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Connecting Corporate  Strategy  and  Values  to     Talent  Management-­‐  The  Big  Picture   TVC-­‐  SHRM,  January  2014    

If you  could  wave  your  magic  wand,  what  problem  would  solve?    

Write your  Problem  Here:   __________________________________  

  Would  solving  this  problem  add  value  to  implementing  your   company’s  strategy  and  or  values?          

Steps to  Connect  to  the  Big  Picture    

Analyze Map  Talent   processes   Management   vs.  the  big   picture   Processes  

Prove value  

Strategy values

What is  your   Strategy  or   Values?  

What are   your  talent   management   processes?     Do  your   processes   connect  to  the   big  picture?  

________________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________         ________________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________       ________________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________________       _______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________      

How can  you   prove  the   value?    

What  talent  management  process  do  you  need  to  change?  

Write your  talent  management  intervention  here:   __________________________________________     Would  this  intervention  add  value  to  implementing  your   company’s  strategy  and  or  values?  How  would  you  prove   value?

Handout connecting corporate strategy and values handout  

Use this approach to help you solve talent management issues by connecting corporate strategy to talent management interventions that lead t...

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