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Callaho Warmblood Sporthorse Auction | Summer 2021


Online Auction | Summer Edition 2021 This catalogue 2021 © Callaho Warmblood Sport Horses. No part of this catalogue may be copied, distributed or sold without permission. All contributors retain sole copyright to materials published within. NDW Photography, Tracy Robertson Photography, Hilary O’Leary, Pix by Alex, LC Photography, Merly T Photography and the Callender-Easby family.

Auction Try-outs

We encourage and welcome anyone interested in the collection to book a visit to the farm during the try-out period which will commence on Friday, 10th September and extend to Thursday, 14th October 2021. To book a date or discuss suitable choices, please contact our Training Manager, Annette Rousseau on 072 619 4764 or e-mail She has intimate knowledge and experience of every horse and is a gold-mine of information which she revels in sharing.

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Two feet move your body, four feet move your soul.

It’s in our blood Breeding world-class Warmbloods is not something we do, it’s an integral part of our very fabric. It’s who we are. The unremitting love of horses has coursed through the veins of four successive generations of the Callender-Easby family.

Marike Swanepoel | Stable Manager


Carrie-Ann Bottom | Assistant Stable Manager

Vanessa & Ian Callender-Easby

Lucas Seleke | Stable Foreman

This veneration has found expression within the Callaho experience: our Team, the lifeblood of Callaho, is what makes it all happen - a rare ensemble of specialist equestrians all harmonizing to assert our endeavours on the cutting-edge of European Warmblood breeding. For all of us, it’s a dream fulfilled. Without doubt our decision to split the 2021 auction into two offerings has proven to be more than providential. With the maintenance of a very light training schedule and a further six months to mature, the result has been quite astounding. Not only have they further settled into their routine with quiet zeal, their obvious joie de vivre has catalysed the revelation of aptitudes only hinted at six months ago.


Ivana Callender-Easby Marketing Manager

Annette Rousseau | Training Manager

Riaan van der Merwe | Finance Manager


Callaho Training Team

It is thus with a great deal of anticipation and excitement that we’re now able to disclose the Summer Auction collection, the product of four consecutive generations of riding horse breeding history, now with 22 years of specialized focus on the Olympic disciplines. This is our 14th Callaho Auction, and it’s never been better. Our Callaho adage, “Breeding Magic”, has never been more apt and now truly finds expression in this year’s final offering.


Cherricka Appelgryn Administration

Ben Marumo | Maintenance Foreman


Johnny Smith | Medical Manager


Moses Jordan, Tani Gerber, Moses Senkwetse, Shadrack Moeng | Breeding Team


Shadrack Moeng | Stud Foreman



Team Callaho


Callaho Competition Team 18

Gareth Neill & Callaho’s Bolzano Du Quinze

(Quaprice Bois Margot / Ryon d’Anzex AA / Impulsif AA)

Carl Boonzaaier & Callaho’s Casparon (Caspar / Catoki / Lavall I)


Lara Neill & Callaho Consuri

(Con Coriano / Simply / Ussuri xx)

Chatan Hendriks & Callaho’s Larison (Larimar / Calido I / Calypso II)

Ray Körber & Callaho’s Cartier (Casall / Corrado I / Fernando)

Graham Winn & Callaho’s Innovation (Fragonard xx / Chepetto / Arystokrat)


Ivana Callender-Easby & Callaho Chupalight (Catoki / Calato / Landlord)


Cayleigh Triggol & Callaho Lisa Belle

(Lissabon / Alligator Fontaine / Libero H)

Tracey Carney & Callaho L’Amour (Lissabon / Contender / Capitol I)




Callaho’s Lissabon - a sire of Warmblood sport horses in a class of his very own

Callaho’s Lissabon - a sire of Warmblood sport horses in a class of his very own


The combination of Lissabon’s own record as an International 1.50m jumper, exceptional all-round sporting athlete, his innate beauty, flawless conformation and temperament, as well as his unfailing ability to reliably pass these traits onto his offspring is arguably unmatched anywhere in the Warmblood breeding world. Sire of countless top showjumpers and dressage gems, in Germany and here at home in South Africa, his real worth, as a maker of superior broodmares, is only just beginning to reveal itself. Lissabon’s European Breeding Record Before his journey to South Africa in 2008, Lissabon’s short breeding record in Europe is remarkable considering that the focus of his owner was on his performance as an athlete. • He bred 136 registered offspring in Germany. • 10 are State Premium Licenced daughters • 6 are Licenced sons including: - Lissacor (Westphalia) and Lissaro van der Helle (Hannover) who were awarded Premium status. • 10 are 1.50m - 1.60m Jumpers including: - Lisa (2004 Weinberg x Frueling mare with Björne Kuwertz GER) - Liss Royal (2005 Royal x Suedwind mare with Alexandra Erikkson SWE) - Lissbonia (Polydor x Paradox I mare with Hendrik Griese GER).


35 offspring competing in the Open SA Showjumping classes

In 2008, Lissaro won the 3yr old German Championships for Riding Horses. He then returned in 2009 to win the 4yr old Dressage Championship. The following year, in 2010, Lissaro proceeded to rewrite the history book with his 3rd consecutive Gold Medal at the Bundeschampionate. In 2011 at the Hanoverian Auction for Elite Riding Horses, the Lissabon son Let’s Go HRH was sold to Rolf Göran-Bengtsson for an auction record of €130 000. Lissabon’s South African Breeding Record Here on local soil, Lissabon’s exceptional breeding prowess has been unquestionably underpinned by the quality of his Callaho offspring. This is succinctly illustrated by his SA Showjumping award as the Top Ranked High Performance Sire of 2018 and 2019. To highlight his achievements, he has bred: • 35 offspring competing in the Open Showjumping classes • 11 of which have competed in the 1.40m - 1.50m level • 3 have won South African Championships Titles


To highlight a few of his offspring:

Callaho Lexington & Jeanne Körber 2021 Top 10 1.50m South African Champions


Callaho Le Cadeau & Desiree Davidson 2021 Top 10 1.50m South African Champions


Callaho Liantos & Tamara Rueda 2021 1.40m Highway Shows WCQ Champions 2021 1.40m South African Champions 2020 1.35m Reserve South African Champions 2019 1.30m South African Champions


Callaho Lansink & Zandi Alcock 2021 FEI World Jumping Challenge Leg 3 Gold Tour Champions 2021 Aachen Youth Jumping Challenge 1st Qualifier Champions 2021 1.35m Reserve Highway Shows WCQ Champions 2021 1.35m Reserve Gauteng Champions 2021 1.35m Reserve A’Quelle WCQ Champions 2021 1.30m Reserve Junior President’s Cup Champions


Callaho Lincoln & Dawn Newman 2020 WC Medium & Freestyle Champions 2020 WC DSA Challenge Champions 2019 WC Novice Freestyle Champions 2019 Novice & Freestyle South African Champions


Lissabon’s Legacy Lissabon’s legacy is tightly woven into the very fabric of Callaho’s third generation broodmares. It is here that his greatest gift to Warmblood breeding resides. All endowed with their sire’s refinement, athleticism and superb temperament, they are an integral component, the actual vanguard, of Callaho’s ambitions for the future.

He remains a consummate gentleman and the perfect picture of the ideal, modern sport horse Content on the farm enjoying his retirement from sport, Lissabon now serves his true calling in life as a breeding stallion. He remains a consummate gentleman and the perfect picture of the ideal, modern sport horse. Every horse lover who visits the Callaho stud farm, without fail, requests to see Lissabon immediately upon arrival. You will find him in the midst of his comrades in the spacious paddocks of Callaho’s stallion block, where he is always eager to come up to meet his following, make new friends, sign autographs and smile!

Callaho Laluna & Christine Khan

Callaho Lennox & Angela Spenceley

Callaho Laios & Alexandra Ric-Hansen


Callaho Lorenzo & Charley Crockart

Callaho Liberty & Alice Argyropoulos


Callaho Luc du Ayenne & Carl Boonzaaier

Callaho Lorado & Paul Garlicki

Callaho Le Padre & Zdenek Muchna

Callaho Leah Dara & Bianca Pitt

Callaho Let’s Dance & Vanessa Lyon

Callaho Lucetto & Paige Goetsch





Callaho Stallions


Lissabon As a young horse in Germany, Lissabon won both sections of his Stallion Performance Test in Oldenburg. Multiple style-class winner, he received the dream score of 9.3 for his jumping style at the Bundeschampionate Finals with Johannes Ehning. During his short breeding career in Germany, in addition to scores of champion foals and state premium mares, he produced six licensed sons of which Lissaro van der Helle rewrote history after winning three consecutive Bundeschampionate Gold medals. After progressing to the 1.50m classes as a serial winner, he was imported in 2008. It was here in South Africa with Callaho broodmares that his reputation as a legendary progenitor was truly cemented with reams of progeny now revealing exceptional promise in the open classes, including the big 1.50m tracks. Indomitable at the top of the SASJ Sire Rankings, this magnificent stallion has proven himself, beyond any shadow of a doubt, to be a sire of Warmblood sport horses in a class of his very own. Lord Lordanos


Uta V


Ahorn Z Sofia Sultan





Contender Reinke II by Grannus


Con Coriano At the time we acquired Con Coriano, we were looking for a sire to take the Callaho jumper breeding program into a whole new dimension. Correct technique and carefulness coupled to abundant scope were the overriding factors in our selection criteria at the Neumünster Approvals in 2006. We wanted a Contender. Sire of more than 165 recorded State Premium mares and over 120 known Licensed sons all over the world, we decided that no lesser stallion than a son of the King of Holstein could adequately address our aspirations. Con Coriano’s dam, Miss Coriano, was Holstein Champion broodmare and is mother of seven open showjumpers. Under saddle Con Coriano projects impeccable rideability and electric reactions preceding a classic, extraordinarily powerful jump. That he unfailingly passes on these qualities to his progeny is a matter of fact - a flood of top showjumpers from a kaleidoscope of broodmares are now streaming through the ranks up the open classes. The stuff legends are made of. Cor de la Bryere Contender

Calypso II



Ramiro Z Cita Corrado I

N-Miss Coriano



Eroica II

Ramiro Z Mariana by Landgraf I


Benicio In October 2007, to kickstart our dressage breeding program, Callaho travelled to the Hanoverian Stallion Körung in Germany. For Ian and Jaco, there was only one colt to consider. Hence, it was a matter of going large or going home… After being re-located back to Germany in 2011, Benicio went on to spectacularly win the 6-year-old German Dressage Bundeschampionate under young horse specialist, Anna Fiebelkorn. Six months later, he aced his Stallion Performance Test at Schliekau with perfect 10’s for walk, trot and canter. His final score, 9.88, was the highest score ever achieved in the history of the Stallion Performance Test. After only six years of formal breeding in Germany, Benico has already produced twenty-eight licensed sons (seven of whom are Premium stallions) as well as dozens of State Premium mares. With several of his sons shattering auction records and no less than eight offspring who qualified for the 2021 Bundeschampionate, this dressage sire is now firmly established as an international icon of dressage breeding. Bolero Belissimo M




Romadour II Lady Velten Sohn


Velten Third



Wanderkoenig Wahona by Wrede


Carnaval La Silla After a long and prestigious career in Europe, having been highly placed several times in International Grand Prixs, including the 2013 World Cup Grand Prix of Helsinki, this effervescent Holsteiner stallion was acquired by Callaho. Carnaval’s pedigree is as prodigious as they come. His sire, Carthago, needs no introduction. Furthermore, he is a product of Holsteiner dam-line 504 which has produced scores of 1.60m jumpers, including Operette la Silla who carried Jan Tops to the podium in several International Championships. More importantly though, his granddam Traumfee (Lord) is full-sister to the dam of Quaprice du Bois Margo (Quidam de Revel x Lord), firmly entrenched in the top 20 WBFSH and rising. It’s a no-brainer therefore that this Big-Time stallion has the sporting history and genetic makeup to become an extremely reliable producer of showjumpers equal to the very best. With several test-matings done since his arrival, it is with much anticipation that his first offspring are currently being introduced to the sport. Capitano Carthago Z

Capitol I



Calando I Kerrin Landgraf I

Lantana V




Lord Lyrik by Liguster


Tolano van’t Riethof After successfully competing for five years at World Cup competitions, as well as two Olympic Games (Seoul and Barcelona) and two World Equestrian Games, Tolano’s father, Chin Chin, has become celebrated as a key ingredient of any showjumping pedigree. Before being imported to South Africa, Tolano himself also competed successfully at 1.60m International level in Belgium under Reggy Hoffmann, as did his brother Salto van’t Riethof (Darco). From his brief breeding career in Europe, he remarkably sired eight 1.60 jumpers from only 56 offspring, four of which were 5* 1.60m competitors: Teirra, Upendo, Taran De La Pomme and the marvellous Voyeur with Kent Farrington at the helm, runner-up at the 2014 Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen where he received the prestigious Halla Award, given to the “Best Horse of the Show.” Tolano, although now sadly deceased, has sired a profoundly interesting handful of progeny for Callaho. Developing into horses with much substance, they are remarkably elastic with huge power over the jump. Cor de la Bryere Chin Chin




Farnese Cesta Gotthard

Knappe van Heyvelde

Goldspring de Lauzelle


Donna van Asborne

Lugano van la Roche Nele van Asborne


Chiletto As a back-cross to his mother’s own damline, Chiletto is most certainly a very interestingly bred son of Carthago Z (Capitol I). Produced and competed by the breeder’s daughter, Ulrike Pöhls, up to International level in Germany, it was most fortuitous that Callaho was invited to take over this stallion for breeding duty in South Africa upon his retirement. Carthago is indeed one of the most revered sires to appear in any showjumping pedigree. While he himself jumped the International 1.60m classes is significant but having him bred to a mare who also competed at 1.60m International level, even though she was barely 16 hands high, is extraordinary. Furthermore, her half-brother, Querly P, by Querlybet Hero also jumped at this level. Other than Carthago Z and Cascavelle (Cantus), the flag-bearers of this damline, countless other International jumpers and licensed stallions have their origin in this prestigious pedigree. It is most unfortunate that Callaho lost this stallion before his unique genetics could be fully utilized. Capitano Carthago Z

Capitol I



Calando I Kerrin Cor de la Bryére


Caletto II



Consul Rinde by Galapeter I


Casparon Casparon’s sire, Eurocommerce Berlin (Cassini I), under Gerco Schröder was at the apex of 1.60m International Jumping competition for many years and currently resides at No. 6 in the WBFSH rankings. Casparon’s dam, United Love, was a spectacular 1.60m International jumper under Olivier Guillon (FRA) before being sold to America. She is also the full sister to the licensed stallion, Catall (Catoki) and halfsister to licensed stallion, Caprisio (Carpaccio). Under the patient and careful guidance of Carl Boonzaaier, this partnership has grown in stature to become one of the most revered competitors in the big 1.50m classes winning the 2020 Kawena Masters and Burlington Cup Titles, the 2021 Reonet Riders Grand Prix and most recently a runner-up in the 2021 Forsyte A’Quelle WC Qualifier at Shongweni. This exceptional pairing of two superb dam-lines and both parents being top International 1.60m showjumpers, is truly remarkable. It follows that Casparon is a high-performance, infallible progenitor whose phenomenal scope and will-to-win is firmly embedded in his genes. Capitol I Caspar

Cassini I



Caretino Vardana Cambridge

United Love




Lavall I Annakonda II by Renomee


Corinth Corinth was sourced from the Holsteiner Stallion Licensing in 2008 by Callaho as an approved stallion. With Cormint (Calido x Carthago) and the thoroughbred, Grundyman xx, dominating his pedigree, his description by the commission as “Highly modern and a sport horse type extraordinaire” was spot on. At Adelheidsdorf in 2009 he graduated with distinction at his 30-day Performance Test and qualified as a fully licenced Holsteiner breeding stallion. His sire, Cormint, was the Reserve Champion Stallion at his 2004 Neumünster approvals. Furthermore, Corinth’s two half-brothers, Cosmeo (Caretino) and Gentleman (Graf Grannus), are successful competitors in the 1.60m classes. That the potential for success at the apex of International Showjumping sport is firmly embedded in his genes is indisputable. Painstakingly produced by Carl Boonzaaier, Corinth has recently also made the step up to the 1.50m classes. Belying his demure personality, which is in keeping with his partner, this reserved fella has risen to the challenge at Callaho, now unfailingly producing superior showjumpers of astonishing quality. Cantus Cormint

Calido I

Baroness VII

Ilona XV

Carthago Silvia Grundy xx

Fatima II

Grundyman xx

Berthe Manet xx


Carneval Lorha by Wild Fever


Victory For Ever Sourced from Fences in France as a foal in 2009, Victory for Ever is a Selle-Francais stallion sired by Corofino I, one of Holstein’s best and also full brother to Callaho Cartier’s mother. Out of a revered French dam-line, Victory’s mother is the full sister to Ephebe For Ever, who with Christian Hermon was the pillar of the French Nations Cup team for five years, including many successes at the highest International level. In addition, Russel II (Olympics 2008) ridden by Nick Skelton is the maternal half-brother to Victory. His Great Grandmother, Tanagra, is also the dam of Jalisco B, sire of the great Quidam de Revel. Victory For Ever is a veritable treasure-chest of jumper DNA. A modern athletic horse with three elastic and powerful paces, Victory has an exceptional temperament coupled to outstanding rideability. To top it all off, he is very careful and shows phenomenal power and scope in his jump which he consistently passes on to his offspring. Cor de la Bryere Corofino I

Corrado I


Valeska IV

Fernando I Option Alme Z

D’Eisha For Ever

Galoubet A


Geisha N

Night and Day xx Tanagra by Furioso xx


Sampras This Hanoverian Stallion was purchased as a foal from the Verden Elite Auction in 2008. Developing into a one-of-a kind natural jumper, the result of his first outing at the 2011 Stallion Performance Test in Adelheidsdorf amply illustrates Sampras’s extraordinary qualities. Placed in the apex group of a very strong field, he was rewarded with a 9.75 out of 10.00 for his ability to jump and 9.5 for rideability. His pedigree reads like pearls on a string…Stakkato, Libero H, Calypso II, Furioso II and then Inschallah… all rooted in a dam-line which has produced a mind-boggling number of International jumpers. His two full brothers, Safran and Wallenberg, are also licensed stallions and uterine sister, Escada (Escudo I) as well as his dam’s half-sister, Caracalla (Cantus) are all 1.60m International jumpers. It’s small wonder that this stallion, truly an outlier and now sadly deceased, produces extraordinary jumpers with such consistency. Slower to reveal their prodigious talent, they nevertheless mature into superb jumpers befitting their sire’s heritage. Servus Stakkato




Pygmalion Goldfeder Landgraf I


Achill-Libero H



Calypso II Bijou II by Furioso II


Larison This statuesque Holsteiner stallion was chosen from the collection at the 2013 Neumunster Approvals as a refining stallion who would introduce size without compromising the performance DNA of our dams. Larison’s dam-line is liberally adorned with six 1.60m International showjumpers, including his half-sister, Easy Going (Lasino) under Juan Carlos Garcia and Landaris (licensed son of Landgraf I) under Johan Philippaerts. Well, what a revelation this lovely stallion has been. Despite his size, he is a clever, sensitive horse with much blood, a classic technique and more than enough scope for the really colossal International 1.60m classes. Surpassing even our most optimistic expectations, not only has this bona fide gentleman produced truly exceptional jumpers from the outset, he unfailingly transmits his exquisite, elastic paces which has emboldened us to also test him on our specialised dressage mares. The result has been astounding. He has now firmly cemented a reputation as a true, without compromise, allround Warmblood progenitor – a rarity in today’s world of specialized breeding. Landgraf I Larimar

Lavall II


Elastic Dream

Lord Hanka Cantus

Ma Cherie I

Calido I

Baroness VII

Viona I

Calypso II Klischee by Wahnfried


Bolzano Du Quinze Sourced from the 2013 Fences Auction as a 3 year old, Bolzano’s unprepared freejumping demonstration convinced us that this audacious Selle-Francais stallion by the current WBFSH Top-20 sire, Quaprice Bois Margot, was possibly just the spice needed to add blood and hybrid vigour to the Callaho melting pot. Out of a classically bred Anglo-Arab damline that has produced many, many showjumping and eventing champions, including Salambo (Osier du Maury), Lambros (Derby d’ Oc) and Rhéa du Puy (Gral des Verniéres), we concluded that that this outlier was exactly the ticket we sought. Expertly and patiently produced by Bryce McCall to 1.30m level, this prodigy has anomalously revealed extraordinary elasticity and much scope. With his first test crop proving to be every bit as interesting as their father, it would now seem that they have all inherited their father’s intriguing personality and jumping capacity. Now in the masterful hands of Gareth Neill, this chestnut wunderkind has suddenly found himself in the spotlight. Jalisco B Quaprice Bois Margot

Quidam de Revel


Wella I

Lord Lyrik Massondo AA

Modene AA

Ryon d’Anzex AA

Hera B AA

Doria Combescure AA

Impulsif AA Samy de Perse AA by Muscat AA


Equinox De Chalusse Sired by Numero Uno who is deservedly gaining traction as a jumper sire with his steady rise to No. 12 in the WBFSH Rankings. Equinox’s mother is by World Champion, Vigo d’Arsouilles and his grandmother, Fragrance de Chalus is arguably the most famous dam in the world. Between her and her direct daughters, they have produced no less than THIRTY top International 1.60m jumpers which include Norton d’Eole (Cento), Bamako de Muze (Darco) and Mylord Carthago (Carthago), himself now No. 6 in the WBFSH Sire Rankings for Showjumpers. Brilliantly paired to and carefully produced by Lara Neill, this partnership kicked off their career by winning the 5th Leg of the 2019 YHPS Potential Showjumping division, going on to be placed 2nd overall in 2020. Now competing in the open classes with his first test coverings currently being introduced to the saddle, we are fully convinced that this stallion will one day rightfully take his place as one of Callaho’s most revered sires. Landgraf I Numero Uno

Libero H



Lord Calando B-Feinschnitt Nabab de Reve

Prune De Chalusse

Vigo D’Arsouilles

Illico D’Arsouilles

Fragance De Chalusse

Jalisco B Nifrane by Fury De La Cense


Cartier This elegantly framed 2014 stallion is especially suited to refine Callaho mares which tend to produce heavier type progeny. Cartier is by Casall, one of the absolute top competitors on the International jumping circuit for many years under Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. With undisputed pre-potency as a jumping sire, Casall has steadily risen to No. 5! in the WBFSH Showjumping Sire Rankings. Furthermore, Carier’s mother, Solange (Corrado), is no less than full sister to two International 1.60m jumpers, pillar of Holstein breeding Corofino I and full-brother Corofino II. Now under the gifted tutelage of Maestro, Rainer Körber, Cartier’s career is firmly placed on its anticipated trajectory after winning their first outing of both the 2019 and 2020 YHPS 5 and 6 year old Potential Showjumping classes, proceeding to claim overall victory in the 6yr old division. With the move into the open classes revealing the promise alluded to by his pedigree, his first progeny under saddle also bolsters our very high expectations of his breeding prowess. Caletto II Casall




Lavall I Maltia Cor de la Bryére


Corrado I


Valeska IV

Fernando Option by Lord


Chupalight Bred at the Callaho Studfarm Zuchthof Hollen in Lower Saxony, Chupalight was beautifully produced by Dr Günther Friemel, winning all his style classes up to 1.30m level. Once proven, he was brought home to Callaho to fulfil his destiny. A son of the highly sought-after WBFSH No. 22 sire, Catoki, a top 1.60m Showjumper under Philip Weishaupt. This pair were multiple World Cup, Grand Prix and Nations Cup Champions. Chupalight’s dam, Holla, is also the dam of successful International jumper, Hamburg GP winner and Olympian, Chupa Chup (by Caretino). With this genealogy backing up his huge potential as a jumper and sire, coupled to his tall, ultra-refined frame and textbook rideability, Chuppi will be kept very close to Callaho’s chest. Now with Ivana CallenderEasby in the saddle, for sure this beautifully refined, near-perfect example of the modern Warmblood Sport Horse will go on to represent the very essence of our aspirations, as a superb jumper and as a sire who will surely define Callaho’s future. Caletto I Catoki




Silvester Vordula Capitol I

Holla I


Vanessa III


Landlord Eike by Corporal


Innovation It was our immutable belief that the future of showjumping sport will demand horses with even more blood and intelligence that underpinned our decision to acquire Innovation X, an approved breeding stallion from the Holstein Hengst Köring in November 2017. An ultra-elegant three-quarter Hot-blood stallion by the Thoroughbred, Fragonard xx, Innovation X is furthermore out of an extremely modern dam by Chepetto. Comtesse is a product of the Holstein Stamm 4025 which is responsible for the incomparable Classic Touch (Ludger Beerbaum), as well as many famous jumpers including Deauville S (Laura Kraut), Classic Line (Andreas Ripke) and Cannelina (Eric van der Vleuten). Innovation X’s first crop of foals have turned out in accord with our most optimistic expectations: longlined and super-refined types with the added bonus of lovely, people orientated personalities. Now that he has been placed in the extraordinarily gifted hands of our iconic, multi-South African Eventing Champion, Graham Winn, to say that we are enthusiastic about this partnership would be an understatement. Elegant Air xx Fragonard xx

Dashing Blade xx

Sharp Castan xx

Foudre xx

Acatenango xx Festival xx Cento

Comtesse DKG


Camita II

Jasmin IX

Arystokrat Sektion by Roman


Lord Luzius Callaho’s anomalous fixation with the Ladykiller xx son, Lord, and specifically with his most famous son, Lord Z, has finally been requited with the acquisition of the Neumünster licensed stallion, Lord Luzius. Lord Z was an extremely successful, blood-type International jumper with John Whittaker and Beat Mändli. As a sire he produced an extraordinary percentage of top 1.60m showjumpers, exemplified by 2006 Aachen Grand Prix winner, Knolte’s Kuchengirl with Marcus Ehning. A correct and modern type with much blood, he displays an elastic canter, perfect balance and a classic freejump defined by effortless power. Back-crossed to Lord himself, twice to Carthago Z’s dam and thrice to the irrepressible Calando I, he has more than TEN 1.60m showjumpers gracing his immediate pedigree, Lord Luzius’s pure performance DNA and potential as a sire is indisputable. Now in the care of Körber Equestrian, we are confident that with Ray’s TLC, this partnership has all the makings to emerge as irrepressible competitors at the very highest levels. Ladykiller xx Lord Z




Calando I Gabriela Colman

Feine Luzie


Milva I

Luzie I

Cascavelle Chi-Chi


2021 Summer Auction Lots


STAR RATING EVALUATION AND PROTOCOL The Dressage star rating is done by Grant Store, a National A Panel Dressage Judge and Level 7 EQUASA Instructor with an International Group for Equestrian Qualifications passport. These criteria were based on the training scale. The horses were scored, as per dressage scoring 0 to 10, on their walk, trot and canter on both reins and overall ‘Way of Going’. This was subsequently worked into a percentage which is allocated to either none, one, two or three stars. Combined with temperament and willingness, the final proposed star rating is achieved. They are not required to be ‘on the bit’ but rather in a correct basic frame. SHOWJUMPING PROTOCOL The Showjumping star rating is evaluated by Ray Korber, Callaho’s Senior Instructor. Ray is a SANEF, CEEPSA and FEI level 3 qualified instructor. He has been ranked in the top 10 SA Showjumping Leaderboard for the past 10 years which includes winning the SA Derby in 2019, World Cup Qualifier in 2018, Stokkiesdraai Cup in 2020, Burlington Cup twice and SA Riders Championships in 2016. The evaluation criteria is grounded on the horse’s natural ability, taking into consideration balance, adjustability, scope and technique. All imperative as prerequisites to tackle the higher fences. The horse must have a good technique, adequate scope, be light off the ground and jump through the whither, as well as enjoy his work, giving the rider a good feeling over the jumps. CROSS COUNTRY PROTOCOL The Eventing horse is required to have the correct movement for the dressage phase as well as the natural ability to adjust to different types of jumps and terrain. The horse must possess good jumping technique and most importantly, enjoy the work on the cross country track and give the rider a safe feeling. SHOWING PROTOCOL The showing star rating is done by Claire Marcus Maloney, a candidate International Panel Showing Riding Judge and an RPL’d EQASA Instructor. Each horse is evaluated by using the classic way of assessing a showing horse in hand. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

A stand up assessed from both sides, front and back. A walk away and walk back A trot away and a trot back A trot to evaluate movement from side on Most importantly, their temperament is evaluated. Each horse presented is subsequently given either none, one, two or three stars. No horse is presented under saddle but rather presented in hand. 63

EXPLANATION OF THE STAR RATING SYSTEM Please note that the star rating system used to indicate the utility of each horse is a subjective assessment by the training team in conjunction with the highly experienced Ray Korber. The evaluation is based on the temperament, conformation and athletic characteristics displayed by the horse when unrestricted, under saddle and during several free-jumping tests conducted in the course of the training period.

No Star

The horse is not rated for this discipline or has talents which overshadow aptitude here.

One Star Two Star

The horse has shown commendable ability and potential for this discipline which could improve substantially with further training and experience.

Awarded to a horse with exceptional natural talent for this discipline. With appropriate training there is a high probability that this horse will excel at the very highest levels in a matched partnership with a skilled rider.

Three Star

This horse consistently displays first-class aptitude for this discipline with significant potential for the higher levels.

EXPLANATION OF THE COMPATIBILITY SYMBOLS AND INTERPRETATION OF TERMS Novice A rider that is still developing their basic skills and lacks experience or needs to build confidence.

Competent A capable and experienced rider who posses a modicum of ‘feel’ and is adequately familiar with the training of young horses. Skilled A sensible rider with considerable aptitude for the correct training of young horses under saddle, substantial experience and explicit natural ‘feel’. Professional A highly skilled rider and horseman/woman with years of experience. Recommended Not recommended Possible, with further correct training and or rider expertise


VETERINARY CLASSIFICATION Besides the pre-purchase veterinary check every riding horse placed on auction has had two sets of radiographs taken. Both sets are sent to Equine specialist Dr Roy Gottschalk for interpretation. The results of Dr Gottschalk’s interpretation are then referenced to grade each individual horse according to standardized norms. Both veterinary pre-purchase records as well as the radiography reports will be available for viewing prior to the auction, and will be attached to the new owners auction horse history file. Category D & E horses are not offered for sale and those that did not pass their pre-purchase exam will be withdrawn from the auction. Radiographs are restricted to selected views which may limit the value of the study. Interpretation is done on the images presented. Radiographic techniques may, in certain instances, limit the value of the study. Normal radiographs do not necessarily mean that there is no pathological process present as bone abnormalities might not be evident or because soft tissue cannot be fully evaluated. A horse may be markedly unsound in the absence of any abnormal radiographic findings. On the other hand, abnormal radiographs DO NOT imply that the lesions found are, or will be, of clinical significance. In certain instances, in the absence of current associated clinical signs, it may be impossible to determine the prognosis or significance of radiological findings. It can also be impossible to predict how certain lesions will develop. While given radiological abnormalities may be interpreted with leniency, it does not necessarily follow that other veterinarians will concur. The clinical findings, together with the current and intended use and level of performance of the horse must be considered when interpreting radiographic findings. THE CLASSIFICATION PROTOCOL CALLAHO USES IS AS FOLLOWS: Category A:

No significant radiological pathology noted.

Category B:

Radiographic pathology present – inconsequential or of uncertain significance.

Category C:

Radiographic pathology present – uncertain significance or amenable to surgical intervention or medical management.

Category D:

Significant pathology present with questionable prognosis as a sport horse.

Category E:

Negative prognosis as a sport horse.

The + sign indicates that although the horse has been graded lower than a five star the radiographic findings are of no clinical significance.


Lot Numbers 1 - 23

1 | Chilton

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


2 | Vanguard

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


3 | Latoya

SAW Sport Horse Mare


4 | Conca Vella

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


5 | L’Esplendor

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


6 | Baccara

SAW Sport Horse Mare


7 | Beniro

Hanoverian Sport Horse Gelding


8 | Chianti

SAW Sport Horse Mare


9 | Carrera

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


10 | Layla

Hanoverian Sport Horse Mare


11 | Laruno

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


12 | Bolivia

SAW Sport Horse Mare


13 | Bayenne

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


14 | Larimero

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


15 | Lejeune

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


16 | Kalinka

Hanoverian Sport Horse Mare


17 | Chinook

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


18 | Casparov

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


19 | Hera du Ayenne

SAW Sport Horse Mare


20 | Lebanon

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


21 | Vicetta

SAW Sport Horse Mare


22 | Bontender

SAW Sport Horse Gelding


23 | Tobasco

SAW Sport Horse Gelding



01 | Callaho Chilton

Grey Gelding Height: 16.1 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5237

DOB: 25/02/2017 Vet. Class

Capitol I by Capitano Chiletto

Carthago Z

Perra by Calando I


Caletto II by Cor de la Bryere Fangelika by Consul Corrado I by Cor de la Bryere

C’est Bon


Urte I by Masetto


Quidam de Revel by Jalisco B Piquette by Pilot



There’s no need to doubt our team’s selection of this gelding to introduce our Summer Auction. Chilton certainly has the requisite pedigree to confirm our confidence in his patent ability to perform as top contender in virtually any discipline. A modern, beautifully proportioned, hyperagile athlete, he also jumps with particular care and displays plentiful scope. This gelding is a joy to ride, unwavering in his duty and ready to support anyone wanting a proper jumper to partner them to the BIG classes.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (C’est Bon - 2009) She produced: 2013 | Conchetta (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.20m with Gareth Neill 2014 | Consigo (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.20m with Oscar Ncube 2ND DAM (Querida - 2005) She produced: 2009 | C’est Bon (Clinton mare) 3RD DAM (Piquette - 1992) SJ 1.50m with Leopold van Asten She produced: 2001 | Stapidox (Stakkato gelding) SJ 1.30m 2009 | Lansink (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.40m with Rainer Körber 2009 | Lamaze (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.30m with Christa vd Westhuizen


02 | Callaho Vanguard

Bay Gelding Height: 16.2 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5224

DOB: 17/11/2016 Vet. Class

Corrado I by Cor de la Bryere Victory For Ever

Corofino I

Valeska IV by Fernando I

D’ Eisha For Ever

Galoubet A by Almé Z Geisha N by Night and Day xx Lordanos by Landos



Reinette by Sion


Capitol II by Capitano Palisade by Pikoer


A sweetheart by anyone’s definition, Vanguard is endowed with a generous, loving and kind personality. By Victory For Ever, this powerful gelding exhibits all that is to be expected from the pairing of our scope supremo, Victory, to the Callaho foundation dam-line of Carina, a 1.50m Derby Competitor. Predictably, he is a brave, scopey jumper with his father’s signature bowling canter. Matched to a rider accepting of his preferred way of going, the realization of his all-round talents will be a walk in the park.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Larina - 2010) She produced: 2015 | Conrina (Con Coriano mare) 2ND DAM (Carina - 1993) SJ 1.50m | HANN State Premium She produced: 2007 | Gratina (Granulit mare) SJ 1.30m with Desiree Davidson 2008 | Con Carino (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.30m with Cailin McDonald 2009 | Contiki (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.30m 2010 | Larina (Lissabon mare) 3RD DAM (Palisade - 1980) She produced: 1987 | Mon Cherie (Matrose mare) SJ 1.40m | HANN State Premium 1998 | Don Perryl (Don Primero stallion) DR PSG/Inter I


03 | Callaho Latoya

Bay Mare Height: 16.1 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5217

DOB: 09/10/2016 Vet. Class

Landos by Lord Lissabon


W-Ashley by Ahorn Z


Sion by Sultan Reinata by Contender Fürst Heinrich by Florestan I


Fürst Romancier

Ronja by Romancier


Charon by Classiker Wenke by Wangenheim


This lovely mare is fully deserving of her three consecutive generation, Hannoverian State Premium, pedigree. A refined and receptive lady with a delightfully soft mouth, she easily maintains a lovely, steady frame. Furthermore, Latoya is a perfectly sized partner who offers a smooth luxurious ride. Her three flowing, cadenced paces reflect much quality, dispelling any doubt as to her potential as a top dressage prospect.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Fiona - 2009) She produced: 2016 | Latoya (Lissabon mare) 2ND DAM (Chanel - 1993) HANN State Premium She produced: 2005 | Sixpence (Sandro Hit stallion) HANN Licensed 2006 | Corofina 24 (Contendro I mare) SJ 1.40m 3RD DAM (Wenke - 1985) HANN State Premium She produced: 1992 | Picardje (Picard mare) SJ 1.40m | HANN State Premium 1995 | Lanchaster (Landsieger I gelding) SJ 1.30m 1997 | Chanel (Charon mare) HANN State Premium


04 | Callaho Conca Vella

Bay Gelding Height: 16.3 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5239

DOB: 15/02/2017 Vet. Class

Calypso II by Cor de la Bryere Con Coriano


Gofine by Ramiro Z

N-Miss Coriano

Coriano by Corrado I Eroica II by Ramiro Z Lordanos by Landos

Leila Vella


Reinette by Sion


Raphael by Ramiro Z Wettne by Watzmann


This combination is a fail-safe breeding recipe for Big-Time jumpers. A specialized showjumper who’s pedigree is firmly rooted in Callaho’s foundation mare Ravella, this large, stately gelding has many very close relatives excelling in our SA open classes as well as the big 1.60m Grand Prix’s in Europe. Even though he is cool under pressure and has no end to his scope, this is a big fellow and will need time and patience if he is to reach his full potential.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Leila Vella - 2009) She produced: 2014 | Con Corelli (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.20m with Nicole Cornelius 2017 | Conca Vella (Con Coriano gelding) 2ND DAM (Ravella - 1990) HANN State Premium She produced: 1995 | Sinclaire 5 (Singular Joter gelding) SJ 1.60m withTakashi Usunomiya 1998 | All in One (Acord II stallion) SJ 1.45m with Jörg Möller | HANN Lic. 2007 | Fiorella (For Joy mare) SJ 1.50m with Jeanne Körber 2010 | Lexington (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.50m with Jeanne Körber 2010 | Conny Vella (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.35m with Jonathan Clarke


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05 | Callaho L’Esplendor

Chestnut Gelding Height: 16.2 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5206

DOB: 29/10/2016 Vet. Class

Landos by Lord Lissabon


W-Ashley by Ahorn Z


Sion by Sultan Reinata by Contender Tillman xx by Nasrullah xx

Grand Finale

Esplendor xx

Belle De Jour xx by Greek Chief xx

Gin Sling

Gratuity by Diskus N/A by Pik Konig


Pretty as a picture, L’Esplendor is a really fancy gelding who gives his full attention under saddle while maintaining a lovely contact. A sweet, fun loving personality with an “Ain’t no mountain” work-ethic, he is the perfect partner to an up-n’-coming competitor needing a no-hassle mount to tackle the full spectrum of equestrian sport. Undoubtedly a top-draw showing horse, L’Esplendor actually delights in the challenges of the showjumping ring, amply demonstrating his enthusiasm with his endearing tail flick.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE SIRE (Esplendor xx - 1975) He produced: Esplanade (gelding) SJ 1.50m with Anne Marie Esslinger Sophie’s Choice (gelding) SJ 1.50m with Greg Scott 1ST DAM (Grand Finale - 1995) SJ 1.30m She produced: 2015 | Con Finale (Con Coriano mare) 2016 | L’Esplendor (Lissabon gelding)


06 | Callaho Baccara

Bay Mare Height: 16.0 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5240

DOB: 05/10/2016 Vet. Class

Quidam De Revel by Jalisco B Bolzano Du Quinze

Quaprice Bois Margot

Wella I by Lord

Modene AA

Ryon D’ Anzex AA by Massondo AA Doria Combescure AA by Impulsif AA Ahorn Z by Almé Z


Acord II

Ribecka by Calypso I


Wanderer by Wagner Patricia by Pik Koenig


After having the experience of nurturing eight offspring from our hybrid Anglo Arab, Bolzano, the evidence is inexorably mounting that this chestnut dynamo may well be an outlier - a freak progenitor of especially talented, elastic jumpers. Not only a beautifully conformed and colourful mare, Baccara is a feisty jumper with quick reflexes and a powerful hind-end. Building on our confidence in her sire’s prepotency, as well as a quick look at her suitably impressive dam-line, leaves no question unanswered regarding this mare’s quality as a showjumper.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Adele - 2000) SJ 1.40m with Govett Triggol She produced: 2016 | Baccara (Bolzano mare) 2ND DAM (Wanderkoenig - 1987) HANN State Premium She produced: 2000 | Adele (Accord II mare) SJ 1.40m with Govett Triggol 2004 | Feriano (Florianus gelding) DR PSG/Int. 2005 | Chicago (Carinjo HDC gelding) SJ 1.40m 3RD DAM (Patricia - 1978) HANN State Premium She produced: 1987 | Wanderkoenig (Wandere mare) HANN State Premium


07 | Callaho Beniro

Chestnut Gelding Height: 16.2 hh

Hanoverian DE431316822317

DOB: 10/1/2017 Vet. Class


Beltain by Bolero Benicio

Belissimo M

Roxa by Romadour II


Velten Third by Velten Sohn Wanja by Wanderkoenig Donnerhall by Donnerwetter

Dos Con Dios

De Niro

Alicante by Akzent II


Weltmeyer by World Cup I Bien Venne by Brentano II


Merely a glimpse of Beniro floating across the diagonal during his auction video is needed to immediately grasp why Benicio has garnered such word-wide acclaim as a progenitor of dressage horses par supreme. This lovely gelding certainly does him justice. The interfusion of his dam’s impressive pedigree, a unanimously perfect score for rideability from our training rider’s evaluation, as well as his hugely expressive, flowing movement, leaves no doubt that this horse is the perfect choice for the demands of the highest level of dressage competition.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Dos Con Dios - 2008) She produced: 2012 | Benicia (Benicio mare) DR Nov. with Manuela Krog 2014 | Ben Dios (Benicio gelding) DR Nov. with Arwen Dumbrill 2017 | Beniro (Benicio gelding) 2ND DAM (Walentina - 2003) She produced: 2008 | Dos Con Dios (De Niro mare) 2016 | Fynetime (Fuerstenball stallion) DSP Licensed 3RD DAM (Bien Venne - 1997) HANN State Premium She produced: 2003 | Walentina (Weltmeyer mare)


08 | Callaho Chianti

Grey Mare Height: 16.1 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5243

DOB: 09/10/2016 Vet. Class


Capitol I by Capitano Chiletto

Carthago Z

Perra by Calando I


Caletto II by Cor de la Bryere Fangelika by Consul Double Form xx by Habitat xx

Hunter’s Road xx

Huntingdale xx

Abbeydale xx by Huntercombe xx

Countermand xx

Esplendor xx by Raw Pleasure xx Counter Force xx by Divine King xx


Our Callaho imperative to meet the future with equines with even greater agility, intelligence and heart has fuelled our obsession to inject more blood into our breeding program. As such, this is a half-bred, intriguingly coloured TB cross mare, who certainly displays the benefits of this gateway to success in contemporary Warmblood breeding. Light off the ground with a forward thinking disposition instilled with the reliable puissance of Carthago DNA, Chianti is assuredly destined to be a gutsy speed specialist with the heart of a lion!

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Hunter’s Road - 1998) She produced: 2016 | Chianti (Chiletto mare) 8 foals at Thoroughbred Stud


09 | Callaho Carrera

Bay Gelding Height: 16.1 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5235

DOB: 06/11/2016 Vet. Class

Capitol I by Capitano Carnaval La Silla

Carthago Z

Perra by Calando I

Lantana V

Landadel by Landgraf I Traumfee by Lord Contender by Calypso II


Con Coriano

N-Miss Coriano by Coriano

La Lune

Landadel by Landgraf I Morika by Grannus


Take a good, hard look at the multitude of top-level showjumpers to emerge from Carrera’s immediate dam-line to prime your expectations... Note who the dam and damsire are and if you’re still unsure, look up their performance record. One more step; go full circle and observe the horse himself. Carrera’s extreme care, paired to his bold and resolute disposition towards his work confirms he is every bit the athlete one could possibly expect from this pairing.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Constanza - 2010) She produced: 2016 | Carrera (Carnaval La Silla gelding) 2ND DAM (La Lune - 1994) OLDBG State Premium She produced: 1999 | Liza Minelli (Fortinbras mare) SJ 1.60m with Yves Houtackers | OLDBG State Premium 2006 | Fontainebleau (Fortinbras gelding) SJ 1.40m with Courtney Webber 2008 | Forlandus (For Joy gelding) SJ 1.35m with Ray Korber 2011 | Vivaldi (Valentino gelding) SJ 1.35m with Graham Winn 3RD DAM (Morika - 1989) HANN State Premium She produced: 2004 | Quinnus II (Quidam’s Rubin stallion) SJ 1.60m with Denis Nielsen


10 | Callaho Layla

Chestnut Mare Height: 16.11/2 hh

Hanoverian DE431316881316

DOB: 06/01/2016 Vet. Class

Landos by Lord Lissabon


W-Ashley by Ahorn Z


Sion by Sultan Reinata by Contender Escudo I by Espri


Embassy I

Sammy Jo by Silvio I


Eiger I by Eisenherz I Westgirl by Westgote


This beautifully lined “Lady in Red” is an absolute stunner. Not just a pretty face, Layla has flowing, cadenced paces with the athleticism and rideability to really shine as a dressage star. Even in the showing ring she will be unmatched, and all things being equal, will surely go on to build on her sire’s unparalleled reputation. Aptly described by her training rider as a ‘delight to ride’, she is a softly spoken, sweet soul who exemplifies the textbook example of modern Warmblood breeding.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Etienne - 2002) SJ 1.30m with Tracey Glover She produced: 2015 | Victory Star (Victory For Ever gelding) SJ 1.10m with Zoë Morphis 2016 | Layla (Lissabon mare) 2016 | Carmelita (Carnaval La Silla mare)


11 | Callaho Laruno

Bay Gelding Height: 16.3 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5952

DOB: 02/11/2016 Vet. Class

Laval II by Landgraf I Larison


Elastic Dream by Lord

Ma Cherie I

Calido I by Cantus Viona I by Calypso II For Pleasure by Furioso II

Foruno Graefin

For Joy

Donau by Don Carlos


Almé Z by Ibrahim S-Ladalca by Landgraf I


Behold the proverbial passing of the baton from our magnificent foundation sire, Lissabon, to the next phase of Callaho’s breeding catena. With the evidence of Larison’s extraordinary prowess as a progenitor, it is just a matter of time before his offspring emerge into the spotlight. From one of Callaho’s most precious dam-lines, Laruno fully embodies our vision for the future. A beautifully modern type, he is a supremely careful and powerful jumper, leaving no doubt as to his potential.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Foruno Graefin - 2008) She produced: 2014 | Con Alma (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.30m with Tamar Gliksman 2016 | Laruno (Larison gelding) 2ND DAM (Almgraefin - 1989) She produced: 1993 | Eurocommerce Napels (Carthago Z stallion) SJ 1.60m with Gerco Schröder 1998 | Carthaga (Carthago Z mare) SJ 1.40m 2006 | Renoir (Raphael gelding) SJ 1.40m with Kevin Wessels 2012 | Laios (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.40m with Alexandra Ric-Hansen 3RD DAM (S-Ladalca - 1980) She produced: 1997 | Cobra (Carthago Z stallion) SJ 1.50m with Peter Geerink


12 | Callaho Bolivia

Bay Mare Height: 16.11/2 hh

SA Warmblood 2016/1843

DOB: 06/02/2016 Vet. Class

Quidam De Revel by Jalisco B Bolzano Du Quinze

Quaprice Bois Margot

Wella I by Lord

Modene AA

Ryon D’ Anzex AA by Massondo AA Doria Combescure AA by Impulsif AA Farn by Fax I

O’ Lady


Ramonaa by Koridon xx


Landgraf I by Ladykiller xx Grey Lady by Gotthard


This museum-quality pedigree, anchored by the stallion Nimmerdor who put VDL on the map, has gifted us with a product which is an ingenious confluence of the true “greats” from the past to the cutting edge of Callaho’s avant-garde breeding imperative. “Imagine” finds true expression in Bolivia’s genetic cocktail. She is a zesty, lionhearted jumper with limitless scope and care, proving that Callaho’s intrepid testing of the breeding box boundaries will draw us forward one leap at a time.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Olady - 1996) HOLST State Premium She produced: 2016 | Bolivia (Bolzano mare) 2ND DAM (Zauberlady - 1985) HOLST State Premium She produced: 1989 | Die Lady (Bold Indian xx mare) HOLST State Premium 2001 | Chanel (Cascavelle mare) SJ 1.60m 3RD DAM (Grey Lady - 1969) HANN State Premium She produced: 1983 | Domgoettin (Diskus mare) 1993 | Dorina H (Alexis Z mare) SJ 1.40m 1996 | Noble 1 (Noble Sire gelding) SJ 1.60m with Michel Hendrix


13 | Callaho Bayenne

Chestnut Gelding Height: 17.0 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5231

DOB: 22/12/2016 Vet. Class

Beltain by Bolero Benicio

Belissimo M

Roxa by Romadour II


Velten Third by Velten Sohn Wanja by Wanderkoenig Florencio I by Florestan I


Fürst Nymphenburg

Donner De Niro by De Niro


Falkland by Wanderer Lady by Lanthan


Quite possibly one of the very best Benicio sons born on Callaho soil, Bayenne is a remarkably expressive and powerful mover with a beautifully modern frame. With no less than 8 paternal siblings who qualified for the 2021 Bundeschampionate, this is a superb example of the raw dressage talent which Benicio consistently produces when paired to a dam-line which has the pedigree and performance DNA to complement his ethereal paces, temperament and sheer rideability.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Fayenne - 2010) She produced: 2014 | Victorio (Victory For Ever gelding) DR Nov. with Andre la Conte 2015 | Valkyrie (Victory For Ever gelding) 2016 | Bayenne (Benicio gelding) 2ND DAM (Ferry - 1999) She produced: 2010 | Fayenne (Fürst Numphenburg mare) DR Nov. with Ian Sanne 3RD DAM (Lady - 1989) HANN State Premium She produced: 1999 | Ferry (Falkland mare)


14 | Callaho Larimero

Bay Gelding Height: 17.0 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5954

DOB: 20/10/2016 Vet. Class

Laval II by Landgraf I Larison


Elastic Dream by Lord

Ma Cherie I

Calido I by Cantus Viona I by Calypso II Raimond by Ramzes x B


Ramiro Z

Valine by Cottage Son xx


Libero H by Landgraf I Pia by Pilot


Of the scores of offspring who have emerged from this dam-line, it is noteworthy that so many are not just lovely jumpers but top class sport horses. With Larison as sire, the trend continues, but there is a catch to this mare-line. They need time and patience to realize their full potential. Although his undoubted talent is already starting to reveal itself, with the passage of time and together with structured production by a competent partner to ensure his strength is built correctly, this horse will not disappoint.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Ramona- 2005) She produced: 2010 | Lorenzo (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.45m with Charley Crockart 2011 | Lorenza (Lissabon mare) SJ 1.30m with Tanya Chelin 2ND DAM (Libelle - 1993) She produced: 1997 | Prima Donna (Calvados mare) KWPN Premium 2002 | Vibrance (Burggraaf gelding) SJ 1.60m with Liz Ashton 2008 | Allibelle (Alligator Fontaine mare) 2013 | Lisa Belle (Lissabon mare) SJ 1.30m with Cayleigh Triggol 2009 | Faith (For Joy mare) SJ 1.35m with Thomas Triggol 2010 | Liberty (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.30m with Alice Argyropoulos


15 | Callaho Lejeune

Dark Bay Gelding Height: 16.21/2 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5205

DOB: 15/10/2016 Vet. Class

Landos by Lord Lissabon


W-Ashley by Ahorn Z


Sion by Sultan Reinata by Contender Quidam De Revel by Jalisco B



Fougere by Venutard


Landadel by Landgraf I Grazie by Grannus


Befitting his namesake, Philippe Le Jeune (2010 WEG Champion), this tall, dark and handsome athlete certainly does tick all the boxes as a modern, well-constructed all-round athlete. Lejeune is first and foremost a serious jumper with his own unique style - very careful and displaying huge scope. However, as is expected from Quidam de Revel and especially Landadel, this is a sensitive horse. He will require a skilled production from an experienced horseman who has sufficient sensitivity to consolidate his trust and realize the full magnitude of this prodigious talent.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Guilliana - 2010) She produced: 2015 | Toledo (Tolano v T Riethof gelding) 2016 | Lejeune (Lissabon gelding) 2ND DAM (Larissa - 1994) HANN State Premium She produced: 2007 | Quetzen (Quidam de Revel stallion) SJ 1.60m with Hubertus Dieckmann 2010 | Guilliana (Guidam mare) 3RD DAM (Grazie - 1990) HANN State Premium She produced: 2006 | Alice M (Abke mare) SJ 1.30m | HANN State Premium 2012 | Hubba Bubba 2 (Van Helsing mare) SJ 1.45m with Volkert Naeve 2011 | Vantastico (Valentino gelding) SJ 1.45m with Charlotte McLaughlin


16 | Callaho Kalinka

Bay Mare Height: 16.21/2 hh

Hanoverian DE431316822517

DOB: 13/02/2017 Vet. Class

Furioso II by Furioso xx Kannan


Gogo Moeve by Gotthard


Nimmerdor by Farn Wozieta by Le Mexico Landadel by Landgraf I


Landor S

Fureida Z by Godehard


Compliment by Calypso II Gescha by Glueckspilz


Kannan, Kalinka’s father, is the GFE flagbearer and former WBFSH rankings No. 1. To have a sire of this stature produce a daughter directly out of Loni, uterine sister to 1.60m International Showjumping contender, Quite Cool, is to be celebrated. Kalinka is a powerful mare with abundant quality, patently reflected in her perfect score for rideability. She however, needs time, patience and slow consolidation of her enormous strength, before she is able to reveal the huge, latent jumping potential indisputably embedded in her genetics.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Loni - 2003) SJ 1.30m with Ray Körber She produced: 2011 | Contador (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.30m with Brendan McNevin 2013 | Casselona (Casparon mare) SJ 1.20m with Kaitlyn Pike 2015 | Connor (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.20m with Tanya Strauss 2017 | Kalinka (Kannan mare) 2ND DAM (Caroline - 1998) HANN State Premium She produced: 2007 | Quite Cool 4 (Quite Capitol gelding) SJ 1.60m with Angelos Touloupis 3RD DAM (Gescha - 1992) HANN State Premium She produced: 2010 | Clinton’s Girl (Clinton II mare) SJ 1.40m with Yann Lupp



Increases blood circulation. Prevention and rehabilitaion of injuries.

Muscle strengthening, fitness and conditioning. Excellent for warming up.

Deceases stiffness after shows. Decreased risk of colic. Improves behaviour of horses.


17 | Callaho Chinook

Bay Gelding Height: 17.2 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5238

DOB: 18/10/2016 Vet. Class

Capitol I by Capitano Chiletto

Carthago Z

Perra by Calando I


Caletto II by Cor de la Bryere Fangelika by Consul Argentan by Absatz

Apache Bay


Dorle by Duden II


Bold Indian xx by Bold Lad xx Waidwerk by Werther


Chinook’s pedigree reveals so many of the revered names in International jumping competition that have partnered with this dam-line’s issue: O’Connor, Beerbaum, Kraut, Wathelet and the list goes on. Here in SA we have our own Jodi Pieters patiently coaching uterine brother Casco Grey to stardom. Chinook, the BFG, has a huge frame and though he exhibits an exceptionally neat and careful free-jump, he is still immature under saddle. Naturally vigilant and aware of his surroundings, Chinook quickly settles into the task at hand to give his full focus.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Apache Bay -2001) SJ 1.35m | HANN State Premium She produced: 2013 | Casco Grey (Casparon gelding) SJ 1.30m with Jodi Pieters 2016 | Chinook (Chiletto gelding) 2ND DAM (Boldi - 1991) HANN State Premium She produced: 2009 | Apache Bay (Argentinus mare) SJ 1.35m | HANN State Premium 3RD DAM (Waidwerk - 1984) HANN State Premium She produced: 1994 | Sunrise (Singular Joter I mare) DR Grand Prix with Imke S-Bartels HANN State Premium 2000 | Grand Makana (Goodman 24 gelding) DR Grand Prix with Cassidy Gallman


18 | Callaho Casparov

Bay Gelding Height: 16.1 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5236

DOB: 29/01/2017 Vet. Class

Cassini I by Capitol I Casparon


Estia H by Caretino

United Love

Catoki by Cambridge I-Lavinia H by Lavall I Now or Never M by Voltaire



Patricia by Belisar


Condor M by Contender Domossa by Don Carlos


It is truly significant that as with Casparov himself, his mother Valentina and his three maternal siblings, ALL were awarded the highest rating for jumping at their respective Callaho preauction evaluation. This indeed gives considerable gravitas to the saying “The Proof is in the Pudding”. By interfusing his sire Casparon’s limitless scope to this infallible dam-line, we have a quality jumper who will undoubtably follow in his father’s footsteps to reveal massive power over big and technical tracks. This is a brave personality with spunk and character - huge fun!

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Valentina - 2008) She produced: 2013 | Convalenta (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.20m with Danielle Lemmer 2015 | Ardennes (Abdullah gelding) SJ 1.10m with Stewart Barker 2016 | Larentino (Larison gelding) SJ 1.10m with Kylie Steyn 2ND DAM (Cindy - 2001) HANN State Premium Mare She produced: 2008 | Valentina (Valentino mare) 3RD DAM (Domossa - 1977) HANN State Premium Mare She produced: 1992 | So Long (Sandro Z gelding) SJ 1.60m with Nicole S-Simpson


19 | Callaho Hera du Ayenne

Bay Mare Height: 16.1 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5250

DOB: 13/02/2017 Vet. Class

Caramel xx by Wiesenklee xx Herald III

Heraldik xx

Heraldika xx by Cale xx


Lorenz by Ladykiller xx Sasskia by Midas Galoubet A by Almé Z

Bianca Du Ayenne

Baloubet Du Rouet

Mesange Du Rouet by Starter

Cheyenne ZH

Contendro I by Contender Granny’s Love ZH by Graf Grannus


Hera hails from one of the most valuable dam-lines in Callaho’s repertoire, that of April Love ZH. With older Lissabon brother, Luc du Ayenne under Carl Boonzaaier in the 1.35m classes starting to turn heads, the addition of this lovely mare to the Callaho branch can only further burnish the lustre of this world-renowned bloodline. An uncomplicated athlete who exhibits her lineage’s trademark jumping style and tight technique, she has a willing disposition. Couple this to her courageous disposition, she is always up for whatever the challenge.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Bianca du Ayenne - 2008) She produced: 2013 | Con Cayenne (Con Coriano mare) SJ 1.20m with Kyle Venter 2014 | Luc du Ayenne (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.35m with Carl Boonzaaier 2015 | Vasco du Ayenne (Victory gelding) 2017 | Hera du Ayenne (Herald III mare) 2ND DAM (Chayenne - 2002) HANN State Premium She produced: 2008 | Bianca du Ayenne (Baloubet) Broodmare 3RD DAM (Granny’s Love - 1998) HANN State Premium She produced: 2007 | Brisbane (Baloubet du Rouet mare) SJ 1.50m with Finja Bormann HANN State Premium


20 | Callaho Lebanon

Dark Bay Gelding Height: 16.21/2 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5951

DOB: 01/12/2016 Vet. Class

Landos by Lord Lissabon


W-Ashley by Ahorn Z


Sion by Sultan Reinata by Contender Stakkato by Spartan



Sancerre by Sandro


Escudo I by Espri Werga by Werther


A tall, flashy but refined gentleman with impeccable manners, Lebanon absolutely defines modern Warmblood breeding. With his soft eye and endearing personality, he is furthermore endowed with lovely, masterclass paces and a balanced canter that feels like a dream. This is a sport horse par supreme and no prizes for guessing what he does best: Lebanon is a superb jumper - very careful with electric reactions and abundant scope. He deserves the best of everything and will reward accordingly.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Soraya - 2004) She produced: 2012 | Larike (Lissabon mare) SJ 1.30m with Rechelle Kloeck 2013 | Conray (Con Coriano gelding) SJ 1.30m with Ryan Wallbridge 2ND DAM (Escaela - 1996) HANN State Premium She produced: 2008 | Prinz (Perigueux gelding) SJ 1.60m with Hans Dieter Dreher 2011 | Sito 10 (Stolzenburg gelding) SJ 1.40m 3RD DAM (Werga -1981) HANN State Premium She produced: 1993 | Glenfiddich (Graf Grannus stallion) SJ 1.45m with Dennis Huser 1995 | Gwendolyn (Graf Grannus mare) HANN State Premium


21 | Callaho Vicetta

Bay Mare Height: 16.0 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5214

DOB: 16/12/2016 Vet. Class

Corrado I by Cor de la Bryere Victory For Ever

Corofino I

Valeska IV by Fernando I

D’ Eisha For Ever

Galoubet A by Almé Z Geisha N by Night and Day xx Aladin Z by Almé Z



Gezzy Z by Gotthard


Gervantus I by Grannus Lassandra by Latus


This little jumping dynamo has unmistakably inherited her sire, Victory For Ever’s enormous scope and exuberance over the fences. Vicetta is brave as a lion and though a little challenging at times, absolutely delights in her work, zealously making light of all the phases of her training. Once settled into her paces however, Vicetta offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Partnered with the sensitivity of a skilled rider to fully harness her capability, Vicetta sureenough has the potential to succeed at the apex of showjumping sport.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Acy - 1997) SJ 1.40m with Lyn Zacheriason She produced: 2015 | Lazetto (Lissabon gelding) 2016 | Vicetta (Victory For Ever mare) 2ND DAM (Galinda - 1991) She produced: 1997 | Acy (Azett mare) SJ 1.40m with Lyn Zacheriason 2003 | Qienna (Quidam’s Rubin mare) SJ 1.30m 2006 | Conchettus (Concetto gelding) SJ 1.40m 3RD DAM (Lassandra 24 - 1985) SJ 1.50m with Andrea Wiese She produced: 1989 | Saskia (Sandro mare) SJ 1.40m 1993 | Sanja (Pablo mare) SJ 1.30m | OLDBG State Premium


22 | Callaho Bontender

Chestnut Gelding Height: 16.21/2 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5234

DOB: 19/09/2016 Vet. Class

Quidam De Revel by Jalisco B Bolzano Du Quinze

Quaprice Bois Margot

Wella I by Lord

Modene AA

Ryon D’ Anzex AA by Massondo AA Doria Combescure AA by Impulsif AA Calypso II by Cor de la Bryere



Gofine by Ramiro Z


Capitol I by Capitano Nienburg by Fra Diavolo


This still-growing, large-framed athlete has not yet sufficiently matured to reveal the full gambit of his unbelievable dam-line. This is consequently a perfect opportunity to acquire a horse with a pedigree which comes as close as you can get to guaranteeing a bright future in big-sport showjumping. Beautifully constructed with much colour to add to his huge presence, Bontender is a sensitive and kind gentleman. Already displaying a remarkably tidy jump, it is only a matter of time with a classical production before he challenges his siblings in the open classes.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Chocolat - 1999) HOLST State Premium She produced: 2009 | Lindor (Lissabon gelding) SJ 1.40m with Simon Hendry 2009 | Lisola (Lissabon mare) SJ 1.30m with Luke Compaan 2011 | L’Amour (Lissabon mare) SJ 1.40m with Tracy Carney 2016 | Bontender (Bolzano gelding) 2ND DAM (B-Candida - 1987) HOLST State Premium She produced: 1998 | Clarinius (Contender stallion) SJ 1.60m with Paul Hart | HOLST Lic. 2001 | Balou de Capitol (Baloubet de Rouet gelding) SJ 1.40m with Tina Kreisen 2004 | Christoph (Contender gelding) SJ 1.45m with Lara Whiteway


23 | Callaho Tobasco

Chestnut Gelding Height: 17.0 hh

SA Warmblood 2017/5221

DOB: 23/10/2016 Vet. Class

Constant by Cor de la Bryere Tolano Van’t Riethof

Chin Chin

Larese by Farnese

Knappe van Heyvelde

Goldspring de Lauzelle by Gotthard Donna van Asborne by Lugano van la Roche Eiger I by Eisenherz I

Espridara Z


Diplomatin by Diplomat


Ramiro Z by Raimond Zara by Furioso II


Taking a look at gold-medallist Explosion W’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics, not only do we draw parallels in terms of his uncanny resemblance to Tobasco, but we do not believe we’re being overly confident by suggesting that his future may well reflect a similar flightpath to stardom. This is a large, strong willed jumper with the natural fortitude and unlimited scope to bet the farm on! Provided that he is produced professionally, patiently and correctly, Tobasco will take up considerable space in Callaho’s history book.

SUGGESTED UTILITY Jumping Eventing Showing Dressage COMPATIBILITY Novice Competent Skilled Professional

PEDIGREE PERFORMANCE 1ST DAM (Espridara - 2000) She produced: 2005 | Ravissante du Reverdy (mare) SJ 1.45m with Damien Dixon 2009 | Vanhouten de Vains (stallion) SJ 1.45m with Morgan Bordat | SF Lic. 2011 | Allegra (Allegreto mare) SJ 1.30m with Mandy Mason 2013 | Leah Dara (Lissabon mare) SJ 1.30m with Bianca Pitt 2ND DAM (Dara - 1985) She produced: 1998 | Zapara (Zapateado mare) 2004 | Chanel (Argentinus mare) SJ 1.40m 2005 | Arzada (Argentinus mare) 2008 | Darzada (Calvaro Z mare) SJ 1.60m with Guilherme D Foroni 2000 | Espridara (Espri mare)


Driving Directions From Johannesburg (420km) Take the N12 towards Potchefstroom/Kimberley. Pass through Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Wolmaranstad and Bloemhof. At Christiana turn off the N12 into town. Turn left at the 2nd stop street and continue out of Christiana and over the Vaal river bridge (one- way traffic). Take the first road right (300m) and continue on the tar road for 25 km until it becomes a gravel road. Proceed for 7 km to Callaho Studfarm on the right. From Pietermaritzburg (670km) Take the N3 to Harrismith. At Harrismith take the N5 to Bethlehem In Bethlehem, turn right to stay on the N5 and continue through Senekal to Winburg. Bypass Winburg, cross over the N1 and continue on the R708 to Teunissen. At Teunissen, turn right onto the R30/R708 for 500 meters then turn left onto the R708. Proceed past Bultfontein and Hertzogville towards Christiana on the R708. 300 metres before crossing the Vaal River into Christiana turn left and continue on the tar road for 25 km until it becomes a gravel road. Proceed for 7 km to Callaho Studfarm on the right. From Kimberley (120km) Take the N12 in the direction Johannesburg. Pass through Warrenton and continue to Christiana. Turn right into town. At the 3rd stop street take the slipway left. At the 2nd stop street turn right and continue out of Christiana and over the Vaal river bridge (one- way traffic). Take the first road right (300m) and continue on the tar road for 25 km until it becomes a gravel road. Proceed for 7 km to Callaho Studfarm on the right. HELIPAD CO-ORDS; at Studfarm: S 28°09’02” E 25°06’02” AIRFIELD CO-ORDS; 15 km from Studfarm: S 27°57’51” E 25°07’47” A shuttle will be waiting at the airfield. Please confirm your approximate landing time with Johan on 060 318 4779 or Grant on 082 339 9646.





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