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SEPTEMBER 2 - 16, 2011 VOL 1, ISSUE 12



Robins Little Theatre Presents “I Ought to be in Pictures” Free concert in the park series presented by Museum of Aviation A thriving local chain GEORGIA BOB’S


(the World’s Strongest Ophthalmologist)


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oday, an ambulance was making its way up Watson Blvd—lights flashing, sirens wailing—I was mortified that drivers failed to yield the right of way to the ambulance. Some kept driving, some stopped dead in their tracks—all of them were in the way. “If that was their loved one in the back of that ambulance, wouldn’t they want everyone to get out of the way?” I wondered. I don’t know if these drivers were obstinate or just ignorant, but the result was the same…when every second counted, these poor EMTs had to weave around cars that were standing still in both the right and left lanes as well as deal with those cars still in motion. Now, I know that we are all busy with our trips to Walmart, soccer practice, and church choir, but come on…isn’t someone’s life or loved one more important than your errand? There is something everyone can do to help responders provide emergency assistance as quickly as possible…just MOVE TO THE RIGHT! Here are some good tips for ensuring emergency vehicles reach their destination quicky:

• Pull to the right and come to a complete stop. If you’re traveling on a high-speed road or if there is no room to stop, slow down as much as possible. • If you are in the left lane, pull over into the right lane as traffic in the lane to your right moves over. • If you cannot move to the right because of another vehicle or obstacle, just stop. Your action will let the driver of the emergency vehicle know what you are doing and allow the driver to anticipate where to drive. • When an emergency vehicle approaches you from behind while you are stopped at an intersection, stay where you are unless you can pull to the right. • Be careful when driving by or around a motor vehicle accident or any situation where emergency vehicles are parked and the firefighters are working. • Drivers should stay at least 500 feet behind emergency vehicles. • Don’t race ahead to make the green light or turn before the emergency vehicle. • Don’t drive through a red light or stop sign when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind.

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Lucas Franklin, Nola Brantley Branch Manager "The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman"

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Daniel Kemp, W.R. - "I love to read! I just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows..."



The Band of the Air Force Reserve will strike the downbeat on another “Concert in the Park” series at the Museum of Aviation beginning September 13. The Museum’s amphitheater will host the Tuesday evening performances through Sept. 27 beginning at 7:00 pm. The concerts are free and open to the public. “This Concert in the Park series is a way to say ‘thank you’ to Middle Georgians from the Band and t he Air Force Reserve,” band commander Maj. Donald Schofield is quoted in an Air Force Reserve Command news release. “Their support is invaluable to us and our citizen airmen. This concert is just a small token of appreciation.” The Full Spectrum Jazz Ensemble will lead the parade on Sept. 13 featuring modern jazz originals and big-band classics. The Reserve Generation will follow on Sept. 20 with a mix of contemporary adult songs, rhythm and blues, jazz and country and tunes from Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100. The finale on Sept. 27 will feature the full concert band with a varied repertoire including classic overtures, Sousa marches, Broadway show tunes and patriotic favorites. Lawn chairs, blankets and picnic baskets are welcome although no alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed.

SEPT. 2 - 17

WARNER ROBINS LITTLE THEATRE PRESENTS “I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES” Comedy by Neil Simon. Play-dates: September 2, 3; 8, 9, 10, 11 (Mat); 15, 16, 17. All Showtimes: 8:00 pm evening, 2:30 pm matinée. I Ought to be in Pictures isn’t one of Neil Simon’s better-known plays, but it follows the scientifically proven formula of classics like The Sunshine Boys and The Odd Couple: when apparently incompatible individuals live in close proximity they generate friction, which creates sparks of comedy gold. Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French. Inc. 502 S. Pleasant Hill Road, Warner Robins. 478-929-4579. Tickets: General Admission: $15 Student, Senior Citizens and Military: $12.


LABOR DAZE AT SHENANIGAN’S PUB Shenanigan’s Pub is hosting their annual Labor Day Covered Dish Extravaganza! What the heck is that you ask? Well, it works like this. You bring a covered dish, you eat for free or just show up and pay only $5.00 for the giant spread laid out before you. You better believe that the chicken and ribs provided by Terry Bridges are the best in the county. Entertainment is provided by Leroy Wilson, Rob Walker and many other local greats. It’s a guaranteed recipe for fun. Food service will start at roughly 5:30 – 6:00 and music starts at 7:00. Bring a friend, bring a covered dish and bring your dancing shoes.

recovery effort. Enjoy handmade burgers, dogs and sausage, or call ahead for a fully cooked Boston Butt (just $30). Raffle tickets will also be sold for some great prizes. Event runs from 1pm, live music starts at 3pm. 2515 Moody Road, Warner Robins. 929-3343

Houston County High Dugout Club 4th Annual Golf Tournament Saturday, September 17, 2:00 p.m. Shotgun Start, $60 per player at the Landings Golf Club. For more information, please visit:


INTERNATIONAL CITY FARMERS’ MARKET Corner of Watson Blvd & Davis Dr, Warner Robins 2- 6:00 pm. For more information, call 478-225-7626. We're at the peak season for great tomatoes, watermelons, eggplant and so much more!


PERRY PARKS & REC ‘FALL INTO FITNESS CAMP’ Register today, 1060 Keith Drive, Perry, GA. Camp starts October 3-7 for ages 5-13. Cost is $35 per week. Spaces are limited, so sign up today.


FREE CONCERT BY AIR FORCE RESERVE BAND Air Force Reserve Band at the Aerospace Museum on Hwy 247. They will play every Tuesday of the month in the evenings so make plans for the whole family to get out one afternoon and go listen to the greatest patriotic music in the world.


FORT VALLEY HAMBONE JAM The Annual Hambone Jam is happening September 9th and 10th in downtown Fort Valley with some awesome BBQ contests and great folk and bluegrass music for the family. The event is recognized by the Georgia Barbecue Association as the State BBQ Championship. With 35 teams from around the state squaring off in a BBQ burn, it's going to be a finger-lickin good time.

Cancer Serenity Garden presents a Talent Expo at the Galleria Mall, admission is $5 at the door. View the handiwork of cancer survivors as they put their talents on display. Proceeds from the sale will pay for landscaping of the Cancer Serenity Garden. To participate, please call Juday Mason at 478-953-1377.


COOKOUT FUNDRAISER AT SNAPPER’S LOUNGE Snapper’s Lounge and friends are trying to raise money for Betty Hagen and her cancer 04 SEPTEMBER 2 - 16, 2011

HOUSTON COUNTY FOOTBALL Robins Demons Sept. 3 (H) Douglas Co. Sept. 16 (H) Colquitte Co. Sept. 23 (A) Houston County Sept. 30 (H) Northside Eagles

– 7:30 – 7:30 – 7:30 -7:30

Veterans Warhawks Sept. 2 (H) Mary Persons Sept. 9 (H) Peach County Sept. 16 (A) Perry Sept. 23 (H) Central Macon

– 7:30 – 7:30 – 7:30 – 7:30

Northside Eagles Sept. 2 (H) Kendrick – 7:30 – 7:30 Sept. 17 (H) Lakeside – 2 p.m. Sept. 24 (H) Bainbridge Sept. 30 Warner Robins Demons 7:30 Houston County Bears Sept. 2 (A) West Laurens Sept. 10 (H) Mary Persons Sept. 16 (H) Veterans Sept. 23 (A) Howard

– 7:30 – 7:30 – 7:30 – 7:30

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AN INTERVIEW BY Rae Abney aka Sista Rae


Rampage Pro Wrestling Celebrates Three Years y nine year old grandson has a date night with his momma once a month and he always takes her to Johnny G's for a Rampage Pro Wrestling Match. They both enjoy this evening so very much that I thought I would look into the exciting world of wrestling; and who better to go with me to help ask the proper questions than my grandson, John. John and I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask these wrestling champs a few questions to see what makes them tick in their never ending battle of good versus bad.... Kyle Matthews, is a good southern boy with charming manners, I could tell his momma loves him; he is the fellow in the white hat who takes up for the underdog


Kyle, How long have you been fighting the good fight? I've been wrestling since I was 15 years old. Do you have a signature move? Oh yes ma'am it's called the SLURPIE KICK because you’re gonna have to sip out of a straw when I deliver the pain! Ha! I think I've come up with your name—we should call you Mr. 7-11. What has been your worse injury? I had five staples in my head thanks to that big mouth Jimmy Rave. This Jimmy Rave is your nemesis? Yes. He has a really big mouth and can't fight just one on one. When I got the staples, it was him and five of his Jimmy Rave Approved gang that attacked me unfairly. My grandson John asks, Who encourages you more—your fans or your team mates? Well, my team mates and I pump each other up but the fans pump us up once we start wrestling. We couldn't do it without out y’all cheering us on! The second wrestler, Shaun, is a very nice looking young man with arms bigger than my legs and a very pretty mouth. And, believe me, he has a healthy ego as well... Well hey there Shaun Banks! What's your

wrestling name? I told you who I am! I am Shaun Banks! Are you a member of Jimmy Rave's gang? Because Kyle says y’all all have a big mouth. No and, he says laughing, at least I don't have five staples in my head. So Shaun where are you from? Every woman’s fantasy! (giggling) O my lord... aah ha! Gottcha...How long have you been bringing the pain Shaun? Thirteen years. My grandson asks, Who encourages you more—the fans or your team mates? Definitely my team mates. I don't really care what the fans think about me. Do you have a signature move to bring the pain Mr. Banks? I'm gonna call you Mister because those guns of yours demand some respect. A Top Rope Elbow...nothing fancy; it gets the job done...puts staples in peoples’ heads.. What's your worse injury? I've been stabbed twice, (He lifts up his tight tee shirt to reveal perfect washboard abs, oh! And sure nuff, two scars from a knife fight). Did you get that in a wrestling match?! No—outside the wrestling ring. Well the good Lord is not done with you yet Mr. Banks. I know that it can't top the two stab wounds, but what is your worst injury from a wrestling match? Ah nothing serious, just busted my head a couple of times and it's been rough on my knees but they are good to go now. I think you might be humble about bringing the pain. The only reason I wrestle is to pick-up chicks. The next wrestler to come in is actually in the top ten in the NWA, The bad boy Jimmy Rave: So you’re the Infamous bad boy Jimmy Rave. Something like that.

Above, bad boy Jimmy Rave, a top ten in the NWA says, “I’ve been very successful, and I try to help and mentor the younger guys.” Rampage, held at Johnny G’s is celebrating it’s third year this month. Well, Kyle Matthews said you gave him five staples to the head and that you have a gang called Jimmy Rave Approved and that you also have a big mouth! I think it's debatable, he only says I have a big mouth because he doesn't like what I am saying....He is very UN-grateful, he was one of those guys I tried to help along and mentor..I've been very successful. I have been on T & A, The Ring of Honor, and I've done

some Pro wrestling in Japan. I bet they loved you over there with those baby blue eyes. O yea I was not what they were used to seeing. But I have been all over the world on national TV and I try to help other wrestlers find the correct path to go along and Kyle didn’t like my method of going about this. CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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ARTS & EDUCATION and sense of direction that seems to be the dominant characteristic in these swimmers. The Aquanauts organization is a nonprofit that has been in Houston County since 1958. It is run by a Board of elected officers and subsists on sponsorships. Coach Hamborg states that without these sponsorships it would be impossible to continue hosting the Aquanauts. Coach Hamborg has concerns for the pools continuation. Protection of the resource, he says, is vital to its existence. “To not decide is to decide.” With continued support from the community, volunteers, and

Aquanauts: Warner Robins’ Swim Team RACHEL HELIE he pool located in Memorial Park, adjacent to the now unused and dilapidated Jay-Cee’s building, has played host to many worthwhile ventures: the Red Cross conducts lifeguard training there, the Houston County Fire Department uses it for scuba training, the Boys Scouts of America use the pool two to three times annually for water safety merit badge achievement, and it is the home of the Aquanauts. According to their website, in 1958 an interested group of parents, who wanted their children to enjoy the benefits of competitive swimming and good health, started what was then called the Warner Robins Warriors. At that time it was a summer-only-swim team. Since then, the organization has changed the name to the Aquanauts, grown to a year-round program, and made its mark in the world of competitive swimming. oaching the team is a family affair. June Hamborg, assistant coach of the Aquanauts, moved to Warner Robins from Newport Beach, California eleven years ago with her family to pursue ministry work. She loves swimming because it is “…an equalizer. It is a sport that anyone can participate in. Kids who have obstacles to participation in other sports can participate in swimming.” Her son, Wesley Hamborg, a promising baseball player, fell in love with swimming and now coaches the Aquanauts as his mother did before him. Coach Hamborg observed his team in the midst of our interview with a hawkish eye



for detail. He did not lose focus on his duty to these kids. This kind of dedication shows in dividends. The focus of a swimmer in action is peerless in the world of sport. The only comparison can be found in gymnastics or dance, where in the midst of perfecting oneself on a team, one can distinguishes oneself individually. This is competitive swimming. It is part genetic predisposition and part sheer will and determination. To qualify for the Aquanauts US Swim team, one must be able to perform the necessary freestyle and backstroke criteria. The team averages 4-5k yards per training session. Suffice it to say that the impact on overall health and wellness are incomparable. These are very fit athletes. Last year Brett Niemantsverdriet, a graduate of a local high school applied to Georgia Tech. He is now enrolled there and is waiting for a chance to walk on. “His determination was impressive and that’s what really defines a competitor. We would be at the pool at 5 am during the school year and he would be training in the dark”, says Coach Hamborg. Niemantsverdriet went on to qualify for State competition. The Aquanauts will likely see him again at the Georgia Tech fall invite which is to be held in the 1996 Olympic pool on campus, October 1 and 2. Elena Witham, recently graduated salutatorian of Houston County High has applied to Pepperdine and Stanford universities but says, “Even if I have to go to a Division 1 school I will. I want to go somewhere I can still do competitive swimming. I want to find a school that will let me walk on.” It is this self-discipline

Sonny Seiler to Sign book “Damn Good Dogs!” at GA Sports Hall of Fame, September 9

Sonny Seiler and Kent Hannon will be at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame on Friday, September 9th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM to sign copies of their recently released book, Damn Good Dogs! The Real Story of Uga, the University of Georgia’s Bulldog Mascots. Seiler is the owner of the English bulldogs that have served as the University of Georgia’s mascot since 1956. Hannon is an author who has written for Sports Illustrated and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The name Uga is synonymous with the Georgia Bulldogs, a perennial powerhouse among the top college football teams in the country. These English bulldogs are so revered that when they die, they are buried in a mausoleum at Sanford Stadium. But Uga is also a family pet, and Damn Good Dogs! gives readers a rare glimpse into the personal history of these nationally acclaimed mascots.

Perry Middle School Wins National FCCLA Awards

Perry Middle School students Cassy Chaney, Ashley Long and Rebekah Gamundi competed in national STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) events at the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America’s (FCCLA) 2011 National Leadership Conference. Cassy received a Gold medal in the Recycle and Redesign Event. Rebekah and Ashley received a Silver medal in the Chapter Showcase Manual Event. Their medals were presented at a recognition session to honor the competitors. FCCLA members tackle issues such as teen violence prevention, traffic safety, family issues, career exploration, and much more. FCCLA programs and competitions enrich student learning, improve self-esteem and serve students with a range of ability levels, economic situations, and cultural influences.


Museum of Aviation RAFB Commons Macon State WR campus Nola Brantley Library WR Little Theatre Medical Associates Moe’s El Cotija Friends’s II Bar & Grill Tips VIP Lounge Fincher’s BBQ Wow Cafe Margarita’s Smokes BBQ

06 SEPTEMBER 2 - 16, 2011

Crickets Bar & Grill Yesterdaze Bar & Grill Shane’s Rib Shack The Tavern Buffalo’s Hooter’s Shannon’s Cafe Mama Goldbergs MC Salon Color Me Pink Bedford Park Apts. Express Auto Hamby Auto Larry’s Giant Subs Bouchez

sponsors the preservation of this historic organization can be secured. Swimming lessons are offered during the summer and Water Aerobics classes are held in the afternoon and evening all year round. The pool also hosts a Masters program and lap swimming for adults and seniors For more information on programs and services that the Aquanauts offer visit their website. To contact Coach Hamborg email him at or call the pool at (478)929-8044.

Allen’s Pizzeria Georgia Bob’s Shenanigan’s Roberto’s Mexican Wellston’s Diner Larry’s Giant Subs Starship Mellow Mushroom Middle GA Tech. College WR Music Store Chandler Collision Majestic Frames Touch of Magick El Tapatio Cafe Caribe Restaurant

Sugar Magnolias My Fathers Place Wicked Art Tattoo U Roll Smokes


Peach Mall Music Masters Georgia Bob’s Byron Cane Vineyards Montana’s Lane Packing


Emilio's Cuban Cafe (Hwy 247) Cavern at Southland Station

Johnny’s Pizza The Cavern Fusion Salon


(coming soon)

Nu-2-U Jalisco Grill Ramada Inn Green Derby My Sister’s Café Perry Medical Center Shell Food Mart Angelos Italian Bistro Galaxy Spirits Liquors Shipwreck Seafood Hampton Place




If we don’ t have it...

We can find it! If we can’t find it... They don’t make it!

BEST CARS BEST PRICES GEORGIA So what is your signature move? Mmmm I just win with my gang and I think some people find those tactics questionable; but if you look at the win to loss ratio those tactics prove to be very successful. If you won the Championship what would you do? I would take a picture of it and post it on Kyle Matthews Facebook wall! The next wrestler to walk in rather surprised me because I recognized and know him to be a world renowned eye surgeon, Dr Johnny Gayton. I also know that he has smashed a lot of weight lifting records! Wow I knew you were a power lifter but I really had no idea that you wrestled as long did you wrestle? Doc Gayton~ Well, it’s a long story, but I will give you the short version. I became a wrestling fan back when I was a child it was one of those things that me and my Dad had in common. I was the first male in my family to finish the eighth grade (my Daddy said I got started and didn’t know when to stop). That was one thing we had in common so I started wrestling some in high school and I did some college wrestling and did some local professional wrestling. I even got a tryout with the organization that represented Mr. Wrestling 2 and Rick Flair but they said I was too small. I understood because at that time they were looking for big people so I put it on a back burner and then, when I approached the age of 50, I said if ‘I am ever gonna be a world champion I better get started because the clock is ticking.’ I knew I was strong because I have worked out my whole life. Then I got this mailing from Duluth Georgia about this power lifting contest there. I had a little time and I said ‘I'm gonna try this!’ So I did it and even left before it was over because I didn’t think I had done that well. So Monday comes and here they come delivering medals to my office. I was so surprised I had won my age group. From that point I decided to see just how far I could take thing you

know I won a regional competition, then a state competition, a southeastern competition, even a national competition. The next thing you know, I'm on the US team representing the United States in some competitions and I ended up becoming a World Champion! So I got pretty strong and entered a strong man competition because a lot of people thought I only could power lift. This competition isn’t like the ones on TV, the one I entered had the different weight classes because there is no way I would stand a chance with someone like Mark Henry; the 400 pound winner of the World's Strongest Man competition just dwarfs me, he's HUGE! I know I can't do anything with him but here is what I'm going to do and it did set a National record and that was to deadlift 255 pounds 27 times in a row.

AUTO BROKER 478-225-2959 • 478-256-1861

2500 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins Mon-Fri 10 to 6 • Sat 10 to 4

Holy~Cow! That's like lifting my ex-husband 27 times!! After I got done with that, the professional wrestlers came to me and said “You have athletic credibility. Now people will believe.” And you look for reasons to believe. So the power lifting worked for me in the wrestling ring. We held some events fact, our 3 year anniversary is coming up and I’m so thrilled at how well we have been received. What was your signature move? Well Rae, I had two of them, (as he lifts John on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes) he demonstrated THE BAD HABIT move because he would drop his opponent like a bad habit, the second one was a submission move called the CROSS FACE ….. So were you the good guy or a bad boy. I wasn't sweet...I was the guy with anger management problem. Catch the live action at Johnny G’s on Russell Pkwy; visit their website for a schedule. Watch NWA RPW TV each Saturday on Fox 24 at 9 a.m., Cox Cable 11 in Middle Georgia Thursday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at noon, or anytime at 7

3 Great Locations!

131 Margie Drive 112 Russell Pkwy 805 Ga Hwy 96


Soda, ! sh Tea & Slu

99¢ LARGE DRINKS before 11am

GOT REIKI? www. soothingradiance www. .com or call 478.951.8988

08 SEPTEMBER 2 - 16, 2011


DINING OUT | local dining spotlight




itting at the corner of Russell Pkwy and Houston Lake Road, inside a convenience store, is a casual restaurant whose food is sure to get your motor runnin’! Georgia Bob’s BBQ represents all that is right in the south. What started out being served in the 1920s from a quarter-mile long pit at the Peach Festival, evolved into a thriving restaurant chain in Warner Robins, Byron and Macon. Their menu is chuck-full of flavor-packed goodness to satisfy even the pickiest eater. The made from scratch chicken salad is my absolute favorite in town and has become a staple of my diet! Whether it’s slapped between two pieces of bread or cradled atop a bed of lettuce, the result is the same: a refreshing, cold choice for a hot summer’s day. In addition to the traditional barbeque sandwich, there are a wide variety of sandwiches: Link in a bun (pork link sandwich), Grilled Barbeque Chicken, Buffalo Chicken Tenderloin, Sliced Beef Brisket, Carolina Barbeque (pulled pork topped with coleslaw), Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers. Order a sandwich with a side of fries and Brunswick stew, and you are in hog heaven! (And for those of you who like your fries crispy, they are happy to accommodate your special order.) For those of you with a slightly larger appetite, try a combination platter. You can pick 2, 3, or 4 of their meats and 2 side items. The selection of meats is grand: Georgia Bob's St. Louis Ribs, A

Boneless Skinless Grilled Chicken Breast, Our Famous Southern Style Pulled Pork, Texas Style Pit-Cooked Sliced Beef Brisket, Pork Link Sausage, and Pit Cooked Sliced Turkey Breast with the special Georgia Bob's Rub. Kids, you can choose from the regular menu or enjoy a mini corn dog basket or a chicken tender basket and mom/dad will pay a reduced price for your meal. And don’t forget to treat yourself with a delicious desert. Have a southern style, made-from-scratch banana pudding or a chocolate delight with its graham cracker, pecan and cream cheese crust and smooth chocolate pudding. From patiently waiting for diners to hem haw around taking their good time placing an order to those with special requests, the staff at Georgia Bob’s works hard to make your visit enjoyable. They even offer bulk items and special seasonal meats. If you are in a hurry, you can preorder your meal via internet, fax or by phone and they will have it ready for your arrival. Be sure to take a look at their website, you will find several special recipes divulged so you can cook “southern style” at home. Georgia Bob’s is located at 1882 Russell Pkwy in Warner Robins, 140 Cane River Drive in Byron (while you’re there, visit their Wine Shop next door, and 4921 Russell Pkwy.


10 SEPTEMBER 2 - 16, 2011


DINING OUT | dining hotspots and weekly dining deals

THE DISH dining hotspots BLD: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner BAR: Alcohol Served $: Entrees under $10 $$: $10-$20 $$$: Above $20


A Q&A with those in the restaurant biz JOHN MICHAEL RECOMMENDS

Montana’s Steakhouse, Byron Specializing in some of this areas finest steaks, ribs, chicken & seafood. Located in the Peach Outlet Mall and open Monday - Sunday 11 am - 10 pm! 311 Ga Highway 49 N Byron, (478) 956-0441.

Where he works? Rivalry’s Sports Bar Hometown: Macon What he recommends? The Ribeye Sandwich, it’s made with real black angus beef sliced with melted cheese. Favorite restaurant other than where you work? I would have to say Shogun, My favorite sushi is the Big Mouth Roll.

Friends Bar & Grill Serving up your favorite homestyle dishes, along with famous burgers, chicken tenders and other bar food staples.1129 Russell Pkwy,225.1165 LD • BAR • $.

Johnny’s New York-style Pizzeria A New York style pizzeria featuring fresh baked pizza, authentic pasta dishes, calzones, subs and salads. Monday nights, kids dine for 99¢ (one-topping slice and a drink.) This pizzeria offers an amazing and affordable menu also featuring weekly drink specials and some nightly entertainment. Student Special Monday - Friday 2-5pm, enjoy 2 cheese slices and a coke for just $4.99. LD • BAR • $-$$ Hwy 96 in Kroger Shopping Center. Open Mon-Thu,Sun 11am-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10:30pm. 478.988.0220 Mellow Mushroom In 1974, three college students in Atlanta opened the first of what has now grown to 100 restaurants. Each one locally-owned and operated, with their own distinct, funkified flavor. Gourmet pizza, original sandwiches and a large drink menu. Family friendly! LD • BAR • $-$$ Located just off Bass Road at 5425 Bowman Road, Macon.

The Tavern at Southland Station American dining at its finest. Entrée choices are vast and the portions are plentiful.Whether selecting seafood, chicken or beef, diners are sure to be amazed by the succulent USDA prime-aged steak,

fresh fish and unique daily specials prepared by Executive Chef Mike Vinson. Ask about the crab cake weekend special. LD • BAR • $-$$ 117 Russell Pkwy (near Southland Station), Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – midnight. For more information, call (478) 929-5126 or visit the website at

Allen’s Stone-baked Pizzeria Handmade dough, special requests, and X-box 360’s Kinect make this the perfect place for the family. Lunchtime, 11 – 3 p.m., offers a special 15-minute guarantee to have your pizza to your table at a cost of only $4.99 for one topping. Delivery, pick-up, or dine in. LD • $-$$ 115-A Margie Drive, just down from the Goodwill store. Hours of operation are Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.—10 p.m. and Sun. noon –9 p.m.

Beans! farm

A Cer

t u ra l l ti f ie d Na

fa rm i y G ro w n


n Ma c o n

Martin’s BBQ Pulled pork, ribs, sliced beef brisket, sausage, smoked turkey, pork chops and all the normal fixins for a good ole southern barbecue can be found at convenient locations. $-$$ 102 South 1st Street (near the base) 478-923-0800 & 866 Ga Highway 96 # D 478-988-0292

Shakey's Pizza Parlor With an all-you-can-eat buffet offered in addition to their special pizzas, Shakey's is a family-friendly place. Offering specials for kids, military and senior citizens, there's something for every taste. Don't forget the fried chicken and cinnamon buns or you'll be sorry! Friday night, enjoy a special catfish and shrimp buffet. LD • $; $$ Hours of operation Sun. - Sat. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; 785 N. Houston Rd., 478-923-5381

Montana’s Bar & Grill at The Landings Specializing in some of this areas finest steaks, ribs, chicken & seafood. With lunch and dinner specials, open seven days a week. Special dinner menu Thursday - Saturday 5pm-closing. 309 Statham’s Way, 478-923-5222

Café Caribe Authentic Dominican, Cuban, & Puerto Rican cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients, choice meats, seafood, and rice & beans. LD $-$$; 713 Watson Blvd., by Nola Brantley Library; 478-922-6700. Hours M-W 10:30 - 3 p.m.;Th-Sat 10:30 - 7 p.m.; Sun. 1 - 5. Rusty's Downtown Grill & Bar Appetizers, Beef, Seafood and Pasta entrees, kids meals, large selection of desserts and full bar. LD - Lunch $; Dinner $ $$ $$$ 807 Carroll Street, Perry, (478-224-7878. Mon Thurs:11:00 am-9:00 pmFri - Sat:11:00 am-10:00 pm Grampa's Catfish House Seafood. LD $ $$, 2907 Watson Blvd (by Target) Hours Sun - Sat noon - 10 p.m.

P ic ke d j u

t a ble s Fre s h Ve g e e e kly ! De li ve re d W

st fo r yo u

NUMBER CRUNCHING Special Offers and Weekly Dining Deals TIPS VIP LOUNGE



Every Saturday, buy one entree get the second half-off.



ALL WEEK LONG: EARLY BIRD SPECIALS 4-5:30PM: Enjoy $2 off any dinner entree. ALSO ENJOY Tuesdays: Buy one, get one free pasta dinners



Monday nights, treat the kids! A slice and a drink under a buck


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SARAH PALIN: SERIOUS THREAT OR SIDESHOW? to run Alaska. (The state has since adopted laws making it permissible for the state to incur some fees when a public official who is cleared of ethics violations.) She has to keep this in eptember 3rd will mark a monumental front of the public's eye as this will be the first day in American political history. There and most often asked questions by the press. Palin's biggest asset is Sarah Palin. I can are widespread reports that former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential candi- tell you from first hand experience that Sarah is date Sarah Palin will be announcing that she the rock star of the Republican Party, as I will be running for President at a Tea Party attended one of the first rallies she went to after rally in Indianola, Iowa. (The original venue in she and John McCain lost in 2008. Senator Saxby Chambliss Waukee had to be was involved in a moved as it was runoff with Jim thought to be too Martin here in small to hold the Georgia. It was crowd expected critical that for the announceSaxby be reelectment.) Why is ed as the Super this so monumenMajority of the tal? Because this U.S. Senate was will mark the first at stake and Palin time in the history was asked to of the United come to Georgia States that two and help. Well women, Palin and let me tell you, M i c h e l l e that day at the Bachmann, will P e r r y be contenders at Fairgrounds the same time for rivaled any a major partyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s I would say that Sarah Palin will be a Beatles concert nomination. The media sideshow for exactly 30 minutes: ever held. It was question will be the 30 minutes leading up to her pandemonium this, however: announcement. After that, she will move to say the least, Will Palin's candiinto the top tier of candidates... and I can tell you dacy be one to be taken as a serious threat or will it become a cir- that the excitement sure wasn't for Saxby, although he certainly was her beneficiary. cus sideshow? Unfortunately, Sarah Palin's quest for the People like that she can relate to them in a Vice-Presidency started off like a meteor only "downhome" way. I've met a lot of politicians, to come crashing down to earth after the Katie former Presidents and sports heroes and I can Couric interview. From that time on, tell you that meeting Sarah Palin was one of the Governor Palin was trounced upon by not most impressive. Although I didn't get a oneonly the media, but members of the Democrat on-one discussion with her (I was part of the Party as well as members of her own party. In rope line on the way off of the stage.), when I my opinion, Palin has handled things well. told her that I had been her's and McCain's Extremely well as a matter of fact. She's had to campaign manager in Middle Georgia, she take the abuse from the media regarding her stopped signing autographs, shook my hand daughter's out of wedlock child. (Though for and gave me a sincere and genuine thank you. some reason, people of the media seem to for- (She signed my Newsweek too...) The sincerget that Jesse Jackson fathered a child out of ity she showed can't be faked. I've seen a lot of wedlock. Jesse never took near the beating that that, trust me. Jimmy Carter comes to mind... All in all I would say that Sarah Palin will Palin did.) Classless comedians have joked about her baby with Down's Syndrome, show- be a media sideshow for exactly 30 minutes: ing absolutely no shame whatsoever. Again to the 30 minutes leading up to her announceher credit, she's handled these attacks with dig- ment. After that, she will move into the top tier nity. This has also given Palin's skin the tough- of candidates, probably knocking out at least ness of an elephant. Palin, more than any other two lower tiered candidates right off the bat, candidate the GOP has, has been vetted and and become a very serious threat for the nomtaken apart by the other party and by the media. ination of the GOP. The only other candidate I feel her biggest mistake, which most cer- who can create the kind of excitement that will tainly can be overcome, was when she resigned be surrounding Sarah Palin would be as Governor of Alaska. It's my opinion that it Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey who would have served her better to complete her still insists he is not running, although I have term, but this wasn't my decision. I do feel that not heard a categorical Shermanesque stateher reason for resigning was valid, however. At ment from him yet. I don't think that the mainthe time, Palin was involved in defending a stream media should underestimate the lady bogus ethics charges against her that not only from Wasilla. But Sarah, keep the "You cost her $500,000 of personal funds, but Betcha's" to a minimum if you want to stay at enveloped her whole days making it impossible the top. BILL KNOWLES Local Active member of the Republican Party

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More than 70 Macon State College students and staff, known collectively as the Blue Storm Brigade, volunteered their time to the Special Olympics State Master’s Bowling Tournament in Warner Robins on August 21, donating more than 300 hours to the event. Some 800 Special Olympics athletes and their coaches traveled to Houston County from across the state to compete in traditional and unified bowling competitions. According to the Special Olympics event coordinator, the Blue Storm Brigade members did an outstanding job, not only in keeping accurate scoring records, but also in encouraging the athletes and celebrating their accomplishments.

Houston County Sheriff visits Perry Middle School Corporal Eric Phillips visited Diana Phillips' Business and Computer Science class at Perry Middle School on Aug. 22. He provided students with a unique insight into the job of a Recon Marine, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff's Response Team member, Drug Recognition Expert, Bomb Dog Handler, Kenpo Instructor and Training Officer. Students were able to see the correlation between current curriculum and its application in real world situations. Phillips has been a deputy for Houston County for the past four years and currently works as the county's training officer for the Houston County Detention Center.

Matt Arthur Elementary School fifthgrader Max Franklin presented his project to elementary teachers who teach FOCUS - Fostering Originality, Creativity, Unique Ideas, and Self-direction classes. Catherine Cooper, his FOCUS teacher, said, "Max presented his independent FOCUS project on flight to our county's FOCUS teachers. He researched information on gliders and then created a PowerPoint to explain his research. Max was well versed on the dynamics of gliders, sharing both the history of gliders and also how gliders operate."

In a previous article, improving energy efficiency was identified as a source of jobs using a “picks and shovels” approach. As a refresher, this phrase comes from Ross Harding, CEO, Energy Launch Partners, and means jobs in all the areas needed to develop and achieve improved energy efficiency – the manufacturing, the transportation, the services, the technology and engineering, etc. Nearby examples of “picks and shovels” are in Americus, Dublin, Brunswick and Savannah. Solar is an expanding renewable energy area in Georgia and the Southeast. Qualified people and production of systems and components are two “picks and shovels” in this business. In August, South Georgia Technical College in Americus signed an agreement with MAGE Solar Academy, Dublin, to start offering training in designing, installing, and maintaining photovoltaic solar systems (PV) for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. This training will equip graduates with the knowledge to enter the solar energy industry both locally and throughout the Southeast region. In addition, completion of the training will also allow students to earn credits towards certification by a national organization, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). What about Dublin? MAGE Solar has a production facility there. A growing business for Georgia is the production and export of wood pellets and chips to customers in Europe. Local companies, Fram Renewables and Telfair Forest Products are but two examples, are purchasing wood from Georgia landowners for production of wood chips and pellet. These are then exported through the ports of Brunswick and Savannah. To handle this export business, jobs are created throughout the supply chain -- suppliers of equipment to the forest products industry, harvesting and transportation of wood, processing of the wood into pellets, expansion of port facilities. The above are two energy related instances of the “picks and shovels” approach locally. Similar opportunities exist in other areas as well – the supply chains supporting Robins AFB especially. This is a good news story -- opportunities abound. Let’s go. We want to hear what your questions, concerns, and ideas are that impact Houston County. Find us on Facebook as Coalition of Concerned Citizens Houston County, or email us at We want to hear what your questions, concerns, and ideas are that impact Houston County. Find us on Facebook as Coalition of Concerned Citizens Houston County, or email us at

Linwood Receives School Supply Donation DLA Aviation Warner Robins and its commander, Col. Daniel Hicks, have adopted Linwood Elementary School and recently donated school supplies; they plan to make the school supplies drive an annual event. Pictured (from left) are: Dennis Shema, financial management analyst, DLA Aviation Warner Robins; Pamela Burch, Customer Support Manager, DLA Aviation Warner Robins; Lori Anderson, Human Resource Specialist and Lazunia Frierson, principal of Linwood Elementary. 13


NIGHTLIFE | david brockway explores Houston County’s nightlife

AN ABUNDANCE OF ROCK N ROLL Is what you get when you see a high-energy band like Plethra. These music makers are ahead of the curve when it comes to eloquent musicianship, well-planned sets, fun, focused energy and professional attitude. They endeavor to make each show unique, creative and memorable. Members of Plethra are Ray McDermid...face melting guitar stage left, Shannon Booker...rhythm guitar and ammunitions, Dustin Teel...Richter Scale Technician, Chris Nations...vocal messiah and cannibalistic warfare expert and last but not least, Bronnie Turner...Drums, public relations, long walks on the beach, gallon of milk, loaf of bread, 6-pack of beer, you get the point. I love how these guys can go from raw, face-melting power rock to, well, more of the same. I spoke with Ray Mcdermid and he says, “We encourage people to come check us out and have a good time. We try to always leave it all on stage by the end of the night and we’ll walk off sore and broken but always with

the great feeling that we did our job to the best of our ability. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have music.” So from Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Tool, all I’m saying is, bring your jumping shoes and drink lots of liquids. You’ll have a blast. You can catch Plethra’s schedule on their facebook, just search for Plethra.

LABOR DAZE, PART II I always thought it silly that no one works on ‘Labor’ Day. Where in the world did this yet another generally vague holiday come from? According to my good friend Google, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and

economic achievements of American workers. OK. I’m all for it. Seems like we could all use a break in the monotony of employment. How, you inquire, does this relate to the Nightlife scene? Glad you asked. Believe it or not, there are people out there who are full-time musicians who depend on booking gigs regularly to put food on the table and keep the power on. It’s certainly not an easy economy for many of us but I gotta do a shout out to those who strive to bring us a fun, entertaining evening with their hard work and continual efforts to improve the music scene. So I digress, If you’ve got nothing better to do this weekend, go out and support a local entertainer. On a side note, Shenanigan’s is hosting their annual Labor Day shindig complete with chicken, ribs, covered dishes galore and awesome entertainment provided by Leroy Wilson, Rob Walker, Jason Hobbs and a whole bunch of others, myself included. Happy Labor Day ya’ll.


We’re on our way to cooler weather! And it’s the only month of the year that you can catch the Air Force Reserve Band at the Aerospace Museum on Hwy 247. They will play every Tuesday of the month in the evenings so make plans for the whole family to get out one afternoon and go listen to the greatest patriotic music in the world. What about this? The Annual Hambone Jam is happening September 9th and 10th in downtown Fort Valley with some awesome BBQ contests and great folk and bluegrass music for the family. From the Fort Valley Mainstreet website, “Fort Valley Mainstreet and the Downtown Development Authority are proud to sponsor the Hambone Jam in downtown Fort Valley the first week of September each year. It is our goal to make this one of the largest and most popular events of its type in Georgia...” Here’s another great event happening in September. The Hillside RV Park Blugrass Fall Festival will be in full swing the 15th, 16th and 17th. It happens every year in Cochran and having checked it out last year can tell you it’s 3 days of fantastic bluegrass and folk music.



4027 TheWatson Wall Blvd. Tel: 971.0100 SHENANIGAN’S PUB A2Z Band THECAVERN HANGAR THE

Hwy. 96 & Moody Rd Bruce Brookshire 6p Bonaire DJ Dub DIZ 10p Tel: 225.2351 KIPPER’S SPORTS GRILL

JOHNNY’S PIZZERIA DJ Dance Party THEHwy CAVERN 778 96, Bonaire Tel: 988.0220 Karaoke FRIENDS II

Live Acoustic Music LUNCH SERVED FRI 9/9 Daily Ladies Night 11-3 DAILYRansom Happy Hour THE HANGAR THE CAVERN 5-8pm

Corruption Eddie Stone & Rob FRIENDS ON DJ THEDrive HILL FAMILY GUY Walker 6:30-9:30 $10 DRINK OR GAME DAY DROWN NITEKeith & JPSpinning til TAVERN THE Shot Specials Karaoke til 2am $6 Draft Pitchers THE HANGAR 2am Open Mic Night hosted by Dawn & Joe Palmer Bruce Brookshire 6pm THE HANGAR DJ Walt 2-4-1 drafts TRIVIA KIDS EAT FOR 99¢ GRILL $5.99 Pitchers all night KIPPER’S SPORTS A slice and a drink

WED 9/7

THUR 9/8


SAT 9/10



14 SEPTEMBER 2 - 16, 2011


DRINK SPECIALS & ENTERTAINMENT DJ PHI 8:30-2AM Ballroom Karaoke with Jason, 9:30pm Dancing MONDAYS LADIES NIGHT THUR - SAT: Gals free all night! $3 Family Margs,Guy $2 Bud Trivia, Shot Specials, KIPPER’S Lite Yeungling $5&Pitchers @ THE CAVERN


Karaoke $10PUB buckets SHENANIGAN’S 5/28 Farewell 8-ball Tournament 8pm $6 draft pitchers LIVE MUSIC Disaster FRIENDS ON THE HILL 5/19: Jeff Hilyer LIVE MUSIC Indoor Cornhole 7:30pm, 5/26: Acoustic 5/14: Failtrain Karaoke 9pm FRIENDS II 5/20: Pajama Mic duoOpen Jason & Night Darin 5/21: Campbell Party w/DJ Drive Airlines KIPPER’S Steel tip dart tournament 7:30pm Martini Mondays 10% Discount Discount LIVE MUSIC FRIENDS ON 10% THE HILL @ THE with Jim TAVERN Cable for military for military all day, every day! all day, every day! $1.99 drafts Special: 24oz draft and 10 wings THURSDAYS $6 Pitchers all day $7.50 @ FRIENDS II THE TAVERN $6 Pitchers Specials on TUESDAYS day or Drown, Karaoke food and drink Texas Hold ‘Em 7:30pm $10allDrink Pool Tourney 8:30pm til 2am @ THE CAVERN FRIENDS II 2-4-1HOLD drafts‘EM all night @ TEXAS KARAOKE KARAOKE 7:30PM PIZZERIA JOHNNY’S Texas Hold ‘Em, 7pmDJ Dale with 5/20: Sidewinder Team Trivia - Karaoke POOL TOURNEY Pool tournament 8pm THE HANGAR 8:30PM FRIENDS ON THE HILL

Karaoke w/DJ Dale LIVE MUSIC $2 Tuesdays: FRIENDS II Eddie Stone Martini 9pm Plethra Karaoke $2 premier beers 117 Russell Pkwy. Mondays: & Rob Walker THE CAVERN HILL FRIENDS ON THE and top shelf drinks Back City Woods 6:30-9:30 Tel: 929.5126 THE HANGAR Homeless Hill Karaoke with Faye SPECIAL: THE HANGAR TIPS VIP LOUNGE TEXAS HOLD ‘EM DJ DriveINDOOR CORNHOLE FRIENDS II 24oz draft and 7:30PM 7:30PM College Football Russell Pkwy 10 wings $7.50 $5 to register DJ Drive Acoustic Music KIPPER’S SPORTS GRILL (alsoTHE wedCAVERN & thur) KARAOKE 9pm KIPPER’S SPORTS GRILL Karaoke Karaoke - BBRC SHENANIGAN’S PUB DARIN CURTIS YESTERDAZE Trivia starts at 8pm SHENANIGAN’S PUB $1.99 drafts KIPPER’S SPORTS GRILL 710 Lake Joy Rd TUES 9/13 JOHNNY’S PIZZERIA Tel: 287.6355 MON 9/5 Phil & Michelle Palma Texas Hold ‘Em, 7pm Leroy & Friends 6:30pm THE TAVERN Steve & Mike Ladies Night - $1 drinks for Labor Day cook-out SPORTS GRILL gals all night! TOSHENANIGAN’S GET YOUR BAR & MUSICKIPPER’S SCHEDULE LISTED, PLEASE EMAIL: Live Acoustic Music THE HANGAR Ladies Night Jeff Hilyer Open Mic Night 9:30 THE HANGAR THE CAVERN WED. KIPPER’S SPORTS GRILL DJ Drive til 2am FRI 9/16 THE CAVERN TUES 9/6 Sidewinder Phil & Michelle Palma FRIENDS ON THE HILL Trivia, $5.99 Pitchers THE TAVERN, 6:30pm JOHNNY’S PIZZERIA




Beer Pong - 8pm 5/28:HILL Neon FRIENDS ON THE Jug Band Drink or Drown 9-CL KIPPER’S SPORTS GRILL


Beer Pong - Play for a trip to Vegas! FRIENDS ON THE HILL Texas Hold ‘Em, 4pm THE HANGAR


9/2: The Wall 9/3: BBRC 9/5: LABOR DAY COOK-OUT with Leroy & Friends

Hwy 96 and Moody Rd - Bonaire 478.225.2351 25.2351 naire - 478.22 478.2 21 & UP


Open Labor DayDrink specials all day!

CAV ERN MONDAY ~ $3 and up Shot Specials ~ $5 Pitchers


TUESDAY ~ $10 Drink or Drown ~ Karaoke til 2am WEDNESDAY ~ $5 Domestic Pitchers ~ DJ Drive / Kidd Star til 2am FRIDAY ~ DJ Dance Party SATURDAY - LIVE MUSIC ~ Sept 3: Plethra ~ Sept 10: Ransom


MONDAYS 25¢ Wings


Tues, Thurs & Sat Poker Texas Hold ‘Em starts at 7:30p


Indoor Cornhole Tournament 7:30p


Monday - Saturday 3pm - 2am Happy Hour 3pm - 7pm

8-Ball Wed & Fri at 8:30pm 9-Ball Saturdays at 8:30pm





TUES & THUR 1st come 7:30PM 1st serve!


SAT. SEPT 10 Member Appreciation Night 6-8pm

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