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We are all, of course, entitled to our Earthly pleasures. But more than ever we are starting to become more focused on buying better. The topic of conscious consumption is, therefore, a major topic of discussion now, and interest is continuing to mount year on year. Whether that’s how our clothes are manufactured, if we are adding to sustainable growth, or how our spending is affecting others in the world, we are starting to become more focused on shopping sustainably. This Green & Ethical Checklist explores how the carefully selected brands and services, within this issue, are doing their part. For starters, it might be a natural assumption that a generalised move of the nation’s workforce to working from home would be a better thing for the environment, but does it hold up under closer analysis? We look at the pros and cons of the new way of working for many (page 4) and whether it really impacts the planet for the better. And while we are spending more time indoors, we take a look at ways in which you can freshen up indoors while being kinder to the planet (page 7) with thoughtful cleaning and eco-friendly products such as the Liebherr refrigeration and the Natural Spa Supplies water purifier. And we have gadgets like the Ariston heaters that claim to save up to 25% in energy bills – which you can control via Wi-Fi. There are ideas galore in this issue to make your property more energy-efficient to reduce bills, boost your property and help fight climate change too. Plus, there are green products aplenty to inspire sustainability whatever the

occasion. For example, the festive season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes it isn’t so wonderful for the planet. So, how do we ensure that we do our best to shop responsibly this holiday season? Find out more on page 10 of this issue along with loads of delicious plant-based snacks and treats for all tastes. With that, there is a big focus on the environmental impact of the food we eat, however what about the tipples we enjoy? There’s a variety of more ways to say ‘cheers!’ to the New Year with a reduced environmental impact – fi nd out more on page 43. Sustainability can look as good as it feels, more eco-conscious beautifying products on page 19 such as Earthly Nail Polish and luxury fashion from Sioda. But what of the future, you ask – what of the innovations and materials that will transform our world? From eco-activists to follow to e-bikes to ride, the advertising features in this supplement have a truly inspiring environmental focus – including a feature on why wildlife plays a crucial role in our ecosystem (page 41). The climate crisis is a global problem on a vast scale, but individuals can make a small difference by thinking about the ways that we shop, think, and act and by choosing quality sustainable products and services. The people and businesses profiled in this issue have, we feel, something important to add to the climate debate. We hope you enjoy reading their views and learning about their solutions.

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4 Lifestyle


Is working from home actually better for the planet? It might be a natural assumption that a generalised move of the nation’s workforce to working from home would be a better thing for the environment, but does it hold up under closer analysis? With the monumental shift in working patterns that occurred during the 2020 lockdowns, the nation as a whole saw a huge drop in commuter numbers, the closure of office spaces and most of their retail • services, such as food and hospitality, fall silent. With this vast change in working and living patterns, one would think there would be a net-energy saving, as• cars and trains didn’t run, offices were not switched on, and sandwich shops and restaurants remained dormant with no consumables created. However, broader analysis is now showing that an overall fall in workplace energy consumption as a result of UK lockdowns in 2020 was largely cancelled out by an increase in personal usage, as the government’s work from home advice increased the nation’s reliance on personal gas and electricity. According to research by business energy supplier, Gazprom Energy, 37% more personal energy was used in 2020, due to increased reliance on home lighting, heating and the use of home appliances

• •

while working from home. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) estimates the average household uses 3,731 kWh per year. A year-on-year consumption increase of 37% adds a further 1,380 kWh per year to each household’s consumption – over one-third more energy per household – as homeworkers charge laptops and phones, watch television, heat water and run the heating throughout the day. Daniel Sullivan, head of UK sales at Gazprom Energy, commented on the increase: “While we have all been taking the necessary health and safety precautions during the pandemic and reducing business travel, it is interesting to look at the consumption of energy by the

nation and see where fluctuations happen. A fragmented workforce has resulted in fewer shared appliances and electronics, and an increase in individual activity has increased electricity and gas consumption as a result. “Energy-saving measures that are present in the workplace may not be present in the home, such as energy-efficient lighting and smart metering, meaning efficiency is lost as a result of hybrid working. Businesses also benefit from economies of scale when their workforce is in one location using shared heating, cooling and energy for appliances and equipment.” Although a net increase in energy consumption is inevitable for many businesses due to more

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hybrid working, as the energy use of their more disparate workforces increases, there are ways that individuals can reduce their consumption depending on their situation and businesses should be actively communicating these to their employees.

In 2020, BrewDog became the world’s first carbon-negative brewery. It’s all part of their mission to become the most sustainable drinks brand on the planet. They’ll be doing this by building a bio-plant, using wind turbines to power the brewery, delivering beer via electric vehicles and transitioning to a zero-waste business. Brewdog believe that now is the time to be radical in everything they do. Visit for more. by Barnaby Dracup

Ecozone’s new-in The free app that eco-friendly cleaning turns your footsteps and laundry essentials into forests Win one-of-two of Ecozone’s new eco-friendly cleaning and laundry essentials packages, worth £50 each!

Discover the plant-based power of Ecozone’s sustainable cleaning and laundry, with the chance to win their brand-new Cleaning Kit with ecocleaning essentials, plus plastic-free laundry musthaves – Pure Oxygen Power Whitening and Power Brightening Tablets in new 48-tab pack sizes. The Cleaning Kit contains everything you need to kick-start your eco-cleaning journey: their Tough Degreasing Kitchen Cleaner Spray, Tough Limescale Remover Spray, MultiPurpose Appliance Descaler, 12 tablets of their FragranceFree Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner, and a pack of Fragrance-Free Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks, which contain enough sticks to provide a year’s worth of protection.

Also included is Ecozone’s new, 48 tablet pack sizes of their Pure Oxygen Power Whitening and Power Brightening Tablets, designed to bring your clothes back to life by removing stains and grime with no toxic chemicals. The Power Whitening Tablets will have your whites looking brand new and brighter

than ever, while the Power Brightening Tablets will revive your colours and leave your clothes looking better than ever.

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*Mangroves among the most carbon-rich forests in the tropics (Nature Geoscience, 2011).

Enter online at

Treekly is empowering people to contribute to the health of the planet whilst walking. There is no single easy solution to climate change but planting millions of trees is a key part of it. Purposefully set as an achievable goal, maintain a daily walking habit of 5,000 steps for five days in a week, and in return one mangrove tree is planted on your behalf in Madagascar. These ‘super trees’ capture three to four times more carbon than rainforests*, using their unique root system which can store it for thousands of years. Now, you can plant trees and offset your carbon footprint as you walk. Sustainable brands fund these trees by sponsoring the app one week at a time. The renowned tree planting organisation, Eden Reforestation Projects, plant the mangrove trees. They

involve local, impoverished communities providing fair wage employment. It’s simple. The more often you walk, the more trees you plant. You can see your trees grow, challenge friends to some healthy competition, and improve your Climate Impact Score, all in one app.

Find out more Download Treekly today and they’ll give you an extra five trees. Use code STARTFIVE to redeem your free trees. Follow @treekly_org or visit to get started today.

*Mangroves among the most carbon-rich forests in the tropics (Nature Geoscience, 2011).

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6 Lifestyle


Liebherr refrigeration Sustainability and energy efficiency in your kitchen Liebherr’s approach to minimising the environmental impact of the refrigeration appliances they supply to customers in the UK and around the globe, has stayed several steps ahead of legislation and global concerns around climate change. The business have been manufacturing particularly energyefficient refrigerators for decades, and the latest range of appliances with the most recent energy rating labels also consistently achieve the highest ratings up to class B. However, it is not only through efficient energy consumption and using natural refrigerants that Liebherr’s domestic consumers are supporting the drive to halt and reverse climate change. They do so because Liebherr appliances are designed and engineered to operate for a long time. Using German engineering know-how and produced with green-powered manufacturing processes at a site in Austria, each Liebherr appliance applies the highest standards to the smallest

detail. As an example, before a door hinge is approved, it must undergo at least 100,000 opening cycles. That is the equivalent of more than 15 years of use. As you would expect, and underpinning its commitment to environmental sustainability, Liebherr want their customers to enjoy their refrigerators for a long time. Liebherr customers enjoy refrigerators with design and technological features that make them a pleasure to use, but also keep energy bills and environmental impact down. An innovative design feature is the energy efficient LightTower internal lighting concept in Liebherr’s new range of integrated appliances. Energy consumption is being reduced in all Liebherr’s appliances, but without compromising performance. This has been achieved through smart sensor systems that continually adapt cooling performance to current usage. So, this could be using the refrigerator’s full power reserve

when cooling a large volume of food and drink that has been added after a big weekly shop. The new HydroBreeze function, available in Liebherr’s Peak range of appliances, means that each time the door is opened, the fruit and vegetables in the BioFresh safe are covered with a fresh, cold mist that spreads over the produce like a protective balm. This gentle layer of moisture, combined with a temperature of just above 0 degrees, increases the surface tension and preserves the structure of the food. In a nutshell reducing food waste and environmental impact. Liebherr customers also tap into several other features that reduce the use of plastic bottles and packaging. For example, the IceMaker, which produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, an ample amount for cocktails, smoothies, and parties. Another innovation in the fully integrated appliances is the Infi nitySpring, a water fountain in the fridge that provides filtered cold water at all times. So, no plastic bagged ice or

one-use plastic water bottles. New appliances from Liebherr also set high standards in terms of noise levels with some of the appliances only emitting 29 dB(A) of noise, meaning that they can be labelled as class A, the highest noise reduction category. This makes them barely perceptible, even to noise-sensitive ears. As kitchen spaces are increasingly merging with living areas, this is an important feature that is becoming increasingly relevant in modern living concepts. Helping consumers to be ‘savvy’ when using their appliance to save energy and monitor how they are doing is important to Liebherr. The

refrigerators can be ‘smart’ with all models either network-ready or connectable to a Wi-Fi network later via a SmartDeviceBox. Customers can use the Liebherr SmartDevice app to integrate their refrigerator quickly and conveniently into an existing smart home environment through a device like Google Assistant. The story of Liebherr’s success in developing refrigerators and freezers that are used around the world is one of commitment to sustainability through innovation in technology and quality that is developed into every component that is used. It is also the story of a family-owned business that want a better planet and better future for all.

Find out more Visit and follow



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Ways to make your home cleaner and greener Here we take a look at ways in which you can clean your home, be kind to the planet, and get rid of those nasty chemicals We all want to clean safely and • in sustainably around the home, ways that are not only effective but that will also have minimal impact • on the environment. Whether it’s by buying the most eco-friendly cleaning products, or using clever, homespun eco-friendly cleaning techniques. If you have children, • health conditions or even sensitive pets in the house, then this can also be a strong driver to make your home cleaner and greener. Here we spoke to three experts in the field of greener cleaning, for their top tips. Helen Bee, founder of the multiaward-winning, planet friendly and refillable cleaning brand, Clean Living, says: “Skip chemical scents. Air fresheners might smell pleasant, but they’re incredibly harmful to both the environment and to us. Particularly if you suffer from asthma! There are lots of alternative ways to freshen up the air in your home; add some air purifying plants, dot scented pouches of lavender around, or diff use essential oils instead.”

Von Sy, founder of plant-based cleaning brand Nimble, agrees: “One thing to be wary of is fragrances. Although they make the cleaning up chore more pleasant with the smell of flowers, citrus, and lavender, fragrances are made with a complex range of chemicals. And don’t be deceived by clever branding – just because a bottle has an ‘eco’ look and feel, make sure you read the label for the detailed ingredients.”

All of us should take the time to purchase more thoughtfully And it’s these ingredients, from the chemicals in the products to the plastic packaging containing them, that cause even greater harm to the environment. Managing director of Ecovibe, a dedicated ecofriendly products retailer, Stacey Skidmore, says: “Minimise plastic where you can, this can be through using refillable glass spray bottles

In the spotlight EMBACO

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in place of the traditional single-use plastic bottles, or even using soluble cleaning sachets, which dissolve in water. Also, avoid toxic chemicals where you can. A common myth is the stronger the chemical, the more effective the product will be. However, natural ingredients, such as essential oils and plant extracts work just as well alongside certain antibacterial agents.” Von Sy adds: “Most of the mainstream cleaning products are over-formulated which means they contain unnecessary levels of

chemicals that can be harmful to a young child and the environment. Manufacturers do this so they can make bold marketing claims like they are ‘10 times more powerful’, so with this in mind one thing you can do is dilute the regular cleaning products you use – they are just as effective but reduce the amount of chemicals you are using.” So, whatever practical steps you take to cleaning greener, there’s one that will make a huge difference overall, and that lies in your consumer purchasing power

– all of us should take the time to purchase more thoughtfully. Helen Bee says: “A more sustainable lifestyle starts by making considered purchases. Before you purchase any product, ask yourself if you really need it. Or whether you can buy a more planet-friendly alternative. There are incredible brands out there offering eco-friendly alternatives. Just read labels carefully to ensure products really are as good as they claim to be.” by Barnaby Dracup

1. A million bottles a minute: world’s plastic binge ‘as dangerous as climate change’ by Sandra Laville and Matthew Taylor. 2. Pioneering study into microplastic levels in in UKUK water supplies (UK Centre forfor Ecology & Hydrology, 2020) 2. Pioneering study into microplastic levels water supplies (UK Centre Ecology & Hydrology, 2020)

Purify your tap water the traditional way – forever plastic free Handmade amphorae are not only beautifully proportioned and fi nished, but transform the quality, aroma, and taste of tap water In the UK 38.5 million plastic bottles are used every day just over half make it to recycling, while more than 16 million are put into landfill, burnt or leak into the environment and oceans each day. 1 Consumers are aware that tap water is free of bacteria and generally significantly lower in microplastics than bottled water2. However, tap water can contain chloride, heavy metals, pesticide, and fertiliser

residues. Many people are also put off by its aroma and taste. Improving tap water has involved plastic water filter jugs with their over-engineered plastic replaceable filters, or expensive high-tech home installations. Is there a better solution? Yes. Tap water can be transformed using low-tech, ancient methods such as those practiced by the Greeks and Romans using clay amphorae. The World Health Organization has established that clay vessels provide the best way to reduce chloride levels in water and to keep water bacteria free. For over a decade, Natural Spa Supplies have been manufacturing clay amphorae. Laboratory tests have shown that these amphorae reduce chloride levels, ammonia, and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. There are no replacement cartridges or filters – from time to time, the amphorae just need a scrub on the outside and a sun bath. Perfectly proportioned, inside and out, the amphorae have eggshaped interiors with the point near the base, allowing convection currents to circulate the water in columns, spirals, and curves.

In nature, trickles and cascades of stream water spin, spiral and bow, all the while purifying the water. Added to this, the clay wall of the amphora, slightly permeable, acts like ‘skin’, sweating out toxins, leaving the freshest, purest, most delicious tasting water within.

How do you use a clay amphora? Just add tap water and let time do the rest. Natural Spa Supplies’ test results are based on an eight-hour

cycle: Each amphora can produce three batches of purified water every day. They are available in different sizes depending on your needs.

Find out more Visit for more or call 0800 023 5008.


10 Lifestyle


Have yourself a greener little Christmas

The festive season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s not always so wonderful for the wellbeing of the planet •

The festive season is synonymous with plenty of food, presents, • and all-round over consumption. But this takes its toll on the environment. So, how do we ensure that we do our best for climate change this holiday season without • giving up the things we love?

Every aspect of the party season can become more ethical, with just a slight change. Instead of the traditional turkey, why not have a nut roast? Or, if the family insists on turkey, get it directly from a local farm. If you do go for the supermarket shop, you can do

your bit by choosing items marked Fairtrade wherever possible. Since • the least it is the season of giving, we can do is contribute to a fair and ethical supply chain. Christmas trees come in many forms. Plastic reusable trees, that • can conveniently be stored may seem like a sustainable choice, but the production process and end-life of these PVC-based trees release harmful gases into the environment. Many people opt for a cut tree, often embarking on a family outing to the tree farm, and handpicking this year’s centrepiece. These trees can be farmed sustainably, so if they’re bought locally, and recycled at the end of the season, their footprint can be minimal. The most ethical choice, however, is to choose a living tree – growing in a pot. Bring it inside for the Christmas season, and then come January, just bring it out into the garden to thrive until next year. One overlooked aspect of the giving season that hugely contributes to

waste, is present wrapping. Wrapping paper in itself is often recyclable, so this is an easy switch. Simply avoid glittery or plastic-based wrapping papers and opt for a recyclable tape – perhaps a decorative, paper-based tape which will also add a special touch to your gifts. When it comes to gift shopping, the perpetuated idea may be that department stores are havens of convenience, with everything you need under one roof. But where’s the festive spirit in that? This should be a time of buying local, knowing where your products come from, and giving back to the community. Often, the ethical gift choice is the more unique and luxurious one. Making Christmas that little bit more ethical is easily done, and could have a hugely positive effect on climate goals. So, why we all may be dreaming of a white one, perhaps it’s time to make a change, and enjoy a greener little Christmas this year. by Shannon Maher

In the spotlight Food & Drink Wales With two new additions in the last few months alone, Wales now boasts 18 products accredited with Geographical Indication (GI) status. Visit the Wales Government website to learn more about what makes Welsh food and drink so genuinely iconic.

A more eco-friendly Christmas season For anyone on the lookout for sustainable, eco-friendly swaps, Welsh brand Tabitha Eve offer vegan and cruelty-free homeware and beauty products Tabitha Eve offer everything from reusable items for your kitchen through to your skincare routine and everything in between. Most items are made by hand by the talented team of sewers based in Pontypridd. Sustainability is considered throughout production with designs based on fabric widths to ensure minimal waste, and any imperfect products are offered at a discount rather than being sent to landfill. With a range covering eco-cleaning, home, beauty, baby and gifting, Tabitha Eve’s products encourage everyone to switch out single-use purchases for reusable alternatives. Products are made with care from natural materials and are proof that eco-friendly can also be beautiful. If you’re searching for conscious Christmas gift ideas, look no further. Tabitha Eve’s beauty collection has some

Sleep easy with Undercover

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gorgeous stocking fillers, such as Reusable Make Up Rounds or Plastic Free Hair Ties. Their range of gift sets and homeware offers something for everyone.

Alongside reusable giftwrap solutions, they’ve just what you need for a greener festive period. Start building a more sustainable home today.

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Your bed is a place of sanctuary, the place you escape to, to relax, restore and revive your body and soul. So, it’s only natural you want the softest, lightest bed linen to ensure you enjoy the best sleep possible. Undercover make contemporary, high-quality bed linen using eco-friendly fabrics that feel beautiful on the skin. The products are ethically made in the Portuguese town of Guimarães, a region known globally for its expertise in home textiles. Undercover go out of their way to source and test the very best fabrics and

have partnered with a familyowned mill that’s been crafting high-quality bed linen for more than 70 years. Undercover offer two fabrics – TENCEL™ and 100% Organic Cotton. Both are lightweight and long lasting with a high thread count, crisp feel, and matte fi nish. TENCEL™ is an eco-friendly, luxurious, and silky-soft yarn made from sustainably-sourced plant fibres. The 100% Organic

Cotton fabric is Global Organic Textile Standard certified and offers the familiar lightweight texture of cotton with a relaxed, crinkly look and feel. The prize includes a double or king size duvet cover plus two pillowcases in a style of your choice, subject to availability.

Find out more Shop directly through the website at with fast shipping available.

12 Lifestyle


Start your day with a plastic-free beauty routine Sustainability is the buzzword right now. However, being eco-friendly with our beauty choices is more than a trend – it’s for the future of our planet Many of us love treating ourselves to•a new beauty product and wait eagerly for the delivery day to try it out. But how often are we shocked by the amount of packaging that comes with one • bottle of foundation? little Statistics report that 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, including lids and cellophane, much of which is superfluous, non-recyclable and ends up in our landfills and in our oceans. It’s estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic makes its way into our oceans each year. A trend, which if continued, will mean we’ll have more plastic in our oceans than fi sh by 2050, according to the United Nations. Now is the perfect time to take a look at the beauty cabinet and make some simple swaps to reduce the amount of plastic we use in the packaging of our beauty essentials. Tessa Clarke, co-founder and

CEO of the UK’s top free sharing app OLIO, comments: “The fact that the beauty industry creates so much waste is shocking, and it’s easy to make a difference by making a few simple swaps. “It’s also worth looking at the products we no longer use. Instead of binning them, why not try giving them away via the OLIO app? The shampoo that doesn’t work for you could be perfect for someone else, and those old eye shadows could be just the ticket for a craft project. By giving things away, rather than throwing them away you reduce waste and help a neighbour out.”

Switch shower gel for a bar of soap Hand washing has taken on a whole new importance during our pandemic era. Many believe that soap dries out your skin but it’s simply not true – there are some great, moisturising soaps available. Buy a big box of soap in

bulk to reduce packaging through multiple orders, and why not make it enjoyable with a soap bar from luxury British fragrance house Miller Harris?

Get rid of disposables Use either a safety razor or a reusable razor with disposable heads. Try Freedom Razor – you will never have to buy a new handle again because once the investment is made you will only have to purchase replacement blades – economical for the wallet but also the environment. Also, replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one instead, such as a Matana toothbrush. If you have an electric toothbrush, there are also bamboo replacement heads.

Reuse the container Choose a moisturiser which comes in a glass jar or metal tin. There are lots of different brands available and once you have fi nished it’s

• •

easy to recycle or reuse the jar. And it’s not just moisturisers, but face serums, foundations, and many other cosmetic essentials. • at the brand Ethosa, Have a look which launched its Powder-toGel Body Wash Blend Your Own Home Kit which includes a reusable aluminium bottle, shower powder, and oil-based fragrances.

Try refi llable It’s estimated that 1 billion lipstick containers end up in landfill each year, so it is best to buy refillable make-up and beauty items wherever you can. Charlotte Tilbury does a fantastic refillable lipstick range. Great for those that care about sustainability, New Wash shampoo comes in a handy subscription so you can sign up for regular refills at a frequency of your choosing. Imagine never having to pick up a bottle of shampoo, ever again?

Go slowly, you don’t have to become a green machine overnight! If you’re not ready to give up your bottled shampoo and conditioner, don’t fret. Natalie Elliott, campaigner and global speaker on toxic beauty, and founder of SAKRID self-care products offers some advice. She says: “Make small changes at first. Change your shampoo and conditioner or your facewash and moisturiser first and see how your body responds to this change. “You may find you experience small break-outs in acne at first as the body can finally effectively detox itself of all of the toxins that have been building up. But it usually only takes one to two weeks for the body to love the changes you have made.” by Laura Forsyth

Perfect eco-friendly Plastic-free choices toys for budding minds for everyday living Win a gift hamper with a range of Ethiqana artisanal products, toys and games. Worth £102! Enter online at Ethiqana is a convenient, stylish, ethical and sustainable alternative to the usual. Economic empowerment, creative pursuit and ecofriendliness form the core of their mission. Enter the competition to win a gift hamper worth £102 containing a range of their artisanal products, toys and games. Ethiqana’s unique range of handmade wooden toys are coloured with organic plantbased food safe dyes without any chemicals making them completely safe for kids. As all parents know, there isn’t much that escapes the mouths of toddlers and young children. All of Ethiqana’s toys are carefully crafted and rigorously tested for safety to comply with CE safety standards. Their bright colours and tactile nature encourage children to use their imagination and creativity, without being influenced by sounds commonly found in battery operated toys.

Their production partner is a non-profit sustainable livelihoods initiative for artisans that helps preserve this ancient artform and also looks after their welfare.

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How often do you think about the sustainability of what you buy? Every purchase adds to your carbon footprint and contributes to the health of the world. The Plastic Free Shop believes that shopping can be better for everyone. By being conscious of what they’re buying, people can easily make positive changes, while supporting businesses that work towards a more sustainable future. That’s why The Plastic Free Shop exists! The Plastic Free Shop helps you switch to good-quality everyday products that are planet friendly; from shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets and reusable coffee cups to wildflower seed balls, linen beach towels and much more. Sustainability is at the very core of The Plastic Free Shop, including reusing packaging for the parcels they post. The shop also doesn’t run sales, so you don’t need to wait for Black (or Green!) Friday to start making changes at home. The Plastic Free Shop encourages people to shop consciously

by stocking effective, long-lasting products and pricing them fairly for both customers and suppliers alike. After all, sustainability is so much more than just buying ‘green’.

Shop online This month, they’re supporting your efforts to reduce plastic, by giving 2% of your purchases during COP26 to the fantastic litter-picking charity, The 2 Minute Foundation, who are devoted to cleaning up the planet two minutes at a time. Just shop at

Lifestyle 13

Source: 1. Effects of Saff ron Extract on Sleep Quality: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trial by Barbara D. Pachikian et al. 2. Crocin, the main active saff ron constituent, as an adjunctive treatment in major depressive disorder: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot clinical trial by Ali Talaei et al. 3. Saff ron, as an adjunct therapy, contributes to relieve depression symptoms: An umbrella meta-analysis by Vali Musazadeh et al.


Saffron is gold for your wellbeing Aid sleep, reduce fatigue1 and more with saffron, one of the world’s most precious commodities

As the world’s most highly prized spice, saff ron has earned the nickname ‘red gold’ derived from the saff ron crocus’s crimson stigma ‘threads’, which are so delicate they must be harvested by hand before swiftly being dried. These stigmas contain three active ingredients: crocin, picrocrocin and safranal. The positive impact saff ron has on • mood 2 and sleep1 can largely be attributed to these active • ingredients and has been supported by scientific research. A study in The Journal of Affective Disorders states that a number of clinical trials • demonstrated that saff ron and its active constituents possess properties like those of current

remedies for mood balance. It concludes that saff ron represents an efficacious and safe approach 3. The Naked Pharmacy and their pharmacist founder Kevin Leivers, with over 30 years’ experience, realised that too often natural remedies and ingredients had compelling scientific evidence behind their use, but customers often didn’t have the right information or the supplements available didn’t contain the correct clinical dose. Europe’s fi rst 100% Natural Pharmacy formulate all their products to pharmaceutical standards and every batch is quality tested. The company formulate using food-sourced, synthetic-free ingredients that are vegan certified and packaged in biodegradable packaging. They also uniquely provide advice via the phone, email, and social media so that the customer can be empowered and assured that they are taking the correct supplement for their needs. Lifestyle guru Susannah Constantine says: “After struggling with intermittent sleep and anxiety issues for years, a friend recommended two natural remedies Saff rosun and Marine Magnesium made by The Naked Pharmacy. I was genuinely surprised to find that after a few nights, my sleep had improved dramatically. I felt calmer

• • and my mood was more balanced than it had been in a long while. “After a few months of using these remedies, I went• to meet their Chief Pharmacist Kevin Leivers and his team. Kevin’s background is in mainstream pharmacy, and he’s taken what he learned in this environment and adapted it to an industry he feels passionately about. I loved Kevin’s ethos and the fact he was driven by what he knew to be scientifically effective rather than what would be commercially fashionable and this really struck a chord with me.”

Find out more Visit and order Saff rosun with a special trial offer of £10 including P&P. You can speak to their friendly pharmacists on 01483 685630. Scientific evidence is listed in the research section of the website. Usual price £19 plus P&P.

The House of Green

Sustainable mulch

This company’s focus is on the wellness and medicinal markets for cannabinoid and terpene production

Peat-free, waste-free and sustainable self-improving mulch from Apsley Farms

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people. That’s the ethos behind Guernsey’s (and the UK’s) largest hemp producer, The House of Green (THOG), as they reimagine the tomatogrowing heritage of their native island, turning tens of acres of disused greenhouses into worldleading hemp production and extraction. THOG touch every aspect of the industry of medicinal markets for cannabinoid and terpene production – from their regenerative cultivation and state-of-theart extraction methods to production of a range of CBD products, which they sell through their retail arm, Bailiwick Botanicals.

Apsley Farms’ mulch is Soil Association approved for use on organic land. It is made from anaerobically digested rye, maize and oats. The Apsley Farms mission is to supply customers with a fantastic soil-improving mulch to ensure their gardens are at their best. This mulch has a very low carbon footprint, as it is the bi-product of green natural gas production from the anaerobic digesters on the farm. The gas injected into the gas grid can heat the equivalent of some 8,000 homes all year round. Apsley Farms also capture CO2 for use in the food industry. This helps to make the plant a carbon-neutral business which is aiming to go carbon negative in the near future. Best of all the Apsley Farms mulch is vegan friendly, entirely plastic free, and completely weed seed free, delivered in a large recyclable bag.

From plant to product Producing pure, high-quality CBD starts with the soil and plants. THOG practice regenerative horticulture – a land-management process that uses the power of photosynthesis in plants to sequester carbon in the soil. This method improves soil health, crop yields, water

resilience and nutrient density, and has the potential to make agriculture more sustainable in the long run. When it comes to extracting the liquid gold that is CBD oil from the plants, the company use state-of-the-art patented equipment and processes for cryogenic ethanol extraction to ensure they’re left with the purest oil to create their products. THOG’s retail arm, Bailiwick Botanicals, is at

the forefront of cannabis retailing, providing craft CBD products with UK provenance and minimal carbon footprint.

Find out more Learn more about The House Of Green at

Find out more Apsley Farms mulch costs £50 for 730 litres plus delivery and can be ordered online at or by phone on 01264 554433. They offer a nationwide pallet delivery service and a local service within 30 miles of the farm near Andover Hampshire.


14 Fashion & Accessories


SNEAKERSER want to end the trend of throw away culture SNEAKERSER are leading the way in restoration and preservation of sneakers, bags, heels and more It’s never been easier to prolong the life of your footwear and with sustainability and ethical buying at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the team at SNEAKERSER are leading the way in restoration • and preservation of sneakers, bags, heels and more.

SNEAKERSER Sneaker Laundry, 1st Floor, Selfridges, London

A Glasgow born company, SNEAKERSER’s products give consumers the opportunity to clean, protect, sanitise and even personalise your favourite items at home. Utilising locally sourced materials and manufacturing all products in their central Scotland factory, their range includes premium cleaners, waterproofi ng protectors, paints, nourishing products, sanitisers, deodorisers, laces, brushes and decreasers amongst many other cleaning and restoration essentials. The products are designed by owners Alan and Rob, two sneaker care professionals with over 20 years’ experience in understanding not only the mechanics of materials, but also the personal enjoyment a pair of favourite sneakers provides, and how important it is to expand the lifespan of your items. Working alongside industry leading brands including New Balance and previously Adidas and Nike, you can be safe in the knowledge that their products are the perfect partner to care for your sneakers, whether it’s your favourite running shoes, designer red bottoms, vintage heels or latest hype release. In a bid to reduce the volume of

items ending up in landfill and the impact of fast fashion on the planet, SNEAKERSER were the fi rst in the UK to open a Sneaker Laundry & Flagship Store in Glasgow, as well as operating a new purpose-built walk-in Sneaker Laundry facility within Selfridges’ Oxford Street • Store in London. Working in-line with Selfridges’ ‘Project Earth’ programme, the SNEAKERSER Sneaker Laundry offer the largest range of services to restore and • repair your items by removing any dirt and stains, restoring paint, scuffs and stitching, their sneaker care technicians aim to enhance the authenticity of your items without losing their original identity ensuring they remain in your wardrobe for many years to come. If you can’t make it to Selfridges, London or their Glasgow store, don’t worry! The brand have more stores coming in 2022 and offer a postal service on their website – with just a few clicks and photo uploads, your items can be sent to them directly and returned to you at home.

Louboutin restoration, before and after

Find out more Have footwear and bags to clean or restore? Pop in and see the team in store seven days a week at Selfridges, London or their Glasgow Sneaker Laundry to learn more about their products and services, or order online for delivery at

Meet Aligne, fashion that’s made to last Aligne believe in creating contemporary collections you can always rely on, built from planet-friendly foundations Committed to delivering the highest level of sustainability to the conscious customer, Aligne is dedicated to putting both the future and fashion fi rst. From sourcing and production to fair practices and working conditions in its factories, the brand believes in transparency at every stage. Creating affordable, democratic

style without compromise, Aligne encourages the modern woman to shop responsibly. Trending prints, timeless dresses and clean-cut tailoring form the core of the collection. Each piece comprises considered, quality fabrics with a primary focus on encompassing a planet friendly approach; eco-friendly fabrics include everyday denim produced with 65% less water, soft

Creating affordable, democratic style without compromise, Aligne encourages the modern woman to shop responsibly 100% Organic Cotton, Deadstock, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose and recycled fi nishes. Dismissing the high prices associated with shopping sustainably, Aligne’s accessible collection ranges from £32 for a T-shirt to £185 for a piece from the outerwear range.


Aligne understand that the little details make all the difference. It’s not just their clothes that are ecoconscious. From recycled polyester labels to sustainable swing tags, discover the planet-friendly fi nishing touches that complete their collection. Not to mention their labelling and swing tickets are thoughtfully designed in recycled materials. Aligne also believe that where clothes are made matters. Scouring the globe in search of the best factories; their forwardthinking partners share their values and passion for sustainability with credentials to match. From everyday workplace standards to ethical audits like SMETA, Aligne is always open and transparent about their factories’ practices and accreditations, sharing informative details at every step of your shopping journey. Aligne recently partnered with content creator Brittany Bathgate to curate a 15-piece edit to reflect Brittany’s minimalist mantra, as well as Aligne’s sustainable ethos. The piece is made up of ALIGNE’s deep denims, oversized herringbone and classic co-ords in muted tones and simple silhouettes.

“We feel incredibly passionate about creating a sustainable womenswear brand while sustaining the fashion industry we know, love and live. Our aim is to create contemporary, sustainable fashion that’s affordable and accessible to all. And our story starts here” said Dalbir Bains, creative director.

Find out more Visit and use code GREEN20 at the checkout and receive 20% off your first order.


Top 10 vegan and ethical autumn accessories

Fashion & Accessories 15

Take a look at some top clothing and accessories featuring brands committed to creating their products in an ethical and sustainable manner, which means you can look and feel good, while making a difference • •

• Bedroom Athletics – Maria vegan slipper Slipper and loungewear brand Bedroom Athletics have just launched their fi rst vegan slipper collection with a range of mules and slides aimed at those looking for conscious comfort. The collection includes Scandiinspired felt mules and faux fur slides in soft summer shades, with contrasting details and a range of different sole options. The contemporary Maria clog design mixes a cool Scandi vibe upper, faux fur inner and a vibrant contrasting wedge sole, and of course, it’s vegan friendly. Visit

• Befl amboyant – UX-68 Water vegan shoes Unisex, vegan and sustainable, these are the new trainers you’ll be wanting to wear this season. Beflamboyant is a new vegan shoe brand designed in Spain and launched after two successful international crowdfunding campaigns. These shoes are designed with recycled or recyclable materials that do not come from animals, and have a low impact on the environment, and are manufactured under conditions of fair labour. What’s more, Befl amboyant have committed to planting a tree for each pair of shoes sold. Visit befl

Luxtra – Farrell vegan backpack This PETA-approved vegan leather backpack is made in Italy from Pinatex – an eco-leather alternative made from pineapple leaves. Inside its funky, logo embossed design, its compartmentalised, lined interior features separate pockets to neatly fit a 13-inch laptop along with phone, A4 documents, water bottle and other daily essentials. Ethical, fashionable and functional, all in one. Visit

Mercer – W3RD vegan trainer

We Are Wastd – Billy hat and Danna jumper We Are Wastd are a UK-made, ethically-run, zero-waste women’s guilt-free fashion brand. Exclusively using true deadstock yarn from the local UK textile industry, that would otherwise be destined for landfill, no two jumpers look exactly the same. Established in 2021, by designer Rosa Hutchesson and UK factory owner, Snahal Patel, their ambition was to create fun, sustainable, UKmade knitted clothing for women who love to be unique. We Are Wastd are committed to making highquality, affordable knitwear that does not impact negatively on the planet or the people who make it. Visit

Luxury footwear brand, Mercer, have just launched their most sustainable sneaker to date. Made from grape leather, with a corn lining, recycled plastic in-sole, Seaqual recycled ocean plastic mesh upper and an EVA and cork outsole, these uber-trendy trainers are handcrafted in Portugal. Mercer Amsterdam bill themselves as a ‘high-end sneaker label’, founded by Dutch designer, Pim Dresen. Based in Amsterdam, the label focuses on luxury handcrafted footwear and accessories for men and women. Mercer Amsterdam were named after Mercer Street in New York City where Pim bought his fi rst pair of trainers at age 10. Visit

Vegan and ethical autumn accessories continues on page 16

Dive in with Rockadi and make bubbles for the ocean This premium swimwear brand for women are looking to turn the tide and stand out as a beacon of sustainability in fashion Since 2010, Rockadi have put ethical production and local sourcing at the heart of their brand. They were run as a little sidebusiness until 2020 when Adi, the founder, decided to make her little business a big force for change. Rockadi create timeless styles that will always be on-trend from tantastic bikini separates to one-pieces and bodysuits, ideal for swimming wild or getting gnarly in the surf.

Their swimwear is buttery soft for incredible comfort, offers UPF50+ UV protection, and a flawless fit that will give you the confidence to flaunt your fabulous curves. Designed to both flatter and perform, each piece is responsibly made in London using premium fabric from regenerated ocean plastic, fully lined, and stitched using highquality recycled threads for strength, stretch, and a look that will last.

Not only does it look good and feel good, but it also does good, with a portion of every sale going to charities that focus on ocean health, plastic pollution, and fighting the exploitation of people in apparel. Add to this their Swap&Shop reward programme to encourage the return of wornout, or broken swimsuits (from any brand) that will be repurposed into something new, as well as their plastic-free packaging, which is both reusable and recyclable, it’s clear that a Rockadi will be an investment that satisfies even the most conscientious of sustainable shoppers. Passionate about slow, ethical, sustainable fashion, Rockadi have been extra diligent with their new Ocean Bubbles range. The collection is inspired by the need to reverse the effects of pollution and climate change on marine habitats such as coral reefs, affected by ocean acidification from excess CO2 . Adi hopes that by embracing transparency, Rockadi can show that the fashion industry really can reduce its impact on both people and planet, and that together everyone can make more bubbles for the ocean.

Find out more Take the plunge with an exclusive introductory offer. Visit and use code BUBBLES20 at checkout for 20% off before 24 December.


16 Fashion & Accessories


Vegan and ethical autumn accessories continued

Critically Endangered – socks These gorgeous socks are made from a beautifully soft blend of bamboo and cotton then packaged in a recycled cardboard box – making them not only gorgeous and luxurious, but the perfect ethical accessories. Each design features an endangered animal, and, by creating socks that are made from high-quality materials, Critically Endangered are giving their wearers an investment, built to last, and fighting against fast fashion. This sustainable sock company help protect some of the world’s most critically endangered animals by supporting the WWF. They also plant 20m² of rainforest with the World Land Trust every time someone makes a purchase. Visit

Matt & Nat – Sohee vegan coat

Keen – Howser slide

Dayrize – Woolly Gloves Nothing says winter more than a cosy pair of gloves. And with the Dayrize collection, there is truly something for all chilly hands. Gloves certainly don’t have to be boring and woolly, and they can do so much more than just keeping your fi ngers warm. Dayrize also have high-fashion options with an unbeatable range of styles and fabrics for sale. Plus, with their excellent environmental credentials, you can buy from the website with confidence, like The Craven Mittens pictured. Visit


Keen’s Howser Slide blurs the line between house shoe and outdoor slipper, the perfect antidote to autumn’s cold and inclement conditions. Designed to comfort your conscience as well as your foot, all models in the collection use recycled PET for their construction and feature pesticide and chemical free eco anti-odour insoles. Behind every KEEN shoe are dozens of responsible choices, such as using recycled aluminium eyelets or webbing made from recycled plastic bottles, and even harvesting the waste from one shoe to use in another. They have even taken the step of building their own socially-responsible factories in Oregon, Mexico, and Thailand. Visit

Luminarium – In Balance earrings Luminarium are a jewellery company founded by two sisters with a focus on demanding transparency from the companies they work with, ensuring their production methods focus on reusing, recycling and reducing – working sustainably within communities. These elegant, long earrings are made with ethically traded and recycled glass beads, reclaimed pearls and are fi nished with a natural stone in a vibrant green shade. Each purchase comes with a handmade dust bag, made of recycled, natural materials. Visit

Discover the vegan, cruelty-free and recycled fashion brand, Matt & Nat, whose core values include social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity and, of course, love. Fine sentiments to live by! All their collections are designed by a close-knit team using recycled, sustainable and biodegradable materials. This Sohee coat is no exception, featuring a long-sleeve, dropped shoulder, single-button, amd shawl collar style; it has a self tie-belt, inseam pockets at the waist, an internal chest pocket, and a centre back vent. Visit by Barnaby Dracup


Refresh your wardrobe without killing the planet 69b Boutique offer sustainable clothing that is good on you, and better for the planet If you’re making the shift to an ethical wardrobe, 69b Boutique in east London’s Broadway Market offer a cool edit of eco-friendly clothing for men and women from

• •

sustainable brands around the world, plus responsibly made shoes, sustainable bags, and Fairtrade jewellery. 69b Boutique are a company with sustainability at their heart. Founded in 2011, they were one of the original sustainable fashion stores in London. Since then, things have changed a lot – not only in how people shop for clothes, but also a growing awareness of the effect shopping habits have on the planet.

69b Boutique believe that sustainability should be the standard, not a luxury. They are proud to work with brands like Komodo, Bobo Choses, Thinking Mu and Veja who combine fair working conditions and sustainable, quality organic and recycled materials and natural non-toxic dyes to make beautiful clothing and footwear that lasts. The store is open seven days a week, or you can shop online, with click and collect same day from store, or emissions-free next day delivery.

Fashion & Accessories 17

The eco-friendly department store Purpose, knowledge, action — the power to change the way you shop Always Forever Green are an online department store of carefully chosen brands that are all committed to sustainability, with their ecoattributes clearly displayed. Shopping with Always Forever Green not only • allows you to make smarter purchases, but every purchase you make with them is a purchase with a purpose. Each purchase is rewarded with a • #pointsforplanet token and your token tally will allow you to plant and protect trees or help ocean clear-up. The Always Forever Green mission is to make it easier for you to make a change. As part of this mission, they have launched their

Shop now to make a positive change

Find out more Visit and use the code GOGREEN to get 20% off your first order until 30 November.

*Source: The National Human Activity Pattern Survey : A Resource for Assessing Exposure to Environmental Pollutants by Neil E. Klepeis et al.

Green Christmas Challenge, encouraging everyone in the UK to swap out a minimum of four Christmas purchases for a sustainable alternative, in a bid to limit the impact of Christmas on the environment this year and to spread the message of positive change.

Find out more at @alwaysforevergreen or and enjoy a limited time 10% discount with code CHECKLIST10 until 6 December. #mygreenchristmas

Pioneering label ACAI empower women and support the planet Known for revolutionising performance outdoorwear for women, apparel brand ACAI challenge the ‘shrink and pink’ approach to women’s clothing ranges The creative force behind the brand, Kasia Bromley, is on a mission to design functional yet stylish gear specifically to meet the needs of women in the great outdoors. They design products to inspire confidence and allow women to feel free and empowered.

Studies show* that on average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. ACAI’s goal is to encourage more people, especially women, to spend time outdoors. It is well documented that being outdoors is proven to be an easy, accessible, and free way to help reduce stress, and look after physical and mental health. ACAI co-founder Kasia Bromley says of her own experience: “I find it incredible how spending even just an hour in nature can change your perspective, especially when dealing with life’s challenges. I feel I can really be myself, have space to think and reset. When I feel like I am struggling to cope, outdoorsing is my saviour.” Created for women by women, the extensive evergreen range is designed to last, with as little environmental impact as possible. Key sustainable styles within ACAI’s range include thermal base layers which are made by integrating coffee charcoal waste from coffee bean shells with nylon fibres along with cutting-edge NILIT Heat yarn technology.

The Recycled Outdoor Leggings and all-season high-performance style, the Aventurite Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers are both made from recycled nylon fabric, utilising ocean-bound plastics. The Aventurite style additionally adopts an environmentally friendly water-resistant coating that is PFCfree, while the applied C0 LDWR coating importantly ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment. The process that ACAI utilise to create the Aventurite trousers also uses less water than traditional methods, thus cutting down on wastage. All products are delivered in a plastic-free reusable mesh laundry bag. Pieces to support your adventures and the planet without compromising on style.

Find out more For more information on ACAI’s current sustainability measures please visit Find them on @acaioutdoorwear


18 Beauty & Cosmetics


Subscribe to Sioda – Valley Mist - plastic free and sustainable a greener way to enjoy luxury fashion Valley Mist, the home of low impact, sustainable and plastic free ranges

Discover the chicest sustainable outfits with the UK’s most accessible clothing rental subscription service Sioda, the UK’s most accessible clothing rental subscription service, provide • high-end, occasion and everyday wear for women to rent on a monthly basis, • featuring luxury high-street and designer labels and the chicest sustainable brands in sizes 4 to 24. • The company offer an affordable way to enjoy fashion that’s more sustainable than buying new. And customers can be confident in their green credentials. With a VIBES Good Practice Award under their belt and Good Business Charter accreditation, sustainability and ethics are at the heart of this clothing rental service. More recently, managing director Naomi Ross, made the COP26 Green Power List, which showcases the UK’s top green champions fighting climate change. Naomi said: “We all know

we need to shift to more sustainable ways of living, which includes businesses and leaders making it easier for people to do the right thing. That’s why we set up Sioda – so women can enjoy fashion in a way that’s convenient, fun and kinder to the planet and their bank balance.” With free home delivery and collection included in every rental, as well as eco-friendly laundering and accidental damage

insurance, the convenience of renting from Sioda is an added bonus for those with hectic lives.

magical products evoke old style apothecary potions, decorated with unique, hand-drawn illustrations to make a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

Find out more For more information visit and follow @magicorganicapothecary for botanical folklore and musings. Enjoy a 25% discount with code GREEN25


as lightly as possible on the Earth and enabling their customers to do likewise. The Valley Mist range has grown with the loyal support of returning customers and their increasing list of stockists which started with the plastic free, refill shops and ethical retailers.

Find out more Visit and use CHECKLIST10 code for 10% off all orders over £50. Follow them on social media @myvalleymistsmile

Rent your next outfit, at and for 10% off, enter discount code COPPRESS21 at shopping cart.

MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary) create natural and organic skincare products, made in England, inspired by old herbal folklore, with a sprinkling of magic

friendly. What’s more, MOA products are consciously packaged as locally as possible, using recycled boards, and printed with vegetable inks.MOA’s

environment for the future. The drive to create Valley Mist sparked from being tired of petroleum-based lip balms that just didn’t work well, and from there a range of naturally derived lip balms and skincare products was born. The world has since started to switch on to low impact living and the urgency to protect the planet. Valley Mist reinvest back into their brand and create more ethical products full of natural and organic goodness, whilst making the sustainable changes they want to see by treading

Find out more

Wellbeing with a sprinkling of magic MOA’s hero herb, yarrow (Achillea Millefolium), is shrouded by tales of folklore and can be found beside hedgerows all across the UK. The miraculous powers of this ancient healing herb have been used for millennia to protect and repair. It is named after Greek hero Achilles, who as legend has it, used it to heal his soldiers’ wounds after battle. The original award-winning product, The Green Balm, continues this age-old tradition of using yarrow as a healing herb and this calming, multi-purpose balm can be used for all manner of skin ailments. It is made with carefully selected botanical ingredients to improve wellbeing and to practice a simple, yet effective daily skin care ritual. MOA formulas are cruelty free, do not contain petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, phthalates, or artificial fragrance and almost all of the range is plant based and vegan

Valley Mist has been built from the ground up as a sustainable business, launched in 2016 with just four natural, deeply nourishing and protective lip balms packaged in • compostable cardboard push-up tubes. Since day one • Jo, the founder of Valley• Mist, has pledged to donate 8.5% of profits to the green cause charities. Valley Mist support: The Wildlife Trust (Lancashire and Manchester• • and N Merseyside) and The World Land Trust, both of which are doing invaluable work to protect the

Earthy Nail Polish – Nature’s Beauty Earthy Nail Polish is on a mission to provide the highest quality product with the least impact on the environment Earthy Nail Polish is a high-shine, long-lasting plant-based nail polish that has also replaced single-use plastic caps with highly sustainable bamboo. Bamboo absorbs five times the amount of carbon dioxide compared to trees and produces 35% more oxygen. The brand was formed during lockdown, born from a frustration towards unsustainable cosmetic products that do more harm than good to your nails. As bamboo is a grass itself, it regenerates within four months without the use of pesticides or insecticides due to its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The bottle and cap can be returned to Earthy Nail Polish to be cleaned and reused creating a circular economy. Earthy Nail Polish’s formula is 79% naturally derived from cassava, sugar cane and corn which is certified by ISO 16128. Derived from natural

origin and BioSource bases, the company’s range includes 30 high shine and long lasting shades from bright colours to neutral tones including collections that give back – Thank you Heroes Collection which donates £7.99 to NHS charities together and the Stop Hate Collection which donates 25% to the charity Stop Hate UK.

Find out more Find out more on and follow @earthynailpolish

Beauty & Cosmetics 19


Make an impact with ethical beauty and cosmetics Sustainability can look as good as it feels, with these beautifying products that benefit the planet too •

• •

• Ethosa

• Dewy Reboot by Pietro Simone

Lyonsleaf British skincare brand Lyonsleaf offer a completely natural and waterfree range of products. Everything is made with 100% active ingredients, all of which play a role in improving your skin. They are all used in their most unprocessed state, bursting with vitamins and antioxidants. It is fast becoming the go-to-brand for those with sensitive skin conditions, as well as those who simply want to eliminate artificial chemicals from their skincare routine. Visit

Pietro Simone’s luxurious new Fierce collection wipes away all your skin woes and gives you a radiant glow, just as you want it. The celebrity esthetician and renowned beauty expert has dedicated 20 years in extensive research into spearheading a positive global evolution on how we all approach beauty, anti-ageing, and simply, the skin. His latest, and third collection, FIERCE, is vegan, sustainable and traceable while taking care of the world and our people. Visit

This Is Silk Silk is a great natural material to use in a cleansing routine and a much better alternative to facewipes or cotton pads. The only problem with silk is that it can show makeup marks even when thoroughly washed clean on a delicate cycle. This Is Silk solved this problem by naturally dying the cloths black with non-toxic dye. The unique weave of the material gently exfoliates, conditions and smooths skin, leaving it glowing with health. Visit

Beauty without a plastic footprint

See the whole range of eco-friendly gift ideas at

* Yuan, X., Wang, X., Sarkar, B. et al. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates a shift to a plastic circular economy, 659–660 (2021)

*WINCHY SOURCE: Yuan, X., Wang, X., Sarkar, B. et al. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates a shift to a plastic circular economy, 659–660 (2021)

Sarah said: “Our eco-friendly gift sets mean you can treat someone to luxury cosmetics made of natural ingredients that are kind to the skin, without worrying about adding to plastic pollution. “Traditionally, the beauty industry are guilty of using a lot of plastic packaging, generating an estimated 120 billion units of plastic a year worldwide. “Our beauty gift sets only feature plastic-free products in recyclable or reusable packaging.”

Find out more

Immerse yourself in a self-care brand on a mission to remove harmful and questionable ingredients from skincare. Sakrid Clean + Calm Organic Shampoo is the perfect blend of organic extracts that will refresh and nourish, keeping your hair soft and shiny. The oat milk and aloe vera complex will enrich your hair and scalp and enhance strength and shine. For best results, follow with Sakrid Smooth + Silky Organic Conditioner. Visit by Laura Forsyth

Say hello to TwistMist – a ‘no compromises’ hand sanitiser that’s good for you and the planet

Enter online at include sumptuous organic body butter, paired with a hand-poured soy wax candle scented with essential oils – perfect for helping unwind. As well as skincare, Dancing Barefoot also offer a wide range of eco-friendly makeup. Their selection includes eyeshadows, blushers, powder foundations and tinted lip balms from ethical brands Zao and Love The Planet. Many of the makeup products are refillable too, saving money and waste in the long run. Dancing Barefoot founder


Finally – the treat your hands deserve

Win a selection of luxury, plastic-free and vegan beauty products. Worth £100!

If you’re looking to give eco-friendly gifts this year, there’s lots to choose at online plastic-free and vegan beauty store Their range of luxury cosmetics and toiletries are all free from plastic packaging and ingredients, and all the products they sell are also vegan and cruelty free. Seasonal gift sets include Pamper Boxes for all-over relaxation, featuring soothing massage oils and luxurious bath bombs. They also offer aromatherapy sets, which

Ethosa’s innovative powder• to-gel personal care products reflect the brand’s vision, to make sustainability easy, ethical, and preferable to mass-market, plasticrich alternatives. The fi rst product to launch is the revolutionary Ethosa Powder-To-Gel Body Wash. A blend of potent natural ingredients with proven skincare benefits, the plant-based powder is activated upon contact with water, creating a foaming gel that provides a gentle yet effective antimicrobial cleansing experience. Ethosa Shower Powder is available as a Blend Your Own Kit, and will also be available as individual sachets. It comes in three variations according to skin type: Well-balanced, Sensitive and Dry. Visit

Created by Winchy, TwistMist is an innovative and luxurious hand sanitiser system that consists of a sleek reusable aluminium mist dispenser, which houses eco-friendly refill vials containing liquid hand sanitiser. With hand sanitiser now as much of a staple in people’s bags as their phone and keys, its popularity has come with an environmental price: contributing towards the total global plastic waste for 2020 doubling that of 2019.* It’s a little-known fact that most plastic can only be recycled once before becoming too brittle to reuse, and eventually ending up in landfill or waterways. That’s why TwistMist refills are made exclusively from glass, meaning they are infi nitelyrecyclable and make it simple to reduce your plastic usage. What’s more, formulated with non-toxic, deeply moisturising ingredients, and infused with a nourishing vitamin blend, it sensitively cares for

your hands whilst also still maintaining an optimally protective 70% alcohol content. TwistMist’s range of exquisite scents, blended

from 100% natural essential oils and containing no artificial fragrances, are addictively refreshing and turn a hygiene essential into a pleasure.

Discover the difference Visit to upgrade your hands, and to fi nd the ideal unique and caring Christmas present. For 20% off your first order, use code GREENVIP20. Free shipping as standard. Follow them on @winchyhands


20 Health & Wellbeing

This free e-book explains why humanity is currently undergoing so much suffering and turmoil, as well as what can be done to mitigate it

• •

Love is the Only Solution, written by an international bestselling author, spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist, elucidates on the current crisis in the world with regards to climate change, pandemics, confl icts and natural disasters, threatening life on earth. The e-book is filled with solutions that are not well discussed yet are simply perfect. Through love for the animals, love for nature, each other, families and even enemies, people can create an Eden on Earth. The energy of love will have a protective effect that will not only heal the planet but also elevate its inhabitants to a higher state of • are being consciousness. People urged to turn love into action to protect the meek, voiceless animals as well as all those who are in need. Love is the Only Solution says: “Love is not a word on•our lips, love must be our feeling inside, and action translated outside. Love the animals, we’ll be vegan. Love the Earth, we’ll go green. Love the world, save the planet. If we have love, all good will come our way. We can start to love now, today, and continue tomorrow into the future. “There are deeds that can make love grow, there are deeds that can make love diminish. We must cherish, treasure love if we find it. Support it. We have to support it with our thoughts and speech and actions.” Climate change has been called ‘a planetary emergency’. However, with the unified effort of all people, there is a solution. Love is the only solution.

Find out more The e-book is available now for free at Google Play Books, and by scanning the QR code.

The Republic of Natural Skincare

Bringing about a soap revolution

Win one-of-five Lyonsleaf Skin Saviour Super Sets, worth £39.99 each!

ECO WARRIOR are an award-winning brand on a mission to eliminate unnecessary plastics from sinks, bathrooms and wash bags across the country

Enter online at Lyonsleaf products are completely free from artificial chemicals, come at a price affordable to ordinary people and are made with as little environmental impact • as possible. At their farm on top of The • Mendip Hills in Somerset, Lyonsleaf hand-make their award-winning skincare and beauty products that have manifested a waterfree skincare revolution • incorporating the oil cleansing method. It is on this farm that they grow their own organically certified herbs and then infuse natural plant oils with their wonderfully beneficial extracts. Lyonsleaf believe it’s because they control the quality and storage of their herbs that their potent products receive such amazing customer reviews, from people with problem skin. They use tropical oils such as avocado oil 1, shea

Plastic free, cruelty free, vegan and made with natural ingredients, ECO WARRIOR soap bars tick all the boxes for awesome, genuinely sustainable, eco gifts this Christmas. It’s time to say goodbye to all the plastic bottles, tubs, pots and tubes filling up your shelves and replace them

with thoughtful, job-specific bars, each with their own distinct use and essential oil blend, performing as well as (if not better) than their traditional liquid counterparts. From washing and exfoliating to shaving and shampooing, ECO WARRIOR have you covered. Find ECO WARRIOR bars

in major retailers including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and Booths, and online with Amazon and Ocado. They did the thinking so you can have major impact on cleansing, with minimum impact on the environment, your conscience and your wallet.

• butter and jojoba oil that will naturally neutralise free radicals by way of high natural antioxidant content. Lyonsleaf want you to understand the workings of your own skin, so much so that there is a dedicated ‘knowledge is power’ section on their website. They are a family business formed in 2011 employing 2

from the local area on a living wage, and they work around school holidays. They have 22kw of solar power at their farm and are working towards carbon neutral status. They use glass, metal and cardboard packaging and even use paper tape. They donate to charity and are proud patrons of the Rainforest Trust.

Find out more Join the Republic at and use code ETHICAL20 for 20% off storewide.


Find out more For 10% off all ECO WARRIOR gifting, use code CHECKLIST10 at checkout at on

*LYONSLEAF Source: 1.Hass Avocado Composition and Potential Health Effects, by Mark L. Dreher and Adrienne J. Davenport 2. Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Barrier Repair Effects of Topical Application of Some Plant Oils by Tzu-Kai Lin et al.

Love is the only solution



Plant power – ethical protein that packs a punch

Health & Wellbeing 21

SOURCE: 1. Calloway and Kurzer, 1982, WHO, 1985.

Those of us following a meat-free diet, whether for ethical or health reasons, will be no stranger to the idea that it’s difficult to ‘get enough’ protein. However, here’s some nutrient packed options with high levels of protein, all from plant sources First of all let’s look at how much protein we actually need. The World Health Organization recommends the amount of protein we need to eat • in order to maintain health is 0.75g per kg of bodyweight per day for • both sexes1 . Therefore an individual weighing 63.5kg (10st) would require 47.6g of dietary protein per day. Our dietary protein intake needs to increase as we get older. In those • that exercise regularly, protein requirements are also higher. It’s worth mentioning that while animal proteins are considered ‘complete’ proteins, as they contain the full requirement of amino acids that the body needs to function properly, consuming plant-based ‘incomplete’ proteins can also provide the body with this full list of amino acids – it just requires a little more knowledge about what you are eating (beans on toast, for example, is a complete protein meal). Also, the plus side to eating a plant-based diet is that you get the benefit of all those extra vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols from consuming a wider variety of delicious plantbased foods!

3. Peanuts 26g / 100g

Best plant sources of protein 1. Tempeh 19g / 100g Made from fermented soya beans, tempeh is vegan and highly nutritious. It’s low in carbohydrate, approx 5g per 100g, and on average has 6g of healthy fats per 100g, and packs a further punch with high levels of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc for the immune system. Tempeh also contains prebiotics, which may help promote digestive health and reduce infl ammation and even improve cognitive function.

2. Tofu 8g / 100g

In the spotlight

Tofu (bean curd) is made by curdling fresh soya milk, and pressing it into a block – in a similar fashion to how traditional dairy cheese is made. Although not as high in protein as other foods listed here, it does contain all nine essential amino acids, along with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamin B1 and the minerals manganese and phosphorous (trace minerals needed for the healthy function of the brain, nervous system and enzyme systems), and has numerous reported health benefits.

Natural Spa Supplies

Throw away your guilt, not your PPE It’s not your fault that tonnes of disposable PPE are incinerated or sent to landfi lls every day PPE waste leads to microplastics bleeding into the environment and toxic fumes unnecessarily polluting the atmosphere. All of this can be avoided. At EcoTextura, they are accelerating the transition from the current linear model of ‘use and dispose’ PPE, to a circular alternative. They want to create the ‘ultimatePPE’, which both eliminates the environmental damage of its production and disposal, and is inclusively designed so that it suits all abilities of different members of society. Just like their Clear Panoramic medical face masks that enable a clear view of the mouth while keeping you protected. This PPE would allow more effective communication for deaf and hard of hearing individuals and those with learning difficulties, as well as allowing better understanding for those speaking different languages.

Peanuts are delicious, proteinrich, full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Although unrelated to tree nuts, peanuts are actually a legume, and related to beans, lentils, and soy and therefore share similar characteristics. They are good sources of amino acids and essential B vitamins, copper, manganese, vitamin E, phosphorus, and magnesium. Studies have linked them to weight loss and improved heart health.

Make ‘spring-like’ water in your home using these time tested amphorae and provide health giving, delicious water for your family, pets and plants. Help make the nation plasticfree by making this simple eco swap now. Find out more at amphora

4. Hemp seeds 25g / 100g Hemp seeds are the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa (yes, that one), and are exceptionally nutritious and rich in healthy fats, protein and are a great source of vitamin E and minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, calcium, iron and zinc. They are exceptionally high in omega-6, omega-3 and fatty acid gamma-Linolenic (GLA), which is linked to numerous health benefits and can also be found in the oils of evening primrose, blackcurrant seed, and borage seed. by Barnaby Dracup

Sustainable soap made in the Sussex countryside Relax, indulge, and cleanse with The English Soap Company, the UK’s home of sustainable products

EcoTextura use ecofriendly and waste-reducing manufacturing techniques on their current PPE products and are developing medicalgrade PPE that is non-plastic and can be recycled or industrially composted after use – so less PPE ends up in landfills, incinerators and the environment. No more harmful, polluting PPE, and no more burden on you. Explore their range of inclusive, Clear Panoramic medical masks used by the NHS, reusable masks made from recycled yarn or fabric offcuts, compostable disposable masks and their range of surgical gowns and fasterbiodegrading gloves.

The environmentallyconscious and inclusive solution to medical PPE.

Find out more Follow EcoTextura’s journey at ecotextura. com or @ecotextura, with code CHECKLIST10 for a discount until 30 November.

For over 20 years, The English Soap Company have been perfecting the art of soap making. Beautifully packaged in recyclable illustrated paper wraps, each soap bar is a plastic-free alternative enriched with shea butter and bursting with fi ne fragrance. All their fragrances are made in England by expert perfumers and offer a wide range of scents from fruity to floral, woody to citrus. These fragrant fancies make a perfect gift or stocking filler for those eco-conscious friends and family. At their farm site, nestled just outside Waldron, East Sussex, their family-run business is committed to making cruelty-free, quality products focused on sustainability. They are proud to produce soap bars and toiletries in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew that go towards supporting their vital environmental research and

conservation work. In addition to plastic-free soaps, they produce products packaged in recyclable aluminum tubes and PCR recycled plastic bottles. They have won Sustainable / Ethical Manufacturer of the Year 2020 Insider – Made in the Southeast Award and have been shortlisted for Best Rural

Innovation Award 2021 The Rural Business Awards – East Region – Finalist.


Find out more Explore their range at theenglishsoapcompany. com. Enter the coupon code SOAP21 at online checkout and enjoy 20% off your first order.

22 Food & Drink

Compostable coffee


Every single second of every day, many people around the world have to make a decision about what to do with their used coffee pod. Should they chuck it in the rubbish, or should they attempt to recycle it? Recycling coffee pods is a process that can involve storing used pods in a bag before locating and driving to the nearest collection site. Given the choice, it’s no surprise that most of the pods that are produced every year end up in landfill. This is why David Foster, and his two co-founders, created Halo Coffee, a company that produce home-compostable paper-based coffee pods and fill them with exceptional coffee. “We want to put fantastic coffee into this convenient format, but

in a way that makes people feel good about what they are using,’ says David. “There are dozens of companies doing plastic or aluminium, and it’s all going into waste. Ours can be composted at home so it returns to the soil in as little as 28 days, even quicker in a hot composter and under two weeks in an industrial composter.” Halo make pulp-based capsules that are compatible with Nespresso Home Original machines. These are made from waste sugar-cane fibre and every aspect of the

production process is controlled for sustainability. The packaging is printed using non-toxic vegetable ink rather than oil-based polymers. Boxes and inserts are home compostable, recyclable and reusable and even the stickers that seal the boxes can be composted.

Consumers are beginning to think more carefully about their environmental decisions while continuing to demand gourmet produce The outer laminate casing looks like a plastic but is a biolaminate derived from renewable food sources, so it’s fully home compostable while ensuring that the capsules are preserved for freshness. This provides a stark contrast to the majority of coffee pod producers, who use plastic, bio-plastic or, at best, aluminium, which is not easy to recycle and creates four tonnes of waste in the form of mercury, vanadium, chromium, lead,


Something to think about

titanium and arsenic for every one tonne of aluminium. As the world moves towards a more sustainable way of life, consumers are beginning to think more carefully about their environmental decisions while continuing to demand gourmet produce. “We have proved the [compostable] model works and we want to expand the business because that will reduce people’s use of plastic,” says Foster. “The bigger we get, the more of a difference we can make.” In a bid to further strengthen their already sustainabilitydriven credentials and pioneering the movement towards fully compostable boxed packaging, Halo now produce roasted whole beans in a unique and completely compostable packaging. “Did you know that the valve in

Why do coffee bags have a valve? When coffee is roasted, chemical reactions create gases which are released over the next 48 hours from the porous structure of the beans, especially when you grind your fresh beans at home. The valve allows these gases to be released. The release of gases indicates freshly roasted beans and plays a big role in the taste, helps to form the frothy ‘crema’ and influences the taste of the cup. a standard coffee bag is made of plastic, and the bag itself is usually foil lined or plastic lined?” says David. “We wanted to do away with all of those negative materials and developed the most environmental pack we could. Halo’s strapline, ‘the world’s best coffees in a way that’s best for the world’, sums up the heart and soul of the project – helping to reduce waste and keep our planet healthy.” by Barnaby Dracup

Food & Drink 23

Source:.1. Global food system emissions could preclude achieving the 1.5° and 2°C climate change targets, by Michael A. Clark et al. 2. Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions, by M. Crippa et al. 3. Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation, by Gabrielle Kissinger. 4. Agriculture production as a major driver of the Earth system exceeding planetary boundaries, by Bruce M. Campbell.


Why are food emissions ignored at COP26? Agricultural emissions will cause more than 1.5°C warming, even if fossil fuel emissions are stopped overnight, says a report from a team of researchers at Oxford University1 UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, UN Development Programme and UN Environment Programme found that government • subsidies of $470 billion (£341 billion) each year to farming directly relate to $12 trillion (£8 • trillion) a year in harm to health and the environment, and this is

more than the value of the food produced. Food systems cause a third of greenhouse emissions2 , 80% of deforestation 3 and 70% of biodiversity loss 4. Why is one industry given a carte blanche on decimating the planet? COP26 must be the opportunity for world governments to divert

the current perverse subsidies from animal agriculture to a sustainable food system: supporting healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, facilitating reduction in meat and dairy consumption, reforesting, implementing other measures that • positively benefit the environment and leaving a sustainable planet for future generations. Bowing to pressure from countries like Brazil and • Argentina to water down the need for reducing meat and dairy consumption, removing support for a shift to a plant-based diet, or not calling beef a ‘high-carbon’ food, deleting references to taxes on red meat and campaigns such as the ‘Meatless Monday’ shows only too well why greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, deforestation goes unchecked and why some experts are calling the current crisis an ‘ecological annihilation‘. As people wait for government policies to change, individuals can make a huge difference to ensure that change happens sooner. In the new documentary, Eating Our Way To Extinction, narrated by Academy-Award-winning actress

• •

• Kate Winslet, she says: “This film shows us that we can be powerful, not powerless”. The film uncovers hard truths about the future of the planet; a timely new documentary that is hard-hitting and a visually stunning film experience. This powerful documentary allows audiences to question their everyday choices, industry leaders and governments. Featuring a wealth of world-renowned contributors, it has a message of hope that will empower audiences. Rather than bowing to industry pressure, consumers can use their power on the food purchases that they make each day, because the

single most meaningful change people can make in the wake of these planetary crises, is choosing what ends up on their plates each day.

Find out more Visit to fi nd out more.

Cheers to trees – Drop Bear are brewing up change Drop Bear Beer Co are a multi-award-winning brewer of 0.5% ABV craft beers with a conscience

Bug Bakes — eco food for happy dogs *SOURCE: Save the planet: time to eat dog? (Stuff, 2009).

The average dog has twice the environmental footprint of building a 4x4 car and driving it 10,000km per year* This is due to the high meat content in their food. That’s why Bug Bakes decided to create an alternative that’s better for your dog and better for the planet. Their cold-pressed food is made in the UK using sustainable insect protein. Insects offer complete animal protein that’s easier for your dog to digest than chicken or beef. It’s even hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies. It’s for these reasons

that the British Veterinary Association have publicly endorsed insects as a fantastic source of protein for dogs. Insect protein is not only healthy, but much more ecofriendly to farm than livestock. To produce the same amount of protein as livestock, insects require thousands of times less water, hundreds of times less greenhouse gases

and dozens of times less feed and land. Bug Bakes – sustainable insect protein, wonky fruit and veg, plasticfree packaging, cold pressed in the UK. Better for your dog and better for the planet!

Find out more Visit and use code PUP5050 to save 50% on your first two boxes!

Traditionally brewed in the UK with only the fi nest natural ingredients, the entire Drop Bear range is vegan friendly, gluten free, and low calorie. With a whopping 19 beer awards to their name, there’s no denying Drop Bear know how to brew a cracking 0.5% craft beer. The range consists of New World Lager, Yuzu Pale Ale, Tropical IPA, and Bonfi re Stout. On a mission to “brew the best alcohol free beers and build a better world in which to drink it”, Drop Bear stand strong on sustainability, and they do so authentically. With B Corp status pending, Drop Bear have taken the Green Growth Pledge and have recently launched their Cheers to Trees campaign. Cheers to Trees is a commitment from Drop Bear to plant one tree for every order they receive between 1 November and 31 December – 800 trees have

already been planted by the brewery. Director Joelle Drummond said: “Climate change is a multifaceted and complex issue that has no single quick fi x, however, trees are our most powerful secret weapon.” More information regarding the brewery’s sustainability credentials can be found on their website.

Find out more Drop Bear are giving readers an exclusive 15% off all beers on their website dropbearbeers. com just scan the QR code to automatically redeem or use discount code CHECKLIST15 at checkout.


24 Food & Drink


In the mood for a cup of Hectic Hamster? Discover coffee that’s good for you and for the environment Get in the Mood Coffee are the gourmet coffee company that are serious about delicious, 100% natural, blended coffee, the wellbeing of people and the planet. But being serious shouldn’t stop you from having fun. So, if a•cup of Hectic Hamster, a medium-bodied coffee with citrus notes, doesn’t • keep your buzz on, you could always go for a Fancy Cat, a Partied out Panda, a Brilliant Raccoon, or an Intrepid Baboon. They’re your Coffee Buddies • and they’re all very different. Each original blend has been meticulously crafted from Arabica beans to deliver a very distinct

tasting characteristic. Are you in the mood for a smooth and mellow cup? Then Partied out Panda is the blend for you. Looking for something rich and powerful? Try Intrepid Baboon. For creators and long-term coffee lovers, Paula and Ian Lain, topnotch coffee isn’t merely a product, it’s an experience and a passion. “Getting our five blends exactly the way we wanted them was a complex process,” says Ian. “It involved sourcing the right beans, combining them in the right ratios, and altering their roasting times to release just the right fl avours. And, of course, each blend has its own

distinct personality so you can pick the coffee to match your mood.” Whichever one you choose; a decent cup of coffee can be the boost you need to get going. And that positively impacts your mental health. Paula adds: “We’re about enjoying life and having fun, while treating our planet responsibly. • That’s why it is so important for our coffee bags to be recyclable and resealable. Now we’re creating Coffee Kits, with an emphasis on giving great coffee with minimal • waste. Choose items to suit your recipient instead of having a predefined gift box with things that might not get used.

• •

“Our Coffee Buddies are catalysts for helping you enjoy all aspects of life, work and play, and aim to put you in exactly the right mood for what you want to be doing,’ continues Paula, “a mood to make you feel great!”

Find out more Enjoy 15% off any Get in The Mood Coffee and Kits with code GREEN15 until midnight 30 November. Visit the website at and follow @gocoffeebuddies

Cultivated and nurtured by women Win a Land Girls hamper including ground coffee and beans, two hand-stamped biscuits, a percolator and two hand-thrown mugs. Worth £100! Enter online at Land Girls’ Sumatran is an earthy, dark and spicy coffee roast, with hints of citrus and apricot, making it an ideal choice to start the day. The Peruvian Coffee has a smooth, well-rounded taste with a balanced berry sweetness and a hint of cocoa, making it easy to drink at any time. At Land Girls, the mission is to support women farmers, producers and makers, so they can gain independence and support themselves and their families. Their beautiful hamper has everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee; so sit back, relax and enjoy. The Land Girls founder, Emma, was inspired by the close-knit community of farmers in northern Peru who work together to produce better coffee and fairer opportunities. The beans from Sumatra are grown by the women of Koperasi Ketiara, a cooperative of Indonesian farmers founded to help them feed their families.

Emma comes from a long line of fiercely independent women farmers. However, she has had to fight to be respected and remain resilient in a male-orientated industry. When her application for a farm tenancy was turned down, Emma was determined not to be beaten and decided instead to focus her attention on

supporting other women in farming who ‘go against the grain’ every day.

Find out more Visit or email


Award-winning deep flavoured organic ciders Delicious ciders and perry made in harmony with the environment certified organic by the Soil Association For over 40 years Dunkertons Cider have been making premium organic cider and perry crafted in artisan spirit and vision. Using distinct fl avoured traditional cider apples and perry pear varieties grown in Herefordshire orchards, they hand blend the juices using skills and techniques lost over time to the advances and pressures of mass production. Long before ‘organic’ became mainstream Dunkertons Cider were pioneering organic cidermaking. The decision to make organic cider was driven by a love for nature – believing in preserving the natural eco system and working in harmony with nature. The orchards grow with minimum intervention. Sheep graze and geese roam. Dunkertons Cider strip mow the orchards a couple of times during the

growing season to keep the grass reasonably long to encourage pollinators and wildlife. They also have several beehives which are rotated around the orchards to help with pollination, and the organic honey produced by the bees is sold in their shops. Dunkertons Cider fl agship Black Fox Cider is the 2021 Soil Association Boom Awards winner of Best of Organic Alcoholic Drinks category. “We are deep into fl avour here, our ciders taste of apples” said Ivor Dunkerton.

Find out more Visit dunkertonscider. and get 10% off your first order with code CHECKLIST10. Find them on @dunkertonscider


The top 10 vegan snacks and treats for any occasion

Food & Drink 25

Nowadays going plant-based is easy, without sacrificing taste. So get ready to tuck into plant-based indulgences that are healthier for you, animals and the planet

• •

HAPPi Oat M!lk Chocolate and Drinks

Nairn’s Oatcakes

The Protein Ball Co.

Love chocolate but want a vegan option that’s just as good? Then reach for HAPPi’s range of oat mylk chocolate bars. Choose from fl avours such as Orange, Salted Caramel and Plain Mi!k. HAPPi Oat Drinks are the perfect dairy alternative too, made from sustainable oats and are veganfriendly. It is the perfect dairy-free swap for milkshake lovers. Get yours from Holland & Barrett. Visit

If you’re looking for a delicious snack to enjoy after a workout or a quick fuel-boosting morning treat, look no further than this delicious range of protein and vitamin balls from The Protein Ball Co. The Protein Ball Co. is renowned for its 100% natural, no added sugar, high-fibre protein and vitamin balls. There are six vegan products in the range, including its breakfast-to-go range. Pick yours up from Morrisons. Visit

Whether it’s a quick and snappy snack at your desk, or a savoury picnic staple, Nairn’s have got the versatile, humble oatcake down to a fi ne art. The brand specialise in oat-based products and are very popular with the gluten-free and vegan community. They have an extensive range of plant-based products ranging from savoury oatcakes, sweet biscuits and oat bars, to fl avoured porridge oats, and popped oats, which are a great alternative to crisps. Visit

Toast Ale and Companions launch limited-edition beers ahead of COP26

Toast Ale have launched the Companion Series, a unique collaboration between 25 breweries in the UK and Ireland for the COP26 Climate Talks The breweries have each brewed a limited-edition beer using surplus bread to prevent food waste and conserve nature’s resources. The 26 beers are available as part of a unique case that also includes an exclusive pint glass and treats from Cheeky Panda, Divine Chocolate, Emily Snacks, Liberation Nuts, Teapigs and Traidcraft. From every case sold, £26 is donated to preserve and regenerate nature. The project will protect 3.25 million trees in threatened tropical rainforests with Rainforest Trust UK. It will also support UK farmers, in collaboration with Soil Heroes, to restore soil health and so capture 360 tonnes of CO2 , hold more water, and improve biodiversity. The coalition of breweries have also written an open

letter to world leaders meeting at COP26. They are calling for cooperation to protect people and nature from the effects of the global climate crisis. Here’s to tackling the climate and nature crisis together (over a beer). #COPCompanions

Find out more Pre-order now for £89.95 at and learn more about this project at toastale. com/companion or by following @toastale

• Great British Porridge Co. High in fibre, protein-rich, vegan, 100% natural and with no added sugar, this super healthy instant porridge is nutrient-packed, speedy to prepare and will keep you fuelled until lunch. With no added sugar and crammed with the best ethically sourced fruit, nuts and seeds, the range is available in five yummy fl avours: Red Berry & Pumpkin Seed, Blueberry & Banana, Strawberry & Peanut Butter, Classic Chocolate and Caffe Latte. Choose a vegan instant porridge that’s all-natural and contains no added sugar. Available from Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s. Visit

In the spotlight CLUBZERO Introducing CLUBZERØ – a returnable packaging experience designed to hold both hot and cold food and drinks. CLUBZERØ offers a convenient and cost-neutral alternative to disposable packaging. Join them in working towards a zero-waste future. Visit for more.

Vegan snacks and treats continues on page 26

Discover the new musthave ingredients for all your plant-based meals Herby Hog don’t just make amazing flavours, they make amazing plant-based pig-out flavours As a small independent, family-run business based in the North West, Herby Hog’s mission is to deliver delicious plant-based foods that satisfy even the most discerning of meat reducers and challenge the widelyheld belief that choosing a plant-based diet means having to compromise on taste. There are many people who still fi nd making a meal at home without meat particularly challenging. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more disappointing than picking over a plate of food that you’ve slaved over for hours in the kitchen, only to fi nd it tastes bland. So, Herby Hog have stepped in to help. They’ve created a range of products which take the hassle out of creating delicious meat-free meals. Their range of seasonings and gravies add sensational taste and fl avour to all home cooked plant-based

creations. Simply coat, rub, sprinkle or stir into your favourite foods. Herby Hog provide food for thought to consumers looking for a more ethical and healthy lifestyle. Highly processed meats such as bacon, sausages, salami, and hot dogs are high in saturated fats and salts – Herby Hog provide a tasty alternative. Consumers can choose from Smoky Bacon, Maple Bacon & Black Pepper, Spicy Chorizo, BBQ Pork and Sausage & Sage fl avoured seasonings to fl avour everyday meals. Try Herby Hog today and discover how

easy it is to make delicious meat-free meals.

Find out more Shop the full range at and get 15% off with code ETHICALHERBY until December 31. Say hello to the team at and fi nd them on @herbyhogfoodco


26 Food & Drink


Vegan snacks and treats continued

Doughlicious Discover a range of ready-to-bake dough that is a perfect choice for a vegan biscuit fi x. Choose from Cranberry Oatmeal, Vegan Double Chocolate, Chunky Oat Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter. Find Doughlicious at Waitrose, Wholefoods Market and Planet Organic. • Visit

• •

Beyond Meat and Real Good Ketchup

Kyon Drinks In addition to its strict vegan and vegetarian credentials, Kyon Drinks’ 100% natural adventurous taste sensation can now add ‘healthy’ to its list endorsements. Addictively thirst-quenching and versatile, non-alcoholic The Ppinger now represents the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy products that offer additional health benefits, in addition to natural soft drinks that are purely plant-based. Get yours in a 750ml or 250ml bottle – both are fully recyclable. Visit

Looking for grilling essentials? Tuck into Beyond Meat’s delicious plant-based burgers and sausages. OLOVES The brand’s aim is for people to Tuck into a range of delicious, actually have more, rather than less, single-serve pouches of juicy and of their favourite meals by shifting tasty olives that are perfect for to plant-based meat. You are sure to popping on a platter or snack board. discover a host of recipes including Produced using juicy, plump and traditional BBQ burgers and amazingly fi rm, yet crisp Greek something a little different. Halkidiki and Kalamata olives, there Kimchi, Mediterranean and Truffle are four delicious fl avours, and Mac and Cheese fl avours anyone? each is bursting with goodness. Top yours with delicious, Subheading Choose from Basil & Garlic, Lemon tomato-packed Real Good & Rosemary, Chilli & Oregano and Ketchup – promising plant-based Chilli & Garlic. Vegan-friendly, ingredients alongside no added gluten-free and nut-free, OLOVES sugar and all-natural ingredients. are the most natural and delicious Visit and snack you can enjoy on the go. Visit

In the spotlight Halo Coffee Created to deal with the estimated 60 billion coffee pods that end up in landfill each year, Halo Coffee is made from all natural ingredients. This is the world’s best coffee, in the best way for the world. Visit for more.

Ten Acre Crisps

Munchy Seeds This nutritious seed pioneer produces a range of delicious seed snack mixes that are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. They’re also dairy-free, coeliac-friendly and suitable for vegetarians. Get yours from Ocado and Sainsbury’s. Visit

Would there be a snack list without crisps? This brand has put vegan crisp fans at the very top of their list over the last few years. This is to ensure that those on a plant-based diet can enjoy as much flavour as their meat-eating counterparts. Ten Acre offer the all-important vegan Cheese & Onion flavour, handcooked with love and packed with crunch. Grab yours from Waitrose. Visit by Laura Forsyth

Oat milk making kit by Kitleys Save money as well as the planet The Kitleys team think oat milk is pretty delicious. Whether in coffee, with cereal, or straight up from the fridge, they cannot get enough of the plant-based good stuff, and like many people, it has become their go-to alternative milk option. However, if you buy your oat milk, and you get through as much as they do, that’s a lot of cartons from the shop each week. It can generate

a small mountain of packaging waste and can be a little pricey too. At Kitleys HQ, the team realised how few ingredients are required to make oat milk, and so they started to make it at home. They couldn’t believe how simple it was and what a premium they had been paying for the shop-bought equivalent. This is where the idea for their easy homemade oat milk kit was born. The kit includes all the tools you need to make delicious oat milk at home, which not only helps you to reduce your household packaging

waste but also saves you a few quid too. What’s not to love? •

Made in the UK – They have only used UK suppliers for their kit, in an effort to support local businesses and to reduce their carbon footprint. Zero plastic – You won’t fi nd any plastic in this kit and all of the packaging is fully recyclable or compostable. Built to last – Everything that’s included in the kit is high quality and built to last, plus all of the components of the kit have been designed so they can be repurposed when you’re not making oat milk. A perfect gift – The kit is a brilliant gift for a friend, family member or as a treat to yourself.

The kit includes all the tools you need to make delicious oat milk at home So why not make your own homemade oat milk? You can make it just the way you like it. Delicious oat milk can be made in just 15 minutes, costs next to nothing, and there are endless fl avours to try. It’s vegan, can be made gluten free and you will be helping the planet out while you’re at it.


Find out more Order the kit today at and get 10% off at checkout with code CHECKLIST10


28 Eco Homes


How to shop second-hand and find hidden furniture gems Second-hand shopping is a sustainable and cheaper way to decorate your home As world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo famously said, items should spark joy. Whether it’s a chest of drawers or a candelabra, it’s important • to seek out – and hold on tight – to things that set our heart aflutter. But • while minimalist Marie might not be tempted to snap up other’s waste, more and more people are fi nding joy in deep-diving, ruin-rummaging and second-hand shopping. • The search is part of the thrill, after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Shoppers are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions for their shopping habits and charity retailers across the country are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of this change. Take the British Heart Foundation. They offer quality items at affordable prices, while also making sure your money goes to worthwhile causes. The charity expect to save around 71,000 tonnes of goods from going to waste, by selling over half a million pieces of living room furniture this year. “Shopping second-hand with the BHF is not only an affordable option

for all types of budgets but it also gives those who want to reduce waste a way to support the reuse cycle – while helping to generate millions of pounds for research into heart and circulatory diseases,” said Imogen Shephard from BFH. Here are BHF’s top tips for hunting down your very own second-hand saviours.

Dedicate your day If you are shopping second-hand on the high street it is always good to go with an open mind and plenty of time on your hands so that you can seek out any hidden gems.

Something to think about The reuse and recycling of donated items each•year helps prevent 135,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Don’t •linger If you fall in love with something, snap it up • straight away otherwise you’re likely to be disappointed on your second visit. If you’re worried about how to get it home, the BHF offer a free delivery service.

Set your search bar While there is nothing quite like the thrill of fi nding something on the shop floor, looking online on sites like eBay gives you the option to shop from the comfort of your own home and quickly narrow down your search.

Start small If you’re new to second-hand shopping, ornaments like vases, clocks and paintings are a great place to start. Mirrors and side lamps are also simple items that can transform spaces. Try to visualise what items will look like in your home. Anything unique that looks like a one-off will stand out and add character.

Mix and match Don’t worry about every piece of furniture or accessory being exactly the same tone and style. If you want to give your home an individual touch, a mix of styles will look fabulous.

Don’t be duped Finally, if you’re buying vintage, be careful of dupes, there are a lot of good ones out there. The BHF trains all of their shop teams to recognise the true value of donations. Any high value items or unique pieces of electronics or technology are sent to the BHF eBay shop, where experts will assess and value items before listing them on their site.

The search is part of the thrill, after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure

So, perhaps it’s time to try something a little different and discover all the hidden and unique gems that second-hand shopping has to offer. by Kirsty McKenzie

Inspiring sustainable living

Sustainable surface cleaning tablets

Meet the indie fi rm that believes small changes can make a big difference to global plastic waste and climate change

Clean without plastic waste and nasty fumes

Tabitha Eve is among Britain’s most loved sustainable brands and a go-to store for the truly eco conscious. Based in South Wales, the company was established in 2018 by entrepreneur Debbie Rees, who started her own personal war against wastefulness and plastic pollution, leaving behind a career in fi nance. Debbie said: “I set out to make truly ethically made items that are not only reusable but also beautiful.” Tabitha Eve now has a huge range of homeware, gifts and beauty products, from plasticfree washing up sponges to washable, reusable cosmetic pads. You’ll fi nd beautifully made items for your kitchen to your bathroom, your hair to your skin care regime, and everything in between. This indie business sources the most ethically produced raw materials and takes every step to minimise waste both in terms of its products and by offering ‘imperfect products’ for sale rather than sending to landfill.

Most items are made by hand by a talented team of sewists in Pontypridd, and everything is vegan and cruelty free.

Tabitha Eve encourages everyone to switch singleuse purchases for reusable alternatives and has everything you need to build a greener life.

NeerSol, a UK-brand, provide sustainable products. Their cleaning tablets (all-purpose, glass, and bathroom) offer a sustainable, and affordable way to clean your home effortlessly without trashing the planet. Instead of shipping water they just ship the ingredients to significantly reduce transport emissions. Drop a tablet into any reusable spray bottle and add warm water to make a cleaning solution. The unique selling points and features of the cleaning refills are plentiful. With a goal to operate in a more green and ethical manner, the tablets come in a biodegradable plastic-

free paper strip, packed in a recyclable paper box. The all-purpose tablets are free from ETDA, alcohol, triclosan, ammonia, parabens, VOCs, phosphates, and chlorine bleach. A small dosage of 350 millilitres works with bottles

big or small. The tablets are plastic-free, cruelty free, and nasty fumes-free.

Find out more Find out more Visit or fi nd them @tabithaeveco Get 20% off with code CHECKLIST20.


To support the project or to avail of the launch offer, scan QR code or visit Refills are available for up to 33% off on the RRP of £1.75 per litre, and the Solo cleaning kits are available for up to 23% off on the RRP of £12 per kit. Discount available until 12 November.

Eco Homes 29



Creating safer and healthier homes

*Source: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: 2020 UK greenhouse gas emissions, provisional figures, National Statistics published on March 2021

In order to tackle climate change, net-zero targets have been introduced around the globe across local, national, and international scales In order to tackle climate change, net-zero targets have been introduced around the globe across local, national, and international scales. Reaching net zero, the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and those removed from the atmosphere, is likely to be the most important and pressing challenge society will face during this lifetime. Homes contributed more than 20% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions last year* through the burning of fossil fuels for heating and cooking, and this figure is significantly higher when including emissions from the production of the electricity that is used. Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their emissions, and they can play an active role by decarbonising their own homes. Navigating this effectively and efficiently will require collaboration and working together towards this shared goal. With new innovations in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the notion of a connected home could prove a real asset in making homes not only more sustainable, but also more efficient and ultimately safer – with a focus on wellbeing. Substantial progress has been made in reducing emissions in other areas such as electricity generation, with the replacement of coal with greener alternatives such as wind and solar. Homes, however, have shown little improvement. New, well-insulated homes go some

Adding another dimension to home life safety, at Aico they strive to create safer, healthier homes

way to addressing this, and can make use of IoT to ensure they are performing as promised. These technologies are not restricted to new homes, however, and there is a real opportunity to use IoT to improve the

understanding of existing homes. The UK has some of the oldest housing stock in Europe and this presents its own challenge to decarbonisation. Draughty and poorly insulated homes are more difficult to heat and result in substantially higher emissions. Reducing the energy needs of older homes is crucial both in reducing their carbon impact and in tackling fuel poverty. IoT technologies can identify the poorest performing homes to reduce emissions and help to provide affordable and healthy living environments. HomeLINK Environmental Sensors monitor temperature,

humidity, and carbon dioxide levels within your home. This provides you with an overview of your home’s indoor conditions, enabling you to make savings on your energy bills and live in a healthier home. Temperature monitoring, alongside the Resident App, gives insight into the energy efficiency of your property, providing advice on measures you can take to make improvements, and contributes to reducing home energy costs. Humidity and carbon dioxide monitoring within HomeLINK Environmental Sensors help you to manage the quality of the air in your home, ensuring adequate ventilation and air circulation, and identifying preventable issues like damp and mould at an early stage, to positively impact the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Adding another dimension to home life safety, at Aico they strive to create safer, healthier homes. Aico, an Ei Company, are

the European market leader in home-life safety, pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms, developed and manufactured in Ireland. All Aico alarms meet UK standards and offer a variety of sensor types to guarantee protection for every home, the cornerstone of which is delivering education, quality, service and innovation. In 2020, Aico expanded their Connected Home offering with the acquisition of leading Internet of Things solutions provider, HomeLINK. HomeLINK are a multiaward-winning high-tech software team within Aico that leverage cutting edge home integration and analytic technologies to address the needs of social landlords and their residents.

Find out more Find out more about HomeLINK Environmental Sensors and much more at the website


30 Eco Homes


Tips and tricks to upcycle your home Take old furniture and transform it into unique one-offs It might be that we’ve all been staring at the same walls for the past year, or we have been influenced by programmes such as Grand Designs and the rebooted • Changing Rooms. Whatever the reason, it’s probably high time your • interiors had a shake-up. More and more people are looking for ideas on how to upgrade their homes while still saving money – and just as importantly – the planet. • Welcome to the regeneration game, the cheapest, smartest and most sophisticated way to refresh your space. Upcycling takes old objects like furniture and gives

them a new lease of life by reviving and repurposing them. An old China tea set might be made into a collection of ornate candle holders, or used baked bean tins could be transformed into a herb garden. The idea is not just to utilise already stylish pieces, but also to use artistic fl air along with plenty of elbow grease to create something

Upcycling reduces the amount of waste that is produced, giving a renewed purpose to existing items unique and timeless. The results are as individual as the creator, and no two pieces are ever the same. For many, it is a straightforward passion project, a way to make-do and mend – and make yourself feel better in the process. While for others, it brings fi nancial reward. Derbyshire-based interiors expert Elaine Penhaul fi rst turned her hand to upcycling nearly 10 years ago, when she started her home

staging business Lemon and Lime in 2020. She believes beady eyes and a can-do attitude are all you need to get started. “Furniture that boasts upcycling potential can often be cheap to buy or even sourced for free from • people who are unaware of its possibilities,” said Elaine. “While asking family and friends to pass on their preloved furniture is a great starting place, if you are looking • for something more, then specific local charity shops or Facebook marketplace will have a plethora to choose from – you’ll be amazed at what gems you can uncover.” For anyone interested in taking on their own upcycling project, Elaine advises starting off simple. “Choosing a larger item that takes a long time may put you off doing any more upcycling projects,” she said. “To help keep your costs down, sanding and painting your item of furniture will give it a new lease of life under a limited budget and time. Just a tin of paint is needed to create an upcycled masterpiece – you could even use leftover paint that is lying around in your garage. Similarly, you could use half a roll of wallpaper, left over from a room

redecoration project, to transform the inside of a cupboard or the panels on the front of a wardrobe.” While Elaine adores the personality upcycling can add to a home, she believes the best part of upcycling is the eco-benefits. “Upcycling reduces the amount of waste that is produced, giving a renewed purpose to existing items,” Elaine said. “By changing our interior habits and reducing the need for more new furniture to be made, we can cut down on air pollution, landfill use and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus it allows furniture to survive – a unique canvas for self-expression.”

Something to think about If you decide to buy an item through social media, make sure you request the measurements so that you can check the item’s size and location. The key is to always be quick! Items are often snapped up if they are listed at a cheap price and have the potential to be upcycled. As upcycling becomes more popular, there is a large market for selling your one of a kind furniture too. by Kirsty McKenzie

Design-led, modern, prefabricated homes and cabins Prefabricated architecture – sustainable by necessity Koto was founded by a team of award-winning architects and designers to redefi ne the modular housing industry. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design and culture, Koto aims to create the opportunity for people to escape into nature and shelter in the comfort of unique and beautiful, eco-friendly buildings. Combining uncompromising sustainability, Koto delivers

Uncompromising sustainability, Koto deliver bespoke, beautifully crafted, innovative, energyneutral buildings and offer full architectural services

bespoke, beautifully crafted, innovative, energy-neutral buildings and offers full architectural services. Koto partners with leading UK modular manufacturers to craft and deliver design-led, sustainable homes, and cabins to estate owners, hoteliers, developers and private clients.

Addressing climate change Climate change is intensifying at a rapid pace, and although some trends are irreversible, the Koto team seek to deliver all of their projects in the most sustainable way they can fi nd. They believe it is the construction industry’s responsibility to respond to the current climate crisis by building sustainably and holistically. This means reducing the use of high embodied carbon material like steel and concrete to a bare minimum.

Bespoke modular – redefi ned Koto’s design-led modular buildings are built off-site, using primarily British grown timber and ecological building materials. The


team design and construct with exceptional levels of insulation and airtightness in their low-energy homes. Prior to delivery, services are tested at the factory giving clients complete reassurance that their Koto building arrives on site as a complete turnkey solution.

Embodied carbon Koto buildings focus primarily on timber construction with wood sourced from FSC sustainable forests. This means that for all the timber that is used in the construction, new trees are planted in managed sustainable forests. The

amount of carbon that’s locked up or sequestered by growing trees is effectively carbon dioxide which has been removed from the atmosphere.

KOTO Find out more Visit to fi nd out more.

Eco Homes 31


The future of sustainable water heating is here


Source: 1 Energy-efficient hot water (Uswitch, 2021). * Ariston units use air source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps do not emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, or other harmful greenhouse gases.

Electricity will play a key part in the UK’s sustainable growth, especially when it comes to providing hot water in the country’s homes Fortunately, Ariston Group are highly committed to sustainable heating technologies, having already invested heavily in developing heat pumps and hydrogen boilers. In the UK, the company are also the market leader in electric water heaters, offering everything environmentallyconscious homeowners need. Did you know that in a typical UK home, heating water accounts for 10-12% of the average energy bill? 1 Most properties usually rely on either a boiler or immersion heaters for hot water; however, with sustainability high on the government agenda, a greener option is required. Homeowners seeking a more economic and sustainable option should look no further than Ariston electric water heaters.

Why electric? Sustainably sourced electricity is a cleaner, greener heating source. It is already being employed in many industries to reduce carbon emissions – just look at the emergence of electric vehicles. With the government investing heavily in renewable energy, as well as a reducing reliance on coal-fi red power stations en route to a net-zero future, this trend is set to continue. But what about electric water heaters instead of gas? Well, they are becoming more

widely installed, particularly in extensions, standalone buildings and properties in off-gas areas. Indeed, Ariston’s units are quiet, clean and easy to operate, plus they don’t emit any harmful greenhouse gases or nitrogen dioxide* – so are perfect for homes of all ages.

The revolution has begun Ariston offer a whole family of sustainable electric models, from their Nuos Plus Wi-Fi heat pump water heaters, through to more compact instantaneous units such as Aures Slim. But leading the way is the award-winning, fl agship unit – Velis Evo Wi-Fi. This revolutionary electric water heater is slim, smart and superfast. It has a ‘twin tank’ design for up to 16% more hot water availability and is shower ready in less than half an hour. This state-of-the-art unit is the fi rst and only electric water heater of its kind currently certified for the UK market with Wi-Fi controllability. This is achieved via the innovative Aqua Ariston Net app, which enables homeowners to adjust modes and heat their water remotely from their smartphones. Commenting on the groundbreaking product, Victoria Gutierrez, marketing manager at Ariston, said: “The days of only being able to manually set water heaters are a thing of the past. Everything can now be done via a smartphone without even needing to be at home! Not only does this guarantee a hot shower will always be ready when needed, it also offers incredible energy savings, which can be up to 25%!” Such precise levels of connectivity and control mean there is always enough hot water, while Aqua Ariston Net’s advanced functionality also allows homeowners to closely monitor their energy consumption, offering further opportunity to reduce electricity bills.

Additional energy savings But that’s not all. Velis Wi-Fi units boast a wealth of additional sustainable features, including Ariston’s renowned ‘Eco Evo’ function; this learns from a household’s daily usage, only heating water during periods when demand is high. This ensures the unit does not use any electricity when a home is empty – such as 9am to 5pm on workdays, for example. In addition to its energy-saving credentials, the Velis Evo Wi-Fi is also extremely compact.

Measuring just 27cm in depth, it can replace cumbersome immersion heaters and cylinders to create more storage space. And, as all water is stored inside the unit, there is no need for a separate cylinder. Velis Evo Wi-Fi is simple to install and requires only a connection to the electric circuit and mains water supply (plus any required safety devices). Available in capacities of either 45 or 80 litres, units require little maintenance and are extremely efficient, as all the energy used is converted into heat for the water. With renewable energy an essential part of the UK’s sustainable future, electric water heaters will have a key role to play in keeping household emissions – and bills – low. Thanks to the Velis Evo Wi-Fi, Ariston is truly leading the way in sustainable electric water heating, producing a unit that benefits both the environment and homeowners alike.

Find out more Visit to learn more about Velis Evo Wi-Fi and Ariston. Follow @AristonUK AristonUK AristonUK


Energy Saving 33


Measuring your home’s efficiency Although Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are not quite making the grade, home • improvements have never been more important • The UK government has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and with this fastapproaching goal on our minds, it’s little wonder that so many of us • are looking for ways to make our homes more eco-friendly. Around 19 million homes in the UK will have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating below the minimum target of band C by 2035, if they are not retrofitted with better energy efficiency. As many as 29 million homes will need to replace their heating systems with greener technology. Improving Britain’s energy-inefficient housing in time is a mammoth task itself – but experts are warning that the reliance on EPC certificates is something of a ‘green herring’ and could impede Britain’s progress towards its eco-home goal. First introduced in 2008, EPC acts as a guide to show the energy

efficiency of a property, and must be produced whenever a residential building is built, sold or let. Since then, well over 20 million have been issued and certificates can be easily accessed for free online by entering your postcode into the government-backed EPC website. “EPCs do give prospective buyers or tenants an idea of how well insulated a home is and what it will cost to heat it,” said Chris Gardner, co-founder of the development lender Atelier. “But all too often, EPCs are treated as a box-ticking exercise by those required to get one, and the environmental impact element is based on a series of assumptions that may not always reflect reality.” Many experts believe that EPCs aren’t fit for purpose anymore – and are especially useless when it comes to working out the carbon impact of new homes – for the simple reason that EPCs don’t count any of the

In the spotlight Ecotalk + RSPB By swapping your SIM to Ecotalk + RSPB, your mobile phone bill will help to buy more land for nature – protecting some of Britain’s most precious wildlife. Tariffs start at just £5.50 per month, running on the EE network. Visit

carbon emissions released during construction. Several key building materials, like steel and concrete are highly carbon-intensive, a fact often glossed over by property developers.

As many as 29 million homes will need to replace their heating systems with greener technology “A newly-built, well-insulated home could quite feasibly be awarded an EPC ‘A’ rating because of its energy efficiency, but this would be entirely misleading if the property was packed with embodied carbon,” said Chris. “More importantly still, EPCs do nothing to encourage property developers, builders or their supply chain to build more sustainably.”

Worryingly, homeowners’ lack of trust and understanding of EPC ratings mean few are willing to invest in improvements on their home based on the recommendations. “More than three-quarters of people don’t know the rating of their own home and there’s also often a misconception that any improvements will involve a large initial outlay,” said Andrew Asaam, mortgages director at Halifax. But it is not all bad news. There are better ways to check a property’s green credentials – and start improving your own. Banks such as Halifax, now offer an energyefficiency health check,providing a tailored action plan for green improvements to your property so that homeowners can go beyond the recommendations found in the EPC. If you’re feeling confident, you can carry out a DIY home-energy audit with as your guide.

There’s a wide range of government grants to incentivise property owners to improve their homes. Banks are also lending a hand, offering funding including personal loans and the ability to borrow money on an existing mortgage if the owner is planning to make green home improvements. Homes with the highest energy ratings are worth more on average, than less sustainable properties and making small changes today can help you to save money on bills. “Homeowners at the lower end of the energy-efficiency scale are likely to see the greatest returns on their investments, even from making simple changes like switching to LED bulbs or adding loft insulation,” said Andrew. “There’s a huge opportunity for more people to get on board with this and reap the rewards.” by Kirsty McKenzie

Plan your roadmap and mitigate rising energy costs Zenergi is built on the belief that there is a better, brighter way forward for the energy industry Organisations can no longer ignore their responsibility to reducing energy use and tackling climate change. The scale and pace now need to be accelerated, but, with a wish list of energy efficiency measures, compounded by budget pressures, it can be difficult to prioritise the upgrades and plan for

the transformation required. Government funding schemes designed to reduce carbon emissions and support decarbonisation have made it possible for some organisations to make progress, although many are unable to benefit and those that are should not rely on

accessing fi nance from these highly oversubscribed and limited funds. Because of this, it is now essential that organisations prepare a strategic plan that seeks to reduce energy usage.

The cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use The recent turbulence in the energy market has heightened the awareness of many to look towards reducing their energy consumption. Investing in an energy audit will provide a comprehensive review of the energy used across your building portfolio, identifying a range of practical low-cost and no-cost measures that typically pay for the audit within a year, together with a range of longer-term investment measures. Recent years have seen a shift towards the education sector building on young people’s passion for protecting the environment to help their energy reduction ambitions. Educational institutions that have shared their energy audit results and encouraged behavioural changes have benefitted from energy savings of as much as

20% when consistently applied. Interactive resources that educate and engage the energy users of the future in the critical dialogue around climate change, including Zenergi’s Climate Crisis game, help educators to enhance the work they are doing with pupils to effect change.

A step back after Covid For other sectors, such as healthcare, the Covid-19 pandemic has set the industry several steps back in terms of reaching ambitious net-zero targets. Huge increases in single-use plastics and hospitals at full capacity have challenged the NHS. The sector must now accelerate the development and delivery of its ‘green plans’ if it is to meet its carbon reduction targets.

Energy Freedom Increasing numbers of organisations are considering options that allow them to reduce their reliance on the grid. The upfront cost of fi nancing renewable

energy projects has often prohibited implementation, but many are recognising the value of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to fi nance technology such as solar PV, helping them generate on site electricity, while reducing spend on imported energy.

Find out more Visit or email Zenergi at to understand more about measures to support your net-zero journey.


34 Travel


• •

Building a better future means starting in the right way today Eco Hotels, the world’s fi rst net-zero hotel brand are setting a new standard for the hospitality industry Eco Hotels are currently making their mark as the world’s fi rst carbon-neutral hotel brand, with a mission to spearhead sustainable development and make those goals a practical reality. With a full market launch set for 2022, the company’s business model grounds itself fi rmly on a careful, venue by venue, monitoring of global CO2 output, designed to mitigate and then offset emission levels, not only to meet the demands of today’s increasingly environmentally conscious travellers, but also to ameliorate the impact of global warming on future generations, protecting the precious planet in the process. Unlike alternative (outmoded) concrete and steel buildings, the Eco Hotel is designed from the ground up, with reconstruction in mind: making increased use of recyclable materials,

reducing waste through adoption of prefabrication techniques, and ensuring the entire process fits readily within the parameters of a circular economy. Waste and build times are kept to an absolute minimum by adopting modular construction technologies. Eco Hotels is an incubation by Red Ribbon, a Mainstream Impact Investment company following the principles of the ‘triple p bottomline’ of planet, people and profit. Given this ethos, it comes as no surprise to fi nd that local communities are high up on Eco Hotels’ list of priorities – employees are


recruited locally and supplies are sourced to create employment opportunities in the area where the hotel is sited. All of this is important because a sustainable world won’t happen by itself – it needs, and demands, careful planning. Eco Hotels are showing the way by setting a new standard for hospitality.

Unwind and get back to nature on this green and organic farm It’s time to escape from the hurly burly of life to relax, unwind and recharge yourself and your car Enjoy wonderful views, and a stillness only broken by nature where you can walk for miles without seeing another person. This is a 200 acre organic farm, adjoining a wilderness hill within the Brecon Beacons National Park. They offer eco-friendly cottages, with fresh spring water on tap and an opportunity to fi nd out more about organic

farming with hands on experiences. Abercottages have free EV charging using electricity made using Welsh rainwater, organic cotton bedding, wool carpets, and duvets made from recycled plastic bottles. Quality food is important to them. During your stay you can enjoy a local, organic veg box, home

produced organic meat or local organic breakfast hamper and collect your own fresh eggs for breakfast. Children are welcome. Families can practice their den building skills together, melt marshmallows over a campfi re or you could simply lay back and enjoy the twinkling stars above.

Find out more Find out more Visit ecohotelsglobal. com or email enquiries@ for more information.

Are you interested in a truly eco break without compromising comfort? Check out their website for more details

Travel 35

*SOURCE: Research commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of 29,349 respondents across 30 countries and territories. The survey was taken online and took place in March 2021.


Give yourself – and the planet – a break More Brits are looking to travel sustainably than ever before – but what’s the best way to do it? • Now that trips abroad have • been given the green light again, thousands of Brits are unapologetically packing their bags and jet setting. However, awareness of how we’re travelling, • and the subsequent impact it has, is continuing to grow with the ‘pandemic effect’ further encouraging travellers to opt for more sustainable measures. In fact,’s Sustainable Travel Report 2021 has found that 43% of UK travellers say the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future, whilst 64% say they want to stay in a sustainable accommodation in the upcoming year. The latter has seen a notable increase from previous years, from 44% in 2016, and 50% in 2020, prior to the pandemic. Marianne Gybels, director of sustainability for adds: “The good intentions are there on all sides, but there is still a lot of

work to be done to make sustainable travel an easy choice for everyone.” With there still being some uncertainty surrounding travelling, some Brits are still naturally drawn to a staycation. For those with an environmental conscience, the perfect trip could be Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, where sustainability is a watchword. Although best known for its impressive maritime heritage, the city is now a community with plastic-free status and offers the chance to enjoy a sustainable adventure, celebrate nature and learn about conservation initiatives while helping to reduce harm – litter pick with Plymouth Gin anyone? Larkhill Tipis and Yurts is an eco-friendly glamping site that is set within 20 acres of land with stunning views over Carmarthen and Cardigan Bay. The entire campsite is run by alternative energy – wind and solar, with electricity coming from solar, hydro and wind power and the tipis heated by a cast-iron wood burner. Battlesteads in Wark is one of the UK’s most proactive eco hotels, including bee-friendly hedgerows, a pesticide-free garden, a wildlife meadow and built-in bird and bat boxes. The property also boasts a

In the spotlight Biostays The climate crisis is knocking at the front door ever louder. Biostays are pioneers, and aim to make a difference. Explore the world’s best eco-friendly hotels and experiences, and if you book on their website, they protect two acres of rainforest permanently. Visit and follow @biostays dark sky observatory to allow guests to look out to the night sky. The lure of jumping on a plane again can be too much of a temptation for others though. But

there are plenty of ways you can still travel sustainably without the guilt from flying. To counteract the CO2 emissions from aviation, interestingly, 36% have made more sustainable travel choices over the past 12 months*, through small changes such as: turning off their air conditioning or heating in their accommodation when they are not there, bringing reusable water bottles and doing activities to support local communities. Hotels are committed to implementing proactive measures too, including The Europe Hotel & Resort in Ireland, with measures such as running on renewable energy, conserving natural resources, recycling throughout the hotel, and utilising EV charging points throughout.

For those looking to rejuvenate while getting a bit of sunshine, TheLifeCo Wellbeing in Turkey, a detox centre favoured by the stars, supports vegan charities and sources produce from local communities or plants their own. Meanwhile The Retreat at Blue Lagoon’s exclusive spa switches out tourist-trap for sustainable wellness. These suites are heated from the geothermal lagoon, offering an extraordinary volcanic experience, making it the ultimate Icelandic sustainable stay. So whether you are opting for a staycation, or jet setting to an eco-hotel, there’s so many ways that travellers can make steps to help our planet, no matter where they are in the world. by Laura Forsyth

The climate crisis is here, what is the travel industry doing about it? Discover the world’s fi rst dedicated eco-hotel and experience booking website that protects the rainforests of the planet with every booking Coronavirus has been around for nearly two years now, and with new variants emerging, normality still feels a little way off. The pandemic has changed how people do things, forever. However, a much larger and more urgent problem looms, and that’s the climate crisis. What is done in the next decade will determine how humans survive this storm. Biostays is a pioneer in the travel industry – the world’s first dedicated eco-hotel and experience booking website that protects the rainforests of the planet with every booking. Founded in 2020 by Edgar Whalley after witnessing the effects of climate change in the Japan Alps, Biostays vow to protect vulnerable ecosystems whilst simultaneously encouraging people to visit the most stunning destinations in the world. Each booking will save at least two acres of rainforest automatically, because Biostay sends a portion of revenue to their global rainforest protection partner. Moreover, many of the hotels on biostays. com can’t be found on other major travel websites, and every hotel or experience on has

What is done in the next decade will determine how humans survive this storm

been handpicked by the team to meet two criteria – sustainability, and how off-the-beaten-path or close to nature they are. Tourism and air travel make up a large portion of global emissions. In order to mitigate any more rising in temperatures by 2050, emissions must be reduced and the destruction of the natural processes that absorb CO2 from

the atmosphere needs to be halted. Deforestation is one of the strongest catalysts for global warming. Nature has a beautiful way to self-regulate and look after itself and the planet. In order to travel and enjoy the world, nature needs to be protected. The team at Biostays love to travel, but also want to ensure the future for humans is a happy and harmonious one, working hand in hand with nature. After all, everyone wants to be able to visit,

and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the planet. Help combat climate change by exploring the planet, and your adventure starts with Biostays.

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36 Motoring

Leading the Pure way The world is waking up to the fundamental need for lifestyle change, but a need to travel is crucial to many people’s lives

Travel habits account for a quarter of CO2 emissions in London alone1 . Meanwhile, it’s claimed that congestion in London alone costs the economy £49 billion each year2 , with drivers in the capital spending more than six days a year in traffic on average. To tackle the obvious and • ever-increasing challenges that will be the key focus of the UN • Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, ambitious domestic and international targets have already

been set by governments. But these targets, and the collective hope for a cleaner, greener future, are only part of the story. It’s up to everyone to choose more ecological solutions that work for them. Pure Electric were founded in 2018, their mission to make electric transport more accessible to everyone. Now established with a headquarters in Bristol and a network of stores across the country and online, they have fast become one of the pre-eminent

electric mobility brands and the largest e-bike and e-scooter retailer in the UK. Leading the way with their own electric bike range, they’re providing a cost-effective avenue into clean local transport while making the journey easier for those keen to live in an eco-friendlier way. They recognise the common shortcomings of e-bikes • like cost, high weight penalties and an often confusing array of complicated technology.

In response, Pure Electric’s fi rst e-bike – Pure Flux One – disrupted the market with a new, ‘back-tobasics’ offering that brought the e-bike back to its humble bicycle beginnings. An ExpertReviews ‘Recommended’ award winner it features an uncomplicated, lightweight design with a clean carbon belt drive and simple, powerful pedal assistance system that makes everyday urban journeys easy. Pure also recognise that, much like the environmental crisis, a one-size-fits-all policy is never likely to transform the way society moves. So, this autumn they have launched two continental-inspired e-bikes – Pure Free City and Pure Free Step – each showcasing the sheer practicality and classical style an e-bike can offer. Both of these e-bikes are

available now, retailing at £999, making them among the most affordable high-quality, carswappable electric transport solutions available.

Did you know? In London, two thirds of car journeys undertaken could be made by bikes and e-bikes in 20 minutes or less 3.

Find out more Visit to shop the full award-winning range and fi nd out more.

Your Partner for EV Charging Pretium EV Charging are dedicated to improving EV charge point infrastructure throughout the UK Pretium EV Charging Infra & Solutions Limited were set up because of director, Pawan’s personal experiences with electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK. After much disappointment• with existing EV facilities, Pawan set out to make a change. With • a commitment to improving the infrastructure for all EV drivers, and thus making it easier for people to switch to the more eco-friendly driving option, the idea of Pretium EV charging was • born. In less than a year, Pretium EV Charging have set up a strong foundation by delivering customercentric services in a socially and

environmentally responsible way. Since their inception, the company have joined Stripe Climate Programme by dedicating a proportion of their revenue to carbon removal from the environment. As a result of commitment to their values and focus on customer service, Pretium EV Charging have strived for impartial customer feedback via Trustpilot and have been scoring high in customer satisfaction with many positive Trustpilot reviews. Most importantly, they have set some ambitious plans for the next three years to help UK business adapt.

• Pretium EV Charging have set up a strong foundation by delivering customer • centric services in a socially and environmentally responsible way Consulting The company have developed structured methodology and a team to roll out consulting services. They help businesses to understand the impact of the shift towards EVs and help them adopt this change. Pretium EV charging’s consulting team are closely working with fleet industry in London to help them accelerate transition of their fleet of vehicles to EVs; and with a leading golf course in the Northwest to help them plan EV charging infrastructure in their facilities for their members.


Charge point operations (CPO) To accelerate the adoption of EV charging infrastructure among businesses and apartment blocks, Pretium EV charging offer fully managed CPO services underpinned by their socially responsible fi nancial model ensuring that price for using the infrastructure remains fair to end users. Pretium EV Charging are currently working with several residential blocks and B&Bs to bring their CPO services to life in early 2022.

Installation Pretium EV charging have partnered with several professional and customer focused electrical contractors across the country to ensure a cost effective and reliable installation service to their customers.

Distribution Pretium EV charging have partnered with a leading logistics company ensuring fast, reliable and environmentally friendly distribution of EV Chargers to trade customers and end users alike.

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*Source: 1. London Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory (London Datastore, 2018) 2.INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard: Congestion cost UK economy £6.9 billion in 2019 (Inrix, 2020) 3.Cycling Action Plan (Transport for London, 2018).


Motoring 37


How to pick the perfect EV charging station for your home If you’ve made the step of purchasing an electric car, then you have already made a conscious move towards doing something for the planet Not only kinder to the environment, but kinder to your pocket in the long run, buying an EV has many benefits, one of the most tangible • • of which is that you can refuel it at home. Installing an at-home • • charger is relatively straightforward and there are even government grants (a maximum contribution of £350 from the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles’ Electric Vehicle • •can Homecharging Scheme), you

obtain towards your purchase if you have dedicated off-street parking. So, what things should you consider, when looking to pick the perfect charger for your home? The factors that will most likely affect your considerations are: price, ease of installation, connector and cable type and charging speed. The compatibility with your home’s connections, and even how the

In the spotlight Pure Electric The UK’s top specialist electric bike and scooter retailer. You can shop their leading range of products online and in any of their stores nationwide. Shop online or fi nd your nearest store at

charger looks aesthetically, will all be important too. Anders Bergtoft, CEO of Charge Amps (, a Swedish EV charger manufacturer with a focus on recycling and • sustainability, says:• “When purchasing an EV charger for your home, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Firstly, Brits will be more familiar than most with • • conditions inconsistent weather and you should make the durability of your charging equipment a priority. Look out for products with a high IP-rating (IP stands for ‘ingress protection’), as this is a good indicator of how weather resistant your new charger will be.” A good quality, durable solution is also the most ethical, says Bergtoft: “It’s always a good idea to invest in high quality when it comes to EV chargers and accessories, and the longer they last, the better for the environment. He continues: “Also, and I know this might seem a bit shallow, but I would strongly recommend that you shop around to find the bestlooking wallbox model for you. Just

• •

• like you wouldn’t decorate your house with ugly furniture or hang an unattractive piece of art on the wall, an EV charger should enhance, not disrupt, the exterior of your house or driveway.” Not only that, but with the changing pace of technology moving fast, considerations should also be made to ‘futureproofi ng’ your purchase in terms of connectivity and software security. “Charge Amps provides charging solutions designed for the tough Nordic conditions and capable of meeting stringent requirements for cloud services with software control,” says Bergtoft. “In addition, there are now clever features like

dynamic load balancing, which will help ensure that you minimise the impact your charging has on the local grid, and ensure that it is not overloaded. “Lastly, try to aim for an EV charger that is connected and equipped with advanced software. Electric cars, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, and smart homes will develop at a rapid pace over the coming years, and the most sustainable thing to do is to invest in charging solutions that are built with this future in mind. “To conclude; make it last, make it good looking and make it smart.” by Barnaby Dracup

HumanForest, EVs can help prevent EVs can help prevent reforesting London Arctic Sea ice loss Arctic Sea ice loss one pedal at a time Fleet Electric have created Climate Positive Leasing to ensure new EVs can remove more CO2e from the atmosphere than they contribute

shared e-bike Arctic and Antarctic ice loss has tripled in theed last Using fully-certifi decade. The Earth hastolost 28 renewable energy power trillion ice in less the fltonnes eet andof with zerothan 30 years*, reducing the emissions operations, planet’s ability to off reflerect solarof HumanForest a way radiation, movingcompounding that is sustainable, thehealthy warming the planet andoffun. caused by carbon dioxide HumanForest give and greenhouse gas everyone 10 minutes free emissions (CO2e). Theday, riding every single loss of Arctic Sea that ice has with the hope this been proven tomore have people a encourages to linear to CO2e use relationship sustainable transport emissions (3and ± 0.3help square solutions reduce metres per tonne of congestion CO2e). air pollution and Undoubtedly across cities. the lifecycle CO2eHumanForest emissions of an believe that electric vehicle (EV)together, are people, working drastically lower than can drastically reduce the petrol or diesel, EVs amount of COyet emitted into 2 generate CO2e emissions the atmosphere. As they say: in their production “Together we canand become a Human Forest.”

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cleaner,with healthier, if notAcharged happier electricity. world is possible, renewable one pedal at a time. are Vehicle manufacturers endeavouring to produce vehicles as carbon-neutral in the next decade, but this leaves a significant period where every new EV will increase CO2e emissions. That’s why Fleet Electric created Climate Positive Leasing to ensure new EVs can remove more CO2e from the atmosphere than they contribute. Through investments in certified carbon reduction projects, every lease prevents 25 tonnes of CO2e (five to 10 tonnes more than the average EV generates in its

production) from entering the atmosphere and helps to stop 75m² of sea ice from melting. In addition, 100 trees are planted and will go on to cover the potential CO2e emissions generated by charging an EV without renewable electricity twice over. During the COP26 Climate Change Conference, Fleet Electric are planting an extra 100 trees for every order placed.

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*FLEET ELECTRIC Source: Earth Has Lost 28 Trillion Tons of Ice since the Mid-1990s (Scientific America, 2021).

*FLEET ELECTRIC Source: Earth Has Lost 28 Trillion Tons of Ice since the Mid-1990s (Scientific America, 2021).

Fleet Electric have created Climate Positive Leasing to ensure new EVs can remove more CO2e from the atmosphere than they contribute HumanForest are providing London’s fi rst truly green

Arctic and Antarctic ice loss has tripled in the last decade. The Earth has lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice in less than 30 years*, reducing the planet’s ability to reflect solar radiation, compounding the warming of the planet caused by carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e). The loss of Arctic Sea ice has been proven to have a linear relationship to CO2e emissions (3 ± 0.3 square metres per tonne of CO2e). Undoubtedly the lifecycle CO2e emissions of an electric vehicle (EV) are drastically lower than petrol or diesel, yet EVs generate CO2e emissions in their production and

if not charged with renewable electricity. Vehicle manufacturers are endeavouring to produce vehicles as carbon-neutral in the next decade, but this leaves a significant period where every new EV will increase CO2e emissions. That’s why Fleet Electric created Climate Positive Leasing to ensure new EVs can remove more CO2e from the atmosphere than they contribute. Through investments in certified carbon reduction projects, every lease prevents 25 tonnes of CO2e (five to 10 tonnes more than the average EV generates in its

production) from entering the atmosphere and helps to stop 75m² of sea ice from melting. In addition, 100 trees are planted and will go on to cover the potential CO2e emissions generated by charging an EV without renewable electricity twice over. During the COP26 Climate Change Conference, Fleet Electric are planting an extra 100 trees for every order placed.

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38 Finance


How to save money and raise the value of your home Making your property more energy-efficient can reduce bills, boost your property value and help fight climate change As we spent more time in our homes during lockdown, waiting for traces of normality to reappear, the planet was fi nally given the chance to breathe. Greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 dropped by 8.9%, the biggest fall since comparable records began in 1990, while carbon dioxide emissions were cut by almost 20%. It’s too soon to say how Covid restrictions will affect the environment long term, but it does prove that helping the planet starts at home. And the good news is that even after the lockdowns have lifted and we return to our old lives, we can still do our bit to

Something to think about Lighting is one of the biggest energy expenses that households face and replacing halogen lighting with LED lamps can potentially reduce your electricity consumption by 50% to 80% and save you an average of £75 a year on energy bills.

fight climate change without even needing to step foot outside our front door. In fact, our properties are one of the most powerful tools we have against climate change. And going green isn’t just good for the planet, but your pocket too. Halifax found that the most energy-efficient homes command prices of up to £40,000 more than their less sustainable counterparts, as well as costing less to run on a monthly basis. Despite the ‘green premium’, 77% of people have no clue how energy efficient their homes are but making changes is easier than you think and some simple switches could help save money on energy bills and even boost your home’s market value. Here are some top tips to get you started:

Switch to energy-saving lighting Improving the energy efficiency of your home doesn’t have to cost thousands. Instead, start simple. One of the most straightforward switches that you can make, which could make a huge difference to


your energy bills, is swapping out all your home’s current light bulbs with more efficient LED bulbs.

Use energyefficient glazing If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency, installing energy-efficient windows is a must. Without proper glazing, your home loses a quarter of its energy as heat can easily escape from old, draughty windows. Installing modern double glazing can help save over 50% in fuel bills. If your windows are older than 20 years old, it could be time for an upgrade.

Upgrade your heating system The use of oil or gas heating systems and hot water in our homes accounts for around 15% of the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions so buying a newer, energy-efficient boiler is one of the best ways to boost your home’s green premium. A condensing boiler can recover more heat than old models and will give a lasting reduction on your energy bills. Alternatively, you can look into investing in

heat pumps. Unlike gas boilers, heat pumps run off electricity and don’t produce any nasty carbon emissions while operating.

Ray of sunshine Investing in solar energy is one of the best things you can do for your home – and the planet.

As well as cutting down your household bills, solar panels are much greener solutions as the energy is renewable. Just 20 sqm of solar panels on a property’s roof could generate enough electricity for the average household. by Kirsty McKenzie

Finance 39



Canopy Housing

Ethical banking Unity Trust Bank shows how fi nance can add real value to local communities

FCA reference: 204570.

Delivering social impact in communities across the UK has been at the heart of Unity Trust Bank since its inception in 1984. That’s precisely why Deborah Hazell was delighted to assume the role of CEO earlier this year, as she strongly believes that fi nance should have a positive role to play in society. It is crucial that the banking industry demonstrates real purpose and the values that Unity stands for have never been more important than they are today, as businesses navigate their way out of the pandemic. Unity is straightforward, transparent and very discerning about the customers to whom it lends, as responsible lending is about supporting businesses in a way that will help them grow and achieve their goals, while not overburdening them with debt. Unity is growing steadily, and its returns are achieved by only lending to sustainable businesses and organisations which share its values in wanting to contribute positively to society.

As a rudimentary measure of impact, Unity aligns its operations and practices to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Every lending proposal that comes to the bank is aligned with one or more of the SDGs, so borrowers must demonstrate quantifi able impact, either in the intrinsic nature of their operation or more specifically in the use of the loan. In doing so, Unity ensures that all funds are used to make valuable contributions within communities across the UK. During the pandemic, Unity helped organisations on the front line such as care homes, pharmacies, early years

Unity is straightforward, transparent and very discerning about the customers to whom it lends

Bangla Housing Association

nurseries and charities. It also expanded support to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Responsible Social Landlords (RSLs) allowing it to help those less able to access sources of credit during the pandemic. In total, between July 2020 and 2021, Unity provided fi nancial support worth more than £185 million. For example, it supported a pharmacist who provides essential healthcare in rural communities in the Yorkshire Dales, including administering Covid-19 vaccinations which saved elderly residents from travelling miles to big vaccination centres. This customer was able to acquire two new community pharmacies in Steeton and Goxhill, thanks to Unity funding. Housing associations also add real value to communities. One such Unity customer, Bangla Housing Association, provides affordable accommodation and support for the Bangladeshi community in London, and Unity’s support enabled it to expand its portfolio to reach even more people in need. These are just two of many examples showing how Unity delivers real impact in the heart of local communities, by supporting socially-minded businesses. Unity prides itself on offering its customers a level of personal service that allows it to stand out in the industry and add real value to customers’ lives. Unity’s experienced team of relationship managers have specialist business and lending expertise relevant to their clients. They are dedicated to supporting organisations with the pricing and structure appropriate for their borrowing needs.

Deborah Hazell, CEO of Unity Trust Bank

Furthermore, Unity is not a faceless organisation. It ensures that its day-to-day banking customers will always be able to speak to a real person when they call in. This has been particularly important during the pandemic for those forced to conduct their fi nances remotely. Unity’s values are also embedded in its culture. It was the fi rst bank to be Living Wage accredited and pay the real Living Wage, the fi rst to achieve the Fair Tax Mark and the fi rst Carbon Literate Bank achieving a bronze award. It is a Women In Finance Charter signatory, a member of the Financial Services Culture Board,

and holds the Investors in People Gold standard. Deborah Hazell says: “It is my role as CEO to maintain our mission and preserve our values as I spearhead Unity’s strategy for safe, sustainable growth. I will continue to evaluate how we can invest our liquidity in an impactful way, while maintaining a focus on the strong credit credentials of our customers and their loans and ensuring that everything we do is measurable and has quantifi able impact. “In summary, Unity is true to the core principles of banking, and we look forward to becoming the lender of choice for socially minded organisations across the UK.”

Find out more To fi nd out how Unity’s funding makes a positive difference, see its latest Impact Report at Call 0345 140 1000 or visit to fi nd out how it can help your business. Follow Unity on LinkedIn @unity-trust-bank and @unitytrustbank


40 Charities

Will the trees planted today stand the test of time?


As tree-planting momentum builds, people and businesses want to know that the trees they plant will be there long into the future Forestry Commission and the Environment Agency. The team make sure the right tree goes in the right place; that planting respects the site and its existing habitats, and that they plan for the long term – in particular, for a changing, heating climate. With the help of generous individuals, companies and trusts, ANT bought Hazeland, 34 acres of mixed habitat in Wiltshire. ANT is now on the cusp of purchasing its second site, and considering others.

They make sure the right tree goes in the right place, that planting respects the site and its existing habitats But buying land to guarantee permanence is expensive. ANT cannot do this without funding from generous individuals, trusts and companies. There are lots of

To fi nd out how to become a member, or for more ways you can help, visit or call 01225 481151.


his children, and grandchildren, and beyond. I’ d like you to help me buy this permanence.” You can make the difference.

Find out more Help ANT to create new, permanent woodlands. Contact director, Dave Wood, to discuss how you or your business can help us. Email or write to Avon Needs Trees, 1-3 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AA.

Buttercups Sanctuary, a haven that provides care for mistreated, abused and abandoned goats At Buttercups Sanctuary, goats that have been mistreated and abused, starved, and abandoned, are taken into care, giving them an environment of love and kindness. Here their ‘hurts’ can be treated, and their experience of cruelty is replaced with understanding and trust. Set in ancient parkland the sanctuary provides goats who have suffered greatly with a safe and loving home for the rest of their lives. As well as open fields in which to roam, all the animals at Buttercups have a warm, dry undercover accommodation at night. It is hard to believe that in today’s world man can still create situations of cruelty and hardship to those who share the planet.

Registered charity number: 1028947.

By supporting Rainforest Concern, you too can play your part.

Find out more

Sanctuary for Goats

COP26 may be the last chance to prevent the very worst impacts of climate change

protect much, much more of these extraordinary habitats before they are lost forever.

opportunities to support ANT’s work, whether you are a business, an individual, have land to donate, or are thinking about your legacy. Director, Dave Wood, said: “I joined Avon Needs Trees because I know that one day when my five-year old grows up, he’ll ask what I did to help avert climate crisis. The permanent new woodlands will be there to benefit

Save threatened rainforests before it’s too late! Addressing climate change is the greatest challenge of this age; however, it cannot be solved by countries or states alone – everyone has a role. Nature has many of the answers – plants are ready made carbon-capture machines. Therefore, it is critical to conserve and restore existing natural habitats. For 28 years, Rainforest Concern have been working to protect forests and the incredible biodiversity they contain, as well as the communities that depend on them for their survival. They have helped protect nearly 5.5 million acres across 12 countries in Latin America, Asia, and central Europe. There is more to be done, and Rainforest Concern are determined to

Nonetheless, the service the charity provides remains invaluable and life changing for those in need. Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats is now home to over 130 goats plus another 130 staying in foster homes and is the only registered goat charity in the UK whose sole aim is to provide relief and care after cruelty and neglect. They rely entirely upon the goodwill of friends and followers to provide fi nancial aid through donations, legacies, and fundraisers. Why not support them today by visiting

their website or purchasing the ideal gift; adoption, walking with goats or goat keeper experience.

Scan the QR Code for more.

Find out more Support them at today. Email them at enquries@, or phone 01622 746420.

Buttercups Sanctuary is a registered charity. Registered charity number 1099627. RAINFOREST CONCERN: Registered charity number: 1028947. BUTTERCUPS SANCTUARY FOR GOATS: Registered charity number 1099627.

Owners come and go, planning laws change, and so do people’s fortunes. As tree-planting momentum builds around the • world, people and businesses want to know that the trees they plant • will be there long into the future, still locking up carbon, providing a home for wildlife, soaking up rainfall and providing shelter and sustenance for people. Attention • need is increasingly turning to the for permanence. When Avon Needs Trees (ANT) was formed by environmentalist Nikki Jones, permanence was its focus – and it remains ANT’s unique selling point. As a registered charity, Avon Needs Trees fundraises to buy land to create permanent woodland in the catchment of the River Avon, which flows through the west of England towards Bath and Bristol. Almost all of the woodland that used to carpet this area has disappeared over the last few centuries. ANT has a growing and expert team on board, and works closely with trusted partners such as The Woodland Trust, National Lottery Heritage Fund, Community Forests,

Charities 41


Making sustainability more than just a buzzword Bees are among the most loved and familiar garden insects — and play a crucial role in our ecosystem Plant for pollinators

The sight and sound of them moving from flower to flower is a quintessential part of British summertime but sadly these • charismatic creatures are struggling to survive. In our modern world of paved gardens and intensive • agriculture, our bumblebees fi nd themselves hungry and homeless.

Grow more nectar-rich flowers, shrubs, and trees to provide for pollinators throughout the year.

Let your garden grow wild

Put away the pesticide

Why are bees important?

1 ‘The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change: Five Opportunities for Action (World Resources Institute, 2019) 2 Historical Analysis Exposes Catastrophic Seagrass Loss for the United Kingdom by Alix E. Green. 3 UK Marine Protected Area network statistics (Joint Nature Conservation Committee, 2021)4 Marine Conservation Society calculations. 5 Breaking the Plastic Wave: a comprehensive assessment of pathways towards stopping ocean plastic pollution (The Pew Charitable Trusts and systemiq, 2020)

The Bumblebee Conservation• Trust’s expert conservation teamwork supports bumblebee-friendly habitats, raising awareness and gathers scientific evidence about bumblebee populations, to safeguard the future of these iconic insects and vital pollinators. According to the charity, in the last 80 years, our bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct, and several others have declined dramatically. Bees are pollinators and play a critical role in healthy ecosystems, so are essential for our food production. Pollinators are worth a staggering £690 million per annum to the UK economy, and more than three-quarters of the world’s food crops are in part dependent on them.

How can you help? Most of us tend to think of bees in relation to pollination, yet insect pollinators are an incredibly diverse group. Honeybees are mostly kept in managed hives and are likely responsible for pollinating between 5 to 15% of the UK’s insect-pollinated crops. That leaves 85 to 95% of the UK’s insect-pollinated crops relying on wild pollinators. Many species of

bee, moth, butterfly, hoverfly, fly and beetle provide an essential service in the UK (and globally) pollinating £690 million worth of crops annually. Taking over this job ourselves would be difficult and time-consuming and would cost us an estimated £1.8 billion every year. But there are ways you can help to encourage populations to thrive in the UK once again, according to The Wildlife Trust.

Leaving patches of land to grow wild let wildflowers grow and make great nesting and feeding sites.

They can harm pollinators and many other beneficial invertebrates. Consider alternatives and only use pesticides as a last resort.

Leave the lawnmower

In the spotlight

Cut your grass less often and remove cuttings to let plants flower.

Environmental Justice Foundation

Is buying honey an issue?

The climate crisis is an existential threat to humanity. Nations with the greatest responsibility for greenhouse gases must contribute fairly, achieving zero carbon by 2035. Decisive action is not a ‘cost’, but an investment, not just in the future, but in survival. Visit for more.

Done right, bee farming can be beneficial for wild populations and still allow you to enjoy honey. When choosing honey try to go for something local, from individual beekeepers who practice sustainability. This way you know where your honey is coming from and can cut down on the carbon emissions used to ship honey to your local supermarket.

by Laura Forsyth

Fight for the future of the ocean The ocean is at a tipping point – will you join The Marine Conservation Society and fight for its future? The importance of the planet’s ocean cannot be overstated. The ocean covers over 70% of the planet. The ocean provides more than half the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorbs nearly a third of the carbon emissions1 . The ocean provides numerous benefits and is key to helping regulate the climate, through absorbing huge amounts of heat from the sun. Not to mention, the ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles,

precious habitats are being destroyed, often home to the planet’s most endangered species regulating the Earth’s climate and weather patterns. But today, the ocean is in crisis. Right now, waters are being polluted and precious habitats are being destroyed, often home to the planet’s most endangered species. Humanity is harming the wonderful wildlife that call the ocean home and reducing

the ocean’s ability to help fight the climate crisis. The statistics bring home just how precarious the situation is. The UK has lost up to 92% of its seagrass in the last century2 . A third of UK seas are protected on paper but less than 1% of seas are in well-managed marine protected areas 3, with only 5% of the UK’s marine protected areas safe from bottom trawling.4 Every year between 9 to 14 million tonnes of plastics enter the ocean. 5 But through working together, this damage can be reversed. Working with communities, businesses, governments, and people just like you, the Marine Conservation Society is fighting for cleaner, healthier, and better protected seas. By joining the Marine Conservation Society as a member, you can help too. Wondering how you can help join this process for change? There are numerous ways to get involved and fight for the future of the ocean. Through campaigning, donating, or volunteering you’ll join a movement of people all over the country, eager to see change. Please join The Marine Conservation Society today and help them fight for the future of the ocean.

Find out more Please join the Marine Conservation Society today and help them fight for the future of the ocean. Visit to fi nd out more.


42 Green Innovations

Your computer is not vegan It’s true, animal derived products are used in the screens in your computer, your phone and many other devices That’s probably not the only problem your vegan business has with technology – most vegan businesses that The Vegan IT Company talk to say that technology makes their job harder, not easier. At The Vegan IT Company, they are on a mission to help vegan businesses to start, grow and scale by taking technology, process and systems off their list of things to worry about. Their approach to systemising and scaling businesses is built around the three pillars of people, process and technology. People always come fi rst, because without the right culture and training, no amount of technology is going to help a business grow. When your processes are sound, you can use technology to improve efficiency, but when they aren’t you’re just doing the wrong thing faster. Finally, they look at the right technology that’s needed to deliver on the business objectives and run these processes. They’re


experts in integrating different systems to avoid copying and pasting. They regularly challenge software providers on their environmental credentials and they’re lobbying the industry to stop using animal products in computer and phone screens. Whether it’s as simple as fi nding a carbon neutral laptop or as complex

as integrating ordering, inventory and reporting systems, they’re here to help vegan businesses, both large and small.

Find out more Get in touch today at the website, quoting THE CHECKLIST for a free consultation.

Green Innovations 43


The other way to drink responsibly There is a big a focus on the environmental impact of the food we eat, however what about the tipples we enjoy? There’s a reason that the ecological impact of alcohol isn’t high on the list of topics spoken about at your local; it can be a sobering topic. So as something that is not so great for you, how does an alcohol brand do good? Recently, the International Wine and Spirits Commission set a standard that brands must meet to be considered sustainable. This encompasses repurposing efforts (including recycling casks, sourcing alternative energy and reducing plastics), supporting the local economy, as well as conscious ingredient sourcing and use.

A hangover to confront Distilleries are reinventing the manufacturing process. The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao uses materials from the natural world at the end of their life, to see them reborn, like the paper of the box packaging which uses residues from cacao husks. Two Drifters Distillery, the world’s fi rst carbon-negative distillery, is run on 100% renewable energy. The material of the bottle features a natural cork with a FSC wooden top, 100% compostable tamper

seal, paper labels made from 95% sugarcane fibre, and 5% hemp and linen. Meanwhile Bullard Spirits have made the switch to Eco-Refill Pouches, while using less energy to produce, transport and deliver. You can reuse your bottle for life to help minimise carbon footprint. For those looking to avoid a sore head, as well as environmental footprint, Bax Botanics, a premium sustainable low-alcohol and non-alcoholic brand use ethically sourced herbs and botanicals. They utilise recyclable and recycled packaging alongside bottle labels printed on material that is a byproduct from the sugar industry.

A new take on “drinking and driving” According to Drinkaware, the average Brit drinks 22 units of alcohol per week, which is the equivalent of around eight pints of beer, seven glasses of wine or six double shots of gin. This means that the average Brit creates the same amount of CO2 from drinking alcohol as driving between 6km and 21km in a car.

In the spotlight The Hidden Sea The Hidden Sea team have a very clear purpose. One wine, one mission. Their consumer promise is very clear – for every bottle of The Hidden Sea bought, they will remove 10 plastic bottles from the ocean and recycle them. Available in Sainsbury’s and Co-op now.

Producing a pint of locally brewed cask ale emits 300g of CO2 , the equivalent of driving a car 1.5 miles. Brewing a litre of it needs around 350 litres of water, demand for which is set to outstrip supply by 40% in a decade, according to the UN. One facet of building a sustainable brand is lessening the environmental impact of production facilities. Koskenkorva Vodka Climate Action, a Finnish spirit, is made from a unique method using regenerativelyfarmed barley that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in the ground, creating carbon sinks. The process improves biodiversity, stops nutrients leaking into water bodies and provides better crops at the same time.

Sustainable sipping Eco-friendly production initiatives are a cornerstone for a brand’s eco impact. However a major part in a brand’s holistic environmental

footprint can be employee welfare. Gusto Organic Drinks use agave in all their drinks as a sweetener in place of sugar. Scientists believe that agave-based agroforestry could help reverse global warming as they can grow in hot climates with little to no irrigation. Plus, for every kilo of Fairtrade agave they purchase, 15% of the purchase price goes back to farmers and their families. Sustainability can also include using your brand as a platform. Pernod Ricard announced Plymouth Gin’s long-term partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust as part of a mission to drive awareness of the importance of a healthy ocean. The distillery team regularly support the charity with beach cleans across the area. So don’t take the fi zz off the ice just quite yet; there’s plenty of drinks brands doing their part for the planet. by Laura Forsyth


44 Green Innovations


Businesses see big benefits in using EMBACO’s recycled packaging Recycled packaging is a key driver in stopping food and product waste and reducing your business’ carbon footprint Return Initiative, which allows customers to return their used packaging for recycling – free of charge!” Ultimately, The Turmeric Co. would like their footprint to shrink as their business grows having recently achieved a carbon neutral status; they are always looking for ways that they can make their drinks as good for the planet as they are for your body, and EMBACO are with them on the journey. Learn more at and use code TURMERIC10 for 10% off a one-time purchase!

Working to create a world of better packaging Packaging that is good for people and the planet is what many businesses are looking for, and that is at the heart of what EMBACO do. Established in Copenhagen in 2011, they have become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high-quality, customisable, and sustainable packaging.

rPET is produced by collecting and sorting post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET – usually recycled bottles

New bottles made from used bottles Their recycled plastic bottles and jars are made in Europe using renewable energy sources and are most suited to food, beverage, personal, health, and home-care products. Environmentally-conscious brands, contract fillers, private labels, and wholesalers choose EMBACO and so their packaging can be seen in stores throughout the UK. EMBACO use recycled PET (rPET), specifically post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR PET) to produce their bottles and jars.

What is rPET? rPET is recycled polyethylene terephthalate – or recycled PET plastic. It is the most common material used for bottles sold in retail stores containing smoothies, juices, sauces and carbonated beverages. It has the recycling symbol 1, and is the only plastic that can be recycled back into food-grade rPET packaging, multiple times.

How is rPET made? rPET is produced by collecting and sorting post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET – usually recycled bottles. These are cleaned, melted and refi ned into fl akes, then dried to form a granulate that can be turned into new products.

The benefits of rPET The beneficial impact of rPET is in its creation – reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 71% (compared with Virgin PET) and requiring 79% less energy to produce*. This gives rPET a far smaller carbon footprint, at under a quarter of regular PET*. rPET has all of the benefits of regular PET bottles and jars, with some added extras: • Less plastic going to landfill • Reducing the need to extract resources from the earth • Encouraging bottle return schemes and post-consumer recycling programmes. Almost all of EMBACO’s clients include recycled content in their bottles and jars, the most popular recipe is at least 30% rPET. rPET is in high demand, and the growth of the recycled packaging industry relies on supply – correct disposal and recycling of PET is of the utmost importance for this industry to survive. You should always throw used bottles in the recycling, it could go toward making the next bottle you use.

but there are many other CO2 and waste reductions to look at. EMBACO know that creating a better tomorrow means taking action today, so they have become experts in comprehensive sustainable innovations that support their client’s goals. Their mission is to empower clients to make the best decision for their business by advising on the most sustainable choice. In 2020, they undertook a CO2 analysis as a guidepost for how to improve and are working to reduce the impact of their packaging throughout the entire life cycle: design, production, delivery and disposal.

Actions for impact Using recycled materials is one important factor within the chain of sustainable packaging supply,

Find out more Want to learn more about rPET or EMBACO’s products and services? Contact the team and view the full product range at


*Source: Study Confi rms the Excellent Carbon Footprint Of Recycled Pet (ALPLA, 2017)

Founder of The Turmeric Co., Thomas Robson-Kanu, describes why he chose recycled packaging for his business: “We are passionate about providing the highest-quality functional health shots to our customers, and believe that highquality packaging goes hand in hand with this. Sustainability is at the core of The Turmeric Co., and is a key driver of our decision-making processes. Our customers share our passion for sustainability, so offering fully recyclable packaging is a non-negotiable for us.” Thomas continues: “That’s why our packaging supplier, EMBACO is the perfect fit for The Turmeric Co. Their sustainable priorities align with our company values, so partnering with them was a great step towards our brand being as eco-friendly as possible. We also have our Recycling

Green Innovations 45


Pumping up renewable heating Making the right heating choice for your home – how heat pump technology can work for you

*Source: Final UK greenhouse gas emissions national statistics: 1990-2015 (, 2017).

Heating using existing fossil fuel boilers means that homes and buildings are the second largest contributor to the total carbon emissions emitted by the UK* and therefore the way homes are heated will need to change in order for the UK to meet its net-zero emissions targets. To help the UK achieve its targets, earlier this month, the government published its Heat in Building Strategy, which highlighted Heat Pumps as the main solution to decarbonising heating, making the technology a hot topic right now. As part of these ambitions, a new upfront £5,000 government grant will be available for households under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme from April 2022. This grant promotes the generation of clean heat from low-carbon technologies such as heat pumps. So, what are heat pumps and how can the technology heat a home? Heat pumps are a renewable alternative to gas and oil for heating homes and come in two main types – air source and ground source. Air source heat pumps extract heat from the air and use this energy to provide heating and hot water. It actually works in a similar way to a refrigerator, just in reverse. They are also highly efficient, using one unit of energy to generate three units of heat energy. Ground source pumps work on the same principle, except water is piped along coils in the ground to absorb heat and are more suited to homes with a significant amount of outdoor space. Both types of pumps use electricity which can come from renewable sources, unlike commonly used gas and oil boilers which burn fossil fuels. Heat pumps are a sustainable, reliable and proven technology. Research from Mitsubishi Electric shows that a heat pump generates 10 times fewer carbon emissions than a gas boiler over its 15-year

An Ecodan heat pump will heat your radiators, underfloor heating and hot water

Alto Energy

lifecycle. Furthermore, as the UK generates electricity via renewable means such as solar and wind power, and as the electricity grid gets greener, heat pumps automatically take advantage of this to further reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint. The Government considers heat pumps to be a futureproofed, noregrets way of heating homes and is considered to be the backbone of the UK’s ambition to reach its net-zero goal. Unlike other green alternative technologies, this is a technology that is readily available now, and can be installed by heating engineers that are used to

As the electricity grid gets greener, heat pumps automatically take advantage of this to further reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint working with fossil fuel boilers. Russell Dean, head of residential heating at Mitsubishi Electric, says: “The Heat in Buildings Strategy will drive a phase out of fossil fuel heating systems over the next decade or so and future regulation is likely to shift taxation of electricity to fossil fuels. This means it’s important to make a conscious effort to equip all homes with sustainable heating systems, particularly when we are all likely to face further volatility in energy prices in the future.” Heat pumps will become more affordable under the new government grant scheme, bringing the cost of installing one in line with fitting a new gas boiler to meet incoming regulations. Additionally, guidance from the

Energy Saving Trust advises that heat pumps can reduce heating bills in the long run by several hundred pounds a year. Mitsubishi Electric have an established range of heat pumps, which are available in different capacities to suit any size of home. The award-winning Ultra Quiet model has been developed over 10 years specifically for UK homes and is whisper quiet; capable of delivering heat to a home whilst being as quiet as a library. Heat pump technology is widely used to heat homes all across Scandinavia and has been for many decades. An Ecodan heat pump can operate efficiently, even

when the outdoor temperatures are as low as -20°C, making them suitable for the diverse climates found across the UK.

Heat pumps are a sustainable, reliable and proven technology

While moving away from a gas boiler may seem new, heat pump technology isn’t – in fact, the technology has been around for many years, with the fi rst largescale heat pump installed in the

UK in 1945. Mitsubishi Electric are pioneers of the heat pump industry and have used over a decade of experience to ensure that marketleading products and customer service are enjoyed by existing and future customers. Every home is different; however, homeowners can fi nd a heat pump solution that suits them and help the UK to reduce its impact on the environment at the same time. From the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Wight, thousands of UK households are already benefitting from reliable, renewable heating with Ecodan air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric. Ecodan air source heat pumps can lower your energy costs, lower your carbon emissions and make you eligible for Government grants including the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. So why not make the switch today?

Find out more To fi nd out more about an Ecodan and speak to an expert about how your home can be heated with one, go to


46 Green Innovations


Top five green innovations These green products will inspire sustainability whatever the occasion

Lamazuna’s at Dayrize

• •

Arena Flowers Water in a Box Discover a challenger brand in the on-the-go drinks market. Water in a Box are inspiring people to make the switch from buying water in a plastic bottle while they’re out and about to drinking refreshing flavoured water in a carton. The cartons are fully recyclable or compostable and have a resealable lid made from sugarcane. Available nationwide, Water in a Box comes in natural spring and three fruity flavours; Lemon & Lime, Strawberry and Peach & Orange. Visit

Considered as the UK’s most ethical florist, Arena Flowers was the fi rst to ban single-use plastics in their industry back in 2017. They pioneered a revolutionary process that turns green waste into organic, recycled and recyclable paper, to wrap its bouquets. The team also works with Eden Reforestation Projects, planting more than 1 million mangrove trees to combat deforestation in Madagascar. Buying Arena Flowers bouquets is easy activism, with everything delivered with a guarantee that each person and place they’ve touched has been treated with respect. Visit

Saalt Wear


Saalt Wear is a line of performance period underwear designed to eliminate the need for disposable products, absorbing up to three regular tampons’ worth of period flow. To ensure the Saalt Wear line is both safe and effective, the leakproof underwear materials have been third-party certified to be free from PFAS and other toxic chemicals. Saalt’s materials, including their Menstrual Cup range, are internationally recognised for their standards in making textiles cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Visit

Enjoy the freshest organic fruit and vegetables, delivered in the most ethical way. The founders of Organibox collectively have over 70 years’ experience of supplying fruit and vegetables. They have a direct relationship with trusted farmers and suppliers which ensures products go straight from the grower, to the customers. Organibox use 100% plastic-free packaging, which is all home-compostable as the materials are non-bleached. Plus, for every box purchased, a portion is donated to the Trussell Trust – a UK food poverty charity. Visit

This super-fresh toothpaste works hard to keep your teeth clean without dirtying the planet. Lamazuna is handmade using natural ingredients and absolutely no sulphates or fluoride. Once you’ve fi nished, just add the stick to your compost, so there’s zero waste. The cardboard box is also biodegradable, printed with vegetable inks and coated with a non-toxic fi nish, so you can compost it too. Pick up a bamboo toothbrush, along with other wonderful sustainable products from Dayrize, which has loads of ethical products in one place. Visit

Something to think about Shoppers are becoming more conscious of how they spend, with 33% of consumers saying that they consider green credentials when selecting where to make a purchase. by Laura Forsyth

Destination – net zero Botanical colours Climate Wise are with you every step of the way as you journey to net zero Everyone is responsible for carbon entering the atmosphere and impacting the future. Making a difference can be overwhelming. Compute your footprint at; fi nd out how you can reduce it, and donate to global climate projects to wipe your carbon footprint clean for the price of a cup of coffee each month. Have you created a roadmap to net zero for your business? Climate Wise your business. Discover how their three-stage approach can kickstart your climatepositive journey. They will measure your corporate carbon footprint, help identify ways to reduce it, and offset unavoidable emissions. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Social and Governance policies are under the microscope like never before; showcase your commitment to saving the planet. With a guaranteed 90% of all donations going directly to the projects, you can benefit from certified projects and

new projects that Climate Wise are actively putting on the ground. Make a meaningful difference by supporting projects tackling climate change, while benefitting those in local communities, such as the Bermuda Seagrass Project that restores the microecosystem around the Bermuda coastline.


Turtle Bags are celebrating autumn colours with their new Botanical Range of vegetable-dyed bags With the help of the pomegranate plants, salt and the madder plant, Turtle Bags have raised the environmental stakes on these organic cotton string-bag classics, by introducing a range of vegetable-dyed bags. Not only are these sumptuous colours easy on the eye, but they are easy on the planet too. The use of vegetable dyes means less water consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. To encourage your step into sustainable shopping, they are offering a 15% discount on these gems for the duration of the COP26 talks. Turtle Bags – wave goodbye to plastic bags. Turtle Bags are proud to be part of the UN Science Policy Business Forum.

Find out more It’s simple – calculate, reduce, and offset. Visit to be the change the world needs and become a Climate Wise Hero. Get in touch via:

Find out more Use code COP21.TURTLE for 15% discount on their Botanics Range at and join them on @turtle.bags

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