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Breathtaking views from the PwC Tower at the reception to kick off the 5th HSG Alumni Germany Conference in Frankfurt.

Over 350 events a year

Your Top Events in 2020 04 May: Women's Chapter Flagship Event, Zurich 16 June: “Mein Ziel: VR”, Zurich 11 June: HSG Alumni Forum with GM, St. Gallen 27 – 29 August: 10th International HSG Alumni Conference, Bern 23 – 25 October: Asia Weekend, Singapore In November: Zurich Chapter Flagship Event, Zurich 19 November: 7th Seniors Chapter Annual Meeting, Zurich Find the latest information and many more events at


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Always in touch

Your Alumni News The quarterly membership magazine “alma” provides the latest information from the community and about developments in the university environment. You will also receive an electronic newsletter every month. Get to know interesting people through the podcast “HSG Alumni Entrepreneurs” and meet other alumnae and alumni in our video interviews. Our website is the central platform for all alumni activity – it goes without saying that you will also find us on the most popular social media channels.


All videos at

Expert career advice for alumni

Your Life-Long Career Adviser Our team of experienced HR advisers offers tailor-made assistance to ensure that your next career move is a successful one. From telephone consultations to “new placements”, we'll accompany you every step of the way. In addition to these consultations, you can take advantage of regularly scheduled “Mein Ziel” events and workshops. Our services are quite popular with people of all ages and have been used by over one thousand former students.


Ariel Hugentobler – Head of Career Services at HSG Alumni since 2013

Your Unique Travel Experience Would travelling in comfort with other alumnae and alumni who share your curiosity appeal to you? Our trips are tailored precisely to HSG alumni standards: destinations, fringe programme, service and the right travel group. The international HSG Alumni network gives you access to exclusive sight-seeing tours. >

A few HSG Alumni connoisseurs took part in the gourmet tour of the Basque country in 2019.


Access to special offers

Your Member Benefits We have partnered with over 80 companies to offer you special services and products. New offers are added every year. Member benefits range from special terms for training offerings to exclusive services reserved solely for our members. >

HSG alumni profit from special discounts at selected hotels such as the “7132 Hotel� in Vals that offers opulent sensory experiences in wellness, architecture and fine dining.


Further education

Your Digital Lecture Hall The networking activities of what has now grown to 28 , 000 former HSG students also includes knowledge transfer. At the initiative of HSG Alumni, the Executive School of the University of St.Gallen has launched the “HSG Spotlight� webinar series: these live seminars are held online, many reaching over 1,000 participants. Renowned professors from HSG provide insights and discuss current topics with participants.


180 clubs & chapters

Your Vibrant Community Our former students are welcomed all over the world and meet one another in over 180 Alumni Clubs. There's something for all alumnae and alumni among the many thematic or country-specific clubs – and more are continually being created, like the recently founded HSG Alumni Blockchain Club or the new HSG Alumni Sustainability Club. There are more than 10 chapters providing a wide choice for alumni in Switzerland. Join a club or found a new one with us!


40 of our clubs are hosted abroad – for example in New York, Munich and Shanghai (clockwise from top left). You can also network in other types of clubs: Subject-specific clubs – These offer meet-ups for graduates of the various programmes and subjects of the University of St.Gallen. Interest-specific clubs – These clubs are based on common interests of alumnae and alumni, who were often members of their respective student clubs whilst at university. Regional clubs Switzerland – Students from the smaller regions of Switzerland have formed clubs and hold cordial meet-ups in intimate settings. Company clubs – Do you know which of your work colleagues or employees are HSG alumnae and alumni? We’ll assist you launching your HSG Alumni company club to use this platform for informal exchange.

Turning an idea into reality – many thanks for the past and future donations that enable the HSG Learning Center to provide HSG students from yesterday, today and tomorrow with forward-looking teaching and learning opportunities, starting in 2022.


Photo: Sou Fujimoto Architects,

Commitment since 1931

Your Appreciation Former students giving something back to their university, both financially and in terms of goodwill, is a firmly established tradition. This facilitates the continuous creation of valuable and great things, for example the HSG Learning Center. The project, financed purely by private donations, has already received over 51 million francs – much of it from HSG Alumni members. University ties HSG alumnae and alumni maintain a close partnership with the University of St.Gallen – as seen in countless examples. Your membership contribution helps to support our mentoring programme as well as about 20 student initiatives, including the National Model United Nations Conference, the Start Summit and the Un-Dress Fashion Show.



Pass on Valuable Experience Committed HSG alumnae and alumni currently serve as mentors to 548 students, offering them support in their personal and professional development. We would be delighted if you would mentor one or more students when the next cycle of our programme gets under way in the autumn. Dedicated – Hilti CEO Christoph Loos talks with mentee Nadine Fritschi during a recent mentoring launch.


Stay Part of the HSG Family With its 28 ,000 members, HSG Alumni is one of the largest and most professionally run alumni organisations in Europe. As part of our community, you stay connected to HSG and your fellow students, and enjoy many benefits as well as password-protected access to the membership directory, where your profile will be visible to other alumni. Once you leave university, the annual membership costs CHF 100. A one-time subscription of CHF 2,500 entitles you to life membership – the sooner, the more rewards you'll enjoy.

Published by: HSG Alumni – circulation: 29,000 copies

Perspektive auf den Kopf stellen.

&Los. &Los ist nicht nur ein Versprechen, dass wir unsere Mitarbeitenden täglich pushen, nach vorne zu gehen. Es ist auch unser Versprechen, dass wir hinter ihnen stehen, egal, wie sie im Team den Erfolgsweg bestreiten – durch Reibung oder Herz, Hauptsache mit Weitblick. Genau das ist Arbeiten bei Helvetia.

Mehr Durchblick haben.

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Highlights 2020  

The annual brochure of HSG Alumni provides an overview of the highlights of the current year and shows the broad spectrum of the entire HSG...

Highlights 2020  

The annual brochure of HSG Alumni provides an overview of the highlights of the current year and shows the broad spectrum of the entire HSG...

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