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From The Editor's Pen

Hello His Favor Readers As I sit here thinking what I would like to say to you as the founder of His Favor Magazine, I realized that we are already over half a year into 2018! This then lead me to think how awesome God is. Through many twists and turns since the start of the year, He was right there with us. We might not have felt Him, but He did subtle things to let us know! He is above our natural thinking even to the point that He is Sovereign! He can do what He wants, When He wants, Where He wants. Who am I to questions such an all-powerful Creator. I am relying on God more and putting my faith in Him, I know that "my steps are ordered by Him and Him alone" He knows whats best for me. Even when it might look impossible, He has it all under control. As we embark on this summer season, constantly ask youself "Have I accomplished anything I planned in January?" If not, remember God is still by your side. Let Him lead and guide you! December is not here yet, but time is indeed flying. Seek and ye shall find. Go Be Great In Jesus' Name!


C O V E R Roy Tosh

13 Opened for Grammy winning recording artists, now Billboard Chart Topping Christian Hip Hop artist is a contributing writer..."Above The Water"


Marshawn Evans Daniels Reinvention Strategist, Millionaire Business Mentor, Best-Selling Author, TV Personality,Wife, and Faith-Walker encourages readers to believe bigger

18 Mister ATL Singer/Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter and National Recording Artist

discusses the importance of being versatile, his view on Christian Hip Hop and more



Marqus Anthony

with over 100k total streams, Christian Hip Hop Artist expresses his excitement as her shares his journey as an artist


F E AT U R E S Joy Hill

28 Anointed singer, worship leader, speaker, songwriter, recording artist, producer and first lady at The Potter's House (Denver) shares with readers about being transparent, what makes her unique and more

39 Red Letter Hymnal Chart-topping, Christian Rock band

reveals what has kept them together, their accomplishments and their passion to serve the community

“You will never reach the places God has for you if you are afraid to fail. Failure doesn’t stop you. It gives you experience to continue to move forward”

36 Deborah Joy Winans Actress, Singer and member of the musical


Winans family talks fashion, worship and "Charity"

................................................................................................................................................................................................. .


W H AT ' S 24... Brittany Nicole Salsberry The Meaning Behind Fearless Attire 25.. The John Family

Meet a family that ministers together in the kingdom of God

25... Apostle Michael Petro

Founder and Head Pastor of Forerunner Ministries International, based in Southern California

2 9 . . . Ly n e t t e D a v i d

TBN host, recipient of President Obama's 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of "Choose Your Way Out" explains why it was important to share her testimony

" Resist the negative chatter and keep grinding 33... Johnny Rez

Worship Leader, Background singer and featured on NBC's "The Voice embarks upon his journey as a National Recording Artist


I N S I D E 4 2 . . . P o r t i a Ta y l o r

Visionary, a Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and newly Author of her debut book “I’m Not That Woman”

43... Ennis Brown

A father to two beautiful girls, international public speaker/preacher, Author of the book "The Adopted Kid" and young adults Pastor at Rising Star church in Denver Colorado

45... Jo Ann Camm

Family law and personal injury attorney since June of 2009 and decided to follow her dream of becoming a published author.

46... Brenda Sawyer

Retired teacher expresses the desires to inspire others by encouraging them to speak the word through he recently published book

47... Frances M. Cuesta

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Fitnesss and Health Coach releases book given dailey nuggets

52... Praise The Lord Gospel Choir Italian Gospel Choir chats about history, longevity and legacy

54... Steve Chong

Sydney's powerhouse speaker is introduced by Sheneè Edwards to those that may not know about RICE

56... Lisa McClendon

Multi-Award Winning artist opens up about her book, music and view of divorce in the church

"Reaching out to my dad was very important. It helped me to reach back and give attention to a wound that had been neglected for so long. 7





Isaiah 54: 2: “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

When God gives a name, the name is often denoted with our purpose. In God’s eyes what he calls us is so significant to him, and what he has called us to be and WHO he has called us to be. The significance of being reminded of who we are in God and what God has said us is in direct correlation with how we view ourselves as Daughters of Zion. My sisters what are you calling yourself outside of who God said you were? What are you allowing others to call you, AND do you believe it? When we become entangled in what others have called us, how they have defined us, and the expectations of others…. We are too far away of the Glory of God that rests and abides in us. In Isaiah God had to remind Zion of their future in him. He had to remind them of what his original blueprint looked like in comparison to what they were looking at. He had to remind them that even in a moment of silence, HE still knew their name, purpose and destiny. God had to remind Zion that her time was now, and that it was time to prepare for the overflow, to prepare for the growth…. He instructed Zion to “enlarge her tent.”v. 2. So, Daughters of Zion, God is reminding you today that he has not forgotten your NAME! He has not forgotten that even in this season there is still a great work for you to do. God says now is the time for you to enlarge your tent. HE needs you to remember what He named you, remember what He called you to, remember that in your place of silence, and even where HE felt distant, He was preparing you in the midst. Yes, there has been some turmoil, a little bit of tribulation and a dry season of barrenness. But today I remind you that God is calling you by NAME to remind you of His redemption, restoration and Glory. Your fear, shame, unbelief and doubt are a void place today…. God’s unfailing love for you will not be shaken, nor his covenant of peace removed. God’s promises are with a resounding YES!

Let me remind you today what is awaiting you and I on today and everyday when God has called us by NAME: * God rebuilds us with stones of turquoise. * Our battlefield is made of rubies and our gates with sparkling jewels * ALL of our walls with precious stones * All of our children are taught by the Lord * There is great peace * We are established in righteousness * Our enemies surrender to us. * No weapon formed prevails * Every tongue of accusation if refuted * THERE IS A REBUILDING, A RESTORING, A VICTORY! * There is an authentic work that is created!

God still knows your name, and I encourage you today to walk in the blessings, authority, boldness and power that rests in knowing who God has called you, and what he has created…. a precious jewel. It is time to enlarge you beyond this current place; this is not what God has for you. My sister there is a work to be done, and part of that work starts with you! God is calling his Daughter. Are you available?

Dr. Jia Conway



A b o v e T h e Wa t e r

What does “Above The Water” mean to me? This last season of my life was the most diicult year I’ve ever faced. After just tearing my meniscus and moving, I thought things were finally getting back to “normal”. That’s when I received the worst phone call in my life. It was my mom, and I could tell by the tone in her voice something was really wrong. She told me my dad had been rushed to the ER and that things did not look good. A couple of minutes later, I spoke with my brother who was at the hospital. He said the doctors told him that my dad had less than 10% chance at surviving. He was bleeding internally due to a aneurysm in his abdomen. Devastated, I could do nothing but cry and pray to God.

That phone call started a 3 month process where my dad underwent 6 major surgeries. During those months, we were told on five occasions that he probably would not make it through the night. One night, after another successful surgery, he flat-lined for 5 minutes due to one of his breathing tubes being clogged. By the grace of God, the doctors resuscitated him back to life. He went through 9 total surgeries that year, and by God’s grace, He’s alive and thriving! One surgeon said' "I didn't save his life - are you people praying?" Praise God! He’s currently in physical therapy and we recently heard the great news that he will be able to walk again.

During that time, if my family and I focused on the circumstances or what the doctors told us, it felt like we were drowning. Hopelessness, numbness, and sadness surrounded us. Yet, if we looked to God during those times, He gave us strength and faith to face the next minute. We literally experienced that God is an “ever-present help in times of trouble”. He comforted us, and extended mercy to us beyond our wildest dreams. My dad loves Jesus, so regardless, we knew where he was heading. However, I’m so grateful to have my dad still around. We named our daughter “Selah Grace” - which means pause and calmly think on the grace of God. His grace truly is sufficient in our weakness! I wrote “Above The Water”, and especially songs like “Stronger” ft. V. Rose, to encourage those suffering around the world. I wanted to challenge others to not focus on their present circumstances, but instead look to the God who is ever-present in the midst of those circumstances. Jesus called Peter out of his boat to walk on a substance he had no business walking upon. The moment Peter took his focus off of Christ and looked at the storms all around him, he sank. It’s no different with us. If we look to Christ to be our strength in the midst of difficulty, we will find ourselves rising above the water. I can’t promise the circumstances will change, but one thing I can promise is that His love will surround you in the midst of the storms. It sounds cliche, but His love truly is enough!


L et's

T hink

B igger


Marshawn Evans Daniels

Hello His Favor Magazine! I am so excited about this season! Teaching and talking about believing bigger. I want to inspire others to really discover the path to their life's purpose. I believe that purpose is the most powerful force on the planet. We are created on purpose, for the very purpose of purpose. However, it takes a bigger belief to step into the destiny, the mission and the intention for your life. So I feel so honored to have been chosen to share this message for women, especially women of faith in this time! I firmly believe that we are created by God for the purpose of creating. He reveals himself to us as a voice. When we look in Genesis, the very beginning, God said: "Let There Be Light!" He Spoke! He used His voice! One of the things I talk about in my book is that our voice is out common super-power. It's the thing we have the most in common with God. So our voice is what we are supposed to use to be a catalyst to create the world that we desire and to co-create the things that God desires us to experience. Of course, speaking and using your voice is not the only thing that is required but it is the core thing. I am mainly passionate about being a speaker. I even do a seminar called Speak For Pay. I love teaching messengers how to speak for pay. I do feel there is a difference between a speaker who is speaking for a check and a messenger who is speaking for transformation. I believe in this season there are so many individuals who have stories that need to be told. Your story is told will free somebody else's story and change somebody else! A lot of times we are stuck in old stories and a prisoner to our faults, our past and what our perceived failures. What happens when we give a voice to our story, but also to our experiences, our expertise, our ideas, our creativity, our products; we are the best advocates. We can say "Let there be light" upon this business. Then we can follow it up with action and speak into existence the strategy into the lives of other people by teaching and sharing.

I came up with the name "ReInvention Strategist" almost 8 years ago. I was traveling at the time and had just finished speaking on stage. I had not planned on talking about reinvention. I had actually never talked about it. My talk was impromptu, but I said something that is a core value that day in front of almost 600 women. I said "My goal today is not to change who you are. My goal today is to help you change what you do so that you can be who you are." I then talked about reinvention for the first time. As I was leaving that event, at the airport headed back to my home in Atlanta, I felt in my spirit God say, "You are going to talk about reinvention in this next season." I then said it out loud to my friend who was also a speaker at that conference. That was the day that I committed to something that I really had never done before.

I think so often that it is important that we believe real-time revelation. Not just think about it or talk about it, but be engaged with it. So my vision as a ReInvention Strategist and my intention is to help people with the strategies necessary to change their lives. To be someone who is inspiring to say "yes" you can be more! Here are things you may not even have thought about. Here is how to change your beliefs, your thoughts on how you show up, how to stop self-sabotaging. Yet, there's also the practical ways to step into the vision that you've been given. You will see others using that title, but it first started here.

Competition is non-exclusive to Christians. Competition is a part of life. The question is "how do you show up in the midst of competition?" There's a difference in competing and being competitive. All runners should run the race expecting and desiring to get the prize. Meaning that you are putting forth your best effort. You even trained in advanced to show up as good as you possibly can. You cannot obsesses and make an idle over the outcome that you have no control over. You don't get to control the outcome! You can only control your effort. So competing is a "God thing." God desires that we are good stewards; that we show ourselves approved. He wants us to win. He wants us to have the mindset and the skillset of a champion. So in that sense, competition is not only good... it's necessary! It's Necessary for Growth and Development!


When I talk about believing bigger, it is a mind shift. It's believing beyond what you have been through, bigger than what you are going through and higher than what you even see for yourself 15


Editor's 16

P lay list


Mister ATL

"Mister ATL" If I had to define myself it would be a new era renaissance man. This is a period of expansion and bridging the gap between old and new. I feel that Mister ATL is that bridge that closes the musical and artist gap for the old genre of music and to the new wave of music we hear today. I am a songwriter, singer, hip-hop artist, designer, choreographer, youth pastor, business owner, Georgia educator husband, father, and a man of GOD. All these things make me who I am, but there is a story behind the name Mister ATL. I got the name from Slim Terra during my 12th-grade year at Towers High School in Decatur, GA during the time that 106 and park was at its prime. During the time there was a group out named ATL so Slim Terra would joke around telling me, "Man you're the real ATL. You can sing and dance better than the whole group." Ironically a couple months later I started college at Alabama State University that fall and my freshman year the nickname given to me was ATL or Mister ATL to some people. Even the people from Atlanta was calling me Mister ATL. So the name stuck. Fast forward to 2009 I was going to sign a major deal with a label out of Atlanta.

During that time my music started to change because I changed my lifestyle and started to mature more as a man. The music became more positive with uplifting vibes about life, love, and everyday experience. At that time I didn't know that GOD was transitioning me into gospel. I just thought it was more of a contemporary side of hip-hop. So after meeting with the CEO, AnR and label personnel, we hit it off and I knew this was my big break as a solo artist. I went to the studio to write and record a couple of tracks, one being a song called "Black love." The CEO at the time called a meeting to discuss a possible single for me to push so I brought up the "Black Love" track. We all sat down and listened to it and after the song finished he told me that it was hit but, he felt my use of "GOD" throughout the song wouldn't appeal to the masses. They said that it wouldn't be good for sales because it doesn't fit my image. At that point, I was given the option of rewriting the song or walking away from the deal. I knew I couldn't compromise my faith and what I believed in so I had to walk away. It broke my heart because I felt like I lost an opportunity to make it in the music industry. At the moment of my sorrow, GOD told me as I was leaving to head back on the road to school, "There is no need to cry or fear. The same success you had in the secular world I will give it to you double if you give your gift back to me." After that day I dedicated my gift of music back to His kingdom and for His work in this world. The name ATL went from representing the city that to representing the GOD that I serve. ATL now stands for "Anointing the Lord."


Versatility The word "versatile" means able to adapt to whatever function or situation you are put it. I know as a Christian artist and being a musician in order to be multifaceted in this industry you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and adapt to changing times. It is also important to stay true to who you are as a person and artist. That's why it's important to find your lane of making music and stay in it. When I first started recording music I didn't have my own personality musically. I tried every style and sound and experimented with it, but it wasn't until I grew into a man that I am in Christ that I found my own sound, my own style and my own creative way of making music. I know that if you're not willing to show versatility than you are only reaching a specific area and in order to change the landscape of music and the world you have to be heard by individuals outside of your own base. I know that my sound and style is not traditional and may be unorthodox and risky to some but, that's who I am. I am comfortable with how I dress, sound, talk, and make music. Regardless of if you find it to be RnB, hip hop, gospel, urban inspirational, you can not deny it is dope music that can transcend the four walls. Gospel Hip-Hop Industry Inspirations I salute a lot of individuals who are doing God's work for kingdom purpose. People don't necessarily inspire me musically, but rather help push me to keep up the good work. Lecrae who is my Kappa Alpha Psi frat brother, Canton Jones, Calvin McCoy aka PCrunk, Danny Wilson, TP9, Bwise, Da Moon, DJ Young Hope, Hollyhood Fin, Ray Knowledge, just to name a few. These are people who I know and have sat down and talked to as either a friend of music or mentor for advice. To be honest I am more motivated than inspired. Inspiration points you in specific direction internally. I see what a lot of people are doing in the industry and it pushes me to keep grinding for the purpose. I tend not to focus on another person's grind because I am very tunnel visioned at this point and have to ride my lane to where GOD is directing me. I remember at a point in time people in the gospel industry wasn't checking for me or wanting to work with me because of my different style and delivery of my music. It was so different, but I feel like two think that experience I faced early on when I transition into Gospel music will help me inspire someone who needs someone to look up to that doesn't fit in also.


Let's Talk "Honeymoon." I believe this project is my best work to date. I feel excited to finally share this music with the world. "Honeymoon" is the second entry to a trilogy series that I am introducing to the masses. "Honeymoon" picks up after my hit single "Beauty" and follows the same couple on their honeymoon phase after locking down their love. It is the embodiment of what I felt like my honeymoon would have been like. I got married young so I and my beautiful wife didn't have our honeymoon getaway. So I wrote the song imagining what that experience would sound like, look like, how it would feel. It is a feel-good year-round song that will make you want to get up and dance and have a good time with your loved one. It features D-Hall and is produced by award-winning producer Terra Tunez. I just want people to take any good vibes from the track because it's not too many songs that are geared toward people in love wanting to have fun in the kingdom. The track was written for everyone in mind so no matter where you're at or what stage of love you're in, "Honeymoon" will make you fall in love again and make that commitment to make the jump and experience your own personal honeymoon. My new Single "Honeymoon" featuring DHall produced by Terra Tunez is now available for streaming and downloads everywhere music is sold.

"I relaunched my clothing line Born Sinner Dying Saved this year with a new

women division HERbeauty. New designs and a new graduation line geared to raising money for scholarships to HBCU colleges inspired by my sister Dr. Sharhonda Davies. I will also be gearing up to hit the road again touring, performing, and setting a release date for my 1st full-length studio album coming this Fall featuring my new #1 hit single "Honeymoon" feat Dhall and produced by Terra Tunez.


M a r q u s A n t h o n y

The vision behind Blessed on Purpose derives from Psalms 1. The bible tells us that by keeping the right people around you and studying the word of God on a consisten basis, you will be blessed. It's not an accident! My company has multiple dimensions including music publishing, clothing line, television shows, and artist promotions/management. 3. Why is it important to use your experience as an atheist to share the gospel of Christ? Man, that's a tremendous question, and I appreciate y'all for asking it. I want people to know that is is possible for atheists to come to Christ. I am a former scientist for the NIH with a B.S. from the University of Michigan. I was on a completely different path until God revealed himself to me. Now, I make an effort to always share my testimony whenever I'm on the microphone. Jesus is the only way to true fulfillment in this world, and your worth will never be found in achievements, money or intellectual accomplishments. Having my scientific credentials will hopefully open doors for me to deliver the Word to a group of people who are lost and desperately need the salvation of Christ.

4. Who inspires you the most in the Christian Hip Hop industry? Why? My biggest inspirations in CHH come from my hometown of Detroit, MI. Brotha Dre is the most underrated CHH artist of all time. He is a supremely talented musical genius, and I have been beyond blessed to work with him. DJ Kideazy inspires me because he is a man of all trades who not only raps and sings but also is a producer, engineer, videographer, television show producer, photographer, graphic designer, musician, preacher, husband, father and more. Also gotta shout out my OGs from the D: Goodson, LaRue Hill, The Convictor and Mr. McCloud who paved the way for me to be able to do what I do now. So many more to mention such as Miraql3, Dre Beeze, Flyzon3,and Unkle Gmo just to

name a few . Detroit definitely has the juice. Finally, my home girl Jazmine Nikao is a beast, and I admire her passion, drive, hard work, and determination. She is definitely on the come up! 5. Describe YOUR sense of Fashion? Why is it important, even as a Christian artist, to have your own look? This is not my area of expertise (LOL). I just know what I like when I see it. This is a field I am hoping to learn more about and receive some help in this year. I know it is vital to have my own look, so it is currently under construction. I would love to have a personal stylist so holla at ya boy if you are out there! 6. Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future? I have multiple EPs coming very soon from my CHH duo "Da Church". Miraql3 and I are excited to launch our "We Are Da Church" series I am so thrilled to be working with Robinson Legacy LLC artist development company with Steadman Robinson to continue perfecting my craft in a serious way. Several solo singles are coming soon as well. I write new music every week and love the process of developing my sound and expanding my horizons as an artist. We have some tours and ministry events coming up too. Also, i am hoping to launch my Blessed on Purpose television show soon to be aired on Rhema Television Network. Overall, the most important venture I will ever pursue is growing as a man of God and being in the proper position to be used for his glory and divine purpose. 20

In a world that likes to eliminate Jesus from the equation, Marqus Anthony stands firm as a Christian hip hop artist. His uncompromising delivery of faith remains resolute despite pressures and forces tempting him to jettison the name of Christ. Marqus Anthony is a man of God first and an artist second. With strong spiritual convictions, he powerfully and whole heartedly devotes his music back to the One who blessed him with the gift in the first place. Marqus Anthony touched a mic for the first time in 2013 and never felt more alive. Assured of his purpose and calling, the former atheist dropped out of graduate school and quit a career as a scientist to purse music ministry. Being an independent artist, he took on the challenge of mastering the business side of music. Hard work and dedication paid off as his debut album Walking by My Faith has been streamed in over 60 countries with over 100k total streams. The highly anticipated sequel drops June 23, 2018. Marqus has shared the stage with artists such as Derek Minor, Steven Malcolm, Aaron Cole, Da' T.R.U.T.H. and more. He has been featured on tours covering over 15 states as well as Bobby Jones Presents and hundreds of radio stations around the world. Marqus has even been featured in Rep Da King Mag in addition to prominent platforms for CHH including Rapzilla, Trackstarz, Jam The Hype and New H2O. In 2017, Marqus Anthony and Miraql3 formed the CHH duo "Da Church". The group has rocked shows from St. Louis to Nashville and even performed at SXSW in Austin, TX. Their debut song "Jesus on My Mind" received heavy airplay and their series "We Are Da Church" is launching this year. With musical suitable for all ages, carrying a timeless message, Marqus Anthony is leaving a legacy for generations to come. Having teamed up with renowned A&R Steadman Robinson, Marqus is seizing the moment and seeking to bring evermore glory to the name of Jesus Christ. Be blessed


Photograph Used with Permission (Kenneth Temple) 22

Savory Creole

Red Velvet Biscuits with BBQ Brisket Juneteenth is the celebration of the end of slavery. Red food dominates the dinner menu during the Juneteenth, whether it’s barbecue, red velvet cake, red soda, hibiscus tea, watermelon or strawberries. Southerners have many tales on the reason why red food is used during the celebration from the bloodshed of millions of slaves all the way back to rituals of the Asante tribe. To put my twist on it I’m using two of my favorite foods biscuits and brisket.


• Red Velvet Biscuits: • 2 ¼ cup flour plus ½ cup-1 cup for rolling

• 1 tablespoon baking powder • ½ teaspoon baking soda • ½ teaspoon salt • 1 tablespoon sugar • 1 stick unsalted butter cold • ¾ cup buttermilk • 1 oz. red dye • BBQ Brisket: • 2 lbs. brisket partial fat cap removed

• 2 tablespoons savory blackening seasoning or season salt

• 4 cups of favorite bbq sauce • Collard Green Slaw: • 1 bunch collards washed, stems removed, sliced

• ¼ head red cabbage washed, stem removed, sliced

• ½ cup mayonnaise • ¼ cup white vinegar • ½ teaspoon salt • ½ teaspoon black pepper


1. In a large bowl add flour,

baking powder, baking soda, salt and sugar stir together with hand. Slice butter into flour and with hands blend until coarse. Make a hole in middle then add buttermilk and red dye. Mix until a dough is formed, pour on floured work surface and knead 5 times and roll out to 1/4 inch (right past point on your finger. Cut with floured biscuit cutter. Add to baking sheet and pop in oven for 15-17 minutes.

2. Preheat oven to 250 F.

Season brisket evenly on both sides and on a foiled lined baking sheet, add brisket and pop in the oven for 5 hours. Remove from the oven and pour 3 cups of bbq sauce over and sit to the side to cool for 30 minutes. After brisket has rested slice and sit to the side.

3. In a bowl mix mayonnaise,

vinegar, salt and pepper together, toss collards and cabbage and sit to the side for 10 minutes before serving.

4. To assemble: slice biscuit in

half and add as much brisket as you like, add 2 tablespoons of bbq sauce, collards then place top layer biscuit and enjoy.

Recipe Notes Preheat 425 F Note: You want to have a nice layer of fat on your brisket this will keep it moist and from drying out over the 5 hour cook time. When making the biscuits you may want to use gloves so your hands will not get stained from the red dye or you will be using vinegar to wash the red dye off.


Fearless Attire by


*Founded in November of 2013 by TV/Radio Host, Speaker, and Minister Brittany Nicole Salsberry

Brittany believes a major key to overcoming fear lies in understanding the spiritual form and nature of the law, also known as the Torah, which is the first five books of the bible. To understand this concept, we must look at the the original Hebrew language, which was written in pictographs (picture writings). The ancient Hebrew pictographs for fear shares the same parent root (same pictographs) as the Ancient Hebrew pictographs for law or torah, which is Yod Resh. This means these two words are interchangeable.

Side Note: "When we wish to find the definition of an English word we go to a dictionary. While this is also true with Hebrew words, there are additional methods of determining the meaning of a Hebrew word. One such method is to examine its roots which provide additional insight into that word," as stated by To learn more about parent roots of ancient hebrew: vocabulary_parent.html

Therefore, understanding the spiritual meaning of things in the Old Testament, like the feasts, sacrifices, priesthood, furniture of the Tabernacle of Moses, and the days of creation (just to name a few) brings a spiritual impartation of God's DNA into our souls, which births His divine wisdom, character, function, authority, nature, and heart into us.


Jesus/Yeshua said in Luke 8:11, "Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God." Seed in Greek is the word sperma. When God/Yah's word is released and understood by the soul, we become pregnant with the sperm, the spiritual DNA of Yah! Through a process of learning, meditation, and rumination of the deeper meaning, inner meaning, spiritual meaning of torah and scripture as a whole a maturity in Christ, birthing takes place.

Moses pulled on the heart of Yahweh to know his ways. In return Yah downloaded Moses with the Torah on Mt. Sinai at the first feast of Pentecost/Shavuot.

Exodus 33:13 "Now therefore, I pray you, if I have found favor in Your sight, let me know Your ways so that I may know You [becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with You, recognizing and understanding Your ways more clearly] and that I may find grace and favor in Your sight. And consider also, that this nation is Your people." Psalm 19:7" The law of the LORD is perfect, restoring the soul; The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple."

Brittany Salsberry says, "Understanding Torah according to its divine spiritual form changes everything."

Brittany acknowledges that her breakthrough and healing came through her spiritual mentor and pastor, Michael Petro. She is deeply grateful to Michael for showing her the beauty and truth of torah and for giving her spiritual keys to overcome fear.

Brittany now uses the Fearless Attire Brand as a way to spread the message of Fearless and to help others make war on fear by encouraging and equipping men, women, and youth spiritually and practically on how to conquer every fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 is the model for Brittany's ministry and for Fearless Attire. "For God HAS NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." Therefore the statement #FearIsNoLongerAnOption becomes a reality. #TorahKilledMyFear

Meet a family oriented ministry that God has equipped to serve Him

especially among the Children/Youth

Father: Prabhula John is the Youth Pastor of The Mighty Warriors of Rockville Church of God in Rockville, MD. Mother: Rev. Carroll John is Director of Inside Out Men’s Fellowship and serves as a Council Member at Rockville Church of God. Daughter: Portia John is in college to pursue a career in Criminology/Criminal Psychology. She has served as Children’s Minister at Rockville for two years.

Together as a family, they have been involved in youth and children’s ministry for more than 30 years. They have preached in Youth Conferences, Revivals, VBS, Retreats and Youth Camps throughout the U.S. and abroad. Together as a family they serve on the worship team regularly and minister where needed throughout the year. They have a strong passion to educate, equip, elevate, and disciple young people, teaching them that a Christian lifestyle is a lifestyle worth living.

For bookings Email: at 301-916-4364

The Johns are award winning writers, composers and vocalists, with many first and second place awards from local and national Christian competitions. Pastor Prabhula is currently finalizing her one-year daily devotions book to be published this summer. They also have plans to complete their first recording of original Christian music mostly composed by the John Family. They have a very strong presence in the Indian Christian community directing VBS and summer camp programs annually. They reside in Germantown, MD. The State of The Church

Jesus said the church would be asleep to what God is really wanting to do. Today’s church is putting man's programs and man’s carnal wisdom in place of God’s power. The church needs to be more in prayer to ask the Lord for revelation in what He wants to do. The Early Church Fathers believed that the church would go back to restore the realm of the glory that Adam lost in the garden. Most Christians are just trying to get to heaven, but we are supposed to bring heaven to earth. Honestly, we are not hearing anything about this in the body of Christ, even though it has been prophesied by the Early Church from the time of Jesus to 325AD. Jesus calls this “The great falling away.” The Father invited the church to go to wedding, but only a few came. Worship

According to the Early Church, worship is “death to self,” which is becoming a living sacrifice. This is true worship. Social Media & Ministry

My ministry has been mostly itinerant, traveling to over 70 nations. Because of social media, many people around the world have been able to stay connected to the teachings of the ministry through social media.

From The Heart of Apostle Michael Petro

It has also helped us to keep in touch with many ministers and people from these countries to hear what God is saying prophetically. Due to this, we have many spiritual children from around the world that come and stay with us for long periods of time to mature in the spiritual understanding of the Word which brings deep healing and transformation in their lives. Social media has proven to be an excellent resource to train others in the deeper understanding of scripture. It’s a great teaching platform. 25

Founder and Head Pastor of Forerunner Ministries International, based in Southern California



From the Daystar Television Network, to TBN, to Woman Thou Art Loosed and the Megafest churches and conferences in London, the Ukraine, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and many cities in the U.S...Joy has had many incredible opportunities to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ, both through music and the preached word.

Joy Hill

Hello His Favor Magazine! Life completely shifted for me in 2017, and for the past 14 months I have been in transition. But because I have done the hard work, and because I was determined not to get stuck in my pain, I’ve gotten my peace back, my focus back, my confidence back, my dignity back...and most importantly...I’ve have my JOY back! BEING UNIQUE What makes me unique is my anointing to inspire others; whether it’s inspiring people when I speak at churches and conferences, that they can overcome the storms of life that have tried to derail their destiny...or inspiring people through my music to press into God’s presence through worship...or even inspiring the students that I teach in my high school choir, that God has a special purpose and plan for each and every one of them. God has given me a unique ability to reach all people; no matter their race, gender, or socio economic status...and I will continue to use my unique gifts, talents, anointing, and life experiences to help bring hope and healing. TRANSPARENCY Being transparent is very important to me because there are so many people who are turned off from the church (and even God) all because they’re not seeing something that is REAL! I’m constantly being approached by people (many who I’ve never met before) who tell me that I am their “hero” because of my courage to speak the truth. From pastor’s wives that have dealt with infidelity, to divorced men and women, to young ladies and older women that have experienced sexual, mental, verbal, physical, and emotional abuse...I can relate to them all, and I want to help them to find their voice and to speak their truth. Being a former pastor’s wife and First Lady, there were “rules” that I had to follow...and one of those rules was to hide the truth. So I mastered hiding. I hid my flaws, my mistakes, my feelings, and most of all...I hid the truth about what was happening in my life...behind closed doors. But now that I’m in my new season, my mission is to continue being transparent and to continue telling my truth, so that others can see that they too can live an authentic life.



Favor Girls Work


ADVICE TO FEMALES Well, I know exactly what that feels like. I was living a very “comfortable” life style...I had position, prestige, money, and lots of material things...and I knew that I would be risking to lose everything if I were to step out of my comfort zone. Was it easy? Absolutely not! But I had to push past my fears...the fear of failing, the fear of disappointing people, the fear of my reputation being ruined, and the fear of being broke. But then, when I made the courageous decision to step out of my comfort zone, I realized that I still had a community of friends and family that would help fuel my FATIH and not my fears. I leaned on my family and friends to help me, then I got an accountant to help me financially, a Pastor to guide me spiritually, and a counselor to help me mentally and emotionally. And even though I may not have a lot of people in my circle anymore, that’s ok. God has surrounded me with the Right people! So stepping out of your comfort zone is not going to be “comfortable”, but I promise, and I’m a witness that it’ll be worth it...because YOU, my sister, are worth it! FASHION VIEW Absolutely! When you step out of your house, you are representing God, and you also represent yourself. Now I’m not saying you have to be in full make-up and wear stilettos every day, but by all means..., be clean, be confident, and be cute! And even though I like name brands, I don’t get caught up in designers and labels. I can wear Christian Louboutin shoes with an outfit from Target...and still SLAY!! My motto about fashion is this...”I wear the clothes...I don’t let the clothes wear me”.






"Hi and again thank you so much for this great opportunity a little bit of insight into my world"

BEING UNIQUE I believe that one of the many things that make me (Lynette David) unique is like other believers, I have an awesome testimony of how the true power of God has been manifested in my life regarding "triumph over tragedy."


Relentless Loving

L Y N e T T e D a V i D

BEING TRANSPARENT Learning to be reasonable transparent about who I am as a woman, Christian and just simply being human being has proven to be important as others need to know that they have a choice on how they respond to life regardless of where they come from and/or what may have to happened to them. I purpose to live as authentic as humanly possible by the grace of God with hopes of showing others that we all can choose to partner with God and live out our divine purpose. GIVING ADVICE I would advise other young women to remember that every person who has achieved any level of success in life has had to experience a tremendous amount of failure along the process. We can pray to tell mountains to move, for healings and even for strength, but we cannot pray past process. A certain amount of failure is necessary to produce true humility in lives. As a woman, she is built to bring structure to the lives of others and learning to walk by faith regardless of what the future holds with birth greatness into her life. BEING HEALED There is a scripture in Revelation12:21 that reminds us that we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. The truth is that the word of God carried me through one of the most tragic times in my life. Initially, I did not know that my testimony or sharing my story was fueling not only my healing process but also the healing process of others. I was simply on a mission to help others realize that God had given me strength that I never knew existed. Sometimes, it would seem unreal that I was really mentally ok after at one time feeling like life was over for me due to witnessing my 6yr old son be hit and killed. I am convicted and obligated to go back now and get others who may be held captive to the overwhelming grief of loosing a child and other losses. 29 Favor Girls Work




J o h n n y Re z

Sharing my Songwriting, Testimony & Worship with the Masses Jonathan Perez, also known as Johnny Rez, is a worship leader and songwriter from Miami, FL. In 2010 after 4 arrests and a struggle with addiction, Johnny spent 6-months on house arrest where he found freedom and purpose in music. Since then, his Cuban background and passion for God have allowed him to lead worship worldwide in both English and Spanish.

Johnny released his first single “All This Time” in 2015, also titled “Siempre En Ti.” In 2016 he was featured on NBC’s The Voice where he joined forces with Adam Levine. Shortly after this, his songs “Nothing Ever Felt Better” and “Lifted High” were placed in the film “The Lachance Kids,” where he performed at its premiere in Paris, France. Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Guatemala, Mexico, Nashville, NYC, London, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are all among places Rez has visited and performed. He’s also been featured on networks and programs such as TBN, NBC, ABC, Telemundo, Latin Grammys, GWE, Jingle Ball, AMAs, Now Living US/UK, The Voice, and TBN Gospel Easter Special. Johnny has sung background for Demi Lovato in Madison Square Garden, the American Music Award, and shared the stage with the likes of Javen, Tye Tribbett, Erica Campbell, Kim Burrell, and Kenny Lattimore. He is now developing his debut full length album set to release in 2019. Who is "Johnny Rez"?

I am a singer/songwriter and worship leader born in Miami to Cuban parents. I’ve led worship and been involved in ministry since childhood, but have just recently begun to spread my wings in the worship and entertainment industry. Eight years ago, I experienced difficult times with drug addiction and law trouble, but God did a great work in my life. He allowed me to discover my purpose through the power and practice of music. My one-on-one time with Jesus during that season brought me true peace and restoration, and I began to write songs of worship and adoration. Since that time, the Lord has given me opportunities to travel, do ministry, and be a part of the music industry. I’ve performed throughout the world and US, and have been involved in different hit TV shows, as well as with, world renowned artists. I participated in NBC’s The Voice, teaming up with Adam Levine and later returned to The Voice stage to perform with Demi Lovato. All of these moments have been opportunities for God to showcase His handiwork in my life, share my story, and develop me as an artist and worshipper. Most recently I was humbled to minister alongside of five gospel legends and pioneers on TBN’s first ever Gospel Easter Special. My vision and goal for the future is to share my songwriting, testimony, and worship with the masses, and be a Godly influence in a world that is striving and seeking for purpose in all the wrong places. Why is it important, even as a Christian artist, to be versatile?

Many times we view “Christian” artists as those who pursue careers in Christian music or the church, but I think in doing this we limit our reach in the world and the effectiveness of our ministry. Though I support and participate in corporate church worship, I believe in breaking the boundaries between church and the ‘secular’ and invading those unoccupied areas around us. As the church and Christians, we’re called to be world influencers and should be leading the way in art, film, creativity, and business. We are not called to be confined to the walls of the church but rather be the bridge between Jesus and those who don’t know Him. Who inspires you the most in the gospel industry? Why?

I’d truly have to say my biggest inspiration and motivator in the gospel industry is long time gospel artist, and Senior Pastor, Javen. His story, experience, and church have been monumental propellants for me, my ministry, and calling. I’ve even been able to get involved locally at Pastor Javen’s south Florida multicultural ministry, the NOW Church. The loving church community and his words of wisdom have played a great role in my career and ministry. Please share with our readers, what you would like them to take away after listening to your YouTube clips? I would hope after listening to my music and YouTube clips, readers

would be uplifted and assured of God’s love, grace and purpose in one’s life. Even in the most troubling seasons, God is working in us a greater story and impact, and if we’d just stick the course and depend on Him, He will bring about His very best. He’s in the business of renewing, restoring, and reviving. My story and music are a living testament to that! Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future?

I’m currently writing towards my first full length worship album we are planning to release in 2019! 33 34

Why Won’t My Family and Friends Do More to Help My Business?

As a business owner myself I can relate somewhat to these concerns but I cannot agree totally. I have several family members and friends that are EXTREMELY helpful to my business ideas. They go out of their way to assist in different ways and then you have some people that couldn’t care less. I believe it varies depending on the individual. However the frustration from the people I speak to comes from having expectations that to them seem simple. They wonder why is it so hard for a long time family member or friend to simply LIKE a Facebook post, SHARE a Facebook post, RETWEET a tweet. Or come to one event they have, buy their product, or patronize their business. Some people become really upset and take it very personal when they pour their heart out into a well thought out FB post or tweet and no one shares it or RT’s it, not even their “people.” And then 15 minutes later they see those same friends who didn’t share their post, share an irrelevant post about a WorldStar Hip hop fight, or a video about dogs doing silly tricks. They know you sell shoes but they always buy their shoes from someone else because they FORGOT about you. Lastly they know you just opened a hair salon but they always think of a reason not to go to your shop. To add to this people they have never met are sharing, tweeting, buying and promoting them extremely hard. They post “Hello” and 5 people they couldn’t pick out of a hat have forwarded it through all of their social media outlets.

I have found out a few reasons why this happens.

So often this is the question I get from so many business owners I speak to. They say they expect so much more from the people that are closer to them. They see strangers or new acquaintances doing so much more to help them build their business than people they have known for years. Though I truly understand the thinking behind this I believe sometimes it is not as accurate as we think. Let me explain....

1) Sometimes people honestly do not realize how important their support is to you. They don’t realize that their tweets, shares, likes and business is extremely important and EXPECTED by you. As hard as that is to believe it is true. It may take having that conversation and asking them why they don’t support you in those ways. It may be awkward at first but it is better than being secretly upset with people because of their apparent lack of support. 2) Some people feel very selective about their social media and decide I will share only what I decide to and nothing else. If I don’t want to share your information I won’t do it. They feel I am connected to a variety of people and I don’t want to offend anyone or promote in particular business on my pages 3) Some people are not as aware of your post, tweets, business as you think. You would be surprised how many people are not as familiar with what you are up to. That is why it is critical to continually promote your business. 4) Lastly some people really don’t want you to succeed. I put this last because I believe we think this group is larger than it is. While this group does exist I believe it is a small percentage compared to the other groups. They purposely WILL NOT do anything to help you advance. Get over your feelings about them, cease and desist any efforts to convince them. Forget and forgive. Stop spending precious time trying to figure our why they won’t support. Thinking that you went to 3 of their events so they can at least support you once. You always like and share their post so they should at least do the same. Stop it, stop it now and move past that. Also continue to support them regardless if they ever do anything for you. So despite these 4 groups, I believe if we really think about it, our supporters by far out number our non supporters. Listen, it is a new year, let’s not focus on the non supporters this year but let’s celebrate the people who cheer us on, the people who go above and beyond what we expect. Whether they are DAY 1 people or DAY 4589, It doesn’t really matter, and lets do the same for them. After all remember the golden rule!

Follow PK on Twitter & Instagram @thatsuitsyou



Worship Is Apart of Thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers. We are excited about the upcoming Season of Greenleaf! First of all, how are you? I am wonderful!! Thank you for asking What makes "Deborah" unique? What makes everyone unique! God made every person different with their own brains and talents and ideas! Do you see yourself in the character "Charity " that you play on Greenleaf? I do see myself sometimes in the character Charity. Worship has always been my favorite part of service and to be able to be that worship leader and bring the music and presence of God into the room is exciting and feels part of my DNA. It’s also easy to feel invisible in such a big family sometimes.


What advice would you give a young woman who is afraid to step out of her comfort zone due to fear of failure? You will never reach the places God has for you if you are afraid to fail. Failure doesn’t stop you. It gives you experience to continue to move forward. Comfort means you’re not growing and that’s not good. Whenever I get too comfortable I feel like I’m not continuously growing. Growing makes you uncomfortable. As a Christian in the spotlight, is fashion a big factor for you? Why or Why not? Fashion is somewhat big to me simply because I like it. I don’t think it has anything to do with me being a Christian. I love great clothing and fun make up because I’m just that girly!


eborah Joy inans

Are there any other ventures outside of the entertainment world thst you would like to pursue? I would love to build a foundation that continues helping the next generation. Particularly young women. They don’t have to be into entertainment. I just want to build our youth so they can continue to create a better world to live in. 37 Christian Authors Are Taking Over


Thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers. First of all, how are you?Of course! we are doing great, summer always seems to be super busy for us so we got a full schedule of shows along with it being festival season, but we love it. How did you come up with the name "Red Letter Hymnal"? There used to be these things called red letter bibles where all the words of Jesus were written in red. And a hymnal is just a collection of songs, so Red Letter Hymnal became more of a mission statement for us. We wanted to write a collection of songs that are inspired by the word of God.

With all that is going on in the world, how has your ministry contributed its part when it comes to evoking "change" (community outreach etc) We are firm believers that everything is done better in community. Because of this we remain faithful to serve our local community and church. We believe that our community, which is the city of Pittsburgh, PA, will one day be more famous for loving Jesus than it will be for football. But that takes people coming together and using there talents, resources and prayer to make that change. We have been blessed to partner up with churches, non profits, and faith based organizations to serve and equip our community to live in the freedom found in Christ. The beauty of being in a touring band is that music can go places that some other ministries

Being a group whether secular or Christian can be challenging. Besides God, what else has kept you all together? Honestly, we are pretty blessed as a band. We are all really good friends outside of the band. All of us have a lot of the same goals for our career, family, faith and art. We all go to the same church and all of our wives are friends as well. We have cultivated one big RLH family. How often do you practice? All of us serve on our home church’s worship band so we get to play together at least twice a week. Beyond that we will have additional practices depending on what our tour schedule looks like. We usually hit rehearsals pretty hard as we gear up for a tour or busy season.

might not be able to. With that, we are able to come along side the different communities that bring us in to run that same race with them. We are a small piece of the puzzle just trying to play our part.

Why is it so important to connect with people through your music? Like a lot of people, we all grew up loving music, But Christian music had a huge part to play in our singer Brad and our guitarist Spencer coming to know the Lord. Both of them were living pretty rough lives and it took someone taking the time to show them music that resonated with who they were, but had a message of hope, for them to see that there was something deeper to this whole “Christian” thing. Christian music was a literal bridge for half of our band to receive the gospel. We are very aware of the power of music and we have seen what God can do with it. Connecting with people to communicate the gospel is the sole purpose of this band because it’s what started this band. There were other bands and people that did that for us and we are just trying to carry the torch well.




On The Bookshelf

(Recommended Christian Books)


a i t r r o o P Tayl

inspiring, life-changing, challenging, motivating and empowering

Thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers. First of all, how are you? I am great! I am so excited about my new book I'M NOT THAT WOMAN.

Tell us what makes your book "unique"? My book is unique one because it is inclusive. No matter who you are or where you are in life this book will speak to you. Whether you are male or female, married or single, saved or unsaved it will speak to you. It is also unique because I gave a voice to women from the past and present that were otherwise voiceless. I believe everyone has a side, a story to tell but was and is often silenced either due to thier own insecurity or fears or our inability to hear them. I did my creative best to give these women time in my book to speak. It’s unique. With wearing so many hats, was it tough finding time to complete your book? YES LORD, Initially. However I had an “aha” moment late last year before entering 2018. My husband was preaching on new possibilities for our lives and really spoke about creating them yourself. I also began teaching on being divinely focus when I as reminded by the Holy Spirit that everyone has the same 24 hours. Accomplishment proceeds focus. Don’t allow time to bully you. I finished my book the next month.

How do you want readers to feel when they are finished reading your work? 4. My readers will feel unstoppable. They will realize that nothing and no one can define them outside of Gods original intent for thier lives. My readers will literally close the book declaring IM NOT THAT WOMAN anymore while being in passionate pursuit of who they are. Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future? Yes, I would like to host a talk show dealing with discovery and identity for woman, as well as a podcast with my husband. I would like to host “Girl, Let Me Tell You” workshops for young girls, empowering them through stories untold and lessons learned. Finally, I would like to do a documentary of my life based off the book IM NOT THAT WOMAN.

42 Christian Authors Are Taking Over

Ennis Geoff Brown

Loving, Ambitious, Gifted, Skinny, Funny Thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers. First of all how are you? First, Thank you so much for having me! I'm amped about this opportunity! Its my first feature! God is good, so good! Tell us what makes your book "unique" I think what makes it Unique is the title itself "The Adopted Kid"! I grew up thinking it was taboo in a sense. I hated talking about it but now its the total opposite. There isn't a lot of books, movies, nor people with major platforms bringing that topic to the forefront.So I used what I've been through and ran with it. When I first introduced the title to my surroundings is when I learned that there were so many people like me with similar backgrounds but it was never talked about. Thats when I new it was unique and would capture a bigger audience than I could imagine! Why do you feel it is important to be encouraged daily? Because the enemy fights us daily! I remember a time in my life I had lost EVERYTHING. The enemy threw everything he could at me. But the more he threw the more I grew. But I only grew because of the people that encouraged me. That Daily encouragement took me from living on a back seat to having my first house in Denver. Encouragement breeds strength! How do you want readers to feel when they are finished reading your book? Inspired! Motivated! Something happens when inspiration and motivation goes on its first date in an individuals life. Its amazing! In a way it gives birth to Destiny. Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future? My biggest Dream is to travel the world and preach the word of God. thats not only my next venture but my ultimate Venture. Hopefully my mentor and pastor Rev. Dr Jules will approve LOL! Seeing souls being saved and seeing people released into their Destiny just does something to me. I just believe I have the key that will help release so many others! We're living in a dying world and I just want to get to as many people as I can to share the Love of Jesus Christ before God calls me home. Booking : Facebook Ennis Geoff Brown IG ennis_geoff

43 Christian Authors Are Taking Over

Debrayta (Dee) Salley

"My Life's Mission is to Empower Paths, Support Growth, and Inspire Change. I support/serve women of all ages through all phases of Life Transition and breaking free from any place, space or relationship where they may have settled for less than God's best.

Tell us what makes your book "unique"?

My Memoir is unique because it’s not just me sharing my life story. It’s a Self- Help book that was designed to assist the reader in visualizing how their life could also possibly have a pattern that needs their undivided attention. It encourages the reader to live from a place if authenticity and freedom from anything that is keeping them stuck. And most of all, it gives a transparent account of the Love, Faithfulness and Redeeming power that a relationship with Jesus Christ brings. What made you decide to do a self-help book?

I chose to do a self-help book because God told me to not only write my story but that it would be used to set others free who are suffering and settling in silence. I wasted too many years broken, barren and living in lack so whatever wisdom Nuggets I can pass from from my experience to someone else, I’m honored to do so. How do you want readers to feel when they are finished reading your work?

I want readers to no longer feel alone in their dilemma. I also want them to feel encouraged and less heavy because some weights have fallen off of their hearts and souls. And most of all, it’s my desire that they begin to feel confident about moving forward from where they are into all that God has destined for their lives. Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future?

My greatest desire is to live my life in the Center of God’s will. There are so many more gifts in me that He has yet to fully unfold. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. For now, I will continue to provide safe and empowering environments where women can come to Release the burdens of life that are weighing them down.

Debrayta (Dee) Salley Dee Life Mentor Coach

44 Christian Authors Are Taking Over

Christian Author, Podcast Host, Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Advocate

Jo Ann Camm, Esquire

Ambitious, Persistent, Funny, Hardworking, Loving Tell us what makes your book "unique"? My book uses a flower, a tulip, to reveal the importance of one's name. Hopefully, it will open readers' minds up to the beauty in nature around us. Being a mother, lawyer (among a few hats you wear), was it tough finding time to complete your book? Somewhat. The book itself is short, and I believe I wrote it in one setting. The idea came to me in a dream. When I woke up, I immediately wrote it down. Then I had a few colleagues of mine read it that are teachers to give me some feedback. After that there was a little tweaking on word usage. The hardest part was finding an illustrator that could bring Tulip Ann Mitchell to life. It took me over a year and half to find an illustrator, Raphael McNeal who read the words and came up with awesome illustrations and literally brought me to tears when I saw them. How do you want readers to feel when they are finished reading your work? I want readers to feel a sense of pride in the names that their parents gave them. Names are important and usually there is a story behind why parents gave their son or daughter their name. Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future? I want Tulip Ann Mitchell to be a series of books, and I have finished a draft of the second book in the series about friendship. Eventually, I want to have Tulip and her friends on clothing for children, backpacks, etc. I want to work on my own story. I have begun the process of reinventing myself after a divorce earlier this year. I am phasing out my solo practice. I have a few movie ideas that I have been working on with some colleagues. I have joined a law firm, the Law Offices of Dawn S. Veltman, where I handle the majority of the cases in Prince George's County, Maryland. The main office is in Harford County, Maryland. The majority of our practice is family law, personal injury, and landlord tenant cases.

Order A Flower Named Tulip Ann Mitchell ~>

45 Christian Authors Are Taking Over

Brenda Sawyer

Intercessor, Educator, Author, Mentor, Leader Thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers. First of all, how are you?

I'm blessed, because this is the day that the Lord has made and I choose to rejoice and be glad in it. Everyday it's a privilege to know that every time God allows me to live, move and have my being in Him... He blesses me. Tell us what makes your book "unique"?

I like to think that my book, Encouraging Words For The Mind, Spirit And Soul is unique because it can encourage and inspire the readers in their daily walk with Christ. My hope is that it will also strengthen their relationship with God, as well as give them a deeper meaning and understanding of His Word through the Scriptures. Why do you feel it is important to be encouraged daily?

We were created to be a blessing! What better way to be a blessing than to bless others with an encouraging word. I think that we could all certainly benefit from that! How do you want readers to feel when they are finished reading your work?

I want them to feel so encouraged and rejuvenated. Prayerfully, they will want to start blessing and encouraging others. Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future?

In the near future, I would like to pursue more speaking engagements. I also want to continue to pursue my fashion custom couture dress designs.

46 Christian Authors Are Taking Over

Frances M. Cuesta

Ms. Cuesta is a sought after expert on loss and life. As a certified life coach specializing in trauma healing, she travels the region helping women rebuild their life after personal tragedies and loss. Known for her authenticity and straight-from-the-hip approach, Frances's passion is fueled by her own pursuit of happiness and freedom. The personal challenges she has faced once seemed insurmountable. She has loved and lost. She has been beaten and broken. A domestic violence survivor, she has stared death in the face. But God had a different ending for her story. Today, she shares the unedited narrative of her life, inspiring others to redefine their own. An impassioned speaker, she delivers motivational messages to personal development, women's empowerment and grief/trauma support groups. Ms. Cuesta's diverse educational and professional experiences in the mental health and coaching fields inspire her passion for encouraging, empowering, and equipping women to improve and heal from trauma and loss. Ms. Cuesta is a Desensitization Counselor who provides direct exposure for individuals experiencing workplacerelated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Frances is also a champion survivor of PTSD and knows the meaning of perseverance and healing. Frances is a volunteer for the American Red Cross Action Disaster Team and she also provides Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefing (CISM) to various corporations through her company Serenity Healing Institute of Baltimore. Serenity Institute of Baltimore is a for-profit organization that provides women and businesses affected by trauma with high quality holistic healing services. Ms. Cuesta is also the founder and CEO of Reinvent U Boot Camps, LLC; a group fitness facility that provides a supportive environment where women can enjoy a variety of fun and diverse fitness classes while achieving their weight loss and fitness goals. At Reinvent U Boot Camps, the focus is on women "Losing Weight from the Inside Out" to adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that enhance their health and vitality. Ms. Cuesta's leisure pursuits include personal fitness workouts, Latin dancing, and cooking. Ms. Cuesta is married with two adult children and one precious granddaughter.

47 Christian Authors Are Taking Over

“When One Door Closes, Another Opens”

Rich Wessenberg is the Author of Top Selling book “Treasures of the Believing Heart” which shows how to build a strong believing heart, is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble; Follow Rich on Twitter @richwessenberg

Alexander Grahams Bell, inventor of the telephone, is credited for this amazing quote! However, for believers, the reality is much deeper. Spiritually, a believer has a direct connection to God and should never run out of options. For a believer, when one door closes, the expectation is another will open. God never forsakes us. The ability to not be subject to the limitations of this world is a great promise and sonship right, found only in God’s Word, The Bible.

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. I Corinthians 10:13

This world is senses based; a believers reality is spiritual, subject to God as our Father with ways to escape. This world is limited to circumstances: the economy, the stock market, job reports, statistics. For believers: the reality is what God says: all our need has been met by the accomplishments of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. A believers spiritual identification is: Sons and Daughters of God with all power, seated in the heavenlies at the right hand of God with the devil under our feet. The only limitation a believer has is: how strong can I build my believing heart and how big can I believe. The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe. Ephesians1:18,19

Whatever is going on in this world does not apply to believers. We have the right to live a quiet, peaceful, prosperous, and long healthy life. This includes the right for God to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think, anytime time, any place. Unbelief holds all the rights of the limitations of this world.

If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:1,2

When I pray, I visualize myself above this world, at the righthand of God as a Son of God with all power. I thank God for the things I need, and with absolute confidence believe I will receive. No matter the circumstance, if your alive and breathing, God’s grace and mercy is protecting you. No matter what kind of closed door we may encounter, another door has already opened. Recognize that the stress of this is world is designed to grow unbelief. Your best option: thank God, get to the next door, and be prepared for a much greater future then the past.

And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. Mathew19:28-30


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It was 1984 when Marco Augusti, a young conservatoire student, accepted to take over the small choral group of the Parish of San Giulio in his hometown Cassano Magnago (Varese, Italy) giving rise to the “Laudate Dominum” Polyphonic Choir. The main activity was at first singing on Sunday mornings’ and holidays’ masses, officiating the liturgical service. This commitment will always remain an important part in the life of the choir, so much so that it is still accomplished today. After years of Renaissance repertoire, the group decided to tackle the study of the Spiritual and Gospel genre: hence a new musical adventure has begun, aiming to proclaim and witness the Christian message. In 1996, within the “Associazione Coro Laudate Dominum”, the Praise the Lord Gospel Choir was formed. The enthusiasm and the desire to broaden the musical knowledge, brought the chorus to the encounter with the genre Spiritual and Gospel, thus marking, through an in-depth study of an appropriate vocal tecnhnique and interpretation, a decisive turning point in the undertaken musical journey. A determinant step for this path has been the collaboration with Sherry Hill Kelly, director of Belmont Chorale - USA, who shared many original choral arrangements, including pieces by Jester Hairston. In few years the Praise the Lord Gospel Choir put many concerts together and counted a number of invitations and participations in radio and TV programms (Rai, Mediaset, Novaradio A, Telenova, Telepace, SAT2000), always receiving excellent feedback from both the industry critic and the audience. All the sold out concerts prove how appreciated is the level reached by the whole group, which currently consists of 50 singers, a solo voice Eva Rondinelli and Marco Augusti, of course, directing and piano accompanying. What characterises the Praise the Lord compared to other Gospel formations (which in recent years are growing in numbers in the Italian scene) is to address the study and the interpretation of choral a cappella arrangements by important composers such as Moses Hogan, Jester Hairstone, Robert Ray and Kirby Shaw, which requires a methodical vocal approach, autonomy of the individual voices and a remarkable rhythmic and dynamic control. Starting from November 2001, the Praise the Lord has embarked on a path that since then has never stopped following. Always pursuing the aim of spreading the Good News, the choir has collected the witnesses of the main and most popular authors and interpreters of the genre, studying and reproducing some of their masterpieces. From 2001 the choir started to collaborate and performing alongside with Reverend Lee Brown and the Freedom Family, two of the most important realities in the Italian Gospel scene, and this partnership had been led through 2002 and until 2005. In April 2007 the choir presented the "Gospel Celebration": a great Gospel concert for choir, Symphonic-Pop Orchestra and Jazz quartet. In that occasion the choir had the pleasure to perform om stage alongside with the OCL Pop Orchestra and some important jazz musicians. In 2008 the Praise The Lord took part in the KRISTFEST 2008, the International festival of Christian music, taking place every year in Osijek (Croatia). Consequently in the same year, the group attended a Master Class held by the worldwide-known gospel composer and arranger Kirby Shaw, who eventually prepared and took on stage with the choir an extraordinary and unforgettable concert. In April 2009, on the advice of Kirby Shaw and at the invitation of the Mid-America Music Production, the Praise the Lord performed his most important concert at the NEW YORK CARNEGIE HALL that counted two hundred singers. In that occasion, the solo voice of Praise the Lord, Eva Rondinelli was chosen to duet in the closing concert piece, "Operator" by Manhattan Transfer.


Praise The Lord Gospel Choir

The Journey of an Italian Legacy

In 2012, thanks to the American adventure, the Praise the Lord brought the musical drama "The Resurrection" (based on the work by Bradley Knight, "The Easter Son" to the European premiere. The opera, orchestrated by Bradley Knight, traces the last moments of Christ's life: from passion, through death, until the great event of the resurrection. The plot is inserted in an emotional concatenation of very intense musical, choral and recitative passages, which have as their ultimate goal the testimony of the Christian message. Written in perfect cinematic style, the orchestration is very classic with some references to the Gospel genre; great importance is also given to the choral parts, always very rich in harmonics and demanding. The plot is narrated in nine scenes divided into recited, choral, solo and instrumental pieces, which are enriched by some video projections and plays of light that help the spectator to recreate the biblical situations and to identify with the main characters. In 2018 the new challenge for Praise the Lord is represented by the study of a new Musical that will be proposed next December 2018 during the Christmas’ Holidays. Faith, joy, love and beauty are part of the engine that keeps alive and active this group, which remains as originally, a company of friends who, through the beauty of singing and the passion of singing in choir want to be witnesses of the Risen Christ. The Praise the Lord has become over the years bigger and bigger, counting today 50 singers of all ages, both students, adults and senior citizens. Having reached the number of 350 concerts in Italy and abroad and having published more than 10 albums, the Praise the Lord continues its ambition to witness the Christian Catholic faith through the weekly liturgical service and participating in charity and fund-raising events. 53

Steve Chong

The Rice Movement & Family

When I first came across The RICE Movement, I was immediately intrigued. I saw a video featuring hundreds of young people in Sydney (Australia) with their hands lifting, worshiping the most high God. I began to do my research and contacted the founder, Steve Chong. Of course, he wanted more information concerning the magazine, but afterwards he agreed to be a feature. However, this man is extremely busy. Not just busy being busy, but he travels often spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! I originally tried to get him in the Spring Issue, but that did not happen. Now, here we are. Summer 2018 and he agreed to let me share my viewpoint on the ministry known as The RICE Movemt. Yet, as I did my research, I noticed that he not only had a passion for seeing the lives of young people changed, but he loved his wife and children. As many pictures posted of the ministry, there were even more posted of his family. ~Sheneè Edwards, Editor IN Chief

The RICE movement’s signature event is RICE Rally. Once a year we see thousands of young people unite from different churches, schools, and communities to see the gospel of Jesus proclaimed. Our hope is that each year we will see many turn to faith in Christ as they respond to the message of the gospel. We also long to see those who may have neglected their relationship with God recommit their lives to Christ. . Each RICE Rally night, God’s love in the gospel is proclaimed through a variety of creative elements such as music, dance, and art. The centrepiece of this proclamation is a Biblical and compelling evangelistic talk, at the end of which the youth are invited to make a decision in light of what they’ve heard. The climax of the night is when those whom God has drawn to himself respond in saving faith and are welcomed home as they publicly walk out the auditorium and take their first steps in their new life with Christ as Lord.

RICE is a movement by the local church and for the local church. We consist of members from various local churches who know and understand the climate of Christianity in Sydney and what the local church needs. The power of unity occurs when we gather together from our various churches and allows us to be a blessing to all churches in Sydney. Since RICE’s inception, God has used Steve’s infectious passion for evangelising the youth of Sydney, coupled with his ability to mobilise young leaders, to form the heartbeat of what makes our movement what it is today. Not only is Steve passionate about the ministry, he is a devoted husband and father. He is not shy at expressing his love for his wife, Naomi Chong. She as well is heavily involved with the ministry and devoted to her husband and children. Even if you happen to scroll through Steve's social media page, you will see pictures of him and Naomi on vacation, having a bite to eat and even sneaking a beautiful kiss. This shows that this family truly believes in the power of love from each other and our Heavenly Father

“Since the day God gave us the idea of uniting young people to pool their gifts and talents to tell the world the most important news of Jesus, it has been clear that He was going to bless the RICE Movement.

God has taken us on a journey where every RICE Rally we witness an outpouring of his blessing. Every year has hundreds of young people put their faith in Christ. That pivotal moment when hundreds of hands shoot up to say ‘I want to give my life to Christ’ is certainly the signature moment that best captures what RICE stands for. I count it as a privilege to be the founding director of this movement knowing full well it is God’s movement. It was His idea, His blessing; it is His harvest. We are all just hanging on for the ride as we step out upon the unknown waters of the years ahead taking each next step only as we fix our eyes on Jesus who is calling us toward Him.


Yet God’s blessing towards the RICE Movement has continued even further. Those evangelistic seeds sown have been watered and have sprouted a harvest of events, creating the space for these same young people to be renewed and recharged in their faith. Many of these events have become for our youth, places of community and fellowship. They have united the youth in their pursuit of taking Jesus seriously in all aspects of their lives. This is why ‘renewal’ is a key part of RICE’s vision for these young men and women"



HFM: Hello! Thank you for being a feature in His Favor Magazine. How are you? LM: I'm doing amazing! HFM: What was the inspiration behind the single "Brilliant" LM: Brilliant was inspired by the evolving of my relationship with God. It's a love song to how amazing our Creator is and a celebration of God's Love. HFM:Everyone goes through "ups & downs". What advice would you give a young woman that seems to focus on the "downs?" LM: Listen to your own voice. Often times, we have been taught and even trained to run everywhere on the outside for advice but Greater is God within us. A lot of times the strength that we seek is already inside of us waiting to be discovered but you must slow down and honor, cherish and respect yourself first to tap into. HFM: When people in ministry are going through a divorce, how do you think "the church" should respond? Why? LM: I think the church should first acknowledge the human beings involved and show compassion and genuine non-judgemental support to both parties. I think the church can also stand in as the family counsel meaning sit with the couple and address the issues with love, understanding, balance and accountability. HFM: Please share with our readers, what you would like them to take away after reading "And She Lives Happily Ever After" LM: Wow. That more than anything you are responsible for your own love and happiness. I want the readers to walk away with some of my own personal tools I used to rebuild my life and start attracting the right kinds of people. I want the reader to feel like after they have read my story they can do. They don't have to be afraid to love again and that first love should always be with You. HFM: Are there any other ventures you would like to pursue in the near future? LM: Absolutely! I am definitely looking forward to seeing our Relationship Form experience expand. Also, I am working on a few projects to help heal relationships between men and women.

Pre-orders for "And She Lives Happily Ever After," now available at (Pre-orders will be invited to be apart of my online Q&A session)

New song Brilliant and Ms. Tina now available on iTunes.

Lisa McClendon




The Experience

By: Matthew C. Horne

Optimal levels of fulfillment in life are reached when we are real with ourselves regarding what our ideal experience is in every facet of life. This experience could be a job, income, relationship, friendship; just anything. Life has a funny way of bringing us the ideal experiences we have yet to encounter. Whether the experience is fleeting or lasting, hinges on our preparation for it. For example: You could desire the ideal romantic relationship, or spouse. This person could be the polar opposite of what you experienced in the past, which actually made you want this new experience. Visions of a healthy relationship, with respect, love, consideration of others and peace being the cornerstone, comprise your desires. This experience finds its’ way to you, and it slips through your fingers, as the other party realizes you weren’t ready for what you desired, and opens themselves back up to find their match, in someone who is better calibrated to them. The way to having lasting experiences in accordance with our desires is to prepare for our ideal experiences, before we ever encounter them. Acknowledge your role in previous unfavorable experiences in the different areas of your life, and you will emerge a better person with an expanded awareness; and more depth. You will become the version of yourself who matches the experience you truly desire; positioning yourself to experience longevity in your peak life experiences. No experience is a waste, even if you encounter it, without truly grasping it. There’s a lesson in it that will aid in your personal evolution and growth …if you allow it to through implementation. My best offering to you is to simply state: A stance of anticipation often creates seized opportunities. A reactionary stance is usually on your heels and without balance. 60

Summer Issue 2018  

His Favor Magazine Summer Issue features Deborah Joy Winans, Steven Chong, Red Letter Hymnal, Marshawn Daniels and MORE!

Summer Issue 2018  

His Favor Magazine Summer Issue features Deborah Joy Winans, Steven Chong, Red Letter Hymnal, Marshawn Daniels and MORE!