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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Summer time

- the time of year when we don’t need to make up excuses to take well-deserved breaks, spend extra time with family and friends, enjoy time by the pool or at a lake, lazily reading a book while enjoying lemonade and sometimes hibernating indoors and staying cool. There are lots of ideas in this issue on staying safe and cool while enjoying summer with your pets. Also, in case you haven’t visited our website in a while, remember you can access all of our past issues on our website. (Just in case you need more reading materialJ) Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps you have extra time this summer? Pets still find their way into shelters and rescues; the work of rescuing and adoption continues all year long. On page 10 Elizabeth Parker offers a few tips to help rescues. Each issue we have an Adoption section, Save A Life – Adopt A Pet. Their bios and photos are also posted on Facebook – sharing their photos helps give these pets an increased chance of getting adopted. The byline is Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life. Your continued support of our local rescues is appreciated.

Wishing you a summer filled with family and friends, vacations and fun - keep cool and stay safe! See you in September….

– Your Friends at the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine –



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

- Sam Keen

FREE Spay/Neuter Opportunity *

Do you or someone you know own dogs and/or cats that are currently not spayed or neutered due to financial hardship? If so, the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society will spay or neuter your pet for free! (*Limited to the first 100 callers.)

Please call our hotline at 702-434-2009 and mention our ad in Pet Scene.



By having your pet spayed or neutered, you are not only helping your pet to live a longer and healthier life but also saving the lives of other animals. Spayed or neutered pets lose their desire to roam the neighborhood in search of a mate, so they are less likely to be injured, lost or get into fights. They are also less likely to bite and have other behavioral problems. Males are less likely to spray or mark territory. Plus, the reproductive organs removed during surgery are those that frequently cause medical problems in older animals, including many types of cancer.

So please do your part to help by having your pet spayed or neutered.

702-434-2009 Y Y

Las Vegas Valley Humane Society is deeply grateful to Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for its generous support of our organization, and commitments to improving the lives of the Las Vegas/Clark County’s dogs and cats.

#ThanksToMaddie Mailing Address: Las Vegas Valley Humane Society | 3395 S. Jones Blvd., #454 | Las Vegas, NV 89146

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We have more to learn from animals than animals have to learn from us.


- Anthony Douglas Williams

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Classic Cara Photography Model: Lucy Addis

Wishing you and your furry family members a fun and safe summer!


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Vehicle temperatures can reach 140° in minutes.

ALWAYS HAVE PLENTY OF WATER AVAILABLE. Pets get dehydrated quickly.


Exercise should be brief & in the cooler hours.


REGULATE TEMPS INSIDE YOUR HOME Use A/C and fans to keep cool.


Panting, difficulty breathing, restlessness, vomiting.


Move to cooler location, cool pet down with wet towels and contact your vet.


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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Devoted to Animals? Tips To Help Rescues! Ever since I was young, I’ve had a profound respect for dogs as well as other animals. My passion has always revolved around contributing as much as I can to their well-being. Many people share this love of animals as well, but don’t know what they can do to help. However, there are many ways to contribute! By Elizabeth Parker

Donate Money

If you don’t have the time, donate to your local animal rescue organization. No amount is too small. Think about it this way. If one hundred people contribute just one dollar to animal rescue that will be one hundred dollars that can pay for vaccinations for one dog or two night’s stay in boarding. It can buy a few bags of dog food and a couple of boxes of treats. Don’t ever feel like your small contribution won’t help, because, without a shadow of a doubt, it will!

Donate Time

If you have time, rescue groups may need assistance transporting their rescues from house-to-house or from another state, or to their adoption events. If you have a vehicle and some free time, you can offer to help out! In addition, rescue groups often need their volunteers to do a home inspection of a potential adopter to make sure their household is an appropriate fit for the dogs. Once you learn the ropes, you can offer your time to do home inspections.


Enjoy exercising? How about taking a four-legged friend with you? If you exercise like clockwork every day, this is the perfect opportunity to bring along a companion. Some rescue organizations have to keep dogs in boarding due to lack of volunteers and/or housing. Why not see if you can make it a point to take the dog out of boarding for an hour to go for a walk or run? The dogs will appreciate the much-needed exercise and you’ll have a someone to accompany you!

Spring Cleaning Time?

If so, check to see if you plan on disposing of any old towels, blankets, pillows, children or dog toys, dog beds. If the answer is yes, pack them in a bag and ask your local rescue group if they can use them for their dogs.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you’ve ever been told you have a good eye for photography, why not offer your services to take pictures of rescue animals available for adoption? If you have the knack, offer to take pictures of these dogs outside of their element, revealing their personalities. Not only will you make these dogs more adoptable, but you’ll add to your portfolio as well!


Do you have any extra room in your house? Do you have some time to take care of a dog until they find their forever home? If so, check out the rescue organizations in your area and ask to fill out an application to foster.

The possibilities are endless. Use your trade to help. If you can create a website, a rescue group might need one. Or they might need a blogger, an admin or an events coordinator, etc. If you’re unsure, it never hurts to ask how you can be of assistance! Elizabeth Parker – Author of Finally Home, Final Journey, My Dog Does That!, Bark Out Loud!, Paw Prints in the Sand,Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished, Unwanted Dreams, Phobia, Evil’s Door and Faces of Deception.

Available on! 10

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019





ummer is a lazy time of the year; breaks from normal activities, time with family and friends, and vacations. However, grooming our pets is not an activity we can skip in the summer. Regular brushing helps get rid of excess dead hair and ➠ prevents mats which could trap moisture and cause skin infections. Brushed hair allows for air circulation which helps keep pets cooler.

Regular nail trimming is important to keep nails healthy. ➠ Daily walks in the summer are sometimes shortened due to the extreme heat. The natural “trimming” of a dog’s nails on sidewalks isn’t always enough to keep their nails short. Also, dog booties which are popular to prevent burnt paws eliminate the “nail trimming” contact with pavements.

Wiping paws after your daily walk removes any residue ➠ of fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides which might irritate their paws. Wiping your dog’s paws with a cold, damp cloth will also help cool them down.

Check paws frequently for any injuries, cuts, abrasions ➠ or burns from hot pavements. Don’t forget to check between their toes for small stones or other items which can hurt or cause infection.

Summer is a time for fun yet poses some risks for our pets; keep them cool and safe!

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

Don’t know what to choose? Let us choose for you wit hour Surprise Me! Seasonings. Imagine making delectable recipes like Turducken or Surf & Turf for your pet – it’s easy wit hour pawParings “sprinkles”. It’s a fun surprise for you and your BFF (Best Furry Friend).

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We Help Rescues Desert Diva Dogs collects and donates pet supplies to animal rescues, provides pet related educational information and resources, and assists community organizations to help pets in need.




New & gently used pet supplies.

Help us make a difference for pets in need. Join us!

We have many ways for business & individual donors to help those in need. Contact us to find out ways you can help!

July Pins For Paws Event will be held on THURSDAY, JULY 11 August Pins For Paws Event will be held on TUESDAY, AUGUST 13 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019




President and Co-Founder of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society The Las Vegas pet community lost one of its most passionate animal advocates. Harold Vosko was a man of vision, passion and commitment. His vision was that every dog and cat in the Las Vegas Valley would receive the love, care and companionship they deserve. His work at Heaven Can Wait had a big impact on the Las Vegas pet community. As a way to honor his memory we invited a few of Harold’s friends and colleagues to share their thoughts, memories and experiences with us; to pay tribute to his legacy of love to the pets and people of the Las Vegas community. FEBRUARY 20, 1953 – MAY 20, 2019 I first met Harold in 2002 when a litter of kittens was born outside my home and I had no idea how I could help them. Harold came chasing over with 4 traps so I could catch them, have them fixed and ultimately adopted out through Heaven Can Wait. From the moment I met Harold I knew he was different and he was going to change Las Vegas forever. Harold spearheaded the opening of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in 2000 impassioned by a vision that every dog and cat in the Las Vegas Valley would receive the love, care and companionship they deserve. Throughout the past 19 years, his leadership led to extraordinary progress towards achieving that goal. He also created life-long bonds and friendships among the thousands of employees, volunteers, adopters and supporters of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. Harold had an unending love for animals, but he had an equal soft spot for all the devoted staff and dedicated volunteers. We would have lunch every few weeks and he would always glow when he spoke of “the most amazing group of people he’s ever met”. I can honestly say I have never known a person more pro-animals and pro-people than my friend Harold. I will miss him and think of him often with deep admiration and love. The Heaven Can Wait Board has some big shoes to fill, but I know we will all make him proud.


Laura Eisenberg

Board Member of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

My relationship with Harold goes back to the early days of Heaven Can Wait. Initially his plan was to buy property to build a shelter that would house about 300 animals. The cost would have been almost six million dollars. Harold did research and realized that it probably would be a waste of money. Instead he felt the best way to help the pet problem was through spaying and neutering programs. The organization started putting on feral cat clinics but they were kicked out of every veterinary facility they operated in. Eventually I became involved. We did all the work out of my small practice and we just kept doing more and more. It seemed like I was using their practice to see my patients. Harold often went into the “underserved” neighbors and threw BBQs to encourage people to sign up to get their pets spayed and neutered. He even offered $25 gift cards as incentives to get them to spay and neuter their pets. Harold and I quickly became close friends and allies. We’ve been friends for over seventeen years. He recently told me that if anything happened to him he wanted two things – one that his wife would be okay and that the spay/neuter clinic would continue to operate.

Henderson uu Dr. Sunrise Veterinary Clinic 14

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

Harold and I had a running challenge. I would threaten to bring in more cats than he could handle and he continued to promise that he could sterilize all that I could bring in. The clinic staff that he pulled together are simply amazing and they always do more than asked of them. Harold had the vision to see what really needed to be done. He built a spay/neuter clinic when everyone else was starting rescue groups. Harold had the passion to do what he felt needed to be done in spite of the challenges. For almost twenty years he led and motivated us all to do what most thought was impossible. Harold had the skill and drive to bring his vision and passion into reality. He was a tireless leader, fundraiser, and source of inspiration for all of us.

Williams uu Keith Director - Community Cat Coalition of Clark County - Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) and cat colony management Harold Vosko was one of the first animal advocates I met when I moved to southern Nevada in 2006. At that time our local shelter had a high euthanasia rate. Approximately 30,000 dogs and cats were euthanized every year. It was an uphill battle to climb out against those numbers. To Harold it was beyond rescuing animals, he made it very clear that “we cannot adopt our way out of this problem“. His group, Heaven Can Wait, concentrated on lowering the population through spaying and neutering; a simple but monumental task. He tackled it with passion and energy. I chronicled the clinic’s progress with the community cats program, and celebrated milestones, like altering 50,000 animals. We even walked the streets where he went door to door encouraging people to come to the clinic to spay and neuter their pets. There was no job too small for Harold. At the time of his passing, the milestone was 140,000 animals spayed or neutered ... and counting. Harold Vosko was a tireless advocate in our community. His dedication, drive and big heart will be greatly missed.

Valdez uu Denise Las Vegas Now, 5, 6 & 11 News Anchor

Harold wasn’t just a friend, mentor, or our president; to me Harold was like my father. He always had a smile on his face. “Hey, how ya doing?” were usually the first words out of his mouth. He always wanted to know how your day was, very rarely did he complain about his own stuff. Harold loved to make everyone around him laugh. He was the glue that held us all together. After meeting Harold and his amazing wife Rachel, my life was never the same. Harold taught me early on that one of the best ways to save animals is by spaying and neutering animals; that was his passion and personal mission in life. Besides making his wife happy and his work at Heaven Can Wait, Harold’s favorite things in life were his great “B’s”: his Boxers (dogs), the Beatles, Boston Red Sox, and basketball. Though Harold wasn’t a super tall man he was an unbelievable ball player. I often told him that we bleed blue, through and through; Royal Blue was the Heaven Can Wait color when it started. He loved publicity about Heaven Can Wait but not about himself - Harold was the most humble and brilliant guy I’ve ever been blessed to know.

Brown uu Gina Board Member of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society



Make a memorial donation to Heaven Can Wait in Harold’s name to celebrate all of his great accomplishments in improving the lives of the less-fortunate animals in the Las Vegas community. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019



AND ONE KIND PIT BULL This is our beloved Sierra, saved from a Maryland shelter where she didn’t receive appropriate or timely care for a dislocated hip possibly from being hit by a car.

We volunteered at that shelter and walked hundreds of dogs. Though we were asked to foster her, there was no plan in place to repair her hip. With permission, we took Sierra to a private vet, and personally paid for an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy). We also took her to an animal acupuncturist to help with her healing. She was a real trooper with so many needles from head to toe. Now she runs and plays with fun and fervor. We worked in the Washington, DC area and hadn’t had a dog in 30 years because of long work days and long commutes. We had no plans to adopt her since we were retiring to Las Vegas. But she captured our hearts. When volunteering in the shelter, we saw so much sadness and heartache. We also saw great success stories. Sierra is one of them. Sierra is a certified pet therapy dog. My mother was in a nursing home for the last three months of her life in 2018. While in Virginia, Sierra stayed by her side. Staff asked Sierra to meet other patients. Some couldn’t communicate. Still, they smiled, and outstretched their hands. A beautiful sight of the love shared by the elderly and one kind pit bull. Sierra, 87% American Staffordshire Terrier and 13% Boxer, is a social butterfly. She’s a shining example of a wonderful pit bull as a loving, loyal, and gentle family member. We adopted Sierra October 16, 2016. She is our world. – Submitted By Ruth Bramblett –


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019




PARVOVIRUS? By Dr. Corinna Gorgon, DVM • Town Center Animal Hospital •


anine parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that is a common cause of gastrointestinal upset in young and unvaccinated dogs, with most dogs being affected between the ages of weaning and 6 months of age. Once inside the dog, the virus likes to attack the intestines and causes a decrease in the absorption of nutrients, which is why one of the most common clinical signs that owners notice is diarrhea. Some breeds with a higher incidence include: Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Pitbulls, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers, but any breed of dog can be affected. Parvovirus most commonly occurs from fecal to oral transmission, but can also spread from secretions like vomit, contaminated food or water, or from the environment (like dog parks). It can take anywhere from 2-14 days for the virus to make a dog sick and the virus can be contagious to other animals for 2 days before clinical signs appear and 14 days after recovery.


Sometimes the signs can be nonspecific and the first signs that you may pick up on is a more lethargic or tired dog, who may or may not show interest in playing, eating, or drinking. Sometimes these dogs may even have a fever. If parvovirus isn’t caught early, the dog may begin to start vomiting and have diarrhea, and in worse cases, can even become septic or suddenly die.


Although making a diagnosis begins with noticing clinical signs at home, the first thing your veterinarian will want to do is perform a physical examination and ask you about your dogs vaccinations. Next they will recommend running an ELISA test which looks for the virus in your dog’s stool. This test takes about 10 minutes and confirms a diagnosis of canine parvovirus. However, a negative test result does not always mean that your dog does not have parvovirus, so your veterinarian may recommend some other testing. Because the virus can cause dehydration and a low white blood cell count, your veterinarian will likely recommend running blood work too! 18

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

TREATING CANINE PAROVIRUS Most dogs end up staying in the hospital for a few days. Treatment is supportive and focuses on correcting dehydration using IV fluids, providing nutritional support, giving anti nausea medications, antibiotics, and antidiarrheals. Immunity after infection is lifelong, meaning that dogs that contract parvovirus will not get it again.


In the first weeks of life, maternal antibodies protect the puppy from infection, but at the same time they interfere with active immunization. This is why veterinarians recommend vaccinating at 3-4 week intervals. Keep in mind that parvovirus can live in the grass at your dog park, on the bottom of your shoes, your dog’s paws, and even on the floor! So don’t take your unvaccinated puppy to the dog park or around other unvaccinated dogs and before interacting with your puppy take off your shoes, wash your hands, and always carry your unvaccinated puppy/dog into the veterinary hospital. And remember, vaccinating is the best way to prevent parvovirus.

Canine Parvovirus Vaccine Schedule:

• 6 weeks: Parvovirus Vaccine • 8 weeks: Distemper-Parvo combo #1 • 12 weeks: Distemper-Parvo combo #2 • 16 weeks: Distemper-Parvo combo #3 • Booster every year after completion of initial series of vaccines

Protect Your Dog!

Celebrating our 4 Anniversary!! th

J o in

Us! July 20, 2019 • 9am to 2pm

Bake Sale - Fun - Adoptions - Face Painting - Entertainment Painted Desert Golf Course - 5555 Painted Mirage Rd.

Thank you to all our amazing supporters. We have saved many dogs because of your support. Please continue to help us save more lives and grow. Y

Join us to make a PAWsitive Difference!! FOSTER • VOLUNTEER • DONATE • ADOPT TO DONATE: LIKE AND FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK to get involved and for upcoming events.

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

PawsitiveDifferenceLV (702) 435-6422

Supported by Deibert Group Tax Services & Annette Thomas Cosmetologist Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

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BOOK RECOMMENDATION Making Rounds with Oscar

The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat By David Dosa, M.D. This book will appeal to all animal lovers. It is a story about a cat with an amazing ability and also compassionately touches on end of life issues and the marvelous ways pets can comfort both the dying and their loved ones. The main characters are Oscar, one of a number of resident cats at Steere House Nursing Center in Rhode Island and Dr. Dosa, a geriatrician at Steere House. Though Dr. Dosa didn’t particular like cats and was skeptical of Oscar’s extraordinary gift he noticed his behavior with residents; he stayed with a dying resident until the very end. He decided to find out more about this mysterious talent that Oscar possessed by interviewing the people who lives were deeply affected and comforted by him. Consistently he heard the same answer to his questions about Oscar: he was a comfort to my wife, my mom or dad; he was a comfort to me, he was a caring comforting presence. In some cases he was a welcomed distraction. An excerpt from the book that summarizes it best: ….that’s why the animals are so important. Dementia is all about comfort and distraction. I always felt okay about leaving my mother and Barbara because they had excellent care, each other, and they had their cats. ……..You know, Oscar the cat was not just a distraction for my mother, he was my distraction as well.

Imagine if everyone had an Oscar at the end of their life’s journey; a comforting presence, a caring companion, or perhaps even a distraction! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019



By Gail Mayhugh

We all like spending time outdoors during our cooler months, but in the summer, Las Vegas can be a challenge with our blistering heat. Even though our furry family members live primarily indoors, they still want to have fun, but we need to be extra attentive in keeping them safe and cool. So what can you do this summer?

MOUNT CHARLESTON is a great place to get out of the heat.

on Uns pl St ree t


Ja by o t Pho


Anytime you’re outside with your dog make sure to keep them cool as they don’t sweat like we do. Dogs regulate body temperature primarily through their paws and panting. Get a bandanna for both of you and wet it down and keep an extra iced one in a freezer bag.


If you and your pup are hiking companions, you can have a fun day exploring the trails it offers. Make sure to bring plenty of water for both of you. When my husband and I hiked, he always told me that by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. Collapsible water bowls and travel bottles where the lid flips out into a bowl are easy to pack when you’re on the go. I also recommend always having one in the car because you never know when you might have car trouble or traffic delays.

We don’t have an ocean, but you’ll find lakes with beaches you can enjoy. Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mojave offer boating for you and your pets. Make sure to have a life vest for both of you. Want to take a swim? Head over to Lake Mead or Lake Mojave. You’ll find sandy beaches for a day in the sand and water play. There are also trails where you can enjoy taking in the spectacular scenery. If you don’t mind a short ride, Valley of Fire Park is beautiful. It’s amazing how many Vegas people I meet who have never been there. You wouldn’t think of going out without sun protection and neither should your dog. Yes, they make UV-blocking clothes for dogs and sunscreen specifically for their delicate noses. Never use human sunscreen as many contain zinc oxide which is toxic to dogs, and salicylate which is toxic to cats. Make sure to do a little research before applying. Park rules can always change so check before heading out to make sure your pups are still allowed. Also, no matter where you go make sure they have booties to protect their sensitive paws. I say it every year: if it’s hot for you it’s hot for them.

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash 22

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

If hikes and lakes are not your thing, create your own water park at home. Sprinklers can be fun for your pet to run through especially if joined by you and your kiddos. A pond less fountain or planter fountain water feature is also something to consider. They’ll have fun trying to catch the water while you enjoy watching them. Las Vegas is a water crisis area so don’t run it all day and only when you’re home.

l o o C & e f a S m E ‘ Keep Pet Food for their Health & Wellbeing


We offer Healthy & Innovative Products Not Found Anywhere Else!

Photo by Murilo Viviani on Unsplash

If your dog loves to play and sit in water, get them a doggie pool. Whether it’s a play pool or an in- ground pool always make sure they’re supervised. Be careful especially if your dog is a puppy or a senior dog because they could be unsteady on their paws and unsure of the water. One last thing I want to share is safety when they’re outside alone. If you have a doggie door, make sure they have plenty of sun coverage and water, especially if you leave it open when you’re not home. Trees and patio covers are great, but not every yard has them. Portable sun shades, shaded pet beds, and pop-up canopies are great for creating shade in yards. Cots are also a good option as they provide extra cooling and air circulation since they are elevated off of the ground. There are even some products that combine the shade of a pop-up canopy with the cooling effect of a misting system. Place it on a timer to come on during the hottest time of the day. You may need to take some time to train them to take cover, but worth it to ensure their safety.

Most dogs can be healthy and active in the heat provided they have easy access to fresh drinking water and shade. Enjoy a fun, safe and cool summer with your furry family member. Gail Mayhugh, the owner of GMJ Interior Design, has been designing in Las Vegas for over 25 years. She also supports animal rescues and shelters through her non-profit, Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


NEVADA SPCA UPDATE By Sam the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show


Recently I sat down with Bonney Brown, President of the Humane Network the new trustees of the Nevada SPCA. I wanted to talk about their plans for the shelter animals and the facility. Our one-hour meeting turned into a three hour deep dive and a tour.

The NSPCA is in a dilapidated building and doesn’t lend itself to the needs of modern sheltering. There are many issues including a lack of airWWW. VEGASROCKDOGRADIO .COM conditioning. With a patchwork roof and safety concerns to consider they had to come up with a solution to keep the animals cool. Large Porta Cools are now installed and as I walked through the kennels the temperature was comfortable. The team is currently searching for a new temporary facility ahead of building a new one. It was great to see that the place was clean. I loved seeing the dogs enjoying the comforts of a bed, blanket and enrichment toys. Bonney and her team have a plan for every animal in their care. There are adoptable animals, ones with behavioural issues, and ferals at the shelter. Their goal is to place them in forever homes, sanctuaries, rehabilitation centres, and specialised rescues. Bonnie made it clear how a shelter is to serve as a temporary home, not a long-term home. They track the number of days an animal is in the shelter as a way to measure the effectiveness of their adoption program. What improvements can we expect? There’ll be a new help desk to answer your questions. A new foster program, a better system to reunite lost pets, and some fun adoption events. A behaviourist is on the team, a veterinarian is coming on board, and staff training is already underway. Public trust is low and so are donations. This is due to the previous administration’s handling of money and lack of care given to the animals. The Humane Network understands the gravity of rebuilding trust. They are planning a community forum. It’s a chance for us to ask questions, tour the facility, and see how we can support the animals. I sat in my car after the meeting and shed a tear. Some animals have been there for five years and some even longer. But I also smiled knowing this was their new beginning. Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. (Nevada SPCA) 4800 W. Dewey Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-873-SPCA (7722) • 24

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019




hen Lake Las Vegas resident Zoltan David takes his kayak out on the water, chances are his small, scrappy pup named Tacsi is sitting behind him strapped in a life vest and enjoying the ride. “She loves it. She loves the water,” David said. “She’s always out on the canoe and she’ll just jump right in the water.” Tacsi, a name inspired by David’s Hungarian culture, is a gray and white twoyear-old mix of dachshund, chihuahua and Italian greyhound. Tacsi was a gift for David’s nine-year-old daughter, Mia, who wanted a four-legged friend small enough for her to handle on her own. “She needed a small dog because it was just for her,” David said. “Tacsi is very much her dog. She was begging me for one. She wanted a dog so much.” Though she is small, Tacsi has become the perfect companion for the type of adventures the Davids enjoy around Lake Las Vegas. Having a dog with a love for the lake was in the cards for the family that practically lives on the water, especially David, who has been competing in sprint kayaking for more than 30 years and has been named a U.S. national champion 14 times. At 44 years old, he has qualified for the U.S. national team this year, making him the oldest member on the team by 20 years. When he’s not competing, David still spends most of his time on the water running the local Las Vegas SUP Kayak Club as the owner and president. He and his business partner, Bali Kovary, give guided tours on kayaks along the Colorado River and near the Hoover Dam.

Mia helps her dad with tours on the weekends when she’s not in school and often insists on bringing Tacsi along to meet the new kayakers. “Tacsi can be a little more snippy to them – small dog thing,” David said with a laugh. “But once she knows you, she’s over that personality.” In the rare occasions that the trio is not in the water, David takes Tacsi to local expos and markets to help show off and sell top-grade training gear and dog accessories made by European company Julius K9. While he explains the training potential behind Julius K9’s popular IDC® Powerharness, Tacsi wears her harness proudly and enjoys the endless pets from adoring shoppers. “She’s very behaved at expos. She’ll just sit there and show the harness,” David said. “It’s great because then people who are interested can see that these are great for small dogs, too.” Whether they’re spending their days on the lake, showcasing new dog accessories or just relaxing at home, David said they’re happy to live in a community that treats their Tasci like family. No matter where they go, David said Lake Las Vegas has made it so that even their furry friends can enjoy all the community has to offer.

Zoltan David, his daughter Mia & their dog Tacsi, all Lake Las Vegas residents.

“Lake Las Vegas is perfect for dogs, really. Even the restaurants here are pet friendly,” he said. “You can go anywhere with your dog, pretty much. It’s great for us, and it’s great for anyone who is a pet owner.”

Living with


“Feline Kidney Failure” are the words that no pet owner wants to hear. After a routine blood test on my 15-year-old cat, Sammy, my vet delivered the shocking, sad news to me.


nfortunately, kidney failure sickens and kills more older cats than any other condition. Since our pets are now living longer than ever before, this disease is becoming one that many cat owners find themselves having to deal with. Although the disease is ultimately fatal, it is possible to prolong the life of your cat for months or even years. With the advice and assistance of your veterinarian, there are many things you can do to help your cat live a comfortable life before their kidneys fail. My veterinarian explained that the kidney’s function is to filter toxins from the blood. As the kidneys begin to deteriorate, it takes more water for them to sufficiently flush toxins from the body. Cats may have symptoms of excessive thirst, increased urine output, constipation, decreased appetite, and lethargy. With the assistance of subcutaneous fluids and a modified diet, my veterinarian explained that Sammy may be able to live for several months, if not longer. The next day, I decided to bring Sammy back to the vet to set up a plan and proceed with his treatment. After checking in at the front desk and a short wait in a procedure room, it was time to get Sammy out of his cage so the veterinary technician could give him his first fluid treatment. I was not looking forward to this at all. Sammy was previously a very feral, muscle-bound cat that wouldn’t let anyone touch him except me. I was afraid he would end up biting and clawing his way to veterinary eviction. But, to my surprise, he was the PERFECT patient! The vet tech showed me how the bag of fluids should be hung and instructed me how the tubing and the needles should be assembled. The tech gently pulled up the scruff of skin on the back of his neck and inserted the needle just under the skin. Sammy didn’t flinch. (She explained that this is the same spot where mother cats grab their kittens, so it is a relatively painless spot for such procedures.) It only took a few minutes for the fluid to drip in under his skin. When the tech 28

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

asked me if I would be comfortable doing this for him at home, I was skeptical, but willing to try. The only other option would be to take him to the vet every other day to have them do it. I knew we would both be happier if I could give him his treatments at home. I packed up Sammy, his canned prescription food, and a bag of Lactated Ringers (fluid) and headed home. I decided that the best place to give Sammy his fluid treatments was on top of the dryer in the laundry room. Since I have cabinets above the dryer, I tried hanging the fluid bag on a clothes hanger and looping the tip of the hanger over the cabinet’s edge. It worked quite well. I then folded an old towel in half to lay on top of the dryer for a little added cushion. Perfect! Now all I needed was a willing cat and the courage to try this on my own. Sammy, of course, was not NEARLY as impressed with the dryer set-up as I was. When I first set him on top of the dryer, he was seriously opposed to the whole thing UNTIL he spotted the little pile of cat treats I had placed on the corner of the towel. All of his fears seemed to melt away as he vigorously consumed my cat-bribery bait. While he was distracted, I gently pulled up on the scruff of his neck and reluctantly inserted the needle. Sammy didn’t even seem to notice. I watched the fluids drip down through the tubing and clipped off the flow when I had reached the prescribed amount. Thankfully, it was incredibly easy. It has been almost 4 years now since Sammy was first diagnosed with kidney failure. I have had to increase his fluid treatments to every day instead of every other day as his disease has progressed. He has readily adjusted to his treatments as part of our daily routine and is still the perfect, willing patient. Sammy is a fighter in every way – he always has been. But sadly, his kidney disease will ultimately win the battle. In the end, he will go out with a fight and I will be there, fighting by his side.



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Each Winner Receives a $50 Gift Certificate to Lazy Dog Restaurant with Dog Friendly Patios!


PipSqueak 30


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

BOOM, BANG, CLANG, AND CRASH… …a clap of thunder or fireworks and our pets do the great disappearing and vanishing act. Some hide under beds, some cower in corners. Other common behaviors include panting, pacing and circling, excessive barking or whining, trembling, destructive behaviors, hiding or escaping, and sometimes inappropriate urinating and/or defecating. We live in a noisy world! We can identify the noises in our environment and most of the times do not respond in fear – they’ve just become “white noise”. Imagine though if you were bombarded with noises that you couldn’t identify. Our pets cannot identify the source of the noises and become frightened. They hear at higher frequencies and greater distances than humans and though this protected them in the “wild” it now is a source of great anxiety. Noise anxiety is extremely stressful and unhealthy for people and pets. One way to help your pet handle noise is to create a safe place for them. Locate a place that is noise-proof and provides a sense of safety. Provide buffering “white noise” by adding a fan, radio or TV to block out the scary sounds. Include a bed, blanket and stress-release toys such as chewy toys or bones. This will become their place of safety and refuge from the scary noises. Consult your veterinarian or a animal-behavior specialist if your pet’s anxiety is getting worse or for extreme anxiety issues.


Relationship WITH YOUR PET Following are a few tips for building a stronger and deeper relationship with your pet. How awesome it is that we live in a time when we can celebrate the human/animal bond; a time when science recognizes what pet parents have intuitively known for years - animals have feelings and emotions similar to ours. This knowledge of shared emotions and feelings of joy, pain and grief creates the foundation for a relationship with our pets. Our connection with our pets is more than a care giving experience. We’re more than roommates; we’re best friends and family. Creating strong solid relationships with our pets is important. 32

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Every pet has a unique distinctive personality and getting to know them personally is crucial. For example, knowledge of general canine behavior and specific breed characteristics is important. Yet paying attention to what our pet likes or dislikes, their favorite games and food, and touch preferences will help us relate better to our pet. We can use their likes to soften the experiences they don’t like such as going to the vet, or taking a pill. You can “reward” them with a treat or something they really like and possibly create a tolerable activity. Observing your pet at play or in social situations can give you a deeper appreciation of your pet’s personality. You can design social activities, games and playtimes suited to their preferences.


The foundation for any relationship is being together and sharing experiences. Most pets like routine and setting aside time each day to spend with your pet helps create a solid bond. Also, add extra times for special outings and extended playtime opportunities. Focus on fun and quality. The adage that “families that play together, stay together” is especially important in a family that includes people and pets. Quality time is important; spending less time in a relaxed attentive way can be as beneficial to your pet as spending more time in a stressed, rushed and hurried way.


Good relationships require good communication skills. Consistency with our words, tone of voice, and signals is essential in communicating clearly our expectations for our pet. Lack of consistency causes confusion and our pets are unclear about what we want from them. Communication, however, is a two-way street; we need to understand the way our pet communicates. Though especially true of dogs and cats, all pets have a system of communication. It is our responsibility to learn about the cues our pets give us into their needs, thoughts and feelings. This is one of the most amazing gifts we can give them.


Our pets pick up on our stress, feelings of anger and frustration. Recent studies have shown that dogs whose owners had high levels of the stress hormone cortisol also had high levels of cortisol which suggests that dogs can become stressed in response to their owners’ stress and anxiety. Create a home environment that is a calm and stress free as possible They need to trust that we will take care of them emotionally as well physically.

Building a strong bond and connection based on trust, respect and positive interaction will develop into a loving relationship between you and your pet. Most importantly, touch and cuddle them, talk, sing or read to them, love AND enjoy them!

Otto, Snoop, Fivel Say…

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Koda Diesel

Duke & Cuervo


Scooter & Dakota


Kokoro & Maggie

Desi Boy


Whiskey & Goldie

Chilly Dog

Pretty Girl & Little Lady





Sassy 34


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019






Merlin & Avalon


Melrose & Magic



Roscoe & Niko




Noodle, Frida, Franki & Coco

Jack Jack

PETS Las Vegas



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Bullitt & Eleanor

Brownie Mini


Blaise & Blue

Pamby, Jazzy & Karmy



Baby Rozi


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019




Gabby & Boltz




Callie & Marlie

Mars 2 Paws



Sabrina & Samantha



PETS Las Vegas




Donna Marie


Henry Lester/Cooper



Show Off Your Pet!

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We look forward to your entries! 38

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


The Kids Scene

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1. Name one way you can help an animal rescue organization. 2. What is one indoor activity you can do with your pet?

Submit by 8-31-19. (Hint: Answers in this issue!)

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Bonus Word: Pet Scene 40

• Angelfish • Fancy Guppy • Bluefin Notho • Gourami • Cherry Barb • Killifish • Discus • Neon Tetra • Endler

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

Answer Key on Page 49

Add some color to your aquarium with a variety of beautiful, colorful fish. Can you find the names of these colorful fish in the puzzle? The words may be in any direction: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

Sunny Suggestions


Hooray, it’s summertime! Oh no, it’s summertime! These months bring mixed emotions as desert heat mounts. Did you know the world’s tallest thermometer is in Baker, California standing 134 feet as a reminder of the world’s highest recorded temperature? (It was almost 57 degrees Celsius or 134 degrees Fahrenheit.) That whopping heat was measured at Death Valley, California in July 1913. By the way, Death Valley is less than 2½ hours away from Las Vegas. While heat in Las Vegas doesn’t usually soar quite that high, national and local weather services report temperatures that often exceed 100 degrees during June, July, and August. (Nevada’s high did reach 125 degrees in 1994.) Think about what this means for your pet. Since they have a fur coat, you need to keep them cool and comfortable during the heat of the day. Using a little creativity, you and your pet can be occupied, safe and happy while inside.


In the past, Pet Scene suggested indoor activities (only with your parents’ approval) like Go Fetch, Follow the Leader, Hide and Seek, and Toy Tossing. There’s a gray furry kitty I know who likes to smack his little toy then wait for it to be tossed back. When he tires, he leaves. Not all cats are so agreeable and most won’t perform if you want to show this talent to anyone! With cats, tosses may work. Sit on the floor with your pet and roll a soft ball or toy against a wall. Your cat might join in and enjoy chasing, but don’t expect them to fetch and return! That’s a dog’s task!

By C. A. Ritz



♦ Draw or photograph your pet doing something it loves

• Place a horizontal line 1/3 from the top or bottom of your page • Start by lightly sketching shapes, then fill in details • Avoid putting your critter in the middle of your composition HINT: Use the “Rule of Thirds” ■ The Rule of Thirds looks like a Tic Tac Toe game ■ For close ups, put a feature like an eye where 2 lines cross. ■ For landscapes, draw your entire pet where those 2 lines cross.

♦ Write a story starring your pet

• Keep a journal of your pet’s humorous antics and sweet moments. • Create a sequence with 3-5 images of your pet with a surprise ending.

♦ Read aloud to your pet

• This will make you more confident when reading and speaking aloud. • Reading your own work out loud also helps you hear what to edit. • Lastly, your pet will be happy to hear your voice and all will feel secure.


As you share time with your fuzzy, feathered, or scaly friend, you practice life skills like responsibility, cooperation, and respect. You’ll find your pet behaves well when given positive attention. Time spent together will benefit you both.

er Have a safe joy-filled summ and avoid too much heat! C.A. Ritz ~ Author and Illustrator Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Animal Assistance, Rescues, Shelters 42

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019







Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life. Say hello to Misty! This 5-year-old cutie is unique inside and out. Her colorful Siamese look will draw you in, but her personality wins you over. She’s sweet, attentive, social and affectionate, not to mention the perfect model for photos. Misty enjoys human and feline companions – meet her today! Y


Nevada SPCA 702-873-SPCA • 4800 W. Dewey Dr.

Gene Kelly is a 1.5 yr old lab mix, good with big & little dogs and cats. Gene is smart and wants to learn more, he aims to please! He had been running for over 2 months, scared and emaciated. Gene Kelly was brought in to us and now he is a loving confident dog that needs a forever home. Y

Gene Kelly

Sir’s Rescue Rangers (702) 513-4422

A staff and volunteer favorite, ten-years-young Lucille is an incredibly sweet mixed breed dog. She has been keeping active going out on foster field trips, but she is most interested in finding her forever home. From what we have seen in playgroups, she seems to do well with calmer dogs. Lucille is spayed and weighs approx. 54 pounds. Y She is located at our Everyday Adoption Center at the PetSmart at 286 West Lake Mead Parkway in Henderson. Her ID# is A1071130.


The Animal Foundation

Calypso is an approximately 9 year old red beagle. She is on the smaller side (27 lbs, but a low rider). She has had all of her medical done. She did have to have some major surgery for spay and tumors. She is a happy loving girl. A true beagle and crafty at getting food. She loves attention and she would benefit from someone that is home more often. Now she just needs the love of a forever home. Y

Moxie is a 10 month old tri-colored tabby who was living on the streets and trapped through TNR and we felt she was adoptable. She is very shy and will need time to warm up. After she feels comfortable she will want to be part of the family. She gets along with dogs and older cats. Y

Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation Call 702-493-9779 to meet her!

Las Vegas Rescue Center 702- 427-1307 •

Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc. Email:

Mesa, Winslow, Sedona and Brisbee were a part of a TNR rescue mission during kitten season this year! We rescued them, and their Mama Ari, a few weeks ago. They are 6 weeks old, starting there vaccination Mesa, Winslow, Sedona schedule this week and Brisbee and will be available for Foster-To-Adopt homes in the near future! Contact us to meet these babies or other kittens we have available! Y

Willow is a 5-yr old grade mare who is available as a companion animal only due to an old injury in her pelvis from her previous life. UTD on teeth, feet, and fax - she is a sweet little thing who just needs someone to love her as she is. $400 to approved home. Y

Meet Father and daughter Multi-Pooh Duo, Moochie & Marlie! We are trying to keep together… they have never been separated. Dad is 8 and daughter is 7. Potty trained and great with other pups. These two will definitely complete your happy home. Y


Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of LV



Local Equine Assistance Network For more info:

Maxwell is a 7 year old male Chihuahua mix, weighing in at almost 16 lbs. A diet is in his future!!! He had been a FUPI dog, and somehow ended up at the shelter, so we are going to find him a new home. He’s very friendly, and likes snuggles. Seems ok with other dogs, but we don’t know about cats. Y


Moochie & Marlie

Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue 702-435-6422 (call or text) Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019



3315 West Craig Road, North Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


upcoming TUESDAY, JULY 2

Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting 7pm–8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more info visit, Audi Las Vegas • 6335 W. Sahara Ave.


Events PET


Charity Dog Wash 12pm–4pm. Splish Splash, we’ll give your dog a bath! Washes are $15 and Nail Trims are $10. Funds will benefit The Churchill Foundation VET bill! Your dogs will enjoy the SPA HydroSurge System. Raffles, too! At Your Service Pet Supplies - 7083 W. Craig Rd. #175

Lofty Hopes – Pigeon & Dove Rescue and Adoption Event 12pm– 4pm. See the adoptable birds, support Lofty Hopes. You can also get a stunning photo of your pet bird, bunny, guinea pig, etc. Priscilla’s Pantry – 800 N. Rainbow Blvd., #110






PINS for PAWS Bowling Fundraiser 6pm–9pm. Fun evening of bowling & socializing with other animal lovers, goodie bags, great silent auction and raffle prizes, bowling contest prizes, and more! $20 online/$25 at door. The Orleans Casino Bowling Center • 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. Bunny Grooming and Adoption Event 12pm–4pm. Come get your small animal groomed, adopt a rescued pet, and support All Creatures Sanctuary. Priscilla’s Pantry – 800 N. Rainbow Blvd., #110


Bark For Brews 6pm–9pm. Vegas Pet Rescue Project pint glass with one complimentary draft and raffle ticket for a $20 donation. Tons of raffles prizes! Adoptable dogs & the debut of some their parvo survivors! HI SCORES BAR-ARCADE • 4785 Blue Diamond R.


Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm–3pm. Join Las Vegas Bird Club for their monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Eldorado Modular Home Estates • 4525 W Twain Ave.


4th Anniversary Celebration - Pawsitive Difference 9am–2pm. Bake sale, fun, adoptions, face painting, entertainment! Join us to celebrate and make a PAWsitive Difference! Painted Desert Golf Course – 5555 Painted Mirage Rd.


Poker For Pits 6pm–9pm. Please join Animal Help Alliance for their first Poker For Pits event! $80 buy in, raffles and more! Register today at South Point Hotel Casino - 9777 Las Vegas Blvd South

S.W.E.A.R. Parrot Adoption and Grooming 12pm–4pm. Bird grooming, adoption and shopping event to benefit S.W.E.A.R. Priscilla’s Pantry – 800 N. Rainbow Blvd., #110 Pet Loss Hurts - A Free Grief Support Group 6pm–8pm. Please join us for a wonderful and supportive session of compassionate grief support. We promote a safe, supportive, non-judgemental group. Findlay Chevrolet - 6800 S. Torrey Pines Dr. Wag Your Tail Wednesdays 7pm–9pm. Jet set to Bark on the Berm, by booking a ticket for you and your four-legged friend. Limited to the first 100 dogs. All dog ticket proceeds will be donated to The Animal Foundation. Visit: Las Vegas Ballpark – 1650 S. Pavillion Center Dr.


Bow Wow Luau Fundraising Event 6pm–10pm. Enjoy a fun night out for a great cause to benefit Sir’s Rescue Rangers! Tickets - 1 for $65, 2 for $120. Cash bar, buffet-style luau dinner, dancing, silent auction and raffles. Emerald at Queensridge - 891 South Rampart Blvd.


Paint 4 Paws 11am–2pm. A glass painting event to benefit The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation. $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Includes paint, supplies, drinks, snacks and glassware to paint unless you wish to bring our your own.


Wag Your Tail Wednesdays 7pm–9pm. Jet set to Bark on the Berm, by booking a ticket for you and your four-legged friend. Berm ticket required. Limited to the first 100 dogs. All dog ticket proceeds will be donated to The Animal Foundation. Visit: Las Vegas Ballpark – 1650 S. Pavillion Center Dr.

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. 46

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


Lofty Hopes – Pigeon & Dove Rescue & Adoption Event 12pm– 4pm. Adoptable birds & get a photo of your pet to support Lofty Hopes. Priscilla’s Pantry – 800 N. Rainbow Blvd., #110


Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting 7pm– 8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more info visit, Audi Las Vegas • 6335 W. Sahara Ave.


Bunny Grooming and Adoption Event 12pm–4pm. Come get your small animal groomed, adopt a rescued pet, and support All Creatures Sanctuary. Priscilla’s Pantry – 800 N. Rainbow Blvd., #110


One Drunk Puppy 6pm–9pm. Join The Animal Foundation for their annual One Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting event. Enjoy appetizers, wine, and entertainment while supporting the shelter! Visit: Silverton Hotel & Casino - 3333 Blue Diamond Rd.

Events PET


Coffee and Canines 11am–3pm. Come meet adoptable dogs, learn more about dog rescue, adoption and fostering, shop for all of your pet’s needs including pet nutritional consult and sip some complimentary cold brew (we think it’s the best in Vegas!). Sponsored by Frankly Good Coffee to benefit The Churchill Foundation. Raffles, too! At Your Service Pet Supplies - 55 S. Valle Verde Dr. #300, Henderson


Paint for Paws at Wine & Canvas! 3pm–6pm. Join Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary and paint (and drink!) while raising money for their rescue animals. Tickets are $40 and includes all materials for the paintings. Event is 21+. Wine and Canvas Las Vegas - 730 W. Sunset Rd, Henderson


Wag Your Tail Wednesdays 7pm–9pm. Jet set to Bark on the Berm, by booking a ticket for you and your four-legged friend. Berm ticket required. Limited to the first 100 dogs. All dog ticket proceeds will be donated to The Animal Foundation. Visit: Las Vegas Ballpark – 1650 S. Pavillion Center Dr.



Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm–3pm. Join Las Vegas Bird Club for their monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Eldorado Modular Home Estates • 4525 W Twain Ave.

FUPI Annual Fundraiser 5:30pm–8pm. Celebrating 11 years! Join Foreclosed Upon Pets for buffet, drinks and entertainment. Mistress of Ceremonies - Sherry Swensk, 8 News Now. $35 per ticket. RSVP TODAY! Email: | 702-279-2544 Opportunity Village – 6050 S. Buffalo Dr.





Pet Loss Hurts - A Free Grief Support Group 6pm–8pm. Please join us for a wonderful and supportive session of compassionate grief support. We promote a safe, supportive, non-judgemental group. Findlay Chevrolet - 6800 S. Torrey Pines Dr. PINS for PAWS Bowling Fundraiser 6pm–9pm. Fun evening of bowling & socializing with other animal lovers, goodie bags, great silent auction and raffle prizes, bowling contest prizes, and more! $20 online/$25 at door. The Orleans Casino Bowling Center • 4500 W. Tropicana Ave.


S.W.E.A.R. Parrot Adoption and Grooming 12pm–4pm. Bird grooming, adoption and shopping event to benefit for S.W.E.A.R. Priscilla’s Pantry – 800 N. Rainbow Blvd., #110

Jazzy Cats Presents: Viva Las Vegas II 10am–5pm. Love cats? Do we have a show for you! Over 400 cats, 14 judging rings, cat shopping village, ‘Meet the Breeds’ sessions, FREE parking & more! All info & ticket purchase at: Rio All-Suite Hotel - 3700 W. Flamingo Rd. Jazzy Cats Presents: Viva Las Vegas II 10am–5pm. Love cats? Do we have a show for you! Over 400 cats, 14 judging rings, cat shopping village, ‘Meet the Breeds’ sessions, FREE parking & more! All info & ticket purchase at: Rio All-Suite Hotel - 3700 W. Flamingo Rd.

p Have Fun! p

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019


FUN INDOOR GAMES to beat the summer boredom blues

Food puzzles are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes and styles specifically designed for dogs or cats. It can be a great way to stimulate their problem-solving skills and help them fulfill their primal instincts to hunt and scavenge. They will enjoy the challenge of retrieving the treat and you will enjoy watching them try!

Another stimulating activity for both dogs and cats is “Hide the Treat”. Simply take a few favorite pet snacks and place them in a bowl where your pet can see them. Then, take them out of the bowl and hide them throughout the house. This game will encourage their natural scavenging instincts and will give them a little exercise in the process. It is always much more exciting to find a treasure than to have it handed to you.

Hide and Seek is another great game many dogs love to play. Start by telling your dog to sit and stay

while you go find a hiding spot in the house. Once you’re hidden, call him to come find you. When he finds you (which hopefully he will), give him lots of enthusiastic praise and love. Your dog may insist on playing this game over and over again if you’re willing.



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • July/August 2019

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