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ON THE COVER: photograph by Pamela Spyrs

Ithaka with his sculpture entitled “Inspyring Souls” Sunglasses: Hang Loose



06 I T H A K A The Nomadic Journey Of A Renegade Artist & Hip Hop Visionary

29 The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard An Inspyring Art Exhibition Hits Orange County

ENTERTAINMENT 13 CONSTANTINE MAROULIS The Path To Becoming Broadway’s Rockstar

16 ZOI KOTTAS The “Life” Of An Actress Living Her Dream

40 LA Theatre Beat Hollywood Weekly checks in with the local theatres

GREEN SCENE 20 OC GONE GREEN The Building of a Green Home

22 LIGHTS... CAMERA… GREENLIT! Hollywood’s Taking It To The Green Scene

24 THE SUSTAINABLE SIRENS Green Carpets Are Rolling

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Pamela Spyrs Senior Editor

Pamela Spyrs and Zoi

photo: Ithaka

Senior Editor’s Note July 2010 It was a warm afternoon in early June as I was sitting in a local art gallery admiring a clients beautiful sculptures when a thought came to mind; that’s it, that’s our July issue of Hollywood Weekly. Let’s spotlight remarkable people: their art, their stories and their dreams! The compilation of the July issue of Hollywood Weekly has been carefully thought through with a focus on exposing those who dare to dream, unselfishly create and live inspirational lives. Each story written in turn tells a story of personal journeys and their life initiatives. As Senior Editor I’m given the opportunity to share true stories behind the scenes of multiple industries related to entertainment. In this month’s issue, while keeping in mind the philosophy of our magazine, No Gossip ~ Strictly Entertainment, we have brought in various people of all sorts living extraordinary lives and who do so against all odds. In addition to my role as senior editor at Hollywood Weekly I am founder of INSPYRS, a company based on showcasing the humanitarian efforts of talented artists and innovators with a primary focus on “inspyring” others to build their dream and then let their dream build them. And that’s exactly the types of stories we are sharing in this issue. Who are these people? How are they connected to the entertainment industry? Or are they merely change agents living in the now and influencing positive change in Hollywood and beyond! Read on and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy this issue and that you find fulfillment in these incredible stories. peace & inspyration, Pamela




Cover Story

I T H A K A - The Nomadic Journey Of A Renegade Artist & Hip Hop Visionary

By Pamela Spyrs

“It was a summer marked by a ridiculously high number of road rage incidents.

Without doubt, the several spells of record Santa Ana heat had contributed monumentally in either case.

fights in LA County during that summer alone then there had been in the previous five years combined.

Had the congested streets themselves caused the anger? Or had the temperfueled occurrences spawned worse than normal traffic?

Sadly it was already August and there’d only been two mediocre south swells all season. Surfers were irritable and crowds were out of control, with everyone contending for the minute scraps the southern hemisphere was discarding northward to the wolves.

And to make it all even more intolerable, the smelliest bloodiest-colored red tide anyone could ever remember had been lingering for weeks, dramatically symbolizing The Summer of Hate.

Who knows? But this was the subject of endless rhetorical debate on every local news program in Southern California.

Paralleling the insanity in the streets, there were probably more surfing-related

I’d just gotten out of high school and during the day attended summer classes at El Camino Community College.”

Ithaka with his sculpture entitled “Inspyring Souls

photograph by Pamela Spyrs


Sound like the beginning of a summer you may have experienced? If you were living in Southern California in the 1980’s, chances are you probably did. This is an actual snapshot of a surfingrelated ghost story, written by Ithaka called “Miracle at Malibu”. The story was published in its entirety in Robb Havassy’s legendary art book compilation, SURF STORY. When I started reading Ithaka’s story, I found myself so consumed and mesmerized I couldn’t put the book

down. His descriptive writing style captivates readers and keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you were to close your eyes, you are able to envision each detail that has been described and transfer yourself to the setting that Ithaka eloquently writes about. ITHAKA, a world-renowned contemporary artist, vocalist, writer, photographer and surfer, is a native Californian. He lived his childhood years in Southern California

where he was exposed to the melting pot of various cultures and influences. He has since travelled and lived in several parts of the world. Having been influenced by his travels to different lands and bodies of water worldwide, Ithaka communicates his stories through a variety of creative means; in print using written words, sonically through his music, and visually through his sculpture and photography. Every place he has visited

and/or lived in has a story to tell and is expressed through the dynamic use of Ithaka’s audio-visual artistic talents. He is the product of his international journeys, starting a new chapter of his life at each destination point he finds himself. How long will he stay? No one knows for sure, not even Ithaka himself. What he does know is the time will eventually come to move on and so does he. And it is then that a whole new chapter begins.

photo: Tito Gomes

Ithaka with Executive Producer Craig Dahl Ithaka’s global adventures are frequently exhibited in his writings. Although less publicized in comparison to his other talents, Ithaka has been publishing his travel articles and unique brand of surf-fiction short stories since 1993. Here in the USA, his writings have appeared in multiple publications including: Surfer Magazine, Transworld Surf, The Surfer’s Journal, International Surf, etc. And his regular short story column, Fishdaddy Chronicles, was considered one of Water Magazine’s highlights during its five year run. In Europe, Ithaka’s stories can be found in numerous publications such as: Surf Portugal, Onfire, Wavelength, Good Times, Blue and Extreme Experts. This year marks the celebration of Ithaka’s first fifteen years as a recording artist, which has proven



to be an ever so unique venture within his path. His newest release, Fishdaddy Flashbacks: Volume One (1995-2010), highlights the sonic sojourn of Ithaka as a songwriter. It bridges his unlikely musical beginnings working as a radio host in Lisbon, Portugal during the mid-nineties (indirectly leading to his first recording contract) through his five internationally recorded solo albums- until present day.

poet has evolved into one of hip-hop’s most original and prolific stepsons – with some of his songs, such as the infamous Escape From The City Of Angels (from the Replacement Killers soundtrack) becoming true underground classics. Ithaka’s music has also been featured in several surfing films (including the award winning, Timmy Turner’s Second Thoughts) and the hit basketball video game NBA 2K7.

Observing from a distance, there is an effortless way the multi-artistic Ithaka traverses between all of his chosen mediums of expression: music, sculpture, writing and photography. It would appear his life’s journey is a soulful balancing act somewhere between the worlds of euphoric creation and aquatic diversion. Through the years, the smooth-voiced nomadic

Having grown-up in Southern California, Ithaka gained a passion for surfing and has caught waves up and down the California coast. During his global travels he has ridden some incredible swells in the waters of Hawaii, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Kenya, Brazil, Morocco, Japan and Portugal - amongst other exotic places in the world. Ithaka has

based many of his writings and photographs around surf culture. His love for the water runs ocean deep and his desire to discover some of the most epic spots in the world is endless. One might say Ithaka can be compared to the Greek God Poseidon: God of the sea, storms and an “Earth-Shaker”. You might be thinking this is beginning to sound like a well-known poem? Yes, indeed it is and a very profound poem at that. Ithaka lives his life very similar to the way life is described in Constantine Cavafy’s poem ITHAKA: “As you set out for Ithaka, pray that the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians and Cyclops, angry Poseidon – don’t be afraid of them.” (Excerpt from Cavafy’s poem). In likeness, Ithaka

photo: Pamela Spyrs

“LURE 4” by Ithaka (2007)

photo: April Arellanes

“Dilani” by Ithaka (2008)

Ithaka | Los Angeles, CA

Sculpture Art: Music: photo: Ithaka

photo: Pamela Spyrs sunglasses: Hang Loose

“Raidor Bass” by Ithaka (2007) HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 9

is of Greek decent and his voyages are long ones and most definitely full of adventure and discoveries. While he remains without fear of what lies ahead in his path, he continues to challenge himself for the moment where his passions will be united and expressed. In fact, it was through discovering the use of a surfboard not only in the water but also in its afterlife that he began his work as a sculptor. Ithaka started his immense body of sculpture work, “The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard”, after accidentally breaking one of his own boards in half while surfing in California back in the late 1980’s. He later restructured and retextured the destroyed

board – recycling it into a piece of wall-hanging sculpture. That first piece, as insignificant as it may have initially seemed, set in perpetual motion the project that would occupy huge amounts of Ithaka’s time. For the next two decades (on four different continents), he set out on a series of global residencies in his ongoing pursuit of inspiration, waves and profound cultural experiences.Ithaka’s early surfboard sculptures were simplistic, but strong in form and color. They gradually evolved through the years in both complexity and texture. The finished pieces themselves do not have obvious surfing themes. Often incorporating

clean minimalistic contours with metallic hues and include easily found objects such as clothespins, bottle caps, branches, etc. Today, twenty years and more than two hundred sculptures later, he is still using broken and abused surfboards as his primary raw sculpture material. In my recent interview with Ithaka he shared: “This work is about giving new life to the discarded. As far as inanimate objects go, a surfboard has one of the most privileged lifestyles of any manufactured item in the world. Although they come into existence with a time

consuming, messy and laborious birth, once they leave the factory or shop, they have no other purpose to fulfill but to provide aquatic companionship to their adventureseeking proprietors: ride waves, bask in the sun and travel. Whether they were owned by a beginner getting wet at a local beach break, owned by a professional surfer voyaging by plane to exotic contest locations around the globe, or strapped to the roof of a soul-surfer’s van for road trips deep into Morocco or Mexico – these relatively simple fiberglass, foam and resin foils have provided near spiritual experiences to their users.

Ithaka | Brazil

photo: Erika Cristina Dos Santos

Ithaka | Africa

Ithaka | Lisbon Aquarium photo: Livia Palhano

However, due to the lightness of materials and their fragile nature, an average surfboard’s life expectancy is between three months and three years. And broken or delaminated, with cracked fins or waterlogged – they are inevitably retired out of the water and into the back of a garage or into the garbage, lacking even a modest funeral. But now, through a series of resurrection rituals using saws, sandpaper, acrylic paint and ornamentation, these loyal friends of humanity have been brought back to


photo: Joao Barbosa

life with new identities and a new purpose - to provide visual diversion. Nothing more, nothing less. These surfboards (now as wall-hanging sculptures) all have stories to tell. Long before they had been cut up and painted upon, they have been to places we haven’t been and seen things we haven’t seen - and done things most of us can only begin to understand. Surfboards and surfing in general, have been so good to me throughout my life. They have been the key to

unlock the wonders of the ocean’s power, which has been to me a huge nucleus of inspiration, fun, health and cerebral balance - and have personally given me a life worth living. I’ve been surfing since I was twelve years old and I still can’t sleep the night before a good swell. And I’ve been doing this sculpture work since 1989 and I still love it. I’ll never get tired of it.” “The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard” is constantly growing as a revolving series that has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, South America

and the U.S. It has also been featured in hundreds of magazines and television programs. In 2006, a documentary focusing on the life and process of the artist written and directed by Susanna Lira called “The Road To Ithaka” won the Best Script Award at the Brazilian FATU film festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Most recently in June 2010, Ithaka returned to Southern California with a larger-than-life retrospective of his incredible body of sculpture work “The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard” ( Continues on Page 15 )


Photos: Jp Agustin, Model: Lykke Jeppesen with iModel Management, Makeup: Omar Arillen and Dominique Lerma, Hair: Omar Arillen, Wardrobe Styling: Reinaldo Irizarry




Constantine Maroulis

By Pamela Spyrs


the Path to Becoming Broadway’s rockstar Onetime American Idol hopeful has rocked his path back to New York City and hit the Broadway stage like never before. Constantine Maroulis has become a nationwide heartthrob since his days on American Idol and continues to captivate audiences of all generations. So how does a kid born in Brooklyn make it to becoming one of the hottest stars on Broadway? Constantine took some time out of his crazy busy schedule to rap with Pamela Spyrs about it. PS: So, you were born in Brooklyn and moved to New Jersey at the age of 5. Tell me about your childhood? And when was it you started getting the Rock Star vibe?

CM: Being a Greek American kid growing up on the East Coast you could find me attending Greek School of course. My parents both worked but provided a wonderful home for my brother, sister and I. I’m the youngest. I grew up with a wide variety of music in the house from Sinatra to The Doors. Oh yes, and some traditional Greek music to Show Tunes as well. It was fun. I started singing very young and I was always performing as a kid. I dreamed of becoming a Rock Star someday. I think at first my family was skeptical about my career choices but once they saw how serious I was about my work they supported me 100%.

PS: You seem to be extremely self-driven, but there must have been someone who inspired you along the way. Who would you consider to be your greatest inspiration? CM: Honestly my family has been the biggest inspiration to me. My brother and sister got me into music when I was young and I wanted to be just like them. My mother had a beautiful voice when she was younger. I remember her singing around the house. As far as popular singers...everyone from Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, U2, The Beatles, The Stones etc. PS: You have done so many great things and have

had so many highs in your career already. What is it that you have done that makes you most proud? CM: I think my hard work is what I am most proud of. Every night I hit the stage; I perform as if it were my last show. On my nights off...I’m workin’. I play an active role in the community and that not only makes me proud it’s self-fulfilling as well. PS: Many were shocked when you left the American Idol stage as one of the final six in season 4. Describe your American Idol experience. What has it done for your career? CM: The experience was tremendous! Coming from a performance background it was a natural progression


The Cast of “Rock of Ages”

photos: Joan Marcus

Constantine Maroulis

Constantine Maroulis and Company 14 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

for me. To be honest I had never seen the show before when I went to audition. I looked at it as a vehicle to my next job. I could vision the huge potential being part of the show could bring so I was committed to making it happen from day one to day two-hundred. “American Idol” was a stepping-stone that was the foundation of my now huge fan base and it’s literally only gone upwards ever since. I’m grateful for all the show brought me and I love my fans, they’re the best! PS: So give me a snapshot of your path since those American Idol days? CM: It’s seriously been a roller coast ride. There have been ups and downs, hills and valleys, no kidding’. But I got to say it’s all been worth the ride. I mean really, I’m now rockin’ it on Broadway and loving’ it, how cool is that?

CM: Well thank you! I love the role and being a part of this show has really solidified who I am. Actually, the producers approached me when I was fresh off the stage of “American Idol” but it wasn’t quite ready yet. Flash forward now a few years later and with some changes here and there we took it Off-Broadway from September to December 2008. We got lucky because it took off huge and the next thing I knew we were taking it to Broadway in April 2009.

CM: In a word, triumph. I feel it has personally validated my work and my being. I’m grateful the timing and the vibe were right on. Being part of this show from its conception also puts one in a far better place to be nominated. In the end it’s truly luck and I am a lucky guy to have been given this opportunity and to have been nominated. Gotta be honest, when I found out I won Star of the Year for I was humbled. So many people to thank and I’m so grateful. PS: So before you run to Brooks Atkinson Theatre for your next ROA performance tell me what’s next in the life of Constantine Maroulis? CM: Well Pamela, I never stop creating and looking ahead. I’m working on a solo show right now along with some other things I’ve got cookin’ up. It’s all a signature of my work, my music, my inspirations throughout the years and it’s all filled with a whole lot of heart. I’m not stopping now I’ve only just begun. No doubt we’ll be seeing much more of Constantine as he continues to soar in his career. Don’t miss him in Broadway’s ROCK OF AGES, he’ll rock your night away!

( Continued from Page 10 ) created entirely from recycled surfboards. This remarkable exhibition kicked off with a high-end opening night event, produced by INSPYRS Public Relations and took place at a gallery space within Orange County’s eco-friendly SoBeCa District called The CAMP. The perfect home for Ithaka’s “garbage to art” philosophy. As my interview with Ithaka came to an end he went on to say: “People sometimes think I am trying to do too many things, working too much. The key for me has been that I have never differentiated between work and recreation, any more than what art medium I am using on any given day. I enjoy every aspect of what I do, it never feels like work. I know I am

privileged to be living this life. I have been using these four forms of expression; sculpture, writing, music and photo simultaneously for a very long time now. It’s all familiar territory to me, yet I approach every project like it was the first. So in that respect, I feel more liberated to be creative. I’m not struggling against the mediums themselves. And I feel perpetually inspired because there is so little routine in my life. Every day is new. To me, completion as an artist is directly translating what is in your mind to however you are choosing to communicate the idea to others, regardless of what medium you are using, and hopefully not loosing anything in the process.” Photos: Giorgos Papandreou

PS: You’re currently starring in the Tony-nominated Broadway show, Rock Of Ages, which I’ve seen and I must say I was wowed by the way you rock the stage! How did the opportunity to play Drew in ROA arise?

PS: You received a Tony Nomination for your performance in ROA within the first year of its Broadway debut and won the Broadway. com 2009 Star of the Year. Congratulations! These are honors some actors dream of for years. How does that make you feel?

Ithaka | Greece

ROCK OF AGES The Brooks Atkinson Theater 256 West 47th Street New York, NY 10036 212.719.4099 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 15


By Pamela Spyrs


the “Life” of An Actress Living Her dream Many ask: “Why become an actress? It’s so hard to break into the entertainment industry.” Yet, every year hundreds of thousands of people travel from around the world in hopes of becoming the next George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. Many call them “starving actors” but those following the dream call themselves “actors with passion” and truly there is no stopping them. Some come by plane, train or automobile and hit the streets running.


“I was nine years old when I acted in my first play and I’ve continued the path of being an actress ever since. Who knew!” exclaimed Zoi Kottas as we sat down to talk about her life as a working actress living in the heart of the entertainment capital: Hollywood!

in Greek) began dreaming at a very young age. “Well, of course being Greek helps when it comes to being dramatic,” says Zoi with a smile on her face and adds, “I am filled with tremendous passion and love for the arts I couldn’t imagine being in any other career.”

Canadian-born, Zoi Kottas was raised by her Greek immigrant parents in the magical city of Montreal, Canada. Zoi (meaning “Life”

“I knew it was time to make my move to LA not too long after college,” Zoi shares as a tear rolls down her face, “It broke my parents

heart when I told them I was moving however, they knew I was going after my dream and they loved me enough to let me go with their blessings.” Upon Zoi’s arrival to LA she didn’t miss a beat. She immediately began creating her life as an actress. Yes it is true she has experienced some stumbles and falls along her path however, Zoi refuses to allow anything or anyone get her down

photo: Olivier Chatard and she’s made it clear that nothing is going to stand in her way. “It’s a tough world out there, so you must keep your head held high and be true to yourself, always”, Zoi says with confidence. On any given day, Zoi starts her day hiking in the local canyons, then rushes back home to get ready for her 10a.m. audition with a possible 2-4 more spread throughout the day. “It’s the life I choose to live,” Zoi says, “there isn’t time to take a break. If I do, I’ve just given someone else the opportunity to book a job that could very well have been mine. So when my agent calls I answer my phone and then I’m off to the next audition. Yes, it sounds crazy but I really do love every minute of it.”

When asked about what inspires her and gives her life, Zoi replied, “Music is my biggest inspiration. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not listening to some sort of music. Nothing like some good Rock-n-roll to get me going,” she then added, “But I must say the beauty of sunsets inspires my soul. If you spend enough time in Greece you would agree, no?”

Olivier Chatard & Zoi Kottas

So there you have it, an actress loving her life as she lives it in the bright lights of Hollywood. Will we see more of Zoi Kottas in the years ahead? No doubt we will. Though already a successful working actress she has merely just begun to wow us on and off the screen. Zoi is living her dream and her dream is her “LIFE”!

photo: Olivier Chatard

Since her arrival in Los Angeles, Zoi has performed onstage in multiple theaters including her 2009 performance in Celebrity Reading Of Vagina Monologues. On screen Zoi captivated audiences in a recent role she played portraying a terrified woman being held hostage on the popular TV series FlashForward.

A highlight in Zoi’s acting career was starring opposite, Olivier Riquelme in Olivier Chatard’s short film, AWARENESS which was accepted in the 2010 Festival de Cannes. AWARENESS, a Kino Pravada production, exposes the selfless acts of wasting water. “Water is Life,” says Chatard, “and Zoi brought life to this film”.

Olivier Riquelme & Zoi Kottas





By Pamela Spyrs


the Building of a Green Home There is a first time for everything and so it was for Orange County’s first Platinum LEED-certified home. Who would build this home and how environmentally conscious could it really be was the buzz around town. Then came along, local couple, Steven and Karen Blanchard, living in Costa Mesa who stepped up and wanted to build a custom green home. Their goal was to build the home of their dreams - eco-style. Jason Gonterman, CEO of Gonterman Construction, joined forces with the certified green building specialists at David Gangloff Architects to create what would be a turning point for green architecture in Orange County.


Architects and homeowners like the Blanchard’s are faced with trying to build structures that meet their vision while minimizing their impact on the environment. “It is important to be environmentally responsible in as many little ways as possible,” shared Gonterman when commenting on the philosophy of green building. “The Japanese use a word called ‘kaizen,’ meaning ‘continuous improvement with small steps.’ Although a homeowner may not have as lofty of a goal as the Blanchard’s’, I believe it is in the small steps we make individually and within our homes that will have the most positive impact on our future.”

The Blanchard’s small steps towards a sustainable house included building with engineered lumber from small trees and sustainably managed forests, using low-volatile organic compounds, energy and water-efficient appliances and installing a grey-water recycling system that filters shower water for use in the toilets. The home’s rooftop solar panels and highperformance design of the Costa Mesa “Green Home” exceed the requirements of the state’s energy code by a whopping 4 percent because of the detail to sunlight and shade positioning, and the path of prevailing winds. That means the building is so energy efficient that electricity bills will probably add up

to a big, round zero. Now that’s something to go green about! “As far as building more green homes much of the value in green construction is not seen on the surface,” stated Gonterman. He also emphasized the importance of documentation in green building. “Without documentation, a homebuyer can only take the builder’s word that behind the finishes; the home is built with more sustainably manufactured, healthy and durable materials.” Gonterman definitely plans to continue building green homes while welcoming all projects that come his way. “In relation to other

Jason Gonterman CEO Gonterman Construction

projects, I’m always open to any project I’m approached with.” Gonterman explained, “Since 1996 Gonterman Construction has been building in and around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. With our success built primarily on referrals, we have become one of Southern California’s premier general contracting firms.” Blanchard’s home may be the first, but not the last of Gonterman’s eco-construction successes. “We focus on providing the highest level of personalized customer service, quality craftsmanship and timely delivery. That’s what sets us apart as a leader in the construction industry and that’s how we plan to keep it.”

Gisler Ave


Miranda Bailey

By Zoi Patra

LIGHTS... CAMERA… GREENLIT! Hollywood’s taking It to the Green Scene Movie people are legendarily liberal and left leaning, particularly when it comes to the environment, however, the new award-winning documentary, “Greenlit” puts their commitment to the test. Producer and Ambush Entertainment Co-Founder Miranda Bailey (executive producer of The Squid and the Whale) marks her directorial debut with this highly entertaining, humorous and eye-opening documentary short “Greenlit” which chronicles the ups and downs of trying to “green” a film set. The 48 minute “Greenlit” follows the cast and crew of the indie feature, “The River Why,” starring Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) and


Oscar-winner William Hurt (A History of Violence), as they bring aboard Environmental Consultants, Lauren Selman and Ian Caine Wilson of Reel Green Media and watch what it takes to make their film set more environmentally friendly. It is clear by the end of the film that it isn’t always easy to be green. In order to have a greener and cleaner entertainment industry begins with educating crews what green even means. ‘Greenlit’ is a piece of that education and shines a light on the reality of doing the right thing in the midst of speed of production. What starts off with great enthusiasm quickly evolves into an insightful, educational and hilarious film.

“Being a filmmaker I was extremely curious about what the impact the business has on the environment. Being green is something I didn’t really understand, but now know after making the film. Making a film environmentally friendly is complicated, but hopefully GREENLIT will help raise awareness of the wastefulness that occurs and it will motivate people to be a little more ‘green’ when making their next movie,” said director Miranda Bailey. Greenlit has screened at several film festivals since it’s premiere at SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this year, including the New FilmmakersLA Festival, Vail Film Festival, Green Film Festival

Waterstore What does it cost the environment for us to be entertained? Find out by checking out “Greenlit” and if you can’t make it to the silver screen be sure to add it to your queue. “Greenlit” is represented by Andrew Herwitz of The Film Sales Company and the goal is for the film to have a television debut. For more information about “Greenlit” please visit: www.

photos: Ambush Entertainment

in Seoul, Korea, Ashland Independent Film Festival Dallas International Film Festival, Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Rodos International Film & Visual Arts Festival in Athens and more. “Greenlit” was also the selected film for the opening night gala film at Pacific Palisades Film Festival and will be playing later this summer at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival and Duke City Doc Fest.

Lauren Selman | Recycling HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 23

e-waste mermaid

By Lauren Selman

Green Carpets Are rolling The red carpets are being put away more and more, while the green carpet is rolling out for the environment. But it is not just the celebrities that are walking and taking a stand for environment. Hollywood costume designer Kresta Lins is using her craft to bring awareness to the amount of waste produced in the film industry and in our everyday lives. Her latest project, “The Sustainable Sirens” features 6 costumes, each made from the waste produced by different departments in the film industry. Through her costumes she address issues around recycling, electronic waste, composting and other environmental concerns. “I got into costume design because it is a fun and creative field and it is a way tell stories,” states Lins and it’s clear that “The Sustainable Sirens” does exactly that. The costumes tell the story of what waste is produced and what actions we can do to reduce them. “My main mission is to create awareness of what we could


be doing to reduce waste and hopefully inspire folks to take action wherever they can.” “It all started with a link to the LA City Department of Sanitation,” shares Lins. “I learned about the proper way to recycle and saw first hand how miss-informed I was about what can and can’t be recycled. I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for over 12 years and the amount of paper and plastics we go through on a daily basis is shocking.” Her first dress, “Let Them Recycle!” featured waste produced by members of The Costume Department. Lins creatively used script pages, manila tags, plastic bags, shoe boxes and shopping bags into an 18th century Marie Antoinette style gown to show how much waste is produced and how it could properly be recycled. Lins’ attention to detail is impeccable and directly comments on our relationship with our waste stream. “The costumes create a sense of thoughtfulness about the

For more information, please visit:

objects we use in everyday life and how and how often we dispose of them.” Through the amount of detail she puts in the costumes, people are stopping to take a look. “I want people to see these issues in a new way. We don’t look at our lives closely enough. We need art to have us stop, pause and think about our world in a new way.”

to us and the people that work with it on the other end. More and more, we are seeing how the toxins are affecting our water, land and people. It’s a trend that if not reversed will kill us one way or another.”

Her concept grabbed the attention of Reel Green Media, an environmental consulting company for the entertainment industry, and together they put together “The Sustainable Sirens” campaign project and have been educating the industry about sustainability ever since.

Although the campaign focuses on the concerns of Hollywood, the costumes are getting to the heart of the sustainability issue - design. “For us to be sustainable, we need to design and produce products that we can update, repair, and reuse,” explains Lins. “The trend has been to have everything be disposal, it is not sustainable. We cannot keep extracting resources and not reuse them. Eventually we are going to run out of resources.”

Her latest costume, “Lost in a Sea of E-Waste,” exhibits a mermaid made completely out of Cds, film and other used electronic waste. Believe it or not, used electronic products are the most rapidly growing problem in our waste stream. “E-waste is important because it is extremely toxic

Her passion is clearly seen in her work and people are reacting to her art. “I’m a visual person,” shares Lins, “And, for me, seeing something visually can have more of an impact. There is something about seeing it with your own eyes makes it more real.”

photos: Jason Holmes



FOOD & WINE L-R: Pete Vasilopoulos, Peter Georgatsos, Oresitis Hillas

By Pamela Spyrs


A taste of Greece Beyond the Mediterranean Sea Greek food and wine isn’t only for the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Especially, not since it found its way beyond the Mediterranean Sea. And all it took was a Greek immigrant from the region of Mani by the name of Fotis Georgatsos to bring a taste of Greece to the United States. What taste you ask? He started by impressing people with the delicate flavor and aroma of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and that was only the beginning. The response was so overwhelming. Fotis, who was an Engineer at Rockwell, later started an importing company, Fotis and Son Imports with his wife, Catherine Georgatsos and later bringing his son Peter on board. Today, Fotis and Son Imports is run by Peter Georgatsos along with his brother-in-law, Orestis Hillas and their wives, Eleni Hillas (Fotis’ daughter) and Laura Georgatsos. Yes, it’s one “Big Fat Greek Family” bringing the bold flavors of Greece to our palates. The company


continues to grow not only having a strong presence on the West Coast but now also having an extension to the Midwest with their Chicago, IL operations run by owners Pete and Eleni Vasilopoulos. Did I mention they are family too? Yes, Pete is married to Fotis’ niece, Eleni (popular name in the family). “My wife, Eleni and I are thrilled to be part of the Fotis and Son Imports team and to be connected to its legacy,” said Pete Vasilopoulos. So now that I’ve brought you up to speed on all the family ties here’s what Peter Georgatsos had to say when I asked him what it was like working so closely with his father and how has it changed since the passing of Fotis. “Working with my dad was, well let’s just say quite an experience,” Peter said with a smile, “Seriously though, I really was fortunate to work with him. My dad was respected by many for the honest way he ran our business. We’ve continued to carry on that respect by keeping true to our motto:

‘Quality Without Compromise’. It’s the vision my dad started our business with and it will remain our philosophy. We seek out the best producers in Greece to select a superior product that exemplifies our passion for quality and we plan to keep that our priority.” Products from Fotis and Sons Imports can be found throughout the United States. With the company’s strong presence on the west coast their products can be found in some of the hottest restaurants swarming with the celebrity scene such as, PETROS Greek Cuisine and Lounge in Manhattan Beach and Los Olivos, La Petit Greek in Larchmont Village, Taverna Tony in Malibu, George’s Greek Café in Long Beach, Kafe Neo in Bluff Heights-Long Beach, Papa Cristos in the heart of the Byzantine Quarters of Los Angeles amongst other hot spots throughout California. It doesn’t stop with placement of their gourmet products in restaurants for these Greek importers, how

does a Pita PITZA® sound along with an ice cold Hillas Beer? You might be saying, “it’s all Greek to me”, however these are actual signature products of Fotis and Son Imports. One of Fotis and Son Imports most recent creations is the Pita PITZA®, a delicious Mediterranean-style pizza made with a crispy pita bread crust, and topped with organic tomato sauce, feta and other wholesome natural ingredients. Pita PITZA® can be found along with various other FSI products at gourmet markets such as Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mother’s Market and that’s just to name a few. As I sat down with Orestis Hillas to chat about

his passion for the business I asked him how is it he came up with creating a beer and here’s what he had to say: “Many don’t know that beer, called ‘zythus’ by the Greeks, was the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization over 6,000 years ago. In early 2005 we proudly introduced Hillas Beer to the American Market. It’s brewed in Komotini, Greece where, according to tradition, the first Greek beer was produced in Ancient Times. Hillas Beer, a light pale beer is dry and well balanced, and makes for smooth drinking with a malty finish. I believe we have captured the tradition of brewing a truly great beer.”

Pete Vasilopoulos, Mustafa Altuner, Orestis Hillas

Orestis went on talking about his passion to keep his Greek heritage a prominent part of his life by saying: “My wife, Eleni and I have always kept Greek traditions a priority within our family. We along with our children, Athena and Nicholas take trips to visit Greece on a regular basis to keep the Greek spirit alive. In fact we travel along with Peter, Laura and their daughters, Alexa and Kendall to Greece frequently.” Orestis added with a grin, “Family ties run deep within the Greek culture and you can definitely consider our families together equal one Big Fat Greek Family.” As my time spent with the wonderful people at Fotis and Son Imports was coming to an end Eleni Hillas said so eloquently, “The most rewarding part about importing products from our homeland doesn’t only make me proud that we’re carrying on the business my father started, it makes me proud to be Greek.”

Georgatsos Family & Hillas Family at George’s Greek Café

Orestis and Eleni Hillas

Pete & Eleni Vasilopoulos

Orestis Hillas

Without a question the flavors of Greece will continue to reach places beyond the Mediterranean Sea and wow the taste buds of millions. Today through, Fotis and Son Imports offers you the chance to get your own taste of Greece delivered straight to your doorstep. I of course could not end my interview without tasting some amazing Greek food, wine and Hillas Beer. What did I think of it you ask? I’ll put it this way: OPA!



Ithaka’s: The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard Exhibit presented by INSPYRS The CAMP | Costa Mesa, CA June 5 – 12, 2010

photo: Ithaka

By Lauren Selman

Ithaka’s: The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard An Inspyring Art Exhibition Hits orange County HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 29

Ithaka’s Photography Exhibit The CAMP – Costa Mesa, CA

photo: Ithaka

We’ve heard that often art reflects nature, or even that nature is the true inspiration for art, but what if art could capture the spirit of nature and inspire? Early this June, surf icons, art collectors, environmentalists and children gathered together and were inspired by the work of multi-talented artist, Ithaka and his ability to give new life to surfboards that truly embodied the spirit of the ocean. The opening reception for “Ithaka’s: The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard,” featur-

ing life sized wall sculptures was presented by INSPYRS public relations & special events and took place in a gallery space at The CAMP, an innovated retail community located in the SoBeCa District of Costa Mesa, CA. This high-end Orange County exhibition was produced by Pamela Spyrs, founder of INSPYRS, a company based on showcasing the humanitarian efforts of talented artists and innovators. “Ithaka’s art speaks to the earth. Its captivating

photo: Pamela Spyrs


beauty leaves one speechless,” says Spyrs, “He is one of the most talented, dedicated and innovative artist of our time. We were thrilled to have such talent here in Orange County and for the opportunity to showcase his brilliant sculpture and photographic art.” Pamela and her team at INSPYRS created an environment for Ithaka’s art exhibit that was electric. You could not only hear but also see the vibrating buzz of people talking about Ithaka’s work.

“Waves” by Ithaka (2006)

Ithaka’s vibrant colored recycled surfboards, now remarkable pieces of art, hanging against high white walls pulled visitors into the pristine paradise. Deep blue carpet circles were scattered around the concrete floor as a little dog, Zoi, ran between the legs of patrons. The scent of fresh organic food from local restaurants hovered near the entrance as Ithaka’s hip-hop beats filled the space. “That was a surfboard?!” questions a little girl as she

photo: Ithaka

Pamela Spyrs and Zoi with “Inspyring Souls” by Ithaka (2010)

photo: Ithaka


looked up at a huge sculpture of scissors that loomed in front of her. Her eyes were wide in amazement as she gazed upon what in fact had been a surfboard. “Isn’t that cool?” commented her friend that stood beside her. Both little girls looked up in awe. A jaw dropping sigh of agreement it was. Their reaction was not unusual, but in fact was being echoed around the room by over three hundred visitors who came out to view Ithaka’s sculptures. California-born contemporary artist, vocalist, writer, photographer and surfer, Ithaka, began his immense body of sculpture work, “The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard” after accidentally breaking one of his own boards in half while surfing back in the late 1980’s, later restructuring and retexturing the destroyed board recycling it into an extraordinary piece of wall-hanging sculpture. His innovation and creativity captures the spirit of the ocean magnificently and he is rightly showcased as one of the most influential and creative surfers in

the world in the epic 444 page book and “soon to be” major exhibition, “Surf Story”, created by Robb Havassy, featuring 88 surfer artists and their stories, which was on sale at the event. Sponsors of “Ithaka’s: A Reincarnation Of A Surfboard” exhibition included: The CAMP - A innovative retail community, The LAB - An “anti-mall”, SoBeCa District - A Gateway to the “City of the Arts”, Surf Story Project - 444 pages and 88 of the most inspirational and creative surfers in the world, Hillas Beer Imported Beer from Greece and Sweatlodge Records. Ithaka’s sculpture art is represented in Europe by Gallery Way Of Arts (Lisbon), in the United States by INSPYRS (Los Angeles) and in South America by: Galeria Alma Do Mar (Sao Paulo). For more information please see: | Ithaka’s record label is Sweatlodge Records. For more information on his music please see:


graphics: Paulifornia

photo: Ithaka

Ithaka’s Sculpture Exhibit The CAMP – Costa Mesa, CA

photo: Julia Graylow

photo: Pamela Spyrs

Ithaka with his sculpture entitled: “Green Hornet Leaf” (2010) HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 33


by Ithaka

OXYGEN FALLS I’d been here fourteen days,

barbed-wire fences

turbulent area,

and down the aerator slope

ever since they’d

guarding potential victims

the water abruptly tranquilized...

from continuing any further downstream

brought him home

from the hazards

immediately quieting down

(potentially clogging up

from the hospital.

of the falls behind the them.

into a deeper,

the subsequent farming canals and ditches).

And for fourteen days in a row Zeus, Athena and I had walked; across the cotton field, through the lemon orchard, into The Reservation and along the bank of the canal

Oxygen Falls in actuality was a hundred-foot high aerator slope just downstream from the Red Mountain Dam on the Saguaro Indian Reservation.

much wider body of water known as Lower River, which eventually dissected itself into several smaller, slow-flowing canals and ditches, providing the agricultural water supply

until we reached

After first corralling

of eastern Phoenix.

the base of Oxygen Falls.

a section of the Salt River


The air here was thick with humidity,

in form of a small lake,

the roar of the water threatening.

the dam forcefully regurgitated it

Haunting and intriguing at the same time.

back out through its spillways

Three years ago, he’d been transferred here from his job at a Los Angeles

and down a descending

For fourteen mornings in a row, I’d stood here with my two friends and reread the words:

in a rural area outside of Phoenix. Unfortunately, my trip wasn’t a family social visit, my Pops was sick. Terminal they’d called it,


had moved here. The sign was posted on the first of two parallel,


He’d said that the underwater rakes did exist on some dams and aerators, but on which ones was impossible to tell, unless the spillways were closed and the water level low enough

into an end width of just twenty-five feet,

since Pops and April

and the brainiest of us three……

but had later asked Pops about it.


we’d spent together

also two years older

I’d remained undecided on the subject,


wondering what exactly it meant.

during every holiday

my other brother,

For the moment

from an area of about 40-yards wide

between Niles, Joe and I

protested Niles,

about something like that…..somewhere.


of controversy and speculation

No....I think he may be right,

I think I read something……


had been a never ending subject

my elder of two years.


This compressed the river water volume

of white sheet metal,

an ex-marine,

boxy, narrowing concrete waterway.


on a now rusted-out piece

proclaimed my stepbrother Joe,


I called it unfair.

These faded red letters,

That old Red doesn’t know anything,

eighth-of-a-mile long

aerospace corporation to their production division

BULL !!!!!!!!

to expose them. But here at Oxygen Falls, the water was kept flowing year round, quenching the thirst

quadrupling its velocity.

An old Indian citrus-farmer,

The water then rocketed

whose land bordered the canal,

out of its square cement chute

had once told my brothers and I

What do you two think ?

and down the eight-story,

that the submerged obstructions

I asked Zeus and Athena.

sixty-degree slope

were in reference to underwater rakespikes;


sharp, metal, vertical bars

howled Zeus.

into a churning, chaotic maelstrom at the bottom. This process whipped the water abundantly full of oxygen molecules, essential for retarding algae growth and increasing crop harvests. Immediately after this frothy,

mounted underneath the white water at the base of the falls that prevented logs and other larger debris that had managed to make their way through the dam

of the area’s perpetually arid farmlands.

AAAARRRRRRRPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, echoed Athena in feminine equivalent.

Zeus and Athena, brother and sister Rhodesian Ridgebacks agreed on everything.

I sometimes wondered

Hobokam, Superstition. all seems like such

back in the South Bay

if they shared the same brain.

In and out of the Tonto Forest,

a cruel, heartless joke sometimes.

and about all the trouble

through Sunflower


we’d gotten ourselves into.

We walked back to the house where April had been waiting for us. She had some errands to do in town and Pops couldn’t be left alone in his condition. I’ll see you in a couple of hours, ok ?

and out past twenty or so smaller settlements.... until there was nothing but cactus and stars. I stopped the van, got out,

Exhausted and fatigued,

I was surprised to learn

I arrived home midmorning.

for the first time that (on different occasions)

Niles and Joe

Niles and Joe had both been

had already arrived in Arizona


and were giving me hell

How I’d never found out remains a mystery.

my stepmother said.

And my dad, not being one to rat, had never mentioned anything about it

Ok...See you later, I said.

or the healthy sums of cash

I pulled out an old atlas

he’d shelled out for their bail bonds.

from the living room bookshelf


and went up to Pop’s room.

If it is at all possible for a funeral

He was asleep so I began reading.

to be a good thing, Pops’ was.

Are you ready to take The Drop?

The youngish priest, Father Paul,

asked an unexpected voice.

had been a good friend

It was my dad sleep talking.

of my dad and April

What?! I asked.

and spoke to us with his eulogy, not at us. His message was very personal,

Are you ready to take The Drop? he repeated

almost completely avoiding

I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant,

any corny, generic post-death sermonology.

but even though he was unconscious

He even played

somehow knew that the question

a from-the-heart Bob Dylanish song

had been directed at me.

on the acoustic

Um...yeah...I guess so...what about you?

which he’d written when his own father had died.

Yes, he whispered with a slight smile as he drifted into a deeper sleep...

Part of which was;

...a sleep he was never woke from.

He was more than just a father,

He died in a peaceful way

a teacher, my best friend.

which I suppose is better

he showed me things

than getting run over by a delivery truck

not known to kings

or catching a stray bullet

like how to fish

in a neighborhood drive-by,

and make a wish

but when it’s your Pops,

beside the Magic Sea...

things like that are of little consolation.

...I miss him the old man

It was about two a.m.

Toward the end of the service,

when the last of the neighbors,

Father Paul had said something that stuck

the mortician with dad’s body and the rest of the weepers and mourners

laid on my back across the yellow checkered dividing line

(most of whom I’d never even met)

and looked directly up.


The biggest shooting star

I walked outside, got into the family mini-van and flew out onto the Beeline Highway.

I’d ever seen radiated by overhead, its trail glowing for a full ten-seconds.

My speed rarely dropping below ninety,

It was one of those infrequent,

as I talked incessantly

self-pitying moments

to a silent, invisible father

when I will question the purpose

riding in the passenger seat.

of all existence;

The towns sped by; Fountain Hills, Apache Junction,

for staying out all night.

into my head like a nail.

April’s been worried out of her mind !!!,

He’d spoken directly to Niles, Joe and I;

they chorused militantly.

being the man that he was,

instantly morphing

would want you to go on

the vibe more positively.

with your lives….

Although we all lived within an hour’s drive of each other in California, we rarely hung out.

The Earth, The Stars,

But that night we drank beers,

Love, Hate, Life, Death....

talked about Pops, the old days

Above Illustration of OXYGEN FALLS

Your father,

I apologized,

living them to the fullest. On the ride back to Pops and April’s house, that last part kept playing and replaying in my head... living them to the fullest. For me, in contrast to the urban hell


I’d inflicted upon myself four years before

in your chlorinated utopia)


(moving from the beach deep into the city),

Joe, stoned as usual, came outside.

Frenzied, I ran back to the raft

living life to the fullest

And after several minutes

and grabbing it,

still meant getting into the ocean regularly,

of amusedly watching me

hurled myself the ten feet

trying to inflate the damn thing

off of the vertical embankment

with my own breath, offered...

and into the racing

I think there’s a compressor in the garage, bro.

thirty mile-an-hour current below.

something I’d been less than successfully accomplishing lately. Of my last several attempts; on one, I’d borrowed and broken-in-half a friend’s favorite board.

And soon I was running, (holding the inflated raft clumsily on top of my head)......

On another,

across the cotton field,

I contracted a hideous

through the lemon orchard,


into The Reservation,

ear infection.

along the bank of the canal.

And on my last try......... at six a.m. speeding west down the Santa Monica Freeway (on my to surf what I later heard was p e r f e c t five-foot Topanga),

AND up the long hill until I was in front of the double security fences at the upper backside of monstrous cement structure.

Landing on the raft, but losing hold of the rope

SWWOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a ski jump I blasted right up and over the top of the bubbling aquatic chaos, air born for at least fifteen feet (safely above the submerged spikes) and then sent skipping another 50 feet like a thin stone on a still puddle into the calms of the canal.

that circumferenced it,

Several long seconds later,

I was violently swept downstream

my heat began beating again,

spinning like a top.

my emotion confusingly somewhere between laughing and crying.

Dizzy and panicked I had only one conscious thought, going STRAIGHT down as I went over the top or I’d surely be discovering truth about the rake-spikes headfirst.

I ignored the rope Niles and Joe eventually tossed my direction and the drone of falling water began dissipating behind me. I spent the next several hours

At the last second,

slowly drifting westward

I rear-ended a station-wagon

I frisbeed the raft over the first fence,

I somehow managed to get it together.

underneath the cobalt Arizona sky;

full of Guatemalan cleaning women

climbed it,

Getting hold of the rope,

alongside of citrus farms,

on the way to the Beverly Hills mansions

then tossed it lightly over the second

I was able to stop the spinning

and waving Indian children .

they were to immaculate.

(this time barely clearing

and was able to lift up the nose and went straight over.......

And by cookie-cutter,

above the sharp barbs). Coincidence maybe,

And seconds later,

regardless, I felt that

I was standing above the rushing,

the almighty Poseidon

funneling channel of water

had put some kind

leading to The Drop.

of restraining order on my surfing rights. I decided to lay low for a while and had been surviving

I prepared to make my jump, then hesitated.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shrieked, flying down what would be comparable

I went back to visit April, Zeus and Athena.

on a giant vinyl apple-fritter.

I set the raft down,

an ambitious attempt of escaping

and took a long, last look

up through my throat

When we got back to the house

down to the bubbling cauldron


after the funeral,

of frothy water at the base....

I began frantically searching....

only imagining what actually lay underneath.

my velocity was multiplying all the way down

then the garage,

______________________________________ Several months later,

to the top of the falls

the hall closet,

what life would be like without Pops.

100-foot Waimea Bay

While my stomach was making


thinking about......

to dropping in at

walked along the ridge of the canal

strictly on a surf magazine fix.

suburban track-home neighborhoods,


When I drove over the tiny canal bridge, signifying the neighborhood’s entrance, I couldn’t see ANY water flowing down the dirt trenches into the citrus groves. I immediately got the dogs and headed up toward the cotton field trail leading to the river.

In the far distance,

Below me somewhere through the spray,

I saw Niles and Joe charging

I caught a millisecond glimpse

For the first time

up the river bank- yelling as they ran,

of Niles and Joe near the base

since I’d been coming here

next to the pool.

both armed with about a mile of safety rope.

looking like cowboys

Oxygen Falls was under repair,

preparing to rope cattle.

the spillways shut,

I unfolded the yellow, moldy plastic.

As they got closer,

By the end of the drop,

A round, inflatable swimming pool raft

I realized Niles was shouting something

I’d accelerated to the point

about four-feet in diameter

about the rake-spikes

that the raft was not

resembling a giant hole-less donut

and the possibility of drowning

even really connecting

complete with a circle

in the current.

to the water’s surface.

then the tool shed. And finally found IT behind the Jacuzzi pump

of bright pink nylon rope secured around the top of it

YOU COULD DIE, JERK !!!!!!!!!!!

(to use as leverage

He shouted, barely audible above the rumble of water.

in case you encountered any dangerous oceanic conditions


THAT’S OK.!!., I yelled back

With the moment of impact rapidly approaching, I strained to make a last effort to get the front of the raft up as high as possible and.....

and the river bed on the opposite side of the dam bone dry.

There were no rake-spikes.

**This story was previously published in Water Magazine as part of Ithaka’s regular short-story column Fishdaddy Chronicles.






We don’t want you to miss out on all of the fireworks this month, not just the ones in the sky on Independence day, but also the new shows exploding into our local theatres such as:

“Oklahoma!” Cowboy Curly loves farm girl Laurey, even though they can’t stop bickering. Will Parker loves Ado Annie, the girl who “can’t say no,” while brooding farm hand Jud Fry is out to ruin everything. Written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein and directed by Robert Marra, it runs through July 18 at the MET Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-7735 or visit www.

“Big Hair” an actress who has mapped out her plan to stardom, takes off on her ride to critical acclaim, but discovers that Hollywood never received her memo, so she takes to the streets with renewed determination, never losing sight of her place in the sky, until an unexpected health crisis arises, her sense of direction betrays her, and she is left to decide if there is an alternate route to fame. Written by Amberlee Colson and directed by Steven Anderson, it runs through July 24 at the Meta Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7770 or visit www.


“CHiPS the Musical” is a hilarious musical parody of the popular 1970’s TV show where Ponch and John are still wearing their well-starched uniforms, packin’ the heat, and looking fine enough to cause a fender-bender while battling criminals of the worst kind: female eco-terrorists sporting roller skates and short shorts. Written by Rick Batalla and Henry Phillips, and directed by Matt Walker, it runs through July 25 at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. For tickets call 818-955-8101 or visit

“The Girl Who Would Be King” imagines what would happen in the mythical kingdom of Flugelhorn if the king’s only offspring is a female, but the law states that only a male can become king. Written by Jan O’Connor and directed by Richard Tatum, it runs through August 1 at the El Centro Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets, call 323-230-7261. “Beyond” Phenomenal multi-cultural, world-class entertainers, dancers, aerialists, acrobats, and a smoky torch singer excite and arouse in a romantic delight for the senses in this sexy, glitzy show featuring dancing from

around the world. BEYOND is the first show of its kind in Los Angeles and will appeal to adults, couples and families of all nationalities and languages looking for an authentically breath-taking night out. Produced by Del A Rue Productions, it runs July 2 through August 1 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 866811-4111 or visit “Becky’s New Car” maps out a very funny and touching trip about “the life not taken.” Becky is married, late 40’s and working at a car dealership, when one night, by chance, she’s offered an opportunity to step into another life, and she takes it. Written by Steven Deitz and directed by Michael Rothhaar, it runs July 3 through August 15 at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice. For tickets call 310-822-8392 or visit www.PacificResidentTheatre. com.

“Master Class” Ellen Geer stars as internationally renowned soprano Maria Callas, who had a legendary voice and life as one of the world’s most celebrated opera stars, portrayed near the end of her career, her voice almost gone, as she instructs a group of young singers aspiring to the heights of fame and fortune with wicked humor, unrelenting criticism and deeply personal stories. Written by Terrence McNally and directed by Heidi Helen Davis, it runs July 3 through September 25 at The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. For tickets call 310-455-3723 or visit

“Life Could Be A Dream” a fabulous 50s-era musical about the Crooning Crabcakes, the boy group banned from the Springfield High School prom which made it possible for The Wonderettes to perform, get one more chance at fame and fortune as they prepare to audition for a local radio contest and realize their dreams of making it to the big time. Written by Roger Bean, it runs July 6 through August 29 at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach. For tickets call 949-497-2787 or visit www.

“Love, Loss, and What I Wore” an intimate collection of stories covering some of life’s most poignant moments and their corresponding wardrobe, starring Tyne Daly, is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Ilene Beckerman as well as personal reminiscences from the Ephrons and their friends, features a rotating cast of five actresses who share tales to which every woman can relate. Written by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron and directed by Jenny Sullivan, it runs July 8 through August 1 at the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-208-5454 or visit “New York Animals” Bitingly funny entertainment as twenty-one characters, portrayed by four actors, wind their way through each other’s lives during one long day and night in Manhattan. This insidiously devastating and modern “Our Town” ultimately reveals who we are now, and how we live. Written by Steven Sater and directed by John Perrin Flynn, it runs July 8 through August 8 at the Rogue Machine in Theatre Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-7792 or visit “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” This is a “Dream” born of the swirling sights, sounds, and characters of our beautiful community: a Dream where Faery Queens do Yoga on the beach, and coffeehouse baristas and café cashiers rehearse plays late into the night. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Jonathan Redding, it runs July 9 through July 31 at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica. For tickets call 800-595-4849 or visit “Three Sisters After Chekhov” Set in 1941 Colonial era Trinidad, three sisters live a privileged life in Port of Spain with their unworldly brother and his domineering wife, occupying their life with empty marriages and indiscreet liaisons. They dream of returning home to their adopted country, England, and the spires of Cambridge where they spent their cosmopolitan youth. But these ambitions of emigrating soon collapse as WW II escalates and the Trinidadian army is called to serve King, Country and Empire. Written by Mustapha Matura and directed by Gregg T. Daniel, it runs July 9 through August 8 at The Lost Studio in Los Angeles. For tickets call 800-838-3006 or visit

“As You Like It” sibling rivalry, mistaken identities, and cross-dressing, combine to produce an eight way wedding in this modern-day version of the famous classic. Written by William Shakespeare and directed by Karintha Touton, it runs July 9 through August 14 at the Westchester Playhouse in Westchester. For tickets call 310-645-5156 or visit



“In & Out: The US of Alienation” seven scenes deal with people in a community who are somehow connected to each other - some of the connections are close, some are distant, some are personal, some are professional, but the quality in the connections is sometimes lacking. Written and directed by David Wally, it runs July 13 through September 14 at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. For tickets call 866-811-4111 or visit “Redhead Cuban Hausfrau Husband” the backstage story of the making of television’s first great sitcom reveals all the sorrow and rage, the lies and the sin behind America’s most iconic foursome, and what this love inspired was one of the great comedy works of art ever produced. Written and directed by Fletcher Rhoden, it runs July 9 through September 4 at the Mt. Hollywood Theater in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-667-9113 or visit redheadcubanhausfrauhusband. “1776” is based on the events leading up the drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams, disliked by many in Congress, joins up with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to bring forward a resolution for independence that will eventually set America free from England’s tyranny. Written by Peter Stone and directed by Nick DeGruccio, it runs July 10 through July 25 at the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. For tickets call 562-856-1999 or visit “Play Dates” reminds us that finding love is never easy, and kindergarten is just the beginning, appealing equally to men and women, crossing the entire age spectrum and relationship status, as it examines love and relationships from childhood through adulthood. Written by Sam Wolfson and directed by Jennifer Chambers, it runs July 10 through August 1 at the Elephant Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-7776 or visit asp?show_id=2387. “Fabric” law enforcement officials discover 72 Thai nationals confined in an apartment complex ringed with barbed wire that were lured to this country with promises of achieving the American dream, but instead found themselves engulfed in the harsh reality of the garment industry. Written by Henry Ong and directed by Tchia Casselle, it runs July 10 through August 8 at the Company of Angels in Los Angeles. For tickets call 213489-3703 or visit


“Dr. Cerberus” A thirteen-year-old trying to survive adolescence has parents who don’t understand him, a brother who torments him, no friends, and he’s more interested in the high school quarterback than any girl, but his true desire is to become the assistant to his favorite horror show host, Dr. Cerberus. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and directed by Bart DeLorenzo, it runs July 14 through July 18 at the L.A. Theatre Works at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-827-0889 or visit


J eN N Y W er T h

Croe s us R e a lt y “Barnum’s FUNundrum!” Featuring 130 performers from six continents around the world, almost 100,000 pounds of performing pachyderms, 13 athletes on a Russian bar, seven motorcycle riders in a Globe of Steel, and more clowns that you can see with two eyes, this show is a super-sized spectacle so massive it took 200 years to arrive. Produced by Feld Entertainment, it runs July 14 through July 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, July 21 through July 25 at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, and July 28 through August 8 at the Honda Center in Anaheim. For tickets call 800-7453000 or visit “Circle of Will” A comedy exploring the “lost years” of William Shakespeare, between the date of the last great play that he wrote alone, “The Tempest” (perhaps 1610) and the year of his death (1616). Written by Bill Cakmis & Jack Grapes and directed by Brian Herskowitz, it runs July 16 through August 15 at the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7822 or visit www. “Not About Heroes” is about the intense friendship of the World War I British soldier-poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. Written by Stephen MacDonald and directed by Bill Hemmer, it runs July 17 through August 22 at the Lounge Theatre 2 in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7744 or visit

310.278.9422 619.871.9422 116 0069 # St. CA 9 a i , nth ood y C lyw 0 l 6 89 st Ho We

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Aloha, meet 10-yearold Shaun Twiddy from Hawaii

Hair color: black Eye color: brown Height: 4’ 6” Weight: 62 lbs

He is an actor, model, singer, ukulele player, bowler and aspiring director. By the first grade, he had already gotten a role as an extra on “Lost.” Shaun was very curious about how television shows are produced, and how the cameramen and director work.

New Talent

Shaun Twiddy

Shaun’s agent believes Shaun will be the next Ron Howard because of this. He also likes being in front of the camera and meeting new friends.

Cell: (808) 368-7993

email: (310) 836-2446 Beverly Hills (773) 973-1251 Chicago



Hollywood Weekly July 2010 Ithaka  
Hollywood Weekly July 2010 Ithaka  

Entertainment magazine featuring artist Ithaka.