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ather’s Day is traditionally a strange concept in holidays. None of us are really sure exactly what to do for old pop on the one day the retailers have set aside to honor him. Mother’s Day is a snap. Taking mom out to eat gives her a much needed break from the kitchen or at least from the frozen dinners. The candy, flower and greeting card companies all rack up on Mother’s Day. Father’s Day — not so much. Sure you might give dad candy, but flowers and a card just won’t fly. Most often we honor dad with a tie that is bound to bore the socks off him. Some of us like to plan activities that will either cause the old man extra work or a big expense. In that category would be camping, hiking, museums or sporting events. Similarly presents like car wax, power tools, and lawn equipment all represent implied work.

June 2013

Solving the mysteries of Pop’s special day LANDLINES DAN SMITH

Nope, old dad is something of a conundrum when it comes to gifts. Probably the best course on Father’s Day is to ask him what he would like for you to do for him. I know that can be easier said than done. Many dads are not so available when it comes to verbal communication. For the most part the mothers wear their emotions on their sleeve, but fathers are more of a mystery. He seems happy enough but what really yanks his chain? While sitting in his chair and reading the paper his demeanor is one of contentment but is that enough? No, probably not. How about a book then? What does he like to read? He always chuckles at

the Blondie comic strip and often reads The Family Circus out loud. Hmmm, not much in the way of a lead there. He likes to fish but already owns some of the finest equipment. It would be tough to pick out a rod or reel that he may actually use. A gift certificate from a sporting goods store would be nice, but also impersonal. He seemed very happy when he bought the new tires for the car but they still look pretty good. No tires. In the car, dad listens to the oldies station but seldom turns on any music at home. A CD of one of his favorite groups could work but could be dangerous. The result might be having to listen to Credence Clearwater for the entire length of all future road trips. Better be careful with music. Pop is not much of a fan of clothes and seems to wear pretty much the same thing every day. Besides, no

one knows where he gets his outfits that seem to come from a 1970s sitcom. What are trunks anyway? No, dad would never wear the clothes we pick. Father likes to drink a little, but at times seems to be teetering on the brink of over-indulgence. Best not to encourage him with beer and whiskey and everyone knows he only drinks wine to humor mom. What will we do for dad on Father’s Day? How about nothing? Mom and the kids (no matter the age) should plan a day out together and exclude the old man. The family should all be taken care of for that day so pop can relax and do just what he wants. About the best you could do is order a pizza sent to the house with those disgusting anchovies that only he eats. Make sure a couple of his favorite beers are chilling in the fridge. While he has his pizza and See POPS, Page 3

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hrough the television screen, dads have evolved over the years from Ward Cleaver dispensing advice while looking over the top of his evening newspaper INTRO to Al Bundy CECIL G. BRUMLEY dispensing MANAGING EDITOR nonsense with his newspaper tucked under his arm on the way to the john. These days, television dads have become a mish-mash of many different descriptions, which shows you can’t really pigeonhole dads into one neat little package. Dads come in all shapes, sizes and philosophies. But most importantly is that a child have a dad in their life. It is a great tragedy to go through life without a dad. Mothers generally provide comfort and nurture, while dads provide stability and discipline. Granted even that generalization doesn’t always hold up. In this issue of Forever Young, we provide examples of how some dads feel about their children. We also show how some men are trying to fill the fatherless hole in some children’s lives. Fathers have changed over the years and must fill roles that could never have been imagined in the past, but it is a good thing to have a father that loves you and pushes you to make him proud.




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beer and watches the alligator hunters on the tube, make sure no one stops by and all the phones are off. Keep the family out all day. No need to be in a hurry to celebrate Father’s Day.

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June 2013





Neighborhood dads make a difference

By Erika Webb

Four-year-old Sophia Callea has a smile that radiates, easily enveloping every heart in the vicinity, most definitely her father’s. He’s a goner. Firefighter Philip Callea and his wife, Shannon, adopted Sophia when she was 10 weeks old. Like many childless couples they’d suffered some heartbreak. They may have asked themselves why two people who genuinely wanted children had to endure such a struggle. Faith, open mindedness and hearts so willing to love guided them to the life they cherish today. “We both wanted to adopt, were very eager and very excited,” Mr. Callea said. “We were nervous about the process, but everything went very smoothly and very quickly.” They found a private adoption attorney. They’d been told birth mothers seeking adoptive parents for their babies would choose from portfolios provided by couples seeking to adopt. Mr. Callea said his wife pulled out all the stops and created a megascrapbook filled with pictures and information. She wrote a letter expressing the couple’s desire to love and care for a child. Ultimately it was a simple business card, also created by Mrs. Callea, which made its way to the young mother who would give birth to Sophia. She contacted their attorney and before they knew it, the Calleas were parents. “The first time we met Sophia was on April 15. The attorney said come to my office and get her,” Mr. Callea said. “We were shocked. We were hoping, but when it actually happened it was very fast.” He smiled as Sophia skidded through the living room and down the hall, massive curls restrained in two ponytails bouncing on her shoulders. “To me every day is better than the last. She’s a joy and I don’t know how

June 2013

Randy Barber/staff photographer

Philip Callea pushes his four-year-old daughter Sophia on a swing at a playground in Port Orange recently. to explain it,” Mr. Callea said. “She always puts a smile on his face,” Mrs. Callea said. Since Mr. Callea works 24-hour shifts, he said Mrs. Callea is responsible for much of the day-to-day, practical aspects of parenting. When he gets home, he gets to have fun with Sophia. “I come home from the fire station and say, what are we going to do for fun?” he said, laughing. “It’s amazing watching her learn. At this age, she’s always learning something new. The imagination is amazing.” “Firefighter” is synonymous with rescuer. Mr. Callea is no exception. Not only did he want to be a dad. He wanted to save a child in need. “Adoption is wonderful,” he said. “Not only was it important for Shannon and me to have a family, I think of the difference it will make in Sophia’s life … What would have happened to her?” Devoted Catholics, the Calleas attend Mass every week with Sophia

in tow. “We’re both faithful and spiritual people,” Mr. Callea said. “I want to raise Sophia as a Christian. She’s never missed one single Mass. That’s very important to us.” He sees a connection between how he nurtures and teaches a child, how that child relates to society and what happens next — the proverbial ripple in the pond. “I wanted to make a difference in the world,” Mr. Callea said. Across the street, Chris and Jenny Bishop feel equally grateful for their adopted daughter Christina, who is three and a half. “We were almost in the same position,” Mr. Bishop said. “We couldn’t have a child. We tried and tried and then adoption was placed in our lap.” The couple had friends from church who owned an adoption agency, so the idea began to take shape. They visited an adoption agency in Jacksonville, “where the mothers were more into drugs,” Mr.

Bishop said. Then one day, Mrs. Bishop was sitting with a friend at the beach. She happened to meet a young woman there who was pregnant and did not want to keep the child. “The whole process was a God thing,” Mr. Bishop said. “I said, why don’t we adopt her? Four weeks later she was in our arms.” He said Christina’s birth mother had visited abortion clinics more than once, but “just couldn’t do it.” “She knew of us, knew we were Christians. We met her at the adoption agency in Jacksonville to sign papers and that was it,” Mr. Bishop said. He and Mr. Callea have more than adoption in common. Mr. Bishop worked for a time as a sheriff’s deputy. “I had to get out of it because of the stuff you see,” he said. “Mostly, I was tired of seeing kids being abused. I couldn’t take it.” Now he has a lawn care business and he volunteers, mentoring young boys, most of whom are detained at Stewart Marchman Behavioral Center. He’s willing to go anywhere there’s a need. “I go every Thursday for two and a half hours and I talk to them,” Mr. Bishop said. “They’ve helped me more than I’ve helped them.” Through trying to help them understand God, his own questions are answered. “They’ve asked me questions about God that I didn’t know (the answers to) and we look them up together,” he said. “One kid’s stepdad killed his mom a year ago. I told him, the quicker you forgive, the pressure’s gone. Jesus forgave.” Mr. Bishop understands the boys because, he said, he had a rough childhood as well — though nothing like the lives of kids he mentors. The non-profit New Start Program is not governed by the state which allows volunteers to take Bibles into See FATHERHOOD, Page 6






June 2013




Fatherhood From page 4

the facilities. Attendance at the group sessions is voluntary. “I get to talk to eight of them at a time,” Mr. Bishop said. “They’re starving for something because they’ve never had it. I always tell them to give me a chance because this is how their life has turned out without God.” For her part, Christina shares. She is quite attached to the man she calls her Daddy-o, but on Thursday evenings she knows it’s someone else’s turn. “Every Thursday night my daughter says, ‘Go save those boys, Daddy,’” Mr. Bishop said. Both Mr. Bishop and Mr. Callea are 40. They agree that being older and more settled has made them better, more patient and appreciative parents than they might have been earlier in life.

“I can say I was scared to death of being a dad,” Mr. Bishop said, “because now I’m going to make an impact on a child and I wanted to make a positive impact.” The Bishops surround Christina with Christianity. “We don’t force it down her throat, but it’s there for her. Their minds wonder enough about other things. I don’t want her guessing about God,” he said. Carey Casey is the CEO of the National Center for Fathering, a non-profit organization “dedicated to changing the culture of fathering in America by enlisting 6.5 million fathers who want to make the Championship Fathering Commitment.” NCF believes that every child needs a dad they can count on, and uses its resources to inspire and equip men to be the involved fathers, grandfathers and father figures their children need, according to the webSee FATHERHOOD, Page 8

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June 2013

Randy Barber/staff photographer

Chris and Jenny Bishop spends time with their 3-year-old daughter Christina at their home in Port Orange recently.

June 2013





Rearing by example By Erika Webb

Neal Coates is the Unit Director for the Boys and Girls Club of Volusia and Flagler Counties in New Smyrna Beach. He taught at Daytona State College (formerly Daytona Beach Community College) for 27 years. Mr. Coates served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam Era. He serves the community as a minister and volunteer.

See REARING, Page 9

Randy Barber/staff photographer

Neal Coates enjoys spending time with the children at the Oretha Bell Boys and Girls Club in New Smyrna Beach.


Q. How did you get involved with the Boys and Girls Club? A. Upon retiring from teaching I



Fatherhood From page 6

site. “When you affirm and claim children through spoken words, written words, actions, and prayers, you’re giving them a confidence and a strong sense of belonging that will help them as they mature,” Mr. Casey wrote in an article for In the article, Mr. Casey listed five “action points for everyday heroes”: •The next time your child asks you to do something for him or her (and it’s not an unreasonable request), respond by saying, “I’d be honored to.” •As you receive Father’s Day gifts this year, respond with something like, “Thank you. But it’s really a privilege just to be your dad.” •Whenever you introduce your child to others, do so with great pride: “This is my son.” “This is my

FOREVER YOUNG daughter.” •We all know unfathered children — a neighbor, a family friend, a boy or girl at church or on our child’s team. Invite one to join your family in an activity or find some other way to encourage that child and be a fatherly influence. •Wherever you are, keep a watch out for children outside your family who may need a fatherly influence, and be willing to speak a word of encouragement, give a gentle challenge, teach a skill, or do other common father-actions Mr. Callea and Mr. Bishop get that. “We always said even if we did have a (biological) child, we wanted to adopt one,” Mr. Callea said. “Thank God, and this is a blessing. She is a blessing.” Mr. Bishop said on numerous occasions he forgets that Christina is adopted. “I wouldn’t change a thing now,” he said. She makes me laugh … since the first day. When she calls me


Bill Cosby said, “Human beings are the only creatures on Earth that allow their children to come back home.” There is a vast cavern separating women and men when it comes to the reasons for this phenomenon. For moms, the list of reasons, aka excuses, can be long and born of emotion. Dads tend to go along to get along. Some, however, simply aren’t finished dispensing words of wisdom. A return to the nest is an encore, a curtain call if you will, to their first — perhaps not so perfect performance. All of those words that “went in one ear and out the other” can be gathered up like deciduous leaves and thrown upon the lawn again. They come in all demeanors, dads — stern and serious, silly and playful, kind and supportive, cynical and wisecracking. Their advice comes the same way. What do kids do with it? Usually, throw it all up in the air like

deciduous leaves and then painstakingly retrieve each leaf, over time and as needed, when the pain and hardships of life beat them into submission. It’s then, and only then, a father’s words return to become the saving graces they were intended to, no matter how they were delivered. There was a guy, a really smart guy, who didn’t ignore the (expletive) his dad said. He made a lot of money with them. But he’s the exception. Here are some things said by and about dads — funny, wise, poignant, in anger, jest and earnest, or Ernest. We can mostly all agree the older we get, for one reason or another, dads are worth listening to. I’ve been to war. I’ve raised twins. If I had a choice, I’d rather go to war. — George W. Bush, former President of the United States There should be a children’s song: ‘If you’re happy and you know it, keep it to yourself and let your dad sleep.’ — Jim Gaffigan, comedian Having children is like having a

June 2013

Randy Barber/staff photographer

Four-year-old Sophia Callea spends the day with her father Philip Callea and mother Shannon Callea at a playground in Port Orange recently.

Words to live by, or without bowling alley installed in your brain. — Martin Mull, actor There are times when parenthood seems nothing more than feeding the hand that bites you. — Peter De Vries, writer Even very young children need to be informed about dying. Explain the concept of death very carefully to your child. This will make threatening him with it much more effective. — P.J. O’Rourke, political satirist In peace, the sons bury their fathers, but in war, the fathers bury their sons. — Croesus When a child, my dreams rode on your wishes, I was your son, high on your horse, my mind a top whipped by the lashes of your rhetoric, windy of course. — Sir Stephen Spender If a son is uneducated, his dad is to blame. — Chinese Proverb When I was a kid, my father told me every day, ‘You’re the most wonderful boy in the world, and you can do anything you want to.’ — Jan Hutchins The fundamental defect of fathers is that they want their children to be a

credit to them. — Bertrand Russell To be a successful father ... there’s one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don’t look at it for the first two years. — Ernest Hemingway Fatherhood is pretending the present you love the most is soap-on-arope. — Bill Cosby The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them. — Confucius And finally, Douglas MacArthur: “By profession, I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am prouder — infinitely prouder — to be a father. A soldier destroys in order to build; the father only builds, never destroys. The one has the potentiality of death; the other embodies creation and life. And while the hordes of death are mighty, the battalions of life are mightier still. It is my hope that my son, when I am gone, will remember me not from the battle field but in the home repeating with him our simple daily prayer, ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’


June 2013



From page 7

inquired about a part time position with the Boys & Girls Club. Seven years later I am still here. Q. What are the primary ages of the children you help and mentor? A. Our largest are young adolescents and those in grades one to five. We have quite a few in sixth, seventh and eighth grades, and some sophomores. Q. What are the unmet needs you are seeing among children/young people today?

A. Being a presence in children’s lives and mentoring them. Here, we explain consequences, and show them ways to avoid those, so they stay on the right track and stay out of the (justice) system. Q. Sadly, many parents today are “absent” for various reasons. What is the best solution for children affected by this to have their emotional needs met? A. Being involved in after school programs, faith based programs, and involvement in church activities. Q. In your experience, is there one, or are there more, main things most children have in common as far as what they’re looking for in a role model? A. To have someone love and care


for them, someone to help them achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential. Q. What behaviors do adult role models or parents display that children respond best to or benefit the most from? A. Positive reinforcement — I basically use an example like some of our grassroots organization alumni … Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Jackie Joyner and others. Our kids can look at them and look forward, knowing, “I can be whatever I want to be because these people did it. “ Q. Do you have a lot of willing father volunteers at your organization or is there a need for more? A. There is a need for more. Q. Can you explain or recount some of the ways B&G Club helps children? Some of the successes you’ve been


privy to? A. By homework assignments, mentoring them to become caring, responsible, productive citizens. I’ve seen tremendous improvements in grades, from our homework help. That’s how I know the methods are working. We call it Power Hour: making minutes count. It helps them prepare for later grades and will improve their behavior, social skills and academics for success later on. Q. Any further thoughts on fatherhood, mentoring, role models, etc.? A. To stay involved in children’s lives and be a part of Christian leadership. It’s really not complicated, but simple and basic practices like giving them time and attention, setting the example for them, involving them in the right sorts of activities and organizations to keep them busy in a positive, productive manner. It’s short and simple. We lead by example and we do our best.


A. The continued need for discipline. We’re a faith-based organization. We handle it the best way we can, show them right from wrong, by talking with them, giving examples of others who have done well in their lives, and by being good examples for

Q. What traits, in your opinion, make a good, effective father?


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June 2013


June 2013




Dining Hannah’s Family Diner gets it right By Erika Webb

Server Bobbi Clark serves up a warm smile along with the delicious food at Hannah’s Family Diner in South Daytona recently.

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Randy Barber/staff photographer


Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host Guy Fieri missed one — Hannah’s Family Diner — the little diner/bistro with big taste at the corner of Reed Canal and Nova roads in South Daytona. Recently, Hometown News visited Hannah’s at lunchtime, which is also breakfast time as breakfast is served from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. We were greeted by the heavenly aromatic mingling of maple syrup and salty ham. We were welcomed by an exceptionally friendly staff,

From page 11

including owner Kevin Hannah, who spends all day cooking at the grill. Good old-fashioned diners are not a dime a dozen these days, so to stumble into a perfect replica is to appreciate a dalliance into “way back when.” Besides the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, we were impressed by the restaurant’s cleanliness. There is plenty of seating, but ample space between tables allows diners to avoid that “too close for comfort” feeling that exists in some smaller eateries. A look at the varied menu tempted me to do breakfast. Maybe even Pop’s Gut Buster with biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, two slices of bacon piled on top of home fries — all topped with shredded cheddar and jalapenos ($7.99). Or the Round Robin, a whole

wheat English muffin brushed with olive oil, topped with Swiss cheese, poached egg and avocado slices ($3.99). But then … I zeroed in on the Panini pressed sandwiches, specifically the Smoked Turkey with Gouda cheese, tomato, onion and Bistro Sauce ($6.99). What a blending. The turkey was fresh, tender and savory, folded over grilled onions which were cooked just long enough to release sweetness and retain some crunch. Deliciously different, the sauce had a slight bite, maybe horseradish, superbly enhanced by those sweet onions. The Gouda melted through and around the other components lending creaminess to every bite. Kev’s Fat Boy Burger ($7.29) elicited this response from Hometown News photographer Randy Barber: “I like my burgers medium-well, which doesn’t always end up being as juicy as the one I ate at Hannah’s. It literally excited my taste buds; each bite was full of flavor, served

June 2013

with an egg on top. Having a fried egg on my hamburger was a first for me, but I have seen it numerous times on various food TV shows. It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. French fries, a staple with any burger, complemented the meal perfectly. They were crisp, golden brown and unlike those you get at a fast-food joint. I’m so glad for the chance to review the restaurant because I’m always cautious in trying something for the first time. I will be heading back soon to try their omelets and their breakfast burrito and biscuits and gravy and...” The fresh peach cobbler rendered us speechless. First, it came steaming from the oven. We stared as the whipped cream slid down from its perch to mingle. What is it about peaches bubbling around crust that leaves one’s mouth agape? We dug in. The flavor of those peaches transported me to a roadside stand somewhere in Georgia.

Mr. Hannah said after working in sales for national food distribution companies, then running Pub 44 in New Smyrna Beach for five years, he wanted a change. “It was time to work for myself,” he said. “I wanted to do it on my own.” Mr. Hannah, his wife Robin and their daughter KC “are truly a family from Port Orange,” he said. Their mission is to offer a great product at an affordable price, with good service in a clean, safe environment — a place people will feel good about, return often and refer to family and friends. Mission accomplished. Hannah’s Family Diner at 968 Reed Canal Road in South Daytona. Hannah’s is open 6 a.m.-2 p.m then 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. offering a full dinner menu. For information or carry out (available from 11 a.m.), call (386) 256-4918.

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Salon keeps traditions By Cathy Wharton For Hometown News

See SALON, Page 14

Photo by Cathy Wharton

Co-owners of Simone’s Salon Denise Ahearn, left, and Simone Weiss stand outside their shop in the Rivergate Village Shopping Center on Nova Road in Ormond Beach.

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When Simone Weiss was growing up in Germany, the Berlin Wall was a vivid and constant reminder of physical and ideological separation. The country and the city of Berlin were divided into two camps: East and West. When the Wall came down in 1989, the country once again became unified, allowing all citizens to pursue their individual dreams. For young Simone, it would



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be to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. Having spent much of her youth at her grandmother’s hair salon in Germany, she would soon learn her calling. “I knew that some day I would continue the tradition,” Ms. Weiss said. In the early 1990s, Simone Weiss came to the United States on vacation. At the time, she spoke no English; but upon meeting her husbandto-be, she decided to stay. After moving to this area, Ms. Weiss saw an opportunity to open her own business — a hair salon in Ormond Beach. The salon’s owner was ready to sell after many years of operation. In 2001, Ms. Weiss bought the business, and then changed its name to “Simone’s Salon.” In the Rivergate Village Shopping Center, Simone’s European-Style

Salon started out with just five employees. Today, there are 14, including co-owner and business partner, Denise Ahearn, an expert hair stylist, whose successful career started in New York. One of the hair stylists at the shop is Jennie Nawrocki, who has worked at the salon for nearly 28 years. “It’s a wonderful place to be — it’s home,” Ms. Nawrocki said, “We cater to our clients — we still have some from 40 years ago.” With such a number of experienced and dedicated beauticians on staff, Simone’s Salon continues to create a loyal clientele. “We’re busy all the time,” Ms. Weiss said. Though the business concentrates basically on the middle-aged and senior groups, Simone’s full service family salon caters to customers of all ages — men, women and children alike, and walk-ins are welcome. Three years ago, the business

expanded to take in an adjacent empty shop. With double the amount of space, Simone’s was also able to increase its services. The salon’s spacious interior now has two hairstyling rooms, one with manicure tables, plus smaller private rooms for pedicures, waxing and shampooing. The salon’s services include color treatments, keratin smoothing/straightening treatments, perms, hair extensions, formal up-dos, and facials. One of the featured styles at the salon is the famous “Simone Cut,” a unique razor-cut hairdo that Ms. Weiss developed and uses for herself. Another important feature of the salon is it uses only the best products in the hair care and beauty industry, including Matrix, Scruples, Kenra, Aquage, Nioxin, Simply Smooth and other quality names that keeps Simone’s clients looking great. When it comes to pricing, Simone’s




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charges less than some of its counterparts. “Our rates are within a fair market, according to the economy. We also offer discounts and monthly specials,” Ms. Weiss said. A quick look at the price list shows haircuts starting at $18; a shampoo, cut and style for $32; color and style for $45 — all based on the style and condition of a client’s hair. Prices can also vary depending on the client’s additional needs or requests. A complete list of services and corresponding prices are available at both the salon and on its website. Simone’s Salon is at 114 S. Nova Road, Ormond Beach in Rivergate Village Shopping Center. Hours are 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday and Saturday; 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Closed Sunday. Contact: (386) 6724282 or

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