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2023 edition exciting hunting and fishing destinations

Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders. Please understand the legal regulations for the usage of silencers and clip-on devices in your area and note that not every country allows their use.

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Exciting Hunting and Fishing Destinations


we’ve over-thought everything so you won’t have to. The new Hand Finished B15 Beauchamp. B15 The new B15 comes from the same stable as the legendary B25. Extraordinary craftsmanship comes as standard but you can also expect outstanding value. Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders and of legal age

Foreword of the founder

We all have been affected by the pandemic one way or another, but the outfitters have all been heavily hit in particular by the travel bans. Most of them did not have clients for two years in a row.

This has brought changes in their operations, both good and bad.

They are glad to be welcoming the hunters and fisherman back, but their costs have gone up substantially. The increase in fuel prices alone is daunting when you consider the additional trucking costs to their remote operations.

The good news is that many of the operators have used the past two years to improve their operational infrastructure. The very limited pressure on the game and fish resources over the past two seasons have resulted in increased numbers and age structure.

Although prices have suffered of the inflation, I still think it is important for us as hunters and fishermen to support our outfitters as they are providers of the great experiences we seek.

Another topic that is bothering us all is the threat of the trophy bans.

In several countries motions seeking to block the importation, transit and taxidermy of hunted species in appendices I, lI and Ill of CITES. Fortunately, in a few countries these motions have been defeated or overturned thanks to different hunting organizations by providing the authorities with scientific research published by IUCN or WWF on the important contributions of hunting and fishing. Understanding how CITES export quotas work to prevent overutilization of species at risk has been the predominant factor in convincing regulators.

A ban on CITES trophies would interfere with the transshipment of trophies throughout the world, but more importantly would negatively impact conservation efforts and the livelihoods of rural communities worldwide. Conservation decisions should not be dictated by foreign governments and misinformed lawmakers.

BUT... as a conclusion, this shows that when you explain how important hunting is, we can win!

Bruno van Marcke

Scandinavian Pro Hunters

Unique Geese shooting

In Skåne, we offer fantastic goose hunting on and around our hunting lodge Markie Hage. The best conditions for these hunts are often difficult to predict, but when the big migration of birds are coming to our areas we are then normally seeing ten thousands of geese in a day, so those who are lucky enough to be able to participate may be rewarded with the goose hunt of their lives. There are no bag limit so every year we are having days with 200 plus geese in a day!

World class Roebucks in Skane, South Sweden

It is no coincidence that Swedish Roebuck are classified as the most beautiful buck in the world. Tall, slender, and symmetric, they will provide you with an awesome trophy that will most certainly find a prominent spot in your home. Scandinavian Prohunters have the best privately owned properties in the Southern part of Sweden / Skane where we every year shoot big gold medal bucks. The hunt is out from our charming hunting lodge.

Nocfond Lodge France

Located in the Sologne area, close to the Chambord castle, the company Wildboar Hunting France operates in one of the finest private estate where more than 600 wildboars are shot per season. Jean Philippe Bourgneuf will guide the hunters for stalking tuskers and organize driven parties from 5 to 15 hunters. Thanks to the Browning Partner Lodges program offering to use some Maral rifles in 30-06 caliber to train first on running target before going hunting. Some 12-bore over and under 725 are also available to shoot Mallards or for sporting training on the private shooting ground of the estate. Welcome to hunt the french wildboars with Browning weapons.



Unique in Europe, Sabournac is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for 25 years. This hunt both surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards.

Sabournac offers only high quality, exclusive hunting organized and customized to meet your specific demands. The hunting estate is open from the first September to January 31 and can be booked for a private hunting trip of 2 to 8 hunters.

As a “Browning Partner Lodges”, several guns are available on the estate. This free service provides an opportunity to shoot with topquality shotguns, as well as to avoid the hassle of travelling by air with a gun. Winchester cartridges are available on site for 12, 16 and 20 bore guns.

The estate is 60 km Est from Toulouse International Airport with direct flights from most European capitals and 25 km from CastresMazamet Airport where all private planes can land.

Graet Spanish Hunts

The red-legged partridge is a endemic to Spain considered the most sporting and challenging bird in the world?by hunters due to its beauty, audacity and fast and erratic flight. The driven partridge shoot is a shooting style with a long and deeply rooted tradition in Spain, which allows the hunter to enjoy the red-legged partridge in a far more challenging way, since the speed and height reached are unbeatable, putting more than one expert wing shooter to the test.

Our shoots are some of the best and most famous in the country. Groups of 3 to 10 guns usually bag around 1,000 birds per day or even double that amount depending on their shooting skills.

Thanks to the wide range of estates we manage and their diverse and beautiful landscapes we are able to offer some of the most spectacular and challenging drives to be found in Spain. Featuring birds with fast and erratic flight, both low and high flying, we can offer drives that allow hunters to enjoy very varied and challenging shoots. A pair of 12 and 20 bore double-barrel matched shot PARTNER  LODGES

Le domaine de l’Ortolo

An Exceptional Hunting Ground

The Domaine de l'Ortolo offers an exceptional hunting ground boasting 2500 hectares of well-preserved ecosystem with a widely varying landscape featuring mountains, forests and bush interspersed with prairies and swampland. Some fields are farmed and sown with grain, providing welcome feed for wild game, and the olive groves are kept invitingly free of undergrowth.

Hunting but not only...Big Game Fishing, Freshwater fishing, Golf, Horse Riding. The domain welcomes visitors for the hunting season from October to the end of February (according to the legal dates). Wild boar is the big game here and is hunted in the traditional local beating method, with a pack of hounds and beaters, or from a hide early in the season. Small game, like partridge, pheasant and hare live on the grounds, which are also a choice landing spot for migratory birds such as thrush, woodcock, doves and ducks, depending on the season.

Dorback Estate

Dorback Estate sits in the heart of Speyside in Scotland, an area well known for its rich hunting history. Dorback is a rare sporting package in that it is a genuine mixed sporting estate, offering some of the most exciting driven and walked up grouse shooting in Scotland, as well as challenging stalking and an exhilarating low ground shoot, all set amidst the spectacular backdrop of the Cairngorm National Park.

Dorback Estate benefits from the lifetime of experience gathered by the estate Head keeper, Brian Hamilton. Brian and his team of three keepers are true custodians of this wild and beautiful part of Scotland and can offer world class sporting opportunities. We have hunters who have been returning to Dorback for over 40 years in order to relive the premium quality sporting experience on offer.


Fine clothing and accessories for hunting and shooting.

+49(0) SaxMunitionsGmbH HIGHCLASS HUNTING AMMUNITION MadeinGermany Morethan100differentcalibersavailable-from.22Hornetto.700H&HNitroExp.

Our Story

Sax is the pioneer of lead-free ammunition!

We have been developing and manufacturing lead-free ammunition for over 20 years. Our product range includes more than 100 calibers with a variety of copper and brass bullets.

Highest quality and precision is assured by in-house production of cases, bullets, and ammunition. We proudly manufacture and C.I.P. certify in Germany.



Social media is the new battleground for the hunting community. Blood Origins is fighting every single day to change perceptions around hunting and hunters, by standing up against lies and mistruths. Conveying the Truth is what we do.


Legend, updated. THE NEW G-CLASS 10,7 L/100KM 280 - 351 G CO • 2/KM (WLTP). Environmental information RD 19/3/2004: - Give priority to safety CAR Avenue Eupen Gewerbestrasse, 4 - 4700 Eupen - Tél. 087 56 01 50 CAR Avenue Liège Rue Haie Leruth, 2 - 4 432 - Liège (Alleur) - Tél. 042 63 38 75 CAR Avenue Ver viers Rue de Limbourg, 2 - 480 0 Verviers - Tél. 087 32 15 80 CAR Avenue Namur Chaussée de Marche 802 - 5100 Namur - 081 21 27 11 CAR Avenue Arlon Route de Longwy 594 - 6700 Arlon - Tél. 063 22 05 90 CAR Avenue Libramont Rue de Libin 1 - 6800 Libramont - Tél. 061 22 33 55 CAR Avenue Marche Rue de la Croissance 10 - 6900 Marche - Tél. 084 31 13 05


*not included: Airfairs, transfer from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, cartridges, extra’s and tips!
& win a trip for 2 hunters with Argentina’s prime wingshooting operation: « Frontera Wingshooting » Shoot doves for 3 days with a friend (all inn) in Cordoba at La Zenaida Lodge* Join our newsletter or follow us on instagram today and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of this beautifull trip.

Every boot is designed and handcrafted to provide freedom of movement along with a professional fit that helps you enjoy the sport you love, all day.

Le Chameau has remained true to its DNA by respecting its heritage and original manufacturing methods which have been passed down through the generations.


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Worldwide Country Properties is a company specializing in transactions of high-end rural properties in Europe and Africa, North and South America. It’s core business is the sale and purchase of land and open space properties such as hunting and fishing estates, equestrian estates, farms, forests and game reserve. One of its main objectives is to facilitate this type of acquisition, make it more accessible, secure and make dreams come true for our clients.

Its success is largely due to the complementary skills of its partners, all of whom come from the rural and/or real estate world, and their respective large international professional networks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to sell your property.

Frédéric de Bonhome

Tel.: +352.691.603.132



We have a number of confidential properties that cannot be openly marketed. Please contact us to discuss your current land investment goals.





June 1st 2023

Leica Geovid Pro 32.

True greatness comes from within.

The Leica Geovid Pro 32 is a genuine benchmark. The lightest and smallest rangefinder binoculars in the premium class, this model features world-leading Applied Ballistics® software and a powerful Class 1 laser. Never, before has such a small glass packed so much optical performance with field-proven ballistics. Extremely powerful with cutting-edge technology, this rangefinder pioneer is the first choice for any active hunter who appreciates compact equipment and demands a reliable ballistic solution for all close- and long-range shots.

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Leica Ballistics App.

The new Leica Ballistics App offers the best of both worlds: 30 years’ pioneering expertise in rangefinding joins THE global leader in ballistics applications. The Leica Geovid Pro 32 adjusts for the exact ambient parameters such as air pressure, temperature, and angle. With Applied Ballistics® on board, it precisely and accurately calculates the distance, the equivalent horizontal range (EHR), as well as the holdover and number of clicks.

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1. Create, manage, store

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4. Calculate

Thanks to the on-board Applied Ballistics® software, you get highly accurate results based on the measured distance, the equivalent horizontal range, and ambient measurements such as temperature, air pressure, and angle.

5. Track

Thanks to the new, revolutionary LPT™ (Leica ProTrack) function, you receive the exact GPS coordinates based on the last measured distance, and are guided to the location of your target.

EHR Holdover Click
#truegreatness Leica Camera AG I Am Leitz-Park 5 I 35578 WETZLAR I GERMANY I

Made for Men. Made for Eternity.

MAUSER 98 Standard Expert: A tasteful entry into the world of the Model 98, with a classic design perfected. Every rifle is a unique piece.

BGR | MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Rifles can only be sold to permit holders. © 2021

Alberta Professional Outfitters Society / Canada p.28

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Driftwood Valley / Canada p.32

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About the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS)

In 1997, the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) was established as a delegated administrative organization (DAO) for the Government of Alberta. APOS’ delegated responsibilities include licensing the province’s hunting guides and professional outfitters, managing the distribution of guided hunting allocations, and holding members accountable to a Code of Ethics. We provide members with competitive liability insurance, a voice within government, and advocacy on key issues. APOS represents over 500 professional outfitters and handles licensing for nearly 1,600 hunting guides.

About Alberta

Alberta is a hunter’s paradise, featuring a wide variety of big game and bird game species. Some of the game you will find in Alberta are moose, black bear, elk, bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, mule deer, antelope, cougar, wolf, bison, waterfowl, and upland game birds. An astounding 1,708 animals from Alberta have qualified for the Boone and Crockett Club’s (B&C) record book. The fact that 749 of these entries are animals taken since 2000 is a testament to the quality of wildlife available in our province.

The diverse terrain in Alberta allows for hunting styles suited to each individual hunter. Whether you are looking to experience the high peaks of the Rockies, the vast expanse of the prairies or the majestic boreal forest, Alberta’s outfitters have a hunt for you. APOS members operate an array of accommodation options with everything from cozy lodges to backcountry tenting. There’s so much to see and do here in Alberta, one week simply won’t be enough: you’ll want to take your time, explore what Alberta has to offer for guests of all ages, and share your experiences here with your family and friends.

Managing Director: Jeana Schuurman ALBERTA PROFESSIONAL OUTFITTERS SOCIETY (APOS) #100, 3802 – 49 Avenue Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 2J7 Canada Tel: 780-414-0249 Email: Affiliations CANADA

My name is Charles Beauchamp owner operator. Of Birch Mountain Outfitter. I started hunting at the age of 12. With my dad’s friends that were outfitters hunting Moose on river trips or fly out to camps. This when I fell in love with the wilderness trips and going into remote areas to hunt. In 1978 I became a licensed hunting guide. I worked for other hunting outfitters till 1992.

In 1992 I became an Outfitter in the North of Alberta the Fort McMurray area where I live. Fort McMurray is located 200 km north of any farmland. The areas that I hunt are very remote and is a vast wilderness. To do this kind of business you have to have a love for the wilderness and be devoted to doing a lot of work in the wilderness.

It takes many hours of background work for very hour hunted from cutting trails and building camp and per baiting bears. And organizing the equipment and food.

With past clients commenting that I run a 5-star bush hotel. I have clients from Germany, Austria, Denmark, USA and now China. We have home cooked meals in all camps. And warm places to sleep. Good food, Good Camps and Good Hunting.

Spring Black Bear Hunting is done from one main camp. With Black Bear baits with High seats in a radius of 60 km of camp. The Black Bear population is Very High. It is not if you will shoot a Black Bear but how Big of a Black Bear you will get.

Moose Hunting is done in two main areas with small spike camp in in the area close to lakes that hold the Moose in those areas. The client will move between the spike camps. To give each Hunter the best possibility of shooting a Trophy Bull Moose.

Bison Hunting is done when in late fall and winter. This is when the Bison have the best Fur. The camp is in the area of the Bison and it is a spot and stock hunt. These are Wild Bison and do not know what a fence is.

OutfiAersBIRCH MOUNTAIN Owner & Managers Charles Beauchamp BIRCH MOUNTAIN OUTFITTER 372 Grey Crescent Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada   T9H2N8 tel: +1 780 788 0984 Affiliations CANADA

We are Driftwood Valley Outfitters. We have been operating since 1987, as a family run business, in the north of British Columbia, Canada.

The diverse landscape that we enjoy has many beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and an abundance of wildlife. High in the alpine is where the goats reside along with some high-country black bears. The green spaces in the spring and the huckleberry covered hillsides in the fall are where the black bears reside. The lake & river country is where the moose spent most of the year feeding on aspen, willow and water plants. The grizzly bears and wolves roam in all these different habitats and utilize any opportunity that presents itself.

The mountain goat hunt is spent in the high alpine where we enjoy the majestic views during the late summer and into the fall. There are a few different ways to hunt goats with various methods of accommodation. For the adventurous the backpack tent hunt is the way to go, exciting & challenging from beginning to end, wandering the mountains with a light camp. For the hunter who prefers the comforts of a cabin we have a base camp high up on an alpine lake. Mountain goat hunts are never easy, but the alpine lake provides a good place to recover.

The Black Bear hunt takes place in the spring just as the clover and dandelions starts to grow on the side roads and in the open areas. This provides the optimal opportunities to see the bears as they come out of hibernation looking for greens. The method of hunting here is spot-and-stalk from the vehicle or walking the bush roads or glassing the hillsides. The Moose hunt is most productive during the rut, right in the middle of the fall season. Waking up to frost covered meadows the crisp morning air lets you really enjoy the Canadian wilderness. Here sitting in clearings; glassing and calling or from a lake shore is the most assured approach to hunt.

Our trapline adventures take place amid the Canadian winters. You get to stay in a little trapper cabin on the trapline in the bush. The activities include accompanying the licensed trapper; helping build sets and traps and checking the trapline every day for bounty.

No matter what option you decide upon the experience will be unforgettable. The memories made in the Canadian wilderness are one of a kind.

TURKEY Owner: Kursat & Temir Ekenler Manager: Temir Ekenler TOROSALTAY LTD. Resatbey mah 62031 Sokak Yildirin is merkezi 3/6 01120 Seyhan / Adana Turkey Office: +90 322 886 00 91 Mobile: +90 532 614 55 99 CANADA Affiliations Owner & Manager Michael Schneider DRIFTWOOD VALLEY OUTFITTERS LTD. Po Box 405, V2L 4S2, Prince George, BC, Canada Tel.: +1 250 964 0511 Mob.: +1 250 961 2079

In the late 1970’s Great White Holdings was founded by Lloyd McMahon with the firm belief that Alberta was home to the best trophy whitetail and waterfowl hunting in the world. Many years later the same belief holds true and has been confirmed by the number of successful hunts, huge trophies and return clients.

Over the years our operation has expanded to include mule deer, black bear, Western Canadian moose, Alaska Yukon moose, Barren ground caribou, grizzly bear and predatory K9 hunts. Great White is a family owned and operated business.

It is currently run by Lloyd and his son, Jon McMahon. Both Lloyd & Jon are full time professional outfitters and guides, avid hunters, fishermen and outdoors men.

Lloyd & Jon pride themselves in offering the best locations in North America to hunt. Great White’s lodges have been strategically placed across the province and Alaska in the best areas for quality trophies and large numbers of game.

The lodges offer comfortable accommodations, pleasant staff and great home cooked meals. With an average of 80% return clients each year, hunting dates book quickly.


Manager: Jon & Lloyd McMahon

Jon & Lloyd McMahon
GREAT WHITE HOLDINGS Alberta Canada  Tel: +1 780 818 6201 Affiliations

I have owned my Alberta outfitting business for over 28 years. At North Star Outfitting we personally guide whitetail deer hunts, mule deer hunts, black bear hunts, moose hunts and waterfowl hunts. When you book a hunt with us you will be accompanied by a professional hunter who is focused on the specific species you are hunting. We know what it takes to make your hunt successful and enjoyable.

Bear hunts

We have been providing black bear hunts in Alberta for over 28 years. Hunt big bruin blacks and colored bears in the spring and fall, no bugs, 5 star lodge, eat like a king and sleep like a rock - that’s what you can expect when you come black bear hunting with North Star Outfitters! Our fall black bear hunts are spot & stalk only. We hunt them in the corn fields and oat fields in September and October.

I own 90% of the permits therefore I hold the key to managing the black bear hunting in this area. I have 50% color phase bears with 25% harvested being colored phased bears over 6 foot and 25% of the black bears harvested are over 7ft with 20” plus skulls. During the spring hunts, you will see between 8-12 bears in a evening and in a full week you will see up towards of 40-50 bears. Our spring bear hunts are over bait which allows you to size the bear more efficiently. Fall bear hunts may be added to our early season deer, moose hunts and waterfowl hunts.

Moose Hunts

Our hunting area is about 500,000 acres of farmland and boreal forest. The area we hunt makes this a relatively easy hunt and not physically challenging.

Moose rut hunt for archery hunters only.

The moose are very active this time of year and respond very well to cow calls. The larger bulls are usually taken on this hunt averaging 40 inches. We take a minimum number of hunters per season during this time to keep success rates very high. Our rut moose hunt can also be combined with our fall black bear hunts for bow hunters.

November post-rut moose hunts are for rifle hunters only.

This is a great time to hunt Alberta moose. After the rut is over the bulls are more social, often seen in bachelor groups. Here we are hunting a lot of the farmland, in the canola and alfalfa fields. We see between 5 to 10 moose per day, cows, calves and bulls, with an average bull of 40 inch. November moose hunt can be combined with a whitetail deer rut hunt for old mature bucks.

Owner & Managers Neil Johnson NORTH STAR OUTFITTING AND SASK ALTA WATERFOWL North Star Outfitting Box 501 Marwayne, Alberta T0B 2X0 Canada Telephone:1-780-808-0318 Affiliations CANADA

North River Outfitting is a small, family-run outfitting business operated by Ron Nemetchek and Maria Origoni. That family feel is extended to our guides, staff and our hunters. When you join us on a hunt in this spectacular and remote part of British Columbia, you will feel at home and welcomed into our hunting family. That same care, hard work and attention to detail goes into everything we do.

This is Ron’s 38th year in the outfitting business. In addition to starting his own business, Ron has guided big game hunts all over North America, including Alaska. Ron has been flying since he was 18 and his experience as a pilot makes our operation very unique in British Columbia. From our remote main lodge, Ron can shuttle small loads into even more remote locations, setting up camps in places that would be unfeasible for anyone else.

Maria Origoni joined the North River Outfitting team more than 10 years ago. Having run her own business in Alberta, Maria has brought her excellent organizational strengths and focus on customer service to the outfitting business. Additionally, Maria is an excellent cook! Maria is from Switzerland and she speaks English, Swiss, German and Italian.

Together, Ron and Maria are proud of the excellent wilderness experience they offer to their clients in Alberta and British Columbia. Their tireless work, attention to detail and client-oriented approach are why so many hunters return each year. At North River Outfitting, we offer hunts of unmatched quality. We boast outstanding success in our harvest. Much of that success has to do with the area we are blessed to hunt. But a great deal of our success comes in how we manage it. We take far fewer hunters than this area can support. There’s a good chance that when we fly you into a remote camp for your hunt, that area hasn’t been hunted in years. Our hunting area is massive, it’s remote, and it is game-rich.

Our British Columbia hunts offer the ultimate in a wilderness experience. We hunt the most remote part of B.C. at the far northern end of the province. From our main lodge, you will fly to your remote hunting location. There’s no messing around with horses or long days in the saddle. In a 20-minute flight, you’ll be in an area that is so remote, the animals you see may never have encountered another human.

This is the ultimate wilderness hunt. We have the success and the trophy quality to prove it. Nowhere else will you find such quality moose, stone sheep, mountain goat, mountain caribou and grizzly all in the same area and without any hunting pressure.

North River Outfitters is also specialized to make you and your family discover the rich and spectacular wilderness in this remote part of British Columbia. Discover the great outdoors, wildlife and wonders of the nature and make memories of a life time with your family.

Origoni NORTH RIVER OUTFITTING Box 238 Athabasca, AB Canada T9S 2A3 Tel: +780 675 1942
Owner: Ron
Manager: Maria

Wilderness moose hunts in Alberta, Canada

We offer top quality moose hunts in Alberta’s most remote, untouched wilderness on the edge of the rocky mountains with little hunting pressure. If you want a great chance at a 5O” bull, this hunts for you! Our all-inclusive moose hunts are during the rut in late September and early October. We hunt by calling the big bulls in close. To have a moose come to a call is one of the most exciting moments you can ever have hunting. The moose in our area can grow over 60” and can be very spectacular with long, wide paddles, and big fronts! SaskAdrenaline Outfitters have taken multiple moose in this area that have exceeded the Boone and Crockett minimum!

Peak Of The Rut Moose Hunt

These general season moose tags come into effect the day after archery season ends. These tags are very limited and give you the opportunity to hunt the peak of the rut with any weapon, and the temperatures falling below freezing. This is the very best time to hunt these incredible animals with plenty of bull moose seen and heard during the course of your hunt. A 50” bull is very attainable at this time and with only three permits a year we try to target some big bulls! This combo hunt includes seven days of fully guided moose, whitetail, mule deer and wolf hunting, wall tent accommodations, meals, plus trophy preparation.

Archery Moose Hunt

The only thing more exciting than hunting giant bull moose in the rut, is doing it with nothing but the old stick and string! Moose hunting at this time of the year can sometimes be the most productive when the bulls are just starting to search for cows. A lone bull is more susceptible to come into a cow call than one that has already found a mate and depending on the mood he’s in you may get quite the show! Generally your best times to hunt are early morning and just before dark but if you get some cooler weather especially mixed with some precipitation the hunting can be incredible all day. This combo hunt includes seven days of fully guided moose, whitetail, mule deer and wolf hunting, wall tent accommodations, meals, plus trophy preparation.

Accommodations put you right in their backyard

We take a lot of pride in our camps and make sure you are kept comfortable while enjoying the wilderness experience. Our camps are kept neat, clean, and organized with generator power complete with lights, plugins, and a few electronic comforts of home. Each tent has cots and a wood stove with a well-stocked wood pile. Bring a nice warm sleeping bag, as nights may get down into the ‘teens! While at camp we make sure you are well fed, warm, and dry. Our camps are set up right in the area of the animals we are hunting. Camp is off the beaten path but easily accessible.

Owner: Mike Grundmann

Manager: Mike Grundmann

SASKADRENALINE OUTFITTERS LTD. 5733 Yellowhead hwy Kamloops, BC V2H 1T8 Tel: +1 306 381 4868

Stone Horse Outfitters was founded by Adam Deutscher. Approximately three hours north of Edmonton, Alberta, you’ll find the Stone Horse Outfitters Bear camp, which has some of the best black bear hunting that Alberta’s boreal forest and the province has to offer. In the boreal forest, you will find coniferous trees, lakes, wetlands, and various terrains from large rolling hills to lowland plains, and valleys.

You’ll be given the experience of a lifetime with our hunting area spanning over 7500 square kilometres that provide rustic scenery and some of the best quality and quantity of bears you will find in Alberta. You will get the opportunity of a spring hunt, while using bait sites. Hunters will get paired up with an experienced guide to harvest a black bear, or possibly two.

In this hunting area, you will find an increased normal density colour phase bears with some years averaging 30-40% chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde bears. Hunters will often expect to see over 25 bears during their 6-day hunt.

Stone Horse Outfitters provides a unique opportunity for each hunter by providing a multitude of options to hunt bears using various techniques that include but are not limited to tree stands, box blinds, ground blinds, etc. While at camp, the hunter will enjoy a rustic yet comfortable atmosphere with tents provided for hunters, a full-time cook, a functioning shower and amenities that are private and heated.

Owner: Adam Deutscher Manager: Adam Deutscher STONE HORSE OUTFITTERS PO Box 449 Clyde, Alberta T0G 0P0 Canada Telephone: 1-780-213-1280 CANADA

Outfitting company STALKER is specializing in hunting and fishing tourism in Eurasia.

As human being history shows to us, any kind of crises are forcing people to reconstruct their worlds from the very beginning. It can be challenging and difficult, but at the same time, it is a moment of new and great opportunities.

We are ready to explore this New World and it is our honor to stand by you – our Hunters and Partners!

We trust that in this changing realities, we - people devoted to Hunting, can protect our passion that is deeply implanted in our hearts.

We are always right there, running&climbing next to you in this everyday marathon for the best award this world can offer. You can put on our shoulders all loads about the matter and we happily carry this responsibility. Gorgeous Argali, Breathtaking Tur, Exciting Ibex or Graceful Chamois, Impressive Brown Bear or Awesome Moose - all treasures of Eurasia are at your disposal, you should just turn the wheel and Stalker Qualified Team starts to work for you: visas, hotels, tickets, meeting at the airports, transfers by ground, water or air, camps, professional PHs, trophy field care, all necessary trophy export/import documentation.

We are proud to assist you to conquer new continents and countries, to expand your horizons and to get the valuable experience. We are your point of support, move the World with us!

EURASIA Owner: Morozov Yuriy Chepiga Anna Manager: Baranova Liudmila Manager: Plaksin Vadim STALKER GROUP LTD 51 W. WOOD DRIVE PHOENIX AZ 85029 USA USA Phone +1 602 626 00 65 Europe phone +351 912 365 638 Affiliations

Takla Outfitters is owned and operated by the local First Nation, located in the captivating Skeena mountains from the West and the Rockies to the East. The grande area of 4,200 square kilometers is home to not only the entrancing wildlife but the Carrier and Sekani people. At Takla Outfitters it is important that we include Carrier and Sekani culture and traditions as we connect with the land and like to share that with our clients. We offer hunts in multiple locations on the territory such as Motase Lake, Sicintine Lake, Cub Lake, Gunanoot Lake, and more.

Our Hunt and Values

In the area of Takla Outfitters we have a once in a lifetime experience through the ancient forests, shallow valleys, beautiful lakes, raging rivers, and breath-taking mountain peaks. The protected land houses the most alluring wildlife. We offer hunts for the vast majority of Black Bears, Canadian Moose, and the most esteemed Mountain Goat; having some of the largest in Northern America. Since our connection with the land is deeply-rooted, the preservation of Wildlife is important therefore our guides proceed through sustainable hunting and practices.

Our Packages

We offer a variety of packages throughout most of the year depending on the type of experience you’re looking for. In the spring months of May-June we recommend the Black Bear hunt, their coats and size are striking at this time. For the Mountain Goat the months of August-September is when you’ll find them with the most captivating coats. And in the crisp air of Mid-September-Late October, Moose hunts are of keen interest. During Moose hunts there’s full opportunity through locations to combine hunts with either our Goat package or Black Bear package and throughout the winter months we offer an unparalleled indigenous trapline experience where we can catch Lynx, Wolves, Marten, Coyotes, and Canadian Wolverine. We have Supplies, Meals, and Respectul Harvesting included in all of our packages.

Our Accommodations and Experience

Our main camp is located at Motase Lake with exquisite ridge line views. We contribute stays at a Lodge Cabin where homestyle meals are prepared and the alternative Wall Tents for an unforgettable mountain camp experience for durational hunts on the land. We also offer a local traditional sweat lodge experience, a serene canoe activity, and boat rides on the lake. At Takla Outfitters we welcome hunters from all over the world to share culture and traditions, knowledge, and new long lasting memories with us. We surely have the utmost respect for our Clients, our Game, and our Land. We want you to experience the beauty that our land has to offer.


Owner: Takla Nation

Manager: Jaden French


510 Carney St

Prince George BC Canada

Mobile: 250-612-7449

For more detailed information or to book your hunting experience with us, visit our website. You can find us at Takla Outfitters on Facebook and Takla_Outfitters on Instagram to view a sneak peak at the adventures we take on.



„International hunts by Versch Jagdreisen GmbH”

Versch Jagdreisen GmbH is based in Germany and was established in January 2006. All the efforts of the VERSCH JAGDREISEN team are directed towards offering you the very best hunting opportunities throughout the world.

When it comes to customized hunting trips, out of the ordinary travel plans or the fulfillment of particular wishes, then only the best is good enough!

Whether hunting in Europe or perhaps something more adventurous such as hunting for Argali in Mongolia, Bukharan Markhor in Tajikistan, Alpine Ibex in the beautiful mountains of Austria, six different Chamois around Europe or a Safari in one of the countries of Africa, we can organize hunting expeditions for you that you will never forget. We also organize any of the precious Governors Tag for North America species.

We now hunt in over 30 countries and accompany many of our national and international clients, sharing hunting experiences with them.

We are a family company and has been working in the hunting industry and as an outfitter in Hungary for over 10 years. As a 7th-generation hunter, Georg Versch places great emphasis on a properly and professionally organized hunt.

Versch Jagdreisen GmbH and his team attach the greatest possible priority to professional advice given by experienced hunters. It therefore goes without saying that we have personally and carefully selected and tested every hunt we offer so that we are satisfied that it fully meets our standards of quality, organization and professionalism. We offer you only the very best hunting areas. A continually growing number of loyal and enthusiastic clients demonstrate that our efforts are paying off and that our concept is the right one.

All our endeavors are continuously designed to ensure that our clients return home from the hunt as satisfied and successful hunters. We are therefore of course delighted and proud when the efforts of all concerned are rewarded with great trophies.

Please also take a look at our web-site, where you will find a wealth of information and an extensive photo gallery. We can promise you unforgettable days out hunting with us.


INTERNATIONAL HUNTING TRIP Owner: Georg Versch Manager: Georg Versch VERSCH JAGDREISEN GMBH Lange Heide 6 97816 Lohr Germany Tel: +49 9352 6 04 59 77 Fax: +49 9352 6 04 59 78 Mobile: +49 171 936 96 05

Originally constructed of native logs in 1980, Winefred Lake Lodge started as Alberta’s first fly-in fishing lodge. In the mid to late 1980’s, a primitive trail from Lac La Biche was constructed utilizing trails and right-of-ways created by Alberta’s Oil & Gas and Forestry industries, now making Winefred Lake Lodge a remote drive-in facility.

Winefred Lake Lodge is now a family operated business operated by father and son, Jon & LLoyd McMahon, and is still well regarded for its spectacular fishing. Guests can enjoy everything from “do it yourself” day trips on Winefred lake to week long fully guided adventures. While initially coming to fish and/or enjoy the outdoors, after a few days it is not uncommon to find our guests reading a good book on our expansive deck, telling stories around a campfire, viewing the plentiful game, or simply relaxing in our outdoor hot-tub.

While Winefred Lake boasts some of the finest trophy fishing in Alberta, consistently producing large Northern Pike and Walleye, they also offer pristine wilderness hunting & viewing. Surrounded by miles of Boreal forest that is home to the best trophy black bear and Western Canadian moose and deer hunting Canada has to offer.

Management & staff of Winefred Lake Lodge pledge to offer their guests the best outdoor experience in Alberta. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast with a passion for world-class fishing, an avid hunter or if you’re just looking for some time away from your hectic lifestyle, Winefred Lake Lodge is an ideal location to relax and enjoy a true Alberta wilderness experience.

Owner: Jon & Lloyd McMahon

Manager: Jon & Lloyd McMahon


Canada  Tel: +1 780 818 6201
Alberta Affiliations

WildHunting in Turkey is owned and managed by the Ekenler Family and currently run by two brothers, Kürşat and Temir. They are both extremely keen young hunters and have hunted extensively throughout Turkey and abroad. The Ekenler family has been landowners in Tarsus, Cukurova area for more than 300 years. Hunting is a family tradition, proudly passed from father to son and finally to us. We have always had a passion for the wild; This has been supported by their father who took Temir and Kürşat with him to many hunts all over the world. With some of the world’s finest species on our doorstep, we have naturally concentrated on big game hunting. WildHunting offers a total of 6 speacies of big game, which are natively found only on Turkish hunting land, this makes the hunting unique!

Our family has controlled the shooting in large areas of the Taurus Mountains for generations. We therefore operate as a private family hunting estate, rather than an agent buying from different concessions all over the region. As a result, we have controlled, conserved and developed our areas in a manner that we believe to be unique in the whole country. This approach is key to our way of maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

Anatolian Bezoar Ibex: is a very popular big game of our mountains and has a very special reputation amongst hunters from around the World and a very challenging and special hunt for us. We have managed to protect and control the game by careful selective shooting and are proud to say that we have some of Turkey’s finest trophy Ibex hunting – with trophies that most can only dream about. We have averaged 44’’(110cm) over the past hunting years and harvest more than a few trophies between 48’’ – 52’’(120-130cm).

We have also been living this dream of ethical, sporting hunting, conserving both the game and our wonderful natural environment, for ourselves, our clients and our guests, now and in the future.

Anatolian Wild Boar: is the most common big game and a very exciting hunt for our hunting guests; since Turkey produces the biggest boars in the World with body size exceeding 200-250kg and tusks measuring between 24-30cm. We have been organizing and carrying out hunts for our guests, with a very experienced and trained team for over 20 years.

We do not over promise, over sell or over hunt. Our family reputation is far too important for that. This experience, applied to the management of our home estates, equips us to provide you with the hunting trip of a lifetime.


Please visit our website and write Temir or Kursat an e-mail to start exploring your next hunting adventure with WildHunting in TURKEY!

1) Anatolian Bezoar Ibex 2) Anatolian Konya Sheep 3) Anatolian Chamois 4) Anatolian Red Deer        5) Anatolian Urfa Gazelle      6) Anatolian Wild Boar
TURKEY Owner: Kursat & Temir Ekenler Manager: Temir Ekenler TOROSALTAY LTD. Resatbey mah 62031 Sokak Yildirin is merkezi 3/6 01120 Seyhan / Adana Turkey Office: +90 322 886 00 91 Mobile: +90 532 614 55 99 Affiliations


The Ekenler Brothers started their CENTRAL ASIAN outfitting hunting operation few years ago due to very high demand from their clients and friends. After many years of extensive researching and countless hours of field work, they managed to partner up with the best operators in CENTRAL ASIA, which in result has created exceptionally high quality hunting trips to be among the finest in CENTRAL ASIA.

Our friends and clients prefer to hunt with us for the following reasons:

*Instead of dealing with foreign operators or western agents, they book with someone they know well and fully trust.

*Since most CENTRAL ASIAN countries are Turkic, we have better understanding of their culture (Turks emigrated from Central Asia to Anatolia about thousand years ago)

*We personally accompany and guide all our hunters on these hunts.

*We strive to give the same level of service and hunting experience that we provide in Turkey.

The countries in Asia that we outfit hunts in are as follows:  Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Pakistan

We look forward to taking you to the best hunting destinations in Asia that offer the best quality hunting experiences.

TURKEY Owner: Kursat & Temir Ekenler Manager: Temir Ekenler TOROSALTAY LTD. Resatbey mah 62031 Sokak Yildirin is merkezi 3/6 01120 Seyhan / Adana Turkey Office: +90 322 886 00 91 Mobile: +90 532 614 55 99 Affiliations


Quiet, soft, brushed face fabric

3-layer Venturi, 100% Polyester with PU membrane (WR PFC-free)

100% waterproof, windproof and highly breathable

Breathability: 20K MVRT

Water column: 20K mm

Adjustable hood with stowaway in collar

Smooth finish on front

We strive to enhance your experience in the field, producing the most technical, well designed and reliable gear for all conditions.

Sharing your passion for country sports, we know they’re not just hobbies or pastimes: they’re about bringing people together who have a shared point of view.

Our understanding of the country way of life is innate – we live and breathe it every day. It is our sanctuary and we care deeply about it.

The fabric of the countryside.

Capt Peacock / Brazil p.60

Capt Peacock / Brazil p.62

Crocodile Bay / Costa Rica p.64

Hunt & Fish Namibia / Namibia p.66

Venator Cardrona Safaris / New Zealand p.68


Operating since 2004...

Combining authentic outdoor experiences with first-class services and amenities, their exclusive itineraries, attention to detail, and control of their goals, have created an outstanding trip package in the heart of Brazil’s Amazonia to fulfill every guest’s expectation.

The World’s Famous Peacock Bass...

Over 2,500 documented fish species in Brazil’s Amazonia, the peacock bass is the epitome of “exploratory fishing!” The world’s famous PEACOCK BASS will be delivered under an average of 30 fish per day per boat, with nothing less than 10 lbs. They exclusively provide you with Bass Trackers loaded with SHIMANO reels, custom-designed rods, peacock bass - angering topwater lures - everything you need to land the fish of a lifetime with comfort and convenience.

Onboard the Rio Negro Queen…

Launched in 2018, this state-of-the-art (165-foot) floating hotel features 12 deluxe staterooms (250sq ft each) with king-size or side-by-side beds; glass walls from floor to ceiling; two (2) private master balcony suites; and one (1) presidential suite (500sq ft) with sauna, jacuzzi, and other exclusive amenities. You will also find an infinite pool, solarium area, gym, L’occitane spa, bar/ lounge, and restaurant for up to 30 special guests. All designed to take guests into an incomparable ultimate level of cruise/ fishing experience in the heart of the second largest river in the world and the only one with no mosquitos - Rio Negro River, Brazil.

Starred Michelin Gastronomy...

The chance to experience the Amazonia culinary design by Chef Roland Villard onboard the most luxurious floating hotel of all South America while cruising for trophy peacock bass and eco-tour adventures has made their concept become one of a kind.

An Exclusive Itinerary...

Leaving the ship at your convenience onboard Tracker bass boats to remote tributaries of Rainforest, you will join 5 (five) full days of designed activities signed by an English-speaking team of experts. Included are all necessary ground transportation & charter flights while in Brazil, hotel-night in Manaus city, week-long deluxe accommodations, starred Michelin menu signed by Chef Roland Villard, all food and beverages, daily maid and laundry service, Falcon fishing pools, Shimano reels, braided lines, and awarded guided fishing. Also, experience night bowfishing (for giant catfish and other species), indigenous Indians in their primitive villages, eco-tours, and a myriad of birds & flowers that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Founder: Leonardo Leao

Intl. Relations: Ana Preciano

Office Manager: Mandy Johnson


Address - Po Box 121488

Arlington TX - 76012

Telephone: +1 (262) 299-4999

Mobile: + 1 (682) 219-9167




The largest rainforest in the world, one of the world’s largest ecosystems, and contains one of the most diverse arrays of species on Earth. It is home to over 40,000 species of plants, 3,800 birds, and 2,500 of fish, the latter being more than is found in the entire Atlantic Ocean. The region is also home to the most incredible river in terms of drainage and discharge. This unique area was created millions of years ago when the Amazon River changed direction from west to east during the Eocene period.

The giant country has everything from enormous red rock canyons, thundering waterfalls, carefree powdery white-sand beaches, and dramatic, pristine rain forests to metropolises that pulse with rhythm and every modern convenience.

Brazil’s attractions range from enchanting, frozen-in-time colonial towns to world-class modern architecture. Add the legendary biodiversity that Brazil is famous for, and you start to understand its universal appeal. Brazils’ diverse ecosystems boast the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on Earth.

Brazilians’ passion is also justifiably world-famous. Whether dancing a sultry, hip-shaking Samba, a wildly twirling carimbo, or swaying to a mellow reggae classic, they are typically found celebrating what it means to be alive! Food, music, and fun times with family and friends are not just a nice-to-have, relegated to the weekend—they are indeed a national priority. Manaus, founded in 1669, is the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is found at the confluence of the Negro and Solimoes Rivers, which join to form the vast and ever-changing Amazon River. It is home to over 1.9 million proud Brazilians. Access is primarily through boats or airplanes. Manaus’s isolation in the heart of the Amazon rainforest has helped preserve its significant natural and cultural influences. As the hub of tourism for the rivers, it is the main entrance to visit the fantastic flora and fauna of the mighty Amazon.

The main economic engine is industry, although many cultural sites such as the grand cathedral and beautiful opera house harken back to its’ rubber-boom days, which helped it earn its nickname of the “Paris of the Tropics.” Many wealthy European families settled in Manaus and brought their love of sophisticated art, architecture, and culture with them.  The city was the only northern city in Brazil proudly hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 RIO Olympics Games.

Who wouldn’t want to experience this wealth of natural and cultural riches?

We look forward to hosting you soon and introducing you to one of the most sensory-rich, pleasure-filled, historically fascinating places on the planet.

Intl. Relations:
Office Manager: Mandy
CAPT PEACOCK YACHTS & EXPEDITIONS INC Address - Po Box 121488 Arlington TX - 76012 Telephone: +1 (262) 299-4999 Mobile: + 1 (682) 219-9167
Founder: Leonardo Leao
Ana Preciano

With the largest private fishing fleet in Costa Rica, Crocodile Bay provides our guests the fishing adventures they have previously only dreamed about. Let us be your guide.

We create custom angling packages for guests who want to experience the rod-bending fishing that only Costa Rica can deliver. Crocodile Bay has provided exceptional Costa Rican fishing expeditions for anglers of all ages and nationalities for more than 20 years. The resort has the undeniable reputation of being one of the best places to fish in Central America.

Crocodile Bay boasts the largest professional sport fishing team in Central America with in-house captains and mates able to cater to all skill levels. Are you ready to strap in and reel in a yellowfin tuna that can reach up to 300 lbs? Do you think you have what it takes to beat the roosterfish resort record at 106 lbs?

CROCODILE BAY is located near the charming seaside town of Puerto Jimenez on Costa Rica’s beautiful Osa peninsula, which is one of the country’s most remote locations. It is here you’ll discover a magnificent rainforest destination for individuals who have a passion for sportfishing, adventure and nature. Crocodile Bay is found on the Golfo Dulce (aka: Sweet Gulf) near the end of the peninsula which creates a desirable location for both inshore and offshore fishing.

Accommodations for Crocodile Bay’s fishing guests are provided by the luxurious Botanika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton. Botanika offers comfort in one-, two- and three-bedroom rainforest-residence accommodations with full kitchens, fitness center, conference room/banquet facilities, and a lagoon style pool with an outdoor bar & restaurant.

We can handle all your Costa Rican logistics from your arrival into San Jose. Just secure your own international flight into Juan Santamaría International Airport in Costa Rica. (Airport code=SJO). From there we can arrange your in-country transfers including our travel and transfer package including your arrival night in San Jose at a first-class hotel, all ground transfers and your domestic round-trip airfare between San Jose and Crocodile Bay in Puerto Jimenez. Upon landing in Puerto Jimenez, the Crocodile Bay team will meet you and you can be touring, fishing, or relaxing by the pool on your arrival day.

COSTA RICA Owner Williams Family Manager Williams Family CROCODILE BAY Puerto Jimenez Osa Pensuliia Costa Rica Telephone: (Costa Rica) +506-2735-5631 or (USA) 1800-733-1115

Fishing the legendary Skeleton Coast

Set in the magical town of Henties Baai, on the edge of the Namib Desert, Fisherman’s Guesthouse welcomes fishermen and tourists alike. The lodge is the ultimate destination from which to experience the shore angling adventure of a lifetime. This beautiful lodge offers unforgettable accommodation a mere 200 metres from the beach. Listen to the sea, enjoy fresh air and cool evenings. Experience the different recipes for the catch of the day, accompanied by a glass of local wine. The nine comfortable rooms promise a good night’s sleep before the big fishing day. Louis Fenaux, our professional fisherman, will take you out on an unforgettable angling adventure. The once-in-a-lifetime experience is to catch a bronze copper shark (all the way up to 260 kg) from the sandy beach. You do not need to be an expert though, but let’s just say that the size of your shark will be determined by your patience and wisdom during this fight and not by strength or technique. Once the shark has been hooked, the pro will guide you on how to haul the catch in.

If you want to change to edible fish for a day, you can catch big cobs as well as some locals, such as steenbras, galjoen or snoek. For the youngsters, the smaller sharks such as spotted gully shark are a good initiation before tackling the real stuff. Other activities our team performs are desert tours in 4x4, dune races on quads or shopping in Swakopmund and its harbour Walvis Baai.

Fishing the mighty Zambezi and the mysterious Okavango

There are different ways to discover the unspoiled beauty of the Caprivi strip, locked-in between the Okavango and Zambezi rivers. They provide the perfect backdrop for some of the most unforgettable fishing experiences imaginable. We elected to build a lodge along the Okavango near Popa Falls. The fishing takes place up- or downstream from the lodge, guided by an experienced fisherman in a small but safe outboard boat. The main attraction is obviously the tigerfish; people travel the world just to fight this prehistoric-looking fish. Other species are different sorts of bream or buddle fish, and the area is also home to two rare fish species: the broadhead catfish and occelated spinyeel.

Non-fishing activities include game drives into the Mgango game reserve or Caprivi National Park and boat trips on the river to view hippos and crocodiles.

In contrast, the Zambezi has a lot more people living along its shores. A few years ago, we started to charter a houseboat in order to organise our fishing trips onto the river from this base. Experience taught us that the houseboat provided flexibility to move up and downstream, depending on fish density. Our success rate also went up tremendously. Although houseboat life is quite a different experience, all our guests just love it.

English, French, Dutch and German spoken


Owner: Classified

Contact: Louis Fenaux


Fishermans Guesthouse (Skeleton Coast)

Auas straat 1

Henties Baai


Tel +264 81 4536324





Many fly fishermen travel the world in search of opportunities to catch big wild trout. While this search might take them all over the globe, New Zealand is one of the rare places where an array of fly fishing experiences are available in an easy-to-access, California-sized chunk of land.

Flying over a breathtaking saddle or pass in the mountains, and then up or down a river to a landing spot is always highly memorable. After you get dropped off and the “bird” leaves, a notable silence will descend, reminding you that you are in the middle of nowhere and the only sounds of the day will be the movement of water, the breeze in the trees, and the splash of a leaping fish miraculously attached to your line. By 5 or 6pm or whatever time you arranged, the distant sound of the helicopter begins to get louder and it finds you a few miles upstream, standing on a gravel bar with lots of room for a safe landing, and you’ll shortly be flying back to dinner with a few stories to share.

Sparkling streams, staggering landscapes - angling in New Zealand is equal parts challenging and rewarding, placing you firmly at one with nature. Helicopter fishing trips offer a wide variety of exclusive opportunities off the beaten track. Our skilful pilots will deposit you deep inland or up in the mountains, stalking some of the biggest trout in the country. Many rivers overshadowed by their larger counterparts, that would take days to walk to, fly mostly under the radar – you could be the first to fish their untouched waters all season. This is the sort of extraordinary experience that makes happy anglers return year after year to visit Venator. The lodge, guides, and helicopter company all work together to make sure that the rivers get well rested between visits to help ensure great expeditions.

Here, you can base yourself our luxury lodge Cardrona Terraces, taking off right in front of your room and being whisked back in time for a sumptuous dinner. The beauty of New Zealand is that you’re only ever a short drive or flight away from countless other spectacular sights and activities. A day of fishing is easily followed by a day of golfing, kayaking, hiking, or wining and dining.

CARDRONA SAFARIS NEW ZEALAND Cardrona Terraces 84 Morris Rd Wanaka, 9382 New Zealand Tel: +64 274271009
Owner: Duncan Fraser Manager: Duncan Fraser


Everything you need in a riflescope. The new Blaser B2 Optics for Day and Night Hunting. Made by Blaser. Made in Germany.

NEW Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders. Please understand the legal regulations for the usage of silencers and clip-on devices in your area and note that not every country allows their use. © 2022 BGR | MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS



Experience the darkness through the eyes of the nocturnal hunter –with the LIEMKE LUCHS-2.


The top-of-the-range distance specialist with 50 mm lens (field & forest)

LUCHS -2 2,500 m

LUCHS -1 1,750 m


The top-of-the-range all-round talent with 35 mm lens (field & forest)

The latest LIEMKE clip-on optics feature a powerful combination of a field of view of 15,4 m over 100 m and a range of more than 2,500 m. With a high-contrast image, the LUCHS-2 is suitable for forest and field hunting and works in perfect synergy with universal and driven-hunt rifle scopes across great distances. Follow us:

Please note the legal conditions for buying and using thermal imaging devices in your country. © 2022

Alain Lefol Safaris / Central African Republic p.74

Aru Game Lodges / Namibia p.76

Babi Babi / Namibia p.78

Blaser Safaris / Namibia p.80

Buccara Wildlife reserve Karoo / South Africa p.82

Buccara Wildlife reserve Karoo / South Africa p.84

Djumbawa / South Africa p.86

Hunt & Fish Namibia / Namibia p.98

Hunt & Fish Namibia / Namibia p.90

Kalahari Rangers / South Africa p.92

p.94 Le Chasseur Mauricien / Mauritius

p.96 Mylpaal / Namibia

p.98 Mylpaal / Namibia

p.100 Nel Safari / Botswana

p.102 Omalanga / Namibia

p.104 Rob Lurie Safaris / Zimbabwe

p.106 Rob Lurie Safaris / Zimbabwe

p.108 Safaria / Tanzania

p.110 Uganda Wildlife Safaris / Uganda


The Central African Republic is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most famous big game hunting countries. It is home to two of the continent’s most iconic antelope species: Derby’s eland in the savannah and the bongo in the forest. Their hunt, a unique quest in the life of an African hunter, is a real challenge.

Despite many years of unrest in the country, National Safari has not ceased its hunting activity in the field. Their territory completely in the East of the country offers by its location and its remoteness a natural protection to the hunters wishing to live an extraordinary adventure. The hunting area of more than 1,000,000 Ha is bordered by the Vovodo river and is made up of a multitude of different biotopes: savannah, wooded plateaus, large mountains and especially the mythical Central African ‘bakos’, forest galleries rich in unbelievable fauna. National Safari will immerse its hunters in the atmosphere of the great safaris of yesteryear where many areas of the territory have not yet been trodden by man. From a base camp along the river, hunters will be able to set off on a flying expedition in search of emblematic and mythical species: bongo, giant forest hog, yellow-backed duiker, leopard, savannah buffalo, Derby eland, roan, bush pig. Come with us and experience the last great African adventures.

La Centrafrique est sans conteste l’un des pays d’Afrique de grande chasse les plus réputés. Il héberge deux espèces d’antilopes parmi les plus emblématiques de ce continent : l’éland de Derby en savane et le bongo en forêt. Leur chasse, quête unique dans la vie d’un chasseur africain, relève d’un véritable défi.

Malgré de nombreuses années de troubles dans le pays, National Safari n’a pas cessé son activité de chasse sur le terrain. Leur territoire complètement à l’Est du pays offre par sa situation et son éloignement une protection naturelle aux chasseurs désireux de vivre une aventure hors norme. La zone de chasse de plus de 1.000.000Ha est bordé par la rivière Vovodo et est composé d’une multitude de biotopes différents : savane, plateaux arborés, grandes montagnes et surtout les mythiques ‘bakos’ centrafricains, galeries forestières riches d’une faune incroyable. National Safari plongera ses chasseurs dans l’ambiance des grands safaris d’antan où de nombreuses zones du territoire n’ont pas encore été foulées par l’homme. A partir d’un camp de base le long de la rivière, les chasseurs pourront partir en expédition volante à la recherche d’espèces emblématiques et mythiques : bongo, hylochère, céphalophe à dos jaune, léopard, buffle de savane, éland de Derby, hippotrague rouan, potamochère. Venez vivre les dernières grandes aventures africaines.

African Legendary Expeditions

Owner: Alain Lefol Manager: Alain Lefol NATIONAL SAFARIS BP 483 Bangui  Central African Republic Tél: +236 72 28 10 28        +33 6 48 61 80 57 Affiliations

Aru Game Lodges: The Very Best of Namibia

The scenery enveloping you is vast, diverse and postcard-perfect. The game that challenges you is big, fast and wild. And the bond you’ll form with nature is life-changing. This is the spirit of Aru Game Lodges—a family-run safari company with an impressive commitment to sustainable, ethical hunting practices, proven wildlife and habitat conservation efforts, stellar customer service and attention to every detail.

Aru offers two unique, well-appointed lodges — Kalakwa Lodge and Veronica Lodge — both a short drive from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Home to a long list of native big game species and encompassing 130,900 acres (53 000 hectares) of savannah, grassland, bushveld, koppies, mountains and dunes, these picturesque properties offer Aru’s guests a perfect mix of the very best wild country and game in Namibia.

After unforgettable days afield, guests are treated to luxury, elegance and privacy. Five-star cuisine. Star-filled skies. Relaxing campfires and tales of the day’s adventures. The unique ambiance that only Africa can offer abounds at Aru. And with world-class wing-shooting, photo safaris and game drives, horseback rides and quad biking, sundowner excursions and sightseeing, spa treatments and a relaxing sauna, there’s truly something for every taste, pace and passion.

Yours in conservation, Danene & Gysbert van der Westhuyzen

AFRICA NAMIBIA Owners: Classified Managers: Gysbert & Danene van der Westhuyzen ARU GAME LODGE PO Box 9222 Windhoek Namibia Mobile: +264 (0) 81 129 5536


The mythical landscapes of Namibia and its wild nature await you… In the heart of private grounds in a reserve of more than 7,000 hectares, enjoy the comfort of a lodge with its unique architecture, the warm welcome of its French hosts and the excellence of its first-class services. Go out and meet the remarkable wildlife, track and come across the big game of Africa. Face to face with these emblematic animals, enjoy the pleasure of unforgettable safari-hunting!


Enjoy all the modern and luxurious comfort of a lodge with stunning views of the Namibian plains. This first class lodge consists of three two-suite cottages, a restaurant, a bar and lounge areas, and a swimming pool. The spacious suites, with air-conditioning, not facing each other, are oriented to provide a view of splendid landscape. They are situated away from the communal areas so you can enjoy your relaxation time peacefully. This tranquil spot, nestled in private grounds, is the ideal place for being close to nature — a real change of scenery! A time to relax... The top quality services will enhance your stay and enable you to make the most out of it. The lodge’s staff is at your service and attentive to your needs. The cuisine is first class. Whether you want to spend the evening stargazing and watch the night animals awaken, relax and enjoy the quiet of your suite, or appreciate the comfortable atmosphere of the various lodge areas at your disposal, everything is designed to make your stay a memorable one…


In its arid beauty, magnificent landscapes offer a palette of intense colours. The red sand dunes contrast with the pure blue sky. Distant mountains paint the horizon in shades of purple. The blue Atlantic Ocean stretches out of sight along the desert coast of the Namib, the oldest desert in the world…


Amid this scenery abounds a rich and varied wildlife… Namibia is the kingdom of wild animals; kudus, zebras, oryx, rhinos, elephants, wildcats, flamingos, etc. The animal species are numerous and sometimes coexist when they meet at water points…

AFRICA NAMIBIA Managers: Stéphane Fournier BABI BABI LODGE -22.404507, 19.626139 Omaheke Namibia Tel: +33 6 73 99 89 35 sté

Sney Rivier Lodge

The Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Namibian bush, the Sney Rivier Lodge is a luxurious oasis that offers lavish accommodations, exceptional service, and the thrill of getting up close and personal with elusive wildlife. Built in 2009, it caters to those who seek an authentic experience and thrilling hunting adventures.

The Sney Rivier Lodge lies at the foot of the Khomas highlands. The scenery is magnificent. Within sight of the main building and guest chalets is a watering hole where wild animals gather. The sense of place is enhanced by the architecture and interior design, as outdoors and indoors become one, strengthening the connection between hunter and nature.

The Hunt

The 30,000 hectare territory at your doorstep guarantees that you’ll experience a full spectrum of challenging hunting activities, from stalking over difficult terrain to hunting from a hide on one of the area’s countless rock hills. Our hunting guides and trackers make every effort to ensure your hunt is a success.

They are experts on the local flora and fauna, and will fascinate you with intriguing facts about Namibia’s wildlife. Offroad vehicles are only used to take you to the starting point of your expedition or to pick up your trophies.

The Parcours

In 2011, a professional sporting clay parcours was added to the Sney Rivier Lodge. It encompasses two scenic rock hills and six remote-controlled clay target traps, offering a varied parcours program.

Shooting stands in different positions create varying levels of difficulty, allowing experienced hunters to hone their skills. Experts are on hand to help novice shooters experience success.

Whether you choose to work on your shooting skills, try out new shotguns, or stage a competition with friends, fire away!

The parcours can be reserved at any time, and our staff is always happy to help you. Ammunition (cal. 12) is available for purchase. Blaser F3 shotguns are available for trial. Ear protectors are provided.

AFRICA NAMIBIA SNEY RIVER LODGE Blaser Safaris GmbH Europastr. 1 7540 Güssing Austria Tel: +43 3322 429 63 +49 75 627 914 54 14 Fax: +43 3322 429 63 59 Affiliations


Buccara Wildlife is dedicated to Wildlife and Habitat conservation in Africa. Through sustainable utilisation we ensure the longevity of wild species, by adding value to their existence. We aim to share every experience, no matter how small, from the active dung beetle to the large African Elephant, with our guests and friends. Buccara Wildlife does all of the above, with the added value of luxury and 5-star comfort, in our exquisite destinations.


Based in the Karoo region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Buccara Wildlife Reserve is 2.5 hours away from Port Elizabeth Airport. Additionally, we have properties on the infamous Garden Route at Knysna, and a Penthouse in Cape Town .

Willowlsopes has a Private two-bedroom main house, with a spacious lounge area. There is also a choice of four luxury chalets, equipped with all the needed amenities. Our large wine cellar has the finest selection of local wines. The 40-meter swimming pool is ideal for the warm summer days and evenings, and relax after a day of stalking at the “Monkey Bar”

Clifton Lodges comprises of two large Private Homes exclusively for our guests. The majestic Clifton Manor dates back to 1774. Together the two private homesteads can accommodate 20 People if needed

3 x Beach Castles in Knysna offers a retreat to our majestic coastline,5 hours away from the hunting area. Relax after your safari at these destinations, that are literary on the beach

Pepperclub Penthouse is situated in the historic city of Cape Town. Either use this stop over at the beginning of your journey, or end off in style and luxury, whilst overlooking the famous Table Mountain


Buccara Wildlife holds ethics to the highest regard. All our stalking is done on foot, and on a sustainable yield basis. The hunting area encompasses 150 000 acres (60 000 hectares). Ranging from the tiny Klipspringer to the infamous Cape Buffalo, Buccara has 32 Species to offer our guests. Annual quotas are determined to ensure that we do not over hunt our area. Our Reserve ranges from undulating hills, large mountains, deep riverine areas and flat plato’s, ensuring for an immensely diverse experience whilst stalking your prey. After years of experience in many African countries, Chris Nortje, Outfitter and Operations director, has hand-picked just the right Professional Hunters to guide our guests.

To call it just a hunt, retracts from the larger, more encompassing legacy of your journey. Buccara Wildlife aims to share our conservation story, majestic landscape and destinations, on a personal and exclusive level, that is rare to find in these fast living times.

SOUTH AFRICA Owner: Classified Manager: Chris Nortje BUCCARA AFRICA Po Box 730 Graaff Reinet 6280 Mobile: +27 (0) 60 5555 548


Buccara Wildlife is dedicated to Fauna and Flora conservation in Africa. Through sustainable utilization we ensure the longevity of species, by adding value to their existence. We aim to share every experience, no matter how small, from the active dung beetle to the large African Elephant, with our guests and friends. Buccara Wildlife does all of the above, with the added value of luxury and 5-star comfort, in our exquisite destinations.


Based in the Karoo, Kalahari and Limpopo region of South Africa. Buccara Africa base is 2.5 hours away from Port Elizabeth Airport. Additionally, we have properties on the infamous Garden Route at Knysna, and a Penthouse in Cape Town.

Willowlsopes has a Private two-bedroom main house, with a spacious lounge area. There is also a choice of four luxury chalets, equipped with all the needed amenities. Our large wine cellar has the finest selection of local wines. The 40-meter swimming pool is ideal for the warm summer days and evenings, and relax after a day of stalking at the “Monkey Bar”

Clifton comprises two large Private Homes exclusively for our guests. The majestic Clifton Manor dates back to 1774. Together the two private homesteads can accommodate 20 People if needed.

Noetzie Castles offers a retreat to our majestic coastline,5 hours away from the hunting area. Relax after your safari at these destinations, that are literary on the beach Pepperclub Penthouse is situated in the historic city of Cape Town. Either use this stop over at the beginning of your journey, or end off in style and luxury, whilst overlooking the famous Table Mountain.


Buccara Wildlife holds ethics to the highest regard. All our stalking is done on foot, and on a sustainable yield basis. The total huntable area encompasses 150 000 acres (60 000 hectares). Ranging from the tiny Klipspringer to the infamous Cape Buffalo, Buccara Africa has 32 Species to offer our guests. Annual quotas are determined to ensure that we do not over hunt our area. Our Reserves range from undulating hills, large mountains, deep riverine areas and flat plato’s, ensuring for an immensely diverse experience whilst stalking your prey. After years of experience in many African countries, Chris Nortje, Outfitter and Operations director, has hand picked the right Professional Hunters to guide his guests.

To call it just a hunt, retracts from the larger, more encompassing legacy of your journey. Buccara Africa aims to share our conservation story, majestic landscape and destinations, on a personal and exclusive level, that is rare to find in these fast living times.

SOUTH AFRICA Owner: Classified Manager: Chris Nortje BUCCARA AFRICA Po Box 730 Graaff Reinet 6280 Mobile: +27 (0) 60 5555 548



Djumbawa is a brand-new hunting estate with a French touch. The owner runs 2 of the most famous wild boars estate in France and wanted to complete his hunting grounds with an African one. Straight night flight from Paris offers an easy-going travel.

Enjoy a family trip in this hunting estate located 3 hours north of Johannesburg’s airport. The 7000 hectares of mountains are dedicated to walk and stalk safaris while the family enjoy a photographic safari with another 4x4 Toyota. Exclusivity of the place is guarantee as well the full service minded found in the 2 estates in France: Menars (14 km high-wall fenced called the litttle Chambord) and Montevran (1150 hectares introduced in Wild Boar Fever 7, 10 and 11).

Buffalo, Sable and Nyala are the most representive hunting species of this nice place where a total of 22 different games can be hunted from April to November. Quality of the trophies is the main prioriy for the 5 to 6 only hunts conducted per season in order to deliver a true experience for overseas guests. The French cooking spirit is mixed with the South African recipies for a great culinary time. Full board accommodation, including wines and alcohols is the spirit of Djumbawa as the free use of the 2 rifles Blaser, as an owner’s friend.

The lions of the camp give the night music to complète the experience.

Manager: Gerhard
DJUMBAWA GAME RANCH Suikkerboschplaat 153 kr Vrymansust Vaalwater RSA Mobile: + 27 823059427 Contact France Jean Philippe Bourgneuf  + 33 6 86 33 34 99
AFRICA Owner: Yves Forestier

Namibia has the largest diversity of biotopes in all of Africa, ranging from deserts such as the Kalahari and the world’s oldest, the Namib Desert, to red-coloured dunes (Sossusvlei) and sandy beaches along the Skeleton Coast or then again the subtropical marshes between the Okavango and the Zambezi.

Twenty years of experience have taught us that all our guests like to discover all the different parts of this magical country, either by hunting or fishing in the different places. Therefore we offer you two hunting and two fishing destinations which we own or operate. Several combinations are possible, depending on the season, your availability and your mode of transport, all of which we would be more than happy to study together with you.

Hunting the grandiose Etosha area and the massive Damaraland

The southern border of Etosha National Park is well-known to hunters for its great variety of plains game. Our privately owned land covers a diverse landscape consisting of Mopani forests, dry river beds, acacia woodlands, plains, mountains, valleys and pans.

You can hunt exceptional trophies and experience the magic of real hunting. Gold medals can be obtained for gemsbok, kudu and mountain zebra. The Damara dik-dik and the black-faced impala are even exclusive to this area. Leopards and cheetahs are considered the jewels of Etosha.

We have three types of accommodations, each giving you different experiences on your safari. One way is using our African safari lodge with all the five-star amenities typical to the Southern African triangle and with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding valleys and plains. For a more typical hunting atmosphere, we use a camp with several thatched rondawels, decorated with local artwork and en suite bathrooms. For those nostalgic for an ‘Out of Africa’ atmosphere, we offer a live version in the tented camp where as the night falls the bush comes alive.

More to the west lies the Damaraland concession. As no fixed settlements are allowed, we use our 4x4 and tents to set up flycamps in a moonlike environment.

All meals are served around a crackling fire under the clear African sky or under thatch in the central lapa, with unique game dishes. On the day you wish to take a rest from hunting, it is possible to go for a game drive in Etosha National Park or simply relax around the swimming pool and the spa of the main lodge.

English, French, Dutch and German spoken

AFRICA NAMIBIA Owner: Classified Contact: Renier de Villiers HUNT & FISH NAMIBIA Farm Excelsior (Etosha) Outjo Namibia Tel +264 81 2403219 Affiliations

Hunting the Kalahari dunes and Namib Desert

South of Windhoek we own two hunting territories, each very representative of their specific biotopes. The Kalahari property features a combination of 74 sequential red sand dunes with the equivalent number of valleys stretching each over a kilometre wide. It is an amazing sensation to hunt in such countryside, as each dune hides a new spectacle of animals grazing in the next valleys.

Here you can hunt mostly grazers such as springbok, gemsbok and wildebeest, all medal quality. Again accommodation can be provided in three different types of camps: the luxurious safari lodge with five-star facilities such as pool, spa and restaurant; the comfortable bungalow of the hunting camp with its magic lapa and boma; or finally, real bush life in a tented camp.

A few hours eastwards, towards the Botswana border, we have a desert property which again is a totally different view from the Kalahari. Montana like grass plains contrast with the red hills which seem imported from Arizona. Hunting tactics change 100% since here the hunter and the animals have little space to hide. Cheetah, leopard and hyena are abundant in this area. The accommodation is in a typical thatched lodge uniquely decorated in a hunting atmosphere. All game here is natural resident game.

What’s the best season for hunting?

There is no good, better or best time. There is only a period that is less comfortable because of high temperatures and a period less favourable to hunting.

Therefore, we suggest:

Etosha region: March till October

Damara land: June till September

Kalahari: April till October

Namib Desert: April till September

English, French, Dutch and German spoken

AFRICA NAMIBIA Owner: Classified Contact: Renier de Villiers HUNT & FISH NAMIBIA Farm Excelsior (Etosha) Outjo Namibia Tel +264 81 2403219 Affiliations

The famous Kalahari region with its unique mystical powers and enchanting African ambiance has infatuated mankind for ages. Its hunting grounds are world famous and it’s also home to the San people who inhabited this area for millenniums and proudly named it themselves.

This wild and unique eco-system, stretching over three Southern African countries, will unconditionally challenge the hunting spirit of man. Our 10 000 ha property lies at the entry of this enchanting paradise, where the dunes stabilized through vegetation, forms an African savannah, proudly hosting Acacia such as the Camel thorn, Black thorn and Sweet thorn, as well as the picturesque Shepherd’s tree and White raisin bush. Combined with breathtaking sunsets, the sandy Kalahari soil, and an abundant birdlife, a unique and unforgettable African experience is in the making.

Hunt on foot like its historic inhabitants - the Bushmen of the Kalahari. Not only did they perfect the ultimate hunting skills through their respect and knowledge of nature, but their traditional way of hunting honor the principle of fair chase and you will experience the satisfaction of really earning your trophy.

We offer a diversity of exceptional trophy possibilities Choose from more than 30 native species which include the Greater Kudu, Kalahari and Karoo Springbok, Gemsbok (Oryx), Impala, common and white Blesbok, common Duiker, Steenbok, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Cape Eland, Nyala, Tsessebe, Bontebok, Waterbuck, Sable and Roan to mention a few. Our trophies are of excellent quality and medals can be obtained for most of them.

You will be accompanied by one of our experienced professional hunters, registered to hunt dangerous game and are all registered members of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA). The non-hunter will surely be entertained. Photographic opportunities are superb. The Kalahari provides a sensual combination of endless picturesque shows, directed by nature and performed by its own unique inhabitants. Incomparable sunsets, filling the early evening skies with millions of colors, endless stretching savannah with it’s diverse plants and trees, the vast variety of colorful birds and interesting animals like the Burchell’s Zebra, Ostrich and Giraffe will provide you with excellent photographic material.

While hunting in this beautiful malaria-free part of South Africa you will be staying at a luxurious four-star lodge in spacious en suite rooms with air conditioning, dressing room and a lounge area. Discover true African hospitality while enjoying the taste of African venison, lovely prepared traditional cooking, as well as tasty continental cuisine with a wide selection of only the best South African wines. Our swimming pool, overlooking the Kalahari savannah, will provide relaxing and tranquil afternoons in the sun for the non-hunter. While enjoying a glass of Champagne you will observe the magic of the Kalahari changing its colors, sounds and smells.

There is no doubt that the richness and beauty of the Kalahari and its unique hunting offerings will be imprinted in your memories forever.

Find your passion, follow your heart and come hunt in the Kalahari.

SOUTH AFRICA Owner: Family Van de Walle Manager: Jérôme Van de Walle KALAHARI RANGERS Po Box 2234 8460 Kuruman South Africa Tel: + 32 81 56 06 11 Fax: + 32 81 56 85 90 Mobile: + 32 495 65 72 86 Affiliations

Geographic position: The island of Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean at 11hours direct flight from Paris and only 4hours flight from Johannesburg. Mauritius is a destination that enables you to fulfill an African family trip whilst making the most out of a 5 star resort on the shore of a turquoise blue ocean and still hunt a rare deer species.

Accommodation: We offer a choice of two 5 star resorts and Villas at Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali. In 1/2 board or All-inclusive, you will have access to 11 restaurants, 2 spas, 6 swimming pool, 2 kid clubs and a heated pool. We also offer accommodation in a hunting lodge or two star hotels on the estate its-self with astonishing forest and Ocean views.

Hunting: We hunt Rusa deer and the Indonesian wild boar by walk and stalk, driven hunts and from hides. The Rusa deer’s mating season begins in July and ends in mid-August.

Our 4000 hectares hunting estate offers spectacular sceneries comprising of hills, water falls, open areas and dense primary forests assuring a magical experience. We also offer small game hunting activities with more than 10 000 pheasants released every year in English aviaries. We invite you to come and experience a pheasant hunt with a pointer dog or on a traditional driven hunt.

Our packages: An all-inclusive or half board 7 nights’ stay for 2 people in a 5 star resort including transfers from and to the airport, from and to the hunting estates, hunting days, 1 typical Golden medal Rowland Ward Rusa deer up to 34 inches, a Professional hunter, a hunting permit, a rifle (Blaser R8), ammunition and the field preparation.

Other activities: Swimming with wild dolphins followed by a lobster barbecue on a white sand beach; Sky diving over the north parts of the island; Deep sea fishing for pelagic fish such as Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Skipjack tuna etc; Snorkeling and scuba diving along the coral reef; Horse riding on the beach or in the primary forest; Hiking on the top of Le Morne mountain and tours through local traditional and craft markets, we will organize everything for your family.

Our Professional Hunters: Stephan RAMBERT, Loic LECLAIR, Nicolas CHAUVEAU; manager of Le Chasseur Mauricien. The 70 biggest rusa deer trophies on the S.C.I record book in the newly recognized categories have all been hunted by our guests on our privately owned estates.

INDIAN OCEAN MAURITIUS Owner: Agrïa Ltd Manager: Nicolas Chauveau LE CHASSEUR MAURICIEN Agrïa Ltd                   Coastal Road, Domaine de Bel Ombre                   Mauritius Tel: (00230) 623 50 68 Tel: (00230) 5 859 98 59 Mobile: (00230) 5 479 37 72 Affiliations

Mylpaal is a unique hunting destination, thanks to its unparalleled combination of genuine African bush spirit and western standards of luxury, safety and particular pride in organization.

Mylpaal means “important stage” in Afrikaans, and, being a region of natural transhumance and a true biodiversity sanctuary, your stay here will undoubtedly remain engraved in your heart as one of the most significant stages in your life.

Our luxury hunting lodge is situated between two of the most famous wildlife places in the world: Etosha National Park and the Okavango region. The fertile floodplains and lush countryside here feel like a mirage after the dry air and dusty plains of southern Namibia, making it ideal for wildlife spotting and bird watching.

The private area of Mylpaal covers 10,000 hectares and is home to 25 game species. On the border of Bushmenland and Caprivi, our private reserve is a stunning example of the natural, untouched areas and landscapes so desired by adventure enthusiasts.

Your hunting experience

Along with its prime location, consummately professional game management makes Mylpaal a game-rich hunting paradise for rifle as well as bow hunters. Thanks to our sustainable hunting practices and our conservation work, you will find a large number of old trophy animals. We welcome a maximum of 20 hunters a year in order to ensure a low hunting pressure and the selection of mature trophies. The result has been astonishing: so far we have only taken medal class, SCI or Roland Ward record trophies.

Our preferred hunting method is stalking. Depending on the quarry species and physical abilities of the hunter, however, we also hunt from blinds and tree stands. We have brand new rifles with high quality scopes available for hire, should you wish to borrow a firearm. Every one of our professional hunters is not only a Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) member, but most importantly an avid hunter who is always paying attention to detail.

Our focus lies on plains game hunting, but we also offer big game hunts in the Caprivi region in cooperation with first class big game organizations.

AFRICA NAMIBIA Owner & Manager Stéphane & Joy Bailly MYLPAAL PRIVATE GAME RESERVE PO Box 652 Tsumeb Namibia Tel: +32 (0) 499 84 26 40

« Namibia is unlike anywhere else on Earth; a place where you’ll feel incredibly small by the magnitude of your surroundings and in complete awe of Mother Nature’s finest achievements. » The Common Wanderer

A jewel in the wilderness

Few words can describe how it feels to stand before the spectacular Mylpaal plain: the farmhouse, the lapa, the 5 premium suites of forty square meters each, the heated pool and the Jacuzzi all offer you this view.Each waterhole includes a place where you can become part of Namibia’s fascinating nature. The lodge itself is also a pleasure to behold, featuring luxury authentic decor, mixing warm wood tones and bright notes of colour.

Our chef’s philosophy is to respect the local food culture, which incorporates the age-old traditions of Namibia combined with refined French cooking.Our approach is to eat the food that we hunt and we are also developing home-grown gardening. We offer out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences, which provide the perfect setting to share stories and tall tales of your experiences. Step into a world of pure relaxation at our spa, where you can revitalise your mind, body and soul with ancestral treatments after a long day of adventures. Our services are operated by people who share a deep love for and knowledge of their surroundings and combine this with permanent respect for nature, ethics and conservation.

The « MacAfrican Challenge »

We proudly organize the famous « Macnab Challenge » with the collaboration of the Ladies Macnab club. This tradition is derived from the must read novel by John Buchan under the title ”John Macnab”. How to achieve it? You will aim to stalk and shoot an Impala, catch a tiger fish and bag a brace of Sandgrouse all within daylight hours of a single day. This is your unique chance to complete your « MacAfrican Challenge » in Africa !

The magic of the surroundings

Imagine yourself watching the Milky Way on an 8-meter-high tower in the middle of the savannah, waking-up in a Baobab tree amid the silence of nature, or having a long drink watching animals at the waterhole and dancing around the camp fire with the villagers. Your family will just love that unforgettable experience!

We offer a wide range of other activities: 4x4 game drives, photo safaris, bird watching, pedal bikes and quad bikes, fishing, tours and excursions. Our activities make Mylpaal not only a paradise for hunters, but also for non-hunters and the whole family. Guests will appreciate the warm welcome and personalized service, as well as the intimate atmosphere. Welcome home!

Services ;

Transfers from Windhoek international airport by aircraft or by car

Personalized services / Wifi / Laundry / Tours and excursions


AFRICA NAMIBIA Owner & Manager Stéphane & Joy Bailly MYLPAAL PRIVATE GAME RESERVE PO Box 652 Tsumeb Namibia Tel: +32 (0) 499 84 26 40

We strive to bring you the most incredible hunting experience. Based in Botswana, our plains game hunts mainly cover the coveted and beautiful Tuli Block, which borders the Limpopo river, in eastern Botswana. We hunt Elephant in northern Botswana where these majestic beasts roam free and offer a challenging but rewarding hunt.   Game here is rife and we offer both rifle and bow hunting on wild animals making your hunt truly magical.

We want to help you create lifelong memories; the African sun beating on your back with a rifle slung over your shoulder in pursuit of African game, then coming back to camp in the evening to sit around the fire, eating delicious food and talking so fondly of your day.

Although most of our operations are out of Botswana, depending on what animals you would like, we also offer hunting in the free range mountains in the Eastern Cape of South Africa as well as the sand dunes of the Kalahari, so you know whatever you strive for we can make it happen.

We are owner operated and take pride in giving one-on-one attention and tailored experiences to each of our clients.

AFRICA BOTSWANA Owner & Manager Enge Smit and Ricus Nel  NEL SAFARIS Parrshalt farm Tuli Block Botswana Tel: +32 (0) 499 84 26 40 Enge Botswana +26774790103 Enge South Africa +27764207639 Ricus South Africa +27644337539
true Africa with Nel Safaris.
Visit Nel Safaris to book your next true African Adventure

Africa and especially Namibia is fascinating. You will be personally hosted by the Schwalm family – they have a long tradition in professional hunting and guarantee an individual experience with impressions that can otherwise only be found on postcards. As a partner, the Forst Eibenstein Africa Unit also guarantees an individual service and process.

Omalanga has a romantic lodge on its privately owned land. A permit is required for trophy hunting, which will be organized for our guests. Individual requests for trophy hunting can be arranged if you reserve enough time in advance.

Including our concessions, the total hunting area available to our clients exceeds 70.000 hectares. More than 20 game species are available. High quality trophies are offered due to a wide range of hunting concessions. Experience a passionate hunt with our professional hunters, who will guide you to get your dream trophy. After calibrating your rifle, the hunt begins in Namibia´s various landscapes. Benefit from the many years of experiences and approaches of our professional hunters throughout the hunt.

Of course, the WCFE sustainability will also be applied here. It is therefore also a matter of course that non-hunting guests and participants of photo safaris can have an unforgettable experience with us.

Like all partners of Forst Eibenstein, we wish: Come as a guest - stay as a friend!


Owners: Schwalm Family Managers: FE-Travel Agency: Radovan Abramovic MSc. mobil: +49 (0) 171 336 1018

Gerhard Griesbeck mobil: +49 (0) 171 336 1011

FORST EIBENSTEIN Travel Agency der DONHAUSER services & sales GmbH Gutenbergstr. 19 93128 Regenstauf Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 9402 7888 1310

Fax: +49 (0) 9402 7888 1001


QM ISO 9001:2015

Creditworthiness: CREFO-ZERT high Sustainability: WCFE health protection: GHIS standard travel security certifi cate


OMALANGA – Premium - Best Partner of FORST EIBENSTEIN Africa Unit & Adventure Tours Forst Eibenstein Finest Fishing

Rob has been in the Safari Industry for 26 years. He owns and runs Rob Lurie Safaris with his wife and partner of 20 years, Michelle. They have two teenage children, Josh16 and Abbi 14. Their family are all avid outdoor enthusiasts and they enjoy time together as a family, hunting fishing, camping and exploring their beautiful home country Zimbabwe as well as their neighboring African countries.

Rob’s passion is to show visitors to Africa the true beauty and meaning of “Safari” with memories made that last forever. The service Rob provides to his clients is very personal , as is shown by his repeat customers. He prides himself on tailor made bespoke safaris, taking care of his clients from the day they meet and discuss a potential safari until all the trophies are back and hanging on the wall or adorning trophy rooms.

Being a small family business both Rob and Michelle are involved in every part of it from the time you arrive to the time you leave to go home. We cater to all your specific needs, tastes and likes. Everything that is going to happen on the safari is laid out in front of you before hand - there are no surprises.

Born in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe in April 1976, Rob grew up hunting, fishing and just being in the bush in Zimbabwe on various farms and citizen hunting concessions. He had a passion for the bush and wildlife and the thrill of the chase from an early age. This led to him entering the Safari Industry after completing his A-Levels at a private school based in Harare and pursuing his dream of becoming a Professional Hunter & Guide.

Affiliations AFRICA ZIMBABWE Owner: Rob Lurie Manager: Rob and Michelle Lurie ROB LURIE SAFARIS Parrshalt farm Harare Zimbabwe Office Tel: + 263 242 331 808 Rob Cell: +263 773 451 585 Michelle Cell: +263 772 310 347

Rob has a vast wealth of knowledge of the bush, wildlife, birds and trees. He holds a full Professional Hunters & Guides License in Zimbabwe and he has hunted extensively all over Zimbabwe. Rob’s specialty and passion is Bug Cat hunting along with Elephant & Buffalo followed closely by the aquatic hunting of Hippo and Crocodile.

Rob is extremely passionate about his work and this is what makes him the successful Hunter & Guide he is today.

Rob is actively involved with the Z.P.G.A (Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association) and is the current Chairman as well as being an examiner for the association that works alongside our local Nations Parks Authority that issue the Hunting & Guiding Licenses.

Rob operates in Zimbabwe but he can also assist with booking and planning of hunts to other African countries.

Rob is also a life member of Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA)

“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa -for he has so much to look forward to” Richard Mullen

Affiliations AFRICA ZIMBABWE Owner: Rob Lurie Manager: Rob and Michelle Lurie ROB LURIE SAFARIS Parrshalt farm Harare Zimbabwe Office Tel: + 263 242 331 808 Rob Cell: +263 773 451 585 Michelle Cell: +263 772 310 347


After 25 years of partnership with different company in some of the best places of Tanzania, SAFARIA has now his own areas. Three hunting concessions have been allocated to SAFARIA for the 10 coming years. Those three areas are located on some of the most famous hunting grounds of Tanzania: The Selous Game Reserve, Rungwa Game Reserve and Masai Land. Those very different places will allow you to collect almost all species available in the country and enjoy very different landscape.

Faithful to its principles SAFARIA, is dedicated to organize custom-made trips in order to allow everybody to get closer to their dreams. Key words for Safaria camp and organization will be always Refinement, charm and Authenticity.


Après avoir chassé en Tanzanie pendant prêt de 25 ans avec différents partenaires sur les endroits phares du pays  SAFARIA est maintenant en mesure de vous recevoir sur les trois concessions qui lui ont été amodiées pour les dix années à venir ( 2023-2033 ). Ces trois zones, situées dans le Selous à Rungwa et au Pays Masai, vous permettront de pouvoir chasser la quasi-totalité des espèces présentes dans ce qui reste une des plus belles destinations de chasse au monde.

Fidéle à ses principes, SAFARIA s’emploie à personnaliser les séjours afin que chacun puisse vivre une expèrience à la hauteur de ses rêves. Raffinement, charme et authenticité restant les maîtres mots pour les camps mais aussi pour toute l’organisation.

AFRICA TANZANIA SAFARIA Finest Classic Safaris Owner: Florent Mathieu Manager: Florent Mathieu & Thibault Englesen Mobile +3 3633620136

Uganda is located on the East African Plateau, averaging about 1,100 meters (3,600 feet) above sea level, which slopes steadily downwards to the Sudanese Plain to the North. Much of the South is poorly drained, while the center is dominated by Lake Kyoga and surrounding marshy areas.

Hunting Season

Our hunting season is from January throughout to December. It rains all year round (which is why the country is so lush) with slightly more rain on average in May/June and October/November. However, the rainfall varies from year-to-year. Some species move with the rain, but we will do our best to make every safari a success. The best time to hunt Buffalo is during the months of December to end of June. After that the grass is high and hunting buffalo becomes challenging. All other species can be hunted year-round.

Kafu River Basin (KA)

The Kafu River Basin stretches along Lake Kyoga, Kafu & Mayanja Rivers and covers the six districts of Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Kiryandongo and Masindi covering about 420,000 hectares. The landscape in Kafu consists mainly of Papyrus swamps and dense bush thickets making it a prime hunting ground for the East African Sitatunga, East African Bush Duiker, Eastern Bohor Reedbuck, Nile Bushbuck East African, Uganda Defassa Waterbuck, Leopard, Common Oribi and Bush Pig.

We hunt in Kafu from January to December. This is the best concession for big Sitatunga. Our average horn length on Sitatunga is 25 inches with quite a few bulls taken in the 29 to 31.5-inch range over the years.

Aswa Lolim Ranches (AL)

The former Aswa-Lolim Wildlife Reserve was degazetted under Idi Amin in the 70s. It covers the sub-counties of Purongo, Alero, Anaka and Koch-Goma. Although many commercial farmers have settled in this prime hunting ground, it is still realistic to get Nile Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Oribi and warthog. Aswa-Lolim lies on the eastern side of the Nile. It covers 45,000 hectares and share a 110 km direct border with Murchison Falls National Park in the South and about 78 km with the Nile in the West. The landscape is dominated by light rolling grass hills with palm trees, small valleys with creeks and light forest. Near the river you find dense forests and large stretches of papyrus swamps. We hunt in Aswa-Lolim from January to end of April/May. The Sitatunga hunting takes place year-round.


Upon arrival at Entebbe Airport (Airport Code: EBB) and departure, depending on your flight schedule, you will be accommodated in a good three-star hotel in Kampala. Our staff picks you up at the airport and drops you off. Your lodging in the field will be either in traditional East African safari tents (Kafu Blocks & Karamoja) or traditional grass thatched tented bungalows (Mayanja Lodge) serviced for by trained staff.

Our field cooks provide three solid meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) per day. The cooking in our restaurant samples different kitchens such as Indian, African, German, Italian and Chinese. All our camps & lodges are semi-permanent structures equipped with 24/7 power supply and satellite internet. The internet can only be used for emails and Skype calls.

AFRICA UGANDA Owner: Christian Weth Manager: Christian Weth UGANDA WILDLIFE SAFARIS Plot 616 St. Andrew Kaggwa Rd. Munyonyo P.O. Box 70 513, Clock Tower Kampala Uganda Tel: +256-392-178-661 Mobile: +256-753-024-543 Skype: christian.weth2 christian.weth@

Atelier: 1 Avenue du millac, 33370 Artigues Près Bordeaux

Magasin: 16 Rue Vignon, 75009 Paris


*not included: Airfairs, transfer from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, cartridges, extra’s and tips!
Join & win a trip for 2 hunters with Argentina’s prime wingshooting operation: « Frontera Wingshooting » Shoot doves for 3 days with a friend (all inn) in Cordoba at La Zenaida Lodge* Join our newsletter or follow us on instagram today and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of this beautifull trip.

The VX-6HD 4-24 x 52 is built to outlast and outperform. While others warranty failure, we guarantee unmatched optical clarity and rugged reliability for life. Because at Leupold, failure is not an option.

Algar Safaris / Argentina p.116

La Zenaida Lodge / Argentina p.118

Ricon de Los Matreros / Uruguay p.120

Ricon de Los Matreros / Uruguay p.122

Veracruz Lodge / Argentina p.124


Patagonia, It’s a country in itself…

Algar Safaris is Argentina´s leading outfitter and has an outstanding reputation in the hunting industry. Since 1991, Algar Safaris has always offered the finest Big game hunting in Patagonia. Algar owns two private hunting properties that cover 85,000 acres (35,000 hectares) of pristine Patagonian steppe country. The hilly terrain and breathtaking views make Algar safaris an excellent place to hunt the various species we offer. The captivating surroundings and the wilderness of the country provide the most demanding and experienced hunters with a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience.

Located in the southern part of the province of Neuquén, in Patagonia, Argentina, only 60 miles (100 km) north of the beautiful city of San Carlos de Bariloche with paved road access from it. Accommodation is five stars. Absolutely top notch. There is a chef who prepares delicious local and international cuisine. In addition, Algar safaris is the perfect place to bring a non-hunting guest, due to there are many activities for them to do in the area.

The majestic Red Stag is the most sought after trophy in our area and we are proud to say we offer the unique “Monster” red stags, which roam free and are found in abundance. Besides Red stag, we also offer Fallow deer, Axis deer, Père David’s deer, Mouflon sheep, Black Jacob’s ram, Patagonian dall, Patagonian ram, Multi-horned sheep, Juan Fernández goat (Balearean boc), European boar and Blackbuck antelope. We are proud to say we offer the highest trophy quality you will ever find in our country, and the world. All trophies are awesome and guaranteed to make the record book. We really offer the very best fair chase and also free range hunting. In addition, we own the world’s third largest Pere David’s population, being the only ones who can offer this exotic species in the wild.

We encourage bow hunters to hunt at Algar as they will find this country vast and open, making it easy to spot game from high vantage points. The terrain is mostly rolling hills and mesas broken with ravines and creeks where the animals gather for water, and graze the valleys which run across the property. The tall grasses and bushes make the perfect camouflage for bow hunters’ activity. Bow hunters should expect 30-70 mt shot distance.

Services: Premium accommodation, World-class cuisine, Valet laundry, Airport reception and assistance, Wi-fi internet in all master bedrooms, Premium gun rental, Hotel reservation and extra activities advice.

Affiliations ARGENTINA PATAGONIA Owner: Liliana
ALGAR SAFARIS Patagonia Argentina Mobile: +54 9 11 3115 0028
& Alberto Fernandez Manager:

La Zenaida, Córdoba, Argentina

High volume dove shooting

La Zenaida is located 50 meters away from one of the largest and most compact dove roosts in Argentina and right on a dove flyway; it is just the perfect place for a thrilling high-volume shooting experience with an experienced team that runs a flawless operation.

Decorated in the traditional Patagonian and Northern Argentinean style, La Zenaida offers all modern amenities: cosy en-suite bedrooms, a comfortable living-room with a fully stocked complimentary bar, a large dining room, a large outdoor hot tub and a great recreation area with a wonderful view of the green fields and mountain lions walking around occasionally.

The Shooting

Córdoba is considered the dove shooting capital of the world. The 100 square mile radius (60 km) around the lodge is annually inhabited by over 30 million doves.

The lodge has around 25 shooting fields, which are at walking distance within our own property, or at a short drive through the region’s rich farmland. This allows for more time to relax and enjoy yourself, take a nap in between hunts, refresh in our swimming pool during the hot summer days or the outdoor hot tub in cooler days and why not take a pleasant massage for your sore shoulders and limbs!

The overwhelming amount of birds flying over the head restlessly all day long ensures great opportunities for non-stop shooting suitable for all skill levels. Beginners have an unparalleled chance for improving their shooting skills aiming at low flying doves, while more experienced shooters find higher and faster targets quite a challenge. An average hunter may expect to shoot between 2 to 4 cases a day…and there’s No Bag Limit!

With the shooting fields at walking distance from the lodge, dove shooting will never be the same. You will shoot more and travel less.


Owner: Tomas Frontera


Av OHiggins 5500 La Santina, Cordoba CP 5014 Argentina

Toll free (From USA) : 1 888 236 1033 Mobile: +54 9 351 531 4506



The present facilities, were built on the remains of an old stone and wood structure that dates back to 1900. This was done with the intent of preserving the charm and history of the place.

There are 6 suites available in a colonial style including stone, handcrafted bricks and wood, apart from the social area where you will find a large living room with a fireplace, a dining area, an indoor grill, and a wine cellar among other things. There are comfortable suites available, each with its own fireplace and dressing room. And most important of all, every room is in front of the panoramic dinning room, the huge terraces and the swimming pool. It offers spectacular views of the hills surrounding the main house.

The rusticity in the house is contrasted by certain modern touches like electric energy, digital telephony, internet connection and satellite television.

Regarding gastronomy, you will have available a menu particularly elaborated by the preparation of game meats, combined with garden vegetables and other home—made accompaniments. Pasta, bread and preserves are all handcrafted at Rincón de los Matreros. And since a good meal calls for a good wine, you will be able to select it directly at the cellar, from a wide selection of top-level wines made in Uruguay... including the special editions made exclusively for Rincon de los Matreros.

URUGUAY SOUTH AMERICA Owner: Merogan S.A. Manager: Mathieu Jetten RINCÓN DE LOS MATREROS Isla patrulla Treinta y Tres Uruguay Tel: +598 99 379 433 +33 650 38 76 73
A hunting lodge made by a hunter, for HUNTERS.


Thank you very much Mathieu and Vitor. We hunted a wild boar of 150kg and 22 cm of trophy. On the following day, we hunted a beautiful trophy of feral goat. Friendly atmosphere, excellent food and first class organization. Be sure I will return. Perhaps already the next year… Greetings, Mit Weidsmannsheil, Gicallino Rocco Aloise —Villach, Austria.

A beautiful place to enjoy with all the family. Very good weekend with special attention of all the “staff”. Beautiful animals and great hunting. Carlo Morandi, Julio Morandi, Felipe Morandi.

Friends of Rincon de los Matreros

The life is done of small and unforgettable moments that in this Rincon were one of these. And each person in this place insists to the maximum so that these small moments are the most pleasant as possible. We can just say “thank you very much”.

Giovanni Pacheco, Carlo Z., Guilherme G. de Oliveira.

After 10 years of obligatory shutdown in my cinegetic activities, by insistence of the mutual friends, I return, and for my luck in a wonderful place like this one. I hope to have the opportunity to return more often. Were here together, in an impeccable stay. We leave registered the satisfaction and joy with which we were welcomed. Besides, we were awarded with a magnificent wild boar: (27 cm of tusk) hunted by Alexandre Oltramazi; and two “professional” goats hunted by Fernando Comunello and Alexandre Fasoli. Finally, a deep gratefulness to Guima and all the friends who we left here, remains. Obs.: Another wild boar, hunted by Alexandre Fasoli. Until the next one!

Alexandre Fasoli, Fernando Comunello, Eduardo Guimarães and Alexandre Oltramazi.

In almost full moon… 11hrs, tired eyelids…A single male enters - What is Laurindo? - “Male” it is, but I do not see the tusks! I thought: Good, tomorrow we are leaving, then… fire! And I hunted the greater boar of my life. Carlinhos said: another like this, not even in 100 years. Oh God! Meanwhile, Carlinhos with Eduardo were grabbing with nails and knives Lucio’s wild boar… Great night! Great hunting! Hug. Jose Brugger

Moments like this, with friends, make this, our sport, a very special event. We spent wonderful days and had the chance to enjoy special and exciting hunts. Wonderful. Great hug. Dante Carraro

URUGUAY SOUTH AMERICA Owner: Merogan S.A. Manager: Mathieu Jetten RINCÓN DE LOS MATREROS Isla patrulla Treinta y Tres Uruguay Tel: +598 99 379 433 +33 650 38 76 73

Mixed bag hunting

Veracruz is a cosy, thatched-roofed lodge with the most spectacular view, which makes a wonderful setting to spare and relax after enjoying the best shooting ever. The lodge offers 5 bedrooms with private bathrooms, and can accommodate 10 guests. While you are at the ranch, it is yours to enjoy, from the comfortable living room with its inviting fireplace, to the dining room offering beautiful views of open fields and the Parana River shore.

The Shooting

At Veracruz you can hunt different species of ducks depending on the time of the year, the rosy billed and whistling ducks being the most common, along with some teals.

Duck shooting features comfortable and well camouflaged blinds; quality specie-specific decoys and guides who will place you where you need to be to get the kind of duck hunting you’ve only dreamed of until now.

The shooting occurs on the shores of San Javier Rivers, over some of the hundreds of islands or over rice fields. We shoot twice a day, morning and evening, and there is plenty of time to relax at midday.

For morning hunts, our hunters depart from the lodge in the dark, but after a hearty breakfast. Depending on the time of the year and the behavior of the birds (scouted every day), the time to get to the blinds will be from 20 minutes to an hour, including car or boat ride.

Shooting over decoys starts at first light and continues until 10 am or after. Flocks of 20 or 30 ducks are not rare. Most days, duck hunters return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon departure at about 3pm for evening duck hunts. Evening hunts last until dark.

Perdiz over dogs is a great choice to hunt. They are fast and challenging. Britain’s or German shorthair dogs hunt with us. Duck and perdiz shooting can be exchanged for Dove shooting, making the hunting diverse.

Dorado Fishing is a great and fun sport. The river scenery is phenomenal. We fish in shallow water with current. Lots of different fish can be caught like stingray and Piranhas. We will use bait or fly rods depending on your request. Catch and release is what we do.

In the heart of a magical environment, Veracruz offers a warm and cozy accommodation combined with the best of Argentina’s mixed bag hunting.

Tomas Frontera VERACRUZ LODGE Av OHiggins 5500 La Santina, Cordoba CP 5014 Argentina Toll free (From USA) : 1 888 236 1033 Mobile: +54 9 351 531 4506

Damville / Canada p.128

Mexico Hunts / Mexico p.130

Mexico Hunts / Mexico p.132


In Damville estate, each season offers a unique opportunity to commune with nature, to experience great and intense adventures. Come and immerse yourself in the heart of our exclusive territory of over 113km2, with your family, with your friends. Our philosophy is to give you an intense experience, whatever your wishes are. Designing your stay, put all our knowhow, our experience, our passion into it and to make it unique.


Moose hunting coincides with the most beautiful time of the year in Quebec which is fall. It is an exciting hunting, requiring patience, observation and discretion. Spring offers an opportunity to hunt the mythical black bear over a territory of several thousand kilometres. Adventure tempts you? You will be in the hands of experienced guides who know perfectly well the territory and the habits of these large animals which occupy our outfitter in large numbers. Our mission is to prepare your hunt to offer you a big success , to propose you the best conditions for achieving it, but also to guide you in choosing the animal that will present itself to you.


A field covered with the white coat of migrating geese is enough to turn the head of any fan of migratory hunting. Our local guides will offer you impressive and conscientiously prepared hunting spots. Snow geese, Canada geese, woodcock, snipe, partridge, grouse, … the available choice and the territory reserved for you are so vast.


Fishing is Damville’s DNA. A passion shared by the whole team, youngest, oldest, men, women, no one is spared. Which one of our 43 exclusive lakes will you prefer?

Walleye (Sander vitreus), giant pikes (Esox lucius), brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis, also called speckled trout), lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush, commonly called gray trout, one of the biggest salmonids), burbot (Lota lota, fresh water fish sometimes spelled Lote or Loche in Quebec) ouitouche (Semotilus corporalis, also called white fish).

In lake or river on the majestics Ashuapmushuan and Mistassini. We will guide you if you are perfectly experienced in fishing techniques or we will take great pleasure in guiding you, whispering in your ear our most secret techniques.


As much to tell you, when there is winter in Quebec, the beauty is everywhere. The magnificence of the landscapes, this white stretching out like a long coat, this azure sky contrasting with the white. We organize safe snowmobile expeditions on our vast territory reserved for you, snowshoe hikes on the trail of animals, initiations in ancestral trapping methods, memorable ice fishing sessions.

Owner: Mario Bilodeau & Sandrine Tafin
QUEBEC INC. 943 rue St Cyrille Normandin QC G8M 4H9 Tel.: +1418 274 2511 Mobile: +1418 618 8532
Manager: Samuel Bilodeau


With almost 20 years of experience as hunting and sport fishing outfitters, we offer one of the best services in Mexico, with the highest quality and formality. We count with a great diversity of fauna with high quality trophies, excellent accommodations and service guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Our conservation management programs have resulted in an excellent abundance of game animals with some of the finest hunting to be found anywhere. We count on record own book trophies and an extraordinary record of 100% of success with our hunters. We invited it to know them and to be part of Mexico Hunts at any time of the year in some of our three different destinies.

Besides our Desert Bighorn Sheep, we also provide excellent fishing trips within the pristine waters of Sea of Cortez; which is known worldwide as a paradise for deep sea fishing. Sea of Cortez offers a great number of species such as Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna.


Carmen Island has an important Desert Bighorn Sheep reproduction program that has been carried out since 1995. Its purpose is to increase the existing populations of desert sheep subspecies in the State of Baja California Sur. Thanks to this program and its success, now you can enjoy an exciting hunt to obtain one of the most covered trophies worldwide: Desert Bighorn Sheep.

Besides our Desert Bighorn Sheep, we also provide excellent fishing trips within the pristine waters of Sea of Cortez; which is known worldwide as a paradise for deep sea fishing. Sea of Cortez offers a great number of species such as Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna.


After an excellent day of hunting or fishing, soak in the pristine beaches of Carmen Island, snorkel and scubadive through the underwater wonders of Sea of Cortez, enjoy exciting kayak and bicycle tours, admire the wealth of marine fauna that lives there such as dolphins, whales and friendly sea lions or just sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking Carmen Island and Sea of Cortez has to offer.


Admire and discover the cultural heritage of Carmen Island, surrounded by lagoons that make up fields and mountains of mud. Enjoy the architecture of the nineteenth century and learn about the legends that surround the ghost town within Carmen Island.

Jiménez MEXICO HUNTS Lazaro Cardenas No.310 Col. Real de San Agustin San Pedro G. G., N.L., Mexico C.P.66260 Tel: +52 (81) 8287 3375 Affiliations
Manager: Sergio


With almost 20 years of experience as hunting and sport fishing outfitters, we offer one of the best services in Mexico, with the highest quality and formality. We count with a great diversity of fauna with high quality trophies, excellent accommodations and service guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Our conservation management programs have resulted in an excellent abundance of game animals with some of the finest hunting to be found anywhere. We count on record own book trophies and an extraordinary record of 100% of success with our hunters. We invited it to know them and to be part of Mexico Hunts at any time of the year in some of our three different destinies.


Plomito Ranch counts with a great diversity of flora and fauna, not to mention hunting species such as the desert bighorn sheep, which rank first in our much appraised national wildlife, huge mule deer and whitetail deer, as well as collared peccary. The Sonoran desert is part of the vast American corridor of dry ecosystems that stretches from the southeast tip of the State of Washington, in the US, south to the State of Hidalgo, within the central Mexican plateau; and from central Texas east to the Pacific coast in the Baja California peninsula, covering almost a million square kilometers.


Our first class accommodations at Plomito Ranch offer high-quality services to provide our clients with the highest comfort. In this enigmatic place you will be lodged in cozy and well-appointed facilities designed and decorated in the traditional Santa Fe style. Our ranch has the capacity for corporate or family groups up to eight people.

Professional cooking and waiting services, as well bilingual guides for the outdoors activities are also available to enhance your hunting experience.

SONORA MEXICO Owner & Manager: Sergio Jiménez MEXICO HUNTS Lazaro Cardenas No.310 Col. Real de San Agustin San Pedro G. G., N.L., Mexico C.P.66260 Tel: +52 (81) 8287 3375 Affiliations




Dallas Safari Club, USA / January

Safari Club International, USA / February

Jagd & Hund, Germany / February

Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei, Austria / February

Salon de la chasse et de la faune sauvage, France / March

MSL Challenge, Paris Shooting Club, France / June

Game Fair, France / June

S’Hail – Katara, Hunting and Falcons Exhibition, Qatar / September

Jagd und Schützen tage, Germany / October


Au Salon de la Chasse de Rambouillet, on y trouve tout et surtout ce qu’il n’y a pas ailleurs !

S’équiper Partager Voyager
S’équiper Partager Voyager Rencontrer / +33 (0)1 34 78 98 44 PARC DES EXPOSITIONS L’ÎLE L’AUMÔNE ALLÉE DES ÎLES ÉRIC TABARLY 78200 MANTES-LA-JOLIE A Autoroute A13 sortie N°11 / Du 24 au 27 mars 2023


June 1st 2023



JUIN 2023





S’hail sparkles in its landmark sixth edition in 2022

The exceptional sixth edition of S’hail - The Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition – left its indelible impression in the landmark year of FIFA World Cup Qatar.

S’hail 2022, hosted by Cultural Village Foundation Katara at its Wisdom Square, was held over six days (September 5 to September 2022 ,10) and emerged with another feather in the cap with its resounding success thereby underlining its leadership status in the region and globally.

Signifying Qatar’s generational cultural heritage and deep passion for falcon and hunting, the sixth edition of S’hail - distinct in its exhibition specializing in falcons, falconry products, modern hunting gadgets, hunting-related weapons, modified vehicles and caravans, accessories, and camping supplies - was represented by 180 major companies from all over the world amid an increasing demand from hunting and falconry enthusiasts.

S›hail 2022 also had the distinguished presence of Gulf companies from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates, with nearly 40 companies specializing in

weapons, rifles, hunting supplies, and hunting trips.

S›hail 2022 was graced by the esteemed visits of dignitaries including Their Excellencies the Ambassadors accredited to the State of Qatar, Ministers and Sheikhs, in addition to the large presence of media representatives.

Salem Mabkhout Al Marri, Director of Public Relations Department, Katara, and member of the Executive Committee of the S’hail Organizing Committee, applauded the grand success of the sixth edition of Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition which has firmly established itself as the most prominent specialized exhibition in the world, especially in its organization, services, size, and the presence of major international companies.

He stressed that S’hail 2022 was distinct with its diverse cultural activities, especially the falcon auction - one of the most attractive events for falconers, hunting enthusiasts and the public.

Al Marri praised the important role of the local, Arab and international press and media in the success of S’hail 2022, acknowledging its contribution in broadening the exhibition’s horizon which was established in 2017

Over the years, S’hail’s aura and grandeur has only increased with each passing edition. The sixth edition in Qatar’s World Cup year was not only remarkable in terms of its size (which was larger by %20 in its total area exceeding 10,000sqm) but also in its uniqueness of falcons and variety of huntingrelated products.

The exhibition included heritage activities and accompanying cultural programs, besides lectures and seminars on preservation of falcons and environment, care of falcons and their breeding, as well a poetry evening in which senior Qatari poets participated. S’hail 2022 also saw a wide participation

of painting artists from within and outside Qatar.

S’hail’s falcon auction (now done electronically and which can be digitally accessed from anywhere in the world) continued to be a top draw. The highest bid through the six days of the exhibition reached QR977,000. S’hail 2022 also had on display “Muammar” falcon which is 25 years of age and among one of the oldest falcons. Named ‘Nomas’, this Peregrine falcon is 1997 born.

S’hail’s aesthetically designed pavilions and specially designed falcon hood also remained a big attraction.

The prize of QR20,000 for the The Most Beautiful Pavilion at S›hail 2022 went to Al Rahal (Land and Sea Equipment firm) of Qatar. The first prize for ‹The Most Beautiful Falcon Hood› of 3,000$ was won by Pepe Para Hoods from Spain.

The winners are decided based on the vote of the Organizing Committee of the Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition.

The awards were conceptualized in 2018 with the aim of supporting craftsmanship and traditional industries, and as an encouragement to participants for innovative ideas and designs.

The many participants and exhibitors at S’hail 2022 expressed their big admiration on the development and expansion of S’hail and its organization.

Badr Mohammed Saab, Executive Director of Bader Al Emarat Hunting and Trips Equipment Company, said S’hail 2022 attracted a great turnout since its very start, stressing it is considered as the largest and the most important specialized exhibition - whether in terms of organization and services or the volume of sales and purchasing power it registers. Also in terms of its size and area making it a centre of attraction for distinguished international companies in the field to be a part of.

Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Khamis, from Thawab Hunting Equipment And Arms Maintenance Co., expressed his pleasure on the big success of S’hail 2022. He also welcomed the expanse and grandeur of S’hail, its flawless organization and the public turnout. Thawab Hunting has been attracting most of the patrons seeking hunting-related weapons since the first edition of the exhibition and in the 2022 edition, the company›s pavilion displayed state-of-the-art hunting guns presented for the first time, making huge sales.

Johnny Njeim, Director of Brescia Middle East (Lebanon), expressed his happiness on their third time participation in S’hail, noting that the sixth edition was characterized by a heavy turnout and an increase in sales volume, in addition to the launch of new products, stressing that the exhibition is constantly growing, expanding and developing annually in response to the wishes of the participating parties and the public. He stressed that S’hail is the best way to market the latest high-quality products in the field of hunting weapons and accessories.

Abdul Salam Al-Amiri from Tamreen Company also expressed his pleasure at being at S’hail 2022, expressing his admiration for the official and public attendance at the exhibition.

S’hail - Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition - is one of the largest international exhibitions and a showcase of Qatar’s rich cultural heritage and legacy. S’hail aims to support commercial, cultural and sporting activities related to falcons and hunting, and to build reciprocal relations between amateurs and traders in a manner that benefits all - at local, regional, and international levels.


Now available outside North America, FORLOH’s technical outdoor gear is meticulously tested to earth’s extremes and beyond. Go further and stay on the hunt longer, all with a greater level of comfort and focus to endure the elements. Outfitters are invited to take advantage of special pricing for their guides and clients. Learn more at:


Acteon / France p.150

Absolute Wingshooting / Spain p.152

Catalhunt / France p.154

Carpathian Hunters / Romania p.156

Chateau St Michel / France p.158

Dorback Estate / Scotland p.160

Dorback Estate / Scotland p.162

Fjelljakt / Sweden p.164

Fjelljakt / Sweden p.166

France Safari / France p.178

Forst Eibenstein / Germany p.170

Great European Hunts / Spain p.172

p.174 Great European Hunts / Spain

p.176 Hunt Trip France / France

p.178 Lax A / Greenland

p.180 Les Colverts de Sabournac / France

p.182 Le Domaine de l'Ortolo / Corsica

p.184 Le Domaine du Murtoli / Corsica

p.186 Nocfond Lodge / France

p.198 Scandinavian Prohunters / Sweden

p.190 Soto Real / Spain

p.192 Soto Real / Spain

p.194 West Highland Hunting / Scotland

p.196 Wild Instinct / Hungary


Actéon sud France, la chasse, notre passion.

C'est à travers des séjours clé en main que vous découvrirais la chasse à l’approche en France.

Aux cotés d'une équipe de guides de chasse passionnées vous pourriez approcher le brocard, le cerf, l'isard, le chamois ou le mouflon.

Pour tous nos séjours, nous sélectionnons pour vous des territoires, pour la qualité de leurs biotopes, la densité d'animaux et nous nous adaptons à tous les niveaux physiques.

Côté hébergement, vous serez accueillis dans des chambres d'hôtes de haute qualité et nous vous ferons découvrir également les plaisirs de la gastronomie française.

Seul, en famille ou entre amis, n'hésitez plus!!!

Actéon Sud France, the hunt, our passion.

It’s a true taylor made hunt that will make you discover hunting and stalking in France. A side, with a well trained professional and passionated team, you will be able to stalk on roebuck, stag, isard, chamois and mouflon.

For all your hunt we have selected the best hunting area’s, with the best quality and density of game and we can adapt your hunt on your physical request.

As for the lodging, you will be booked into local quality guest houses and we will make you discover the pleasure of the French gastronomie.

Alone, with your family or with your friends, don’t hesitate!!!

EUROPE FRANCE Owner: Julien Blanc Manager : Julien Blanc ACTÉON Route de Gimont 32450 Saramon France Tel: +33 5 62 65 38 48 Fax: +33 5 62 65 38 49

“The life that we are given has its minutes numbered, and in addition, it is given to us empty. Whether we like it or not we have to fill it on our own; that is, we have to occupy it one way or another…”

We totally agree with Ortega. It’s an absolute privilege that we get to fill our lives with our passions for hunting and the great outdoors, and it’s our upmost pleasure to invite you to spend some of your minutes, hours, and days with us and our partners having unforgettable hunting experiences in world-class destinations.

We know how to challenge you and take you beyond your known limitations to get the best trophies possible, we also know how to spoil you, and can arrange the most delightful and luxury hospitality you could wish for.

Are you ready to fulfil your greatest dreams?

EUROPE SPAIN Owner: Marcus J. Grande ABSOLUTE HUNTING & WINGSHOOTING La Boca 16 07170 Valldemossa Mallorca Spain Tel: +34 698 205077

Live an unforgettable experience in exclusive territories including the Py and Mantet, National Nature Reserves, in the heart of Catalonia. You will discover a nature that has remained exceptionally wild and spans between 3,000 and 8,000 feet of altitude.

We offer various species to hunt such as Pyrenean chamois, red stag, mouflon, roe buck or wild boar.

New for this year, we are doing during the month of September and October some bivouac hunt and get as close as possible to the animals and optimize your chances of multiplying spot and stalk and sharing a campfire atmosphere.

And for the late season, we can offer some spot and stalk on our mountain wild boars in the snow, snowshoes on which will remain an unforgettable moment just like the crackling of the fireplace in the evening at the cabin.

Located in the Pyrénées-Orientales, a 1h30 drive from Perpignan, Jean-Luc PLANES, professional hunting guide, offers custom hunting trips.
Owner: Jean-Luc Planes Manager: Jean-Luc Planes CATALHUNT 3 rue des Fontêtes 66800 Saillagouse France Mobile: +33 609093504

Romania has a high potential for passionate hunters and outdoors enthusiasts as it develops one of the strongest wild game populations of Europe, developed in a totally wild environment being one of last wildest places of modern Europe. The country offers endless possibilities from rustic camps into the wilderness to VIP conditions and services based on an efficient infrastructure.

The quality of the trophies goes from good to outstanding being accessible to all our guests of all ages. The hunting fields are located from highest altitude of Carpathian Mountains 2544 meters to the lowest level of Danube Delta including all types of biotopes: mountains, hills, plain, lakes, swamps along the Danube River and Danube Delta. The landscapes are magnificent and huge areas are deprived of human presence.

Carpathian Mountains are well-known for their mountain challenging hunts being related to a strong hunting history, always ranked as a world top class hunting destination for red stag, chamois, capercaillie, wild boars and bears, while the foothills of the mountains offers fantastic roe buck, wild boar, red stag and bear territories. Into the flat lands you find very strong populations of big and small game, offering excellent hunting for all species like: fallow stags, roe bucks, wild boars, red stags, hares, pheasants, ducks, geese, doves, pigeons and quails.

Visiting Romania, it’s also a new human-cultural experience offering a safety adventure into the wild with excellent conditions and services.

A well-travelled and educated team, Carpathian Hunters promotes and organizes the fair chase hunting methods, respecting the hunting ethics, protecting the freedom for hunting worldwide and the wildlife conservation accordingly with the laws. We conduct ourselves into the field to make a positive contribution to the wildlife and ecosystems, showing all the time respect for the game, its habitat and at the same time influencing our companions accordingly.

The strong history and tradition of the natal places, our experience and passion accumulated through the time, make Carpathian Hunters an honest partner you can rely on, always providing realistic expectations prior to your program or destination.

The work and results of our team leaded many visitors to return with joy for our destinations, reason that we would be delighted to contribute on your dream successful journey.

Carpathian Hunters is a personal hunting guide service which will guide you at all the time, prior, during and after the journey.

Come as guest, leave as friend!

Yours sincerely,

EUROPE ROMANIA Owner: Negrusa Emil Ionut Manager : Negrusa Emil Ionut CARPATHIAN HUNTERS  Bistrita Bistrita-Nasaud Transilvania Romania Tel: +40 742 020 234

Experienced hunters usually need to go far to hunt big deer. This is often a long and troublesome trip, and sometimes accommodations are rough. As of this year, a new destination in France has opened, offering some of the biggest and most beautiful deer.

The Saint Michel property, in the Nièvre department, located between Beaune and Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, will welcome you to its magnificent park. You will stay in a fully renovated castle with all the comfort of a five-star hotel. Everything is done to perfection, be it the  rooms or the meals. The owner Antoine Feidt, himself a very experienced hunter who has travelled the world, will personally welcome you and make it possible for you to shoot one of his exceptional deer.

The deer are originally from Germany, and they were imported to France 10 years ago. They have been pampered and well taken care of in order to make this livestock so amazing today. They have been treated naturally and kept in the wild. Many stags have 30 points or more and go up to gold medals. For the first time, Antoine Feidt is opening this exceptional domain where he will, I am sure, prove the beauty and the quality of his deer. You will either hunt game from a hide on watchtowers or by stalking. The best calibres for hunting here are .300 Winchester, 9.3 x 62, etc.....

A French hunting permit or license is mandatory. You will be hunting with the owner, who will gladly explain the evolution of his livestock and his theories on genetics.

So take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover these unique deer, and should you shoot one of them, it will most certainly become one of the most admired pieces in your trophy room. Certains chasseurs expérimentés vont au bout du monde pour chasser de grands cerfs. L’avion et les transfers sont souvent très longs et éprouvants. Or, depuis cette année, une destination en France permet aux amateurs de trouver  de très grands cerfs, le domaine Saint Michel. Situé dans la Nièvre entre Beaune et Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, un château complètement rénové vous accueille sur un territoire magnifique, offrant un confort digne de 5 étoiles: chambres, suites, repas, tout est merveille et délices.

Antoine Feidt, le maître des lieux, lui-même chasseur hors pair, mettra tout en œuvre pour vous faire tirer un de ses plus beaux cerfs. La souche, venue d’Allemagne il y a plus de 10 ans, a porté ses fruits et la qualité et la beauté des cerfs est remarquable. Nourris tout à fait naturellement, ils valent le coup d’œil, plusieurs faisant plus de 30 cors, certains allants jusqu’à la médaille d’or.

Cette année, Antoine Feidt ouvre pour la première fois son domaine. La chasse se déroule uniquement à l’affût, sur de grands miradors ou au pirch. Les calibres recommandés sont: 300 Win - 9,3 x 62  - etc. Un permis français ou une licence est obligatoire. Vous chasserez avec Antoine Feidt, il se fera un plaisir de vous expliquer l’évolution de ses cervidés et sa théorie génétique en rapport avec son cheptel.

Profitez de cette occasion unique pour découvrir enfin de magnifiques cerfs...Nul doute que si vous venez en chasser un, il sera une des pièces maîtresses de votre trophy room.

: SCI St
Antoine Feidt CHÂTEAU ST MICHEL 58250 Remilly France SCI St Michel 5, Rue du Mullerthal 7640 Christnach Luxembourg Mobile: +352 621 16 98 98 Fax: +352 87 83 40
Michel Manager:

Dorback Estate sits in the heart of Speyside in Scotland and in the Cairngorm National Park with a spectacular mountain backdrop where the high peaks and corries often hold snow into high summer. Extending to over 16,000 acres the Estate captures high ridges, corries and moors home to stags that can be heard roaring in Autumn and the iconic grouse then down to lower wooded ground besides the Dorback Burn where salmon spawn. Dorback has a rich hunting history and as a genuinely mixed sporting estate can offer rarely rivalled mixed sporting packages including walked up grouse on a wonderful and varied moor, challenging stalking on high ground and exhilarating low ground shooting amidst beautiful native woodland.

Dorback Estate benefits from the lifetime of experience gathered by our Estate Rangers, Bryce Coutts and Ian Crowson. Bryce and Ian are true custodians of this wild and beautiful part of Scotland and can offer world class sporting opportunities. We have hunters who have been returning to Dorback for over 40 years in order to relive the premium quality sporting experience on offer.

We shoot walked up grouse over the moor that extends over a large part of the Estate and this allows us to offer fresh ground where the grouse have been left undisturbed for many days. This provides for the very best quality shooting experience which can be enjoyed over pointers if preferred. On Dorback Estate we shoot a sustainable bag for the grouse stocks we have each season. We base a day on 2 brace of grouse per gun and provide the most wonderful experience. If we have more grouse available we will provide them and this season we were able to sustainably shoot bags of approximately 20 brace a day for teams of 4 to 6 guns. The moor is well equipped with various lunch huts and hill bothies, including the luxurious Fae Bothy which offers an exquisite resting spot for lunch or as a destination at the end the day with a welcoming wood burner and comfortable sofas. Fae Bothy is fully equipped to allow a chef to prepare a beautiful meal and with an impressive dining table can seat a full team of guns along with many family and friends.

Our low ground shoot has been meticulously developed and huge investment has been made in conservation measures to provide the optimum habitat for pheasants, partridge, duck and woodcock. The variety of woodland, farmland and terrain makes for a diverse and inspiring shooting experience. We can offer mixed driven shoots from 100 bird days upwards with lunch served in one of the estate’s luxury cottages or the Fae Bothy. We also offer walked up rough shooting incorporating some bespoke drives with a bag of 10 birds per gun which provides tremendous fun.

The estate also offers excellent stag stalking opportunities in October with hind stalking following the stag season which is offered at a day rate. On the lower altitude wooded ground there are roe deer stalking opportunities to offer further variety to a mixed sporting package.

At Dorback Estate we design the sporting package to suit our guest’s needs and time and time again our guests enjoy a most unforgettable experience.

Dorback Estate is also constantly engaging in projects to enhance the natural environment and follow organic farming or cultivation methods. So, on the Estate and you will find wild flower headlands, beehives, orchards, heritage Narragansett turkeys, chickens and polycrub vegetable gardens which all support the Estate’s concept of generating as wide a variety of local produce as possible.

Owner: Jean-Michel & Jérôme Rebilly

Manager: Christian Wroe DORBACK

ESTATE Dorback
Inverness-shire PH25 3EE UK Tel: +44 1463 245365


We have three cottages, each fine examples of the attractive traditional stone and slate buildings found in Scotland, built in the 1800’s and now renovated and modernised to provide every comfort. Whilst being in this special Scottish Highland location, each cottage also has excellent wifi and a smart TV.

Laggandhu Cottage: This idyllic cottage with 3 double bedrooms offers the most charming and luxurious accommodation in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. With a spacious open plan kitchen/dining room with antique French country furniture, exposed beams and a beautifully tiled wood burning stove, along with a wonderful sitting room which has great Highland character and a wood burning stove, this is an exceptionally stylish and comfortable cottage.

Not only is the accommodation fantastic but you couldn’t ask for a more perfect location. The views from Laggandhu are incredible, boasting the beautiful Cairngorm Mountains or, closer to home, the native woodland with red squirrels and roe deer often spotted in the garden. This cottage offers the most wonderful stay in the Scottish Highlands.

Drum Cottage: A unique and truly special property that has been beautifully and luxuriously renovated to give you a memorable stay in this beautiful area. The ground floor of the house is one large open space with exposed oak beams, oak wall panelling, a feature spiral staircase and hand crafted kitchen with Caithness slate worktops. Open fires create a magical atmosphere to enjoy along with the views of the woodland and mountains. As with all Dorback properties, this house is wonderfully finished and furnished with great style and a French twist. Upstairs there are two sumptuous 2 double bedrooms and a bathroom with power shower and large bath. The cottage is near the main sporting lodge Drum House in the heart of the Estate whilst they are both positioned such that they each retain their own privacy.

Ellon Cottage: A cosy and compact 2 bedroom property that has been renovated sympathetically to retain its traditional style with pine flooring downstairs. The kitchen combines modern facilities with retro and antique décor and is ideal to dwell in over a long meal whilst the sitting room has an antique feel with a wood burner and very comfortable and relaxing seating. With underfloor heating in the welcoming boot room and in the bathroom it is a cottage that will welcome you home after a day of outdoor adventure. A warning to the tallest of guests, Ellon Cottage has traditional coombed ceilings and if you are over 6 feet tall you need to mind your head! This cottage features a hottub with panoramic views to the mountains.

This beautiful area is renowned for its forests, wildlife, walking, hill climbing, stalking, fishing, mountain biking and of course its whisky distilleries so you will never be short of things to do.

Each or our cottages can be enjoyed on a self-catering basis whilst some guests prefer to bring a chef or arrange private catering services through our network of established and recommended caterers.

Owner: Jean-Michel & Jérôme Rebilly

Manager: Christian Wroe

PH25 3EE UK Tel: +44 1463
DORBACK ESTATE Dorback Estate Nethy Bridge Inverness-shire

Fjelljakt is an organisation with great expertise in all aspects of hunting in the Swedish mountains. We have been active for about a decade and, ever since we started, our philosophy has been to provide top class hunting packages. Everyone who works with Fjelljakt is carefully selected and a master at what they do.

We are privileged to work in western Jämtland. The nature here is astounding, with open vistas that extend all the way to Norway. Jämtland is one of the last areas of real wilderness in Europe and we offer you the opportunity to explore it with us. We have chosen to focus on moose and game bird hunting, as our 16,500 hectares of hunting grounds have an almost unique game population.

Our Hunting Villa lies at the heart of our 15,000 hectares of hunting grounds and is the base for our hunts. The Hunting Villa was built in 1896. Medstugan Hunting Villa embodies a genuine sense of hunting traditions and hunters have stayed here since the turn of the last century. Over the years, Medstugan Hunting Villa has attracted both royalty and big game hunters from foreign lands. This beautiful heritage building is our starting point every morning, whether we leave on foot or by helicopter after breakfast.


Our most exclusive hunting product is one-on-one hunting with a barking moose dog. You and a tracker/dog handler hunt alone over large areas, waiting for the dog to find the moose. When the dog “holds” the moose through its rhythmic barking, we start our cautious approach on an extremely watchful moose. There are few hunting methods that bring about such a rush of adrenaline. This package also includes “calling for moose” in the dawn to increase your chances of shooting the “big bull”. We also offer driven hunts for moose. We hunt using experienced trackers/dog handlers. Depending on the wind and weather, we can choose whether to hunt with the dogs leashed or unleashed. All drives are conducted in beautiful open mountain terrain.


We offer ptarmigan hunts using pointing bird dogs. Hunting takes place on the open mountainsides or in the forests of mountain birch. This hunting method necessitates a great deal of walking in the mountains, but the breathtaking surroundings mean you soon forget that you are also getting a little bit of exercise. Ptarmigan hunting is very sociable, as you have time to chat during the day; it is only in bird situations that discipline and a cool head are necessary. All of our hunts require that you are used to spending time in the outdoors and that you are physically prepared for long walks and long days in the mountains.

Welcome to our world

EUROPE SWEDEN Owner: Classified Manager: Johan Persson FJELLJAKT Såå 482 837 97 Åre Sweden Tel.: + 46 730 447707


The Medstugan hunting lodge was built by Carl Fredrik Liljevalch in 1896-97, and was drawn by the architect Agi Lindegren; it is located at the heart of our 16,500 hectares and is the starting point for our hunts. Over the years, Medstugan has attracted both royalty and foreign big game hunters and there is a real sense of hunting tradition in Medstugan’s walls –hunters have stayed here for over a century and a trophy cabinet bears witness to how hunting was conducted in the early 1900s. In the morning, after breakfast, we depart from this from incredible piece of history either on foot or by helicopter.

Breakfast and dinner are eaten in one of our two dining rooms. The day’s hunting stories are best told around the fire in the drawing room, while the lodge’s sauna is wonderful for relaxing in after an exciting and demanding hunt.


Moose, grouse, trout, reindeer, mushrooms and berries…  the list could be even longer, but this one describes the food sourced from our region. And not only are these fantastic ingredients that will take you on a culinary journey through our hunting grounds, this also means we can guarantee that only the best quality food makes it to your plate.

We believe that food and drink are extremely important parts of the overall hunt experience. Not least, they provide pleasure after a hard day’s hunting with good friends, but they also give us the satisfaction of knowing that we use what we shoot, making the very most of it. For us, it is also a way of respecting the game we hunt.

Welcome to our world

EUROPE SWEDEN Owner: Classified Manager: Johan Persson FJELLJAKT Såå 482 837 97 Åre Sweden Tel.: + 46 730 447707

“When they say that first impressions last then we can say that this experience was achieved at Laplanque”; “exceptional trophies”; “a home away from home”; “their hospitality is unparalleled”; “what a wonderful team”; “incredible family Château with beautiful interiors and exteriors”; “a very fair chase hunt”.

Château de Laplanque was constructed in the 13th century by the Roques-Rogery family and has forever remained in the family ever since. Located in the South of France (an hour and a half from Toulouse airport), Laplanque’s estate is at an altitude of 600 meters (1,950 feet). The region is magnificently unspoiled and rich in traditions, gastronomy and surrounded by beautiful historical villages that we are delighted to help our guests discover.

The Château offers beautiful bedrooms, reception and dining rooms, as well as outdoor generous outdoor terrace. The library is the perfect place to wind down after a day of hunting. Château de Laplanque is family run and guests stay and dine as part of the family.

The estate has always been dedicated to big game hunting. The terrain is rough, the environment wild and the biotope highly varied.

Our grassland areas combine pine, chestnut and holly with birch forests and heather-covered cliffs which make for difficult and exciting hunting.

Since France Safaris was established, Guillaume Roques-Rogery, a wildlife expert and large game enthusiast, has put an enormous amount of time and effort into selecting the species Laplanque has to offer. The animals at the estate include red deer stag, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, sika deer and wild boar. The trophies acquired at Château de Laplanque are classified amongst the biggest in the world. The red deer stags have antlers that can exceed 18kg in weight and 42 points. The fallow deer have heavy, long and very wide palmate antlers while the most impressive mouflon sheep have thick and wide horns, often exceeding 90cm in length.

The hunting season starts the beginning of September and ends the end of February. Château de Laplanque’s estate is exclusively reserved for one hunter and his or her companions and hunting conditions are carefully monitored to ensure the best experience.

France Safaris is delighted to welcome hunters and their companions from all over the world to hunt exceptional trophies in a magnificent setting and show them the riches of a region overflowing with charm.

EUROPE FRANCE Owner: Guillaume Roques Rogery Manager: Guillaume Roques Rogery FRANCE SAFARIS Laplanque 12240 Pradinas France Tel : +33 (0)6 76 85 48 19 Affiliations

Come as a guest - stay as a friend!

The top priority of Forst Eibenstein is animal welfare, sustainability and species protection. The focus of our attention is the human. This affects our partners and employees, as well as our guests. Forst Eibenstein, where the guest is the king. Come as a guest - stay as a friend!

Forst Eibenstein travel agency has a special unit for hunting trips within Europe with professional hunters and partners.

In the areas of Bavaria, Bohemia, Dalmatia and Austria you are a guest in our own hunting districts and partly even in our private property. The total hunting area of all four districts exceeds approx. 30,500 hectares. We hunt in the Dalmatian and Austrian mountains in an area of approx. 16,500 hectares. The hunting areas in Bavaria, Bohemia and Croatia are in the plain fields. The management is carried out according to our concept: for species protection, biodiversity, sustainability and climate protection. This is important due to the premise of natural reproduction of wild species, preservation and promotion of habitats, exploitation of hunted animals, promoting the region and local agriculture.

As a guest in our establishments, you will always be accompanied by professional staff. You can aim for your desired trophy in single hunts as well as in driven hunts.

We promise unforgettable experiences in nature and wildlife. Your accommodation is always of high standard, but depending on your preferences, it can be either a cabin or a 4-star hotel. We see ourselves as your concierge service as much as the game warden's habitat area.

Game species: roe deer, red deer, sika deer, fallow deer, moufflon, chamois, wild boar, brown bear (CIC), black grouse, rock partridge, quail, pheasant, duck, fox, badger, snipe

EUROPE Owner: Donhauser Family Manager : Abramovic MSc Mobile: +49 (0) 171 336 1018 FORST EIBENSTEIN Travel Agency der DONHAUSER services & sales GmbH Gutenbergstr. 19 93128 Regenstauf Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 9402 7888 1310 Fax: +49 (0) 9402 7888 1001 CERTIFICATES QM ISO 9001:2015 Creditworthiness: CREFO-ZERT high Sustainability: WCFE health protection: GHIS standard travel security certificate
F rst Eibenstein Finest ishing Affiliations



Founded by Ignacio Navasqüés, Great European Hunts is a Spanish company with over 20 years’ experience, organizing world-class mountain hunting in Spain, Europe and Asia. Ignacio’s family is one of Spain’s oldest landowners in the mighty Gredos mountains and hold hunting rights for generations. In addition Ignacio’s long-standing partnership with some of the world best hunting grounds and the fact that him and his team personally guide all their hunters is key for an ultimate hunting experience.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to our clients, strong ethics and first class hospitality. Our goal is to offer world-class hunting experiences to our guests and their total satisfaction. A superb team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals makes every hunt an unforgettable and exclusive experience.


Spain is a paradise among the best mountain hunting destinations in the world and also offers some of the best tourism in the globe, where hunters and their families enjoy a top class hunting experience together with artistic and cultural treasures, excellent cuisine and wine. Spain’s sunny and warm climate is a guarantee for year-round hunting without suffering the rigors of bad weather. It is home to 14 big game species most of them native to the country. The four different Spanish ibexes: Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda ibex are the most sought after. Two species of chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian. Two wild sheep species: Barbary sheep and Iberian mouflon sheep, together with three beautiful deer classes: Iberian red deer, roe deer and European Fallow deer, wild boar and the elusive Iberian wolf make Spain a top hunting destination.

Owner: Ignacio de Navasqüés Manager: Ignacio de Navasqüés

EUROPE SPAIN Affiliations
GREAT EUROPEAN HUNTS Conventin de Valdedios 54 N25, 28049 Madrid Tel: +34676988872 Mobile: +34676988872


I gnacio Navasqüés


We- at Great European Hunts- arrange some of the best driven partridge shooting in Spain in several emblematic estates with long-standing tradition. Our closest shoot is only 45 minutes from Madrid international airport and the furthest one has a private runway making both properties very accessible from the world’s main cities. Our exclusive lodges go from a XV century Palace to a classic Spanish Hacienda and unique house but all of them provide the warmth and atmosphere of the old days together with latest technologies and facilities to ensure a perfect and happy stay.


Whether at a Spanish Hacienda, a mountain chalet in the Swiss Alps or a yurt in Mongolia, we always provide high level accommodation and our personal service, to ensure a perfect stay of our hunters and their families.

EUROPE SPAIN Owner: Ignacio de Navasqüés Manager: Ignacio de Navasqüés GREAT EUROPEAN HUNTS Conventin de Valdedios 54 N25, 28049 Madrid Tel: +34676988872 Mobile: +34676988872 Affiliations

In the hunting industry for decades we have organized small game or also called wing shooting and big game hunting for species such as red deer, roe deer, mouflon sheep, fallow deer and wild boar.

Hunt trip France has three prime hunt locations outside of Paris and all offers luxury rooms and some beautiful accommodations.

Their most popular location is a 50 min drive outside of Paris and is an estate with a classic XII century French castle. This is the home of Anne-Sophie & Alexandre. The estate lies in beautiful surroundings in the Vexin region between Paris and the Normandy region. Their two other estates are prime for big game hunting and wing shooting and are less than two hours from Paris.

In total this is 2150 hectares (5 300 acre)  waiting for your next hunting trip in France. The non-hunters will enjoy as much as the hunter will, having the opportunity to experience our rich history, culture, tradition and French gastronomy..

Our estates are very close to Paris, so you can easily combine a hunting trip and tourism.

You will be stalking big game with the owners who will be happy to help you discover the history of this area.

Anne Sophie & Alex will welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our estate have long been recognized for their driven, high-flying reeves pheasant. The hunt take place in a very hilly area witch attract the most skillful and superb gunshots.

Anne Sophie & Alex focus on a perfect organization and quality big game trophies to make sure that this will be a trip of a lifetime.

Owner: Anne-Sophie & Alexandre Grabowski Manager: Anne-Sophie & Alexandre Grabowski HUNT TRIP FRANCE 60240 Fresneaux-Montchevreuil France Tel. : +336 60 97 59 16 +336 89 16 96 18 Affiliations PARTNER  LODGES

Lax-á was founded in 1987 and provides fishing- and hunting tours around the world. With 28 years in the business we give you the best service and experience.

The new Lax-á Camp in Greenland was built in 2012 and it offers all the luxury that you can ask for. The camp is fully equipped with 12 twin bed cabins, sauna, showers and WC. The staff serves you great food from the local area while you are enjoying the beautiful surroundings from the camp. The professional Lax-á-staff customizes the trip for you, after your needs and wishes.

Our operation in Greenland offers a great verity of activities. The fishing is one of the best sea run Arctic Char fishing in the world when it comes to numbers. The rivers and lakes are full of the sea run Arctic Char and the there is a great amount of waters to fish in. The average size is 3-7lb and we fish it with light gear. We fish waters that are comfortable and more challenging with hiking and wading, what ever suits you best.

The hunting for Reindeer and Musk-Ox trophies is a hunt of a lifetime. We have 500 square kilometres of exclusive hunting rights with trophies for the record books. We cruise by the beautiful coast of Greenland in the search for animals. You will go with a local guide that has fantastic knowledge about the area and the animals in it.

We offer sightseeing, sea angling and different levels of hiking, everything close to the camp area. Get to know the Greenlandic culture and the history behind it. The ice cap is just one of the spectacular places and sailing between the big drift ice is an adventure in it self.

“Karl just got back from Greenland. This was one of the greatest adventures of my life. The people at the camp are fantastic and they go above and beyond. The experience there was well beyond expectations. Camp is very well maintained, and very comfortable. Phil Garman and I were treated not like a customer, but almost like a family member. Should any time in the future someone would ask for references feel free to have them contact me. Thanks for everything you did for us.  John J. Shander, Johnstown USA“

“Karl, We had a great time on our trip. The camp is very nice. Bobo and the crew were very accommodating. Just mention you wanted to do something and it was done. The staff put together a reindeer hunt for Don and Lee for the next day when they asked. Fishing was excellent. The Char really fight. I liked the variety of a different  river every day, and the boat rides and scenery were a bonus.The food was very good as well. The reindeer steaks were the best game meat I have ever had. I would highly recommend your camp, the  fishing and the Greenland experience. Thanks for a great experience, David Hastings, Freiburg USA “

LAX-Á For the best fishing and shooting / Invest in your soul!

Baldurson LAX-Á Akurhvarf 16 203 Kópavogur Iceland tel: +354 557 6100 fax: +354 557 6108
Owner: Arni
Manager: Arni

Unique in Europe, Sabournac is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for 25 years. This kind of hunt surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards.

Sabournac offers only high quality, exclusive hunting organized and customized to meet your specific demands. The hunting estate is open from the first September to January 31 and can be booked for a private hunting trip of 2 to 8 hunters.

As a "Browning Partner Lodges", several guns are available on the estate. You can shoot with over & under shotguns  (the B525, the B725 Adjustable) or with semi automatic shotguns (The A5, The Maxus, the SX4). This free service provides an opportunity to shoot with top-quality shotguns, as well as to avoid the hassle of travelling by air with a gun. Winchester cartridges are available on site for 12 and 20 bore guns.

The estate is 60 km Est from Toulouse International Airport with direct flights from most European capitals and 25 km from Castres-Mazamet Airport where all private jet can land.

EUROPE FRANCE Owner: Antoine Royer Manager: Antoine Royer COLVERTS DE SABOURNAC Sabournac 81700 Puylaurens France Mobile: +33 688 778 579

At the southern tip of Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, lies an immense estate in the heart of a valley carved by the Ortolo river. Its name is Murtoli, a secret destination whispered about by those in the know. This unique setting has a poetic air, with 2500 hectares of completely wild bush-covered terrain where flora and fauna have been left to thrive untouched, including forests, mountains, many inviting coves and an endless white sand beach that stretches along the Mediterranean Sea, a true paradise for hunters, but not only.

An exceptional hunting ground

The Domaine de l'Ortolo offers an exceptional hunting ground boasting 2500 hectares of well-preserved ecosystem with widely varying landscapes. Here, visitors hunt accompanied by Constant, the hunting manager, and his team from October to January. Although the estate can provide dogs, shotguns and rifles, kennels can be also provided.

Hunting in so different ways...Big or small game, driven hunt or with pointing dogs, by the boot and pass shooting. All in one place !

The rich and varied Ortolo valley hosts great groups of those famous wild boars, always quick and unpredictable game. The boars either stay back in the scrubland digging up roots from the land, gathering berries or standing by the nutritious oaks or go out into the valley, joining the swamp and the beach. Discover the traditional way of hunting in Corsica with memorable and passionating driven hunt. End the day with a different experience, go for "in front" hunting with the dogs.

For many reasons, the small sedentary and migratory game enjoy these large nutritious lands, the territory being crossed by the Ortolo river, the farming activity is all around, the environment is consistently maintained in the plain. The favorite small game here is red partridges but also pheasants, hares, pigeons, ducks, woodcocks, snipes. You will be part of a high-flying hunt and the next day, you can enjoy hunting with pointer dogs as well in a breathtaking landscape.

A 5-star hotel like no other

The hunting territory is located on lands which have been a working farm for centuries, a place called Murtoli, with veals and cows risen up, hundreds of goats to make the traditional cheese, its own olive oil, honey, jam, mirtle liquor. The Domaine de Murtoli offers you on site a complete range of luxury accommodation : unique and atypical among 20 shepherd houses restored from the 17th century with daily housekeeping service and breakfast delivery or in the heart of luxury suites, the intimate atmosphere of the Hotel de la Ferme, combining modernity and charm of the old.

The hunters can come along with the family as everyone will find something to do in the Domaine de Murtoli: playing the 12-hole golf course, enjoying the dedicated sand beach serviced until end of october, botanical walks, sea coast walks, hikings the hills and the rocks, horseback riding in the Ortolo valley, Corsican cooking lessons or wine tasting, massages, farm life discovery and so much more.

At the end of the day, just sit down in the comfortable armchairs of the bar, and chill around the fireplace, while tasting a nice glass of Corsican wine, sharing your emotions of the day, right before a dinner in one of our restaurants. The Domaine de l'Ortolo is all about sharing great moments within family and friends while discovering the local lifestyle.

Paul Canarelli Manager: Constant Boulard DOMAINE DE L'ORTOLO MURTOLI Vallée de l'ortolo 20100 Sartene Corsica - France Tel: +33 (0)4 95 71 69 24 Fax: +33 (0)4 95 77 00 32 PARTNER  LODGES Affiliations

At Murtoli, feel like being at the edge of the world... The taste of genuine Corsica, simple and authentic

Located in the southern tip of Corsica, between the old towns of Sartène and Bonifacio, nestled between sea, forests, hills and mountains, the Domaine de Murtoli is a very discreet address which presents an original vision of how a luxury hotel can operate tastefully and harmoniously amidst a reserve of natural wild beauty.

The Domaine de Murtoli is a very unique hotel concept rising spectacularly above the Mediterranean.

Once passed the inconspicuous wrought iron gate, Murtoli gradually – modestly – reveals itself along the curves of its 50 kilometers of tracks. The five-star hotel – the only one in Corsica open from April to January – is exceptional not only because of the sheer size of its wonderful grounds but also because the lucky few who have the privilege to stay here are accommodated either in dwellings, large landlord villas or shepherd's houses, all restored from the 17th century and scattered around the estate or in suites of a charming boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the valley offering an intimitate and authentic atmosphere. And amongst this classic Corsican wilderness, it is possible in one day to fish in the sea thanks to the estate's 22-feet boat, or fish the endemic trout in a river, go hunting, ride a horse, enjoy the summer spa or play the 12-hole golf course designed by Kyle Phillips.

As for dining; you have the choice between the beach and its La Table de la Plage, built entirely of driftwood, or La Table de la Ferme, a gastronomic restaurant or La Grotte, which, as the name suggests, is in a natural cave and has a terrace from where diners overlook what must be one of the most beautiful views on Earth. 3 restaurants, 3 different cuisines, 3 atmospheres.

Murtoli is not just a hotel. It is first and foremost a daily working farm with the desire to get the best out of the soils in the most natural way to bring the produce of the farm fresh and directly to the guests’ plates. Gardens on site offer their own organic production of fruits, vegetables and herbs, that you can even harvest yourself and take it for a meal back at your shepherds’ cottage. A small cheese factory where traditional varieties of Corsican cheeses – including tome and brocciu – are produced. Within the confines of the estate, land has been cleared for 400 ewes to freely roam. These gorgeous sheeps provide a deliciously tasty milk. Homemade honey is also offered on site in spring and fall. Farming at Murtoli is genuinely part of its DNA.

Every details have been taken care of in this majestic Corsican paradise. Appreciate the magnificent views in joyful silence, relish the sheer pleasure of being part of this peaceful landscape.

Owner: Paul Canarelli
DOMAINE DE MURTOLI Vallée de l'ortolo 20100 Sartene Corsica - France Tel: +33 (0)4 95 71 69 24 Fax: +33 (0)4 95 77 00 32 PARTNER  LODGES Affiliations
Manager: Santa Canarelli





Nocfond Lodges is located in the heart of the Sologne, in the middle of nature, between Romorantin Lanthenay and Ferté Imbault. Nocfond Lodges is close to tourist attractions such as the Beauval zoo or the castles of the Loire Valley (Chambord, Chaumont sur Tharonne....), which makes it a pleasant and central stopover, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, to gather with family or friends, enjoying a personalized and careful welcome.

The site of 7 hectares, typical and full of charm, welcomes you like at home and we take care of you. The site is crossed by 5 underground streams, which makes it a place of rest, total calm and zenitude. We offer 8 rooms renovated and decorated with taste and refinement. Each room has its own bathroom. The bedding and the high quality linen will allow you to enjoy a welldeserved rest. Air Conditioning in all rooms.

The bar wakes up at the time of the aperitif and proposes you a selection of bubbles, wines of Loire or Bordeaux. The lounge is at the disposal of our guests with its fireplace and its cocooning corners to enjoy a digestive after the meal. We propose family meals around a guest table house. You always have the possibility to tell us your preferences or your culinary choices, we will take them into account.

A more sophisticated dinner is also proposed with the work of our chef who comes to you to propose a gastronomic step.

The island placed in the heart of the pond is an ideal place to organize a barbecue with a huge campfire. The bar at the water's edge offers you the possibility to enjoy a drink with a view on the nature. You have the option to ask us for this unusual service in the region in order to create an unforgettable evening.

We also provide you some extra services for your well-being as the Sauna, Swimming pool, The Jacuzzi and different kind of massages on request (Californian, Swedish.....), free parking with security and Guns Safe.

Come to us, we take care of you all year round for your holidays.


The owner Jean Philippe Bourgneuf ( Wild Boar Fever 7-10-11) can organise some outstanding driven parties for wild Boars and Ducks.

EUROPE FRANCE Owner: Jean-Philippe Bourgneuf NOCFOND LODGES 110 Impasse de Nocfond Langon sur Cher 41320 France Mobile: + 33686333499 JP BOURGNEUF PARTNER  LODGES Affiliations

SWEDEN Rough shooting

Every year, Scandinavian Prohunters arrange a small number of VIP Rough Shoots with a mixed bag of birds. We use the very best dog handlers and hunt out of the fantastic castle of Markie Hage in order to be able to provide a fulfilling and comprehensive HUNTING experience. It’s a mixed hunt of partridge with pointing dogs and spaniels, take-off and flight for ducks and depending on the season, small drives for pheasant and grey legged partridges. If there is geese in the fields we normally start the day trying to get some geese over decoys. When you already here why not combine the wing shooting with some big game hunt out from the same lodge...

Roebucks, Fallow stag, Red deer, Wildboar, Mouflon & Bison

It is no coincidence that Swedish Roebuck are classified as the most beautiful buck in the world. Tall, slender and symmetric. They will provide you with an awesome trophy that will most certainly find a prominent spot in your home. Scandinavian Prohunters have the best privately owned properties in the Southern part of Swede where we every year shoot big gold medal bucks. We also have very nice Fallow stags (natural colored, black and white), majestic European Red Stags, Wildboars, Mouflon and European Bison.

NORWAY Reindeer

We have access to hunt EUROPEAN REINDEER in the desolate though beautiful Norwegian barrens long known to produce some of the largest antlered reindeer in the world. The area is about a four hours drive from Oslo. Only a limited number of bulls are taken each year to insure quality hunting. Horses are available at an additional fee to get even deeper into the mountains and barrens where the biggest bulls live and also for bringing the animal down from the mountain. We house our hunters in a very charming and comfortable highland hotel near the hunting area. Meals are deliciously prepared with local products.

GREENLAND Muskox and Caribou

This prehistorical animal has become very popular to hunt and that is understandable. We are going by boat along the river trying to find some good spotting places. When a good bull is located the stalk will start on foot. In the start of the season we are staying in a very comfortable tented camp by the river, when it's getting colder we are using cabins. We can also arrange this hunts in the spring time, then we will use snowmobile. For those who are interested to combine the hunt with a Caribou, the area is producing some very good trophies.

EUROPE SWEDEN Owner & Manager: Stefan Bengtsson & Sofia Hammarskjöld Bengtsson SCANDINAVIAN PROHUNTERS Markiehagevagen 362-87 23173 Anderslov Sweden Tel: +46 706680417 Tel: +46 702112546

Spain has always had a peculiar attraction for hunters. It of course has two very unique ways of hunting namely the “ojeo” driven partridge and the “monteria” driven big game. Andalucia has long been the el dorado of partridge shooters, providing some of the world’s finest shooting, in breathtaking scenery of hills and valleys.

In contrast with the more northern hunting areas, Seville boasts a reputation of ever sunny skies and mild temperatures the whole hunting season long. Taking the sun at his post, with these “Spanish grouses” all around you is a pleasure for any hunter. The informal yet traditional atmosphere, punctuated by the convivial Spanish hospitality, makes these outings a daylong fiesta. Put Soto Real, the exclusive hunting resort and retreat in these surroundings and a Magic Safari Lodge is born.

But, what really triggers everyone’s imagination is that you can walk around in short sleeves in winter, enjoying your days out hunting while friends or associates back home are shivering in the cold. Your only thought then is: “this is magic”.

Nature around Soto Real could not be more tempting! A true sportsman will appreciate the swift flight of the red-legged partridges driven from the hills by the majestic Andalusian horses over an armada of a dozen pair gunned shooters.

Spain is rated as one of Europe’s last hunting paradises and the abundant nature of Soto Real offers most exciting opportunities for the shooting sportsman. The 5.000 acre shooting grounds are bordered on one side by the delta of the Guadalquivir and on the other by the Sierra Grazalema.

Red-legged partridges are amongst the most challenging birds in Europe and our driven partridge shoots are an absolute delight! The mild Spanish climate almost always guarantees clear blue skies and warming sun. The breathtaking views of the Andalusian countryside and the beauty of the typical red partridge make the picture complete. Season starts early October to end only mid March

ANDALUCIA SPAIN Owner: Classified Contact: Bruno van Marcke CORTIJO SOTO REAL Ctr.Las Cabezas-Villamartin Km 13 41730 Las Cabezas te San Guan (Sevilla) Spain Tel: +34639 456 295 bruno.vanmarcke@

Wonderful outdoor cocktails, lunches prepared in the countryside by our chef and a beautiful presentation of the bag of the day will contribute to make your stay at Soto Real an unforgettable synergetic experience. Depending on the time of year, Soto Real offers many other shooting possibilities.

From July till the end of September, quail and rabbits walk up shooting over dogs is organized for small groups. During the normal hunting season, hares and partridges can further fill up your bag and towards the end of the season flights of thrush represent a particular attraction.

The main cortijo has this very special feel of a wonderful country house. Each room designed and decorated in a delightful blend of traditional Andalusian and old Moresque style, has an en suite luxury bathroom, intimate salon and private terrace.

Soto Real does not attempt to present an image or make a statement. The aim is to provide guests with quiet comfort and discreet service, which will enable them to relax and draw from surroundings and to restore the senses that modern life tends to crush. The perception of luxury also has a touch of elegance: decoration is luxurious yet without ostentation, fantasy in all sobriety giving total tranquility.

Soto Real is also perfect for couples and families, for a long weekend or a short week. It is within easy driving distance of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the towns of Jerez, Sevilla and Cordoba and the surrounding white villages - all available as chauffeur-driven excursions.

In the cortijo itself there are opportunities for horse and carriage riding, fitness, sauna, as well as a beauty-center, tennis and clay shooting, all organized by professional staff.

Big game also abounds in the forested hills with species such as the red- and fallow deer, roe, mouflon and not forgetting the much-coveted wild boar. Hunting them in Monteria style, driven by dogs “podencos and mastines”, holds the greatest fascination for anyone, given both the skills and the ancient rites involved. Stalking the Spanish Ibex is a challenge for the fittest as the mountains around Ronda can take their toll.

Owner: Classified Contact: Bruno van Marcke CORTIJO SOTO REAL Ctr.Las Cabezas-Villamartin Km 13 41730 Las Cabezas te San Guan (Sevilla) Spain Tel: +34639 456 295 bruno.vanmarcke@

No other country has a richer or more wonderful hunting history than Scotland. Traditional methods of deer stalking and game shooting have not changed for centuries and continue on estates managed by West Highland Hunting to this very day. We offer our guests some of the most inspiring and unique hunting experiences in the most breathtaking locations anywhere in the world.

West Highland Hunting provides premium hunting experiences in a number of the most sought-after areas in Scotland. Our specialism is deer stalking, from the rolling moorland and peatlands of Sutherland, to the dramatic coastline of Western Scotland and the Hebrides.

For those seeking more elusive species like Roe and Sika deer we have access to some of the finest locations in the country.

Based on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, the most westerly point of mainland Britain, we are content that we can offer you traditional sporting opportunities and access to some of the largest and most impressive red deer to be found, free ranging in the Scottish Highlands.

The accommodation we offer can be anything from the traditional highland cottage, to a dramatic Scottish castle which can be catered by your own private chef or top-class Scottish hotels. Our food is based on the finest Scottish cuisine, fresh from the mountains and sea.

West highland hunting is owned and operated by Highland Scots with long family traditions in hunting and land management. We are proud of our wildlife and our game species are managed to keep them in balance with the environment. A hunt booked with us guarantees to be ethical, fair chase and part of the sustainable management of a natural resource.

As the poet Robert Burns said ‘My heart is in the highlands, a chasing the deer’.

Office: +441972500742


Niall Rowantree West Highland Hunting Ltd. Inchyra House  Glenborrodale  Acharacle  Argyll  PH36 4JP  Scotland
EUROPE SCOTLAND Owner & manager:

Wild Instinct Hungary is your first choice for exclusive hunting of all types of game in beautiful Hungary. No other country in Europe has a hunting tradition which goes back so far and can demonstrate such a quantity of game with such outstanding trophy quality.

Our family company has been working in the hunting industry and as an outfitter in Hungary for over 10 years. As a 7th-generation hunter, Georg Versch places great emphasis on a properly and professionally organized hunt. He and his father Jürgen offer expert and, above all, personal support service for our customers on site.

You will arrive at Budapest's Liszt Ferenc International Airport where our vehicles will be waiting for you.

Hungary is known for allowing hunting with rifles, muzzle loaders, bow and arrow, as well as hand guns.

As a provider of quality hunts we will organized first class hunts for you in select quality hunting areas that offer spectacular trophies. In a beautiful landscape of unspoilt nature you will experience an exciting hunt for excellent mature red stags, fallow stags, roebucks, mouflon and wild boars, as well as first-class driven boar hunts and small game hunts offering exceptional bags.

You, too, will be amazed by the excellent hunts in this wonderful country.

The game in Hungary is of a particularly high quality with majestic red and fallow stags, impressive mouflon, big roebucks and monster tuskers. Hungary's roe deer population is unique in Europe. Our areas are ideally suited for hunters who enjoy bagging larger quantities, as well as for those who go after the very best bucks. Hungary is truly considered to be the first choice for those wanting to hunt red stags, whether in free range or on estates. A unique experience is waiting for you in the rut season.

Hungary also has the world's largest population of fallow stags and offers first-class trophy size. No other country offers comparable quantity and quality of fallow stags and trophies. If you are interested in spectacular tuskers, Hungary is the right place for you as you can hunt these all year round and in combination with any other game that is in season. The driven hunts for wild boars are legendary and are scarcely equalled anywhere in the world. These hunts have an international reputation for first-class organization and exceptional bags. Hungary is also a popular destination for hunters who prefer the shotgun and this type of hunting is often combined with a driven boar hunt. The mouflon is the only species of bovid which can be hunted in Hungary.

Accommodation is normally in our private and exclusive hunting lodge, or in a variety of comfortable to luxurious lodges belonging to the hunting areas, or in excellent hotels close to the hunting areas.

Come and discover this cosmopolitan, multi-faceted country and its hospitable people. Its rich cuisine ranging from goulash to “palascinta” pancakes and its world-famous wines will complete the trip perfectly for you. Bring your family with you and visit Budapest – considered by many to be the most beautiful city of Eastern Europe. It is full of history and landmarks and offers everything you could wish for.

Please contact us and join us on a spectacular hunt in Hungary, the hunter's paradise!

Owner: Georg Versch Manager: Georg Versch WILD INSTINCT Kft. Cseresznyéspuszta 30 7030 Paks Hungary Phone: +36 (06) 75 200 530 Mobile: +49 (0) 171 936 96 05 Affiliations
Built in London by Rigby’s skilled team of gunmakers, this stunning pair of 28-bore Rising Bite shotguns are inlaid with gold, depicting quail covey rise scenes. JOHN RIGBY & Co. (Gunmakers) LTD, 13-19 PENSBURY PLACE, LONDON SW8 4TP, UNITED KINGDOM | +44 (0)207 720 0757 | | A re-emergence of traditionalism

Australian Buffalo Hunters / Australia p.200

Rangitata / New Zealand p.202

Venator Cardrona Safaris / New Zealand p.204

Venator Cardrona Safaris / New Zealand p.206


Australian Buffalo Hunters – Classic Safaris


Experience our exciting new expedition into the vast wilderness of Arnhem land. Helicopter to a remote pick up point, where your guides await you in an open top safari 4x4. Explore and hunt our large water buffalo in grassy hills, savanna, black soil plains, and some close Buffalo encounters in the thick bush near rivers, creeks and streams. Fly camp near water in new places, study the maps and the land to find the Buffalo, then move camp ever day or two. You will have some basic safari comforts. This is an extreme adventure for the explorer.  7 days, 2 Buffalo, 1x1 US$26,500, 2x1 US$19,500.


Our normal Buffalo Safari has become even more remote. You start each day from a basic tented safari camp, 9x9 canvas tents, open dinning with wooden tables and safari chairs, lanterns and a canvas shower bag.. plus quality meals, cold drinks, coonawarra wine and smooth whisky. Experience real big game hunting, tough, hot and dusty. Getting you close up on a huge Buffalo is what we live for. A true adventure.  5 hunting days, 1 Buffalo, 1×1 US$16,500, 2x1 US$10,900.


We have stopped many charges. These water buffalo have unbelievable strength and power. The bulls weigh from 750kg up to 1000kg, yet can move very fast. Remember that only a perfect brain or spine shot will reliably stop a charge.


Our team of guides offer real hunting, real adventure. Honest, ethical, professional. Best season June, July, August. Plane flights or helicopter to the hunt area are extra costs. Contact us soon to assist with your hunting, travel and fishing plans in Australia.

See you in the bush, safe hunting. Graham Williams PH.

PACIFIC AUSTRALIA Owner: Graham Williams AUSTRALIAN BUFFALO HUNTERS PO Box 996 Mandurah 6210 Australia Tel: +61 427 577 435 Affiliations

Rangitata High Country Hunting is for guests who enjoy a true wilderness hunting experience. Our beautiful lodge is set in the foothills of the Southern Alps of Aotearoa, New Zealand, high above the valley floor with uninterrupted views of the Rangitata River and the surrounding mountain peaks. This is alpine hunting camp luxury, warm comfortable rooms with delicious local cuisine provided each day by our in house high country chef.

Rangitata High Country Hunting has more than 200,000 acres, over 300 square miles of privately owned land in Te Waipounamu, the South Island, exclusively for our guests. Wild game animals live throughout the properties and thrive in the surrounding mountain wilderness. Our hunting business includes a team of professional gamekeepers and hunting guides who keep the wild animal balance maintained with a very healthy stock of superior animals for all our guests to enjoy. The land is very diverse and ranges from low lying wetlands at sea level up to alpine peaks over 6000ft high inland, including native forests, river valleys and open snow tussock.

Rangitata is world renowned for exceptional tahr hunting. Each season our guests take many trophy bulls with most hunters taking two bulls during their stay. The red deer herds of Rangitata are magnificent and each year our hunters take trophy stags with an average antler score of 450 SCI. Red stags up to and in excess of 500 SCI can be found on our land. Our Fallow deer herds include palmated trophy bucks. There are Wapiti, Chamois, Arapawa Ram, Goat, and Wild Pigs on our properties. Offroad vehicle access up to 5000ft enables us to drive up the mountains then walk down onto the animals from above.

The Rangitata High Country Hunting experience uniquely starts right from the lodge. Whether you are chasing a bull tahr, red stag, fallow buck or chamois the hunt starts the very minute you put your boots on and walk out the front door.

RANGITATA HIGH COUNTRY HUNTING Rangitata Gorge Road Peel Forest 2173 New Zealand +64
6963969 Affiliations
Owners: Rooney Family Manager: Steve Brown

The stags are big, the scenery immense, the hospitality endless. The pristine game habitats of our family-owned operation in the South Island of New Zealand are renowned for producing the biggest stags in the country. It’s here Top 10’s are harvested. It’s here numerous world records have been set. It’s here you’ll reach the peaks of trophy hunting excellence.

We ensure you can range far and wide to gain that once-in-a-lifetime trophy. To complement our privately owned hunting areas we have long term lease agreements with large local landholders.

Besides world-class Red Stags we also offer quality hunts for Tahr, Chamois, Fallow, Elk, Goat, Ram, Boar, Whitetail, Sika, Sambar and Rusa. These big game species are complemented by small game (rabbit, hare, wallaby, possum) and, time permitting, wing shooting.

We provide a home for one of the largest privately owned trophy red deer herds in the South Pacific. Thanks to decades of carefully focused game management the quality of a Cardrona Safaris red stag is unbeatable.

This is how we’ve gained considerable acclaim for producing world class trophies, with stags scoring in excess of 600 SCI and 20 kg of antler. A trophy this big provides our hunters with a genuine ‘larger than life’ experience – it’s an exceptional time that you’ll never forget.

We take pride in providing eye-catching heads with sizable mass, great width and strong scoring points. We know that the attraction of a trophy is according to individual tastes and therefore have a wide variety of animals to suit all preferences.

Our team will help guide you to your target with the ‘spot and stalk’ style of hunting. The approach is always one of exceeding expectations - be it with the service before and after, the hunting experience and the final trophy.

Our country is renowned for breathtaking beauty, friendly locals and the incredible range of activities and adventures on offer to its visitors. Within driving distance of our hunting areas there’s truly something for everyone – from laidback sightseeing to adrenaline-fueled exploits. This makes New Zealand the ideal hunting holiday destination for the whole family.

We provide a world-class standard of service that’s at the same time laid back and friendly – everyone feels at home when hunting with our family. Quite simply, we offer New Zealand’s ultimate hunting experience. It’s one we look forward to sharing with you.Owner & Manager

Owner: Duncan Fraser

Manager: Duncan Fraser

CARDRONA SAFARIS NEW ZEALAND Cardrona Terraces 84 Morris Rd Wanaka,
New Zealand Tel: +64 Affiliations


It’s hard not to be impressed by this 700sqm eco-friendly lodge with surrounding mountain views, located within a five-minute drive of the Wanaka township.


• Unique rural surrounds in private setting

• Six king size bedrooms

• Ensuite bathrooms

• Balconies with panoramic views

• Flagstone courtyard

• Heated swimming pool

• Sunbathing area

• Dedicated gun room

• Your private world

• With six king size bedrooms each containing a full ensuite bathroom, there’s room for the whole group to relax and kick back after a great day’s hunting. Three bedrooms on the upper level have their own balcony and three on the ground floor open onto the flagstone courtyard which leads to the heated swimming pool and sunbathing area. The pool lies within the most unique rural surrounds, totally private to the outside world.

Unwind in style

Enjoy a lovely glass of Pinot Noir produced from our onsite boutique vineyard, while reliving the day around an open fire. The perfect base for exploring the many scenic adventures in and around Wanaka.

Dine In – with cuisine from our world reknowned chef

All of our menus have been crafted by New Zealand’s multi award-winning chef, Ben Bayly. One of New Zealand’s finest chefs and host of the television show, ‘My Kitchen Rules’, Ben ensures every meal at Venator Cardrona Safaris is an event to savour.

Owner: Duncan Fraser

Manager: Duncan Fraser

CARDRONA SAFARIS NEW ZEALAND Cardrona Terraces 84 Morris Rd Wanaka, 9382 New Zealand Tel: +64 274271009

Worldwide Country Properties p.210

1515 Laplace p.212

APC Logistics p.214

Alsac Stéphane p.216

Armurerie Paul Pletsers p.218

Armurerie Remi Richard p.220

Ball & Buck p.222

Belgium Owl p.224

BYG Trophy Eyewear p.226

Doellinger Sculptures p.228

The Gun Dog Affair p.230

Hubertus Loden p.232

Friedrich von Meding p.234

p.236 Hunting Lodge

p.238 Icefox

p.240 ICU server

p.242 Jean Pierre Gerard Taxidermy

p.244 Jena Gearing Sculptures

p.246 Julian & Sons

p.248 Marecello Pentineo

p.250 Melvill & Moon

p.252 Open Fences

p.254 Puma Knives

p.256 Shooting Club

p.258 Sophia Tegel

p.260 Spartan Percision Equipement Ltd.


Worldwide Country Properties is a company specializing in transactions of high-end rural properties in Europe and Africa, North and South America. It’s core business is the sale and purchase of land and open space properties such as hunting and fishing estates, equestrian estates, farms, forests and game reserve. One of its main objectives is to facilitate this type of acquisition, make it more accessible, secure and make dreams come true for our clients.

Its success is largely due to the complementary skills of its partners, all of whom come from the rural and/or real estate world, and their respective large international professional networks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to sell your property.

Frédéric de Bonhome

Tel.: +352.691.603.132



We have a number of confidential properties that cannot be openly marketed. Please contact us to discuss your current land investment goals.


Since 2016 our customers all over the world have relied on the expertise of the APC Logistics Team to provide real world solutions to complex logistical problems. APC have enjoyed a year-on-year growth and with our commitment to the future, offering logistics planning and solutions to fully satisfy the expanding service requirements of our clients.


Working together, APC Logistics offer a powerful network to connect Europe with the world. May it be the movement of your trophies from the far end of this world or moving them domestically, we have the means and expertise to offer you the most efficient solution. Our experienced professionals are trained to guide you through the complexities of global shipping and have more the 20 years’ experience.

Our services are complete and comprehensive including modern procurement, production and distribution logistics and can combine them with our range of freight forwarding services to a global solution concept.


Our customers are as individual as our services and come from many industries. Together APC Logistics with his partners are strong enough to meet the demands of complex logistics services worldwide, but also flexible enough to offer individualized solutions. Therefore, we are also the ideal partner for small and medium sized companies operating in this special niche market. Our close relationship with our customers is your gain.



• Together with our dedicated partners we take care of your Game Trophy Protocol from A – Z.

• Veterinary conditions and health certificates in both origin & destination countries

• Assistance with permit applications

• Customs clearance formalities

• CITES formalities

• Safety packaging

• Secure transport & warehousing

• Door-to-door delivery of your trophies


• Global network of experienced trophy shipping agents

• Project management

• Domestic, transborder and international service

• Warehousing and distribution for clients

• Aircraft charters

• Consulting

Van Der Perren Geert / Branche Manager

Mobile +32 477 220 865

Office +32 2 759 61 51

Liesbeth Nijs / Office Manager Office +32 2 759 61 51

Commission the painting of your Dreams +33 (0)6 30 31 04 70

Fabricant d’armes fines



ZI de Werbomont · Allée de Sorbiers, 3


Tél : +32 (0)86 43 44 53

Vous rêvez d’un beau fusil, d’une magnifique express ou d’une carabine à verrou sur mesure, les armes de notre fabrication «Paul Pletsers fabriquant d’armes fines», ne vous laisseront pas indifférent.
6706 · BANG.BE
«Passion and the art mastering»


Rémi Richard’s journey:

• Studied at Léon Mignon in armory,

• Engraving for 5 years at Holland & Holland

• Opened his store more than 15 years ago

• Store area 680m² in the heart of the Ardennes

• 1h30 from Brussels / 1h30 from Reims / 1h from Luxembourg

• A team of 4 gunsmiths graduated from the school of gunsmithing

• shooting tunnel

Importateur Officiel pour la France ARMURERIE RICHARD Le Paquis de Frappant 08110 Mogues France +33 (3) 24 22 00 11 WWW.ARMURERIE-RICHARD.COM
The Wisdom of Nature, Distilled.

Style and respect can be found in all products – in the naturalness of their materials, their high functionality and aesthetics, and their first-class workmanship, as well as their durability.

The Gun Dog Affair is not a label you adorn yourself with, but rather an attitude you adopt out of conviction. A style that is formed from tradition and unites all those who wish to express their respect for nature and the craft of hunting. Those who have high demands on their appearance in all areas of life and thus also on their clothing.

Classic, elegant, timeless.

Hunting Badges

Dear Hunting Friends,

Hunting has been a great passion of mine for many years and it is my life`s mission to immortalize these very special experiences with personalized hunting badges.

We hunters revel in memories and try to keep special moments alive with outlived traditions, stories and images.

In addition to the hunting badges, we also manufacture belt buckles, cartridge pouches, jewelry and other works of art, with great attention to detail.

We work to deliver on your personal vision. We look forward to designing your personalized badge in gold, silver, or brass. Visit us on Instagram.


Yours faithfully, Friedrich von Meding

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Dream guns and much more... Exclusive dealer
performance ammunition
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A house becomes a home when it becomes a reflection of you

Julian & Sons takes the time to extract your true vision... not ours. It’s our expertise and guidance that turns your dreams into reality. We are with you every step of the way.

Available through our country agents : Germany UK Luxembourg MELVILLANDMOON.COM HANDMADE IN SOUTH AFRICA Celebrating our 3rd decade on safari Available through: Out of Africa Compagnie GmbH +49 171 2275 435
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Gringo’s Design

Visual Identity

Gringo’s Design

Visual Identity

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To Gregory Huwart for his huge participation on the design of this edition, Gringo’s Design and all people that contributed to this 2023 edition. My son Arthur Huwart for his support.

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Firearms and ammunition can only be sold to permit holders. Please understand the legal regulations for the usage of silencers and clip-on devices in your area and note that not every country allows their use.

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