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Inside this issue: Highlighting the 2 LLC in HUHC Q&A: What Makes HUHC Housing So Great?


Your Choice; Your Theme


Exploring Your Options: First 4 Year LLCs Helping Peers Towards Health 4 Professions Discovering a Healthy WellBeing: Mind, Body & Soul

Living & Learning Volume 1; Issue 1: July 2011

Looking Back On 2011 Welcome!


The Path to Success Starts at 5 Your Front Door Spotlight Program: Math, Science & Engi- 5 neering

Year In Review

As Director of Residential Living Learning Communities, I am thrilled to announce that the 2010-2011 academic year has been yet another phenomenal experience in the Living Learning and Theme Housing Communities at Hofstra University. Our staff and associated faculty have facilitated a huge undertaking of subject-related programs as we continue to strive towards excellence in linking residence hall programming with education-

al and personal interests of our LLC residents. For the 2011-2012 academic year we had the pleasure of expanding our Theme Housing in Nassau Hall to include a film theme and were also able to announce a new leadership seminar associated with the Netherlands Leadership LLC. While we are thrilled with our successes so far, we are looking to the next horizon of what Living Learning and Theme Communities have in store for Hofstra!

Sustaining the Environment 6 One Student at a Time Leave Your Mark at Hofstra 6 and Beyond Spotlight Program: American Politics


The Office of Residential Programs 244 Student Center 516-463-6930 Find us on Facebook!

In the Office of Residential Program’s Quality of Life survey of all resident students, those living in a Living Learning Community report increased satisfaction in several areas including social and academic successes.

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What Makes HUHC Housing Great?: Q&A With A Former Liberty RA In preparation for our yearin-review, we interviewed former Liberty/Republic Resident Assistant, Mike Fallon. We found out why he loved living, and working, with HUHC residents and why you should think about Liberty/Republic or Vanderpoel for your housing experience!

Why did you choose to work in an LLC?

I chose to work in a Living Learning Community because I had first-hand experience of living in the American Politics LLC in the Netherlands. I found residents in the LLCs were more involved, had closer relationships with other residents and had a greater sense of enjoyment in their residential experience.

What did you enjoy most about the HUHC LLC?

I enjoyed having residents that were incredibly acco-

Living & Learning

Highlighting the LLC in HUHC Greetings Living Learners!! Hofstra University Honors College, the oldest and most faculty supported Living Learning Community has had a wonderful academic year! In celebration of Hofstra’s 75th Anniversary, the staff and I chose to challenge ourselves with a goal. In keeping with the academic commitment of the Honors College community, we aimed to produce 75 educational interactions over the course of the year. Through passive and active programs, campus events, faculty interaction and complex challenges; Liberty/Republic staff reached their goal! Not only did we

mplished, respectful and friendly. It was a pleasure getting to know them.

What has been your favorite LLC-related program of the past year? My favorite Honors LLC program was Dean’s Cup. It is a week of programming where Honors College students from Liberty Hall complete against Republic Hall and the honors floors in VanderPoel Hall.

reach our goal, but we boosted program attendance among residents and fostered a community of residents who felt socially and academically supported. This is the core of what a Living Learning Community is. While our residents are extremely involved in campus activities, internships and other interests; they choose to live in the Honors LLC because they enjoy the community and want to have a personal connection with peers and faculty associated with the Honors program.

grams and overall involvement in a complex that feels more like a family than a residence hall. It has been inspiring to witness residents grow as individuals and students in such a close community, and I am certain that the Resident Assistant staff, a new Resident Director and Honors College faculty will continue to take the Honors LLC to new heights.

The Resident Assistant staff of 2010-11 worked very hard to build relationships with their residents and encouraged a community that, by nature of the residents themselves, participated in communal dinners, study groups, a variety of pro-

Residents exhibit pride in their residence hall by competing in competitions. The level of pride residents had in their hall was inspiring to me as an RA.

late-night snacks during finals an excellent advantage.

How do residents benefit from living in the HUHC LLC?

The HUHC LLC has the advantage of having six faculty mentors who help students to be challenged academically and also provide students with recreational and educational field trips. They also provide

Mike leaves his mark on Liberty RA Office at the end-of-year celebration.

Year In Review

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We Asked; They Answered! Resident Thoughts on Theme Housing “I enjoy being around other people who have similar interests as myself.” - Rebecca Derespino; Civic Engagement Theme

“Students help each other in whichever classes they share and help add to the understanding of the curriculum.”

“I signed up because the activities sounded fun and an exciting way to meet others. I’ve met many new people!” - Jason Jeter; Math, Science & Engineering

“I joined the Math, Sci- Nicholas Martell; Math, ence & Engineering Science & Engineering Theme House to be around people who “I can relate to more people were generally taking on my floor because we the same classes as I.” have something in common.” Philip Martell; Math, - Joanna Matthews; Math, Science & Engineering Science & Engineering

Your Choice; Your Theme: How Will You Enhance Your Living Experience? As the Resident Director of Nassau and Suffolk Halls, I consider it a privilege to live and work with Theme Housing. Working with this program allows me the opportunity to work closely with students to develop programs that meet their academic and extracurricular interests. The community on the Theme Housing floors is admirable, and exactly what we want all of our residents to experience. Each evening, resident doors are open, students are participating in large study groups in our newly designed lounges or

they’re sharing in a communal dinner that they’ve prepared together. Being part of the Theme Housing program for the 2011 -12 academic year will be an exciting experience for residents, administrators and faculty. This year, a Top Chef finalist will be working with our Cultural Cooking Theme, demonstrating how to shop for, and prepare, healthy and affordable meals. The Civic Engagement Theme will be visited by a few active members of the Suffolk County democrats to discuss the political future of Suffolk County and Long Island. With a growing interest in Theme Housing, residents will have a positive learning experience while residing at Hofstra and I am glad to be a part of it! - Gerard Pollatta -

Interested in upperclass theme housing? See the Office of Residential Programs website for more information about each theme and the 2012-2013 application process.


Corner Math, Science & Engineering Theme House I have an interest in Engineering, and wanted to work with the Math, Science & Engineering Theme House. Everyone was very similar and had similar interests, making it easier to connect. Our trip to a NYC museum and family-style dinner was definitely my favorite program of the past year. Julian Kowalczyk, MS&E Resident Assistant

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Living & Learning

Exploring Your Options: First Year LLCs First-year students at Hofstra University have a plethora of housing options, from a traditional high rise double to a fourperson suite in a first year residence hall. While there are plenty of options to choose from, one that many residents may overlook are the Living Learning Communities. Living Learning Communities provide a stronger connection between academic goals, extracurricular

activities and personal interests. They allow residents to meet others who share the same classes and passion for a specific area of interest. They make friends more quickly, study together more frequently and provide a residential experience that assists in a smooth transition to college life. Students who choose to live in a first-year Living Learning Community reside in the Netherlands, in a house with 55 other first-year students.

Health Sciences House: Helping Peers Towards Health Professions

Available first-year Living Learning Communities include Arts, Health Sciences, Math Science & Engineering, American Politics, Civic Engagement, Living Green, Leadership and Living Well.

was a highly successful year in the Netherlands Living Learning Communities! Use this twopage spread to explore your options, hear from residents and staff, and see what we’ve been up to.

Throughout the academic year, with the assistance of staff, faculty and administrators; LLC students will participate in a variety of programs, activities and field trips that relate to their chosen area of interest.

For more information about Living Learning Communities, see our department website or visit the official Facebook page: Office of Residential Programs. We look forward to living and learning with you!

The 2010-11 academic year

Arts House: Spotlight Program

Perfect for residents pursuing careers in the Health Sciences, this Living Learning Community places an emphasis on career exploration while exploring the ins and outs of the health profession and related themes. Past Programs: Movie Night: My Sister’s Keeper. A story about a young girl stricken with leukemia and her family’s struggle to find a medical miracle. The Sexual Game of Life: Play the game of life and learn about the health-related risks that come with a sexual lifestyle. The Calories Are Just Right: Diet and nutrition are two very important components of health sciences. Learn the basics in this interactive program!

Q&A With RA Tom Fushchetto Why did you choose to work in the Health Sciences House? I lived in the LLC when I was a freshmen and was confident that I could help first year health/science students do well at Hofstra. How do residents benefit by living in the Health Sciences House? They benefit by being in the same

A comedy show sponsored by the Arts House showcased the comedic talents of residents within the Arts House and throughout the Netherlands Complex. classes as other residents and being able to solve problems and study together. What has been your favorite theme-related program that you facilitated this year? Our field trip to the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Are you an upperclass resident wishing you’d lived here your first year? Now you can experience the Health Sciences Theme House as an upperclassman in Nassau Hall. See our website for details!

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Living Well House: Discovering a Healthy Well-Being Mind, Body & Soul Residents in the Living Well House share a desire to explore, achieve and maintain their ideal lifestyle. Access to programs addressing many forms of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological wellness place on emphasis on personal well-being for students of all majors.

Q&A With Resident Assistant Nicole Burke Why did you want to work and live in the Living Well LLC?

I knew it was right for me, and I couldn’t wait to begin planning for a Wellness focused environment for my future residents.

What do you enjoy about working in your LLC?

I love being able to promote healthy living and educate residents about how their daily decisions are affecting them. I also love the enthusiasm within my house. It’s incomparable to living in a non-LLC.

What has been your favorite LLC-related program this year?

My favorite LLC program that I hosted this year was a yoga program within the house. The residents loved that they didn’t have to leave home to get a good workout, and they had fun while still participating in a wellness themed event.

Math, Science & Engineering House: Spotlight Program Staff and residents put their knowledge to the test when they constructed a hover board from start to finish!

Living & Learning How has living in an LLC improved your residential and academic experience at Hofstra?

Living in an LLC has helped me see how much Hofstra has to offer in regards to healthy living and decision making on campus. This year, I’ve had awesome residents who have made my job easy through their excitement about the LLC.

Leadership House: The Path to Success Starts At Your Front Door Residents in the Leadership House explore what it means to be a leader though a variety of programs and activities such as the Newlywed Game, Organize Yourself, Prioritizing 101, Stress Management and more! This house is perfect for students looking to get involved, be successful and make their mark at Hofstra University.

Q&A With Resident Thomas D’Attilo Why did you choose to live in the Leadership House?

I thought it would be a good way to meet people and be an active member of Hofstra University.

What do you enjoy about living in your LLC? I really love the people. They’re friendly, active and considerate; like a second family. What has been your favorite program you attended this year? The Newlywed Game. It gave people a fun way to get to know others in the house, and have a laugh. Has living in the Leadership House impacted your residential experience? It has improved my living experience with great friends and an active lifestyle.

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Living & Learning

Residents with an interest and commitment to environmental wellness and sustainable practices enjoy the opportunities the Living Green LLC provides. Through environmental programs and the chance to work directly with University officials regarding sustainable projects, residents are able to learn how they can enjoy college life while reducing their carbon footprint.

Q&A With Resident Assistant Larry Daves What did you most enjoy about your LLC?

I LOVED the programming! It was always fun and challenging to come up with new ideas to get residents involved. The larger budget let creativity flow and more opportunities for our residents to really learn something while having fun.

How are residents benefited by living in an LLC?

Being in an LLC is one of the most beneficial things that Residential Programs can offer. It gives the student the chance to learn, grow and have a world of fun right where they live. You get to work with faculty, staff and

Civic Engagement House: Leave Your Mark At Hofstra and Beyond

Living Green House: Sustaining the Environment One Student At A Time

other students, and also get your name out there on campus.

What was your favorite LLC-related program this year?

During energy conservation week, I worked with participating residents to monitor how much energy they’d used or conserved that week. I also posted tips throughout the week for how to conserve energy. At the end of the week, we held a “Glow in the Dark” party that was lit entirely by glow in the dark sticks and used only one outlet for music. We also announced the winners of the conservation week!

What did you learn by working in your LLC?

I learned that not everyone has to be an expert on the topic your LLC is. I started off the year with not many people knowing exactly what the whole Living Green lifestyle was about. By teaching them, and having some of them teach me, we all were able to take away at least one “green” choice in our daily lives!

American Politics House: Spotlight Program

Residents who share a passion for political and social issues on the local, regional and national level enjoy sharing their home with like-minded people. Get involved with your community and build upon your experiences while living in Utrecht House!

Q&A With Resident Jenna Tanzola Why did you want to live in the Civic Engagement LLC?

As a new student, I wanted to interact with people who have the same majors and interests that I did.

What did you most enjoy about your LLC? We are all very close and know each other very well. I’ve made best friends living in this house and consider them a family away from home.

What has been your favorite program this year?

The field trip to the United Nations and the Thanksgiving dinner we had with residents from another house.

How has living in an LLC impacted your Hofstra experience?

It provided me with a more intimate residence hall and I really found my place. I also shared some classes with other residents and it was nice to know I could ask them if I had a question.

A group of American Politics residents attend a field trip to Ellis Island.

LLC Newsletter 2011  
LLC Newsletter 2011  

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