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Career Match  Worksheet     Edu.   Exp.   Setting   Req.   Required   of  Job    


Duties/ Responsibilities  

Predicted 3  local  (or   Local  &   Growth   where  you   National   want  to   Salary   Local/National   live)  places   that  hire  for   the  job  

EXAMPLE: Advertising   Sales  Agent  

Sell or  solicit  advertising   space,  time,  or  media  in   publications,  signage,  TV,   radio,  or  the  Internet.   Includes  individuals  who   obtain  leases  for  outdoor   advertising  sites  or   persuade  retailers  to  use   sales  promotion  display   items.  

41% of   people   in  this   filed   have  a   Bachelor ’s  Degree  

previous work-­‐ related  skill,   knowledge,  or   experience  is   required  for   these   occupations.  

Indoors-­‐ office   setting  

Ad Agency  A   Radio  Station   XYZ   Ad  Agency  B  


Average Growth   10-­‐19%  










Career match worksheet  

Helps students explore careers of interest by documenting important components of each job.