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‘Three kids is hard work!’

‘Why I choose to home school my boys’



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Four boys under eight and she’s still not done!



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As a mum of two young boys, I sympathise with all you fellow parents out there. Juggling the seemingly never ending summer holidays with work deadlines and endless play dates is no easy feat, and – as much as I’ve loved having my brood at home – I’m counting down the days until my little, erm, treasures are back at school. One such mum who can relate to the pressures of family life is Danielle Lloyd. Our Liverpool-born coverstar has four sons to look after, however, from the moment we arrive at her home for our photoshoot it’s clear she’s got things totally under control. Just how does she manage to keep her clan in check – and will we ever see a daughter to complete her family? Turn to Danielle wears dress from jameslakeland.net and boys wear shorts and shirts from riverisland.com p6 to find out. Elsewhere, we’re jam-packed with exclusive interviews from a whole host of celebrity mums and dads. We talk kids’ health concerns with Christine McGuinness, Alicia Douvall and Nadia Sawalha (p19), chat to Samantha Faiers, Jamie Lomas and Amy Childs about their holiday escapes (p55) and we find out what it’s really like to home school your kids with Stacey Solomon (p43). Add to that kids’ fashion from Kimberley Walsh (p32), school run beauty with Rachel Stevens (p35), the perfect packed lunch from Nadiya Hussain (p27), and family finances with Sam Bailey (p50), and you’re all set for the new school year ahead. Enjoy the issue,

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In this issue 6 Danielle Lloyd

The winner of Celebrity MasterChef talks family meals



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27 Nadiya Hussain

The Great British Bake Off champion shares her school lunchbox tips

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43 Stacey Solomon

25 Angellica Bell



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19 Kids’ Health

The fitness star on how to shed those summer holiday pounds


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Michaela Wain and Harrison Jones on their shock pregnancy news

21 Nell McAndrew

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39 The Apprentice

The mum of four on why five kids will be her magic number

With Nadia Sawalha, Christine McGuinness, Alicia Douvall, Cherry Healey and Jasmine Harman


What her hair stylist and make-up artist used to achieve her cover look

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30 Leanne Brown

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star on what she wears in a week

32 Kimberley Walsh

We chat to the Loose Women host about home schooling her kids

45 Creative Learning

Becky Adlington on swimming for kids, plus Tanya Bardsley’s reading tips

49 Sinitta

The singer chats to us about teaching her kids the value of money

50 Sam Bailey

School uniforms, stationery and kids’ savings with The X Factor winner

55 Travel

With Samantha Faiers, Jamie Lomas, Amy Childs, Kimberly Wyatt, Caprice, Lisa Scott-Lee and Sheree Murphy

58 CS Loves

The Girls Aloud member talks kids’ clothes and life as a mum

The best products and services to get your kids back to school ready

35 Rachel Stevens

62 Abbey Clancy

The former S Club 7 singer reveals her school run beauty tricks

The model and presenter talks juggling work with raising a family

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The reality star on when and how she’ll add a daughter to her brood

Danielle wears dress from lulaloveattire.com and boys wear outfits from gbcrew.com celebritysecrets.com

Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

who she shares with ex-husband Jamie O’Hara. WE’VE GROWN UP with Danielle Lloyd, Her youngest, 11-month-old Ronnie, sits in dad watching her life splashed across the media Michael’s arms, while the other boys bound ever since she first came in to the public eye. around the house, desperate to play on their The winner of Miss Great Britain in 2006, that bouncy castle and water slide that’s being set same year she was stripped of her title when up in the back garden. What’s it like living in a she posed naked for Playboy. Work flooded in, house full of boys – and how far has she got in but she was later catapulted to fame for all her quest to add a daughter to their brood? We the wrong reasons when she found herself caught up in the 2007 Celebrity Big Brother race sat down with the star for an exclusive chat… row. Modelling contracts were axed, and her high-profile relationship with footballer Teddy Danielle, you’ve been in your new home for Sheringham came to an end. The Liverpool10 months – is every box finally unpacked? born model even received death threats, ‘Pretty much, but the garage is still rammed. describing it on Channel 5’s In Therapy as ‘the Michael’s mum did a car boot sale the other worst time of my life’. day, and I gave her 10 bags of clothes from it!’ Fast-forward to 2018 and Danielle’s in an altogether better place, having moved in to Why did you move? a new home with fiancé, electrician Michael ‘It was the house I lived in when I was married O’Neill, and her four sons. Danielle is warm and to Jamie. Even though we’ve downsized it’s so friendly the second we arrive, clearly besotted much nicer – the boys are two minutes from with Archie, eight, Harry, seven, and George, four, school, and I love how peaceful it is.’

With six bedrooms do the boys each have their own space? ‘Archie and Harry have always shared, so I think it would be weird splitting them up. They’ll want their own rooms when they’re teenagers, but now they like to talk themselves to sleep.’ Plus, you’ve space for a pink nursery… ‘Yes! We’re still going ahead with gender selection and the plan is to head to America. It’s similar to IVF, in the sense that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I just don’t want to live with the regret of not having tried to have a daughter.’ Being a mum to four must be exhausting… ‘I think our house works by being organised. I can get up at 8am and the boys are washed, dressed, have had breakfast and are ready for school by 8:45am. You’ve got to have a routine or you’d be ripping your hair out!’


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How’s Ronnie? ‘He’s started to crawl and is trying to walk, plus he’s saying loads. He’s turning one next month, so I need to figure out what to do for his birthday. We might get him christened along with George and have a joint celebration.’ What would you say is the best thing about being a mum of boys? ‘Cuddles! The boys are so loving, plus they always tell me I look beautiful. I can’t imagine a girl being like that – she’ll probably be a right little diva!’


Read more online!

Want to know more about Danielle’s life as a mum of four? Head over to celebritysecrets.com

And is it ever a struggle? ‘They play fight all the time, which we try and stop. They’ve got an obsession with wrestling, but we’ve had to ban it in the house as I know one of them will end up getting hurt.’ Four boys and a fiancé must mean a lot of housework. Do you have help? ‘We’re buying a ride-on lawnmower, as it costs a fortune for a gardener to come! We’ve also started using a cleaner, as up until now I’ve been doing it, with the help of Michael’s mum. I definitely made the right decision - four boys make a lot of mess!’

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What have you been up to as a family over the summer holidays so far? ‘We’ve had a busy few weeks! The boys went to football camp, and we’ve also been to London to see Matilda for Archie’s birthday. We love doing stuff like going to theme parks, but it’s also just as nice to go to the park to feed the ducks or kick a ball around.’ The boys are back at school soon, so do you have any plans to go abroad? ‘Me, Michael and the kids are about to leave for Dubai. We’re staying in our friend’s apartment, which means I haven’t even got a hotel kids’ club to fall back on! The three older boys will entertain themselves, but I’m nervous about how Ronnie will cope as it’s going to be so hot.’ So are you the mum who loves every second of the break – or do you count down the days until the kids go back to school? ‘I like the fact they’re at home, as I get bored without them. They do drive me mad sometimes, though, and I’m sure towards the end I’ll be keen to get them back to school!’

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‘The way travel

companies put

holiday prices up in   the summer takes   the p*ss!’

Your boys attend a state school. Do you have any plans for them to ever go private? ‘No. They go to a lovely little primary and are so happy there. I know people who have gone to private schools and it has not benefited them in any way. Save your money!’ It must cost a lot with all three boys being at school, though… ‘I felt a bit ashamed the last week of term because their school shoes were falling apart! Michael said ‘you can’t send them to school like that!’ but there was no way I was going to fork out for three new pairs just before the summer holidays!’ Would you ever do a Stacey Solomon and home school the boys instead? ‘No, but I understand her reasons for doing so. My boys are all very happy where they are, and I think it’s good for them to interact with other kids anyway. I couldn’t imagine them not going in every day, as they’d miss their friends.’

How do you cope with all the homework? ‘The boys get a lot – plus, some of the stuff I don’t even know the answers to! They get their homework on a Friday, but we always do it on a Monday after school. Reading of course has to be done every night, which is hard going but we usually manage it.’ Have you ever taken the kids on holiday during term time? ‘We usually go in the holidays, but it’s ridiculous how much extra it costs. The way travel companies put their prices up takes the p*ss – and I’ve four to pay for! We’re actually going to ask for term-time leave next year, but I don’t know what the school will say. It’ll be for three or four days, which certainly isn’t going to impact their education, so fingers crossed we won’t get fined.’ Let’s talk healthy eating. Do your boys have school dinners or packed lunches? ‘Archie has a packed lunch, whereas the other two have been enjoying free school dinners. He’ll have a sandwich, some crisps and a yoghurt. He used to have a chocolate bar, but he’s had problems with his teeth from birth, so I’ve swapped it for banana malt loaf, which he can’t get enough of!’ Do you eat together as a family? ‘We live in our kitchen, so we try to! I make a stew or homemade chicken soup and we all dig in. Archie loves pie, and George will literally eat whatever you put in front of him. Harry’s the fussy one – if he sees any herbs in his dinner he’ll be sat there trying to pick them out!’ What do you say to fans who’ve criticised you for giving the boys iPads when out for dinner? ‘As a mum you need to consider your family as well as other people. Some places don’t mind if your kids run around, but at a posh restaurant my boys need to stay still! I don’t take the iPads everywhere, but people don’t want to hear my screaming kids while they’re trying to eat.’ celebritysecrets.com





It seems social media is the perfect place to rant. You had cosmetic surgery after people cruelly commented on your looks – why did you feel under so much pressure? ‘I’d just had Ronnie and felt like crap, so I had fillers to make myself feel better. It’s hard, especially as I’m turning 35 this year. I love watching TV shows like Love Island, but they make you question your looks and figure against all those hot young 20-somethings.’ Love Island recently lost one of its stars, Sophia Gradon, with claims she took her own life. Is it true you’re teaming up with 2016 contestant Zara Holland and organising a charity night in her honour? ‘Yes – we’re meeting up soon to sort things out. I recently judged Miss Birmingham and all the girls were talking about the fact they’ve experienced online bullying. Social media can be so cruel – it’s a way of people getting to you when they couldn’t have before.’ You experienced mental health issues yourself, starting with the fallout from the Celebrity Big Brother scandal… ‘I was drinking a lot, taking drugs and in a bad place. I ended up receiving death threats, and it got to the stage that I considered taking my own life. I remember phoning my mum saying, ‘I’m going to do this’ – and she came straight from Liverpool to London to be with me. I’m so thankful I asked for help, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had my beautiful boys, would I?’

Danielle wears jumpsuit from gorgeouscouture.com celebritysecrets.com

14 | CELEBRITY INTERVIEW ★ You also suffered from postnatal depression after having Archie and Harry… What would you say to anyone who’s struggling to cope with mental illness? ‘Make sure you speak to someone about it. I was lucky enough to have family and friends around me, but I understand plenty of others don’t. Phone a charity like the Samaritans, because if you keep it in it just ends up becoming overwhelming.’ Do you still stand by the fact that you overcame postnatal depression by taking pills, made from your own placenta, after Ronnie was born? ‘Yes! They didn’t smell very nice, but I’m pleased to say they were tasteless! I got mine made into pills and a massage oil, and also as some energy drops. I even had a nappy rash cream made up, which worked a treat whenever Ronnie had a sore bum.’ Speaking of post-pregnancy procedures, are you still incontinence-free after the vaginal rejuvenation course you completed in April? ‘It’s transformed my life! I know people cringe about me talking about it, but why should I feel embarrassed? A lot of people who’ve had babies go through stress incontinence. It got so bad that I’d sneeze while out and have to go home to get changed.’ Moving forward to future plans. Will we see you married to Michael before having another baby? ‘Marriage is definitely first! We were talking about hen and stag dos the other day, and Michael said he doesn’t even want one! He loves going away and having fun, but he’s just not into the stag do scene. I might have a girlie trip abroad with my mates, but I haven’t decided on anything yet.’

Danielle wears personalised pyjamas from hadesignsltd.com and boys wear pyjamas from didiandbud.co.uk. Books from penguinrandomhouse.co.uk

‘I received death

threats – and it got   to the stage that I

considered taking   my own life’

Is it true you’ve decided to opt for a quiet ceremony overseas? ‘There’s just 22 people coming in total. We’ll do something when we get back for everyone else, but our wedding itself is just family.’ Follow us on Instagram

For behind-the-scenes pics and celebrity news head to @celebritysecretsmag

What is it about Michael that makes you realise he’s your happy ever after? ‘We are just best friends. He’s such an amazing dad and step-dad, too. I never thought I’d find someone who’d want to take on three kids, and he has to put up with a lot! He’s a great role model for them and is a really genuine person, plus he isn’t interested in the fame side of things, which just makes it more real.’ So who wears the trousers? ‘I think we both do! I’m definitely the boss of the house, as I get everything done, but Michael’s the one who tells the kids off when they’re misbehaving. We’re both really stubborn, though – and when we’ve had a row I’m the one who holds out for the longest before giving in and saying I’m sorry!’ CS


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‘My daughter Joy, four, picked up chickenpox from nursery, and I was braced for my son Albion, two, to get it too. In fact Joy hardly had any spots and they were gone really quickly – and Albion didn’t get it at all! Now I wonder if they’ve got the antibodies – or whether they’ll suffer from chickenpox again.’


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Dr Pixie McKenna

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Dr Dawn Harper

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‘I have eczema and it often flares up, especially now I’m going through the menopause. My children Maddie, 15, and 10-year-old KikiBee have been lucky so far, as we consult a homeopath every few weeks. However, some kids I know suffer really badly and can’t sleep because they’re so uncomfortable.’

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The Real Housewives of Cheshire star

convinced it must have been something I did during my pregnancy or my parenting, and I questioned everything.’

Christine with ‘Our twins Leo and Penelope were husband Paddy THE EXPERT ‘Every case of autism is diagnosed with autism at three-and-aunique,’ says Awakened by Autism half. Our third child Felicity was eight author Dr Andrea Libutti. ‘High-functioning weeks old when our paediatrician said she was showing signs, but she’s considered too young for individuals can be included in mainstream classrooms, as they have functional language assessment, so is not officially diagnosed. and communication skills. Regardless of the ‘At the time of their diagnosis it was incredibly type of autism your child has, always focus on difficult to take in. We knew we had to do their strengths and presume intelligence.’ everything to help our kids grow and develop,

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‘When Coco, eight, or Edward, four, come down with a cold, the last thing I want is for it to spread to the rest of the family. During the colder months I give them chewy multivitamins, as well as healthy juices and smoothies. I also found last time they caught a cold that a hot bath soothed their symptoms.’

‘My daughter Papaya, five, was constantly catching head lice until I put argan oil in her hair – and she’s never had them since! To keep them at bay I Alicia with still put a few drops on daughters Georgia her hair every other day. and Papaya As a parent you feel helpless and frustrated that it keeps happening every week. It was so bad I even considered taking her out of school, as neither of us could live like that.’

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It is important to consult a medical professional before committing to any new treatment. This not intended as medical advice or intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

DR DAWN SAYS ‘There’s no doubt kids get more colds than adults. Spread by coughs and sneezes, but often by hand, it’s important to keep surfaces clean and dispose of tissues after use. A good diet and sleep regime will also help their immune system.’

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TV presenter Cherry gives her kids multivitamins



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Eaten a little too much ice cream this summer? You’re not alone. We’ve all indulged over the holidays, but at the start of the school term no mum wants to feel anything less than her very best. To lose those excess pounds and get back to feeling confident, both inside and out, SkinnyJab could be the answer. Having helped many patients with Become an their weight loss, the programme is suitable ambassador for busy mums who want to control their today! weight and help with a better, healthier SkinnyJab is recruiting approach to food choices – for both advisors across the UK. themselves and their families. Hours are flexible, so you The SkinnyJab programme works to can juggle family life. stimulate your metabolism and burn Full training is provided – energy more efficiently, which could help call or apply online. you to reduce cravings for sugary foods. It also encourages you to opt for cleaner, healthier options, setting a good example. Perfect for working mums with little time on their hands, SkinnyJab could help to get you back on track.

MY SKINNYJAB JOURNEY ‘My SkinnyJab journey began a few months ago, but I wish I’d started sooner! ‘I remember the day I went wedding dress shopping. I was five feet two inches and heavy for my size, so felt like a hippo in a tutu. Not even a £3,000 dress could give me a waist! I got through a whole box of tissues that day, but unfortunately my tears were not happy ones. I’d found a beautiful dress, but was horrified by how I looked in it. ‘I rang SkinnyJab and was able to book Claire Teasdale a consultation at 4pm that very day. I had all my questions answered, and my blood pressure and blood sugar levels were also tested. By 10am the next day, all of my support information had arrived in the post, including a dietary pack and menu plans to start on the SkinnyJab programme. ‘One week in and I was so pleased with my results, which only continued to improve. This encouraged me to go back and try on that beautiful wedding dress once again – and I’m pleased to say I loved it! I’m so excited for all my friends and family to see me in it – goodbye hippo in a tutu! Thank you SkinnyJab – my only regret is not having started sooner!’ Always seek advice from a medical professional before undertaking a weight-loss programme. To be taken as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Not suitable for pregnant women or those under the age of 18.

It’s never too late SkinnyJab has clinics across the UK, including Harley Street in London, as well as the Channel Islands and Ireland. Call 0330 9000 970 or visit skinnyjab.co.uk


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La Boulang e hy id breads selec о

La Boulang e ioche-type bague are quick, easy and ha a sweet and tangy taste the wh e family wi enjoy. You can use them to make delicious sandwich for lunch or dinn Visit laboulang e-uk.com to disco r our extensi range of La Boulang e oducts and for s ving su оs

laboulangere-uk.com Available at Ocado and Morrisons

Mix and match fillings to create tasty meals Find us in the bakery aisle!


No artificial ingredients ENJOY As part of a balanced diet Energising AND filling Found in the bakery aisle

Treat your kids with our yummy Whaoo! chocolate filled crêpes, carefully prepared with locally sourced ingredients from Brittany. They are individually wrapped in a fun pack, perfect for your kids who are on-the-go. Visit whaoo-uk.com to discover our extensive range of Whaoo! products and for serving suggestions Follow Whaoo! on Instagram and/or Facebook and share your creations using #Whaoo!

whaoo-uk.com Available at Ocado, Asda and Morrisons celebritysecrets.com

Fancy ushing up о your French? Learn h to оounce“La Boulang e” by watching our YouTube video "La Boulang e, delicious in any language (UK - Official video)”

Ideal for a or box snack t ch n lu ol swee rafte scho e kids th t a th treat will love





ANGELLICA BELL The winner of Celebrity MasterChef 2017 on helping her children make the right choices Interview Amelia Glean


‘CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF GAVE me the confidence to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Sitting down together, eating and discussing the day is important to me. Life gets busy so it can be difficult to make things from scratch, which means I often make extra to freeze. This includes fruit purée pots that can be added on top of porridge or any breakfast foods. ‘At school, my children have hot lunches, allowing them to make choices for themselves, whether that’s eating from the salad bar, grabbing some protein or having a full-on hot meal. It teaches them skills beyond food, too – socialising, manners at the table and general interaction with classmates, not to mention learning about different tastes. ‘Some days there will be a curry on the menu or a stir-fry, and it stimulates conversation about new cultural cuisines. At home, we jump Spider-Man 3D Effect Lunchbag £10.28 amazon.co.uk

Angellica with her husband, TV presenter Michael Underwood OK0818_T&G.pdf




Magical Unicorn Snack Boxes £5.95 rexlondon.com

on the bandwagon and try different things – like adding spices to lamb koftas and trying different flavours in a quiche. If they don’t like it, we’ll just try again another time. ‘For family days out, I love to prep the cool bag. There’ll usually be sandwiches, crisps, fruit and chopped vegetables in there, but also some treats, like a few sweets and some chocolate, if they’ve eaten their five a day. It’s all about moderation!’ CS Angellica has been filming The Big Family Cooking Showdown, which returns to BBC Two for a second series this autumn

For those accidental spills…

Eating together isn’t the same if you’re worrying about spillages. When it’s time to tidy up, go for a strong, reliable kitchen roll that can tackle sticky messes with ease. reginablitzbbq.com

TOP T OP LU LUNCHBOXES ES Sistema Lunch 1.25L Bento Cube £8.99 johnlewis.com Smiggle Stylin’ Double Decker Lunchbox £17.50 smiggle.co.uk


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Sticky Stuff Remover is ideal for cleaning up sticky messes whether it’s sticky labels, wax, chewing gum, crayon, wet paint, grease, scuff marks in fact any sticky disaster from most surfaces! ®

Sticky Stuff ®Remove Remover mo r move

Universal Stain Remover & Pre-Wash is the ultimate all in one stain remover & pre-wash. It tackles everyday stains on clothes, fabrics, furnishings and hard surfaces. De-Solv-it® Sticky Stuff® Remover Stockists: B&Q, John Lewis, Homebase, Halfords, Robert Dyas, Lakeland De-Solv-it® Universal Stain Remover & Pre-Wash Stockists: John Lewis, Homebase, Robert Dyas, Lakeland

Remember the name, forget the stain

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Interview Amelia Glean

What food do you put in your kids’ lunchboxes? ‘They always have fruit and crackers for snacks, but it also depends what time of year it is. In the summer we love watermelon, while a chocolate bar goes down a treat in the winter.’ What Tupperware brand do you swear by?

This is a low resolution proof.‘I go for a mixture of Sistema and Paperchase

lunchboxes. Sistema are great because they’re practical, and I love Paperchase as they’re beautifully designed.’

The mum three NOT indicative of fiofnal positioning and Great British Bake within the publication. Your willdo you fit making lunchboxes in to your Off winner shares heradvert How morning routine? lunchbox tips be place as per your booking. ‘I always make the lunches the night before and leave them in the fridge to stay chilled. For me, that’s the only way to beat the morning rush!’

Do you encourage healthy eating at home? ‘Yes, but I don’t ever try to disguise fruit and vegetables. My kids are curious about lots of food and I’ve learnt that giving it a go with lots of variety is worth it in the end!’


How do you have time to make healthy meals as a full-time working mum? ‘It’s all about preparing and cooking in bulk. I always make more than I need so I can freeze portions as I go along. But whatever we eat, there will always be a salad or a side of steamed veg on the table.’ CS Nadiya’s Family Favourites is out now (£10, amazon.co.uk)


BACK-TO-SCHOOL SNACK HACKS Do you want all the convenience of a shopbought food pouch, but one that's packed with the goodness of your very own home-cooked food? Well, now you can. Make the kids' school lunchboxes exciting again with DoddleBags, the lightweight, child-friendly food pouch that can be easily filled with any liquid. Try adding smoothies, juices, yoghurt or porridge for healthy school snacks, or if you're feeling adventurous, fill the pouches with paint and have an art lesson in the comfort of your own home! It could save you a small fortune, and what's more, you know they are reusable and better for the environment. doddlebags.com

Did you know that more than 100 billion food pouches ended up in landfill last year? DoddleBags have no nasties, and because you can wash them and re-use them, you'll help save our planet, too!

Save money, too! Get 25% off all our products with code: CS1825 doddlebags.com celebritysecrets.com


The new drink in town

For healthy mums with happy tums

Kefir is a fermented milk drink containing probiotic bacteria


Excerpted from the bestselling book The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Depression and Anxiety, by Shann Nix Jones

‘In 2014 my husband Rich sold his motorcycle to buy bottles for packaging kefir, a cultured, fermented drink containing probiotic bacteria. ‘We were milking two goats and using their milk to make the tart, fizzy, live culture drink that we sell today. In those days no one had ever heard of kefir, except those hardcore health fanatics, and so we struggled on without much hope of success. ‘Fast forward four years and our Chuckling Goat Live Kefir has just been named the Best New Dairy Drink in the world, by the International Beverage Awards 2018. ‘Our tiny family business, born on our farmhouse kitchen table, has become a multimillion-pound global enterprise, with hundreds of thousands of customers in 38 countries, and three best-selling books exploring the science behind kefir.’

Chuckling Goat Live Kefir is available to buy as a 21 day course for £39.95 chucklinggoat.co.uk

It’s been named 2018’s Best New Dairy drink

Doctor, to determine which probiotic food has The cause of IBS the greatest impact on the bugs that live inside New research has uncovered evidence that IBS, the human gut. along with the anxiety and depression that At the end of the four weeks, the biggest frequently accompany it, may be associated with change in gut bacteria was seen in the an imbalance of bacteria in the human gut. group that had taken a probiotic called kefir, ‘While we found compelling evidence in the a fermented milk drink that past that bacterial overgrowth is a ‘Kefir has been originated in the Black Caucasus contributing cause of IBS, making Mountains of Russia. this link through bacterial around for cultures is the gold standard of millennia’ Is kefir effective in managing IBS, diagnosis,’ says Mark Pimentel, depression and anxiety? author of a Cedars-Sinai study. Kefir has been around for millennia, but today it’s poised to become a major player in a new The science behind kefir frontier in neuroscience, because of its actions as a Discovering the cause of IBS finally opens the ‘psychobiotic’. This is a new term for a combination way for probiotic treatments that may help to of live organisms that, when ingested in adequate resolve it. In January 2017, the first mainstream NHS study was conducted by Dr Michael Mosley, amounts, may help to cause mental health benefits in individuals. presenter of the BBC Two show Trust Me I’m A

The American College of Gastroenterology performed a comprehensive literature review on the topic. They found that psychobiotics, including kefir, were both safe and effective in improving symptoms and normalising bowel movement frequency, in patients suffering from constipation or diarrhoea related to IBS. chucklinggoat.co.uk 01239 654072 Always consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any related to a specific diagnosis or condition. This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace one-on-one healthcare.

Try something new Explore the power of kefir for yourself – get 15% off your first course with coupon code KEFIRGUARD2018 at chucklinggoat.co.uk celebritysecrets.com


are perfect for the hotter months and look great with a tan! I also really like the buttons on the side of this dress, as it makes it stand out.’ Dress from zara.com/uk

S CHOOL RUN ‘Mondays are

Wedge Heel Sandals £39.99 hm.com


always hectic in our house. This dress is from my friend’s business and is perfect for summer – I’m a sucker for anything that’s off the shoulder!’ Dress from instagram.com/ chic3825, shoes from jimmychoo.com and sunglasses from uk.accessorize.com

Black Heart Sunglasses £8 missguided.co.uk


‘This outfit is so floral and feminine, and it can also be worn for pretty much any occasion. High waisted shorts are a staple for me, as I tend not to get my belly out much these days!’ Top and shorts from uk.zimmermanwear.com sliders from hermes.com/uk, Sara Battaglia bag from harveynichols.com and sunglasses from nicolefarhi.com


Kurt Geiger Violet Horizontal Tote Bag £169 houseoffraser.co.uk



Leanne is working with the charity onewomanatatime.co.uk, which supports under-privileged girls in Kenya and Nigeria


Mum to Halle, Lilia, and Lola, we caught up with The Real Housewives of Cheshire star to see what she wears and when


Interview Claire Muffett-Reece




FAMILY DATE OUTING NIGHT ‘Nothing beats ‘When my


‘If I have free time I like to get in the garden and make the most of the weather. I love this swimsuit as it’s sexy but covers my tummy, complemented by this gorgeous kimono full of lace detail.’ Swimsuit from zara.com/uk, kimono from outdazl.com, sandals from valentino.com and sunglasses from ysl.com CS







spending time with your family, and this outfit’s great for most days out with my girls. My mate gave me these shorts and they’re now a wardrobe staple, and work perfectly with this off-theshoulder top.’ Top from everydaysugar. com, shorts com Leanne’s own, sunglasses from tomford.co.uk and wedges from dolcegabbana.com

husband and I go out I love to feel glam – and this dress is a real confidence booster! I have really small and narrow feet, so I have to shop carefully for shoes, as I still want to be able to dance all night long.’ Dress from isabelmarant. com, shoes from aquazzura.com/en, bag from ysl.com and bracelet from uk.louisvuitton.com



Vasco Ridge Gold Plated Bangle £39.50 oliverbonas.com

OUR TOP PICK Nike Presto iD £94.95 store.nike.com




YOU CAN BE NOUGHTY. Introducing Noughty, the 97% natural haircare range to restore balance to your life and your hair. Packed with natural goodness and free from silicones, sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens. All our products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

noughtyhaircare.co.uk celebritysecrets.com





Flippy Gingham School Dress £6 matalan.co.uk

The Girls Aloud star shares her tips Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Boys’ Easy Care Slim Fit School Trousers £11-15 johnlewis.com

You’ve launched your clothing label, Kimba Kids. How does it differ to other brands? ‘The boys’ clothes are particularly strong. I love the printed camo pieces and I think the colours are cool, too. I’ve tried to stay away from traditional colours and they really stand out.’ Let’s talk mum fashion. What are your favourite clothes to wear? ‘A lot of my casual wear is from Next. As for events and nights out, I’m lucky enough to be able to wear the same shapes and styles as before I was pregnant, so I tend to choose jumpsuits and high waisted trousers and skirts.’ How’s life as a mum to two young boys? ‘It never stops! My boys have very different personalities, so they keep me on my toes. They’d run riot if Justin and I let them, but routine is key to a happy home – and my sanity!’ Are you getting organised for when Bobby starts school next September? ‘I’m visiting the primaries I like in October. I’m already used to the nursery run as Bobby does a few mornings, so I don’t think much will change. I can’t wait to get involved – you may well see me manning a stall at his future school’s fete!’


Grey Pinafore £12-16 debenhams.com

George White School Polo Shirt 5 Pack £6 asda.com

Preppy Edge BL Shoes £40 clarks.co.uk Fragma Lace Junior £53 kickers.co.uk

Kimberley (above with her sons, Bobby and Cole) loves hanging out with Cheryl and Bear

KIDS’ MUSTS: PLAY Kimba Kids Sweatshirt from £20 next.co.uk

What’s a typical day like when you’re not busy with work? ‘If Bobby is at nursery I take Cole to a play group, then I pick Bobby up at lunchtime while Cole has a nap. I like to get them both out in the afternoon, so we usually organise a play date. Cole adores Cheryl’s son, Bear – he’s always getting him things and giving him kisses and cuddles! We usually just hang out at each other’s houses and let the kids play.’ CS Kimberley’s range, Kimba Kids, is available to buy from next.co.uk

Polo Shirt £7.99 hm.com Florence & Fred Girls Love LS Tee £8 tesco.com

Wild Poppies Fluted Sleeve Dress £26 cathkidston.com

Stanton Short in Motorcycle Print £32.50 jcrew.com

Frugi Puddle Buster Wellington Boots £24 welovefrugi.com



Mums’ skin rejuvenation 101 For busy mums, often skincare and pampering take a back seat on the priority list, but there is a non-surgical way that could rejuvenate skin,1 with natural looking results that require little maintenance. Whether you're looking to enhance and define your features, restore your skin's youthful appearance by adding volume or give your skin a natural looking boost; dermal fillers could achieve a range of benefits. Medical Aesthetic Practitioner, Dr Beatriz Molina, explains some of the common misconceptions in aesthetics… Often when people think of facial fillers, subtle natural results don’t immediately spring to mind, but when applied correctly, they could help address a range of skin complaints. Fillers are not just for plumping the lips, or chasing lines and wrinkles. With the advanced technologies available, use of softer formulations could work with the skin’s natural architecture to hydrate and subtly plump the skin, even out scarring, or provide a subtle lifting effect. The beauty of these treatments is that results can be so subtle that no one actually needs to know you’ve sought treatment – in fact a number of my clients don’t even tell their partners! Dr Beatriz Molina’s top tips for achieving your best look: If you are new to fillers, always seek advice from a certified aesthetic practitioner and ask as many questions as you feel you need to! In the case of fillers, less can definitely be more. If you are only looking for a subtle change, make this clear to your aesthetic practitioner! I advise against chasing fads, or another person’s particular look. I think everyone has their own unique beauty, and your treatment should be tailored to bring out the best in you. Dr Beatriz Molina is the founder and medical director of Medikas Ltd. A fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, having worked as a GP for ten years, Dr Molina developed an interest in cosmetic surgery. Beatriz believes cosmetic surgery can help with issues around depression, can increase confidence and it’s that aspect of her work which she finds the most satisfying.

Restylane is the UK’s broadest range of fillers containing a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the skin, which provides hydration and structure. Restylane can provide tailored results and treatments can be discrete, easily fitting around the school run! Those interested in non-surgical aesthetic treatments should seek advice from a certified aesthetician. For more information visit myskinjourney.co.uk

It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries may involve certain health risks. RES18-07-0455 DOP: July 2018 1. Kerscher M, et al. Rejuvenating Influence of a Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid–Based Gel of Nonanimal Origin on Facial Skin Aging. Dermatol Surg. 2008 May; 34(5):720-6.





Hertford Herts. SG13 7JY

Collagen Is your body’s protein: Nourish it! Collagen bountiful in youth, diminishes during the ageing process. As a result, collagen - rich tissues naturally weaken and deteriorate with time. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It is a structural component of skin, joints, bones, blood vessels and connective tissue.

#Cherish your

Skin in 2018

.. Super Collagen + C : Supports healthy hair, skin, nails, . .



tendons and ligaments. With added Vitamin C Vitamin C contributes to normal Collagen formation for the normal function of skin, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth. Collagen Type 2 : Formulated with Calcium and Turmeric. Calcium helps to maintain normal bones and teeth. Fish Collagen : Collagen with added Vitamins and Minerals for increased absorption.

The complete range of AHS products are available from Revital Health Stores and all good Independant Health Food Stores and Amazon.co.uk Super Collagen and Vitamin C 90’s and 180’s available from Superdrug Stores nationwide and online at www.superdrug.com celebritysecretsmag.com

* Supplements to be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

BEAUTY | 35 Kérastase Resistance Masque Thérapiste £20.23 gooseberryshop.co.uk ‘I put this treatment in my hair once a week, then I give it a good wavy blowdry. But if I’m having a bad hair day, I stick it in a top knot, put on some sunnies and I’m good to go!’

Sisleÿa All Day All Year Moisturiser £124 johnlewis.com ‘I’ve just turned 40, so I’m concentrating on looking after my skin. As a busy mum I need something that’s quick, simple and effective, and this moisturiser is ideal.’

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 £34 houseoffraser.com ‘I wear make-up on the school run, but only to stop scaring the kids! This offers great coverage and gives my skin a healthy finish.’

Swap heavy foundations for tinted moisturisers this summer



OPI Infinite Shine 2 £14.50 opiuk.com ‘I always have an OPI gel manicure, because regular varnish doesn’t last on me. Plus, when I want my feet to be sandal-ready, I also have pedicures much more regularly.’

A hot pink varnish is on trend for late summer fingers and toes

RACHEL STEVENS The singer, actress and mum of two reveals her beauty tips and tricks

Interview Amelia Glean

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe £23.95 justmylook.com ‘I add a little bit of this fake tan to my moisturiser before bed. It gives you a really healthy glow when you wake up.’

By Terry Éclat Opulent Nutri-Lifting Foundation £115 feelunique.com ‘When I need a complexion pick-me-up I use this base, in the shade Warm Radiance, for even coverage.’

RES18-07-0433 DOP: JULY 2018

Narciso Rodriguez for Her from £37 johnlewis.com ‘This is my signature fragrance. I do like to mix it up sometimes, wearing Diptyque Tempo or Le Labo Bergamote 22.’

3 OF THE BEST BEAUTY SAVIOURS For slowing the skin-ageing process Whether you’re looking to contour and enhance your facial features or address the visible signs of ageing and acne scars, by offering the broadest range of facial fillers, Restylane creates a flexible treatment approach. restylane.co.uk

For soothing skin At the end of a hot summer’s day, experience the magic of menthol with Menthoderm. Cooling and soothing, it’s the perfect sensation for active mums with summer-heated skin. dermauk.co.uk/menthoderm Menthoderm 0.5% £4.59 weldricks.co.uk

For that healthy glow This everyday body moisturiser helps busy mums maintain a perfect-looking tan to feel and look great on the school run. CS stmoriz.co.uk

St Moriz Golden Glow £4.99 superdrug.com



Get the glow 2 3


skinade® is the UK’s leading professionalgrade skincare drink. Its highly effective formulation is engineered to improve the look and feel of your skin.


Somewhere in the UK, someone drinks a skinade® every 45 seconds!



‘I was very sceptical of this at first, however, we trialled this with our patients and have had some astounding results, in terms of improved appearance to their skin and patient satisfaction.’

- Dr Paul Banwell, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon


WHY IS SKINADE® A DRINK? To make the most of its precious ingredients, its liquid formulation offers a 90-95% absorption rate.


Collagen is essential for youthful-looking skin. As we age, our collagen production slows down, affecting the appearance of our skin.

What does it taste like? skinade® is naturally flavoured with peach and mangosteen




Its patented formulation contains the highest quality ingredients and the lowest molecular weight collagen peptides, working synergistically for clinically researched results.

skinade® is designed to be taken daily, ideally after breakfast. Available in 150ml ready-to-drink bottles, or as handy 15ml travel sachets to dilute in water before drinking, skinade® is easier than ever to fit into your daily routine.



Nourish and support the skin matrix from the inside

TEXTURE Water-like celebritysecrets.com



Collagen peptides, vitamins B and C, omega 3 and 6, MSM and L-lysine


Are you curious? Try skinade® for yourself by calling 0845 1300 205 and ask for a taste sample.

Gluten, dairy, artificial flavours or colours, GMOs, bovine or porcine

skinade.com @Skinade



Supplements to be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Always consult a medical professional beforehand, if you’re considering supplementing your diet.


A busy mum’s hassle-free solution for great skin


ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTY Our focus on customer safety, customer care and lasting natural results has placed us on the forefront of the aesthetic and skin care clinics in South West London

HSA DERMAL CLINIC For further information and to book for a free consultation, please contact us on: 0 2 0 8 0 9 0 0 8 8 0 or 0 7 8 0 8 5 2 7 8 3

www.hsadermalclinic.co.uk 3 Paradise Road Richmond upon Thames Surrey TW9 1RX It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.


where little boys and girls love to dance

Best Baby/Toddler Class

Best Baby/Toddler Class










Harrison Jones & Michaela Wain We caught up with The Apprentice 2017 candidates to discuss their pregnancy news Interview Lynn Carratt

You were both candidates on last year’s The Apprentice. How did you get together? M ‘On the show I thought he was gorgeous, but we were just friends. We actually got together after filming – when alcohol got involved!’

Harrison and Michaela met on last year’s show

Michaela, does Harrison give you advice on healthy eating? M ‘Yes, but as I’ve had 15 miscarriages he’s right to be cautious – plus he runs a healthy eating brand and knows his stuff. I had a bad day recently and craved pâté, but he wouldn’t let me have it. I just started crying. I can’t drink or smoke or eat bloody pâté!’

‘I’ve had 15

Read more online!


For more of our chat with Harrison and Michaela visit celebritysecrets.com

Trying to conceive?

Harley Street Fertility Clinic provides worldleading care in in all aspects of reproductive medicine including A relaxed gynaecology, atmosphere fertility, endoscopic awaits surgery, urology and male fertility, all under one roof. hsfc.org.uk

You’re now expecting your first child together. Was it planned? M ‘No! At first I was in a state of shock, but after that it was just about logistics, as Harrison lives down south and I’m up north.’ H ‘I’m working as hard as I can to provide for our child. The plan is to work in London Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then spend the rest of the week in Bolton.’

miscarriages so     Harrison’s right   to be cautious’

Will you take maternity leave? M ‘Yes, but only for two weeks if we’re fit and well! With all my businesses I’ve got my hands full, so I’ll go part-time and employ a nanny as opposed to using a nursery.’ Any names for the baby yet? H ‘We know it’s a boy and agree on a couple, but we can’t say because it’s a surprise!’

How will you get back in shape after the birth? M ‘To be honest I like eating, plus I think the baby’s going to be born just before Christmas, so I won’t be in any rush to go on a diet.’

Can you spill the beans on any insider gossip from your time on the show? M ‘All the girls are meant to sleep on one floor of the house and the boys on another – and there were a few who didn’t stick to the rules! The camera crew would turn up to find people in beds they shouldn’t be in – and that meant they’d have to shoot the scene again!’ CS To find out more about Harrison and Michaela’s companies visit equalshealth.co.uk and designandbuilduk.net



Are you currently writing your birth plan? Located in the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, The Kensington Wing can offer the best security of co-located intensive care units for you and your baby. In fact, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is the leading centre for paediatric surgery in North West London. In the event that you need these facilities, the wing will be able to provide you with continuity of care and smooth transfers.

Privacy and comfort The Kensington Wing provides the highest level of comfort, with all rooms designed to feel like a home away from home, ensuring privacy at all times. Day beds in all rooms allow partners to stay the night, and no restrictions on visiting times or numbers allow families to share the joy of their new arrival with those closest to them.

Patient comfort and relaxation is paramount

The team The Kensington Wing team comprises a full range of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care, as they guide and support you and your family when you welcome your new baby into the world. 020 3315 8616 thekensingtonwing.co.uk

Your maternity experience Looking for a unique pregnancy or for more information on cost and bookings? Visit thekensingtonwing.co.uk celebritysecrets.com


The nursery checklist Build the perfect haven for when your little one arrives

A cot This is likely to be the key item for your little one – and hopefully one of the places your newborn will enjoy snuggling down for a peaceful nap. At TeddyOne, there are four to choose from; the Roseberry, Aylesbury, Chesterton and Hurlingham, each with a unique style, which will set the tone for your whole nursery. Finding a cot which adapts as your child grows can be tricky, but all TeddyOne cots have clever mechanics to secure and adjust the mattress. The drawers and the wardrobe You’ll definitely need storage to house all the clothes, nappies and other paraphernalia which comes with a baby! TeddyOne’s wardrobes and changers can be mixed and matched with the cot and other furniture. They all come with soft close silent runners and hinges so that you don’t disturb naptime!

Creating your baby’s nursery is such a lovely thing to do, and it’s likely you’ll be designing your very own little haven well before the baby arrives. With feeding, changing, sleeping and playing in mind, it can be hard to know what you need to keep your newborn happy. But there are only a few staples to consider for your nursery, such as a cot, a changer, storage drawers and a nursing chair. It can be hard to find products that you know will last these days, and that’s where new company TeddyOne comes in. Launched this January, TeddyOne is a collection of handmade and beautifullycrafted nursery furniture, which is designed to be passed from child to child, generation to generation.





The nursing chair You will spend a lot of time feeding your little one in those first few months. Find calm and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with the TeddyOne Convertible Nursing Chair, a stunning addition to any nursery that has been designed to become a permanent fixture in your home, after feeding and well beyond. Available with its own ottoman, the chair comes with both rocker and static legs, giving you two chairs in one.

It’s never too early to start To mark the launch of TeddyOne, 200 sets of limited edition nursery-perfect pieces, complete with free White Glove delivery service, are on offer. And if that wasn’t enough, five of these are marked with a unique golden Teddy One. Find this on your purchase and you’re guarenteed to receive your money back!


Montepelier celebritysecrets.com

Nursing Chair

For more information on TeddyOne, visit teddyone.uk or go to @TeddyOneNursery on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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Planning a family? It takes two It’s the beginning of something big; the greatest adventure the two of you will ever go on. So start your journey the right way - as a team.




There are things that both men and women can do to improve their chances for a happy, healthy conception. FERTILITY+ is a health supplement specifically formulated for men using LactoLycopene and zinc. it supports normal fertility and reproduction, so you can both help to make sure that everything is taken care of.

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Loved British Brand

The UK’s favourite Maths Set, now available in Rose Gold and Silver with a matching ballpoint pen w w w. m a p e d h e l i x . c o . u k celebritysecrets.com





STACEY SOLOMON We asked the Loose Women star about her decision to home school her sons

Clementoni The Chemistry Laboratory £35.99 debenhams.com


Interview Amelia Glean

THEY LEARN SO MUCH ‘Both boys have a tutor once a week, while the rest of the time is split between me and my mum – she’s amazing and I couldn’t do any of this without her! They learn the fundamental maths, English and science that they’ll need if they want to return to mainstream school, and they also learn topics they’re passionate about. Right now, that’s space and dinosaurs, plus my THE BOYS ARE HAPPY eldest loves cars, so he writes a ‘The boys are responding well to home schooling, but I might decide lot about how they’re built and to send them back when they reach where they come from.’ secondary school age. Zachary GO WITH YOUR GUT will be in year six this September, ‘Taking your kids out of so I’ll give him the choice closer school is a huge decision. to the time. Don’t be afraid to go for it, We’re always even if people don’t think assessing you’re making the right our options decision. And if what they to make sure they’re happy need changes, don’t be worried about sending them back to and getting Stacey with her school, or trying something the most out sons Zachary different. We’re all just winging it of learning and Leighton and going with the flow!’ CS from home.’ IT WAS RIGHT FOR US ‘I chose home schooling because after lots of research, speaking with the boys and getting advice from their teachers, it seemed the best option for them. They were nine and five at the time, and the process was much easier than I thought it would be – once I’d decided I just wrote to the head teacher to de-register them.’

Lego Iconic Brick Erasers 3-pack £3.99 amazon.co.uk

Bunny A5 Fluffy Lined Notebook £10 paperchase.co.uk Pokémon Colour Change Backpack £14.99 argos.co.uk

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STRIVING FOR TOP RESULTS STARTS START WITH A SOLID FOUNDATION Give yourr cchild tthe know-how to achieve success! AE Publications supports children with ‘how-to’ workbooks in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning for 11+ and SATs exams. Our materials will help your child gain: A strong foundation in key topics for all subjects. Confidence to sit their 11+ and SATs exams Success! Buy online and receive 10% off all products using promotional code CSSUM18

aepublications.co.uk T&Cs: to receive 10% off all products, orders must be placed via aepublications.co.uk by 31st October 2018. Not to be used in conjunction with any other discount. celebritysecrets.com


bored Kids? Treat them to a Décopatch Mini Kit for an afternoon of creative fun! Easy craft for all ages - simply tear the paper, glue to the papier mâché shape and hey presto their very own unique masterpiece! Available from :

for more details please visit exaclairlimited.com/okcraft

Website: www.modernmontessori-intl.com


Montessori International is an organisation that was established with the purpose of maintaining Montessori tradition. Students can choose to study full-time, part-time or via distance learning, In addition Modern Montessori International has two nurseries which are situated in Croydon & Raynes Park. Each nursery offers quality childcare services, flexible hours, affordable rates and a programme which caters for each child’s individual needs.

For more information please contact: Teacher Training College : 46 Leslie Grove, Croydon, CR0 6TJ Tel: 0208 686 2727 Email: modernmontessori.intl@btinternet.com MMI Preschool The Pavilion, Cottenham Park, SW20 0DH Tel: 0208 947 5453 Email: mmipreschools@modernmontessori-intl.com celebritysecrets.com

MMI Preschool 46 Leslie Grove, Croydon, CR0 6TJ Tel: 0208 686 2727 Email: mmipreschools@modernmontessori-intl.com






The Real Housewives of Cheshire star and mum of four on work and play

ADLINGTON The four-time Olympic gold medallist and mum on why your kids need a hobby


Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Read with your kids ‘My son Ralphi, two,

Interview Amelia Glean

‘Allowing kids to take up an extra-curricular activity is so important. A sport like swimming is the perfect way to learn new skills, as well as staying healthy and keeping fit. It’s so much better than your child just watching TV after a day at school. I learnt to swim myself when I was three years old. My mum and dad were

gets easily distracted, so I pick stories to hold his interest. He watches Peppa Pig, so I’ve bought him books all about them.’


really passionate about getting all of us to be safe in the water – and I absolutely loved it! I didn’t get really good until I was 12, as before I just enjoyed being with my friends. I would always get told off for talking too much! ‘I started Becky’s Swim Stars because I wanted to inspire the next generation after London 2012, plus I was shocked by the statistics that over a million kids leave primary school unable to swim 25 metres. Everyone should learn, as it could help save your life, or someone else’s, one day. ‘Watching a child’s confidence grow after just a few weeks of lessons is so rewarding. It’s also very sociable for them. My Learn to Swim programme has six kids all of the same age in a class, so that they can develop together. They also learn about the importance of teamwork and helping one another.’ Becky’s vision is that all children in Britain should be able to swim 25 metres by the time they finish primary school. Visit beckyadlingtonsswimstars.com

Let them play ‘The kids have a tutor to

This is a low resolution proof.

help with homework, but they also need time to relax. My daughter is 16 and loves her mobile, while the boys are so football-mad we have nets inside the house!’

NOT indicative of final positioning Electronics can work ‘Our children have is iPads and use them for work and play. Rocco, Becky within the publication. Your advert passionate nine, has a maths app suggested by his school, about children which really helps. I keep the boys away from will be place as per your booking. to learning



their iPads as much as possible, but I do take them if we go out for a meal to prevent chaos!’


Shop for Tanya Bardsley’s jewellery at tanyabardo.com

Could teaching be your thing?

If you’ve enjoyed teaching your kids about the ways of life while at home, maybe teaching is your calling. At Modern Montessori, learn to become an early year’s educator and teach pre-school children. modernmontessori-intl.com


AFTER SCHOOL ADVENTURES Want to get your children involved in something other than playing the PlayStation after school?

Learning new skills, gaining qualifications, going on camp, improving confidence and making lasting friendships are just some of the benefits available at the Army Cadets for young people. If your kids are between the ages of 12-18, get them out in the fresh air with adventurous activities like rock climbing, target shooting, mountain biking, archery and abseiling. With over 1,600 units around the UK, there’s bound to be an opportunity for your children to join the cadets and get stuck into real life challenges and adventures. ‘You’ve helped my daughter’s confidence no end. She never used to talk to anyone – now we can’t stop her talking!’ Anne Phillips, Kent

Recruiting now! Find out more about becoming a cadet – or a volunteer instructor – at armycadets.com/OK celebritysecrets.com


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BRIGHT AND colourful back to school essentials Go back to school in style! For the last 160 years Exacompta Clairefontaine have only used the finest materials to ensure stylish and long lasting products fit for everyday school life. Treat your children with bright, colourful and high quality notebooks, ring binders and lever arch files, this back to school! Available from:

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Get the kids classroom ready



The stationery must-haves for going back to school

This back to school season try adding some yin and yang to your kids’ stationery sets with these Pilot FriXion and V5 pens. Two very different pens with unique writing features, they perfectly complement each other to make any school pen set complete. The Pilot V5 Rollerball Perfect for writing long essays or for smooth, fatigue-free writing in exams, now your child can create beautiful and precise words and lines that will stay with them forever. A back to school favourite for over two decades, the V5 Hi-Tecpoint has risen to become one of the most instantly recognisable pens on the market – and still has the edge on other pens today. The unique nib delivers a precise line of pure liquid ink, giving a bright, dense colour, while the ink flow controller system keeps the flow consistent until the very last drop. Your child will also never be caught out with an empty pen, thanks to the ink viewer window in the barrel itself. The Pilot FriXion erasable pen The original erasable rollerball, the Pilot Pilot FriXion lets your child write, erase and re-write their notes everyday. Simply rub out

any mistakes with the eraser stud – and watch the ink disappear as if by magic! The unique gel ink responds to the heat generated by the rubbing out, and lets you write over your mistake immediately with the same pen. Available in lots of different colours (black, red, blue, green, orange, violet, pink, light blue, lime green, brown and orange) there's a FriXion for everyone! Did you know? You can reduce plastic waste and also save money with refills for your FriXion pen when the ink runs out, instead of buying a new one – it's never been easier to be green! You can find Pilot V5 and FriXion pens in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, WHSmith and Ryman, as well as your local independent stationery store. pilotpen.co.uk - pilotpenuk

Keep your eyes peeled In the run-up when the kids go back to school you’ll find some amazing discounts and price promotions in retailers for the Pilot V5 and FriXion! celebritysecrets.com

Contemporary Luxury Living



Award-winning new homes and properties across the South East of England offering the utmost in quality, design and exquisite style Berkshire The Picturehouse & Chapel Wharf Maidenhead SL6 1RR 1 & 2 bed luxury town centre apartments Prices from £299,500 to £625,000 Trinity Slough SL1 2JN Stylish 2 bed apartments a short walk from town centre and station Prices from £395,000 to £355,000 Thameside Windsor SL4 1QN Beautiful waterside townhouses and apartments Townhouses from £2,495,000 Apartments from £610,000 to £1,600,000

Surrey Oaks Meadow West End GU24 9LB Impressive 3, 4 and 5 bed family homes & 2 bed maisonettes £365,000 to £825,000 Great Oaks Bookham KT23 3EU 2, 3 and 4 bed houses, studio and 1 and 2 bed apartments near the station Houses £600,000 to £809,950 Apartments £235,000 to £440,000 Cricketers View Guildford GU1 4RP 1 and 2 bedroom apartments walking distance of the town centre with secure underground parking. Prices from £380,000 to £550,000

Buckinghamshire Chesterton Manor Beaconsfield HP9 1LG 2 bed apartments and penthouses Prices from £640,000 to £810,000

Hertfordshire Westminster Fields Harpenden AL5 3HW Stunning 4 and 5 bed family homes Priced from £1,080,000 to £1,095,000 Compass Fields Watford WD19 4AR 3 and 4 bed family homes, in a private cul-de-sac Priced from £640,000 to £995,000

London Fern Acre Gardens Northwood HA6 2SH 4 and 5 bed family homes in a woodland position Selling off-plan £1,325,000 to £1,485,000 Manor Wood Gate Hadley Wood EN4 0JF Spacious 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments and penthouses First releases £775,000 to £955,000

Windsor House Marlow SL7 1DP 1 and 2 bed town centre apartments Prices from £540,000 to £890,000

Photography of Thameside, Windsor. Prices correct at time of going to print.

For more information on these stunning new homes and what else we have available in the South East please visit:

shanlyhomes.com or call 02033 023349







The singer, 54, on making sure her kids appreciate the value of money

Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Do you give Magdalena and Zac pocket money? ‘They get £2.50 a week each. They’ve been getting it for five years – it started at 50p and has gone up by that amount every year.’


Can you see yourself forking out thousands of pounds for driving lessons and cars when they hit 17? ‘I’d like to help, but I’d prefer them to save for something that important, like I did. That feeling The star wants of independence her kids to save and the sense of for their future achievement was almost as exciting as getting my first car itself!’ Do your kids have bank accounts? ‘Yes, they’ve each got an account that I opened for them when they were five, but it’s for savings only – and not for drawing out of.’


Can they buy what they want? ‘Within reason. They get their pocket money on a Saturday morning, and I have a rule that any sweets bought with that must be finished on the same day.’

Sinitta’s kids, Zac and Magdalena

Is it hard saying ‘no’ to teach them the value of money? ‘Not any more, plus they’re quite good at accepting it now. Instead we have a treat once a week, like a trip to their favourite ice cream parlour. They don’t push the boundaries and know they’ll be rewarded as a result.’


‘Kids certainly   don’t come   cheap!’

What did you last buy them? ‘With a new school year about to begin, it’s never-ending! I’ve ordered their uniform and stationery, and have also bought new clothes, baking ingredients, books, sunblock, slime, slinkies and squishies. Kids certainly don’t come cheap!’ CS Sinitta’s autobiography, Who Put The Sin in Sinitta? and single, Shine With Pride, are out now

Spreading the cost

School Fee Plan have helped thousands of families to pay for their child’s education by spreading the cost of school fees over a month, rather than as a lump sum paid each term.





SAM BAILEY The X Factor winner on preparing for her kids’ financial future

Warren Shute is one of the UK’s leading financial planners


Interview Amelia Glean


GIVE YOUR KIDS RESPONSIBILITY ‘Two of my kids have an Osper card, which I put money on every month. Your kids can’t lose the cash, and as a parent you can download the app and see what they’re spending it on.’ EXPERT WARREN SHUTE SAYS ‘Sam has the right idea. You can automate payments directly onto an Osper card each month, which helps kids learn lessons they’ll use throughout their lives.’

BE UNIFORM SAVVY ‘I get the kids’ uniforms from Asda. When it comes to stationery, I shop at WHSmith. We don’t buy the most expensive – instead, I search for 3 for 2 offers when the sales are on.’ WARREN SAYS ‘Shop early for school uniform, as you don’t want to risk sizes running out of stock! Make sure you keep an eye out for deals like Sam, checking price comparison sites for the best offers.’

TOP 3 KIDS’ MONEY APPS OSPER The pre-paid debit card for kids that turns pocket money into life lessons

This is a low resolution proof.


NOT indicative of final positioning within the publication. Your advert will be placed as per your booking.

Sam with her husband Craig and daughter, Brooke

LOOK AFTER THEIR SAVINGS ‘My kids have an account, which we put into every month. This is to help with money for investments like cars when they’re older. We’re thinking of putting money in to them until they’re 21, because I want them to use it for important things and not waste it.’ WARREN SAYS ‘Investing just £1 per day from your child’s birth until they reach 18 years old, then leaving the money invested until retirement at 68, would give a pension fund worth over £835,000 at 8% per annum growth!’

THINK OF THEIR FUTURE ‘My husband and I have updated our life insurance and are sorting our wills. When my dad died he didn’t have a will and just wrote something on a piece of paper. I wanted his guitar for sentimental reasons, but it was given to someone else as it wasn’t official.’ WARREN SAYS ‘Life insurance and legal wills are essential for parents. Wills are also used to nominate who would care for your children in the event of your death.’ CS Sam’s single, Bleed Red, is out now on all download sites

PIGBYS FAIR This app introduces money to younger kids by going on adventures through an animated fairground

Teach your kids about money early

ROOSTER MONEY Helping kids from the age of four keep track of their money, while parents can oversee what goes in and out


SPREAD THE COST THIS TERM As parents, we all want to give our children the best possible start in life, and a private education is one of the key ways that we can equip them to take full advantage of the opportunities that life will bring. School Fee Plan will help you do just that, by allowing parents to spread the cost of their school fees and those important after-school extras, such as individual music lessons and exciting extra-curricular excursions that make an independent education so distinctive. Rather than paying a lump sum at the beginning of each term, your bill will be split into convenient monthly repayments*. With 20 years’ experience as the marketleading school fee finance provider in the UK, School Fee Plan have helped over 100,000 children access the best of the independent schools sector. But don’t just take their word for it – an end of year survey revealed that 97% of parent respondents would recommend School Fee Plan to a friend. ‘An excellent way of spreading fees, along with an excellent service’ Mr H, a parent at Harrow School


Get in touch today With the next academic year about to start call 0330 123 9720 or visit sfpschoolfees.co.uk to find out if School Fee Plan already work with your child’s school. If they don’t, let them know and they will contact the school on your behalf.

*Credit is subject to status, terms and conditions apply, over 18s only. School Fee Plan is a trading name of Premium Credit Limited Registered office: Ermyn House, Ermyn Way, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8UX. Registered in England and Wales under company number 2015200. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.




Saturday night 11 May Clapham Common

Join the MoonWalk experience... breast cancer needs you to boogie on down, be cool and just Walk the Walk!

Charity No SC029572

walkthewalk.org Official media partner of Walk the Walk

Patron HRH The Prince of Wales



A weight off your shoulders and theirs Taking care of your children and your parents can weigh you down. PPP Taking Care gives you the peace of mind with our 24/7 alarm service to ensure your parents can retain their independence, giving you both the freedom to live your own lives. It means you can spend time with your kids, knowing that their grandparents have support that’s just the touch of a button away. Our 3-in-1 service from £3.92 per week comprises of the following:

24/7 help at the touch of a button

Visit www.ppptakingcare.co.uk Call 0800 085 8032 celebritysecrets.com

24/7 medical support line

Medication information service

PPP Taking Care Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 01488490.



Think of the kids If your marriage has broken down it’s time to get legal advice – for your children’s sake


Vanessa Lloyd Platt (right) encourages mediation where children are involved

Lloyd Platt & Co offers a range of services for divorce and family issues. Regarded as one of the country’s leading matrimonial practices, they regularly comment on high-profile divorce cases, including that of Paul and Heather McCartney, as well as others in the media spotlight. The firm has also made headlines itself for a tongue-in-cheek introduction of divorce and prenup vouchers, for a different kind of Valentine’s Day gift. Lloyd Platt & Co believes in mediation to bring an end to disputes where children are concerned, and works hard to find solutions for parents and grandparents with regards to contact agreements. In addition, the firm specialises in prenups, postnups, pet-nups, divorce, cohabitation and high-networth financial settlements. They have also been involved in many groundbreaking divorce cases, which have become legal precedents.

Lloyd Platt & Co are pleased to help with all forms of matrimonial work including  Divorce  Pre/postnuptial agreements  Cohabitation agreements  Financial settlements on divorce  Domestic violence  Cases involving children  Adoption  Any aspect of family law  Civil partnership

The solicitors have worked with the Blue Cross For Pets animal charity to create the world’s first pet-nuptial agreement. This sets out how pets can be dealt with in the break-up of a relationship, which is now used throughout the UK as well as across the world. Parties and genders are represented at all levels, including many celebrities, the first of whom was Lady Bienvenida Buck. Others

Vanessa Lloyd Platt is the expert lawyer on This Morning and Good Morning Britain have included Anne Diamond, Les Dennis, Bridget Rowe, Fiona Wright and Dr Hilary Jones, as well as pop stars, models, sports personalities, presenters and actors. Where did it all start? Born and educated in London, Vanessa Lloyd Platt graduated from University College London with an LLB (Hons) in Law. She then completed her training in the legal profession, within a media-orientated practice in London. Opening her specialist matrimonial practice, Lloyd Platt & Co, back in 1992, Vanessa’s firm quickly became involved in several leading divorce and cohabitation cases. It continues today to campaign about family issues, including fathers’ rights and advocating

changes in the law relating to cohabitation. Vanessa regularly appears on TV as the resident lawyer on This Morning and as an expert contributor on Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, The Wright Stuff and Sky News. She appears on news and current affairs programmes for Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and the BBC, as well as contributing regularly to regional radio and television programmes around the world. Vanessa also writes for The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express and various magazines. Her brand of journalism, which blends common sense and humour with legal facts, makes her the media’s expert of choice.

Don’t wait until it’s too late Make an appointment with a team member by calling 020 8343 2998 Or for more information visit divorcesolicitors.com celebritysecrets.com


Technology Essentials

Stay charged and store every special moment with our power banks and iOS flash drives Visit revivabrand.co.uk to view the full range

Renewable, durable, sustainable. 

Water-based stain repellency on bottom-weight cotton.

Look for this logo on Back to School ranges:


Laboratory test results conclusively show that Teflon EcoElite™ renewably sourced finish provides highly durable water repellency to a wide variety of fabrics. Teflon EcoElite™ renewably sourced finish allows you to stay dry out in the elements, repels water-based stains and helps keep garments looking new longer. Visit: teflon.com/ecoelite Untreated Fabric Repels water and water-based stains


Dries quicker

Renewably sourced

Fabric treated with Teflon EcoElite™ Finish after 30 washes

© 2016 The Chemours Company FC, LLC. Teflon™, Teflon EcoElite™, and any associated logos are trademarks or copyrights of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. Chemours™ and theChemours Logo are trademarks of The Chemours Company. Replaces: K-23389-1 C-10642 (2/16)



HALF-TERM BREAKS We asked the celebs where they love to escape in the school holidays Interviews Claire Muffett-Reece

SAMANTHA FAIERS The Mummy Diaries star enjoyed the Turks & Caicos Islands with baby Paul, two, and Rosie, nine months ‘Two months ago we visited the Beaches Turks & Caicos resort for 10 days. It was the perfect holiday with my family, and I loved having some down time with the children. Being family-friendly, the resort had a lot of activities available for the kids, which kept them super-busy! Baby Paul is also learning to swim, and there were loads of pools for him to use.’ Shop the latest women’s fashion online at Samantha’s website allbitslondon.com

Jamie on his Tenerife trip with Polly and Billy



Beaches Turks & Caicos re-opened its doors in December 2017, bringing with it a range of exciting additions including new restaurants, snack bars and watersports. beaches.com

The actor and I’m a Celebrity runner-up, 43, went to the Canary Islands with kids Billy, 12, and Polly, seven ‘Back in April I took the kids on a week’s break to Tenerife. We stayed in the Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden in Puerto de la Cruz, and when the holiday was up Billy and Polly didn’t want to leave! Besides chilling out, we also took trips to Loro Parque, one of Europe’s largest zoos, and Siam Park, a brilliant water park. Both places were amazing and we created some fantastic memories – the kids were begging me to take them there every day!’


Jamie went on a Jet2holidays Indulgent Escapes break to the Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Garden in Tenerife, which also includes two days’ entry to Loro Parque. jet2holidays.com

Sam, Paul and the kids in the Turks & Caicos

Kimberly with daughters Willow and Maple


KIMBERLY WYATT The Pussycat Doll, 36, loves to holiday in the USA with her daughters, Willow, three, and Maple, one ‘We recently went back to my hometown in Missouri for a holiday. We’d been to Texas for a friend’s wedding, before spending the rest of our trip with my sister. We hung out and enjoyed lots of barbecues, drinking coffee and catching up until the early hours. My parents met Willow and Maple properly, and the kids spent their time

Fuss-free family travel

The Nimble Travel Cleaning Collection offers everything you need for your little ones, making a great companion for that half-term family holiday you’re no doubt busy planning! nimblebabies.com

running through sprinklers, chasing fireflies and playing hide and seek. Willow also loved seeing my old bedroom, which melted my heart!’


Nothing beats Orlando’s theme parks for a USA escape. Travelbag is offering seven nights at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, including flights and a Universal Orlando 3 Park Explorer ticket for seven days. travelbag.co.uk

The star with her husband and their brood


The presenter, 43, enjoyed a break in the Maldives with her kids Taylor, 17, Ruby, 15, Matilda, 10, and Dolly, six ‘One of our best breaks was staying at Amilla Fushi for 10 nights. My husband and I got engaged in the Maldives and we always wanted to go back as a family. The kids loved snorkelling and the older two went scuba diving. We all went fishing and in the evening we watched movies on the beach.’


Mirihi Island Resort is situated in Maldives’ South Ari Atol and offers beachfront or water villas, three dining options, a luxury spa, fitness centre and watersports. booking.com Listen to Sheree and Wes on Hits Radio, every Sunday 9am-12pm, on hitsradio.co.uk



The colour you crave, the protection you need. Now available from www.australiangold.co.uk





Amy with daughter Polly in Italy


The model and actress, 46, heads to Ibiza for downtime with her sons Jax and Jett, both five ‘I’ve been going to Ibiza for 20 years, so in 2017 I bought a holiday home there! The second we land all the stress and chaos in my life vanishes. There’s so much for children to do, from football camps and water parks, to beautiful beaches and making new friends. It’s the perfect place for families to spend time together.’


Head to the super-swanky Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, offering 152 designer rooms and suites, four restaurants, pool bar, luxury spa and the all-important kids’ club. nobuhotelibizabay.com By Caprice Home is stocked throughout the UK – visit gobycaprice.com for info


AMY CHILDS The pregnant TV star, 28, headed to Italy for a break with daughter Polly, one ‘Recently Polly and I escaped for five days to the Amalfi coast with my family. We went for my cousin’s wedding and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Polly loved swimming while we were away – we couldn’t get her out of the pool! As amazing as it was it was also quite

tiring – Polly is constantly on the move, so I was knackered chasing after her!’


Kuoni offer seven nights at the Grand Hotel Convento Di Amalfi in a deluxe room, which includes breakfast, British Airways flights from London Gatwick and transfers. kuoni.co.uk The Amy Childs Collection with Roma Prams is available from independent retailers throughout the UK

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ABBEY CLANCY The model and presenter on juggling work while raising a family of three

Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Read more online For more of our interview with Abbey visit celebritysecrets.com

ABBEY CLANCY APPEARS to have it all. Three adorable kids, a happy marriage to footballer Peter Crouch and an ever-rising career, from winning Strictly Come Dancing in 2013 to her most recent gig on Britain’s Next Top Model. Then there’s that figure, with a body most of us can only ever dream about! Just how does she juggle work with family – and will we see baby number four anytime soon? We Facetimed the star to find out… Abbey, you’ve launched the Catwalk Collection with My Babiie. How did you get involved? ‘I’ve toyed with the idea of designing baby equipment since I had Sophia. I’d seen the brand’s pushchairs around, and wanted to put my own spin on their designs.’ How involved were you in the process? ‘The team let me get really creative and I had a lot of fun with the designs, prints and materials. All the little details you see, like the Dalmatian print, were my idea. It really was an opportunity to make a pushchair that I wanted myself! I took inspiration from everything around me, from the clothes I like my kids to wear, to the wallpaper in my home.’ How’s life as a mum of three shaping up? ‘It’s full-on but great. I’m one of four myself, so I’m used to a busy house and hate it when it’s too quiet! It’s great watching the kids develop their own unique personalities as they grow up. Having said that, it’s hard work juggling three children at three different ages, which means you’re trying to do three different things at once!’ Your son Johnny was born in January. How is he getting on? ‘Johnny is such a chilled little guy, and manages to sleep through most of the night. It’s incredible, I’ve never had a crying baby, and I can’t believe how lucky I am.’

How’s Peter coping with being a dad to three? ‘He’s taken to it like a duck to water. There’s nothing he won’t do – he feeds them, changes nappies and helps around the house. I can’t fault him, he’s such a doting dad.’ Any plans for baby number four? ‘No. I have three healthy and happy children, and that’s definitely enough for me!’ Do you and Peter still have date nights? ‘We make plans at least once a week, even if it’s just watching a movie at home. There’s not too many nights out, but we did go to the Isle of Wight Festival as a special treat, which was a lot of fun.’

Abbey’s husband Peter Crouch with son Johnny celebritysecrets.com

What in your eyes makes a happy marriage? ‘We just get on and we don’t fight. We make each other laugh every day and don’t take ourselves too seriously. I think being friends, treating each other with respect, and being open and honest is vital.’

So what would you say is an advantage to having a husband who’s six foot seven? ‘We have cupboards that reach the ceiling, and when I need something out of one he’s definitely the man for the job!’ Are there any disadvantages? ‘I always look so short next to him! He has really long legs, too, which I’m jealous of.’ What advice would you give to other mums who have young kids? ‘Don’t compare yourself to anyone else because every child is different. Go with the flow and enjoy it – because before you know it your babies are growing up!’ CS Abbey Clancy’s Catwalk Collection of pushchair and nursery designs is available exclusively at mybabiie.com

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