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C O L E M A N M A R I N E I N S U R A N C E | TA L K I N G B U S I N E S S

Bailey advised, “Over just one weekend of the beach clean- up we collected enough plastic rubbish and waste to fill 4 skips! Our display has instigated lots of conversations and interest from show visitors. It has been fantastic for awareness.” Newfoundland working dogs – ‘a connection with Poole from the late 1700’s’

volunteers have come together as a joint

and recognised. We’re gaining lots of leads,

The Newfoundland working dogs were a

collaborative venture to educate visitors to

having many conversations and making

welcome new addition to the PHBS and

the show about sailing, water sports, share

new friends. We have a range of differently

certainly drew the crowds.

Members of

their passions for marine and inspire others

priced products on display, to appeal to the

the organization, New Forest Working Dogs

to join them on the water. We are very

beginner, through to the elite performer.”

said, “We are a training group and come

well supported by the RYA and they have

together to teach the skills of life guarding

provided the stand and some marketing

Coleman Marine are the specialist Marine

and water rescue, using the Newfoundland

support, as well as hosting free ‘try a

Division of Stackhouse Poland Group

and Leonberger dogs. It’s our first time at

dinghy’ sailing sessions.”

Limited, providing Insurance expertise

the PHBS. We are aiming to demonstrate

and products across the marine insurance

the potential that these dogs can bring to

RS Sailing

sector, from yachts to superyachts to

the professional rescue services, such as

Romsey based RS Sailing were brand new

marine business.

the RNLI and coast guard. In the UK they

exhibitors at the PHBS and were showing

are a much under used asset. We intend to

their dinghies, keel boats and catamarans.

Please call if you have a need of our

educate and raise their profile.”

George Purchon of UK retail sales advised,

Insurance expertise. Tel. 01202 647400

“Our CEO visited the show last year and felt

Educating and inspiring show visitors to

that it was important that we became a part

‘get on the water’

of it, so here we are! One of our drivers is

Tracy Lee is a volunteer at Poole Yacht Club

participation and getting people in to the


and was on a busy stand that was created

sport and on to the water. A lot of people

Newfoundland dogs; The boat club volunteers; Tony Pauffley

by local Poole harbour yacht clubs. Tracy

here are in the early stages of their sailing

advised, “The different boat clubs and their

journey. We are keen to get our brand known




01202 647400

Quay House, Poole,

Coleman Insurance, George Purchon, Lynn Billowes, Jake Elsbury RS Sailing

Dorest, BH15 1HA


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