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MONTHLY March 2019

Donna Maggie Spangler Brittan Shanna O’Brien Taylor Olson

These businesswomen turned their love for animals into a new hit series

Pet Moms


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to our very Special Valentine’s Day Edition of Hollywood Monthly. This February Issue is a Celebration of Love, albeit a little unconventional, it is 100% firmly planted in tender devotion, care and compassion. Case in point, our amazing Valentine’s Day Cover featuring the gorgeous Pet Moms, Donna Spangler, Brittan Taylor, Shanna Olson and Maggie O’Brien. Intelligent, successful Beverly Hills businesswomen who decided maternal love should never be wasted -- even in the absence of “Human” children. All animals need a Mother’s Love -- and not just cats and dogs. In our Cover Story written by Pet Moms Star Maggie O’Brien, we learn of the wide array of animals these Pet Moms rescue and adopt, and the hilarious adventures they’re willing to take to accomplish this mission -- and it is a Mission! Pet Moms is the most unique and original Reality Series I’ve ever seen, because it documents the true, unconditional love these women have for all animals. They are an inspiration to witness, and a lot of fun to watch. On the subject of love, we must always return to Dr. Dame Munni Irone, an Ambassador of Worldwide Peace & Love. She served as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the United Nations, and now has her own International Organization: Art 4 Peace. She is a frequent collaborator with HW/HM Publisher Prather Jackson, in their efforts to connect people around the world through our united love of the arts. Dr. Dame Munni Irone is also responsible for HW Weekly’s new “India Edition.” We’re proud to share some of the wonderful stories from our Hollywood Weekly India Edition with our American readers All of us at Hollywood Monthly wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Remember, your incredible, unbelievable Sweetheart, notwithstanding, or whether or not you presently have a Sweetheart, this World needs more than romantic love to flourish and thrive. We must love nature, and all of God’s creatures, and we must love Humanity. Thank you, as always, to our readers -- We Love All Of YOU! Wishing you Happiness, Anthony Ewart, Associate Editor

MONTHLY March 2019


On The Cover: Shanna Olson, Maggie O’Brien, Donna Spangler, Brittan Taylor Cover Photo: Fal Adams

Donna Shanna Maggie Spangler Brittan O’Brien Taylor Olson

These businesswomen turned their love for animals into a new hit series

Pet Moms




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Pet Moms

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Photo Credit: Anna Dogadkina (L to R) Shanna Olson, Maggie O’Brien, Donna Spangler, Brittan Tayor

A new show revolving around animal rescue and relationships

By Maggie O’Brien Brittan Taylor is in a Mercedes searching for a rat. She is on the phone with her friend Donna Spangler, who misplaced the furry little varmint in an animal rescue attempt gone haywire. “Do you see him? Is he in there?” Spangler asks anxiously. The rat has been missing for hours and the temperature is starting to heat up, both inside and outside of the car. The women have a photo shoot scheduled for that afternoon in downtown Los Angeles with two other friends – Shanna Olson and Maggie O’Brien – but the rat’s safety is all anyone can think about at the moment.

at first – opens the door, shakes her head and laughs. “I knew you’d find him,” she says to Taylor, “because you are Snow White. Animals find you.” Spangler is both elated and relieved. She and Olson are now on speaker phone, cheering and clapping since Taylor’s rat-finding mission has proven successful. “What should we name him?” Spangler asks. “I know,” Olson says. “Ruffles! Be-

are very different from each other,” Olson says of her castmates. “We come from different backgrounds, have distinctive personalities and varying interests. But it is our love for animals that unites us at the core. It is a bond that the four of us share and it’s made us very close, onscreen and in real life.” Spangler, Taylor and Olson have been friends for years. They had long discussed putting together a reality show that combined their pets, their commitment to animal rescue, their friendship and their Hollywood lifestyles. Spangler created the “Pet Moms” title and base storyline.

Pet Moms To The Rescue!

Spangler and Olson are on their way to the shoot; Taylor and O’Brien are still at Spangler’s Beverly Hills mansion. The search has held them up. “He’s just scared, Donna,” Taylor reassures her friend. “He needs to be hungry enough to ignore his fear and come out for food.” At that moment, as if on cue, the rat cautiously crawls out from under the seat. A quick-thinking Taylor scoops him into an empty potato chip bag and calls for O’Brien, who is inside finishing her makeup.

cause he was rescued in a Ruffles bag!” And that is how Ruffles the Rat met the pet moms. Taylor, Spangler, Olson and O’Brien are the stars of “Pet Moms,” an unscripted series in production. A pilot episode is currently airing on Amazon Prime.

“Maggie! Maggie!” Taylor hollers, making a beeline for the house and holding the bag with the squirming rat inside. “Open the door!”

The series follows the adventures and animal rescue efforts of the four Los Angeles-area women, all of whom have pets instead of children. If you’re picturing crazy cat ladies and desperate dog mommies, think again. The Pet Moms are glamorous, red-carpet ready career women with busy and fulfilling lives, friends, significant others and suitors.

O’Brien – concerned and confused

“It’s funny, because in some ways we

O’Brien joined the trio in late 2016, shortly after she moved to Southern California from the Midwest. Taylor took O’Brien to a shoot in Beverly Hills, dressed her in a Little Bo Peep costume, handed her a dog and put her on camera. “I grew up with pets and I love animals, so that part was easy,” O’Brien says. “But being on a show after watching reality TV myself for years? Kind of mind-blowing, really. But it has been an adventure and it has given me the support system I needed to adapt to the craziness of LA.” Cameras have captured O’Brien, Taylor, Olson and Spangler hosting a doggie Halloween party in Beverly Hills; attending a pre-awards event at the Beverly Hilton; donning neon catsuits at a rescue event in Venice; and throwing a wedding in Las Vegas so two of the show’s furry cast members could marry. HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 5

Taylor’s Pomeranians, Elvis and Priscilla, are now husband and wife. The pet moms cast donned 50’s housewife dresses and cat ears to throw the Elvis-themed wedding, which was officiated by the King himself. The doggie wedding will be featured in a future episode. “We do things with our pets that probably seem crazy to some people,” Taylor says. “And maybe it is. But to us, it’s simply how we express love for our animals. People take their children everywhere. So do we.” The Pet Moms may be on to something. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there were 212 million pets in the United States in 2017. Pet spending has continued to rise steadily – even during the 2008 recession, the American Pet Products Association reports. These findings suggests that most people see their pets as family members rather than expendable property, even when their income is down. More recently, research has found that some millennials are opting to have pets instead of children, a move that has been embraced by supporters and royally irked others in favor of a more traditional life path.

Photo Credit: Brittan Taylor Maggie O’Brien and Priscilla

Research firm GSK reports that 35 percent of millennials have pets, compared to 32 percent of baby boomers. Fifty-seven percent of millennial households have a

Photo Credit: Anna Dogadkina Donna Spangler


dog; 51 percent of all adults are dog owners. The millennials surveyed cited money and freedom as their biggest reasons for choosing pets over parenthood. They yearn for love, companionship and a sense of family and responsibility, however, they want them on their own terms. Having a pet instead of a child affords them all of those things but lets them keep the kind of lifestyle they prefer. Critics say pet owners who buy clothes for their pets, push them in strollers and take them everywhere are merely looking for replacement children. The same detractors speculate that such forms of pet pampering indicate emotional problems on the part of owners. “I have enjoyed a very rewarding and interesting life so far,” Spangler says. “Having pets has simply enhanced it. I think most pet owners will tell you that after a bad day, it’s tough to be down when you have this little creature who is just so totally happy to have you around. Why not celebrate that unconditional love on a really cute show?” The series’ pet stars are often dressed in outfits and pushed in strollers (the cast maintains that it makes getting around with their animals easier, more prac-

Photo Credit: Fal Adams Shanna Olson and Yum Yum

tical and more efficient). The women and pets are frequently stopped on the streets of LA by tourists asking to snap photos or selfies with them. “It’s amazing,” Olson says. “They can’t get enough of the dogs in the stroller. We were at an event and even a well-known celebrity gushed over us and the animals. People think it’s different, but cute.”

Photo Credit: Glen Lipton Brittan Taylor and Elvis

Even so, all four pet moms have been criticized and made fun of for treating their animals like children. That judgement is prevalent enough that it’s become a fairly significant part of the show. An episode will feature a woman who attacked the cast for using strollers to transport their pets. In another segment, mothers of human kids are offended to hear cast members refer to their four-legged broods as their “babies.” “Look, not everyone is going to have or want that nuclear family we’re taught to believe is the only path to love, comfort and stability,” O’Brien says. “Families in 2019 are different – proudly different – HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 7

Photo Credit: Anna Dogadkina (L to R Back Row) Shanna Olson and Yum Yum, Brittan Taylor and Sophie (L to R Front Row) Donna Spangler and Priscilla, Maggie O’Brien and Elvis

and they should be accepted for that. Our families just happen to have fur.” The cast members’ backgrounds will be a focus for various episodes. •• Taylor is an investor who calls her Long Beach home a farm. She lives there with Elvis, Priscilla, Sophie, Oliver, Princess Pepper, Panda Bear, Uma, Turtle Dove and Baby Love. All are rescued dogs, cats, turtles, fish and bunnies. Taylor says she will rescue any animal in distress – gophers, racoons and rats included. She invests in properties in Omaha, Nebraska, where she met O’Brien and where she rescued Elvis and Priscilla. Taylor also is a director, producer, actress, and model whose screen credits include “Full House,” “Rescue77” and “Beverly Hills Christmas.” She is a co-producer and the director of “Pet Moms.”

•• Olson is a beauty pageant queen, momager and Norwegian television star who lives in Studio City. Her movie star Pomeranians, Jack and Isabella, both died last year. Olson recently adopted Yum Yum, also a Pomeranian, and has started to launch his acting career. Olson starred in the Norwegian Emmy award-winning TV series “Alt For Norge.” She appeared on the Swedish version of the “Real Housewives” series (“Svenska Hollywood Fruar”). Olson’s most recent film role was as over-the-top race announcer “Grace Tickle” in “Death Race 2050,” a remake of the 70’s classic starring Sylvester Stallone. •• O’Brien is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared

Pet Moms Rule!

•• Spangler is a producer and actress who lives with her cats – Genevieve, Mama, Pumpkin, Tootsie and Puma – in Beverly Hills. She recently adopted Ruffles and two additional rats: Einstein and Charlie. A former Playboy model, Spangler wrote, produced and starred in the campy cult classic “Space Girls in Beverly Hills,” (which also starred Taylor) and “American Poltergeist,” an indie film about the Lizzie Borden haunting in Massachusetts. Spangler also produced and starred in “A Beverly Hills Christmas,” a family holiday movie that airs annually on the UPtv network, and its sequel, “This is Our Christmas,” which was released in December 2018. Spangler is a co-producer of “Pet Moms.”

in the Omaha World-Herald, the Associated Press, The Des Moines Register, Amplify, Rogue and more. She lives in Long Beach with her cat, Jenna, who was rescued and fostered by Spangler and Taylor. O’Brien runs a media company that focuses primarily on content marketing, copywriting, social media and public relations. Producers say portions of the show will include O’Brien’s Midwestern reaction to some of the pet moms’ antics (sexy costumes in public, for example).

says Spangler, only half joking. The series will include an episode that shows the four women removing fleas from two stray kittens. Onscreen, the kittens transform from scared, skittish animals into loving, purring, happy pets who are obviously grateful for the care they received. Are the pet moms eccentric? Yes. Do they inspire comparisons to those TV housewives everyone knows about? Totally. But along with the glamour, the California backdrop and the kookiness, the key messages of the series are real and heartfelt. “Our goal is to entertain, amuse and relax our viewers, but beyond that, we want to rescue and change animals’ lives for the better,” Taylor says. “The more the pet moms and animal lovers in general can unite, the more animals we can help. We envision our viewers helping us re-home our rescues, and in turn we want to help our viewers with their rescue efforts as well. Our combined efforts can surpass what we can do on our own.” For more information on the series, visit the “Pet Moms” Facebook page: Find them on Instagram @pet.moms and Twitter @PetMoms.

Spangler and Taylor have built much of their longtime friendship on rescuing animals. How many animals have they saved? “Way too many to keep track of,” HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 9

Minister of Tibet with Dame Munni Irone

The Illustrious Queen

Dame Munni Irone’s Mission: Arts 4 Peace By Carmelita Pittman One of a kind, Dr. Dame Munni Irone has placed her heart on a golden platter to serve the world. She realizes that the arts are gifts from the Higher Power many describe as God which enhance and are an inseparable part of our lives. She also realizes that the arts are an international Universal language that speaks through the Soul. A visionary, she saw that through the arts that the ideal of Peace and Oneness can be attained. Thus she embarked on this mission and began traveling the earth , joining and engaging international leaders and drawing them into her circle which continues to grow. Her feet have touched many continents which has resulted in her growing reach. She has Peace Ambassadors from around the world and friendships which she continues to cultivate abroad and locally in the States, especially her beloved Beverly Hills. With major Arts 4 Peace Awards events behind her which she has produced at the Saban theatre in Beverly Hills since 2016, she continues to hop a plane world 10 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

wide and reach out to more future participants. Her next stop is New Delhi, India , where the Arts 4 Peace event Feb 2, 2019 with the theme of “Being One”, will be held at the majestic Siri Fort Auditorium. A key figure, Dr. Dame Munni will play a major role. She has invited Mexican international songstress Violeta Martin ,and Yasmeena Datcher ,a Grammy nominee, to perform. Yasmeena’s manager Paula Telander, Master artist Cao Yong of China, numerous illuminaries including Honorary Guru Lokesh Muni who is connected to Arts 4 Peace, world leaders from various countries will convene at this Peace Summit. Oct 28, 2018. the most recent Arts 4 Peace event was held at the Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills. Having been left with only four weeks to produce the event as the result of an unscrupulous individual who attempted to high jack her event, she still arose victorious. With the grace of the Higher Power and a few hands to assist, she emerged with the attendance of leaders and rep-

resentatives from 52 countries including royalty and celebrities who attended the event. Upon arriving at the Saban theatre one was greeted with the sight of a bustling crowd peppered with Hollywood types as well as royalty attired in magnificent fashions. A throng of at least three thousand individuals were in attendance. Many chose to be on red carpets at the entrance, and various locations inside the historical Saban theatre. The media covered every aspect of the event including interviews and coverage of the program as the beautiful people clamored to been seen by the cameras and paparazzi, fulfilling their appetite for attention. One red carpet was so huge that it covered one end of the room to the other, completely covered with the glamorous people. An atmosphere of joviality, the scene was a “happening”. Amidst the huge crowd was entertainment including an accordion player whose animated and enthusiastic performance stood out, a beautiful violinist, a group of Middle Eastern red capped musicians with dancers in wide brimmed straw hats , the Said Arabic dancers and ensemble, Pepe Reyes Mariachi band, and more. Exhibitors presented an array of displays. In white attire, the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills David Harrison Levi, the Laughing Yogi Ramesh Pandey wearing his golden turban and broad smile, were amongst other celebrities including Donnell Turner of General Hospital, Micah Fitzgerald of HBO series “Westworld”,seen in the crowd. Many royal figures in regal attire including King Nat also graced the gathering. The Art Deco doors opened and awaited to receive its entrants. The Saban theatre, a work of art in itself , did not disappoint. Once inside the auditorium, the show was the ornate decor, a wide stage and 2,500 seats. Linc Hand and TJ Myers presented an impressive appearance as they hosted the program. Angelique Marie sang the National Anthem. Dame Munni welcomed the audience as the program unfolded with the presence of Peter Allman , Alex Ayzin of Winds of Freedom. Cantor Estherleon Schwartz engaged the audience to create the effect of a candlelight ceremony by holding up their cell phones which emerged from the darkness with a litany of lights covering the entire room , even reaching up to the balcony. It was a moment of beauty and inspiration. Also prominent on the program was the leading onto and off stage of dignitaries who were formerly recognized. Highlights of the program included the opening

dance and song of the “Orin Ibere Ancestral Chant” by Carmelita Pittman who received a trophy for best spiritual song. Presentation of the Humanitarian Awards, American Eagle Award, Royal Peace Awards, Fine Arts Awards followed. Senior Senator (retired) Pasqual Bettio FRPS received the American Eagle Award of which only 8 have ever been presented on behalf of the City of Beverly Hills. Presenters included Rabbi David Barren, international artist Cao Yong of China. Performances included Guadalupae’ D’ Luschus and Sambalushus Dancers Ala Brazilian style with elaborate feathered costumes and Samba beats. Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills David Harrison Levi and Martial arts film producer Ewart Chin presented Culinary Arts awards. Songstress awardee Tehrah of Texas thrilled the auHOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 11

dience with an original song. Martial Arts presenters were Steve Orosco and Rigan Machado. More performances included award recipient Destenee , Matthew Phillips, an elaborate fashion show with at least 30 gorgeous models presented by Vigilia More presenters included Ambassador April Sutton, Dr. Cherilyn Lee Phd, Gail McKenzie. A presentation by Samira Kazemini was made to Al Harris of Kiss the Monkeys social and charity group. Donnell Turner , actor of General Hospital received an award. The music award category was presented by Larry Dunn of the famed group Earth, Wind & Fire, with Richie Onori. Very much present was a Holocaust survivor and World War II veteran who were favorites of the photographers and received an ovation from the audience. The gorgeous Rebecca Holden, co-star with David Hasselhoff of the Knightrider series, also sang. Presenters Barbara Van Orden, Jackie Goldberg aka the Pink Lady presented awards in the Cinematic category followed by a performance by dancer Mayumi Rhone. Presenters of the Global Impact Awards were Sandro Minetti and Larry Namer, the co-founder of E! Entertainment network . Also included was founder of Make a Wish Foundation Frank Shankwitz who spoke at the podium. Presenters of the Humanitarian Award were by Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell, Sharon Doyle.

Amber Martinez & Princess Karen Canrell 12 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

Sharon Doyle received a special crowning and flowers from Dr. Dame Munni Irone. Princess and Queen Crowning were by Karen Hoyas and Rebecca Holden. Dr. Dame Munni Irone is presently in India ready to exert the level of engagement and intensity as she did in the production at the Saban theatre in Beverly Hills. She has already met with his Holiness Dalai Lama Dharamshala and celebrating the Lohi Festival. Lohi is a winter festival which ushers in the “new season”. It is called by many names in different cultures with food preparation which is essentially Khichdi (lentil & rice) both sweet and spicy varieties. She anticipates appearances before a crowd of 10,000 in Bangladesh to make a presentation of her mission. Her objectives of the transformational presence of peace and love via the Arts 4 Peace which includes the establishment of Wisdom Land on 100 acres of land in Mombai which she has already obtained. An historical city, Mombai contains the famous stone Gateway of India. The proposal includes a self sustaining shelter for women, children and animals. She expects full coverage of these aims by the media.

Qing Cao & Tammie Star

ART 4 PEACE AWARDS A Non-Governmental and non-profit Organization was founded by an Indian born American Citizen, Dame Dr.Munni lrone to unite universal artist for peace. With an aim and objective of fostering peace around the world through individual Nation’s arts, cultures, traditions, spirituality, lifestyle and beliefs, The ART4PEACEAWARDS organization was born to SERVE THE GLOBE. The organization foresees India as one of the countries with potential and Indian culture as a composite mixture of varying styles and influences. The self sustained organization is working hard to create jobs and tourism, via their WISDOM LAND projects and Art 4 Peace awards ceremonies. On 28th October 2018, Art 4 Peace Awards hosted


an event at Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, to pledge for World Peace, Oneness and Harmony. The event was a great success and the first ever collective celebration of the arts of every culture around the world. The purpose of these awards was to demonstrate to each Nation how vitally important their culture is to the whole fabric of the world. To foster the Synergy between USA and India, the Art 4 Peace Awards Organization is planning to host another event in New Delhi on Feb 2nd 2019 to start the Conversation to Make Global Positive Change with its Mega Project WISDOMLAND and the first self-sustainable shelter for men, women, children and the animals.

1 HIGHLIGHTS of the USA Event 52 Countries Represented (1) USA (2) Mexico (3) Belize (4) Ecuador (5) Gambia (6) GHANA (7) Nigeria (8) Ivory Coast (9) Gabon (10) Cameroon (11) Congo DRC (12) Kenya (13) Zambia (14) Lesotho (15) Spain (16) France (17) Russia (18) Turkey (19) Greece, 19 embassies - 192 people flew in within the US. Including Royals from St. George Society, Afghanistan, and Other parts of the Europe, Nelson Medala Step son, three countries’ Presidential family members, International & US Diplomats, Educators & Activists, Entertainers. Dame Dr. Munni Irone,The Philanthropist Queen of Beverly Hills, Global Peace Leader, Non Commercial celebrity Coach, Successful Visionary created millions of jobs in USA by passing three legislations in California. She is determined to make a positive change in India via Seven of Her Programs for Peace. Ms. Marisela the Latin singer Mr. David Harrison, Honorary mayor of Beverly Hills Liam Connors, The Architect of the Common Wealth. Liam Connors, he is currently doing three Peace Monuments with Prince Charles. Dame Munni Irone is there to support all his projects. Dr. Dehnad the grand master of Martial arts Edward Greene TV Personality and Radio Show Host Ms. Juliette Hagerman, Nigeria TV Host and Director of the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant for Nigeria TV Joyce Tolbert of Motown Records Recording Artist Howard Hewitt Grammy Winning Artist and Pop sensation The Honourable Robert Sichinga Honorary Consul & Chief Post for the Republic of Zambia, Africa The Honourable Ms. Name Mbaye Honorary Consul General of Senegal, Africa The Honourable Gail McKenzie Government Attaché for Belize The Honourable Dr. Cadrin Gill Honorary Consul General of St. Vincent & Grenadine Islands The Honourable Cedric A. Scott Honorary Consul General of the Bahamas Cao young world top Painter Hovannes Babakhanyan an A-List Actor from LIbanon Family of Actor Mohhamad Ali Fardin Other Guests includes names- Mr. Rabbi David Baron and Micheal Mcwitch our chief Guest of honour Dakota Micheal King Nat, Africa Ambassador April Sutton Actor Andrew steel Greg Ried Top martial artist Cynthia Rothrock and Don Wilson Dusty Lane producer Linc Hand, TJ Mayer our anchors Victoria hand King Abdul Fatai Vikie Verma was the designer won the best designer

2018 award Princess Karen Cantrell Senator Pasqual Bittio Cantor EstherLeon Schwartz and Tehrah all the electric lights were on. It was enchanting. Diana Watson, Congresswoman, Dr. Cheryl Lee, Carmilita Pittman, Tehrah, Lawyer Owen Mascott, Reene Hand, Numerous producers, investors and the event was a great network for the elites.

(R to L) Mr. Tarantino, Sheryn Roberts, Ewart Chin


Host Linc Hand & TJ Myers

Ambassador April Sutton

Erminia Casteneda


Gaudalupae and Sambalushus Dancers

Ivor Pures and Canter Estherleon

Angela Bowie Larry Namer co-founder of E! Entertainment & Frank Shankwitz Founder of Make a Wish

Publisher Prather Jackson with Carmilita Pittman HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 17

A real love story of two childhood friends: This is a story about two childhood friends who reunited with each other in their 90’s onstage at the Art 4 Peace awards, when this organization was celebrating it’s 3rd annual award ceremony at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. The event was well attended. 52 countries participated; there were dignitaries, royalty, actors, actresses, singers, dancers, culinary chefs, fashion designers and 19 Embassies joining together on one platform to celebrate this annual ceremony. This Arts 4 Peace Awards program nominated Ms. Ruth Schutzstaffel Sax, a holocaust survivor, and Mr. Walter Sidney, a world war veteran. Both were honored at the event. Ms. Ruth with the Royal Peace Award, and Mr. Walter with the humanitarian award. During the awards ceremony, as the host announced the names, both of them recognized each other’s name. They both held hands, side by side in their wheel chairs, with wet eyes. Imagine, after almost 90 years. Everyone shed tears of joy at this heart-touching story. They squeezed hands tightly and everything was explained in their eyes. It was a powerful moment, filled with beautiful emotions. The day after their meeting, Mr. Walter was hospitalized. Was it a coincidence, synchronicity, or majestic fate that made their wishes come true after so long?

Ms. Ruth Schutzstaffel Sax

The divine made it possible to see each other before departing from the world. The Arts 4 Peace awards platform is “Born to Serve.” Arts 4 Peace Awards is an organization that has celebrated its 3rd annual ceremony at the Saban theater. The expected guests were 1900, but during the show it was sold out. Approximately 2300 came and extra people were standing out on the red carpet during the whole ceremony. If we look at the Oscars when they first started, they celebrated in a packed room likewise, the Arts 4 Peace awards started with 2000 people, the elite of Beverly Hills-TEMPLE OF THE ARTS/THE SABAN THEATER. On the stage of the Award show, Dame Munni Irone challenged people to find a person, one person in the entire Hollywood/Bollywood community who is non-commercial for the last 40 years. She never took a single dime from anyone. No one was there to speak a word and appreciate her journey, her job and her vision. She made this platform to unite universal artists for peace.


Ms. Ruth Schutzstaffel Sax and Mr. Walter Sidney

Best Selling Author Natalie Banks Visit and find out more... The Water is Wide:

Sarah Avery had spent years carefully re-constructing her broken life back together, after her husband Thomas, the love of her life, drowned 14 years earlier. When suddenly she comes face to face with a man named Collin, who is Thomas’ exact look-alike, on the streets of Wilmington, NC. She convinces herself that he is somehow, actually Thomas, come back to her. Yet in response, he has no recognition of her or their life together. However, the attraction between the two of them is powerful and immediate. But, even as Sarah finds herself falling in love with Collin, she is still haunted by questions about his true identity and the secret guilt she carries over Thomas’ death. And little does she know, Collin himself, holds some secrets of his own, that threaten to destroy everything they have together.

The Dark Room:


pher Alec Prentice. He’s irresistible, drawing her into his world of sex and seduction. But soon, his bad boy ways and her guilty conscious consume her and push her to end the affair abruptly. Not long after ending the affair, she frighteningly realizes she is being stalked. As she desperately continues her attempt to keep the affair a secret, the stalking escalates. Even when it begins to jeopardize her safety, she refuses to get help for fear of her secret being exposed. Forcing her to take matters into her own hands, leading her down a path of deception and violence. As a hurrifor her life and for everything that ever mattered.

The Canary’s Song:

What was left of Juliette Bennett’s life was in shambles. Losing her young son to a tragic accident had nearly driven her to the point of madness and now she was on the verge of losing her husband too. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, she decided to book a romantic cabin vacation for just the two of them up in the mountains of North Carolina. She thought she had experienced the worst life could throw at her. Little did she know that the wilderness had in something else in store for her, when she finds herself left alone and fighting for her life.

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION IN GOA Known for its Christmas revelry around the world, Goa, with its sun-kissed beaches, cheerful people, incomparable vivacity and beautiful churches, Goa is the best place to celebrate Christmas in India. Christmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the globe with a lot of enthusiasm and joy, cutting across the barriers of religion. But there is a special charm in the Christmas in Goa that sets it apart from celebrations of Christmas anywhere else in India. Being predominant mainly by the Christians, Goa, during this time comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colors and revelry. During Christmas in Goa, all the streets are lit up and

the market places are all decorated with tinsel and buntings. There are Christmas trees shining and glittering in every corner of the streets and inside the houses. All the houses and churches are brightly lit up and decorated. Celebrations start from Christmas Eve when the beautiful harmony and melody of the Christmas carols fill up the pleasant ambiance of Goa and brings the festive mood. The wonderful smell of baking cakes and the songs of the church bells fills up the air that is already vibrant and colorful with the celebrations of the Goa Christmas. There are the parties, morning masses, prayers, the music, shopping, dance and other festivities that all add up to the exotic fiesta that is in sync with the beat of the sea, the sun and Christmas.

Drink in the beauty of riverside Goa and open Arabian Sea on an early evening river cruise, as the pretty city of Panaji, in all her Christmas finery, flows by. Folk dance performances and foot-tapping music provided by the live band will add that zing to your romantic dinner, with the lit up riverfront acting as the perfect backdrop.


tradition in Goa. Or simply go crib hopping around Goa to check out the most enchanting displays. Sing along with the lively youngsters with holly in Take a walk back in time as you wander the narrow their hair. They go from house to house singing streets of Fontainhas– an old Latin quarter in Panaji. Christmas carols and help soak in the nostalgia Feast your eyes on the quaint little villas, tiny eateries of Christmas, one must ensure not to forget to tip and buildings painted in lively colors. See the magnif- them. icence of Goa’s gothic churches with their shimmering adornments or soak in the old world charm of the Visitors can be a part of the Goan village tradition beautiful colonial architecture of Panaji. The Arch- of watching a Nativity play depicting the birth of bishop’s Palace, Viceroy’s Gate, Penha de Franca and Jesus Christ, an occasion celebrated with great Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception are a revelry. Carols, songs and dramas make these celebrations even more joyful as the Christmas must visit. fervor takes over.

Take your Christmas celebrations in Goa to another level !

Goa brings in the festive mood and make merry by mixing colorful cherries, dates, plums and dry fruit with the ‘spirits of the season’ like rum, whisky and wine with a merry band of the locals. Sneak in a gourmet class or two with the friendly local chef to whip up a storm of local delicacies and surprise your folks for Christmas! The Christmas spirit is brought up that brings your creativity to the fore by participating in the crib-making and star-making competitions, a cherished Christmas

Head to the nearest 400 plus year old Church in Goa and enjoy the traditional midnight mass or Missa De Galo. It starts with fireworks and ends with a flood of Christmas wishes. The solemn hymns and carols, church bells, glittering fairy lights and prayers all around will make this an unforgettable experience.

One could pull out the bow-tie and kick off those heels and move like never before at the much-awaited Christmas Eve Dance that starts at 2 a.m. on December 25th, soon after the Midnight Mass. Jive, waltz or foxtrot to the local bands strumming those retro numbers or shimmy to the beats of the local Konkani numbers as the fun continues till early morning.


Bonfire parties, beach volleyball contests, sand castle competitions, cookie swap bashes and so much more to keep the good times rolling. Feel the wind in your hair and you could feel the waves tickling your feet as Goa mesmerizes you with its festive magic

Visitor could enjoy a fun night out at Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar with its retro styled artisan bazaar, live music, international cuisines and bohemian atmosphere. Haggle over souvenirs, funky jewellery , Christmas decor, knick-knacks and beachwear from all over the world. Hang out at Daniel’s Bar (formally known as Boutique House) and soak in the incredible ambience


From simple shack parties to chic lounges, Goa has something for everyone. With the crowds heading for the more famous Sunburn Festival, do the different this year by attending the coolest party ever, the Silent Noise beach party at Palolem Beach. Have a ball of a time guessing who is grooving to which genre of music as you try out the delicacies at the live seafood counter, Seafood galore, rapturous music and balmy

weather- that’s what makes Goa the perfect place to bring in the New Year. Twirl under the stars and stir in the spirits as fireworks crowd the night sky and you’ll literally bring in the New Year with a bang! So you could pack your bags and embark on a fun filled sojourn of the state with the best Christmas culture in India. Goa Christmas celebration is an experience you will cherish for a long time to come.


excitement to your festive season, head to Kolkata and see how the city comes alive to celebrate Christmas. Kolkata is the city that celebrates Christmas like By: Ike Sinha no other city in the country. Not just the Christian community, but every single person in the city celChristmas celebrations at the Park Street in Kolkata is ebrates Christmas like his own festival. The people an experience one must not miss out on. The whole here have imbibed the culture of celebrating Christstreet is decorated with the brightest lights, while mas so much, that one wants to be back home to nightlong parties and rock music are buzzing at the celebrate the festival, as this also is the season of restaurants and pubs. While beautifully decorated homecoming. Christmas trees are seen lined up near these eateries, kids enjoy chocolates distributed by numerous SanPark Street itself seems like a venue for a party, ta’s spread out a few paces from each other. Crowds where there are food stalls and musicals with party dressed up for the occasion gather in numbers and lights, and people coming here are all part of one enjoy the festivities to the fullest extent. The whole open-air party. It’s also that time of the year when phenomenon poses up a great subject for travel phobeautifully wrapped presents make their way under tographers. If you are a cake lover, head to the fathe tree decked up with ornaments, gingerbread mous Flurys for the best Christmas offerings. house, roasted turkey and wine make for a perfect dinner feast. It’s that time of the year again – when beautifully wrapped presents make their way under a tree decked with mistletoe, roast turkey and duck are the pride of dinner tables and warm mulled wine is sipped each evening. If you want to add some real Christmas





MIDNIGHT MASS AT ST.PAUL’S CATHEDRAL St Paul’s Cathedral was built in 1847 and is modeled after the Canterbury Cathedral. It was the first Anglican Cathedral outside of Britain. You can walk in for the midnight mass. Midnight masses are held in many churches, with music by children’s choirs and carols. PARK STREET IS PARTY STREET Park Street is like an open-air Christmas party with food and drink stalls, live music, decked up in lights and entertainment at nearby Allenby Park. From Christmas Eve, Park Street is only for pedestrian – no vehicles are allowed – as celebrating crowds descend to give it a carnival-like atmosphere. People , all in Santa caps brave the queues at heritage restaurants like Trincas and Moulin Rouge which offer a lavish Christmas platter with roast duck, turkey and pies. Park Street also hosts a Christmas Carnival, with melting pot stalls set up by members of different communities residing in the city. HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 25


TO MARKET Christmas decorations, trees and candy can be picked up from New Market. It was built in 1874, and christened as Hogg’s Market, to cater to the city’s British community. One of the most sought-after cakes during Christmas is the rich fruit cake from Nahoum’s, a Jewish bakery dating back to 1902. Here the pastries, puffs, cakes, fudge are created from old family recipes so one should come early to avoid the huge crowds at their gate. The favorites are the plum cake, rich fruit cake and the delectable cheese samosas. Pick up some semi-soft and smoked Bandel cheese at J Johnsons.

Bazaar Police Station, lies Bow Barracks. These old red brick housing estates are the homes of the Anglo-Indian population in Kolkata. During Christmas week residents set up stalls selling traditional food like cutlets, vindaloo, rose cookies and of course cakes. Do pick up a few bottles of their famous homemade wines (grape, ginger wine, plum and raisin) prepared months ahead using family recipes. Your visit won’t be complete until you step into J N Barua, a cake shop dating back to the British days. Through Christmas week, programs are lined up – sing and dance, treats for children, Christmas Balls and a senior citizen’s day. Eat, drink and be merry.

Special cakes, the turkey and duck roasts, mulled wine – the food served up during Christmas in Kolkata should be one good reason to get you here. At Flury’s, the iconic restaurant on Park Street, shelves Across a narrow lane between Hare Street and Bow are seen heaving with their signature fruit, plum and A TASTE OF ANGLO INDIAN AT BOW BAZAAR


dundee cakes. You must try the baba cake and yule logs. It’s best to line up early or book a table to sample the traditional Christmas lunch with turkey, grilled vegetables, roast chicken and fresh bread. Christmas special buffets at Trincas and Oly Pub serve citrus, cinnamon and warm mulled wine. OLD BAKERIES To experince the real spirit of Christmas, head to the small bakeries tucked away in the narrow lanes of Beckbagan where families bring in their cake batter to be baked. A few bakeries are rented out for people who want to bake their own cake and hence when you walk down that street it’ll just be rows and rows of different cakes. Some of the bakeries remain open all night on Christmas Eve. A very popular bakery is the 80-year-old Saldanha Bakery and Confectionery. Their walnut cake and rich fruit cakes come wrapped in brown paper and are tied with string. A visit here is mandatory to add that Christmas cheer. Christmas in Kolkata is not merely a religious festival. It is a summation of faith, food and fun for everyone. And now the Kolkata Christmas Festival has upped the enjoyment quotient even more. A large section in the heart of the city will be illuminated (the illumination will remain until New Year). Most of the programs

will be held at the famous Park Street (renamed as Mother Teresa Sarani).There will be food stalls set up by members of different communities residing in the city and live music performances. Park Street will be closed to traffic on December 25 so that revelers can take to the streets. You can take the underground metro train and alight at Park Street MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT IN CALCUTTA, IN THE DAYS GONE BY !! My best memories of Christmas and New Year were in Calcutta as a senior school teenager. One could spend Christmas and the winters in large city like London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris or even LA, but nothing quite that could be compared to the Calcutta then. Park Street used to be brilliantly decked up days ahead of the festivities like a fairyland. Singers and musicians came from all over to perform there but the best among them were musicians from Shillong who outclassed everyone which had the local Anglo Indians. I used to hop from one restaurant to the other listening to Pam Crain who sang like a dream, with Louis Banks and his boys in Blue Fox. Usha Uthup jived away at Trinca’s and always had a Shillong band to back her up. She used to be deced up in brilliant HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY• 27

South Indian sari. Hers was a voice you could never forget. There was busty Delilah at Moulin Rouge. She did some amazing gigs which everyone loved but she wasn’t exactly the best singer. She was very popular among the young crowd and she was Christmas.

Austin Sherline on the table. He rode home to Tivoli Court in a baby taxi, which his staff paid off on arrival.

The others at his table were Angelo Firpo, the Italian owner of Firpo’s the legendary restaurant on Chowringhee, Pat Williamson, Boris, the Russian impresario There was Brenda Lilley at Blue Fox and her sister who later settled in Kathmandu and opened a restauFay sang at Mags in fabulous Queens Mansion, an rant called Boris’, Eddie Cracknel the jockey and Dadentire building lost by its owner, an Armenian called dy Mazda, owner of Golden Slippers, Calcutta’s most JC Galstaun in a horse racing debt in this season of celebrated nightclub of the time, bang opposite Nicarols and mistletoes. Galstaun was a great gambler zam’s, back of Hogg Market. and bought several buildings in Calcutta, including Queens Mansion, with his winnings at the races. Los- There was also the 300 Club on Theatre Road and the ing his prized possession however broke his heart. Bengal Club where a croupier would regale members Yet, like a true gambler, he walked out the next morn- with tales of nightclubs in London’s West End. Many ing, handing over the building to its new owners. His gambled with cowries. The Maharajas of Cooch Bihar, autobiography was dedicated to the very book mak- Jaipur, Burdwan, Nazarganj were regulars. So were royalty from Nepal and Bhutan. ers who had taken all his money. Also, the story goes, a famous playboy prince from the Land of the Dragon up in the Himalayan moun- At all this festivity was music, the bands and the tains, left Humayun Court on Lindsay Street, barely crooners. They were the life of every party, every celea ten minute walk from Park Street, at the crack of bration. Without them, Calcutta would not have been dawn on New Year’s day, having lost throughout the Calcutta. But years went by, Governments changed, night at the roulette table, playing against some of politics redefined our life and culture. Suddenly with the wealthiest of the time. The stakes were high and new methods of life imposed by governments, many by the time the game was over, the young prince had crooners left Calcutta and many Bands disbanded. lost everything he had on his person. So he quietly Musicians have again picked up and Christmas celegot up and walked out, leaving behind the keys to his bration in Kolkata is the best n the country.


CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION IN SHILLONG, MEGHALAYA Christmas celebration begins in the city and elsewhere in the State with special evening prayers and midnight Masses in various churches. The churches in and around the city are decorated for the occasion which attract both the faithful and visitors alike on Christmas Eve. All the houses are illuminated with stars and special lights. People exchange greetings of peace post the church services attended by a large number of faithful. The celebrations continue on Christmas day and the week ahead in many parts of the city. While the sermons in the churches highlighted the role of Jesus as the Messenger of peace, the faithful pray for harmony among the citizens of the country and the world. Every year, Christmas is also celebrated on Christmas Eve night at Ramakrishna Mission, at Laitumkhrah, the spirit of celebration in Shillong as the commercial establishments, monks recalling the

teachings of Jesus, a tradition started by the disciples of Ramakrishna since 1886. One of the least visited places during winter, Shillong can offer a Christmas experience like no other. Not being touristy, you can experience Christmas like a local -- a sizeable amount of Christian population here ensures pompous celebrations. While the streets, houses and churches are beautifully decorated with colorful lights, some of the churches have gospels sung by the local music bands. Many tourists try staying with a local family in a home stay and have meals with them if they are looking to experience the traditional cuisine prepared during this time. It’s that time of the year again, when you feel the aroma of the pine cones everywhere you go, the brush of the cold air against your face but your hearts warm. It’s winter already and however time flies this is the only time I feel it stops, and Shillong marks the beginning to look at Christmas.




One can get an invitation for a 4-day road trip to Meghalaya for the ‘Wheels of Wander’ trip by Maruti Suzuki Alto and Outlook Traveler. One could travel across Cherrapunji, Mawlynnong and Schnongpdeng during the run up to Christmas, and arrive in Shillong on 25th of December or on Christmas Eve. Shillong is a small town, with a big personality - especially during this festival. It is delightfully devoid of sprawling malls drooping under discount signage and shop fronts slathered in tinsel. Preparations start weeks in advance to present an exceptional potpourri of traditional food, carols, and fruitcake. Local bakeries overflow with people eager to have a bite of the seasonal delicacies. Christmas day is reserved for families to feast on homemade traditional dishes. In short, Shillong serves up a grand but authentic celebration. Christmas celebration in “The Music Capital of India” Christmas mood is celebratory and everyone is re- is a melodious affair. From carol singing to multiple laxed, winding down the year with loved ones. But it’s live gigs, the city finds a rhythm in every corner. Nualso a time when malls and markets are teeming with merous bands and artists play gospel music during this people. The Christmas spirit seems to be waning in time. Even in homes and streets, people come together the frenzy of deals, discounts, gift grabbing and over to sing traditional hymns and carols. It’s also the food indulgence. Even if you are celebrating Christmas in that gets attention. the US and also in different European cities on 25th December, you have to experience and find the true You could arrive in Shillong on Christmas day and sparkle of Christmas in its purest avatar in Shillong, head straight to the central square of the town, Police Bazaar. Expectedly, it would be throbbing with activity Meghalaya. SHILLONG CITY This time around in this small beautiful town will amaze you, a must visit place where you get up to frosty mornings and start the day with that hot coffee in your hand, nature sleeps at its best stillness of awestruck beauty. Waterfalls become gentle and the grasses brown, it’s a tradition for all Shillongites to enjoy outdoor picnics with family and friends, where the hardworking shoulders gets to have a rest. Yet apart from that, Christmas eve is Shillong’s beautiful celebration, where you find the most dazzling lights and decorations in the heart of the city in Police Bazaar and of course in every corner and houses with the decorated Christmas tree in this little town. The feeling, that warmth of the season that the song of peace and unity in everyone’s lips sure is worth embracing the season.


– people, food stalls, decorations and stalls selling toys and bric-a-bracs. Your eyes can be glued to the bright décor all around till a loud cheerful ‘Merry Christmas’ can jolt you out of your stupor. The selfie game can be strong on that day, as decorated buildings become veritable backgrounds for shutterbugs. A makeshift selfie station is also set up to lure the camera crazy. Yuletide decorations and smiling Santa statues peep out from every corner. Rooftops and large trees are topped with bright stars. Many families are seen to hurry and bundling up their children to reach the Cathedral of Mary for the midnight mass. There room gets packed and one has to squeeze to attend the mass, as prior plans to visit must be made with cafes of Shillong to have it ready for the visitor by the group. The musical lineage is Shillong’s banner statement. The elderly local gentleman can corroborate the idea of Christmas by telling us how Shillong has always been a hospitable place for visitors, both during Christmas and otherwise. In fact, they will mention how Shillong continually demonstrates a big heart on this day. Many locals visit orphanages, old-age homes, hospitals and even jails with food and other gifts. This is considered an important part of the Christmas tradition, and youngsters often bake cakes for the underprivileged or use money collected from caroling to buy them Christmas gifts. The hues of Christmas in Shillong are something that you will always remember. It has an electric and inviting atmosphere, with carol singing, decorations and heartwarming hospitality – the perfect showcase of Shillong’s mood during the festival. If there is any Indian town that can compete with European towns for Christmas celebrations, it is probably Shillong. Preparations begin weeks ahead as shops and bakeries stock up on decorative items and cakes and other goodies for sale. The local people are fond of music and snatches of strumming guitars will reach you any time of the day. As Christmas approaches, carol singers start visiting neighborhood homes, sometimes stopping by at shops and street corners to let their mellifluous tunes warm up the cold evenings. Yule-tide decorations and smiling Santa’s welcome the shoppers. Take a walk around town to look at the illuminations

and the crib decorations. In Police Bazar and adjoining areas, see how the unknown artists create beautiful patterns to huge decorations using simple fairy lights. Homes are decorated with stars, buntings, Christmas trees, etc. Looking their best, people attend midnight mass. More singing happens through the night and the next day. On Christmas Day, sitting down for family dinners, spending the day with friends, offering gifts and goodies to the underprivileged, keep the people busy. Other north-eastern states, such as Mizoram and Nagaland, are also pleasant destinations to visit during Christmas. It’s that time of the year again, when you feel the aroma of the pine cones everywhere you go, the brush of the cold air against your face but your hearts warm. When it is winter and time flies, this is the only time one feels it stops at Shillong that marks the beginning to look a lot like Christmas.



BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS DECORATION IN More importantly, let’s not forget the Buzz of Christmas shopping and the food.The Chinese food in ShillTHE STREET OF SHILLONG ong is like the best and affordable. Hot soups which is This time around in this small beautiful town will amaze just a remedy for the cold weather, coffee and let’s not you, a must visit place where you get up to frosty morn- forget the Christmas cake, where every Bakery will be ings and start the day with that hot coffee in your hand, busy during this festive season, and if you don’t know nature sleeps at its best stillness of awestruck beauty. about the famous Reens or Mahari cake,it is suggested, Waterfalls become gentle and the grasses brown, it’s a you get in line this winter for that delicious piece of tradition for all Shillongites to enjoy outdoor picnics pastry or that wholesome cake. with family and friends, where the hardworking shoulders gets to have a rest. Yet apart from that, Christmas eve is Shillong’s beautiful celebration, where you find the most dazzling lights and decorations in the heart of the city in Police Bazaar and of course in every corner and houses with the decorated Christmas tree in this little town. The feeling, that warmth of the season and that song of peace, unity in everyone’s lips sure is worth embracing the season.

Christmas is a festival of peace, joy and forgiveness and it’s embrace when you can actually be there. I already hang my stocking by the chimney for Santa to bring me a present, what about you? Go for a fun-filled vacation in Shillong city during Christmas. If you need any help in planning your itinerary, did not find accommodation that suits your preference or looking for a cab service then you can reach at

A Christmas vacation in Shillong lets you experience a whole new level of adventure , where you hear carols Merry Christmas ! chorus everywhere, free Christmas concerts welcomes everyone.






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“The Trouble with the Curve” -- Miles reconnects with his high school baseball team“Uncanny Valley of the Dolls” -- Holmes and Watson discover that the murder of a robotmate, Cal (Charles Brice), when he gets a friend suggestion for a promising young ics engineer may be connected to his groundbreaking secret research in the area of real-life baseball player who Cal is coaching. Also, Arthur feels territorial when he’s informed teleportation. Also, when Detective Bell is shut out of a required class he needs in order to that the Diocese is sending an assistant rector to mentor under him, on the CBS complete his master’s degree and join the U.S. Marshal Service, he is shocked to discover the Television Network. New York Yankee CC Sabathia guest stars as himself. Pictured course instructor has personal reasons for denying him access, on ELEMENTARY, Monday, L to R: Violett Beane as Cara Bloom and Brandon Micheal Hall as Miles Finer. Photo: August 13 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured Jon Michael Michael Greenberg/CBS©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved Hill as Detective Marcus Bell JEFF NEIRA/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved



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“Pregnant Pause” - Irritated that Clem has been invading her privacy, Shannon plays a prank on her that ends up having far-reaching ramifications, on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (L-R): Odessa Adlon as Shannon, Nina Dobrev as Clem, and Tone Bell as Nick. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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“Father + Bride + Betrayal” -- An international crime boss offers Matty a deal she can’t refuse -- he’ll surrender himself into her custody if he’s allowed to return to the United States to watch his daughter walk down the aisle. MACGYVER, on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Meredith Eaton Photo: Guy D’Alema/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved



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“Ikiiki i ka lā o Keawalua” -- While investigating Flippa’s friend’s murder, McGarrett and Grover uncover a deadly plan by an extremist group on the Island. Also, Grover has an emotional reaction to the case, on HAWAII FIVE-0, on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Meaghan Rath as Tani Rey. Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2019 (“Ikiiki i ka lā o Keawalua” is Hawaiian for “Depressed with the Heat of Kealwalua”)

“Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town” -When Christy is the only one without plans on Valentine’s Day, Bonnie takes her on a mother-daughter date. Also, Marjorie’s attempt to have a quiet night in is ruined when everyone calls on her for help, on MOM, on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L to R: Jaime Pressly as Jill and Mimi Kennedy as Marjorie. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Math Emergency and Perky Palms Pictured: Sheldon (Iain Armitage) and Georgie (Montana Jordan). Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) have their first fight when Dr. Sturgis marks a question wrong on Sheldon test. Also, Mary takes over for Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) when he’s out sick, on YOUNG SHELDON, on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved”A Math Emergency and Perky Palms” --Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved 36 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY


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ARMOR — Fearing that his identity will be uncovered, Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) is conflicted when a town-wide power outage leaves patients at the hospital in need of help. Meanwhile, Liz (Jeanine Mason) turns to Kyle (Michael Trevino) after learning details about the night Rosa died. Elsewhere, Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Michael (Michael Vlamis) come up with a plan to deal with Liz, and Master Sargent Manes (Trevor St. John) seeks help from an unlikely source. Tyler Blackburn, Heather Hemmens and Karan Oberoi also star. Lance Anderson directed the episode written by Sabir Pirzada & Christopher Hollier (#104).

TV | Man With A Plan

MAN WITH A PLAN stars Golden Globe Award winner Matt LeBlanc in a comedy about an old-school guy confronting the modern challenges of parenting, marriage and family. Pictured (L-R) Matt LeBlanc , Grace Kaufman, Hala Finley, Liza Snyder, and Matt Cook Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved




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WORLD TRADE CENTRE MUMBAI World Trade Centre (WTC) Mumbai was established more than four decades ago, to promote and facilitate India’s trade with the world. The WTC is promoted by the Government of India, the State Government of Maharashtra and by the Private Sector, as a unique partnership model. It is governed by a council of management comprising industrialists representatives from central and state governments and apex trade promotion organizations. WTC Mumbai is the premier operating Indian member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), New York, having in its fold 342 World Trade Centers spread over 92 countries providing a wide range of services and facilities. Since its inception in 1970, the WTC Mumbai has been effectively playing the role of a catalyst in strengthening India’s international economic relations and has been successful in acting as an important ingredient in the integration of Indian economy with the global economy. WTC Mumbai has been regularly receiving and sending trade missions, organizing business matchmaking (B2B) events for the benefit of its members and hosting overseas delegates. It has signed Memorandum of Undertaking (MOUs) with over 150 international organizations, for exchange of information, business delegations and participation in exhibitions. WTC Mumbai organises many national and international events, economic summits, B2B meetings and exhibitions to showcase India’s growing business acumen. The knowledge-based services of the WTC include Research, Training Institute, comprehensive Export Import Databases, all of which are regularly utilized by business and industry, governments, educational institutions and students. The WTC also facilitates Online Trading services and regularly scans Trade and Business Opportunities, particularly for the Indian SME sector. As a leading Indian member of the WTCA New York, the WTC’s trade promotion and knowledge – based services have become a benchmark for the other WTCs worldwide. Some of the events organised by WTC includes Innovation Technology for Manufacturing Expo, India International Maritime and Logistics Expo, Global Economic Summit and Indiallia.


44th General Assembly 2013

President of Republic of Cyprus 2017

GES 2013

World Trade Center 2017

World Trade Center 2018 HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 43


I’m sitting here today speaking with my film director friend, Ben-Hur Sepehr, who is also a dedicated fan and sponsor of our magazine. He has written several fascinating screenplays that are ready to go into production. His life story is worthy of its own screenplay, and here are some highlights:

A fortuitous meeting in London with Sven Nyqvist, the legendary Swedish cinematographer, resulted in a visit to Sweden — at the filmmaker’s invitation — where I ended up working in Stockholm’s State Theatre, and later with legendary film and theater icons, Ingmar Bergman and Frank Sundstrom.

Hollywood Weekly: Ben, tell us a little about who you are. Ben-Hur: As a young boy growing up in Iran, I was always fascinated with Hollywood, and dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. At age 16, my family allowed me to travel to the United States where I completed high school in Queens, New York. At my father’s urging, I briefly studied engineering at a college in Nebraska, but dropped out to pursue my career in film and theater.

When I returned to Iran, I directed numerous plays at the Iran/American Society for the English-speaking European and Americans stationed in Iran. After working with director Jean Negulesco, who was filming “The Invincible Six” in Iran, representatives of the court ministry offered me a position as a filmmaker for the Shah of Iran, for whom I produced several documentaries and videos of high-level meetings for the royal family and the government.


HW: Let’s go back and talk about our first meeting shortly before our 2015 film festival, when our mutual friend called me up and asked if he could invite a friend – an international award-winning filmmaker named Ben-Hur – to be a special guest speaker. I told him that anybody whose real name is Ben-Hur is absolutely welcomed! BH: I’ve always had problems with my name. People have a hard time believing me. HW: Several days before the festival, my first meeting with you in our office was very pleasant. I found you to be a visionary. Your ideas of filmmaking and story-telling were inspiring. You said that a movie whose story and its outcome do not stick in your mind forever - or at least for a very long time - isn’t worth making. BH: Absolutely. That’s why I’ve turned down projects that won’t benefit the society. HW: I learned that in 2010 you had written, directed, and produced a short live-action film titled “The Desperate,” based on a true story, that went on to receive a standing ovation at the Hollywood Film Festival for the Best Short live Action film of 2010, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Inception” as the Best Feature film of that year. BH: That’s right. It was also screened and honored during a special reception at the Cannes Film Festival by Independent Film Quarterly. At the Levante International Film Festival in Bari, Italy, a panel of international judges declared “The Desperate” a “Masterpiece” and myself a “Maestro.” What truly amazed the judges was that this 32-minute movie was shot in only 4 days!

HW: Unfortunately, it was too close to our festival date to have presented it in our time-constrained program. Nevertheless, due to its overwhelming successes, my curiosity made me watch it later that evening in my office. Its impact on me was so profound, I went home and watched it again the same night! Tell our readers how you learned about this story. BH: “In 1964, while a young film student in Sweden, I devoted my free time to studying the Holocaust at the Nobel Library. Being a young Iranian Jewish man who had grown up in an anti-Semitic culture, it fascinated me how close my race came to extinction in World War II – that without America’s intervention, Hitler’s genocide would have annihilated all the remaining Jews in the Middle East (including my family), after he had already exterminated

a movie whose story and its outcome do not stick in your mind forever - or at least for a very long time - isn’t worth making.


half of our global population in Europe. At the library, a Rabbi’s wife befriended me and invited me to their Shabbat dinner, where I had a life-changing encounter with another guest that night. Although he had a Jewish name, and all the other guests seemed to adore him (many with Concentration Camp numbers tattooed on their arms as cruel reminders of their past), his refusal to blame the German people for the Nazi’s actions in World War II aroused my wrath and suspicion. The latter emotion getting the better of me, at an opportune moment I was able to privately speak with him. To my horror, he revealed to me that he was a former SS Nazi officer from a German Concentration Camp who had a radical transformation in 1945 – the result of an event he witnessed in his camp one night which he said shook him out of his Nazi furor, back to his Christian roots, and made him realize he was killing all of Jesus’ relatives. His protected identity by the Swedish Jewish community whom he had been serving for the previous 20 years (since he had escaped there prior to the end of the war) challenged every prejudicial belief that I had toward Germans for their atrocities inflicted on my people. He urged me to share his life-changing story with the world so that “there would never be another Holocaust – ever!” HW: Wow! What a life-changing experience! BH: Absolutely! Then a few weeks later I volunteered

to become one of the tour guides for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he came to Sweden for his Nobel Prize. HW: What an honor! BH: Yes. He was a great man who had a big impact in my life. We discussed prejudice. I shared with him the Nazi officer’s story which he urged me to make into a movie. His parting words to me were, “Someday you’re going to be a great filmmaker; and when you are, never forget God!” Those words are the driving force behind all my films. Dr. King was truly my hero. His untimely death was devastating! HW: Fascinating! BH: Years later I made a part of the story into “The Desperate,” and it became an international success, winning 67 awards and 109 nominations at film festivals worldwide. Judges, critics, and audiences at all these festivals compelled me to turn the story into a feature-length movie “so that the world can see it!” HW: You call the feature film “Return to Destiny.” Why that title? BH: The Nazi officer returns to his destiny which is who he was before the Nazis brainwashed him. His dream had been to become a concert pianist, having been raised by a devout Christian mother who taught him to play the piano from the age 4. Then he was forced by his father to go to military school and become an officer. And when the Nazis took over, he was recruited to become an SS officer. ” HW: So you’re telling his entire story? BH: His story and more. HW: What do you mean? BH: “Return to Destiny” reveals the ripple effect of how an old Jewish doctor’s heroic act of compassion and forgiveness in a concentration camp created a legacy that impacts succeeding generations. A story that goes beyond just being a movie – it defines a movement that embraces diversity while promoting peace and harmony. HW: Wow! What a story! Tell us about the other projects you are working on now. BH: I have 2 other screenplays ready for production – each a very different character-driven story, yet both dealing with different aspects of prejudice. “The Coin” is what would today be called an expose on Toxic Mas-


culinity and White Privilege wrapped up in an exciting “dramedy” mystery story with a female heroine. Then, my masterpiece screenplay, which is also so timely in America today, titled “Prophecy,” is a dedication to Dr. King, with the intent of making his dream live on to empower current and future generations of African Americans, inspiring them to ascend to greatness through love and compassion rather than hate. HW: The world really needs his message now. BH: Some of those who have read it say it is Divinely inspired. And a Columbia University professor claimed that “if it’s shot the way it’s written, it could impact our Western Culture.” HW: So you’re a filmmaker on a mission? BH: Yes – a mission to help humanity – using a simple character-driven story about an exciting journey of one young African American man, living in the South, lost in hate and hopelessness after the assassination of Dr. King, who goes off the deep end and becomes a drug runner.

While in his travels, he befriends a rather quirky guy, recently released from a mental institution, and their road trip becomes an unusual adventure full of unexpected twists and turns and a powerful surprise ending. That is the legacy I wish to leave behind to help rescue America in her crisis today.

Books That Make You… Find Love By Bree Swider

Looking for love in all the right places? Our Valentine’s Day choices of helpful guides and romantic books can help your heart open as you embark on your journey. Learn how to nurture your relationships while becoming a person who can accept and appreciate love. Celebrate romance with these passionate stories. Read about love that is eternal, patriotic, funny, spiritual, and more. Immerse yourself in these love stories and read to your heart’s content.


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“Love and fear cannot coexist in one human heart. Hence, choose love. It is the safest place to be,” A.G. Billig

For the Love of America

Love for home, lifestyle and country are deeply engrained in our hearts and minds, almost from birth.. Although you may not always love the U.S. government, the protection and security it brings us provides the way of life to which we have become accustomed and hold dear. That is, until things spiral out of control. Last Call by Debra Tash is a dystopian future novel in which the USA is taken over by a totalitarian dictatorship under the ruse of Homeland Security. America becomes a shell of its former self as its citizens are forced out of their homes and starved. If you treasure our inalienable rights — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — you’ll fall in love with Last Call.

Love to Laugh

Find humor in love with the romantic comedy novel, Next Therapist Please, by Laurie Finkelstein. This mustread, heart-warming story tells the struggle of a woman who experiences loss and mental illness but finds the strength to overcome through love. While her paintings are showcased at a chic art show, Janie’s heart skips a beat as she sees her former, ever handsome therapist. She recounts the tragic loss of her family and painful self-recovery as he lends a sympathetic ear. This book is an entertaining Rom-Com that uses humor and wit to embrace the stigma of mental illness. Laughter is the best medicine. You’ll love reading Next Therapist Please.

Love is Eternal

Dreaming of Love

The love shared within a tightknit family is powerful. The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Ann Hill explores the ancestral bond in this world and the next. The novel opens with the plight of a grandmother in an attempt to save her first granddaughter.

Love can be a ticking clock as time passes and patience wane. In this new Nicholas Sparks novel, Every Breath, Hope Anderson is acutely aware of her biological clock. Her loyalty to her current boyfriend has lasted six years. Now, at the age of 36, she must reevaluate her life decisions.

Laurel Ann Hill believes that love is eternal. It can be felt throughout time and beyond understanding, also through the pages of the book. The Engine Woman’s Light delves into seemingly painful topics: rape, child abandonment, murder, and death. Yet the novel also addresses love, loyalty, family, and forgiveness.

Every Breath explores heartbreaking choices and hopeful possibilities.

Discover a love deep enough to be felt beyond the grave with The Engine Woman’s Light.

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Do you sometimes wish you could heal your loved ones? From a minor cold to serious injury, seeing our loved ones in pain is heart-wrenching. Micheal Priv’s You Are A Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook helps readers develop extrasensory abilities. With this guide, readers learn to locate anybody, anywhere with their minds, then use specific techniques to actually heal various organs and functions in the body.

Love Yourself

Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away by Sue Hannibal seeks to bring wellness to one and all. Depression triggered by divorce, separation and the fear of abandonment is discussed and remedied in this spiritual guidebook. In this guide, 38 channeled essays feature practical advice and wisdom to help you, with topics ranging from finding your life path to how to deal with parting from your lover.

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Hollywood Weekly March 2019 Showcasing Pet Moms  

Featuring the gorgeous Pet Moms, Donna Spangler, Brittan Taylor, Shanna Olson and Maggie O' Brien.

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