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HOLLYWOOD Construction Boom Continues


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Future is Upbeat for Hollywood According to Summit Speakers ge 1

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HOLLYWOOD Construction Bo om Continues See Pages 3 &



construction this year and more than 7,200 units in the pipeline. In addition, 800,000-sq.ft. of office space is under construction in 2018 – more than any other place in Los Angeles County. This is in addition to the one-million sq.ft. of office space completed over the past three years. And three hotels are under construction this year, while three were completed last year. The conference theme was “The Challenges of Change: Finding Solutions”. The opening keynote speaker was Katherine PerezEstolano, the L.A. Cities Leader and Associate Principal with Arup.



he 24th annual Hollywood Economic Development Summit is now history, but it left attendees in an upbeat mood as to the future prospects for the historic film capital. “It is a blessing that we have so much to talk about,” said kick-off speaker Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. “It is everywhere around us in the billions of dollars of investment.” He noted that Hollywood is where everyone wants to be. The Chamber released the latest statistics that it tracks on an ongoing basis that show more than 6,600 housing units constructed in Hollywood since 2003, with 2,900 units under

Volume 13 n Issue 4 July/August 2018

Hollywood under construction.

Chamber Plans an Exclusive Luncheon Featuring State Senate President Pro Tempore Emeritus Kevin de León, August 17th


he Hollywood Chamber is pleased to announce The State of the State Luncheon with a return address from State Senate President Pro Tempore Emeritus Kevin de León at Paramount Pictures on Friday, August 17th. Registration and networking will begin at 11:30 a.m., followed by the luncheon from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. This luncheon will be held on the Paramount Studios lot, inside the Paramount Theatre, which allows for personal interaction with the Senator and leaders of Hollywood’s business community. A sold-out event since its inception, Senator De León will discuss issues that impact the Hollywood community and the greater area of Southern California. Attendees will be updated with information regarding the recently approved $200-billion state budget which funded homeless services as well as the extension and renewal of the State’s Film and Television Tax Credit program. Senator de León has been a vocal advocate for the studios and the jobs they create with AB1839. During his time as President pro Tempore of the California State Senate, de León has

led the 40-member Senate body to historic accomplishments that will improve the lives of Californians and the state’s environment and economy for decades to Kevin de León come. Senator de León has led a bold agenda to increase economic opportunity for all Californians with a focus on maintaining California’s global leadership role in fighting climate change and building a clean-energy economy, rebuilding our state’s infrastructure, public education, workplace and health-care equity for women, immigrants and low-wage workers and public safety. Senator de León is the 50th President pro Tempore of the California State Senate and the first Latino elected to the position in more than 130 years. He has been serving Hollywood since 2006, when he was first elected to represent the 45th district in the California

State Assembly. In 2010, he was elected to the California State Senate. He was the lead negotiator for the expansion of California’s Film and Television Tax Credits to keep Hollywood production jobs at home in the Golden State. In addition, he has focused his efforts on issues impacting the environment, the working poor, immigration, and public safety. Exclusive sponsorship opportunities are available until the event sells out. As of press time, Hollywood Museum in the Historic Max Factor Building Presenting Sponsor and Variety is Platinum Sponsor. Gold Level sponsors include FilmL.A., Inc., Kilroy Realty Corporation, MCS BusinessSource Network, Paramount Pictures. Silver Level sponsors include CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Hudson Pacific Properties, Kaiser Permanente, Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Paramount Contractors & Developers, and Pavemint LLC. For sponsorship, contact Kaylee Kiecker:

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ADVOCATE Volume 13 n Issue 4 n July/Aug 2018

From the President’s Desk... by Leron Gubler

Bimonthly published by

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ach year, we devote our July Hollywood Business Advocate to the progress that we are making in revitalizing this world-famous community. After nearly 26 years of working here, I can tell you that the Hollywood comeback is absolutely amazing. Sure we have problems today, but compared to where we are at now versus then, I wouldn’t trade places for the world. I can well remember the first year we started the economic development summit (which at that time we referred to as the “brokers breakfast”). The only thing that we could point to as progress was the new In-N-Out Burger restaurant on Sunset Blvd. Compare that to the information in our new Hollywood Development Update 2018 which is tracking 105 projects in Hollywood. I believed at the time that it was only a matter of time before Hollywood would rebound. With one of the most famous brands in the world, it had to be rediscovered some time. For years, we would do our Hollywood “spin”, talkIt is impossible to visit ing about the long-awaited comeback. And for years, people would come here Hollywood today, looking for signs of its resurgence and go away disappointed. No longer! It is without seeing the to visit Hollywood today, physical manifestations impossible without seeing the physical manifestations of the Hollywood miracle. of the Hollywood It has been hard work getting to this miracle. point. It has taken a lot of developers investing their money and expertise, with support from our public officials, to get things going. It has taken public investment in infrastructure – most notably the Red Line Metro construction, and the involvement of the now long-gone Community Redevelopment Agency - to jumpstart the revitalization. And it has taken concerted efforts from your Chamber of Commerce as well. Through our annual Hollywood Economic Development Summit, organizing support for proposed projects, creating business improvement districts, and carrying out various studies such as our latest Hollywood Market Survey, we have built the critical mass of support which has allowed us to roll forward. There was a time when we worried about whether Hollywood’s commercial district would wane as more and more residential housing was built on commercially- zoned properties. However, those concerns were put to rest when Hudson Pacific Properties, Kilroy Realty Corp. and J.H. Snyder became the vanguard of new commercial development – resulting in millions of square feet of new office space. There was a time when we had a boutique hotel task force, working to convince hoteliers that Hollywood would be a good place to open a new hotel. There hadn’t been a major new hotel built in Hollywood in 30 years, and we were being passed by again and again. Flash forward to today, with three hotels completed last year, another three under construction and nine more proposed. Residential construction has also been amazing. Consider that 6,600 units have been completed over the past 15 years, 2,900 are under construction, with another 7,200 units proposed. I remain an optimist. I think Hollywood’s greatest days are ahead. We have the leadership in place. We have reached critical mass. We have one of the world’s greatest brands. Sure, we have issues that need to be addressed – but then any urban area has issues to address. I am confident that solutions will be found and that the momentum will continue. Hooray for Hollywood!


Summit Focuses On Exciting Future for Hollywood, Chamber Continued from Page THREE

She noted that there have been $5billion in investments in Hollywood since 2000 and asked what Hollywood would be like in 2040. “Finding the balance to keep Hollywood a special place is the challenge,” said Perez-Estolano. “Hollywood is a long-established international brand and no one can take that away.” She told the audience that we control how and when the future will be engaged and noted that Hollywood has always been a test bed of innovation. “Why Hollywood?” she asked, “Because there is no other in the universe.” The audience was fascinated by some preliminary data from the Hollywood Survey that the Chamber has commissioned. David Klein, the founder and managing director of Renegage Marketing, shared data

Pat Barber, VP of Real Estate for Smart & Final, reported that supermarkets in Hollywood average $17 per square foot in revenue per week compared with an average of $8 per square foot elsewhere, leading him to conclude that Hollywood is vastly underserved. He noted that within one mile of a site he is considering in Hollywood there are 72,000 residents versus an average of 18,000 within the same distance elsewhere. Agreeing with Barber was Michael Dubin of Dubin & Associates, a firm that specializes in restaurants. Dubin said that the market is horribly under-

Godfrey Hotel

Academy Square Project

Epic showing that Hollywood residents have a higher income than those outside the community, that they are more likely to use mass transit or walk, and are highly connected to their community. It also revealed that Hollywood attracts more than its share of food/dining out purchases, but lags behind in retail, providing an opportunity to market Hollywood and attract those businesses. The perception is that Hollywood is “exciting” and the study showed that the more often people associate Hollywood with excitement, the better their overall experience. Among the “take-aways” from a retail panel is that Hollywood is underserved from a retail standpoint.

requirement for parking needs a reformation. The elimination of parking requirements would be the easiest way to bring down the high cost of housing. Dr. Marlon Boarnet, the Chair of the Dept. of Urban Planning at USC, delivered the closing keynote address and told the audience that “Hollywood is right where you want it to be.” He

served with restaurants, and that a lot of major chains had avoided Hollywood in the past due to perceptions. He said over the past five years, perceptions have been changing and forecast greater interest in Hollywood now that people are less dependent on automobiles. Lisa McCay, senior vice president with Buxton urged the community to use empirical data to overturn anecdotal perceptions, and joined with others on the panel who said Hollywood needs to do more to promote itself. A panel on “Technovation” and transportation discussed how advances in transportation are changing the game. Dr. Donald Shoup, distinguished research professor at UCLA, said that research has shown that, with the advent of services like Uber and Lyft, loading zones can accommodate far more people than single parking spaces. He also said that cities’ planning

noted that Hollywood is on the most important rail backbone in the City and that Hollywood residents are taking advantage of it, citing the Chamber study showing 59 percent of Hollywood residents are more likely to walk and 43 percent to take the subway. “Hollywood is one of the best places, besides Downtown, to take advantage of the transit improvements,” he emphasized, noting that this provides an opportunity for density, which can be translated to economic opportunity. “Hollywood is the creative center of one of the most creative places on the planet.” He urged the community to seek development that leverages transit and walking and to leverage its benefits, by seeking to improve such areas as first and last-mile transit connections. The 2018 Hollywood Economic Development Summit was held on June 21st, at the ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas. It was co-chaired by Marty Shelton of NAI Capital Commercial Real Estate and Timothy Grubbs of Communitas Design, LLC. They both who also co-chair the Economic Development Committee of the Hollywood Chamber.

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Chamber Study Provides Insights on Hollywood

JH Snyder Honored by Hollywood Chamber for Development Excellence


From left: Event Co-chair Marty Shelton, Hollywood Chamber Chair Donelle Dadigan, J.H. Snyder Partner Michael Wise, Hollywood Chamber President & CEO Leron Gubler, Co-chair Timothy Grubbs.


.H. Snyder Company has been honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with the Excellence in Economic Development Award. The firm was recognized at the 2018 Hollywood Economic Development Summit last month. “The Chamber created this award a few years ago to recognize firms that are investing in Hollywood and leading the renaissance of this historic community,” said Leron Gubler, President & CEO of the Chamber. Past award recipient have included Hudson Pacific Properties and Kilroy Realty Corp. The award was presented to Michael Wise, one of the partners at J.H. Snyder. “We are now especially proud to be part of this incredible renaissance in Hollywood with the completion of over 350,000 square feet of new offices within a mile of where we sit today,” said Wise. He continued, “Last year we completed the 115,000- sq. ft. 1601 Vine project which is 100-percent occupied and may add over 800 people working daily, using services and providing revenue to restaurants and retail.” Wise noted that his firm has also been sensitive to traffic problems and other environmental issues with a LEED gold certification and limited parking, forcing other means of transportation, including close proximity to the rail system. Gubler noted that the 1601 Vine project had originally been proposed by the Community Redevelopment Agency for the site more than a decade ago. J.H. Snyder rescued the project when the original developer withdrew. Wise also referred to their other project at 959 Seward, which includes over 250,000 square feet of creative office. Completed a year ago, he said it would see close to 100percent occupancy within the next few months. It also includes Spoonfed, a new restaurant concept. Gubler said that the development community deserves recognition for investing billions of dollars in Hollywood’s redevelopment. “Without this private sector investment, the revitalization of Hollywood would never have occurred,” he concluded.

study commissioned by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is providing new insights on the behavioral and attitudinal characteristics of people who live, work and spend time in Hollywood. The Chamber retained the firm of Renegage Marketing, which has also done research for Downtown Los Angeles, to conduct the analysis. As part of the effort, two focus groups were conducted, one with residents and the other with workers in Hollywood. Fifty “person on the street” interviews were also conducted, and there were more than 1,600 individuals who completed a written survey about Hollywood. David Klein, the founder and managing director at Renegage Marketing, said there were some very useful “take-aways” from the study that will help as the Chamber formulates a marketing program for Hollywood. The study revealed that annual household income in Hollywood is $104,000, compared with $92,000 within 5 to 10 miles and $83,000 for those residing beyond 10 miles. The higher incomes should be a reason for retailers to want to locate in Hollywood, and goes against many perceptions of the community. Also shown was that Hollywood residents find more ways to get around town beyond their cars than in other areas. Fifty-nine percent of residents walk and 43 percent use mass transit – a higher percentage than other areas of the City. Hollywood attracts more than its share of food/dining out purchases, but lags in retail sales, according to the study. Shoppers indicated that the retail experience in Hollywood does not measure up to other nearby areas. The study indicated that Hollywood gets a 60-percent share of people’s food/dining budgets, but only 41-percent of their retail expenditures, which means there is an opportunity for retailers to come into this market. The study also revealed that Hollywood residents are connected to their community with both their hearts and minds. Ninety percent of residents consider themselves knowledgeable about their neighborhoods, while 69-percent feel that they are part of the community, and 56-percent say they are passionate about Hollywood. However, only 49percent feel that Hollywood is headed in the right direction, which means more work is needed to either better communicate the successes achieved in advancing Hollywood or making needed changes to move the needle higher. The complete study is expected to be released in July and made available to Chamber members.

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Hollywood Chamber Delegation Completes Successful Annual Sacramento Advocacy Trip


s part of its annual trip to Sacramento, a delegation of representatives from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce visited the state capital in May to advocate issues of importance to Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles region. This year’s Hollywood Chamber delegation to Sacramento included: Chair of the Hollywood Chamber, Donelle Dadigan; Past Chair, Jeff Zarrinnam of the Hollywood Hotel; Chamber Board members Susan Cabral-Ebert of IATSE Local 706 Makeup and Hairstylists and Matt Fritch of the MBS Group; Chamber Member John Gile of John L. Gile & Associates; Leron Gubler, Chamber President & CEO, and Chamber VicePresident of Government Relations, Nicole Shahenian. The Chamber’s Sacramento delegation met with Senator Ben Allen, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Assemblymember Laura Friedman and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian to discuss the extension of the successful Film Tax Credit program, community plan legislation,

CEQA, arts & education, homelessness, and healthcare issues. “The Chamber’s annual advocacy trips offer our Chamber members the unique opportunity to meet with our elected officials to discuss issues of importance to the Hollywood Business Community, and to demonstrate the overall importance of Hollywood as part of the greater Los Angeles regional economy,” stated Shahenian. Hollywood Chamber Delegation “This year, our delegation focused on some of the most critical business community in Hollywood issued being addressed by the state and communities throughout legislature, such as the extension of Southern California, it is important the Film Tax Credit program and leg- that we can show our elected repreislation to expedite the update of sentatives in Sacramento just how Community Plans” serious Hollywood is in its efforts to “We produced a fantastic policy create a thriving and robust economy guide, which outlined the Chamber’s for our businesses.” positions on several key pieces of legIf you are interested in participatislation,” continued Shahenian. “I ing in future Chamber advocacy trips, encourage all of our members to par- please contact Shahenian at 323-469ticipate in these important advocacy 8311 or via e-mail at Nicole@hollytrips - With so much at stake for the

Voters Pass Chamber-Backed Proposition 68, Investing in Water, Land Conservation Projects


alifornia voters hit the polls for the Primary Election and not only decided what candidates would move on to the general election but also the fate of five ballot propositions. Among the propositions on the ballot was Prop 68, the Parks, Environment, and Water Bond, which passed with approval from over 56 percent of California voters. The ballot measure, originally authored by Senator Kevin de León, in response to the under-investment in parks, wildlands and water systems in poorer communities, had been endorsed by the Hollywood Chamber prior to the election. Proposition 68 will authorize $4billion in general obligation bonds for

state and local parks, environmental protection projects, water infrastructure projects, and flood protection projects. It will provide funding for various state departments and local governments to use for specific natural resources-related purposes. This includes $1.5 billion for a variety of programs generally intended to conserve natural habitats; improve coastal, river, and other ecosystems; and increase the resiliency of the environment to withstand the effects of climate change (such as sea level rise and more frequent droughts and forest fires). The bond also provides $1.3 billion for parks and recreation projects, most of which would be used to build or improve local parks. Lastly,

the bond provides $1.3 billion for various water-related projects, including to increase flood protection, recharge and clean up groundwater, and provide safe drinking water. “The Hollywood Chamber was proud to support this measure because it will invest in the state’s water infrastructure and protect our communities and natural resources from the dangers of climate change,” said Legislative Action Committee CoChair Matt Fritch. “As we move closer to the Midterm Election in November, the Legislative Action Committee will continue reviewing critical ballot initiatives and measures.” To participate in the Chamber’s Legislative Action Committee please contact the Chamber’s Government Relations Coordinator, Jacob Jauregui at

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All Hollywood Chamber PAC Endorsed Candidates Advance to General Election A Congratulations to the Winning Candidates!

fter months of Hollywood Chamber PAC Endorsements for the June Primary Race campaigning, the Primary Election has All 8 Hollywood Chamber PAC endorsed candidates will now move on come and gone, givto the November 6, 2018 General Election ing California voters the chance to decide which candidates will advance to the November 6th General Election. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Political JEFFREY SHEILA JIM LAURA ADRIN RICHARD MIGUEL BEN Action Committee PRANG KUEHL McDONNELL FRIEDMAN NAZARIAN BLOOM SANTIAGO ALLEN State State State State State (HCPAC) endorsed L.A. County L.A. County L.A. County Sheriff Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly Senate several candidates in Assessor Supervisor relevant State and County races, all of whom advanced to office, regardless of party affiliation, appear on the same the general election. Since California operates under a top- primary ballot. The top two vote-getters advance to the two primary system, all candidates seeking a particular general election. In each of their prospective races, the Hollywood Chamber PAC endorsed candidates outperCANDIDATE PERCENTAGE OF VOTES CAST formed their competitors and received the highest percentage of votes. See table: Ben Allen, Senate District 26 75 “The Hollywood Chamber PAC was proud to endorse Laura Friedman, Assembly District 43 100 these candidates and was ecstatic to see that they had performed so well in the Primary,” said HCPAC Chair Mark Adrin Nazarian, Assembly District 46 78 Edwards. “They have each championed some of the most Richard Bloom, Assembly District 50 100 critical issues in the state capital and in the county. We look Miguel Santiago, Assembly District 53 70 forward to seeing them win big in the November 6th General Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor 3rd District 75 Election and continue working with them in their next term.” Jeffrey Prang, LA County Assessor 48 For more information please visit www.hollywoodJim McDonnell, LA County Sheriff 47

LA Metro Solicits Stakeholder Input on Vermont Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project in East Hollywood


et ready East Hollywood, because it’s about get a lot easier to ride down the Vermont Transit Corridor! Representatives from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LA Metro) were in attendance at the East Hollywood Business Improvement District Board of Governors meeting in May as part of their community outreach for the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project. Representatives from LA Metro were on hand to present on the proposed BRT project, which would run down the 12.4 mile Vermont Corridor

from Hollywood Blvd. to 120th Street. “BRT is essentially light rail on rubber tires,” according to LA Metro, “offering almost identical services, features, and characteristics as light rail, but with a significantly lower cost.” The project, currently in the feasibility study phase, would devote traffic lanes to the system and is considered to be a more near-term improvement to the transit and traffic issues plaguing the corridor. Metro also discussed the potential for rail conversion, having identified six initial concepts. The rail conversion,

however, would be a future alternative to BRT and may be potentially considered after 2067. Metro is currently considering several concepts for the BRT project and is gathering community input on the project. LA Metro aims to complete its feasibility study by the end of 2018 and anticipates the BRT opening by 2028-2030. The Chamber encourages interested stakeholders to submit comments about the project to Metro. For more information on the project, visit:

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TEAM Hollywood Gets Sneak-Peek of Metropolitan Fashion Week and Hollywood Fringe Festival


ights, camera, action! The historic venues. The Los Entertainment, Arts, & Angeles 2018 Metropolitan Media (TEAM Hollywood) Fashion Week Los Angeles will Committee held its bi-monthbe running from September ly meeting in June, bringing 27th to October 7th. For more together Chamber members information, please visit: metfrom different segments of the entertainment and media Kanchan Mattoo, Director industry as well as arts nonof Development of the profits to hear the latest on TEAM Committee Co-chairs Larry Laboe and Sue Cabral- Hollywood Fringe Festival critical issues and events hap- Ebert with representatives of Metropolitan Fashion Week provided a brief breakdown of pening in Hollywood. The and Hollywood Fringe Festival. this year’s festival. The Committee heard presentaHollywood Fringe Festival is tions from Eduardo Khawam on studio employees and guests. Hellen an annual month-long event where Metropolitan Fashion Week’s upcom- Cavallo, Founder and Chef, noted in her fully equipped theaters, parks, clubs, ing Los Angeles show and Kanchan address to the committee that the veg- churches, restaurants and other unexMattoo on the 2018 Hollywood Fringe etables served were grown and picked pected places host hundreds of proFestival. The luncheon was sponsored from a vertical garden planted in what ductions by local, national, and interby Metropolitan Fashion Week and used to be the café’s smoking area. national arts companies and indecatered by one of the Chamber’s Eduardo Khawam, the President of pendent performers. It culminates newest members, Food & Bounty. the Metropolitan Fashion Week, pro- with an awards and closing night Attendees were treated to Food & vided an overview of the Fashion party. The 2018 Hollywood Fringe Bounty’s farm-to-table menu. Food & Week event, which is the only Fashion Festival took place from June 7th to Bounty is based at Sunset Gower week that features both Fashion and the 24th. For more information, go to: Studios, where they operate a café for Costume Designers held at iconic and

Hollywood Chamber Announces Tourism Co-Chairs


he Hollywood Chamber recently welcomed Kristina Chambers of Nederlander West Coast as the new Co-chair of the Tourism Committee along with returning Co-chair Patti MacJennett of Los Angeles Tourism & Board Convention. For over two decades, Chambers has worked in the live entertainment business, and currently works for Nederlander West Coast as their Manager, External Affairs, and Community Relations. Based out of the historic Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Chambers oversees community engagement and enhances local government relations by developing and expanding relationships with community leaders. Additionally, she assists with new business proposals and the organization’s volunteerism. In her spare time, Chambers likes to travel, spend time with her son, and attend concerts whenever she can.

Patti MacJennett

Kristina Chambers

“Nederlander has always believed in the importance of Hollywood and the impact it makes on tourism in Southern California,” said Chambers. “I’m honored to be co-chairing the tourism committee and work together to improve upon the progress and prosperity of this city.” Patti MacJennett is Senior Vice President, Business Affairs, for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. MacJennett develops and

implements the organization’s community engagement strategy with local, state and federal organizations and serves as liaison with key policy makers. She currently serves on the boards of CalTravel Association, the International Visitors Council Los Angeles, the Valley Economic Alliance and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. A native of California, MacJennett is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University. “Hollywood is truly essential to L.A.’s thriving tourism industry and, as Co-chair of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Committee, I look forward to working together to enhance the Hollywood experience for our 48.5 million annual visitors from around the world.” The Tourism Committee meets bimonthly every fourth Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.

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Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation Honored Heroes, Diahann Carroll, Rich Little, Raised $90K More than 400 of Hollywood’s dignitaries and civic leaders attended the Heroes of Hollywood Awards Luncheon in May presented by the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce Community Foundation at the Taglyan Complex. Television actress, singer, and model Diahann Carroll was recognized with the 2018 Mary Pickford Award. “The Man of a Thousand Voices,” Rich Little, was honored with The Distinguished Service Award in Memory of Johnny Grant. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation honored the 2018 Heroes of Hollywood: Fabio Conti & Chiara Santi, CEO & CFO, Conti Santi Properties; David Green, Sr. Vice President/CFO of Pantages TheatreNederlander West Coast; Amy

Pictured from left: Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell (CD13), Carole Sarian, and Cindy Braun, Carolyn Hennesy, Leron Gubler, Chiara Santi, Fabio Conti, Diahann Caroll, Jeff Zarrinnam, Donelle Dadigan, David Green, Amy Lemisch, John Tronson, George Pennacchio, Councilmember David Ryu (CD4).

Lemisch, Executive Director of California Film Commission; John

Tronson, Principal at Avison Young Commercial Real Estate.

Gubler Honored with American Spirit Award at Caucus Gala


eron Gubler, President & CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce was the recipient of the Caucus American Spirit Award at the 12th Annual American Spirit Award Caucus Gala which was held in June at Taglyan Complex. Earlier this year, Gubler announced the news of his retirement plans. For the past 26 years, Gubler has been at the helm of the Hollywood Chamber. As President & CEO, Gubler assisted in the development of four successful business improvement districts and has successfully testified on behalf of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to bring new projects and revitalize Economic Development and the Entertainment Industry in the Hollywood community. Gubler also initiated such programs as the annual State of the Entertainment Industry and the annual Economic Development Summit. Gubler, who also serves as Emcee of the Walk of Fame, has presided at nearly 300 Walk of Fame ceremonies, and participated in more than 600 ceremonies.

Pictured from left: The Caucus Co-chairs Robert Papazian, Tanya Hart and honorees Jan Krawitz, Richard Colla, Leron Gubler, Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, John Baca and Executive Producer Vin Di Bona at the 12th Annual American Spirit Awards which was presented recently by The Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors at Taglyan Complex. CHAMBER BUSINESS BENEFIT assisting the community

10 n


Hollywood Chamber, Vin Di Bona, Ellen K Announce Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2019


new group of entertainment professionals in the categories of Motion Pictures, Television, Live Theatre/Live Performance and Recording have been selected to receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was announced in June by the Walk of Fame Selection Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. These honorees were chosen from among hundreds of nominations to the committee at a meeting held in June and ratified by the Hollywood Chamber’s Board of Directors. Pictured are TV Producer and Walk of Famer Vin Di Bona, Chair of the Walk of Fame Selection Committee for 2018-2019 and Walk of Famer Ellen K, host of The Ellen K Morning Show, announced the new honorees with Leron Gubler, President & CEO for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who is also the emcee of the Walk of Fame ceremonies.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2019 are: In the category of MOTION PICTURES: Alan Arkin, Kristen Bell, Daniel Craig, Robert De Niro, Guillermo del Toro, Anne Hathaway, Lupita Nyong’o, Tyler Perry, and Gena Rowlands. In the category of TELEVISION: Alvin And The Chipmunks, Candice Bergen, Guy Fieri, Terrence Howard, Stacy Keach, Sid and Marty Krofft, Lucy Liu, Mandy Moore, Dianne Wiest, and Julia Child (Posthumous). In the category of RECORDING: Michael Bublé, Cypress Hill, The Lettermen, Faith Hill, Tommy Mottola, P!nk, Teddy Riley, Trio: Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, and Jackie Wilson (Posthumous). In the category of LIVE THEATRE/LIVE PERFORMANCE: Idina Menzel, Cedric “The Entertainer”, Judith Light, and Paul Sorvino. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and its Walk of Fame Selection Committee congratulate all the honorees. Dates have not been scheduled for these star ceremonies. Recipients have two years to schedule star ceremonies from the date of selection before they expire. Upcoming star ceremonies are usually announced ten days prior to dedication on the official website

Hollywood Chamber Honored Stars on the Walk of Fame The Hollywood Chamber added three stars to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the past two months. Actor Jeff Goldblum was honored with the 2,638th star on June 14th in the category of Motion Pictures at 6656 Hollywood Boulevard. Actress Zoe Saldana was honored on May 3rd with the 2,637th star in the category of Motion Pictures at 6920 Hollywood Boulevard. The late animal activist Steve Irwin was honored with the 2,635th star posthumously on April 26th in the category of Television at 6320 Hollywood Boulevard.

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12744 San Fernando Road, Building 2, Los Angeles, CA 91342 P 818 547 4684 F 818 547 4685 E n 11

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT SERENDIPITY LABS Introducing upscale co-working to the heart of the Media District. Serendipity Labs Hollywood delivers high-performance and high-design shared and private offices, while featuring a soundproof screening room and editing rooms along with a commercial kitchen. Serendipity Labs offer workplace memberships that include full-time and par time co-working, dedicated offices, dedicated desks, and team rooms. Short-term swing space and corporate memberships with central billing and reporting are also available, all with enterprise class technology and a secure infrastructure. Trust Serendipity with your next meeting, workshop or special event. Serendipity Labs offers full concierge and support services to help make your next event an impressive success. Located in a LEED Gold-Certified creative complex, members can enjoy exceptional amenities while discovering their new work life in a safe and secure environment. Visit them and get started on your new work life. Alana Trubitz, Director of Sales 6555 Barton Ave, Floor 2, Los Angeles, Ca 90038 Call (424)404-8800 |

INGLEDODD MEDIA From its genesis, IngleDodd Media has been custom publishers for member periodicals, annual directories, event program books and invitations, promotional collateral, onesheets, posters and anything that requires ink on paper for the past three decades. IngleDodd offers an extensive knowledge of the printing and mailing industries, and has long-lasting relationships with many union and non-union printers in the region. IngleDodd Media can either help you create a new project from scratch, or help produce your existing project more efficiently. IngleDodd Media has such clients as Directors Guild of America, Art Directors Guild Local 800, Motion Picture Editors Guild Local 700, Costume Designers Guild Local 892, Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Local 706, Cinema Audio Society, Production Sound & Video Local 695, The Animation Guild Local 839, Location Managers Guild Int’l. Dan Evans, Advertising & Event Sponsorship Sales 11661 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 709, Los Angeles, Ca 90049 Call (310)918-4882 |

I LOVE YOUR MONEY I Love Your Money, Inc. offers accounting and money management services, specializing in updating and fixing incomplete or inaccurate accounting systems. Don’t underestimate the importance of solid financial data! Without someone managing the day-to-day upkeep, one could end up paying more in taxes, penalties and fees! More importantly, one could miss out on new income opportunities. Your books could prevent you from qualifying for loans or credit which could stifle your growth. I Love Your Money will help ensure a steady cash flow from your operations and give you the freedom to manage your other obligations. They can help translate your financial statements and learn to use the information to your advantage. Their team will also find solutions for your software needs, add systems to prevent fraud or theft and even offer you budgeting advice.

SOUTH VALLEY INSURANCE South Valley Insurance is a premier insurance agency with a local office in Los Angeles serving businesses and families throughout California. President Jeff Guenther is committed to being a leading expert in employee benefits and providing customer service that is second to none. Whether you are a business looking for the right employee benefits package, or an individual in need of a personal plan, South Valley Insurance has the expertise to find the perfect solution for you. South Valley Insurance offers the following lines of insurance: health, dental, vision, life, disability, long-term care, chiropractic, acupuncture, travel, Covered California and Medicare supplements. South Valley also supports charitable work through membership in the Gilroy Foundation and other philanthropic efforts such as the creation of the Historic Downtown Paseo, the Leadership Gilroy 2017 Mural Project, sponsoring Arts Camps from Los Angeles for youth around the world, and ongoing Wheelchair Collection for the disabled in impoverished countries.

Ericka Redic, President 5482 Wilshire Blvd, #127, Los Angeles, Ca 90036 Call (747)245-5391 |

Peter Guenther, Producer 6770 Milner Road, Los Angeles, Ca 90068 Call (833)784-7552 |

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT NEW MEMBER BUSINESSES OF THE HOLLYWOOD CHAMBER 9 Diamond Consulting Art Leigh 19360 Rinaldi St #346 Porter Ranch, CA 91326 (888) 930-0999 Aflac Hollywood Jason Morton, Agent 1745 Wilcox Ave #457 Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 632-4822 Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council Entertainment Industry Committee Roger Davis, Chair (323) 461-4981 Cinema Makeup School Sasha Lee 3780 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 202 Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 368-1234 Circle of Helping Hands-Official Lipstick Reader Anita Miranda, CEO 9780 E McKellys Rd #451 Scottsdale, AZ, 85257 (877) 605-6389 City Fare, Inc. Jorge Zamora, Office Manager 749 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 746-2224 Delicious Pizza Cafe Rick Ross, Co-owner 6601 Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 467-3840 Flowers by Carlos Carlos Polio, Owner 7407 Gaynor Ave Van Nuys , CA 91406 (323) 301-5497 Food & Bounty Inc Helen Cavallo, President 1438 N Gower St, Bldg 10, Box 56 Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 468-3190

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Hiscox Megan Spencer, Digital Marketing Coordinator your membership! 520 Madison Ave 32nd Floor New York , New York , 10022 Retire myRoom Designs (800)367-2446 AlgeRita Wynn 2202 S. Figueroa St, Ste 527 Los Angeles, CA 90007 Hollywood Dream Tours (213) 840-3008 Hussein Dayekh, Owner/Manager 6507 Hollywood Blvd ScreenBid LLC Los Angeles, CA 90028 David Goodrich, CMO (310) 874-7007 6675 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 (310) 287-0100 HSBC Bank, NA Elli Evans, Retail Business Relationship Mgr 445 N Bedford Dr Serendipity Labs Beverly Hills , CA 90210 Alana Trubitz, Director of Sales (424) 313-2720 6555 Barton Ave Floor 2 Los Angeles , CA 90038 (424) 218-0686 I Love Your Money Ericka Redic 5482 Wilshire Blvd, #127 Silicon Valley Software Group LLC Los Angeles, CA 90036 Anthony Manzo, Chief Brand Officer, (747) 245-5391 Senior Architect 1800 Vine Street IngleDodd Media Los Angeles, CA 90068 Dan Evans (844)946-SVSG 11661 San Vicente Blvd Ste 709 Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 207-4410 Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre - Los Angeles Live Nation Entertainment John Jack Rodgers, Exec. Director Angela Cotner, VP, VIP Seating 6773 Hollywood Blvd, Fl 2 7060 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 465-4446 (323) 769-4934 Thrive Tribe Foundation MediaMine, LLC. Orren Plaut Barry Snyder, CEO/President 7033 W Sunset Blvd #201 8300 Beverly Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (805) 874-2399 (323)944-0856 x219 Villa Carlotta Talia Eide, Business Development New York Life Insurance Company 5959 Franklin Ave Derrick Hatchett Hollywood, CA 90028 801 N Brand Blvd, Penthouse Ste (323) 628-6628 Glendale, CA 91602 (818) 731-7307 WeHASS (We Help African Students The Now Succeed) Leland Raymond, Dir of Operations John Hicks, Founder 7611 Beverly Blvd 14814 Willow Glen Court Los Angeles, CA 90036 Canyon Country, CA 91387 (323) 746-5525 (661) 576-3272 n 13

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT VILLA CARLOTTA Villa Carlotta is a Hollywood residential hideaway for the artistically adventurous, drawn to the iconoclastic energy of bohemian Los Angeles. With five-star service, the sophistication of a landmark boutique hotel and the modern conveniences of well-appointed apartments, Villa Carlotta offers fully-furnished studios and one- and two-bedroom residences, welcoming stays of 30 days or more. Villa Carlotta features a collection of lounge spaces, cultural events and wellness and lifestyle amenities to impart a relaxed, communal atmosphere. Thoughtfully restored to its legendary stature as L.A.’s cultural hub in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Villa Carlotta is an architectural and designated city historic landmark, designed by Arthur E. Harvey. Each residence of Villa Carlotta comes brimming with designer finishes, fullye q u i p p e d kitchens, adjoining Parisian-style dining areas and expansive living spaces. Floor-toceiling glass French doors and windows allow for an inrush of natural light while authentic wood flooring and modern fixtures complement the Old Hollywood glamor and contemporary California living. Villa Carlotta’s unique design philosophy presents an uncommon take on Los Angeles luxury with considered spaces for residents to rest, work, create and dream. Hollywood Chamber was on hand for their ribbon-cutting celebration. Talia Eide, Business Development 5959 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, Ca 90028 Call (323)628- 6628 |

ARGYLE HOUSE Look out your windows and enjoy the remarkable views of Los Angeles right before your eyes. This Hollywood story features Related Companies’ newest property, which combines classic glamour with modern opulence to create a strikingly sophisticated atmosphere. Welcome to Argyle House, an 18-story boutique collection of luxury apartments designed by LARGE

Architecture, with stunning interiors by Marmol Radziner. This limited number of beautifully appointed homes, paired with carefully curated amenities and services, allows residents to indulge in one of the finest living experiences Los Angeles has to offer. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce was on hand to celebrate the grand opening of the Argyle House with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Terra Joy Jones, Assistant General Manager 1755 Argyle Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90028 Call (323)603-0322 |

ELITE ENTERTAINMENT GLOBAL Elite Entertainment Global (EEG) provides the most exclusive range of special event artistry. Having adorned multimillion dollar estate parties, fashion shows and corporate events, their artists create value-added entertainment which consistently exceeds expectations. Choose from one or more of their luxurious acts for an unforgettable event experience. Their most highly sought-after act, Bubble Sphere showcases dancers and contortionists inside a 7-ft tall translucent ball which floats on water! EEG’s Bubble Girls exhibit flexibility and fluidity while adding beauty and authenticity to your space. Booked in teams of two or more, The Bubble Girls of EEG are a self-sufficient attraction for your event. Not to be outdone, the Mermaids of EEG provide the perfect framework for an aquatic feature, pool or theme party. EEG Mermaids can be showcased indoors or outdoors, and can be available for photo opportunities and/or as atmosphere models. Regardless of what you choose, the acts from EEG will leave your guests in awe and you, the talk of the town. Melissa Staroszik, Director Call (310)999-4796 |

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Chamber to Celebrate Police & Firefighers Annual Appreciation Day, September 6th


he Annual Police & Firefighters Appreciation Day is a long-standing tradition organized by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. It provides an outdoor BBQ for Hollywood’s finest. For more than two decades, this barbeque has presented the community an opportunity to express appreciation and serve more than 500 public safety officers from the LAPD Hollywood Station, one of the largest commands in the city, and the Los Angeles Fire Department Station 27. The BBQ will be held at the Hollywood Division Police Station on Thursday, September 6th, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. To make this event a success, we need the help of the Hollywood community. Let’s show our officers and firefighters how grateful we are for all that they have done for us this past year! Please help in any way you can by sending in donations, gift certificate for a raffle prize, donating food items and showcasing your restaurants. CHAMBER BUSINESS BENEFIT assisting the community

THANK YOU TO RENEWING MEMBER BUSINESSES 1600 Vine 9 Dots Academy of Magical Arts, The Aetherius Society, The AltaMed Health Services - Hollywood Presbyterian Clinic American Film Institute AT&T External Affairs - Los Angeles Avon Rent A Car / truck / van Celebrity Source, The Clarett West Development Complete Office Corniche Group, Inc. Craig Lawson & Co., LLC, Land Use Consultants Emerson College Los Angeles F.A. Daniels Fabiolus Cucina Genesis Financial/Creative Employee Benefits, Inc. Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition h.Club LA Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City Hollywood Media District Hollywood Production Center Hollywood Travelodge Hollywood United Methodist Church Hollywood Urgent Care Howl At The Moon - Hollywood iHeartMedia Jackie Lewis Media & Events JWCH Institute, Inc (Wesley Health Center) Kilroy Realty Corporation Law Offices of Derek S. Yee

Magic Castle Hotel Magic Castles, Inc. Make-Up Artists & HairStylists - Local 706 IATSE Mama Shelter LA McCormack, Baron, Salazar, Inc. MDR Insurance & Financial Service Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) Mickey Hargitay Plants Millennium Hollywood Orlando Hotel, The O'Rourke Tech Pacific Commerce Bank Parisian Florist Pavemint, LLC Quixote Studios R.D. Olson Development RED Studios Hollywood SAG-AFTRA Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP SIM Solar Unlimited Inc. TASHJIAN, BERJ V. Tic-tock TMZ CELEBRITY TOUR Toyo Griffith Park Florist Universal Orlando Resort Walt Disney Company, The Wood & Vine Worchell Properties World of Wonder Productions n 15


6255 Sunset Blvd, Ste 150 Hollywood, CA 90028 Main (323)469-8311 Representing Political & Legislative Action Creating A Strong Local Economy Networking & Promoting Businesses Promoting Hollywood Assisting the Community

Chamber Welcomes Members at The Magic Castle in June

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TEAM Arts Subcommittee Mixer at Ohm Nightclub L.A.’s Largest Mixer State of the State Luncheon Police & Fire BBQ

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The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce welcomed seven new members at its June Business After Hours generously hosted by the The Magic Castle, the historic exclusive clubhouse which celebrated its 55th anniversary earlier this year. Guests were treated to a oneof-a kind experience, delicious hors d’oeuvres, an open bar courtesy of The Academy of Magical Arts, and wondrous traveling magicians. Chair Donelle Dadigan, Leron Gubler, President & CEO of the Hollywood Chamber, and J.J. Connaughton, Director of Membership Services welcomed these new members: Helen Cavallo representing Food & Bounty; Ericka Redic, I Love Your Money; Algerita Wynn, Retire myRoom Designs; Alan Trubitz, Serendipity Labs; Orren Plaut, Thrive Tribe Foundation; Eide Talia, Villa Carlotta; John Hicks, WeHASS.

Chamber Publishes Two Guides Promoting Hollywood


he Hollywood Chamber recently published two of its popular guides: Hollywood Development Update 2018 and Hollywood Guide & Business Profile. Attendees of this year’s Economic Development Summit were among the first to receive both publications. The Hollywood Development Update 2018 provides information on 108 projects in the pipeline for Hollywood and highlights reasons why Hollywood is the place to be! The update shows existing, new and projected developments on a map of the community. The color spread shows renderings of most projects and offers a brief introduction to each project mentioned, developer, address and projected progress. Those interested in obtaining a copy may purchase the annual publication for $50 at The Chamber’s annual Hollywood Guide & Business Profile offers the 411 on the latest things to see and do in Hollywood. The magazine celebrates Hollywood in the past 25 years, activities for locals and tourists, Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees, a community and business profile and more. For both residents and businesses alike, this publication remains extremely useful with its resource directory, index charts of growing companies, officials, and chamber members. A copy of the publication was mailed out to members of the Chamber and residents of Hollywood.

Hollywood Business Advocate July-August 2018  

In this issue of the Hollywood Business Advocate, the Chamber spotlights the construction boom in Hollywood and the theme of Change at the E...

Hollywood Business Advocate July-August 2018  

In this issue of the Hollywood Business Advocate, the Chamber spotlights the construction boom in Hollywood and the theme of Change at the E...