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It is Spring! Yes. a time for the April showers to bring May flowers. A time for some of us to clean out our closets and get rid of old items in our homes. The time of year when churches are preparing for masses of people to attend their services due to a holiday known as Easter. Yet this Spring of 2020 has taken many of us by surprise. Although people are stating that they have known what was to take place at this time, no one can ignore the effect that the Coronavirus has had on the world.

Whether we feel it is a hoax or not, it has caused most of our daily routines to be "out of whack." Not only our routines, but some are experiencing struggles when it comes to finances and even other health issues. We are in a time where the stores are flooded with people purchasing toilet paper and hand sanitizer to ensure that they stock up for something worse to come. Churches have been told to not hold services of more than 10 people. Even among the saints, there is a difference in opinion when it comes to abiding by the laws of the land. For many it is conflicting with their beliefs to be "among the saints" As I talk to my family and friends, it has been pressed upon my heart to ensure that during this pandemic, I will use the gifts and talents that God gave me to minister to many of them. Whether it is to lend an ear, support their small business or even a text, I want people to know that someone is thinking about them while having little to no contact with others.

At this time, being isolated and practicing social distancing can have its downfalls. The enemy loves to play mind games with people when they are by themselves. It is so imperative that we remain in prayer, listening to praise and worship music and meditating on the Word of God. For those that are not as strong in their faith, having someone reach out to them can make a huge difference.

So as we go through this time when the world eventually has no choice but to call on the name of Jesus, let us make sure that we are open to minister to others. Let us take the time to reach out to the person that always says that they are "ok" Let us call that person on the phone and just let them know if they need anything that we are there. We are in a perfect position to be a light to this dying world. Instead of complaining that churches are closed, toilet paper is gone and there is nowhere to have fun, how about we display across the nation and even the world the one thing we know that can change everything! The Love Of Jesus Christ!

Sheneè Woodson

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“Please don’t kill yourself yet. Let’s put Scripture verses on tent stakes and put them in the ground at the corners of your property, then wait to see what God does.” (Steve Hemphill)...


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"It is important to follow your own purpose for your life! Our purpose, whatever it is, is tied to the people connected to us" (Jaculin H. Jones)... 24

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Sylvia Koonce

How do you measure up? Seven days, twenty-four hours or three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. The question to self is: How do I measure up? Not measuring against anyone else just based upon your ability to quantify the thing we are all given, which is time. Your ethnicity, gender, tax bracket or age does not dictate the quantity of the time given. It is the one thing we are born into with full equality and accessibility. It is also the one thing once given can never be returned. We do ourselves a disservice when we freely give it away, it should be handled with care of the rarest jewel. Instead, many of us take it for granted as if our bucket of time will be refilled. So, let’s talk about time management. How much time have you wasted in the last month on superfluous things? How much time have you scheduled to enhance your being?

Here are a few suggestions to help you manage your time: * Stay away from anyone or anything that is unproductive and is stealing your time. * Don’t self-sabotage, use your time wisely i.e. Researching for your business ideas vs. playing candy crush all day. (Mental breaks are good, but remember it’s just that... a break!).

* Set objectives for the week so you know your expectations as you break them down into daily goals. * Rest – Take the time to rest, regardless of how hard you work it will not give you more hours.

Now that you have a few tips, it's vital you realize that time will not stop and wait for anyone. It is continually beating on our doors daily. The way we treat time will be a great indicator of how time will treat us. You need to elevate your life and see if there is anything you have been procrastinating on. Some of us are guilty of being too busy and some of us are stagnate. Close your eyes and take a moment to breathe. I know some of you didn’t do it so let’s try it again. (smile) Close your eyes and take a moment to breathe. Now that you have taken the time to breathe, get back your tenacity!!! TIME is of the essence!!!


R i c h W e s s e n b e r g He That is Without Sin Among You, Let Him First Cast a Stone: Forgiveness

Recently during a radio interview, I was asked, “Should adultery in the

marriage relationship be forgiven?” In the split second between this question and my answer, I had the following thoughts. Should adultery be forgiven, should it? Which transgressions are forgivable and which ones are not? Who’s to judge? What are the conditions of forgiveness? My response was based on what I knew biblically. Biblically, there is one unforgivable sin and adultery in the marriage relationship is not that sin. This unforgivable sin is found in Mathew chapter 12.

Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. Mathew 12:31,32

The only biblical unforgivable sin is denying God in your heart. It will not be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come. However, after taking some time to reflect on adultery in the marriage relationship, the record from the book of John chapter 8 came to mind of Jesus and the women caught in adultery. They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again, he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. John 8:4-11

In this specific record when confronted with adultery in the marriage relationship, Jesus, after careful thought, told the women “Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more.” Without question, adultery in the marriage relationship is sin. However, understanding the great truths of forgiveness is the key to applying it correctly.

“Understanding the Great Truths of Forgiveness is the Key to Applying it Correctly” Forgiveness is one of the first great childhood lessons that never should be forgotten. Saying “I am sorry” or “Your forgiven” are at the top of the vocabulary during those years. It’s understood that mistakes happen, that mistakes are how we learn, and forgiveness is how to patch things up. Not a big deal when we were kids. However, for whatever reasons, this simple human mending tool of life gets twisted, complicated, and becomes harder to apply the older we get. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple. We forget how easy forgiveness is. The lessons of forgiveness never change, but we do. Hopefully we are changing for the better, but that’s not always the case. We forget that everyone of us is a work in progress all the time. Physically, mentally, and spiritually, all of us are going through change. We forget how change makes us vulnerable to mistakes. We forget what we have been forgiven for. We forget to be patient with one another. We forget that as adults deep down inside we all are like children, and all need the same love and tenderness a child receives by forgiveness. Most of all, we forget to be humble like children, and be willing to admit our mistakes.


Since antiquity, forgiveness has been practiced. Forgiveness is a Biblical principal, going back to Adam and Eve. Forgiveness for salvation and for fellowship with God is practiced by today’s believers. Receiving salvation for mankind’s original sin, and for sins prior to salvation is the redemption found in making Jesus Lord in one’s life. Confession of sins to God that occur after salvation, is how believers maintain fellowship with God. In-addition, the truth regarding forgiving and forgetting, and the relationship that forgiveness has with healing is also found in The Bible.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him. Psalm 103:2,3; 10-13

Forgiving ourselves or others is always just a thought away. The first step after committing a transgression is to admit it to ourselves. This means mentally acknowledging the detailed motives, thought processes, and actions that were applied in the misdeed and changing the heart. Next, genuinely confessing the offence to those affected and asking for forgiveness. To complete the conditions of forgiveness, the forgiver must genuinely accept the apology, forgive and forget the misdeed, and move on. After the transgressor receives forgiveness, they need to forgive themselves. However, the transgressor must learn from the incident but not dwell on it and get on with life. Dwelling on misdeeds that have been forgiven is called sin consciousness.

“Spiritual and Physical Healing Wholeness is the Most Powerful Element of Forgiveness”

Sin consciousness or guilt stunts the learning growth benefit that forgiveness provides. No one can fully move forward having a guilty conscience. Therefore, forgetting is one of the great keys of forgiveness. The heart functions the best by traveling light and not carrying excess baggage of sins that have already been forgiven. For all parties involved in a forgiveness incident, the mental wounds must be treated. This means making a promise to allow mental wounds to heal and not open them up again. Without forgetting, sin consciousness will continue to tear open mental wounds that are trying to heal, inaddition to opening the door to additional negative outcomes. For the transgressor, changing the heart from a wrong to a right, for the most part, is an easy process. However, not all wrongs are the same. Doctrinal errors and practical errors are different. Doctrinal transgressions run deeper in the heart and harder to change, in-addition to having to correct practical errors also. A person in doctrinal error always has more work to do and more to correct then a person who only has practical error. A doctrinal wrong of life is when we do something wrong and it becomes a way of life. Doctrinal error is an evil motive of the heart supported by a lie. All misdeeds begin by practical errors but when practical misdeeds go on unchecked, they inevitably develop into doctrinal error. These wrongs are the most difficult to change because they have been practiced so long and gotten away with, that the transgressor has deceived themselves into living a lie. Once truth confronts the lie, the transgressor must acknowledge the truth and decide to change. In-addition, a commitment from the heart to change to the truth and never go back to the lie by the transgressor is necessary. If this change of heart process is not totally applied, going back to living a lie is inevitable. Those harmed by doctrinal error must understand that these types of transgressions can take a lot of work and time to correct. A person in doctrinal error may ask for forgiveness but they also must change a wrong habit of life based on a lie to a right habit of life based on truth. This typically does not happen overnight. Acknowledging doctrinal error and asking for forgiveness is not enough if the forgiver and transgressor are going to be made whole. The transgressor must go all the way, fulfilling all the conditions of forgiveness to receive all its’ benefits, including regaining the trust of the forgiver. In most instances this takes time but not all. Spiritual and physical healing wholeness is the most powerful element of forgiveness. Forgiveness is spiritual in nature both positively and negatively. To receive the positive benefits of forgiveness, both the offender and the forgiver must genuinely fulfill all its’ conditions. The person asking for forgiveness must be genuine as well as the person giving forgiveness. If all the conditions are met for forgiveness, then spiritual and physical healing can take place. If not, a hole exists which can lead to worse negative outcomes that are even greater than the initial transgression itself. Furthermore, the person giving forgiveness must forgive and forget, and promise not to bring up the offence ever again to the transgressor. Bringing up past forgiven transgressions is a sign of bitterness. (Continue On Page 12)


Bitterness is an outcome from holding unto misdeeds by others. Bitterness can develop in a forgiver if they genuinely do not forgive. Furthermore, not all misdeeds in life get resolved and forgiven. A person who has been transgressed by others must understand this and recognize the negative physical and spiritual side effects of bitterness and let go to a greater hope. Practical error is the easiest form of misdeeds to correct. Practical error is when someone practices actions of wrongdoing, but the motives of the actions are not evil based on a lie. This is the difference between practical error and doctrinal error. Practical error would go through the same processes of change as doctrinal error, but practical error is much easier to fix. A change of actions is all that is needed. However, the transgressor needs detailed instructions from the forgiver on how to do things the right way. This includes oversight by the forgiver over the transgressor until the right practice becomes established. Generally, a onetime of calling out of practical error is not enough. Just as a parent repeatedly calls out practical error on a child, a forgiver must stay on top of a wrongdoer with practical error until correction is established and fully in place. Like doctrinal error, practical error also can require great patience. Being alert and nipping practical error in the bud is the best way to go through life. Allowing practical error to grow into doctrinal error is also a transgression. Practical error should be called out in its’ infancy. To slothfully allow practical error to grow into doctrinal error, is often how catastrophic negative outcomes originate in life. Also, insignificant matters must be understood as part of life and let go. Everyone has insignificant matters about themselves in what we do or say. Understanding our own short comings and what we have been forgiven for is the great key to not being over judgmental of others. Life is a balance and moderation of all things is necessary. The more we focus on the good in one another the better we will see the good in one another.

“When forgiveness is applied correctly, our full potential will define us not our mistakes”

Understanding the truths of forgiveness is the great key to applying it correctly. Casting stones without careful thought and

consideration is one of its conditions. We all need forgiveness at times but also, we should all grow from it. In a perfect world, forgiveness wouldn’t be needed but we don’t live in a perfect world. None of us lives perfectly, and forgiveness is the tool that brings us together. Life is not about our mistakes. Life is about bringing out the best in each other. Forgiveness is the tool that should bring out the best in all of us. Forgiveness is what allowed the women caught in adultery to move on with her life. When forgiveness is applied correctly, our full potential will define us not our mistakes. Life is about learning from mistakes, moving forward from strength to strength, reaching our full potential to the end that forgiveness enables us individually and collectively to grow the whole and become greater than the sum. Thus, brining into focus and unleashing all the good that is held within us and allowing good to accomplish great things!

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Can Acts Of Faith Change The Local Crime Rate?

I was raised in a VERY conservative Christian home, so I didn’t think so. But I was wrong.

How do I know I was wrong? A small group of people in my city decided to give it a try. God ALWAYS rewards acts of faith, right?

Crime went down 45% in 18 months. That’s when the local police chief found out what we did. He had been in his position for over 20 years, and the previous 14 years had seen a constant rise in crime. Over 40 gangs now infested our area, pulling kids

toward a life of crime and violence. SOMETHING had to be done, but nobody knew what. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? So about 80 people performed an act of faith around a city of 80,000. And EVERYTHING changed.

The police chief was SO impressed that after hearing what this group did, he provided 8 addresses (about the size of a city block

each) that were having constant calls to the police department for violence. He asked that this same group do the same act of faith around those areas.

Did it help? Yep. Big time.

The report came after the first 90

days had passed that there had not

been a SINGLE violent crime in ANY of the 8 city blocks. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Impressive, huh?!

We also staked out the jail. Twelve

months later the jail population had

dropped from about 950 to about 550. Yes, God’s Word IS still powerful.

So no I’ll bet you are saying, “WHAT

DID THEY DO?” OK. Let me give you some background about how this

germ of an idea began, and explain what we did.

I am a Christian author. I have now

written 4 books and spoken in over

250 cities in 20 states and 3 countries. I didn’t set out to be one, which

sounds strange, but it’s the truth. God caused a series of events in my life

that led from a business owner of a

successful technology company with a nice salary to a Christian author

and speaker with NO salary. And I’ve never been happier. I think I’m right

where God wants me, and there is no

feeling like that feeling. Here is what led to this dramatic drop in crime: 12

I was contacted through a mutual friend by a NON-Christian who was planning to commit suicide, claiming he had DEMONS on his property. What? I thought demons were only around in the first century. Maybe not.

Regardless, this non-Christian man was asking this Christian man for help, and the situation was definitely serious. Maybe the guy was crazy; maybe he was bipolar; maybe he was hallucinating; but either way he was planning his own suicide, so it was serious.

I prayed for help, and Deuteronomy 6 entered my mind “Put my word on your gates and doorposts.” The Jews took this

LITERALLY, and they still put a mezuzah on their doorposts today. It’s NOT a magic box, it’s a symbol of their covenant connection with God.

I said, “Please don’t kill yourself yet. Let’s put Scripture verses on tent stakes and put them in the ground at the corners of your property, then wait to see what God does.”

We did, and everything changed.

The man’s fear, depression, and suicidal thoughts vanished, and he quickly wanted to become a Christian. (Quite a shock, since our mutual friend had been trying to convert him for over 25 years.)

Others heard about this, and soon I found myself talked in to selling stakes. I sold WAY more stakes than books, and people

started calling me every day telling we wonderful stories of great things happing in their lives after exercising this simple act of faith. (Many made their own stakes—it’s the act of faith that’s crucial.) Then a plastics manufacturer called offering to spend $10,000.00 of the own money to build a mold with internal engraving, making the 16 verses part of the plastic now.

So that’s what we did around our city. We put tent stakes with Bible verses at all 30 entrances into their city, and God changed things. It wasn’t a magic stake, it was an act of faith. FAITH is the key.

If you pray saying, “Prayer won’t help,” then it won’t. But if you pray in faith, it does. Jesus didn’t do many miracles where there was no faith. Acts of faith are ALWAYS rewarded. Just ask the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years. I can guarantee you she was ALREADY praying. All. The. Time. But until she ACTED on her faith by touching the hem of Jesus’s coat, NOTHING happened. And there was NO direct command, apostolic example, or necessary inference that it would work. But it did. Do YOU have the faith to try this in YOUR city? Did you know the word for cross in the Greek is the same word as stake? Symbols are powerful. This is why the enemies of

Christianity want the 10 commandments removed. They are a symbol of God’s power and authority on the land, and they can’t STAND that.

What could it hurt, right? Try this in YOUR town, and then watch what God does. He’s not the great, “I Used to Could,” He’s the great, “I AM.”

Steve spent almost 30 years as owner of a technology company in Northeast Texas before become an author and speaker. He has four books including “My Search for the Real Heaven,” “My Search for Prayers Satan Hates,” “What Are The Stakes?,” and “God’s Power For Our Daily Battles.” stevehemphill1@me.com


Singersongwriter, Mike Rathke, will be releasing his debut EP (The Dawning Fire) on April 10. The album’s title is a call to come into fellowship with Christ while the opportunity exists before the dawning fire. Mike wrote four songs on the EP, except for his rendition of Keith Green’s “O Lord You’re Beautiful.” Mike’s biblical lyrics are surrounded by his modern folk music, and his vocals have been described as stellar, honest, organic and warm, which translates that his talent is the real deal.

After releasing three singles from his upcoming EP, The Dawning Fire, Mike Rathke’s full project will be available on April 10, 2020.The record features five songs, with four of them written by Rathke, while “O Lord You’re Beautiful,” was written by the late Keith Green. The Dawning Fire was recorded at Sound Emporium in Nashville, and the EP was produced by Billy Chapin (Backstreet Boys, Avalon, Edwin McCain, Don Henley), and co-produced by Brandon Bailey. “Recording at The Sound Emporium was a great experience. For years I’ve worked on releases with the little equipment I had available to me.To be able to record in an A-list studio was amazing,” said Rathke.“I felt like a kid in a candy store. My hope is that the Lord will allow me the opportunity to continue recording at this level of professionalism. It’s important to me that we give our very best to our callings.” The first track for Rathke’s project was released in early December 2019, and the song is a call to come into fellowship with Christ before His return.The second single released was Rathke’s

rendition of “Oh Lord You’re Beautiful.” This tune has been a staple for Rathke since the beginning of his worship ministry, so it has special meaning for him—like it does for so many of Keith Green fans.The third lead track, “Every Era,” just released March 20, along with the official music video that has gained 365,000 views. From these three single releases, Rathke has gained over 8,000 new followers on Instagram. Rathke continues to receive overwhelming responses from music fans that range from "Wonderful worship song" to "This song is amazing."

“I write songs that reflect biblical truth, so sometimes it can be a worship song or what I call ‘life songs,’" said Rathke.“The Bible has passages that are very worshipful in nature and then there are other passages that tell a historical story. I try to create songs that speak to God’s truth in all facets of life.” With his new EP, The Dawning Fire, Rathke has been touring in support of the music and shared the Gracefest 2019 stage with Tasha Cobbs and Mercy Me.This summer, Rathke will perform at the Gospel Music Association’s IMMERSE 2020 in June and at Creation Festival Northwest in July.

Rathke is a Kansas native, who grew up poor in a rural trailer court with his mother and two siblings. Rathke got his musical background from his mother, who was a graduate from the Julliard School of Dance, but she struggled with mental health issues. As a result, all three children moved away from home at an early age, with Rathke at 12 years old. He moved between friends’ houses and sleeping on their couches, and eventually he dropped out of high school. His sister encouraged him to get his GED, and that led to Rathke earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Fox University in Oregon. Rathke’s first guitar came from the $20.00 his mother gave him for this 14th birthday, and when he was 16, he received an electric guitar as a Christmas gift from a good friend. At 19, Rathke turned his life over to Christ and began leading worship in churches. He began writing songs, which eventually led him to produce three indie albums, before he joined the music label, PRAZOR. In this environment, Rathke was able to deliver his first professional project with stellar musicians and renown producer, Billy Chapin. 14

Write Up By: Janet Bozeman

IT HAS BEGUN... The time for Men to arise to new levels like never before is here. There has never been a time in the history of man where good and positive men are needed to take their rightful places globally. Ever since the Genesis days, God sat down from His work and gave us "control" to take His authority and simply do His business here on earth. While He is the BIG God, we have the ability to be little gods as stewards over His land! That's right, our Father designed us to be leaders, initiators, fruitful, duplicate ourselves, do as He did by creating new things into existence, replenish the earth and have dominion as if we have the authority that He has. That's the only way He can do what He needs done here on earth. He has to have a willing vehicle to drive His plan home and get things done in the earth realm. It's time to STAND UP and get in position to spring forth. The success of every nation is always determined by the male population. The core nucleus of that success must begin in the home. Picture this, Husbands taking their families by the hand and leading them in their daily prayers before going to bed, or sitting down weekly and enforcing their family meetings to unify their households. See it! Fathers taking responsibility for their sons and daughters and being present and available to fulill their role in their lives. Working as a team with the Mothers to ensure they raise their children in the way that they should go. See it! Single men discovering their Purpose in order to fulill it, studying and building their Faith muscles to help establish God's Kingdom, and having the tenacity to walk in integrity and not waste time walking around as average men, but doing above mediocre things. See it! We have to be faithful with the little in order to be rulers over much. It's time to use our VISION at home and begin having proper dominion within our home and beyond. I am a irm believer that every man must have a Vision for his life to run towards like the destination on his life's map. From the time he's a teenager, he must begin to try new things, explore new environments and develop his gifts and talents in order to ultimately see that Vision come to pass and fulill his purpose. I even question how a man can desire a help-mate when he doesn't know his purpose and is actively pursuing it! What does he need help with? Well, this happens to be the Year of Vision for so many of us; yet so many people have allowed their sight to be distracted! The goals and aspirations that they launched in the New Year seems to have been hindered and halted because of what they are placing before their VISION; the TeleVision, consequently causing their eyes to close. WAKE UP and open closed eyes! This is not the time to sleep on our dreams, but arise and shine like the Light we've been designed to be, create changes in the earth as we've been destined to do and not allow anything to stop us along the way! We've been born for such a time as this, so let's RUN and take our destiny back by force. Look back at your Visions, re-write them if you have to. Gather your resources and people destined to assist you. Create systems that cause your Visions to operate without you being there to supervise. It should function like a well-oiled machine and produce whatever it's designed to produce with the help of your teams. Yes, you know what time it is... Spring Forth! I know there is said to be a Virus and 5G roaming the air and causing this earth to not be the same ever again, but we are still here to create changes in the earth. Open your mouth and speak LIFE against the dark clouds of death that ill the air! Just as the enemy has stepped up his game spreading fear and worry, we should do the same and not be the same men we once were ever again. We must step up and ight with our weapons of Faith, Power and Authority as if we are ighting to maintain the "control" we've been given since the beginning of time. We have the power in our mouth to do as God did in Genesis 1, where He said... and said... and said... until He saw! We are empowered to prosper by the Creator of the universe not this Pandemic! What power does the Pandemic have over our Father? We should be walking by Faith, not sight... right? Now is the time to unite as Men and support one another in leading our families, businesses and communities. We must take our rightful places starting in the home, then in our communities and beyond. We have to have the tenacity to think like God, listen to His voice, talk to Him and strategize. He's already shared how to put on our Armor and win in life. He's given plenty of examples of men walking in Faith to carry out the impossible. He's proven the power of love and how it acts like the glue that keeps everything in place. What more does He have to do? Men, it's time to do what we came here to do. Let's show our Women what we're made of, what we're capable of and with their help and wisdom, nothing can stop us! Together, we win and will continue the journey our Heavenly Father placed us here to endure and experience. It's time to LIVE and not die, to be the HEAD and not the tail, to be the Leaders and not just followers and live ABOVE mediocrity and not below. The time is here to put away childish things and be Men, Faith~Strong and Fearless, Faithful and Focused, so Spring Forth!

~ Raymond Lives

Raymond Pretlor is the CEO of One Accord Investments, LLC and the CEO of ONE ACCORD EVENTS. He is a Leader, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Producer, Musician, Author and Actor. While being a man of many hats, he is also known for his transparent, upli ing yet spiritual approach when speaking on any pla orm. From being the decedent of publishers and entertainers, the world of media is in his DNA. 15

How have you impacted lives as a couple? As a couple God has

used us to impact many marriages that was falling apart and nearing divorce and countless singles in the area of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Rachel. As a woman with so many hats, how do you balance it all and still stay "present" at what you are doing at that particular time? The way I

choose to balance it all is primarily by putting God first and keeping a strong prayer life. This usually sets the tone for me to have strength and fuel to stick with a busy schedule for kingdom, family, and career.

Ronald.What would you like readers to take away after reading your latest book? My

Rachel. As a recording artist, how has gospel music changed in your opinion in the last 5 years? In my opinion,

latest book is entitled “Money Needs,” and I would like readers to know the importance of financial literacy, and to bring to their attention that money needs you more than you need money.

gospel music has broadened its reach, therefore reaching all age groups and generations.” I can see how a large gap has been bridged over the years.” As leaders of a congregation, how important is it to you to be transparent with your members? To

us it is very important to be transparent at times.” This gives the congregation since of knowing they have leaders that are touchable, reachable and approachable.” In the time we are living in, many congregants are frustrated and discouraged due to feeling as if they are the only ones going through certain dilemmas.” Transparency helps them see that leaders are people too.”

Ronald. What would you say to a young man that has experienced a bump in the road in his journey to reach his dream? I would

encourage him to hold on regardless of what comes his way. Also I would encourage him that his process will later become his stage to be a witness for our Lord.

Ronald ~&~ Rachel Wilson

Marriage, Ministry, Mission and Music Ronald Wilson, a native of Wilmington, North Carolina, is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom Vision Life Center (KVLC) in Greensboro, North Carolina. Writing is a deep passion of Ronald. He has been gifted by God with an uncanny ability to write, and is considered by many as a prolific writer. Wilson is a published author with WestBow Press, Publishing Company. His initial book was entitled “The Dream Team”, an inspiring writing concerning the importance of knowing those whom God chooses to walk with you while on your road to destiny. The Dream Team was blessed to receive a foreword by Bishop Michael A. Blue, author of “Building Credibility in Leadership” and founding pastor of The Door of Hope Christian Church in Marion, South Carolina. Pastor Wilson's latest books “101 Things Your Barber/Stylist Hates (But May Never Tell You)” and “The Science Beyond the Cut” has skyrocketed in the Barbering and Hair Styling Industries and was showcased at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ 2015 MegaFest Hair Battle in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, Wilson has been featured on the front cover of Huami Magazine. In August 2013, Pastor Wilson, along with his wife Pastor Rachel Wilson, received his Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. Rachel is also an International Recording Artist and is signed with DAF Recods. Rachel has been featured on BET, TCT Alive, as well as a guest speaker and Psalmist on the TCT Network late night Emmy nominated show I’m Just Saying with Pastor Dan Willis. God recently opened the door for Pastor Rachel to record her new project “Love Song” and “Anything” with world renowned singer and songwriter Carnell Murrell and Michael Mindingall in Detroit, Michigan. 16




ruce Hartman

Your Faith Has Made You Well

I am noticing that some people are treating God as a genie. When in trouble, we ask for God's help. We tend to forget that we are supposed to be in a relationship. In terms of relationship with God, if there is healing needed, then it is our effort and God's effort. I noticed in the Bible that Jesus stated frequently (3 times by the way) "Your faith has made you well." Particularly in the story of the woman with the issue of blood. She was suffering from a form of blood disease for 12 years. Naturally, for centuries, if you had some type of blood disease (or bleeding constantly), you were the outcast. However, she desperately wants to get healed. She is getting sicker and spending all of her money trying to get healed. Then he hears Jesus is coming to town. Today, it would be like a superstar coming to your city for a concert. Everyone would get excited and ready to attend. In the midst of the excitement, this woman knew that Jesus was her answer. She went to him and saw her way through the crowd and touched him. Immediately, she was healed. Jesus turned to her and stated "Your faith has made you well. This is mainly what the book is about. The heroic effort of this woman and other people that I have interviewed that have had similar experiences. They were healed by finding God and God finding them. That is actually what I am trying to convey in this book. One of the aspects of this is sometimes people think Christianity is theirs through their own eyes. Yet, each of us have a different relationship with Jesus through different life experiences. It doesn't mean one's relationship is better or worse than the other. So it is important in this book that I give people points of identification. For instance, one of the people I interviewed, nearly killed himself in a car accident. He knew that he should have been dead (he drove his car into a tree). He knew he had a wife and children yet he had been drinking that night. He had been a Christian all of his life and he knew this was not his normal way of acting. He found God through his alcohol addiction. In other instances, people have found God through the loss of a child while others might feel closer to Christ by always being generous. So there are all these different plots in the book that share how we arrive by faith. The biggest point is that there is responsibility when it comes to finding God

and Him finding us. I think sometimes, and I am guilty of this myself, we get in trouble then pray and ask God to help us. Imagine if you had friends that only called you when they needed help. How would you feel? After about 4 or 5 times, you will figure it out. This is another reason to obtain this book because it shows people how to do "life" with God. Understanding what faith is and understanding how to pray and understanding who Jesus is. Even with the stories I share, I back them with scripture and show how THEIR faith has made them well. On my social media, anybody that follows me, I follow them back. I just think that is the right thing to do. However, when I do follow back, I look for certain things. For example... If you mention on twitter that you are a mom, I am following you. Why? Because that is what is important to you. If you are a Registered Nurse or First Responder... I am following you. What blows my mind is when our messages are viewed by over 110,000 people. Then with the podcast, and other social media outlets, we have obtained over 50,000 followers. Just a year ago, we didn't even have 10,000! We have learned a lot this year and have grown because we only stand for one thing. Including All of humankind. Favor is an act of kindness. It is mercy and grace and a gift from God. It is the kindness that we do for other people, not because we are obligated, but because it is our heart's desire. Favor is also what others receive from us by this love. We put out 3 devotionals a week. We also do a reflection every week. So basically 4 days a week. `It used to be hard to stay on top of things, however we have started a podcast along with reading the devotional and that helps. A lot of times, I'll go for a walk down the street. I will either hear something, see something or smell something and say to myself "I should look into" www.brucelhartman.com

For over thirty years, Dr. Hartman worked in the business world. Rising up from being an entry level accountant to the highest ranks as a CFO in Fortune 500 companies, such as Footlocker and Yankee Candle. In 2010, Dr. Hartman left the business world to give back to others what he had learned. This involved going back to college and getting both a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Ministry. 17 Today, Dr. Hartman is both a trained theologian and an expert in business. Marrying these two worlds is now his life passion. Undaunted by the perception that Christianity and business don’t mix, Dr. Hartman teaches and shows how both worlds are not only compatible, but necessary.


The Inaugural Black Media Honors and More Being the Owner and Publisher of a plethora of magazines, how have you been able to manage your team? You know...it's a task! But I'm thankful for my team because I don't have to micromanage them. They align with the mission and vision right down to their personalities and energy. Therefore, it makes it easier. Not to mention, they are creatives themselves that mostly have been with me from the beginning and by now they know and understand me. Now I trust them as creatives and voices for our brand. We work hard as a team and we have fun doing it! We're family! Tell us what inspired you to start the Black Media Honors? First let me say I'm so proud and honored that God thought enough of me to entrust me with this vision. I wrote this vision God gave me down on April 20, 2018. And I sat on it until God told me to move forward. I love our culture & what we bring to the world. Many times people don't see the people behind the interviews, the articles, the broadcasts, the publications...they only see and pay attention to the fruit of that labor. Additionally, many brands would not have the visibility and opportunities if not for Media. But I also felt that black media still fight for diversity and inclusion in many ways. I wanted "us" to have a louder voice and provide a platform that pays homage to African Americans and American minorities in media and media entertainment. You are also an author! What do you want readers to take away from your New Book: "The Antidote" Self-Care, Healing & Resetting Your Focus? I'm super excited about my new book project "The Antidote: Self-care, Healing & Resetting Your Focus" and I want people to understand the dynamics of Selfcare, how to embrace true healing and understanding that cultivating a lifestyle centered around presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable is the mere foundation of "self-care".

As an author, how have you been able to reach your audience? (Do you gain more support from men or women) I reach my audience by giving myself to the people. My time, my service, my voice etc. I give to be edifying, impactful, empowering and to educate. People gravitate to great positive representations, positive energy, pure spirits you know not to mention...and I say this humbly...I pursue in faith and the favor of God is a shield around me. So when you're on assignment God will lead your audience right to you because there is purpose behind your gift and what He has enabled us to do. On the practical side of things, I use social media, strategic marketing and event curation to appeal to my audience. 18

His Favor Magazine's motto is "Where Diversity is Celebrated" In your opinion, what is the importance of diversity & inclusion in the media industry? Oh my goodness that is exactly what Black Media Honors is about! Media is a loudspeaker that magnifies power relations, and it can either reinforce or expose those who have political and social power. Diversity in the media is, more than a matter of professional ethics, a matter of questioning that given power. Diversity in media is important because it brings attention to an otherwise underrepresented community and gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless. By failing to reflect the diversified structures of societies and by fueling misrepresentations of “others”, media outlets feed the social distance that already separates different groups. When a given minority or disadvantaged group is portrayed in the media in a positive light, stereotypes can be dismantled, and this is especially important for younger generations who are more directly exposed to this.

Stephanie Davis is the CEO & Principal Publicist of Empower Media Group. Davis is the Owner and Publisher of a conglomerate of editorials to include Empower Magazine, Curve+ Magazine, Hustle and Soul Magazine, Black Media Honors & the Black Media Gives organization, Co-Owner of Elle Elle luxury fashion brand. SCORE.org Business Mentor and Founder of Empower Cares, an organization dedicated to social justice, educating, empowering and provoking individuals to pursue a greater purpose. Tenacity, perseverance, hard work and a relentless desire to rise above her past has allowed great success as an executive and entrepreneur. Believing that if she can, others can too, Davis now seeks to empower the masses; To help break those cycles and ceilings, to banish those “labels” and to pursue their divine purpose through God-centered leadership. From teleseminars to keynote addresses, topics can be formulated to fit audience and needs. Participants walk away with a sense of confidence, empowered and driven to action. A recognized leader, Davis has hosted her own empowerment events and numerous functions under the Empower umbrella. Additionally, she has served as a speaker, panelist, thought leader for Mercer University Business Department, Old Dominion University, Clark Atlanta University and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Stephanie Davis has just began her evolution. She is coming from behind the scenes as she debuts her newest projects “Let's Talk Purpose”. This project will be an empirical journey that will help people embrace the process of pursuing their purpose. Davis unequivocally created the blueprint on how to embrace authenticity and accept the call to a greater purpose.

The vision of the Black Media Honors is to recognize the African American and minority trailblazers who have paved the way for the Communications, News & Journalism, Literature & Publishing, Radio & Broadcast, Digital & Tech, Television & Productions professionals of today! Sat, August 22, 2020 & Sun, August 23, 2020

www.blackmediahonors.com 19


"Do Not Be So Focused On What's Next That You Miss What's Now!"


A pastor, lecturer and recording artist, Pastor Sheryl Brady has traveled extensively around the globe for more than 30 years. Born and raised in Detroit, Pastor Brady has a distinctive message delivery, which people from all walks of life can relate to. This has allowed her to be a featured speaker on the Women of Faith tours as well as frequent guest on television networks such as the Christian Broadcasting Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar Television. Known for her practical and relevant use of scriptures, Pastor Brady has also been featured as a columnist for The Washington Post, Fox News and other nationally recognized publications. She is the author of the book entitled You Have It In You! Empowered To Do The Impossible, published by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster. Due to the wide success of her debut book an accompanying workbook was released as well. As a featured conference speaker Pastor Brady has also had the privilege of speaking at some of the nations largest conferences including the internationally acclaimed MegaFest, Woman Thou Art Loosed as well as the first and only female speaker ever at ManPower 2010, the men’s only conference hosted by Bishop T. D. Jakes. Pastor Brady serves as the pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas. Founded by Bishop T.D. and Mrs. Serita Jakes, the campus launched its worship services just prior to Easter 2010 and focuses on family-centric outreach programs highlighted by her passionate approach to worship and adherence to solid Biblical principles. Her international travel schedule includes Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, West Indies, Bermuda, France, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Nigeria but home and family are her number one destination. Pastor Brady and her husband, Bishop Joby Brady, have three daughters Lana, Tina and Nina, and seven grandchildren. Ministry is a family affair for the Brady family, as all of their daughters and their spouses are active leaders in their ministry.

"So many people are focused on the next thing, that they are missing the moment that is right now. Tomorrow is not promised. Life is fragile"

HFM: You have also released another devotional "The Moments That Make Us" what has been the response thus far? SB: It has been great! I think it is causing people to experience a brand new awareness of the moments in their life. When people get to the end of their life, they don't sit and think about "Oh I went it work" etc. I've been by the death bed of many people and what they really remember are moments that was impactful and/or changed their paradigm. So I truly feel that it is causing people to "smell the roses." It is giving people permission to say " Let me not rush through this without seeing what God has to say about this moment." Whenever you love God, He takes everything good, bad, ugly, pretty and He works it all together for your good and nothing gets wasted. HFM: As a pastor, why do you think it is important to be mindful of what you post on social media? SB: I believe that we should be mindful of everything that we do, especially on social media because for many, that is their biggest platform. We fail to understand that's how far our influence reaches. Social Media can be broken down into bite-size moments that can propel people into victory or defeat; into life or into death; to winning or losing. So I truly think that we need to be good stewards over that platform. The Bible says in Hebrews10:24 " Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works (NLT). So I believe that is how we should use social media. To motivate people, to act in love or to do some kind of good work. If it does not do any of that, than I do not like to post it. HFM: Being married for some time and many look up to you and your husband, what would you say to someone that has experienced a lot of heartache and has become afraid of "love" SB: My husband and I have been married for almost 43 years. That is a long time... OK! I am very grateful for it, but it has not been easy. It is never easy for anybody. For a lot of people, pain causes you to back away due to not wanting to hurt a particular way again. When you love hard, you grieve hard and you lose hard. So it puts you in a vulnerable place. However, the good thing is (and I believe this is what helped my marriage) when my love fails or when his love fails, we both had God in us whose love never fails. We were able by the grace of God to reach in, seize the moment and love anyway. I get it that today people separate and go through many things. Yet, that doesn't mean that you don't know God and you don't know His love. That is not what I am saying. I am just sharing how it worked for us. The bottom line though is love takes risks. If the greatest out of faith, hope and love is "love', and we don't take the risk to love then we miss out on the greatest. HFM: Our magazine is called His Favor Magazine. In your own words, what is Favor? SB: Favor is a very real force! It lands on two feet. This is for me, you and every person that reads this article! If you got favor when it is all said and done, you are going to land on two feet. As people pick up my book and read "Don't Miss The Moment", I share a lot of personal stories and share a lot of things that even came up against me that really tried to knock me off of my feet. However, when it was all said and done, even having this interview with you, I was able to finish the book and I landed on two feet! I just want people to understand how real favor is! God can keep you no matter what you go through, no matter what you face.

21 (Continue to page 22)

HFM: As an author, how have you been able to reach your audience? (Do you gain more support from men or women)? SB: I've been at this for so many years and traveled all over. I have built good relationships and that what good relationships are for... to help each other. Relationships need to be nurtured and cherished. I have had great opportunities to connect with awesome people just like you. Especially people who don't mind extending their reach through social media, the local church and overall ministry opportunities that God has given me over the last 40 years. When it comes to who supports me the most, I don't know statistically to say "this is exactly how it is" However, because I am a woman, we kind of gravitate towards each other, but I have been blessed to have some really great men to be a part of my life. When people see great men endorse you, it kind of lets other men sort of let down their guard and they open up to you. At times the husbands will support because their wife supports. I even have a church full of incredibly strong men and I would not want it any other way. So I think I have been blessed to have a balance when it comes to support. HFM: Your book, "Don't Miss The Moment" is already receiving a lot of attention prior to its release. Please share with us why this particular book is a must read? SB: My heart's desire is for people to slow down and become awakened to the power of a "God Moment." So many moments are underestimated, but it's really a gift from God. Some moments are small enough to miss but big enough to change your life forever. Not only your life, but those connected to you. You could be one moment away from a strategy that you have been praying about that could set you up for the next five years. Ultimately, my prayer is that people will start to demand and proclaim "Give Me My Moment! I've Got To Have It!" Moments are so valuable and we are so blessed to have so many.

22 PASTOR SHERYL BRADY "Do Not Be So Focused On What's Next, That You Miss What's Now!"


I AM A SURVIVOR Hello His Favor Readers. My name is Jaculin H. Jones. I am a singer, songwriter, selfpublished author, and twotime cancer survivor. I realized I had the desire to turn back to the arts to share my story when my daughter encouraged me after being diagnosed with cancer. She said, “Mom. No one is going to tell your story like you do. You have a gift. You need to share it.” I began singing and acting very early with my church, in my community, in college and ever since I married and moved to Maryland. But after the unimaginable and the fight for my life, to tell my story is a gift from God.

It is important to follow your own purpose for your life! Our purpose, whatever it is, is tied to the people connected to us. Our purpose might be the catalyst for someone else’s. We don’t live unto ourselves. The life-threatening events God spared me from and the miraculous way I recount how He took me through it, will encourage people to believe. I believe our purpose is not fulfilled unless we share our stories.



To a woman that is 45 and is afraid to embrace change or starting something new, I would say, ‘We aren’t getting any younger girl! However, we will always get wiser.’ Use the wisdom we’ve gained to propel us, rebuild or start anew. Right now is the time to go after our desires and fulfill dreams. I’m 56, but I know 90-year-olds who are still here sharing their wisdom. We have so many technological advantages to help us. In the words of my mother,” Today’s the day”. When it comes to my book, ‘And It Is So: The Power of His Promise’, I want readers to be encouraged to get up, shake the burdens off and believe God for the impossible. Everyone has their own journey, trial or tribulation and there is only one God who can bring them through it all. I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God. Every day I grab ahold of a little more faith.

WILLIAM MORRIS PENS INSPIRATIONAL MEMOIR, THIS MAGIC MOMENT, CELEBRATING HIS GOD-ORDAINED JOURNEY AND DEEP FRIENDSHIPS WITH AMERICAN R&B LEGENDS AND THE HEALING POWER OF MUSIC TO UNITE PEOPLE ACROSS GREAT DIVIDES William H. (Bill) Morris, a lifelong resident of Jackson, Mississippi, is the founder and president of The William Morris Group, an elite insurance consulting and marketing firm. Because of his love for the R&B music of his youth and his ability to sincerely connect with people, Morris developed enduring friendships with members of two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame groups of the doo wop era, The Moonglows and The Original Drifters, as well as some of their contemporaries. Morris is a very active, founding member of his church, where he is involved in various leadership positions. He and his wife, Camille, have been married for 47 years and have two grown daughters and five grandchildren. "It is my intent to bless and inspire people. I want to share the message that people from different backgrounds, circumstances, political beliefs, etc. can find what they have in common, build meaningful relationships and all will be blessed. We all have far more in common than we have differences. This Magic Moment is not only the name of one of the Drifters most famous songs, it is a metaphor for life. We have many “magic moments” in our lives that lead to other “magic moments” if we take the time to recognize them. Sometimes it is only when we reflect back that we realize how everything magically worked together." This Magic Moment is the remarkable true story of Bill Morris, a longtime, passionate fan of early R&B/Doowop music, who through a series of serendipitous events not only met most of his musical heroes, but enjoyed a three-decade, deep friendship with four of them (Prentiss Barnes and Harvey Fuqua of The Moonglows, Bill Pinkney of The Original Drifters and Rufus McKay of The Red Tops and Ink Spots). He performed with these legendary singers on major stages, produced The Original Drifters first two gospel CDs, and spoke and sang at all four of their funerals. What makes the story truly extraordinary is that Bill Morris is white, from the deep South, not in the music business, and until he sang on stage with The Moonglows in Washington DC in 1981, had never sung in public or even held a mike in his hand. His inspirational story is every true music fan's dream come true as well as a testament to the power of passion, compassion, friendship and faith. www.williammorrisauthor.com


Fideliz Cruz "Fideliz is a certified Life Coach by BYC Academy and is the winner of the 2018-2019 International's Coach of the Year Award. Fideliz has been featured in numerous media platforms including Sandigan Radio, Tagumpay Radio & SBS and her work featured in Philtimes, EHM, YMAG, Inspire COACH and Ambitious Entrepreneur Network to name a few. Fideliz is also the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Academy - A community for Christian Women Business Owners for equipping, empowering and sisterhood support. As a certified life and business coach Fideliz helps women discover their passions, gifts, talents and all that light them up so that they can create a life and business that honors God, create lifestyle freedom & be able to serve and give back to their community. It is her vision to see women rise up in leadership in all aspects of their lives"

Thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers. First of all, how are you?

I’m very well! Thank you for this incredible opportunity to share in this platform, I’m grateful and blessed to be here! Just 2 weeks ago we had our very first Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Conference here in Sydney Australia and so as you can imagine, it was a busy season preparing for the conference and as our community grows, we continue to remain productive in the midst of so many things going on. So thanking God for His strength and hand of favor over it all.

Tell us what inspired you to start Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs? Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs was birthed out of an experience I had in my very early stage of growing my business. I was searching for a community where I can talk about business but also grow in my faith. I was looking for sisterhood support and thought… “where are my fellow Christian Business Owners?” And I couldn’t find any, and so I thought why not start a community and let’s see where this leads! Of course God has a better plan and 3 years later here we are! We have just had our very first KWE Conference last February 22, 2020 and our community continues to thrive! We have women from all over the world in the community and I am loving the engagement, the support and encouragement in the group! 26

We also recently just launched our Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Academy which is a platform to serve Christian Women Entrepreneurs who are wanting coaching and mentorship as they build their God-given business. Academy members are now able to access the site where they will find resources such as worksheets, business templates, journal prompts and even devotionals for their faith and business growth. This was something I was searching for many years ago and now here it is. I know that there is a need for this and so I pray that many women will continually be blessed by this ministry. His Favor Magazine's motto is "Where Diversity is Celebrated" In your opinion, what is the importance of diversity & inclusion? I absolutely LOVE this motto! And thank you for creating this beautiful platform for all of us to gather together. What a great example of diversity and inclusion! We have been created so uniquely by God. From different backgrounds, race, ethnicity, colour, with different experiences and different walks of life. We ought to celebrate all of that! There are so many things we can learn from each other and it’s about time we start linking arms and celebrating each others beautiful differences. God has never been about exclusivity. He is always about bringing people together and so as Christian Business owners, this is something we all need to work towards. Diversity and Inclusion is an important part of our Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Community. And so we really take the time to listen to individuals who are feeling left out because of their race, socio-economic status, disability and so forth. We make sure that we encourage diversity in our community by inviting a diverse line-up of speakers that is representative of their community. Inclusion is achieved when a diversity of people feel connected and have the ability to contribute and progress with the community. By doing this we can make the most out of our differences and celebrate everyone no matter where they are from and what season they are in their lives. For so many years the enemy has tried to break us through division and he does this in our homes, in our work place, in our schools… but we all know that there is POWER in unity. We need each other. We work better together. And with all of these comes such rich learnings, deeper wisdom and collective knowledge It’s time to close these gaps! Are you with me?

Fideliz Cruz www.fidelizcruz.com Instagram: @coach_fideliz_cruz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ coachfideliz/ Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs www.kingdomwomenentrepreneurs.com Instagram: @kingdom_women_entrepreneurs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ kingdomwomenentrepreneurs/ 27


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