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Celebrating Diversity In The Entertainment Industry

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Letter From The Editor


to another issue of Hollywood Weekly International!

On the cover of this month’s issue is Ira Sun, a model living in the heart of California. From taking up ballet from a young age, to now preparing for an upcoming movie roll, she is beauty and grace all in one person! With her varying talents, Ira has been in several music videos and soon will be able to see herself on the big screen! You'll get to read how her love for ballet would lead her to a life of what seems to be a true Hollywood celebrity.

We also have the beautiful Palm Springs home of the one and only, Zsa Zsa Gabor! This colorful getaway was once home to the Hungarian beauty we've seen in various pageants and movie roles. The home features stone floors and dozens of windows, and with lavish pink walls surrounding over 3,000 square-feet, it's no wonder the buyers couldn't resist having it! The price of it all? Read to find out!

Want a sneak peek that will have you excited? This month's ROUNDUP will do just that! We've put together some of our thoughts about the newest releases. Don't worry; there's something there for everyone!

Need something new to watch? We’ve got you covered! We’ve highlighted some new movies and TV shows coming out in the next month; you can find these in theaters or on some of your favorite streaming platforms.

We also feature some other incredible people: Kim Quinn, Mathew Knowles, Dr. Emily Letran, Bridgette Wilder, The Uncle Earl, Dr. Alvin S. Berger, Mansoor Langhari, and Gernado G. Abrams.

Thank you, readers, for once again supporting Hollywood Weekly Magazine. We are nothing without you.


Prather Jackson


Bernice Harris


Alex A.

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X-MEN '97

RELIVE THE CLASSIC MUTANT LEGENDS by journeying with this ragtag group of superhumans, done in the classic style of animation reminiscent of the 90's TV show. With classic characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast and many others, audiences who are new and familiar with the old-school series are feeling the nostalgia. Through this series, we are shown the classic appearances and the classic feelings of what the series from the 90's in question brought to audiences in a fresh new light.

This animated television series created for the Disney+ streaming services by Beau DeMayo, this interpretation based on the Marvel Comics truly has been considered a revival. With audiences who have seen the original series that had aired from 1992 to 1997, see this as a mere continuation and even just a simple homage from the series of their childhood.

However, the amount of love that has been provided to fans, young and old, isn't simply just seen from the visuals. With "X-Men '97", the series welcomes back the majority of the cast from the original series, and has left fans truly ecstatic to hear the voices from their childhood return. We get to hear Cal Dodd reprise his role as James "Logan" Howlett, or as fans primarily know the man as: Wolverine. We also see Lenore Zann as Rogue, George Buza as Beast, Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm, and even Christopher Britton as the Victorian era doctor, Mister Sinister.

While some of the original cast couldn't return to their roles, we even have the talented voices of this generation to give their heart in the roles in question. There is Ray Chase who is voicing Cyclops, originally voiced by Norm Spencer. There is Ross Marquand as

Cedric Smith's Professor Charles Xavier and even Matthew Waterson voicing David Hemblen's Magneto, who had passed away before this series came to be. While some of the original cast may not be around in this series, "X-Men '97" manages to capture the magic and the epic performances that promises to help classic fans remember them well.

Whether you are a fan of "X-Men" when it was in the golden years of the 90's, or even a fan of the current generation in the 2000's, this series is for you. Even if there was some chance you never saw the original series, this series may encourage you to at least see what fans are talking about. Even with the amount of effort that DeMayo put into this series, in recreating the classic feel it delivers, will be enough to show what made it special. This series will make any fan nostalgic for the past, without question.



THERE'S SOMETHING STRANGE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD as New York City once again finds itself captured in the midst of a paranomral spectacle. However, this time, this city is found in a blistering cold that is practically similar to the ice age. Now, the Ghostbusters return to put a stop to the chilling threat that leaves them with their greatest challenge yet.

Taking place after the events of the 2021 revival film "Ghostbusters: Afterlife", we are greeted by the the new cast of characters who captivated the fans of this current and past generations. We are even welcomed by the classic heads of the company, played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson,with actors such as Paul Rudd and Finn Wolfhard returning for the resurgence of the classic company of spectral hunters, this bonechilling tale has fans captured.

What started off as a soft continuation with the original story in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" has spun into a resurgence in the fandom for ghostly fever. Fans who either grew up with or recently discovered the majesty of the 1989 cult classic have been feeling the hype behind this new release. This sequel to what may become this generation's "Ghostbusters", there is a definite resurgence of the fanbase.

Considering the impact that the original "Ghostbusters" had on the entertainment industry back in the late-80's and early90's, this film and the one pertaining it gave a similar rise of popularity. From the glorious minds of both the late Harold Ramis and the late Ivan Reitman directing the original, followed by the brilliant mind of his son, Jason Reitman, we can see the true love and passion poured into this series of films. Through the literal

legacy carried into the legacy of this ghost hunting company in the films, fans have found a strong desire to see just how far this new line of films and media will go from this point.

While some people will see this as a mere fanservice piece, "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire" is more than that. This sequel is a continuation on the legacy that shines through this current generation, going into the point of how the path that has been paved by "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" will lead into more than just a few new films. This film will shine a light onto the majesty that "Ghostbusters" brings to the table, and while not exactly the same as it felt back in the golden years of entertainment, this helps rekindle the flame it lit in the hearts of millions. So, strap on your proton pack, because in this snowy tale, you'll need it.




THAN EVER in this new story that shines a light on the two greatest movie legends of our time, with King Kong, the literal king of his own domain and Godzilla, a literal god who many know not just by name, but by the sound of his majestic cry. Through this new film, we are greeted with another dynamic battle between titans, but this time, it will be much more different than the last clash.

In this film, we are welcomed to the world and the foundation that has been brought upon the true lords that roam the Earth. With mountainous beasts that make the human race look shrimpy and completely vulerable, the wrath of these titans have remained dormant since the previous film released in 2021. However, with a new threat on the rise in the mystical Hollow Earth, Kong's new

domain, both titans who previously fought against each other with fury now must work together to quell the threat that will pose a threat to humanity.

What truly makes this film stand out isn't necessarily just the action that we have probably seen in every monster movie in the past, but rather, the characters themselves. While the human characters have their own quirks and personalities that make us fall in love with them, the titans themselves show a sense of character that we may never have considered from the start. Seeing their perspective, we see the drive, the will to fight, the emotion behind their actions, and best of all, the rage to pursue their goal in defeating the enemy in their sight.

What fans have deemed to be a newfound "monsterverse", through the creation of a world where humans aren't

the strongest animals to walk the Earth, we feel that this could be the blueprint for something really special. As things have really began to pick up from the previous clash in "Godzilla vs. Kong", fans have been both curious and hyped about where things will go from here. While nothing has been confirmed nor denyed by the director of both films, Adam Wingard, we can see that fans are rather intrigued by what else could be done with this concept.

While we can't say for certain that there's much else that can be shined on the world, for now, fans are in love with the companionship that was never envisioned until now. With where things are at so far, fans are starting to feel the draw with this concept that Wingard has brought to the table, and given the future possibilities, we look forward to seeing what comes next.



THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN DO IS SURPRISE YOURSELF, as the great comedian once said, and with this documentary, we are surprised by the story he brings. While many of us have probably seen him as that one actor from that one movie from our childhood, Steve Martin's impact on the entertainment world pertains even further than that. Whether you were introduced to him through the stand-up comedy or even in the movies, Steve Martin's physical comedy has touched us in a way that makes his story so enchanting.

In this inspiring introspective into the man himself, we listen and witness the tale of Steve Martin's early struggles and meteoric rise in the comedy world. Being that man that practically revolutionized how stand-up comedy can be, we see that this man was more than just a comedian,

but an influence that always knew exactly how to make us laugh. Through his colossal upbringing, the life of this comedian was only just beginning.

Moving from the stage of comedy to his acting career in movies, we've witnessed his physical comedy alongside his captivating personality. Whether you saw him on "Father of the Bride" or in 2003's "Cheaper By The Dozen", we saw Steve Martin show his quirky personality in a way that wasn't just for quick laughs. What this man showed in his acting career was a sense of personality that was almost inspiring and impactful to the point where you could just smile when he appeared on screen. There is an emotion and direct sense of happiness he brought to his roles. While Steve Martin did choose to leave stand-up in 1981, the entertainment world didn't

stop watching his graceful and impactful personality as he continues to this day in film. The irony of his varied life is reflected upon the man himself, as Steve Martin narrates and catagorizes his life from his humble beginnings to his current state in life. What makes this comedianturned-actor so special in our eyes is the juxtaposition that his change in occupation did to many fans of his comedy. While many have taken a shine to his films as the years went by, many still wonder about the life that this comedian brough through the early years of stand-up. In this documentary, many will get the opportunity to hear the stories and the parts of his past that not many of us are completely familiar with. Through what Steve Martin shows and tells about his life, people will understand why he is a legend in our eyes and hearts.




TALE, as this story in 18th-century England has its own magic and flair. While many think of Pirates and the Carribean when it comes to the robbery scene in the olden times, this unrelated series gives a differing perspective and light to another kind of thievery that moves away from the seas. With another tale showing a slight trace of that traditional Disney magic, "Renegade Nell" has a good feel for viewers to root for the underdog in this gripping tale.

In this enchanting story that breaks from the traditional mold that Disney has followed in the past, Louisa Harland plays the role of Nell Jackson, a widowed daughter of a tavern owner who finds herself endowed with supernatural strength. While most heroes and heroines depicted in the time and place of this

story would be like your traditional sort, this tale depicts a type of hero that you'd probably see in the realms of superhero comics. This Disney tale shows that concept in the realm of an Old-English land, with a Victorian feel.

In this harrowing plot of survival and perseverance, Nell must work together with a group of her own in order to overthrow England's queen. As for how she will manage to do so, fans have found the epic journey of wonder and majesty to be a very gripping experience. The story itself blurs a fine line between the family-friendly and edgy qualities, which will leave an intriguing first impression to viewers everywhere.

While this story is indeed a work of fiction in its own way, "Renegade Nell" does take place during a time when women really did turn to roadside

robbery. With a realistic aspect paired with a not-so-realistic power such as what Nell Jackson harnesses, Disney has given viewers a look at a grim world, now with a powerful magic to combat it.

We are happy to learn that director Sally Wainwright has confirmed that Season 2's writing process has gone underway. While we don't exactly know where things will go upon this last season's conclusion, all we know for certain is that there will be a considerable jump in time for this new season's plot. Whatever will come from this new season, when it is fully announced to the world, fans are already eager to see just what will come next with Nell Jackson's story. While Disney has had a lot of work under its belt in the previous year, this series may stand out above most of them, given the reception it has garnered so far.

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In the kaleidoscope of Hollywood stars, few shine as brightly as Ira Sun. With a resume that reads like a dream, this successful model has captivated audiences not only with her striking beauty but also with her multifaceted talents. From ballet to acting alongside renowned musicians, Ira Sun's life is a whirlwind of glamour, creativity, and endless opportunities.

Hollywood Weekly enjoyed sitting down with Ira Sun to delve into her fascinating journey and recent successes. Living in the heart of California, Ira graciously shared insights into her extraordinary life as a rising star.

"I've always been drawn to the arts," Ira confesses radiantly. "Ballet has been my passion since childhood, and it's a part of me that I carry into everything I do."

Indeed, Ira's background in ballet infuses her every move with grace and poise, whether she's gracing the stage or commanding attention on the silver screen. But her talents extend far beyond the dance floor. With appearances in music videos alongside industry heavyweights and a calendar filled with film premieres and red-carpet events, Ira is living the quintessential Hollywood dream.

"Every day is an adventure," she enthuses. "From rubbing shoulders with fellow stars at exclusive events to seeing my face light up Times Square, it's a surreal journey that I'm grateful to be on."

One of Ira's recent milestones includes gracing the cover of STYLE CRUZE magazine, a coveted achievement that solidified her status as a fashion icon. But her reach extends even further, with her advertisement gleaming proudly on the bustling streets of New York's Times Square.

"I pinch myself every day," Ira admits. "To see my dreams come to life in such grandeur is truly humbling."

And the excitement doesn't end there. Ira recently took on a new challenge,


stepping into the world of acting with her role in the upcoming biopic, "The Good Side of a Bad Man." Directed by the esteemed K. Asher Levine, known for his work on "American Gigolos" and "Undermining," the film promises to be a gripping tale of intrigue and adventure.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of this project," Ira gushes. "It's a role unlike any I've played before, and I'm eager to delve into the complexities of the character."

Starring alongside Emile Hirsch, renowned for his roles in "Into the Wild" and "The Demon Within," Ira's performance will surely captivate audiences and further solidify her place in Hollywood's elite.

From rubbing shoulders with fellow stars at exclusive events to seeing my face light up Times Square, it's a surreal journey that I'm grateful to be on. “ ”

But amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Ira remains grounded, channeling her creative energy into her projects. With her own YouTube channel, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of motion art, offering a glimpse into her dreams and inspirations.

"I believe in the power of storytelling," Ira explains. "Whether through dance, acting, or visual art, I hope to inspire others to chase their dreams and embrace their passions."

As we bid farewell to Ira Sun, it's clear that her journey is far from over. With each new endeavor, she continues to dazzle and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment world and beyond. Watch this space, for the sun shows no signs of setting on Ira's radiant career.



Igor Malakhov @igor__malakhov



Actress, writer, producer, and director, Kim Quinn has appeared as Ruth in the Oscar Nominated film, Hidden Figures; as Nurse Ana in the Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominated film, Saint Vincent; and as Jewels in the Western comedy El Camino Christmas. In television, she starred as Gretchen in the cult classic, Terriers; and as Holly in the thriller Gypsy. Currently producing The Goat for Netflix, she was cast as Regina in the Humanitas Award Winning film, The Starling also on Netflix, which she also produced. Quinn produces all her films through her production company Goldenlight Films alongside her husband, writer/director Ted Melfi.

In the upcoming film American Dreamer, Quinn is Maggie, the complicated and concerned daughter of Astrid, played by Shirley MacLaine. When a stranger, played by Peter Dinklage, moves into her mother's spare room, suspicions arise.

Based on a true story from Chicago Public Radio’s The American Life, American Dreamer follows Phil Loder (Dinklage), a twice-divorced, frustrated, underpaid professor of economics, whose grand dream of home ownership is tragically out of reach. When an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes his way, Phil strikes a deal with Astrid Finnelli (MacLaine), a lonely, childless, near-death widow who offers her sprawling estate for pennies on the dollar. But Phil quickly learns the deal is too good to be true. American Dreamer debuts in theaters this Spring nationwide.



Thank you for taking the time for this interview. What drew you to this film and the role of Maggie?

Kim Quinn: I was honored to get my name in the hat. Maggie is so wild and unpredictable. I loved that about her. Every daughter needs to protect her mother when Phil comes snooping around. She gets a little suspicious. It was a role that was filled with many emotions and Maggie wasn’t shy to show them all.

Did you audition for the role? If so, what was that like?

Quinn: I did behind the scenes. I didn’t have a specific audition. It was more of a meeting than an audition.

How did you prepare for the role? Did you know someone who has a cantankerous but kind, loving mother?

Quinn: I think everyone has a mother that has things that they can pull from.

You must have a favorite scene. Why do you like it?

Quinn: It was the car scene where I was crying. It was the most fun because Peter made me laugh the whole time. I'd been really lovingly annoyed with him. I would try to cry and whenever I looked at him, he would crack a smile. He would rib me and that was fun. Peter is so charismatic and giving. He's so compassionate and such a pure actor. He cares about every detail. That was the great thing about this movie— you're working with a legend. Before a scene, he's in character and working out the things he needs to do. There was such a respect that went along with all the actors. And it was comforting to know that your fellow actors are all on the same page.

What did you find most challenging about this film and playing Maggie?

Quinn: I don’t know, I have to say, I just loved every minute of it. If there was a challenge it was a fun challenge.

The large house featured in the film was quite interesting. Where was it? Quinn: That was in Victoria, Canada. It was during Covid, so no one was around. We were on this island and it was just us. We just had a great time because you got to be on set with this little film family at a time when no one was seeing anyone.

You’ve worked every side of this business in film and TV. What have you learned about show business that really surprised you?

Quinn: I wish I could say I learned this and put it in cement but it takes so many years to learn little pieces at a time. And after you learn all these little pieces, there’s freedom on the other side. It’s where you can enjoy the process instead of not being able to breathe and grueling through it. Being on both sides of the camera is invaluable because you get to watch the scenes come to life. You get to watch the story being told. It’s all about storytelling and servicing the story.

What do you like better the writing or directing?

Quinn: I love to direct. I haven't directed in a long time but I'm working on a film right now—The Goat for Netflix— which I'm excited about. It stars Melissa McCarthy and Kevin Hart. We're also working on Ranger’s Apprentice for Skydance (based on the novel by John Flanagan). I love producing because I get to watch the film and story come to life before my eyes. And acting, the same. And when you’re writing, you get to disappear into the minds of the characters. So they all service one another.

American Dreamer is at times funny, sad, and uplifting. What do you see as the core message of this film?

Quinn: I think it’s the dream in general. It’s something that many people still think exists. I think American Dreamer shows that with tenacity, not giving up, fighting for what you want in life, and going through

all the ups and downs with it; if you hold on to hope long enough, it will show up for you. It might not be on your timing but on God's timing.

What advice do you have for young talent struggling to make it in this business—particularly acting and writing?

Quinn: Just dive into any aspect of the craft because there are many different sides to it. And don't put yourself in one area because you're going to learn to be a better actor if you get behind the camera. And if you're behind the camera, you'll learn how to be a better writer. They all service each other and you really cannot lose.

What were you like in high school?

The girl most likely to…?

Quinn: Oh Lord, I was the laughing girl. I got kicked out of classes because I laughed. I wasn’t the class clown but I did beat my own drum. I wasn’t in drama. I didn’t start acting until I was in my 20s. I was a dance teacher after I left high school. I had a lot of different jobs growing up. At nine years old, I was a paper girl. We were poor and I was taught that if you wanted anything you had to buy it yourself. So I grew up with an appreciation for hard work. My mother made me weed this long wall every summer. And now, guess what, I love weeding.


In Palm Springs, one of the most colorful homes in the area that once belonged to Magda Gabor and then her sister, Zsa Zsa has recently been sold. The property was listed by the Brady Sandahl Real Estate Group at a whopping $3.8 million before it was reduced to $2.6 million. The final sale price has not yet been disclosed, but the suspense of who is the lucky new owner of this estate is exciting.

What makes this house truly stand out isn't just the pretty pink exterior, but rather, the history behind the construction and legacy it leaves behind. Built for Magda Gabor in 1964 by her fourth husband, Arthur "Tony" Gallucci, this lovely estate has been maintained for many years, preserving that wonderfully one-of-a-kind Gabor glamour present in every room. The house even includes many original furnishings that truly stand out beautifully in every way.

However, this house did not become Zsa Zsa's beloved home until the timely passing of her elder sister, Madga, back

in 1997. It wasn't until twenty years later in 2023 when the house was finally put on the market, but since then, the beautiful interior and exterior of this house has been preserved and maintained. As it has sat on the hill of a very upscale Palm Springs neighborhood of Little Tuscany, this pink house has also been known to have a 360-degree mountain and city view all around the property.

This house being pink is not the only thing that makes this property stand out by a mile, as there are other aspects that make this estate so pleasing to the eye. With artificial grass and a stone patio, the exterior is both easy to maintain and eco-friendly for potential buyers. Both add a charm alongside the palm trees and pleasant view of the mountainside. The location itself has many benefits, granting potential residents with quick and easy access to the popular North Lykken hiking trail and is just down the street from mid-century modern landmark: The Edris House. There are also numerous other shops, restaurants, boutiques, and architecturally and culturally significant

homes within a short drive, along with the award-winning American restaurant, Copley's on Palm Canyon, just a stone's toss away from the house.

As for the interior, that too has its own beauty tenfold, has colorful aspects that aren't just lavishly pink as the outside is. Going through the covered veranda and in

Hungarian-American socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor

through the hand-carved, black and gold double doors, you will immediately be greeted by the sweeping living and dining rooms that offer elegant chandeliers, mirrored walls, and a grand piano to boot. With comfortable stone floors and great views emphasized through the property's many windows, residents could find themselves entranced as they move around the 3,441-square-foot home.

Now, if the house alone hasn't sold you already, let it be known that Palm Springs is a desert city known for its hot springs, stylish hotels, golf courses and spas, and has long been a popular escape for celebrities. Elvis, himself, spent his honeymoon at a local estate known as “The House of Tomorrow,” while Dinah Shore, Liberace, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn are just a few celebrities who have called the area home. Current residents include Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Tomlin, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

About Zsa Zsa Gabor

Now if the property itself hasn't quite sold you already, the previous owner of said property may be interesting to hear. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1917, Zsa Zsa Gabor was known for competing in beauty pageants, and having appeared in such films such as "Moulin Rouge" and "We’re Not Married!", this Hungarian beauty has a lot of history under her name and legacy.

Zsa Zsa Gabor has often been considered to be the "original celebrity", having frequent television appearances and been known for her lavish lifestyle. Not to mention the amount of traveling she had done around the world, coupled with the high-powered men she had dated, along with the many high-end soirees that she herself had hosted. Her life certainly managed to draw in attention by her fans and friends alike, along with her two sisters, Magda and Eva, who shared her love of being in film.

Zsa Zsa was also widely known for her witty one-liners and quirky personality, being a sociable and quite charming with her expressive demeanor. Being a socialite, much like her two sisters, Zsa Zsa had a very charming lifestyle that made her stand out among the crowds she found herself in. With the compelling and very intriguing life she led, until her untimely death in 2016, Zsa Zsa had managed to leave us with the memories of her happy and caring life as an actress, along with the famed house that carries on her legacy.

The living room area which features a grand piano and unique blue fireplace. The bathroom area features a very regal, yet comfortable feel, complete with a generous soaking tub. A balcony area with comfortable seating, complete with a beautiful Palm Springs view.


Lacy Darryl Phillips, known affectionately as The Uncle Earl, has traversed a remarkable path through the realms of music, theater, and radio, leaving an indelible mark on each domain. In a candid discussion, Phillips generously shared insights into his journey, motivations, and profound experiences.

Phillips' upbringing was steeped in music, with his mother's soulful tunes providing the soundtrack to his early years. From a tender age, he found himself immersed in a rich musical tapestry spanning genres from soul to jazz, laying the foundation for his own artistic pursuits. Despite initially gravitating towards theater, Phillips' foray into electronic music came unexpectedly in the mid-2000s when a friend recognized his vocal prowess for dance music—a revelation that would shape his future trajectory. The road to success, however, was not without its challenges. Phillips encountered skepticism from naysayers who questioned his late entry into the music industry. Undeterred, he persevered, drawing strength from his passion and innate talent. His journey is punctuated by moments of triumph, from sharing the stage with legendary figures like Betty Davis to receiving accolades, such as induction into the Akademia Music Hall of Fame in Los Angeles.

Central to Phillips' narrative is his dedication to uplifting aspiring artists through his radio show, The Ultimate Underground. Initially born out of a serendipitous encounter, the show burgeoned into a platform for showcasing unsigned and independent talent—a testament to Phillips' unwavering commitment to nurturing artistic voices. Beyond his musical endeavors, Phillips is a multifaceted creative force, delving into theatrical productions with projects like "New School the Musical." His boundless enthusiasm for exploration and collaboration undersores his philosophy of contributing positively to the artistic community. As Phillips reflects on his journey, one sentiment rings

clear: his mission transcends personal accolades. For him, it's about fostering connection, spreading joy, and amplifying voices that often go unheard. His message resonates with a profound sense of unity and empathy—a call to harness the transformative power of music to make the world a better place.

In the tapestry of Lacy Darryl Phillips' life, each thread represents a testament to resilience, creativity, and unwavering passion. Through his music, his words, and his actions, Phillips continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible legacy that reverberates far beyond the realms of entertainment.

Lacy Darryl Phillips, aka The Uncle Earl

First off, I was curious... how did you come up with your name, The Uncle Earl?

Lacy: The Uncle Earl was given to me by my grandmother, when I was a young man. When I was about seven or eight years old, I had this little swagger. I had a pot belly, a sway back and bow legs and pigeon toes. She said I had an old soul, I thought you were probably an Uncle Earl. When I was a kid, I had to wear the little metal bar with the special shoes to straighten up my legs as well. It just resonated with me. And then, when I went into my music and had a radio show, it was The Uncle Earl and the Heir and my company's Royal Productions. So, it just stuck with me.

What led you to the radio industry?

Lacy: That was sort of a fluke, because I'd never thought to do a radio show, but I felt when I was living in LA. It was about 2009, 2010. I saw a little teeny ad in the LA Times and they were looking for people to do voice overs. So, I went to this audition, and they gave me a copy degree and they were like oh wow, you did that really well. Have you been talking about doing your radio show? I was like no. They gave me five minutes. My first radio show was like five minutes to see my tester. And then they're like, oh, that was great, so you could be able to give you a half hour one day a week. I was like cool So, I did that for a couple of months. They said, look, why don't you try an hour? I was like okay, even they gave me an hour one day a week and then after that that went well for like six more months. They said, well, why don't you do it like two or three times a week? So, then it went up to three times a week, and then that went great. And they said, well, you know you're doing so well, why don't you just do it every day? So, then I was on six days a week and then it went up to two hour shows twice a day. So, by the time I finished, I was at six days a week, two hours a show twice a day, and that was a big schedule. One great thing too is I had a really good sponsor when I first started, they loved what I was doing and how I was doing it. The show is called the Ultimate Underground.

What's going on in your life right now, are there any projects that you're working on that you have in store for the future?

Lacy: Yes, yes, so at the end of the year before my mom passed, I was working on a

new project. It's a musical, a stage musical and it's called “New School the Musical.” It was a film project that I was working on while I was living in LA, and this was back in the mid 2000s when I started working on it. My buddy asked me to be a lyricist for this film that he was working on. I said, okay, sure. He gave me some tracks and showed me the script and said you know, within the story, give me some lyrics and put some songs in it. So that went well. So I wrote half the soundtrack for the film, then fast forward. During the pandemic I called him and I said hey, man, what's going on with that film we were working on? He said, oh man, that's in the drawer. I said well, can I

have the right to adapt it for the stage and make it a musical? He said sure, so then I got a writing partner and we restructured it for the stage, did a psychozool read and last November we did a stage reading of the first act and it went absolutely fantastic and I reached out to some people. So that's a project that's on hold right now, but that's a possibility for 2024 coming up. Some other projects that are in development are a few music projects that will be released on Earl Hicks records coming out soon in my stuff and other artists and I'll start putting out all the artists blog on my legal page this year and I'm going to be inducted into the Music Hall of Fame in Los Angeles in May.

Above: Lacy Darryl Phillips, aka The Uncle Earl Right: Earl Hitz Records logo

Dr. Alvin Berger: A Dentist Turned Author Crafting Stories of Love, Politics, and Ethical Dilemmas

Dr. Alvin Berger, a retired dentist and accomplished author, has travelled a fascinating journey that led him to become a prolific wiriter, sculptor and painter. His writing explores themes ranging from romance to political intrigue. Dr. Berger’s life story is as captivating as the characters he creates, filled with love, loss, and the pursuit of creativity. Dr. Berger’s path to becoming an author was unconventional, to say the least. Retiring from his career as a dentist in 2000, Dr. Berger found himself embarking on a new chapter of his life following the loss of his wife in 2010. It was during this period of profound change that he found solace in writing, spurred on by the encouragement of his beloved Vera, his partner of 11 years.

Their love story, born out of tragedy and forged through shared experiences, became the inspiration behind Dr. Berger’s debut novel, “Adama: A Mind of Her Own.” Venturing into the realm of fiction for the first time, Dr. Berger’s initial struggles with writer’s block were overcome by a newfound passion for storytelling. Dr. Berger’s writing process is as unique as his life story. Drawing on his background as a musician and dentist, he approaches storytelling with a sense of immersion, allowing the characters and plot to unfold organically. His novels, which include “We Love You, Madam President” and “Tentacles of Corruption,” tackle a diverse range of themes, from romance to political corruption, with each narrative infused with his own experiences and observations.

Navigating the world of publishing hasn’t been without its challenges for Dr. Berger. From self-publishing to finding the right publisher, he has encountered his fair share of setbacks and scams. Yet, through perseverance and a commitment to integrity, he has found success in sharing his stories with the world. Central to Dr. Berger’s journey as an author is the

unwavering support and collaboration of his partner, Vera. As his editor and confidante, Vera plays a pivotal role in shaping his narratives and ensuring their authenticity. Their relationship, characterized by mutual respect and admiration, serves as a guiding light in Dr. Berger’s creative endeavors.

As he reflects on his life’s journey and creative pursuits, Dr. Berger offers a message of hope and resilience to the world. Emphasizing the importance of integrity, open-mindedness, and perseverance, he encourages others to never give up on their dreams and to always strive to do the right thing. In a world filled with uncertainty and complexity, Dr. Berger’s stories serve as a beacon of light, remind-

ing us of the power of love, the pursuit of truth, and the resilience of the human spirit. As he continues to write and inspire others, his legacy will endure, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.


In Tentacles of Corruption, Charles Barlow finds himself entangled in a complex web of deceit. How did you approach the development of his character and the challenges he faces throughout the story?

Alvin: One of my deceased friends, Bob Fiedler, who I used to speak to three times


Resting Sweetly

This is my first piece that I did in bonded bronze. My son, Gary, and I went to New York to a sculpting studio and they cast it for me. It was first done and Roma Plastilina and then cast. It’s hard to relate the emotions that I felt when I first saw it.


I set up my covered bridge table in the garage as soon as Vera left to get her nails done. It is the only time I have to do these paintings. We have no room in the house so I’m relegated to the garage. I so enjoy doing them. This one is called, “Starburst”.

a week. He was in Connecticut, I was in Florida and he loved my books and I sent him copies of the books and he said to me you ought to write a detective story. I’m thinking, oh, I know about a detective story. So I sat down thinking about how I should open the beginning chapter. Charles Barlow the detective, and Denise Florio comes in and she says I think my husband is cheating on me. And from there on out a story was made from there.

Going into your book Adama, Dr. Matt Cranston is a member of a top secret government agency. How did you develop this character and what challenges did you face in portraying his role?

Alvin: I was trying to figure out a character, so I used one that I knew best and that was being a dentist. As I was walking in New York City, it just hit me. To make this story more realistic he has to be a member of some top secret government organization which is very much common in many, many movies and stories. But I had to figure out the name of a prime consideration and that was really sitting there saying what does this guy do? How are you connected to the government? I used personal experience when I went through it myself; when I was in the service in 1954, I was in basic training and they wanted me to become part of the CIA and they did a search. When they did a search I was not allowed to become a member.

If the entire world was tuned in to our conversation right now, what is a message you would have for them?

Alvin: My message is never, ever give up, always honor your commitments and to always do the right thing. Your handshake is your bond. I also like to listen to everybody, different schools of thought. People must be open-minded and listen to all sides of the argument before they make a decision.

Dr. Alvin Berger’s books: We Love You, Madam President, Adama: A Mind Of Her Own, and Tentacles of Corruption



The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has named Bridgette Wilder as its first Chief People and Culture Officer (CPCO), Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy Museum Director and President Jacqueline Stewart announced today. Wilder will report directly to Kramer and Stewart.

In this newly created position that combines the Academy and Academy Museum’s human resources teams, Wilder will be responsible for building a people-centric culture at the Academy. With a strong focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, Wilder will oversee talent management, organizational development and training, employee relations, compensation and benefits, HR systems and practices, and employee resource affinity groups.

“We are thrilled to elevate Bridgette to this new and needed position at the Academy. She is strategic, compassionate and an incredible community and team builder. She is the perfect fit to lead our People and Culture team as we form a holistic leadership department—a department that is so vital to our day-to-day operations and mission. Bridgette’s commitment to, and vast knowledge of, the people and culture field is critical to our evolution as an organization.” said Kramer and Stewart.

“I look forward to contributing to the Academy’s ongoing evolution in this new role. I have so enjoyed working with the Academy’s hardworking, passionate and diligent staff,” said Wilder. “We have so much fantastic team building work in front of us.”

Prior to this role, Wilder served as the Interim Chief People and Culture

“I look forward to contributing to the Academy’s ongoing evolution in this new role. I have so enjoyed working with the Academy’s hardworking, passionate and diligent staff.”

Officer for the Academy and as the Academy Museum’s Vice President of People and Culture. In these positions, she partnered with senior leadership to implement best practices in the areas of talent management, compensation, employee benefits, legal compliance, employee relations, workers’ compensation and union relations.

Wilder previously held the position of vice president and chief human resources officer at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She also served as the chief human resources officer at Albany State University. Additionally, Wilder has held senior positions at Verizon and The Citadel at the Military College of South Carolina.

Wilder earned her BA in Human Resources from Birmingham-Southern College and a BS in Workforce Education from Southern Illinois University. She holds an MBA from Averett University, is a graduate of the Furman University/Riley Institute Diversity Leadership Academy, and is a recipient of the Coretta Scott King Humanitarian Award.



Within storytelling, there are narratives that not only entertain but also enlighten, inspire, and provoke meaningful conversations. Mansoor Laghari, a multifaceted writer, producer, humanitarian, and disabled US army veteran, stands at the intersection of such narratives, weaving tales that transcend boundaries and illuminate the human experience. In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Weekly, Mansoor sheds light on his upcoming film project, his journey as a filmmaker, and the profound message he seeks to convey to the world.

At the heart of the conversation is "Path of Liberation," a film previously known as "Naked Truth." Mansoor, alongside an Israeli Jewish director, Gabriela Tscherniak embark on a poignant journey to spotlight the life of a Pakistani human rights

activist. The decision to rename the film stemmed from the desire to avoid confusion with existing titles and to better reflect the essence of the story.

Mansoor passionately describes "Path of Liberation" as a testament to religious tolerance, equality, and humanity. The film portrays the collaboration between a Muslim-Pakistani man and an American Jewish journalist, echoing Mansoor and his director's own partnership. Through their intertwined narratives, the film confronts prevailing issues of religious strife and aims to foster understanding and compassion.

The project holds personal significance for Mansoor, as it mirrors the life and struggles of his late father, a political activist in Pakistan. Fleeing persecution, Mansoor found refuge in


the United States, driven by a profound determination to share his father's story with the world. Despite facing numerous challenges, including financial constraints and skepticism from others, Mansoor remained steadfast in his mission.

His journey reflects a resolute commitment to storytelling as a vehicle for change. In addition to the film, Mansoor is penning a book that delves deeper into his father's life, offering a comprehensive narrative that complements the cinematic portrayal. He emphasizes the importance of crafting a compelling script and underscores the value of networking in the industry.

As Mansoor reflects on his experiences, he acknowledges the hurdles encountered along the way. Yet, he remains unwavering in his belief that genuine storytelling can bridge divides and promote empathy. His message transcends religious and cultural boundaries, advocating for a world where humanity reigns supreme.

In closing, Mansoor leaves us with a powerful message of unity and understanding. He urges us to look beyond labels and embrace our shared humanity. In a world fraught with division, Mansoor's commitment to compassion and equality serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Mansoor Laghari's journey epitomizes the transformative power of storytelling. Through his film and forthcoming book, he invites audiences to embark on a journey of empathy, enlightenment, and empowerment. As "Path of Liberation" prepares to grace the silver screen, Mansoor's vision serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of cinema in shaping hearts and minds.

Mansoor Laghari


We are very excited for your upcoming film “Naked Truth.” Could you discuss more about it?

Mansoor: Yes, so, for starters, we have decided to change the name of the movie to “Path of Liberation.” The name was decided by the director due to there being other projects that share similar names with our film. It was best to take a step back and approach this at a new angle.

What significance does this film hold?

Mansoor: The movie is based on the true life story of my father; he was against Islamic extremism and unfortutely died in jail. It's the story of a Muslim, Pakistani man, a political, human right activist. I would like to highlight as well, I'm a Muslim-American and I'm partnered with an Israeli Jewish director. We are coming together in this project to bring awareness about religious equality and humanity which reflects heavily in the story. The Pakistani Muslim man is intertwined with an American-Jewish journalist and the movie shows how they work together to help the people of Pakistan and bring this message of human rights and equality.

Can we expect any other projects coming from you in the near future?

Mansoor: I am currently in the final stages of a book that I am writing which covers the movie in greater detail. In a movie we only have two hours to tell a story that truthfully needs a surplus of hours to completely tell. The book will cover the whole lifetime story, like every, pretty much every event of his life is covered in the book. I wanted to have all the sacrifices and everything he did explained and described in detail. It is currently in the editing process and my plan is to release it within a couple months.

Right: Director of "Path of Liberation," Gabriela Tscherniak Below: Official movie poster for Path of Liberation CREDITS: Executive Producers: Mathew Helderman, Luke Tyler, Adam Harris Engelhard and Luke Morton of BONDIT Media Capital Casting directors: Lisa London and Catherine Stroud

AFragileFlower WinsatCannes!


March 8th is International Women’s Day, and this year, I am honored to celebrate the achievements of many women I have met through a special project.

I was first invited as an investor in the Vietnamese movie, A Fragile Flower, and the role quickly developed into being a member of the Board of Advisors, with the responsibility of managing and raising funds while working behind the scenes to address different challenges during the project. Through many months of learning and work, eventually becoming the CoExecutive Producer, I am proud to see the movie finished and released in theaters in the US on March 29, 2024.

At this very early stage, A Fragile Flower has already won “Best Female Director Feature Film” at the World Film Festival in Cannes, earning Vietnamese Director Mai Thu Huyen her first international award. The film has also been chosen as a Finalist at the 7th International Women Filmmaker Festival and recognized as an Official Selection at the LA Independent Women Film Awards, Rome World Cinema Fest, and

won 6 awards including Best picture at FLOW Film Festival in Florida. Visit www. for more information on our awards and release dates.

My true win in this project— having invested money and time while running 6 other businesses (group practice dentistry, speaking, commercial real estate investment, executive coaching, business consulting, and hosting conferences) are the meetings, introductions, and relationships created, where I have the honor of knowing and learning from several exceptional women, who I would like to celebrate this International Women’s Day.

Le Ly Hayslip: Vietnamese American author, peacemaker, and humanitarian. Her story was told in the film Heaven and Earth, directed by Oliver Stone. Her son, Tom Hayslip, just won numerous awards for producing Oppenheimer. She is now producing documentary films on women to empower young generation.

Carmen Chong: AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) Global CEO,

owner/ broker of CC Legacy Financial Corp and CC Legacy Real Estate. She launched new divisions internationally to build business relationships with several global real estate brands, allowing AREAA global members to understand local markets and expand their network.

Jenny Thai: Film producer and co-founder of Love Life Learning Foundation and 3L

Dr. Emily Letran had the honor of meeting The Dalai Lama in India in February 2024 Dr. Emily Letran and Le Ly Hayslip, an icon of Vietnamese

TV, a 501©3 nonprofit organization. She is an Associate Producer of A Fragile Flower and is currently working on multiple film projects, including world refugee documentaries.

Lyllian Nguyen: Associate Producer of A Fragile Flower. She is the inaugural President of OVACC (Oregon Vietnamese American Cultural Center) and aims to preserve the beauty of Vietnamese heritage by sharing arts, music, and culinary experiences to the masses. She serves on the Board of Directors for AREAA and partners with the Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program of Oregon to host the premiere of A Fragile Flower in Portland, OR.

Tana Thai Ha: Renowned philanthropist in the Vietnamese community in North America who has raised funds for handicapped orphans in Vietnam as well as disabled veterans. She is currently on the Advisory Board of Viet Museum (the first museum about refugees and

Vietnamese “boat people”), Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation, and frequently appears on TV and radio talk shows in Canada and the Bay area. She is an Associate Producer of A Fragile Flower

Quynh Nguyen: Associate Producer of A Fragile Flower and real estate agent extraordinaire. She is a visionary who’s passionate about cultures. Quynh is planning a trade mission program between her city, San Antonio, TX, to Vietnam to share culture and real estate investments.

Winners Are Doers

I am extremely honored to be part of this movie project and learn so much about the “Doers” around me. They are the mothers, aunts, sisters, and daughters who execute and create legacies. They are friends with politicians, celebrities, and world leaders, but you will never know because they don’t brag about their achievements as much as they should.

As a group, we simply laugh together while sharing childhood stories and inspiring each other to collaborate in our next philanthropic projects. As a group, we show up to tackle challenges, again and again, not in just one thing, but relentlessly over the years. As an entity, we are the unsung heroes of women entrepreneurship in America.

It's Your Turn

You don’t have to be involved in a movie project to be inspired. As an entrepreneur, you can learn from mentors and have plenty of opportunities to face challenges head-on, but the journey does not have to be lonely if you take the time to find “your tribe” and be inspired by them. You can visit to learn the 8-step system for business acceleration.

Follow Dr. Emily Letran on social media

@coachemilyletran and remember to go see A Fragile Flower in theaters on March 29th, 2024!

About Emily

Dr Emily Letran is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of several multi-specialty dental practices, and private coach to many professionals. As an international speaker, she has been on TEDx and shared stages with countless business leaders including Sharon Lechter (Co-Author Rich Dad Poor Dad) and Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank). She has been featured on several magazines, Dental Town, Global Woman, Top Doctor, The Profitable Dentist, See Beyond as well as the media, Yahoo!Finance, Forbes, USA Today, and FOX. She is a contributing writer for several industry magazines. Dr Letran is the author of several books, the Founder of the non-profit Smile Champions, a Certified Kolbe Consultant, a member of Forbes Coaches Council, and the Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc., a global coaching and consulting firm. She hosts her signature events, ACTION To WIN seminar, in several countries, and shares her expertise in personal growth and business management through her ACTION To WIN Academy programs. Dr. Letran has been knighted as a Lady of The Royal Order of Constantine The Great and Saint Helen for her work in philanthropy and currently enjoys practicing dentistry with her daughter in Huntington Beach, CA.

Entrepreneurs traveled to visit the Taj Mahal with Associate Producers Jenny Thai, Tana Thai Ha, Lyllian Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen Dr. Emily Letran and Carmen Chong, AREAA Global CEO Award winning Director and Actress Mai Thu Huyen

Beyond the Beat: Gernado G. Abrams’ Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Learn more about G. Abrams on his website at

Few stories resonate as deeply as that of Gernado G. Abrams. An bi-coastal artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist hailing from Jacksonville, Florida to Huntington Beach, California, Abrams’ journey is one of overcoming adversity and using his talents to make a positive impact on the world. From a young age, Abrams found himself immersed in the world of music and ministry. Raised in a family where gospel music and spirituality were foundational, he honed his skills as an artist, participating in bands and graduating with music vocational skills. This early exposure to the power of music and community laid the groundwork for Abrams’ future endeavors in the industry. In the mid-90s, Abrams and his brother embarked on a bold venture, establishing their own music label. This marked the beginning of Abrams’ foray into the music business entrepreneurship, as he took on the roles of artist, producer, label manager, and owner. However, tragedy struck with the untimely murders of both his first cousin Rickie Abrams Sr. and brother Thomas Abrams Jr. also an artist ‘Psycho Versatile’ who were integral to the label’s operations. These devastating losses could have derailed Abrams’ aspirations, but instead, they served as catalysts for his resilience and determination. Determined to carry on his brothers’ legacies, Abrams completed his brother’s album and continued to release music under their label. He also founded a foundation ‘Stop The Violence Use Your Talents, Incorporated’, in honor of his late family members,channeling his grief into a mission to stop violence and uplift aspiring talents. Through documentary filmmaking, Abrams sought to immortalize the stories of his brothers and shed light on the impact of violence within the music industry. Abrams’ entrepreneurial

spirit extended beyond music, as he ventured into television production with the creation of the “Stop The Violence TV Show”. Airing on broadcast TV in Florida and reaching audiences across the country, and internationally through public access channels, the show aimed to raise awareness about the consequences of violence and promote positive change. Abrams’ dedication to social impact and community engagement exemplifies his commitment to using his platform for the greater good. In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Abrams diversifies his business portfolio by providing professional business management and accounting services for over 25 years through his company Bungi Enterprises in the Los Angeles California metropolitan area. His multidimensional approach to entrepreneurship reflects his adaptability and strategic vision in navigating the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. Under his new label, B.M.O. Boss Music Online, Abrams collaborates with international artists, bridging cultural divides through the universal language of music. Central to Abrams’ artistic endeavors is his eclectic musical style, influenced by gospel, reggae, and hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from artists like Bob Marley and groups like The Jacksons, Abrams infuses his music with positivity and spirituality, keeping faith at the forefront of his creative process. His albums, including “Persistence”, “Positive Vibes”, and his upcoming single release “LIT,” serve as testaments to his unwavering perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Beyond music, Abrams is also an accomplished author, with two published books and another due out this year titled “In Tune With Purpose” all focusing on entrepreneurship and personal development. His literary works offer invaluable


insights gleaned from his own experiences, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with tools for success and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Looking ahead, Abrams remains steadfast in his pursuit of creative expression and social impact. He is currently in post-production for a feature film “Out East” about his life, offering audiences a glimpse into his journey of triumph over tragedy. Additionally, Abrams continues to explore new avenues for artistic expression, including his “Doggie Park Animation Series” and other exciting multimedia projects. As the sun sets over the horizon of Abrams’ coastal sanctuary, he reflects on his journey with gratitude and optimism. Despite the challenges he has faced, Abrams remains unwavering in his commitment to creating positive change through his art and entrepreneurial endeavors. With each project and endeavor, he leaves an indelible mark on the world, inspiring others to persevere and pursue their dreams against all odds.


HW: “For our viewers that don’t know you, can you explain just a little bit of your background and how you have come to this point in your career?”

Gernado: “I’m a from Florida to California basically I am bi-coastal, I got to this point from my early childhood. Coming up around my culture, southern island vibes, the beaches, water, church, ministry you know coming up around musicians and going to Fame: “School Of The Arts” as an artist musician. I was in a few bands, graduating with music vocational skills, utilizing my talent as an artist to venture into business and writing. Also managing my brother who was an artist on the label that we started back in the mid 90s. Fast forward, A few years towards the early 2000s, he was murdered. Before that I had another brother, my first cousin that was a part of the business that was also murdered. Those tolls as a family and as well as a business owner took me to a whole nother height in life by mustering up the energy and courage to create something positive out of the negative. I started a nonprofit foundation called “Stop The Violence, Use Your Talent”. We aired on Broadcast TV in Florida and then took it to Public Access

TV in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Texas all the way across the country to Los Angeles. WeHo TV to LA 36, we aired weekly and also had the opportunity to air in the Caribbean Islands and Jamaica.”

HW: “We were very interested to know more about your writing. Can we look forward to any new books coming out this year?”

Gernado: “So right now I’m completing my third book and that’ll be out this year around the holidays, but the ones that are currently out are “Winning” Against All Odds Entrepreneur Tools For Success”. These are self help books and I talk about a lot of the life lessons that I have learned through this journey, and go into detail on what it takes to succeed in the business world through hard work and having a positive outlook. Then the second book I did about two years later after “Winning” was released and published through my self-publishing company, Bungi Abrams Publishing. You can get the books anywhere from Amazon or bookstores, whatever your preference is, you can find me. But the second book is “Keeping It G”. That’s “Keeping it G: From Sun Up To Sun Down, that’s my life.” I am G.

HW: “What are some upcoming projects that you have in the works at the moment?”

Gernado: “I got a dance floor project, a twenty-four track album just due out this year, more music videos, and I’m producing other artists with Boss Music Online, but I’m releasing more music. I’ve been releasing singles for the last 12 months, and have one more single being released that will complete the rollout for this special 2024 “24 K G” project. The song is called “LIT”. As well as more visual Boss Music Videos and a feature film that we are currently in post production for. The film is called “Out East”. It’s sort of a life story, and you can check out the synopsis on IMDB for more information.” We up next, processing.

Abrams Music label, B.M.O. Boss Music Online, collaborates with international artists, bridging cultural divides through the universal language of music.

A movement that was developed after losing two brothers in the streets of Florida. Stop The Violence Use Your Talents (S.T.V.U.Y.T.) created to expose our talents through multimedia from community events, documentaries, and TV Shows ‘Stop The Violence TV Show. You can see episodes of his show on YouTube at Stop The Violence TV Show.


Mathew Knowles : Navigating the Rhythms of Life, Legacy, and Resilience

We are extremely grateful here at Hollywood Weekly to have been able to speak with Mr. Mathew Knowles and rediscover his story—as well as give insight to what is going on currently in his journey today. The mountain of achievements Knowles has earned is truly commendable and inspiring. Most of the world may know Mr. Knowles for his fatherhood and entrepreneurial geniusness—but we are here to shed light to the world that Mathew Knowles adds even more to that table.

Mr. Knowles grew up with the spirit of entrepreneurship from a young age, he explained a fun fact about how this spirit runs deep within the family tree and he was among the third generation of entrepreneurs within his lineage. His parents both were entrepreneurs and lived by the principles of integrity. Always helping those out in need within the small town of Gadsden, Alabama they resided in. He shared that he did not live in the wealthiest of homes but his loving and supportive parents instilled into him at a young age that the sky is not the limit and he can achieve anything that resonates deeply in his soul. His mother was a huge advocate for education and encouraged the importance of curiosity to young Knowles. She took up the torch to protest alongside those fighting against segregation during the Civil Rights Movement. This led to young Knowles being one of the very few black people to attend all-white schools from elementary through his years in college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He expressed the difficulties of this experience but also shed light on the lessons and advantages he gained from it as well. He shared that it allowed him to understand another culture other than his own and this advantage opened many doors for him in the future.

Mr. Knowles would then venture into corporate America for twenty years. His early career at Xerox Medical Systems catapult


ed him to global recognition as the number one salesperson across the organization. Knowles not only excelled in sales but also initiated. groundbreaking efforts within Xerox, earning the organization recognition from Forbes as the number one workplace for minority professionals— decades ahead of corporate America’s focus on inclusivity. Knowles reflected on a crucial juncture in his corporate career when a neurosurgeon informed him that the medical instruments he marketed were not suitable for their intended use anymore due to new technological advances. This realization marked a turning point, prompting him to exit corporate America and search for his true passion. Simultaneously, he received requests to manage a young rapper named Lil’ O and a budding group named Girls Time, later known as Destiny’s Child. The convergence of these opportunities led him to the music industry, requiring a deep dive into knowledge acquisition.

Transitioning into the role of both a father and a manager presented its challenges. Knowles candidly shared the difficulties of balancing familial dynamics with the demands of the music industry. His early focus on managing Lil’ O allowed him to lay the foundation for Destiny’s Child’s success without compromising the family bond. Reflecting on his proudest moments as a father, Knowles emphasized the pure joy of seeing his daughters, Beyoncé and Solange, achieve their goals and find happiness in their passions. He acknowledged the importance of learning from mistakes and the significance of family moments beyond industry accomplishments.

As Knowles boldly ventured into the film industry, he highlighted his experience with soundtracks and unveiled ongoing projects with Music World Music Film & Television, LLC. While details remained confidential, he expressed enthusiasm for upcoming ventures that span film and television. In a profound revelation, Knowles shared his journey as a male breast cancer survivor. Drawing on his background in the medical field, he under

scored the significance of early detection and how a course on male breast cancer saved his life. Advocating for awareness, he emphasized the need for uncomfortable conversations about racism, health, and wellness. The conversation also touched upon Knowles’ impact as an educator, holding professorships at Pepperdine University and the London College of Creative Media. His sought-after status as a speaker, consultant, and educator in various fields, including sales, marketing, leadership, mindset, entrepreneurship, mental health, and wellness, highlighted the breadth of his expertise. He spoke passionately about motivating and educating young minds. Knowles instills in his students the importance of finding their passion, building confidence, and embracing life lessons beyond the course curriculum. And invites those interested in booking him for speaking engagements to visit

In a final, reflective note, Knowles emphasized the transformative power of passion, confidence, and life lessons. The interview provided a profound glimpse into the life of a multifaceted individual whose journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in various spheres.

I always tell my students, I want to teach and leave a legacy that I taught people and gave them tools that they can use in life lessons and, having that confidence in themselves. “ ”

HW: “What are some of the proudest moments you have experienced as a father?”

MK: “One of the proudest moments as a father is just seeing my kids happy. Kelly lived with us when she was ten to twenty. She was like a daughter to me. Seeing them happy, that’s just a father’s love, seeing his kids happy and seeing them accomplish what they worked very hard for to pursue their passions. We all make mistakes. You get up, brush yourself off and learn from it. Seeing Solange and Beyoncé become amazing mothers is also something great that I cherish. I’m taking my manager and music executive hat off. I’m speaking as a dad.”

HW: “Your impact on a multitude of industries is undeniable. Are there any principles that you believe contribute to building such an enduring legacy?”

MK: “Understanding distribution, sales, marketing, and realizing that the world is bigger than North America. Knowing that there’s seven plus billion people in the world and not putting all of your focus just on America, but rather globally is key. As well as having trust in a team, because it’s not just I, it’s we. I have been fortunate to build some great teams over the years; marketing teams, street teams, all sorts of teams. It still boils down to the talent and passion of the artists. It really starts there, because you need both. You need the passion and the artistry.”

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HW: “Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to speak about or highlight?”

MK: “I have a number of projects that will hopefully come to light in the next 12 to 24 months. It’s a long lead time in the film and TV industry versus music. That’s something that I have to get comfortable with because I’m so used to having it happen right away. Sometimes it could be three, four years for a film that we are involved in. So we’re working on my story, “The Mathew Knowles Story.” We are also invested in some Destiny’s Child products and a multitude of other projects for film and T V. Although, it looks too early to bring those out to light. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to speak with you in a year or so. Then we can be more specific. But yes, we are working on some incredible film projects with

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