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w e ar e Our Heritage

From our inception in 1836, when Stephen Holland and Frederick Sherry began as woolen merchants in London’s Golden Square, Holland & Sherry has specialized in the finest textiles for the apparel industry. Ranging from sumptuous wools and silks to rugged Scottish tweeds, the collection became the benchmark for quality and craft in the nineteenth century. Having established a regional reputation for providing the best in apparel cloths to tailors and luxury brands, our company grew as distribution broadened worldwide. Holland & Sherry later moved to Savile Row where the apparel division remains a fixture today. In 1998, Holland & Sherry Interiors was born out of this legacy. Taking inspiration from these traditional apparel fabrics, our interiors textiles have a transitional quality suited for all aspects of the decorated room. With wool, our most celebrated natural fiber, we have pushed the boundaries of design and performance to create a collection defined by excellence and rooted in heritage. In addition to fabrics, Holland & Sherry has developed collections which range across product categories from custom embroidery, rugs, wallcovering, trim, leather, hardware and lighting. Every item we produce reflects our core values of quality and craftsmanship, in keeping with what Holland & Sherry started 180 years ago.

P R E SS K I T 2 0 1 9 | H O L L A ND & S H E R RY I NT E RI ORS



we do Fabric

Holland & Sherry began with cloth. From our earliest days as a purveyor of suiting material on Savile Row, to our couture quality designs for the interiors industry, the emphasis has always been quality, consistency, and vertical manufacturing.


Scale. Color. Pattern. Intricate techniques. Boundless production capabilities. At the Holland & Sherry embroidery atelier, fine handwork combines talents with state of the art instruments to offer unlimited possibilities.


The large and varied Holland & Sherry rug collection is almost exclusively custom. The depth we can draw on in terms of fiber options, mills, and craftsmen provides all the tools to make your ideas come to life, whether it’s your own take on one of our existing designs, or a concept you develop from scratch.


Our wallcovering collection was born out of our longstanding devotion to fine quality and surface. Our portfolio of textured, printed and painted designs explores countless techniques in handweaving as well as innovative printmaking.


No two leathers are alike. Our leather is responsibly sourced from the finest tanneries in Europe and South America. Each hide is hand selected and the collections curated to emphasize and illustrate the inherent characteristics of the article.


With luxurious material offerings and modern finishes, our cabinet hardware is distinguished by its clarity of design and consistent outstanding quality. P R E SS K I T 2 0 1 9 | H O L L A ND & S H E R RY I NT E RI ORS



we w o r k Holland & Sherry Interiors will always be associated with the United Kingdom. London’s Savile Row was the birthplace of our brand, and the Borders of Scotland have been the operational home for the interiors division since its inception. As our offerings expanded, our production diversified. Today, Holland & Sherry is headquartered in the design district of New York City, and sources and manufactures collections from every corner of the globe. We have truly moved “beyond the borders.” The Holland & Sherry textile mill in Tome, Chile is the centerpiece of our commitment to fully vertical material production for interiors. From dyeing fiber and spinning yarns to weaving and finishing, all facets of the manufacturing process are fulfilled within these walls, with the same painstaking care our company has been known for since 1836. The Holland & Sherry embroidery atelier in Bavaria, Germany, highlights our strength in custom. This workshop’s sophisticated machinery and talented artisans bring our designs to life under the careful guidance of French designer Nicolas Chambeyron. Our Baltimore, Maryland hand-painted wallpaper studio gives our artists the platform to create innovative collections and custom designs for designers worldwide. Production for our rug collection spans the globe. Weavers in Nepal, India, Portugal, Colombia and beyond execute our designs using techniques fine-tuned over generations. Our leathers are carefully selected from the finest tanneries in Italy and South America, and our custom finishers in the United States can paint and emboss many collections to further embellish the surface.

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by yo u Our designs are more than just the foundation of our collections. They are the basis for boundless customization. Holland & Sherry is proud to incorporate vertical manufacturing within many of our categories, which gives us the ability to develop and produce custom product to suit any interior. Over forty percent of our sales are for custom designs executed at one of our specialized facilities. From the almost exclusively custom range of couture designs in the embroidery collection, to bespoke rugs developed individually from concept to completion, to wallcoverings and fabrics that can be altered, recolored, woven and hand-painted to order, our capabilities are unrivaled in their scope for originality.

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wo r ldw ide Each Holland & Sherry showroom has been carefully constructed as a design atelier for our clientele. Our comprehensive displays make shopping simple, while maintaining a workspace for collaborative creation between designer and salesperson. Please contact your nearest Holland & Sherry Showroom for samples and estimates! > 212.355.6241 NEW YORK > 4 0 4 . 6 0 7. 8 8 7 7 ATLANTA > 6 17. 3 4 5 .9 9 0 0 BOSTON > 3 1 2 .7 5 5 . 13 3 0 CHICAGO > 469.249.6422 DA L L A S > 954.923.6656 DA N I A B E AC H > 971.4.358.5151 DUBAI > GERMANY > 7 13 . 3 5 7. 2 5 4 2 HOUSTON > 0 2 0 .73 5 2 .7 76 8 LO N D O N > 323.802.0693 LO S A N G E L E S > 52.55.6389.6888 MEXICO > PA R I S > 4 4 . 0 . 17 2 1 .7 2 5 2 1 1 RUSSIA > 415.552.2144 SAN FRANCISCO > 202.484.1256 WAS H I N GTO N D C For all other inquiries, email I N FOI N TE RIORS @ H O LLA N DA ND SH E RRY. COM Main Headquarters 3 30 EAST 5 9TH STRE E T, PE N T H OUSE N E W YORK , N E W YORK 10 0 2 2 T. 2 1 2 . 3 5 5 . 6 24 1 I N TE RIORS. H OL L A N DA N D SH E RRY. COM @H OL L A N DA N D S H ERRY I N T E RI ORS

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