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Agenda of the 82nd Senate Hofstra University Student Government Association

November 16th, 2017 Student Center Greenhouse Call to Order I. II. III. IV. V.



Quorum Call Approval of Senate Minutes from November 9th, 2017 Approval of the Cabinet Minutes from November 15th, 2017 New Business Executive Board Reports A. President—R. Cinquemani B. Vice President—A. Normandin C. Comptroller—M. Kutsch D. Secretary—A. Gieger Committee Chair Reports A. Appropriations—S. Read B. Club Relations—A. Radeva C. Public Relations—I. Hinson D. Rules—A. Labrie E. Spirit—C. Tomasso F. Student Services—D. Denton For the Good of the Order Announcements Snap Cup



Minutes of the 82nd Senate Hofstra University Student Government Association

November 9th, 2017 Student Center Greenhouse Meeting called to Order at 6:15pm I.

Quorum Call

II. Approval of Senate Minutes from November 2nd, 2017 A.

Comptroller Kutsch moves to pass the Senate Minutes i. Motion seconded ii. Motion passes unanimously

III. Approval of the Cabinet Minutes from November 8th, 2017 A.

Chairperson Tomasso moves to pass the Cabinet Minutes i. Motion seconded ii. Motion passes unanimously

IV. New Business A.

Club Recognition Hearing i.

Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition 1.

Chairperson Labrie presents that QTPOCC’s Constitution was passed at Rules two weeks ago; they were only recognized relatively recently by OSLE


QTPOCC has five minutes to present: a.

Michelle, the Vice President, goes over definitions and their club’s mission


To educate, support, and advocate – work with other organizations on campus for social justice issues


Last meeting was about colonialism – usually talk about social justice topics that affect queer and trans people of color


Events so far: participated in Asian Pacific Heritage Month and had a dialogue; worked with Pride Network on Vigil for GA Tech student; Dialogue on Fetishization of Latinx; NAACP collaboration on The Kaepernick Effect;


Dialogue with Raquel Willis – Trans Activist; this Friday they’re hosting a conversation with Dr. Rodriguez with a screening of Two Spirit 3.

Questioning: 4.

Senator Firooz asks about their fundraising plans and what it would go towards a.


Chairperson Hinson asks if they’re part of a larger group/national organization a.


The Coalition part is only Hofstra but the QTPOC

Senator Algarin asks what they want out of SGA recognition a.


Want to raise funds mostly to help organizations on the island that help queer black men – don’t have anything planned that requires a lot of money

Want to be a part of Campus events more – they seek out events right now and ways to be included but recognition would make this easier

Chairperson Radeva asks how they’re different than other social justice organizations on campus a.

They are for people of color, but not for the purposes of being exclusive – they have conversations about the black experience that make them uncomfortable to have white people hear - they focus on intersectionality and other places are mostly white spaces on campus

b. Chairperson Radeva asks if this means the organization is exclusive to people of color only i. Anyone can join – they are here to educate but also create a safe space 8.

Senator Schmidt asks how they educate – do they want to work with SGA for example with the Defamation Experience programming a.


Absolutely they want to be involved and spread awareness


10. Senator Narain for: they have done so many things already for a new club and the Days of Dialogue and educating is so important to Hofstra’s campus and safe spaces is great for Hofstra a. Yields time to Senator Crofts - they already work with other organizations on campus and are good at networking - also the intersectionality thing is really important and there isn’t any other group like this on campus 11. No one speaks against 12. Senator Tadbiri for: it’s for people who don’t feel like they have a safe space to have a safe space - it means a lot to them and they obviously put in effort to have a presentation like they did a. Yields time to Senator Algarin - the safe space of POC is inclusive but having the safe space is important 13. No one speaks against Vote: By a vote of 25-3-2 QTPOCC is recognized by SGA B.



i. Chairperson Denton, Senator Schmidt, and Senator Spann explain that these are the question for polling during Student Appreciation Week 1. Chairperson Labrie adds a point of clarification that now is the time to make edits and then after that Senate will vote to pass it as a whole 2. Chairperson Labrie moves to add a new question one that reads “What is your anticipated year of graduation?” a. Motion seconded b. Motion passes unanimously 3. Comptroller Kutsch moves to strike question number 5 a. Motion seconded b. Motion passes unanimously 4. Vice President Normandin asks Comptroller Kutsch to clarify why he made this motion a. Comptroller Kutsch responds that he and President Cinquemani have been working with Pat from the Fitness Center and they have received funding and plans for cardio in particular so at this point the data would not be helpful or necessary 5. Senator Narain moves to strike question seven a. Motion seconded and there is an Objection b. Debate: i.

Senator Narain for striking: smoking on North side is allowed and smoking is limited around campus a lot so if we limit it more it’s not fair - a lot of people hang out there and to take that part of campus away wouldn’t be fair - it’s a spot people are allowed to smoke in - it’s half and half and this should be left alone i.

Yields time to the chair

ii. Senator MacCarthy against: leave the question because it’s not saying we would ban it - it’s just for informational purpose i.

Yields time to Senator Leighton - it’s not necessary to shut out opinion polling on topic - simply about if people at Hofstra would be in favor or not and we should not obstruct that

iii. Senator Firooz for - this is going to lead toward taking smoking away from students and it’s how some students relieve stress - they can’t do it on south side there’s no reason to take it away i.

Yields time to Senator Narain who says that the point of results is to do something about it and even if people say from survey they should take it away it’ll lead to that

iv. Senator Leighton against: it is currently a University Senate problem i.

Yields time to Chairperson Read - it’s important to keep in mind that if the results are overwhelmingly that people want a ban right outside - then it’s something to consider

ii. Yields time to Senator Chiagozie- it affects people’s health, and everyone walks by this spot not just smokers i.

Yields time to Comptroller Kutsch -it’s our responsibility to help a senator out with getting data for their initiatives


v. Vote to strike question seven: i.

By a vote of 4-22-2 the motion does not pass and question seven stays on poll

6. Senator Chiagozie moves to put ™ after Dine on Campus I. Motion seconded II. Motion passes unanimously 7. Chairperson Denton moves to add a question that reads “Are you a commuter or residential student” I. Motion seconded II. Motion passes unanimously 8. Chairperson Labrie moves to pass SA.2017.82.010 I. By a vote of 30-0-0 this motion passes V. Mid Semester Reports A.

President – R. Cinquemani i. External snapshot of all the work SGA has done ii. Reaching out to students, fostering inclusive environment, furthering vision, strengthening relationships on campus, increasing school spirit iii. Recap: defamation experience, peace vigil, sat in on meetings and campus boards


Comptroller – M. Kutsch i. Included graphs on breakdown of transactions and data ii. Main difference from other semesters and basic procedure is the Compass contribution and voucher system iii. IRCB has been going well and helping Club leaders iv. Will build an archive to keep track of banners and shirts - things with limits on their allocation v. Senator Spann asks what F and S stands for a. Comptroller Kutsch says fraternity and sororities - there are different categories depending on the type of org


Appropriations – S. Read i. High turnover in club leaders and OSLE means a slower rate of allocation than in the past - 85% of all requested allocations were met ii. Conducted Treasurer Trainings for different groups on campus iii. Hosted Budget review and Budget Weekend in less than 24 hours iv. Will be trying a new system next semester where clubs submit their budgets over GIHU - advisors would have access and will make it easier for Appropriations to be sure nothing gets lost in the email


Club Relations – A. Radeva i. Handled the transition of club office spaces and allocated requested furniture


ii. Created regulations for club office spaces iii. Before the end of the semester they will get nametags for doors iv. Club Profiling project - get details on clubs and will look into clubs that they hear/know have issues and need SGA help v. Inclusion Ambassador Tadbiri - keeps CR in the loop with the Multicultural Clubs and gets SGA involved with them vi. Presented two forms of SA that passed Senate vii. They will enforce the club office hour regulation next semester to ensure clubs are following rules viii. Will look into individual issues between clubs and SGA has a good relationship with all SGA recognized clubs ix. Renovation of prayer space initiative is being worked on by Senator Tadbiri x. Bringing nexus back to life initiative - Senator Crofts xi. Chairperson Denton asks about what the initiative with Hofstra Start Ups is a. The Startups asked Club Relations for help in polling other clubs - very early stages E.

Public Relations – I. Hinson i. Made a form on GetInvolvedHU to organize the SGA process ii. Worked on social media sites and created flyers and posters, snapchat filters for PUW, Def Ex, Vigil, SAW and other events iii. Website changes have been submitted iv. Increased the number of bears for Build a Friend v. Will bring back Spotlight soon vi. Canva Training - coming up this Monday vii. Senator Battipaglia asks what Spotlight is a. On social media - highlight a Senate member, Justice, Chair, etc. in SGA on social media


Rules – A. Labrie i. Facilitated Fall 2017 elections - 14 senators and 3 justices along with associates ii. Archivist Farooqui and Ethics and Conduct Chair Chiagozie were appointed iii. Club Elections process will be updated iv. 10 SA were brought to Senate v. 4 new clubs recognized vi. Updated 6 club constitutions


Spirit – C. Tomasso i. PUW a. Tuesday’s bingo had a great turn out - over 60 people b. Cotton Candy and Popcorn went well - students were excited about it


c. Tomorrow there will be a basketball hoop out ii. Submitting a proposal for improvements for Fall Fest next year iii. Midnight Madness was successful iv. Reaching out to IT had never been done before - change background and portal announcements v. Compass made themed desserts was great vi. OSLE banners and Spirit were great vii. Future - less program heavy and will focus on furthering pride block and plaque for pride den viii. Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays is coming up as well and we will have a window H.

Student Services – D. Denton i. Defamation Experience - in October and facilitated inclusively and diversity on campus ii. SAW - next week and goal is to survey at least 2,000 undergrad students - will help us help our peers a. Collaborating with over 30 offices/organizations - student orgs and administration all participating b. Survey questions approved will be on GetInvolvedHU iii. Provost’s scholars’ reception is in collaboration with the bookstore and provost office - celebrates accomplished students iv. Stressbusters - working on ideas v. Commuter Lounge - still in progress and will see changes soon vi. New York Times - have decreased print copies but still wants to work on this issue vii. Take initiative leave initiative board so task forces can be created viii. Senator Ramirez is working on Title 9 reporting time policy ix. TD bank desktop computer screen - want to change so that students who walk by cannot see the computer and therefore banking x. Feminine products in recalls initiative xi. Senator Farooqui brought up cords in library xii. Senator Leighton brought up initiative where students can help custodial staff/do campus clean up xiii. New York Times kiosks - complimentary for students only - students swipe to get the New York Times

VI. Executive Board Reports A.

President—R. Cinquemani i. Collaboration with CCE - Chairperson Hinson presents a. Aleana spoke with CCE - she is from South Puerto Rico and they are not getting support as much as other parts - WBB sent her down with supplies so she could go see family after having lost contact b. She wants support in helping her community and all of SPR


c. Issue: shipping costs are really high - mostly need toiletries - see if SGA can give toiletries or raise money to help with shipping d. Senator Algarin adds that she has family in PR and it’s important to help PR as a whole ii. Thanks and Giving drive - sponsored by Hillel a. The cards act as postcards and Hillel will deliver them to anyone on campus - their goal is 3000 cards signed/delivered b. SGA will do these as part of SAW and put them in hat box in office iii. Random Acts of Kindness Day a. Newman understands how SGA has polling for SAW and Newman is sharing their table with SGA - will give out hot chocolate for Random Acts of Kindness Day and do polling b. Men’s Basketball game on Friday 11/10 - They want to recognize SGA for all we do at the game c. Chairperson Tomasso will send out sign-up sheet and they will be honoring us at half time so be there, so we can show our support of ball i. Chairperson Tomasso says sign up: a. for Shake a Rake - community service event on Saturday 11/18 assigned a few houses and you rake leaves - want to continue doing this b. Sign up for game - Tabling in Arena - SGA will be there doing face tattoos and watch game and will do a shirt toss again ii. Senator Algarin clarifies which dates and times a. Chairperson Tomasso says Men’s is Friday and get there early at 630 Women’s is at 2 on Sunday iv. Compass Updates - published because of the student choice station in the SC a. Will make smoothie machine in Dutch Student choice as well - all through the app v. Student Affairs Updates a. International Student Thanksgiving - can sign up on Nov. 20th - 5-7 sign up in person Roosevelt 202 for students who can’t go home for Thanksgiving b. RHA and Student Affairs is also hosting a Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day for Students who will be there for the holiday vi. President’s Leadership Reception - is coming up vii. Initiatives - Honor Code and Solar Powered Tables ideas - working with administration viii. Middle States Committee Meeting - work with admissions to make sure information is clear on Hofstra’s website B.

Vice President—A. Normandin i. She is on Campus Engagement committee for Middle States Committee - they’re looking for people who know about the Career Center ii. Vice President Normandin asks what Middle States is a. Chairperson Denton responds that it is a recurring initiate of Hofstra that they have to abide by certain standards to be reaccredited and audited essentially - the committees gather


information and create a story/narrative to show changes on campus to send to accreditation board iii. Vice President Normandin says that debate and questions should take more time - it’s great to be efficient and is okay for now but in the future, mention any small idea and really take time C.

Comptroller—M. Kutsch i. OSLE and advisors want to be able to see allocations and budgets ii. Thinking about bringing SA for reallocation procedure


Secretary—A. Gieger i.

Please keep the office clean – especially when it comes to food and the fridge


Be respectful of each other and other clubs/groups while in the office


Attendance – reminder: need to email the Ethics and Conduct chair 24 hours in advance of anything you will miss; write a note or tap the Ethics and Conduct Chair any time you leave/come back into Senate so quorum is always updated; also Senators are only allowed to have three unexcused absences


Office Hours: during tabling weeks (PUW and SAW) the tabling counts as your office hour. Do not go to the office and sit there. There are sign in sheets/the excel document/people notice if you are missing - the tabling counts

VII. Committee Chair Reports A.

Appropriations—S. Read i. Saw and allocated to clubs - including to Physics Club for the first time which is great to see their involvement a.


Senator Narain moves to pass the Appropriations Minutes 1.

Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Club Relations—A. Radeva i. Club Collaboration event - “Club Mixer” - Wed, Nov 15th 7-930 in MPR East a. Sign up and be sure to be there b. Working with Adopt a Dream and activities are all finalized - it is a competition/game setup ii.


Senator Narain moves to pass the Club Relations Minutes 1.

Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Public Relations—I. Hinson i. SAW video is up, and programming schedule is printed ii. Social media scavenger hunt is this week iii. The buses (three) will be going out this week iv. Thank a student bios are in and they will be put on social media this week v. Pizza, coffee in ResHalls, SGA dinner, Start your Day with DSA,


vi. Snapchat filter is being sponsored by University Relations vii, Build a Friend is set and animals are ordered viii. Canva Training is Monday 11/13 ix. Senator Fletcher asks where SAW video is a. On instagram and Facebook x. Senator Chiagozie asks what the SGA Instagram is a. Vice President Normandin says “hofstrasga” and if you aren’t following our social medias do that i. Senator Firooz moves to pass the Public Relations Minutes



Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Rules—A. Labrie i. Saw SA.2017.82.010 that passed today ii. Club Elections sign ups a. Chairperson Labrie will enforce a 10-day notice rule b. Will assign one (maybe plus) committees to cover the elections that week - is up to the chairs how they delegate that 1. Idea - want to be sure that Senate is taking equal responsibility - this is an opportunity to step up 2. This Wednesday will be the first time he does this c. Chairperson Read asks how he will make clubs aware of this 1. Chairperson Labrie says he got his own GetInvolvedHU box and it will say that they need to do this iii. Senator Spann moves to pass the Rules Minutes



Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Spirit—C. Tomasso i. Meeting was bingo - went really well - she almost cried ii. Balloon arch issues - put in SGA office each night iii. Senator Spann asks who’s in charge tomorrow a. Senator Ismail is the point person iv. Sign up for basketball game - meet in office at 615 to help bring shirts/supplies over v. She is appointing a Service Chair - Service Chair is in charge of community service events a. Senator Narain explains she was it last year and did Shake a Rake, Relay for Life, any time community service/volunteer is involved


b. If interested reach out to Chairperson Tomasso - will announce at next Senate but wants interest and to talk about it - it would be a lot of collaboration with Spirit vi.


Senator Harley moves to pass the Spirit Minutes 1.

Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Student Services—D. Denton i. Meet SGA Dinner before next Senate - will have Gift Baskets ii. Survey starter kits - give to each Senator - 5 raffle tickets, 5 bracelets, and thanks and giving cards, also a guide on how to have people take survey iii. Programming - See Student Services Minutes a. Highlights: Social media scavenger hunt - Senator Spann created these; HCLAS cupcakes for networking with Rifkin, Bingo, Enter to win bookstore gift card, start your day with DSA, Sigma’cappella and Hofstra Ballroom will perform and Hofstra Today will be filming and WRHU broadcast from atrium, Club Mixer, #thankastudent, Meet SGA Dinner, SAW cookies in atrium, t-shirts and prize wheel giveaways and tabling all week b. Tabling is fun and is a great way to be a representative and meet people - goal: each person in SGA gets at least 20 people surveyed c. Senator Algarin asks about if can poll people not just at tables 1. Chairperson Denton says of course walk around and go to people d. Chairperson Denton also says there are internal incentives to get the most surveys 50,40,30-dollar prizes for top 3 people who survey the most e. There are point people for each day similar to PUW f. Senator Narain asks how many hours are mandatory 1. Chairperson Denton says 2 hours are mandatory g. Senator Firooz asks about where the sign up is 1. On Facebook and physical copy h. Senator Spann asks if physical is updated to what is online 1. No it is not i. Chairperson Radeva asks if she’ll send out link 1. Yes and will have to test it out - probably sometime Sunday j. Senator Schmidt says wheel is big and heavy - will the first people/group tabling bring it down every day? 1. Chairperson Denton says she is unsure - might go back to Card Services each night k. Senator Chiagozie asks if SGA is allowed to win prizes 1. Chairperson Denton says no because want to make sure enough for students who come to table iv. Stressbusters with OSAPA - tentative scheduling and ideas but send more ideas to Chairperson Denton/Student Services - deadline for schedule is Nov. 27th


v. Provosts’ Reception - have RSVPs and Senator Spann is working on centerpieces vi. Chairperson Denton, Senator Spann and Senator Schmidt hand out Survey kits and t-shirts i. Comptroller Kutsch moves to pass the Student Services Minutes



Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

For the Good of the Order

IX. Senator Farooqui moves to add the Snap Cup to the Agenda A. Motion seconded B. Motion passes unanimously X. Announcements XI. Snap Cup Chairperson Read moves to Adjourn the Senate Meeting Motion seconded Motion passes unanimously Senate is Adjourned at 9:00pm


Minutes of the 82nd Cabinet Hofstra University Student Government Association

November 15th, 2017 DSA Conference Room Meeting Called to Order at 8:06 p.m.

1. Presentation by Aleana Leon a. Background: born and raised in Puerto Rico and got a scholarship here for basketball - she is a senior currently b. Her family in Puerto Rico has been devastated by the hurricane there - she was able to go back about a month ago and got to bring hope and supplies to her community - her team and coaches donated and got supplies together c. Family members and community lost everything, and she is working to send as much as she can back to them d. Concern because this was a serious hurricane - Puerto Rico lost electricity and all forms of communication - she didn’t know how they were doing for a long time still only 50% of the country has electricity e. She went back about a month after the hurricane and there were still power lines down and tarps on roofs - was able to get food and supplies to eat/make food for them - need propane stoves and washed clothes by hand


f. Made care packages for her community members - all lucky to be alive - great experience to be able to help people and make a difference and an impact to as many people as possible g. She was from Southern Puerto Rico but went to San Juan (in the North) to get to the airport and it is just as bad if not worse h. The military was there giving water and basic food i.

She would like to do a collaboration and is going to give donations to the Assistant Coach of the Volleyball team who is going there for Thanksgiving because he is from Puerto Rico and will be helping bring the donations to PR


She has sent a few boxes from the post office and some did not get there successfully so does not want to risk just mailing again

k. United for Puerto Rico website lets you donate to their relief aid/fund i. President Cinquemani says we will set up a bin in the office and potentially team up with another organization to gather donations ii. Also potentially table at some point and team up with an organization to raise money to donate/ maybe sell bracelets 2. President Updates a. Collaboration with CCE - To support Puerto Rico b. Thanks and Giving Project i. Yellow Cards from Hillel - hand these in! c. Random Acts of Kindness i. Hot chocolate and motivational quotes were a hit d. Meeting with Compass


i. Compass will be at Senate some point soon ii. Cross contamination issue - students with severe allergies can make appointments with the chef and nutritionist and they will accommodate the students’ needs 1. Comptroller Kutsch clarifies how this is a problem if the food there could be cross contaminated a. President Cinquemani says they made itself serve and are therefore concerned about what could happen even though there is no evidence 2.

Will promote this service for students with dietary needs


Grab and Go G8 which will be packaged and sealed - this may be put in Bits as well

iii. The salad is from an organic farm and does not use pesticides, so it does not kill bugs 1.

Looking into having a ‘farm tour’ of the organic farm so students can see where the food comes from


Contact a manager immediately if there is an issue


Chairperson Hinson asks if there is no process to screen the food a.

It is washed at the farm before being packaged and again here once it is unpacked


Any issues with food - alert a manager



The Meal Deal prices are going to be communicated better and students should alert managers to any issues for mistakes or prices


SmashBurger will be switching to a tray service (Dine In) option in addition to bags (Dine Out) option


Will be installing wipes in all food stations


Extending Oak Street Cafe hours - they are open to seeing polling results and will in the meantime look at logistics to see if this is even possible


Dunkin’ Donuts is going into Cafe on the Quad and will be installed right after December Graduation


Law School Kiosk will be going cashier-less and will only be able for Law students to swipe in

e. Honor Code Research i. Discuss the possibility of making the honor code more transparent and accessible to students ii. Faculty and student support for this - also issue with no amnesty clause so if you report someone copying off you - you could be in trouble as well “whistleblower protection” f. MTVU i. MTVU and Rate My Professor contacted President Cinquemani - will hear updates soon with their ideas ii. SGA Advisor Boneta says EU works with them already but is also in contact with legal


g. Fall Food Drive - will put a box in the office until the 21st for canned goods i. Use extra meal points! h. Housing Updates i. Accessibility of housing: only handicap bathrooms are in Stuyvesant, so wheelchair students must live there (with freshmen) no matter their year ii. President Cinquemani is having meetings to look into this 1.

Chairperson Read adds Bill of Rights has handicap rooms - not bathrooms

iii. Wants to get posters with contact numbers (like Title 9 number) on all doors iv. SAS testing center - accommodations are not in private testing space - can make students uncomfortable or they are in claustrophobic v. Chairperson Read asks why housing is going up so much next semester about 4000 more 1.

President Cinquemani will look into this

3. New Business a.

Matters at Hand i.

Club Relations - Chairperson Radeva - no report


Appropriations - Chairperson Read


Panhellenic wants to bring a woman to speak at their “Who Run the World” Event - she is about woman’s empowerment - philanthropy is circle of sisterhood and want SGA’s help for funding



Event is next semester Rita asks for formal request email for them


Chairperson Denton is all for women’s empowerment


Chairperson Read says they have some money in budget but it would kill it - and they are very passionate about getting this particular speaker


Chairperson Hinson suggests reaching out to MFSC


Comptroller Kutsch says individuals’ orgs can request 5% from SGA


Comptroller Kutsch and Chairperson Read want to clarify then that SGA is on flyer and gets to speak and be a part of the event to build a connection


Chairperson Read suggests if SGA is a part of it then CFC can maybe be involved, and these ties can be a good relationship to have


Also, Panhellenic already collaborated with Pride Network this semester


Chairperson Read says they need to know by the 20th - general consensus - yes SGA will help Panhellenic and fund a portion of this


Rules - Chairperson Labrie - no report


Comptroller Kutsch



Creative Genius would like to be derecognized by SGA because they feel their club has lack of membership and involvement


Public Relations - Chairperson Hinson – no report


Student Services - Chairperson Denton 1.

viii. b.

Meet SGA Dinner is tomorrow

Spirit - Chairperson Tomasso - no report

For the Good of the Order

Comptroller Kutsch moves to adjourn the Cabinet Meeting Motion seconded Motion passes unanimously Meeting adjourned at 9:33 pm


Appropriations Minutes F17 Weekly Meeting 9 11/14/17 Meeting Commenced Attendance Attended

6:30 PM Senator Nicole Algarin Senator Timothy Grief Senator Moontahinaz Rob Senator Cristian Sanchez Senator Tejas Nair Comptroller Max Kutsch Chairwoman Sandra Read

1. Email Writing a. The committee drafted allocation emails to all clubs and organizations who submitted budgets.


9:15 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Sandra Read Appropriations Chair


Club Relations Minutes F17 Weekly Meeting #9 11/14/17

Meeting Commenced

6:15 PM

Attendance Attended Senator Dana Craig Senator Brandon Crofts Senator Manni Doan Senator Janet Narain Senator Mana Tadbiri Chairwoman Aleksandra Radeva Absent

Angela Sierra (Associate)

1) Club Collaboration Event during Student Appreciation Week a. November 15th 7PM in MPR East b. Last minute invitations to new clubs (6 confirmed attendance) c. All supplies and prizes have arrived d. Think of trivia questions for new participating clubs e. Last minute tasks delegated:



Revise materials for Guess the event: Senator Narain


Revise materials for matching activity: Senator Tadbiri


Complete trivia: Associate Sierra

Schedule discussion

g. Staff shifts assigned and published

Meeting Adjourned

6:45 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Aleksandra Radeva Club Relations Chair


Public Relations Minutes F17 Weekly Meeting #9 11/13/17 Meeting Commenced Attended

6:30 PM Senator Rosaria Rielly Senator Wiley Fletcher Senator Charles Greenberg Chairwoman Imani Hinson Associate Julia Esposito


Senator Jewell Stewart (Excused) Senator Donia Firooz (Excused)

1) Finals Week Survival Week a) Brainstorming Ideas i) Headphones ii) Plastic Water bottles iii) Fidget toys iv) Candy v) Granola bars vi) Post-ItÂŽ notes b) Distribute week before finals week begins at facetime i) assemble bags week before c) Scouting out materials for bags- Senator Rielly and Associate Esposito d) Board- Put up names and letters on SGA Board 2) Canva Training

Meeting Adjourned

6:50 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Imani Hinson Club Relations Chair


Rules Minutes F17 Weekly Meeting 9 11/13/17 Meeting Commenced

6:32 PM

Attendance Attended Senator Zain Farooqui Senator Catherine MacCarthy Senator Ryan Leighton Chairman Alex Labrie Absent

Senator Lily Chiagozie

1. Computer Science Society a. Reason for Attending: Updating Club Constitution b. Passed 3-0-0 2. Matters at Hand a. New club election system will begin this week b. Appropriations will be responsible for three upcoming club elections c. Initiatives i. Senator McCarthy is interested in a plastic water bottle initiative ii. Senator Farooqui updating SteelcasesÂŽ in library iii. Senator Leighton is interested in an initiative to appreciate non-academic staff on campus

Meeting Adjourned

7:17 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Alex Labrie Rules Chairman


Spirit Minutes F17 Weekly Meeting 9 11/14/17 Meeting Commenced Attendance Attended

6:38 PM Senator Celeste Battipaglia Senator Kathryn Harley Senator Arbaaz Khan Chairwoman Chelsea Tomasso Senator Rana Ismail

Absent I.


IV. V.

Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays a. Working with RHA & CSA b. Meeting on Thursday for event details Spirit Face Time in the atrium Spirit Rock a. Went over schools i. Looked at pictures and discussed what other schools do and how it started there b. Went over templates in the drive c. Edited Guidelines from the drive d. Established application process Service Chair a. Appointed Senator Harley Shake – A – Rake

Meeting Adjourned

7:35 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Chelsea Tomasso Spirit Chairwoman


Student Services Minutes Meeting Commenced

F17 Weekly Meeting #9 11/14/17 6:02 PM

Attendance Attended

Senator Alexa Osner Senator Isabelle Schmidt Senator Carissa Ramirez Associate Margaux Davis Chairperson Deandra Denton


Senator Gabrielle Spann (excused)

A. Student Appreciation Week a. Thoughts so far b. Plans for the rest of the week c. Discussed Meet SGA dinner d. What has to be done after Student Appreciation Week B. Stressbusters a. Constructed tentative calendar for December stressbusters b. Reach out to Student Organizations by Friday 11/17/17 c. All stressbusters events have to be submitted by Monday November 27th C. Provost Scholar Reception a. As of 11/9/17, 63 students have confirmed their attendance b. Will place catering order this week D. University Senate Student Affairs Committee Updates a. Smoking ban on North (Residential) side of campus b. Student Employee Minimum Wage c. Student Health and Counseling Center E. Public Safety Event with University Senate Student Affairs committee and Student Government Student Services committee a. February 28th, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Student Center Theater b. Will begin outreach to Hofstra community regarding this event

Meeting Adjourned

6:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Deandra Denton Student Services Chairperson 25