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This is simply an example of what 8 semesters might look like for incoming First-Year students. If you declare your major later, or are a Transfer Student, your grid will look considerably different. Your choices may vary. There are four required courses for linguistics (LING 101, LING 151 or SPCH 005a, LING 152, and LING 171 or LING 172). These courses may be taken at any time, but students are encouraged to fulfill the requirements early in their major. Remaining courses for the major consist of either LING electives or Languagerelated electives in cognate departments. Many of these courses may fulfill more than one requirement for the BA degree such as an Interdisciplinary Studies, Cross Cultural, or BH Core Distribution course. While Study Abroad is not necessary for the Linguistics major, it is highly recommended. Up to 6 credits of Core Distribution credits may be taken during Study Abroad. Qualified students are encouraged to apply for an internship or department honors in either their junior or senior year. Additionally, highly qualified students are urged to consider applying for the dual-degree B.A./M.A. program in Linguistics, where students can obtain both degrees in five years. Students in the accelerated program will still be able to study abroad, but it may be easier in the second or third year. Students are required to meet with an advisor in the Linguistics program at least once every semester.

FIRST YEAR Fall WSC001 LING 101 LT/AA/CP NS/MA/CS Foreign Language

Spring WSC002 LING 151 or SPCH 005a, 152, or 171 or 172 LT/AA/CP NS/MA/CS Foreign Language

Summer/January Sessionsi

Spring Core Cross Cultural

Summer/January Sessions


SECOND YEAR Fall LING 151 or SPCH 005a, 152, or 171 or 172 BH (Soc/Anthro/Eco/PoliSci) LING ELECTIVE 1 NS/MA/CS Foreign Language or Minor

LING ELECTIVE 2 or LANG ELECTIVE LING 151 or SPCH 005a, 152, or 171 or 172 NS/MA/CS Foreign Languageii or Minoriii

THIRD YEAR (Study Abroad Fall/Spring semester or an entire academic year; not restricted to Junior Year iv) Fall LING ELECTIVE 3 or LANG ELECTIVE LING ELECTIVE or LANG ELECTIVE Foreign Language Liberal Arts elective or Core Liberal Arts elective or Core Liberal Arts elective

Spring LING ELECTIVE or LANG ELECTIVE Liberal Arts elective or Core Liberal Arts elective or Core Minor Additional LING or LANG elective, or Lib Arts elective QR

Summer/January Sessions (LING ELECTIVE or LING Internship)

FOURTH YEAR (Students in the dual-degree BA/MA program take 4 courses their senior year that count for both UG and GR credit. Consult a linguistics adviser for advanced planning.) Fall LING ELECTIVE or LANG ELECTIVE Additional LING or LANG elective, or Internship in Linguisticsv Liberal Arts elective Liberal Arts elective Minor Liberal Arts elective

Spring LING elective, Internship, Readings or Departmental Honors Liberal Arts elective or Core

Summer/January Sessions

Liberal Arts elective Liberal Arts elective Minor Liberal Arts elective

For more information and to meet your faculty, visit our Department website: https://www.hofstra.edu/linguistics

i On occasion, LING 101 and other elective courses are offered in summer and January sessions. However, you are

not required to take Summer or January courses (for which there is no financial aid). You can complete your degree of 124 credits with 5 3-credit courses every semester, and four additional semester hours. ii The Linguistics Program strongly encourages study of a foreign language beyond Level 3.

iii Students are encouraged to consider a minor or double major in a foreign language, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, European Studies, Italian Studies, Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, African Studies or Asian Studies, if they are interested in the history of a particular world region, or another liberal arts discipline such as Anthropology, Economics, History Philosophy, Religion, Criminology/Sociology, Speech Communication, among many others. Other possibilities are Women’s Studies, Global Studies, and Publishing Studies. You might also consider a second major in a field such as Computer Science, Forensic Science, Television/Film, or Statistics. iv In addition to going on study abroad for either semester in their second or third year, students can go for the

entire academic year in their third year, for a semester the fall of their fourth year (if not enrolled in the dual-degree program), or for a short-term program in the summer or during the January break. v Qualified undergraduate students can enroll in a 1-3 credit internship during their senior year with Hofstra’s Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Threat Assessment, and Strategic Analysis or the Forensic Linguistics Capital Case Innocence Project. (The internship counts toward your Linguistics major elective credits.) Students gain first-hand experience using linguistics to analyze ongoing cases of murder, bribery, wiretapping, contested authorship, and other serious crime cases.

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HCLAS - 4-Year Schedule - Linguistics  

HCLAS - 4-Year Schedule - Linguistics  

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