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Powder preparation & supply center • Ideal for frequent & fast color changes • High degree of automation for optimum efficiency • Double-designed fresh powder station for increased productivity

Contact Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd a Member of WAGNER GROUP Telephone: 01327 368410



COMPANY SPOTLIGHT Specialist producers and distributors of non-ferrous metals, chemicals and accessories for the surface treatment industry.



Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF.

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QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary.

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Introducing: Corrodere Academy’s “Fundamentals of Fireproofing Coating and Inspection” Course. 8

INDUSTRY NEWS Hill Media Ltd, Marash House 2-5 Brook Street, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5ED, United Kingdom. The Surface World magazine is published 12 times a year by Hill Media Ltd. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published in Surface World, Hill Media Ltd and its agents accept no responsibility for the veracity of claims made by contributors, manufacturers or advertisers. Copyright for all material published in this journal remains with Hill Media Ltd and its agents. © Hill Media Ltd – 2023 ISSN 1757-367X

Double Delight for HMG Paints at Industry Awards. Plating Line Advice - at Surface World 2023. Pioneering Excellence with Purite: Leading the Way to Advanced Water Purification in the Surface Finishing Industry. 4 Wheel Heated Strip Tank at Surface World 2023 was well received by existing and potential new customers. Master Cutler Visit Straaltechniek UK Ltd. Galvanizers Future-Proof Commemorative Benches. Galvanizers Reach New Heights to Raise Mental Health Awareness. Director appointment at Borough strengthens management team.

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PRE-TREATMENT, SURFACE PREPARATION, DEGREASING & CLEANING Are you a 3m® user looking to find a suitable alternative solvent? Don’t switch, improve!. Improving efficiency and costs with blast cabinets. MecWash drives Automotive Component Cleaning. Why are vapour degreasing solvents so good at cleaning?

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TESTING & MEASUREMENT Measurement of uncured dry powder to give predicted cured thickness with DeFelsko’s PosiTest PC. New precision measuring device enables C-body testing in under 180 seconds. Increase Longevity Of Fasteners Through Material Analysis.

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PAINT & POWDER HMG is leading the way with innovative antimicrobial powder coatings for varied surfaces. The EcoSupply2 Core delivers significant time savings on assembly, commissioning, and documentation. Teagle Machinery invests £2.75m in new double coating powder facility. Painting the industry green – are sustainable solutions impacting the quality of coatings? Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations Revives Red Massey Ferguson 35X with HMG Paints’ Acrythane SC601. New generation of automatic guns for maximum flexibility.

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PUMPS & FILTRATION Dust Collector Filters, Cartridges and Bags.

Specify QUALICOAT for all your architectural aluminium powder coating requirements


WATER & EFFLUENT TREATMENT The finer points of fume extraction. Automated Water & Effluent Ltd trading since 1982.

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Specialist producers and distributors of non-ferrous metals, chemicals and accessories for the surface treatment industry A.M.P.E.R.E. UK Ltd is the subsidiary of the family owned group A.M.P.E.R.E. Industrie S.A.S. Specialising since 1967 in the production and distribution of nonferrous metals, chemicals and accessories for the surface treatment industry.

With a solid and long term strategy, strong partnerships with the top ranking world mining and chemicals companies have been developed. A.M.P.E.R.E.’s success is also due to a sharp expertise in import/export, trading, international regulations for chemicals and logistic (REACH and specific rules of each country we deal with). Additionally, A.M.P.E.R.E. has developed along the years some other activities like sputtering targets for vaccum coating (PVD), the manufacture of zinc



and aluminium sacrificial anodes, and the sales of polishing powders for glass as well as rare earth. In order to work closer with our UK customers, A.M.P.E.R.E. UK Ltd was set up 10 years ago. Today, we have a strong global presence in the UK, providing electroplating raw materials and services to the surface finishing industry. A.M.P.E.R.E. UK Ltd Telephone: +44 (0) 121 244 1809 Email: Visit:


Pull-Off Adhesion Testers Measure the adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and more Automatic Features n n n


Impact and scratch resistant color Touch Screen display with keypad Wirelessly connect the PosiTest AT-A to your smart device using our free app Record the results as pass/fail and the nature of fracture — cohesive, adhesive and glue failures

AT-A Automatic Model

Also available AT-M Manual Model

DFT Instruments UK LTD

16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494 f: 01442 879595 e: Proud supplier of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments


Become an Acknowledged Leader in Surface Engineering and Materials Finishing:

Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF Are you involved with the application of coatings to enhance and protect your products? Do you need to meet client specifications to ensure the longevity of your components? Does the complex world of surface engineering and materials finishing cause you headaches? If so, the courses offered by the Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF) could be your solution! The IMF have been promoting knowledge in the surface finishing industries, both inorganic surface treatments including plating and the application of organic paints, lacquers and varnishes for many years. Large numbers of engineers and technicians across a multitude of industries have benefitted from the knowledge gained to enhance their careers, their standing within industry and the ability to

problem solve the many challenges they face in their daily working lives! Starting with the Foundation level course, students gain knowledge on all aspects of materials finishing, specifically aimed at their own industry requirements, but to include sections on Health & Safety, the Environment and Surface Finishing and Corrosion Protection. There is no need for a

science background to be able to successfully complete a foundation course. The Foundation Course requires study of 15 sections and requires the submission of 2 marked assignments followed by an end examination. The course, conducted by distance learning will take 16 weeks to complete. There are three specific study routes to choose from; electroplating, organic coatings and aerospace finishing. On successful completion, the student is awarded the Foundation Certificate. To follow on, students can then elect to progress to the Technician level modules, which give more in-depth knowledge for key finishing technologies, their application and best practice methods. Again, both inorganic and organic technologies can be studied to match the industry requirements. There is a choice of eight modules, which provide study in applicable areas of surface finishing best matched to your needs. Like the Foundation course, study is by distance learning, and the student is required to complete four marked assignments and pass an examination. Passing two technician modules leads to the award of Technician Certificate; passing four modules leads to the award of an Advanced Technician Certificate. If you feel your career could benefit from being a recognised specialist in your particular branch of Surface Engineering or Materials Finishing, then contact the IMF today. Speak with our training manager Karen Yates on +44 (0)121 622 7287 or e-mail at Move your career to the next level and join the finishing community and all the benefits that gives through the IMF.




QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary By Angus Mackie - QUALICOAT Chair In 1986 several national associations, encompassing powder coaters of architectural profiles, formed the QUALICOAT organisation. Their goal was to raise and standardise the quality of powder coating across Europe, laying down rules applying to their industry. Firms in many European countries have since directly or indirectly become members of QUALICOAT. The aluminium industry was represented by delegates on the committees from the outset. This ensured information sharing among wrought aluminium producers and coaters. Today QUALICOAT membership extends beyond Europe with associations in Australia and South Africa and producers of coating materials in Asia, America and Europe. Membership is open to all national associations of coaters, the European Aluminium Association and producers of paints, powders, dyes and chemical products. Following the growth of licenced applicators in the UK & Ireland the QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Association was set up in 1998 as a licensing body for the region to help further expand the QUALICOAT Technical Specification. QUALICOAT is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications. To determine whether or not a coating meets a customer’s requirements, the results need to be measured against the Technical Specification. On behalf of customers who have products coated, QUALICOAT defines comprehensive quality requirements and monitors their compliance by licensed plants worldwide. As a result, purchasers of coated aluminium


receive a premium-grade product delivering long-term value with good quality. Since its formation in 1986 QUALICOAT has made a great contribution in assuring the quality of aluminium products used in architecture. Most of the general licensees or national associations work together with a testing laboratory accredited according to EN 45001. These laboratories are bracketed together in the “QUALISURFAL Agreement Group” recognised by the European Organisation for conformity assessment (EOTC). In countries without a national association, QUALICOAT engages experienced inspectors to review the licensees’ performance. Licensees who fail to meet the requirements of the Technical Specification can lose


their licence. The latest editions of the Technical Specification is available from the Association website The Technical Specification is regularly added too with a rewrite taking place every six months to encompass enhancements which are researched and presented to the directorate in Zurich. This research is undertaken by working groups consisting of members across the globe and once ratified, is added to the Technical Specification with all licenced members expected to adopt within a given timescale. Licenced coating members are inspected twice yearly to ensure that their production meets the current Technical Specification. To ensure the widest uptake of the documentation continues to be freely available from the Association website without cost.



CUSTOM In the UK and Ireland the Association are proud to support 25 licenced architectural powder coaters who service the majority of projects in the UK & Ireland through systems companies and their installers. In order to maintain the highest quality, the supply chain continues to be vertically integrated with a wide range of equipment manufacturers, powder suppliers and chemical pretreatment systems providers are also required to be licenced members of the Association with their products meeting the requirements of the Technical Specification.

The current QUALICOAT Specification is also freely available for download via the UK & Ireland associations website, qualicoatuki. org and offers an up-to-date list of licensed UK and Ireland Powder Suppliers, Pretreatment Suppliers and Applicators. Telephone support is available from QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Head Office in the midlands on 0330 240 9735, the Association can also be followed on Twitter @Qualicoatuki or on LinkedIn qualicoat-uk-&-ireland.

QUALICOAT UK & Ireland members will celebrate their achievement in reaching this milestone at their next meeting in November. Anyone wishing to attend as a guest should contact the association directly.





Introducing: Corrodere Academy’s “Fundamentals of Fireproofing Coating and Inspection” Course

The Corrodere Academy has launched the newest addition to its portfolio of courses - the “Fundamentals of Fireproofing Coating and Inspection”. Following a surge in demand, this comprehensive course combines affordability, online accessibility, and an open-door policy, welcoming anyone without prior qualifications.

Gateway to passive fire protection This course is designed to suit seasoned professionals in the passive fire protection sector or those eager to learn about the world of intumescent coatings and promises a deep understanding. Learn about the innovative products, the detailed preparation, the effective application, and the vital inspection techniques, all in one comprehensive curriculum.

Enhance your professional profile This course has been designed, keeping in mind the diverse professional backgrounds of the Corrodere Academy’s students. From construction personnel, safety officers and architects to building maintenance experts, this course will elevate safety.

Safety first, always The essence of this course goes beyond the academic. It’s a



mission - to create spaces that stand resilient against the devastating possibility of fire. With the right knowledge about fireproofing coatings, it will equip students to be in a prime position to make invaluable contributions towards safer architectural practices.

The world of opportunities awaits While the core theme revolves around fireproofing, the course’s practical applications are varied. The course delves into the depths of how these skills can augment roles in health, safety, quality assurance, and even structural upkeep.

Details at a glance: Special Launch Offer: A discounted price of £245 (usual price £295) Duration: 16-24 hours of engaging content, with 12 months access Certification: Certificate of Completion in Fundamentals of Fireproofing Coating and Inspection Eligibility: No entry criteria! This course is open to all For more in-depth information or any queries, please reach out to Laura Ozelyte at the Corrodere Academy. Telephone: +44 (0) 1252 732 233 Email: Visit:


ERSKINE BRIDGE 700m+ hose runs 40m+ elevation 6.8bar at the nozzle

Elcometer’s PERFORMANCE HP 15bar abrasive blast machines are designed to provide ultimate productivity on large infrastructure projects. dry abrasive blast machines | precision media valves blast hose | blast nozzles | personal protection equipment Surface World - Blast - July 23.indd 2 06/07/2023 13:34:59


Double Delight for HMG Paints at Industry Awards Manchester based HMG Paints, had two reasons to celebrate at the recent British Coatings Federation (BCF) Awards. The family business took home two of the top awards on the night; Marketing Campaign of the Year and the Excellence in Training Award. “As a family-owned business, we take immense pride in receiving these awards, particularly when considering the formidable competition among the industry’s major corporate players,” noted Steve Crossman, Chief Operating Officer of HMG Paints. “This double honour is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our entire team at Riverside Works.” The first award collected by the team was the Marketing Campaign of the Year award for the company’s industry first AI-Generated Colour Range. The AI Colour Range was launched back in March and utilised ChatGPT to create a range of colours and theme for the range. The companies use of Artificial Intelligence didn’t stop there as they used AI Image Generators to create a number


of the visual assets to support the campaign which was then supported by organic traditional marketing methods. The judges recognised the campaign for showcasing cutting edge technologies in a traditional industry, along with a unique selling proposition that could potentially revolutionise how paint collections are created and marketed in the future.


“We’ve only got a small team and limited budget so we have to be truly innovative on how we utilise our resources to stand out in a competitive marketplace. To pull this whole campaign together within two days between the two of us in the office and launch it just shows how companies can utilise AI to disrupt marketing and traditional industry activities,” commented Paddy Dyson, HMG Marketing Manager. “We’ve worked with brands and other people in the industry who’ve spent months working on such projects and not seen anywhere close to the results we’ve achieved. We’re very lucky to have a supportive board who allow us to innovate and try out new ideas.”


The second award of the night came for the companies Training Scheme. Named the ‘Company of HMG Training Programme’ the initiative utilises the generations of knowledge within the business to create tailored programmes. Staff from across the business engage in training that is tailored for their role and has been developed by senior leaders within the business. HMG take a continuous improvement approach to training and development and the implementation of new modules is a continuous cycle within the business to ensure they keep up with the latest technological trends and industry developments. The judges of the awards commented that the entry stood out due to the company’s focus on using skilled staff to identify existing training gaps is an innovative approach that is often missed by many companies. Then recognised the collaborative cross company approach to generate new training videos which has seen significant business benefits.

“To be recognised for our investment in training is a great honour and is something everyone in the entire business plays a part in and buys in to” added Neil Dawes who collected the award on the evening for HMG. “Since 1930 training and developing our own staff has been a core value of the business and putting our training programme together has been a collective effort from all areas of the business.” The awards in their 13th year, saw over 200 attendees to celebrate the best of the British coatings industry. HMG Paints, founded in 1930, are now the UK’s leading independent paint manufacturer, who’s paints and coatings are supplied to a number of industries including Industrial, Commercial Vehicle, Decorative, Agricultural and Defence amongst others. The awards cap off a fantastic year which has seen them also crowned the Family Business United Manufacturing Business of the Year award and be finalists in the BusinessDesk North West Business of the Year awards. You can find out more about HMG Paints at

HMG Paints Ltd is the UK’s leading independent Paint Manufacturer and a proud, family-owned business situated in Manchester. Working alongside new and long-term customers, HMG are committed to sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction. With over 90 years’ experience in developing innovative coatings, HMG’s portfolio of wet paint and aerosols cover virtually every type of surface imaginable across a whole host of industries including industrial, commercial vehicle, decorative, automotive, protective coatings, defence, toll manufacturing, wood finish and arts & craft. HMG have a drive to set the standards for the industry not just meet them. For more information, please visit or visit to discover decorative paint and inspiration Connect with HMG Paints on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn


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INNOVATION FOR ALL YOUR WASHING NEEDS Call 01543 675800 or visit our website

THE PERFECT FINISH for every project

We supply self-adhesive film for bespoke industrial grade cad-cut stencils. Offering protection to a wide variety of substrates, these tough stencil films are used to mask off areas during the processes of painting, sandblasting and shotpeening. Our special adhesive coatings offer increased adhesion values to cope with this rigorous process while remaining completely residue free when removing them after use.

Paintmask Stencil Films

• Stencil films for wide variety of sectors including, Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace.

A selection of films up to 600 micron thick for heavy duty sandblasting and shotpeen protection.

• Our industry experts are always happy to advice which film is right for the job in hand. • All stencil film products are in stock for next-day delivery.

A selection of films with a thickness of 80 micron for paint masking protection on smooth and uneven surfaces.

Stencil Papers

PVC Free self-adhesive paper stencil films in two different tack levels.

Sandblast Stencil Films

ShotPeen Stencil Films

With a higher level of adhesion, these films offer maximum protection against high pressure and pro-longed blasting and peening exposure.

Give your job a boost with a call to our experts

01858 431 642 |


Plating Line Advice at Surface World 2023 Plating-Line-Advice are pleased to report on another successful participation at the Surface World Exhibition in October. This is the third time we have taken part since our independent technical advice service was launched in 2016 and once again the quality level of visitors and enquiries received was good. It was particularly nice to hear from customers about plating lines supplied in my previous employment over twenty years ago still working well in full production with the possibility of future upgrades discussed. One of the aspects of our offer that generated interest from several parties was our range of bespoke technical advice Service and Support Plans, reports Will Green.

Whilst similar advice services exist specifically for the chemical processes used in surface treatment, we find generally there is a lack of provision in the industry of independent technical support on the engineering aspect of specialised plating equipment. We think this lack of provision may be due to perhaps a perceived intermittent need for engineering advice of this type due to plant upgrades or capital expenditure only happening periodically whereas the chemical process is in continuous use. The engineering support that does exist in the industry is often supplier oriented in support of increasing sales of a particular product so cannot always be considered fully independent. The Service and Support Plans offered by Plating Line Advice give the benefit of on demand access to specialist independent technical advice at a fraction of the cost of a permanent in house alternative. Based on the knowledge and experience gained from a working life of supplying equipment to the industry. The support is drawn down on demand as required by the project complexity and timescale. Regular periodic site inspections are built in to maintain operational efficiency.

Annual Service and Support Plan Examples Gold 40 days of onsite and hybrid support plus ongoing communication. Suitable for organisations planning major capital investment or those who have multiple process line installations.

Silver 20 days of onsite and hybrid support plus ongoing communication. Suitable for organisations planning both capital investment and upgrades to existing facilities.

Bronze 10 days of onsite and hybrid support plus ongoing communication. Suitable for organisations planning some capital investment or upgrades to existing facilities. The above are indicative examples and all support plans are tailored to meet the project needs of each individual organisation. “Peace of Mind through Confidence” Telephone: +44(0)7481 322263 Email: Visit:



Save time and money

Reliable rectifier solutions: We’re short on lead times, long on experience. Contact us or one of our sales partners.


Pioneering Excellence with Purite: Leading the Way to Advanced Water Purification in the Surface Finishing Industry In an era where precision and excellence serve as the bedrock for industry standards, the Surface World exhibition unfolded as an arena for exploring innovations and holistic solutions tailored for the surface finishing sector. Purite, as a forerunner in delivering sophisticated water purification solutions, seized the stage, not just as a participant, but as an enlightening guide through the intricacies and imperatives of utilising high-quality water in surface finishing processes. With a footfall of inquisitive delegates exploring the aisles of the exhibition, Purite’s booth emerged as a haven for knowledge and solution-seeking professionals. The spectrum of our conversations ran deep, reflecting not just on our offerings in Reverse Osmosis (RO), Electrodeionization (EDI), Water Softening, and Deionization, but further intertwining them with the very core of numerous applications and challenges within the surface finishing industry. Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra-Pure Water (UPW), hallmark offerings from Purite, were focal points of intrigue, and rightfully so. UPW produced by a process of deionisation, characterised by its negligible particulate matter and ionic content, has paved the way for advancements in achieving pristine and consistent surface finishing outcomes. Delegates expressed a burgeoning interest in how UPW could play a part in enhancing operational efficiency and production consistency in their respective facilities. In addition, the integrated technology of Reverse Osmosis – renowned for its prowess in segregating impurities through a semi-permeable membrane – surfaced as a crucial dialogue, especially amongst delegates envisioning superior, high-quality finishes with a reduced number of quality failures. The relevance and application of RO water in processes like plating and coating, which mandate a stringent adherence to


purity and consistency, were underscored, unravelling its intrinsic value in fostering a robust foundation for quality assurance and adherence to stringent industry norms. Our EDI technology too didn’t shy away from the spotlight, illustrating its competence in combining electrochemical regeneration with ion exchange resins to produce high-purity water, effectively and consistently. In applications where water quality is non-negotiable, EDI transcends as a sustainable and economical solution, obviating the need for chemical regeneration and its incumbent logistical constraints. Enlightening discussions around effluent recycling resonated with our philosophy of sustainable and responsible industrial practices. The paradigm of employing sophisticated purification technologies to recycle and reuse water in surface finishing processes doesn’t merely reflect an economic foresight but also embodies an ethical approach towards resource conservation and environmental stewardship. From intricate chrome plating through to meticulous anodizing processes and post process rinsing, the imperatives of high quality water in mitigating the risks of scale formation and ensuring the exclusion of ionic impurities were elucidated.


Delegates delved into understanding how such purified water is not a mere requirement but an invaluable asset in guaranteeing process stability and product reliability in the surface finishing landscape. As we encapsulate our enriching journey at the Surface World exhibition, the echoes of curiosity, the pursuit of excellence, and the spirit of innovation linger palpably amidst our reflections. Purite, as a beacon of pioneering water purification technology, remains steadfast in its commitment to catalysing advancements, championing sustainability, and facilitating excellence in the surface finishing industry. Embark on a journey with us, where purity meets precision, and let’s collectively sculpt a future where every surface narrates a tale of quality, consistency, and impeccable finishing. Engage with Purite, and let’s coalesce visions, technology, and expertise into crafting solutions that resonate with quality, sustainability, and unparalleled excellence. Telephone: 01844 217141 Visit:

Solutions for recycling

SOLVENTS Save Money | Recycle Any Solvent High Yield | Low Waste

• Units available for any quantity and application • Safe and easy to use


• Recycled solvent as good as new • Atex certified for flammable solvents • The number one choice with over 38,000 units worldwide







For more information visit: | 01691 622 225


When it comes to heavy equipment, there’s no room for error. From demanding durability requirements to exacting color and finish criteria, the toughest of applications require the most formidable of solutions.

Contact: Visit:

Purite: Pure Water for a Flawless Finish. Reverse Osmosis, Deionisation, EDI, UV. Industry Leading Equipment Standard and Bespoke Solutions Experienced Design Team Project Management Comprehensive Service Contracts Choose Purite Consistent Quality, Robust Results. 01844 217141 Bandet Way Thame UK


4 Wheel Heated Strip Tank at Surface World 2023 was well received by existing and potential new customers Ribble Technology Ltd have been manufacturing chemical products for several decades now and are continually pushing to supply products to meet our customers’ needs. Over the last five years, we have sourced and supplied a range of PPE, blasting media and accessories, as well as manufacturing our own stripping tanks in a push to be your “one stop shop”. We were really pleased to showcase our 4 Wheel Heated Strip Tank at Surface World 2023 as well as some of our other products and accessories! The tank was well received by our existing and potential new customers, and we are thrilled to have it out on the market as a safer alternative to

cold stripping. Paired with our Ribstrip17 hot strip chemical, it really is an exciting addition to the market. Our experience in the chemical manufacturing industry is paired with our involvement in the paint stripping industry, as we have operated an industrial paint stripping workshop for more than 25 years, and we, like our customers, come up with challenges that we must overcome ourselves. We pride ourselves on having hands-on, industry experience to aid us in supporting our customers at the highest level with their technical queries. In the last two years we have also opened our sister company, North Coat Trading Ltd, which offers coating to industrial markets as well as the alloy wheel refurbishment market. North Coat now offer Industry Experience Days for powder coating, so if you are new to the industry and would like some support, please get in touch directly, We have strong links with a range of suppliers in many sectors of the powder coating industry and understand what our customers need, as in some capacities, we are also the customer too. Back in March we held our first Trade Expo show and invited customers down to see us, as well as a range of other suppliers of powders, equipment and guns – all industry specific. The feedback we received was phenomenal and we will be holding our second Trade Expo in Spring 2024, with more details to follow!



Please follow us on social media for regular updates on this! We have several exciting projects in the pipeline and are looking forward to launching new products on the market in the future! Keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to contact us for further information on the products and services we offer. Telephone: 01772 202227 Email: Visit: Thank you to our customers for their continued support. From the team @ Ribble Tech

UK ::::::c::::: :: :v:::::: & ::v::::: c:::: c::v:y:::, ::: ::: :::::, :::::: ::: :::::c: fi::::::g :::::c:�:::, :::: c:::y::g c:::c:�:: :: :: :g: Tel: email:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: web::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::: ::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: F::::: :: ::


Master Cutler Visit Straaltechniek UK Ltd On Thursday 28th September 2023, Straaltechniek UK Limited had the pleasure welcoming The Master Cutler, Dame Julie Kenny DBE DL to view their facilities here in Sheffield. To coincide with the announcement of a record £1.5 Million of Equipment Orders during the second quarter of 2023 it was a great opportunity to showcase Straaltechniek UK and the products and services we provide as a company. The Master Cutler had a tour of the Works, Office Block, CNC Machine Shop, Spare Parts Stores, Painting Hall


and finally the Showroom just in time to see two new table blast machines ready to be delivered to one of our valued customers and one ready to go on the stand at the Surface World Exhibition 2023. A presentation was also delivered in the Straaltechniek UK Boardroom to The Master Cutler & Husband Ian by the Chairman of Straaltechniek Graham Ward, Sales Director Jay Dorling, UK Sales Manager James Lees, and Key Accounts and Marketing Manager Rebecca Beever. With an ever expanding customer base throughout the UK and overseas, Straaltechniek UK Ltd have been able to generate a healthy number of enquiries for equipment by having the capability to offer both ‘New’ and


‘Refurbished’ Machines. Whilst our day to day servicing and spares business goes from strength to strength, we have been able to capitalise on opportunities to assist our customers with their requirements such as refurbishing and upgrading their existing equipment, supply refurbished equipment from stock, and build new equipment within our factory. With an ever increasing order book based on the success of converting these enquires to orders the factory has been as busy as ever and this year is looking to be the most successful in Straaltechniek’s 26 Year History Telephone: + 44 (0) 1142 571077 Email: Visit:


Galvanizers Future-Proof Commemorative Benches To galvanize the community spirit of Rotherham, two local companies have joined forces to create a series of commemorative benches for residents to enjoy. Memorial bench specialists, Roll and Scroll sought the expertise of East Anglian Galvanizing Ltd earlier this year, when tasked to design and fabricate a series of benches – each with special meaning and dedication. Chris Kennedy, Managing Director at

Roll and Scroll, said: “It was an absolute honour to be asked by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to create three benches – one dedicated to late Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, another commemorating our hardworking NHS staff, and the final one in remembrance of all those that we lost to Covid-19.

Galvanizing to future-proof the benches.”

“We knew how important these would be to the local community and wanted to ensure they would remain in immaculate condition, able to be enjoyed by many for years to come. Due to this, we enlisted the support of our friends over at East Anglian

“As a permanent fixture outside Kimberworth library, we knew we had to carefully select an appropriate finish that could effectively withstand the elements,” Chris continued.

All three benches were hot dipped into the galvanizing plant’s molten zinc bath at around 450C, allowing for a metallurgic bond to be formed which protects the steel from rust and corrosion for up to 70 years.

“For decorative purposes as specified by the customer, we also finished the benches by edge priming and etch painting, spraying them when they returned from the galvanizing plant. Each colour palette was carefully chosen to further enhance their special meanings – for example, NHS blue; black and gold for the Jubilee dedication; and finally, the Covid-19 bench was painted black.” The benches were installed this summer, able to be used by the general public in July. Jake Pinner, Sales Manager at East Anglian Galvanizing, concluded: “It was an absolute honour to be involved in galvanizing these beautiful benches. Not only are they physically a spectacle, but the significant sentiments behind them is incredibly heart-warming, and it’s a great privilege to have played a key role in ensuring they are fit for purpose long-term and available for the local community to enjoy for the foreseeable future.” East Anglian Galvanizing Ltd is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest hot-dip galvanizing organisation in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically placed across the country, the firm offers a truly national galvanizing service. For further information, please contact Wedge Group Galvanizing on 01902 601944 or visit



Galvanizers Reach New Heights to Raise Mental Health Awareness Two employees from Merseyside Galvanizers have reached extreme heights on their mission to raise awareness and funds for mental health. On 2nd September 2023, Richard Smetham, Sales Manager, and Richie Harland, currently a Galvanizing Operative at Merseyside Galvanizers part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd - embarked on a charity tandem skydive, alongside friends and family Hayley Westbury, Sam Jones and Kavan Burgess. Driven by very personal motivation, it was part of a wider challenge to raise awareness of mental health, as well as fundraise for the Mental Health Foundation. Richard said: “Richie is a very good friend and colleague of mine – always easy going, positive-minded, and going above and beyond, at work and in life. Following a six-month period of setbacks and dark times, he attempted to take his own life in January 2022. Despite being able to read the signs due to my own previous struggles and doing everything I could to try and help, I couldn’t stop the impact on his mental health.

“Luckily, I was in the right place at the right time, and Richie is still with us. Through help and support from family, friends and colleagues over the past 18 months – as well as Wedge Group providing him adequate time and assistance to help towards his recovery - he is returning to his old self. “To celebrate our friendship, and Richie’s recovery, we decided to complete a charity tandem skydive. We’re incredibly grateful to all those who pledged donations, which allowed us to smash our original target, and kept us motivated when the realisation of falling 15,000 feet sunk in… “It was a truly exhilarating experience - we were measuring speeds of around 153 mph during freefall - but I’d absolutely love to do it again.” At the time of the sky dive, Richard and Richie had raised £2,055. For their commitment and dedication to the cause, Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd matched the funds raised, totalling

£4,120 to be donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Chris Woolridge, Managing Director at Wedge Group Galvanizing, added: “A massive well done to Richard and Richie – they both should be immensely proud. Not only have they raised a substantial amount to be donated to a very worthwhile cause, but their strength, determination, and friendship absolutely shines through. It’s admirable to see how they’ve shifted what was an incredibly tough time into such a fantastic achievement, and will have made a very real and positive difference to other people supported by the Mental Health Foundation across the UK.” Merseyside Galvanizers Ltd is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest hot-dip galvanizing organisation in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically placed across the country, the firm offers a truly national galvanizing service. For further information, please contact Wedge Group Galvanizing on 01902 601944 or visit



WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner

Hot dip galvanizing provides you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products. With 14 plants across the UK, Wedge Group Galvanizing is the UK’s largest hot dip galvanizing organisation offering a national service, collection and delivery and 24hr turnaround on request. The group can process anything from small components to 29m structural beams. E: T: 01902 601944 ISO 9001

Quality Management

FM 00382

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ


Oven Temperature Logger Measures and records oven temperature profiles 

6 K-type thermocouple ports

High temperature stainless steel barrier box for long run times

Download, view, and analyze data using PosiSoft Desktop Software or export to .CSV

Prices starting at: Oven Temperature Logger..........£1895 Temperature Probes............£100

Wide variety of spring clamp and magnetic temperature probes available

Customizable PDF Reports

16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494   e:


Director appointment at Borough strengthens management team Injection moulding and chrome-plating specialist Borough Ltd, has announced that Aamir Chaudhry has been appointed as the firm’s Director of Operations. In the 11 years since he joined, he has been Quality Manager and most recently General Manager of the Essex-based manufacturer. This latest promotion not only reflects Aamir’s dedication to Borough and his role in the success it has enjoyed in recent years, but recognises the importance of retaining his expertise and experience as the company looks to progress in a range of markets. New Borough Director of Operations, Aamir Chaudhry commented: “While I will retain aspects of my previous role,

my responsibilities will now include budgeting, purchasing and helping design efficient workflows to maximise the company’s productivity. “Borough has always delivered a high-quality service to its clients, providing injection moulding and our renowned chrome plating for plastic components, but we are ambitious to grow and I will help drive our performance through the development of long-term operational strategies. “On a personal level, it is gratifying to receive this vote of confidence from the senior management team that I have worked so closely with in recent years. Together we make a great team, full of the drive and ambition needed to ensure we exceed the targets defined in our growth strategy. “I’m grateful for this opportunity, which would not have been possible without

the support, guidance and dedication of my team and wider group of colleagues, which have helped propel the business to new heights. But there is more to come and this is the start of the journey, not the end. Joint Managing Director, David Brereton, said of the appointment: “Given Aamir’s dedication to improving the service we deliver, this was a natural step in his career. It is important to retain talent like Aamir and we’re pleased this promotion will keep him in the business for years to come. “Given the race overseas for cheap components, post-Brexit challenges and weakness of the UK economy, it has not been a great period for British-manufacturing, but there appears a renewed appetite by industries to seek the moulding and plating services we provide, much closer to home. “Aamir’s appointment to the board recognises our need to take advantage of the commercial opportunities starting to appear in the UK, in sectors as diverse as automotive and packaging, as we look to grow the Borough business.”




The Adhesive Tape Specialists


Certificate No. FM10409


Hadleigh Enterprises Limited Unit 11, Buckingham Square Hurricane Way, Wickford Essex, SS11 8YQ

Tel: 01268 572255 Fax: 01268 572121 Email: Web:


Are you a 3m® user looking to find a suitable alternative solvent? Don’t switch, improve! You may have heard the latest information from 3M® that they will exit from manufacturing their range of NovecTM cleaning fludis in the near future. If you are a current 3M® NovecTM user you will need to start to find 3M® alternative solvents. Fraser Technologies are here to help with the perfect solutions.

What is the update from 3M®? 3M® have announced that they will stop manufacturing the NovecTM HFE materials by the end of 2025. They have also have stated in a letter sent to all their customers that they cannot guarantee supply and that current users should be looking at alternatives as quickly as possible.

Are you a current 3M® user? If yes what does the update from 3M® mean for you?

Why is the new 3M® alternative Chemours Opteon an improvement? Our Optoen® range manufactured by Chemours (part of the DupontTM portfolio) are one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world. Chemours produce some of the highest quality chemicals improving cleaning performance than predecessors. The Optoen® chemicals are some of the most environmentally friendly (by a long way!) as they have a GWP (global warming potential) <2, compared to some of 3M® NovecTM fluids had a GWP ranging from 40-300! The Opteon® range have ZERO ODP and are accepted by all regulatory agencies globally. Frasers can assist with evaluating your current application and offer free advice on legal compliance and safe, available alternatives such as the Chemours Opteon® speciality fluids which are direct drop in alternatives.

While there are no immediate issues with supply it would be prudent to consider your options before the supply of the 3M® materials becomes an issue. Frasers can help with direct drop in alternatives to the NovecTM materials as well as alternative technologies such as water wash and solvent recovery systems etc.

What alternatives are available for me to switch to? There are a few direct drop in alternatives available, but it should be noted that many of these contain HFE materials manufactured by 3M® which could also shortly fall low in supplies or be restricted by upcoming legislation. So Fraser Technologies are focusing on switching existing 3M customers not over to an alternative but actually an improvement.


What to be aware of before you switch? Suitability of equipment, material compatibility, product performance, legal compliance and safety categories are just some of the key areas to look at here. The Opteon® range are extremely


safe and non flammable and MSDS (material safety data sheets) can be supplied for all chemistries showcasing our transparent selling priority. At Frasers we can run application trials with suitable alternatives and advise on alternative chemistries and or equipment if relevant.

When do I need to make the switch? You can either be proactive and line up suitable alternatives in advance or wait until supply ends or is interrupted. The choice is yours but, but supply will stop and switching systems can sometime take time, so allow time for this. We know this is now high on every 3M users agenda, and we have already commenced many Opteon® trials with current 3M users.

What shall I do now? We are currently offering free 3M® switch reviews for any customers who are wanting some advice on when they should make their switch and how the process would work for them as remember every application is different. Contact us today to get this in your diary.


Improving efficiency and costs with blast cabinets Blast cabinets can improve your efficiency and energy costs if maintained properly and fully serviced. At Hodge Clemco were are industry leaders in abrasive blasting. We have been at the forefront of surface preparation for over 60 years. During that time, we have innovated the development of many products. We offer a range of blast cabinets; these are used on a variety of applications throughout differing industries. If you are looking for a way to blast products in an enclosed space, then our blast cabinets are perfect for you and your company. We can also manufacture turnkey cabinets specific to your companies needs and train your staff to use them safely and efficiently. There are two main types of cabinets, these are pressure and suction. Pressure feed hand blast cabinets are essential when removing heavy corrosion or tough coatings when high production rates are required. They have cleaning rates up to 5 times the speed of a suction cabinet and are suitable for use with abrasives like steel grit and aluminium oxide. They are commonly used in a high production environment or for alloy wheel refurbishment and cleaning heavy castings.


Suction blast cabinets provide the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to numerous corrosion and coating problems. They are best suited for ensuring a decorative or aesthetically pleasing finish to a surface. Suctions cabinets are generally lower in capital cost than a pressure cabinet, using less compressed air, making them more suitable for smaller workshops. Blast cabinets can be used throughout many industries. We are proud to have supplied cabinets to industries ranging from aerospace, to automotive and construction. By choosing a Hodge Clemco blast cabinet you are choosing a robust, powerful and energy efficient system with low running costs for your business. At Hodge Clemco we also offer a full service and maintenance package for your cabinet, enabling you to ensure your cabinet is running at peak performance. Abrasive blasting takes


its toll on the equipment and can compromise reliability, safety and efficiency; therefore, the correct aftermarket service is essential. Not only do we have the technical expertise to carry out maintenance and repairs to the highest standards, but we can advise on the appropriate maintenance and servicing programme suitable for you and your company. We consider the equipment type, abrasive selection, application and duty cycle. We also ensure you meet regulations by completing the relevant tests and checks on your equipment. Hodge Clemco are a SurfacePrep Company. SurfacePrep are an international company with sites across the USA, Canada, and the UK. They offer a full-scale portfolio of solutions to all your surface finishing and preparation needs. Due to this we deliver results beyond the surface, offering you a total service solution. For more information visit our website at UK or for further information on abrasive blasting and equipment visit You can also call our sales team on 0114 2540600 who will be happy to help you with any enquiries.


MecWash drives Automotive Component Cleaning MecWash Systems is helping the automotive industry to deliver on environmental performance and high precision cleaning using the latest in aqueous parts washing technology. MecWash has kept pace with the evolution of the motor industry by embedding advanced technologies in their industrial parts washers, providing real-time monitoring and feedback to clean high volumes of components with ease.

The Tewkesbury based business exports numerous machines to customers worldwide, such as JCB, Perkins and Craftsman in India; Trelleborg, TRW and Le Belier in China; Husco, Stewart and RPK in North America along with numerous systems in Europe.

Automotive manufacturers require extremely fine tolerances to ensure engine reliability and performance. Consequently, the cleanliness specifications are becoming tighter, and OEMs are enforcing standards more rigorously than ever. The cleaning challenge gets tougher and tougher.

The MWX series represents the pinnacle of the aqueous washing industry and is proving very popular with automotive component manufacturers. The precision capabilities of these relatively compact systems, along with the reliability to run 24/7, is a key point of interest for customers.

The applications of the motor industry require precision cleaning and degreasing. The MecWash team conduct detailed laboratory tests and machine trials on components at its Tewkesbury facility to identify the optimum system configuration, wash process, chemistry and fixtures. MecWash’s expertise covers all the main precision manufactured automotive components including both ICE and electric powertrain, braking systems, steering systems and hydraulics for “yellow goods”. MecWash’s core washing process combines rotating components held

securely in baskets, fixtures or plastic containers about the horizontal axis while subjecting them to a highvolume spray and flood process, also using ultrasonics where needed. For particularly complex components, e.g engine blocks, the systems utilise MecWash’s dedicated jetting technique with jets that rotate with the components, focused on critical features and designed for each customer’s specific application. This bespoke approach helps to target contamination directly, providing precise cleanliness and fast cycle times. Hot air and vacuum drying finish the process to give completely dry components. International OEM’s such as JLR, JCB, Caterpillar/Perkins, Cummins and Triumph Motorcycles all benefit from MecWash parts washing systems. MecWash also manufacture bespoke washers for Tier 1 / Tier 2 automotive component manufacturers including Autocraft, Ryobi, TRW, Dana, Le Belier and Grainger & Worrall. The MecWash Maxi at Grainger and Worrall

MecWash MWX400 represents the highest standard of industrial parts washing



John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, commented: “MecWash has established a reputation in the automotive industry for creating reliable and powerful parts washing machines for customers around the world. Customers return to MecWash because of the effectiveness of the product and the service and support that we provide throughout the lifecycle of the system.” “The addition of a MecWash system can have a tremendous impact on production output for manufacturers looking for high volume washing with minimal downtime. The popularity of the MWX300 and MWX400 is the result of the dedicated research by the team at MecWash. We work closely with the customer to create the most effective parts washing systems to fulfil their exact cleaning requirements.” said John. For more information, contact the MecWash team by phone on 01684 271600 or via email



Machined castings. Turned parts. Complex pressings and extrusions. Customers expect parts to be pristine. PRECISION AQUEOUS CLEANING demands MecWash.

MecWash’s aqueous wash systems can accurately flush hundreds of critical features simultaneously with individually targeted jets, while rotating the component in a spray/immersion chamber.



TRUSTED BY NAMES LIKE… • Renishaw • Rolls Royce • Delphi • SKF

• Goodrich • Parker Hannifin

• Perkins • Meggitt

• JCB • Husco

Cost-effective. Sustainable. Reliable. For the best wash machine solution for your production line, talk to MecWash. Contact us today on 01684 271600 or visit Designed and manufactured in Britain



Why are vapour degreasing solvents so good at cleaning? Vapour degreasing solvents are typically chosen for their excellent solvency properties. They have the ability to dissolve and disperse a wide range of contaminants, including dirt, oil, grease, wax, and other contaminants. The cleaning action of solvents is primarily attributed to their unique molecular properties and interactions with the materials they contact. Here’s why solvents are so good at cleaning: Low Surface Tension: Vapour degreasing solvents can reduce the surface tension of liquids, making them more effective at penetrating and breaking up dirt and stains. This allows the solvent to reach areas that might otherwise be hard to clean.

Polarity: The polarity of a solvent plays a significant role in its cleaning ability. Polar solvents have molecules with positive and negative poles, which allows them to interact with polar substances like water-based stains. Nonpolar solvents, on the other hand, are effective at dissolving nonpolar substances like oils and grease. Different cleaning tasks may require the use of polar or nonpolar solvents depending on the nature of the dirt or stain. Most vapour degreasing solvents are nonpolar in nature, meaning they do not have a positive or negative charge. This allows them to interact with a variety of contaminants, regardless of their charge or polarity,

making them versatile for different types of cleaning applications.

Heat and Vaporization: The vapour degreasing process involves heating the solvent to create vapour, which rises and condenses on the surfaces to be cleaned. This condensation releases latent heat, which aids in loosening and lifting contaminants from the surfaces. The vaporization and condensation cycles help dislodge and carry away dirt, oils, and other substances effectively.

reduces the risk of damaging delicate parts while ensuring effective cleaning.

Consistency: Vapour degreasing provides consistent and uniform cleaning results because the solvent vapor can reach all surfaces evenly, including intricate and complex geometries.

Environmental Considerations: While some vapour degreasing solvents in the past were environmentally concerning, modern solvents are designed to be safer and more environmentally friendly. They are engineered to have lower toxicity, reduced volatility, and minimal global warming or ozone-depleting potential.

Dissolving Power:

Unlike water-based cleaning methods, vapour degreasing solvents leave little to no aqueous residue behind. This is especially important for applications where water could cause corrosion or damage, such as cleaning sensitive electronics or precision mechanical components.

Solvents have the ability to dissolve a wide range of substances, both organic and inorganic. This is due to their molecular structure, which allows them to interact with different types of molecules. When a solvent comes into contact with a substance, its molecules surround and separate the particles of the substance, breaking down the intermolecular forces holding them together. This leads to the dissolution of the substance into the solvent.

Minimal Agitation Required:


Vapour degreasing is a relatively gentle cleaning method that doesn’t require extensive mechanical agitation. This

Vapour degreasing solvents typically have relatively low boiling points, which means they evaporate quickly when exposed to air. This evaporation helps in removing the dissolved dirt and contaminants from surfaces, leaving them clean and dry. It is important to ensure evaporating solvent doesn’t escape to the atmosphere. This is achieved by having cold condensing coils just above the components being cleaned.

No Aqueous Residues:

Versatility: Vapour degreasing solvents come in various types and compositions, allowing them to target specific types of contaminants. For example, alcohol-based solvents are effective at cleaning glass surfaces due to their




ability to dissolve and evaporate quickly without leaving streaks.

organic and synthetic oils and most plastics and metals.

Chemical Interactions:

ProSolv®5408e is a high-performance solvent cleaner used for sustainable and future proof vapour degreasing. It has a GWP of less than 1, with a 100-year Integrated Time Horizon (ITH). Soft on the environment and safe for users, it offers improved cleaning at lower costs.

Vapour degreasing solvents can undergo chemical reactions with certain types of substances, leading to their removal or transformation. This can be especially useful for removing tough stains that might not be easily removed through simple dissolution.

Compatibility: Vapour degreasing solvents are often formulated to be compatible with specific materials, ensuring that they don’t damage the surfaces being cleaned. This makes them versatile for use on a wide range of surfaces.

Rinsing Action: Vapour degreasing solvents can also act as rinsing agents, carrying away dissolved dirt and contaminants when they evaporate. This helps prevent redeposition of dirt onto cleaned surfaces. Overall, the combination of excellent solvency, low surface tension, nonpolar properties, heat assistance, minimal residue, and controlled vaporization make vapor degreasing solvents highly effective for a wide range of cleaning applications. It’s important to note that while solvents are effective cleaning agents, their use should be handled with care. Some solvents can be toxic, flammable, or harmful to human health and the environment, so proper precautions and guidelines should be followed when using them. Additionally, choosing the right solvent for a specific cleaning task is crucial to achieve optimal results without causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) solvent cleaner for high performance vapour degreasing ProSolv®5408e has been developed to provide superior critical cleaning performance for manufacturers of electronic and electrical components. High Solvency (KB Value 98) for removal of organic residues, compatible with


ProSolv®5408e ticks all the boxes and is the perfect profile for a modern vapour degreasing solvent. Exceptionally low surface tension to penetrate micron sized holes and close contact surfaces. Sustainable and secure for the future. Non-carcinogenic, low boiling point, economical with energy with low solvent losses, faster production, reduced costs, easy handling.

EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL Fast precision cleaning with short cycle times. Can be used in any vapour degreasing equipment, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance. Ideal replacement for Trichloroethylene (TCE) and n-Propyl Bromide (nPB). Stable with no additives, no testing required. Improved productivity, parts exit the machine cool, dry and spot-free with no drying required.

Compatibility with a wide range of sensitive components (some components or products are sensitive to the high pressures of water-based cleaning, the heat of washing and/or drying, or surface residues after drying).

SAFE FOR USERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Safe for the environment, zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) GWP of less than 1, AR4 100yr Integrated Time Horizon (ITH). Non-hazardous for transportation. Non-flammable (No Flash Point). Not classified as a carcinogen. Listed above are some of the benefits from using ProSolv®5408e, a sustainable vapour degreasing solvent for precision cleaning and an economical and efficient replacement solution for cleaning systems using older legacy solvents, which are now either banned or being phased out. EnviroTech Europe have many years of experience and our experts are available to guide you through your solvent cleaner changeover procedures or to advise on equipment.

Minimal non-volatile residue (>10ppm). High density solution, excellent for ultrasonic cleaning. Mid-range temperature operation, easier handling, mid-range boiling point, processed components easily handled (48°C). Very low surface tension for penetration into the micron level crevices and holes, efficient cleaning in tight to reach places and complex geometries. Easy process monitoring with minimal effort and minimal waste generation, easy reclamation for reuse. High Solvency (KB Value 98) for a variety of contaminants. Compatible with a broad range of substrates.


FURTHER INFORMATION ProSolv®5408e vapour degreasing solvent is manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide. Please visit our website for information about all our products and further information on ProSolv®5408e. For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form.

Coating Cost Calculation

CALCULATE YOUR ENERGY SAVINGS Energy costs are through the roof right now. A higher hanging density is often the most efficient way to both save energy and drastically lower the total coating cost. Find out how much you can save on your coating line at


Measurement of uncured dry powder to give predicted cured thickness with DeFelsko’s PosiTest PC Overview Measurement of film thickness should be a routine event for all powder coaters. Regular measurement helps control material cost, manage application efficiency, maintain finish quality and to ensure specific standard are maintained. Powder coating manufacturers and certain associations recommend target film thickness ranges to achieve the best performance characteristics and customers expect these parameters to be met. The PosiTest PC gives you the ability to non-destructively measure the uncured dry powder to give you the predicted cured thickness between 20-100um without leaving marks that affect the finish.

Reasons to measure film thickness Film thickness is arguably the single most important measurement made during the application and inspection of protective coatings. Powder coatings are designed to perform their intended function when applied within a thickness range specified by the manufacturer. Many physical and appearance properties of the finished coating are directly affected by the dry film thickness (DFT). DFT can affect the colour, gloss, surface profile, adhesion, flexibility, impact resistance, and hardness of the coating. The fit of pieces assembled after coating can also be affected when film thickness isn’t within tolerance. Precisely measuring finish thickness has other benefits, too. Whether to meet International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), certain association tolerances, or customer requirements for process control, companies need to verify coating quality to avoid wasting money reworking products. By checking their application equipment, they ensure the coating is being applied in compliance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.


Applicators must apply the powder evenly and according to the product specification sheet. Applying excessive DFT not only is wasteful, but also risks the possibility of incomplete cure and can drastically reduce overall performance of the coating system. High film builds often result in poor adhesion. The coating tends to peel or chip from the substrate. Regular testing can reduce the number of internal reworks and customer returns due to finishing defects.

Pre-cure film thickness measurement It is possible, and in some circumstances more desirable, to measure a coating immediately after application, prior to cure, to predict the thickness of the cured powder. If a coating has been improperly applied, correction after it has dried or chemically cured requires costly extra labour time, may lead to contamination of the film, and may introduce problems of adhesion and integrity of the coating system. Measuring film thickness during application can determine the need for immediate correction and adjustment by the applicator.


Dry powder measurement Most powder coating specifications give cured thickness targets, it’s possible to determine if applied powder is within thickness specifications before the finality of curing. There are good reasons for wanting an accurate prediction of cured DFT, especially on moving lines. Depending upon the length of the oven, the number of parts being cured, as well as the time required for the curing process and for manual DFT measurement after curing, there is a considerable delay before the operator can intervene in the application process to make any necessary changes. If coating defects are discovered, a considerable number of coated parts have to be reworked in a repair loop, or if reworking proves to be too expensive, they may even have to be scrapped. For some operations, these disadvantages are no longer acceptable for meeting the demands of modern finishing processes.

PosiTector Inspection ®




Unrivaled probe interchangeability for all of your inspection needs.





E N a n E nd W an W F d e n

Coating Thickness Probes n Ferrous n Non-Ferrous n Combination n Ultrasonic

Surface Profile Probes






n Depth Micrometer n Replica Tape Reader

Environmental Conditions Probes n Integral n Cabled Magnetic Probe n Anemometer Probe n 1/2” NPT n Infrared

Hardness Probes n Shore n Barcol

Salt Contamination Probe n Bresle Method

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Probes n Corrosion n Multiple Echo Thru-Paint n Precision n Low Frequency n Xtreme

Customized Inspection Kits... Build your own kit from a selection of gauge bodies and probes to suit your needs. Coating Thickness

Surface Profile

Environmental Conditions


Salt Ultrasonic Contamination Wall Thickness

Backwards Compatibility! The redesigned PosiTector gauge body accepts ALL coating thickness (6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface profile (SPG/RTR), salt contamination (SST), hardness (SHD/BHI), and ultrasonic wall thickness (UTG) probes manufactured since 2012.

DFT DFTInstruments InstrumentsUK UKLTD LTD

16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN 16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: t: 01442 879494 f: 01442 879595 01442 879494 f: 01442 879595 e:e: Proud supplier ofof DeFelsko Inspection Instruments Proud supplier DeFelsko Inspection Instruments




Measuring powder in the pre-cured, pre-gelled state ensures correct cured film thickness. It enables the application system to be set up and fine-tuned prior to curing. In turn, this will reduce the amount of scrap and over-spray. Accurate predictions help avoid stripping and re-coating, which can cause problems with adhesion and coating integrity.

The PosiTest PC The PosiTest PC is hand-held and battery-powered, and will work right out of the box for most powders. Their simplicity of operation and ergonomic design allow them to be used quickly and efficiently by line operators. Non-contact coating thickness measurement instruments have the decisive advantage of being nondestructive. This means that, after measurement, the measured components can be re-introduced into the ongoing process. The PosiTest PC can also be recalibrated to your specific powder if you find it reads out

of tolerance with your pre and post cured DFT checks. It also has a scan mode to continuously take measurements, ideal for ensuring powder coverage over large areas. For more information on the PosiTest PC and the full range of paint test

equipment available from DeFelsko, please contact Mark Conlon at DFT Instruments, proud UK agent for DeFelsko. Telephone: 01442 879494 Email: Visit:

Powder Checker

Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gauge Affordably measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to predict a cured thickness 

Dedicated stand-alone unit is ready to measure right out of the box

Fast measurement speed—ideal for moving lines and swinging parts

Scan Mode continuously takes measurements—ideal for analyzing large areas

Storage of 999 readings with onscreen averaging. Stored readings can be downloaded to PosiSoft Desktop Software

Powder Inspection Kits

Complete solutions for measuring powder coating before and after cure are available 16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494   e:

Protection upgraded

Plating meets Innovation and Sustainability SurTec 717 - Modular, Alkaline Zinc/Nickel Process for all Applications Modular process for rack, barrel and special applications Tolerates higher process temperature up to 35°C Easy to control, automatically limits the nickel content below 16%

SurTec 680 - Cr(VI)-free Thick Layer Passivation for Zinc & Zinc Alloys For highest quality requirements (heat resistance & corrosion protection) Usage without waste water is possible Highest cost-effectiveness when using the SurTec regeneration process

precote Product Range - Thread Locking and Sealing Specially developed pre-coating products for locking, sealing & clamping Based on unique microencapsulation technology Excellent service and high-quality products made in Germany

SurTec Group UK Office Nigel Wicks

+44 7841 527552


No need to fear hydrogen embrittlement

Detect brittle fracture quickly and reliably: New precision measuring device enables C-body testing in under 180 seconds New inhibitor for pickling processes developed with the aid of a new test rig The market for fastening parts is increasingly demanding high-strength materials, and special attention must be paid to possible hydrogen embrittlement when electroplating them. Because with increasing material strength, the risk of hydrogen-induced brittle fracture also increases. The test methods used so far require test cycles of several days. That is why Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG, together with iChemAnalytics, has developed a test rig that reduces testing time to just a few minutes. For the first time, up to 20 items of C-test specimens can be tested simultaneously – in just 180 seconds. It is based on a mechanical load test where force-displacement curves are recorded. The individual measuring cells are provided with specifically parameterisable measuring programs that can be called up in parallel. Thanks to the high-resolution force sensors and very precise measurement curves, high-quality characteristic values can be reproductively generated and used as a basis to further develop in-house processes and products. This enabled Schlötter to redevelop the SLOTOCLEAN BEF 1790 pickling degreaser. The material properties of high-strength steels are increasingly being optimised to become lighter and more resistant, for example. Cathodic corrosion protection applied by electroplating is often used to give these steels the best protection against corrosion. “A pickling step must be carried out during the pre-treatment of the component to achieve best possible adhesion of the coating,” explains Dr.



The market for fastening parts increasingly demands high-strength materials. When electroplating them, special attention must be paid to possible hydrogen embrittlement. In the image: C-ring test specimen

Michael Zollinger, one of the managing directors of the long-established family-owned company Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter. Oxides and scales are removed in the process, resulting in a metallically flawless surface for the subsequent coating process. If the acid used in pickling attacks the base material, hydrogen is also produced in atomic form. Physical processes can cause parts of this hydrogen to recombine to form non-diffusible molecular hydrogen on the surface, or diffuse into the material. The storage of atomic hydrogen weakens the metal lattice. Depending on the alloy, the component can eventually become brittle and, in the worst case, this stressed state can lead to what is known as brittle fracture. “The pre-treatment and subsequent coating of higher-strength steel components with a tensile strength greater than 800 MPa therefore repeatedly poses the question to both specialist companies and users of how high the maximum hydrogen concentration in the component may be for material damage to be avoided. To date, despite numerous scientific papers, no user-friendly in-process testing methods have become established for the user in practice; any such methods are time-consuming and complicated,” says Zöllinger.


times with subsequent lifting at a constant stretch rate. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be needed for testing in a row. In the course of this, certain characteristic values are automatically determined and monitored, which result from the freely selectable measuring methods. At the same time, high-resolution force sensors and precise displacement measurement ensure optimum data quality. “The selection and monitoring of the test procedures is very simple: all settings can be made and applied via the integrated multi-touch display,” says Zöllinger.

Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG, together with iChemAnalytics, has developed a practical test rig that enables versatile C-body testing compliant with the latest standards in a fraction of the time otherwise required. The WSRME TWIN precision measuring device uses C-ring samples to detect changes in the material condition that can occur, for example, due to tempering, hydrogen or liquid metal-induced embrittlement.

For this reason, Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG, together with iChemAnalytics, has developed a new practical test rig that enables versatile C-body testing compliant with the latest standards in a fraction of the time otherwise required. The WSRME TWIN precision measuring device uses C-ring samples to detect changes in the material condition that can occur, for example, due to liquid metal-induced, hardness, tempering or hydrogen embrittlement. Comparable tests used to take several days. But thanks to the special design and precise testing concept, this now takes only two to three minutes. This enables process manufacturers and contract coaters to independently integrate standard-compliant work as well as genuine process monitoring and quality assurance into their own production without having to rely on external testing service providers.

Thanks to the integrated evaluation algorithms, which are controlled by a powerful microprocessor, the measuring device is able to measure or calculate a multitude of material-specific characteristic values such as the transition from elastic and plastic material behaviour, the hydrogen-induced material deconsolidation as well as a material-specific deformation index (DI) for the process. The measurement and characteristic values generated in the process are automatically linked and stored with the other metadata such as pre-treatments and material conditions. “A high statistical significance is achieved by parallel testing on several measuring stations at the same time. This allows valuable conclusions to be drawn about how the component quality or the composition of the starting steel can be improved for machining alone,” explains Thomas Haberfellner, head of the “Chemistry and Development of New Markets” Business Unit at Max Schlötter.

In-process testing of up to 20 C-rings with freely selectable measuring methods

Test rig provides data basis for process development

The inconspicuous structure contains two test field openings as well as several electric drives with adjustable feed to precisely implement the desired load levels of the test procedures. Depending on the variant, up to 10 measuring cells can be equipped with a maximum of 20 C-rings, which can be measured in parallel and independently of each other. Depending on the requirements, test specimens individually tailored to components or processes can also be manufactured and used. Various load and positioning options are simultaneously available to the operator – from forceor distance-controlled stepwise loading to defined holding

All measured values are stored in a database and can be imported into programs such as Microsoft Excel. These results can help customer-specific products be developed or the existing portfolio optimised, such as the additions to coating baths (e.g. for electroplating) or new “bath additives” (e.g. pickling inhibitors). Max Schlötter is already successfully using the test rig for this purpose in its own research and development. The results that are quickly accessible with the new measuring technology made it possible to develop the in-house SLOTOCLEAN BEF 1790 pickling degreaser, which has a new generation of inhibitors. These not only maximise the inhibition value, but also minimise the process-related tendency to hydrogen embrittlement while more than tripling the service life of the pickle compared to the first-generation systems. This makes an active contribution to conserving resources and reduces the CO2 footprint in contract electroplating. “The WSRME TWIN precision measuring device not only makes in-process testing for hydrogen embrittlement easily accessible to every manufacturer and contract coater. The versatile parameter recording and automated evaluation also help to reduce process costs in the long term through targeted material selection, the optimisation of heat treatment parameters and the use of chemicals in line with requirements,” says Zöllinger in summary.

Thanks to the integrated evaluation algorithms, which are controlled by a powerful microprocessor, the measuring device is able to measure or calculate a multitude of material-specific characteristic values such as the transition from elastic and plastic material behaviour, the hydrogeninduced material deconsolidation as well as a materialspecific deformation index (DI) for the process.



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Specialists in Material Handling Solutions Product Overview Manual Monorail Systems Unit loads up to 3000kg

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Stewart Gill Conveyors Ltd have been supplying overhead conveyors into all sectors of industry for over 70 years. As a long time member of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV Group based in the Netherlands, Stewart Gill Conveyors can offer a comprehensive range of overhead conveyor products which are capable of handling unit loads up to 7000kg. Stewart Gill Conveyors Ltd offer complete manufacture, installation and commissioning, coupled with fully documented instruction, operation and maintenance manuals. We do:  In-House 3D CAD engineering  In-House manufactoring in the UK and EU  In-House design of PLC/PC control systems  Industry 4.0  Worldwide installation and commissioning  Remote support, service & inspection

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Save up to 20% on your “monthly stripping costs ” Send your enquiry today!! email web phone 0115 911 2240

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Increase Longevity Of Fasteners Through Material Analysis

Durability of Fasteners Screws, nuts, washers and bolts can be found everywhere, holding our world together, but some of them lead a much harder life than others, especially those used in harsh environments like offshore installations. Because nobody ever wants to dismantle a wind turbine or oil rig only to replace the fasteners, special corrosion-resistant alloys of stainless steel are used for them. This enables the supplier to guarantee a much longer service life, but that, in turn, requires clear and rigorous supervision of the material composition.

Protecting Fasteners of Marine Structures

protecting the surfaces of these structures must also apply to even the

Any part of a marine structure – whether wind turbines, oil rigs or ships – that is permanently exposed to saltwater and inclement weather must be shielded against corrosion. The same precautions taken for


smallest parts holding them together. Every offshore installation contains many thousands of fasteners – and every single nut, bolt, or screw has an important job to fulfil, for at least as long as the structure itself.


The Right Material for Fasteners To avoid too-frequent maintenance or, even worse, replacement of all the bolts before the structure itself is worn out, the fasteners are made of unique corrosion-resistant materials that guarantee a much longer life than

usual. Different kinds of stainless steel, with cryptic names like “316”, “317” or “A4”, are used, each with its alloy composition. For example, A4 stainless steel contains molybdenum, which significantly increases strength and corrosion resistance to withstand caustic agents such as saltwater (chlorides) and acids. It is recommended for use in highly aggressive environments.

Material Analysis of Fasteners An excellent way to ensure that these components are made of the correct material is to analyse their exact composition. This is where the non-destructive x-ray fluorescence method (XRF) is ideal. Using the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDLM® with its powerful WinFTM® software, it is both fast and easy to take exact and accurate measurements of the alloy to determine its composition. And using a small collimator together with a microfocus x-ray tube allows measurements even on tiny structures. Supporting a diverse range of measurement technology demands, the Fischerscope X-RAY devices and the software that drives them are up to the task. WinFTM® diagrams of an X-Ray measurement on a bolt, searching for molybdenum. The left diagram shows

a “normal” stainless steel bolt, the right one a bolt containing molybdenum for longer life.

The World of Automated XRF-Measurement FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDL and XDLM The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® and XDLM® X-ray use energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer for automated material analysis and non-destructive measurement of coating thickness to ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568 standards. This range offers the main components of our X-ray machines – such as the detector, X-ray tubes and filter combinations, but there is a significant difference: the XDL and XDLM devices measure from top to bottom. And that means convenient XRF analysis of non-flat samples – complex shapes are no longer a problem! The top-down approach has another advantage: it makes for easy automated XRF measurements. Equipped with a programmable sample stage, the XDL 240 and XDLM 237 are ideal for scanning surfaces, thus checking the thickness of layers on larger parts or automatically measuring lots of small pieces one after another. As with the XUL series, the ‘M’ in XDLM stands for ‘microfocus

tube’, which delivers precise results even with small measuring spots and thin layers. This means that these XRF devices are particularly well suited for analysing small samples.

Measure Alloy Compositions the Right Way Since 1983, our XRF instruments have been integral in quality testing in almost all major industries. To verify if fasteners have the correct alloy composition needed for longevity under offshore and other harsh environments, the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDLM® is the best choice for non-destructive analysis. For more information, please contact your local FISCHER representative. Telephone: 01386 577370 Visit:




HMG is leading the way with innovative antimicrobial powder coatings for varied surfaces In the post-pandemic landscape, architects, specifiers, and other construction professionals are placing a greater focus on environmental hygiene. Historically, this centred on postmanufacture hygiene measures, like regular hand washing and extensive cleaning routines. Today, a wave of new antimicrobial products is contributing to how we approach the problem offering an added benefit alongside existing hygiene protocols. In this respect, HMG is leading the way. A family-run business with more than 40 years of industry experience, HMG produces innovative antimicrobial powder coatings for varied surfaces. In this article, we examine why built-in antimicrobial product protection is an added benefit to high-touch surfaces and how HMG powder coatings are an additional tool for architects and specifiers working in hygiene-critical environments and public spaces.

Why is antimicrobial product protection important in high-touch surfaces? To help explain why antimicrobial protection in high-touch surfaces is becoming increasingly essential, we will look at several key points.

1. Clean between cleans At the most fundamental level, antimicrobial product protection is beneficial in high-touch areas because it works 24/7. The addition of antimicrobial technology to surfaces complements existing cleaning protocols, reducing the levels of bacteria on a surface around the clock. This ensures surfaces stay clean between cleans and provides antimicrobial product protection that lasts. Antimicrobial technology is not a silver bullet. However, it does play a significant role in improving and maintaining hygiene levels when deployed in conjunction with a regular cleaning routine and traditional hygiene measures.


In HMG coatings, antimicrobial protection is achieved with Polygiene BioMaster™ technology. It has been successfully tested on a host of organisms in more than 2,000 applications and utilises silver ion technology to reduce microbial load. In independent testing, Polygiene BioMaster reduces the levels of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus by up to 99.9% after 24 hours.

2. Microbes impact material performance Antimicrobial product protection is not just concerned with minimising harmful microbes on surfaces. It also contributes to improved material performance. Microorganisms can cause significant damage and premature degradation, affecting a material’s performance and shortening its lifespan. Biodeterioration - the destruction or degradation of materials by biological agents - is an issue for many manufacturers and construction professionals. Clients value long-lasting, high-performance products and manufacturers’ reputations depend on being able to provide them. Integrating antimicrobial technology into materials enables manufacturers to distinguish themselves, illustrate their commitment to innovation, and build and maintain long-term relationships with customers. For instance, microbial degradation of metallic surfaces is a significant concern in the Heating, Ventilation and


Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, as ductwork is particularly prone to problems. Ductwork panels and components treated with HMG coatings benefit from integrated antimicrobial product protection that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, guaranteeing protection between cleans.

3. Targeted hygiene is the way forward. Integrated antimicrobial protection in metal surfaces is critical because we now need to pursue a strategy of targeted hygiene. Targeted hygiene involves focusing our hygiene practices on places and at times when harmful microbes are most likely to cause concern. Targeted hygiene recognises that microbes are concentrated in certain environments. Consequently, reducing opportunities for microbial growth on these surfaces contributes to a more hygienic environment HMG powder coatings facilitate targeted hygiene by embedding antimicrobial product protection into these surfaces and products, reducing the opportunity for microbial growth and making decisive interventions where they have the biggest effect. As a result, the targeted hygiene approach is a more effective, affordable, and sustainable use of resources, working in conjunction with and complementing existing protocols.

4. Architects, specifiers and building materials For architects and specifiers, opting for integrated antimicrobial product protection is becoming increasingly commonplace. The basic materials used to construct buildings and infrastructure often benefit from the addition of antimicrobial technology. From heating and air conditioning

We solve our customers filtration, chemical transfer and treatment needs.

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L SERIES | Medium flow rate filter P SERIES | Ultra-high flow rate filter A SERIES | Mechanical seals pump M SERIES | Magnetic drive pump T SERIES | Vertical pump [...]

L-TECH | Pleated cartridge BAGTECH | Filtration bag QUALITHERM | Extruded cartridge QUALIBOB | Wound cartridge ANODTECH | Anode bag [...]

ACIDPURE | Acid recycling EASYPURE | Fluid recycling IONPURE | Ionic filtration ACIDVAC | Acid draining vacuum EDUCTORS | Bath agitation [...]


ductwork to handrails and public transport upholstery, there is an almost endless array of fascinating use cases Antimicrobial surfaces can be used in a wide range of surfaces and environments, such as public transport, kitchens, healthcare settings, changing rooms, bathrooms and retail environments. While high-touch, high-traffic areas represent the clearest and most compelling opportunities to utilise the technology, they are by no means the only ones. Built-in antimicrobial technology is already being integrated into many surfaces within homes. Whether it is kitchen work surfaces, the paint we use to decorate our homes or bathroom appliances, homeowners understand the benefits of advanced antimicrobial protection and demand its inclusion in their properties. In other words, built-in antimicrobial product protection can become a defining feature of our everyday lives, reducing opportunities for microbial growth on surfaces.

HMG Powder Coatings At HMG, we develop and sell advanced antimicrobial powder coatings that can be applied to various fixtures and fittings, including window frames, door handles and push plates. We specialise in innovative solutions that meet the needs of architects and specifiers. For instance, we offer a corrosion protection coating system for steel substrates and a series of lower curing temperature powder coatings that deliver significant energy savings. HMG powder coatings feature Polygiene BioMaster silver ion technology. Silver ion protection works on three fronts to minimise the growth of bacteria. First, it binds with the bacterial cell wall to impede growth. Second, it restricts enzyme production, affecting energy production within the cell. Finally, it interferes with the cell’s DNA to impair reproduction. This three-pronged approach has proven highly effective in tackling many of the most common bacterial strains.

With more than 40 years of experience in the industrial coatings sector, HMG has established itself as an industry leader and leverages its expertise to continue developing innovative and effective powder coating solutions. To learn more about HMG powder coatings, visit the HMG website or contact the HMG team on +44 (0) 1827 280225.

Detergents for Industrial Parts Cleaning

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Dürr launches new, standardized paint supply station for industrial applications

The EcoSupply2 Core delivers significant time savings on assembly, commissioning, and documentation Dürr’s new EcoSupply2 Core is a modular paint supply station that integrates all the necessary components into a compact design. The spacesaving, easy-to-use system is ideal for all industrial applications where painting happens in a confined space. Certified for the European, US, and Asian markets, the EcoSupply2 Core saves integrators and end customers significant time on engineering, assembly, and commissioning. Once the pre-assembled complete package arrives on site, all that remains is to commission it. The EcoSupply2 Core is ideal wherever machines need a paint supply, be it for the woodworking or construction industries, in injection molding shops, or at automotive suppliers. The system combines multiple products: an agitator, pumps or pressure tanks that transport the paint, filters for material purification, and pressure controllers. In addition, sensors can be installed to display the fill level in the paint drum or lifters for easy drum replacement. “With the EcoSupply2 Core, we developed the first paint supply station as a standard solution that is also highly flexible. With its wide range of individual components, it offers customers 15 individual configuration options,” explains Tom Reiner, a product engineer at Dürr.


Minimal effort during commissioning

Freely selectable components

The EcoSupply2 Core greatly reduces the workload for integrators, since the system only requires bolting to the ground and commissioning before use. As a result, almost all the assembly and engineering work is eliminated. Until now, the integrator had to document both stages. This requirement is no longer necessary, since Dürr provides a declaration of conformity guaranteeing that the customer’s EcoSupply2 Core has undergone a technical inspection.

While pumps, controllers, and tanks are available in various designs, there’s the option to add other components as extras. For example, an agitator, filter, or lifter can be added which raises the pump for changing the paint container. Industrial companies can also utilise the EcoSupply2 Core exclusively as an agitator. When used in this way, a separate station agitates the paint accelerating the paint changing process and minimising production interruptions.

Different designs for different needs

The EcoSupply2 Core is available now.

The EcoSupply2 Core comes in a number of different versions. As the center component of the station, you can choose between a diaphragm pump for the low-pressure range or a piston pump for pressures up to 300 bar, depending on your specific application technology and the paint type being used. Additionally, different flow and return regulators tailored to various flow rates and pressure ranges compatible with these pumps are available. With the paint supply station, Dürr provides pressure tanks that can accommodate volumes of up to 60 liters. When using buckets or drums (30, 60, or 200 liters), the original container directly supplies the paint.




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Teagle Machinery invests £2.75m in new double coating powder facility Established in 1943, British Built Agricultural Machinery supplier, Teagle Machinery, celebrates its 80th year as a market leading manufacturer and global distributor of robust, reliable and precision made products. With a continual investment plan toward product development and manufacturing technology, whilst still holding true to the values of goodhonest customer service, Teagle continues to keep ‘British Built’ Agricultural Machinery at the forefront of the industry. The investment comprised of a large Power and Free conveyor system, an inline automatic shotblast machine, an automatic primer powder booth, automatic top coat booth, off-line touch up powder booth supplied by Gema UK and finally green cure and full cure ovens. In a recent development at Teagle Machinery, Colin Teagle, the Production Planning Director, has provided a comprehensive overview of the strategic investment undertaken in collaboration with Gema. This substantial investment centres around the establishment of a state-of-the-art powder coating paint line. Its implementation represents a pivotal step towards the automation of our production processes, an enhancement of product quality, and a notable reduction in our carbon footprint. During the process of selecting the powder application systems, we conducted an exhaustive market evaluation. After careful consideration, Gema emerged as our chosen partner for this transformative endeavour. Notably, Gema has supplied us with two XXL Magic fast colour change systems, purposefully designed to accommodate our large fabrications. The first booth in this system expertly applies an initial layer of powder primer. This crucial layer contributes significantly to the corrosion protection performance we take great pride in,


the second booth is the top coat system, as pictured. The design of the booths incorporates contouring guns that seamlessly track the underside of our products. This innovative feature dramatically reduces the extent of manual intervention required in the coating process. In our commitment to excellence, we have adopted Gema’s premium marketleading SIT dense phase pump technology. Our confidence in this choice was solidified through rigorous equipment validation at Gema’s headquarters in Switzerland, where we observed impeccable reliability and consistent performance from the pumps. Simultaneously, the top-coat booth within this system is a fast color change system, augmented by Gema’s cutting-edge OptiCenter OC07. This strategic standardisation on premium solutions across both lines offers us unparalleled flexibility in our operations. During a recent visit to Teagle Leon Hogg, General Manager of Gema UK (Pictured right, (Pictured left, with Colin Teagle pictured right) commented around their long-term investment with Gema, ‘It was a great pleasure to work with Colin and the team at Teagle Machinery. We were proud to be selected to deliver this exciting project and delighted to play our part in supporting British manufacturers like Teagle who are investing in the future. The system is extremely comprehensive and utilises many of our latest innovations, it was great to observe the line in full production, the scale is quite immense.’ In summary, the strategic investment in collaboration with Gema signifies a pivotal milestone in Teagle


Machinery’s journey towards enhanced productivity, improved quality, and environmental sustainability. This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to technological innovation and responsible corporate citizenship. For more information on Gema Powder Coating systems please visit email or dial 01202763942

Scan Spray


Dynamic Contour Detection Programming-free coating of any shape! The second generation of Dynamic Contour Detection detects the object contour fully automatic and positions the guns individually even for thin objects and at high conveyor speeds. Due to the programming-free adaption of all relevant line settings the application range is significantly extended.

Gema Europe Srl – UK Branch Tel: 0044 1202 763 942 Email:


Painting the industry green – are sustainable solutions impacting the quality of coatings? Developments surrounding water-based paints have been changing operations across the world of inks and coatings – and as a result, the technology needed to ensure the integrity of the properties and pigments of these paints is facing significant disruption. We’ve been noticing a gradual move away from solvent-based paints for quite some time. And sustainability is only one of the factors leading to this change. The level of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions that come from a lot of solvent-based paints is not only an environmental issue, but a health related one too. A mixture of consumer desire and government legislation is pushing many towards utilizing water-based paints. Now, the industry finds itself in an interesting position. Demand for water-based coatings may be strong, but a desire to retain the durability that comes with solvent-based coatings is equally prevalent. Global packaging, product, and material test and inspection organization Industrial Physics explores the new developments…

Switching from solvents 58

When looking at testing solutions for solvent-based properties, the focus is not necessarily on developing an entirely new method. While a new solution can present itself, most of the time experts are concentrating on outlining a method that can replicate techniques already utilized in existing pieces of equipment created for solvent-based coatings. As you know, solvent-based coatings are generally much more resistant, making them perfect for outside coatings such as wood. And these solutions have tried and tested properties that have been able to stand the test of time. While there are some ways to reduce the amount of solvents and chemicals in these traditional oil-based paints, a lot of manufacturers are opting for a complete shift towards water-based coatings rather than a diluted approach.


Laboratories are consistently experimenting with the mix, the quantity, the percentage of pigments within the coatings, ensuring the viscosity of the paint is as a customer would expect historically – it’s a lot to balance. Essentially, it’s all about meeting customer expectations. For instance, if a customer is used to a certain level of viscosity within their solvent-based paints, water-based paints have to achieve the same results -this is another reason why having a reliable set of viscosity solutions for your specific needs is key.

Get the right mix with Industrial Physics The team at Industrial Physics work with a wealth of R&D laboratories across the world of coatings – we provide the tools to help innovative experts develop solutions that will change the landscape of the industry as we know it while never compromising on quality. To find out more about the solutions we have on offer, visit our website:


Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations Revives Red Massey Ferguson 35X with HMG Paints’ Acrythane SC601 Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations, known for their exceptional craftsmanship in restoring vintage agricultural machinery, has proudly unveiled their latest masterpiece – a stunning restoration of a Red Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power tractor. This remarkable restoration was made possible with the help of HMG Paints’, Acrythane SC601. James Cardus, the skilled artisan behind Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations along with his painter Peter, revived this classic tractor, breathing new life into an iconic piece of agricultural history. With a rich history and a passionate following, the Massey Ferguson 35X tractor deserved nothing but the best in its restoration journey. “We have been using HMG Acrythane SC601 for many years now, we are extremely happy with the excellent finish it produces as standard” commented James. “Even more so our customers love the finish and happy customers are the most important thing for us.” Acrythane SC601, a product from HMG Paints, played a pivotal role in restoring the tractor to its former glory. Acrythane SC601 is a high solids 2K Acrylic cured with isocyanate hardener, known for its outstanding properties, including rapid drying and simplicity of use. The tractor’s striking finish and exceptional durability were made possible



thanks to this popular paint product which is ideal for the ACE (Agricultural and Construction Equipment) and Restoration market places. Not only does Acrythane SC601 provide an impeccable finish, but it also offers excellent protection against harsh weather conditions and atmospheric pollution. Its resilience ensures that the Red Massey Ferguson 35X will retain its beauty and functionality for years to come. HMG Paints takes pride in its commitment to quality, and Acrythane SC601 is no exception. Available in a wide range of sheen level and colours, including 2400 in the ColourBase Colour Box along with other Fleet, RAL & BS and Automotive shades, it empowers craftsmen like James Cardus to bring their visions to life with precision and perfection. “It’s wonderful to see our paint being used on projects like this and brilliant to see the engagement on social media about the project” added Paddy Dyson, HMG Paints Marketing Manager. “To receive over 7000 likes on the teaser picture of the painted bonnet shows just how amazing this project was and passionate the restoration community is. The work James and his painter Peter have done is testament to their attention to detail and we’re delighted he chose Acrythane SC601 as his topcoat of choice.” Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations has garnered a substantial following on social media, with a popular Facebook page ( and a YouTube channel where enthusiasts can witness the transformation of iconic machines like the Red Massey

Ferguson 35X and other famous brands including County, David Brown, Ford and more. In fact, they even restored a blue County 1474 which went on to be sold for £200,000 at auction and was described in the auction catalogue as ‘arguably be one of the best County 1474 restorations ever completed’. This restoration project is a testament to the dedication of Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations and the quality of HMG Paints’ products. Together, they have brought a vintage treasure back to life, capturing the essence of a bygone era and preserving it for future generations to appreciate. For more information about HMG Paints and Acrythane SC601, please visit Acrythane SC601 is available via HMG’s distributors across the UK and Ireland who offer colour matching services and fast delivery services.

Manchester. Working alongside new and long-term customers, HMG are committed to sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction. With over 90 years’ experience in developing innovative coatings, HMG’s portfolio of wet paint and aerosols cover virtually every type of surface imaginable across a whole host of industries including industrial, commercial vehicle, decorative, automotive, protective coatings, defence, toll manufacturing, wood finish and arts & craft. HMG have a drive to set the standards for the industry not just meet them.

HMG Paints Ltd

For more information, please visit or visit to discover decorative paint and inspiration.

HMG Paints Ltd is the UK’s leading independent Paint Manufacturer and a proud, family-owned business situated in

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About Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations, led by James Cardus, is a renowned restoration expert specializing in vintage agricultural machinery. With a passion for preserving the heritage of classic tractors, their work has earned them a loyal following on social media. For the latest projects and updates, visit CVT.RESTORATIONS/ and their YouTube channel.



Surface Finishing is our DNA Mass Finishing Efficient systems engineering and innovative technologies – powerful and economical

Shot Blasting Individual systems engineering and intelligent process solutions – reliable and energy efficient

AM Solutions The full solution provider for 3D post processing equipment and 3D printing services

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New generation of automatic guns for maximum flexibility The new automatic powder guns from WAGNER stand for highest coating results with maximum application efficiency in coating systems (PEA-X1) as well as robot-based production environments (PER-X1). Compared to the previous model, they offer several advantages. With its modular design and the variety of accessories, the new gun family enables a wide field of applications for all kinds of customer requirements. Thanks to their flexibility, the guns ideally meet the high demands of today’s production processes. For example, the basic gun of the PEA-X1 can be combined with a bracket, XL extension or robot adapters. The PER-X1, in turn, can be combined with various robot mounts for single or dual use. Depending on the application, various nozzles are available that are also compatible with the PEM-X1 manual gun that is part of the product family. The new angled nozzles, for example, can be used to reach difficult spots on the workpiece. With the angled adapter, this advantage can be extended even further. Even with

difficult metallic and effect powders, high coating quality can be achieved with the new guns. They are ideal for both single-color and color change systems. For this purpose, they have been optimized, as has the nozzle system, in terms of their color change and cleaning capabilities. The optimized, streamlined design of the CoronaStar provides minimal areas for powder accumulations on the gun body and ensures efficient, automatic blow-off during color change. This way, the guns provide a more stable production process without waste. The improved powder cloud results in thinner, more uniform coating thicknesses. As a result, powder consumption is also significantly lower. In addition, powder accumulations in the nozzle or spitting occurs less frequently - thanks to the improved internal geometry. Already installed systems with the previous WAGNER automatic guns can easily be retrofitted with the new guns. Installation and maintenance is very simple, which reduces service costs. The highly integrative design has made it possible to create a compact and extremely powerful product with the new gun family, which adapts smoothly to the clean world of modern automation landscapes.

PEA-X1 with bracket and XL extension

You can find more information on: industry/products/powder-coating/ product/pea-x1-corona-automaticguns/ industry/products/powder-coating/ product/per-x1-corona-robot-guns/



PER-X1 for robotic applications in exemplary variations


Manual & automatic electrostatic guns • High transfer efficiency with wrap-around effect • Suitable for water-based & solvent-based paint • Excellent finishing results

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Dust Collector Filters, Cartridges and Bags Total Filtration, a Division of the Westbury Group of Filtration Companies is your one stop shop for the manufacture and supply of liquid and dust filters and associated components. Total Filtration is one of the UK’s leading filter manufacturers of filter cartridges, bags and housings with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, at a very competitive price.

Altair Filter Alternative

The company invests in strong relationships with their clients across all industries to provide quality Dust Filter Cartridges.

They are also available in a range of medias.

All our bespoke and alternative cartridges are handmade in the UK using the highest quality media.

Total Filtration manufacture their own range of Goldcone style filters but without the cone.

Some of our popular filters and cartridges include:-

They are available in a length of 1000mm and come in a variety of medias including: Cellulose blend 80/20FR, STD Polyester and A/Stat Polyester.

Airmaster Filter Alternative The Airmaster Dust Filter alternative is a pleated cartridge made in two lengths, 450mm (type 1) and 920mm (type 2). The end caps can be Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel. There are three types of filter available with spun polyester standard, Anti-Static, PTFE media and Anti-Static PTFE.

The Altair dust filter alternative range of cartridge filters are made in several lengths; 600mm, 660mm, 1000mm and 1200mm (Other lengths are available).

Camfil Farr Alternative

Camfil Tenkay Mark 1 to 4 Alternatives They also manufacture a range of Square top filters in both 325mm and 225mm (closed end cap sizes). These are also known as Camfill Farr Tenkay Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4 alternatives. They are available in a choice of lengths and medias. All lengths are also available in the round end cap version.

Dantherm Cartridge Filter Alternative The New ABS Dantherm Cartridge Filter Alternative (also known as an Airmaster, Nederman or Disa Dust Filter Cartridge.) is made of a lightweight strong plastic version of the Type 66,44,40,22 and 20. Also available in carbon impregnated for A/Stat requirements.

Donaldson Siloair Filter Alternative The DCE Torrit Siloair Filter alternatives are perfect for



silo vending machines. The filter is made in three lengths; 565mm, 800mm and 1000mm. They are available in a range of medias including Standard, Anti-Static, PTFE Standard and Anti Static PTFE.

Donaldson TDS Alternative The Donaldson TDS alternatives are available with single or double ended end caps. These cartridges are available in three basic diameters (202mm, 325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths. They are available in different medias however this depends on the application which best suits your needs, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti-static.

Donaldson Torit ECB and DF+ Alternatives The Donaldson TORIT Cartridge Filter alternatives come in two basic diameters (325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths. There are several medias to choose from depending on the application, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti-static.

Donaldson Unicell Alternative Total Filtration manufacture a complete range of Unicell type cartridge filters which include the two size 70mm x 475mm x 1004mm with 5.00M2 and 70mm x 475mm x 800mm with 4.00M2. These two sizes can be made using any of the following filter media: 260g Spunbonded Polyester, Anti-Static finish / Oleophobic coat/ PTFE Coat or Membrane. For more information or advice on filtration please contact the Total Filtration team either by telephone or email. Telephone: +44 (0) 1282 459744 Email: Visit:

Solutions for Parts & Paint Spray gun cleaning

WASHERS Manual | Automatic Our high quality, advanced range of equipment provides the best way to clean paint spray guns or industrial parts. With numerous options, you can be sure that there is a model in our extensive range that meets your cleaning requirements using either solvents or water.

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Specify QUALICOAT for all your architectural aluminium powder coating requirements

• ATEX certified • High quality alloy pumps • Stainless steel construction • Wash cycle controlled by timer • Wash & rinse • Hot water wash • Inbuilt water recycling • Inbuilt solvent recycling • Air extraction • 2 year warranty





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The finer points of fume extraction Some electroplating and metal finishing plant manufacturers do not seem to expound the benefits of fume extraction and scrubbing of the many noxious gaseous by-products released from the surface finishing processes, which could well cause operational and potential health difficulties for the operators. Plastratum, the fastest growing electroplating and Metal Finishing plant supplier in the UK has for many years now been very conscious of the need to manage the fumes from many processes and design safety critical plants both for manual and fully automatic operation.

Manual plants Many examples show just a low level rear mounted plenum chamber which may well reduce the fume generation at a low level but neglect the effect of the warm residual fume generated on

transfer of the components from one processing tank to the next sequential tank. The fume, being usually warm, will rise upwards in an uncontrolled manner and not being managed can be breathed in by the operator. The Plastratum design has always included the provision of a full length rear plenum chamber with upper and lower extraction slots and, where the upper section is angled forward, gives greater benefit to containing the fume and also provides a rub-strip that reduces jig swing for crane suspension if used. The dual overall design provides a greater capture volume and much improved fume containment and can also be augmented by front air sparger tubes, if the process tank front to back dimension is greater than 600mm, to comply with the chemical/ operator exposure levels. With this design the make-up air is from behind the operator thus eliminating possible operator respiratory difficulties.

Automatic plants There are many automatic transporter plants in the industry that do not have integral fume extraction and fume containment canopies. The Plastratum standard scope of supply, where fume is generated, is always to provide a transporter with a fume containment canopy. This enables the fume generated when the components are lifted from the process tank to be contained and managed by downdraft fans that direct the fume downward towards the partial vacuum provided by the fume extraction plenum chambers at each side of the chemical tank. Following the completion of the discharge the



components are transported to the next process. This provision is augmented by the Plastratum differential volumentric fume extraction and tank lid technology which also reduces the volume of fume removal with the benefits of reduced size of scrubbers and fans and a reduction expensive heat removed from the factory. The increased benefit of this provision is that the lids in the vertical position form a funnel with the canopied transporter which provides an even greater fume removal efficiency. This technology allows the lids to be closed and only opened when components enter or leave the process, giving up to 70% reduction in the extraction volume to atmosphere. The volumetric system is balanced by fresh air bypass dampers which allow equivalent volumes of fresh air from outside of the factory directly into the main fume duct with the benefit of a constant pressure and volume to the scrubber systems. Plastratum design, manufature, install and commission both manually operated and fully automatic plant and equipment with fume extraction, effluent treatment systems, rinse water recirculation, D.I water generation, NDT plants, dosing, heating and cooling systems. Due to our continuous product development and in-house design, coupled with a commitment to cost effective quality, technology and technical standards we have secured many total turnkey projects providing major financial benefits for our customers. Owing to increasing production requirements Plastratum has now moved to a new purpose built factory in Minworth, North East Birmingham. Please call us if you have any investment that may well benefit from our extensive expertise. Mike Taylor - Managing Director. Telephone 0121 314 1191 Email Visit:









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Halve your DFT inspection times using the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge with Scan Probe. Surface World - 456 July 23.indd 1

06/07/2023 15:05:38

100 Armoury Road Birmingham 811 2RH


Automated Water & Effluent Ltd trading since 1982 Automated Water & Effluent Ltd started trading in 1982 and has garnered a wealth of experience across a number of sectors. During this time their key belief has remained unchanged - that accurate measurement and precision control is the key to process control, water and effluent treatment. That’s why everything in the Automated Water & Effluent Ltd equipment range from the electrochemical sensors for measuring pH, Redox, Conductivity, to Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity are of the highest quality for precision measurement. Every element from the connecting cables to the amplification within their provided instrumentation is designed to offer linear amplification for accurate representation of your measured value. Automated Water & Effluent Ltd even ensure that every item they sell is

specifically shielded from electromagnetic interference so that it is as accurate in the laboratory as it is operating in the confines of heavy industry. Their control equipment is designed to be robust and offer precision control. When it comes to dosing pumps and solenoid valves they ensure that when required these are able to work with concentrated industrial chemicals. During almost 40 years of trading, Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have built up, through experience, a client base covering Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Process Control in sectors varying from municipal swimming pools, surface treatment and metal finishing, laboratory analysis, hydroponics and growers, ceramics, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, power generation and pulp and packaging.

Reduce Delays Automated Water & Effluent Ltd understand that everyones process is critical - that’s why they try to ensure that every item in their catalogue is available with ex-stock deliveries. Their engineered solutions, designed and customised to your requirements, are always specified with a delivery date agreeable to both parties. They will update you on the progress of your order and ensure that you can visit the factory to test or inspect any equipment prior to shipping.

Ensuring operability Their Service Team has 4 experienced members who are fully qualified for on site work. The team offer commissioning services to ensure that all supplied and installed equipment is calibrated and operating as expected, to ensure that your process gets off without a hitch.



The Service Team also offers ongoing service contracts which ensure that equipment is calibrated and continues to operate as expected. They are also able to offer certificates of calibration, traceable to UK National Standards to ensure that equipment complies with external audits from a number of different manufacturing and water authorities. Their service contracts can also include provisions for emergency call-outs for process critical equipment. The Service Team also offer same day, on the phone, technical support by simply calling the office phone number - 01785 254 597.

The Right Equipment For The Right Process Automated Water & Effluent Ltd’s engineering Sales Team are all experienced in the installation and operation of instrumentation and control equipment. This means that they are experienced in working out the right equipment for your requirements. They are quite aware that sometimes the right pH electrode for a hydroponics application is very different to the right pH probe for a titanium pickling application. The Sales Team are also available to offer a level of customer support for equipment, in the absence of the Service Team, when required.

On Site Manufacturing and Fabrication Finally their Production and Fabrication Team are based on-site. This means that if you need customised solutions from control panels, to enclosures or even custom length dip pH probe assemblies then the Sales Team can liaise with production, at the beginning and during the manufacturing process, to ensure that all your requirements are considered prior to inspection or despatch. For more information telephone 01785 254 597 or email the sales team at Visit:

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd Get in touch for a quote today! Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have been supplying process control equipment to the metal finishing and surface finishing industry.


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We have an in-house team of qualified engineers able to design and build control panels and process equipment specifically to fit your requirements. A wide range of our control instrumentation, dosing pumps and chemical process equipment is available on short delivery. • Custom Designed & Built Control Panels • pH & Redox Controllers & Electrodes • Conductivity Controllers • Liquid Level Controllers • Open Chanel & Magnetic Flow Meters • Data Loggers • Dosing Pumps & Tanks Call today for a quote or to inquire. AWE House, Antom Court, Tollgate Industrial Estate, Stafford, ST16 3AF

01785 254 597

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Gas Process Burners Lanemark gas burner systems offer users reliable, high efficiency, process heating solutions. FD Series Packaged Oven/Dryer Burners Specifically designed for process air heating applications in convection ovens and dryers High turndown/short flame lengths providing accurate process temperature control High efficiency gas + air modulation, gas only modulation and simple high/low control options Heat Input Range: 9 kW – 1550 kW

• • • • FD-C high turndown oven/

FD-E low cost high turndown

dryer air heating burners.

oven/dryer air heating burners.

FD-GA modulating gas + air

TX Series Gas Fired Process Tank Heating Systems High efficiency (80%+) heating of all types of spray and dip process tanks Compact high efficiency small diameter immersion tube heat exchangers occupying minimum tank space Accurate performance modelling using Lanemark TxCalc design software Heat Input Range: 15 kW (1½") – 1150 kW (8")

• • • •

Midco HMA Series Air Replacement or “Make-Up” Air Heating Burners Direct fired, high efficiency burner systems, for high volume air heating applications such as paint spray booths, ovens and dryers. Supplied either as Midco burner heads for OEM system integration or as Lanemark DB or FDB complete packaged systems including modulating gas valve trains and controls Wide range of firing rates to suit alternative temperature rise and air velocity system requirements DbCalc system design software

process air heating burners.

• •

Midco HMA high efficiency,

high turndown, air replacement or “make-up” air heating burners.

TX high efficiency small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems.

Lanemark Combustion Engineering Limited Lanemark House, Whitacre Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6BW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 24 7635 2000 Fax: +44 (0) 24 7634 1166 E-mail:


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The Finishing Industry will Re-connect in Shanghai! 15-17.11.2023 Shanghai • Online Show 1.11-31.12.2023

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

Co-Located Show

Halls E1 & E2

The China International Exhibition for Surface Finishing and Coating Products (SFCHINA2023) SFCHINA2023 will open its gates to visitors once again since our last show being held there in 2019. The show to be held on November 15-17 at the Shanghai New

International Expo Centre (SNIEC) will be joined by over 250 Exhibitors from 16 Countries and Regions. It will be a leading show of its kind not to be missed.

254 Exhibitors from 16 Countries/Regions* 83 New Exhibitors Exhibit Area Exceeds 17,000 sqm Covering 2 Exhibit Zones: Electroplating & Finishing Technology; Coating Applications & Coating Products

* Exhibitor data as of Oct 10, 2023


Booth No.: E1.E01

(852) 2865 0062


BURN OFF OVENS UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER Our Pyrolysis ovens provide you with a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastic, paints and resins Longworth’s pyrolysis & burn off ovens are second to none in design and build quality, built to last and have the latest in technological features. Our ovens provide a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastics, paints and resins from jigs, filters, shelving, food trays, motors, automotive parts and a multitude of other components.

Accreditations BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Call Longworth today for a no obligation meeting on how we can help you and your business

call 01254 680501





High Carbon Steel shot and Grit. Low Carbon Steel Shot and metal Bead Stainless Steel Cr and Cr/Ni.

For all your Shotblasting & Engineering needs.

No 5, Queensway Link Industrial Estate Stafford Park 17, Telford, Shropshire TF3 3DN Tel: 01952 299777 Fax: 01952 299008 E-mail:

Straaltechniek UK Ltd Unit 8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ Tel: 01142 571077 Fax: 01142 571075



AIRLESS SPRAY & COATING EQUIPMENT Scangrit has become one of the leading suppliers of blasting abrasives by meeting the rigorous demands of European Industries. We combine huge resources of skill and expertise to provide you with the widest range of top-performing products, a first-class technical support service and fast reliable deliveries. When you need to take abrasive action, you’ll find Scangrit is a hard act to follow.

Eastfield Road, South Killingholme, N.E. Lincolnshire, UK Tel: +44(0)1469 574715 Fax: +44(0)1469 571644 e-mail:


Modern Coil Type Steam Generators & Fire Tube Boilers • • • • • •

100Kg/h – 25,000Kg/h High efficiency – up to 96% Low overall emissions Improved safety Simplicity of control Quiet, clean & cool in operation

Tel: 020 8953 7111





telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455


Equipment +Chemistry + Support =

Total Cleaning Solutions

✓ Over 50 years expertise ✓ New generation chemistries & equipment ✓ Superior performance & results ✓ FREE audit & trial facilities ✓ Extremely eco-friendly, safe and reliable

Final Cleaning • Spray Wash In-process Cleaning Aqueous Ultrasonics Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines Degreasing • Anodising Chemical Cleaning for MRO Chemical Etching/Milling

01506 443058


telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455

E T 01420 544 909 F 01420 542 264



Do you know what your production line is doing? ORPHEUS DOES

ORPHEUS... Proven Production control software Barcode technology provides TOTAL ORDER TRACKING and TRACEABILITY Interested? Why not give us a call for a demonstration. Mark dimmock Acton Gate Systems Ltd, Essington, Staffordshire

01902 249299














WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING LTD Hot dip galvanizing provides you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products. ✔ 14 plants across the UK ✔ 1.5mm washer to a 29m beam ✔ 24hr turnaround on request ey 8·8` 8·8b

Scan to find your nearest plant 01902 601944 GENERAL


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Over 40 years of effective solutions! We are your natural partner when selecting hanging and masking technology. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of our products or our work! Jason Hardeman, Phone: +44 7500 938 950


telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455







Over 40 years of effective solutions! We are your natural partner when selecting hanging and masking technology. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of our products or our work! Jason Hardeman, Phone: +44 7500 938 950


RDM Industrial Services Ltd Parkfield Industrial Estate Kemp Street Middleton Manchester M24 4AA Tel: 0161 643 9333 Fax: 0161 655 3467 Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units.





Excellent surfaces WAGNER offers a wide range of systems and products for perfect coating solutions in liquid and powder.



Advanced powder coating system technology for greater productivity and operating efficiency delivers top performance at the lowest operating cost. Get in contact today +44.161.498.1500

Performance by design


Your global partner for high quality powder coating



telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455


Aluminium Anodizing

7 Ravenswood Drive, Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5AJ TEL: 01204 495818 EMAIL:

Chemetall’s Anodizing Technology.

PRODUCT RANGE METACLEAN AL Powder and liquid alkali cleaners for spray and immersion degreasing

METPHOS CL Single stage degrease phosphates for use at ambient temperatures

METACLEAN DR Acid based materials for etching derusting and descaling applications

METSOL PT A wide range of environmentally friendly materials for wipe on degreasing applications

PHOSGUARD LW Lightweight Iron and Zirconium Phosphates pretreatments for use prior to painting


PHOSGUARD ZP Zinc Phosphates prior to rust proofing and painting PHOSGUARD NC Non Chromate conversion coatings for aluminium

STRIPSOL PS Paint and powder coating strippers covering a wide range of applications METSOL SD Single stage low temperature degreasers for use in vapour degrease plants DESOL PW Panel wipes and pretreatment wipes

We supply automatic dosing equipment, spray nozzles and standpipe fittings for pretreatment plants and powder coating equipment parts




Gema Europe SRL UK Branch

Booths & Systems

Tel: 0044 1202 763942

Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd.

Tel. 01327 368410








RDM Industrial Services Ltd Parkfield Industrial Estate Kemp Street Middleton Manchester M24 4AA Tel: 0161 643 9333 Fax: 0161 655 3467 Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units.



SPRAY WASH Equipment +Chemistry + Support =

Total Cleaning Solutions

Final Cleaning • Spray Wash In-process Cleaning Aqueous Ultrasonics Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines Degreasing • Anodising Chemical Cleaning for MRO Chemical Etching/Milling E T 01420 544 909 F 01420 542 264

✓ Over 50 years expertise ✓ New generation chemistries & equipment ✓ Superior performance & results ✓ FREE audit & trial facilities ✓ Extremely eco-friendly, safe and reliable

01506 443058


S l Solvent t & Water W t Washers W h Manual | Automatic e: info@solutex co uk t: 01691 622 225 ULTRASONIC


Final Cleaning • Spray Wash In-process Cleaning Aqueous Ultrasonics Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines Degreasing • Anodising Chemical Cleaning for MRO Chemical Etching/Milling E T 01420 544 909 F 01420 542 264 OCTOBER 2023





Thermal Fluid Heating

Fume Extraction

Effluent Treatment

TEL: +44 (0) 121 314 1191

DI Water Generation Plastratum Ltd 100 Armoury Road Birmingham B11 2RH


Technology now for the future • • • • • • • • •

Up to 50% energy savings Compact size Easy & safe to use Works up to 350°C Low exhaust emissions High efficiency Requires no specialist knowledge Corrosion free operation No chemical treatment

Tel: 020 8953 7111







Thermal Insulation Spheres

Experienced Engineers After sales technical support Nationwide deliveries

Sharmic Engineering Ltd Telephone: +44 (0)1299 822135 or +44 (0) 1299 878123/4/5 Email:

Frogspawn™ by Manufacturing in the UK since 1957


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To advertise in these pages under an existing or heading of your own choice please call Nigel on 01442 826826 or email

Straaltechniek UK Limited

8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ, United Kingdom

Table Wheel Blasting Machines

Air Blast Hand Cabinets

• Work zone mm; 1803 Dia x 1500 H

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 900W x 600D x 350H

• Work zone mm; 2743 Dia x 400 H • Work zone mm; 1500 Dia x 1000 H • Work zone mm; 1000 Dia x 400 H • Work zone mm; 1200 Dia x 1200 H • Work zone mm; 1100 Dia x 500 H

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H • Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

Tumblast Wheel Machines

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Rubber Belt Volume Litre; 420 Litre

• Type; Suction Work Zone mm; 700W x 500D x400H

• Type; Steel Volume Litre; 425 Litre

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 800 Dia Turntable

• Type; Rubber Belt Volume Litre; 50 Litre

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 500 Dia Basket

• Type; Rubber Belt Volume Litre; 150 Litre Belt

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 1200 x 750 x400

• Type; Rubber Belt Volume Litre; 170 Litre Belt

• Type; Suction Work Zone mm; 700W x600D x300H

• Type; Rubber Belt Volume Litre; 180 Litre Belt

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 600W x 500D x 400H

• Type; Rubber Belt Volume Litre; 80 Litre Belt

• Type; Pressure Work Zone mm; 1400W x 700D x 600H

Hook Wheel Machines

Blast Rooms

• Type; I Track Work Zone mm; 1800 Dia x 1800L

• Work Zone mm; 4000L x 2000W x 2000H Type; Room Abrasive Recovery; Waffle Floor

• Type; Y Track Work Zone mm; 1500 Dia x 1700L • Type; Y Track Work Zone mm; 800 Dia x 1200L • Type; Y Track Work Zone mm; 1100 Dia x 1600L Roller Conveyor Wheel Machines • Type; Roller Conveyor Work Zone mm; 1000 x 500 Wheel No; 4

• Work Zone mm; 4000L x 2000W x 2000H Type; Room Abrasive Recovery; Waffle Floor • Work Zone mm; 20ft x 8ft x 8ft Type; Container Abrasive Recovery; Sweep Up • Work Zone mm; 20ft Dust Filters • Various Types & Sizes

For more information please contact: | Jay Dorling | Sales Director | Mob: 07872 599925 | DD: 0114 2571077 | Web: |

Just Clever Chemicals

No Water. No Gas. Reduced Carbon Footprint.

1000+ hours salt spray protection

With an estimated 30% rise in gas prices, can your company afford not to switch to our ambient, one stage pretreatment technology?

No water required - no sludge produced

Our ambient temperature one stage processing system requires no heating and therefore no gas.

Ambient processing - no gas required

Additional benefits when switching include: better corrosion protection, savings in water, and savings in extra labour costs. Customers who switch from their standard three stage phosphating plant to our innovative one stage Toran 3 technology reduce their overall costs by 23% annually. Contact Metavate to help your business move forward. Phone: 01926 494126 Email: Website:


No flash rust for 6 months on treated-metal prior to painting

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