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Agenda of the 82nd Senate Hofstra University Student Government Association

March 1st, 2018 Student Center Greenhouse Call to Order I. II. III. IV. V.



Quorum Call Approval of Senate Minutes from February 15th, 2018 Approval of the Cabinet Minutes from February 28th, 2018 New Business A. S.A.2018.82.001 Executive Board Reports A. President—R. Cinquemani B. Vice President—A. Normandin C. Comptroller—M. Kutsch D. Secretary—A. Gieger Heard @ Hofstra Committee Chair Reports A. Appropriations—S. Read B. Club Relations—A. Radeva C. Public Relations—I. Hinson D. Rules—A. Labrie E. Spirit—C. Tomasso F. Student Services—D. Denton Initiative Share-Out For the Good of the Order Announcements Snap Cup



Minutes of the 82nd Senate Hofstra University Student Government Association

February 15th, 2018 Student Center Greenhouse Meeting called to Order at 6:11pm I.

Quorum Call


Blood Drive Representative Presentation A.


Approval of Senate Minutes from February 8th, 2018 A.


Chairperson Tomasso moves to pass the Senate Minutes i.

Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Approval of the Cabinet Minutes from February 14th, 2018 A.


The representative was sick but will be reaching out in the future to reschedule

Chairperson Labrie moves to pass the Cabinet Minutes i.

Motion is seconded


Motion passes unanimously

Campus Operations and Facilities Conversation A.

Discussion with Vice President Joe Barkwill and Compass Representative Rich Maha


Vice President Barkwill explains his role at Hofstra; he is in charge of the Plant department and facilities which covers any renovations of buildings or Residence Halls, as well as snow cleanup, event management, Public Safety, and many other areas


Vice President Barkwill wants to discuss Dining, particularly related to inaccurate information he saw in The Chronicle and dealing with Dunkin Donuts, Chick Fil A, and Dutch Treats; he wants to clear up rumors as well as discuss the Bits and Bytes survey i.

The Survey - went to students, faculty, administration, staff, and got about 2000 responses - important to include staff because they tend to use Bits more than other ones - they feel this was a good sample group




Vice President Houston Dougharty and Vice President Barkwill chaired a committee and collected feedback on dining - they have created a 10 year plan from this 1.

All day breakfast which has been enacted


G8 station for allergen free area has been enacted - even though told that they needed this not many people use this


The Chobani yogurt station - inspiration from other campus tours and was implemented quickly

Vice President Barkwill receives copy of SGA annual report and food is always up there as an issue along with housing - food pricing and food health were big on the survey and they are trying to incorporate changes to these going forward- they are listening to feedback from the Dine on Campus app as well 1.

Particularly tried to do this with HofUSA changes, Netherlands Cafe: Subway became a Boars Head and trying to change this area into a full diner option


Smashburger: originally it had a huge turnout but now it has got a lot of feedback that the franchise’s limited menu is not appealing, ‘menu fatigue’ and the feedback is that students would like to go back to a casual diner style of food



Over the summer HofUSA will be returning to a casual diner aspect


They have learned from this about the pros/cons of having a franchise - a few years ago there was a push for franchising because of consistent pricing and menu but they are limited to the franchise menu

Dunkin Donuts - this has been a large project for the past few years and because it is a franchise and there is one so close down Hempstead Turnpike it has been a difficulty to work around the 1/2 mile rule within Franchise contracts a.

Compass has been able to work out an agreement with Dunkin Donuts to legalize a partnership with the other franchise to be able to bring them onto campus- this legal aspect delayed the opening


Vice President Barkwill discusses construction of the new business school; CV Starr will open a fully franchised Einstein Bagels which will be in that building in the fall


Bits and Bytes - the University decided not to move forward with Chick Fil A because there were concerns with some students about the controversy of Chick Fil A’s corporate philosophy and students here having an issue with difference of opinion a.

Created the survey and issued it to gain data about what to do with Bits and Bytes in terms of renovations going forward



Results are not finalized but in terms of notable data - the top item purchased at Bits by students are the chicken fingers, fries, and hamburgers i.



Vice President Barkwill’s comment is that this is conflicting to the idea of getting ‘healthy’ options because students frequently purchasing fries is the opposite of that


Number one pick of students was Moe’s Southwest for a franchise - the problem with this is that it would be replacing BYOB and students might not have realized that it was an “or” not Moe’s “and” BYOB


For faculty and staff - their top pick was Pita Pickle - their most bought item at Bits right now is salads and yogurt


Right now, administration is trying to come up with a solution potentially get students involved and hopefully come up with a decision before Spring break so that plans can be drawn up


If any students have feedback they should send complaints/concerns through the Dine on Campus app or get in touch with administration, especially regarding any rumors


Note: Vice President Barkwill would like to point out that Chick Fil A is NOT being considered at all anymore and is definitely NOT going into Dutch treats


Dunkin Donuts: Vice President Barkwill was discussing the changes with students in his office and 3 of the students loved it, one was a Starbucks person and so he would like to point out that part of the long term plan is to have a full Starbucks in the student center by the end of the summer 2019 - a full store with a full menu (not the limited one now)


There will also be major renovations in the main Cafeteria of the student center- in particular the layout as they are researching how location effects frequency of use

Senator Algarin asks if regarding survey if they would think about putting out another survey from SGA i.

Vice President Barkwill says he hesitates to stall construction on Bits for more surveying because the Student Center is going to be renovated in 2019 and the university can’t have both dining areas down at the same time - so if administration can’t decide on what to do with Bits they would hold off on a full renovation until 2020


If it is small food choice substitution it could be done but thinks the issue is that students might not have realized that they were choosing Moes instead of BYOB in Bits

Vice President Normandin says the timeline they want for Bits fits with when SGA hosts SGA at the Corner if administration would like, SGA could include a question asking students if they prefer Bits to stay with BYOB or bring in a franchise and if they choose franchise what would they like to see





Vice President Barkwill says the problem with an open-ended question is that there are only certain possibilities of franchises that can come to campus


Doesn’t have to be a franchise either - franchise menus are more limited and the university could stay with it’s own options


Other things involved with renovation is that the seating area and layout of Bits needs an update as well

Chairperson Labrie mentions that the TV screen in the back dining room has been up but off for multiple months and it could positively impact campus if the TV gets turned on i.

Rich responds that it was not a TV issue but a Hofstra wiring/electric issue and it still seems to not be working but they are aware and are figuring the situation out


Vice President Barkwill adds that there will be many TVs going all over Campus for a variety of reasons

Senator Farooqui asks about expanding Halal options in the Student Center i.

Vice President Barkwlll says yes there are plans - which will be conveyed - it is still longer than MSA would probably like but they are working on this and will work with MSA 1.


Muslim Student Association (MSA) president Maryam Qureshi speaks from the gallery without the gallery being opened and says that the options are at Grilled and not at the Chinese station anymore but there has been no communication with them - also the Halal sign posted is expired and they just have concerns about the changes and visibility Halal MSA thinks there are no signs a.

Vice President Barkwill responds that the meeting himself and MSA/intercultural clubs are having personally next week will address communication - there was an email that was supposed to have been sent out and he gets the communication issue - Compass is trying


Vice President Barkwill would like to address specific issues next week when they meet and all possible changes are being made - they don’t have the capability to make a huge shift right now and does not want this discussion to take the place of the meeting they have scheduled


Rich says that the updated/unexpired sign is up - it has been this whole semester so he is unsure when she looked at this and the chicken at the Chinese food is still Halal - they changed the whole sheet of paper so that there is no switching of the signs

MSA president says that it’s not only the meat but how it is prepared and says that they have seen these guidelines not being followed - also doesn’t like that the new menu is above everything because she can’t tell which meal is which a.

Vice President Barkwill responds that communication will be increased



MSA President says MSA has a good relationship with Student Affairs and so that just increasing communication with them will help with MSA a.



Senator Chiagozie says that some freshmen got sick from food in Netherlands Cafe; Some vegetarians don’t like that they have to walk all the way to the Student Center to get a vegetarian option if ABP doesn’t have a vegetarian option for soup; at Grilled she doesn’t like that the hamburgers are burnt sometimes i.

Vice President Barkwill says the Health and Wellness center tracks students who come in with issues related to stomach ailments to make sure there is no recurring patterns or issues and they have not seen this as a problem


For the vegetarian soup issue - they can find it in the Student Center - Rich says that ABP dictates which soups are on campus everyday and it has been a definite that there is at least one vegetarian option everyday and he can’t guarantee they will all be in all spots- as long as they can go to a second area they will be fine - they can always find an option - they are a population on campus that Compass cares about

Chairperson Tomasso is concerned about the snacks, soda, coffee in CV Starr when Einstein comes in since it is a franchise. She asks if they will have the quick snack option or if there is a possibility of a Breslin kiosk in the new building i.



Vice President Barkwill says he will look into the Einstein menu and look into a kiosk - it could definitely be do-able

Dean Pertuz speaks from the gallery- she sees the reports everyday regarding food sickness and ask SHACC for data - there was no pattern seen for Netherlands and they are very cognizant of any patterned issues to resolve issues i.

Also when it comes to all different food issues and how important being able to eat on campus is an important issue to look into so they want everyone to feel like they belong and that food is an important way to feel like they do belong


Vice President Barkwill says he acknowledges that students eat on campus for all meals and that menu fatigue is a real problem and the changes being made now will benefit students in the future and he can see how much dining has changed in the past few years and all the options on campus so they have come a long way in terms of catering to all members of Hofstra’s population

Senator MacCarthy says that students have found hair in their pasta station pasta or Freshen’s salads particularly i.

Rich Maha says they are still looking into retraining and going over from the beginning 1.


Vice President Barkwill says things did change fast and she should’ve seen an email, he does apologize and will work on it

Vice President Barkwill says to keep giving himself/the managers information when this happens because they will pinpoint if it’s a particular individual

Senator Schmidt says she would like a spice rack and as a vegan she would like to see more whole food fruit options - like more than just oranges and apples i.

Vice President Barkwill asks if she has enough options





Senator Schmidt says she mostly eats at ABP and has seen vegan yogurt and cookies and the tofu and kale are really good


Rich says they added meatless Thursday as well as meatless Monday and asks to clarify what items in particular she would like to see a.

Senator Schmidt says more produce than just apple/oranges and also some nuts, almonds, etc.


Rich says they can’t do nuts because that is a rule/complaint of people with nut allergies - ABP as a franchise can have nuts because it has own rules and they will look into getting more fruit variety

Senator Craig asks if a fully functioning Starbucks will replace something in the Student Center students use often i.

Vice President Barkwill says possibly because they don’t have the finalized plans yet - most likely it would impact bookstore space or bank space but just in terms of space - no plans are final yet - even consideration of putting coffee in the bookstore to make it a place for students to spend time but then there is an issue in a contrast of hours between food areas and the bookstore’s limited hours


Senator Craig was concerned about the bank being taken and if it would be moved to accommodate students who use the bank somewhere else 1.

Vice President Barkwill says of course they would work with this and keep the bank accessible to students


Even potential to have Starbucks tied into the Pride Den but the franchise wants more visibility than down in the basement


There are many pieces involved and he is committed to bringing Starbucks without losing necessary functions

Chairperson Tomasso moves to take a 10 minute recess A.

Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

VII. New Business A.

No New Business

VIII. Executive Board Reports A.

Senator Narain asks if Vice President Normandin knows if there are any plans to extend any dining hours i.

Vice President Normandin says she doesn’t know but contacting their office is a good option

B. President—R. Cinquemani i.

Wednesday, April 25th at common hour is Hofstra’s Town Hall


1. Administrators have a panel and the entire student body is invited to ask questions 2. SGA gives an update on initiatives and progress/work for the semester 3. Good networking event ii.

Basketball Game suite list has been finalized and names will be sent to Dean Pertuz tonight so double check you can attend if you are on the list

iii. Hofstra Campus Dining is hosting the Ellen DeGeneres and Cheerios One Million Acts of Good Initiative on Wednesday, February 28th from 11am-1pm in the Student Center Dining room 1. Looking for 150 student volunteers to create about 300 Matter Boxes which will be donated to local soup kitchens 2. It is a competition between schools and the winner gets featured on the Ellen show iv. The chefs are teaching Sustainable Seafood - Wed 2/21 at common hour 1. Vice President adds this is the same time as the commuter lounge grand opening event v.

Senator Algarin asks about the Cheerios event 1. The link to sign up will be sent out and can sign up online

vi. Senator Crofts asks if Ellen will be there 1. It is her initiative but she will not be at Hofstra C. Vice President—A. Normandin i.

Mark Conference: Senator Ismail, Senator Doan, Senator Rielly, and Senator MacCarthy are the current list - there is a potential spot for the justices as well reach out if interested


Gives Senator Ramirez the floor to update SGA on USenate events 1. U Senate is working on the Public Safety event 2. In the future there are plans to make sure there is more contact and work between the Student Affairs Committee of USenate and SGA - increase communications 3. Senator Doan asks point of info on what is SAC a. SAC is the Student Affairs Committee of U senate which is a body that consists of grad students, undergrad students, administrators, faculty, Hofstra personnel

iii. What’s happening at Hofstra and the Townhall will be switched in the future since right now the Townhall for questions is at the end of the year when it would make more sense logistically for questions to be at the beginning of the year and then the What’s Happening at Hofstra updates to be at the end of the year


D. Comptroller—M. Kutsch i.

No report

E. Secretary—A. Gieger i.

No report

IX. Heard at Hofstra A. President Cinquemani says she heard complaints about Dunkin but now has the information to give updates B. Senator Farooqui is still concerned about Halal food C. Senator Ramirez was at Intercultural Student Caucus this week to advertise the Public Safety event and when she announced she was from SGA there were some ‘whispers’ the reaction was not so positive so working to improve the relationship with club leaders could create a more positive environment - especially multicultural clubs feel like SGA doesn’t know where they’re coming from or understand their issues D. Senator MacCarthy covered the bowling club election and is part of Hempstead High School Initiative and there is a lack of funding or ability for students to drive off campus so maybe if there is a way to help with funding for gas money or some way to accommodate travel off campus for clubs to function i.

Agrees with Senator Ramirez - SGA as a whole should put ourselves out there more- besides Spirit - SGA should work on getting students to know what we do

E. Senator Craig says that during one of her classes an issue that schools in general have is with security - involving shootings particularly - a student brought up that someone they know said that card services has a way to ‘jailbreak’ the card and the system to gain access to other areas - was going to bring this up with Vice President Barkwill today but the topic stayed on food and she doesn’t even know if this is true F. Senator Battipaglia - the Netherlands back swipe has been broken for multiple weeks and the Hofstra Jobs site on the portal is not updated and people trying to apply don’t know what positions are old or have been filled or not G. Senator Narain - heard some complaints about the downstairs bookstore mail room and how the process is slow and student workers aren’t always paying attention H. Senator Schmidt - walking on the south side of campus last night around 9pm two women approached her and a friend while still on campus wanting them to join a religious group - she has seen things online about warnings of this ruse to a sex trafficking ring she reported this to Public Safety and they came immediately which was good but it was concerning - specifically it was between NAB and the Hofstra Museum I.

Senator Firooz says that her roommate was talking about a safety concern that two guys in a car tried to grab her and a friend last night on the way from Dutch to C-Square so trying to know who is soliciting on campus i.


Vice President Normandin says that calling Public Safety for anytime like this is important

Senator Stewart - he used to work with Public Safety and acknowledges (to Senator Craig’s point) that the faculty has other swipe accesses which could be an issue but shouldn’t be with students



Issues with the Netherlands is that they have seen a lot of ‘piggy backing’ incidents so they shut off the back gate for a few weeks to try to prevent this from time to time


Says advertising the Public Safety event is really important

K. Senator Tadbiri agrees that the Hofstra Jobs posting site is an issue L. Senator Rob was with a friend at Starbucks and she ordered decaf because can’t have caffeine but her friend, and others that she has heard of, have been getting caffeinated anyway M. Senator Osner- heard Hofstra Job site issue as well N. Senator Harley - heard the night shuttle was unreliable and is always unsure of when or where it will come i.

Netherspan is not heated


Some students want a color printer somewhere on the north side of campus

iii. Free std testing - is planned parenthood coming again- maybe advertise this more when they do O. Chairperson Denton said she has heard that the RAs are excited about Public Safety event P. Senator Chiagozie - communication and publicizing events issue - clubs want more advertisement for their events- for example, BSU wants people to know about their events Q. Senator Doan - GIHU has RA events but maybe add club events; club events aren’t on Hofstra’s calendar either; people are also still unsure about counseling situation R. Chairperson Tomasso - has heard good things about dining lately - specifically Chinese food has gotten much better S. Chairperson Read - she was driving around campus and a car of 4 guys by the dome looked shady (she called Public Safety) but it is concerning that these events keep happening with potential outsiders on campus i.

Glad she can report to students that Smashburger is leaving

T. Comptroller Kutsch - dining over the past few weeks has gotten much better and the Student Center ramen is so good now U. Senator Ramirez - heard about the tragic shooting that happened at a high school in Florida and a lot of things have been coming up about shootings in general and thinks that this issue might be on peoples’ minds a lot and might be scary so maybe SGA can have a speaker or active shooter training because she thinks it would be smart to be proactive - some small sub groups of Hofstra’s population receive training but if more of the general population knew what to do/how to handle situations it could be beneficial V. Senator Algarin - a lot of peoples’ cars have gotten hit in the parking lots and then the person drives away so maybe get cameras in parking lots W. Important Responses



Senator Farooqui says that the Hofstra Jobs site issue was brought up to Dean Pertuz recently


Senator Fletcher says that STD testing at the SHAC would be about 600 dollars since doesn’t take all insurance so when the plan van comes once a semester it is important to let people know

iii. Senator Craig’s follow up to Hofstra Jobs - Betty Dotson in HR is the main contact for all student employment issues iv. Senator Narain is working on a camera initiative if anyone wants to help her; also RAs have to submit paperwork to get events on GIHU so clubs can do that too if they want to fill out the paperwork v.

Chairperson Read addresses clubs going off campus -SGA funds for gas so it is possible if they come to appropriations - and also in terms of advertisingChairperson Hinson and the PR Committee can help clubs if they reach out 1. Vice President Normandin adds that SGA in past has tried to get a shuttle for campus events and it has gone far but it has never worked so if someone wants to start up that initialtive again it could be possible 2. Senator Battipaglia asks about the zip cars on campus a. Yes you can rent a car - it is 15 dollars and then 9 dollars an hour after and you have to reserve one in advance because there aren’t many but you can use them


Committee Chair Reports A. Appropriations—S. Read i.

A club (Student Advocates for Safer Sex: SASS) got funding from an outside source (Planned Parenthood) and that’s rare so that’s exciting

ii. Senator Narain moves to pass the Appropriations Minutes 1. Motion seconded 2. Motion passes unanimously B. Club Relations—A. Radeva i.

Senator Doan presents the Club Relations minutes 1. The Blood Drive is the 28th and they will advertise this to clubs 2. Admissions wants clubs to table at the Admitted Students Days 3. Senator Crofts is leading the Nexus initiative and Pride Student Veterans Association club is struggling too so Club Relations is working to help them as well 4. Club office hours are all in and want to find a way to make this public knowledge - maybe put on GIHU 5. Resolved club office issues 6. Club office space openings will be filled


7. Storage space is being allocated and is working on legislation to discuss allowing non-SGA recognized clubs to use the space 8. Archives are taking some yearbooks but there are still many left - still reaching out but will recycle any that are left 9. Drafting rules that clubs will have to sign in order to get an office space this will alleviate some problems they are having currently for the future ii. Comptroller Kutsch moves to pass the Club Relations Minutes 1. Motion seconded 2. Motion passes unanimously C. Public Relations—I. Hinson i.

Instead of a Live Stream for the Public Safety event - questions will be posted on social media and the answers will be commented underneath

ii. Wants to get SGA to be seen in a better light and will discuss this going forward iii. Senator Craig asks if there is a way to make sure that Insta posts don’t get lost can they live stream with no video? 1. They are unsure of the underlying reason for this issue with Public Safety not wanting a live stream 2. Senator Ramirez says that she thinks Public Safety is wary about having it live steamed because they don’t know what to expect and want to ensure they can have a free and open discussion a. Senator Chiagozie asks if they can go live with no sound b. Chairperson Denton says she thinks this defeats the purpose c. Senator Farooqui suggests having a live steam to introduce the event so students get notifications and then shut it off for the event i.

Senator Ramirez says this might look bad on our part and students wouldn’t understand

d. Senator Tadbiri suggests live tweeting the questions and answers e. Chairperson Hinson agrees she doesn’t want it to get lost so maybe they could put it on Instagram story but PR will figure it out f.

Vice President Normandin asks if it’s possible to have something go live but with an announcement that says SGA is live but with a photo that says the event is starting now and where to go for more information

g. Senator Algarin suggests posting on the snapchat - for example, the Hofstra story - it’s important for a lot of students to be able to have access to the information


h. Chairperson Hinson says if you have suggestions contact her iv. Senator Farooqui moves to pass the Public Relations Minutes 1. Motion seconded 2. Motion passes unanimously D. Rules—A. Labrie i.

No new business

ii. Committee members are working on individual initiatives so contact them if you’re interested in helping iii. Appropriations took care of elections this week and next week will be Club Relations iv. Senator Battipaglia moves to pass the Rules Minutes 1. Motion seconded 2. Motion passes unanimously E. Spirit—C. Tomasso i.

Valentine’s Day goodie bag event went well and looked really cute

ii. Spirit Week - wants to mix it up from Pride Unleashed Week and have it related to a lacrosse game 1. Will have a set week soon iii. Pride Block is making progress by furthering guidelines and making proposals relevant iv. SGA is going to table/hand out beads/face tattoos at the basketball game on Saturday, February 24th v. Discussing the opening of a Spirit social media account to post about big events on campus - SGA related or not and that clubs could DM for promotion vi. Senator Fletcher moves to pass the Spirit Minutes 1. Motion seconded 2. Motion passes unanimously F. Student Services—D. Denton i.

Senator Ramirez presents the Student Services minutes

ii. SGA at the Corner - Senators Osner, Schmidt, and Senator Ramirez are planning each day individually and will be the contact people for the respective dates - updates to come iii. Polling question brainstorming - SGA on the Corner is like Student Appreciation Week with initiative polling but scaled down - send Student Services suggestions for questions


iv. Public Safety event - brainstorm for alternative to live stream v. Go over everyone’s initiatives - if you’re interested reach out and get involved vi. Chairperson Denton discusses the Commuter Student Lounge - that all started from student input and the opening ceremony is Wed. 2/21 at 12pm - there will be food vii. Senator Crofts moves to pass the Student Services Minutes 1. Motion seconded 2. Motion passes unanimously XI.

For the Good of the Order



XIII. Snap Cup Senator Narain moves to Adjourn the Senate Meeting Motion is seconded Motion passes unanimously Senate Meeting Adjourned at 9:01pm


Minutes of the 82nd Cabinet Hofstra University Student Government Association

February 28th, 2018 DSA Conference Room Meeting Called to Order at 9:09 p.m. I.

Call to Order


New Business A.

S.A.2018.82.001 i.

President Cinquemani explains that this is legislation regarding an Elections Commission for the Spring Elections because there is a conflict this semester in that there is only one senior who currently meets the qualifications

ii. This updated legislation will allow Cabinet to nominate people to the Elections Commission iii. Chairwoman Tomasso clarifies that it says it needs to be resolved by November and we would be clearly against this right now 1.

Vice President Normandin says this is a good point and that Senators are told not to think about tickets until the Spring so this would be a good point to debate/change tomorrow to make it that all Spring Elections things are dealt with in the Spring



Vice President Normandin clarifies who can be on the commission 1.

President Cinquemani says anyone who is not running in the Spring election so if someone decides to not run for re-election as a Senator; Associates can be nominated now; anyone who is not running


Chairperson Labrie moves to add SA.2018.82.001 to the Senate Agenda a.

Motion seconded


Motion passes unanimously

III. President Updates A.

Student Leadership Awards went live today - hoping there is a way to tie SLA into Hofstra Gala - ideally she would want to be able to offer students who are nominated the opportunity to attend Gala i.

Chairperson Labrie asks if she will be proposing legislation for Gala 1.

President Cinquemani says yes she will bring this next week but it will be a resolution


Next Wednesday (3/7) is the Panhellenic event at 8pm in the Student Center Theater - SGA is cosponsoring this event i.


“Empowering All Women� - open to public - share with club leaders

Hofstra is a founding member of American Student Government Association (ASGA) - an organization that has information, research, and contacts for different initiatives across other college campuses and also has information


about how other schools run their elections, budgets, etc. - this data is interesting so take a look d.

President Cinquemani wants to think about different ways to get SGA out in the view of the student body


Vice President Updates a.

Chairperson Denton has questions for SGA on the Corner going to Rules on Monday but is still looking for suggestions if anyone has any i.

Chairperson Labrie asks if she has questions on Compass 1.

Vice President Normandin has not looked at the questions but has sent her own suggestions to Chairperson Denton and would like Compass questions to be included


Vice President Normandin has been hearing that a lot of issues are coming up with clubs and events within and outside of SGA with Hofstra’s Legal department - wants to have a discussion with the Legal and club leaders to see where the break down in communication is happening


Matters at Hand a.

Appropriations - Chairperson Read i.

Google form is made and set to go for Budgets this semester and includes a question about having elections on it and all questions are required and filters for pdf only

ii. b.

All rooms are booked for Treasurer Trainings

Public Relations - Chairperson Hinson



She is going to be starting promotions for elections - is she allowed to work on these 1.

Yes she is allowed to because the elections commission later approves all Elections PR


Rules - Chairperson Labrie i.


No pressing updates

Spirit - Chairperson Tomasso i.

CAA Watch Party is this Sunday 3/4 at 8:30pm in HofUSA - there will be food - share and add people and encourage everyone to be there


Spring Spirit Week - still looking for ideas 1.

Chairperson Read suggests a Carnival but a ‘Pinterest game’ version a.

Chairperson Tomasso and Comptroller Kutsch say this is a huge legal issue and would be a huge undertaking


Chairperson Tomasso gives ideas from her committee: a.

Senator Battipaglia suggested a dunk tank and Senator Schmidt then suggested ‘Dunk a Hunk’ with the lacrosse team being the ones dunked; Might be a legal issue but really likes the idea


Other idea - water balloons but not sure if people would be into this



Senator Nair had brought up BSU’s photo with a frame and then have it be emailed or polaroid if want immediately i.

Chairperson Labrie is concerned a polaroid would cost a lot for camera and Polaroid sheets 1.

Chairperson Tomasso says the spirit budget is “well-endowed” since most events call for food (Compass contribution only) and this would be a beneficial event


Chairperson Hinson and Comptroller Kutsch suggest a field day


President Cinquemani says the Fitness Center has bubble soccer


Chairperson Tomasso had thought events could mostly be in the atrium but a dunk tank could be on the Bits quad i.

One day - t-shirt day with prize wheel


Another day - popcorn and cotton candy because it was super popular

iii. 6.

Another day - dunk tank

Chairperson Tomasso would like a prize wheel as well as a bullhorn before Spirit Week and to have for going forward



Chairperson Read suggests SGA sunglasses - people will be outside and can always use them and President Cinquemani suggests baseball caps


Vice President Normandin suggests chalk or sidewalk paint coloring on the Roosevelt Quad - maybe even make it a competition between clubs - each get an area of the quad to decorate for a monetary prize


Chairperson Read suggest a snow cone truck with dunk tank


Chairperson Tomasso wants to do a recruitment-style video for a Spirit Week advertisement and would contact the sports teams to see if they are interested in participating and would contact Mitch Holson (student videographer who works with clubs often) to video it for her

iii. VI.

Spirit social media - trying to work on this still

For the Good of the Order

Comptroller Kutsch moves to adjourn the Cabinet Meeting Motion seconded Motion passes unanimously Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm


Hofstra University Student Government Association Two Thousand and Eighteen S.A.2018.82.01 Election Commission Qualifications

The relevant section can be found on page fourteen (14) and fifteen (15) of the Student Government Association Constitution. ADDENDUM TO THE ELECTIONS COMISSION FOR SPRING ELECTIONS: 215. ELECTIONS 215.2 ELECTIONS COMMISSION: The Student Government Association shall form an Elections Commission for the spring semester. The membership of the Commission is to be determined by the Rules Committee Chair and President, subject to ratification by a majority vote in the Senate. Prior to ratification, members of Senate may nominate additional individuals to serve. No person serving on the Elections Commission shall compete for any Student Government Association election nor aid in campaigning for any elected office1 in the season that said person shall serve. During the fall election, the Rules Committee shall serve as the Elections Commission.

Respectfully Submitted, Rita Cinquemani President

Max Kutsch Comptroller

If one (1) or fewer individuals meets the requirements to serve on the Elections Commission, then two (2) members of the Student Government Association may be nominated to serve by Cabinet, subject to ratification by a majority vote in the Senate. This includes any Associate, member of Cabinet, Judicial Panel, Senate, and Executive Board not running on a Presidential Ticket or aiding in the campaign of a ticket during the election in the season that said individuals shall serve. 1


Appropriations Minutes S18 Weekly Meeting 4 02/27/18 Meeting Commenced

6:30 PM

Attendance Attended

Senator Zain Farooqui Senator Timothy Grief Senator Moontahinaz Rob Senator Rana Ismail Senator Janet Narain Comptroller Max Kutsch Chair Sandra Read

African Student Association Requested:


Rainbow Sound Lighting, Wristbands, Flags, Dfams Videography/Photography, Afterparty Tickets, Show Tickets, Color Flyers, Fashion Show Performer, Taste of Africa Food, Allocated:


Rainbow Sound Lighting









Dfams Videography/Photography



Afterparty Tickets



Show Tickets



Color Flyers



Fashion Show Performer



Taste of Africa Food



Large Poster



Total for Category





Culinary Club Requested:


Cooking Session #2 Groceries, T-shirts, Cooking Session #3 Groceries, Cooking Session #4 Groceries, Cooking Session #5 Groceries & Cupcake Bar Cooking Session Allocated:


Cooking Session #2 Groceries







Cooking Session #3 Groceries



Cooking Session #4 Groceries



Cooking Session #5 Groceries



Cupcake Bar Cooking Session



Total for Category





Women's Club Lacrosse Requested:


Athletic Trainers Allocated:


Athletic Trainers



Women's Ultimate Frisbee Requested:


Bring the Huckus Travel, Alantic City Travel, Uprising 6 Travel, Sectional Travel Allocated:


Bring the Huckus Travel



Atlantic City Travel



Uprising 6 Travel



Sectional Travel



Coach Fee



Total for Category Meeting Adjourned




7:50 PM

Total Requested


Total Allocated


Percent Allocated



Respectfully Submitted, Sandra Read Appropriations Chair


Club Relations Minutes S18 Weekly Meeting 4 2/26/18 Meeting Commenced Attendance Attended

6:30 PM

Senator Dana Craig Senator Brandon Crofts Senator Lily Chiagozie Senator Manni Doan Associate Simrit Kaur Senator Cristian Sanchez Associate Shafeena Sharak Chair Aleksandra Radeva

Absent I.Nexus a. Meeting on 2/21/18 b. Advertisement strategies c. Timeline for the initiative II. Yearbook copies a.Archives picked up a few copies b. CR will keep a number of copies from academic years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 c. CR will dispose of all other copies III. Office spaces revocation and preliminary allocation process IV. CR spring event discussion VI. PSVO a.In the process of gathering members b. Strategies for rebuilding the club Meeting Adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Club Relations Chair Radeva


Public Relations Minutes S18 Weekly Meeting #4 02/26/18 Meeting Commenced Attendance Attended

6:40PM Senator Rosaria Rielly Senator Charles Greenberg Associate Julia Esposito


Chairwoman Imani Hinson (Excused) Senator Jewell Stewart (Excused) Associate Margaux Davis (Excused)


Chairwoman Tomasso Charles Kim John Mcdonough

1. Facetime February 28th a. Associate Esposito, Associate Davis, Associate Mcdonough, and Senator Greenberg b. Be sure to have students write down questions they have for the public safety event 2. Public Safety Event alternatives to livestreaming a. Instagram story will be put up letting students know the event is taking place also that if they have questions they should reply to the story with the question b. Answers to questions will be posted on the story as well as the page i. The template is made PR would just need a lot of man power therefore we will need all PR at event to capture answer to questions as well as type up responses in the template 1. Need to ask Senator Ramirez for editable template ii. Be able to summarize the responses in about 3-5 sentences, still in- depth 3. Ideas for week of Hofstra Spring Sports a. This will be put on by Spirit similar to pride unleashed week in the fall b. Spirit would like fresh ideas not necessarily have the same activities as in the fall i. Utilize the spring weather by doing events outside ii. Food trucks near stadium iii. Tailgates before? iv. Have student involvement with clubs/ performances during half time c. Use the Spirit rock ideas for publicity d. April 9th- 14th Spirit Week Tabling i. Lacrosse, softball ii. Make a promotional video leading up to events iii. Pep rally? 1. Start in student center and have the team be led out right before the game 2. Dizzy bat, fun audience- attention grabbing games iv. Free giveaways during tabling


1. Hats, t- shirts 2. Army night for Lacrosse? 4. Ideas for promotional tools for elections a. Stickers that say “I voted” prompting others to vote when they see individuals wearing the sticker b. Have an incentive to give them to increase votes i. Hofstra’s cookies/ brownies? ii. Small goodie bags of candy? 5. CAAs basketball a. Chairwoman Tomasso will discuss with Spirit about ideas and what will be needed PR wise for the CAAs

Meeting Adjourned

7:07 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Senator Rielly Public Relations Chair Pro Tempore


Rules Minutes S18 Weekly Meeting 4 2/26/18 Meeting Commenced

6:35 PM

Attendance Attended Senator Wiley Fletcher Senator Catherine MacCarthy Senator Donia Firooz Chairman Alex Labrie Absent I.

Senator Mana Tadbiri

S.A.2018.82.01 A. President Cinquemani brought legislation pertaining to the Elections Commission B.

Passed 3-0-0

2. Club Constitution Audits a. Common problem frequently occurs where clubs are following outdated constitutions that do not follow current SGA policies i. Each committee member will be responsible for auditing 9 club constitutions by March 12th ii. Clubs who have outdated constitutions will be asked to come to Rules to update it 3. Club Elections a. Rules Chairman Labrie will be attending the CFC presidential election on Tuesday, February 27th b. Club Relations is in charge of staffing club elections this week 4. Matters At Hand a. Bowling Club does have all E-board positions full b. Senator MacCarthy is going to take on the initiative to compile common constitution errors that will be given to clubs when they are OSLE recognized

Meeting Adjourned

7:17 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Rules Chairman Labrie


Spirit Minutes S18 Weekly Meeting 4 2/27/2018 Meeting Commenced Attendance Attended

6:33 PM Senator Celeste Battipaglia Senator Belle Schmidt Senator Nicole Algarin Senator TJ Nair Chair Tomasso Associate Louis Rafter Associate Jack Mcdonough

Visiting I.




Antonella Colon CAA Watch Party a. This Sunday March 4th b. Game starts at 8:30 c. AV issues with back of the Student Center, moved to Hofstra USA d. Need lots of advertising from members of SGA because it is last minute i. Athletics wasn’t confirmed date or time of game until this past Saturday Spirit Week a. Need activities finalized by next Tuesday i. T-shirts ii. Prize wheel iii. Food truck iv. Possible outdoor events b. Possible theme – will order shirts with theme c. Promo Video i. Will reach out to coaches to see if they would be willing to include team shots d. PR Committee’s idea of doing outside pep rally Social Media a. Pending until meeting with Carley and Colin Sullivan b. Need to start thinking of master list of events Pride Block a. Bring “Purpose” section of proposal next week

Meeting Adjourned

7:14 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Spirit Chairwoman Tomasso


Student Services Minutes Meeting Commenced Attendance Attended

S18 Weekly Meeting # 4 2/26/18 5:37 PM Senator Kathryn Harley Senator Alexa Osner Senator Carissa Ramirez Senator Isabelle Schmidt Senator Gabrielle Spann Chair Deandra Denton


Senator Ryan Leighton (excused)

A. High, Low, Butterfly B. Public Safety Event a. Tomorrow (2/28) at 7:00 pm in the Student Center Theater C. SGA at the Corner a. March 13th-15th b. Updates on planning i. March 13th (Isabelle): Desserts/Refreshments (i.e, Blue & Yellows cookies, Hofstra cookies) and polling ii. March 14th (Alexa): Prize Wheel with giveaways (i.e, The New York Times branded merchandise, extra SGA shirts), cotton candy machine, and polling iii. March 15th (Carissa): Saint Patrick's Day theme (i.e, chocolate coins), Offer giveaway from Public Safety, and Polling c. Everything finalized by March 2nd d. Questions that we would like to feature will be presented to Rules committee on Monday March 5th D. Provost Scholar Reception a. Gabby, Ryan, and Kathryn informed by Provost Office that there are 367 Provost scholars for the Fall 2017 semester! b. Sent this number to Steve Babbitt, Bookstore Manager, to order gift cards c. Provost Office will send out invitations to Scholars and will follow up on number of confirmed attendees so catering order can be placed d. Follow up on Student Performance i. Sigma’Capella E. Initiative Updates a. Senator Kathryn Harley i. Colored Printers on Residential (North) side of campus ii. Will email IT department to inquire on initiative and frequency of swipes on printers iii. Residence Halls Gym Equipment 1. Research where they could be placed


2. Reach out to Beth McGuire from ResLife b. Senator Ryan Leighton i.

Worker Appreciation Day 1. Reached out to Dom Lavin and Rich Maha a. Have meetings with Rich Maha and Dom Lavin on Thursday 3/1 and Friday 3/2, respectively b. Will attend Rich Maha meeting with Alexa c. Will attend Dom Lavin meeting with Belle and Kathryn

c. Senator Alexa Osner i.

Free Menstrual Products on campus


Reached out to Beth McGuire from ResLife who followed up with more information regarding initiative who is ideal to contact (i.e, Health Services)


Researched organizations who have a similar focus to initiative 1. Period Partner who work with universities around the nation and will read through proposals from other universities

d. Senator Carissa Ramirez i.

Smoking Ban outside of entrance to Student Center from the side of North campus 1. Met with Admissions administrators and staff a. Support to go through with initiative 2. University Senate a. Will need to discuss further at University Senate Executive meeting

e. Senator Isabelle Schmidt i.

Sexual Assault Awareness Programming 1. Drafted calendar 2. Met with CFC and discussed Take Back the Night and involvement in programming



Meeting with President of Panhellenic on 2/28


Meeting with Allison Vernace on 3/1


Plans to continue outreach

Senator Gabrielle Spann i.

Active Shooter Preparedness/University Protocol 1. Would like to create a video detailing what to do in event of an active shooter 2. Interested in creating an app for Public Safety detailing resources and protocol 3. Will research on what other universities are doing



Possible “Meet at the Table” styled event with MSA focused on having a greater understanding of Halal 1. Will follow up with Maryam from MSA

g. Chair Deandra Denton i.

Narcan (Naloxone) availability on university campus


Narcan is a medication used to block the effects of a drug/prescription overdose and can be a lifesaver


Researched related initiatives on other university campuses’ and local resources 1. Several universities across the country are working to to educate students, faculty and staff about overdose and prevention 2. Town of Hempstead offers several Narcan trainings on a regular basis; a training was held at Hofstra University as recent as February 2016 3. Specific examples and additional information are included in research document


Meeting Adjourned

Plans to continue research and reach out to Kathleen Lieblich and Claudia Andrade from the Office of Student Advocacy and Prevention Awareness (OSAPA) to discuss this further 7:06 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Deandra Denton Student Services Chair