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MARIO FALCONE ‘Being a dad is the best feeling in the world’

JENNY FROST ‘My favourite family breaks in the sun’


DAN EDGAR ‘Amber and I are finally in a good place’

LUISA ZISSMAN ‘Having three daughters is a challenge!’

Marnie Simpson on stretch marks, cravings and why she can’t wait to be a mum


I love a bacon sarnie – just without any bread!

EXCLUSIVE CHATS WITH Eyal Booker Yasmin Oukhellou Chloe Meadows

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Four weeks away from meeting her son


Losing the baby weight the sensible way

Gracing our front cover is Marnie Simpson – posing naked exclusively for Celebrity Secrets! Thrust in to the spotlight thanks to reality show Geordie Shore, she’s now expecting a baby with her partner, The X-Factor’s Casey Johnson. With a little boy due in just four weeks, are the stresses and strains of her third trimester taking its toll? Read all about her bizarre craving for sucking bath sponges (yes, really) in our exclusive interview over on page four. Speaking of families, we also caught up with Mario Falcone, who reveals the buys he’s never without for his son, Parker (p48). We’ve beauty essentials from Yazmin Oukhellou (p38), exercise tips from Eyal Booker (p18), and how to lose the baby weight with Sugababes’ Amelle Rosa (p15). We also caught up with Jenny Frost to talk travel (p30) and Joey Essex to talk food (p56), before FaceTiming his buddy Dan Edgar to see if he’s finally prepared to settle down once and for all (p62).


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The boy band stars on how their record label didn’t think of their mental health


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The new dad on his top baby buys


Juggling life as a mum to three young girls



The Celebrity Masterchef star talks all things food



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Marnie wears jewellery from newlook.com

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Marnie Simpson The Geordie Shore star talks exclusively to Celebrity Secrets about the imminent arrival of her baby boy Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

When Marnie Simpson answers her front door she’s make-up free and – without sounding like a pregnancy cliché – totally glowing. The former Geordie Shore star’s now just four weeks away from giving birth to a baby boy with her partner of two years, The X-Factor’s Casey Johnson. For many women the final trimester of pregnancy is hard-going, but Marnie, 27, seems more confident than ever. Sure, she’s tires more easily, and is quick to put her feet up when we sit down for a chat, but she’s equally keen to prove that pregnant woman can be sensationally sexy – to the point she’s stripping naked for our cover! Famously recreating Demi Moore’s 1991 Vanity Fair pose, it’s fair to say Marnie’s come a long way from her original reality TV days, which saw partying as her top priority. Now it’s parenting she’s most looking forward to, as we’ve seen most recently on our screens in the spin-off MTV series, Geordie Shore OG. But just how confident is she now the birth’s just around the corner? We sat down for an exclusive chat…



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Marnie wears jewellery from newlook.com

COVER STAR | 7 Marnie, your due date is only four weeks away! How are you and Casey feeling? ‘We’re both happy and really excited that we’re about to become parents. It’s starting to drag now towards the end a little, though. I’m so excited to hold my little boy in my arms. My hospital bag’s all packed and ready to go and we’re now just counting down the days!’

I wanted to shoot a naked cover to show that pregnancy is beautiful and should be embraced Is the nursery ready? ‘Yes, we finished it last month. It’s quite plain with one feature wall of dinosaurs, so we can then choose to redecorate it with something he’s more in to as he grows up. I won’t let him sleep in there just yet – for the first few weeks he’ll be in a cot that attaches to the side of our bed.’ How have your midwife check-ups been? ‘All is looking really good! The baby’s always been head-down, which is a good position for him to be in, and I’ve been told he’s also the perfect size. I’ve recently been warned that my iron levels are low, so I’m on tablets to rectify that. I am also making sure I eat lots of iron-rich food.’ How did you first find out you were pregnant? ‘It was all very bizarre. We weren’t trying for a baby and I was only three days late with my period, but I just had this weird feeling. I was driving home from Casey’s parents’ house and had what I can only describe as a hot flush. I just thought I’d grab a pregnancy test to be on the safe side. I never for one moment imagined it would be positive!’ What was your initial reaction? ‘Casey was with me when I took the test and we both smiled and hugged each other. However, after a few hours I’ll admit that I started to panic, as I wondered whether I was really ready to become a mam. We hadn’t even had a conversation about having any kids – and suddenly I’m pregnant! The fact that Casey was so ecstatic quickly helped remove any doubt from my mind.’ You had an abortion aged 19. Why is being pregnant different for you this time around? ‘Back then I had no money and I wasn’t in a serious relationship – I couldn’t even drive a car! I just knew the time wasn’t right. Now I’m extremely happy and content, plus I feel financially and mentally able to bring up a child.’ celebritysecrets.com

How’s the pregnancy been for you so far? ‘I’ve been quite lucky. I haven’t had any morning sickness and it’s only the tiredness that’s affected me, so hopefully the iron tablets will help. I am finding I have to get up constantly in the night to go for a wee, though!’ Any other problems? ‘I’m suffering from indigestion and heartburn, to the point I can’t eat without being in discomfort. It’ll all be worth it in the end!’

What about the weird craving you admitted of chewing on bath sponges and flannels? ‘I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m still doing it! I’m starting to get worried that I’ll never get rid of the urge, either, as I was watching a documentary the other day and this woman was still addicted to the smell of bleach 10 years later! It’s a scary thought – am I going to be thinking about bath sponges for the rest of my life?’

Do you chew on them often? ‘It’s more the thought than me actually doing it. Having said that, I’ll do it a bit in the bath when no-one’s around! It could be worse though, as I’ve heard people like to eat bars of soap or coal when they’re pregnant. I even read that some women want to lick the pavement!’


What about food cravings? ‘The food I’m eating is fairly normal – it’s just the portion sizes that tend to be massive! A lot of people have asked if I’m more or less horny, but unfortunately for Casey I’ve gone off sex! If I go over my due date we might have to get back in the bedroom to get baby moving!’

I’m still chewing on bath sponges and flannels when no-one’s around

With being naked on our cover are we safe in presuming you feel sexy in your final trimester? ‘I’m starting to feel a bit swollen and puffy, but I’ve also loved seeing my body change as I create a new life inside of me. I couldn’t be any prouder of what I’ve achieved! I wanted to shoot a naked cover to show that regardless of how you feel, pregnancy is beautiful and should truly be embraced.’ What does Casey think about your pregnancy figure? ‘He loves it – I can’t get him to leave me alone! I can see my bum and legs are bigger and my face is getting puffy, but he just finds my curvier shape all the more attractive!’ Have you been trolled while you’ve been pregnant? ‘No – everyone has been superpositive, which is so nice. Of course I’ve had the odd negative comment, but from what I’m used to it’s nothing. People are saying it’s nice to see me grow up and that I’m going to be a great mum.’ It’s time to talk about the impending birth. Have you got any sort of labour plan in place now you are only just a few weeks away? ‘I don’t really have any birthing plan set up as of yet. To be honest I don’t even think you can these days. I’m just going in to it with a totally open mind and am simply going to do what’s best for me and the baby.’

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COVER STAR | 11 Does that mean you don’t want any form of pain relief? ‘I’d like to think I’m going to get through the entire labour on just gas and air. The thought of having an epidural and it making you go completely numb, really freaks me out. LuckiIy for me I have a pretty high pain threshold.’

I always said I wouldn’t have surgery again, but if my boobs end up in a sorry state I might consider getting them done Are you going to be taking a long maternity leave after the birth? ‘I’ve decided I am going to give myself around a month to spend time with solely Casey and our baby, but then I’ll go straight back to work. Being in this industrys means I can take our son with me to shoots and interviews and any business meetings, which is pretty lucky. Casey’s going to take 10 days off, then go back to work three days a week.’ What kind of dad do you think Casey is going to be? ‘He’ll be really hands on for sure, but Casey also loves his sleep and will be totally thrown by the fact he won’t get any at first! He’ll be great at changing dirty nappies and helping with the night feeds, and I know he’s looking forward to doing some skin-toskin right after the baby’s born.’ And what kind of mum do you think you’ll be? ‘Really chilled – I don’t think I’ll be strict at all! I need to make sure I have a little bit of discipline, because I don’t want my son to be spoilt. Casey can be the strict one to balance us out!’ What are your thoughts on breastfeeding? ‘I really don’t know how I’ll feel about it until the baby’s here. Ideally I want to try breastfeeding for the first couple of weeks and if all goes well I think I will carry on. It’s weird though when you think about it, isn’t it? I look at my nipples and find it bizarre how a baby can get any milk out of them. They’re tiny!’ Are you going to be back in your skinny jeans a week after the birth? ‘That’s never going to happen! I’m going to take a few months to chill and certainly won’t be hitting the gym straight after the birth. I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape in a really slow and sensible way.’ celebritysecrets.com


Does it worry you that certain parts of your body may never look the same again? ‘I’m fine with it. My boobs have stretchmarks and who knows what they’ll look like if I do decide to breastfeed? I always said I wouldn’t have surgery again, but if my boobs end up in a sorry state then I might consider getting them done.’

Marnie wears set from boxers-and-briefs.net

A lot of people have asked if I’m more or less horny, but unfortunately for Casey I’ve gone off sex! Your mental health is an important factor to consider after the birth. Have you spoken to anyone about how the birth could affect your anxiety? ‘Only my family, but I realise I might need to speak to someone professionally so I can take control of it when it kicks in. At the moment I get anxiety just by doing a supermarket shop, to the point I feel I can’t go in to a store by myself. That needs to change when I have a baby. Luckily I have an excellent support network to help me when I need it.’ Let’s look at how different your life is from when you joined Geordie Shore. Will you go back to your partying days? ‘Never – I’ve grown up. I haven’t even touched a drop of alcohol throughout the pregnancy and don’t miss it at all! The spin-off series, Geordie Shore OGs, has shown how all our lives have changed. The original show was all about partying, arguing and fighting. I look back and can’t believe that was me!’ You’ve also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on The Beach. Would you like to do more reality TV? ‘I’d definitely do Strictly, but I don’t know how they’d feel having a Geordie Shore contestant on there! I’m a Celebrity would be great to do, but the problem is I’m really scared of creepy crawlies. I’d be one of those annoying celebritysecrets.com

people who’d just pass on everything and as a result we’d all be starving hungry and surviving on tiny portions of rice.’ You’ve also been branching out in to the beauty and fashion worlds. Tell us about your hair business, Hair Bible… ‘Hair Bible launched back in April and it’s an online wig business that’s going really well. Then there’s my clothing line, Jersey

Girl. The pieces are amazing – they’re really good quality and are a mix of casual and dressywear. It’s mostly jumpsuits – I’m obsessed with them!’ Where do you see yourself by the time you’re 30? ‘I want both of the businesses to be running smoothly and successfully, and I also really want to have got into property development by then. Casey and I have spoken about this a lot and both agree it’s a great way to invest your money.’

And will there be more babies in that picture? ‘Sure! Casey has said that he would definitely like our son to have a little brother or sister, but we need to have a bit of a gap. You never know… I could be pregnant and celebrating my 30th birthday!’ Photography Stacey Clarke staceyclarkephoto.com Photographer’s assistant Kelsie Hale kelsiehale.com Art direction Claire Muffett-Reece instagram. com/mrscreece Hair James Johnson iamjamesjohnson.com Make-up Rosie Lewis rlmakeup.com Styling Ray Wooldridge raywooldridge.co.uk Videography Joe Murphy instagram.com/hawkmurphy

IMAGE CREDIT: Keith Mayhew/Landmark Media/Alamy, instagram.com/amellebofficial


Amelle Rosa

The Sugababes singer on why she wasn’t in a rush to lose her baby weight Interview Lynn Carratt

You had your daughter Amirah last year. Was it difficult being a mum while touring with Club Tropicana The Musical? ‘When we were on the road, I would happily drive two-anda-half hours there and back every day so I could spend the night with my family. Luckily my husband, Mario, was with me at most of the venues that were far

Amelle hired a personal trainer to lose her baby weight

from home. At first I would check he’d done everything for Amirah, even though I know how amazing he is with her. When I got used to our routine, though, it was fine.’ What’s the best thing about being a mum? ‘I didn’t know what real love was until I met Amirah. We have a bond I just can’t explain. It’s beautiful and I feel blessed every single day.’

More from Amelle at celebrity secrets.com

When did you decide to make a change? ‘After a few months I realised I had to do something because I wanted to be a fit and healthy mum. I enlisted the help of a personal trainer, and I made the decision not to give myself a timeframe and obsess over my weight.’

If I’m making breakfast, I’ll do ten squats while it’s cooking

Was it a struggle losing the baby weight? ‘It was difficult at the beginning because I’d had a traumatic birth and was so tired. People kept saying to me I’d be one of those lucky people who wouldn’t put on much weight because I don’t really fluctuate. Boy were they wrong! It was like I had a never-ending pit in my stomach. I’d actually end up hiding the evidence that I was eating from my husband because I was so embarrassed.’

Do you follow an exercise regime? ‘While I was touring it meant I only had one day off, so I didn’t see my personal trainer. Instead I integrated exercise in to my daily routine. I’ll now do ten squats while making breakfast, then later I’ll do a warm-up for 20 minutes. It means I work out for about 30 minutes every day.’ What about your diet? ‘The only thing I’ve changed is that I eat when I’m hungry, rather than being strict about what I can’t have. I can’t go on a diet, because as soon as I do I begin obsessing about everything I can’t have.’

Clare Nasir The weather presenter on how she’s stayed in shape for a decade


More from Clare at celebrity secrets.com

Interview Claire Muffett-Reece STOP WITH THE EXCUSES ‘I never wanted to be overweight, but sometimes your daily routine is a slave to time. The weight subtly creeps up and tomorrow’s diet plans remain a future initiative, until the day when you’re sick of not being able to wear the clothes you once could. That’s when I realised it was time for a radical body overhaul.’ I LOST THREE STONE ‘It’s been ten years since I went from a size 16 to an eight, releasing the fitness DVD, Clare Nasir’s Boot Camp. It was one of my toughest challenges, but I had a real sense of achievement when I hit my goal. I cut out the junk and sorted out my health…and every day I went clothes shopping!’ SUGAR RULED ME ‘I’d been ill before I lost weight and my energy was low, so I fuelled my body with sugar for a temporary hit. Before if I wanted anything unhealthy I’d eat it without a second thought. There’s nothing mindful about that!’

I FAST AND FOLLOW KETO ‘Monday to Friday I follow intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating, starting with warm water, lemon and a pinch of rock salt. Mid-morning is a coffee with

It was one of my toughest challenges, but I had real sense of achievement cream, but I don’t eat until lunch, which is a high-fat, low-carb meal. I eat lots of dark green veg, nuts and seeds, avocados, eggs and goats’ and sheep cheese.’ MY WEEKEND DIET IS MORE RELAXED ‘My Sunday family breakfast is important, but I stick to keto when I can. I love carbs…but they don’t love me! Over the summer we’ve eaten lots of healthy BBQs, and I make a mean vegetable soup the whole family enjoys. My idea of food heaven

has got to be a plate of fresh fish, with decent wine and a sea view.’ I’M 50 NEXT YEAR ‘People ask if it’s harder to keep in shape as you age, but I’ve always found it a challenge! I walk my dog regularly, as well as doing HIIT, yoga and running. I want to go to a fasting retreat in Costa Rica for the big 5-0 next June, but my husband’s not convinced. I’d throw a party, but I prefer going to other people’s than my own!’ Clare’s new book, What Does Rain Smell Like?, is available from all good book shops from November.


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Eyal Booker


The Love Island star on keeping in shape both in the villa and out Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

THE LOVE ISLAND GYM WAS GREAT ‘When I found out I was going on Love Island last year I was in good shape, but I definitely put in a few extra rounds at HITT training! It was easy keeping fit on the show, thanks to all the gym equipment in the garden. Most of my fellow

islanders were into fitness too, so we’d train together and mix it up to keep it interesting.’

EATING MAKES ME HAPPY ‘I love my food, so I make sure I work out enough so that I don’t have to be too strict with This is a low resolution proof. myself. I tend to do intermittent NOT indicative of fifasting, nal positioning so I’ll get upYour and goadvert straight will within the publication. I REALLY WANT RUN to the gym, then beTO placed as per your booking. THE MARATHON I’ll grab a juice ‘I tend to do most my and ato panini for Weofreserve the right correct exercise in the gym, training lunch.as If I’m at the spelling and grammar per around five times a week, but home for dinner, I’ll house style. I also love running. I ran the probably roast up London half-marathon back a chicken or sear in March for Cancer Research a fresh tuna steak, UK, so I trained pretty hard serving it with for that, and would love to do some brown rice the full 26.2 miles next year.’ and loads of veg.’

PLEASE I do tend to do most of my exercise in the gym


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COMFORT FOOD’S THE BEST ‘If I’m having a cheat day I’ll go for a plate of lasagne. I don’t deprive myself a big pizza if I fancy it, and if I’m feeling hungover I’ll order a turkey, cheddar, pesto and tomato bagel from Panzer’s Deli in St John’s Wood.’

I DON’T DO PROTEIN SHAKES ‘You can get just as much protein from a plant-based alternative. It doesn’t have to be whey, so I avoid it for the most part. You can get plenty of protein from many different veggie sources!’ Eyal is an ambassador for World Vision, the RSPCA and Dog’s Trust instagram.com/ eyalbooker


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I’VE ALWAYS BEEN IN TO HEALTH AND FITNESS ‘Staying active’s always been a part of my life. I played sports and ran around a lot as a kid, as most of us do when we’re young. I guess I’ve never really worried too much about my fitness levels. In terms of body confidence; I work hard and when I train a lot it pays off, which always makes me feel better in general.’

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Alex Beattie The Love Island star on how he keeps his fitness in check


More from Alex at celebrity secrets.com

Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Your Instagram shows more pics of you with your top off than on! Are you body confident? ‘Not at all – I still struggle, even to this day. We all have those moments, don’t we?’

IMAGE CREDIT: ITV/Shutterstock

Why did you change your shape? ‘I went through school massively insecure about what I looked like. I wore long tops under jumpers to make my arms look bigger and joggers under my school trousers to bulk out my legs. I also used to change in a cubicle rather than with the rest of the lads because I was embarrassed.’ How did you stay in shape on Love Island? ‘To be honest I treated the villa like a holiday, so I only trained once or twice a week. It was far too hot to concentrate.’ How do you maintain your fitness levels now? ‘I’ll do a mix of bodybuilding, functional training and cardio six times a week. The aim is to be more of an athlete these days, rather than a bodybuilder.’

What other ways do you stay fit? fat loss or muscle ‘Hiking, swimming and running gain and general are great alternatives to hitting health is your goal the gym. Going for a walk rather then you cannot than standing on a treadmill is underestimate a fantastic feeling. You get to the importance of enjoy fresh air, headspace and staying properly burn calories at the same time. I hydrated.’ also love a good walk Thisand isusually a low resolution proof. What do you go two to three times a week.’ tend eat in a NOT indicative of fi naltopositioning typical day? within the publication. Your advert will is be placed as per ‘Breakfast your booking. “proats”, which is a mixture of protein We reserve the right to correct powder and oats, or spelling and grammar as per the a bowl of granola. house style. I’ll also usually have a banana and Do you watch what you eat? a pint of water. ‘No. I eat what I like but I make When I get peckish sure to count the calories I mid-morning I consume and keep a track of my grab an egg and protein intake. This allows me to salmon bagel as still go out for meals and enjoy a snack, then for life, while getting and maintaining lunch I’ll have something like the body I want and have.’ grilled and seasoned chicken with veg and rice. Post-gym I What would we always find to have a protein shake, then for eat in your fridge? dinner it’s massively varied, ‘Lots and lots of water! It’s a bit and can be anything from pizza of a boring answer I know, but if to a homemade stir-fry.’


Hiking, swimming and running are great alternatives to hitting the gym

Finally, what’s your go-to food if you’re hungover? ‘There’s a place called Fat Hippo where I live that do the juiciest burgers. Gimme one now!’ To keep up with Alex’s fitness routines follow him on instagram.com/alex.beattie

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CAN’T PART WITH YOUR PLUG-IN? We love a fresh-smelling home as much as anyone, but once we learned that plug-in air fresheners sometimes contain carcinogenic chemicals, we had to rethink things. That’s when we came up with our mini probiotic atomiser! Battery- or

USB-powered, it mists probiotics and your chosen essential oil into the air every few minutes. Healthy and fresh air on cue, wherever you need it most.

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Your skin at its very best The Nineties boy band members on mental health

When a record label lets you go there’s no aftercare

A1’s Mark and Ben, pictured here with the

a full range of cosmetic and has less downtimerest compared of the band, have dermatology treatments. Lumiere to traditional laserstruggled resurfacing. with anxiety Clinic is currently leading the and depression Dr Nicole also provides a wide way as the first clinic in the range of aesthetic treatments North West to incorporate the When in your life was the hardest Have either of you suffered including anti-wrinkle treatments, latest TIXEL® fractional skin time when it came to dealing from anxiety or depression? facial and lip fillers, platelet-rich resurfacing system. TIXEL® is with your mental health? Mark ‘I’ve had depression, but plasma, non-surgical threadlifts, a non-invasive treatment to Mark ‘For me it was definitely didn’t really know why. Now I’m lasers, IPL and fat-reduction. improve wrinkles, sun-damage, having to transition from life in able to push it away, because pigmentation and acne scars. the fast lane to things becoming I’m lucky enough to do what I It is safe for tightening the a lot quieter. I’ll always remember love – and that’s performing.’ delicate skin around the eyelids, getting the call from Sony to tell Ben ‘When we first started out neck and décolletage. TIXEL® us we were getting dropped from the band would have to push treatment is less painful and our record deal. I was only 23 at me on stage because I suffered the time. I felt like I was redundant from bad panic attacks. I was Find out more... after having five years of every almost sick by the side of the week planned out meticulously stage at every performance. To book your Aesthetic Score consultation and treatment at – suddenly there was nothing. These days, though, it’s OK.’ Lumiere Clinic, Manchester please email info@lumiereclinic.co.uk, When the labels let you go, they call 0161 236 6500, or visit drnicoledermatology.co.uk or The Boys are Back tour featuring 5IVE, A1, let you go from a great height. @lumiereclinicmanchester lumiereclinic.co.uk. Follow us Damage and 911 is touring nationwide There’s no aftercare – and you in early 2020 nvite.com/community/ @cliniclumiere | @lumiere_manchester have to fend for yourself.’ theboysareback2020


Your skin at its very best

With summer coming to an end and the festive season approaching, many people are seeking aesthetic treatments to reverse the effects of sun damage and to look their best. With so many different treatments available, it is important to get expert advice on which treatments work and are best for your individual needs. At Lumiere Clinic, consultant

dermatologist Dr Nicole has developed the exclusive Aesthetic Score to provide a full-face assessment. This enables bespoke treatments to be targeted, addressing three important elements: skin health, skin ageing and facial structure. Lumiere Clinic is a dermatologist and plastic surgeon-led skin clinic in Manchester, offering

a full range of cosmetic and dermatology treatments. Lumiere Clinic is currently leading the way as the first clinic in the North West to incorporate the latest TIXEL® fractional skin resurfacing system. TIXEL® is a non-invasive treatment to improve wrinkles, sun-damage, pigmentation and acne scars. It is safe for tightening the delicate skin around the eyelids, neck and décolletage. TIXEL® treatment is less painful and

has less downtime compared to traditional laser resurfacing. Dr Nicole also provides a wide range of aesthetic treatments including anti-wrinkle treatments, facial and lip fillers, platelet-rich plasma, non-surgical threadlifts, lasers, IPL and fat-reduction.

Find out more... To book your Aesthetic Score consultation and treatment at Lumiere Clinic, Manchester please email info@lumiereclinic.co.uk, call 0161 236 6500, or visit drnicoledermatology.co.uk or @lumiereclinicmanchester lumiereclinic.co.uk. Follow us @cliniclumiere | @lumiere_manchester


With summer coming to an dermatologist Dr Nicole has in the music industry end and the festive season developed the exclusive approaching, many people are Lynn Aesthetic Interview CarrattScore to provide seeking aesthetic treatments a full-face assessment. This How did you cope with being me to read. So many lies had been to reverse the effects of sun enables bespoke treatments to normal lads to worldwide fame? made up to the press, and even damage and to look their be targeted, addressing three Mark ‘For us as a band it was the girl I was dating at the time best. With so many different important elements: skin health, a gradual progression, which sold her story. I didn’t know who I treatments available, it is skin ageing and facial structure. helped us cope better. It was could trust, and that was hard.’ important to get expert advice on something we Lumiere Clinic is a dermatologist which treatments work and are prepared for, How does social and plastic surgeon-led skin best for your individual needs. although we did media affect your clinic in Manchester, offering At Lumiere Clinic, consultant still have our own mental health? issues to deal with.’ Ben ‘If someone says Ben ‘It hit me after anything I remotely I went on Celebrity don’t like I just block Big Brother in 2009. them, because I don’t I knew how to deal need that negativity in with fame, as I’d had my life. When you ask it before, but I don’t think I was kids these days, “What do you want mentally prepared for coming out to be?” so many will say, “I want to of the house. After I was evicted, be famous” – and I believe social I went into a room, and there was media’s to blame. These days we a bumper pack of stories about tend to build up really atrocious human beings CELEBRITY SECRETS LOVES and make them massive Confidence in your smile! instasmile’s celebrities – clip-on veneers are the modern, how are they affordable alternative to traditional good role veneers and implants, saving your models for wallet thousands. instasmile.com our kids?’

Check your health Food intolerances? Hormones changing? Weight issues? Roseway Labs provides a wide range of diagnostic kits, covering hormones, thyroid, microbiomes, food intolerances, STIs, SIBO, GI Map, genetic markers and DNA analysis.

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A P R E M I U M o n ce - a - d ay C o l l a g e n S u p p l e m e nt

TOTALLY DERMA ® Collagen Drink Supplement: Is evidence based and results driven Promotes longer, stronger hair and nails Improves skin firmness, elasticity and hydration Is anti-inflammatory and improves gut health for reducing skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema

Tackles the ROOT cause of ageing holistically from the INSIDE

Stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid sites ALL OVER the body

Improves flexibility, alleviates pain and repairs cartilage in joints Supports post-surgical and non-surgical procedures, post-partum Key supplement for gynaecological menopausal dryness

Once a day supplement mixed with water, smoothie or fruit juice Expect results in 3-12 weeks

Regenerative aesthetics and well-being from within


e: info@totallyderma.com



Urinary tract infections – you can get help!

UTIs can give the sensation of needing to urinate often, and painfully

‘I keep getting urinary tract infections – is this unusual?’ Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are extremely common. Approximately one-third of adult females in the United Kingdom have repeated episodes. Once you have three UTIs in a year (or two in six months), you have what’s known as recurrent UTIs (rUTIs). ‘I’ve been told the best treatment for rUTIs is antibiotics, is that right?’ Taking a low dose of antibiotics every day can help to reduce infections, but there is evidence that once the antibiotics are stopped, the frequency of UTIs return to the level prior to treatment. In addition, long-term antibiotics can increase the risk of antibiotic resistance.


Cranberry supplements: this is a non-antibiotic agent that has been used as a folk remedy against UTIs for many years. Most recent studies suggest that a compound within cranberry, called proanthocyanidin (PAC) prevents the common bacteria responsible for UTIs (E. Coli and Klebsiella) from sticking to the lining of the bladder. However, the studies looking at cranberry in the prevention of UTIs have shown largely contradictory results. Being a herbal substance, cranberry products are not required to go through the rigorous approval and regulatory process that medicinal drugs are put through. If you are going to take cranberry

Miss Rashid BSc (Hons) MB BS(Lon) FRCS(Urol) is a highly-experienced urological surgeon at Parkside Private Hospital. She specialises in treating women and men with urinary infections and leakage and in performing transgender genital surgery. She is a member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons and British Association of Gender Identity Specialists. supplements, taking a product which contains at least 36mg of PAC may increase the chance of it being effective. 2.

Probiotics: ‘healthy’ bacteria such as Lactobacillus have also been suggested as another remedy for rUTIs. The evidence suggests there is very little benefit in using Lactobacillus either vaginally or by mouth in

preventing infections in the urinary tract. 3.

D-mannose: a naturally occurring sugar which also prevents bacteria (mainly E. coli) from sticking to the bladder lining. A small study published in 2014 suggested that taking D-mannose (at a dose of two grams in powder form dissolved in 200ml water) was as effective as taking a small dose (50mg) of Nitrofurantoin once a day (i.e. low-dose antibiotic prophylaxis).

‘What if I am still getting infections?’ Despite there being limited evidence relating to the treatments suggested above, many women try them out of desperation. If these treatments haven’t helped then it’s time to see your GP and you may need onward referral to a specialist. Occasionally your specialist may celebritysecrets.com

suggest some tests such as a kidney/bladder scan or a small camera to inspect the inner lining of your bladder. Subsequent treatments may include nonantibiotic tablets which stop the growth of bacteria in urine, or introducing substances into your bladder through a fine catheter/ tube which can protect the bladder lining. The latest treatments for rUTIs which do not respond to the treatments outlined include a vaccination (Uromune, UroVaxom®) which is still being evaluated in the UK, or faecal microbial transplants (FMT). These treatments are certainly promising but should only be trialled once your specialist has evaluated your symptoms.

Find out more... For more information visit parkside-hospital.co.uk. To book an appointment email info@parksidehospital.co.uk or call 020 3916 5033.

DISCLAIMER: Consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition. This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

‘What over-the-counter remedies can be used to prevent rUTIs?’ The three most common overthe-counter remedies are:



Could you benefit from CBD oil in your life?

More and more celebs are enjoying the benefits of CBD oil, and these are the stars who’ve spoken-out about this trendy super-food supplement, which is surging in popularity in the UK.

Stuart Reardon, former England rugby player, advocates CBD oil

CBD oil is finding its way into lots of different products, including coffee, soap and even bedroom lube - and it was even featured in the goody bags given-away to guests at this year’s Oscars film awards. If you haven’t come across CBD oil before, it’s derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike cannabis, though, it contains only trace amounts of the high-giving chemical ‘tetrahydrocannabinol’, which makes it perfectly legal.

Leading UK supplier CBD Armour highlight the showbiz stars who’ve said ‘A-OK’ to CBD.

knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!” ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO Brazilian supermodel Alessandra says she uses CBD to relax and sleep. She revealed all in November 2017, saying: “It’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps.”

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition. This information is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. IMAGE CREDITS: instagram.com/missgracejtealofficial, instagram.com/stureardon, instagram.com/ktm_fitness, instagram.com/albfitnessuk

CBD helps me with pain, stress, and anxiety

Glamour model Grace Teal says her sex life has improved thanks to CBD oil

Anthony Brooking says CBD oil helps with shoulder pains

KIM KARDASHIAN Earlier this year Kim threw a CBDthemed baby shower for fourth child Psalm. And she says CBD calms her anxiety while helping her ‘survive in life’. She said: “Anyone that

VALENE KANE This Irish actress who had a starring role in Star Wars: Rogue One told the Belfast Telegraph how CBD was a key weapon in her fight against insomnia. She said: “I am a terrible sleeper. CBD is my newest discovery in helping me sleep. The teas are amazing.”

JENNIFER ANISTON Former Friends actress Jennifer is one of many CBD users who says it can boost well-being. The star of new Netflix movie Murder Mystery said: “CBD helps me with pain, stress, and anxiety.” OLIVIA WILDE In January last year House star Olivia told how CBD soothes her fatigued body. She said: “Recently, I did a play on Broadway for six months. My body was wrecked, my neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers.” GWYNETH PALTROW In a blog post for the IntoTheGloss website last year Gwyneth said CBD had become part of her relaxation ritual. She wrote: “If I have a particularly stressful time, someone gives me some CBD oil in a little drop. It doesn’t make you stoned or anything, just a little relaxed.”

Champion body builder Katy Westwood credits CBD oil to help ease muscle aches

Find out more... Get 15% off with the discount code CS19 at cbdarmour.co.uk Follow

@cbdarmour celebritysecrets.com

Jenny Frost


The Atomic Kitten star on the dream destinations she’s visited Interview Claire Muffett-Reece


‘It was never my plan to live abroad, but I fell in love with a Spanish scuba diver – and the rest is history! My husband Jenny lives in Ibiza after falling in love Vin and I now with a scuba diver focus on the family businesses, including The Beach Star apartments. I love living in Ibiza, especially in the winter – the summer can be a bit full-on! Being on the beach is my idea of heaven, as I’m happiest when I’m by the sea.’


‘I went to Dubai for my friend’s hen It was an actionparty – and we packed hen do for had an absolute Jenny in Dubai blast! The service there is incredible and you’re so well looked after. We stayed at the Five Palm Jumeirah hotel which is fabulous, especially the roof top and the secret club in the basement. We ended our trip with a stunning sunset dinner in the desert, which was the perfect chilled end to a crazy few days.’ STAY HERE Five Palm Jumeirah

captures the glamour of Dubai. Set against a breath-taking backdrop of the beach and marina, it boasts 470 rooms and suites with ocean or city views. fivehotelsandresorts.com



‘My husband and I went to Berlin as we’d not been there as a couple. If we go on a romantic weekend away we always pick a city break. I’d never drag the kids around – just think of the moaning! We stayed in The Amano hotel which has a lovely roof bar, and hired electric scooters to explore the parks and flea markets. We also had a great evening drinking cocktails and listening to buskers in James Simon Park.’

‘We all love Mexico. From the food and the people to the nature, it works Mexico is Jenny perfectly for us as a and her family’s family. We’re going go-to destination back at the end of summer and splitting our trip in two. We’re staying in a little beach hut boutique hotel in Tulum, which is very different to what the kids are used to. We’re then moving on to a big all-inclusive complete with water park, spa and entertainment. It’s nice to have the best of both worlds.’

STAY HERE Why not book a stay in Germany’s first subterranean hotel? Jenny enjoyed Berlin’s Hotel AMO a romantic boasts an atmospheric weekend away in Berlin basement bar, while upstairs you’ll find an in-house restaurant that serves Israeli cuisine. amanogroup.de

STAY HERE Set on the ivory sands of the Riviera Maya, Hotel Esencia continues to enhance its reputation as one of the chicest hotels in the world. We love the Master Beach Suites directly on Xpu-Ha beach. hotelesencia.com

Europa-Park: visiting Germany’s largest theme park Celebrity Secrets Editor Claire enjoyed an adrenaline-packed weekend ‘I love rollercoasters, so when Europa-Park asked if I’d like to spend two days at their theme park I jumped at the chance! After a short flight and transfer to the town of Rust I checked in to the resort’s brand-new hotel, Krønasår. Complimentary transfers run at least every 30 minutes to the theme park, so after a quick change I soon found myself in line for the huge variety of rides. There’s something for everyone, with plenty to keep all ages happy. I loved Woodan, a giant wooden rollercoaster that celebritysecrets.com

propels you at 100km/h; Euro-Mir, where you race up and down around tight bends at a speed of 80km/h – and all while your car is spinning 360º! Then there’s blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM, a coaster that takes you from 0-100km/h in just 2.5 seconds; and Atlantica SuperSplash, an 80km/h water ride guaranteed to leave you soaked. Watch out for the waterpark Rulantica, which opens this November!’ europapark.com

IMAGE CREDITS: John Stillwell/PA Archive/PA Images, instagram.com/jennyfrost22

STAY HERE The Beach Star apartments are San Antonio’s hidden gem. Super-cool, stylish and affordable, enjoy great food and cocktails served to chilled Balearic beats. thebeachstaribiza.com

Charlie Brake The Love Island star on men’s fashion – and why Maura’s got him in a fluster Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

Tell us all about your men’s fashion range, The Inner 13… ‘Before I went on Love Island I’d wanted my own clothing range. I gained a huge following in the villa, and used it as a platform to start my brand. The name comes from the number of boroughs we have in central London – the outer 20 and the inner 13, the thirteenth of which happens to be the City of London.’


What clothes do you most like to wear and why? ‘I wear baseball caps most days, and ours are made from recycled plastic found in our oceans. We need to take action over our planet’s waste, and this is something I want to make the forefront of the brand as it continues to progress.’

On Love Island were there any set rules for what you could and couldn’t wear? ‘Before we all went in we were given pages and pages of information on what was and wasn’t allowed in terms of our clothes. I had to go on a shopping spree because a lot of what I wear is branded, which was strictly off limits!’ If you’d been on Love Island this year who would you have made a play for? ‘I’ve made this clear enough on my social media as well as the lady’s in question… Maura’s a right little sort! As for that Irish accent…’ You’ve been busy travelling the globe. What locations are on your bucket list? ‘Tokyo, as I love to experience other culture – and from what I’ve heard Japan is pretty outthere. Secondly, Bora Bora in the French Polynesia – that

place looks like a screen saver! I reckon I’ll need to couple up first before visiting – girls, please slide in to the DMs to apply!’ What else have you been up to since your time on the show? ‘There’s only so many PAs and brand posts you can do, meaning it’s important to have something that keeps you busy. Besides seeing The Inner 13 progress I’ve been over in Canada taking part in radio talk shows, press and filming for the new Love Island USA Aftersun. The show is a global phenomenon – I couldn’t believe seeing myself in some of the out-takes of our show on American and Canadian TV ad breaks!’ Shop the Inner 13 collection now at theinner13.com



Chloe Meadows The TOWIE beauty on fashion and fitness – and why happiness starts from within Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

MY FRIENDS LIKE TO CALL ME “BOHO CHLO” ‘My sense of style is definitely boho – anything with a hippy vibe and I’ll tend to wear it! Over the summer I’ve been living in some gorgeous dresses from Australian brand Mura, but now we’re moving in to autumn I’m all about keeping warm and snug in retro jumpers with a cool slogan. They’re easy to wear but also look cool and effortless.’

THERE’S NO STYLIST TO DRESS US ON TOWIE ‘I wish we had someone to tell us what we should wear for filming! At first I tried to be extra glam, whereas now I stick to more laid-back looks. Thankfully I have a lot less fashion mishaps these days. I’ll never forget when Courtney [Green] and I thought it would be a good idea to wear matching dresses, in different colours, on the red carpet. I don’t know what we were thinking – we got slated in the press!’ I’M OVER ONLINE TROLLS ‘When I first joined TOWIE the trolling was so bad I considered surgery, but I’m glad I didn’t let them win. I used to take drastic action to lose extra weight before we filmed any bikini shots, as I was terrified what people might write. These days I’m a lot more comfortable in my skin, and am learning to love myself, no matter what people post about me online.’

MY CO-STARS LOVE KEEPING FIT ‘Lauren Pope looks sensational – that girl knows how to look after herself. I wish I could be as dedicated, but I love pick ’n’ mix too much! I try to only indulge once a week, instead choosing a shake for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken with peppers in a spicy sauce for dinner.’ FOCUS ON THE RIGHT REASONS FOR HEALTH ‘I’m a firm believer in “health is wealth”, which is great for the younger generation. However, being healthy is not about trying to drop a dress size so you can fit in with an “ideal” body type. Happiness and beauty is on the inside, so when you focus on that and become happy within yourself, then that’s when you’ll be truly content.’

IMAGE CREDIT: Steve Vas / Alamy Stock Photo

I NEED TO WORK ON MY FASHION BRAND ‘I launched my Sydney London clothing business about a year ago. To be completely honest it was just a bit of an experiment, and I only started up with two pieces in the collection! I would now love to give it a proper try again and order lots of items that I love and would wear. Watch this space – I want to be a businesswoman!’

More from Chloe at celebrity secrets.com

[same on b Catch Chloe on TOWIE on ITVBe


Fast and fabulous no-glue eyelashes

Dollbaby London Founder Tyra Warn said: “There are many people out there who would love to wear false eyelashes but cannot master eyelash glue, have no natural lashes of their own,

or are short on time. Dollbaby London’s Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes Kit solves these problems! It is one of the first glue-less lash systems which make eyelash application at home a breeze. Our customers range from teenagers to grandmothers, including a growing alopecia community. You no longer need to be a beauty guru to apply the perfect set of false lashes. Simply line, click and they stick!” Apply in three simple steps: 1. Line the eye with the Magnetic Liner 2. Allow liner to dry

3. Lashes softly magnetise to the liner! Dollbaby London’s Magnetic Liner & Lash Kit contains two sets of reusable faux mink lashes included to take you from desk to dancefloor! celebritysecrets.com

‘Fussfree, fluffy eyelashes in minutes!’

[same on b Registered by the Vegan Society, cruelty-free and latex-free. IMAGE CREDIT: instagram.com/jordan_kisskisswinks

Dollbaby London’s latest product is revolutionising the beauty industry. The brand, recently worn by Cardi B on her European tour and other A-listers, have just launched their Magnetic Liner & Lash Kit. The secret component is the magnetic eyeliner, which is both waterproof and smudge-proof!



Your new smile starts here

Based in the heart of London’s high end cosmetic district, The Welbeck Clinic is a multi-award-winning private dental practice and a popular choice for many celebrities, most recently the likes of Scarlett Moffatt and Rebekah Vardy. Long-established in Marylebone, The Welbeck Clinic houses a team of specialists, led by Dr Rogieh Ilaty, who are experts in creating beautiful smiles. Improving your smile can be easier than you may think and you can even achieve

Award-winners Dr Rogieh Ilaty (right), Best Cosmetic Dentist UK 2017 and Europe’s Top Star in Dentistry 2018, and Dr Nick Jahany (left), Best Young Dentist 2019


incredible results with as little as a couple of veneers, some simple bonding and teeth whitening. At The Welbeck Clinic, we work with our clients every step of the way to provide them with the best results possible, not only improving their smiles but also boosting their confidence too. During consultation visits our cosmetic dentists will spend time with the client to discuss individual needs and expectations. Along with considering each client’s facial features and personality, the dentist will create an individual computerised ‘smile design’ which can show the client an image of the final result. From subtle enhancements to full ‘Hollywood glam’ makeovers we cater for all desires. With veneers being the most popular treatment, they can completely transform a client’s smile, whether it be to straighten, brighten or even change the shape and length of the teeth to give the client a harmonious, happy

Scarlett Moffatt and Rebekah Vardy have undergone treatment at The Welbeck Clinic

and confident smile. Veneers can be done with a composite material bonded directly onto the teeth or with minimal prep handmade porcelain veneers. The process is virtually pain free and is usually achieved in three to four weeks.

Find out more... For more information, visit thewelbeckclinic.co.uk, email info@thewelbeckclinic.co.uk or call 0207 486 8100. Follow @thewelbeckclinic.



Technology can improve both body shape and function The natural results of ageing, weight loss and weight gain can have negative effects on the appearance of our body shape.

DISCLAIMER: It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.

EMsculpt is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and burn fat at the same time, and involves no surgery, anaesthesia or downtime! Just one 30-minute session can give the equivalent results of 20,000 sit-ups or squats and the procedure has been proven after just four treatments to build up muscle area by 19% to 20% and to melt fat by over 20%.

WHO IS DR RITA RAKUS? Dr Rita Rakus is a world-renowned cosmetic doctor with over 25 years’ experience. She is also an appointed Global Ambassador for BTL Aesthetics who developed EMsculpt. So you know you couldn’t be in better hands.

procedure, lifting, shaping and addition to sculpting yours abs firming the bottom to achieve and butt, soon EMsculpt will be a perky posterior that looks able to work its magic to give incredible in skinny your arms and legs jeans, slim-fitting the defined shape dresses and skirts. One 30-minute you desire, toning Until now this and building muscle session is like treatment has only as well as reducing been available for fat on the biceps, doing 20,000 the abs and bottom, triceps and calves. sit-ups but coming soon to the Dr Rakus There is nowhere Clinic are new better to achieve EMsculpt applicators your new toned body with EMsculpt is also the world’s for the rest of the EMsculpt than at Dr Rita first non-invasive buttock lift body too! So in Rakus’ award-winning clinic in Knightsbridge, right opposite Harrods in London. IMPROVE YOUR PELVIC FLOOR HEALTH The clinic also offers the EMsella Chair, a For the ultimate core breakthrough treatment that uses the same HIFEM® tightening results Dr Rakus technology to target the pelvic floor region. It is the recommends combining first FDA approved non-invasive device that can both EMsculpt and EMsella. actually help improve incontinence. The ‘happy chair’ delivers the same effect as performing 11,000 Kegel exercises in just one fully-clothed session and a course of just four treatments has been clinically proven to achieve an 84.5% satisfaction rate for patients and a 75% long-term improvement in this condition. EMsculpt uses non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions which force muscle tissue to respond with deep remodelling of its inner structure for effective muscle building and fat burning, not achievable with voluntary contractions.

Find out more... If you are interested in losing stubborn fat, as well as wanting to improve the tone and shape of common problem areas like the tummy, buttocks, arms and legs, you can at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in Knightsbridge, London with the revolutionary EMsculpt treatment. Visit drritarakus.co.uk or call 020 7460 7324. celebritysecrets.com


Yazmin Oukhellou Hair and beauty secrets from the reality star Interview Claire Muffett-Reece



LANCÔME HYPNÔSE CUSTOM-WEAR VOLUME MASCARA ‘I have used this mascara brand for years and have found nothing Lancôme Hypnôse else compares. It’s the best Custom-Wear ever for making my lashes Volume Mascara  look super-long and thick.’ £25.50 lancome.co.uk

Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette £56 shophudabeauty.com


Cloud Nine The Original Iron £149 cloudninehair.com

CLOUD NINE THE ORIGINAL IRON ‘When I want to use hair straighteners I always turn to these. I love the fact they smooth my hair with ease and that I don’t get any breakage or damage.’

MANE ’N TAIL ORIGINAL SHAMPOO ‘This was originally developed for horses! Since removing my extensions this is definitely my secret Mane ’n Tail to growing and thickening Original Shampoo up my own hair.’ £5.99 superdrug.com BODY

CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE FOAMING SHOWER GEL ‘This is a real treat for me. I always tend to purchase it when I’m at the airport Chanel Coco duty free, so it reminds Mademoiselle Foaming Shower Gel  me of happy holidays £39 debenhams.com with my family.’ NORVELL VIVID BOOST Norvell Vivid Boost TAN EXTENDER ‘This acts as gradual tan, Tan Extender £29.99 norvelltanning.co.uk which I love, but has the benefits of a CC cream. I use this on a night out and my legs and arms look airbrushed, and I always get compliments on my skin when I wear it.’ Yazmin is an ambassador for Norvell Tanning norvelltanning.co.uk celebritysecrets.com

HUDA BEAUTY THE NEW NUDE PALETTE ‘This is absolutely perfect for late summer makeup. I use it at home and also when I’m travelling. I really love the glitter shadows as they’re really well pigmented.’

GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION ‘Without a doubt this is my go-to foundation. It does not get cakey and I always ask for this to be used on my skin whenever Giorgio Armani Luminous possible when I’m Silk Foundation £42 on photoshoots.’ armanibeauty.co.uk SOAP & GLORY SEXY MOTHER PUCKER PILLOW PLUMP XXL ‘I like my lips to always look full, so this gloss is ideal. It tingles when you put it on and really plumps up that pout!’

NORVELL VIVID AMPLIFY PH EQUALIZER ‘I love this product as it’s a PH equaliser and primer all-in-one. I also use it as my daily Norvell Vivid make-up setting spray. Amplify Ph This stuff really holds Equalizer £24.99 my make-up in place!’ norvelltanning.co.uk

Image Skincare Resurfacing Masque £45 imageskincare.co.uk

JOUER DAILY CLARIFYING TREATMENT OIL Jouer Daily ‘This is the first facial oil Clarifying I’ve been able to use Treatment Oil £29 that doesn’t encourage beautybay.com breakouts, which I tend to suffer from. I love the luxurious feel and how it leaves my skin super-dewy.’ MARIO BADESCU SKINCARE FACIAL SPRAY WITH ALOE, CUCUMBER AND GREEN TEA ‘A make-up artist used the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray on me and I loved it, so I tried their Cucumber range. I loved it and it’s now part of my daily routine.’

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL  £10 boots.com

GLAMIFY BEAUTY THE SELFIE LASH ‘These are my all-time favourite false lashes. They Glamify Beauty The really open up Selfie Lash £8.95 my eyes yet still glamifybeauty.com look like your own, so you can fake it ’til you make it with these!’

Nip + Fab Bronzer Palette £10.95 nipandfab.com

NIP + FAB BRONZER PALETTE ‘I love this palette. They have a range of shades so that you can cater to your current tan, and you can blend together or just use separately.’

ARDELL STROKE A BROW ‘I use this as it’s super-affordable as well as waterproof and smudge-proof. I love the pen design, and the way it transforms my brows is incredible.’ Ardell Stroke A Brow  £8.95 falseeyelashes.co.uk

IMAGE SKINCARE AGELESS TOTAL RESURFACING MASQUE ‘I apply a thin layer of this to my entire face for around 20 minutes. I then wet my hands and massage for one minute before removing it with warm water, followed by a cold splash. I apply it one to two times a week to brighten my skin.’

THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE SQUEAKY CLEAN SCRUB ‘I love how fresh I feel after I’ve used this facial scrub. It really awakens and invigorates my skin. It also helps prevent The Body Shop any breakouts – and if Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub  I do have any it calms £8 thebodyshop.com them down.’

Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray £12 harveynichols.com


Oud Milano’s VIP Sets have all you need for a spectacular look – they include an eyeshadow palette, mascara, lip contour, lipstick, nail polish, pencil eyeliner and a lip gloss, all contained in a stylish leather case. oudmilano.com



You too can have long, thicker hair with volume!

Women everywhere dream of having luscious locks that cascade past their shoulders – but it can be difficult to encourage stubborn hair to You don’t grow. Fortunately need to be a help is at hand in star to see the the form of cult brand Hairburst. benefits of red-

carpet-ready hair

Hairburst offers a range of products shown to improve thickness, volume and growth, providing strength and shine to those of us with thin, limp or frizzy hair.

IMAGE CREDIT: instagram.com/oliviajade_attwood

Celebrities from Love Island beauties Olivia Attwood and Ellie Jones to TOWIE stars Ferne McCann and Chloe Sims have jumped on the Hairburst bandwagon and are loving the results of Hairburst's new Hair Elixir: Volume & Growth Spray. hair with volume. It contains nettle These stars are among those leaf, to prevent hair loss, and pea who have already snapped up extract (AnaGain) for hair growth, the beauty must-have – and and will leave won praise from your hair smelling legions of social of coconut and media followers avocado. Vitamin over pictures of B provides their gorgeous volume while hair. But you wheat extract don't need to be plumps the hair a star to see the shaft, giving a benefits of redthickening effect. carpet-ready hair Cloudberry that is enviably moisturises, long and full detoxifies and of volume. - Ferne McCann protects the hair, helping you to achieve longer, FOR LUSCIOUS LOCKS thicker, voluminous locks. You Hairburst Elixir: Volume & should use the product for four to Growth Spray comes with heat, six weeks as a minimum to be pollution and UV protection. It able to achieve a difference, helps to achieve longer, thicker and then continue treatment for at least three months for the best results.

It smells like holidays, it helps with gloss and shine, and has built in UV protection

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins £19.99 hairburst.com

GIVE YOURSELF AN EXTRA BOOST Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins contain the vital ingredients for hair growth including Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, B5, B6 & B12. They help increase hair strength and elasticity as well as reducing hair breakage. The Hairburst Lash & gummies are Brow Enhancing Serum £32.99 flavoured with

sweet strawberries and blackcurrants rich in those vitamins and trace elements, to enrich your hair, strengthening it and improving its elasticity so that it looks full and luscious and grows quicker than ever. Simply chew one of the heart-shaped vitamins daily.

Hairburst Elixir: Volume & Growth Spray £23.99 for 125ml hairburst.com

NOT JUST FOR YOUR HEAD Hairburst Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum conditions brows and lashes. Starting with a clean dry area, brush the serum on to brows and in to lashes every evening. Throw away your ‘falsies’ and get longer and healthier-looking lashes and brows in just a few weeks. The serum is made Olivia Attwood loves from 98% naturallythe gloss the product gives her, claiming derived ingredients, and “it does everything” is vegan friendly and cruelty free. The unique Find out more... formula contains Capixyl™, clinically Shop the entire range and proven to provide get 30% off with the code fuller and thicker CS30 at hairburst.com. hair. Use once daily, after your evening For more information about beauty regime. Like how Hairburst works, visit the Volume & Growth Spray, results should hairburst.com and follow be observed after four @hairburst to six weeks of use.





Dr Nina Bal is a cosmetic dental surgeon and a facial aesthetics doctor trained in aesthetics facial and dental reconstruction. Her services include nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and rejuvenation treatments.

sought-after cosmetic dental surgeons and facial aesthetic doctors in London.You might recognise her from TV, as Dr Nina is the official cosmetic dentist in the Series 2 of the UK TV Show Bodyfixers shown on E4.

She has established herself as one of the most popular, highly respected and

Dr Nina and her work have been featured many times in the press, including Tatler, Forbes, Harvard University, Evening Standard, Metro, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Thrive Global and Adweek, just to mention some. She is recommended as one of the top aesthetics doctors in the UK and London in the prestigious Tatler Address Book online and in the Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2019. Dr Nina is a multiawards nominated and the winner of the

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 in the Facial Aesthetics category – Full Facial Treatment. In 2017 she was shortlisted as one of the best young dentists in the UK by the highly prestigious Dental Awards and in 2019 she has been shortlisted again from all the doctors and dentists in the UK for the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, Facial Aesthetics – Dermal Fillers category.

most of everyone’s beauty. With her clear understanding of the Golden Ratio, her approach is to bring out and enhance her clients’ natural beauty in a welcoming and professional environment.

Her model is to empower women to look, feel and be their very best self

Dr Nina founded her Facial Sculpting clinics in London in 2017 to offer a combination of high quality aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics services together. Her service assesses the face and teeth as a whole, enabling faces to be transformed faces in a very natural way to bring out the

If you are on Instagram, you can easily understand that Dr Nina is an influencer herself in her field where she explains the often complex world of aesthetics, facial sculpting and dental beauty in a wholly accessible way.

Find out more... To book an appointment please email info@facialsculpting.co.uk, call 07340 093939 or visit facialsculpting.co.uk drninafacialsculpting |

drninabal |


DISCLAIMER: It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.

The new face of aesthetics


Have you ever wondered what Plasma Pen and its pioneering it takes to get the flawless skin technique is a highly versatile you’ve dreamt procedure that’s about in less than stunningly effective A brighter, a week? Over the in wrinkle smoothing last few years and skin tightening. more contoured Plasma Pen has and youthful Our cutting edge become worldwide German technology number one appearance and soft-surgery as a brand and technique helps lift, highly soughttighten, regenerate and repair after by consumers, especially practically any area of the skin. among celebrities, influencers It spectacularly improves and and beauty aficionados.

brightens skin tone, laxity and texture to dramatically reduce and plump out lines and wrinkles, address damaged or unhealthy skin, treat an extensive range of skin conditions and ultimately

repair and roll back the negative signs of ageing.

PLEASE NOTE!! We deliverproof. a brighter, This is a low resolution more contoured and

appearance NOT indicative of fiyouthful nal positioning withYour virtually within the publication. advert will and be placed as per immediate your booking. incredibly

long lasting We reserve the right to correct results and spelling and grammar as per the we do so house style. without

the need for fillers, suturing, Plasma Pen scalpels, treatment injectable in progress anaesthetics or costly and invasive surgery.

Find out more... Get in touch with us now by calling 01704 579800 or visit plasmapenuk.com to learn why Plasma Pen is the biggest celebrity secret for youthful looks and find out how we can make you look ten years younger. For inspiration, follow @PlasmaPen_Official


DISCLAIMER: It is important that you seek advice from a medical professional before engaging in any cosmetic surgery. All cosmetic surgeries, even minimally invasive surgeries, may involve certain health risks.

Spectacular skin tightening

Cherish your skin Collagen is your body’s protein: nourish it! Collagen is bountiful in youth but diminishes during the ageing process. As a result, collagen-rich tissues naturally weaken and deteriorate with time. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It is a structural component of skin, joints, blood vessels and connective tissue.

Our Products:

• •

Super Collagen +C: Supports healthy hair, skin, nails, tendons and ligaments. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth. Collagen Type 2: Formulated with calcium and turmeric. Calcium helps to maintain normal bones and teeth. Fish Collagen: Collagen, with added vitamins and minerals for increased absorption.

Find us:

Super Collagen and Vitamin C 90s and 190s are available from Superdrug stores nationwide and online at superdrug.com. The complete range of AHS products is available from Revital Health stores, all good independent health food stores, and Amazon.co.uk.




Skin repair and rejuvenation Get the best micro-needling treatment for your concern, mapped to your skin by our team. We address skin rejuvenation, signs of ageing and loose skin, acne scarring, pigmentation and skin redness, or rosacea.

DEEP TISSUE REPAIR WITH RADIO FREQUENCY A new-age micro-needling treatment, Morpheus-8, is now available at Dr. Medispa. Combining the latest technologies to deliver fractional micro-pins and

radio frequency to deliver significant skin results, fast. The Morpheus 8 device uses radio frequency to penetrate deeper into the skin for tissue remodelling, and targeting ageing concerns such as scarring, pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, and loose skin. On-top of the antiageing benefits, micro-needling works by inducing collagen production which forces the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. This minimally-invasive treatment is clinically proven, and delivered in a doctor-led, CQC-registered setting, to ensure your safety and satisfaction. TREATMENT DELIVERED LIKE NOWHERE ELSE Dr. Somji, board-certified surgeon and owner of Dr. MediSpa clinics, is an innovator in cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. He has gained worldwide press and credibility for his signature

Dr Somji – cosmetic surgeon and owner of Dr. Medispa

treatments and is loved by celebrities and patients across the UK. Dr Somji is a global trainer for Morpheus-8 as appointed by the manufacturer; this means you get the best treatment at his clinics.

Find out more... Dr Medispa clinics are found in Loughton and London, with a flagship address on Marylebone’s chic Chiltern Street. To book a consultation with the Dr Medispa team, visit drmedispa.com or call 020 8418 0362.

IMAGE CREDIT: instagram.com/oliviabentleyk


Glorious hair, naturally

Award-winning haircare brand and celebrity favourite, BAMbeautiful hasn’t even been around for a year and are already making waves. With seven awards and award nominations in as many

Olivia Bentley from Made in Chelsea with the BAMbeautiful range

months, BAMbeautiful is not only getting celebrity and consumer recognition, but industry recognition from experts too. There are many reasons why a woman may loseThis her hair is –ait’s low resolution proof. surprisingly common. One-quarterNOT of all indicative of final positioning women experience within the publication. Your advert will hair loss or BAMBeautiful’s as per your booking. thinning hair atbe placed intensively some point in moisturising We reserve the right to correct their lives by the ingredients create and grammar time they are spelling strong, healthier, as per the house style. 40; and over half thicker hair with hyaluronic acid, of all new mums densify with organic pea will experience sprout and aid in the promotion postpartum hair loss of growth with turmeric. after the birth of a child. Heat tools and extensions can also BAMbeautiful is even certified cause fried ends and, even in vegan and cruelty free, so some cases, traction alopecia. you can look after your hair and indulge in some Formulated with natural self-care, free of guilt! ingredients, BAMbeautiful uses the power of nature to help thicken and restore hair to its former glory, so no matter the reason for your limp and lifeless hair, BAMbeautiful will hydrate


Find out more... Readers can receive 15% off their first order on BAMbeautiful.com with code 15PRESS. Visit bambeautiful.com or call 01733 281048. Follow us for tips on @bambeautifulnaturalcare celebritysecrets.com

It’s Chico time! Singer Chico Slimani on the secrets to his 11-year marriage Interview Claire Muffett-Reece More from Chico at celebrity secrets.com

MAKE SURE YOU LOVE BOTH THE GOOD AND THE BAD ‘The secret to my marriage is trust and unconditional love. What I mean by unconditional is to love the person for the good, the bad and the ugly. You said your vows for better or worse, otherwise it’s conditional – and that’s not true love. Oh, and give up your right to be right – the wife is always right!’ WE MARRIED THREE YEARS EARLIER THAN EVERYONE THINKS ‘My wife Daniyela and I actually got married spiritually by my Sufi master in 2005. Then, three years later, we had a register office ceremony, with our closest friends and daughter as a bridesmaid, who gave us the ring. It was a day I shall always cherish, as it made me the person I am today.’ I LOVE HOW MY WIFE ALWAYS SPEAKS THE TRUTH ‘Dani’s a very strong character. We call her the “CEO” or the “General”, which she hates, but she has an ability to always speak the truth – and people absoutely love her for it! If I spoke half of her truth I’d be hated for it. I don’t know how she does it, but she has a way of telling people like it is!’ MY WIFE ALWAYS TELLS ME I’M A GOOD MAN ‘We often sit talking, and my wife will ask, “why do you think I love you?” She’ll then quickly joke – at least I hope it’s a joke! – “it’s not your looks, you know!” I say, “why do you love me then?” and she’ll say, “because you’re a good man.” That is the greatest compliment anyone can ever give me.’ Book tickets for Chico’s Block Fit Party at Brean Sands on 20 September at 48hourparty.com/fitness celebritysecrets.com

Ali Bastian

The actress on her spectacular March wedding to actor David O’Mahoney Interview Lynn Carratt

Did you spend a long time planning your wedding? ‘I think overall it took us about a year to fully prepare for our big day. David and I did a lot of the organising ourselves, but to ensure everything ran smoothly I also hired a wedding planner to oversee the actual day. She was incredible. I had a meeting with her the week before and explained what was happening, and she just took the reins. It meant we could enjoy ourselves without worrying too much.’

More from Ali at celebrity secrets.com

Tell us about your day… ‘I stayed at a hotel that I loved in Camden the night before. My sister’s a make-up artist, so she helped to get me ready the following morning. We held our wedding ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall and then hired a London bus to take our guests to the reception at The Star & Garter in Putney. David and I also decided to book a white Hackney cab as our wedding car. It all worked out really well!’ How did you decorate your wedding venue? ‘We bought all the decorations ourselves, and were going to rely on friends and family to help us dress the venue. At the last minute we decided it was too much pressure on everyone and hired a venue stylist instead. When we walked in we couldn't believe what she had done – it was absolutely incredible.’ Where did you find your dress? ‘I bought it from Wimbledon’s Teokath of London. I hadn't started dress shopping, and only popped in for a quick look as David was performing at the theatre nearby. I was just pottering around so decided to walk in – and that was it. I knew the shop anyway, because I used to drive by it on my way to work at The Bill, and their dresses always looked terrific. I’m so pleased I stuck with my original decision.’

Did you go on a wedding diet before the big day? ‘I was non-stop with work and trying to be healthy anyway, and then I ended up having problems with my wisdom teeth. I had to have one of them out three weeks before the wedding, which meant I was struggling to eat anything. I accidentally went on a juice diet before our big day! It wasn’t by choice, but it boosted my healthy eating.’


The WOW facial is a six-stage medi-facial tailored to your skin. Taking the aesthetics and beauty world by storm, it transforms the complexion, giving an immediate glow and long-lasting results. wowfacial.co.uk

Where did you go on honeymoon? We went to an island in the Maldives called Amaya Kuda Rah. It really was a dream honeymoon destination and a once-in-alifetime holiday. We booked it through Luxtripper and stayed six nights in a water villa, followed by six nights in a beach villa. We also discovered scuba diving while we were there. I was initially terrified of the idea and was in the process of talking myself out of it. In the end I built up the courage and we dived with manta rays. It was truly incredible.’

I accidentally went on a juice diet before my wedding as I had a wisdom tooth taken out!

Catch Ali as Becky in Doctors, weekdays on BBC One

IMAGES: Camera Press/Tony Ward, Imageplotter News and Sports/Alamy





* Source: Symphony IRI, Highlighting/Lightening & Bleaching Category, Value Sales data ending January 2018

daioscovecrete.com | info@daoiscove.com | 0203 807 1418



Your wedding: have it your own way

‘If you’re thinking of a nonreligious wedding, a humanist ceremony could be perfect for you’

IMAGE CREDIT: Alex Miller Photography, Grant Lampard Photography, Simple Tapestry, Creative Flux

Do you dream of getting married on a beach? In a castle? In a woodland glade? In your mum and dad’s garden? With a humanist wedding from Humanist CeremoniesTM, you can have your wedding ceremony wherever you choose. And in addition to the type of venue being up to you, you can also make your own vows and choose your own rituals and symbolic acts. If you’re thinking of a non-religious wedding, a humanist ceremony could be perfect for you. Whether you want your wedding to be very traditional or something a little different, with a humanist wedding, the choice is yours. You can have a best man, a best woman, one of each, or none at all. You can exchange rings – or not. Bouquet-tossing? Totally optional. If you’d like to have children involved in the ceremony – no problem! Our celebrants are full of creative and unique ideas and will be happy to help you put together a ceremony that is tailor-made to your relationship.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to have your wedding, your way. WARMING THE RINGS This pre-ceremony ritual gives guests the opportunity to hold the wedding rings to ‘warm’ them with good wishes and loving thoughts. It works best at small, intimate weddings. HAND-FASTING Hand-fasting ceremonies date back over 2,000 years and so, unsurprisingly, there are many variations to the binding together of hands as a symbolic act of

unity. Some people choose coloured ribbons and others choose cord – either way, it makes a lovely keepsake. TYING THE KNOT In advance of the wedding, the celebrant teaches the couple how to tie a fisherman’s knot – one of the strongest knots which, under pressure, grows stronger. The knot symbolises the strong bond the couple share. CUT-OUT HEART RACE This is an old German wedding tradition that involves a race to cut out half a heart shape which has been drawn on a bed sheet by the couple’s friends. Some people say that the winner then gets to be the maker of the large decisions in the marriage.

UNITY CANDLE In this ritual, the couple each take a pre-lit candle, and together, light a larger candle to symbolise ‘two becoming one’. Couples with children may choose to invite all members of the new family to join them in lighting the unity candle.

Find out more... To find a humanist celebrant local to you, visit humanistceremonies.org.uk/find-a-wedding-celebrant or email ceremonies@humanism.org.uk celebritysecrets.com


Mario Falcone The reality star on his top baby buys for son Parker Jax Interview Claire Muffett-Reece

MYCHILD F1 2-IN-1 BABY CAR WALKER ‘Parker loves getting in this car walker as it keeps him entertained. It’s also handy when we need to put him down to pop on a load of washing. He can’t escape!’

STOKKE TRIPP TRAPP CHAIR ‘My fiancée Becky and I love this high chair, as it can be used from birth and will adapt as Parker grows. We also bought it as it matched our house Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair colour scheme perfectly, £178 stokke.com so it fits in nicely! Parker is very happy in it.’ VENTURE ALL STARS DUO BABY PLAYPEN ‘A playpen is a great Venture All idea to keep Stars Duo Baby any young Playpen £199.99 explorer ventureuk.com safe while letting them play. We bought our gates from Amazon and the foam playmats from Totter + Tumble.’


ROCKIT PORTABLE BABY ROCKER ‘We put this rocket-shaped rocker on Parker’s pram to soothe him when it’s nap-time. Now there’s no more eating meals one-handed when we’re out and need Parker to sleep!’ ROTHO BABYDESIGN BATH SEAT ‘We found this bath seat after searching on Amazon – and it’s a game changer! It sits Parker up perfectly, meaning we can get him washed while he Rotho Babydesign splashes around and Bath Seat £22 amazon.co.uk plays with his toys.’ CELEBRITY SECRETS LOVES

The iCandy Lime pushchair is a multifunctional baby travel system. Not only does it offer one of the fastest and most compact folds available, but it will take your baby from birth to 25kg £650. icandyworld.com

Rockit Portable Baby Rocker£38 amazon.co.uk

IMAGE CREDIT: Ian West/PA Images, instagram.com/mariofalcone

Mychild F1 2-in-1 Baby Car Walker £53 amazon.co.uk



Fingers crossed I’m fertile

The Fertility Partnership achieves some of the highest success rates in Europe

Just as Supermodel and star of America’s Next Top Model Tara Banks said “When I was 23, I would tell myself, ‘In three years, I’m going to have kids!’ And then every single year I kept saying that and then after a while it’s like, okay now I want to and it’s not so easy.” Sound familiar? So many of us are like Tara, establishing our lives in our 20s, delaying pregnancy until our 30s, always thinking that it will be ok, but will it? For many this is a viable option, but fertility problems are more common than you think. Did you know one in seven couples in the UK will experience problems getting pregnant? To dispel the myth and change the narrative that all women can get pregnant whenever they choose, celebrities are opening up about their fertility issues. Kim Kardashian shared her challenges with second infertility, The largest Emma Bunton provider of raised awareness of endometriosis fertility care in after being and remove the the UK, find your diagnosed with stigma surrounding closest clinic the condition and the challenge of today notably, Michelle having a baby. Obama revealed According to Professor that she suffered a Tim Child, Medical Director miscarriage and struggled at The Fertility Partnership, the to conceive before turning UK’s biggest provider of fertility to IVF to conceive her two care, a straightforward Fertility beautiful daughters, Malia and Assessment can identify any Sasha. In sharing their stories, issues. Doing this in your 20s will they hope to break the taboo allow you to see how successful

you will be getting pregnant later down the line or highlight if action is needed earlier, when treatments achieve a greater success of conception. The Fertility Assessments are done in one or two short appointments, and include blood tests, as well as an ultrasound to check ovaries, uterus and count your antral follicles. These test results together with a full review of you and your family’s medical history, will allow your consultant to give you an accurate picture of your fertility. With fertility problems in men on the rise, it’s equally important for men to be tested. Clinics can quickly and accurately assess the situation, and advise what lifestyle changes or treatment is needed.

Find out more... It’s easy to organise a Fertility Assessment, simply ask your GP or contact one of The Fertility Partnership’s 35 clinics across the country. Visit thefertilitypartnership.com or call us on 01865 782 800. celebritysecrets.com

Love your bump with Babyopathy Our expertly blended aromatherapy oils are designed to nurture mind and body for a positive pregnancy experience; from pre-conception, through each trimester, birth and beyond. Give your bump lots of tender loving care!

For a more relaxed and positive birth, try our Birth Set at only ÂŁ44.50

Find out more at www.babyopathy.com

Luisa Zissman


The businesswomen and mum of three on the ups and downs of parenting Interview Lynn Carratt

IMAGE CREDIT: Paul White/White Photographic Ltd

How’s life as mum to daughters Dixie, nine, Indigo, three, and Clementine, 22 months? ‘It was weird to begin with, because Dixie was six and then I threw another baby into the mix. I’d forgotten how hard it was to look after a newborn, then I got pregnant again when Indigo was five months old. I thought, “If I do it now, I’m never going to do it again.” Now I’m done for good!’ Do you have a strict household regime? ‘We have a military regime! I try and get up before the kids at 6am. Dixie’s so good – she gets herself dressed and brushes her teeth without any issues. The babies are more challenging! I take them to school and nursery, then I go to the gym, do some

work, make dinner for the evening and then it’s suddenly time for the school run. It really does cut your day in half.’

Ocado is my best friend and I love ordering my food shop online Dixie’s back at school after the summer. Were you organised getting her ready? ‘I was quite last-minute this year! Dixie will say, “Mum; my school dress doesn’t fit,” so I have to go out and buy another – the children grow so much over the holidays. I find myself


Creditfix has helped over 141,000 British people with debt and are hugely experienced in debt management. Get in touch today to write off up to 75% of your unsecured debt. creditfix.co.uk

constantly asking, “Do you have a pencil case?” and “Is everything named?” I must be the worst parent at naming things!’ As a working mum what advice would you give to others out there? ‘Being organised is key, as is meal planning. Ocado is my best friend – just being able to order shopping at 9pm makes life easier. We never run out of milk anymore, as I literally do all my shopping online.’ Are you the type of family that eats meals together? ‘Mealtimes are a big thing for me, so we always try to eat together as a family. My kids aren’t fussy eaters, so in the winter I do a lot of meals in the slow cooker – I even cook chicken fajitas

in it. The kids love fish pie and shepherd’s pie, too.’ Listen to Luisa and Anna Williamson’s podcast Loose Lips on acast.com

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit marketofmums.com for further details.


Shop among your fave celeb parents! Luisa Zissman, Ferne McCann, Marnie Simpson, Cally Jane Beech and Dan Osborne all have one thing in common. They’ve all joined Market of Mums, the social shopping app for busy parents. And you can too. You’d be surprised what new and pre-loved items celebs are selling on the app! Dan Osborne has got

involved, listing pink dresses his daughter Mia has grown out of, while Luisa Zissman has given her children’s toys another life. It’s never been easier to buy and sell kids’ stuff with other mums (and dads of course), whether you’re looking for brand new clothes for your little ones or decluttering your pre-loved

items. It’s full of amazing finds, designer bargains and exclusive celebrity one-offs. What’s more, a percentage of every sale is donated to Bliss, the leading UK charity supporting premature babies and their families. And if shopping among your fave celebs isn’t enough, for a limited time, Market of Mums has teamed up with Kids Pass to give away 10,000 annual memberships. You’ll get over 50% off family days out, up to 45% off holidays, plus loads of ‘kids eat free’ deals. To grab yours, download the app and purchase any item.

Download now! Market of Mums brand ambassador Cally Jane Beech and her daughter Vienna

Available for free on Apple or Android devices.




Open up your parenting options

Don’t miss out on having a family – get your fertility checked

HEATHER AND ELLIE’S FERTILITY STORY Actor and musician Heather Peace and her wife Ellie conceived their three children at the Agora through IVF. Dr Carole GillingSmith, CEO and Medical Director of the Agora Fertility Clinic says: ‘A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have and loses hundreds of them every day of her reproductive life. It doesn’t matter if she is pregnant, on the pill or menstruating. It’s like a silent time bomb ticking. In your twenties your fertility should be excellent but by your mid-thirties it starts to decline. But everyone’s different and some women lose their fertility at a much younger age than others.’

‘What about male fertility?’ Men start making sperm at puberty but unlike women don’t ‘run out of sperm’ as they get older. However, many factors can damage sperm including illness, alcohol, smoking and drugs so men should be tested if they are thinking about having children, especially since there are often no symptoms. ‘Should I have a Fertility MOT?’ Knowing is always better than not knowing and gives you the options and choices to make a NATALIE AND GREG’S FERTILITY STORY Knowing about Greg’s sperm health led Natalie and Greg to get the right treatment to help them finally conceive their daughter Aurora after several failed IVF treatment cycles and miscarriages.


difference, including freezing your eggs until you’re ready to have a family or making lifestyle changes to improve your fertility health sooner rather than later. A Fertility MOT includes an ultrasound scan and blood test to define your ‘biological age’ and measure the ‘activity’ of your ovaries followed by a consultation with a fertility expert. Testing male sperm is also very useful in determining how likely it is to achieve conception or if there are treatments to improve it.

‘What advice do you have for women thinking about having a fertility check?’ For myself and Ellie, the fertility check was so important. It informed our decision to have our children the way we did, with Ellie using my eggs first to have Annie and then two years later for me using Ellie’s eggs to give birth to our twins Jessie and Lola. The fertility check showed me that my fertility had begun to wane (I was into my late 30s) but Ellie was in a better position to be pregnant than I was at that point. We’re so thrilled now with the way we did it and can only thank the Agora for taking time with us to look at all the available options. The staff there are pretty amazing because they are dealing with people who are highly emotional but we were always made to feel it was just about us and they were so sensitive and kind.

A special offer for Celebrity Secrets readers The Agora is offering a 15% discount on list prices for their Fertility MOT in September and October, just mention code CSMOT. To book, email admin@agoraclinic.co.uk and mention the code. For more information, call 01273 229410 or visit agoraclinic.co.uk.

Joey Essex



The ex-TOWIE favourite on Celebrity Masterchef Interview Lynn Carratt

I LOVED FILMING CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF ‘At school I wanted to take Home Economics as a GCSE but wasn’t really good enough at cooking. Being on Celebrity Masterchef has taught me that working as a chef is no joke – it’s hard work and scary. The judges Greg [Wallace] and John [Torode] were very critical of our cooking. Greg knows my family so I thought he might go easy on me – but he was really strict!’

constantly made me laugh – he should be a comedian!’ I MAKE A MEAN SPAG BOL ‘When you’re in the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen you’re busy mincing your own beef and putting lots of salt in your pasta, which is something I wouldn’t do at home. I’m always on a health kick, whereas the food on the show is all about the taste. When I’m in my own kitchen it’s just ordinary supermarket mince and brown pasta to be healthy.’

I love a bacon sandwich – but without any bread!

I WINGED IT ON THE SHOW ‘I bet some of the other contestants were practicing their dishes at home, but I just learnt them there and then. I had such a great time filming with all the celebs, but I got on with Neil Ruddock the best. I don’t like many people, but he

I REALLY WANT TO COOK FOR ED SHEERAN ‘I’ve met up with Ed at a few of his gigs, so I feel I should cook for him to say thank you. He’s a

really nice guy. He used to watch my TV show, Educating Joey Essex, and he still messages me to go to his concerts now!’ I’D IMPRESS A GIRL BY TAKING HER OUT FOR SUSHI ‘I were to take a girl on a date, we would go to the sushi restaurant Sexy Fish in Mayfair. When I go out with my family though we always head to Sheesh, which is an amazing Turkish restaurant in Essex. I bow down to the chefs there, because it’s so amazing and the food is incredible.’

WEIRD FOOD WORKS FOR ME ‘I’ll eat a bacon sandwich – but without any bread, or sometimes I’ll buy a whole chicken from the supermarket and eat it all without the skin. I always get asked how I’ve got so ripped, and I just say, “I don’t eat bread.” You’d honestly be surprised how much bread you can get through in a day, and the other thing to remember is that you never feel great after eating it, either. I go to the gym regularly and do lots of weights as well.’ Watch Celebrity Masterchef on BBC One


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Sabrina Stocker The Apprentice star and tennis coach shares her food diary Interview Lynn Carratt

cook. By the time it takes me to buy the ingredients, cook it, get it wrong, cook it again and wash up, I could have just eaten out! When I meet a man I’ll have to learn his three favourite dishes, so that I can cook them without ruining them!’

DINNER ‘My idea of an easy meal that can’t go wrong is some delicious Mediterranean vegetables with either salmon or another type of fish. If I’m eating out for dinner, it will be tend to be Vietnamese or Thai food, which I like as it’s light – LUNCH and that way you can eat quite a ‘I like lots of hummus with lot of it! I’ll also always say “yes” to a glass of wine with dinner if cucumbers, carrots, olives and sundried tomatoes. I’m a real fan of the occasion’s right, but I definitely the Mediterranean diet because it’s wouldn’t sit at home drinking quick and easy. I’m also a useless on my own. I’m also partial to an espresso martini. If I’m in a CELEBRITY SECRETS LOVES posh restaurant The UK’s No.1 British wine. The Straw I will order one Hat Prestige Collection is a range before I’ve of medium-bodied British wines started my meal. brimming with luscious fruit. Includes I think of it as red, white and rosé all at 11% ABV. a cheeky prethestrawhat.co.uk starter drink.’

What our nutritionist says ‘Sabrina understands how to eat everything in moderation, and it’s great she’s not hooked on fad diets. She’s also meeting her omega-3 requirements for brain and heart health by consuming oily fish such as salmon. However, it would be good for Sabrina to increase her dairy intake to eliminate the risk of calcium and iodine deficiency, essential for bone, reproductive and thyroid health.’ Rachel Clarkson, RD Dietitian & Nutritionist

TREATS ‘I’m a firm believer of everything in moderation when it comes to what I eat. I’m certainly not strict with my diet – I just make sure I stop eating when I’m full. I’ll admit to being a bit of a chocolate fiend and enjoy a bar as a treat. I’m also a fan

of the odd strawberry tart with a dollop of cream. It’s all calories in and calories out and I exercise a lot.’ Sabrina is available for motivational speaking on business and runs her own tennis events company mytennisevents.com


BREAKFAST ‘I usually eat scrambled eggs on toast with feta and tomatoes – and it’s normally on the go. Occasionally I’ll grab a Grenade Carb Killa protein bar, especially if I’ve worked out. My family never used to sit and eat together. My brother’s a professional tennis player and I was always out playing sport, which meant we were never in the house at the same time. We used to just dip into the fridge when we were hungry, so I’m used to eating on the go.’

More from Sabrina at celebrity secrets.com



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Dan Edgar

The star on why he loves Essex – and how life has changed since TOWIE

Interview Lauren Naylor Reality star Dan Edgar, 28, has had a busy time with the ladies since being on TOWIE, having been romantically-linked to a variety of his cast mates. It’s no wonder though, with his slick sense of style, coiffed locks and mega-watt smile! Here, he reveals exclusively to Celebrity Secrets there’s now only one lady for him…

If you had a chance to be on any other reality TV what would you do? ‘I’m a Celebrity would be amazing as it looks like it would be the biggest mental and physical challenge. I’m not great with creepy crawlies, but if I was offered it I wouldn’t turn it down.’

More from Dan at celebrity secrets.com

Being on TOWIE is certainly a huge change from my old life

How were you discovered? ‘I already knew a lot about TOWIE because my friends were starring on the show. Diags has always been my best mate, and Tom [Pearce] and Joey [Essex] are in my friendship group, too. It was natural for me to become part of the show, so when there was a gap I slotted straight in!’ Do you have to pretend to dance or eat in scenes? ‘With food there’s never any need to pretend! Sometimes when we’re filming a scene when we’re eating then it does become a bit stop/start if the scene has to be shot again. But the food is definitely real – and if you see us having a meal, we really are having a meal.’

What’s the best thing about living in Essex? ‘The restaurant Sheesh! I know everyone goes on about it, but it really is the best around. The clubs and bars have gone a bit downhill lately, so Sheesh is pretty much the number one spot to go to. It’s perfect for a good night out with incredible food. They really look after you there.’

Do you think you’ll live and grow old in Essex? ‘If I didn’t live in Essex, I’m pretty sure I’d live in Ibiza. I love it out there. Of course I love the party side, but it’s also a beautiful island to explore. I’d like to live in LA one day as well. It’s a land of opportunity and America really appeals to me. I wouldn’t be a typical Brit if I didn’t comment on the awesome weather they get over there, too!’

What do you look for in a woman? ‘Personality is a big thing for me. I’m quite laid-back so I like someone to be the same. Someone who’s not too stressed and who has lots of positivity about them. I think it’s great to be with someone who enjoys a laugh, because it’s important as a foundation. Loyalty is another big factor for me.’

Amber’s always there for me and I wouldn’t change a thing

Do you agree with your playboy reputation? ‘It annoys me that people think like this… I’ve always been in relationships so it’s not true at all! I’ve had three long-term girlfriends in my life, but viewers only see a tiny part of me – and parts of that have been the few times I’ve been single. People can make their own mind up about that, but it’s far from the truth.’

Dan and Amber are back together and in a great place


She’s always there for me and picks me up when I need it. I wouldn’t change anything about our relationship at all.’

You recently got back with Amber [Turner]. How’s it going? ‘I know that Amber is good for me, and when I split up with her I really realised that. I can’t deny we have a strong connection. Some people have the wrong idea about her and believe she’s coldhearted and serious, but that’s not the case at all.

Do you think you’ll settle down any time soon? ‘I’m 30 next year and always thought that was a long way away. I’m feeling a lot more grown-up than a few years ago. I want to sort out my own business next, then the next big stage in my life will be thinking about the future – and maybe even a family.’ Are there things you wish you could go back and change? ‘Yes and no. I’ve made mistakes, but I think we all do. What’s important is to grow and learn from errors along the way. Of course there are things I wish I’d done differently, but maybe I wouldn’t have become the person that I am if I did. I try to live without regrets.’

What’s the best piece of advice anyone’s given you? ‘I can’t pin it down to one thing, but I’ve read the book The Secret and that changed the way I think. I believe in the laws of attraction, as well as visualisation. The advice is that you are amazing and can do anything – it’s just your mind that holds you back.’ What makes you happy? ‘Travelling and going out, as well as keeping active and having fun. I love to socialise with my friends. Overall, being with like-minded people is probably what I enjoy the most.’ Catch Dan on TOWIE on ITVBe

IMAGE CREDITS: Visages Celebres/Alamy, instagram.com/amberturnerx

How has your life changed since being on The Only Way Is Essex? ‘A lot has changed, there’s no doubt about it! I’ve gone from being an electrician getting up early and working 7am until 4pm, to hours that are thankfully a lot more sociable! A long day at work was part of my life back then, so I feel so lucky that the past four-and-ahalf years have progressed in the way that they have. Being on TOWIE is certainly a huge change from my old life.’