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Rules for navigating the ‘new normal’


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Editor’s letter British business owners have been through the mill in the last 18 months rexit, staff shortages, a deadly virus and national lockdowns have all impacted• not only the way we work but the way we feel about work. Businesses • were forced to adapt to new circumstances overnight – office workers moved to remote working environments, restaurants became takeaways, and companies shifted • their operations online where possible. Businesses were expected to be cashless, risk-free, and noncontagious, while also navigating furlough, business loans and staff sickness. Working for my parents’ hotel during the pandemic, we


swung wildly between the extremes of forced closure and Eat-Out-ToHelp-Out mayhem, rolling with the continuous hospitality punches thrown at us. We are lucky to be one of the hospitality businesses to survive the pandemic, as many weren’t fi nancially able to open their doors once lockdown was lifted. As we begin to emerge into a post-pandemic, mostly vaccinated working world, things look a little different than they did in 2020. Most of us are living in fear of the Covid-19 app pinging us to tell us we’ve been in close contact with someone carrying the virus, but many are equally as confused about what to do next. In this issue we take a look at the ‘pingdemic’ and its legalities, so that business owners know who should be self isolating and who is entitled to sick pay.

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7 Scams and cybercrime: protect your business from attack

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Burnout has become an important word for business owners to be aware of. Are your staff rattling towards •exhaustion? Are you? It’s time to check in and promote a culture of self-care before things are too late. In this issue, we take a look at what you can do to intervene when your employees’ stress levels are rising. Writing this editorial gave me flashbacks to burning myself out at old jobs, staying up until 2am to work with cross-timezone colleagues rather than getting some valuable shut-eye.

9 Take care before burnout:

13 Helping the home workers: motivating your remote staff

10 Time for inclusion: hiring and

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keeping your staff healthy

coaching a diverse workforce

Head of Marketing Miguel Chalabardo

• Another of the pandemic’s unfortunate side effects is an increase in cyber crime. In this issue we take a look at how best to protect your business from devious scammers and how to promote a security culture in the workplace. We’ll be looking at diversity and inclusion, and asking what you could do to encourage candidates from different backgrounds into your workforce. Tips on how to train your staff to promote inclusivity will help you create a melting-pot team of minds and increase your business’ productivity. We also take a look at the move towards hybrid working, a bestof-both-worlds option for office workers who’ve enjoyed a taste of remote working during lockdown.

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Improve employee wellbeing with Corporate Away Days Employee wellbeing has never been so important for business, as individuals and teams return to the office or continue to work from home econnecting, and rebuilding face-to-face relations, trust and confidence should be high on the corporate agenda after the last 18 months. Engagement was the biggest concern for businesses


and HR departments before the pandemic, with just 15% of the global workforce engaged at work1. Hybrid models and remote working can challenge team spirit, staff morale and company cultures. According to one survey, 80% of

employees prefer new benefits to a pay rise2 , according to another, 92% say that enhancing the employee experience will be a priority over the next three years3. A new report has also found that 98% of leaders plan to expand benefits in the wake of Covid-194. When the activity is fun, the impact is huge. It spreads across

They bring teams together to be present, in the moment, improve connectivity and build resilience

all disciplines and hierarchy, from the bottom up. Engagement soars and inspired creativity brings a whole new working dimension to the biggest asset any company has. Corporate Away Days deliver exciting, engaging and inspiring events that focus on purposeful fun and employee wellbeing. They bring teams together to be present, in the moment, improve connectivity and build resilience. The team spirit is taken back to the office, shared and remembered – building stronger and lasting engagement within your teams. Their Away Days range from all the creative arts, entertainment, music, sport and out into nature with team events and experiences that inspire and build camaraderie.

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SOURCES: 1.State of the Global Workplace (Gallup, 2021). 2.Employment Confi dence Survey (Glassdoor, 2015). 3.2021 Employee Experience Survey (Willis Towers Watson, 2021). 4. The Pandemic Is Changing Employee Benefi ts (Harvard Business Review, 2021).





Surviving the pingdemic: self isolation and sick pay

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT The virus is evolving all the time, and so are its symptoms. If you are double vaccinated, you are most likely to experience headaches, running nose, sneezing and a sore throat if you catch the virus. A continuous cough and loss of taste are no longer the main symptoms in these circumstances. Consult NHS website for the most up to date information.

What happens when your employees are ‘pinged’ by the Covid-19 app, or contacted by Test and Trace? •

ockdown’s over, 80% of the UK are double vaccinated and restrictions are cautiously easing, but there’s a techrelated epidemic now impacting business owners and employees across the country. As more people venture out of their homes and get back to ‘the new normal’, the NHS Covid apps are working overtime. If an individual has been in close proximity to someone who has since tested positive for Covid-19, the app will ‘ping’ them to inform them that they may need to self-isolate. For business owners whose employees cannot work from home, the affectionately named ‘pingdemic’ causes a new set of problems for


an already strained workforce. It’s wise to know where the law stands on self-isolation and sick pay and who is obliged to isolate, just in case your employees get that dreaded NHS app notification. Firstly, employers should be aware of the distinction between the NHS Test and Trace Service and Covid-19 app. If an employee has been directly contacted by NHS Test and Trace service, either by phone or letter, they have a legal obligation to self-isolate and must not attend work outside the home, or be in contact with other people, for the recommended isolation period. In England and Wales, if employers pressure employees to come into work after a Test and Trace call,

they face fi nes of between £1,000 and £10,000. However, there is no legal obligation to self-isolate if an individual has been ‘pinged’ by the NHS Covid-19 app, though it’s recommended that an individual stay inside so as not to risk spreading the virus. Despite there being no legal obligation here, encouraging ‘pinged’ staff into work may breach general duty of care and health and safety obligations. From August 2021, there is no need to self-isolate if a person is double vaccinated. When it comes to statutory sick pay (SSP), employees are entitled if

they have coronavirus symptoms, have tested positive for the virus, are living with someone who has tested positive, have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace or have been told by doctors to isolate before a surgical procedure. There is no SSP allowance available to them if they have been pinged by the Covid-19 NHS tracking app. “The instructions to self-isolate and take a test have only ever been advisory and precautionary in these circumstances,” says Paul Jennings, a partner at City law fi rm Bates Wells. “To support staff who self-isolate after being ‘pinged’,

employers may consider giving them the option to use their leave days, or paying contractual sick pay where appropriate. It’s important that employers ensure that cases of self-isolation are handled in a reasonable and consistent manner and that they prioritise clear communication – a clear policy in place addressing obligations and entitlements will prevent any confusion among employees.” In terms of fi nancial support for business owners, if you have fewer than 250 employees you may be entitled to claim back up to 14 days of SSP per eligible employee.


On a mission to ‘crypto the un-cryptoed’ Cryptocurrency is an exciting and thriving industry, and many companies are working to provide the latest movements in technology innovation oda Cryptocurrency, marketed by SummitBC (Summit Better Crypto Limited), is an exciting new UK cryptocurrency based in London, and the team are on a mission to change the way people see cryptocurrency. SummitBC are led by CEO James Gale – a successful business owner, developer and serial entrepreneur.


James’ other company ‘JG Environmental Ltd’ (JG Pest Control), is one of the largest pest control companies in the UK and last year it celebrated its 10th birthday. This company was built up by James from scratch, at the age of 22. Furthermore, James’ vast experience in business management, marketing and systems development

James Gale


put SummitBC in a prime position to make a huge impact in the crypto world. SummitBC’s core values are based on their T.E.E model – trust, education, and ease (of use): � Trust – the reputation of cryptocurrency trading has taken a hit in 2021, and SummitBC have made it their mission to restore faith in the market. All of their projects aim to protect investors against extortion and fraud � Education – cryptocurrency is still new to the majority. People do not understand what cryptocurrency is, or what it does, SummitBC aim to crypto the ‘uncryptoed’ by providing educational resources through all of their projects and community channels � Ease (of use) – it can be very difficult to trade cryptocurrencies, especially non-mainstream ones. SummitBC are passionate about simplifying cryptocurrency.

WHY IS KODA DIFFERENT? Koda Cryptocurrency will be the native token on SummitSwap – a revolutionary cross-chain exchange platform which is in development. Users of SummitSwap will be able to trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will allow people to trade cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world – as long as you have a connection to the internet. It offers a twin token system – each designed to support each other, in development staking models for passively rewarding holders. KodaApex (KAPEX), Koda’s sister reward token’s arrival is imminent. Koda holders will have the fi rst opportunity to acquire KAPEX. Koda have a transparent team and CEO based

from their offices in Uxbridge, west London – fi nancially backed by the CEO and his other businesses. SummitBC offer educational sessions for the ‘un-cryptoed’.

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Five tips on how to get a mortgage when you run your own business

The least claimed tax relief

The rumour is that if you run a business, getting onto the • property ladder is almost impossible • he truth is that your application is not more likely • to be disapproved – the key factor is that the paperwork meets the lenders’ lending criteria.


There are five main criteria for a successful mortgage application:


your business has been affected, justifying any government support that you have taken

You can check your score online, if there’s room for improvement, small things like getting on the electoral roll can go a long way





Most lenders will accept copies of your SA302s, however, you may be asked to provide copies of your latest accounts



Due to the pandemic, mortgage lenders will want to understand how

Lenders vary, most will look to use your salary and dividends, however, others will look to use salary and net profit BROKER

Brokers have experience in working with business owners and understand the obstacles that stand in your way, they look to match you with the most suitable lender based upon your individual circumstances.

Find out more If you need any assistance with your mortgage, speak with the experts at Amplo Mortgages and Financial Solutions. Call 020 3984 0375 or enquire online Mike Carr, managing director

As a mortgage is secured against your home, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up to the mortgage repayments.

Did you know the most rewarding tax relief for a company is also (probably) the least claimed? art of the reason for the low number of claims is that not all companies are able to claim for it. However, even amongst those companies that might be eligible, the uptake • is still considered to be comparatively low, despite a significant rise in claims over the last four or five years. •Which tax relief is this? Why, Research and Development Tax Credits of course! It has been on the tax statute for 21 years but remains a mystery to a lot of accountants. There are some who do it well, while there are others that just stick their head in the sand about it all. As a business, Cooden – R&D Tax Specialists have been operating for eight years. They’re only small, with four full-time members of staff and two consultants, but they punch above their weight. They work with a couple of global behemoths, one that operates in the hop


processing industry, and the other operates in cyber security, but they normally spend their time working with SMEs of all sizes. Their largest claim for a software company topped out at nearly £1.2 million, and their smallest claim has been for around £2,000. Contact them to fi nd out more!

Find out more Book a no-obligation initial consultation at simon-bulteel #FindOutInFifteen


Boost innovation in your business with R&D tax credit relief The research and development tax credit incentive has been run by HMRC since 2000 as a way of encouraging innovation and stimulating the UK economy t allows a business to recover a portion of the costs associated with overcoming technical challenges during the development of new products, processes or services, or improving existing ones in some way. As HMRC’s eligibility criteria is much broader than the traditional view of ‘R&D’, it is estimated that up to 85% of businesses who should be recovering their costs, aren’t. HMRC actively encourage businesses to recover their R&D


costs and they are hoping that more will take advantage of this generous incentive over the coming years, to boost the British economy. THE BENEFITS OF AN R&D APPLICATION: � Quick cash injection into your business � Reduction of corporation tax bills � Costs can be retrospectively recovered for your two prior fi nancial periods � Fast turnaround times.

Apogee are a team of R&D experts and chartered accountants with many years of industry experience; they help companies of all sizes, from all sectors, to get money for their innovations. They’re proud to have disrupted the sector by delivering unparalleled service to clients and defying industry norms. WHY APOGEE? � No lock in contracts; they depend on their second-to-none service to retain custom � A small, highly focussed team of experts work on every application, so you know it is being compiled in-house by an experienced R&D tax credit specialist at every stage, and have consistent points of contact � Dedicated to delivering the best recovery, net of fee in the industry � Excellent track record of uplifting applications submitted by most of the major (and many of the minor) R&D providers

� Fully contingent fee payable

upon approval of the application � They have a 100% success rate

– everything they have worked on has been approved in full and without query � They are one of the only sustainable R&D providers – for every application processed by HMRC, they plant trees and fund carbon reduction projects to offset the CO 2 of the work � They support businesses of all sizes; if an R&D application is worthwhile for you, they will support you throughout the process.

Find out more Contact or call 07596 848450 today for a free 20-minute eligibility check. Visit to find out more. Find them on @ApogeeRDTax, @apogeeassociates, and @ApogeeAssociates.





Does Intellectual Property really make complete sense to you? This checklist reveals if you have been getting the level of strategic advice your business needs to thrive not just survive in 2022

• •

any highlyrespected and intuitive business leaders admit • they sometimes feel a little bit out of their comfort zone when it comes to truly understanding the value IP can bring to their business, and the choices to make. 1. How and where is your brand protected? What are the limits of that protection? 2. How much is your brand and brand protection actually worth to the business? 3. If someone sued you for patent infringement, would you be surprised? 4. If a copycat product appeared tomorrow, how would you stop it?


5. How exactly does IP

map to the various ways you derive revenue? 6. Are you maximising your tax savings through strategic use of IP? 7. Are you wasting money or time on patents that aren’t really adding value? 8. Are you efficiently capturing all the innovation and creativity within your business? 9. Is IP protection contributing to your business value or is it mainly a cost? 10. Name who you trust to give you direct simple business advice on any IP issue? You have probably reviewed other areas of your business over the last 18 months. If

you haven’t reviewed your approach to IP, IK-IP’s IP strategists would be happy to talk to you without obligation. IK-IP are a next generation fi rm of highly experienced industry-leading experts, providing businessfocussed Intellectual Property advice that makes sense for you. ‘Refreshing’ and ‘insightful’ are words commonly heard from clients who come to them.

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Secure remote working for businesses Discover Gregory Micallef Associates’ tips to help businesses to stay secure while working remotely hilst some businesses have fully embraced remote working, and found it useful to have this flexibility, others found it more difficult to implement, especially when ensuring their data and systems were adequately protected.


Even though companies have different challenges on a varying scale, there are some simple rules that could help many businesses to stay secure while employees, contractors and other stakeholders are working remotely. DEVICES AND HARDWARE Your employees need to have all the necessary hardware for remote working, don’t forget to log the serial numbers and take pictures of this equipment for insurance purposes. If employees are using their own devices, they must follow the organisation’s ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy. If you don’t have one, you need one.

to prevent unauthorised access. It is also necessary to control which programmes and data each employee has access to and the level of user rights.

There are some simple rules that could help many businesses to stay secure

REMOTE CONNECTIVITY Ensure that relevant staff can securely access company systems and intranets remotely using a virtual private network (VPN). Remember that additional licenses, capacity or bandwidth may be required if your organisation normally has a limited number of remote users.

CYBER-ATTACK AWARENESS Alert all staff to the possibility of email-borne threats and other social engineering attacks. With 91% of cyber-attacks starting with an email, the message to employees should be to not open correspondence from unfamiliar senders, and certainly don’t click on any attachments or links to external pages from anything suspect.

EMPLOYEE ACCOUNTS Pay attention to user identity management. Having an account for each employee and giving them appropriate access should help

PASSWORD POLICY A robust password policy should be in place that ensures only strong, unique passwords are used to signin to your network, and that the


passwords are changed regularly. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) should be used wherever possible, as this will protect your accounts even if your password is breached.

encrypted and look at alternative means of transfer such as cloud storage or collaboration tools.

REMOVABLE MEDIA USB drives sometimes contain sensitive data, can easily be lost, and are an easy way for malware to fi nd its way onto your network. GMA strongly recommend using anti-virus tools and only allowing products supplied by your organisation to be used. Ensure data at rest on removable media is

To find out more call 020 8676 3003, email, visit, or book a consultation at gma-greg

Find out more



Scams and cybercrime: protect your business from attack •

Cyber criminals are targeting small businesses less likely to invest in their tech defences seven-fold surge in cyber crime in the fi rst half of 2021 has exposed how vulnerable UK businesses are to online fraud. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau reports that within the last 13


months there have been reported losses of £13.4m in a total of 31,469 reported cyber crimes, with scammers becoming increasingly sophisticated and ruthless in their attacks. The majority of these crimes were hacks into social media and email accounts, followed by computer virus and malware crimes and then personal hacking. One of the most commonly used scams in the last 13 months features fraudsters posing as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to

Small businesses made up 58% of all cyber crime cases in 2020

extort money from individuals and business owners, a total of more than 4,000 reported instances. Small businesses made up 58% of all cyber crime cases in 2020. The Verizon Data Breach Investigation

reports that businesses with fewer than 250 employees, who are less likely to invest in cyber security, were hit hardest by hackers and scammers. A move towards hybrid or entirely from-home working has made businesses more vulnerable to data theft. Business owners can make their fi nances and data more secure by training their employees to be alert to the risks of cyber crime, and to be suspicious of any enquiry that requests sensitive information. It’s easy to postpone computer updates during busy periods, but it pays to keep up with the latest versions of apps and software. Developers are constantly increasing an app or programme’s security defences and every update will make your data more secure against hackers. You must also ensure that all log-ins to your system are legitimate when your staff are out of office. Double-factor authentication on any work laptops, emails and other devices or clouds containing work data will also help prove the identity of your staff when they are working remotely, forcing them to provide two forms of identification before access is given. Authentication factors range from identifying employees through GPS location to face-mapping biometrics, but it can be as simple as pinging the employee a text on their mobile so they can confi rm it’s really them requesting access. With multiple-factor ID, you

could catch out a scammer trying to pose as one of your staff. Strong passwords are crucial in defending your data. A password manager that regularly creates and updates passwords for employees will ensure everyone has a unique code to access work sites. Websites such as Roboform and Keeper offer password management that will help secure your company’s information and prevent any fraudsters getting access. Firewalls and anti-virus software add further layers of protection around your sensitive data, preventing malware and other viruses from infecting and corrupting your system. Deploying a VPN also encrypts your data and hides your IP address, making your information less vulnerable to attack.

In the Spotlight Servcorp Servcorp’s Virtual Office provides businesses with a five-star address, local phone number, dedicated receptionist, IT infrastructure and coworking spaces in over 150 locations worldwide, providing the image and support of a global company for a fraction of the cost. Private offices are also available. Find out more at


Transform your business communications The industry-leading service for businesses looking to save money on print and post, improve efficiencies and innovate their communications ybrid Mail is a modern and costeffective digital mail solution which enables businesses to quickly and easily send personalised printed mail from their desktop, laptop or Mac, making it easy to manage customer communications no matter where staff are based, be it in the office or from home. Docmail is the fi rst truly Hybrid Mail solution in the UK. The market-leading product prints, encloses and posts documents for you. Launched in the UK in 2008, it is still the most advanced offering on the market.




You can personalise and design documents and envelopes, then follow up with a text message or secure electronic document, all from your desk. They provide easy to use, free of charge software that enables you to send your letters, invoices, mail shots, and newsletters, all directly from your device. They will even give you £1 free credit so that you can test the system. From single to multiple page letters, in colour or black and white, fi rst or second class post – the choice is yours. You simply tell them how you would like it printed and they will take care EASY-TO-USE


of everything else, no minimum quantities, you only pay for the documents they send for you, and all for less than the price of a stamp. Security approved and fully GDPR compliant, they are one of the most highly-accredited companies for security in the UK. By reducing the time required to produce postal communications, Docmail consolidates the cost for you with a saving of 59% on each document sent, in comparison to traditional business mail methods. They have a dedicated support team, available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm via email and HIGHLY CUSTOMISABLE


phone. The team also offer free online training, ensuring you know how to use Docmail in the best possible way for all of your business requirements. Over 30,000 businesses use Docmail, including: the NHS, fi nance businesses, local government and start-ups. Triple 4 Group said: “I can’t tell you how much time and money it has saved us, but more importantly in the last 12 months it has really helped to bring on new business.”

Find out more If you’re interested in learning more about Hybrid Mail and how Docmail can save your business time and money whilst improving your customer communications, visit New subscribers can enjoy a 10% discount on their first order with code CL21. Simply enter at the order approval stage.



Elevate performance by supporting your employees through the new normal For many the tumultuous past 18 months has affected mental, physical and financial wellbeing nsurprisingly, this has led to lack of motivation and poor performance at work, as well as higher rates of sickness absence, and many workers in the UK choosing to leave their current jobs. It’s no wonder that businesses are struggling to support their people as society transitions back to ‘normality’. With almost twothirds of UK companies making remote working a permanent fi xture following the global pandemic, and many encouraging a hybrid work model, it’s essential that employers listen to the needs of their staff to prevent loss of talent and productivity and maintain a positive company culture.


LISTEN TO YOUR EMPLOYEES According to HRreview, 55.2% of UK professionals feel anxious about returning to work1. So, how can you support your people through this new way of working? Ruth Tongue, director of award-winning employee wellbeing consultancy Elevate says: “The fi rst step is to listen to what your employees want, communicate and engage more than ever. Never assume that you know what people want or how they are feeling. Many companies we work with are encouraging people back to the offi ce but there has to be fl exibility.” ADDRESS THEIR CONCERNS According to another source, 32% of workers say their mental health is negatively affected by working from home2 .

Tongue adds: “Key concerns we’re hearing from employees relate to maintaining a work-life balance when working remotely, anxiety about commuting back to the workplace, and general apathy and loss of motivation within job roles. We work with companies to create tailored wellbeing solutions to support employees in these areas – these can be delivered online, face to face or as a blended learning experience.” CREATE STABILITY IN AN UNPREDICTABLE CLIMATE Elevate’s most popular sessions have focused on managing anxiety,

setting boundaries, boosting resilience, and dealing with uncertainty. However, they are now seeing more requests for ‘perks’ such as chair massage, breathwork sessions and wellbeing awaydays to encourage people back to the office and restore the social interaction that so many people have been craving. The next few months will be the biggest challenge yet for many employees as winter draws in and the return to work gathers pace, but companies can help them through the transition, and boost business performance in the process, with the right expert support.

Find out more Visit to find out how Elevate can support your employees’ wellbeing. Email to book a free wellbeing consultation with one of their directors. Follow @ElevateLondon and @elevate_london

SOURCES: 1. Feelings of anxiety heighten as workforce prepares to return to the offi ce (HRreview, 2021). 2. The Working From Home Report (Liberty Games, 2020).



Providing certainty in a post-Covid world How can ESS help you? hile there are positive signs of a gradual return to business as usual, the effects of Covid-19 will ensure that the coming months and years are anything but. People’s desire to re-enter their lives and places of work will be tempered by concerns about cleanliness and underlying fears of infection. ESS Covid Hygiene supplies and installs air sterilisers that bring certainty back to your workplace – providing equipment that kills Covid-19 on contact, eliminates a host of other bugs and viruses and cleans and neutralises dirty and toxic air. From transportable personal air sterilisers to units with cutting-edge VirusKiller


technology for large indoor spaces, ESS Covid Hygiene delivers cleaner, safer environments, greater business stability and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Find out more Get in touch today to make a huge difference tomorrow. Visit the website at, call 01623 647291 or email


Their products are designed to be used in any environment or industry, so whichever you choose, they can help you attack this problem from all angles.


Take care before burnout: keeping your staff healthy Implement self-care and wellness strategies to prevent your staff from accelerating towards• exhaustion •

uzzwords like ‘burnout’ and ‘self-care’ crept into the public consciousness pre-pandemic, and their • importance and meaning have only intensified. Recognised by the World Health Organization as an ‘occupational phenomenon’, burnout refers to emotional and physical exhaustion brought on by work, busy parenting schedules, and the stresses of modern-day life. Feelings of tiredness, self-doubt and being overwhelmed are common in those experiencing burnout, which all have a detrimental impact on employee productivity. A recent survey by analytics site Visier found that 89% of employees experienced burnout over the past year. It also revealed that two-thirds of employees would leave their current role for one that offered comprehensive resources and benefits intended to reduce


or prevent burnout. It’s wise for business owners to invest in support for staff to help them in their self-care, enabling them to avoid burnout and the feelings of hopelessness associated with it. Implementing a culture of selfcare in the workplace may seem daunting, but simple changes can make huge differences in the health and wellbeing of your staff. Valuing your employees’ ‘off ’ time is an important place to start from.

89% of employees experienced burnout over the past year

Discouraging them from eating their lunch at their desks, making sure they log off at the end of the working day and ensuring they don’t reply to emails out of office hours can make a huge difference to employee wellbeing. Businesses that

In the Spotlight Elevate Elevate are the UK’s leading employee wellbeing company. They support businesses across the globe to improve the • physical, mental, emotional and financial wellbeing of their employees. Book your free consultation today

work across multiple time zones will fi nd that their employees work long into the night to communicate with colleagues in other regions, but this leads to employees never ‘switching off ’ from their role, creating stress and building resentment towards their employer. Scheduling outdoor and movement time within the working day, perhaps by establishing and promoting a walking lunch, will also break up the working day and allow employees to escape


the claustrophobia of the office. Changing the language used when approaching problems and situations can also be helpful in combating the toxic culture of immediacy that’s linked to burnout. Is a certain problem or request truly urgent? Does it need to be attended to instantly, or could your employee better manage their time and workday to prioritise each thing in turn? Expecting employees to drop their current task and attend to non-time sensitive requests from their superiors can be disruptive and contribute to increasing stress levels in the workforce.

Introducing wellness ‘check-in’s with staff can be a great way to monitor your employees’ mental wellbeing and to receive valuable feedback about what areas could be improved. Break-out sessions in mindfulness or yoga can also be helpful to keep staff engaged in selfcare. Promoting the use of apps such as Headspace and 10% Happier will also encourage employees to take time out of work to look after themselves and their mental health. Allowing employees flexibility in their schedule to tend to their family, pets or attend to other important personal issues will also steer staff away from potential burnout.


Deliver your messages A breath of fresh air and provide peace of mind For most businesses, both in the public and private sector, hand sanitiser dispensers have become the norm

Clean air has never been more important during these times

s well as demonstrating corporate responsibility by offering sanitiser, companies understandably want to provide piece of mind to both their staff and their customers. In a UK study conducted by King’s College London*, 93% of people said that they are washing their hands more often, and for longer, since the pandemic began; so it’s no surprise that sanitiser dispensers have become commonplace. So, what makes this product different to the run-of-the-mill sanitiser dispensers? Well, it combines an automated sanitiser dispenser with all the benefits of a digital signage display. The screen uses a commercial grade 24/7 panel and the product comes with a three-year warranty, meaning that it can be in constant use and is designed to stand the test of time.

ccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid-19 is mainly spread through the air. Rensair’s hospital-grade air purifier is designed to help organisations get back on their feet, with the aim of making shared working spaces safer and encouraging a full return to the office. The company’s patented technology combines H13 HEPA fi ltration with germicidal UVC light, meeting the UK SAGE committee standards. It was recently included in Newsweek’s list of Best Infection Prevention Products 2021 and is independently validated by scientific research laboratories, including Eurofi ns, Norconsult, and Oslo University Hospital. In a test to determine the unit’s performance in reducing the concentration of Covid-19 particles in the



The display can be used to show ever-changing Covid-19 guidance, NHS Test and Trace QR codes, and in the longer term internal communication, promotional material and even custom welcome messages for your customers. These displays come with a free network upgrade and subscription to the online CMS portal; they can also be updated via USB stick to keep things simple. They

also come with a free wall mount or a floor stand option is available.

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SOURCE: *Life under lockdown: coronavirus in the UK (King’s College London, 2020).

air, the Danish Technological Institute recorded a particle reduction rate of 99.98% in 15 minutes and above 99.99% in 30 minutes. Furthermore, the test* reported 100% elimination of virus particles on the fi lter, with zero traces detected. Rensair collaborate with clients to develop the optimum indoor air quality to mitigate the risk of transmitting germs. Taking into account floor plans, existing HVAC systems, occupancy rates and noise tolerance, it recommends tailor-made solutions based on its portable, modular units. Like pure water from the tap, people now expect clean air in buildings and shared

spaces. Rensair’s affordable, practical solution offers a breath of fresh air for companies of all sizes and across all sectors.

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SOURCE: *Inactivation of aerosolized viruses: MS2 bacteriophages; and Inactivation of MS2 bacteriophages on HEPA Filter – both independent studies by Danish Technological Institute





Time for inclusion: hiring and coaching a diverse workforce Make sure your diversity commitment has real meaning and ensure it stands the test of time •

iverse workplaces are productive workplaces. • A mix of employees of different backgrounds, races, genders and sexualities with varied life experiences makes for a more efficient and creative • workforce, and research shows that companies with an inclusive culture are twice as likely to exceed their fi nancial targets. By expanding their recruitment beyond the ‘pale, stale and male’ culture that dominated workforces in the past, companies are opening up their businesses to a wealth of talent and a world of more efficient, creative problem solving. Global fi nance company KPMG recently committed to having 29% of its workforce hail from working-class backgrounds by 2030, paving the way for greater opportunities for graduates and job seekers from less fortunate economic circumstances. The fi rst step in building a diverse workforce is to foster a


culture in which diversity can thrive. If individuals are hired, but later not made to feel included, supported, or understood, it can create friction between colleagues and ultimately have a negative impact on productivity down the line. Structuring the company mission statement to champion diversity and inclusion is vital, as

is regularly educating and coaching your staff on inclusion. Workshops and training courses which allow staff to gain greater understanding of their colleagues’ circumstances will create a more powerful team • of varied minds that can listen to and respect each other. Without the necessary training, coaching and support in place, any active diversity hiring can be• perceived as a tick-box exercise and will not achieve the same results. Once a culture of inclusion

has been established, business owners should employ appropriate methods to access a diverse talent pool. Dealing with recruitment companies who actively hire diverse workforces is a start, but if you are recruiting directly there are various methods you can use to make sure the job is done efficiently. This begins with the wording of job advertisements to make them more inclusive, avoiding jargon or corporate language that might alienate applicants, or wording that might subtly discriminate against different ages, genders or religions. Telling candidates that you are actively seeking to employ from a diverse range of backgrounds will also cast the net wide. Ensuring hiring managers see only ‘blind’ CVs – CVs which contain no personal data such as names and date of birth, will ensure that any unconscious bias does not impact recruitment and that the hiring is based entirely on work experience and merit. Once the interviewees are selected, you will also need to create a diverse interview panel which reflects your inclusive culture

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT In recent years, most businesses in England, Scotland and Wales with more than 250 employees have had to report their gender pay gap. Potential employees can find this information on the website to investigate the company’s approach to equal pay. There is also evidence to suggest that LGBT and race-related pay gaps exist which prevent individuals from earning as much as their equally talented peers.

and allows for a broader spectrum of opinions on your new hire. Once you have hired your staff, maintaining your healthy and diverse workforce is key for staff retention. Ongoing training and coaching is required, and you may want to consider employee-led diversity and inclusion groups. Electing in-house diversity and inclusion officers who people can approach for information and support, and arranging regular wellbeing check-ins with all staff will contribute to the productivity and health of your employees.


Building great places to work The world of work is changing forever – are you prepared? he pandemic has brought about seismic changes to the world of work, shifting everything from the how and where of work, to how we feel about it. While employees typically experience realisations about their employment individually, following the birth of their child or a fallout with a manager, for example, the pandemic has acted as a ‘turnover


shock’, prompting large groups of people to come to realisations about their jobs en masse. Many thousands are keen to continue working remotely or in a hybrid manner on a permanent basis, after being forced to work from home last year at the outbreak of the crisis, citing fi nancial savings and a better work-life balance as some of the key benefits. Others are also visibly more focused on mental wellbeing and stress levels and are thus waving the white flag in what many are calling ‘The Great Resignation’. This, compounded with the

ongoing impact of Brexit, culminates in a record number of vacancies and the most severe labour shortage the UK has witnessed for 24 years, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). This brings the importance of creating great places to work into sharp focus.

Everyone deserves a great place to work, and together we can make it happen

This is where JourneyHR can help. JourneyHR is a team of HR consultants and people and culture specialists for the creative industry. JourneyHR was created to support growing founder-owned businesses who recognised the value and importance in creating strong people and culture foundations. Their purpose at JourneyHR is simple: they create great places to work. They are experts at what they do and recognise the importance of adding value from day one. They do


Sue Shaw and Aliya Vigor-Robertson, founding partners of Journey HR

this by helping their client partners to recruit, develop, retain and engage the best talent to build thriving businesses. If you’re keen to gain support with recruitment, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion initiatives or any other aspect of HR then please do get in touch. Everyone deserves a great place to work, and together we can make it happen.

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Leading in a different way Painless payslip solutions The world has been catapulted into the realisation that we need to engage and lead in a different way ather than forcing compliance, the focus must be on gaining commitment by raising levels of self and team awareness, then • aligning personal and organisational values and • purpose, leading to more effective relationships. The Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA) • offers a unique learning experience; an affordable, professionally accredited, personal development and leadership online course CLA Digital. Based on 20 years of leadership experience and research in the psychology and physiology of learning, it challenges existing leadership theories and methodologies, developing relationships that ultimately lead to higher engagement and performance. Inspired by the highly acclaimed book Compassionate Leadership by Manley Hopkinson.


Payslips – printed or electronic – Zunoma can meet your requirements for secure solutions usiness owners Phil and Dinah • Ouzman understand the need • for confidentiality when• sharing sensitive information. At Zunoma they invest in innovative technology and continual improvement to • • ensure that data is transferred safely and securely. They pride themselves on their customer-centric approach and ability to fi nd and solve pain points, resulting in increased efficiencies, employee engagement and of course considerable cost savings. At Zunoma they offer a complete printed payslip distribution service. Their expertise is built on over 40 years’ experience providing everything from self-service web portals, pressure seal pay advice slips and P60 and P11d tax forms. They also work with


For individuals, the CLA course will give you the practical skills to lead and inspire. The course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and can count towards your continuous professional development (CPD). For organisations the online CLA course is a truly inclusive learning and development programme, creating a common language and coherent culture achieved through the application of understanding and acting positively towards others.

The Academy offers a hybrid programme with additional workshops and guidance to further enhance compassionate working relationships.

Join the journey Use the code CLA10 before 30 September, 2021 for a 10% discount on the online course. Visit academy

• employers to design a bespoke web portal for delivering electronic payslips that integrate seamlessly into an existing system. Epayslipsecure works with all established payroll software, so there is no hidden cost for installing new software. The portal simply works as an extension of the company’s existing system, with an identical appearance. Epayslipsecure is also a two-way communication tool with the functionality of a company intranet and

employee self-service facility. Employers and employees can access all payroll-related data at any time, such as P60s, P11Ds, past payslips, sickness and holiday forms, as well as documents like staff handbooks and health and safety information.

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Increase employee engagement during Covid-19 Oak Engage is the modern all-in-one intranet solution that enables businesses to engage and connect with their people

Jump start your change journey today

f the pandemic has taught people anything, it’s the importance of staying connected. With huge changes in the way people work, it is critical to keep employees engaged, but this can be a difficult task. Technology is crucial in building a more inclusive workplace, whether it’s remotely or in person, as businesses navigate toward a more hybrid environment. Using technology in the workplace is key to underpinning efficient and engaging communication with employees. Oak Engage’s expertly designed features give a sense of belonging and increase

If you want to make a difference in the world, show the world something different. If you want to make a difference in your own world, do something different


employee engagement, with two-way communication. This fosters an inclusive environment and makes your people feel valued, appreciated and heard. Oak’s next generation platform is focused on hybrid working and uses technology to help organisations navigate the new normal whilst minimising fatigue. Unlike traditional intranets that fail due to complexity and poor user experience, Oak makes it easy to collaborate and share content, improving productivity. With their easy to maintain, fully personalised and intuitive

platform, you can spend less time worrying about employee needs and focus more on your wider business goals.

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ith a background in coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training, Minh K Le uses over 20 years of experience gained from travelling the world in a corporate capacity, to work with people to help them shed their negative comparisons to others. He supports clients through their entire change journey, holds them accountable when they need it most, and gives the necessary push to get them moving forward. Minh’s secret to life is


this: be yourself, believe in yourself, and forget everyone else. What works for one person doesn’t always work for others. The way to discover what does work for you is to simply go out and try, learn from the challenges faced, and move onto the next opportunity as a more experienced person. There is no losing in life, only

learning. How well do you know yourself? Are those assumptions you thought of others true? Whose life are you really living? Learn how to overcome the roller coaster of being attached to results, to stop the comparisons to others, and to stay focused during the most difficult challenges and hardships.

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Sanitation for the nation

Reduce your water and energy consumption

Pedalsan, assisting with protection in your workplace and sanitiser has become a key part of life throughout the pandemic, and like many aspects of Covid, sanitiser stations have rapidly become


part of the ‘new normal’. Built to survive warehouse and construction environments, the Pedalsan has been developed with strength and durability as a top priority. It is made

from high-quality powder coated steel, a robust pedal mechanism and rubber floor protectors. The Pedalsan is fitted with two heavy duty castors and a top-mounted pull handle to make it easily transportable to other locations with a secure eye hook for keeping it in place when in position. A built-in, removable drip tray prevents spillages and drips. With capacity for a 5-litre carton of hand sanitiser, plus a spare in a lockable compartment ensuring there is always capacity. Available in two sizes, the smaller Pedalsan Junior is ideal for nurseries, schools, and other childfriendly locations.

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Waterblade will reduce your water and energy consumption, paying for itself in under six months t is quick and easy to fit to your washroom mixer tap and the team will supply you with a free fitting tool with your website order at shop; simply put FT after your name on your order. Waterblade typically halves the water you use, that is a saving of £50 per tap per year. Plus there’s the associated carbon saving, from the energy saved from heating less water, but also to produce the water, which is rising in the UK with water companies increasingly resorting to energy intensive desalination. Waterblade has taken off rapidly since launch and is now fitted to more than 20,000 washroom taps in the UK. They have repeat orders from companies as diverse as Lazy Days B&B and Unilever (15 sites). Waterblade is UK manufactured to ISO9001


and ISO14001. It has WRAS approval and is listed as best practice by the considerate constructor’s scheme. If you want to fit it to your washroom basin simply order from the shop. It fits most mixer taps. If you have 10 or more washroom basins, the team can send you a sample to fit and assess. Just visit

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Helping the home workers: motivating your remote staff Hybrid working is here to stay. Time to adapt to the evolving workforce


• to any of us have had

adapt to home offices in the last 18 months. • With attention-demanding children and pets, home-working spouses, housework and homeschooling all under one roof, the • distractions and difficulties of home working have presented an array of challenges to employee productivity. Despite these setbacks and the original adjustment period, many workers are now pushing for more regular remote working in the return to the ‘new normal’, with the trend leaning towards a ‘hybrid’ set up; some days spent in the office and the rest at home. Research shows that Gen Z workers in particular are pushing to split their time between home and office to get the best from both worlds. Employers may understandably feel cautious or uncomfortable with the prospect of staff working out-of-office for half of the week. Although the benefits for staff

are clear; among them cheaper lunches, child-care flexibility, home comforts, and lack of commute, it could be argued that business owners gain little from having a team work remotely. Employers may want to consider investing in monitoring software to help manage their remote teams, allowing them to assign tasks and track their progress throughout the day. You will be able to see how long it takes an employee to complete a task, and will also remove the back-and-forth email chasing between managers and staff as the job is in progress. Regular communication between employees is crucial to keep remote workers engaged, but be careful of ‘Zoom fatigue’ and overloading your staff with onscreen meetings. If a chat can happen face-to-face on office-working days, consider rescheduling so that you can discuss with them in person. It will be much easier to pick up natural physical cues and foster a welcoming atmosphere in these circumstances, rather than on a video conference. Offering bonuses and target incentives can also help drive remote workers to maximise their time and

In the Spotlight CFH Docmail With remote working here to stay the adoption of a Hybrid mail service allows companies to support their staff wherever they are working, • either remotely or in the office and manage their communications with a modern, cost-effective digital mail solution. Find out more at www.

boost overall morale. Recognising and rewarding an employee’s hard work will help keep them motivated and make them more likely to meet or exceed their targets. Focusing on a team’s accomplishments and achievements will help bolster remote workers’ overall sense of purpose and wellbeing. This coupled with continuous feedback will allow the team to develop their skills over time and focus on areas that need the most attention. Offering flexibility is key to

retaining and motivating remote and hybrid workers. Should they need to collect their kids from school in the early afternoon, or attend an important doctor’s appointment, employers should endeavour to arrange a schedule which allows them to do so. One of the main obstacles in remote working can be technology; if your employees don’t have the correct equipment, or their equipment is not fully functioning in a remote environment, their productivity will be impacted and half of the day could be spent trying to overcome the problems it presents. One of the main aspects of home

working is the trust you place in your staff. If employees feel that managers are suspicious of their work-from-home output, or constantly bombarding them with emails and messages to ‘checkin’ on their whereabouts and workload, it fosters an unhealthy surveillance culture and can breed animosity between employees and managers. Finding ways to mitigate these issues, such as investing in software to manage employee schedules, and having weekly meetings to summarise the achievements of the week, rather than check-up on them frequently throughout the working day.



Virtual experiences to bring teams together

Connect with people wherever they are

Keep your remote teams connected and company culture thriving irtually Together are specialists in turning ordinary video calls into something special with virtual experiences perfect for every occasion, group size and budget. Do you need inspiration for your next virtual event? Here are some top picks for every occasion: 1. PERFECT FOR TEAM BUILDING: ‘So Much More Than A Gameshow’ offers interactive challenges that foster collaboration and team spirit. 2. PERFECT FOR CLIENT ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Luxury Chocolate Tasting with Champagne’ will provide your clients with a delicious, informative and impressive experience. 3. PERFECT FOR COMPANY WELLBEING: ‘Mud & Mind’ is a clay workshop which will give your team a chance to unwind, relax and focus on their wellbeing.

Win a Colleague Box hamper including food and drink, worth £100! Enter online at


esigned with HR and reward managers in mind, Colleague Box was developed as a seamless way for organisations to send rewards and recognition to colleagues whilst they’re working from home. Whether you’re looking to send 10 or 10,000 boxes, Colleague Boxes are fully branded with your company logo and personalised message, with boxes dispatched directly to your home or work. Organisations can choose from hundreds of pre-designed gift ideas to suit any occasion, from welcoming new starters, awards evenings, company meetings, or just a simple thank you! Their in-house production team can help you to create a bespoke box, select your custom contents, and provide creative resources to design



Get your next virtual event CELEBRATIONS: ‘Grazing in the diary. After all, we Board Workshop with all need something to look Wine Pairing’ combines forward to! food, wine and creativity to create the perfect Find out more celebratory team event. Visit virtually-together. 5. PERFECT ICEBREAKER: ‘Juggling Workshop’ to discover all online with a professional circus experiences. Email info@ performer will energise your team with a healthy or call 020 8064 0830 to dose of organised fun. find out more. 6. PERFECT FOR GLOBAL TEAMS: ‘Code Breaking Game’ combines teamwork and problem solving, bringing your teams closer together wherever they may be.

and print custom inserts and box labels. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Colleague Boxes are fully degradable, recyclable, reusable and made from partially recycled material. With a hands-on approach to product sourcing, many suppliers are chosen for their ethical approach, including environmentally friendly production methods, commitment to reduce food waste, and reducing global plastic production. The Colleague Box mantra is a simple one – to help you connect with people wherever they are, by delivering happiness in a box. Christmas gift boxes are now available for pre-order, featuring a collection of twelve Christmas gift boxes, featuring premium food, drinks and festive items.

Exclusive discounts are available for orders placed before 31 October.

Find out more Visit or contact the team at hello@colleaguebox.

Colleague box includes alcohol so entrants must be over 18.





• •

Business rates too high? • be overpaying by thousands every year Business owners could t Payless, they have encountered many valuations that have not been updated to reflect current circumstances. The system put in place to do so – Check, Challenge and Appeal – is not simple, and can be confusing to navigate. The CCA process utilises the


government gateway system with a long and tedious sign up and multiple stages of submissions. The Payless team can help simplify this by working on the CCA process on your behalf and work to gain the best possible outcome. There are also a number of different rate reliefs made

available, which Payless monitor, but they are not always well advertised. Some are also temporary and must be applied for. Most recently, hospitality and retail relief was reduced, as of July 2021, and is due to end completely on 1 April 2022 – putting further strain on an already struggling sector.

Find out more Visit for more information. For a no-cost, no-obligation assessment please email and one of their consultants will be in touch.

Offset your footprint with trees in Yorkshire •

Individuals and businesses are starting to take responsibility for their impact on the planet. And now is the time. •

arbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions have increased 45% since the industrial revolution, which is triggering major climate change. If we all act, we can make a difference. At Make it Wild, the team have planted 50,000 trees over the past 10 years, creating new permanent woodlands for wildlife in North Yorkshire. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, which can mitigate the emissions caused by human activity. Make it Wild can help you calculate and reduce your


business’s carbon footprint, quickly and easily. Then they will plant trees to offset any unavoidable remaining CO2 emissions. Uniquely, all Make it Wild trees are photographed by drone. Your certificate will show: � How many tonnes of CO2 you have offset � A map showing the location of your trees � An aerial photograph of the trees your business has paid for. Carbon offsetting through Make it Wild will not only help your business but will help the planet and preserve nature for future generations.

It is a fantastic way for your company to fulfi l its environmental policies and corporate social responsibilities. You will attract the increasing number of consumers who actively seek businesses with green credentials.

Find out more Visit the CARBON tab on or email or call 07795 605406.


Unlock the value of your data Data is the new oil, so how does a business realise the value of that data that is locked up within it? or businesses to competitively operate, develop and expand they need to be able to rapidly analyse the data that exists across the business. Unlocking this value enables you to improve all aspects of your business. Historically this has been the preserve of large organisations – they have teams of specialists with the budget to invest in expensive enterprise grade tools. Often, the most common tool used in small business to understand their performance is Excel. However great Excel is, it does not allow the rapid, consistent analysis of data across all the business systems, that can be easily shared and visualised to provide actionable intelligence to the decision makers that need it. But times are changing, with a new breed of modern business intelligence tools such as Power BI from Microsoft. These tools at last make the technology accessible to


Unlocking this value enables you to improve all aspects of your business

smaller organisations, the inclusion of automation and artificial intelligence take away the need for all the heavy lifting and a team of specialist data engineers. The rapid pace of digital transformation and the unlocking


of technology is not the only aspect that needs to be considered when maximising the value of the data across a business. There needs to be a shift within the senior management of a business to see the use of data and analytics as transformational and integrated to business strategy, rather than a secondary activity. For any business looking to drive value from data, agility is key, but equally it can’t be the wild west, or else business decisions will not be made on trusted data. Spending time up-front planning and reviewing the data maturity of an organisation

is vitality important. Simpson Associates advocate looking at key themes such as alignment with the business plan; ensuring the right skills and processes are in place; that there is appropriate investment; and the right reporting and analysis is being provided. Giles Horwood, managing director of Simpson Associates, says: “Simpson Associates have developed a series of sector accelerators that allow a business to quickly unlock the value of their data. Such packages ensure the foundations are in place and the use of these new breed of

tools can be maximised, whilst also making them accessible to businesses of all sizes.”

Find out more To find out more about unlocking your valuable asset, data, visit, email, or call 01904 234510. You can also find them on @simpsonassociates


MacBook Pro Productivity just got more Pro.

Bring the power of MacBook Pro to your business from just £19 per Month*

Excludes 20% VAT. Minimum term, spend and 2 years trading applies.