once it is cold, beat it well with a wooden spoon before use. 4) When you are ready to assemble the tartlets, spoon, or pipe, the crème patisserie into the cases. Top with raspberries, and dust with icing sugar to serve.



EDUCATION... Exams up in the air: are GCSE and A-Level students the worst hit cohort of COVID-19? A study shows 2 million students are completing less than an hour of work per day. e UK's leading online tutoring platform MyTutor provides top tips to help Year 10 and 12 pupils get back into a routine.

A survey by University College London (UCL) has revealed that one in five students have completed less than one hour's worth of school work a day during lockdown, which equates to around 2.3 million pupils across the UK. is information comes as secondary schools this week opened their doors to GCSE and A-Level students as they begin to prepare for their exams in 2021.

ABOUT THE ONLINE SCHOOL By MyTutor MyTutor - in a bid to support those working diligently on their studies at home - also launched a free Online School last month, which is packed with help for GCSE students. e platform offers daily live group tutorials with the platform's top tutors on key GCSE topics and new resources are added every day. Pre-recorded videos focussing on popular topics are also uploaded to MyTutor's YouTube channel regularly, across a wide range of subjects, but are currently centred around the core subjects: Maths, the three Sciences and English. A-Level modules will also soon be added.



But with exams still up in the air, are GCSE and A-Level students the worst affected by the Coronavirus crisis? Students are still receiving minimal contact time with teachers, even as schools reopen, as around 90% of individual pupils are only attending for one day each week. The impact that the lockdown period will have on university attendance is still unclear, with many planning to defer their entry as institutions - such as Cambridge University - plan on implementing online classes for the next academic year. Until schools can fully reopen to all students, online services will continue to play a vital role in the education world. For those students in Years 10 and 12 starting to begin preparations for exams, MyTutor - the UK's leading online tutoring service - provides top tips for doing so:

1. Don't panic Leave yourself plenty of time to start revision - cramming before an exam is not an effective way to prepare. Create a flexible timetable and don't panic if you don't strictly stick to it - some topics will be harder than others and you may need to spend a little extra time than you originally thought. Equally, some might be easier. As long as you allow yourself ample time these elements will balance out.

2. Test yourself One of the best ways to make sure that you have fully absorbed information is to test yourself. Before each block of revision, write out a few key questions on the topics you plan on revising, and make sure you can answer these questions without your notes by the end of the session. Or enlist help from a friend! If you can both identify key topics you want to cover, test each other you'll benefit from being able to explain answers out loud and on the spot, and from having someone else explain ideas back to you.

3. Don’t over-do it Time together to chat as a couple is now more important than ever. If you have an outdoor firepit why not make your very own campfire, with the essential drinks and snacks to accompany, of course. If you don’t have a firepit, micro lights intertwined around logs are an effective & super safe alternative. Flickering outdoor TruGlow candles are a wonderful addition to the setting.

4. Get creative with your notes From flashcards to mind maps, find which techniques work best for you. Displaying information in a concise manner is really important for revision notes to help with memorisation. Experiment with different colours too!

5. Find help from an expert For any curriculum-focused learning, online tuition is a great way to get help. With MyTutor, all our tutors sat their GCSEs and A Levels in the past few years, so they know the courses backto-front and they can explain things in a way teens can understand. MyTutor also have a free Online School to help GCSE students.



PLENTY Of pots... Fill in gaps, section your space and create features with groups of pots that add easy greenery and foliage with very little effort.

Garden Trading Cadgwith Sofa Set £2000, Ships Light in Lily White £50, Luccombe Sofa Set £1800, Foscot Fire Pit, Large £190 & Rodborough Planters

LOTS Of lights... Outdoor lighting provides us with much more than we give it credit for. Whether it’s guiding visitors to our front door, illuminating dark spots to make us feel safer or creating a touch of magic for an outdoor party. Often an afterthought, lighting is actually one of the finishing touches that set the tone for the garden you would like to have. Coastal or nautical. Rustic or polished. Statement or subtle. Choosing the right lighting will give you the look you’ll love.




great outdoors Elevate your outdoor space this summer by allowing yourself the time to think about what you really want to use your garden for.

PLANNING PERMISSON... Allow yourself the time to think about what you really want to use your garden for. Is it peace and solitude in a quiet courtyard? An extra living space for watching movies and chilling out. Or a dining space where you can host good friends with laughter and conversation long into the night? By determining how you wish to spend time in your outdoor space, you can choose the right furniture, accessories and lighting to help you achieve it.

FIND YOUR FURNITURE... Once you are clear on what you want, selecting the furniture is a good place to start. Forming the backbone of your personal or entertaining space, it is where you can build upon. From bistros made for two, to large sofa sets and dining tables with benches there is something of every size for every size space. With a wealth of materials including sleek acacia wood, traditional rattan and modern polyrope, there’s something for every style too.


Whatever the seasons bring, there’s no doubt that at some hopeful point, we will wishfully get out the BBQ and invite our friends and family round to enjoy an afternoon in whatever sunshine we are afforded. Help keep the party going, long after dark with fire pits, floor cushions and drinks trolleys filled with their favourite tipples.



FRILL SEEKERS... Combining frills with florals this Blurred Floral Shirr Blouse £16, is fabulous paired with jeans and these Rust Leather Clog Heels £15, from George at Asda...

FLORAL Essentials... The floral dress is a must have wardrobe item for summer. I love this Poplin Print Square Neck Dress £18, Mini Top Handle Dco £12 from George at Adsa...




style guide is summer - fashion is full of frills and florals. From pretty floral Tea dresses to full-of-fun frilly blouses. e more frills the better!

Far Out Florals, Puff sleeves and Broderie Anglaise... I know florals may not be groundbreaking, it’s summer and they pop up regularly around this time of year, but they are going to experience a bit of a refreshing and groovy twist this season. With 60’s and 70’s influenced prints coming through, florals are about to get interesting; Think grandma’s curtains and psychedelic florals, because they are about to flood into our Instagram feeds through 2020. I know that it may feel a bit strange to think about fashion at a time like this, I mean let’s face it - not many of us are bothering with ’real’ clothes due to lockdown. But we are slowly seeing people return to the shops, which have now re-opened, and let’s face it - there is a lot to be said for having something to look forward to. Just like we have all been dreaming about where we may travel to once we are able to, a lot of us are also looking forward to exploring fashion again. I personally am loving the Puff sleeve which is really on-trend. From puffy shoulders to puffy arms - I literally can’t get enough of the puffy sleeve look. Broderie Anglaise is also going to be taking on a new vibe this summer, with fancier patterns, which make it feel fresh and interesting. I really love the new look Broderie, it is a lovely take on this cute classic.



Frill of it...


This pretty Poplin Tee Blouse is fabulous for frill I adore this Ruched Sleeve Sweatshirt £12.50 lovers at £16, team with Dring Paper Bag Trouser from George at Asda, it really adds a new feminine £16, Pearl Set Hoop Earrings £4 from George at Asda. twist to the plain old sweatshirt! THE STYLE GUIDE


DATE NIGHT... After days of living in gym kit and no makeup, now is the time to take a moment for yourself, to enjoy the company of your loved one. Achieving the perfect date night is really easy, and will allow for some well deserved time out to unwind and enjoy.

From Lights4fun

SPRING SUMMER FLATLAY OUTDOOR TABLE By Lights4fun Candle lit dinners are the epitome of romance. is TruGlow LED pillar candle trio are £26.99 from Lights4fun, will add that warm glow to the evening. Also shown are Solar Bee Micro Lights, £7.99 TruGlow® LED Tea Lights, £19.99 Micro Light Rope Light, £14.99

DATE NIGHT AT HOME... After days of living in gym kit and no makeup, now is the time to take a moment for yourself, to enjoy the company of your loved one. Achieving the perfect date night is really easy, and will allow for some well deserved time out to unwind and enjoy. We have curated some of our favourite ideas to spend time with your significant other from the comfort of your own home.

EVENING AMBIANCE The key to the perfect date night at home is to create the right ambiance. Lighting is a great way to achieve this, as it can make a space feel that little bit more magical. With a simple set of fairy lights you can create your very own glowing canopy, perfect for an evening drink.


To complete your romantic soirée, stream one your favourite musician’s concerts online to make it feel even more of a special occasion.

TIME TOGETHER By Lights4fun ese drop bulb battery operated festoon lights £16.99 from Lights4fun are the perfect addition to your outdoor seating area, adding a romantic ambience to your alfresco dining.


Stay Home

Time together to chat as a couple is now more important than ever. If you have an outdoor firepit why not make your very own campfire, with the essential drinks and snacks to accompany, of course. If you don’t have a firepit, micro lights intertwined around logs are an effective & super safe alternative. Flickering outdoor TruGlow candles are a wonderful addition to the setting.

OUTDOOR LIVING SUMMER EVENING LIFESTYLE By Lights4fun Set the scene by creating an intimate dining space, with table linen, flowers and of course romantic lighting. ere are lots of festoon lights available, and they really make date night at home very romantic...


Stay Home


STAY HOME... Get inspired for summer 2020 by combining tropical and coastal decorating schemes. Using a pastel colour palette and natural elements, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at shares 3 simple ways to create this idyllic setting at home.

By Rebecca Snowdon

HAYWARD DOVE GREY PLUSH FABRIC L SHAPE CORNER SOFA - £599.99 By Furniture Choice Contemporary and spacious, the Hayward corner sofa is a stylish option for the living room. Crafted in plush fabric on a reinforced frame, its clean lines and sumptuous arms make it ideal for lounging and offers maximum support.

1. Pair white with pastels A whitewashed colour scheme instantly creates a light and airy space, channelling the calming qualities of an idyllic seaside getaway. Match the white backdrop with pastel accents for a soft contrast that still retains a relaxed atmosphere. “Choose colours with a light and soft undertone to create a beach-inspired look at home,” Rebecca advises. “For example, pair sage walls and palm print wallpaper with a white dining set as a fresh nod to tropical style. This colour scheme is light, fresh and sets a lively mood for entertaining. Meanwhile, choose blush pink in the bedroom as it exudes that carefree, playful touch that is synonymous with seaside chic. Use a white wooden bed as the anchor while layering the room with throws and cushions in pops of pink for added warmth and texture.”

2. Decorate with natural accents


By Furniture Choice e Grange is a large and handsome table in a New England style, with a chunky design that will easily take you from daily family dining to hosting big dinner parties.


Stay Home

Creating a summer-inspired look at home would not be complete without incorporating natural elements. “Bringing the outdoors inside is a calming way to reconnect with nature,” Rebecca says. “With a grey sofa as the centrepiece, light oak or driftwood pieces as accents evoke the feeling of being by the beach with their raw, understated texture. Complete the look with rattan, jute and pampas grass accessories which add to the dreamy aesthetic thanks to their neutral, earthy qualities.” Being by the beach is a sensorial experience, so it is important to take that aspect into account when decorating. Mixing materials such as wood with amber glass offers a welcoming contrast of different textures. “Amber glass accessories lend a warm, ethereal glow that strikes a fine balance between rustic and contemporary, especially when it’s matched with light wood tones,” Rebecca explains. “Round off the look with indoor plants to purify the air and for that extra tropical touch.”

3. Emphasise wall panel details Whether it’s tropical or coastal-inspired style, tap into the room’s details to establish a clean, curated space at home. For example, emphasise the texture of tongue and groove wall panelling as part of the bedroom backdrop.

DORSET WHITE DOUBLE BED - £299.99 By Furniture Choice Timelessly elegant with a touch of country charm - the Dorset bed brings comfort and style to the bedroom. Designed with classic wood panelling and an airy finish, it's also built with a slatted base for additional support


“Tongue and groove wall panelling makes a strong visual statement and prevents the decor from looking too flat when you combine it with white floorboards,” Rebecca says. “Clean lines and a light, airy palette are staples of modern coastal style and creates a space that’s both stylish and functional. Contrast the panelling with a round mirror - its curves help to soften the edges while still keeping the ambience chic and relaxed.

Stay Home


TRANSFORM your weight and health - permanently... Temporary Isolation Can Be The Opportunity To Permanently Transform Your Weight And Health. Author, Candice Rosen shares 5 key healthy food choices and food combinations during this quarantine season in her new book, Forget Dieting: It’s All About Data-Driven Fueling! These data-driven fueling food choices and combinations help lower blood glucose and A1C levels ̶ especially crucial given the latest research on the correlation between people with high blood glucose (diabetics) and people with extreme COVID19 ̶ as well as promote healthy weight loss. Not sure how to eat and stay healthy this quarantine season without resorting to your familiar diet of spaghetti, bread, pizza, and sugar? Candice Rosen, R.N., MSW, and author of the upcoming book Forget Dieting: It’s All About Data-Driven Fueling! encourages "trophology," or "food combining," which is one of the foundations of Rosen's Data-Driven Fueling Plan. As you combine foods, Rosen adds that "monitoring blood glucose is the key to weight gain vs. weight loss; good health vs. poor health."

3. Nothing white. To lower blood glucose, do not eat or combine animal proteins with any white potatoes, bread, rice, or pasta… EVER. Sorry!

4. Eat More Sweet Potatoes. Think wholesome, nutritious, responsibly grown, pancreatic-friendly foods (food that doesn’t raise your blood glucose) like sweet potatoes and yams, which are an incredibly nutritious carbohydrate that are low in sugar levels and provide fiber. They’re best consumed baked or steamed, but can also be cooked in a variety of other ways. A great lunch or dinner option (and it is inexpensive) is a baked sweet potato, split down the middle with a large spoonful of black beans, a tablespoon of tomatillo salsa, and a side salad. To lower blood sugar, eat them with veggies and plant-based protein together… NOT MEAT!

1. Make Wednesday & Friday Vegan Days According to Rosen, avoid dairy! Try vegan yogurts, cheeses, and milks. Dairy is inflammatory and will deplete your bones of calcium (it’s true!). There are unsweetened milks of almond, hemp, cashew, etc., and all are available in grocery stores. A low blood glucose breakfast idea would be a sprouted grain English muffin, spread with a tofu or nut-based cream cheese, some sliced tomatoes, and topped off with sea salt or Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend.

2. Eat fruits that are high in fiber. Apples, bananas, oranges, berries ̶ the list goes on! You will still want to avoid sugary fruit juices, as well as very sweet fruits like pineapples and mangos while trying to lose weight. Fruit is always eaten alone with two exceptions: they can be added to a vegan smoothie and they can be eaten with a nut or seed butter. These healthy fats reduce the chance of a blood glucose spike.

Forget Dieting: It’s All About Data-Driven Fueling! By Candice P. Rosen Release date: July 2020 - Available from Amazon


5. Try Fish. Give your body a break from animal protein. Red meats increase inflammation and provide poor sources of fat. However, if you crave protein, try fish! For those who aren’t allergic, fish is a fantastic source of protein that’s low in carbohydrates and contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, one of the few consumable healthy fats! If consuming fish raw, remember only sashimi-style – no white rice! To lower blood sugar, combine fish with veggies, not starches or fruit.


Quick Crossword & Easy Sudoku Perfect for Coee Breaks! Clues Across

r Just fo fun...


Answers & Solutions are available on our websites:


9. On all occasions (6) 10. Analgesic (10) 11. In the direction of (6) 12. Living at the same time (2-8) 14. Spoil (3) 15. State in south-eastern USA (7) 16. Young night bird (5) 17. Sweetly and smoothly (13) 21. Subserviently (13) 25. Incubate (5) 27. Island off coast of Co Antrim (7) 28. Immense period (3) 29. Totally (10) 30. Chessman (6) 31. Glass building (10) 32. Small pincers (6)

Clues Down

1. Christmas entertainment (9) 2. Clumsily (9) 3. Boats which skim above the surface (10) 4. Light-coloured horse (8) 5. Tirelessly (13) 6. Complete failure (6) 7. Clearly (7) 8. Warship (7) 13. Joint effort (13) 18. Longingly (10) 19. Lay siege to (9) 20. Control the mind of another (9) 22. Unsparing (8) 23. City on Lake Michigan (7) 24. Falter in speaking (7) 26. Making a breach (6)

There is just one simple rule in Sudoku. Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. CROSSWORD & SUDOKU








Spring Summer Interior Bedroom Decor LIGHTS4FUN.CO.UK - £36.99

m o H





f e R e



h s re


ith Summer on the horizon, many of us are looking to our interior decor and giving our spaces the refresh it needs. White is the ultimate colour when it comes to elevating your interior styling to the next level. Where it is possible, we recommend starting with a clean fresh base, in keeping the majority of the tones within a lighter palette. Think light grey, cream & ivory nuances for your bedding, curtains and furniture. The brighter colours will allow more light to fill your room. Even if you have darker walls and features around your home, whiteaccessories such as lanterns and candles will instantly brighten your room even during the day. As dusk falls, the glow of LED candles will prolong the summer feeling and add a new layer of warmth to your decor, transforming before your eyes. Festoons are most often found in garden decor but they are also an effective way to decorate your interior, White cable festoons are trending now, adding a fresh touch of sparkle, hang a string in bedrooms for a stylish result. Add foliage and sprigs of gypsophila to add vibrance to your home, white ceramic vases will compliment the greenery perfectly. A fresh approach to your interior styling will encapsulate the very essence of Summer, and will brighten your home in an instant.

42 Home Edit

Spring Interior Decor Distressed White Lantern LIGHTS4FUN.CO.UK - £14.99

Quality Internal & External Timber Doors

ALL FOR ONLY £1199 T: 01952 610795 or 01952 620003 E:



Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm & Sat: 10am - 3pm

The Door Store @ Classic fasteners (Est. 1991)

Units 6&7, Redland Industrial Estate, Off Station Hill, Oakengates, Telford, TF2 9JX

Humble vegetable could be the solution for Brits in lock-down at risk of low vitamin D Half of the nation are determined to not drift away from new healthy lifestyle post-pandemic, adopting long-term habits that can boost immunity

HEALTH NEWS MUSHROOM MAGIC: MUSHROOM SET TO TAKE TOP SPOT OF SUPERFOOD CHARTS THANKS TO VITAMIN D HIT Nutritionist and author, Madeleine Shaw, explains how eating just eight vitamin D enriched mushrooms could help you hit your RDA following latest NHS advice. With Brits in lock-down, spending fewer hours in the sun and with little prospect of foreign holidays, a health expert has warned that vitamin D levels are at risk of falling and believes mushrooms could be the superfood solution. Research commissioned by The UK & Ireland Mushroom Producers, has revealed that one in four of us aren’t getting our daily recommended vitamin intake, with a further quarter having “no clue” on what the recommended daily amount even is! Since the nation has embraced a renewed focus on wellbeing following the arrival of COVID-19, 13 per cent have admitted to the worry that they will develop a vitamin D deficiency. In addition, 22 per cent of people agreed to being worried about developing a weak immune system. With lack of sunlight a cause for concern, one in ten at home are contemplating how they can achieve their daily dose of the essential vitamin. When questioned on how they achieve their vit-hit, 19 per cent of respondents said they source it through taking supplements, with 27 per cent declaring they bought them for the first time or more frequently as a result of the pandemic. Just 9 per cent of people polled seek natural alternatives, such as eating vitamin D rich foods. As we settle into the ‘new normal’, more than half of the nation are determined to not drift away from our new healthy lifestyle post-pandemic, with many adopting long-

term habits that can boost immunity. Nutritionist and bestselling cookery writer, Madeleine Shaw, explains why mushrooms are now qualified to join the ranks of other socalled superfoods, such as avocados and blueberries: “Mushrooms are easily overlooked in the fruit and veg rainbow we’re advised to eat. High in antioxidants, they are commonly overlooked as a significant source of the sunshine vitamin D. As a key vitamin essential in supporting a normal immune system, Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping our bones healthy, as it works to regulate our intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. “As we face less hours in the sun this summer due to cancelled holidays and life in lock-down, we need to explore different ways of finding how to best get what our bodies need. A readily available and easily overlooked source are mushrooms, that can be bought specially enriched with vitamin D.” The latest NHS advice urges the public to consider increasing their vitamin D intake from 5 micrograms to 10 micrograms. Shaw explains that eating just eight vitamin D enriched mushrooms a day would give you your daily recommended amount. A staggering 84 per cent of those surveyed said they were unaware that they could achieve their RDA by simply incorporating the enriched mushroom into their everyday meals. Containing virtually no fat, sugar or salt, new research suggests that eating mushrooms could help Brits maintain or even lose weight due to containing two types of dietary fibres, beta-glucans and chitin, which increase satiety and reduce appetite – keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Living up to their superfood label, mushrooms are also rich in umami, which has the ability to enhance flavour and gives it a few distinctive health benefits, including letting us cut back on salt without reducing flavour. Urging households to become more label-aware when shopping, Shaw suggests taking a moment to look carefully at packs that call out added benefits. “If you can’t get your hands on vitamin D enriched mushrooms and can only find regular mushrooms, here’s a little tip: place them in the window sill on a sunny day and in as little as an hour or two they become a source of vitamin D.”

BEAT THE BLOAT How to beat bloating to lose inches...

Quotes by Dr Michael Barnish, Head of Genetics & Nutrition, REVIV Global.

processed food taste like food. In my opinion processed foods are not real food. Omega 3 is found in fish, meat and eggs and green leafy vegetables. Don’t be fooled though. Farmed fish and industrially farmed meats and hens are not fed on the greens they are supposed to be and therefore do not have as high omega 3 levels as expected. Always determine that the source of the food is naturally pasture/grass fed, organic where possible and, in the case of fish, wild caught and not farmed.

Tip 2:

Before I begin my tips are based around one fundamental rule. One that is poorly understood both within the medical and non-medical communities and is the reason why obesity is the huge pandemic it is today around the world. The rule is: You and your brain often have different ideas of what your ideal weight should be.

The brain dictates what the ideal weight is from reading and monitoring theexternal environment closely. If there is a lack of nutrients or food, then it will promote the storage of fat (fuel) to help the body make it through a potential famine. If there is plentiful nutrition and no famine, then the brain will dictate less fat (fuel) storage. Tip 1:

Boost your Omega 3 levels. It seems simple, but if you want to shed thepounds quickly you need to correct omega 3 deficiencies. Most people in the Western world are living with low omega 3 levels and high omega 6 levels. We need both, but when omega 6 outnumbers omega 3, then the brain picks this signal up, convincing the body to store more fat (fuel). Further explanation: Omega 6’s fatty acids are natural and found in nuts and seeds. Vegetable oils are generally the problem though, processed from a high concentration of seeds and found in abundance in most pre-prepared supermarket and processed foods., They are added to the food to make


Avoid food treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are life savers, when used under the guidance of a doctor, but what about all the antibiotics fed to the food we commonly eat. It was discovered decades ago that antibiotics helped to fatten up animals, probably as they kill the gut bacteria and the so there’s more food for the animal as not as many bacteria are helping to consuming it. Well this can happen to us too and antibiotics can be passed via the food chain. Further Explanation: Industrial farming uses antibiotics to fatten up their animals and to also make sure nasty infections are kept at bay in small confines of living for the animals and fish. Not only will the antibiotic exposure pass into us when we eat these treated animals, the effect will then occur in us, slightly watered down and strong correlations in studies are identifying this. It certainly is helping the obesity pandemic. A correlation between industrialised antibiotic use in farming and the onset of the global obesity pandemic can be observed.

Tip 3: Know yourself. One of the best ways to understand your metabolic relationship with the food that you eat is to undergo a genetic analysis. These are now cheaper and can be done just from a swab test. Although genetics is only one part of the weight loss picture, it is a foundation stone. Whether carbohydrates and fats make you gain weight, do you have slow signalling from your stomach to your brain can all be determined and help build out a clear strategy.

SUMMER BEAUTY Young Living’s Summer Swear Buys With summer just around the corner, here’s a wrap up of Young Living, the world leader in essential oil products that are swear-buys for the season: Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 Sunshine is coming our way. Play the day away with a sunscreen strong enough to protect you from the brightest of rays. The Young Living Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is your new go-to sun protection as it contains a non-greasy formula that keeps skin moisturised and provides protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays without leaving a sticky feel. This dermatologist-tested natural sunscreen is chemical-free, waterresistant, hypoallergenic, coral-safe, and features naturally derived plant and mineral-based ingredients. Sweat and water-resistant, up to 80 minutes.

Orange Blossom Facial Wash Young Living's Orange Blossom Facial Wash energises your beauty routine with its extra boost of citrus and naturally cleansing essential oils to keep your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It's safe for daily use as it's made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. This dermatologist-tested facial wash is hypoallergenic and works gently on all skin types including sensitive skin. It's best for reducing surface oils, removing stubborn dirt and makeup without making your skin tight or dry as it maintains the natural moisture barrier of your skin.

Charcoal Bar Soap Keep your skin clean, soft, and smooth with Young Living's Charcoal Bar Soap that contains activated charcoal and pure essential oils. Made with ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free, this charcoal soap gets rid of excess oil while maintaining the skin's natural moisture barrier. Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated throughout Summer with the perfect infusion of Orange Blossom essential oil and natural powerful skincleaning ingredients. Young Living are a world leader in essential oils, and are now launching products in UK!


Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo Hot weather can make your hair dry and less manageable. Achieve hair healthy-looking without damaging your scalp with Young Living's Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo. It's plant-based, safe, and environmentallyfriendly. Young Living’s Lavender Mint Shampoo is formulated to suit all hair types. It doesn't contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, and other harsh chemicals.

Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner Soothe your scalp and calm your unmanageable hair with Young Living's Lavender Mint Conditioner. This conditioner is formulated with natural ingredients so it's safe for daily use. Now you don’t have to worry about the hot weather because Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner will tame frizzy hair, keeping it smooth and tangle-free.

Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil Formulated to suit all hair types, Young Living's Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil softens and smooths your strands while restoring the healthy appearance of damaged hair. Perfect for hair that has been out in the Summer’s sun all day. This lightweight hair oil is infused with essential oils and contains hydrating argan, Monoi and Abyssinian oils, fatty acids, and vitamin E, leaving your hair sleek, hydrated, and glossy, not greasy.



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Just Drive...

The Basics

Model: Mini Countryman John Cooper Works All 4 Auto. Price: £36,650 Engine: 2.0 litre 302bhp Pictures: BMW Group

In the bad old days badge engineering meant exactly what it said on the tin. If a manufacturer wanted the kudos of a legendary name attached to a bog-standard product, the simple expedient of sticking on a shiny badge and radiator sufficed. Not anymore though. Any cynical suggestion that the application of the John Cooper Works nomenclature should prove to be a mere shadow of former magnificence was quickly blasted out of the water by the bravura of this seriously good product. Practicality has not been sacrificed on the altar of dynamic gratification because all design parameters have been carefully balanced, to give another model of inspiration in the Mini family that is not only interesting but certainly invigorating. The Countryman is the largest Mini to date and is really a small 5 door SUV with a high-riding stance that is a roomy and practical 4wd family car. Don't let the 'Mini' name mislead you though. It is only a whisker smaller than a BMW 1 Series. With retro styling cues from the Countryman of yore and realistic roadworthy purposefulness, it does you good just to look at it. That cheeky yet confident radiator grin encourages you to step aboard and enjoy - where you find a 'young at heart' feel that is enhanced by top quality, style and substance. Inside it's trademark Mini with dials and toggle switches. In keeping with the modern age, features range from a rear view camera to head up display. Choose from the various option packs and you can tailor it to more or less your own specification. You might even be able to specify a Breakfast Pack with toaster and kettle. There's plenty of room for occupants and a surprisingly large luggage area. And if you want to juggle between extra legroom or more luggage space then you could opt for the Activity Pack. Having had limited past experience of the Countryman but never having tried the 4wd John Cooper Works version, I was curious to know what the very latest upgraded engine brings to the party. We all know that turbocharged motors pack a pile of torque - but sometimes they can lack refinement. So the burning question is 'Does the John Cooper Works Countryman, with its turbocharged 2.0 litre 302 bhp engine, have the zing to go with the legendary name and is the whole package as smooth as silk without any badger hair attachments whatsoever?


Motoring Review

Mini Countryman There's only one way to find out. Cue the rattling of keys (as far as keys do rattle these days), thepitter patterof 'driving shoe leather' and the twinkles of anticipation in eyes embedded deeply enough in wrinkled surrounds to really know better. Yes, dear reader, your tester - while not Mr. Testosterone himself, is old enough to be excited by old associations whenever he hears the name 'John Cooper Works Mini' from the days of (excuse my lapse into the technology of yesteryear) polished ports, nitrided cranks and legendary drivers like 'Smokin' John Rhodes'. John Cooper Works labelling is for something 'Super' - the cream on the cake. As I slipped in behind the wheel, I wasn't exactly drooling in anticipation - nothing so vulgar, but my heart was beating an eager pulse and my hands were twitching in readiness to get to grips with a car that in so many respects is indeed very 'special'. With a scheduled tour of The Wrekin (Shropshire) in the offing I had first of all to pick up my

John Cooper Works All 4 auto.

passenger for the day - luscious Lavinia Blunt. So first port of call was the Delphic Health and Fitness Centre on Oracle Street. Parking outside I glowered at a uniformed somebody who may or may not have been ready to reprimand me. In the event he turned out to be the local rat catcher, so I needn't have worried and I nonchalantly tooted the horn, expecting Lavinia to spring, gazellelike out of the fitness centre entrance. I made a mental note that the horn worked well. After an embarrasingly long interval during which I was forced to 'shoo' a local mongrel which had intentions on the tyres, luscious Lavinia appeared. There was no spring in her step but she brightened when she saw the stylish looking Countryman. "Ooh!" She said. "I've been thinking of buying one of these but they're very expensive." "Well" I said. " It would cost you ÂŁ36,650 but you can tailor it to your exact

specification with extra packs. And,of course, they're so beautifully built.You can help me roadtest it. Feed me some passenger perspectives and as a reward I shall buy you an ice cream." "Ooh! You are cheeky." She exclaimed - but not so cheeky as the Mini Countryman John Cooper Works All 4 which rocketed away in Sport Mode with all the panache of Zorro on his mighty steed as I marvelled at the efficiency of the improved 8 speed automatic gearbox. Taught and crisp handling and braking power to unsettle your viscera inspire total confidence. Thankfully BMW have electronically limited the top speed to 155 mph - a speed at which it would no doubt be very stable should you have access to Heathrows main runway to try it. In town I flipped the Green Mode switch and the throaty exhaust burble was more muted as we waved to the district nurse on her bicycle. But back on the open road I was impressed with the increasingly rare combination of classic motoring sensations combined

By Syd Taylor Motoring Reviewer

with modern safety and reliability. And economy too, I hasten to add at nearly 40mpg overall if you stayed in Green Mode. Use it as it is meant to be used and things would be different. As Lavinia can testify, it's a most comfortable car whether for driver or passengers and its clever design encourages lucky owners to believe that they are indeed in possession of a machine capable of a rarified motoring experience. There are few cars that would induce you to spend a lifetime going around The Wrekin, but the new Mini Countryman JCW All 4 auto is certainly one.

Motoring Review


LOCKDOWN LEARNING... 11 life skills parents are teaching in lockdown WHAT ARE PARENTS TEACHING IN LOCKDOWN

80% of parents are using lockdown to teach their kids important life skills How to cook is the top life skill parents are teaching (77%) followed by budgeting (72%) and housekeeping (61%) 62% of those surveyed believe schools failed at preparing them for real life Taxes, debt, and mental health are amongst the things parents wish schools taught them growing up

In a culture where we are always on the go, can buy anything at the touch of a button, and never have enough time, it can be very easy to miss out on learning valuable life skills. However, thanks to lockdown 80% of parents are using lockdown to teach their children life skills as well as home schooling them. Interested in finding out which valuable life skills parents are teaching their kids in lockdown, surveyed 2,109 parents. Teaching their children how to cook is the most popular life skill for parents (77%). With a majority of restaurants closing, it’s no surprise that parents want their kids to know how to cook for themselves. Second on the list is budgeting (72%). Unfortunately, due to lockdown many people have lost their jobs/been furloughed and utility bills are rising. Teaching your children how to budget can help them become financially independent in the future and to prepare for unforeseen situations. 38% of parents are teaching their kids how to grow vegetables in lockdown. As many supermarkets are struggling to keep up with demand, it is a great skill to have. Lower down on the list of life skills parents are teaching their kids is sewing (12%). With fast fashion becoming more and more of a problem, learning to sew can help save the earth and your children’s pockets. SaveOnEnergy found that 62% of parents believe the education system failed to prepare them for real life, and many of the topics people wish schools covered revolve around money.



Learning about taxes came out on top (88%) with an astonishing average of 3,000 monthly google searches for “what are taxes?”! It’s no surprise many would find this helpful as thousands of people are unaware of how to tackle taxes. Following Mental Health Awareness week (May 18-24th), what better time to bring attention to the fact that 73% wish mental health was covered in school. Of those surveyed, only 1 in 5 remember their schools teaching covering any issues/topics/advice around mental health. On average, there are over 600 monthly google searches for “how to be more environmentally friendly” and nearly 6,000 searches for “environmentally friendly products” each month. It’s clear to see that people want to learn more about how to help the earth. As a result, it’s not surprising that participants want to understand more about energy efficiency (66%) and sustainability (63%). LOCKDOWN LEARNING



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