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Editor’s line October 2008

Vol 1, Issue 3

Editor & Publisher Goteti Jagan Mohan Rao Chief Operations Officer S.B.S.N. Raju

Three cheers to Hyderabad Josh Hi, We are overwhelmed at the tremendous response to Hyderabad Josh. Positive feedback continues to pour in from many quarters. Readers and well-wishers are paying rich compliments to our mission to give Hyderabadis the best fare among all magazines of the same genre. Some have made valuable suggestions to enlarge the scope of the magazine. They feel that Hyderabad Josh has the makings of the metro's complete magazine. We thank them. Readers can rest assured that we are looking at every single idea that has potential to take the magazine closer to the people of this great happening city. This month, our content has rich variety. We bring you an interview with our own stylish batsman Very Very Special Laxman. His rapid-fire responses, which reveal interesting things about the man, are not unlike his batting style. In a tell-all interview, ace model Shilpa, our cover girl, narrates how she won against odds in her now colorful life. Some websites become an essential part of our lives. Everybody acquainted with Tollywood, whether in India or abroad, knows, and in all likelihood visits everyday, Its founder, G.V. Ramana, shares with Hyderabad Josh what triggered the launch of this fantastic website. Dating is common. It is fun, provided couples know the limits of decency. We take a look at the pros and cons of dating in changing times. Like in the previous issues, there are many more interesting features and articles for your reading pleasure. Happy reading!

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Raining success


bewitching smile and charming looks give heroine Trisha a niche position in Tollywood. Right from the release of her first film 'Varsham', which became a super hit, Trisha has given adoring youths across Andhra Pradesh sleepless nights. But, with Nayanathara, Ileana and Asin giving her tough competition, she appeared to have lost some ground. In fact, her role in Stalin with mega star Chiranjeevi in the lead did little to shore up her image. She registered some successes in Tamil and kept herself busy. Just when people thought that her career in Telugu had come to an end, she returned with a bang in form of 'Krishna'. Her performance in Krishna opposite Raviteja has been well-received. She has come out in flying colors. One thing striking about Trisha is that she has never done any heroine-oriented film. On this, she says: "It is always safe and less risky to be a part of 'stars film.' It is enough to twinkle along with the stars. If the film clicks, I get good name and a slew of offers. If the film flunks, I don't have much to lose." Smart Trisha is now working opposite Kamal Hassan in 'Marmayogi' and says that it is a great opportunity to work with great Kamal who has given the film world Dasavatharam.

Star spangled


aga Chaitanya’ is considered the luckiest young star of Tollywood. Scions (‘Varasulu’) of film personalities normally get support from one side of their family. But, Chaitanya, son of Nagarjuna, has the support of extended families of both Akkineni and Daggubati. Being the grandson of two great ‘ThaThas’ (Grandfathers - Dr. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao and Dr. D. Rama Naidu), the budding star is the darling of both families. As son of Nagarjuna and nephew of Venkatesh, Naga Chaitanya will have the best of both worlds. For one thing, he is sure to be in the good books of their fans. The little star debuted on September 20th, the birthday of Dr. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao. The film with Naga Chaitanya, being produced by Dil Raju and directed by Vasu Varma, had a splendid opening at Annapoorna Studios. Almost the entire constellation of the star families attended the launch. No other heir of any film family ever got such a grand support, according to studio watchers.



Melting Moments

Birthday cake(1/2kg) Rs.591/-

Nobake lemon cheese cake Rs.65/l part s. An essentia all baked good r pure pleasure to g on am e ac offe e pride of pl is light, g wonders that astries have th ries are meltin or quiches. A good pastry st pa , ns io at g. The s rt lin ta fil , e of celebr es th pi . It could be the weight of t ds or bu pp e dough st su t ta ou to r ou gh lling , but firm enou achieved by repeatedly ro it to produce airy and fatty g is in e en fold flaky textur butter, and th characteristic reading it with sp d, ea br t as for ye similar to that d. . rs ye la in or unsweetene th y man be sweetened ay m h ug do Pastry lable in pastries avai Scrumptious es like m by fanciful na Hyderabad go , Nobake lemon Black Forest gbake well tart, Bi ke, cheese cake, d cheese ca ke ba y rr us Bluebe to ui iq the ub apar t from birthday cakes.


Courtesy: deli9, Pics by M.C.Shekar

Bigbake well tart Rs.75/-

3 stand birthday cake(1kg) Rs.600-850/-

Sify Shilpa with a friend


English philosopher, statesman and author Francis Bacon said: "Reading makes a full man; conference, a ready man; and writing, an exact man." The digital revolution has changed the rules of the game for ever in all three dimensions. How does one envision the future of reading? An increasing number of low-brow works that flood the market, with works of real literary in limbo? While the low-brow stuff vies for the waning attention of readers impaired by the grand rapids of internet infoprocessing, will masterpieces with everlasting messages be a thing of the past? Hyderabad Josh reads the writing on the wall with regard to reading as a pastime.

I've traveled the world twice over, Met the famous, saints and sinners, Poets and artists, kings and queens, Old stars and hopeful beginners; I've been where no one's been before, Learned secrets from writers and cooks All with one library ticket To the wonderful world of books ‌


he anonymous author of these illuminating lines would have scarcely imagined what could happen to the world of books in a digitized globe.

Things have come to such a pass that the paper-and-ink book appears to be headed in the direction in which the papyrus scroll went. The pleasure of reading has been enhanced or limited, as the case may be, by an amazing array of technological wonders like computers, mobile phones, remotes, smart cards, digital televisions, DVDs, MP3s, e-readers etc.! Courtesy Digital Age, reading as a pastime has been relegated. The reason could be one or all of these things: sensory and information overload, truncated leisure time, overwhelming load at workplace, family pressures and constant change. While some of our friends read books and newspapers or visit websites, there are others who never open a book. We occasionally meet people who say they don't read at all (And, they say it with pride!). What do most people do? Is there a shift from reading fiction and non-fiction for pleasure to obtaining customized information through New Media? Maybe it is true that TV, gaming and surfing are taking away time meant for serious reading of good books. Actually, the internet has given books more visibility, more dimensions, more scope, and more research-oriented material, while giving us more choices. Buying of books has become easy, if they cannot be freely accessed through connected libraries or downloaded. Today many of the classics and life-changing books have moved to the public domain. Anyone can access (quite different from reading na!) them anywhere, anytime. The abundance of reading choices and opportunities is a blessing of technology. Some say we're still in the honeymoon phase of enjoying the internet. The million-dollar question is: Can serious literature survive in the 'brave new world' of web downloads, e-books and ever-shortening attention spans? As I ran into a gentleman rummaging through books on technology at Walden, I could not resist asking him what draws him towards books. For Ramesh Rao, a colonel, his reading pool comprises books on technology, health, spirituality and nature. His wife, Jayashree

Srinivas, a former banker with a strong literary background, too is an avid reader. She loves to read Pearl S Buck's works. By the way, do you know which celebrities frequent Walden? They include the likes of Venkatesh, Allu Arjun, Nagarjuna, Amala and Sunil, to name a few.

significance of family and peer relationships rediscovered through shared interest in the books should be enough for teachers to embrace this literary phenomenon.

Whether it is Walden or Crossword or any of the other popular bookstores, store managers feel that book lovers are highly intelligent and knowledgeable about trends in fiction or nonfiction and they clearly know which books top the charts. They do not judge the book merely by its cover or reviews. A recent survey found that Indians are "the most read and highly intelligent in the world."

Over a period of 150 years or so the attention span of the average reader seems to have alarmingly shortened. Fortunately, the length of many of today's novels is in sync with the time-challenged, multi-tasking and Iphonesporting "entertainment consumer." The present-day consumer would certainly not contemplate reading 'War and Peace' or the biographies of the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Charles Dickens. An average reader is less inclined to tackle the "classics" that readers once confidently approached as teenagers or as part of academic pursuits.

Another passionate reader, a retired colonel who now works for a leading software organization, is deeply interested in books on legal and military fields. He has been reading books for over a half a century now! He also loves reading travelogues. His favourite is 'A Brief History of Everything'.

Prof. Sathi Reddy says: "Twenty-five years ago readers seemed to have no problem being steered towards experimental, inward-looking, linguistically challenging fiction. Now, many serious writers complain that 'challenging' fiction is passĂŠ. "Difficult" novels don't find buyers.

At a coffee shop, I found a chap curled up with 'The Loss of Inheritance.' Pen in hand, he was making comments in the margin. He held the book close to his face, as if the material in it was perking him up like caffeine.

Bharathi, a practicing advocate, who frequents major book stores, is a voracious reader. She considers the reviews on the books. For some, however, the mention that a book has been nominated for so and so award could be a turn-off.

Many adults who were lucky enough to have grown up reading Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and C. S. Lewis now applaud Rowling's works since they have helped revive interest in reading among children. Thanks to extensive media coverage, the excitement surrounding the release of Harry Potter series indicates a welcome change, considering that teachers find it difficult to encourage students to take to leisure reading for edutainment. The humanitarian messages delivered through some of these books and the

People read for many reasons. There is the level required of daily life - to follow the instructions in a manual or analyze a mortgage contract. Then there is a sophisticated level that opens the doors to higher education and professional qualifications. People read for entertainment as well as for intellectual or emotional rewards. Alur Shashi Kiran, Head of Planning & Special Projects, Trumann AG, Switzerland, says: "Although more and more people get their news on internet, participate in current affairs programs, blogs or listen to audio books, I think the proliferation of books through retail stores has definitely given readership a boost. Considering that people can now shop, sit down and browse through books at leisure, readership will increase." Given multimedia sources of information and entertainment, actually more is available to distract readership. Yet, readership has actually gone up. Mention your travails with regard to reading to friends and acquaintances. Most of them may say they are having similar experiences. The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing. Some argue that the Net has induced a style of reading that puts "efficiency" and "immediacy" above all else. This perhaps has weakened our capacity for reading to get deep insights. In any case, at least some books are legacies of geniuses. They are handed down from generation to generation as presents for posterity. Happy e-reading! -Lasya OCTOBER 2008


I have never done anything solely for the purpose of making money. Being somebody and something special among the crowds is my chief aim. Ramp walk is actually the initial step for a model.

Dainty Dame

For a sprightly young girl growing up in a conservative family, the very thought of taking up modeling as a career could be a ‘sin.’ But, when such a stray thought becomes a consuming passion and the dainty dame steels herself to meet challenges at home and elsewhere, the barriers break down at breakneck speed. Shilpa Reddy, the model whohas graced Kingfisher calendar, is made of precisely such stuff. Hyderabad Josh s poke to the beauty who now offers her services to further social causes as well.

A. In general, I have limited my activities. I have done enough shows. I need to spare time for my family now.

Q. When a model like you is not seen often on the ramp a lot of questions arise? What do you say? A. Yes, of course. But, my case is different. I have chosen to restrict myself to photo shoots.

Q. Only ramp walk can keep you rich, busy and famous. Isn’t it? A. Being rich has never been my priority. I have never done anything solely for the purpose of making money. Being somebody and something special among the crowds is my chief aim. Ramp walk is actually the initial step for a model. I have seen enough

of that prosperity. Moreover, it involves a lot of strain and takes time. A photo shoot takes hardly a day or two.

Q. How would you describe the transformation of Shilpa into a ‘Shilpam’ of the modeling world? A. Oh… it’s been a long journey on the longest way. I was born and brought up in Secunderabad. Our family comprises five members: one elder sister, one younger brother, me, my dad Jeevith Reddy and mom Jaya Reddy. Ours is a conservative family. Nobody in the family dares to go against traditions. I am the only one in the family and in our circle to break barriers. Right from childhood I have been different. I believe that I am special.

Photo : Dhruv, M.C.Shekar

Q. These days you don’t seem to be active on the ramp. Why is it so?

me. nt surprise to sa a le p a s a w It on e the motivati m ve a g t n e d ed That inci posts and help y ke ll a g a b to y priorities me reorder m

Q. What triggered you to think that you are special? A. It happened at school when I was in my X Standard. I casually gave my name for an elocution contest. Most of the participants failed to wow the audience. But everybody appreciated my nonstop five-minute speech. It was a pleasant surprise to me. That incident gave me the motivation to bag all key posts and helped me reorder my priorities. I became the class leader, sports team leader and so on. The same year I was selected as the “Beauty Queen of the School.” All the ‘Fun and Run’ started when I was doing Intermediate. I was selected as ‘Miss Kasthurbha,’ and with increased confidence I applied for ‘Miss Andhra 98’. At that point of time, there was a real fight in my family, with my father standing as a big ‘villain’ on my way. He initially shouted a big ‘No,’ but later reluctantly accepted my proposal.

I became ‘Miss Andhra 98’. That was the turning point in my life. Soon many offers from modeling and cinema fields came rolling to me. Again my father stood as a wall. This time he was very stubborn. Some of our relatives instigated him. They asked him how a person belonging to the ‘Reddy community’ could send his daughter to beauty contests. I felt awful. I screamed ‘Oh God! Why was I born in this conservative family? I wept a lot. I strongly felt the need to break all barriers. I felt that my parents were suppressing my ambitions, dreams and goals. But I was helpless.” Q. How did you manage to have your way finally? A. After Intermediate, I joined B.Com. I was convinced that I need to keep on hold my ambitions and dreams for at least three years. Apart from my college books, I started reading many books related to human psychology, history, personality development and the like. I gained a lot of knowledge about human relations, leadership qualities, event management etc. While pursuing my degree, I joined the J.D. Institute of Fashion Tech. I completed both B.Com and Fashion Technology course simultaneously. My parents then began a vigorous search for a ‘match’ so as to see me married and ‘settled’ in life. But I was keen on something special and great. With the help of a friend in Canada I applied for Fashion Designing and Merchandising Course in Toronto. I got the seat. Again there was a big conflict between me and my father. “At any cost, I won’t allow” he roared. “By hook or crook I must go,” I responded. After many discussions, debates and consultations, my dad said, “OK, let the visa come.” But to his shock, I got the visa the very next day. He was at a loss for words to say ‘No’. My mum told my dad that



I had become unstoppable. That’s how I flew to Canada — to make my dream come true. Q. What next? A. My three-year stint at Toronto brought a big change in my life. In particular, I learnt three things: dignity of labour, punctuality and maintaining good interpersonal relations. Apart from studies, I started working in a restaurant to meet my needs. Mind you, my parents could afford to send me money, but I chose to be on my own. I used to attend all the regional fashion shows. Once I contested for ‘Miss India’ conducted exclusively for women of Indian origin and I won the title. It gave me immense boost to my self-confidence. Just when I was preparing for the Miss India contest, my mother sent me photographs and details of some guys, saying one of them could be the right match for me. Initially I rejected many guys. But, when I talked to Preetham Reddy I didn’t find a strong reason to say ‘no’. He was in the US for more than seven years and had returned to India to get married. I was very much impressed by the way he spoke to me. He didn’t impose any sort of conditions, nor did he dictate terms to me. He said that he will wait till I complete the Miss India competition. Moreover, he helped me a lot in that regard. But my conscience didn’t permit me to keep a person waiting for me. If not at Miss India contest, there is Mrs. India contest in which I can shine. So I convinced myself and came down to India to get married to Preetham Reddy. We got married on December 8, 2003. Q. Not all women entrepreneurs are lucky enough to be encouraged by their hubbies. How come Preetham Reddy supports you in a field like modeling? A. He is very positive and receptive. After marriage, mutual confidence and understanding play a vital role between the two. As far as my hubby is concerned, he is a gem. Against the expectations of our relatives and community people, he encouraged me a lot to contest for Mrs. India. It was he who supported me to become Mrs India. He is quite different from typical narrow-minded Indian husbands. Because of such whole heartedness, I adore him. I never fight with him for anything, but I make him understand my aims and goals. To be frank, I am not even 20% percent of his genius. Q. How did things move after Mrs. India? A. Offers from modeling and cinema fields were in queue. But I never considered the film field. In that field, people’s expectations and motivations are quiet different. So I opted for modeling. Q. Any other reason for not accepting filmi offers? A. Modeling is a profession in which I can be choosy. Here, timings and choices are

mine. That’s not possible in the film field. Q. How many shows have you done so far? Can you name the big ones? A. I haven’t kept count, but I have done many shows. I have done shows for all the top designers of Indian fashion world. They include Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Neetha Lulla, Rajesh Pratap, Khosla, Tarun Tahilani, Anand and so many others. Q. Still, you gave up ramp walk. Why? A. I have already told you why I am now working only for photo shoots. It’s very prestigious to appear on the Kingfisher calendar. I feel proud about the assignment. Q. What else do you do keep yourself busy? A. I am practicing Carnatic and Hindustani music. I am also learning to skate. Now I have got the time to do all the things that I could not do in my childhood. Q. You come from a conservative family. You have achieved a lot against odds. Do you think your approach is the best option for Indian girls? A. It depends on individuals who have aims. My case is altogether different. My parents were half willing to let me pursue my aims and goals. Maybe, they were right from a

different standpoint. I know that breaking barriers is not equal to breaking your traditions or values. I am a perfect blending of both western and Indian styles of living. Q. Do you think your success is a fitting reply to your parents? A. My God! Taking revenge and thinking negative about parents is unhealthy. After all, parents are the real well wishers of children. If I look back, I do feel very sorry for the tension I caused to my parents, especially my dad. I was sandwiched between the daughter and the ‘Reddy community’ pressures. Now as a grown-up lady, I feel that his feelings were quiet right. Q. ‘Modeling and cinema’ fields are similar when it comes to attitudes towards the women who want to make it big. In both the fields women are often treated as a commodity. What’s your opinion? A. Such opinions are 90 % true. But it is the case everywhere. That’s the reason why parents are reluctant to send their daughters especially to these two fields. Girls who aspire to attain a position in these fields should create confidence in the minds of their parents. When I was trying to climb the ladder of success in my field, my parents worried about my security but not about my character. One needs to be very stubborn and selfconfident. One needs to be ‘carefully careless’ and ‘carelessly careful’. From my experience, I can tell you confidently that it’s not that easy for everybody to shine and succeed in the modeling field. I think girls should try this field only when they have a vision, self-confidence and proper presentation skills. Q. How you are planning to spend the rest of your life? A. Now I have associated myself with a social organization called ‘Roshini,’ being run by my aunt Sashikala Reddy. They conduct seminars to create awareness about population and other social issues. I will do my best for society. I welcome some good causes where my services can be utilized. Q. Shilpaji, what do you like in yourself? A. (With a smile) I believe that I have so many good qualities. First of all, I am very approachable and friendly. I easily forget and forgive negative things and negative thinking people. I always wear a smiling face. Another great quality I posses is that I am an animal lover. Q. So, you are following in the footsteps of Amala. A. Oh! Amala… She is really great in that respect. She is doing a great service to poor animals. I am not that dedicated. But I do have an ambition to do some good to the animal world.

-Prabhu OCTOBER 2008


Personal care Skincare products are often marketed as "herbal," "free of harmful chemicals," "without synthetic substances" or "with natural ingredients." Savvy consumers cherry-pick skincare products. They cut through the mountain of market-driven claims and zero in on ingredients they know are skin-friendly. Hyderabad Josh explores the key elements that help determine what really beautifies your skin.

Work magic on your skin 16



one are the days when a simple moisturizer was considered good enough to cleanse and tone up your skin. Today, complete skincare requires umpteen products, while cosmetics have gone hi-tech. Currently, there is a diverse array of day, night and eye creams that are credited with almost incredible powers to encourage cell turnover, plump fine lines, and fade sun spots. Certain natural skincare products stand out for the gentle manner in which they work wonders on your skin by virtue of their key ingredients. Moisturizing oils Plant-based oils such as coconut, avocado and macadamia nut should be an indispensable part of your natural skincare regimen. These oils are easily absorbed by the skin and contribute to deep hydration of skin and supporting tissues.

Antioxidants Natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and grape seed oil provide support in combating skin damage due to free radicals. Another important antioxidant is coenzyme Q10, which is very effective in controlling wrinkles.

Plant-based ingredients When you go for a product that contains plant-based ingredients, you can rest assured that you are providing the most beneficial support to your skin. You can also avoid the negatives associated with the use of products that have synthetic chemicals and other harmful elements.

Natural extracts Often the critical nutrients and vitamins required for a healthy skin are found in small amounts in plants, seeds and flowers. Extracts can concentrate these healthful ingredients for maximum effect.

Good nutrition Your body needs balanced food in order to maintain overall good health. Balanced food implies a diet that provides the right amount of calories from proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Eating plenty of broccoli and green leafy vegetables will increase your intake of antioxidants.

Collagen and elastin Collagen and elastin are proteins which are the primary components of skin and

skin tissue. Keratin is used by the body for repairing damaged skin and for producing collagen and elastin that induces growth of new tissue.

Hyaluronic acid Skin firmness and smoothness depends on strong connections between collagen and elastin fibers. Hyaluronic acid provides the connection between the fibers. A good natural skincare product can help the body increase its supply of hyaluronic acid within the skin tissues. As a thumb rule, focus on all of the foregoing natural ingredients whenever you shop for cosmetics. To be doubly sure, read up on the distinctive properties of natural ingredients used for making skincare products so that you can pick the ones most suited to your skin type. Can you wash away wrinkles or even more? The market is flooded with creams and lotions that are touted as the ultimate weapons to fight wrinkles. Removing an eye-makeup seems such a Herculean task! Today, the new anti-aging brigade is demanding even more from its daily regimen. The cosmetic routine begins with cleansing, because it is fundamental to every other step in a comprehensive skincare program. There are cleanser cocktails custom-blended on the spot with dribbles of vitamin C, vitamin A, AHA and the like. Although it is quite unlikely that a foaming face wash or gentle cleaning milk will solely restore radiance and youth to a skin that has basked in the sun or simply witnessed the march of time, some of the new generation skincare products with natural ingredients do work miracles on your skin. Just check them out!



Fashioning change

‘Nifty’ atmosphere drives students A learning institution can flourish only if the atmosphere it creates for students is wholly stimulating and the students who enter its portals have dreams that are waiting to take wings. Students at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Hyderabad reflect this quest for excellence and the institution is dressing the thought of would-be designers in the best possible manner. Hyderabad Josh takes a look at the reasons behind the overflow of creative juices at NIFT.

Tanya Ravi Gaurav Sabah

Tretha, another student, is of the view that fashion is a self-evolved way of doing things -- just like the way we look. It encompasses lifestyle as a whole. Hyderabad, according to her, is yet to open up as an international market. "We are yet to come across a new shopping experience as far as home fashion is concerned. Hyderabad also needs to become more ecoconscious, fashion-wise and lifestyle-wise." In Delhi and Mumbai, students of various colleges wear fashionable clothes. They are more forward-looking than their counterparts in Hyderabad colleges. "Fashion doesn't mean wearing skimpy or short clothes. You can wear kurta pyjamas, salwar kameez etc. and yet look good and appear fashionable. It all depends on the way you dress. You need to be trendy and wear the right accessories with an eye on proper designs," says Sabah. In places like Delhi, which has street markets, you can buy designer collections of many popular brands at economical prices. Hyderabad too should have a street market like the ones in Delhi and Mumbai. "Fashion is an attitude and it matters. I often go to Globus and Max in the City Centre Mall for the latest in western wear or for complete dresses like salwar kameez etc…because there the rates are reasonable," says Sabah of the VII semester in Fashion and Textile Designing course. She likes the designs of Sabyasachi because of contrasting colors in designs as well as the use of gold and other metallic embellishments. Tanya Pandey (V semester) asserts that fashion is basically creative explorations with regard to the use of fabric, color contrast, prints and so on. At NIFT, she is learning how to forecast fashion. In the process, she interacts with people who are into fashion designing and gets updates on fashionable apparel. As for international designer brands, she likes the collections of Roberto Cavalli for the deft use of suede and apt color combinations. In India, she prefers Satya Paul collections. She says that girls can be trendy and cool while dressing up from top to bottom. She personally prefers dress that is comfortable and gives a casual look. In any case, she goes by the occasion while wearing any attire of her choice. A pure vegetarian from Allahabad, she feels that it is easy to

adjust with regard to food in Hyderabad. NIFT has a nice hostel and supplies good hygienic food. The faculty is nice and the cooperation that the students get from the institute is "splendid."


Tretha Garishma

Shashi Pandey

Pics by M.C.Sekhar


aashion is a matter of personal style," observes Ruchika, who is in the VII semester of Fashion and Textile Designing course at NIFT. According to her, fashion is virtually non-existent in Hyderabad, compared to the situation in metros like Delhi and Mumbai. Although some designer stores are doing well in Hyderabad, there is a dire need for international designer stores. Presently, Elahe, also, Origins are doing good. In Hyderabad, most of the designs are passé. "Hyderabad should get updated with latest designs," she underlines.

Neha Fashion is freaking out, feeling free and confident," remarks. He adores the collections of his idols Giovanni,Versace and John Galliano, from whom he draws inspiration. He opines that the faculty at NIFT is cool and cooperative. He recalls that during his first year at NIFT, Mr. Sashidhar, one of the faculty members, used to bring sweets the very next day after giving students a dressing down. The students and members of faculty have a high regard for the director, Dr. K.S. Pratap Kumar, who is known for his remarkably cool attitude and friendly nature. Today's fashion is more about fusion, but there is need for some change in bringing out originality in Indian fashion designers. Well, NIFT is a platform for everything, a complete guide to would-be fashion designers, avers Gaurav Yadav, who hails from Lucknow and is in V semester of Fashion and Textile Designing course. Fashion is about carrying oneself in the best way possible and it includes clothing, accessories, personal style, attitude and the way you actually live. "It's the revelation of one's personality. One need not wear only branded clothes to look good, but should try experimenting with other attires and styles," says Neha Kumari, who is in V semester of Fashion and Textile Designing course. Apart from looking stylish, one should be comfortable in the clothes one wears, be it a

man or a woman, she says. "Fashion is all about comfort. We dress according to our background and our lifestyle. We present ourselves to the outer world through fashion. When you dress up or carry yourself with something you like, then you feel confident. Your clothes reflect your personality," comments chirpy Garishma, who is in V semester of Fashion and Textile Designing. She loves to dance to Punjabi numbers. Shashi Kumar Pandey (V semester) says that fashion is the best way of defining yourself, your thoughts, your actions as well as your likes and dislikes. "I am a simply guy from Lucknow who loves creating new things and dancing. My favorite colors are black and blue." Shashi likes to wear formals most of the time. For Ravi Upadhyay, fashion is freedom to do something different and change is the rule of fashion. Now in the V semester of Fashion and Textile Designing course, Ravi, who hails from Gaya, says he believes in thinking high and living cool. NIFT gives him a lot of josh to do different as it has opened the doors to a world of creativity. "When I first came to Hyderabad, I felt bored. Now, I enjoy life to the hilt. Hiphip hooray for our campus in city" exults Ravi. His josh is infectious! - Ram



Self matters

"Time management is life management." This adage encapsulates what one needs to do (or not do) every single day. People often get sucked into eddies of time, as they do not know how to put the most valuable resource to the best possible use


ime management echoes for ever in the words of American statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin: "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made of."

People who strongly believe they have "too much time" are usually bored and may prefer to just watch the clock tick away into eternity. Those under the illusion that they have "too little time" may feel pressured and unduly stressed as though they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Between these two extremes, there are many others who can achieve a lot in life by better spending their time. Whether one is a dutiful manager, loyal employee, exemplary housewife, thorough professional or a studious student, the stock reply to a typical query on whether they have sufficient quality time is usually: "No, please. I don't have time for the things I want to do." Probably, about one percent of the people you survey would reply that they have enough time for what they love to do. This is interesting, because for everyone the supply of time is constant and irreplaceable. None is given more or less of it. At least in this respect men are indeed born equal. That is, regardless of your age or your job, you have only as much time as everybody else. All we can do is to better manage the time at our disposal. And, it is not about creating more time, because time marches on unstoppably at its own pace. You need to modify your pace of work. You have to know how to manage your life with regard to the time on hand. Managing your life within the available time is in itself an art. This raises the stakes of time management from the idea of a "todo" list to your life's scorecard. According to Pratap Mehra, a software consultant from Delhi, time is all about being rooted in the reality that time management is fundamental to a meaningful and successful life. By prioritizing and focusing on what is important for us (it could be family, friends, work, personal development, spirituality or whatever), we better spend our time. At the end of the day, one gets a feeling that the hours have gone by in a meaningful way.

Only a properly maintained time log can tell you how you are spending your time. If the log is organized, you may have better control over time. This means you are on road to becoming very powerful in due course.

Ask any number of people about the pressures of time. Almost all of them will likely respond with justifications like: "I am missing deadlines," "I work long hours," "I am not spending enough time with family and friends." or "I just can't seem to get everything done." The common reasoning (or alibi) is that there just isn't enough time available for many of their unfinished or yet-to-begin tasks. Purnima, a homemaker, exclaims: "Where does my time go!" There are others who may not be as 'lucky' as Purnima, because they may have too many chores at home that are performed day after day to a whole lot of thankless family members. There are still others who may choose to dissipate almost the entire day chit-chatting, and then wonder why they are not called homemakers, let alone career women. Only a properly maintained time log can tell you how you are spending your time. If the log is organized, you may have better control over time. This means you are on road to becoming very powerful in due course. Sometimes, very simple things can help you take charge of your life. Take for example the use of post-it notes as reminders or thought starters. Make notes on what to do when and stick them on your refrigerator. Or, use a daily planner. It takes hardly 10 minutes to decide how to effectively spend your day. Spending time is the same as spending your money. You need to figure out where each minute is going. Saket Nath, a seasoned HR consultant, observes: "It is hard to plan and control your future spending if you don't have a grip on your current spending habits. A time log gives you an honest and objective benchmark of the value you place on time." Many managers are oblivious to the fact that through proper delegation they could actually increase their productivity by as much as 30-40 %. Delegation is the key to successful time management. Santosh Kumar, a highly successful entrepreneur, comments: "I believe that a good portion of our self-esteem comes from our ability to give ourselves an assignment and complete it (on schedule)." On delegation, Saket Nath says: "In-built

Quick fix  Have a specific plan for each day  Before you begin your day, know exactly what you want to accomplish and let that be itemized on your agenda.  Identify what is most important for you on that particular day?  Presuming your day is over, ask yourself what outcome would have made you feel that the day was not wasted and that it was entirely productive. You may be surprised to size up the information an organized time log can give you. At the end of the day, time is always on your side.

discipline holds the key‌ Excellent inter personal skills are essential because you can choose a few colleagues you can bank on and instill in them a sense of urgency so as to get the job properly done in time." He continues: "More importantly, compart mentalize your daily tasks. That is the key to systematize success. Never pack your things into one day, because a very tight schedule could take its toll on your mental and emotional well-being." How much time are you currently spending at meetings, surfing the web, talking on the phone, watching TV, talking to your neighbours, helping your children do their homework, cooking, pursuing your hobbies and interests or socializing? Just think which of these tasks can be dispensed with and which of them can be shortened. That done, prioritize the list and enlist only the most important tasks on a given day. If you work to such a structured schedule, you will never have a reason to complain. Conversely, the 'scatter brain syndrome,' under which your available time is dispersed at random on multiple tasks that compete for attention with varying degree of importance, can throw cold water on some of your lofty plans. Managing time may sound like a tedious task. But if you do master time, the world will doff its hat for whatever you may ultimately achieve through such exacting discipline. A time log is a time-tested device that can help people, especially managers, working professionals, students and housewives.




Screen Sizzlers



Pics by : M.C.Shekar


uma, an Arian, was born in Palakkad, Kerala. Straightforward, self-confident, energetic and vivacious, Suma loves to take up challenges. Suma initially blossomed as a dancer and turned her passion into a profession after entering the world of television. Her sweet voice, spontaneity and extemporaneous discourses on stage and on TV have won her countless fans. Though Telugu is not her mother tongue, Suma has mastered the language so well that native speakers rely on her for appropriate diction. As an anchor for TV channels and as a compere, she has set new benchmarks for performance. Eminent director Dasari Narayana Rao gave her a break as heroine in Kalyanapraptirasthu Rajeev, a Scorpion, is from Andhra Pradesh. He began his acting career playing well-chosen roles in TV serials. Thanks to his lineage (he is the son of Devadas Kanakala, noted actor of yesteryear) acting is in his genes. Rajeev announced his arrival on the big screen by playing a baddie in Student No. 1. He has the conviction, boldness and tenacity to accomplish anything he intensely desires. Handsome and talented, he is the darling of every accomplished director. Rajeev is one actor who makes it a point to purge the dross of crass commercialism from the films he wants on his plate. In a chat with Hyderabad Josh, this star couple reveal what gives them an edge in the industry. Excerpts:

For accomplished artistes, screen presence is the ultimate test, be it the small screen or the big screen. The medium is immaterial for those with well-honed talents. Rajeev Kanakala and Suma, husband and wife who have a smashing presence on the big screen and the small screen respectively, are exemplars of this rare quality.

What is noteworthy in both of you is that you do not pout or pose, despite being a force to reckon with in your respective spheres. You both do not seem to have any ego problems whatsoever. How do manage that, considering you are a celebrity couple?

Suma: Rajeev’s favourite any day is watching Munnabhai and its sequel Lage Raho Munnabhai. Rajeev is an out-and-out fan of James Bond flicks and Jackie Chan movies, because he loves action-packed fare. I love them too. We enjoy watching such films together. In Telugu, we love to watch Swarnakamalam any day (Suma has become a great fan of Bhanupriya after watching her performance in the movie.)

Suma and Rajeev: We never forget where we come from. We believe in real hard work, total commitment and absolute love for the work we are doing. We want to have fun with what we have on hand.

Rajeev, how do you envisage a good cinema in which you fit in well?

Suma, tell us about your background because you are from Kerala. How come you made it big in television here?

It should be a film which is meaningful and has all the ingredients that make audiences think. I should be able to perform the given role to the utmost level of excellence, knitting any kind of emotion in the story with ease for people who want pure escapist fare. Overall, the film should be thoroughly entertaining and gain popular acceptance. It should have people’s support and they should get its message right.

I was born in Palakkad. Acting was not my cup of tea. I trained as a Kuchipudi dancer and started giving quite a few performances. It was in 1991 that I started receiving solid offers from Doordarshan to act in serials, especially single-episode ones. I took it up as a challenge and worked hard to master the nuances of the language with help from my mentors like Meer, the cameraman, and Bnim the writercartoonist.

Rajeev, you are supposed to be a thinking actor. You have received rave reviews for your performance in films like Black & White, Visakha Express, Flash News and Raksha. People are gushing about the rushes of some of your other films that are yet to hit the screen. What is your take on that?

When did you meet Rajeev for the first time and how long did it take for your relationship to blossom into love? Suma: Rajeev joined television around the same time I entered the field. Cupid struck when I was shooting for ‘Madhuri,’ which was being directed by Rajeev’s father and yesteryear actor Devadas Kanakala. Rajeev happened to play an important role in that production. We used to meet quite often on the sets. On one of those occasions, Rajeev proposed. I did not see any reason to reject his proposal. At that point of time, my parents too were a source of great strength, inspiration and support to me, especially my mother.

step forward; and, when he takes five steps forward, I take one step backward. As mature individuals, we make it a point to always rise above our petty egos. That is our strength. This is our advice to all couples who want to lead a blissful and balanced married life. We understand each other, complement each other, give each other enough space, and shower lots of TLC.

How long have you been married? What do you think is essential for a good marriage?

Suma: My son says, “Mom, please stop anchoring. After all, you have done so much!”

We have been married for nine years now and it has been an extremely satisfying one for us. We are blessed with a son and a daughter. His parents are simply adorable. I thank God for my good karma.

Are you both foodies? Do you have any favourite eating joint?

How does it feel after nine years into marriage? Suma: A lot of understanding has to go into every act you commit and every word you utter. My credo is: act responsibly, behave cautiously, and respect the extended family. When I take three steps forward, he takes one

Do your children sit in judgment over your performances?

Suma and Rajeev: Not really. We are not picky about food. But there are certain joints that we enjoy going to like Chutneys and Ohris. Do you have any favourite holiday destination? Suma (instantly): We both love to go to Kovalam. Rajeev nods in agreement. What do you do like to do when you get free time?

Yes, we have been working on a new breed of films that are contemporary and yet thoughtprovokingly different. They are relevant to the current volatile, hostile and unpredictable circum stances in which we live. For example, Black & White is all about terrorism. And it is a menace that each Indian is facing with a palpable sense of fright, insecurity and shakiness. Rajeev, are you a director’s actor? Absolutely, I can vouch for that. Every good director thinks that the purpose of cinema is to entertain people by engaging them in as many cerebral exercises as possible. We believe in giving audiences something interesting, meaningful, inventive and new every time. As parents of two wonderful children, have your roles changed or extended? We all have our own routines when it comes to parenthood as part of everyday life. Still, when you are a responsible anchor who has been around for a long time on the small screen, the process becomes a little more complicated in terms of responsibility and requires unstinted commitment. - Lasya OCTOBER 2008


Chewing pleasure

Leaf that gives B

ollywood may have reasons to tom-tom Banarasi or other paan varieties through superstars like Big B and SRK. But, there is actually nothing to beat the varieties available in Hyderabad.


The everyday varieties include sada, meetha, maghai, rampiyari and Baba Kashmiri. The Kalkatta meetha paan is very special. So are sweet varieties of Puri, Bombay, fish, anar, khajur and Honeymoon. We also have Baba navratan quimam pan, Tulsi special quimam pan, Baba zarda quimam mixed pan and Special gold-coated pan.

Bombay mitha paan Rs.30/-

Khajur paan Rs.50/-

anar pan Rs.30/-

Honeymoon special,gold coated paan Rs.500/-

 Flower paan Rs.30/-

Hyderabad has tiny paan shops as well as swanky boutiques. Some of the popular ones in the city are Dimmy Pan Palace (Sindhi colony), PVS Paan Mahal (Paradise Circle) and Blue Diamond Paan Shop (Near LB Stadium). Some of these 'designer' paan shops double up as hangouts for youths, as they have extensions that serve chaat, sandwiches, ice golas and soft drinks. In most of these shops you can take your pick from multiple ingredients like supari, gulkand, qiwam, kattha, chuna and tambaku. Some paan shops serve paan with real silver and gold waraq, of course with price tags that could go beyond Rs. 2,500 per piece. Alluring ice golas accompany paan at some shops. Some types of paan come neatly folded in a paan holder. The popular leaf varieties include Calcutta, Babaras, Mikkai and Kapuri. The Kalkatta Meenakshi paan, which has mint and cardamom, is a real temptress. Some paan pujaris ask for soft supari (bhuna hua chaliya) in their paan, while others go for Kalkatta meetha paan with extra gulkand, saunf, elaichi, laung and kesar for a singular experience. Traditional varieties such as Navratan and Kashmiri are offered with 'remixes' like Navratan Meenakshi and Navratan Rampiyari.

Fish paan Rs.30/-


Munnabhai in Literary ‘Circuit’


ormally books become famous after they are written. Sometimes, a book attracts attention much before it is even penned down by an author. If such a book happens to be by one who has been in media glare for both right and wrong reasons, it becomes juicy from the word start. Sanjay Dutt is believed to be writing his autobiography, with support and encouragement from wife Manyata. Publishers have started queuing up. On his part, Sanjay, who plays the title role in Munnabhai I and II, is as active as ever. Despite a hefty increase in his professional fees, he has signed several new films. His dream project, however, is writing the autobiography. With a gentle push from Manyata, the actor has started listening to his inner voice. A source reveals: “When Sanjay told Manyata about his plan to write his stuff, she told him to go with his gut instinct.” Manyata is in talks with some of the publishers who are keen on securing rights for the book, which Sanjay has just started writing. The couple is quite surprised that the upcoming autobiography has already attracted much attention. A source says: “Sanjay is currently busy with his films. As and when he gets time, he will pen down his thoughts. The book will definitely take some time to be written.”

Ash's Swabhiman


or the first time in her career, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is religiously pursuing the role of a classical singer. If one goes by syrupy reports, Ash will soon get busy with Mani Ratnam's next film Raavan, which is a sensuous extract from the Ramayana. For this film, Ash will be learning classical singing. She is keen on singing all her songs in Raavan, but the question is whether she will fit the bill. Therefore, Ash does not want to leave anything to chance. She is willing to watch her mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan's performance in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Abhimaan. There is another reason: Rajiv Menon is remaking Abhimaan with her and Abhishek in the lead role.

Ek ka dum


ani Mukherji is now in the bad books of Shahrukh Khan, who apparently cannot stand people who are pally with Salman Khan. After his spat with Sallu at Katrina's birthday bash, SRK has taken up cudgels against Rani Mukherji for daring to appear on Dus Ka Dum, TV reality show hosted by Sallu. SRK retained only Priyanka for the third item song in Billo Barber only to spite Rani. Originally, both Priyanka and Rani were to appear opposite SRK in the item song, a source said, adding: "As Rani showed up on Salman's show, the scales have tilted in favor of Priyanka." The film's director Priyadarshan confirmed that Priyanka is the "lucky one."

Priyanka takes it in her stride


riyanka Chopra, who likes to comport herself with dignity, had to let go of her reserve when she chose to dance with a music band from New Jersey called Son of a Bitch. The members of the band, who had been flown down to Mumbai to shoot for Oopcha, a song from Drona, were in their elements. After all, the boys can not only sing, but also dance. And, they did it with Priyanka Chopra, who had to wear hot pants and sizzle with them on screen! The rather unnerved actress was seen requesting director Goldie Behl to change her costume. She made it clear that she was not too comfortable with the dress, given so many males around her. Still, she had to take the whole thing in her stride and go with the flow.



Right living

When listening to music on earphones at a standard volume level 5, the sound generated reaches a level of 100 dB, loud enough to cause permanent damage after just 15 minutes per day!


obert Koch, a 19th Century German bacteriologist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1905, predicted in 1910: "The day will come when man will have to fight noise as inexorably as cholera and the plague." His prophetic words have more or less come true already. We don't need terrorists to kill us off, from outside in; we're killing ourselves, from inside out. Noise is a potential silent terrorist. It is a community disease. Noise from road traffic, planes, trucks, construction equipment, water pumps,

domestic appliances, audio systems, to name a few, are among the audible litter that are routinely broadcast into the air. Noise negatively affects human health and well-being. Problems related to noise include hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, sleep loss, distraction and loss of productivity. Noise pollution results in a general reduction in the quality of life and limits opportunities for enjoying tranquility. We experience noise in a number of ways. Sometimes we are both the cause and the victim of noise, such as when we are operating noisy appliances or equipment. We also experience, nay suffer, noise generated by others just as people experience the ill effects of second-hand smoke. Second-hand noise is all the more troubling because it puts us into a negative environment without our consent. Healthy human ear can hear frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. Hearing loss is caused when microscopic hair cells found inside the cochlea are damaged, often due to exposure to lo ud noise. One - time exposure to loud sound as well as repeated exposure to sounds at various loudness levels over an extended period of time can cause noiseinduced hearing loss. Sound pressure is measured in decibels (dB). The average person can hear sounds down to about 0 dB. People with very good hearing can hear sounds down to -15 dB. If a sound reaches 85 dB or stronger, it can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

Some of the common sounds may be louder than you think (see box). A typical conversation occurs at 60 dB. An idling bulldozer is loud enough at 85 dB. When listening to music on earphones at a standard volume level 5, the sound generated reaches a level of 100 dB, loud enough to cause permanent damage after just 15 minutes per day! A clap of thunder from a nearby storm (120 dB) or a gunshot (140-190 dB) can cause immediate damage. Studies of both traffic noise and noise in communities have found that elevated blood pressure, heart disease and psychological trauma are direct consequences of exposure to unhealthy levels of noise. Sudden and unexpected noise has been observed to produce marked changes in the body, such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and muscular contractions. The noise polluting entities are everywhere. Noisy neighbours and fiend friends, demonstrative kitchens, nervetearing horns of vehicles, teenagers blasting music, the drilling noise of motor pumps in residential complexes, planes taking off and the like. Even the sound of toys can range up to 100 dB. A baby's rattle can be as high as 110 dB. Two hours of a power drill, but only thirty minutes of continuous sound in a video arcade can cause permanent hearing loss. Sometimes, digestion, stomach contractions, and the flow of saliva and gastric juices all stop. As the physiological changes are so marked, repeated exposure to very high levels of noise should be avoided or kept to the minimum.

TYPICAL AVERAGE DECIBEL LEVELS Threshold of hearing Rustling leaves Quiet whisper (3 feet) Buzz of mosquito Quiet home Normal conversation Quiet street Normal conversation Vacuum clearner Inside car Loud singing (3 feet) Automobile (25 feet) Motorcycle (30 feet) Foodblender (3 feet) Subway (inside) Diesel truck (30 feet) Power mower (3 feet) Pneumatic riveter (3 feet) Chainsaw (3 feet) Rock concernt Amplified Rock & Roll (6 feet) Jackhammer or machine gun Jet plane (100 feet)

0 dB 20 dB 30 dB 40 dB 40 dB 50 dB 50 dB 60 dB 70 dB 70 dB 75 dB 80 dB 88 dB 90 dB 94 dB 100 dB 107 dB 115 dB 117 dB 120 dB 120 dB 130 dB 130 dB

Some amount of noise cannot be avoided. It is the excess that needs to be curbed. Whether you are at work or at home, make sure that you exercise your 'right to quiet'.



Delightful drape

Simran Kaur Mundi, Puneet Nanda, Parvathy Omnakuthan

d T

he saree is an intrinsic part of India's millennia-old culture. Although many designers take pleasure in adapting its shape, texture and material to suit changing tastes and times, Satya Paul's name stands out, because one finds in his collections the magical interplay of color and patterns in a bewildering variety of designs that have come to be regarded as works of Kinetic Art. Miss India Universe Simran Kaur Mundi and Miss India World Parvathy Omnakuthan recently showcased the Fall/Winter 08-09 Collection at Hyderabad. 'Ding Bats' and multi-colored flowers as well as abstract print saree in psychedelic colors of Satya Paul were the showstoppers. Ace designer Puneet Nanda, whose palette included barcodes, money and lips, updated the city's fashion-conscious circles with trends and offered them style tips. The collection comprises sarees, salwar kameez sets and dresses, which are available at Satya Paul boutiques across India. OCTOBER 2008



n d o i o t o a f s a e n e S S D

Spiced lobster with curry leaf rice and chilly plums Potions 1 INGREDIENTS For marination , Lobster - 01 no , , , , , , , ,

(around 300 gms meat removed from the shell, but not detached) Chilly powder- 10 gms Salt - to taste Lemon juice- one lemon Oil - 10 ml Mustard paste - 05 gms Turmeric - 01 gm Coriander seeds (freshly pounded) - 5gms Coriander leaves (fine chopped) - one sprig

FOR THE RICE , , , , , , , ,

Cooked Sona Masuri rice - 100 gms Chopped bell pepper- 10 gms Chopped carrots- 10 gms Chopped coriander- 05 gms Curry leaf podi- 05 gms Oil - 10 ml Mustard seeds - 02 gms Salt - to taste

For the chilly plums , Plums - 05 nos , Salan chilly - 02 nos , Curry leaves - 03 leaves , Jeera - 02 gms , Salt - to taste Garnish , Fried sprig of curry leaves , Fried red chillies 30


ining under a starlit sky in a breath-taking locale, with succulent lobsters, jumbo prawns and other delicacies on the table, is a favorite pastime of seasoned seafood lovers. The pleasure increases manifold if a barbecue is set up or if people can cook on their own on skewers over a camp fire. If a musician captures the magic of the moment then and there, you will foretaste heavenly pleasure. On the weekends, bon vivant socialites make it to Novotel for savoring the best of seafood. Saturday Barbecue and Sunday Brunch invariably leave aficionados asking for more. Some of the seafood preparations of south India are a rage.

Procedure FOR THE LOBSTER , Marinate the lobster with lemon juice, salt, chilly


powder, mustard paste, turmeric, and rest for some time; crust the lobster meat with freshly pounded coriander seeds and sprinkle coriander leaves. In a preheated oven, cook the lobster for 9 minutes at 165 degree Celsius.

FOR THE RICE , In a pan, heat oil and to this add mustard seeds and ,

allow to crackle; to this add bell peppers, carrots, sautĂŠ for a while; add curry leaf podi and mix well. Add rice and seasonings and toss well to mix, finish with some golden fried onions (optional).

For the chilly plums , In a pan, heat oil and add curry leaves, and allow to crackle; add cumin seeds and allow to crackle; add the cut chillies and sautĂŠ for a while; add the plums cut into wedges and toss with seasoning

Blue Moon Margarita Potions 1 Ingredients , Tequila Blanco - 45 ml , Blue Curacao - 15 ml , Grand Mariner - 15 ml , Lemon Juice - 10 ml Method , , ,

Shyam Sundar, Novotel Executive Chef

Take a margarita glass, dip the rim in Blue Curacao and then in sugar. In a shaker, take some ice cubes and all the ingredients and shake well. Pour this in the margarita glass and garnish with orange segments.


the chilly plums on the other side of the plate Garnish with fried chilly and a fried sprig of curry leaves

Suggestion Serve this lobster with some mixed green salad to balance the meal.

Courtesy:Novotel- Pics by : M.C.Shekar

Assembly , Put the rice in a mould and demould into a plate , Place the lobster adjacent to the rice and spoon


No idle brain this! 32



uilding on a hobby to make it a source of living so that the line between work and play gets blurred is a fantastic dream that anybody would love to realize. But, few will give such a dream whatever it takes to make it a reality. Jeevi, nom de plume for G.V. Ramana, the brain behind, has done it with aplomb in just over seven years. A graduate of BITS, Pilani, Jeevi had short stints in software and finance firms before he launched a website to cater to the entire gamut of industry and audience needs in Tollywood. Thanks to his trailblazing venture, today has become the gold standard for testing any bit of information about Tollywood cinema, be it plain gossip centered on affairs between actors and actresses or undisclosed figures of collections a film makes in various markets within the country and abroad.

out. Looks like the age-old maxim “An idle brain is a devil’s workshop” is good enough to motivate people in the digital age! “Sunil hosted it on his home computer,” Jeevi reminisces about the origins of the website. Jeevi began contributing to the fledgling site personally. Armed with a digital camera, he used to stop on roads and click at wayside billboards with eye-catching posters. “That was easier than approaching studios for good pictures,” he explains. He was doing all

with producers for getting the latest information from the horse’s mouth. Some of the producers who evinced interest in the information on his website included Shamprasad Reddy, KS Rama Rao, Chalasani Ramesh and Sravanthi Ravikishore. All through the period, Jeevi perfected the art of writing reviews. He did reviews of over 500 Telugu films and 100 Hindi films. Because of the unique format he evolved to give his opinion of a film, his reviews became

As the pioneering website on Tollywood, it is very popular in the US, particularly among the NRI community. In India too, it has a sizeable following among movie buffs in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore. “We have about one lakh hits every day, about 40% of them from the US and about 50% from metros in India,” Jeevi mentions. “If it has been featured by, then it must be true.” That is the refrain of people who go to the website day in and day to catch up with Tollywood, mainly because of its credibility. “It all began as a hobby in December 1999 when I was away from Andhra Pradesh,” recalls Jeevi. His only connection with the Telugu cinema then, as an employee of a private firm in Mumbai, was stray magazines. At that time, there were some TV channels that had been beaming programmes outside Andhra Pradesh, but information related to movies was scarce, if any. Even to watch Telugu movies Jeevi had to go to suburban areas on Sundays, mainly to some theaters in Andheri and Dadar. “There was a lot of communication gap for lovers of Telugu cinema,” recalls Jeevi, who never missed a Sunday to watch a movie and buy booklets with songs and other filmi stuff.

“In the summer of 2001, I resigned. I knew that the earning potential was zero. But, I wanted to do something,”

In December 1999, Jeevi launched a Tollywood-oriented website, with the help of his friend Sunil Krishna, who was based in the Bay Area of Sunnyvale, California. “Actually I was keen on having “devil’s workshop” as the name of the website. Since it was not available, I opted for idlebrain,” Jeevi points

this while keeping his job. The struggle to keep on improving things continued until the going was good enough to let go of the job completely. “In the summer of 2001, I resigned. I knew that the earning potential was zero. But, I wanted to do something,” he remarks with a sense of achievement today. Jeevi credits two factors for the success of his website: “One, I am not married. Two, there was zero pressure from my parents, who left me to my own devices.” In about a year, Jeevi started interacting

popular in the industry and among movie buffs. The format covers assessment of a film’s plot; artistes’ performance; story, screenplay and direction; music; cinematography and other technical inputs. On a personal level, Jeevi never reviews a film that does not have “minimum standards.” “It must have some value for the audience,” he insists. In response to a suggestion that, considering his ‘connections’ in the film industry, it may not be all that difficult to have a film characterized by him as “good,” Jeevi says: “Ask them to try.”



Workplace relations


tthe hBoss e



The boss may be flexible in some matters. That does not mean you can take him for granted. He may chat with you. That doesn't mean he is going to do your job.

"If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn't have tenure." - Bill Gates


ealing with the boss always in a businesslike manner and being treated right by the boss is an equation that is hard to find in today's workplace relations. Most bosses want good bootlickers and there are any number of employees who are willing to do something more than that! Ideally, business is business and employment is employment. It has to be so even if the boss and the subordinate are husband and wife, father and son or other related individuals. Relations at work have nothing at all to do with relationship between the functionaries at work. Hyderabad Josh takes a dispassionate look at factors that make a good (or a bad) workplace.

This will help you to retain your sanity and fulfill your day's tasks and responsibilities at work.  If your boss is finical about deadlines, then do your best to get things done ahead of schedule.  Make note of anything that you and your boss have in common. It could be pets, golf, jogging or whatever. In general conversation, find an opportunity to make your boss aware of the similarity of interests. 

Almost always agree with your boss

a good boss. One man's meat is another man's poison. There are a number of traits, attitudes and abilities that are common to all good bosses. A good employer is certain to treat each employee fairly, not only in terms of salary and other forms of compensation, but also in ensuring how that employee is involved in dayto-day business functions. He will encourage feedback, innovation and creativity so that employees feel genuinely engaged. In such organizations, there is no need to brown-nose the boss. Do not throw the caste, religious or gender card when your boss scolds you for not doing your job. Be as supportive as you can in controversial situations, even if you really don't like your boss' behavior. This will help you to be honest with your boss without seeming confrontational. Respect your boss' time; do

Corporate environment is sometimes toxic, because of bosses who have a lot in common with Hitlers, psychos, weirdoes, etc., and such bosses love to have at their beck and call a bunch of highly opinionated good-for-nothing managers. Elsewhere, we may find absolute wimps who need to be reminded time and again that they are actually in charge. Between these extremes, most people have bosses who may not be 'good' in parts, presuming we are good in 'all' respects. Consider the personalities of bosses your friends discuss with you. At least some of the characters may sound like classic bullies who are under the delusion that they are infallible and always right. These bosses throw temper tantrums and use profane or abusive language at the drop of a hat. They play one employee against the other. Some launch tirades against customers, industry and select members of their staff. These are actually frustrated characters who only know how to scream and squeak without any reason. You may have been bullied by a boss or you may have at least witnessed bullying at the workplace. Regardless of the size and reputation of a company, some bosses think they cannot ever go wrong and that it is their prerogative to prove everybody else wrong. Of course, it is drilled into us from Day One of our first job that the "boss is always right." The moot question is: Who can establish that the boss is right? In any case, tackling bad, fussy and perennially complaining bosses is not all that difficult. BUILDING RAPPORT WITH THE BOSS  Find out what is important to your boss and make that important to you as well.

without compromising on the values you cherish. When the two of you do disagree, your boss may see that you have a different viewpoint.  Activate something for which there are no takers. For example, there may be projects and assignments that others don't have "time" to do. You opt for that and do it willingly. Your boss will appreciate it. THE VANISHING TRIBE Is 'good boss' a contradiction in terms? One may subscribe to this view in most offices. But, occasionally we come across ideal workplaces where bosses are real angels. There are some bosses who reward merit and encourage talented employees. Lucky are those who under them.

not stand at his or her desk chattering away when you have unfinished tasks. Make your boss look good. Realize that his or her success is your success. Knowing your manager's priorities and preferences will help you figure out what to do and what to avoid in his presence. Owning responsibility is what bosses appreciate in an employee. Be dependable and meet all deadlines. Always be conscious about the things for which you are clearly accountable. The boss may be flexible in some matters. That does not mean you can take him for granted. He may chat with you. That doesn't mean he is going to do your job. Don't be overly submissive. That will make the boss even more unreasonable. If you must obey irrational orders, do it on your terms.

It is quite difficult to pinpoint what makes



Haute couture

n u f t h i w n i o Fash P

eter England PEOPLE, Aditya Birla Group's newest apparel retail brand, recently made its debut in Hyderabad, as part of plans to scale up the group's operations through stores across the country. Targeted at men and women, youngsters and babies, the brand has casual, fashion and fusion wear with accent on fun. It is meant for anyone looking for international style at affordable price.

Young women fashion top-Chestnut, Rs.899/Young women graphic tees-Chillipepper, Rs.399/Young women bottom jeans-Dark indigo, Rs.1,299/ACCESSORIES: Y.W.Ear ringsRounded, Rs.99/A.W.SunglassesCurve rin, Rs.999/-



Young women bottom jeans-Dark indigo, Rs.1,299/Young women topCamisole, Rs.399/ACCESSORIES: Y.W.Neck chain-Floral gummy beads, Rs.299/Y.W.Hair bandScot band, Rs.199/Y.W.T.B.-Interloop, Rs.399/Y.W.S.G.-Metal cat, Rs.699/Y.W.Girl bagGirl gossip, Rs.599/-

Young men polo-Chillipepper, Rs.499/Y.M.Jacket-Chestnut, Rs.699/Y.M.Bottom denim-Indigo, Rs.999/ACCESSORIES: Y.M.Bracelet-Raw edge, Rs.199/- SunglassesMagnetic, Rs.999/-

Young women fashion top-Oldgold, Rs.799/Y.W.Bottom jeansDark indigo, Rs.1,299/ACCESSORIES: Y.W.Neck chainOval link & beads, Rs.199/Y.W.Ear ringsRounded, Rs.99/-

Models: Tanya, Siraj, Crissika, Zuber

Fashion topPapyrus Rs.599/Young women jeans bottom-Dark indigo, Rs.1,299/Young women fashion top-Rinse dark tint, Rs.699/-

Kurta Rs.799/Chudidhar Rs.499/Dupatta Rs.249/Neck chain Rs.299/Ear rings Rs.299/Bracelet Rs.199/Handbag Rs.1,599/Sunglasses Rs.999/-

ACCESSORIES: Neck chain-Metallic balls with beads, Rs.199/Adult women Ear rings-Pie, Rs.199/Adult women Bracelet-Round stone, Rs.299/Y.W.S.G.-Polka-Cat Sunglasses, Rs.499/-




The New Age tool for gossip

me r s o ne o f ho me a s t i obile p p e t us m bit vori a f a biquit o this ha w h i l e s i p u si cy, en G o s ple. The ave giv g i t i m a t o f peo s t o h n t o f l e s u b j e c e more m see e amou actual d all th s not i som ing the n soun ays it s d s ter o k i t a e a s m ver s The ung con or tant. find yo bile ng o imp cult to heir m crossi o t i f dif ing on n while ngly, n i e k s v l i r ta nes e urp rage pho road! S f road this the or act o aced to an maj been tr ine' in l has ial life y c g o s n ' e a s i l ing, t i n c r rimina d n c a s i d c t i v e orld. e l s e cious w judi

difference appears to be more a matter of semantics than of substance. For men, especially the MCPs, the substance of what women happily call 'juicy gossip' could be purely an 'exchange of meaningless information.' In fact, the very thought that people forming part of one's social support network of friends and family are reachable gives one the confidence that one may be alone but not lonely. For such people, even just touching or holding the phone gives a sense of protection. Women use their mobile phones as 'symbolic bodyguards' when feeling vulnerable in public places. Whatever be the reasons for gossip, it is clear that both social grooming and For men, high social status make women especially the MCPs, feel good. They believe gossip the substance of what is good for health.


hat does gossip mean to the 'mobile' generation? In the fast-paced and scrappy modern world, social bonding through gossip has taken the center stage and the incredibly convenient mobile phone has become the preferred tool for light social conversation. Mobiles have significantly altered the way we gossip. Mobile gossip is trendy and more and more such gossipers are restoring our sense of connection and community. In a

A mobile phone can be better used as a gadget to:

 establish, develop and maintain relationships

 flash our social position and status

 learn social skills learn and reinforce shared values

resolve conflicts  build support networks  win friends and influence people.

way, they are providing an antidote to the pressures and alienation of modern life. We witness men and women of all ages spend hours grooming each other's fur. Thanks to mobile telephony, we can gossip anytime and anywhere, regardless of the stresses and strains of work, traffic jams, tedious train journeys and supermarket queues. In a way, the frustrations and anxieties of modern life can be instantly

relieved by a bit of 'verbal grooming', whether by talk or text.

women happily call 'juicy gossip' could be purely an 'exchange of meaningless information.'

For some people, gossip has become a vehicle for social, psychological and even physical well-being. The mobile phone facilitates this kind of therapeutic chatter. No wonder, it is perceived as a vital 'social lifeline'.

For those who are shy and insecure, texting is a great way to break the awkward silence. Moreover, it is less stressful because they also have the time to think of "witty and articulate" things to say.

One unbeatable advantage that the mobile phone has over the garden fence is that it serves as a new medium for gossip. Quite aptly, we call it the 'Martini benefit': which confers on one the ability to gossip anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Our conversations about the conflicts between characters in soap operas, relationship problems of supermodels and their tenuous marriages, babies and careers of film stars or whatever are often indistinguishable from our gossip about friends, neighbours and family. In a bus or inside a pub one can overhear a n i m a t e d discussions about Aamir Khan's latest hairstyle or brand new views on the movie Phoonk. Of course, in common rooms and restaurants one might expect conversations to focus on matters like politics, business, cultural or intellectual issues. Is there a difference between male gossip and female gossip? Well, the




Audi’s aura Y

es, the Audi has an aura! That is, if you are talking about TT3.2 Quattro in the top-of-theline S-line trim. It has a stunning interior adorned with hand-crafted leather, formfitting sports seats and a BOSE stereo. Its three-spoke steering wheel has an aesthetic finish. Top-of-the-line materials have been used in its construction. For the first time, Audi has used steel in the ASF, as a way to make the car well-balanced. The 3,189 cc motor, featuring four camshafts and 24 valves, pumps out 250 bhp at 6,300 revs and the 32 kgm of turning force peaks between 2,500 and 3,000 rpm. Its S-tronic dualclutch six-speed gearbox and Quattro permanent fourwheel drive give it a distinct aura. The wonder on wheels has a longer wheelbase now. When it comes to speed, the numbers are quite thrilling -- 60 kph in 3.8 seconds, 100 kph in 7.8, a brilliant mid-range timing of 5.4 seconds for the 80-120 kph dash and 6.8 for the 100-140 kph run. It is easy to attain a top speed of 220 kph. Clearly the vehicle has been perfected for the 21st century.




AVS at it again


ce comedian AVS is back in action. He is his old self, full of enthusiasm and energy. After undergoing a critical liver transplantation surgery, AVS took only a couple of weeks to recuperate. He is now looking healthy. The operation was possible only because of his daughter Prashanthi’s great sacrifice. She donated a portion of her liver. Now AVS calls his daughter ‘Mother’ and his son-in-law as ‘Father.’ To take fun to its logical end, he is asking them to buy him chocolates and ice cream. The entire film industry is happy at the comeback of AVS.

Cherry blossoms


amcharan Teja,’ endearingly called ‘Cherry,’ is very much interested in shining like his father ‘Mega star’ Chiranjeevi. Cherry wants to play roles like son, younger brother, follower etc. with Chiranjeevi. Since the mega star has chosen to enter politics, Ramcharan may not be in a position to realize all of his desires. Knowing this, director Rajamouli has launched a sequence in which the father-son duo can be seen. In a film being produced under the banner of Geetha Arts, ‘Chiru’ and ‘Charan’ are acting together. So, Charan’s cherished desire to act alongside his father has been fulfilled in his very second film. After the shooting, the unit members saw the son and the father hug each other, with tears of joy (‘Ananda Bhashpalu’) from Chiru’s eyes.




"A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness."John Keats' idea of beauty, encapsulated in those immortal words, perhaps finds fullest expression in flowers.


needs, budgets and occasions. There are hand-tied and posy bouquets as well as shower bouquets. When you are using exotic flowers, simply design the bouquet to be chic and unfussy.

It is universally acknowledged that flowers make an appropriate and eloquent gift for almost any occasion. Exquisite orchids, classical roses, romantic daisies... The options are endless. The market in Hyderabad today offers a wide variety flowers to meet diverse

In Europe, a bouquet as a form of flower arrangement is believed to have become popular in the 14th century when people started putting flowers into a vase. The initial rules of flower arrangement became known in France four hundred years ago. At that time it was fashionable to wrap bouquets in laces with liberal use of fragrances.

lowers, whether as an individual specimen, a beautiful long shower, cascade bridal bouquet or as a desi garland, have an irresistible appeal, as they ooze a distinct language of love (see box).



The role of a florist, in true Hyderabadi tradition, is to be exceptionally knowledgeable so that he or she can always show you a range of designs, identify which ones will suit your individual style and explain the specialty of various flowers.

arrangement bouquets. The size varies from 1 ft to 5 ft. Flower bouquets with a pleasant collection of flowers creatively arranged are a rage in social circles. They come with colored ribbons and a mat at the back to give a neat look.

Most florists in Hyderabad offer more than 30 types of basket bouquets, which are breathtakingly beautiful. They include single basket, double baskets, guitar baskets, boat shaped baskets, rose bunch bouquets, small size round bouquets and vase

Orchids, carnations, glads, gerbera, chrysanthemums, roses, bird of paradise, lilies etc are preferred in a riot of colors. A single rose may cost you between Rs.8 and Rs. 10. The same can cost you Rs.20/- on

Flowery vocabulary


hen you are selecting a bouquet, remember that flowers have a language of their own. A bouquet of pink roses means 'Please, believe me'. A tea rose or a pink carnation will help you say 'I'll always remember'. White roses, lilies or carnations are a symbol of innocence and purity, while a yellow rose stands for jealousy. A red tulip or a red carnation is a declaration of love. Yellow tulips say 'There is sunshine in your smile.' A yellow carnation means a rejection. White carnations will make a good luck gift for a woman. Be careful with orange lilies they symbolize hatred. Some people believe that flowers came on

earth to serve as gifts for the people we love. The colors and types of flowers usually depend on who your recipient is.

WHAT TO GIVE: B A bouquet of large flowers of the same color with long stems is a good gift for a man. B A bouquet for a young girl should be made of buds in tender and creamy colors. B A woman would like an elegant arrangement decorated with greens. B A pot flower may be a gift for your mother. B

A small basket with bright flowers can be given to a child.

special occasions like Valentine's Day, January 1st and Teachers Day. A bunch of roses in bouquets of 10-100 could cost between Rs. 80 and Rs. 800, depending on the need of a person or the occasion. If the arrangement has to be customized for special occasions, say weddings, it could cost you between Rs.2,000 and Rs. 15,000/It might cost you between Rs.1,500 and Rs 4,000 to decorate a car. Small round basket bouquets are available for Rs.150/. Medium round baskets are available for Rs.300. Boatshaped basket bouquets are available for Rs.200. Single big size basket bouquets sell for Rs.350. Double big size basket bouquets are priced at Rs.500.

Play to win

No rekha for this

Laxman For savoring aesthetic beauty one can go to an art gallery, spend time in a museum, watch the Taj Mahal on a full moon night, attend a concert, read a book of poetry or watch an old Hindi movie. Alternatively, one can simply watch our own Very Very Special or Very Very Stylish Laxman's strokes in a riveting game of cricket. In terms of sheer strokeplay, there seems to be no rekha for Laxman's potential.


axman's strokes have a liquid, classy, sinuous and graceful feel. After all, you don't hang around for so long without a cladding of steel, determination, gut and gumption. Few have exalted the present-day game of cricket to an aesthetic level with their definitive strokes. Cricket is a game of sweat, toil and tears. Yet, if you want to know the finer aspects of the game from a batsman's standpoint, only



Laxman can deliver. In an interview with Hyderabad Josh, Laxman, the city lad who has done the nation proud with his incomparable achievements, takes a deeper look at his life, likes and dislikes as well as aspirations. True to his zodiac sign, Laxman has hypnotic, passionate, intense and penetrating eyes. He is so calm and steady that he would leave his admirers wondering "How on earth could he be passionate about work?"

QUICK TAKES Obsession To give my best to cricket. Role Model My dad V. Shantharam If you were not VVS Laxman, what would you rather be? I am happy to be myself The sportsperson you admire most, other than a cricket star Michael Jordan Other sports you watch I love to watch tennis, soccer, basketball and badminton Favorite playground Gabba, Brisbane Favorite holiday spots Interlaken, Switzerland Favorite batsman and bowler Viv Richards, Wasim Akram Best innings played I rate two innings against Australia as my most memorable knocks – 167 in Sydney and 281 in Calcutta. Spending free time I make it a point to spend time with family and friends, because I am away most of the time what with my cricket commitments. But I ensure that none of my friends and family members is disappointed. Email and mobile communications have blurred the boundaries between personal and professional time. Technology is such a solace. Greatest inspiration My dad has been my greatest guide, friend, philosopher and admirer. He is always there cheering for me and giving me his unflagging, tenacious, steadfast and untiring support. I am blessed to have a great dad like him. Best compliment ever received When Ricky Ponting said he didn't know where to bowl to me. Role model Myself. I constantly brainstorm, introspect and analyze my own strengths and weaknesses on how to keep improving each performance and thus stretch my own limits to strive for the best. Test matches and onedayers played 96 tests and 86 onedayers Unforgettable moments, awards & rewards Getting Wisden Award for the Best Innings of the Century for my 281 against the mighty Australia Will son Sarvajit follow in your footsteps? He is an adorable kid. We will give him all freedom to do or be what he wants to do

or be. Future plans To focus on my strategy, harness energies and concentrate on the upcoming Australia series Most admired team Manchester United - Glory, glory, MAN united. That's what they say about Manchester United. They are a fierce team with the best of breed talent. Most admired batsman Sir Viv Richards. He is regarded as the most devastating batsman that ever played the game. He is the ‘King’ and clearly among the five "Greatest cricketers of the 20th century." Most admired bowler Wasim Akram. He has complete mastery over swing and seam. Sometimes he moves the ball both ways in one delivery. Taking 500 wickets in ODIs reflects his grit, resolve and strength of mind. Favorite food Thai food. It is internationally famous for the principle of harmony that goes into the preparations, whether hot or bland. Are you a foodie? Yes, I love good food. That is the advantage of being a cricketer. I get to experience various cuisines wherever I go. But I have to resist my temptation, because I have to remain perfectly fit and healthy at all times. Advice to budding cricketers Work hard with fierce determination and unflinching commitment. Be sincere to your game. Goal in life Give my best to whatever I do Hobbies and interests Reading books and listening to groovy, haunting and hummable music Favorite movie 'Remember the Titans'. It is a parable about racial harmony, yoked to the formula of a sports movie. Victories over racism and victories over opposing teams alternate so quickly that sometimes we're not sure if we're cheering for tolerance or touchdowns. Real life is never this simple, but then that's what the movies are for--to improve on life, and give it the illusion of form and purpose. Favorite music Any kind of music that is haunting and melodious. I would love to listen to Kishore Kumar and SP Balasubrahmaniam any day. Favourite actor The Big B - Amitabh Bachhan

Full Name: Vangipurappu Venkata Sai Laxman Born: November 1, 1974, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Major teams : Hyderabad, Deccan Chargers, India Batting style : Right hand bat Bowling style : Right arm off break Test debut : India vs South Africa at Ahmedabad, 1st Test ODI debut : India vs Zimbabwe at Cuttack, Pepsi Triangular Series, 1997-98 Education : Little Flower High School, St. John's School Zodiac : Scorpio


t his sublime best, VVS Laxman is a sight for the gods. Wristy, willowy and sinuous, he can match sometimes even better Tendulkar for strokeplay. His on-side game is comparable to his idol Azharuddin's, and yet he is decidedly more assured on the off side, and has the rare gift of being able to hit the same ball to either side. The Australians paid the highest compliment to him after India's 2003-04 tour Down Under by admitting they did not know where to bowl to him. Laxman, a one-time medical student, finally showed signs of coming to terms with his considerable gifts in March 2001, as he tormented Steve Waugh's thought-to-beinvincible Australians with a majestic 281 to stand the Kolkata Test on its head" -Sambit Bal


e t e c a n D th confide wi

Dating can be fun. At the same time, it could throw up challenges if you do not care to know for sure the nuances of the amorous glances of the significant other. You need tact to separate the wheat from the chaff in any parade of feelings during courtship.


Dating is a tough challenge that comes bundled with a golden opportunity. It gives you an option to pick and choose your dream partner, but eats into a lot of your privacy and individuality because of the tortuous underlying process. Whether you are somebody's dream girl or dream boy, it entails a lot of smart moves and perhaps some compromises on your part. Well-honed social skills will determine the outcome of your dating plans. Almost every little thing matters, if you want to proudly walk away with your prized 'catch.' If you perfect the art of presenting yourself with grace everywhere and every time, there is no stopping you. If you are a woman, and

could be due to misreading of the situation or some hidden agenda. Men who are very active on the dating scene usually have one item at the top of their wish list: the woman of their choice should like them to the hilt. Sometimes it is the woman who chooses to give herself up to her date at the first available opportunity. Such situations could result in over anxiety. A thousand questions could flood the mind, all revolving around the dominant theme: "Does she like me or not (if you are a man)?" or "Am I just a passing fancy for him?" (if you are a woman). In all such cases, the thumb rule is to strongly believe that the current date is not your only choice. "She is not the only pebble on the beach." And, "he is not the ultimate." If your date is acting smart, so be it. The world does not end there! Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. There is always a better date waiting for you somewhere. Go ahead and find that date. Just prepare yourself to be right this time. You may have tried your best to impress that significant other with plans for giving him or her a lifetime of happiness. Still, if your hopes are dashed, don't feel devastated. Even if you have been cheated, take it easy. Try to plumb the depths of your inner being. Soul-searching may yield answers to what went wrong in the first place.

if your etiquette is impeccable, you can confidently proceed and maybe hook a partner that only a Cinderella could dream of.

Honest: You need to be absolutely honest about everything -- no lies, no double dealing and no prevarication. Your body language too must be entirely positive. Your confidence must show in your eyes. Presentable: We are not responsible for the way we look. We inherited it in most parts, if not fully. We need not carry an emotional baggage if we don't look like a celebrity. There is no reason to be extremely self-conscious about how we look. Aping a celebrity or our idol is worse. Just be yourself. Do what you can to enhance your looks. It could be getting a new hair style done, going for a thorough cleaning of your skin or getting a facelift. They help create a positive impression. Hygienic: Before going on a date, scrub yourself thoroughly. Use fresheners. Wear perfumes that make you feel good. Go to a dentist and remove mouth odor, if any. Wear fresh clothes that reflect good taste and enhance your personality. Communicative: Don't be a shrinking violet or an intellectual bore. Be open and communicative. Smile often while talking. Don't interrupt your date when he or she is speaking. Avoid all negative talk. Talk more about topics that interest your date. Happy: Never let worry be a barrier between you and your date. Let abiding happiness show on your face. Count on your positive qualities.

A single word or a single action can sometimes light the flame of love that may burn for ever in your companion's heart. So, don't ever be flippant while making moves that could be an object of study for your date. Levity on your part could confuse your date. If you are serious about the relationship, make confident moves. Give only clear and unambiguous signals. Don't leave your date wondering about what is on your mind.

These days dating evokes a complex set of feelings in both men and women, as they both tend to have high levels of self-esteem. The focus seems to be on making the right impression too early, disregarding other equally, if not more, important factors.

You need to first convince yourself that your love is true. This understanding should not spring from the notion that similarities in tastes are proof that you both are "made for each other." Just because you both seem to like the same dishes at a restaurant, it does not mean that he or she is your perfect match. Similarly, just because tastes differ, one cannot reach the conclusion that the relationship won't last. There are many dimensions to the likes and dislikes of individuals. Differing preferences do not establish that you both cannot get along well.

Certain factors make a man act more like an animal than a gentleman on dates. It

When it comes to dating, prepare well and put your best foot forward. Go only to a place

Life is not a bed of roses. Despite careful planning and flawless execution, you may at times trip on the way to the dating summit. You need to heed important pointers en route. Otherwise, you may have to stomach a lot of unpleasantness at a later date, despite having won a 'dream date.'

Dating can be rewarding if you are

that you both love. Savor every moment of togetherness at the rendezvous. After the initial exploratory meetings, if your date directly pops the question or expresses a desire to meet your family, it could be a sign that the relationship needs to be taken to its logical end. Any healthy relationship involves commitment from both sides. It is wishful thinking to expect a relationship to give you no pain, but only pleasure. It is a combo with a lot of give and take.




Walk with pride S

ince its introduction in the early 90s, Woodland has carved a

niche for itself in the Indian branded footwear and apparel markets. With over 200 exclusive stores and a distribution network that covers over a thousand stores across the country, the company focuses on producing aesthetically designed, sturdy and durable shoes as well as apparels that are contemporary yet futuristic in design and of international quality. The company’s new projects on the anvil include high-class footwear with directly injected dual density PU/PU, PU/TPU soles with high-tech machines and robots from the German giant Desma.

Casual wear shoe Color:Green MRP:Rs.2,795/-

Color:Yellow MRP:Rs.3,695/-

Courtesy : Wood land, Banjarahills

Casual wear shoe

Woods softy casual shoe

Color:Brown MRP:Rs:3,195/-

Woodland Active Hasuals/Sandal Color:Brown MRP:Rs.2,195/-

Canvas shoe Color:Brown MRP:Rs.1,395/-

Tregging gear casual shoe Color:Green MRP:Rs.2,795/-



Ace Accessories

TAG HEUER 00/Rs. 1,42,0


hen Edouard Heuer launched his workshop in 1860, he founded it on his passion for precision, performance, quality and efficiency. These founding principles continue to drive the company to produce world-class watches. Heuer revolutionized the watch industry, registering an incredible number of patents. These are watches that constantly push back the frontiers of precision, reliability and aesthetics. No wonder, TAG Heuer is closely associated with the likes of Formula 1 racing teams, from Ferrari to the McLaren. The subtle seduction of the feminine Alter Ego, the celebrated steel-and-diamonds designs of the Link and the patented coupling system of the Kirium steel bracelet are just some examples of the creativity, strength and confidence of this world leader. Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra represent the Indian market.


MEGA, associated with scaling heights, brings you Speedmaster, the first watch ever to have reached the moon. It positions Omega as an innovative and technologically advanced watch maker. For those who love to live 6on life's fast lane, the Bond watch is perfect for that adrenalin rush. Talk of classical beauty, Omega graces the sports arena of Anna Kournikova as well as the glamorous world of Cindy Crawford and Abhishek Bachchan

Rs. 2,47,000/Rs. 1,75,000/-

00/Rs. 7,18,2

Rs. 3,20,000/-


Rs. 14,78,200/-

/Rs. 58,000

Rs. 63,500/OCTOBER 2008

Courtesy : Rado, Banjarahills


ADO watches are designed with extreme care so as to be gentle on your skin and provide you the ultimate in comfort, regardless of the weather. Its scratch-proof line of watches is an engineering marvel. Every piece in each of RADO collections makes an excellent long term investment.



Classical and cozy

t er go ou v e n s e r featu s PiÊce de rèsistance lassical er Piece t c s d a n M a f k o ouse ssy loo ne is om the h ith a cla r f w e is r Pieces li u it r it e if t s ly a urn r M la u g in the n, par tic d craf tin er y item n v a E y of fashio . g e lo n ec hno ations de desig lend of t teak cre b a s m - Galerie u r u io B n ly on r af ted a harmo focus on e handc o s h e made in w h t s r de f e o es. All r design iors inclu u r e t e iq t s n a in h m c e f e h t ye o e. T obes atc hful e s, wardr cozy hom w p r e u m h o t y la r f , e o s y unit orner ve und vital. The s, displa o ever y c come ali t e le r b h a a c t s u e o e c r t r royal er pie , cent he mas t e tables giving a At Mas te t id . h s it le , y s w t t s e o ssic 00/ofa s hat g chairs, s r t in a cla ge from Rs.20,0 Fabrics t o f . s m d o e c b l ping -leve s ran and slee vide high the price o , r ls p il o H t a ea is anjar whole id . 12 in B o N d a o nR Pieces o 00,000/ , .5 s R o t Console table




Pics by : M.C.Shekar

Attractive arm chair Bedroom bliss

Stand light

It’s purely for dining pleasure

Regal comfort

Comfortable easy chair OCTOBER 2008


Devouring delights

Haleem Hungama A

part from biryani, Hyderabad offers to the world another mouth-watering delicacy with a taste that is sure to linger on for days on end: haleem. Haleem is believed to have originated in erstwhile Persia. Traditionally a stew made with wheat and mutton, it is very popular in India and Pakistan and enlivens the Ramzan festival in particular. The thick soup is known as keshkek or harisa in Anatolia, Iran, the Caucasus region and northern Iraq. In Saudi Arabia, they call it hareesh. The cooking of Hyderabadi haleem is an art that only some cooks have mastered. It is slowcooked in a cauldron over fire inside a specially made brick oven and involves a prodigious amount of stirring, blending and pounding. Basically, soaked rawa or cracked wheat is cooked with a sprinkling of aromatic spices, including turmeric, dry ginger, jeera, ground green chillies and 'kabab cheeni.' The concoction is stirred and blended with generous cupfuls of milk. Meat or chicken is then added to the rich and creamy mixture. There are cooks who mix different meats. The potion is pounded until it becomes a velvety paste. Then comes bowl after bowl of ghee. After all this, the aromas that emanate from the cauldron will arrest you then and there. Haleem can be eaten with naan and a dash of lemon juice. It is served hot with ghee-based gravy put on top, lime pieces, coriander and fried onions as garnish. Nowadays, a fish variant is available. Sweet haleem is also made with milk, sugar and mutton. There is also a vegetarian derivative of haleem in which dry fruits and vegetables replace meat. The Hyderabadi haleem has a distinct taste. Meethi (sweet) and khari (salted) haleem variants are served for breakfast in the homes of Arabs living in the Barkas area. The salted variety is popular during the month of Moharram and Ramzan. Rich and nourishing, haleem is indeed the meed for one who has fasted all day for Ramzan.



Serving pleasure

g Savorin






Splendid sparklers Antwerp, Belgium-based Orra has launched its Indian flagship store at Panjagutta in Hyderabad, adding to the sparkle of what is believed to be the nation's fastest-growing city. As the biggest Orra store in the country, it will showcase the company's best designs with "something for everyone." Exquisite jewelry, at prices starting from Rs. 5,000 and going up to Rs 50 lakh, will be available at the store, which has on board international designers. The company is planning to open another outlet near HI-TEC City. Bollywood star Namrata Shirodkar, who has been associated with Orra since 2004 when the range first came to India, inaugurated the Panjagutta store. An exultant Namrata observed: "It feels great to establish Orra in my own city."



Books Music


English Top 10 S. No



Mettallica -Death Magnetic


G-Unit - Tos


Jay Sean - My Own Way


Mojado - Skizo


Hannah Montana Best Of Both Worlds


Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance


Modona - Hard Candy 8 Dolly Backwoods Barbie 9 Cold Play - Viva La Vida 10 Wayne The Carter

Indi Top 10 S. No Bollywood 1 Rock On 2 Jane Tu Ya Jane Naa 3 Bachna Ae Hasino 4 Singh Is Kinng 5 Karzz 6 Kidnap 7 Hello 8 Kismat Konnection 9 1920 10 Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi

Title Author The last lecture Randy pausch Aids sutra Akhavi negar We are like that only Rama bijarpukar The greatness guide -2 Robin sharma Go kiss the world Subroto bagchi The go-giver John david mann Hyderbad hazir hai Vanaja banagiri Simply south Chandra padmanabhan Cold steel lakshmi mittal & the takeover that defined an Tim bouquet 10 Hot flat & crowded Thomas friedman 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

mrp 295.00 395.00 495.00 195.00 395.00 225.00 395.00 295.00

650.00 595.00

Fiction Title 1 The 3 mistakes of life 2 Brida 3 Bombay rains, bombay girls 4 Keep of the grass 5 Sea of poppies 6 The zoya factor 7 Almost single 8 Brisingr 9 Krishnas confessions 10 Unaccustomer earth

Author Chetan bhagath Paulo coelho

Mrp 95.00 295.00

Anirban bose Karan bajaj Amitav ghosh Anuja chauhan Advaita kala Christopher paolini Jain smita Juhmpha lahari

195.00 195.00 599.00 295.00 195.00 600.44 250.00 450.00

Bollywood Top 10 Tollywood Top 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chintakayala ravi Ashtha chama Kottabangarulokam Vinayakudu Malle puvvu Saroja Nenu meeku telusa ? Shauryam Rainbow Dashavataram

Courtesy : Odyssey

S. No Indipop 1 Sherlyn Chopra -Dard-E-Sherlyn 2 Jal -Boondh 3 Rupali Dalal - Badra 4 Rishi 5 Strings - Koi Aane Wala Hai 6 Dj H & Dj Rags -Reloaded 7 Shafqat Amanat Ali - Tabeer 8 Dr.Zeus - Unda Da Influence 9 Azal - Road To Infinity 10 Rabbi - Avenge Jaa




(From left) Kalyanram, Harikrishna, Chandrababu Naidu, Balakrishna, Jr. NTR

Stars back Naidu Beauty as bodyguard


iring of women bodyguards by men will naturally raise eyebrows. In films containing elements of metro sexuality, it can be an essential part of the plot that needs to be handled deftly so as to puff women’s pride without hurting male ego. Priyanka Chopra, who plays Abhishek Bachchan’s bodyguard in Drona, badly wants people to assess her performance in the film. This was evident to newshounds during her recent visit to Adlabs for promotion of the film. “It is a fantasy movie, a magical-adventure. A short movie, Drona has been put together very differently and is full of fun and thrill. It is a unique movie, rarely seen on the Indian screen,” she gushes. Priyanka wears a long hair and a ‘pagdi’ in the movie. Her looks are bohemian in the movie. Abhishek and Kareena too sport a different look. When Hyderabad Josh wanted her to declare her personal style statement, she responded loudly and clearly “comfort.” She then urged media guys and gals as well as turbo-charged guests to make it a point to watch Drona and left the venue with her night-spoiling smile.




ith the entry of mega star Chiranjeevi into politics, major political parties in Andhra Pradesh have revised strategies in order to face him squarely in the upcoming elections. Noticeably, Telugu Desam Party supremo Chandrababu Naidu has made efforts to rally the Nandamuri family for the electoral battle. Naidu talked to Balakrishna, Jr. NTR, Kalyanram and Taraka Ratna in this regard. Courtesy Naidu's persuasive skills, all the members of the Nandamuri family have pledged support to TDP and offered to campaign for the party. Crowd-pullers Balakrishna and Jr. NTR want to tour the State to send the message to the people. So, the coming elections will witness Star Wars of the highest order.


Salar no more


ultan Salahuddin Owaisi, a veteran politician who has contributed immensely to the shaping of Hyderabad, died on September 29th. Considered "Salar-e-Millat" (commander of the community), Salahuddin served as the Member of Parliament from Hyderabad for six consecutive terms until he chose to step down in 2004 in favor of his elder son Asaduddin Owaisi. As chief of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, Salahuddin Owaisi rallied the community and made a significant contribution to the development of the city. His influence extended beyond the borders of Andhra Pradesh.

A plateful of magic

T Highlife

Entrancing objets d'art

he German Food Festival that Taj Krishna hosted recently at Encounters was a bonanza for food lovers, as they could taste the best of German cuisine with its emphasis on meat and potato. Somewhat similar to American food, the German equivalents focus on sweet and sour flavors. Popular sweet and sour dishes like sauerbraten (which combines a sour marinade with a sweet sauce) took gourmets back to the distant past, when such combinations were popular across Europe. The German variants of salads, dumplings, pancakes, roasted meat, schnitzels and sausages were prominent on the dinner plate. The festival was presented by Lufthansa, Goethe Zentrum-Hyderabad and Taj Krishna, as part of Oktoberfest 2008. Celebrity Chefs from Germany Marco Lorenze and Karl Heinz Vogel were specially flown in to create the magic of authentic German cuisine.


hThe four-day Inside Outside -Mega Show 2008, organized by Business India Exhibitions in association with Inside Outside magazine at HITEX, presented a magnificent array of objects used in interior design, decorative items, home & office furniture, soft furnishings, fabrics, handicraft products, gifts & souvenirs, home exhibits, kitchen & bathroom accessories, carpets, curtains & blinds, home wares, lights & lamps, Manchester, rugs & floor coverings and objets d'art. It is the largest event of the interior design, furniture and furnishings, building and construction industries that provides a platform for professionals and clients to interact directly. Over 200 participants, including companies like Asian Paints, Godrej & Boyce, State Bank of Hyderabad and Zen Securities Ltd, showcased their latest products.



Modus vivendi

Top guns

Actor Ashmit Patel (remember Murder?), brother of actress Amisha Patel, had gala time in Zouk. The high and the mighty of Hyderabad gave him good company. The stars of the evening were of course DJ Vikk and Hip Hopper Ishq Bector. As life of the party, together they were power of 3.

Youngsters having a ball

Chandra and Ajoli

Ashmit patel, Ishq Bector and Friend

Reflective Nikita 58


Rapid strides

Picture of confidence

Belting it out

Ramakanth gets the message

Let's ensure the entire floor dances

Venkat with a friend


Relaxing sip, soothing music


Vikki has company.

Euphonious strains

Soulful rendition Scarlet reverberated to heavenly music recently with two celebrities making it to the boutique lounge. DJ Lil'B aka Bhavini Shah, 20-year-old music aficionado and clubbing soul, was there to enthrall youngsters. The hip-hop foodie and bling freak from Mumbai gave the raving party goers far more than their expectations. Punjabi rap singer Hard Kaur also set many a heart aflutter with her youthful numbers some days later.

Lifting people's spirits, Ashank seen DJ lil’b

Adarsh Reddy gets a breather

Let's have them on stage

Trying to catch a glimpse of the evening star

Lil'B looking for the right track

Ajay Reddy stands out in the crowd

The distaff side

Bold, beautiful and businesslike

AHALA, the drama lounge at Taj Krishna that hosts parties on Wednesdays with special offerings for ladies, was bubbling with excitement recently, thanks to an energetic crowd.

We are going to do it, come what may

Delicate steps We have company, but let's us call the shots Real warmth

We have business to do

What next? OCTOBER 2008


High spirits

Cocktail of creative juices Blenders Pride presented Magical Nights featuring, among others, Amisha Patel, Rocky S and Anand Kabra. At the high-spirited party, celebrities, designers, choreographers, models and DJs joined forces to turbo-charge the atmosphere. Actress Deepa

Anand Kabra

Time to unwind

In step with fashion My goodness! Swigs in between 62


Should I continue? Dazzling entry

Gunny Raju

Shared thrill

Top notch

Sit back and enjoy OCTOBER 2008


Self awareness

Aap ke katir

Frills galore

Say it with a twist 64


Hyderabad-based designer Ishita Singh recently unveiled her latest collection "Rubaru: Tete-a-Tete with YOURSELF" at Hotel Marriott on 'A Pink Ribbon Evening' to enhance awareness about breast cancer. The collection highlights creativity and innovation in design and other aspects, with an eye on glorious traditions and composite cultures. The new collection, which kinda tells you in the face Aap ki katir, is in seven sequences: Rehat, Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib, Isha and Jashan. Says Ishita Singh: "The entire collection is aimed at defining, sustaining and improving the fashion sense for all."

Dr. Raghu ram


Padmasri Jayanthi Shankar On her own

Sanjay Reddy with wife Pinky Reddy

Casting a spell

Jayesh Ranjan

Sreedhar Chaudhary Anuradha Reddy

From left: Deepika Reddy, Padma Rajagopal, Parvati Reddy

Ishita Singh with Models

Sanjana Aditi Govitrikar

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La belle- Rd.No.12,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:64525444/45

 INTERIORS Master PiecesRd.No.12,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:23318846 South Bay- Rd.No.12,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:66367151/52 Hastens Store Pt.1261,Rd.No.36,Above @home-Aztec Towers,Rd.No.1,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:23316015,23301603 @home-Aztec Towers,Rd.No.1,Banjara Hills,Hyderabad-34 Ph:23316015,23301603

CLUBS Club Mahindra-Gowra Plaza,Begumpet,S.P.Road, Sec’bad-03 Ph:39881000

Kashti Kidos Krishala Kutumb Club Tel:9346626672.

BAKERS & NET CAFES Havmor Basheer Inn, Near Old Gandhi Medical College, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad, 500029 +91-40-23298855 Zohar Bakers 4/4/1985, Tilak Road, Abids, Hyderabad G P O , Near Surya Theatre, Hyderabad, 500001 +91-40-27710125 Chocolate Hut (Times ) Shop No. 3, Snow World, Lower Tank Bund Road, Opp Indra Park Hyderabad G.P O., Hyderabad, 500080 +91-40-55761915 Chocolate Hut (Times ) 2nd Floor, Prasad I-Max Complex, Off. Ntr Garden, Hyderabad G.P O., Hyderabad, 500063 +91-40-55987113 Bakers Den Old Manjira Road, Behind Vijetha Supermarket, Hyderabad, 500050

+91-40-23031561 +91-9391062988 Meena Bakery 6-3-457/1, Punjagutta Market, Beside Model House, Hyderabad, 500482 +91-40-23323693 Soubhagya Confectionery Pvt Ltd 308, Manager (accounts), Hyderabad, 500082 +91-40-23353577 Silver Cloud Bakery Shop No 5-2-3, Opp Mozamjahi Market, Hyderabad, 500001 +91-40-24601246 Real Bakers Pvt Ltd Sagar Link Road, L b nagar, Hyderabad, 500074 +91-40-24026485 Basava Sagar Bakery 3-4-471/1, V v Hostel Compound, Hyderabad, 500027 +91-40-27551138 Sindhuja Bakers 7-71/1 & 2, St No 8, Mahashwari Nagar, Near Tirupathi Studio, Hyderabad, 500007 +91-40-27159221 Bartania Bakery Shop No 12-2-826/a/33, Opp Sakina Complex, Hyderabad, 500021 +91-40-23513766 Midways Road Number 1, Banjara Hills, Opposite Jvr Park, Hyderabad, 500034 +91-40-55505000 S K Bakery 40-168, Moula Ali, Jawahar Nagar, Hyderabad, 500040 +91-40-27127145 Universal Bakery 17-1-375/24/1/4, Kothi, Hyderabad, 500069 +91-40-24530560 Mountain Bakery 8-2-269/a/1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, 500034 +91-40-23540952 Bakers S Corner Sarada Apt, Opp Satyam Theater, Hyderabad, 500038 +91-40-23711587 Bake Zone Aishwarya Towers, Indira Park Roadn T R Stadium, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad, 500029 +91-40-66684998 American Bakers Inn

Near Swathi Hotel, Hyderabad, 500029 +91-40-55828698 +91-9885675231 Hoor Girglanis Cookery Classes Floor No 40, Mountkailash, Road No 4, B Hill, Hyderabad, 500034 +91-9848041000 Little Bite Bakers 8-3-944/15, G-1, Sri Rama Enclave, Opp Omega Apartment, Yella Reddy Guda, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, 500016 +91-40-64553509 Dynas Waffer And Confectionery 7-4-112/a, Madhuban Colony, Kattedan, Hyderabad, 500072 +91-40-24361603 Hameedi Confectionery 5-5-513, Mz Jahi Market, Opp Traffic Police Station, Hyderabad, 500001 +91-40-24602212 Surya Bakers H no 3-4-745, Near Deepak Theatre, Hyderabad, 500029 +91-40-27569334 Galaxy Bakers And General Stores 106/1, Hanumanpet, Malakajgiri, Hyd - 500047 +91-40-27055117 Bake House Shop No 1 & 4, Pavani Anasuya Tower, Opp Huda Complex, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, 500007 +91-40-55497421 +91-9246537421 Eat And Joy Bakers Jubilee Road, Sri Krishna Nagar Opp Rasavi Bank, Hyderabad, 500045 +91-40-55586980 Lovey Dovey Bakers Avm Chambers, KPHB Main Road, Near Viswanath Theatre, Hyderabad, 500072 +91-40-23157035 Swiss Castle Bakers Abids, Opp Grammar School Bus Stop, Hyderabad, 500001 +91-40-66754433 Nilgiri Bakery 1-1-80/10, Sangam Complex, V s t Cross Road, Hyderabad, 500020 - +91-40-27624691 Vishnu Bakery Shapur, G R Road, Aman Nagar, Hyderabad, 500055 +91-40-23134627 Mohammedia Bakery Shop No 5-6-268/4, Aghapura, Hyderabad, 500001 +91-9392492059

Metro info

RESTAURANTS & HOTELS Gufaa Restaurant (North Indian)- 23298855 Tadka Restaurant - 23302200 Haveli Restaurant - 23409999 Bombay Vihar Restaurant 65537777 Gujarat Bhojanalay Restaurant - 24750079 Baseraa Inn -23298855 Taj Banjara - 66669999 Taj Krishna- 66662323 Taj Tristar- 27818989 Ohris Banjara 23302200,9866778039 Basera Hotel27703200,9866778031 Aditya Park Inn- 66788888, 9246577883 Taj Mahal Hotel 24758250,9391351122 Hotel The Manohar- 66543456 Novotel Hyderabad -66824422 Leo Continental- 66333366 Hyderabad Marriott Hotel27522999 The Golconda Hotel- 66110101 Katriya Hotels -23325678, 9849597052 ISTA - 44508888 ITC Hotel Kakatiya Sheraton23400132 Ista-IT Park, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-19 Ph:4450 8888 Celebrations Road No.1,Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad-33 23544888,99494 66333 Little Italy- Film Nagar,Hyderabad Ph:23558001/8002 Hotel Kshetra Khairatabad. Spiceking- Himayathnagar.




Photo : M.C. Shekhar


Qutub Shahi Tombs

Indira park

9am-5pm Mon-Sat. Rs 5, Children below 11 free (for Indians) Rs.50 (for foreigners)

9am-4.30pm Sa-Th. Rs 2. Ph :2351 341. Near Golconda Fort.

A sprawling 76 acre park located near Tank Bund.

Shilparamam Golconda 9am-9pm. The Golconda Fort was the first capital of the Qutb Shahi kingdom. Rs 5.

Hi tec city, Madhapur. 11:00 AM-8PM. Rs. 10.

Ramoji Film City 9.00 am to 5.30 pm: Adults Rs. 300, Childrens 250. Ph : 23235678/77.

Built by Nawab Viqar al-Umra in 1872. Rs 25, Rs 150 (for foreigners)

Raymond Tomb

Necklace Road The Chaupati of Hyderabad at Imax.

Chowmahalla Palace

Michel Raymond, a French mercenary, His tomb is located at Saroornagar.

Pragati Resorts

Purani Haveli



Adarshnagar, 10:30 AM- 8 PM, Rs. 17, Combined admission: Rs. 35. Ph :2452 1029.

Ocean Park Gandipet, Ph: 2322 5660/23223824 A water-theme park

Nizizam’s Museum Naya Pul, Afzalgunj ph: 2452 3211. 10AM - 5 PM Sa-Th. Rs 15 for Indians and Rs 150 for Foreigners.

Spread over 26 acres and an hour drive from Hyderabad, facilities like swimming, Ph: 23553184,

Birla Mandir (A.P. State Archives and Research Institute), 10.30 am to 6 pm Tarnaka, Ph: 27018371.

Salarjung Museum

10am-5pm Sa-Th. ph: 24522032. Rs 25 (for Indians) Rs 150 (for foreigners)

10:30am-5pm Sa-Th. the palace of the Nizam's Prime Minister.

8am to 12 noon : 3pm to 8 pm Ph: 2452 4023, adults Rs. 10, Kids Rs. 5.

Archival Museum

Birla Planetrium

Falakunama Palace

Nehru Zoo Park

10am-5pm Sa-Th. Adults-Rs.50 Students & Children-Rs.15. Ph :2452 1029.

Public Gargdens Known as the Bagh-e-aam (Garden for the commoners) Archaeological Museum.

Adarsh nagar, am-12 noon, 2pm-8pm. House of the Birlas have the tradition of building magnificent marble temple.

Chilkur Balaji (Near Gandipet) Chilkur Balaji Temple, 6.00 to 21.00.

Hussain Sagar (Tank Bund) Necklace Road. the centre of the lake stands a famous statue of the Buddha.

NTR Garden NTR Marg ,2 PM-8:30 PM. the Rs. 45 combo. Rs.15 for entry.

Lumbini Park NTR Marg (West of Hussain Sagar lake). 9 AM-9 PM. Rs.5, rides extra.

Runway 9 Ph+95-8418-232 752/232 It's a 1-2 hour drive east of the city.

Paigah Tombs 10 am TO 5 pm, Friday holiday 24658124 Entry Free.

Dream Valley Nestled amidst lush green environs at Gandipet, Resorts is a water theme park with waterslide

Diginet zone (AP's Best Gamecenter. Wifi hotspot, coffee shop, shopping)Ph: 55580009

Dhola-Ri-Dhani 24 hours situated at Kompally on Medchal Road. Camel rides, puppet shows, folk dances, authentic. Botanical Gardens Spread over 120 acres, when completed will have 19 sections (Vanams). Hyderabad.

Near Pragathi Nagar

Hyderabad Josh - October 2008  

Hyderabad Josh - A magazine for City's Next Gen! Hyderabad Josh is a Lifestyle magazine pusblished in Hyderabad and is targeted for the city...

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