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When asked about similarities between American and Vietnamese women, Kristine spoke from her heart when she said, “No matter if we’re American women or Vietnamese women, we all have blood running throughout our bodies and we all shed tears when we’re sad.”

HOW TRUE IS THAT? This is the humanity of the world; we have so much in common, but it is the differences that oftentimes separate people from one another. This is one of the bridges that Kristine would like to build between Vietnam and the United States. She desires her pageant to be inclusive of all women and she is very welcoming of a variety of cultures. She has recently become very active within the Vietnamese community here in the United States. More specifically, the Ms. Vietnam Beauty International Pageant was just held in California as recent as May of 2017, and there will also be another one on December 2nd of this year at the Saigon Performing Arts Center in Fountain Valley, California.

To study the success of such a phenomenal woman would leave anyone in awe. She literally started the Ms. Vietnam Beauty International Pageant in March of 2016. Within a year, C.E.O Kristine is taking the world by storm by venturing across continents and cultures to build both an inclusive and culturally diverse brand with her pageant.


When prodded for what advice would she lend to female business owners based upon her success, she replied, “To be who you are and to remain focused on your vision, and have open arms to help others. What you’ll give, is what you’ll get.” Not everyone sees entrepreneurs as givers, but quite often that is exactly who they are. Kristine has spearheaded this pageant and has brought awareness to the world about Vietnamese women that might have not ever had an opportunity to have the light shine on their greatness and beauty. The reputation, prestige, and the professionalism of this competition has created an opportunity to attract Vietnamese women from all over the world. Anyone who is fortunate enough to win the crown from Kristine Thao Lam’s beauty competition is proud of their achievement, and should rightfully be. She has created opportunities for females to dream and imagine outside of themselves. What better gift to share with others than the freedom to create possibilities in their minds that later materialize into their lives? Positively impacting others changes hearts and causes paradigm shifts. This is what this ambitious C.E.O has been able to share with the world. The more one learns about Kristine Thao Lam, the more one is drawn not only to her beauty and grace, but towards her authenticity to help lift others to greatness because she sees it within them before they are even able to see it within themselves.

Hollywood Weekly August 2017  

In this edition of Hollywood Weekly we offer our exclusive interview with Kristine Thao Lam, CEO of Ms. Vietnam Beauty International Pageant...