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November/December 2019 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Rick Vierkandt - Bark Gallery


Anneli Adolfsson Laura Butler, KPA-CTP Dr. Charlotte Pulliam, DVM Gail Mayhugh Elizabeth Parker C.A. Ritz Geri Rombach Shannon Turpin

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


l u f r e d n Wo time




A season to be grateful … A season to be jolly! The months of November and December are special times of celebration, fun and joy spent with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day – food, fun, football, and parades! As we move into the busy holiday season it is helpful to pause and prepare by reflecting on thankfulness. Make a list of everyone and everything in your life that you are grateful for. And, of course, New Year’s Eve is a celebration of saying good bye to the old year and joyously and noisily welcoming another new year. Sometimes it is a season of change and loss; we become aware of all the changes and losses we’ve experienced in our lives especially in the past year. It is important to be aware that the holidays can be stressful; unresolved family issues surface, loneliness and depression, over extended time and financial commitments take their toll on us. It is important to be sensitive that many people are not able to fully participate in the season. A popular quote on social media is: Be kind because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So in this holiday season give the gifts of kindness and sensitivity to family, friends and everyone you meet.

At the close of yet another year we gratefully pause to say Thank You for being part of our lives!

We wish you all a joyous and happy holiday season. We wish you love, joy, peace and happiness. – Your Friends at the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine –

Happy Thanksgiving - Happy Hanukkah - Merry Christmas - Happy Kwanzaa - Happy New Year!


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

SHARE your MERRIEST Annual Holiday Pet Photo Contest ow1 Enter N

Between NOVEMBER 1 and DECEMBER 31, send us your HOLIDAY pet photo and you will be entered to win a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO LAZY DOG RESTAURANT & BAR. Dog Friendly Patios

Email your photo to with the following information. All entries must contain all of the information below to qualify (one photo per pet or pets/one entry per person):

• Pet’s name • Your email address

• Your name • Your phone #

Please note: By entering the contest, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.






Freckles Each winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Lazy Dog Restaurant with dog friendly patios!



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Animal Emergency Center ������������������������������������������25 Animal Foundation ��������������������������������������������������������31 At Your Service Pet Supplies ������������������������ Back Cover Bark Gallery Pet Portraits ����������������������������������������������4 Boulder City’s “Pooch Parade” �����������������������������������7 Compassionate Pet Cremation ������������������������������������8 Cuddly Pet Care ��������������������������������������������������������������17 Doors 4 Mutts ���������������������������������������������������������������� 47 Geico ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������39 Gibson’s Canine Classroom ���������������������������������������31 Gregg The Insurance Man ������������������������������������������24 Happy Tails Pet Sitters ��������������������������Inside Back Cover Healthy Tails ���������������������������������������������Inside Front Cover Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas ������������������������������ 7,19 Heaven Can Wait Animal Society ����������������������������21 ImPETus Animal Training �����������������������������������������������9 Jim Pickett Window Repair - Pet Doors ����������������33 Lake Las Vegas ���������������������������������������������������������26-27 Las Vegas Dog Training ������������������������������������������������21 Las Vegas Manor 55+ Community �������������������������13 Las Vegas Valley Humane Society ��������������������������14 Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center ������������������50 Lazy Dog Restaurant �����������������������������������������������������38 Love, Bark, & Purr Pet Services ��������������������������������11 Modern Pet Mobile Grooming ����������������������������������13 PALNV’s Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe �������������������29 Paw Partners Unleashed ������������������������������������������������9 Pets Remembered ���������������������������������������������������������23 Pinnacle Grain Free Brothibbles ������������������������������15 Platinum Luxury – Patty Fuller ��������Inside Back Cover Priscilla’s Pantry �������������������������������������������������������������39 Rah! Raw! Rah! Pet Foods ���������������������������������������������4 SNAPPS ������������������������������������������������������������������������������39 Sunshield Patio Covers & Sunrooms ���������������������19 The Healing Panda ��������������������������������������������������������43 This Stuff Is Good For You - CBD �������������������������������6 Town Center Animal Hospital ������������������������������������13 Urban Underdogs �����������������������������������������������������������33 VE+CC Veterinary Emergency Hospital ����������������50 Vegas Rock Dog Radio ����������������������������������������������������8 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club ��������������������������23 Where The Cats At ������������������������������������������������������������8 Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming �������������������������������30 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Holiday Plants and Pets Tis the Season to deck the halls with boughs of holly – unfortunately many of the festive plants associated with the winter holidays are toxic to cats and dogs.

Boulder City’s “Pooch Parade” Benefiting BC Emergency Aid and See Spot Run Dog Park

November 16, 2019 11am to 3pm

Boulder City Bicentennial Park


ê DJ Entertainment ê


ê Great Raffle Prizes ê ê Dog Sport Demos ê ê Pet Vendors ê ê Costume Contests ê

Toxicity ranges from mild to severe, and the amount of plant consumed determines how sick a pet may become. Signs most commonly seen with toxic plant ingestion relate to the gastrointestinal tract: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and sometimes excessive salivation.

Two Excellent Resources:

he Fun for t mily Whole Fa

11:45 am

Holiday Outfit/Bling Theme 12:15pm

Pet Owner Duo 12:45 pm

For details call: Kassie @ 702.293.2034

Most Obedient 1:15pm


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Custom Built Cat Trees Karen Orstrom 702-525-8466 Choose from one of our popular models or work with us to create the custom cat tower you’ve always dreamed of.

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Playfulness & Cats HOW TO HELP KEEP THEM ACTIVE AND PLAYFUL! Playing is instinctive for kittens and they’re in constant motion! They pounce on and attack anyone or anything in their way. Fast forward to adult cat-hood and the behavior is much different. A cat’s daily schedule is quite full with sleeping, grooming, and eating. The average cat sleeps from 12 to 16 hours a day and can spend anywhere from 15 to 50 percent of their time grooming. Added to that, of course, is cuddle time on the sofa or in bed with us. They feel loved and nurtured but do they have other needs that aren’t being met? Indoor cats need an enriched life; one that allows expression of their natural instincts. Using the stalk, pounce, bite and play-kill behaviors help cats stay healthy and active physically and mentally. Playing is hunting to indoor cats and their toys are substitutes for prey. In real life prey is unpredictable; they vary their speed, run in different directions and hide under bushes. Toys that squeak, chirp, or vibrate simulate the sounds and movements of prey in a natural setting. Battery-operated toys such as a remote controlled mouse can help simulate this type of activity. Indoor cats, of course, do not have to hunt for food but we can hide some of their snacks to entice them to search for food. I hide snacks under little furry mice and hide them in various locations and they usually find all of them within a day. They like toys they can pick up and toss in the air as if they were real mice or other prey. Simple things like batting around crumbled up paper balls can create some spontaneous fun times. Cats like variety; they can only “catch” the same mouse again and again before it is “dead” to them. Rotate their toys frequently so they always have new prey to catch.

Let’s do all we can to keep our cats active & playful.

They deserve it!


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

LIVE ♥ L VE ♥ BARK We Help Rescues Desert Diva Dogs is now Paw Partners Unleashed! We changed our name, but not our mission.

Paw Partners Unleashed collects and donates pet supplies to animal rescues, provides pet related educational information and resources, and assists community organizations to help pets in need.




New & gently used pet supplies.

Help us make a difference for pets in need. Join us!

We have many ways for business & individual donors to help those in need. Contact us to find out ways you can help!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


»» IN


At Your Service Pet Supplies and Nutri Source Annual Pet Food Drive Each time you visit At Your Service Pet Supplies and buy a bag of Nutri Source pet food this holiday season from November 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 a portion of the sale will be donated to local rescue groups during the 7th annual A Time For Giving pet food drive. While one bag of pet food might not seem like much, the impact that the collective buying power of loyal customers has on local rescue groups makes a huge difference. Your purchase of a bag of quality Nutri Source pet food from At Your Service Pet Supplies locations this holiday season helps local animal rescues thrive. A fixture in the community for the past 12 years, family owned At Your Service Pet Supplies recently opened another location inside the Animal Foundation. They host regular adoption events at their locations and their Round Up For Rescue program enables customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar to donate. All Adopt & Shop partners are local Las Vegas 501 (c)3 animal rescue groups. At Your Service Pet Supplies has a long standing relationship with family owned and operated Nutri Source, one of the store’s best selling quality brands. The 7th annual A Time For Giving pet food drive is one of their best and brightest programs. Buy a bag of Nutri Source pet food from at At Your Service this holiday season and help our Las Vegas animal rescue community! For more information, call 702-333-4327 or visit

Animal Wellness Action Appoints Nevada State Director Longtime animal advocate Annoula Wylderich has been appointed Nevada State Director for Animal Wellness Action, a national nonprofit organization founded by Wayne Pacelle. Its mission is to pass and enforce laws to fight animal cruelty and to elect humane-minded candidates to public office. The organization promotes the proper treatment of all animals, in the U.S. and abroad. Visit for more information.

“Fur Free Friday” Fur Free Friday is a peaceful anti fur public awareness event held on the busiest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving. Millions of dogs and cats in China are killed to be made into fur trim, trinkets and coats then exported to the United States often mislabeled as fur from other species to be more marketable to consumers. There are no laws protecting these animals, and they are kept in horrible conditions. Event details: Friday November 29, 2019 from 1pm to 3pm on the northwest corner of Spring Mountain Boulevard and Las Vegas Boulevard at the Fashion Show Mall (by Neiman Marcus ) outside on the public sidewalk. Search Facebook: Fur Free Friday Las Vegas 2019


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


LANCE: A Spirit Unbroken – By Walter Stoffel – The book is about a Border collie named Lance. It’s a true story of a dog who was subjected to extreme cruelty, neglect and abuse for the first 10 years of his life. He lived outdoors without adequate protection from wild animals and the elements. Eventually a neighbor, the author, rescued him because he believed his owners were going to destroy him. The book describes the difficulties they had in creating a safe home for Lance. The extreme abuse caused lasting damage. He was unable to form a healthy bond with his human caregivers and his inability to trust caused serious problems. At times he seemed almost feral and they were frequently afraid of him. They questioned if they should euthanize him since at times he was dangerous. Yet at times he acted like a regular dog. The book details their struggles with making a lifetime commitment to Lance; to loving him unconditionally. Though Lance’s story is sad the book shares many humorous and beautiful stories of the relationship that slowly developed. He was a true survivor. As I read about the unimaginable abuse this dog suffered I realized what a miracle it was that he was able to trust people at all. One poignant quote that summarizes his unbroken spirit: They hadn’t been able to beat ALL the good dog out of Lance. Reading this book you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be angry, and you’ll be encouraged by this dog’s unbroken spirit. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019





also known as dementia or senility By Dr. Charlotte Pulliam, DVM • Town Center Animal Hospital •


etting older is hard for all of us, but especially hard for our four-legged friends. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS or also known as dementia or senility) is a degenerative disorder characterized by gradual, progressive signs due to brain atrophy and the secondary effects of this atrophy. When the brain atrophies, the size of the brain decreases, and in turn we can see a decrease in brain function.

Since these signs can be so non-specific, a thorough senior wellness exam is recommended prior to diagnosis to rule out any other diseases which can also have similar clinical signs. It is very important to rule out physical causes of pain and anxiety, and other abnormalities such as elevated blood pressure, metabolic and hormonal disorders, drug reactions, systemic infections, and brain cancer that can mimic signs of CDS.

Another change that occurs with CDS involves a neurotoxic protein, called beta amyloid. Beta amyloid can accumulate in the brain, damage the neurons (a nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nerve system), and can directly increase cognitive impairment. Other changes that can occur with age are decreases in dopamine levels and even small infarcts (a place where the blood flow has been stopped or interrupted).

Many therapies have been documented in assisting with slowing cognitive dysfunction, but the best success is with a multimodal approach. Medications such as selegiline or SAM-e can be beneficial, especially selegilinie as it can directly increase dopamine levels.

Common clinical signs can be gradual, very non-specific, and making it a hard condition to diagnose. Typical age of onset is usually in patients older than 11 years, but sometimes can be seen as early as 7 years old. There is no known sex or breed predilection.

Signs can include, but are not limited to: • Wandering • Staring • Lack of response to previously learned commands • Repetitive activities • Decreased responsiveness to family members • Nighttime waking • Increased anxiety or agitation • Irritability or restlessness • Decreased interest in walking, eating or playing • Increased accidents in the house 12

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Diets high in antioxidants can also be very beneficial, as they can minimize the production of free radicals. Antioxidants even have the ability to decrease amyloid in the brain. Environmental enrichment can also be very beneficial, including introducing new toys and even playing with other dogs. Other treatments that may be useful, but are still being studied are: • Anti-inflammatories – may help with inflammatory changes that can accompany CDS • Melatonin, dog-appeasing pheromone (DAP), ginkgo biloba, or DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid) may be helpful to reduce anxiety and aid in the benefits of concurrent therapies With any of these treatments, it is very important to consult your veterinarian to get a safe treatment plan designed just for your pet, as many medications or holistic treatments can be harmful. Unfortunately, there is no cure for cognitive dysfunction, just the previously mentioned therapeutic approaches to improve cognitive function or at the very least slow the progression of the disease. The prognosis is not too bad, as dogs diagnosed tend to live a full lifespan.

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Fostering Saves Live s

Thank You

for allowing the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society to be a light in the community. With your calls, the LVVHS was able to rescue animals from roofs, trees, in walls, under trucks and underground drainage channels. With your emails, LVVHS identified many possible neglect and abuse cases and provided requested spay and neuter assistance for both owned and stray animals. With your support, LVVHS rehabilitated injured abandoned animals and found them new homes. LVVHS worked with you - the community - to advocate for better living conditions and more humane treatment for dogs, cats and other animals.

Adoption Volunteer

Please donate items on our WISH LIST and give hope to the helpless this holiday season. q Dry Dog and Cat Food q Canned Dog and Cat Food q Kitten Food (Purina Pro Plan Kitten, Royal Canin Babycats) q KMR (kitten replacement milk) q Cat Litter (clay or clumping) q Puppy Pads

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Call 702-434-2009 or email us at

Go to our website to donate needed items through our

Warmest Holiday Wishes & Happy New Year! Mailing Address: Las Vegas Valley Humane Society l 3395 S. Jones Blvd., #454 l Las Vegas, NV 89146 Donations are tax deductible.

The Joys of a L


iving with multiple pets can be a challenge at times, but can also be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Cats and dogs living together in a loving home provide us with so much entertainment and unconditional love that we cannot help but treasure their companionship. While it is not an easy task to accommodate all of their different needs and desires, it can be very manageable by developing a few regular daily routines that you and your pets will soon become accustomed to.

If you already have several pets in your home, you are WELL aware of how needy our furry friends can be in the early morning hours. The cat is pawing at your face or attacking your feet. The dog is whining, jumping in your bed and greeting you with that unmistakable smell of warm dog breath. Your hopes of grabbing a few more winks are soon replaced with the more realistic goal of just getting up and making some stout, hot coffee. Since our pets do not have a snooze-button, sleeping time is over for you. First things first, let the dog(s) out to go potty. If you don’t have a safe, enclosed yard, you’ll need to take him 16

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

out on a leash to do his business –then, make your coffee. Cats, on the other hand, don’t typically need much of anything immediately. They just want you awake and given your full attention in case they DO need something. In case of extreme cat hunger, toss your cats a couple of cat treats to give you time to sit down and finally enjoy a few sips of coffee before beginning your pet-breakfast routine.

Feeding time can easily become the most chaotic endeavor of any multiple pet owner. Since the dogs have unanimously claimed any food found on the floor, the best place to feed cats is up high out of their reach. A counter in a laundry room or even a small table on a screened-in porch might be the perfect place to set up a feeding station for your cats. Keep in mind that even your cats might need to be fed in separate areas depending on their own dietary needs. (Cats struggling with obesity or have special dietary needs should be fed in a separate location where their food intake can be monitored and controlled.) Monitoring your dog’s food intake is equally important. Some dogs can eat in the same area with each other, provided that they do not have special dietary needs or can become food aggressive. Sometimes, feeding

them in separate areas is preferable and much easier overall. While feeding time may seem overwhelming at first, developing your own schedule and daily routine will help you and your pets settle in to a predictable and reasonable daily regimen. Once you have settled into your daily routine, you will find that having multiple pets has many advantages. When you are away from home, your animals still have each other for companionship. They will not be alone when you’re gone and will have other friends to play and interact with. Often times, your animals will develop bonding relationships with another one of your other pets – a favorite cat or dog buddy. It is not unusual for cats and dogs to become great friends as well. At least when you’re gone, you have the reassurance that your pets are not alone and have the companionship of each other. Although having several pets may seem chaotic at times, the joy of having them far outweighs a few minor inconveniences. Their love and silly behaviors have a way of making us smile after a long difficult day. They snuggle you, play with you, and make you laugh. Mostly, they just love being with you. While some of your pets may LOVE lap time and constant petting, others may be content to simply be near you. Some may crave a good belly scratch, while others just want to sit next to you for an occasional head rub and a little stroking. Sharing that special time with them and their continuous, unconditional love is a joyful, irreplaceable gift.

“Pampering Pets While You’re Away!” Schedule Your Complimentary “Furry Meet” 702-418-2713 and/or Full Service Paw’fessional Pet Sitting, specializing in pampering your pets leaving you with the peace of mind they are being taken care of by the best!

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Feeding Your Dog

8Chocolate 8Coffee 8Alcohol 8Avocado 8Macadamia Nuts 8Grapes & Raisins 8Yeast Dough 8Onions 8Xylitol (artificial sweetener) 8Garlic 8Salt

Source: ASPCA

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


HOLIDAY FOtoODsShTaHrAeTwAiRthE SAFE & HEAL THY our pe ts Thanksgiving

is a day for giving thanks AND for eating huge meals. So many of us are tempted to share special treats with our pets under the table – yet we know it is wrong to do this. There are, however, quite a few holiday foods that are safe and healthy to share with our pets. Here are a few of them:

SWEET POTATOES are full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants to help fight the effects of aging.


are rich in fiber and vitamins and have cancer-fighting properties that can benefit your cat or dog as much as they benefit you. These can be fed as a snack raw or cooked.


fresh and raw, are often mentioned as ideal snack for dogs. They also have lots of vitamins, fiber and potassium. Cats also enjoy the benefits of carrots but raw carrots can be hard for some cats to digest. It is best to offer them cooked carrots.


have vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. They help maintain healthy urinary tracts. Cats especially can benefit from eating cranberries. If you make your cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries you can safely share this with your dog or cat. Canned or jellied cranberry sauce has too much sugar and should not be given to pets.


is good for dogs to eat not only because it’s low in calories and bursting with vitamins, beta carotene and fiber, but also because it helps with a dog’s digestion. If Fido is suffering from an upset tummy, diarrhea or constipation, a little bit of pumpkin may be just what the veterinarian ordered. It is important to use fresh or the plain canned variety and not pumpkin pie filling. Pumpkin pie filling contains sugars and spices.

Offer these as snacks and avoid feeding them too much at one time. Do not add salt, butter, other dressings, or spices.


Our pets will be thankful for their healthy Thanksgiving snacks. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019






By Elizabeth Parker

With the holidays approaching, the stores are starting to stock up to get ready for people purchasing gifts for their family, friends and of course, their beloved fur-babies! While our pets certainly enjoy the irresistible squeaky toys and brand new shiny box of treats, there are definitely other gifts our pets desire! They may just be trying to give you a hint or two of what they want to receive this year (in addition to the gifts in their stockings)! In order to enjoy their holiday gifts, pets have to feel healthy enough to give those toys the full attention they deserve. A healthy pet is a happy pet so making sure they get regular checkups is a must. While they might not visibly show appreciation while at the vet’s office, they will thank you in the long run for ensuring they have no illnesses or discomfort. (Don’t worry, they’ll only pretend to be mad at you for a little while, but once they get home, they’ll forget all about it)! If your pet displays signs of aches and pains, especially in senior animals, a beneficial solution might be as simple as medication and/or therapy to handle pain management!

time that is devoted just to them...doing the activities that they enjoy. Something as simple as a game of catch, or tugof-war, can work wonders for their mental well-being!

In addition, pets can only amuse themselves for so long. While they may have four legs and a tail, they consider themselves to be part of the family and want to be treated as such! They rejoice when given the chance to spend time with their family and relish in oodles of attention, training, and praise! It’s never too late to pencil some extra quality time in with your pet for walks, trips to the park, socialization (if possible) and even training.

Pets rely on us for guidance and even though they may pose a challenge every now and then, they appreciate when we give them the guidance they need and show them right from wrong by exercising positive reinforcement and praise. Giving your pet a big hug and exclaiming “good dog” can raise their spirits and make them happy!

They love mental stimulation and are some pets are more than happy to see some new sights providing their loved ones are by their side! Of course, there are those who are most happiest in their home environment, and for them it is beneficial to schedule 20

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Many pets love the consistency of routine, so if you have a dog, perhaps make a portion of their day devoted to taking walks, (long or short) and give them a regimen they can rely upon. Not only does this provide bonding time with you and your pet, but also helps ease anxiety in those pets who suffer from anxiety. Knowing what to expect helps them deal with that extra energy and they look forward to their “me” time each day.

Our pets are loyal and focus their energies on pleasing us. Providing enrichment, praise, and a healthy environment will help ensure that we are making our pets happy as well. All that being said, they probably still want the toys and treats as well, so don’t forget to fill their stockings as well!

Happy Holidays!! Elizabeth Parker – Author of Finally Home, Final Journey, My Dog Does That!, Bark Out Loud!, Paw Prints in the Sand, Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished, Unwanted Dreams, Phobia, Evil’s Door and Faces of Deception.

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Celebrating Our Pets In Heaven



olidays, anniversaries, birthdays and other important events in our lives often become more difficult when that special someone we used to celebrate them with is no longer with us. And for many people, including myself, it’s that pet that shared those milestones with us by representing that unconditional love that supported and uplifted us at all times. And for some, a furry friend is their only family, so the loss can be significantly more intense. Since 2015, when I lost my soul dog Angel and my world crashed around me, I have made it my mission to help other pet parents struggling with grief. And for almost two years, I have run a monthly free support group available to anyone who needs a safe non judgmental environment and gentle guidance in the journey. It has truly been a blessing to share such intimate and heartfelt moments with strangers, many who have gone on to become great friends.

❖ Invite friends and family to a Celebration of Life holiday

dinner or lunch. Ask them to tell their own fun stories and memories of how they remember your beloved pet. Go around the table and be open to the love and support from others. And if your circle is small, keep it quaint and intimate.

❖ Get a creative scrapbook going. Go through all the

pictures you have on your phone and computer and even print pictures of places where you went together. Write little poems or notes about those specific times and add it to the pages. It will be a journey you can always return to and remember fondly.

you attend any holiday celebrations at church or ❖ Ifsimilar, regardless of your spiritual faith, bring a photo or something that reminds you of your pet, keep that close to your heart and light a candle in their memory.

As the winter holidays are quickly approaching, let’s rejoice and celebrate the glory and joy your pet brought to you. The beautiful memories you shared, the special places you went, call for a celebration of their life.

some time at your local animal shelter with all of ❖ Spend those fur babies that are still waiting for their forever

So what can you do to honor their memory? There are many fun and creative ways to do so:

Don’t be afraid to feel during this holiday season. Our goal as pet parents is to convert immobilizing pain into a precious memory. It doesn’t mean that our intense love is diminished for our pet. Instead we are discovering a new dimension, making us better and wiser people.

a festive keepsake chest and write sweet little ❖ Create notes to your pet about how you miss them, recap a

heartwarming holiday memory and express your true feelings.

a holiday wreath and decorate it with pictures of ❖ Take your pet, hearts, bows and ribbons. Hang it where it gives you comfort. Hang it in your special place.

a playlist with holiday songs that reminds of times ❖ Make you shared and the evenings spent cuddled up in the couch. Play it softly in the background when you are home.

plain white candles with little paw prints, their ❖ Decorate names and anything else that represents your unique relationship. Burn the candles for a little bit every night and make it a point to only think of a happy memory.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

homes. Enrich your holiday and theirs by sharing some precious moments together.

We owe it to them and ourselves to heal and grow again. Our improved and ongoing existence is the ultimate testimony to that unconditional love. You will never “get over” a loss, things will never be the same as they once were, they will always be different. But if your pet could speak to you right now, they would want nothing but the best for you…

Angel & Anneli |

Pets Remembered

Training For All Breeds & Mixed Breeds Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club

In Loving Memory Of


(Approved By The American Kennel Club) CLUB FOUNDED IN 1964

August 7, 2012 - June 20, 2019

Marty found us as a stray three years ago. In that short time he left a lifetime of memories in our hearts. Living on the streets never broke his spirit as he was full of life and love. He became an integral part of the family and a regular worker at the office. He loved spending his days greeting customers and delivery workers, stealing food from his co workers, and messing with his brother, Jake. He had a congenital heart condition, but he remained happy go lucky until the end always making us laugh with his antics. His little heart just couldn’t withstand all the love and joy for life he had in it. He runs free now over the Rainbow Bridge and will forever live in our hearts. We love and miss you, Marty.

Love, Your family and pals from the office

You remember your pet in our magazine. For $75, your Pet’s Remembrance includes a photo of your loved one and approx. 75 words. It will appear in the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine for one issue (2-months). Email us at

We offer: Obedience Training A


Puppy through Advanced Levels


pr ofi to

rg a

ni za



The fun of you learning how to train your dog and the close bond this will create!

OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Three sessions per year – 6 week classes January – April – September REGISTRATION:

January 9th at 7:00 pm. PROOF OF SHOTS REQUIRED! Please do not bring dogs to registration.

WHERE: Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd.

CLASS PRICE: $95 per dog (cash or check only)


(subject to change) H Ask about Senior & Military Price


January 16th to February 20th First Class at 7:00 to 8:30 pm All following classes are from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

CLASS LOCATION: Dog Fancier’s Park (Behind Horseman’s Park) 5800 E. Flamingo Rd.

Yes, cats do dream. There is scientific evidence that their brains do form dreams during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Cats sleep roughly 16 to 18 hours a day. Like humans they experience the REM stage of sleep where most dreaming occurs. What do they dream about? They most likely dream about the daily experiences of their day. They relive playing, stalking prey, etc. A few studies suggest that cats like humans have nightmares and that they work through trauma in their sleep. Interestingly a cat’s sense of hearing and smell remain active during 70 percent of their sleep time. As most cat parents are aware of, cats are most active at dawn or dusk. The unanswered question is why do cats wake up their humans at the “crack of dawn” and then go back to sleep? My guess is that they want more space in the bed! What do you think?

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Our 6-Week WINTER 2020 Training Session! *Limited to one discount per registration.

Monthly Meetings: The first Tuesday of the month 7 PM. Audi Las Vegas 6335 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89146 (Please do not bring dogs to meeting)

For More Information Visit Our Website or Call 702-368-0656

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019





ith the holiday season rapidly approaching, you may already be planning your special meals and gifts for your family and friends. It is the time of year when we want to spend time with our families and show our appreciation to those that are close to us. It is also the season for giving – the perfect time to support and “give back” to a deserving animal rescue organization. There are so many ways to help out an animal rescue. Finding out what their specific needs are is a great start. Maybe they’re in need of cat litter, water bowls, bedding, or grooming supplies. Purchasing a few items for them is one option, but you may already have some items around the house that could be useful. Old blankets or comforters can make great bedding material. Maybe you have some extra bowls or containers around the house that could be repurposed into a pet’s food or water bowl? Extra leashes and collars are also things you may have on hand that could be donated. Another great gift for an animal rescue is the donation of your time. Find out what they need help with and when. It may be dog walking, bathing/grooming, feeding, or even cleaning out cat litter boxes. (No, it’s not ALL fun stuff, but still needs doing.) Virtually anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated by the staff and beneficial to the animals. You will be providing a much-needed service.

The value of your gift has little to do with how much it cost. It is your willingness to give that really counts –

Giving what you can to make other lives just a little bit better. 24

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019



K9 Trials for Second Consecutive Year It was only a drill, officer! Lake Las Vegas Resort recently sponsored the annual Las Vegas Metropolitan Police K9 Trials, featuring more than 50 police officers and their K9 partners in fighting crime. This was the 29th year of the event, which benefits Friends for Las Vegas Police K9, a nonprofit organization that supports retired K9s, helps finance safety equipment and provides the means to conduct K9 training.

on Facebook from the Orleans Arena, with 40,000 viewers from Las Vegas and across the U.S. More than 5,000 people filled the Orleans Arena stands and watched as officers and their dogs performed a series of obedience, handler protection and agility tests, including bite take-downs of “bad guys” dressed in decoy suits. Fans also had the chance to talk to the police officers during an open Q&A session.

The trials spanned over a weekend and featured K9 units from all over the country and internationally, including an agency from Mexico. Police officers and their fourlegged partners competed in various competitions for the title of “Top Dog,” “Top Agency” and “Hard Dog,” which is chosen by the decoys as the dog with the hardest hits and strongest bite.

The LVMPD, which has one of the longest running K9 unit in the country, introduced the K9 Trials to Las Vegas nearly 30 years ago. Since the inaugural performance in 1990, the LVMPD K9 Trials has grown to be one of the most popular and renowned trials in the U.S. For more information on LVMPD’s K9 program, visit For more information on Lake Las Vegas Resort, a Raintree community, visit

“This was the second year Lake Las Vegas Resort has sponsored the trials,” said Andy Gil, director of media and marketing at Lake Las Vegas Resort. “These dogs are the true definition of a first responder. We are honored to have had the opportunity to show our support for our local law enforcement officers and K9s who work diligently to keep our community safe.”

Lake las Vegas Resort streamed the public event live

“This event is always a great opportunity for not only the public to come out and meet police officers, but it’s also a chance for K9 handlers to meet other handlers from all over – to exchange notes, ask each other training questions and swap stories,” said Duwayne Layton, a retired Las Vegas Metro Police officer and K9 handler, as well as co-host of Lake Las Vegas Resort’s Facebook Live show.

Things to Consider


Getting a Pet During the Holidays


he holidays are magical; seasonal music, gorgeous decorations, holiday festivities and, of course, the joy of gift giving. We want to buy the perfect gift for that special someone; a partner, spouse, child or children. This is also the season of emotional or impulse buying. Maybe you’re tempted to give your loved one a pet this year – the perfect gift. The image you have is of a beautifully wrapped box complete with large red bow, the happy recipient opening it and seeing a gorgeous dog or cat, instant bonding and love at first sight type of experience. However, giving or getting a pet needs to be rooted in reality; a decision made carefully and thoughtfully. A pet is a living creature that can’t be exchanged because it is the wrong size or color. Relinquishment is the biggest concern shelters and rescues have about giving pets as gifts for holidays. A recent ASPCA survey suggests that there is no increase in relinquishment for dogs and cats received as a gift. However, they recommend giving pets as gifts only to people who have expressed a sustained interest in owning one, and who have the ability to care for it responsibly.


What is your idea of a perfect pet? What about size, color, breed, temperament; activity level, etc. Do you have preferences? What type of pet will fit your lifestyle best? What about your home and yard? Are you allowed to have a dog or cat? Is it suitable for a active dog? What about your budget? Do you have adequate resources for the regular expenses of a pet - both time and money to feed, water, brush and play with them? Cats need their litter box cleaned regularly; dogs need to go outside for potty breaks and daily exercise. They need toys, beds, cages, etc. Each type of pet has its own personal list of requirements. What about money for a routine veterinary care and medical emergencies? 28

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Know that pet parenting is a lifetime commitment. When you adopt a pet you are making a promise to care for a pet for their entire life; you’re assuming responsibility for the health and welfare of another living being. You’ve determined that adopting a pet is the right decision for you; next is the question of when is the right time to get one. What about the holidays – are they a good time? Giving a pet a home for the holidays can be a wonderful gift for yourself, your family and your new pet. However, the holidays can be a stressful time to introduce a new pet to their new family and home. Why not consider getting your pet before Thanksgiving so they have time to feel at home and really be able to enjoy the joyous December holidays. If that isn’t possible another approach is give a pre-pet gift. Purchase a crate, carrier or habitat and fill it with bowls, toys, a leash and collar, training guides and other essentials. Wrap these and place under the tree and enjoy the surprise response to the promise of a pet. Then after the holidays are over the search to find the “perfect” pet can begin.

Establishing a deep relationship with a pet is a gift that we give to ourselves; one that gives us unconditional love and joy. The true gift we give a pet is a furever home for the holidays; a furever home for every day and every special occasion for the rest of their life!

PALNV ’S RESCUED TREASURES CAT CAFE Dedicated To Saving Our Community Cats! 4155 N Rancho Drive #150 Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 629-6351


11am - 5pm

Wednesday - Sunday

Join Us!

PALNV partners with rescues who save cats at risk of euthanasia in Open Shelters and cats facing homelessness on the streets and house them in our cafe. Once they are at our cafe, our staff care for the cats and kittens and work to get them adopted until they find their forever homes. As our cats are adopted, our partners bring us more cats and kittens who are rescued from risk of euthanasia thus being a part of the solution to saving our community cats.

OUR CAT CAFE We offer memberships, a retail gift shop, free WiFi, complimentary beverages and snacks, and best of all adoptable cats and kittens!!

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!


Check out our Event Calendar for upcoming events.

Jersey Sunday! Wear your favorite team jersey and get 20% off the cat café admission. But wait!! Wear the Golden Knights jersey and get 30% off. This offer is good until January 1, 2020.

National Take A Hike Day November 17

It’s time to hit the trail with your pup for some fresh air, scenery, and exercise!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

10% Off Quoted Price

with this ad until 12-24-19. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019



Holiday Décor By Gail Mayhugh

The holidays are here, and you’re already starting to think about decorating. You can’t wait to pull your decorations out or buy new. If you have fur babies, it’s also important to think about pet-proofing your home. If you’ve added a new fur family member, remember they’ve not had a chance to be introduced to your holiday décor, so you might need to make some changes. Just because Matilda didn’t touch the tree, doesn’t mean Maya won’t. So, here are a few tips to have a pet-safe holiday season.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

I love glass ornaments, but they can be a real safety hazard. Make pet-friendly ornaments out of twigs or paper decorations dyed with food coloring. There are also many shatterproof plastic and metal ornaments to use. Don’t like the colors; simple non-toxic spray paint will change the color to match your tree’s color scheme. Tinsel makes a tree sparkle but is often fatal when ingested. Instead, make paper garland. I had a client that spray-painted different small plastic ornaments that she then strung together — a clever idea and very cute. Use battery-operated lights instead of electric. There are many great LED lights on the market now. If you hang stockings within reach of your pet, be very careful what you put in them and where they are. Food treats will be very tempting to them. Hanging stockings on a mantel is a tradition, but make sure you’re in the room when the fireplace is on. Especially if you don’t have a fireplace screen.

9 10

What about decorating behind glass doors? Add some holiday cheer to your china cabinet, entertainment unit, or glass kitchen cabinets. I put out a few of my holiday Barbie’s in my entertainment unit each year. I’m a bit of a collector, so it takes a couple years before I see the same ones again. I know many of us like to play holiday music, turn on the fireplace, and have special treats to enjoy while decorating, but watch that your pets don’t join in by snatching ornaments to play with. If you’re adding real plants into your décor, I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure they are non-toxic. These are just a few you need to avoid as they’re dangerous for your pets, mistletoe, holly berries, ivy, poinsettia, lilies, and daffodils.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Check the ASPCA’s list of plants to find out how these and others can be harmful to your pets. Consider moving some of your decorations up and out of the reach of tails and teeth. I know if you have cats, this can be a bit more challenging. Have you ever decorated above your kitchen cabinets? My girlfriend does it every year, and it looks wonderful. I’m sure either you or a friend had a tree topple over when Kitty wanted to use it as a scratching or climbing post. The best way to reduce the chances of this happening is to secure it to the wall or use a heavy base for your tree. Do you have any expensive or sentimental ornaments you don’t want damaged? To secure them, wrap floral wire around the hooks and twist onto the branches. Have a white tree? Use white twist ties.

When decorating your home with your pets in mind, think of the precautions you would take if you had a toddler. Your pets are as curious as toddlers so whether they’re new to your home or if they’ve been with years you still need to be careful. Just because Matilda never touched anything before doesn’t mean she won’t be interested this year, especially if you add something new. Having pet-friendly holiday décor requires some easy and simple changes that in my opinion are worth taking to keep my little ones safe.

Have a happy and pet safe holiday season. Gail Mayhugh, the owner of GMJ Interior Design, has been designing in Las Vegas for over 25 years. She also supports animal rescues and shelters through her non-profit,

“Serving Underserved Animals in the Las Vegas Valley”, is our mission. Since 2016 we have been venturing underground into the tunnel’s, ravines, homeless encampments and lowincome communities in search of pets in need. We take a very proactive approach to animal welfare. We are not a rescue, nor will we ever be. Our goal is to keep pets with their people. We do this through our Animeals (pet food assistance), Nip n Tuck (spay/neuter) & No Cooties (vaccine) programs. Besides providing the essentials, we also want each pet we help to be safe and happy, so we also supply them with harnesses, leashes, collars, pet beds, toys, treats and in the winter, pet sweaters & pet jackets and in the summer paw booties.

To learn more contact us at 702.683.3531 or visit our website at


Dechan Inc.

Sahara Pines Animal Hospital

Urban Underdogs is a 501c3 Tax-Exempt & Nevada Nonprofit Corporation

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Megatron & Andrew



Lady Chala of Anthem



Teululah Belle



Fannie Mae


Peppers & Champ


Lacey Walter

Dexter Jovi




Raevil & Devil

Jet & Moose


PETS are bundles of love wrapped in fur

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Lucy Addis

Princess Leia

Oreo & Michjon


Muffin and Princess

Cooper Billingsworth


Keno & Star




Little Boo Boo




PETS Las Vegas



Show Off Your Pet!

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One photo per family please!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019








Bruno Holguin


Duke James

Koda Diesel





Las Vegas




Show Off Your Pet!

Email: By submitting a photo, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.

One photo per family please!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


FEATHERS, FINS AND SCALES We recognize that not all pets are fur babies… many of our companion pets have feathers, fins and scales! In fact, according to a recent study by the APPA 16 million US households have a fish, bird or reptile. Perhaps you’re considering joining them. The most important question to ask yourself before you get a bird, a fish or a reptile is why you want this pet. One of the top reasons pets are relinquished is unrealized expectations. Spend time finding out as much as possible about their welfare needs. Are they really a good fit for your lifestyle right now? Can you make a lifetime commitment to them?


People have kept birds as companion animals for years and they are wonderful pets. Some people select a pet bird because they feel a caged pet is low maintenance. This is not accurate. All birds need daily care and attention including the very popular parakeet. They come in a variety of colors. Their average lifespan is from 5 and 15 years. They’re very active and playful and require a cage large enough for sleeping, playing and exercising. They also need perches, a nest for sleeping, and dishes for water and food. Parakeets need a variety of toys and chewy items to avoid becoming bored. All birds require time spent outside the cage for free flying, playing and socializing. This time provides excellent opportunities for bonding with your feathered friend.

Betta Fish

Fish are increasing in popularity offering many benefits ranging from beautifying our homes to lowering our stress levels. The betta fish is a great choice for someone considering a fish. It enjoys a solitary life and often socializes and bonds with its owner. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors. Though they do okay in a small bowl providing a larger tank adds to their enjoyment and well being. They are labyrinth fish and have the ability to take in oxygen from the air and their gills; this ability makes them more tolerant of poor water quality. They do best in warm water so a heater is recommended when indoor temperatures are cold. Their lifespan is between two and four years yet can live much longer with proper care.

Ball Python

Reptiles can make excellent pets but can be expensive and difficult to care for. There are some snake species that are better for beginners. One recommendation is the ball python. Generally they are very docile, laid back, tolerate handling and are relatively easy to care for. They come in a wide range of color and pattern combinations. Habitat considerations are important. Adult ball pythons can grow from four to five feet; usually a 40 gallon terrarium will comfortably house an adult ball python. Reptiles cannot control their own body temperature, therefore, controls must be provided to keep temperature and humidity at the right levels for them. Proper lighting must also be supplied to create the proper environment. Ball pythons are secretive and love hiding spots so one or two hide boxes will help create a sense of security. Their life expectancy is 20 to 30 years so the decision to get a ball python is a serious commitment. Acquiring any pet means you are accepting responsibility for their health and well being. Taking the time to choose wisely is the best way to make sure you and your pet enjoy a wonderful life together. 38

*American Pet Products Association, 2019 National Pet Owners Survey Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


The Kids Scene

Enter The Contest!

1. What fish can take in oxygen from the air? 2. What is a gift that YOUR pet wants for Christmas?

Submit by 12-31-19. (Hint: Answers in this issue!)

E-mail your answers and you will be entered to win! (Please include name and a phone number so we can contact you if you won.)


pizza, drinks, game tokens

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P u r r f e c t Pet Presents! The holidays are almost here! Can you find the names of these popular pet presents?












Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Answer Key on Page 47

The words may be in any direction: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

WHEN YOUR DARLING IS DYING By C.A. Ritz ~ Author and Illustrator


If you’ve fostered kittens (or any baby creatures) you know those adorable eyes, reaching paws, and snuggle techniques which capture your heart. Our Mr. Wiggly was weeks old when abandoned, then rescued with sister Mimow and two brothers. This feline quartet came from a shelter to be fostered to aid adoption possibilities. All four were adopted; two into our family! From the beginning, Wiggly was less skillful than other cats; he exhibited trouble climbing and had no healthy fear of strangers. Yet, our sweet big-eyed runt of the litter, survived and flourished under his sister’s watchful gaze.


Not long ago, Wiggly followed his sister in routine bath time, nail care, and brushing. All was well in his world. Four days later a lump appeared. A biopsy was taken and we were informed Wiggly has cancer; a most aggressive type. Research shows cancer to be one of the leading causes of death in cats and dogs. If we choose surgery, the disease will reoccur within months.


How can one make intelligent choices? There are facts online, but individual cases need personal care. We’re listening to our trusted veterinarian. There are issues to ponder. Are we thinking more about what we want or what’s best for our pet? Will prolonged surgeries help, hurt, or even frighten him? How do we keep his pain level tolerable?


It is natural to feel all kinds of emotions, as we are. If you are young or going through a situation like this for the first time, be aware of feelings. Avoid taking out your sadness, pain, or anger on your family, friends, or pet. He/she needs you more than ever, so stay connected. Remember your other pets, too. They will also need your attention.

WHAT YOU CAN DO • Know it is okay to cry. • Create artwork, a photo album, or notebook. • Write a story, poem, or song. • Volunteer at an animal rescue or shelter.


Wiggly’s story is on-going as his innocent spunk continues. One day, only memories will remain. For now, we accept that in life there is sunshine and rain, joy and sadness, life and death. As we treasure our time with him, we hope to have Wiggly through the new year. As this year ends, we are reminded to stay aware of our blessings.

Have a lovely holiday season filled with cherished memories.

My Darling My darling is happy; He hasn’t a clue. He’s chasing and snuggling Crazy antics ensue. My darling’s declining; What can be done? He bounces and prances. He’s still so much fun. My darling is precious; No longer can climb. I’ll hold him and hug him; Till the end of his time. One day he’ll be absent. I’ll wish him around. Empty folded blankets; No fur, or toys, or sound. I’ll think of him often, Winter through fall. His sweet memories, Live as stories for all. My darling, I’ve loved you. Pure hearted and true, Some day at the rescue I’ll be honoring you.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019



for Dealing with Holiday Stress By Laura Butler, KPA-CTP

The holidays can be a stressful time for dogs with schedule changes and unpredictable routines: ► Dogs pick up on holiday stress ► Unfamiliar people “invade” their home ► Strange decorations appear, confusing or scaring the dog ► More opportunities to be fed table scraps causing upset tummies


ach of these alone can cause emotional or physical stress in a dog, but around the holidays when multiple stressors happen all at once, the effect is compounded (this is known as trigger stacking). It takes about 48 hours for cortisol, adrenaline, and other stress hormones to dissipate from a dog’s body after a stressful incident. When the dog doesn’t get that necessary recovery time, the stress hormones build until either the stressors go away or the dog acts to make the stressors go away. This is why dog bites are a common occurrence during the holiday months.

Mild Signs:

Important to intervene here! • Tensing • Freezing • Tail high and still • Ears forward • Pupils dilated • Leaning forward • Extreme focus on the object



•Offensive aggression Leaning forward, tense, standing tall, hackles raised, direct eye contact, ears forward, tail high/still/quivering, baring teeth, growling, lunging, snapping, biting.


• Panting • Drooling • Watching from the corners of his eyes • Ears back or to the sides • Mouth closed with lips tight • Wrinkled forehead • Forepaw lifted • Crouching down • Pacing/moving slowly • Backing away/turning away • Hiding/seeking attention from owner • Refusal to take treats

•Defensive aggression Leaning backwards/ away, very tense, curled into a C-shape, crouched down, hackles raised, ears back, tail tucked or neutral, baring teeth, growling, lunging, snapping, biting. •Flight: Crouched down, slinking away, pacing, hiding, watching from a distance. •Freeze: Very tense, crouched down, unable to move, trembling, tail tucked.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Holiday parties can be particularly stressful to a dog; having strangers in the house making noise, playing music, and opening presents can be enough to send even a well-adjusted dog over the edge. Having a calm, pleasant introduction with each new guest goes a long way in making the dog comfortable. Teach your guests how to ask for the dog’s consent by offering the back of their hand and stroking under the dog’s chin if he comes to smell the person. Guests should continue petting your dog only if it is clear your dog wants to be petted. Pay special attention to the position of the ears and tail - bites most often happen because humans don’t recognize that the dog is stressed. Be especially careful with children, as even well-behaved dogs are often nervous around children. According to the Center for Disease Control, children (particularly between the ages of 5 to 9 years old) are more likely than an adult to be bitten by a dog. Always closely supervise children and dogs; possibly assign one person to watch each child or one person to watch each dog. Teach the children signs of stress in dogs. Most importantly, be your dog’s advocate. If your dog is showing signs of stress, intervene before your dog feels the need to bite. Your dog may begin to feel overwhelmed, so it is imperative to have a safe “no people allowed” place for your dog to retreat to, like a quiet bedroom with his bed or kennel in it. Play music or white noise, or turn on the TV to muffle the sound of the party. There are also calming pheromone diffusers and treats at your local pet supply store, and you can keep your dog busy and happy by stuffing a toy with treats or giving him a long-lasting chew. Give your dog frequent breaks in this room, and if your dog has known anxiety issues, it’s best to put him in this room for the entirety of the party. If your dog fear-bites or lashes out, or if you have trouble recognizing your dog’s signs of stress, I strongly recommend you invite a dog behaviorist or experienced trainer over instead of your family and friends (no holiday presents required!).

Happy howl-idays! Laura Butler, KPA-CTP, has the pleasure of being the only Fear Free Certified dog trainer in the Vegas Valley. A dog trainer and pet sitter, she specializes in dogs with fear and anxiety-based behavioral issues. Scaredy Dog! Dog Training and Pet Sitting,, 775-553-6325.

Animal Assistance, Rescues, Shelters 44

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019







Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life. CRAIG, 1075093, an 8-year-old, neutered male, bully breed mix. He has been at the shelter since May 2019. He loves belly rubs and scratches! He adores people but prefers being an only dog in a household with older children only. Come on in to meet and fall in love with this handsome boy! Y

OLIVIA, Female DSH/Calico, 8 years. This girl is breathtaking in her markings and she is a social butterfly. She will talk to you when she wants attention, she loves to be petted. She does well with other cats. Her Mom died and the family decided they did not want her so she came back to us for safe keeping. Y



Henderson Animal Shelter 300 E. Galleria Drive • Henderson

Paws 4 Love Pet Rescue Please call to meet Olivia! 702-622-3092

BOGART (“Bogie”) is a 23 year-old yellow-naped Amazon, whose owner recently passed away. He’s getting back into pet mode, and he’s beginning to talk again and tell his stories. He’s quite an epicure and loves to share meals with his people. For more information about Bogie and other fine, feathered friends, visit the web site. Y

Meet Tucker! He’s holding auditions for an energetic human to keep up with him, take him on lots of walks, play fetch, & love him with complete devotion. He’s a super handsome chocolate Labrador Retriever mix less than 2 years old! Y


Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society I’m smart, fun, sweet, and loving! I’m Pookie, I am two years old and I am one of two longest residents in boarding. I long for the day when someone chooses me. I do need to be your only pup and with older children only. I’m a huge volunteer favorite and a joy to be around! Animal Network is helping me and other long time resident, Red, find a home by Christmas. Can you help by even fostering me? Y


Animal Network


On My Way Home Rescue APACHE is nicknamed “Frankie - Ol Blue Eyes” for his stunning appearance and gorgeous eyes. He’s seeking a home as a companion animal due to airway disease and intermittent lameness. 15.3hh, approx. 14 yrs old, UTD on teeth/feet/ vax. Intermediate+ handlers only, $400 to approved home. Y


Local Equine Assistance Network For more info:

Sophie is a female German Shepherd mix who came to the shelter as a stray in August. Sophie is currently going through certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training and is a happy and very friendly senior (12 years) dog. Come meet this sweet girl today! Sophie can be found at our main campus at 655 North Mojave Road. Her adoption fee is only $50. Her ID# is A0755104. Y


The Animal Foundation

WHEEZY & GRACIE are a bonded pair. Two dogs may sound intimidating but these 8 year old girls are laid back with great manners. We can’t stress how SWEET these pups are. These girls just need a spot on your couch & some head scratches, and you’ll receive endless love in return. Y

Wheezy & Gracie

A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue 702-591-6469 • CAL Ranch every weekend from 10am - 4pm

MANDY is a nine year old Calico. She is very sweet, but shy at first. She gets along well with other cats. Mandy is spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. She would love to be in a loving home for the holidays. Y


Las Vegas Valley Humane Society 702-434-2009 •

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


Congratulations to all the swimmers of the 2nd Annual Canine


$5000 for

to help end canine cancer. PANDA, one of the sponsored dogs who volunteers brought from Samadhi Legacy Foundation, was ADOPTED the next day!



the Skating Dog Most Laps: 149!

138 Laps and 12 Touchdowns!

Vincent… 89 laps & voted Most Messy! Lady MacBeth… 64 laps & 7 touchdowns! Skully… 75 laps & voted Most Fun! Butler… 73 laps & voted Most Kicks! Elsa… 58 laps!


122 Laps and voted Most Determined!

Major…80 laps! Rosie…. 75 laps & 13 touchdowns! Beefy… 42 laps! Panda… 84 laps & voted Most $ Raised! Daisy… 84 laps & voted the Most!

Ivy… 65 laps! Winston… 52 laps for a wee 11mth old! Hunter… 30 laps & voted Most Senior 15 yr!

THANK YOU so much for your support & fun!

November is Cancer Awareness Month DID YOU


1 in 3 people 1 in 4 dogs 1 in 5 cats

will develop cancer in their lifetimes.

• Cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease-related pet deaths each year. • Cancer is the #1 natural cause of death in older pets. • An estimated 6 million dogs and nearly 6 million cats will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Visit the following websites for more information a 46

Animal Cancer Foundation - National Canine Cancer Foundation - Paws For Change - Morris Animal Foundation –

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

Answer Key for Seek & Find on Page 40

Answer Key for Seek & Find on Page 32

Love Is Ageless

November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month Their affection is timeless, their devotion is ageless, and their love is forever.

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Events PET

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 BAKE SALE! 10am–4pm. The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society is having a bake sale! Come get a treat for you and your furry friend! See you there! PetSmart • 6650 North Durango Dr.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8 The Great Catsby 6pm–10pm. Join C5 for a special evening of fun. Dinner, entertainment, silent auction, raffle, cash bar, cocktail attire. Tickets - $125. RSVP at Cili Restaurant & Bar - 5160 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 14th Annual Pet Blessing and Animal Fair 1pm–3pm. Treat your pets to a fun, exciting day featuring a group pet blessing, pet-related booths, light refreshments and contests! Please bring clean, new or used towels to donate to local pet shelters. Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican - 8820 W. Warm Springs Rd.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10 Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm–3pm. Join Las Vegas Bird Club for their monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors & birds welcome. Eldorado Modular Home Estates – 4525 W. Twain Ave.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Bark For Brews II 6pm–9pm. Fundraiser and debut of our their latest rescues, good times, titos & pints, contests and raffles plus a few fun surprises! $25 presale/$30 at the door. Crown & Anchor British Pub • 1350 E. Tropicana Ave.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12 PINS for PAWS Bowling Fundraiser 6pm–9pm. Fun evening of bowling and socializing with other animal lovers, goodie bags, great silent auction and raffle prizes, bowling contest prizes, and more! $20 online/$25 at door. The Orleans Casino Bowling Center • 4500 W. Tropicana Ave.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 BAKE SALE! 10am–4pm. The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society is having a bake sale! Come get a treat for you and your furry friend! See you there! PetSmart • 6650 North Durango Dr.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Boulder City’s “Pooch Parade” 11am–3pm. Calling all dogs! DJ entertainment, prizes, great raffles, dog sport demos, pet vendors, costume contests! Boulder City Bicentennial Park - 999 Colorado St., Boulder City

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 Hockey Hounds Adoption Event with VGK Foundation! 10am–2pm. Animal Rescues, vendors, food trucks, live music! City National Arena • 1550 S. Pavillion Center Dr.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Clays For A Cause 8am–2pm. Come have fun shooting clays and enjoying a fabulous day at the club, including food and prizes! The proceeds benefit all of the L.E.A.N. rescue horses! Pro Gun Vegas - 12801 US 95 South, Boulder City

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Pet Loss Hurts - A Free Grief Support Group 6pm–8pm. Please join us for a wonderful and supportive session of compassionate grief support. We promote a safe, supportive, non-judgemental group. Findlay Chevrolet - 6800 S. Torrey Pines Dr. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting 7pm–8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more info visit, Audi Las Vegas • 6335 W. Sahara Ave.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 LVVHS Fundraiser at Lazy Dog in Town Square! 10am– Midnight. Enjoy a meal and Lazy Dog will donate 15% of your total bill to LVVHS. Be sure to print and bring the flyer. LVVHS will be there from 4pm to 8pm to greet you with great raffle prizes and a costume contest for your pup! Lazy Dog Restaurant • 6509 Las Vegas Blvd South

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. 48

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019

upcoming SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Santa Pictures, Bake Sale & Gift Wrapping with Adoption Event! 10am–2pm. Family and pet photos with Santa $10. Proceeds to benefit Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation. Dog Supplies Outlet Store • 2960 St. Rose Pkwy, Henderson MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25 PAWS On Campus At UNLV 11am–4pm. Pet-friendly festival held at UNLV during final exams for the hard working students in need of a study break. Festival will feature a variety of exhibitors, open to the general public and admission is free. Well-behaved dogs welcome! UNLV – Alumni Amphitheater - 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 Benny the Ice Skating Dog at The Ice Rink 5pm–8pm. Bring the kids and catch Benny the Ice Skating Dog on the ice throughout the evening. For every skate rental purchased during the event, $2 will be donated to The Animal Foundation. Admission to this event is complimentary. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas • 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South FRDAY, NOVEMBER 29 “Fur Free Friday” 1pm–3pm. Peaceful anti fur public awareness event. Millions of dogs and cats are killed in China to be made into fur trim, trinkets and coats then exported to the United State. There are no laws protecting these animals. NW corner of Spring Mountain Blvd. at the Fashion Show Mall SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Christkindlmarkt - German Christmas Market 8:30am– 2:30pm. Pet adoptions, numerous vendors! German Food Court and baked goods! Lots of people treats! All proceeds go to the health and welfare of pets. Free admission! 221 E. Rancho Dr., Henderson MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 Pet Loss Hurts - A Free Grief Support Group 6pm–8pm. Please join us for a wonderful and supportive session of compassionate grief support. We promote a safe, supportive, non-judgemental group. Findlay Chevrolet - 6800 S. Torrey Pines Dr.

Events PET

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting 7pm–8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more info visit, Audi Las Vegas • 6335 W. Sahara Ave. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4 Hot Chocolate and S’mores! 6:30pm–8:30pm. Kick off the holiday season by helping the hounds! $10 in advance/$15 at door for hot chocolate and s’mores, cookies and music. Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue • 285 Irwin Ave. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8 Heaven Can Wait Animal Society – Holiday Luncheon! 11:30am–2pm. You’re invited to A VERY MERRY PARTY. Live and silent auctions. Tickets - $95 | Table of 10 - $850. Purchase tickets at Cili Restaurant - 5160 S. Las Vegas Blvd. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8 Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm–3pm. Join Las Vegas Bird Club for their monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Eldorado Modular Home Estates – 4525 W. Twain Ave. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10 PINS for PAWS Bowling Fundraiser 6pm–9pm. Fun evening of bowling and socializing with other animal lovers, goodie bags, great silent auction and raffle prizes, bowling contest prizes, and more! $20 online/$25 at door. The Orleans Casino Bowling Center • 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 & SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 Poppy Foundation’s Annual Holiday Sale! 10am–4pm. Join them for holiday cheer and cats and get your holiday shopping done! Lots of new items for you to browse: jewelry, cat blankets, toys, holiday décor and so much more. Hot cider, pictures with Santa & bake sale! The Poppy Foundation • 6620 Sky Point Dr.

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2019


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