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Editor’s line FEBRUARY 2009

Celebration of Love

Editor & Publisher Goteti Jagan Mohan Rao


Chief Operations Officer S.B.S.N. Raju

lly, the 14th of February is February is a month of lovers. Especia k and corner who anticipate it a sacred day for lovers from every noo the legendary romantic hero and with a lot of Josh. It all started with fell in love with his jailor’s guru of lovers Saint Valentine who e greeting himself during his ntin daughter and sent her the first Vale confinement. dedicated for his sacrifice. In As a mark of respect February 14 is y on Celebration of Love. To stor ing this issue we bring you an interest very few can handle to steal the say I Love You is a technique that this issue are lively and vibrant. heart of a dear one. The tips given in city’s star hotels and resorts in a Valentine’s Day is celebrated in our that excitement closer to you. all gs grand way. Hyderabad Josh brin d old .but the much older a Old is gold! The saying might soun is like antiques. One can denote thing becomes the more precious it variety of antiques they possess. the the taste and stature of people by pages. To know more just flip through the ul woman entrepreneur in this It’s not so easy to become a successf ya Lakshmi , the owner of Vija competitive world. But how did the peak of the success inspires MIRRORS achieve it? Her journey to ng attitude and makes this issue us. Hyderabad Josh captures her dari more interesting. . am Club bears a testimony Our heritage is precious and the Niz y on the oldest hangout of the in all it’s pride and grandeur. This stor ge your perception. dignified and elite will certainly chan no introduction. Having Film star Bhoomika Chawla needs glamour beckons her naturally. proved herself as a good performer of Bharath Thakur, the Yoga Now she proves to be the better half e’s a few interesting moments Guru. In this Valentine’s issue she shar of her life. for his international One should congratulate A.R. Rahman den Globe Award Gol the d with acclaim. Recently, he was bestowe It is considered ire. iona Mill dog Slum for his original musical score in rds. Find out more on this as a curtain raiser for Academy awa Musical Genius.. . the Numaish This season attracts Hyderabadi’s to glimpses you g or the Nampally Exhibition. We brin say? Just I can e mor at of this spectacular fair. Wh f. rsel you for out browse and check it Happy reading!

Vol 1,

Issue 7

General Manager Sowjanya Subba Rao Associate Editor Nand Kumar K.V. Feature Writers Prabhu Lasya Vemparala Hari priya

Sowjanya Subba Rao

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Cover page : Bhumika & Bharath Thakur


Come February, love is in the air and it smells flowers, candies, cakes, chocolates, flowers and what not. Throughout history, lovers have given flowers, cakes, candles, soft toys and an endless list of gifts to each other as a token of their purest longing, devotion, and love. The day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of Valentines. Every day with Abhishek Bachchan is Valentine's Day, says Aishwarya Rai. Now you can imagine what spell this romance, love and passion could cast on each couple that are madly in love.


ccording to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl -- who may have been his jailor's daughter - who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed 'From your Valentine,' an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It's no surprise by the Middle Ages Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France.



The language and meaning of flowers has evolved through the years. When choosing a flower as a gift such as a flower, consider how special the flower is to your lover and what message it communicates. Now for some diehard romantics who coin special messages for their dearest Valentines. Enjoy...

Nothing is as sweet as a surprise love message on Valentine's Day when you are married. Put that extra special ingredient in your love life by adding these sweet and thoughtful gestures in the places he would rarely expect. However don't hide it so well that the person won't find it! Leave it in a place that you are sure he will go looking. For instance, inside his briefcase or her make up box, shove in his favourite colognes or perfumes fill his car seat with balloons, a special card in his car seat, inside his coat pocket or her purse, Ferrero Rochers in a lunch box or just attach, 'I am eternally yours and post it on the steering wheel - Or 'Happy Valentines Day to the most special man in my life' it to the doorknob of the car. Here are some special messages that will blow his/her heart away ! Here you go!

Ways are numerous to send messages to your dear one's. The great Indian poet Kalidasa sent messages to his beloved on the wings of clouds. There were doves and peacocks in Indian 'puranas' to enact the roles of messengers. Gradually as the chariot of time rolled away there appeared greeting cards and email services to reach to the heart of one's lover. But today, in the post modern era, SMS has replaced all other methods of greetings and messages. Sending a message to your dear one on Valentine's Day, the occasion of romance and love, is relevant and inevitable. Here is one of the cutest Valentines Day message. My soul is shattered without your arms to hold me, Like a mirror without a reflection. I Love U my Valentine. Ways to Make Valentine's Day Special Regardless of your past or current thoughts about Valentine's Day, there are ways to make Valentine's Day special. Remember that Valentine's Day isn't just about giving and receiving gifts or sending flowers. Valentine's Day should be a time to reflect on and share your love for one another. Planning a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day? Great drinks can compliment your meal and give you a chance to impress with your cocktail skills. Champagne makes an appearance in many of this drinks, as do many of the "love" foods like chocolate and strawberry. Have fun with the cocktails you create with embellishments that fit the mood. Carve fruit into the heart shapes or garnish with chocolate covered strawberries or heart shaped cinnamon hearts. A special treat for Valentine couples From Josh Team. Forget Me Not Fudge - A delectably

delicious and easy to make spiked fudge recipe. There is only a little mixing, a little boiling and a little more mixing involved. The addition of bourbon contributes an interesting, underlying flavor to what you may be used to in fudge and makes a fantastic chocolate treat to share with your special someone on Valentine's Day. INGREDIENTS:  4 1/2 cup granulated sugar  1- 13 oz can evaporated milk  18 oz semi-sweet chocolate pieces  1/2 lb butter  1 Tbsp Maker's Mark bourbon  2 cup chopped pecans PREPARATION: 1. Combine sugar and milk in saucepan. 2. Bring to boil; boil over medium heat for exactly 6 minutes, stirring constantly.

I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart, so deposit your love in it and you will get the interest. When i look at you, I cannot deny there is God, cause only God could have created some one as wonderful n beautiful as you Sender:Name Missing Number Missing Sent:Date missing Missing U a lot thats everything is missing..... 3 - 2 = one heart praying 4 you 1 + 1= two eyes looking for you 3+2= five senses missing you. 4+3= seven days in a week i desire you. 7+5= 12months asking god to bless you How about some sher-o-shaayri on this special day! Here you go! This is one is sent from Vivek Pathak who dedicates it to all Valentines. Teri is ada ka hummey intezaar humneshaa hai Kab tu aayegi mere in kankapaatey hothon ke paas Kub tujhey baahon mein lein yeh intezaar hameshaa

3. Remove from heat, adding remaining ingredients; mix well. 4. Spread evenly in greased 9x13-inch dish and allow to set in a cool place for 6 hours Valentines Day is the day to eloquently articulate in expressive, communicative and lovey dovey words, thoughts and quotes your magical love for your beloved and what better way to flaunt your love than showering him/her with gifts.



(Kindly introduce me with the wine of your love. I am always longing for this style of yours. When will you come nearer to my quivering lips? When will I take you in arms? I am eternally longing for this‌!!!)

SCORPIO: Male: aftershave, cologne, stocks and bonds, a telescope Female: perfume, scented bath lotions, oils and soaps,

Now to deviate from the love potion, the first question that will come to your mind is what is the ideal gift for your whom your heart beats faster than an Olympic athlete. Every sun sign has different choices.

Male: a lottery ticket, hiking boots, a camping backpack, a telescope


Female:candles, perfume, scented bath lotions and soaps, a wall-clock

Male: Camera, computer games, sun glasses, shaving kit, tickets to a sporting event Female: watch, hat, sun-glasses, earrings, coffee maker, make-up


CAPRICORN: Male: aftershave, cologne, stocks and bonds, a brown leather briefcase Female: candles, perfume, scented bath lotions and soaps

TAURUS: Male: aftershave, cologne, chocolates, a massage, stocks and bonds Female: perfume, scented bath lotions, body oils and soaps, chocolates

AQUARIUS: Male: books or magazine subscriptions, technological gadgets Female: books or magazine subscriptions, music, socks

GEMINI: Male: books, magazine subscriptions, gift certificate to a bookstore, rings Female: books, gift certificate to a book store, a cell phone,rings

Female: floating candles, perfume, scented bath lotions, oils and soaps Courtesy: Ganesha's Grace,

Male: lottery tickets, a high-quality watch, oil paints

Bhavesh N. Pattni

Female: chocolates, slippers, cooking utensils/pans/gadgets

Valentines Day Poem If you were my Valentine


Here is a beautiful Valentines Day Poem.. Spread the love!

Male: lottery tickets, a high-quality watch, oil paints

If you were my valentine

VIRGO: Male: a gym membership, roller blades, a massage or spa treatment Female: a massage or spa treatment, a PDA (personal digital assistant) LIBRA: Male: chocolates, books or magazine subscriptions, a massage Female: chocolates, magazine subscriptions, a massage or spa treatment


Male: aftershave, cologne, a gift certificate to the movies, shoes


Female: lottery ticket, fine jewelry, gourmet chocolates, a manicure



I'd search the endless skies to find the perfect starlight that would compliment your eyes and keep it in a wishing well created just for you and filled with my desires to make all your dreams come true if you were my valentine I'd find the softest rose to gently brush against those sweetest lips, the angels chose my heart is like a flower craving for your morning kiss mere words cannot pay homage


Has Charmi been cheated ?


as pretty Charmi cheated? Yes. "Not once but twice during the shoot of 16 Days when I refused to do a lip-to-lip kiss. Now I find that the film makers have graphically interpolated that scene sans my knowledge" she says. "Even in the film Mayagadu while doing a dance sequence, I slipped over hero Venu. Despite my warning even this shot was used in the posters. What can I do?" she said in an interview. Of late Charmi seems to be gravitating towards music director Devisri Prasad. The grapevine says that marriage is on the cards. But she clarifies "Well, Devi is my best friend, well wisher and advisor. I like him very much. Don't misunderstand our friendship " she clarifies.

Charan Comes In Summer


ike father, like son goes an old saying. No doubt Chiranjeevi's son Ramcharan had proved to be a good actor in his debut film Chirutha. The audience lauded his ability though its his maiden one. He is busy now with his second film on the floors with Ace director S.S.Rajamouli. It's a theme that revolves around a story of reincarnation that is being shot in various locales in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The film is progressing at a fast pace with a few scenes being shot in Ramoji Film City. Pretty doll Kajol is paired opposite Charan in this movie and she has lot of hopes on it. The movie is due for release in summer. It will be the mixture of the two styles of Rajamouli and Charan. One can expect good, big action scenes and lovely songs from Rajamouli. One can be sure that the movie doesn't disappoint in that aspect. Generally, Rajamouli's wife Rama designs costumes for her hubby's films. Its indeed a credit for him. Interestingly, Dad Chiranjeevi will also shake a leg or two with son Charan in a song which the fans will lap up like a kitten. Let's hope this movie would be a big hit and a surprise election gift for pappa Chiranjeevi. FEBRUARY 2009



Our life is incomplete without a mobile. Be it a child, youth or adult a mobile is something that one yearns to possess for convenience, status or just a past time tool. Mobiles are the new fashion statement It is becoming more of an accessory like gold or jewelry. It's a fact that diamonds have always been a woman's best friend. Of late women seem to be focusing more on mobiles, it seems so. So the designers have custom made mobiles that live up to ones status, profession or fad that satiates their ego.

Nokia 8800 (Sirocco Gold) In Indian currency Rs 63,000 The Unlocked Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold is a smart Cell-Phone that frees you from the bondage of space and time. It extends your ability and expands your potential at succeeding nearly anywhere you go - and enjoying every moment of it. Specifications and Features: Phone size: 107mm height x 45mm width x 17.5mm thick. Weighs 134g. Battery Life: Up to 240 hours standby. Up to 3 hours talk time. Camera: 2 Megapixel still camera with video recorder. Music: MP3 player, FM radio Connectivity: Bluetooth, Internet access and Email.

Samsung i900 Omnia Phone Samsung i900 Omnia Manufacturer Samsung Status Available India Avg Current Market Price:Rs. 37,999/Available at : Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata. Description : Seen as the iphone killer from Samsung, the omnia takes windows based phones to the next level.



Vertu ascent Ti luxury phone $ 450.00 Vertu Ti gold luxury phone Titanium is the strongest metal, the actual application is always used for space technology. Today, the new VERTU Ascent Ti is equipped with the same titanium metal. It’s strength is even more durable as it represents the highest levels of significance. The phone has a feel that only superpower phones can have. In addition to the metal part of the display area is the sapphire crystal glass, Coupled back on top of a genuine leather durable enough of Senior High, completely in line with the identity of this ASCENT Ti phone back, the first half is a tanning leather cover and a pink, black and brown leather of three colors are available. The phone has all the updaed features.

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Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love! Its mystery and depth cannot be explained. Yet we all recognize its presence and it's magic. It reveals itself through joy, which can even increase in adversity. We can learn to see ourselves as moving towards becoming able to express it ever more fully. Unconditional love is enlarging the self, and an act of will. It is not a feeling or an emotional reaction. Think of the difference between falling in love, and growing in love through all difficulties and conflicts. Unconditional love is an act of mental and spiritual will, it cannot and does not take place upon the emotional level, which is where the problems first register. Unconditional love is extending oneself in the service of the spiritual growth of oneself and/or another, independently of reward or the behavior of others. The best ways to say I love you to your spouse are usually in simple, everyday, seemingly unimportant ways. Leo Buscaglia,



who wrote and taught about love, said: "Words and deeds that say 'You enrich my life' go on forever." Some love suggestions that help your love go on and on. Make sure you say "I Love You" at least once each day to your spouse.  Write unexpected love notes.  Give your mate an unexpected hug, a surprisingly romantic kiss, or a teasing tickle often.

 Share why you love your spouse.  Give the gift of your time by performing trivial chores for your spouse, such as folding the clothes, running an errand, washing the car, etc.

 Be spontaneous and surprising with winking at each other, whisking your spouse away for an unexpected weekend alone, star-gazing together, taking a walk in the rain with one another.


 Share memories by looking at old photographs and talking about memories you share together.

 Dance with your spouse in your own living room.

 Don't forget anniversaries and birthdays.  Blow a kiss from across the room.

 Schedule a day to just be leisurely together.

 Hold hands.


 Say I love you in a different language.

 Plan and cook a meal together.

Cupid's Arrows

A Choice of wedlock is an eye opener e g a i r r a m t u b d n i l b s i e v o L


arriage is a personal union of individuals. This union may also be called matrimony, while the ceremony that marks its beginning is usually called a wedding and the married status created is sometimes called wedlock. Historically, a relationship between a male, a female and their families whose primary purpose is to raise offspring. Today many people use the word to describe a committed, loving relationship with or without children. It is a legally recognized union of a man and a woman by ceremony or common law. The quality of love and the duration of a relationship are in direct proportion to the depth of the commitment by both people to making the relationship successful. So commit yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally to the most important people in your life. It's time you look at life in a lighter vein and weighed the pros and cons of Love Marriage verses Arranged Marriage?

Love Marriage  Resembles procedural programming language. We have some set of functions like flirting, going to movies together, making long conversations on phone and then try to fit all functions to the candidate we like.  Family system hangs because hardware (called Parents) is not responding.  You are the project leader so "U" are responsible for implementation and execution of PROJECTmarried life.  Client expectations include exciting feature as spouse cooking food, washing clothes etc.  Love Marriage is like Windows, beautiful n seductive…. Yet one never knows when it will crash….

Arranged Marriage · Similar to object oriented programming approach. We first fix the candidate and then try to implement functions on her. The functions are added to supplement the main program. The functions can be added or deleted. · Compatible with hardware (Parents). · You are a team member under project leader (parents) so they are responsible for successful execution of project Married life. · All these features are covered in the SRS (System Req. Specification) as required features. · Arranged Marriage is like UNIX …. Boring n colorless… still extremely reliable n robust. · The quality of love and the duration of a relationship are in direct proportion to the depth of the commitment by both people to making the relationship successful. · Commit yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally to the most important people in your life whether LOVE OR ARRANGED. FEBRUARY 2009


Expressive Dancing

Russian Ballet 16



t is interesting to note that Ballet is a dance where a theme is dramatized and music is interwoven with lights to make it aesthetic. The Hyderabadis experienced the splendor of World famous Navoi Bolshoi Ballet from erstwhile Soviet city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan comprising of 110 artists who performed Russian Bolshoi Ballet at Shilpakala Vedika, Madhapur. The performance was based on the famous novel 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes. 50 ballet dancers presented the characters of the novel in a mesmerizing way on the live music of 50 member orchestra. The excitement, colour and wit of Cervantes' masterpiece were perfectly conveyed in this sparkling production of Don Quixote. In astounding displays of virtuoso dancing, the plot unfolds merrily as the love between Kitri and Basil is challenged by the fruitless attempts of Kitri's father to engineer his unwilling daughter into a more lucrative match. Drama, comedy, love and dazzling choreography combine in this enchanting classic. Ananda Shankar Jayant aiming to get the best of art to Hyderabad has brought Navoi Bolshoi Ballet to the city along with Fly Kingfisher, in association with APTDC, Travel Masters India Pvt Ltd, The Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Dr Reddy's Labs. The artists of Navoi Theatre Company have graced the stages of La Scala, Milan, The Paris Opera, Covent Garden, the Metropolitan and the Bolshoi and Mariynsky theatres. Its wide repertoire ranges from classical favourites such as Swan Lake and Don-Quixote, to original creations, such as Dilorom or Tanovar, inspired by ancient Uzbek folk tales. Their performances can be compared to the best in the world.



Locked in time

courtesy : Moosvi Decorators, Banjarahills, Rd.12, Ph: 23314274

unique and so are re a le p o e p t a re g f He lives o bodies too are ir e h T . g n ri u d n e their voices tutes of them a st e k a m e w se u antiques beca this world. m o fr rt a p e d y e after th mplicated. co is fe li f o n o ti p Our perce cept of antique n co e th s e k a m t a Th as a work of art. ing is something tt se a in e u q ti n a Showcasing an best effect; to d ye la p is d e b n that ca ifferent reasons There are many d lmost a why people collect s, ic anything from com s, ain magazines, key ch and es furniture, storylin e nostalgia. y th some simply enjo




s there anything in the home more visually important or used more often, than your furniture? The right furniture pieces bring ambience, warmth and a sense of personal style to any living space. An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item or piece of furniture or handicraft esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin. Discover the pieces that will work best for you within your budget, anticipated use and the dÊcor of your home. We explore different materials, construction techniques, finishes and more in our exclusive Furniture Buying Guides. Feel confident in your search for that perfect sofa, end table or bed with a clear idea of what you want and where to find it! We'll guide you through every step of the furniture buying process, from selecting a manufacturer, to coordinating your choice with your existing pieces, to choosing accessories that highlight the beauty and architecture of your living space. Unearth your personal style with quality Country, Modern, Contemporary or Tuscan furniture‌ and more! You don't have to go it alone, with guidance and advice from the experts at Great Priced furniture. Antiques are priceless Possession that Provide comfort company and emotional security. They should receive respect and loving care. There are important norms to follow in their purchase and for their proper maintenance. Choosing new furniture is painless and hassle-free! Antiques usually involved big sums of money which is why the middle class was untouched by the antique mania. Today thanks to cosmopolitan lifestyles, there is

increased awareness about keeping good homes which is why acquiring and becoming fashionable. Capitalizing on this trend is a whole lot of manufacturers who cater to the fake antique market. They create by giving the product the right coat of polish and finish treating it to the right chemical blends, and then selling them as antique, usually to foreigners many of them export as these as well. A good buyer can take advantage of this and bring down, the price of the so-called antique and be the proud owner of a replica. Many of us dismiss all the old junk lying in our homes. Parents and grandparents attics may be it is time to look again at all those old rusted moth-eaten pieces of furniture and decoration pieces, and see if they can be given a new lease of life. To untamed eye they may only be junk which needs to be disposed of but a collector may recognize the antique. This is where restores step in. They are professionals who understand the texture form style of the object at hand and can given the owner a fair survey of its value and if it is worth while, to restore it. It is possible that these restores cum stylist will change the physical shapes of the antique but, you can rest assured that not only will the piece look good but it will also add to its "priceless" quality. Wooden furniture care: Generally people who prefer wooden furniture requires special care and maintenance to keep the finish beautiful and the structure sound. Learn how to remove dust and allergens without leaving a harmful residue on your tables and shelving units. Repair your chairs properly and inexpensively to keep them stable without damaging them further in the process. Leather Furniture Care: For many homeowners, a leather set is the Holy Grandeur of all furniture ensembles. If leather is your style, keeps it looking gorgeous with our Leather Care guide's practical cleaning techniques, conditioning tips and the do's and don'ts of stain removal. Buying a blue-blooded antique has everything to do with individual preferences aesthetics and comfort, but it could also turn out to be a profitable investment decision. Lately, there is a growing knowledge for home and furniture design. Thus, there are new and innovative furniture, designed in an extremely developed fashion. Aside from these, we will always have antique, heavy, qualitative furniture, surviving all trends. It is significant to understand that antique furniture influence a unique design setting the line in a uniform fashion. If the livingroom is furnished with antique furniture, the accessories, the credenza, the coffee- and

dining-tables should be designed in a similar fashion. Finding and purchasing the furniture for your home is a task that cannot be taken lightly! Once you've chosen the perfect pieces to compliment your dĂŠcor and personal tastes, it is important to care for them properly, ensuring that they will be in top shape for years, or even generations, to come The universal truth is anything that is almost a century old can be considered antique. -Lasya FEBRUARY 2009


Perfect Pair Though Bhumika was busy shooting for a Telugu film in the city recently she decided to spend some quality time with Hyderabad Josh She started her campaign in glamour world with" Ponds" talcum powder advertisement. Bhumika Chawla's charming smile in Ponds advertisement made her popular and she was noticed by film makers Bhumika Chawla tied the nuptial knot with her long time friend Bharat Thakur (Yoga guru) on 9th December 2007. The marriage was performed in a simple ceremony attended by close relatives and friends of Chawla and Thakur.



FILMOGRAPHY Tamil Movies: Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, Badri, Roja Kootam. Hindi Movies: Gandhi My Father, Family - Ties of Blood. Dil Jo Bhi Kahey, Dil Jise Apna Kahaa, Run, Tere Naam. Telugu Movies: Satyabhaama, Maya Bazaar, Jai Chiranjeeva, Samba, Missamma , Simhadri Okkadu, Aadento Adho Type Vasu , Rojapoolu, Snehamanthe Ideraa , Khushi, Yuvakudu Her debut film was "Yuvakudu" (Telugu) but Bhumika Chawala got recognition as an actress through her second film "Khushi" (Telugu). Bhumika won best actress award for "Khushi". Since then she hasn't looked back and has done five films in Telugu and two in Tamil. Bhumika Chawala made her debut in Hindi films with" Tere Naam" opposite Salm Bhumika is daughter of a retired Colonel Ajit Singh Chawla and the marriage took place at their residence in Chandigarhan Khan. She won Zee Cine Best New Comer (Female) Award for the film "Tere Naam". Actress Bhumika Chawla wed her longtime boyfriend yoga guru Bharat Thakur in Guru Nanak Dev Gurudwara at Devlali Camp. " She wanted to be a glamorous artiste not an exposing artiste. " Bhumika has written more than 100 poems in English and she is planning to release a poem book. Excerpts from interview‌ Are you satisfied with your career? Quite satisfied. I don't think I could have asked for more in life. I am a kind of person who believes in today and present. This is one of the best gifts, situations or places where I ever wanted to be. And I don't think I can ask God anything else. People really turn around and look at you twice if you have all you want. You are treated like a queen. And I'm quite happy. This kind of motivation, did you ever think of becoming an actor or film star. Was it your parents, brother, boy friend, who inspired you? A boy friend came much later almost 6 or 7 years after I became an actor. This was always a dream that I cherished and I was sure that one day I would be famous. I'm frank and no qualms about it. But I really wasn't quite clear what, where, when how because I always wanted to do something. Destiny had to bid its own time, wasn't it? Absolutely, destiny had its own time but conviction, faith and a deep desire to be someone important in life was inherent... My sincere prayers, the support and blessings of my parents and brother helped me a lot. My dad was in the army and we led a much disciplined life. He instilled in me a lot of values like faith, courage and trust in oneself. My brother too is in the army and my mother

is a professor. My sister is working in Delhi, so I think I'm just the one who had a little different thought process in my life. How come you are so slim and have well chiseled features? Yes, I am a sardarni and I eat a lot of butter. A sardarni is equal to butter. Punjabi food is rich in calories so all my dancing and working on the sets, facing the camera burns up the calories in my body. So you see there is no flab in my body. So far so good. I'm a little lucky since I hit the gym in the evening for half an hour. Do you have enough fame and name that you deserve? I've never dwelt on a question like this and I still don't. For me what's important is that keep working hard, keep smiling, take life as it comes, look up when you ant to reach higher and look down when you want to be content. That always has been my motto since day one. I have never looked up that I only stumble and I never only looked down and say that I'm just fine. I also believe that "waqt se pehle aur kismat se jyaada kissi ko mila hai na milega" meaning "one always gets what is destined at the right time. You can do whatever you want but you get what you deserve and not what you desire. You can't change that. I'm actually quite happy because a lot of people would've dreamt to be what I am but I take this as God's blessing or gift and I couldn't have asked for more. Normally heroines get married at the fag end of their career but you embraced wedding bliss when your career is still at its pinnacle. Well, all of you can look for sure how my career and married life is going. Really, touch wood. I'm quite happy because I believing in balancing life. You can't be such an extremist such as not to do what you want to do. I wanted to get married at the right time and not grow too old and say the time has come to

get married. Tell me something about your hubby Bharat Thakur. My husband is a yoga guru who lived in the Himalayas for 14 years of his life from the age of 4 to almost 18 and he was under the guidance of Sukdev Brahmachari, his guru. After his return from the mountains he studied and worked for some time. A little later he set up his yoga studios all over the world. He is really a great person, very determined, hard working, and passionate about whatever he does and goes absolutely head on. He is just like a fighter and never gives up. I see a combination of a man and a child in him. Was it love at first sight for both of you? Either of you must have had crushes during your teens on someone else? I'm sure I don't believe in LAFS (Love At First Sight) because it doesn't last long usually. For me it's more to get connected, understand a human being, to be understood by someone, to be respected and equally give that space to the person whom you love. Actually, I met him for the first time to learn yoga which I am not good at because of my shooting schedule. I think it's still a journey as he took18 years of his day and night for sadhana (spiritual practice) and if I just do it for one hour a day it would take more than 40 years to reach that point. So I'm still learning yoga. I can only do a little bit of Surya Namaskar, Shirsasan, Padmasan, AnlomVilom. and Halasan. The first impression you had on him. How loving is he? Nothing. I just met him at Salman bhai's birthday party where a common friend introduced me to him as the famous yoga guru Bharat Thakur. It was just out of the blue.



Pic : M.C. Shekar

I think he is very loving and appreciates and loves my work and all the small things I do for him. That's very sweet of him to encourage me to use my talent. After that for how long were you dating and courting? Yes, we courted for 3 years. I had taken his mobile number at the party during a conversation to learn yoga and the other side of the story is that he had seen one of my Tamil films titled Rojakottu and instantly fallen in love with me since then. And a month later he confessed that he loved me and I was zapped. I just said it was too soon.

Hyderabad is now trying to catch up with other metros, would you like to settle here? I really don't know but I've been working here for the last three years. In the first few years this city was beautiful. I've noticed the winds of change and in the next 5 years I see a lot of growth. I believe it's really good in a way every road has a mall in every corner but sometimes this can confuse the human mind to get confused, obsessed and lost. I think in the next 10 years the city is gone.

Generally I a keep a distance from people until I get to know them well. For me it's just work and back home and I'm done for the day. This attitude I have since I was in school. I just don't connect to a person unless I'm comfortable. But in Bharat's case I just took him as a good and strong willed human being. One can't just frivolously say I love you and later on keep regretting about the whole thing. One can even love a person unconditionally just as you love your parents or siblings.

Are you joking that you are really a good cook? Tell me a recipe

Your fame, name, shooting schedules and retinue of servants keep you away from domestic duties. When was the last time you were in the kitchen? Whenever I am off from shooting schedules I do a lot of domestic chores especially cooking. I monopolize the kitchen. I also make sure that the bedroom is furnished with the best drapes, linen and other accessories which my hubby likes. I keep my place spic and span just the way he likes. When you love someone it tends to come automatically. I make sure to cook the recipes he is fond of and it's served on time. Of course, I love to serve him myself just as I would serve my parents. Do you let off steam on each other anytime? Yes, we do. I guess we are just normal human beings and our chimneys tend to go off and smoke comes out. At the end of it we just smile. A little bit of reasonable ego is necessary. But if someone is using you like a doormat walking all over you then you're stupid. Frankly, whenever guests come home to party I pick their plates, cups and help them with their shoes. I respect those who know its value. People know that I'm a defence officers daughter, rather a sardarni



Hyderabad when I'm shooting. Some time's we manage our work in such a way and spend some quality time because both of us are famous in our own ways. There is no need for the philosophies of XYZ as understanding your partner's needs with a dose of common sense is all that one needs. Intertolerance is one of the most important things helps you to tide over the most irritating moments that one has to face in life. When two people are staying under one roof there is bound to be friction.

and nobody dares to mess around with me, lest I will teach them a lesson. Are you a woman's libber or a feminist? No I'm not. These terms are meaningless because god has blessed man and woman with different abilities but the soul and heart remains the same. A man must not take undue advantage of a woman's physical structure and consider her the weaker sex. The reason why women of late stand up is due to financial independence and not entirely rely on support from men. But I still think that men are chauvinistic and they like women to take all the crap. It should be a give and take affair or else the relationship will snap within no time. When one is angry the other must stay calm and vice-versa. Life goes on this way for many in our society. Coping with a busy schedule do you have the time to relax? I don't take extremes since I work for 20 days and take 3 months off. I work at my own pace and comfort. When he is in Delhi I go and met him there and he comes to

OK. Here we go. To make Punjabi Chole soak kabuli channa overnight. Next morning steam cook it in the pressure cooker until you hear three whistles. Turn off the gas. In a kadai put a little oil, jeera, garlic, ginger, (lasun, adrak) sliced barich, pyaaz (onion), tamataar (tomatoes), a little garam masala and add kali mirchi (pepper), dalchini (cinnamon). Now do the bunofying (sautĂŠ and garnish). Add this pulp to the steam cooked kabuli channa and again steam cook for sometime. Just serve and eat. Any other information that you would share with us? After having acted in a lot of glamorous roles I wouldn't mind trying a woman oriented character and even do some stunt scenes if necessary. Singing and dancing is ok but I can also ride a motorbike and drive a car confidently for any scene like a stunt scene I did in Vokkadu. Actually in films I have not bashed up any guys but in real life I did bash up a guy in Delhi where eve teasing is rampant. If you keep silent they will ride over you. One should not be a Gandhi or neither a Hitler. Too much of thinking and analysis is of no use. For my holiday destination Switzerland, London, Russia is my favorites and in India I prefer Kerala, Simla, Dehradun, and Rishikesh which are really nice and beautiful.

- Nand Kumar KV

Music Genius


t's true that Rahman has tremendous faith in the divine. One could make out easily when he uttered God and praised the almighty after winning the Golden Globe at the presentation ceremony. He acknowledges his success to a guiding force that has shaped his miraculous career. You can call him Golden Boy on the Indian musical scene as he shines even more after Slum dog Millionaire became a hit. "It's unbelievable" he said as his name was announced.

was Rahman who grabbed the opportunity or found himself there for the musical score of Roja that was undoubtedly a runaway success not only in Tamil but also Hindi. The fresh strains of music created by Rahman were exactly what a jaded nation wanted.

If one analyses his meteoric rise in the music industry it only indicates that he has been in the right place at the right time and this could be a strange coincidence. But Rahman says it is "divine intervention". The gods are always smiling on him.

It is true that Rahman's music has always ahead of the times, each composition is unique and has brought sound techniques from obscurity to the limelight. Remember his first song Chinni Chinni Aasha in the 90's to his latest hit in Slum dog Millionaire. His combination of instruments brings life to bass that makes one feel restless, energetic and dynamic. His music can reach even the gut of the

His rags to riches story began when the great film director Mani Ratnam was scouting for a new music director and it

After that Rahman was always the chosen one. Even when Ram Gopal Varma made Rangeela he made a smashing soundtrack that no composer had tried before. He successfully blended the tastes of the North and South spectacularly.

AR RAHMAN King of rhythm



most morose persons who start tapping their feet instantly and subconsciously. Of course, the voting considerations play a role in selecting a relatively unfamiliar musician from a land far away from Hollywood. One should thank Rahman for acknowledging all the musicians in India. He was the only brown face that stood upright in an ocean of white faces and brought accolades for his beloved country India. The plot of Slumdog Millionaire opens with a police inspector (Irrfan Khan) in Mumbai, India, interrogating and torturing Jamal Malik (Dev Patel, also played by Tanay Chheda and Ayush Mahesh Khedekar), a former street child from the Dharavi slums. Jamal is a contestant

on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Kaun Banega Crorepati), hosted by Prem Kumar (noted Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor). Jamal has made it to the final question, but the police are now accusing him of cheating. If you want to know more ------watch the movie. A gist of the 10 nominations for the Golden Globe award the film received were Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire, Best Director Danny Boyle, Adapted screenplay Simon Beaufoy, Original Score A R Rahman, Original Song Jai Ho A R Rahman and Gulzar, Original Song O Saya, A R Rahman and Maya Atulpragasam, Cinematography Anthony Dod Mantle, Film Editing Chris Dickens, Sound

Editing Tom Sayers, Sound Mixing Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty.If you read between the lines Rahman has won 3 out of 10. A hat trick indeed. Let us thank the internet and television channels traversing the entire globe for bringing such wonderful news into our homes. If this had happened a decade ago when there was no concept of information explosion probably Rahman would have been still in oblivion. Slum dog Millionaire and Rahman's real life rags to riches story might have some similarities. Let's accept it Rahman is still the dignified Pied Piper for India as well the entire globe. Alright Rahman, we look forward to your next award. Adieus!

The film is now showing in Hyderabad at the following theatres... Big Cinema (Ameerpet) Cinemax (Banjara Hills) Cine Planet Multiplex (Kompally) Prasad Multiplex (NTR Gardens) PVR Cinema (Punjagutta) Talkie Town Multiplex (Miyapur)




Nizam Club 125 years of lingering legacy of the Nizams European in style, the central structure has a stone portico with steps leading up to the raised plinth. An arched corridor spans the entire facade and warps around to the southern portion. A beautiful wooden staircase leads up to the upper floor.




he club owes its origin to a desire to provide a first class club managed on western lines to which gentlemen of culture and position could be admitted irrespective or race and creed on terms of social equality. The Nizam Club was inaugurated on 26 September 1884 named after the founder of the Asafjahi Dynasty. It was established by the sixth Nizam Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Bahadur.Located in the Saifabad area of Hyderabad City, Nawab Fakharul Mulk constructed the Nizam Club. The club was initially housed at the Abid Centre, on a site where the old GPO building is presently located. Later, it was shifted to the Mahboobia Girls' School complex near Gunfoundry. Finally the club shifted to its'present premises opposite AP State Assembly Building in an area spawning 4 acres right in the heart of the city. In 1906, the club building was purchased for a sum of Rs.30, 000. The aims of the club are to provide a central place for the residents of the city to meet during leisure hours to take part in indoor and outdoor games and to foster unity and feelings of cordiality among all it's members. Listed in the city's heritage for being a landmark and for having intrinsic architectural value, the Nizam Club is still preserved in its authentic glory and harmony. The legacy of the Nizam still lingers in its spacious landscape even after 125 years. The INTACH (The Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage), Hyderabad Chapter, Andhra Pradesh has conferred the INTACH Heritage Award by a citation in 2006 to the Nizam Club Lasting for over a century, it's history is a landmark for any institution. Its progression is indeed a remarkable achievement. Mr. Samad senior member and former president shares some interesting facts about the club. "the Nizam started this club in 1884 for Indians because the British were not granting membership to Indians in their clubs. The prime minister of the Nizam's government Laik Ali Khan Bahadur ,Salar Jung II was the first president of the club." Mr. Samad adds, "All the elite of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are the members of this club. I think only 3 clubs in Hyderabad are maintaining this standard. The Secunderabad Club, Fateh Maidan and specially the Nizam Club. Which continues the Nizam's legacy". "Our facilities consist of a full equipped air conditioned gym, 2 shuttle courts and a good swimming pool, one for the young, and one for elders. Usually summer holidays create a lot of enthusiasm about swimming to get away from the sweltering heat. The club has a huge library with a lot of reference books," he said.



“On the cultural side good programs like ghazals are organized every month by inviting artists from Bombay. We conduct regular tombola, one bumper tombola for the whole of summer and on 26 January (Republic day) a huge bumper tombola. On 15 August (Independence Day) and 26 January (Republic Day) the national flag is hoisted in the club premises at 9 am followed by free breakfast for all members who walk in between 9-30 to 10-30. On every Eid or festival we have a get together the next evening Ladies day festivities include flower arrangement and cooking competitions where the ladies dish out their best recipes” he added. Speaking about membership he said, “presently the total number of members in our club is 4500. The club has currently stopped granting membership but the members children are admitted and entitled to all facilities”. “Some of the celebrity members include the honorable chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy, Md. Azharuddin, DGP- SSP Yadav and other IPS officers Mr. Ramulu, Mr. Basith, Ministers’ D Srinivas, Keshav Rao and Shabbir Ali”. Getting a little nostalgic he recollects” now there is a change in generation. As a young man during the 60’s I used to visit this club as a dependent since my father was the member of the club. At that time there were only 150 members compared to present 4500. Mr. Samad sums up “presently on an average about 600 people visit the club for different activities daily. The club opens at 6 in the morning when people come for a swim, shuttle, health club, and gym and for tennis. The afternoon crowd is mostly the business class who come for lunch to entertain people and discuss business. We have a master plan in future to tackle the parking space, which is a hell of a problem. There will be a three-tier parking and move the health club and all sport complexes on one side. A new model of guest rooms will be added”.




Are you on a shopping spree?


n the land of conspicuous consumption where festivals, weddings and special occasions happen almost all through the year, compulsive shopping is the smiled-upon addiction. Is your closet overflowing with never-worn clothing, the price tags still waving in the breeze? We Indians buy and store collections for every season and every reason. Is your attic bulging with boxes and shoe racks with shoes that have never touched pavement? Do you buy new clothes every three months, or compact discs by the fistful? Despite what shopaholics say about money being an equal opportunity mood changer, it indeed is, more so when it is the festive season and there is celebration in the air and it is ok to splurge. Hyderabad is deluged with mega malls, shopping centres which have revolutionized the turf of discount sales, promo sales, festive discounts, season sales and what not. Welcome to new-age shopping, where client is king and shops will do everything in their power to have their cash boxes ringing. When the festive season is on, astute shoppers will look for smart deals. Most stores like Big Bazaar entice their customers with tempting offers like an entire set of wedding furniture at a dirt-cheap rate or a household's month-long ration at a price that you can hardly think of. Admit it or not. Shopping is contagious when it is festive time. To get the best bargains at great prices, check out those stores which give you the best deals. The Pantaloons store has also devised some promo offers like End of Season sale starting Jan 13th till Feb 6th. This discount sale of upto 50% happens twice a year. One unique promo that they have come up with is 'All' a unique promo that lets customers get outfits in the

sizes ranging from 40 to 46 sizes which are rare to find. They have a special Winter Collection sale too that is currently on. So check out and get the best bargain! Shopper's Stop have put the best international labels on display like Levi's, Numero Uno, Calvin Klein, FC UK, Espirit, etc. If a customer makes a purchase of upto Rs. 3000/- he or she has a chance to win a Samsung 32 inch LCD and Samsung mid range mobiles and branded watches. This offer is also valid to win gifts like home appliances, sunglasses, perfumes, etc. Apart from this, there are brand specific offers which are on the anvil. See it to believe it! Mebaz a renowned store also has exquisite wedding collections have made it their policy to retain their privilege customers by offering them special in-house promotions. These include customized tailoring and designing. Besides, they house collections, designers like Renu Tandon, Sanjay Malhotra, Vikram Phadnis who want to broad base their offerings by moving beyond wedding collections to cater to party wear and festive wear. Way to go! Now comes the main deal. Festive occasions are naturally big days, when it announces jumbo discounts and becomes a hub of frenetic shopping spree: everyone is eager to take back home their rich spoils. Although stopping at off-price sales may lead to fabulous finds, sometimes successfully shopping these alternative sources calls for a certain amount of planning and preparation. End-of-season sales always offer discounts on items associated with the season that's about to end, as retailers make room for the new season's items. To take advantage of these sales, you have to plan ahead.

Tips on smart shopping 1. If you have enough time for shopping you should go to different stores and compare prices before you buy. 2. In the winter when it gets close to christmas there will be a lot of sales. what you like and what is comfortable. 4. Check your items over so you don't buy something that has a hole or a stain that won't come out, especially when it's on sale or clearance and you can't return it. 5. Shop at stores with good quality and prices. Some stores are known for that. 6.if you are buying clothes at the end of a season, buy them big so they will fit next year. Then you are not wasting money. 7.think of what you want ahead so you don't waste time or money. 8. Check out the quality and don't compromise, ask questions, look for service and other privileges, find out if they can offer any in-house help in terms of designing and tailoring. 9. Compare the prices. Don't just get stuck to one store. Visit different stores and look for promotional or discount offers. 10. Buy things only if you really need them; don't just be an aimless shopaholic.





Red alert by cupid Make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable with a coffee date at Barista. The intoxicating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, magical ingredients and divine concoctions, all part of the new “Sweet Nothings” menu will set your heart aflutter and make you fall in love at the first sip.

Cold Mayan Chocolate-barista

“Sweet Nothings” are available at select Barista outlets (10 am to 11 pm), and are priced between Rs.55 to Rs.109. Apart from the mouthwatering treats, “Sweet Nothings” also includes a great range of Valentine cuddles that are ideal for this season of love. Win your Valentine’s heart with an adorable key-chain, cuddle in cup or basket of hearts. These cuddles are available at price starting from Rs.75 to Rs.299.

Hot Mayan Mocha-Barista

Forever Together 30



Taj Valentine’s Day Programmes


aj Deccan, one of the trendiest and the most contemporary premier hotels in Hyderabad, presents Valentine Weekend Nights to the lovebirds of the twin cities on February 13 and 14, 2009. Executive Chef Sachin Joshi is creating a threecourse Aphrodisiac spread with delicacies from across the globe.

Hawa Mahal @ Taj Banjara will give the most romantic experience to the lovebirds with a breathtaking view of lake by the side, as the cool wind caress their bodies and gives them a memorable time to be cherished. The place will be decorated with exotic flowers like red and pink rose and orchids to suit the occasion and the couple will be served with snacks & wine, followed by a sumptuous multi-cuisine spread. Taj Krishna is organising a Valentine’s Day Party to celebrate love and friendship on February 14, 2009 at Emerald Hall and Ahala, the Drama lounge. For tickets one can call 040 6666 2323 and the cake shop is taking orders for special cakes and chocolates. Flowers and Flavours @ Taj Banjara creates a very special assortment of desserts for the season, flavored with flowers. Guests can enjoy this bouquet of treats across all restaurants in Taj Banjara from February 6 to February 15, 2009. The lovers of the twin cities can hop, skip and jump into any of these joints on V-Day. For more information, please visit

Rejoice at Lahari


ahari Resorts, the famous relaxing and entertaining destination of the twin cities is offering an exciting and exclusive package for those who wish to spend time with their loved ones. This package has been specially created to meet one's needs to help them unwind in the tranquil atmosphere of lush green resort with a blend of innumerable activities. You have an option of variants to rejoice at Lahari Resorts and that is the magic theme covering 35 acres of green, splashed with blue water bodies adding beauty to the landscape. The package includes a welcome drink, stay in a comfortable deluxe room and ultimate delicacies in the form of 2 breakfasts, 2 lunch and 2 dinner. Under the package Lahari Resorts also gives its guests the access to the scintillating activities like Angling, Boating on a passive river, Water slides, ozonised treated swimming pool, rain dance, adventure sports like obstacle course to name a few. The guests can also use other facilities at the resort like paintball, bowling, beach volleyball, snooker, etc. at an additional price. An affordable package at a price of Rs.9,999/-per couple that is valid for special weekends between February 14 to February 16, 2009. For bookings please contact + 91 94409 00239.



Luxury on wheels

Fiat launches Linea sedan


eople had been waiting for the launch of this car for quite some time. Fiat has finally unveiled the Linea much to the delight of India. The car is powered by a 1.3 litre multijet engine similar to the Palio. It sounds different and of course guzzles a little level of fuel. It's USP is the space that it offers within. This variant comes with loads of electro gadgetry giving more value for money. 32


Luxury on wheels

A stylish i20 from Hyundai


he largest exporter and manufacturer Hyundai Motors launched a stylish model the i20 after the phenomenal success of i10. It is a premium addition to the list of the existing Hyundai vehicles. Designed to high quality standards such as the five-door i20 offers a large interior cabin and stylish exteriors, distinctive design, a colored body, elegant lamps, bumpers, sills and a wing mirror to mention a few. Hyundai is known for safety so the company offers i20 with a lot of active and passive safety equipment. A trustworthy Kappa engine provides a classic performance and maximum power that matches any car in this bracket.



Glimpses A cool Katrina admires Aamir Khan


t isn’t surprising that Ghajini has become the greatest grossing film in the quickest span of time? Neither is it any wonder that Aamir has audience’s of all shapes, sizes and ages wound around his muscled figure. Apart from film folks even girls are asking their boy friends to shape up like Aamir as they are in awe of Aamir’s sense of timing and perfection. It is no wonder that Katrina too admires Aamir Khan for his perfectionist attitude and the amount of time he had spent in designing such a sculpted body. It’s no wonder that a lot of people flatter him left, right and center. But Aamir always maintains a cool and takes everything in stride when someone compares his physique with the likes of Salman and John. So much for admiration and flattery.







Hyderabad Josh focuses on the success story of an entrepreneur

Photos M.C. Shekar

Success belongs to the adventurous. And the clever people who own the ideas of the future. Only an entrepreneur can give you tomorrow's market, today. Gorgeous looks, humour, courage and intelligence. That's the sum total of Vijaya Lakshmi.

ell, then 'how did you end up becoming an entrepreneur?' She says "During my stint at the Rama Naidu Studios I was in-charge of all administrative affairs and would organize 100 days functions, audio releases cocktail parties where I had a chance to interact with all the big stars of Bollywood and Tollywood.


But how does Vijaya Lakshmi define MIRRORS-" it's simple, MIRRORS is a definition for Hygiene, Hospitality, Affordability and Redefining your reflection.We will make you look better but not look like someone else. Most of my NRI clients say that they are not missing USA, Paris or Thailand. I don't intend starting any branches because I would like to take care of my baby" MIRRORS Vijaya Lakshmi is also a Fitness Trainer and hasundergone training in health and fitness. Interestingly, she is also a member on the board of film censor. She vociferously supports women and uses the scissors to snip any scene glorifying women as weak specimens much to the chagrin of producers and directors.But she also has praise for women oriented films made by some producers and directors. What more can Vijaya Lakshmi ask for? She has everything a woman can be blessed with. A good motherin-law, supporting husband, intelligent son, a flourishing business and big plans, doing social work taking care of someone in need. Her health is her secret as she maintains discipline right from the time she wakes up and hits the sack at night. Well, can you tell me what is the first thing Vijaya Lakshmi looks at when she wakes up in the morning? No prizes for guessing the right answer. She looks at the MIRROR because her life revolves around MIRRORS. FEBRUARY 2009


“I don't care for other's comments in any way.” “How supportive is your husband and son in your personal life?” “Phenomenal.” “Is marriage and children the end of a women's life?” And) It is the beginning of a new challenge.” “Do you like the concept of live-in couples?” “Provided the couple are comfortable.”

With son and husband

Here is an exclusive interview with Vijaya Lakshmi about her life-style.

“Is abortion a sin?” “Medically, not.”

“What is your lifestyle?” “Living like a princess”

“What do you like the most in your life?” “Being successful in whatever I do.”

“How can you estimate a person? On the surface or inner voice?” “Not really by the first impression”

“What is your happiest moment in your life?” “When I was blessed with a son.”

“How do you react when someone criticizes you?” “I am always game for constructive criticism. Criticism is always important to better yourself and luckily I am enjoying the pleasure of appreciation”

“How do you take competition in the business?” “I wish I had more competition.”

“What do you like in men? (Good looks, money, intelligence or personal hygiene?)” “Can I have all of them?” “To you, how should a handsome guy look? Pheromones?” “Looks and great sense of humor, like LORD KRISHNA” “Whom do you adore among filmy heroes and why do you like them?” “I don't adore any filmy heroes. I adore only real heroes”

“At what age should sex education be imparted to children” Maybe at the age of 15. (In India) “What is your special outing place in Hyderabad” A: I don't like outings. I love to spend time with my son at home. “How do you react to comments about a women running a salon and spa?” FEBRUARY 2009

“What is your biggest stress buster?” “Hugs and sweet kisses from my son. “Whom would you like to date with?” “With Barack Obama in the WHITE HOUSE.”

liked the

“What is the most romantic place you like in the world?” “Mount Titlis in Switzerland”


“Say something about your friends.” “My son is my best friend. 13 year old boy with great sense of humor.”

“Tell us about your first crush.” “I don't remember my first crush, but I can tell you when I was crushed last. (By my husband)”

“Are you crazy of cars?” “Yes, I am” “Where do you shop often?” “Bangkok. But recently I shopping in Spain”

“Most romantic moment in your life?” “With my husband on an irsland having cognac under the moonlight.”

“Is virginity an important gift that a girl should give to a man and also a man be as chaste as her?” “I believe sex is an area where experience has a negative value. (its important for both)” “What is your secret of attracting so many fans in Tollywood? (PR skills, eye contact, body language, throwing parties, or sweet talk)?” “Ask the T-wood...(laughs) Genuine concern and sensitiveness towards them.” “Intoxicating moment?”

“Lots of jasmine flowers around me.” “What is your favorite food? “Spicy Andhra food.” “What is husband and son likes the most in you?” “My cooking. I am a very good cook.” “Your views on extra-marital affairs?” “Depending on marital relationship.“ “Who is your role model and mentor ?” “None other than Rama Naidu, the legendary film producer who taught me the secrets of life.” “Are you interested or linked to any political party?”” “Yes… I am interested in politics, but not linked to any party.” “Whom do you rate as a good politician?” “ Chandrababu Naidu.” “Can you guess who will be the next CM of Andhra Pradesh?” “Wait and see”

-Nand Kumar KV


A taste of Shanghai If you hungry and traveling with a friend by Madhapur the right place for you to eat Chinese Food on a limited budget is Rs.300/. The SHANGHAI CHEF will welcome you at Noon & Night.




ise men say that no matter how long the journey is, it all starts with the first step. At Shanghai Chef, Madhapur, the journey into the Orient's culinary legacy starts the minute you step in. The chic interiors influenced with the black and rich redness is an indication of the cuisine one can expect. The subtle flavors, aromas and tastes of the Far East all come alive at this delightful restaurant. Owner Abbas Ali speaks with a true restaurateur's passion when he talks about Chinese cuisine always remaining the perennial favorite of diners. " The sheer explosion of taste when you bite into our signature dishes like Honey Chilli Cauliflower or Szechwan Pepper Crab is an experience like no other', he states. The menu at the Shanghai Chef is a carefully planned combination of all time favorites and specialties. In the few months since it has opened, the restaurant has become a hot favorite of residents of Madhapur, Jubilee hill and the corporate crowd of Hi tech city. Food lovers , some travelling from as far as Secunderabad love driving down at dinner time to indulge in delicious cuisine that doesn't leave a hole in your pocket yet does not compromise on taste and quality.


Glitter need not be expensive


ido's, Kasti, Krshala and Kutumb a group of Ladies clubs recently organized the KHWAISH exhibition at the Aahala, Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills. Interestingly, this club gets adults and children actively involved in cultural, entertainment and social causes. Pinky Reddy a leading socialite inaugurated the exhibition.The panoramic range was one of it's kind inviting all the exhibitors and designers across India to display shoes, garments, trendy toys, jewellery, accessories and many more. Their main aim was to establish that fashion does not have to be expensive.

A new role for a tough cop


ormer Director General of Police Mr. Swarnajit Sen, IPS (Retd.) took charge as Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) recently. Mr. Sen succeeds Mr. T. K. Dewan, IAS (Retd.). Mr. Swarnajit Sen has earlier served as Director General of Police from 31 December 2004 – 31 December 2006. Mr. Swarnajit Sen comes from an Army background. He created history by becoming the first DGP to ever visit the Maoist-infested areas in uniform. He is known to be a through professional. FEBRUARY 2009


Arrivals New Fashion Collection "Cleo" from Titan


itan has launched the CLEO COLLECTION for ladies. This collection has very BIG and BOLD dials and is a very chunky watch. It is more in sync with the latest trends today and what more and more girls and ladies are going for. Add a touch of international styling to your wardrobe this season with Cleo from Titan. Styled with a louisiana croco leather strap in beige adorning the round studded case, this watch has a truly, contemporary form.

New Fashion Collection - "Cleo" from Titan


leo from Titan reflects the energy and vibrancy of today's fashionistas. This contemporary creation with an international styling has a studded round case complemented with multi function features. The white dial comes to life with the sub dials further studded to highlight the day, date and the 24-hour function. With its graceful steel bracelet, this watch is an irresistible accessory for modern women. Priced at Rs 5495/-, this wrist wear is available at all World of Titan showrooms and department stores across the country

Nike Shoes Glide Into Hyderabad


nspired by the dynamic movements of today's women, footwear designer Rob Dolan tapped into their needs to create the Nike Zoom Sister One+. The pinnacle of Nike's Sister Series collection of footwear, this is a bold shoe that delivers youthful style and colorful excitement without compromising on performance. As part of his design process, Rob spent a year looking at how women train. They tend more toward functional training methods, and their training takes a holistic approach, aiming to strengthen not only the body but the mind. Most of the women's activities were based on dynamic movements that were centered in the core and that helped increase flexibility. Recognizing that women's movements are multidimensional, Rob sought to create a training shoe that would support the foot as it makes quick, multidirectional moves. You can buy it for Rs.6,500/- at any NIKE outlets at Hyderabad.



The asymmetrically laid out indices in blue with an embellished seconds dial add a sparkling touch to complete this timepiece and make you feel like a modern day Cleopatra! Priced at Rs 3995/- this wrist wear is available at all World of Titan showrooms and department stores across the country.


Pavan marries Renu Desai Pawan Kalyan the younger brother of Telugu film hero and PRP president Chiranjeevi formally married his long time friend Renu Desai at his residence in Nandagiri Hills recently in the presence of his mother Anjana Devi, brothers Chiranjeevi, Nagendra Babu and a few relatives. The tollywood crowd included directors Puri Jagannath, Trivikram, SJ Surya. Close friends Siddarth Goud, Pramod and M Sathi Babu were also present at the function. Renu Desai was the heroine of Pawan Kalyan's hit film Badri Pawan and Renu had starred together in their home production Johny. It was indeed a relief for the couple as they tied the knot after almost 7 years of staying together and had a son Akira from this marriage. Pawan recently obtained divorce from his first wife Nandini of Visakhapatnam after a long legal battle. Interestingly, A close source informed us that the couple would register their marriage soon.




This daughter wears her father’s genes


egendary virtuoso sitarist, composer Ravi Shankar was joined on stage by his younger daughter and protégé, Anoushka for the first time in Hyderabad for a performance. The father-daughter duo enthralled a packed hall at HICC, Hyderabad on Sunday evening. The event was organized by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Ltd to promote our culture. It is long time since he performed in Hyderabad and this was his firstever performance together with his daughter in Hyderabad. Pandit Ravi Shankar is India’s most esteemed musical ambassador and a singular phenomenon whose artistry crosses all cultural and musical boundaries. Bringing them together for this most memorable performance was Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation in association with Novotel as Hospitality Partner. The 89 years old prolific and sought-after composer, Ravi Shankar has written numerous works for Western collaborations, in addition to his many traditional ragas and talas. Ravi Shankar has composed extensively for film and ballet standard of excellence. He was nominated for both a Grammy and Oscar for his original score to Gandhi, the Academy Awardwinning classic by Sir Richard Attenborough.. Anoushka Shankar is the only artist in the world to be trained completely by her father. She began studying with him at age nine, and at age 13 made her performing debut in New Delhi, India. That same year, she performed on her father’s recording, In Celebration, and shortly thereafter signed an exclusive contract with Angel/EMI. Her first solo album, Anoushka, was released in 1998 to critical acclaim. In addition to performing with her father, Anoushka spends much of her year touring, giving concert performances in Europe, America and Asia. She has also composed music for the short film Ancient Marks. Anoushka has the distinction of being the first woman to ever perform at The Ramakrishna Centre in Calcutta.




Riding two horses at a time


homsoever said that film stars are illiterate? Can a career in acting ruin your academic report card? "No, I don't think so" confirms glamour girl Genelia. Acting in films have never interrupted her studies. Otherwise she would have not completed degree in business management course. "I don't want to give up studies because of my career in movies. So, to complete my BBA . I took a lot of pain reaching Mumbai by the morning flight and return by evening to attend exams. During nights only I used to shoot for Telugu and Tamil films hence I could never get a good night's sleep. But surprisingly I was so energetic and fresh. It was just because I was health conscious and take utmost care."When I strive for something I make sure that I give a 100% of my energy and definitely achieve it. Now I am busy with three Hindi films one of them titled It's my life which is a remake of a Telugu block buster Bommarillu" adds Genelia.

Comment or Compliment?


f late, Ram the young hero is getting a lot of attention. One really wonders whether people like to compliment him as a clone of another star Pavan Kalyan. It does not matter to him if it is a comment or a compliment."No I don't try to imitate any one. But, if you compare my performance with Pavan, I take it a compliment" Ram tells us. Ram's latest film MASKA was applauded by the mass as well as the class audience... With a lot of josh he is doing his next film with Sharavanan, a new director. "Until Maska was released I was not in a position to influence new directors. But now I decided because I am on a good track.The script is well written" he said. Maska has given him pain as well as pleasure. "I took a great deal of risk performing jerky dances for song in that movie on the edge of a cliff durring the shoot in Italy" he adds.




Spice Mushroom Mushroom (fresh) -200g


Red chilly paste -30g Chopped green chilly-10g Salt -to taste Black pepper powder-10g Eggs-2 nos

Clean and boil the mushroom. Make a batter of corn flour, plain flour, salt, eggs, red chilly paste and drop the mushroom batter in deep fry in oil. Keep aside.

Corn flour-40g Plain flour-20g Bell pepper-2 nos Soya sauce-5ml Chopped garlic-10g Refined oil-for frying Chinese salt-a pinch



Now heat a little oil in Chinese wok, add garlic, green chilly, bell pepper. Stir it for 3 minutes. Now add red chilly paste, salt, soya sauce, black pepper powder, Chinese salt (if necessary add little water). Now add fried mushroom and make it dry Serve hot with garlic sauce.

Karuvepali Kodi Boneless chicken-200g


Dry curry leaf powder-40g Curry leaves-1/2 bunch Slit green chillies-5 nos

Clean and cut the chicken in small pieces and marinate with ginger paste, salt, haldi, green chilly paste. Leave it for half an hour.

Chopped onion-150g Salt -to taste Ginger garlic paste-10g Tomato paste-50ml Chilly paste-10g Haldi powder-a pinch Refined oil-50ml Coriander leaves-1/2 bunch

Now add that oil in fry pan. Add onion. Fry till onion turns into golden brown. Add and garlic paste, slit green chillies, curry leaves, salt, haldi powder. Mix well. Add tomato paste and cook for 10 minutes. Now add chicken mix in well and leave till chicken is done. Finish with curry leaves powder and coriander. Serve that with mint chutney

M. Bhagya Raju, Cheff Hotel Golkonda




Hyderabad's original malls What's new at the All India Industrial Exhibition in the Hyderabad? The stalls selling clothes, food, accessories, toy train or the revised entry fee. Actually, it's the security frisking the visitors at all the gates leading to the stalls. Security has been heightened ever since the recent incidents reported in the newspapers and television channels. 48



his year a lot of new entrants set shop along with the existing 2500 stalls. Prominent among them are electronic giant Sony at the Ajanta Gate and Heritage selling milk products. The highlight is the environment friendly electric bikes and the musical fountain that makes its appearance at the numaish. Around 120 security guards and 70 night watchmen have been entrusted with the job of protecting the visitors. There are two trained sniffer dogs, metal door frames and surveillance cameras to keep track of everything. There is also an announcer keeping you engrossed with all the happenings. On Sundays the crowd is between 70 and 80 thousand. What really attracts crowds to this Numaish is the reputation of being the oldest and longest running exhibitions. Inspite of all the sophisticated malls on every corner of Hyderabad modernity has not hit this old world charm. Unfortunately, this year due to recession business is at a low ebb. It still retains a little bit of nostalgia of the bygone era where one could bargain for a big discount. For some families it's like a trip but for some youngsters it's just one evening to hang out. You will just love the ambience of haggling shop keepers, delicious food joints, the chugging of a toy train, the giant wheel, the pink sugar candy (known as Bumbai mithai), chat bundars, sweet shops and umpteen mind boggling knick knacks. Sounds a far cry from the plush shopping malls where a brand label or a price tag welcomes you unlike the pan stained smile from a salesman at the numaish stall. The numaish is on from January 1 till the 15 of February. Interestingly, it also has a few days in a week where only ladies are allowed into the venue. If the crowds turn out consistently it might be extended by a week or more. Check out the newspapers.



Health Fads

unk food is not the be all and end all when it comes to taste. It is food that has been processed to the extreme and is now a way of life. It is a common term used for any food item that is perceived to be unhealthy and has low or poor nutritional value.


Generally, a junk food is given a very attractive appearance by adding food additives and colors to enhance flavor, texture, appearance, and increasing long self life. Of course, it is also readily available at restaurant chains across the country in the form of French fries, chicken nuggets, shakes, soda, etc. It is widely believed that junk food does not contain the essential fatty acids that the body requires to keep its largest organ, the skin, healthy. It is recommended that food supplements in the form of vitamins should be taken daily if the habit cannot be broken. The body will also be lacking in proteins, fiber and other nutrients required for a healthy diet, and the consumption of products considered junk food has been associated with many health problems including obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and dental cavities.

Listen to your doctor Similarly, breakfast cereals are often regarded as healthy but may have high levels



of sugar, salt and fat. The offspring of rats fed fatty, processed food had high levels of fat in their bloodstream and around major organs even after adolescence. Nutritionists, doctors, and other health advocates often work to educate people about junk food, encouraging them to eat well balanced diets which contain a high proportion of healthy foods. These professionals almost unanimously hold the view that there are no good foods and bad foods, only good diets and bad diets.

Stretch your muscles a bit Changing your diet and taking exercise is a step in the right direction and as you replace fat with muscle, your clothes will become looser and your body firmer, but your weight may not change (muscle weighs more). In fact, the needle on the weight scale might not turn at all, but the heads of friends probably will. To lose weight, you've got to junk that junk food. We all know that junk food is

cheap and easy compared to quality raw materials (fresh veggies, organic meat, milk, and fruit). For better or for worse (mostly worse), junk food is now available all over the world.

Your skin is a mirror Apart for obesity, the other huge effect that bad eating habits bring on is skin rashes, eczema and psoriasis. It is reported that 25% of children under the age of five now suffer from eczema compared with less than 3% 50 years ago before junk food was so prevalent. To combat these skin problems one of the latest discoveries is that the natural oil found in crocodile fat heals most forms of eczema in children within a few weeks. However it is not easy to get hold of and few pharmacies stock it. The answer of course is to change your diet as junk food equals junk skin.


Caravan Quartet entrals Hyderabad's


ypsy inspired jazz music by Caravan Quartet hosted by Taj Banjara rejuvenated music lovers in Hyderabad. As the nippy wintry wind by the lakeside chilled their bones, they toasted a glass of wine and sunk your soul to the mellow tunes of the Violin or the strum of the Guitar. The event was being hosted on in association with Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad Western Music Forum, Alliance Française and Goethe-Zentrum - Hyderabad as part of their Taj Celebration series. The quartet comprises of Violin (Mathias LEVY), Guitar (Robin ENSINA & Samuel STROUK), C. Bass (Olivier LORANG) and Clarinet (Olivier LORANG). Caravan Quartet’s music revolves around the Gypsy Jazz music, and these four musicians unite as singers and composers, who open a whole new world with their compositions. They have performed more than three hundred concerts since 2003 and also scored music for movies. The highlight of their career is collaboration with noted director Alain Sachs for a play by the Bouffes Parisiens Theater.


Caravan lends their sounds to different singers and composers and has lately been at the center of a “Gipsy Swing/Cuban Jazz” merging with The Car Habana Project. They get inspiration from individual experience and the common adventures they experience, while playing in different countries.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan in city Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Scottish Chamber Orchestra will perform in Hyderabad on 13th Feburary 2009 as a part of 100 Pipers pure musical concert. Venue : HICC Date : Friday, 13th Feburary 2009 Concert Time : 7:30 PM



On stage

Ghazal Srinivasa humble and gracious person


hazal Maestro Dr Gazal Srinivas a Guinness record holder has been singing patriotic songs in 56 Indian and 44 foreign languages. At a function held recently at the Ravindra Bharathi by Yuva Kala Vahini Nageswar Rao, the Ghazal maestro was felicitated by the chief guest Suresh Reddy, speaker of AP assembly. Interestingly, Ghazal Srinivas felicitated Lagadapati Rajgopal, MP as a token of gratitude on the same diace. Others who attended the function were minister Buddha Prasad, TDP leader Ummareddy Venkatesharlu, Dr C.Narayana Reddy, Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, and Justice Bhavani Prasad. Lagadapati Rajgopal said that he would always extend his co-operation to Ghazal Srinivas as his renditions were very inspiring."The song based on the Satyagraha philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi was written and composed by me. I worked with foreign musicians and translated the song into their language. It took me nearly 13 months to learn and then record this song in 100 different languages," said a very humble Srinivas.

Trisha launches ITC's Vivel shampoo


risha, a leading actress in South India unveiled Vivel Ultrapro anti-dandruff shampoo, a latest addition to the brand of Vivel shampoo. It has received phenomenal consumer response within a short span of time for it's range of soaps and shampoos. All Vivel products offer a unique value proposition combining ingredients that provide the benefit of nourishment, protection and moisturisation through one product hence providing triple benefits and comprehensive care to the ever discerning consumer. Vivel Ultrapro anti dandruff shampoo with it's unique ActiproZ complex combats prolems caused by dandruff while caring for hair. It is an anti-dandruff shampoo which has been proven not only to fight dandruff effectively but also to nourish and moisturize hair, making it strong and soft. Specially added conditioners in the shampoo help in enhancing soft and silky feel of hair. Trisha says " I associate herself only with brand like Vivel that I can identify with because it gives beauty, confidence, youth and vibrancy. I am very conscious of the quality of brands I choose to endorse and I am extremely happy with my association with ITC's Vivel".




Brahmanandam Gets Padmashri


got it by God's grace" Tollywood's celebrity comedian Brahmanandam told Hyderabad Josh after achieving the Padmasri. "God has given me everything. He has given me good career, awards, doctorate and now Padmashri" he told philosophically. Previously comedians like Relangi and Allu Ramalingayya were awarded the Padmasri In recent years he is only comedian who bagged it. Though he has been a comedian for 25 years, his performance has not staled yet. He acted with NTR, ANR, Krishna, Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna and now with the latest hero's.

Padma Bhushan Awarded To Krishna


his year our very own Tollywood bagged two Padma awards. Superstar Krishna has been declared Padmabhushan, and ace comedian Brahmanandam got Padmasri. In a career spanning four decades Krishna has acted in more than 350 films so far. He is not only an actor but producer, director, distributor and studio owner. “I have done all type of films such as social, folklores, mythologicals and political satires and never felt that I was not recognized by the government. But my fans used to feel a lot but now they are very happy” the superstar said with a smile. On hearing the news, his fans garlanded him followed by a lot of fan fare. P.R.P. supremo Chiranjeevi called on him the next day and congratulated him personally.




GOLKONDA- vibrant and natural The man behind the scene


rakash Menon moved in as the area general manager at Hotel Golkonda at Masab tank just four months ago. He has been in the hospitality industry for 22 years of which he spent 12 years working for Taj Group of Companies at different locations starting from the Green Cove in Kovalam until his last posting in Taj View in Agra before he moved over to Hotel Golkonda to consolidate the brand. Born and bred in Chennai he did his masters in hotel and business administration with an XLRI affiliate of the Loyola College of Business Administration in Chennai. Of course, he loves the chai, samosa and biriyani of Hyderabad.

Take a look at the new Golkonda Highlighting the hotels grandiose plans Prakash clarifies “Positioned as the premium four star category Golkonda caters to the life style of youngsters as well as the business clientele. I find that domestic tourism is also catching up a lot since the government of Andhra Pradesh has big plans for promoting it. We have to capitalize on specially the business segment. In Hyderabad the pharmacy, bpo and other export houses are not largely affected compared to the IT sector which is reeling under recession”. “ Being one of the oldest hotels we have now renovated 12 suites, fully acquainted, colorful and trying to position it as a very young brand, crisp, contemporary, courteous with a very young staff who are set to attract a vibrant young customer segment. The last phase of renovation is our 25 club floor rooms on the top floor at the club lounge slated to open on 15 February. It even has a state of art gym, swimming pool, barbeque steam , sauna by the pool side and a lounge in the four star deluxe segment that completes the whole Golkonda brand” he said. “We are ready for a five-star segment yet we thought it better to position ourselves in the four star premium category Hyderabad

already has a 3 or a 5 star segment does not have a very niche 4 star segment. That’s why we are positioning this brand value proposition in the premium category of a modern hotel. The Mélange offers the national and international cuisine and Jewels of Nizam is pop for biriyani and Andhra cuisine” he adds.

Golkonda Resorts for leisure or business “Nicely spread over 30 acres of lush green land in Gandipet the resort has a tie up with Andhra Pradesh tourism with a 99 year old lease. There are two tennis courts, two swimming pools, two squash courts a complete leisure and conferencing segment hotel. One can spend about four days for a conference or spend a holiday at the resort even with family. This is a business hotel offering one or a four night stay that is positioned in the four star premium category From now on we will be re launching the brand which will have the bookers party, the premium press parties media roll outs. Very soon we hope to do well since Hyderabad” he explains. His reaction when quizzed on the impact

of terrorism related slump in occupancy in Hyderabad “the slump in occupancy is not because of terrorism but due to recession. The dip in occupancy is about 20% in Hyderabad but Chennai, Delhi Bombay are more buoyant. Bangalore is totally dependent on IT and so the slump over there is 40%. A leisure destination or a tourist will be affected by terrorism. The American economy is also a major player in controlling the other economies of the world that would take at least another six months to bounce back to normal. We are far more buoyant in this case. Terrorism can take place anywhere and we have to live with it. However, we should protect ourselves and look at it from a different perspective and move much faster”. Prakash sums up ”membership such as doctors club, elite club, IT club where key VIP members are issued cards and another a loyalty program where a member can make use of all facilities by earning points to redeem their stay, or food, beverage get special discounts whenever they visit the hotel. We look at a build up of one month where ‘X’ number of room nights are logged and if they promise to patronize us in future. Selecting the top 500 key people in Hyderabad and other cities for the right clientele to our hotel rather money”.

- Nand Kumar KV 54


Hunky Dory



t was a party that will be etched in the memory of their guests for ever. Shahbaz and his twin sister Shahruq celebrated their birthday with aplomb at their resort `Button eyes' at Moinabad. Bureaucrats, architects, industrialists, army officials and movie artistes from among the friends of the family not just enjoyed the party but made in an occasion to cherish. The Sufi ghazal nite by the city's popular ghazal singer Adill Hussaini on the occasion was another highlight of the evening. While actor Shafi and Addl IG Jails M R Ahmed recited sher shairies, guests Geetika and Siddharth too rendered a few numbers much to the delight of the party crowd, which apart from enjoying the sumptuous food, loved the shamlas arranged by Shahbaz for his guests. It was a cracker of an evening with the fireworks lighting up the sky.

Shahbaz, Geetika & Rubina

Sumit, Siddarth, Ashish & Eddy Geetika & Rubina

Adil Hussaini - Sufi Ghazal Singer

Shahbaz, Rubina, Mandira & Vikram

Shahzad, Shahruq & Shahbaz

Shahbaz, Rubina, Mandira & Vikram FEBRUARY 2009



Chartbusters English



1 Britney spears - Circus 2 Enrique iglesias - Greatest hits 3 Akon - Freedom 4 Christina aguilera- Keeps gettin'better 5 Anastacia - Geavy rotation 6 Basshunter- Now you're gone 7 Guns & Roses - Chinese democracy 8 Shaggy - Intoxication 9 Jay sean - My own way 10Andrea bocelli - Incanto

1. Slumdog millionaire 2. Luck by chance 3. Ghajini 4. Raaz the mystery continues 5. Rab ne bana di jodi 6. Yuvraaj 7. Chandni chowk to china 8. Dostana 9. Rock on 10 Jaane tu

1. Koncham istam koncham kastam 2. Maska 3. King 4. Shashirekha parinayam 5. Kavya's diary 6. Mast 7. Neninte 8. Chedugudu 9. Kotha bangaru lokam 10. Chintakayala ravi

Indipop 1. Rock on - Forever 2. Dard- E - Sherlyn 3. Aye hip hopper - Ishq Bector 4. Ada - A way of life 5. Jhoomo re - Kailash kher 6. Badra - Rupali dalal 7. Rishi 8. Djh & DJ rags reloaded 9. Tabeer - Shafqat amanat ali 10. Road to infinity -azal


Fiction S.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

Title The white tiger Married but available The Rozabal Line You Are Here Brisinger A Prisoner of Birth Foreign Body Breaking Dawn The 3 Mistakes of my life Sea of poppies

Author Arvind Adiga Abhijit Bhaduri Ashwin Sanghi Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan Christopher Paolini Jeffrey Archer Robin Cook Stephenie Meyer Chetan Bhagat Amitav Ghosh

MRP 395.00 195.00 250.00 199.00 604.00 269.10 533.11 550.00 95.00 599.00

Author Malcolm Gladwell Barack obama Rashmi Bansal Nandan nilekani Thomas l. friedman Randy pausch

MRP 399.00 250.00 25.00 699.00 595.00 295.00

shashi tharoor l.k.advani P.M.Nair Ramchandra guha

499.00 595.00 250.00 495.00

Non Fiction S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Title Outliers The audacity of hope Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Imagining india Hot, flat and crowded Yhe last lecture The elephant,the tiger and the cell phone My country my life The kalam effect India after gandhi

Courtesy:Odyssey book store


Yana Gupta sings for Hyderabad ne really wonders why Yana moved from cinema to singing. Music has always been her first love and this passion fructified now. Better late than never. Interestingly, her latest album is a mix of electronic stuff that is quite original. She is adept in balancing modeling and endorsing and feels that all these are interlinked in one way or the other. Her hiatus from the screen world has indeed helped her career.


At least she got some time to practice what she loves. Like all non-Hyderabadi celebrities she relishes Hyderabadi cuisine. She is very cautious of her attire since dressing is a very creative way of expressing herself .Sometime later in life she would like to become a good writer and devote all her time to jot her memories.

Mickey Mclarey and Nitya Thomas




Lunch and fruit punch

Nandita, Deepa Gupta, Rekha Reddy along with her friends


smart, savvy and elegant person threw the first new year bash for 2009 at Banjara Hills. It looked more like a kitty party or a birthday bash and happened at the very humble, gracious and smiling Deepa Gupta's residence where a large number of women turned up for a sumptuous feast. The table was laid with mouth watering and delicious recipes made specially by experienced chefs. No one knows how she manages to get the right people. A perfect host who is adept in the art of hospitality who makes her get together's irresistible. There is always a full house.Spotted at the do were Rummy Azad, Sara Alam Khan, Mona Mehra, Rekha Reddy, Vani Subash, Kavita Gulecha, Sunila, Amrit who relished the yummy Rajasthani food to their heart's content. Wish you were there, don't you?

Mona Mehara and Sunilla Eti

Mallika 58

Lakshmi FEBRUARY 2009

Um-- I’ll take one piece

Hi there! how are you

What’s on her mind

I just had one sip

Kavitha Gulecha

Have we met somewhere?


Manitha The food tastes great here

Tejdeep menon

Lona, Margot

Sara Alamkhan

Oh God! Who is she

Rekha Bharathi

Wait! I’m coming FEBRUARY 2009


Party Time

VIPs attend baby shower A lot of ministers along with a lot of P3P's were seen showering their blessings on the new born as G.S. Gupta hosted a baby shower for his daughter from Kolkata. Conspicuous among them were Geeta Reddy, Monica, Shabbir Ali, Madhu Malti and Amina Zulfi.

Gourav Sanghi

KV Ramachandra Rao, Rosaiah

Shabbir Ali’s Daughter & Mrs, Kamini Sharof



Made for each other

GS Gupta, an excellent host

Wow! chiseled features

It tastes great

Mr & Mrs. T Subbirami Reddy


I think he’s busy

Raju ban gaya gentleman

Shabbir Ali

Hello! please get me a chair

G.S Anand


Oh! that’s my diamond ring on the floor

Anjan kumar Yadav


Sunidhi Chauhan

Vinitha Pitty

How long do we have to wait? FEBRUARY 2009


Happy Returns

y a d h t Bir Queen

Simran’s birthday party was celebrated at Marriott with a lot of fun and excitement. No wonder this sweet girl has so many friends. Now tell me who is her best friend?

bhargavi, simran 62


Pics by M.C. Shekar

Sunaina rao, Sangeeta

Cherry pestonji, Simran, Shivangi

Huma, simran, sanjana gupta

Sunaina rao, Shivali, ruchi

Husna,ayesha,Fatima, Sanjana, Smita, Bhargavi, Simran, Ruchi, Huma, Shwetha, Tara and Priyanka FEBRUARY 2009


Curtain Call

Staying awake until morning

Ok DJ !start the music

Left leg forward

Hey! pour me another drink 64

The young crowd literally rocked all through the party and still wanted more. The excitement kept passing every minute. It was cheers again after every round that was great fun that lasted till almost the wee hours.


It’s so hot ---

Hi! folks, am I late?

Glancing at what?

Ask him to smile

First right leg up and...

How do I look?

Don’t come too close

Lend me your ear

His right hand is too long

Come let me show you FEBRUARY 2009


Metro info 

Helpline Emergency - 108 Police - 100 Fire - 101 Electricity - 1912, 155333 Police Control Room - 23232222 Crime Stopper - 1090 Police Exchange - 23230191 Police Control Room (Ranga Reddy Dt): 23235398 Traffic - 223234065 Tourism Info -1363 Water Supply 223393113 Gas Emergency - 27801123 Dog Menace - 23394566 Railway - 1331/131/1345 APSRTC-Enquiry - 24614406, 9592 26257 Reservation - 24613955, 23434269 Ambulance - 102 CDR Ambulance- 23456789 Apollo - 23548888 AP (Apathbandu) - 24603566

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Designer Stores Elahe - 66565154, 23350130 Brisah - 23423443-45 Stanza - 6663 7373, 66337575 Satya Paul -66565158 Kashish- Opp.Taj Ph:66754111 Sisley- Rd.No.3,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:23551582 Origins - Rd.No.1,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:65589917/9918 Tanya expoPh:23540797 Kalaniketan- Rd.No.3 Ph:23326664/65 Mebaz- Adj.White House,Greenlands, Ph:66662222,40112222 Neerus - Rd.No.1,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:23320401/02 Peter England FashionsJaya Chambers,Rd.No.36, Ph:23553886/87 68


Interiors Master Pieces- Rd.No.12,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:23318846 South Bay- Rd.No.12,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:66367151/52 Hastens Store Pt.1261,Rd.No.36,Above Above Mercedes Showroom Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Ph:23316015,23301603

Movie Associations Movie Artist Association 23540022 AP Cine Stunt Director And Artists Union... Association - 23546754, 9246369035 Kala Saagaram Association 27730752

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Retail Showrooms Pantaloons Saptagiri Towers, Begumpet Ph: 2776 5112/ 0787 Lifestyle My Home Tycoon, Begumpet Ph: 2340 7235/7239, 2341 0013/0014 Wills Lifestyle Stores G.S.Chambers, Nagarjuna Circle Ph: 6636 4700/ 9200 Tommy Hilfiger Luxor Plaza, Opp.Prasad Labs,Rd.No.2,B'Hills Ph: 2354 5355, 99894 18663 Splash- Eye on Design Begumpet, Hyderabad Ph: 9701002794 Alta Moda Garments Rd.No.9, Jubilee Hills Ph: 6462 6224 Rouge Boutique Plot#470, Rd.#10, Banjara Hills Ph: 6675 2220


Trade Mark Attorneys

Villeroy & Boch Punjagutta Main Road, Hyderabad Ph: 23400230/55/56, 9949956600

Indian Lawyers(Muddu Krishna.V) Ph: 94907 55555, 2767 9999 e-mail:

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Tarot Tellers

Sweet & Savories Pullareddy Sweets Ph: 65585113, 23414062, 09246533012 Dadu's Sweets M.G.Road, Near Paradise Ph: 2343 8451/52, 2322 7125/3855


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Fitness Centre Zareer Patell at Silhoutte Aerobics Secunderabad, Banjara Hills Ph: 092465 20614 Dinaz's Fitness Studio 139/A, MLA Clny,Rd.12, B'Hills Ph: 2331 4607

Golf Course Hyderabad Golf Club Ph: 2356 7207, 6558 8103 Tolichowki, Hyderabad. Charges: Rs.50/- for 50 balls

Margadarsi Chit Funds Fateh Maidan Road, Hyd-500 004 Ph: 2344 2199/ 88, 23442160 Shriram Chits Pvt Ltd 040 23352985 Kapil Chit Fund Pvt Ltd Chaitanyapuri, Hyderabad. Tel. No.24045015

Laundry Fabricare Tel: 2354 4403,2326 2677 2780 2966,2790 4141

Mainland China G.S.Plaza, Rd.No.1, B'Hills Ph: 6621 4500, 2330 4500 Shanghai Dice Uma House, Somajiguda Ph: 6515 1177/1188 Golden Dragon Taj Krishna, B'Hills Ph: 6666 2323

Yoga Centres Raj Yoga Centre -27806700 , 9908722547 Yoga Centre - 66133044, 9848450273 Yoga Classes by Rekha Gupta Ph: 93955 88302 Rd.No.8, Saptaparni, Hyderabad Dr. Rita Khanna's Yoga Suman Housing Colony, W.Marredpally Ph: 6517 3344, 98497 72485 Sharmila's Yoga Class Banjara Hills, Kondapur Ph: 98493 38902, 2331 6562

Movies & Theatres Prasad's Multiplex Tel: 2344 8989 Easy Movies Tel: 2765 4321 PVR Cinemas Tel: 6662 1115 / 1116 Adlabs: Ph: 39894040, 39828000

Bakeries Chit Funds

Oriental Food

Deli9 - Rd.No.1, Banjara Hills Ph: 6550 6662, 6677 7727, 6552 5050 Baker's Inn Amrutha Mall, Somajiguda Ph: 2340 2222, 6661 7700 Karachi Bakers Ph: 2473 2786, 6641 8506

Continental Fusion 9 Rd.No.1, Banjara Hills Ph: 6557 7722, 6557 7755

Multi Cuisine Deccan Pavilion ITC Kakatiya Hotel, Begumpet Ph: 4008 1801, 2340 0132 Ohri's Court Ph: 2329 8811/ 8822, 98667 78037 Once Upon A Time Hotel Green Park, Begumpet Ph: 2375 7575 Zafraan Exotica Rd.No.12, Banjara Hills Ph: 6558 5500 Okra Hotel Marriott, Tank Bund Ph: 2752 2567/ 2999 Ohri's Jiva Rajbhavan Rd, Somajiguda Ph: 98667 78047/ 78005 Encounters Taj Krishna, B'Hills Ph: 66662323 Indus Ella Suites, Gachibowli Ph: 2300 2488 The Square Hotel Novotel, Kondapur 6682 4422

Photo Studios


Villart Park,Rd.No.1, Banjara Hills 98852 78007, 2332 7351

Sun Shades 12,Saroja Cmplx, K.P.H.B. Main Rd. Ph: 6620 4285, 92472 59266

Metro info

Books Stores Emerald House, Punjagutta Ph: 2341 4801/4803 Crossword Begumpet, Banjara Hills Ph: 2776 3242, 6613 1207 Himalaya Book World Stellar Sphinx, Punjagutta Ph: 2335 5968/ 5598 Music Stores: Sangeeth Sagar PH: 27816186

Airlines Enquiry Tel:27905851, 27902089, 23401222,23401223,23405155 Flight Enquiry-IVR Tel:27900382,27902819 SAHARA AIRLINES Enquiry City: 040-23212767 INDIAN AIRLINES Haka Bhawan, Opp Kalanjali Ph: 040-23299333, 23430334 AIR INDIA Ph: 040-233897112 BRITISH AIRWAYS Chappel Road, opp Westside Ph: 040-23296437 SRILANKA AIRLINES Amrita villa, Somajiguda Ph: 040-23372429, 23318842 EMIRATES AIRLINES Reliance classic Building, 1st floor, Road No-1, Banjara Hills Ph: 040-66234444 JET AIRWAYS Navbharath Chambers, Rajbhawan Road, Ph: 040-39893333 MALASIA AIRLINES White House, Kundan Bhagh Ph: 040-66624680, 23410292 KINGFISHER AIRLINES Ph: 040-23210985 SINGAPORE AIRLINES White House, 1st floor, Greenlands, Begampet Ph: 040-23402873, 23409815 INDIGO AIRLINES Ph: 040-27905136, 27905137/8





Qutub Shahi Tombs

Indira park

9am-5pm Mon-Sat. Rs 5, Children below 11 free (for Indians) Rs.50 (for foreigners)

9am-4.30pm Sa-Th. Rs 2. Ph :2351 341. Near Golconda Fort.

A sprawling 76 acre park located near Tank Bund.


Golconda 9am-9pm. The Golconda Fort was the first capital of the Qutb Shahi kingdom. Rs 5.

Falakunama Palace Built by Nawab Viqar al-Umra in 1872. Rs 25, Rs 150 (for foreigners)

Necklace Road The Chaupati of Hyderabad at Imax.

Chowmahalla Palace

Hi tec city, Madhapur. 11:00 AM-8PM. Rs. 10.

Ramoji Film City

Raymond Tomb Michel Raymond, a French mercenary, His tomb is located at Saroornagar.

Salarjung Museum

10am-5pm Sa-Th. ph: 24522032. Rs 25 (for Indians) Rs 150 (for foreigners)

Pragati Resorts

Purani Haveli

Spread over 26 acres and an hour drive from Hyderabad, facilities like swimming, Ph: 23553184,


Birla Mandir (A.P. State Archives and Research Institute), 10.30 am to 6 pm Tarnaka, Ph: 27018371.

Adarshnagar, 10:30 AM- 8 PM, Rs. 17, Combined admission: Rs. 35. Ph :2452 1029.

Ocean Park Gandipet, Ph: 2322 5660/23223824 A water-theme park

Nizizam’s Museum Naya Pul, Afzalgunj ph: 2452 3211. 10AM - 5 PM Sa-Th. Rs 15 for Indians and Rs 150 for Foreigners.

10:30am-5pm Sa-Th. the palace of the Nizam's Prime Minister.


8am to 12 noon : 3pm to 8 pm Ph: 2452 4023, adults Rs. 10, Kids Rs. 5.

Archival Museum

Birla Planetrium 9.00 am to 5.30 pm: Adults Rs. 300, Childrens 250. Ph : 23235678/77.

Nehru Zoo Park

10am-5pm Sa-Th. Adults-Rs.50 Students & Children-Rs.15. Ph :2452 1029.

Public Gargdens Known as the Bagh-e-aam (Garden for the commoners) Archaeological Museum.

Adarsh nagar, am-12 noon, 2pm-8pm. House of the Birlas have the tradition of building magnificent marble temple.

Chilkur Balaji (Near Gandipet) Chilkur Balaji Temple, 6.00 to 21.00.

Hussain Sagar (Tank Bund) Necklace Road. the centre of the lake stands a famous statue of the Buddha.

NTR Garden NTR Marg ,2 PM-8:30 PM. the Rs. 45 combo. Rs.15 for entry.

Lumbini Park NTR Marg (West of Hussain Sagar lake). 9 AM-9 PM. Rs.5, rides extra.

Runway 9 Ph+95-8418-232 752/232 It's a 1-2 hour drive east of the city.

Paigah Tombs 10 am TO 5 pm, Friday holiday 24658124 Entry Free.

Dream Valley Nestled amidst lush green environs at Gandipet, Resorts is a water theme park with waterslide

Diginet zone (AP's Best Gamecenter. Wifi hotspot, coffee shop, shopping)Ph: 55580009

Dhola-Ri-Dhani 24 hours situated at Kompally on Medchal Road. Camel rides, puppet shows, folk dances, authentic. Botanical Gardens Spread over 120 acres, when completed will have 19 sections (Vanams). Hyderabad.

Near Pragathi Nagar


Hyderabad Josh February 2009  

Hyderabad Josh Magazine February 2009 edition

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