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Love Island’s





on not letting the online trolls win

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Contents 6 MEGAN BARTON-HANSON Life after Love Island: is it all a bed of roses?


The new series of Love Island is well underway, and I for one am going to be glued to the TV over the next few weeks. One such star who’s experienced the craziness that comes with being on the show is our cover star, Megan Barton-Hanson [right]. What’s it really like being thrust in to the spotlight while dealing with online trolls just waiting for you to fail? Read all in our exclusive interview on page six. We’ve also got weight loss advice from Lisa Riley (p17), exercise tips from Megan McKenna (p20), travel hotspots with Calum Best (p30) and beauty secrets from Kady McDermott (p40). And don’t forget to read our exclusive chat with Love Island’s Dr Alex George, who’s speaking up about the negative effects reality TV can have on its participants. Turn to page 27 to see what he thinks should be done when it comes to mental health and those in the public eye.

Impressing us with her 12-stone weight loss


Celebrating six years of diet success

20 MEGAN MCKENNA How she maintains her amazing shape


Keeping fit with football and the gym


How to keep check on your mental health

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The reality star talks travel hotspots


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Menswear advice from the Love Island star



What the experts used to achieve her cover look

Her hair, skin and beauty must-haves

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A relaxing two-night spa break for two

48 GIOVANNA FLETCHER Juggling life as a mum to three young boys


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Reminiscing about her March wedding day


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We FaceTime the singer for a chat

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Megan BartonHanson


The Love Island star talks exclusively to Celebrity Secrets about her battles with mental health Interview Claire Muffett-Reece If you’re a Love Island addict like the rest of the nation, you’ll know all about the antics of Megan Barton-Hanson when she entered the villa back in June 2018. The boys were bowled over at the sight of the blonde beauty, with Megan initially showing an interest in Dr Alex George. Realising they were better off as friends, she moved on to Eyal Booker, before coupling up with Wes Nelson. A brief flirtation with newcomer Alex Miller followed, with Megan getting back together with Wes and securing a place in the live final. Fast-forward to almost a year and Megan’s still in incredible demand. Single after splitting with Wes during his stint on Dancing on Ice, she’s got a whopping 1.8million followers on Instagram alone. An ambassador for clothing brand Pretty Little Thing, she’s also in high demand for photo shoots and TV appearances, stripping off for ITV’s The All New Monty and now filming the latest series of Celebs Go Dating. It says on her Instagram she’s ‘unapologetically honest’, so let’s see how much Megan’s really prepared to reveal… You claim you’re a feminist on Instagram. What does that mean to you? ‘Being a feminist is doing whatever you want with your body, as long as it makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It’s someone who’s strong and doesn’t have to explain themselves to others.’ celebritysecrets.com

COVER STAR | 7 Megan wears top from neverfullydressed.co.uk, skirt from soukibelair.com and sunglasses from quayaustralia.co.uk


COVER STAR | 9 Megan wears head scarf from primark.com, top and shorts from prettylittlething.com and corset from elissapoppy.com

Some people argue using your sexuality for your career affects the feminist cause. What do you say when looking back at your work as a stripper? ‘That’s a very old-fashioned view – as in you’re doing it for the male gaze and it’s all for the opposite sex. Stripping gave me so much more confidence. I was the girl at school who was too shy to put her hand up if she knew the answer. Stripping transformed me. If I could do that I could do anything.’ Since leaving Love Island your social media’s gone insane. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? ‘I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s absolutely amazing for bringing a cause or charity to people’s attention, but then there’s the trolling and negativity that comes with it. You get one nasty comment and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. It’s disturbing how many likes a nasty remark gets.’

What’s the worst comment you’ve ever read about yourself? ‘There’s been so many! I used to let it get to me, reposting anything nasty on my Instagram to name and shame that particular person. Now I don’t read the comments. I’ll never forget people trolling me for what I looked like when I was at school. How you can call a 15-year-old girl “hideous” is beyond me.’ What do you think social media should be doing to stop trolls? ‘It’s a hard one. It would be great if they had filters to prevent people from abusing someone on their comments or via their DMs. The person that posted it should also be blocked as a consequence of their actions.’

‘Stripping transformed me – if I could do that

Some celebs use the ‘Instagram versus reality’ angle to show how lighting, filters and posing affects how they look. Do you think that has any real impact on their followers? ‘I certainly think it takes the edge off. Before I went on Love Island I honestly thought celebs led all-glamorous lives. It’s not until I left that I realised my life hadn’t radically changed – I still walked in to my flat at the end of the day and felt lonely. I saw Vicky Pattison did a long post recently about feeling down and that really resonated with me. If it made me realise I’m not alone then it must have done the same with loads of people out there.’

I could do anything’

How do you cope with trolls? ‘I try and take breaks from social media, and post in moderation. I know I need Instagram for my career, but I’ve learnt to limit myself. I also don’t post anything particularly personal, such as photos with my family. When I came out of the villa I saw the impact and stress the negative press had on them – and I never want that to happen again.’


COVER STAR | 11 Megan wears head scarf and sunglasses from primark.com, top from riverisland.com, trousers from prettylittlething.com and shoes from kurtgeiger.com

So why use filters to enhance pictures? ‘As a woman if you’re going to post a nice picture, you want to make it look the best that you can. I am so harshly judged as it is, so if I see a bit of a belly roll on one of my photos then I’ll blend it out ever so slightly so that you can’t see it as much. The problem is in this industry I’m damned if I do – and I’m damned if I don’t!’

‘I should have left

the villa with Alex and not Wes’

Let’s talk about the impact of reality TV on its contestants. With suicide linked to both shows, why has the Jeremy Kyle Show been axed but not Love Island ? ‘I can’t give you an answer for that. What I will say is that the Jeremy Kyle Show was a totally different format – people were invited on the show to be ridiculed, and it’s almost like a pantomime. Having said that Love Island is like that in a way – I was definitely cast as the villain! I do think they should make contestants more aware of the editing process before they enter the villa.’ Do you think more research is needed in to the psychological impact of reality TV on its participants? ‘To be fair to the show, they really looked after us in terms of our mental health. I had three separate meetings with a therapist before I went in, and they were fully aware of my experiences with anxiety and depression. I’m quite lucky in that I know what my triggers are, whereas others who’ve never realised they might have an issue could go on a show and become overwhelmed.’ When did the mental health team at Love Island last reach out to you? ‘They are constantly in touch. When I broke up with Wes they were in contact straight away, and it was the same when I got burgled. They certainly don’t wash their hands of you after the final. I was originally paying privately for a therapist, but they took over the bill as I was dealing with the attention that came with being on reality TV.’ Let’s go back to your own issues with mental health… ‘I’ve experienced issues for nearly 10 years, and my first therapy session was when I was 16. I felt down and couldn’t figure out why. I went to see a therapist and plodded along for a couple more years, then when I hit 18 things got really intense. I just felt like this cloud was constantly looming over me, and I didn’t even want to do basic things like get out of bed or take a shower. It got to the stage where I told my mum I was sick of living and asked if I could end my life. I’m so thankful we went back to a therapist and I got the help I needed.’ You said on World Mental Health Day that Love Island helped your mental health… ‘I called it a “rehab retreat” – and it was! I had to push myself out of my comfort zone, especially when it came to the challenges. When we had to dance for the boys I knew they’d bring up my stripper past and dress me up like one. I panicked, then realised I had to do it for my self-confidence – and it made me feel so much stronger.’ celebritysecrets.com

COVER STAR | 13 Do you think there’s still a stigma for men speaking up about mental health? ‘Definitely. It makes me so sad, especially when they’re told to “man up.” Boys tend to keep it all bottled in until it’s too late, which is wrong and needs to change.’ Do you still get anxious? ‘It’s something I’m always going to live with, as you’ll have days when you feel good and days when you feel bad. On the red carpet I’m always worrying if I’ll trip over or if people will judge me, but I have to stop and think of my ever-improving journey with mental health.’ Do you have any tips or advice for this year’s Love Island stars? ‘Just focus on you, and the person you leave with, and think about what you want to achieve. Whatever you do don’t read anything the press wrote about you while you were in the villa. I did that once – never again!’ What cast mates are you still in touch with? ‘Charlie Brake and I are good friends, and I still speak to Zara and Dani. Dani and I are going out for dinner next week, which I’m really looking forward to.’ So are you and Charlie an item? ‘We’re just friends. I love how he doesn’t care what people think about him – he’s the boy version of me! Any man I get seen with the papers say I’m dating. I did go out on a date with Chris Eubank Jr, though. We went for dinner, but I’m not rushing in to anything.’

‘I told my mum I was

sick of living and asked if I could end my life’

Megan wears top from lolalovesboutique.com, bottoms from francescacouture.co.uk and earrings from ellebelleattire.com

Looking back are you glad you left the villa with Wes? ‘At the time I was happy, but in hindsight I should have gone with my gut. There was something telling me to stick with Alex Miller, as he was closer to my age and probably ready for a relationship. But I was also attracted to Wes. I should have gone with my head instead of my heart.’

Megan wears dress from zara.com/uk and sunglasses from primark.com

Are you and Wes in touch? ‘We don’t speak at all. Wes is a people pleaser, so he’d tell me what I wanted to hear as opposed to the truth. It would have been easier to rip the plaster off quickly in terms of our relationship, rather than in slow motion. I was clinging on to the hope he gave me. He’s got a kind heart, but I wish he’d been more honest about the fact he wanted to be single.’ What are you looking for in a man? ‘Someone who knows what they want. I certainly don’t want to be with a man who’s driven about the likes they get on social media. I’m 25 and my mum had me at 24, so I’d love to get engaged and start a family.’ celebritysecrets.com

14 | COVER STAR Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org in the UK

Megan wears top from prettylittlething.com and head scarf and sunglasses from primark.com

You’re currently filming Celebs Go Dating. Why broadcast your love life on another reality TV show rather than dating privately? ‘When I went on Love Island I’d been single for two years and really missed having that romantic connection with someone. I fell deeply in love and was sold the dream by Wes – we spoke about travelling together and even touched on marriage and kids. Since the relationship ended I’ve been on a few dates, one of which got his phone out and took a picture of me mid-dinner! I now find it hard to trust people’s intentions, and feel I could really benefit from the agents’ help and advice as to where I’m going wrong in love.’

How was starring in The All New Monty? ‘It was so much harder than I thought it would be. I hated getting on stage that very first time, but once the adrenaline kicked in I couldn’t wait to get back up and do it all over again.’


Being on TV and now on stage is a far cry from your life a little over a year ago. What would you say is the best thing about being famous? ‘Being able to get charities and campaigns I feel passionate about more publicity – it really does make a difference! I’ve got to admit it’s also pretty nice having hair stylists and makeup artists always wanting to get you ready for events, too. I’ve never felt so glamorous!’

‘I’ve suffered with

anxiety and depression for nearly 10 years’

At 25 you’ve already had three lots of plastic surgery. Looking in the mirror are you happy with what you see? ‘As a woman I’m never going to feel truly content with my reflection. I had my ears pinned back at school after years of cruel comments, then at 19 I had a boob and nose job. Part of me thought once I had surgery I’d be much more confident. That didn’t happen – that comes with years of loving yourself.’ celebritysecrets.com

And what’s the worst thing? ‘The judgement and constant criticism of everything I do. If I don’t touch up a picture, if I do touch up a picture – it’s never-ending. I’ve had to toughen up a lot since leaving Love Island.’ Photography James Rudland jamesaugustusphotography.com Art direction Claire Muffett-Reece Hair Joel Maguire instagram.com/joel_ maghair21 Make-up Carmen Carter instagram.com/makeupbycarmenx Styling Ellis Ranson styled-ellisranson.co.uk Videography Patrick Magill Art editor Stefanie Ward Cadillac pinkcadillaccarhire.co.uk Shot on location at bobbyjos.co.uk and roslinhotel.com


celebritysecretsmag Shaken not stirred! Here’s editor @mrscreece with our cover star @meganbartonhanson_ enjoying a milkshak e in @bobby_ jos_diner in her home town of Southend-on-Sea #celebrity #summer #beach #seaside #southend #meganbartonhanson #loveisland #loveisland2018 #loveisland2019 #celebritysecretsmag


Lisa Riley

We talk to the actress about her sensational 12-stone weight loss Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

After losing 12 stone how do you find looking in the mirror? ‘I love my reflection, as it’s a great reminder of how hard I’ve worked. I’m doing a lot of muscle toning at the gym and can see more definition. I feel super-sexy!’

Are you planning on losing more weight? ‘No. I have a body that I adore, and everything’s neat and tidy. I train five or six times a week, but that’s to stay healthy. I’m content in the person that I am, and don’t think we should put pressure on ourselves to look a certain way.’

Is there anything you miss about your How long did it take you? pre-weight loss days? ‘Just over two years – and all of it ‘Nothing. I love how my weight loss has inspired was achieved naturally. After I’d lost so many to do the same. On my Instagram 12 stone I had skin removal surgery, as you see nothing but the truth. The weight no trainer in the world could get help with loss world is full of gimmicks, whereas mine’s the excess. The loose real – and I’m the living proof!’ skin hurt daily and prevented ‘I love how my weight Your weight loss books are me from going to the gym.’ doing great, too… loss has inspired so What was your diet like ‘The best compliment I get is that before losing weight? readers say they can hear my voice many to do the same’ ‘Breakfast was fried eggs in the books. I want to help people on toast, then I’d snack on because I know how hard it is, yet chocolate. Lunch was pasta I also know how achievable it is.’ with garlic bread, before a dinner of veggie shepherd’s pie with roast potatoes. I’d pick at You’re also busy with fashion for Ideal World TV… ice cream and crisps throughout the night, too.’ ‘Fashion’s always been a huge part of my life. My clothes range from a size eight to 28, as women So what did you eat today? shouldn’t have to shop in different stores ‘I had two Weetabix with almond milk for breakfast, depending on their shape. I want women to look in salmon with scrambled eggs for lunch, then fish the mirror and feel fabulous at their reflection.’ curry with salad for dinner. I don’t snack anymore, Lisa’s third summer clothing collection offers new stylish and for drinks it’s tea, coffee and plenty of water.’

DISCLAIMER: It is important that you consult a medical professional before committing to any new treatment. The information in this feature is not intended as medical or weight loss advice nor is it intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional or dietician.

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Denise Welch The Loose Women host on how she’s stayed in shape for the past six years Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

I’M LOVING LIFE AT 61 ‘When you’re younger there’s an awful lot of pressure on how your body should look, but as I’ve aged and got in control of my weight I’ve learnt to become much more body confident. I’ve overhauled my lifestyle and removed all bad influences, and I’m proud of who I am.’

breakfast, salad for lunch, nuts to snack on and homemade soup with a bread roll for dinner.’

CELEBRATE YOUR SHAPE ‘A LighterLife survey recently revealed that 70% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies, with many using the word “disgusting” to describe their shape. I’m so saddened to read this. It’s time we changed our ‘I celebrate my mindset and acknowledged our health and happiness. I celebrate body flaws because my flaws because I’m a survivor!’

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SUGAR WAS MY DOWNFALL ‘Sweet foods were definitely an issue before I lost the weight. I was used to a certain level in alcohol, then replaced that with chocolate and sweets. Now I follow LighterLife’s FlexiFast plan I can have the odd treat, but I do mostly try to stick to a balanced way of eating.’ I COULD LIVE ON FISH AND CHIPS ‘If I could only eat one thing every day – and still stay healthy, of course – it would be fish and chips, as us Geordies make them best! In real life I’m just as happy with a LighterLife porridge for

INSTAGRAM’S NOT REAL ‘The best thing to remember is that most people only want to show their best pictures. It doesn’t matter about being perfect – it matters about being someone you like and appreciate. Even Cindy Crawford doesn’t look like the Cindy Crawford in the magazines!’ Denise has been the brand ambassador for LightLife for six years. For more information visit lighterlife.com

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Megan McKenna The reality star and country singer on why she’ll never set foot in a gym Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

MY DOG KEEPS ME FIT ‘As I’m always on the go I don’t have the time to follow a set exercise routine. I walk my dog Daisy every day, taking her for a stroll around the local lakes. I try to swim as often as I can, too – it makes me feel amazing afterwards.’

COELIAC DISEASE RULES MY DIET ‘I have to be really careful with what I eat as coeliac disease can lead to serious complications when I’m older. I can’t even have a trace of gluten and I have a severe wheat allergy too. I was also diagnosed with IBS last year, so am trying to control that as well.’

Megan recording her album in Nashville, Tennessee

EATING’S HARD ON TOUR ‘I try to be good, having peanut butter on gluten-free toast for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and a stir fry for dinner. I have a McDonald’s every now and then – a double cheeseburger with extra gherkins and no bun.’ I LOVE FOOD SHOPPING ‘Food shopping is my idea of heaven, and I enjoy browsing in Waitrose and M&S for their gluten-free options. When I’m in Nashville

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THE GYM’S NOT FOR EVERYONE ‘I tried the gym but didn’t like people looking at me while I worked out! I remember walking in to see a row of cross trainers and running machines and realising it wasn’t for me. One day I might have a home gym and train in private, but there are plenty of other ways to exercise.’


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Dan Osborne The Celebrity Big Brother star talks fitness, football and food Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition. Always consult a medical professional if you’re considering supplementing your diet. This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

Alamy/Wenn Rights Ltd

How often do you work out? What’s a typical day’s meals? ‘About five to six days a week, for an hour at a time. ‘It’s different every day. Generally I have a whey One day will be cardio or football, then I have set protein shake in the morning, then scrambled muscle group training on other days. I like to egg on toast. I’ll grab a chicken and spinach roll alternate chest and triceps, back at the gym, then have a protein bar and biceps, shoulders and traps, and another shake after training ‘I eat healthily arms and abs and finally my legs.’ to help rebuild my muscles. For dinner, it’s normally chicken and but can’t really What exercise do you love? rice or a chicken shish. Tonight ‘My favourite’s the pec fly resist a Domino’s’ though I’m having a curry!’ machine, as you can really feel it working. I save that for the We’ve seen you take part end of my chest session to really make them in charity football matches with a work. My least favourite are squats, as doing host of other celebs. Who’s the best them has injured my lower back. Now I work footballer and who’s the worst? around that so I don’t injure it any further.’ ‘I play in quite a lot of charity matches and really enjoy getting involved. There’s a few good What age were you when you footballers that I love playing alongside. Jeremy decided you wanted to train? Lynch from the F2, my mate ‘Man like Haks’ and ‘It was around seven years ago when I Soccer AM’s Tubes are all good. The worst has was 20. I’m six foot five inches and was to be Stevi Ritchie, bless him – although he will really skinny at the time, so I felt like kill me for saying that!’ I needed to fill out more. I’m still not one hundred per cent happy with my New ActiveIron for Women – shape – there’s constantly work to do!’ With all that working out your diet must be pretty strict… ‘My diet isn’t very good to be honest, but I do try to order a healthier option wherever I’m eating. Having said that I can’t really resist a Domino’s!’

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CBD is the new superfood

A shared passion for health inspired one couple to start their own legal cannabis business. Sophia & Kirk were researching herbs when they discovered cannabidiol – the legal compound found in cannabis called CBD that has super health-giving properties to optimise wellbeing. The original CBD company to launch back in 2014, Amma Life now has a huge following of tens of thousands of loyal customers. “Health is wealth,” says Amma Life co-founder Sophia. “Our customers often refer to our CBD oil as essential for happy living. We couldn’t agree more!” LOYAL CUSTOMER ANTHEA DESCRIBES HER LOVE OF AMMA LIFE CBD “I’ve found CBD oil to be an essential, integral part of my healthy, balanced lifestyle toolkit, and recommend it to everyone. I only wish I’d found it sooner! CBD has enabled me to effectively manage stressful times. I now wake up feeling calm and full of energy. Amma Life’s formula is the only one I’ve found that’s grown organically which is also a definite plus.” NOT ALL CBD IS CREATED EQUAL Amma Life guarantees quality. State-of-theart extraction methods are used to create superior CBD health products packed with essential cannabinoids and terpenes. You can trust in Amma Life, the original UK company to launch CBD in 2014.

OUR CBD OIL IS: � � � �

Suitable for vegans

100% natural ingredients

Legal cannabis supplements Bursting with goodness.

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Feel like you’re struggling with low energy levels? Is tiredness affecting your day-today life? Then you may need more iron in your diet. Iron is an essential building block for your body – you need it to help ensure proper immune function, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and provide support for your normal energy metabolism and cognitive function. Getting the right amount of iron can improve your daily life, although making sure you meet your iron requirement intake isn’t always the easiest to achieve.

In fact, women need twice as much iron than men on average, especially those of childbearing age. If you find it hard to feel energised when its that time of the month you are not alone. This is because menstruation is the most common cause of iron loss worldwide, with women – on average – losing around 220 to 250 milligrams of iron per pint of blood during each menstrual cycle.

THE ROLE OF VITAMIN B Vitamin B also plays an important role in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines. B-Complex vitamins help contribute to the regulation of hormonal balance, support mental performance, increase energy and stimulate the immune system. Natural sources of vitamin B12 are “With my busy lifestyle only found in animal my iron levels are not proteins such as meat, poultry, eggs and always what they should dairy, which makes be. That’s why I use it a difficult vitamin to ingest for those ActiveIron for Women on a restricted diet, it gives me the energy I including vegetarians.

need and is kind on my gut – I can even take it on an empty stomach!” - Lateysha Grace celebritysecrets.com

NEW FORMULA New ActiveIron & B Complex Plus for Women combines the ground-breaking

‘Getting the right amount of iron can improve your daily life’

ActiveIron formulation with a specially formulated B Complex Plus. ActiveIron is clinically proven to deliver twice the absorption of iron than other iron supplements. It’s nonconstipating formula also ensures reduced gut irritation from iron. Because we have made our product better it is now possible for you to take an iron supplement daily to support your energy needs with less risk of gut irritation. In addition, our high potency B Complex Plus has been designed to include targeted release for optimum absorption of all vitamins and minerals. SUPPORTING YOU Pairing a supplement like ActiveIron for Women with a varied diet and healthy lifestyle may help boost your energy levels and support you achieving your goals whatever they may be.

Back to your best New ActiveIron for Women – the first female specific Iron with B Complex Plus containing ActiveIron’s ground-breaking protein formula. Available now at leading pharmacies and health stores and online at amazon.co.uk and activeiron.com. Get 50% off your first pack using the code CSACTIVE on activeiron.com

REFERENCES: Wang et al, Acta Haematologica 2017; 138: 223-232. Iron, folic acid and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity. Vitamins C & D contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin D5 contributes to normal mental performance.

Get active and stay active!

Dr Alex George


The Love Island star and doctor on his experience with mental health, both before and after the show Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Two Love Island stars took their own lives due to mental illness. Is more research needed in to the psychological impact of reality TV on participants? ‘It’s a shock when you’re thrust into reality TV. From experiencing this first hand, I can say that aftercare is important. ITV have been very supportive, with counselling for as long as I need.’

Let’s talk about social media. Can more be done to combat trolls, but also identify when people are experiencing poor mental health? ‘Social media can have a real impact on our mental health. The downside is that it’s a space where you are open to attack. The impact of trolling should not be under-appreciated, especially for the developing minds of young people. Reporting should result in action – ‘Life is much too and not just an automated response which essentially says, “Sorry we short to listen to aren’t going to do anything about negativity and hate’ it.” Improvements are being made, however it’s too slow and not enough.’

What are your tips for good mental health? ‘Good mental health is like a jigsaw – you need to get all the pieces in the right place. It all matters, from your support networks, to lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet. Try and break down your life into sections and look at how you can make a positive change to each, which will culminate in an overall happier you.’

Mike took his own life in March

A year has passed since Sophie’s death

Has social media had a negative impact on you? ‘At first the trolls hit me hard, as I’m a naturally sensitive person and care what people think. Over time I’ve learnt to ignore the negatives, and only take positive comments and support on board. Life is much too short to listen to negativity and hate.’ Tell us about your own experience with mental health… ‘No one is immune, and when I was in medical school I went through a bad patch and felt quite down, as well as isolated and lost. Luckily, I spoke to my family and friends which made all the difference, and thankfully I made it back to a good place.’

More from Dr Alex at celebrity secrets.com

Has your mental health been affected since leaving Love Island? ‘I’m more anxious than I was. I’m not used to being approached, and although people are 99% lovely, there’s a fear of that one per cent. Now I recognise my anxiety triggers and have coping mechanisms, such as taking deep breaths. If that doesn’t work, I remove myself from the situation.’ Listen to Dr Alex’s podcast, The Waiting Room, on Apple, Spotify and Acast. Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org in the UK


Lighten life’s daily load

With an increasing focus on mental health and wellbeing these days, we all know how important it is to take time out from our busy schedules to relax, recharge and destress. But how do you achieve that on a daily basis? Iconic home fragrance brand, Price’s Candles, offers the perfect, affordable solution; divinely scented candles and fragrant reed diffusers specially designed to promote rest and relaxation.

*Terms and conditions apply.

SPA LIVING IN YOUR OWN HOME You can’t beat a peaceful spa day to chill out and unwind, and the soothing fragrance of Spa Moments provides this serenity in your own home, creating your very own sanctuary of tranquillity. Featuring base notes of camomile, the delicate, gentle fragrance will aid relaxation and create a comforting environment for you to rest and recharge. RELAX AND UNWIND WITH LAVENDER Lavender is well known as a calming fragrance; said to be used for a number of conditions including insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. Price’s Candles’ Lavender and Lemongrass range promotes relaxation through the overtones of lavender, combined with clean, citrus notes of lemongrass to soothe the stresses of your day away.

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Balance the body and calm the mind

HOW IT ALL BEGAN FROM SEED TO CUP! Body and Mind Botanicals’s journey started Body and Mind Botanicals are the three years ago when Michael Fitzgerald, only company in Europe who grow the founder, was researching therapy for Multiple this particular strain of cannabis Sclerosis (MS). After reading early studies and harvest it in the way they do to relating to MS and cannabidiol (CBD) make cannabis tea. As the growers it led him onto more research and he found that and producers, they are able to pack some reports suggest that CBD can help with the tea full of buds from the plant which sleep. This was something that was a is where much of the CBD resides. They real interest to him, as from then reintroduce a few seeds the age of 14 he’d rarely and some leaves for flavour. ‘People around slept more than four hours The cannabis tea contains a night. He decided from a very low amount of THC – him noticed a great that moment he would give 0.2% – which is the highest it a go –and instantly he legal amount allowed in the improvement in his felt the benefits. But the UK and most of Europe, so the biggest thing for him is that tea is not psychoactive and general mood’ people around him began doesn’t get you ’stoned‘. to notice an improvement The company has in his general mood. With not even realising he created a great tasting tea which is very suffered with low mood, anxiety and stress, popular up and down the country. They this led onto a time of harsh reflection. currently sell three types of tea that are Michael’s personal experience with CBD all grown on certified organic farms: helped him overcome his anxiety and let loose leaf; individual biodegradable the person he really was shine through. tea bags; and peppermint flavour. Once he discovered the positive way in Besides the tea we also sell CBD oils which CBD affected him, he later became which we make ourselves and we have some frustrated with the lack of product quality, very exciting new products coming soon. consistency and misinformation in the market when trying to purchase the oils. A COMPANY THAT CARES After 18 months of solid research and What makes Body and Mind Botanicals development, together with business partner different from any other is that they Martin Kaprockyj, Michael began to set up are involved every step of the way. their farms, supply chain and distribution. It is very important to them to educate their celebritysecrets.com

customers. They haven’t lost sight of why they started this business in the first place and that is to help people. They like to look at their stockists as partners and plan to continue to grow their team of cannabis experts.

Find out more... Body and Mind Botanicals’ tea is sold in 300 stores across the UK including Daylesford Organic, Partridges of London and Grape Tree. Visit bodyandmindbotanicals.com to find a store near you.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition. This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

Cannabis tea won’t get you ‘stoned’ – but can promote health and wellbeing


Calum Best The model and reality star on the dream destinations he’s visited Interview Claire Muffett-Reece MARBELLA

‘I went to Marbella for a friend’s birthday and booked a room at the Marbella Club hotel. To this day it’s one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed at. Soaking up the sun  The room are Spanish in style, and I love how you can just stroll down to the beach and enjoy some incredible food. There’s a great gym called Reebok Hybrid Marbella that I like to work out in, and there’s a nice beach bar called La Sala, which is one of the less intense places on the beachfront to hang out at.’ STAY HERE The Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella is the perfect laid-back base to explore, boasting a spa, Latin American cuisine and rooftop bar amarehotels.com



STAY HERE Helios House, at the Helios Retreats Bahamas, is an ecofriendly, eight-acre luxury estate on a gorgeous pink sandy beach. Matthew McConaughey stayed here when filming Fool’s Gold! helios-retreats.com IBIZA

‘It was my friend Wayne Lineker’s birthday, so I flew to Ibiza to Calum with friend celebrate with him. We Wayne Lineker  went for dinner at the Cotton Beach Club, which has the best views of the island, before heading to Wayne’s new club, O Beach Ibiza. I also took a boat trip out to Es Vedrà, which was unbelievable. It’s the third most magnetic place on earth, and is supposedly full of energy, so people go there for an uplifting spiritual experience.’ STAY HERE San Antonio’s Wi-KiWoo boutique hotel is reminiscent of Miami’s South Beach and has created a buzz amongst fashionable sun seekers looking for the ultimate picture opportunity wikiwoohotelibiza.com


‘I’m a patron of The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa), so I pulled a team together to climb Mont Blanc to raise Hot tub anyone?  further awareness. The climb took two-and-ahalf days and was the biggest mental and physical challenge of my life. I had an ice pick and ice shoes on, and spent my time scaling vertical mountain faces. Reaching the summit and looking at those views was one of the most epic moments of my life.’ STAY HERE The super-luxe, eco-friendly, five-bedroom eco-chalet has a hot tub overlooking the Chamonix Valley and a bubble-shaped sauna with views over the surrounding mountains thirdhome.com

‘I was invited Calum loved Bali’s to join a new Fifth Element Escapes  adventure holiday and fitness retreat with Fifth Element Escapes in Bali. You’d get up in the morning for military fitness, experience Balinese culture in the afternoon, and finish with beach yoga as the sun set over the sea. One day we went to a water temple for a spiritual blessing from one of the water gods, which was an amazing experience.’ STAY HERE Visit Bali with Fifth Element Escapes, a luxury travel company offering More from adventure, yoga, fitness Calum at and wellbeing escapes to celebrity secrets.com some of the most beautiful destinations on earth fifthelementescapes.com

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Relax like Calum at Helios Retreats


‘I chose to go on a fitness retreat in the Bahamas so I could have a break while keeping in shape. I went to a place called Eleuthera with Helios Retreats. The island was incredible – well away from the mainland and with minimal inhabitants, you had to get on three flights just to get there! I spent the week doing fitness and yoga, as well as exploring and enjoying all that the Bahamas has to offer.’


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Stay safe in the sun this summer

Are you jetting off to your dream destination this summer or enjoying a stay-cation somewhere closer to home? The Suncare Shop is here to make sure you’re prepared for the summer sun, wherever you are. Everyone has different priorities when it comes to sun protection, so whether you’re looking to perfect your tan or you’re a busy parent looking to keep your little ones safe, The Suncare Shop has you covered. Why spend hours searching FREE for different sun protection GIFT to suit every member of your family when you can get it all in one place? Whatever your style, The Suncare Shop has got something for you – super sensitive formulas, deep bronzing oils and planet-friendly plant-based protection; from your favourite brands to your soon-to-be-favourite brands. OFFERING YOU THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF SUN PROTECTION ONLINE The Suncare Shop is committed to bringing you the best brands for your skin at brilliant prices. We put your needs first, all with expert advice and free UK delivery. Grab your summer essentials now, whether you need handy travel-size products or a bottle big enough to keep the whole family covered.

HAWAIIAN TROPIC TANNING OIL Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Spray (SPF 20) drenches your skin in protective moisture. This nourishing sun protection provides you with the UVA/ UVB protection to ensure you are safe in the sun. RIEMANN P20 Riemann P20 SAVE 30% (available in various SPFs) offers long-lasting sun protection. The formula uses long-lasting UVA and UVB chemical filters to protect you from sun ageing and burning. Use Riemann P20 under make-up and to protect your whole body when enjoying the sun on holiday or at home. DOCK & BAY The compact and lightweight Dock & Bay Towels will save you room in your suitcase for the things that really matter. Their super-quickdry material prevents sand from sticking to it making it perfect for the beach or pool. They’ll be your new SAVE 20% WITH favourite towel in no time. CODE DB20


ULTRASUN FAMILY Ultrasun Family (SPF 30) delivers high all-day protection with just one application per day. Its super sensitive formulation is ideal for very sensitive and children’s skin and helps to prevent ‘prickly heat’ reactions. FREE Ultrasun’s After Sun is a cooling, AFTER SUN moisturising fluid which is formulated for very sensitive skin. Immediately soothe irritated skin after exposure to the sun with this fast-absorbing, non-greasy gel. The Suncare Shop has your travel essentials covered. From soothing aftersun to spacesaving travel towels perfect for the beach. Prefer to chill by the pool? Make a splash this summer with our range of novelty floats in standout designs! Whether you’re planning an epic water fight or lying back and soaking up the sun, with everything from unicorns to jellyfish – there is something to keep everyone happy poolside! thesuncareshop.com/cs | 01273 254254

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Shelby Tribble

More from Shelby at celebrity secrets.com

The TOWIE star on sunglasses, summer and why she’ll always have a soft spot for her ex Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

PHOTOGRAPHY: Natasha Worby HAIR AND MAKE�UP: Danielle Everitt

We love your Shock x Shelby sunglasses… ‘We all need a good pair of sunnies when we jet off on our jolly-days! Designer shades are fab, but not when you lose them after a few cocktails, so these are designerinspired styles at high street prices.’ What are you looking forward to wearing this summer? ‘A sexy bikini with a good pair of my shades. I’m not big on accessories as I prefer to make a statement by keeping it simple, so a pair of sunnies with a bikini and cocktail will make me very happy!’

Let’s play snog, marry and avoid – with Gatsby, Diags and Sam… ‘Sam and I said back when we were friends that if we didn’t find future partners we’d marry each other! I’d snog Gatsby, and that means as much as I love Diags I’d have to avoid him, as his ex is one of my ‘We all need a good pair best friends – and us girls always of sunnies when we jet stick together.’

off on our jolly-days!’

Which co-star would you check out under a pair of your sunglasses? ‘Well that’s an easy one for me to have to answer. It would definitely be Sam [Mucklow] – and I’ll be eyeing him up with my sunglasses both on and off! It makes me very happy that I get to check him out all day long – and can you blame me?’ And whose gaze would you avoid under a pair? ‘Now that’s more of a tricky question, because right now I get on with everyone. I guess we’ll have to wait until the next series of TOWIE airs to see what drama unfolds. Feel free to get back to me for an answer then!’

How are you and Sam now? ‘We’re better than ever! From the moment we met we’ve always had a connection, and there’s really no denying it. We’ve both finally realised we can’t ignore those feelings. At the moment we’re spending quality time together and I’m happy and content. Watch this space.’ Do you consider yourself good mates with Pete Wicks nowadays? ‘I do! Pete and I are in such a good place, which is brilliant as it ended so badly. As much as I loved the relationship he was more of a best friend than a partner, which he’ll agree on if you ask him. I’ll always have a soft spot for him, because he’s such a great friend to have!’ Buy Shock x Shelby sunglasses at shockxshelby.com


Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? We spend a fortune on serums, creams and ointments but many of us forget to look to our diets in order to restore what our bodies are slowly losing over time. Did you know that we lose 1% of our collagen every year from the age of 20? Consuming high quality collagen can be a quick, easy way to help replenish your collagen levels and help turn back the clock. With so many collagen supplements now on the market, choosing can feel likea bit of a minefield.

So, here’s our four tips on what to look out for: � Avoid solids or powders. Instead look for a liquid formula, which ‘Consuming has a higher absorption rate. �

Choose the right kind of collagen. Hydrolysed Marine Collagen is the highest quality collagen protein with the best active effects.

collagen can be a quick, easy way to turn back the clock’

Check the other ingredients. Vitamin C is known to help the body absorb collagen. Hyaluronic acid will help hydrate skin, giving a plumper, more youthful appearance. Ceramosides improve skin moisturisation. Choose a supplement that provides 8 grams of collagen a day – the body can only efficiently absorb this much at a time, so make sure you are getting the optimal amount!

SkinGlo is a ready-to-drink collagen supplement, ticking all the boxes your skin needs. Taken once a day, results can be seen from as little as two weeks.

Find out more... To unlock the formula to exceptional skin for less, use the code CSGLO to receive 20% off your first SkinGlo order. skinglocollagen.com @skinglocollagen 01332 542500 celebritysecrets.com

DISCLAIMER: It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.

Alex Bowen


The reality star on men’s fashion and why he loves being married Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

WORK MAKES ME HAPPY ‘I’m so proud of mine and my wife Olivia’s fashion line, which we’ve named Exempt Society. We chose to call the brand that as we had trouble with the previous business, so wanted to start back from the beginning. We went through so much to make the brand different, and Exempt seemed like the perfect name to choose.’

I LOVE WORKING WITH OLIVIA ‘I design the men’s side of things, and Olivia designs the women’s. There’s no clashing or disagreements – it just works! Olivia’s just released her women’s swimwear line and it’s incredible. We’ve done it all by ourselves with no help. It’s been tough, but we work together well.’

MARRIAGE IS EVERYTHING MY CAPS SELL OUT ‘Being married is awesome, ‘We have lots of and I can’t believe it will our caps they sell out great-selling pieces, be our first wedding but every time we anniversary in September! within 15 minutes!’ launch our caps they I’m planning on doing sell out within 10 to 15 something special, but I’m minutes! Another great seller is our joggers not allowed to say what as Olivia will read line, which have been made with really thick, this! I love the fact I get to call her my wife high-quality jersey. We also have a longline and spend all my time with my soulmate.’ vest coming out soon, which will be great for casual wear or for going to the gym.’ WE NEED TO GET AWAY ‘Olivia and I have been so busy with work CELEBS WEAR MY CLOTHES that we’re looking forward to going on ‘All of our pieces have very small holiday this summer. I know it looks like branding, as we want the quality to really we’re away a lot on Instagram, but it’s do the talking. Having said that we’ve always for work! It’ll be nice to get back to already got some celebrities wearing our favourite place in the world, Barbados, the menswear, such as Josh Denzel and chill.’ and Adam Collard from last year’s Love Island. I would love to get Bugzy Malone Shop the men’s and women’s collections from Alex and Olivia now at exempt-society.com wearing our tracksuits though!’


‘Every time we launch

Alex and his wife Olivia

Perfect pearly whites Beverly Hills Formula’s Perfect White Black toothpaste and mouthwash together give an all-round, all-day-lasting clean. Contains Activated Charcoal, clinically proven to be among the most effective teeth-whitening ingredients today. beverlyhillsformula.com

DISCLAIMER: It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.


The new face of aesthetics

Dr Nina Bal is a cosmetic dental surgeon from all the doctors and dentists in the UK and a facial aesthetics doctor trained in for the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, Facial aesthetics facial and dental reconstruction. Aesthetics – Dermal Fillers category. Her services include non-surgical cosmetic Dr Nina founded her Facial Sculpting clinics procedures and rejuvenation treatments. in London in 2017 to offer a combination of high She has established herself as one of quality aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics the most popular, highly respected and services together. Her sought-after cosmetic dental surgeons service assesses the and facial aesthetic doctors in London. face and teeth as a whole, You might recognise her from TV, as enabling faces to be Dr Nina is the official transformed faces cosmetic dentist in the in a very natural ‘Her model is Series 2 of the UK TV Show way to bring Bodyfixers shown on E4. out the most of to empower women everyone’s beauty. Dr Nina and her work have been featured With her clear to look, feel and be many times in the press, understanding of including Tatler, Forbes, the Golden Ratio, their very best self’ Harvard University, Evening her approach is Standard, Metro, Harper’s to bring out and Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, enhance her clients’ natural Thrive Global and Adweek, just to mention some. beauty in a welcoming and She is recommended as one of the top professional environment. aesthetics doctors in the UK and London in the If you are on Instagram, prestigious Tatler Address Book online and in you can easily understand the Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2019. that Dr Nina is an influencer herself in Dr Nina is a multi-awards nominated and her field where she explains the often the winner of the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards complex world 2018 in the Facial Aesthetics category – Full of aesthetics, Facial Treatment. In 2017 she was shortlisted facial sculpting as one of the best young dentists in the UK and dental by the highly prestigious Dental Awards beauty in a wholly and in 2019 she has been shortlisted again accessible way.

Find out more... To book an appointment please email info@facialsculpting.co.uk, call 07340 093939 or visit facialsculpting.co.uk drninafacialsculpting | drninafacialsculpting





Rhinoplasty London is run by two of the capital’s best facial surgeons and world experts in the nose. They deploy detailed facial analysis to achieve a balanced, natural look.Their unparalleled knowledge of facial aesthetics extends to non-surgical treatment programmes. The facial rejuvenation treatment programmes include a tight, lift and glow. As innovators and teachers, they employ treatments at the vanguard of the industry, making them perfect for surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation. Charles East and Lydia Badia are involved in the renaissance of preservation rhinoplasty, often employing ultrasonic techniques to sculpt the bones. Their focus is on you as an individual as they move away from a ‘one-size-fitsall’ industry. They understand how changing faces can change lives; when you are unhappy with how you look on the outside, it Meet Charles East can affect other and Lydia Badia areas of your life. Their clients are many and varied, the majority being young people wishing to improve the appearance

‘Their focus is on you as an individual as they move away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ industry.’

of their nose and their parents wishing to look good for their age. Sports injuries are very common and many people with a broken nose find it difficult to breath, Mike Tindall, after years of rugby battle, only took action last year trusting the procedure to Charles and Lydia.

Find out more... Visit rhinoplastylondon.co.uk or call 020 3196 0130. Check @rhinoplasty_london on Instagram for before and after images.

DISCLAIMER: It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.

Changing faces, changing lives



Summer skin, mind and body rituals Professional skincare formulated in England by and for therapists. SBC know what they are talking about when it comes to great skincare. Want gorgeous glowing skin from top to toe? Need to ease your aches and pains? In need of a peaceful night’s sleep? SBC’s daily rituals have the answer…



Coconut & Pulmeria Shower Melt 500ml £21

You may not be off to the Bahamas this summer, but tropical scents will make you think of the Caribbean islands... SBC Coconut & Plumeria Shower Melt deeply cleanses and intensely hydrates parched, sun-kissed skin. Emphasise your summer glow with the moisturising yet light-weight SBC Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel. Perfect for summer, it blends seamlessly into skin for a hydrated, dewy finish, enhanced with oh-so subtle lightreflecting shimmer.

TIP Apply the gel to areas you want to highlight, including cheek bones and your Coconut & collarbone, for a healthy Pulmeria Shimmer Skincare Gel glow. Add an extra layer 500ml £30 for a more intense sheen.

*T&Cs apply. Only applies to first purchase for new customers. Offer ends 31 July 2019



Did you know that in the summer your skin tends to produce more sweat and becomes dehydrated and so your skin is thirstier? Vegan friendly and in 100% recyclable packaging, the SBC Green Caviar Range is specially formulated to help achieve a hydrated, smooth and supple skin. Combining intense active ingredients including Green Caviar, Hyaluronic Acid, Rodacea, Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Green Caviar Perfecting Serum 30ml £36

Green Caviar Perfecting Moisturiser 90ml £36

TIP Dot the eye cream around the eye contour then apply the Green Caviar serum in an upward motion and Perfecting tap into the skin. Lock in moisture Eye Gel 30ml £36 with the dewy moisturiser.



Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Shower Gel & Shampoo 500ml £21


Wake-up and refresh with a citrus infusion. Convenience without compromise, the vitamin-rich SBC Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Shower Gel & Shampoo provides an uplifting experience to stimulate the senses, boost your mood and leave skin with a long-lasting aroma, ready for the day ahead. Overdone it in the gym? We have just the thing – SBC Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub! This intense body


Cleanse – twice! Double cleansing helps ensure that all dirt and pollutants have been effectively removed from the skin’s surface. Start with the hydrating and refreshing SBC Collagen Micellar Gel Cleanser, which also Collagen Collagen removes makeMicellar 3-in-1 up. Follow with Gel Cleanser Cleanser 500ml £25 500ml £38 SBC Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser to deeply cleanse and melt away impurities without drying out the skin. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, tap the SBC Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream around the eye contour. Lock in moisture Collagen with the award-winning SBC Illuminating Collagen Ultra Rich Cream, Eye Cream infused with Hyaluronic Acid. 30ml £36 Collagen Ultra Rich Cream 100ml £36

TIP Use the Collagen Ultra Rich Cream as an overnight mask, simply by applying a thicker layer before bed!

cream is an SOS in a tube. The heating infusion provides warming relief with invigorating benefits for those suffering with muscular discomfort. Tired legs from your morning run? SBC Leg Soothing Skincare Gel combines Camphor, Arnica and Witch Hazel to instantly cool and refresh legs and feet, to calm and ease signs of fatigue. PM

Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub 100ml £18 Leg Soothing Skincare Gel 100ml £9


Calm your mind and body before bed… SBC Lavender Skincare Gel is an exceptionally soothing and therapeutic face and body moisturiser. To aid relaxation and promote restful sleep, massage into skin before bedtime. Finally, spritz pillows with SBC Lavender Room Lavender & Pillow Spray, breathe Room & in the aroma and you’ll Pillow Spray drift off in no time. 250ml £18

Lavender Skincare Gel 250ml £18

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Kady McDermott Hair and beauty secrets from the reality star Interview Claire Muffett-Reece FACE

ESPA NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM ‘I use this every night before bed, as it takes off excess make-up and hydrates and freshens my skin.’ £40 espaskincare.com


MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT ‘I always put this on the ends of my hair after washing as it makes my locks look super-soft, shiny and hydrated.’ £32.85 moroccanoil.com BEAUTY WORKS PROFESSIONAL STYLER ‘This gives the most beautiful and effortless curls. Because the styler is so long it’s perfect for us girls who love the long mermaid hair look!’ £69.99 lookfantastic.com BODY

ICONIC LONDON PREP SET GLOW ‘I put this on my legs and chest before a night out, or when I’m in Ibiza at a pool party.’ £20.50 iconiclondoninc.com PALMER’S COCOA BUTTER FORMULA ‘I use this after I’ve had a bath or shower. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my skin feeling super-soft.’ £3.99 boots.com Eastern inspiration Oud Milano is devoted to discovering and importing the secrets of oriental beauty. Its range takes inspiration from the East, and a devotion to authenticity is perfect for today’s looks. oudmilano.com celebritysecrets.com

GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION ‘My all-time favourite foundation, this offers medium coverage and gives a dewy but natural finish.’ £42 armanibeauty.co.uk

LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT POWDER ‘I use this after foundation to prevent shine. It also helps to set my make-up perfectly.’ £30 spacenk.com HOURGLASS LIGHTING AMBIENT BRONZER ‘Quite simply this is my make-up holy grail! It gives a gorgeous natural bronzed look to my skin and is great to wear when I’m on holiday for a sun-kissed look.’ £45 feelunique.com GLAM GLOW SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT ‘I love how this makes my skin look and feel. It’s amazing for treating my complexion whenever I have a break out.’ £42 glamglow.co.uk KIEHL’S ULTRA FACIAL MOISTURIZER ‘This is the moisturiser I swear by, and I use it every morning to keep my skin soft and hydrated. I love how it sinks in and doesn’t make your complexion look or feel greasy.’ £26 kiehls.co.uk


HUDA BEAUTY ROSE GOLD PALETTE ‘This is the eye make-up I use on an evening out, be it a red carpet event or date night. It’s packed with beautiful colours including a mix of glitter, shimmer and matte.’ £56 shophudabeauty.com

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA ‘This makes my lashes look so full and long! It doesn’t clump and people always compliment me on my natural lashes when I wear it.’ £19 debenhams.com NAILS

W7 NAIL POLISH IN 148 MATTE WHITE ‘I’m an absolute sucker for a white matte nail! It goes with any outfit and looks extrasensational with a summer tan.’ £4.95 w7makeup.co.uk


BY KADY LOVERS LANE LIPGLOSS ‘This is my go-to lip colour and I take it with me everywhere I go. It’s the perfect nude gloss with a gorgeous, non-sticky sheen.’ £14 bykady.com Buy Kady’s beauty range at bykady.com

Cherish your skin Collagen is your body’s protein: nourish it! Collagen is bountiful in youth but diminishes during the ageing process. As a result, collagen-rich tissues naturally weaken and deteriorate with time. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It is a structural component of skin, joints, blood vessels and connective tissue.

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Super Collagen +C: Supports healthy hair, skin, nails, tendons and ligaments. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth. Collagen Type 2: Formulated with calcium and turmeric. Calcium helps to maintain normal bones and teeth. Fish Collagen: Collagen, with added vitamins and minerals for increased absorption.

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Secrets from the salon

*Offer expires 18 August 2019

Do you find that no matter what you try, you can never recreate that salon blow dry at home? Percy & Reed provide you with the Effortless Way To Seriously Good HairTM. They have worked tirelessly to create a range of tip-top Britishmade products that enable you to achieve fabulous looking hair in the comfort of your own home. In addition to the wide range of care and styling products, they also have some seriously smart ‘Salon Secrets’ to help you achieve that salon-worthy style. SHAMPOO TWICE In Percy & Reed salons, they always shampoo hair twice. The first shampoo is like pressing the reset button on your hair. It removes daily dirt build up and any styling products’ residue. The second wash delivers the shampoo’s caring benefits to your hair. Next time you’re in the shower, take a little more time to massage the shampoo into your roots using your fingertips – this stimulates blood flow to your scalp, encouraging healthier hair growth. Percy & Reed believe Great Hair Starts In The ShowerTM, so check out their Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo & Wonder Care Conditioner, award-winning multi-tasking marvels which are hair-type responsive to ensure the best results for your unique hair.

USE A HAIR PRIMER We all know the benefits of skincare primers, so why not use a hair primer? Once hair is towel-dried, apply a primer and work from roots to ends to prep hair for styling. We recommend Percy & Reed award-winning Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm, a fantastic leave-in balm that gives light hold, improved texture and definition to hair, with or without heat styling. Our primer works to seal the hair’s cuticle, helping to keep in moisture and create an even surface to give you gorgeous shiny, smooth locks! But don’t just take our word for it – laboratory testing proves that Wonder Balm provides continuous protection from frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours. Just imagine, three days frizz free! Perfect. APPLY A HAIR MASK BEFORE THE GYM OR BEFORE BED If you apply a hair mask before hitting the gym, it will prevent the salty sweat from drying out your luscious locks. Percy & Reed’s Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery is ideal for this, as it absorbs instantly into hair (it’s not your normal hair mask) and is infused with fine fragrance that will make you the most lusciously fragrant person in the gym. Or use it as designed as a pre-pillow primp! Wonder Overnight Recovery is a fabulous before-bed treatment, leaving no mess on your pillow while it works its magic, before you wash it out in the morning. This mask, containing natural proteins and potent conditioning agents, boosts the hair’s ability to retain moisture, resist humidity and fight frizz, all to enhance your shine, and to nourish and rehydrate every strand. So say ‘goodbye’ to hair hangover and ‘hello’ to lustrous locks that are full of body, bustle and vitality.

MIX UP A COCKTAIL OF YOUR FAVOURITE STYLING PRODUCTS While we prefer our Martinis shaken, not stirred, this is a different kind of cocktail. Don’t be afraid to mix your styling products to suit your hair type and styling needs. For example, anyone with thick hair knows how tough it can be to control, so for this particular cocktail we recommend mixing Percy & Reed’s Wonder Balm Primer with their rejuvenating Wonder Treatment Oil+, combing it through damp, towel-dried hair and leaving it to dry naturally. This concoction gives definition, smoothing and hold without the need for heat styling, avoiding damage and keeping locks looking silky and oh-so-shiny. This is just one tipple though – our product menu has as many cocktails as your local bar!

Keen to try these tips out yourself? Percy & Reed are offering 20% off to readers this summer*. Use the code SALONSECRETS20 at percyandreed.com to start sharing the secret! celebritysecrets.com



Ancient beauty and Italian glamour Oud Milano is set to refashion the rules of cosmetics, makeup and perfumery by combining Italian glamour with centuries of old beauty finesse from the Middle East and Orient. Oud Milano offers a one-stop beauty experience with a full range of premium quality, high-pigmented cosmetics, as well as products for body and skincare, all with an emphasis on natural ingredients. This beauty brand also has its own range of breathtaking body musks available in several signature fragrances, as well as a range of beauty and health-beneficial aromatic natural oils that can be used both to enrich your beauty and health. YOUTHFUL FOUNDATION One of Oud Milano’s bestsellers are these wonderful face drops: Youthful Foundation. The perfect fluid to brighten your face, its unique almond oil-infused formula gives it a light texture but exceptional coverage, adjustable and buildable thanks to its fluidity. It blends perfectly with your skin tone. The result? Fabulous! GLAM KISS DEMI-MATTE LIPSTICK Achieve bright yet satiny lips with this impressive matte lipstick. It’s a veil of radiant velvet that coats the lips with its creamy and malleable formulation. Just one try and you’ll fall in love with its soft and spreadable texture that blends easily, leaving the lips silky and smooth, with a rich and powerful pay-off.


TINTED CC CREAM Oud Milano’s Tinted CC Cream is the new CC Cream with texturizing powders for a soft-focus effect. Its special formula promises perfect coverage, reduces imperfections with a spectacular natural effect and affords flawless comfort. It has a soft matte finish for bright, even skin. SILKY FLOWER PRIMER SPF 30 This makeup base is made to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort in application. It contains chamomile water for its smoothing properties; aloe extract, known to be an emollient; and calendula extract to revitalize. The protection factor SPF30, contributes to the prevention from damage induced by solar radiation. It’s the perfect silky veil for a great make-up. THE BEAT EYEBROW MASCARA This is an innovative tinted eyebrow mascara, with a buildable texture and a practical wand. It fixes, colours and fills the brows for an effect from natural to intense. It adheres perfectly, dries quickly and without smudging. It gives a high performance, long-lasting and matte natural effect.

Oud Milano is a complete beauty concept which heralds from the style centre of Milan

VIP SETS These sets can be found in four different ranges, from small to big, which offer the complete set for a spectacular look. It includes an eyeshadow palette, mascara, lip contour, lipstick, nail polish, pencil eyeliner and a lip gloss. The leather case can be reused according to your personal needs, which makes it practical for travelling.

THE CORPO COLLECTION BODY MISTS Includes four different perfumes – body sprays with shimmer for a glowing and intoxicating scent for your skin. They can be used alone, or you can try layering with the perfume spray or oil for an intense aroma that can last up to 18 hours.

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daioscovecrete.com | info@daoiscove.com | 0203 807 1418

Billie Shepherd The Mummy Diaries star on marrying in the Maldives Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Helen Flanagan The actress and mum on planning her dream day Interview Lynn Carratt

What beauty products did you use on your big day? ‘I wanted my make-up to look natural, with no crazy trends so that the images wouldn’t date. My makeup artist Krystal gave me a slight smokey eye and a pinky nude lip, with a bit of highlighter on my cheeks and collarbones. She also added a pair of KISS So Wispy lashes to finish the look. I also wore my ImPRESS nails, as I was so busy and doing lots of running around organising, so these were so quick and easy to pop on.’

Helen with fiancé Scott and their daughters

What was the most stressful element of planning your wedding? ‘I don’t really think there was one thing in particular. It was more the accumulation of everything and trying to juggle planning the wedding with filming, other work commitments, being a mum and running a household. Did anything go wrong in the With the wedding being in the run up to your big day? Maldives as well there was a ‘Not really, thank goodness. The lot of things that I wasn’t able only slight hiccup to arrange until I got out there, ‘We were so privileged I can remember was that the so that was quite stressful to have a week’s worth hats I’d ordered for our female initially. However, guests got stuck of celebrations’ once I started to at customs in get responses Sri Lanka, which I was gutted from people and things about. Everything else though started falling into place I we had planned meticulously.’ really enjoyed the process.’

chelseawhite.co.uk, instagram.com/hjgflanagan


More from I CAN’T WAIT TO Helen at GET MARRIED celebrity ‘My fiancé secrets.com [professional footballer Scott Sinclair] and I have been together for a decade, so it’s lovely to get married when we’ve already built a life together. I also love that our daughters get to share the memories with us.’

What were some of your top memories of your wedding day you’d like to share? ‘It’s really hard to pinpoint one thing. We were so privileged that we didn’t just have the one day of celebrations, but we actually had a week’s worth – so we have even more memories to cherish! The ‘pinch me’ moment for Greg and I was when all of our guests arrived on the island. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have all of our closest family and friends travel so far to be with us on our special day.’

What advice would you give to any brides or grooms who are planning to marry abroad? ‘I would say don’t bother with all the gifting! In all honesty, I’m glad I did it as our guests had travelled such a long way and I wanted to let them know how much we appreciated it. I also think the little extra things are what you really remember from a wedding. It was hard work shipping it over, so I’d probably re-think the amount of gifting we arranged. The main thing to remember is to not let yourself get stressed in the lead-up, as once you’re out there it will all fall into place More from and you will want to do it Billie at all over again.’ celebrity


Billie is the ambassador for KISS Nails and Lashes – see the full line-up at Superdrug and Boots nationwide

SCOTT PROPOSED AT DISNEYLAND ‘Scott got down on one knee when I was least expecting it – when I was make-up free and in the same dress I’d been wearing for three days! Even though I knew he would propose at some point, it was still a total surprise.’ WE NEED TO START PLANNING ‘With getting engaged last May and having Delilah a month later, there wasn’t time to organise anything last year. Delilah’s just turned one, and I always said I’d start planning after that – so we’d better get cracking!’ DECEMBER WEDDINGS ARE MAGICAL ‘I’d really love a Christmas wedding, as I love the idea of tying the knot in the heart of the festivities. Scott would like to get married abroad – but I want our wedding to be in England. I’m sure I’ll end up getting my own way!’ Get unlimited access to Mumma Fit with Helen Flanagan and other workouts for just £4.99 a month at www.TV.FIT

Want your own wedding by the sea? Say your vows by the Essex coast at the Roslin Beach Hotel. Offering views of the estuary, enjoy cocktails and canapés on the terraces with the sounds of the sea. roslinhotel.com celebritysecrets.com


Giovanna Fletcher

The author, actress and presenter on raising three boys under five Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Giovanna with husband Tom and kids Buzz, Buddy and Max

What’s the secret to managing three boys? ‘Routine, so they know when they’re being fed and when it’s time to go to sleep. I also organise everything the night before, making sure all uniforms and school bags are laid out and ready. We’d never get out of the door on time if I didn’t!’

You recently went on holiday to Florida. How did you cope with the boys on the flight? ‘Flying with kids is unpredictable. The boys don’t use iPads at home, and we’ve somehow managed to convince them they only work on planes! There’s also a company called Keep Em Quiet, which send packs filled with magazines, stickers, snacks and activities.’

How do you stop the boys from fighting? ‘If I think back to my childhood, my brother, sister and I were always winding each other up and getting told off. It depends on the situation, what’s happening and where we are. It’s good for them to debate and work things out for themselves. I do often feel like a referee, though.’

Do you and Tom get much time to yourselves to go on date nights? ‘Nope! We have three boys and a load of projects to be getting on with. But we’ve been on a few family holidays this year, and spend far more time together than most couples do, so we’re happy.’

More from Giovanna at celebrity secrets.com

So is your family complete, or will you try for a fourth baby? ‘I think I’m done but never say never! I’m lucky I have three healthy, fun, loving and chaotic boys.’

Download Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast on acast.com

Butcher’s™ Nourishing Food For Dogs A wholesome British-made bowlful containing natural ingredients from British and Irish farms. You won’t find any nasties – just food full of good stuff. butchersdogfood.co.uk

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Life must be hectic as a working mum. How do you and your husband [McFly singer Tom Fletcher] unwind once the kids are in bed? ‘I’d like to say we switch off, but evenings are for getting some guilt-free work done! The boys go to bed at 7pm and Tom and I get stuck in to whatever we’re working on. There are times we decide to take the night off, watching a film with a glass of wine, but usually we’ll work for a few hours and stop at 10pm to snuggle on the sofa.’

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Stephanie Davis The Hollyoaks actress talks baby buys for her son Caben Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

MOTOROLA MBP50 VIDEO BABY MONITOR ‘I’ve used this monitor ever since Caben was born, as I can relax knowing I have eyes on him no matter where I am in the house! The monitor is really clear, too, so you can see if your baby moves or stirs.’ £119.99 amazon.co.uk MY BABIIE BILLIE FAIERS MB200 ROSE GOLD AND BLUSH PUSHCHAIR ‘I love this pushchair, which is especially good when travelling abroad as it’s so lightweight. It fully reclines and has a large extendable hood for shade – plus I can put it up with one hand while holding Caben in my arms!’ £229.99 mybabiie.com MAMAS & PAPAS PETITE COMPACT COT ‘I used this when Caben was younger as it’s an ideal first cot up to around one year. Perfect for small places, it’s lovely knowing your baby can sleep comfortably in their own cot in the same room as you.’ £89 mamasandpapas.com

Stephanie with boyfriend Owen and son Caben

JOIE 360 SPIN BABY TO TODDLER CAR SEAT ‘I love that you don’t have to twist yourself to lift your baby in and out of the car – one press of a button and the seat swivels to face the door! No straining and no bad back – it’s an easy transition from seat to pram and vice versa.’ £250 mothercare.com Catch Stephanie as Sinead in Hollyoaks, weekdays on Channel 4

Baby beside your bed The perfect travel companion for your baby. With a comfortable, deeply padded mattress, the bassinet attachment allows your baby to sleep beside the bed. Packs down in seconds to transport. micralite.com

instagram.com/stephaniedavis88, David Fisher/BAFTA/REX/Shutterstock




Best budget ideas for the school holidays

We all remember the euphoria of the last day of school, when the bell would ring, and you were finally free from the confines of the class room. The summer holidays offered a freedom to do whatever you wanted, ‘One in whenever you wanted. COME OUTSIDE five parents As an adult, however, the Getting the youngsters have admitted summer holidays can be outside is a great way to that they find more of a headache than the make sure they don’t become kids’ homework. It has been school holidays screen zombies. Take a trip reported by credit reference stressful’ to the local park or build an agency, Equifax, that one in obstacle course in your garden. five parents have admitted that It’s great fun, bound to tire them they find school holidays stressful. out for later – and it’s completely free! Keeping your kids entertained during the school holidays isn’t cheap, and SUPERMARKET SWEEP the spike in vacation and childcare We’ve all got the points cards, for Tesco, prices doesn’t help much either. Morrisons, Asda and so on. Building up But don’t worry, it isn’t all doom the points on these cards more often than and gloom – Creditfix offers summer not lead to rewards such as vouchers or budgeting ideas to keep both discounts, which can be a great way to save your purse and the kids happy. on a food shop. LET’S GET CRAFTY It’s summer in Britain, so it’s bound to rain at some point, but having fun doesn’t always have to mean being outdoors. Have a fun day in with some arts and crafts, turn the living room into a home cinema or even built a pillow fort. FRIENDS STICK TOGETHER Your other parent friends will be in the same boat as you, so it’s important to stick together. Take turns hosting play dates to give each other a break; the kids get to see their friends and so do you. Money can become complicated, and it’s hard to admit that you’re struggling. Opening up about your finances is not something that is easily done, but it can be the first step in your journey to making a positive change to everyday life. celebritysecrets.com

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Empowering women with tech In touch with generation go, FinTech thought leader, Valerie Moran, showcases how PFS is empowering not only women in tech, but all women, with lifestyle-friendly payment solutions. Astonishingly, her financial technology empire in the UK and Ireland employs mostly women – 67% women in the Wilmslow office, 59% women in London’s Regent Street HQ and 57% women in Ireland. Valerie made history last month by becoming the only black female ever to make it into The Sunday Times’ Rich List UK Top 1,000 in the 31-edition history of the publication. PFS’ figures on the women in tech front are truly ground breaking with one development team comprising 66% female developers. These forward-thinking statistics helped the FinTech to win a coveted position on the FT Future 100 UK 2018/2019 list. The head of operations and client relations at Prepaid Financial Services believes that “smartphones and wearables have become embedded into the psyche of today’s

savvy woman seeking to own and use the smartest next-generation payment options.” Beyond contactless, PFS is at the heart of the financial technology, mobile payments and wearables revolution sweeping the nation. “We have a team of enthusiasts that work on innovation and technology. We aim and aspire to be at the forefront of FinTech technology,” added Valerie.

Find out more... Today, Prepaid Financial Services develops a range of trendsetting mobile payment and wearable solutions for busy women on the go. Explore how its solutions blend with women’s lifestyles as the world moves towards a cashless society in the future by visiting prepaidfinancialservices.com


Having a car shouldn’t be a burden, so let us help you take away some of the stress with a hassle-free alternative. Leasing a car will give you the ability to drive away in a brand new vehicle, with a minimum of three-year warranty and one-year breakdown cover, with optional maintenance contracts covering all servicing costs, replacement tyres (fair wear policy may apply) and additional year’s breakdown cover.

We offer free delivery on the UK mainland and supply all makes, models and derivatives. Leasing a new car is cheaper than you may think so let us take some of your worries away.

With leasing, the vehicle is delivered for a fixed period of time (typically 24 to 48 months) and is collected at the contract end. There is no option to purchase the vehicle at the contract end. Maintenance is an optional item which we can provide. Leasing is a finance-based product.

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Sian Gabbidon The Apprentice winner on her food loves and loathes Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

What food do you remember eating growing up? ‘My mum and my nans on both sides were forever cooking amazing dishes. Mum would make my favourite, macaroni cheese, and my nan would make shepherd’s pie with gravy and Yorkshire puddings. My favourite has to be my Nana Bibi’s chicken, rice and peas. Heaven!’

What were mealtimes like on The Apprentice? ‘Sarah Ann, Khadija and Jasmine were always cooking treats for us all. In the final I remember Camilla and I ordering in a giant cake-sized Nutella doughnut as a celebration – then scoffing the lot between us!’

Is there any food you won’t eat? Are you a good cook? ‘I’m actually quite a fussy eater and I really ‘I’d say so, but I’m not sure if my don’t like any sauces on my food. Mayonnaise boyfriend will agree! I like and tomato ketchup are the to cook fillet steak with worst! I literally order burgers ‘I’m actually quite chips and peppercorn as just meat and bread, much to sauce, with sticky toffee everyone else’s amusement!’ fussy and can’t have pudding for afters.’ sauces on my food’ And if you could only eat one What’s the best meal food for the rest of your life, you’ve ever enjoyed? what would it be? ‘It was at the Eden-Roc restaurant on the French ‘Pizza. The rest of my life may not be a long one if Riviera. I had the most perfect lobster dish washed I did – but it would be very enjoyable! I don’t think down with champagne – it was super-fancy!’ I could ever get sick of pizza!’

And what if you’re being naughty? ‘A cheat day starts with a full English breakfast, followed by pizza or pasta. As for treats, chocolate is my weakness. I have a serious sweet tooth, so have to make sure I put in the hours at the gym.’

Buy Sian’s swimwear range at sianmarie.com

Tip your hat to British wine The Straw Hat Prestige Collection is a range of mediumbodied British wines brimming with luscious fruit. Includes red, white and rosé all at 11% ABV. The UK’s No.1 British wine. continentalwines.co.uk


A superstar’s drink at supermarket prices

Wondering what the stars use to stay energised and keep that youthful feeling? No, it’s not an expensive serum or secret hack – in fact it’s available at Tesco’s, Wholefoods and Wasabi. Yes, Little Miracles is the Ice Tea that Kourtney Kardashian has shipped out to her every month in America. They’re all organic, fairtrade and fewer than 70 calories. It all started with the Danish founder travelling extensively in China where he learnt about the special properties of the Chinese ginseng root that


enabled farmers to double their efforts at harvest time. He carefully selected panax ginseng in its purest form and acai, to make Little Miracles the perfect pick-me-up morning, noon and afternoon. They come in four delicious flavours, each using a super fruit from around the world. From classics like peach to high-quality Himalayan pomegranates, these are unlike any other teas you’ve tried before. What’s more, every bottle you buy supports farmers thanks to the Fairtrade premium which has already helped finance projects like houses for teachers and a town square in Mexico. So next time you’re browsing the bottles in the meal deal, try this superstar drink and experience your own little miracle.

Find out more... Visit drinklittlemiracles.com and follow @drinklittlemiracles. Find Little us Miracles in Tesco, Wholefoods, Wasabi, Grape Tree or on Amazon for £1.59.

PA Victoria Jones

What are you go-to foods if you’re being healthy? ‘I love salmon with asparagus, kale and spinach, with almonds for a snack.’

Sarah-Jane Crawford The Hits Radio presenter shares her vegan food diary Interview Lynn Carratt

PA Doug Peters



‘I became a vegan in 2015, when Beyoncé ‘I’m a great chef now and announced she’d become one to detox. I got love to cook dinner for my really into it, so now I follow a fully vegan diet. boyfriend. The last thing For breakfast I’ll eat toast with almond butter I made for him was pesto and a banana on top, or something simple pasta – pea pasta and like coconut yoghurt in a bowl with chopped vegan-friendly pesto, with fruit and a drizzle of flaxseed. If I’m in a hurry onions, mushrooms and I’ll use my Nutribullet to make a smoothie vegan cheese on top. It with oat milk, chopped was delicious! mango, frozen blueberries Dessert ‘I’ve scoffed about and flaxseed. I’m also is usually partial to scrambled something 20 vegan Magnums tofu on rye bread.’ simple like coconut recently!’ LUNCH yoghurt. I ‘At the moment I’m loving like drinking stuffed aubergines – it’s one of my new a tasty mocktail with one-minute vegan and gluten-free recipes my dinner, but if I’m from my app, Viappi. The filling is made with trying to cut down on vegan feta cheese (which you can buy from my sugar intake then Sainsbury’s), cherry tomatoes and basil, I’ll drink sparkling water all fried-up in a pan. I put the aubergine in instead. I fell off the wagon the oven for 20 minutes and scoop out the a bit with my exercise inside, pour in the filling and sprinkle with a while back, so I now breadcrumbs. I also like something quick work out with a personal like vegan cheese on top of baked beans.’ trainer twice a week.’

FOOD & DRINK | 57 TREATS ‘I don’t drink alcohol, so sugar is my only vice. I’m so bad with it, but am trying to cut down. I love vegan chocolate and vegan Magnums – I’ve scoffed about 20 of them in the past few months! I’ll also wolf down vegan-friendly Percy Pigs if there’s any to hand. There’s also a place around the corner from the Hits Radio studio that serves vegan milkshakes and I order them on Deliveroo. The security guards look at me in disgust when they turn up!’ Listen to Sarah-Jane on Hits Radio Mondays to Friday from 1-4pm, and the Sunday Chart Show from 4-7pm. To find out more about her vegan lifestyle hub visit viappi.co.uk

What our nutritionist says ‘It’s fantastic Sarah-Jane is promoting a plant-based diet, however she should add B12, iodine and selenium supplements to her diet. She should also up her protein – nuts in her coconut yoghurt and tofu in her aubergines, for example – and limit those Percy Pigs!’

Rachel Clarkson, The DNA Dietitian



We don’t like rugby –we love it!

Are you named after Conan the Barbarian? ‘Dad likes to think so, but Mum claims it’s a little more sophisticated as I’m named after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.‘ Who inspires you and why? ‘I have two icons that I admire. Ricky Gervais because he’s hilarious and I like his frankness. Otherwise, because of his unrivalled Olympic achievements, it’s got to be Usain Bolt.’ Jamaica is renowned for running, reggae and rum, so what’s the roots of Jamaican Rugby 7s? ‘We’re on a mission to spread the joy of rugby to win the hearts and minds of Jamaicans and the world. Also, it’s no secret that Jamaicans are blessed with speed, stamina and strength – these qualities are a perfect match for rugby.’ To qualify for the 2020 Olympics, you must win the Rugby America North Sevens (RANS) in the Cayman Islands. How do you rate your chances? ‘Of course, there’s a lot of good teams competing, but Canada are the favourites. However, we’ve got good form as we’ve won it for the last two years running. And with Tropical Sun Foods creating a giant good luck card featuring messages from our fans, it will be like having an eighth man on the pitch. If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t rule us out.’ Jamaica UK Rugby 7s recently partnered with World food brand Tropical Sun. Can you tell us more about that partnership? ‘Tropical Sun have stepped in to support us, not only with vital funding,


but with access to their foods and drinks for fantastic nutrition. They've created a set of recipes to aid recovery and performance during and after games. This includes a Croc breakfast (Crocfast) that uses a super fruit called ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica. They’ve also created a Croctail that uses its 100% natural coconut water. This drink rehydrates and replenishes energy as a post-workout smoothie. Both are very tasty!‘

Find out more... From June 24-30, Conan is a World Food Champion for the Tropical Sun World Food Week. The week gives people the opportunity to try something new and to be more adventurous with their food. To find out more and for a chance to win tickets* to ‘The Taste The World’ tent at WOMAD Festival go to tropicalsun.com/worldfoodweek

*Competition closes 15 July 2019. Terms and conditions apply.

Affectionately known as the UK Reggae Crocs, the Jamaica Rugby 7s team are the only Caribbean country to play in the Rugby World Cup and Commonwealth Games. And before he jetted off to the Cayman Islands, we caught up with their Vice Captain, Conan Osbourne to talk about bucket lists, Ricky Gervais, superfoods, the Olympics and more.




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The singer talks singing, social media and staying true to yourself Interview Lauren Naylor Best known for being a member of boyband Blue, Duncan James, 41, has since turned his hand to acting. He most recently played the part of Ryan in Hollyoaks and is now touring with the Rocky Horror Show as Dr Frank-N-Furter. We caught up with the theatre star as he prepares to go on stage…

Do you prefer performing in a band, the theatre or on TV? ‘My heart will always be with the boys and Blue. Blue made me who I am today. They’re my family and we’ve all been through so many highs and lows. Our friendship has stayed strong for 19 years, and we have so much loyalty to each other. I always say family first!’

How did the Frank role come about? ‘I heard about it through the grapevine, so I called up my agent and said I wanted to play the role. The next thing I know I’m in London auditioning. I prepared fully for the call‘For years I didn’t back, learning the script well, and I knew I did a good job, want to admit so the likelihood was quite high that I’d get the role.’

What makes you feel confident? ‘For me it’s after I’ve finished a good workout. It’s as good for you physically as it is mentally, because it’s a way of disconnecting from the world. You get all the endorphins going through your body, and when you start seeing the results you feel even better!’ You have a 14-year-old daughter. Would you say that she takes after you? ‘She’s a ballerina at the Royal Ballet School and works very hard. She’s a very talented girl in her own right. Her mum was a talented ballet dancer as well, so I think performance is definitely in her genes.’

Duncan loves playing Dr Frank-N-Furter celebritysecrets.com

What do you think about your daughter growing up with social media? ‘Children, like my daughter’s age, are very conscious about making sure their pictures look good, as well as how many likes they receive. What I find interesting was the media’s portrayal of the BAFTAs – can you believe they still have a Worst Dressed category? The magazines name and shame people on the red carpet in an age where teenagers are becoming increasingly selfconscious. They need to ban this – who gives a damn what you choose to wear?’

More from Duncan at celebrity secrets.com

If you could go back in time what would you tell your 18-year-old self? ‘To chill out! I took things way too seriously. I wish I’d enjoyed myself more and had a bit more fun while I was in the band. I had so much pressure from the record label, and tried to please people all the time, that I forgot to have a laugh!’

What do you do to wind down? ‘When I finish the show I’m starving, so I grab some food and enjoy a glass of red wine. I can’t eat beforehand, because I’m running around so much on stage that I’d puke! But when it comes to the end of the show you’ll find me headed to the nearest pizza place. I’ve just done two hours of cardio on stage, so I can justify a glass of wine and a pizza!’ What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? ‘Stay true to yourself. For years I was fighting who I was, and didn’t want to admit I was gay when I was in the band. You should always be proud of who you are. If you’re not happy inside, you’re not going to be on the outside. It all falls into place eventually.’ Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show tours the UK until 2 November 2019 rockyhorror.co.uk

Richard Davenport, Johan Persson

While you were in Blue were there any songs you hated performing? ‘No! We were so lucky with the that I was gay’ songs we had in What’s the hardest part the band. There of starring in theatre? are lots of artists ‘Being on the road! It’s a lot about looking after who’ve become stars with yourself – people are coming to see you in your songs they don’t like, and then role, so you don’t want to let them down. I don’t go that has become their career. out after the show, and I don’t drink lots of alcohol. I’m really grateful to the band I also make sure I regularly steam my throat before and the songs we performed.’ and after my performance, too, so I’m on form.’ You’re looking very fit at the moment… Are any of your fellow cast a bad influence? ‘I’ve always looked after myself – I’ve been ‘The cast are amazing and all good as gold. I training for the last 10 years quite religiously. think it’s so funny that I have a sex scene with I always try to eat healthily and go to the Joanne Clifton – and then I get to shag Ben gym at least three times a week. Now I’m from A1! And have you seen Beverley Callard in in my forties it does get harder, which those trousers? That woman has some brilliant means you’ve just got to be extra vigilant pins on her – I can’t stop looking at them!’ and look after yourself a little bit more.’

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