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College Preparedness Checklist Freshman • •

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Make sure you understand your high schools graduation requirements Ask a counselor to ensure that you are on track. Get involved a much as you can Join clubs, sports or activities that interest you. Start think of a what you would like to do over the summer whether that be work, volunteer, or a sport. Start a high school portfolio Keep track of all the activities, clubs, volunteer hours, and extra curricular events that you take part in.

Sophomore •

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Research more on colleges that might interest you. Having an idea of what college you might attend helps with the decisions you make in high school. Get involved with your high school activities Join Clubs, sports, or activities that interest you. Take the PSAT This test qualifies you for Scholarships Take the PLAN- Pre-ACT test Register for the ACT or SAT Plan to take either one at least one time your sophomore year so you can become familiar with the tests Research Summer Programs that interest you Whether it be a sport, art, or any other interest you have, summer programs allow you to focus on your interest and decide if you would like to pursue it. Think of how you want to spend your summer. Whether that be a job, sports, or volunteering. Update your high school portfolio Keep track of the activities, clubs, volunteer hours and extra curricular activities.

Junior •

Ensure that you will graduate Look at your high school’s graduation requirements. Make sure you will graduate on time. Take PSAT/NMSQT or PLAN test Take these tests to practice taking college admissions tests. These test also establishes your eligibility for scholarship programs. Make a list of entrance requirements Look up the minimum acceptance requirements for entering as a freshman at your top colleges. Research Scholarship Programs or financial help options. This can help you plan ahead and make going to college a reality Contact Colleges for more information Send an email to let them know that you are interested and would like more information. Attend a College fair. You can talk to representatives of different colleges and let them know that you are interested. Visit Colleges Plan trips to visit colleges. While on vacation trips make it a point to visit colleges near by. Seeing the campus up close will help you narrow your list of prospective colleges. Take the SAT and/or ACT Check back to your list of requirements to see if these admission test are needed. Register online to take them. Start preparing Portfolios, Audition tapes, writing samples, or other evidence of talent. Check back to your list of requirements for college admission or Scholarship Programs to see if these are required. Volunteer! Volunteering can open up more scholarship opportunities and will allow you to be more involved Update your high school portfolio Keep track of all the activities, clubs, volunteer hours, and other extra-curricular activities you take part in.

Senior •

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Choose challenging courses Your performance senior year shows admissions people that you can go on to succeed in college. Attend College fairs You can talk to representatives from the schools that you are interested in. It is a great way to find out more information on schools. Take to ACT and/or SAT Immediately take these test if you have not already done so. Start early on College Essays Get with a teacher or counselor who can provide feedback on your essays. Make a final list of colleges that interest you If you have not already contact the schools on your list to request information and to let them know that you are interested. Request high school transcripts be sent You will need a transcript for every college that you apply to. Identify references Whether this be a teacher or an employer, ask if they will provide letters of recommendation for you. Complete revisions of all applications and essays These will need to be finalized if they are required for admissions or scholarship Submit all complete admissions and college academic scholarship applications before Holiday break Verify that they have been received by the school. Talk with your parents about financial help or FAFSA Go on to see if you are qualify for financial aid. Review college responses and aid offers with your parents and counselor. Write withdraw letters to the colleges you will not attend. Enjoy your Summer!

College preparedness checklist  

Checklist for preparing students (grade 9-12) for college.