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Society Master/Student Academic Advising Timeline 1st 100 Weeks


Year 1


Meet and get to know student personally and professionally. Review results of MBTI (Meyers Briggs).

Reconnect and go over peer assessment selfreflections.

Year 2

Work to develop short-term summer plans and initiate the process of career exploration.

Career planning and development. Discuss and define selective options.

2nd 100 Weeks Jun./Jul./Aug.

Prepare for submission of residency applications and Dean's Letter or MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation).


Year 3

Develop potential residency and postgraduate education plans.

Plan elective selections for the final year. Review CV. Feb./Mar.

Year 4

Exit Interview. Review competency profile prior to graduation. Mar./Apr.

Society Master / Student Academic Advising Timeline  

Society Master / Student Academic Advising Timeline

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