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1 APRIL 2023 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT All that glitters is not gold. 2 INDUSTRY NEWS Maintaining the Architectural Powder Coating Colour. 6 HMG renew technical partnership with Prodrive. 12 Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF. 14 SMC marks 20-year MecWash partnership with new order. 16 Galvanizing Steel as the Sustainable Choice. 18 BCF advocates for recruiting apprentices for the next generation of industry. 22 SURFACE WORLD 2023 Trade shows can be a vital business platform for companies. 24 PUMPS & FILTRATION Dust Collector Filters, Cartridges and Bags. 28 Celebrating over 20 Years supplying products to the UK surface treatment industry. 30 WATER & EFFLUENT TREATMENT Pure water for a perfect powder coat. 32 IONPURE™ from SIEBEC UK continuously eliminates metals polluting the chromium (III) baths in order to guarantee optimal concentration and constant parts quality. 36 Rainwater Harvesting: An investment not to be missed. 38 Automated Water & Effluent Ltd trading since 1982. 40 TESTING & MEASUREMENT Comply with standards for coating thickness inside storage tanks. 42 PAINT & POWDER Sheffield based Welbilt invests in a new automated world class coating facility from GEMA UK. 46 New generation of automation guns for maximum flexibility. 50 ELECTROPLATING, ANODISING & GALVANIZING Galvanizers Accelerate Restoration Project. 52 PRE-TREATMENT, SURFACE PREPARATION, DEGREASING & CLEANING Shot Blast, Shot Peen - The Next Level! 54 Aqueous and Solvent Cleaning: Partners in Cleaning Technology. 58 Perfect paint preparation of agricultural equipment components. 60 Cleaner components and greener credentials. 63 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS 65 RECRUITMENT 72
your APRIL 2023 VOLUME 30 NUMBER 4
architectural aluminium powder coating requirements

All that glitters is not gold

In recent years, technological advances in the manufacture of powder coatings have made it possible to incorporate new pigments with a wide range of metallic effects that have led the offer of these products competing with the state-of-the-art liquid finishes.

The latest bonding technologies, a process through which metallic effect pigments are bonded to powder particles, make it possible to increase the percentage of pigments, pearlescent or metallic, reaching levels of finishes that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

At Adapta, always focused on the market of special products and functional paints, the continuous improvement of metallic effect finishes, both in its formulations and in its production processes, has been one of our main strategic commitments. We currently have a highly trained team for the control and execution of these processes that, combined with a strict policy of invariability in the allocation of products to mixers, enables us to achieve great homogeneity in each batch and a very high degree of colour reproducibility between production orders.

The latest evolutions of our ADAPTA BONDING SYSTEM technology, as a response to the increasingly demanding levels of metallic effect finishes by some of our most innovative customers, have led us to achieve levels of bonding close to 100%. It should be noted that some metallic effects or counter types of paints already developed are incompatible with high levels of bonding, such as sparkle finishes, i.e., those that incorporate large metallic effect particles.

The current market trend, where these metallic effect finishes are increasingly in demand, means that it is also becoming more and more common to find product proposals that ensure they are bonded. Both simple dry mixing and the most evolved processes of particle incorporation give the powder coating the adjective “bonded”, so the differentiating, or critical, aspect when purchasing this type of product is the percentage of metallic effect particles that have managed to adhere to the powder particles.

Powder particle with bonded blue aluminium particles

The images above show the different degree of bonding of the same product with different parameters in the bonding process. In the image on the right, it can be seen that the product with the highest degree of bonding has powder particles with more rounded edges due to the particle incorporation process. Unfortunately, this is only visible under a microscope, so an easy way to check the degree of bonding is to look at the transparency of the plastic bag containing the product. A low degree of bonding causes the metallic effect particles that are not adhered to the paint particles to cling to the bag, making it less transparent.

for example, small differences in electrostatic charge between the spray guns.

In the application, a high degree of bonding allows a more stable flow and avoids the accumulation of metallic particles on the electrode, thus eliminating possible surface defects on the parts when they are sprayed. The technology of the application equipment has also evolved in recent years in parallel with the metallic effect coatings, therefore, its updating and correct maintenance will allow us to obtain better results.

The reliability that comes from using a product with technical characteristics with narrow quality ranges translates into an improvement in productivity by allowing a greater number of recoveries in the application process and a higher transfer ratio between the projection and the part.

Adapta Bonding System has achieved an optimal combination of three key aspects of this type of coating: colour, application and reliability, which places us at the forefront of the powder coating industry.

In terms of colour, our process provides optimum consistency in appearance (colour-effect) with different application parameters in the equipment and processes. In other words, the shades or colours of the product are more stable because the range of tolerance to variations in the application conditions of the equipment is greater,

The use of a product with a high degree of bonding does not guarantee that the desired colour or shades will be obtained. There are various factors that can cause changes in the appearance-colour of metallic appearance powder coatings, such as: application voltage (Kv), amperage limitation (µA), distance between spray guns and parts to be coated, thickness deposited, type of equipment and installations, etc. Therefore, in addition to the use of a powder with a high degree of bonding such as those manufactured under the latest ADAPTA Bonding System technology, we invite you to always observe the following recommendations:

Paint batch. To achieve uniformity of the colour effect, we also strongly recommend using a single batch to cover the entire job. Given the correlation between the conditions, parameters and manner of application, and the colour, appearance and finish of the products, we strongly recommend prototyping and industrial application at your premises to check the result, colour accuracy and reproduction.

3 APRIL 2023
Image capture at 1280x magnification on our laboratory video microscope.
Technology Recirculation 1 Recirculation 2 Recirculation 3 Inc. Normal Dry Blend ��= -1.98 ��= -3.21 ��= -3.82 ADAPTA Bonding System ��= -0.22 ��= -0.35 ��= -0.84
Bags containing the same product. On the left is a low degree of bonding, which causes the metallic effect particle, not bonded to the powder, to pigment the plastic. On the right is a product with a high degree of bonding where the effect particles are integrated with the powder particles, giving the impression that it is another product. (*) TEST PERFORMED ON A TGIC FREE POLYESTER WITH METALLISED EFFECT (9006)

Hanging. To avoid chromatic differences caused by the reflection of colours, especially in the case of mottled, metallic and/or transparent products, the elements should be hung in the same direction during their application as when they are assembled on site. It is recommended to use a part detection system to switch the spray guns on and off if there are large gaps between frames or parts.

Voltage. To avoid particle separation, we recommend applying with electrostatic voltages higher than 70 kV. Ideally, the maximum voltage of the equipment can be used to ensure a homogeneous transfer.

Distance to the part. To avoid electrostatic repulsion phenomena caused by retro-ionisation, it is necessary to maintain the appropriate distance to achieve a good application (minimum 30 cm from spray gun to part).

Contacts. Contacts with the part to be painted must be as clean as possible in order to maintain a good conductivity up to the chain. When using products formulated with pearlescent pigments, special care must be taken to ensure a good earthing system.

Pressures. A slightly higher than normal air pressure will favour the cleaning of the spray head and will avoid the formation of bubbles due to accumulation in the nozzles. The powder pressure can be adapted to the surface to be painted, bearing in mind that the higher the powder pressure, the less electrostatic charge is released.

Nozzles. A mushroom nozzle will be more useful for painting flat parts, whereas flat spray nozzles give better results when coating angles and profiles.

Spray guns. The most modern equipment with self-cleaning heads and free ion capturing devices (SuperCorona) can give better results.

Booths and cyclones. The recovery of metallic paints is not always possible and depends on the type of booth, the geometry and efficiency of the cyclone and, of course, the type of part to be painted. If we paint sheet metal, we will have a transfer of 70-80%, whereas if they are tubes, we can have 25-30% with the consequent increase of recycling cycles and the corresponding loss of particle.

Tanks. It is preferable to apply from fluidised bed tanks rather than directly from the container. Always maintain the highest possible proportion of pure powder.

For more information about ADAPTA Powder Coatings please visit:

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Maintaining the Architectural Powder Coating Colour


As with any applied finish exposed to British weather, it is important that a maintenance regime is put in place to keep it performing and looking well for many years. If neglected, over time atmospheric pollutants are deposited on the surface of finishes and if not removed, these pollutants can affect the colour and surface finish. So what should we be specifying by way of finish and maintenance?

Aluminium window and facade longevity starts with a high quality aluminium substrate pretreatment followed by a quality powder coat finish as provided by a licensed QUALICOAT applicator. Often overlooked in the specification process, the pretreatment of the aluminium substrate is crucial as this

process needs to completely seal the surface of the aluminium, whilst offering a good key for the powder coating to adhere to. Despite the powder coating being of a consistent thickness, powder coatings are air permeable and if the pretreatment is poorly applied or non-existent, oxidisation of the aluminium substrate

over time will cause the finish to lift. QUALICOAT UK & Ireland applicators are routinely inspected by independent test house IFO to ensure the latest QUALICOAT specification is being adhered to which ensures that a robust consistent pretreatment is applied.

Prior to handover of any new installation or building, coated aluminium fenestration will be cleaned down professionally and checked to ensure that the finish is not damaged. It is crucial to have any areas of impact or abrasion damage professionally repaired to ensure a valid warranty is offered across the whole installation. During cleaning, all the protective tape must be removed from the inside and outside of powder coated surfaces as if this is left on for an extensive time, the tape’s low-tack adhesive can often degrade, especially in UV light, and become firmly attached to the powder coating.

Once handed over to the client, in normal use such as in cities, the powder coat finish should simply be

Typical powder coated window installation
EASY OPERATION . DOUBLE PRODUCTIVITY. SuperCenter EVO Powder preparation & supply center • Ideal for frequent & fast color changes • High degree of automation for optimum efficiency • Double-designed fresh powder station for increased productivity Contact Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd a Member of WAGNER GROUP Telephone: 01327 368410

washed down at yearly intervals with clean water or with a ph neutral mild detergent solution in water. This should be enough to protect the visible surface of the powder coat for many years and can simply be done during the cleaning of windows. The powder coat finish wash down is especially important where squeegee bars are used to clean the glass, as their use tends to place the residue of the airborne contaminants directly on the powder coated frame which may begin to etch into the surface finish of the coating. During maintenance, window cleaners must ensure that all powder coated surfaces are wiped clear of glass cleaning residue. Whilst the original colour of the

powder coating can be affected over time by contaminants in the atmosphere, we also need to consider UV degradation. Ultra violet light can fade rich colours, especially rich bold red’s and blue’s. UV exposure can also finish gloss levels.

Elevations exposed to sunshine and effected by UV degradation can display a surface ‘chalking’, which is appears as a whitening of the surface. Chalking is caused by UV radiation which brings the binder in the powder coat to the surface and is not an indication that the powder coating has failed but is an indication that cleaning has been neglected. Again, regular cleaning cycles should keep any chalking to a minimum. Should a

product or facade be allowed to fall into this state, there are specialist cleaning companies who should be able to clean and restore the facade to its original colour.

Powders can be supplied in various grades of durability to suit a project application. Premium powder compositions use more expensive and robust materials to offer life expectancies well beyond thirty years and often similar life expectancy of the building itself. QUALICOAT has created quantifiable performance classifications for architectural organic coatings. In Europe there are three distinct classes of performanceClasses One, Two & Three.

The key parameter to distinguish the performance of these classes is their ‘weathering’ ability. That is to say, the ability to maintain a consistent colour and gloss level over time. To ‘weather’ well, the organic coating must resist the deleterious affects of Light (in particular UVa & UVb), temperature and humidity. The globally accepted method for this ‘natural weathering’ test is conducted in Florida, USA. Sample panels are set for external exposure at a given angle 5° South. Powders are then classified over time exposure on a given scale. In the UK the standard class used is ‘Class One’ for most installations, but where prestigious buildings are being constructed, a more robust ‘Class Two’ is being specified on a growing number of specifications.

On new and refurbished commercial building projects, powder coated facades will always be accompanied with a cleaning and maintenance regime from the company who coated the aluminium profiles. These will offer a minimum cleaning regime which will need to be adhered to as well as being regularly recorded. This will ensure the coated finish is maintained within the applicators warranty and will help, should there be any claim in the future. Warranties offers vary in length and are dependent on the powder coat finish used and the location of the installation. For example, where the coating is close to the sea, a marine grade or QUALICOAT ‘Seaside’ specification for the coating should be specified and the cleaning regime will often be increased to at least three monthly intervals as the atmosphere is more corrosive.

8 APRIL 2023
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Crucial to any maintenance regime is preventative maintenance and powder coating is no exception, if the coating has become damaged, exposing the aluminium, it should be repaired as soon as possible. For repair, either contact the original coater, or approach any QUALICOAT approved applicator who can normally offer guidance.

To determine the best specification for any given project, a call through to a QUALICOAT licensed applicator should assist any specifier.

QUALICOAT UK & Ireland offer a basic guide which can be downloaded from their website. This can be referred to as where the original maintenance information has been mislaid and not available to refer to.

The current QUALICOAT Specification is freely available for download via the Association’s website, and offers an up-to-date list of licensed UK and Ireland Powder Suppliers, Pretreatment Suppliers and Applicators.

Telephone support is available from QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Head Office in Birmingham on 0330 236 2800,

the Association can also be followed on Twitter @Qualicoatuki. Visit:

Poor pretreatment of aluminium

HMG renew technical partnership with Prodrive

After a decade of success, HMG Paints, the UK’s leading independent paint manufacturer, has renewed its Technical Partnership with Prodrive, one of the world’s largest and most successful motorsport and technology businesses based in Banbury, UK.

The partnership, which began in 2013, has seen HMG’s range of paints and coatings appear on a number of iconic cars built and run by Prodrive in several global racing series and FIA World Championships. The most prestigious of which was the team’s win at 88th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance event in 2020 with Aston Martin Racing. The team’s cars use HMG’s Acrythane 4GTE paint system, and a colour developed by the HMG Advanced Colour Design Team.

“We’re delighted to be renewing our technical partnership with Prodrive,” comments Paddy Dyson, HMG Marketing Manager. “The last decade has created some very special memories and we’ve been so proud to see our paints at such iconic events including 24 Hours of Le Mans, Six Hours of Spa and even the X-Games.”

12 APRIL 2023

Even though Prodrive is renowned for running successful global motorsport programmes, including leading the 2023 FIA World Rally-Raid Championship (W2RC) with its Bahrain Raid Xtreme Team, and winning the 1995 World Rally [Drivers’] Championship with Colin McRae behind the wheel of the iconic blue Subaru Impreza 555, the new partnership will also see HMG support Prodrive in other areas of its business.

For almost four decades the Prodrive group of technology and design companies has also showcased its skills and agile approach to developing innovative engineering solutions in the automotive, aerospace, defence, and marine sectors alongside the design and manufacture of advanced lightweight composites.

“Prodrive’s enduring success has been based upon long term partnerships across all aspects of our business, and we are therefore delighted to be entering a second decade of collaboration with HMG who, for the last 10 years, have supported not only

our motorsport programmes but also the development of our facilities. We look forward to many more years of success together,” added Richard Taylor, Business Development Director (Motorsport) at Prodrive.

The manufacturer’s latest endeavour in both motorsport and automotive sectors, is the Prodrive Hunter Hypercar. A 600 bhp, four-wheel drive all-terrain adventure vehicle with unrivalled ability and performance across any landscape, the Prodrive

Hunter road legal model was born out of the Bahrain Raid Xtreme racing team competition vehicle. The race car, with its striking red and white painted livery, is driven by nine-time World Champion, Sebastien Loeb, in the toughest motorsport series, the W2RC, which includes the notoriously dangerous and challenging Dakar Rally as one of its race events.

For more information visit

Become an Acknowledged Leader in Surface Engineering and Materials Finishing: Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF

Are you involved with the application of coatings to enhance and protect your products? Do you need to meet client specifications to ensure the longevity of your components? Does the complex world of surface engineering and materials finishing cause you headaches?

If so, the courses offered by the Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF) could be your solution!

The IMF have been promoting knowledge in the surface finishing industries, both inorganic surface treatments including plating and the application of organic paints, lacquers and varnishes for many years. Large numbers of engineers and technicians across a multitude of industries have benefitted from the knowledge gained to enhance their careers, their standing within industry and the ability to

problem solve the many challenges they face in their daily working lives!

Starting with the Foundation level course, students gain knowledge on all aspects of materials finishing, specifically aimed at their own industry requirements, but to include sections on Health & Safety, the Environment and Surface Finishing and Corrosion Protection. There is no need for a

science background to be able to successfully complete a foundation course.

The Foundation Course requires study of 15 sections and requires the submission of 2 marked assignments followed by an end examination. The course, conducted by distance learning will take 16 weeks to complete. There are three specific study routes to choose from; electroplating, organic coatings and aerospace finishing. On successful completion, the student is awarded the Foundation Certificate. To follow on, students can then elect to progress to the Technician level modules, which give more in-depth knowledge for key finishing technologies, their application and best practice methods. Again, both inorganic and organic technologies can be studied to match the industry requirements. There is a choice of eight modules, which provide study in applicable areas of surface finishing best matched to your needs.

Like the Foundation course, study is by distance learning, and the student is required to complete four marked assignments and pass an examination. Passing two technician modules leads to the award of Technician Certificate; passing four modules leads to the award of an Advanced Technician Certificate.

If you feel your career could benefit from being a recognised specialist in your particular branch of Surface Engineering or Materials Finishing, then contact the IMF today. Speak with our training manager Karen Yates on +44 (0)121 622 7287 or e-mail at

Move your career to the next level and join the finishing community and all the benefits that gives through the IMF.












SMC marks 20-year MecWash partnership with new order

MecWash Systems of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, has been selected by its longstanding partner, SMC UK, to build a powerful and bespoke MWX400 parts washing machine to meet their stringent precision cleaning standards.

SMC UK has been working with MecWash for over two decades, purchasing their original machine parts washing system in 2001.

Paul Jarratt, sales manager at MecWash, said: “We were delighted SMC UK recognise the value in the results and service that MecWash had provided over the years.”

The initial machine that SMC UK bought was the Midi 400, specifically designed to clean the complex and intricate parts manufactured by SMC UK. The processes included flood and spray wash, flood

and spray rinse, hot air drying and the final stage of vacuum drying. The team at SMC UK used a separate ultrasonic system to unsettle the contamination on the components. The Midi was recommended to the team at SMC UK because to its reliability and effectiveness at cleaning hydraulic and pneumatic systems, designed to clean complex shapes of fixtures and parts.

SMC UK is a Japanese company with over 40 years of trading in the UK and is a global market leader in the manufacturing of automation components. SMC UK is also the main supplier of pneumatic components for MecWash machines and operates from a 14 acre production facility and offices located in Milton Keynes.

With significant growth and an increased volume of components that require cleaning, SMC UK wanted to upgrade the parts washing process to improve efficiency . Paul Jarratt spoke at length with Sam Culley, production engineer at SMC, to understand the requirements and eventually recommended the MWX400 as the solution.

Paul Jarratt comments: “The MWX is the successor to the Midi, therefore it was the natural choice, as the Midi had been so successful at SMC UK. The technology of MecWash machines has evolved significantly since 2001, so it was important to fully understand the requirements of SMC UK , to create the optimum parts washing process.”

Following Paul’s advice, SMC UK purchased the MWX400 which combines ultrasonics with immersion and high flow washing, rinsing, dedicated jetting and vacuum drying; providing the highest quality of component cleaning and drying in the industrial parts washing market.

Stuart Knox, production engineering manager at SMC UK, added, “The Midi system was very effective over a long period, and the service and maintenance from the team at MecWash had been consistently excellent. Speaking with Paul, the MWX was the most appropriate choice.’

“An important aspect of the purchase was the ultrasonic options of the MWX400. The incorporated double ultrasonics process vastly improved the speed and cleanliness in key areas,” said Stuart.

The double ultrasonics work at frequencies of 40khz and 25khz. The latter is the most common frequency used in industrial applications, and the most powerful. The lower frequencies create bigger bubbles with a bigger bang on implosion. Higher frequencies, including 40 kHz, are more effective for targeting the smaller particles. Together, these frequencies combine to achieve high cleanliness by loosening the most tenacious of contaminations within the components.

SMC UK also added the Aqua-Save option to the MWX400 to reduce water consumption. Aqua-Save is a wash water recycling system that helps to maintain pristine washing, rinse quality and reduce the need for water changes and effluent disposal, making

16 APRIL 2023

the cycle more efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound.

MecWash machines are some of the most advanced, connected parts washing systems in the world. The connectivity within the MWX400 facilitates remote servicing, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, maintenance and management. This offered SMC UK new ability to programme and monitor the washing process.

Stuart Knox continued: “The HumanMachine Interface (HMI) process has hugely improved our ability to


programme the modification of the washing cycles. Now, we have the options of having 25 programme slots instead of five, as well as a maintenance I/O override.”

John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, commented: “Since the original purchase by SMC UK, the technological capabilities of our systems have greatly progressed. The connectivity system is built around a host of sensors covering pressures, temperature, flow, energy usage, proximity and vibration that provide the ability to monitor the condition of

the machine including fault diagnosis, and are capable of being remotely serviced.

“The pneumatics we buy from SMC are critical for our machines and to have SMC return to MecWash to buy another machine is fantastic news. Repeat business, especially over the course of decades, shows a MecWash customer is one for life. This is a key aspect of the MecWash approach that we are very proud of,” said John.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1684 271600



Galvanizing Steel as the Sustainable Choice

As the world’s most recycled material, steel is at the core of a more sustainable economy. Much is being done industry-wide to ensure the manufacturing, treatment, and use of steel is kinder to our planet. And as the main material used in delivering renewable energy (solar, tidal, geothermal, and wind), it’s a real front-runner in achieving a sustainable future.

With an ever-increasing focus and awareness on sustainability – for businesses, communities, and individuals – it’s important that the finish can also keep pace with everchanging demands, offering the same sustainability claims, and that it doesn’t undo all of the progress that the industry has been striving to achieve to date. Since the introduction of galvanizing in the mid-1700s, it’s long become the finish of choice for many due to its ability to offer long-term protection against rust and corrosion, as well as its green properties and process.

Andy Harrison, Sales and Marketing Director at Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the UK’s largest hot dip galvanizing organisation, explains what galvanizing is, why it continues to be one of the greenest protective steel coatings, and the industry advancements that are ensuring it progresses with the times.

“Used across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, construction, and automotive, as well as by many artists, architects, and sculptors, hot dip galvanizing essentially protects steel objects from rust. The steel object – anything from large-scale steel infrastructure

components through to small nuts and bolts – is completely immersed in a bath of molten zinc at temperatures of around 450°C, allowing a metallurgic bonded coating to be formed.

“Galvanizing is inherently sustainable thanks to its process, the resources used, and also the longevity it provides to the steel. And together, it allows for a low-maintenance, long-lasting, low whole-of-life costing material that is strong, durable and can be utilised for a variety of purposes.


Galvanizing offers long-term protection of up to 70 years – longer if in the right conditions. Over the years, the coating will continue to remain effective, and unlike other finishes, reduces the requirement for ongoing maintenance, meaning it’s also a cost-effective option.

Coating Toughness

Galvanizing is unique. The hot dip process produces a coating which is bonded metallurgically to the steel. No other coating process has this feature and, as a result, galvanized steel has by far the greatest resistance to

18 APRIL 2023
Innovation in Thru-Process Automotive Paint Monitoring Safe ATEX Certified Temperature Profiling New Optic Video Profiling System Intrinsically Safe • 20 measurement channels • Paint & Powder coating • Includes Phoenix Factor cure index calculation During Production • Detect paint runs, drips and defects • Spot transport problems • Identify oven damage Phoenix Temperature Measurement T:01353223100

mechanical damage during handling, storage, transport and construction – an important factor where steelwork is to be shipped around the world.

Reduced Waste

Zinc is non-ferrous, which means that any leftover in the galvanizing bath can be used again, without any impact to its physical or chemical properties. Not only does this reduce the amount of wasted resources, but it also ensures that plant productivity and efficiency is high.


Once galvanized, the life cycle of the steel isn’t harmed or broken, instead it can still be recycled. Or, it can be cleaned down and used again.

“The UK Environmental Act includes provisions that require manufacturers to pay the full net cost of managing specified products and materials at its end of life, to incentivise more sustainable use of resources. But otherwise, there’s little legislation or industry standards regarding sustainability.”

That said, Wedge Group Galvanizing is

continually and proactively making improvements to enhance the overall running of the business and implement practices to ensure they’re as sustainable as possible. They’ve continued to innovate and invest across the board to ensure that they continue to meet customer requirements and demands for both sustainability and quality.

Over the past 12 months alone, two of its 14 nationwide plants have received significant investment to upgrade equipment and ensure they’re fit for the future. The renovations have seen major improvements to processing lines, a new de-grease tank, acid tanks and water rinse system, all of which will help to speed up production, improve the efficiency of the plants, as well as increase their sustainability credentials.

In efforts to further reduce waste and promote better use of resources, a bespoke rainwater collection and harvesting system has been implemented across a majority of Wedge’s plants. The rainwater is stored on-site through gutters and tanks, before being recycled back into the

galvanizing process. Another example is the re-use of ‘waste’ heat created by the furnaces – to combat this, all plants have installed heat exchanger units to transfer the heat for use in pre-flux and de-grease tanks to improve their overall fuel efficiency and performance.

About Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd

Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd is one of the largest hot dip galvanizing organisations in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically placed across the country, they offer a truly national galvanizing service.

For further information

please contact Wedge Group

Galvanizing on 01902 630311 or visit

References: steel-industry-facts get-act-environment-act-2021

Our high quality, advanced range of equipment provides the best way to clean paint spray guns or industrial parts. With numerous options, you can be sure that there is a model in our extensive range that meets your cleaning requirements using either solvents or water.

Hot dip galvanizing provides you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products.

With 14 plants across the UK, Wedge Group

Galvanizing is the UK’s largest hot dip galvanizing organisation offering a national service, collection and delivery and 24hr turnaround on request. The group can process anything from small components to 29m structural beams.

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ SO 9001 Quality Management FM 00382 E: T: 01902 601944
WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner Solutions for Parts & Paint Spray gun cleaning WASHERS ASK FOR A FREE QUOTE Manual | Automatic
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BCF advocates for recruiting apprentices for the next generation of industry

the British Coatings Federation (BCF) are encouraging coatings employers to take advantage of the wide range of apprenticeships available to help recruit the next generation of talent into a career in the coatings industry.

Apprenticeships are a great way of equipping young professionals with the skills to set them up for a career in their chosen industry. BCF’s Apprenticeship Service can help paints, inks and wallcoverings companies find and hire new apprentices across all disciplines and functions and can also help larger coatings and printing ink companies spend their UK Apprenticeship Levy funds. The service has been purposebuilt for BCF Members by the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). There are around 600 available apprenticeship programmes in England, and with at least 95% of the training costs being funded by the government, apprenticeships are a cost-effective way of developing the knowledge and skills of the workforce.

The ATA can work with employers to put individuals through apprenticeships or whole teams. For any department that they have within your business, there will

be a range of relevant apprenticeship programmes at appropriate levels to suit all members of staff, regardless of experience. Some examples of the departments that businesses may have could include:

Accounts and Finance


Sales, Marketing & Procurement Administration and Customer Service

IT and Cyber Security


The services provided by the ATA are available for both small and large organisations, and the service will be tailored to suit the business’s specific needs. Employers will have direct access to a designated account manager who will be able to answer any questions they have and provide support whenever they need it.

Employers can also take advantage of BCF’s agreement with Tiro, a specialist trainer provider for science and

technology apprenticeships, which will also give funding for the BCF’s Coatings Training Institute courses. Tiro’s level 3 Laboratory Technician and Science Manufacturing Technician apprenticeships will both utilise six modules from the Coatings Training Institute as the knowledge element of the apprenticeship.

Tom Bowtell, CEO of the British Coatings Federation, commented:

“BCF actively supports apprenticeship schemes and we hope to see more members taking up opportunities to train employees across the coatings sector in future. We believe we have some great solutions for our members to take advantage of, and apprenticeships are a great way to either upskill existing staff or bring in new recruits. Our team at the BCF Apprenticeship Service are fully committed to helping the coatings industry with this significant challenge faced with recruiting new staff in the current climate. So, check out our Coatings Careers Hub today and find out how you can make a difference.”

To find out more about BCF’s Apprenticeship Service, please visit: apprenticeship-service/

INDUSTRY NEWS Call Nigel Bean for more information on +44 (0) 1442 826826


When it comes to heavy equipment, there’s no room for error.

From demanding durability requirements to exacting color and finish criteria, the toughest of applications require the most formidable of solutions.



Trade shows can be a vital business platform for companies

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their products or services to a targeted audience of potential customers and industry professionals. They can also be a great way to network with other companies in the industry, learn about the latest industry trends and developments, and gain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences.

Why you should

1. Build brand awareness

Trade shows provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services to a targeted audience of potential customers. By exhibiting at trade shows, businesses can build

brand awareness and reach a larger audience than they would through traditional marketing channels. This is particularly important for new businesses or those looking to expand their reach into new markets.

2. Generate leads

By exhibiting at a trade show, you have the opportunity to engage with potential customers, demonstrate your products or services, and collect contact information for follow-up after the event. This can lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.

3. Network with industry professionals

Trade shows also provide an opportunity for businesses to network

with industry professionals. This can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations that can benefit your business in the long term.

4. Showcase new products or services

By exhibiting at a trade show, businesses can get feedback from potential customers and industry professionals on their new products or services. This can help businesses refine their offerings and make improvements based on customer feedback.

5. Stay ahead of the competition

Businesses can learn about their competitors’ offerings, pricing, and

24 APRIL 2023
consider exhibiting at trade shows and how they can benefit your business:

PosiTector ® Inspection

Unrivaled probe interchangeability for all of your inspection needs.

Coating Thickness Probes

n Ferrous n Non-Ferrous n Combination n Ultrasonic

Surface Profile Probes

n Depth Micrometer n Replica Tape Reader

Environmental Conditions Probes

n Integral n Cabled Magnetic Probe n Anemometer Probe

n 1/2” NPT n Infrared

Hardness Probes

n Shore n Barcol

Salt Contamination Probe

n Bresle Method

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Probes

n Corrosion n Multiple Echo Thru-Paint n Precision


Customized Inspection Kits... Build your own kit from a selection of gauge bodies and probes to suit your needs.

Coating Thickness Surface Profile


Backwards Compatibility! The redesigned PosiTector gauge body accepts ALL coating thickness (6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface profile (SPG/RTR), salt contamination (SST), hardness (SHD/BHI), and ultrasonic wall thickness (UTG) probes manufactured since 2012.

DFT Instruments UK LTD

DFT Instruments UK LTD

Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN

Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN

01442 879494

01442 879595

supplier of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments
f: e:
Wall Thickness HardnessSalt Contamination
f: e:
n Low Frequency n Xtreme NEW
supplier of
Inspection Instruments
01442 879494
01442 879595

marketing strategies. This can help businesses identify areas where they can improve and stay competitive in their industry.

In conclusion, exhibiting at trade shows can be an effective way for businesses to build brand awareness, generate leads, network with industry professionals, showcase new products or services, and stay ahead of the competition. If you’re looking to grow your business and reach a larger audience, consider exhibiting at trade shows as part of your marketing strategy.

as it needs to be eye-catching and memorable. Make sure it stands out from the other booths and is visually appealing.

5. Marketing materials

and distributors of surface coatings. This targeted audience provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the right people who are interested in their offerings.

1. Audience

Check the profile of the attendees expected to be at the trade show. Are they the right fit for your product or service? Will they be interested in what you have to offer? Make sure the trade show attracts the kind of audience you’re targeting.

2. Competition

Research and identify your competitors who will also be exhibiting at the trade show. You want to understand their marketing strategy, product offerings, and pricing to be able to position yourself effectively against them.

3. Booth location

Consider the location of your booth. Is it in a high traffic area? Will your booth be easy to spot? Is it located near any key players in your industry? These factors can all impact the number of visitors you receive.

4. Booth design

The design of your booth is important,

Ensure you have plenty of marketing materials on hand, such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and samples. Make sure they are high quality and visually appealing to attract potential customers.

6. Networking opportunities

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry. Take advantage of this by connecting with other exhibitors and attendees.

7. Follow-up strategy

Have a plan for following up with potential leads after the trade show. Collect contact information and ensure you have a system in place to track and follow up on these leads in a timely manner.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that attending a trade show is a productive and valuable experience for your business.

2. Networking opportunities

The trade show provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to network with other industry professionals, potential customers, and suppliers. Networking can lead to new business partnerships, collaborations, and sales opportunities.

3. Product launches and demonstrations

The trade show provides businesses with an opportunity to launch new products and demonstrate their products to potential customers. This can help businesses generate buzz around their offerings and attract new customers.

4. Market research

Surface World 2023 allows businesses to conduct market research by observing industry trends, competitor offerings, and customer preferences. This information can be used to improve business strategies and offerings.

Overall, the Surface World 2023 is a valuable platform for businesses in the surface coatings industry to showcase their products, network with industry professionals, launch new products, and conduct market research.

Surface World 2023 is being held at The NEC in Birmingham on 4th & 5th October 2023.

1. Exposure to a targeted audience

Surface World 2023 attracts a specific audience of industry professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers,

If you are interested in exhibiting or visiting this event, please contact Nigel Bean at:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 826826


26 APRIL 2023
As an exhibitor attending a trade show, there are several things you should look out for. Here are some key considerations:
Surface World 2023 is a leading international trade show for companies in the surface coatings industry. This event is considered a valuable platform for businesses connected to this industry for several reasons:

Gas Process Burners

Lanemark gas burner systems offer users reliable, high efficiency, process heating solutions.

FD Series Packaged Oven/Dryer Burners

•Speci cally designed for process air heating applications in convection ovens and dryers

•High turndown/short ame lengths providing accurate process temperature control

•High ef ciency gas + air modulation, gas only modulation and simple high/low control options

•Heat Input Range: 9 kW – 1550 kW

TX Series Gas Fired Process Tank Heating Systems

•High ef ciency (80%+) heating of all types of spray and dip process tanks

•Compact high ef ciency small diameter immersion tube heat exchangers occupying minimum tank space

•Accurate performance modelling using Lanemark TxCalc design software

•Heat Input Range: 15 kW (1½") – 1150 kW (8")

Midco HMA Series Air Replacement or “Make-Up” Air Heating Burners

•Direct red, high ef ciency burner systems, for high volume air heating applications such as paint spray booths, ovens and dryers.

•Supplied either as Midco burner heads for OEM system integration or as Lanemark DB or FDB complete packaged systems including modulating gas valve trains and controls

•Wide range of ring rates to suit alternative temperature rise and air velocity system requirements

•DbCalc system design software Everything you need for fast and accurate coating inspection in one cost-effective, easy-to-use kit. climatic conditions | surface cleanliness | coating thickness surface profile | weld inspection | surface inspection INSPECTION KITS Elcometer3045 · FAST · REPEATABLE · ACCURATE · DURABLE COATING Surface World - Kit - April 22.indd 2 04/04/2023 08:09:57 COMBUSTION ENGINEERING
FD-GA modulating gas + air process air heating burners. TX high efficiency small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems. FD-E low cost high turndown oven/dryer air heating burners. FD-C high turndown oven/ dryer air heating burners. Midco HMA high efficiency, high turndown, air replacement or “make-up” air heating burners.
Lanemark Combustion Engineering Limited Lanemark House, Whitacre Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6BW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 24 7635 2000 Fax: +44 (0) 24 7634 1166 E-mail:

Dust Collector Filters, Cartridges and Bags

Total Filtration, a Division of the Westbury Group of Filtration Companies is your one stop shop for the manufacture and supply of liquid and dust filters and associated components.

Total Filtration is one of the UK’s leading filter manufacturers of filter cartridges, bags and housings with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, at a very competitive price. The company invests in strong relationships with their clients across all industries to provide quality Dust Filter Cartridges.

All our bespoke and alternative cartridges are handmade in the UK using the highest quality media.

Some of our popular filters and cartridges include:-

Airmaster Filter Alternative

The Airmaster Dust Filter alternative is a pleated cartridge made in two lengths, 450mm (type 1) and 920mm (type 2).

The end caps can be Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel.

There are three types of

Altair Filter Alternative

The Altair dust filter alternative range of cartridge filters are made in several lengths; 600mm, 660mm, 1000mm and 1200mm (Other lengths are available).

They are also available in a range of medias.

Camfil Farr Alternative

Total Filtration manufacture their own range of Goldcone style filters but without the cone.

They are available in a length of 1000mm and come in a variety of medias including: Cellulose blend 80/20FR, STD Polyester and A/Stat Polyester.

Camfil Tenkay Mark 1 to 4 Alternatives

They also manufacture a range of Square top filters in both 325mm and 225mm (closed end cap sizes).

These are also known as Camfill Farr Tenkay Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4 alternatives. They are available in a choice of lengths and medias. All lengths are also available in the round end cap version.

Dantherm Cartridge Filter Alternative

The New ABS Dantherm Cartridge Filter Alternative (also known as an Airmaster, Nederman or Disa Dust Filter Cartridge.) is made of a lightweight strong plastic version of the Type 66,44,40,22 and 20. Also available in carbon impregnated for A/Stat requirements.

Donaldson Siloair Filter Alternative

The DCE Torrit Siloair Filter alternatives are perfect for

silo vending machines.

The filter is made in three lengths; 565mm, 800mm and 1000mm.

They are available in a range of medias including Standard, Anti-Static, PTFE Standard and Anti Static PTFE.

Donaldson TDS Alternative

The Donaldson TDS alternatives are available with single or double ended end caps.

These cartridges are available in three basic diameters (202mm, 325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths.

They are available in different medias however this depends on the application which best suits your needs, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti-static.

Donaldson Torit ECB and DF+ Alternatives

The Donaldson TORIT Cartridge Filter alternatives come in two basic diameters (325mm and 350mm) with six different lengths.

There are several medias to choose from depending on the application, these include Nano Fibre, Spun Bonded Polyester, PTFE and anti-static.


Unicell Alternative

Total Filtration manufacture a complete range of Unicell type cartridge filters which include the two size 70mm x 475mm x 1004mm with 5.00M2 and 70mm x 475mm x 800mm with 4.00M2

These two sizes can be made using any of the following filter media: 260g Spunbonded Polyester, Anti-Static finish / Oleophobic coat/ PTFE Coat or Membrane.

For more information or advice on filtration please contact the Total Filtration team either by telephone or email.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1282 459744




Hendor-pe UK Ltd – Celebrating over 20 Years supplying products to the UK surface treatment industry!

Over 20 years ago, I was asked if I would like to set up my own business, Hendor-pe UK Ltd, selling Pumps, Filters and Rectifiers to the UK Surface Treatment industry. At the time I was working for another Pump/Filter manufacturer in the UK as their Technical Manager, I had been there for 12 years, it was a daunting decision with three young children at home.

Myself and my wife visited Hendor in the Netherlands and were extremely impressed with the people, the high quality product range and the pricing!

Some people thought we were crazy trying to introduce another manufacturer to the already crowded market, but we were convinced that this exceptionally high quality, competitively priced product would be readily accepted.

Over 20 years on, we were right, we have built up a loyal customer base in many industries from GMF, Precious metal plating, electronics, Government establishments, Reel to Reel Plating, Aerospace, Automotive, F1 manufacturers etc, etc . One of our proudest moments is when we get

repeat orders from these companies, they like the products we are supplying them.

Hendor was established more than 70 years ago, their principal customer at that time was the mighty Philips in Eindhoven.

Over the years Hendor has become a global leader in manufacturing exceptionally high quality and innovative chemically resistant pumps and filtration products.

In the 90’s, Hendor established partners and distributors located all around the world to enable the supply of products at a moment’s notice.

The Hendor-pe partnership began in 1995 when Hendor-pe Inc in the USA

was established. Since then, Hendor-pe France, Hendor-pe UK, Hendor-pe Spain, China, and Japan have all been introduced to better serve local markets, as well as having independent distributors in other territories.

A lot has changed at Hendor over the last seventy plus years, however, the desire to do business in an innovative and sustainable way has remained a constant. This is why the organisation set the goal of lean manufacturing in 2016. This desire was manifested by introducing a round of investments worth half a million euros. Hendor invested money in new pump design software and automatic welding, installed LED lighting everywhere and organised the workplace in a more efficient way. Through automation, we wanted to obtain a higher output with the same number of people. The machines are used more efficiently thanks to new planning software. We work with small batches and customise more products in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Not only does


this shorten lead times, but we also use raw materials more economically. With regard to raw materials, we blend our own mix of Polypropylene pellet types which allows us to mould a Polypropylene perfectly adapted to our industries

We at Hendor value social responsibility and act accordingly. A strategic decision was made to develop the next generation of pumps by a Sustainable Design principle. By applying this concept both the manufacturing and the life cycle carbon footprint of our products are significantly reduced.

Our filters are an important and successful part of the Hendor legacy. Henk Bohncke, our former owner, designed them with a clear, innovative vision for the future. They were the first filters in the industry made entirely of polypropylene with a welded base. For decades, this product has served many companies within industry.

With the advent of new technologies and the search for optimum efficiency, we have developed a new, innovative design under the leadership of our technical director Hessel Bohncke - son of Henk.

These new Hendor filters are even more user-friendly and efficient. Completely new are the doublewelded bases that ensure less pressure loss, more flow, more reach and more energy efficiency from the motor. Absolutely no concessions have been made to the quality of raw materials, features, or user-friendliness. We challenged ourselves by finding a way to still save costs. That is why the new filters consist of fewer components, yet still to the high exacting quality you expect from Hendor.

All our filters are available with standard size filter papers, single and double length filter bags, and of course filter/ carbon cartridges, in combination with a magnetic drive, vertical sealless or mechanical seal pump.

More series and products are planned for the future all grafted from the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 70+ years.

The Hendor product range consists of a wide range of pumps and filters allowing us to supply to the most critical and aggressive solutions at ambient or high temperature.

Typically, a selection of the products we offer is as follows:-

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Sealless design

Constructed from Polypropylene, PVDF Available with Union, Flanged or hose connections

Motors finished with Two Pack Epoxy for superior corrosion resistance.

Vertical Sealless Pumps (Sump Pumps)

Constructed from Polypropylene, PVDF, or 316SS


No seals or bearings therefore can run dry safely without damage

Motors finished with Two Pack Epoxy for superior corrosion resistance.

Filter Chambers

Cartridge, Bag or Disc

Constructed from Polypropylene, PVDF, or 316SS Sizes range from 1 x 10” cartridge to 36 x 20” cartridges

Also available with standard Single or Double Length PP Filter Bags

Compact and Robust construction

As well as the individual range of pumps and filter housings, we can combine into many different styles of Cartridge/Bag/Disc or Microfibre horizontal or vertical filter system

All manufactured by Hendor to ISO9001

Hendor-pe UK has been established for 20 years, but our involvement in the UK industry spans almost 35 years.

We have a wealth of experience of supplying the UK with high quality cost effective solutions.

Other Products within our range

Plating Electronic DC Switch Mode and Pulse Reverse Power Supplies Filter Cartridges/Bags/Carbon

Scandymet Immersion Heaters

Drum Pumps

Eductor Installations

pcb Scrubbing Brushes

pcb Cotton Sleeving

We at Hendor-pe regard it as our core task to provide pump and filtration solutions that best help our customers optimize their processes and provide products at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

If you have any requirements then please do not hesitate to contact our Manchester Sales Office where our staff will give you the best attention and service we can offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 776 4331 or

31 APRIL 2023

Pure water for a perfect powder coat

Powder coating is going green. In some cases this is the result of legislation which requires existing process cleaning solutions to be replaced with more environmentally friendly ones. Increasingly, however, it’s coating quality that is the driver. Some coating specifications now demand salt spray testing for more than 1000 hours, and that means that surface preparation is absolutely critical. One of the proven ways of achieving high quality surface preparation is the use of pure water. Mains water contains a wide range of dissolved salts. These are harmless in drinking water but can promote corrosion and poor adhesion of powders to metal surfaces.

Using pure water increases the life expectancies of cleaning tanks and sprays and is a proven way of making both the cleaning and protective barrier chemical more effective. This means longer periods between tank drain downs and cleans, extending process operating time and less maintenance. It also means less wastewater generation and lower operating costs. A more environmentally and sustainable process. All this and improved product quality too.

There are two main processes to produce pure water: ion exchange demineralisation and reverse osmosis (RO). Ion exchange uses a chemically active synthetic resin to remove dissolved ions from water, in exchange for hydrogen in the case of cations and, hydroxyl in the case of anions. The resulting hydrogen and hydroxyl ions form water molecules. On the other hand, RO passes the water through a semi-permeable membrane which effectively filters out the dissolved ions. Selecting the best process depends on the quality of the mains water supply and the water purity required.

Ion exchange demineralisation is a batch process. The ions removed from solution accumulate on the resins and then have to be removed by regeneration. This uses hydrochloric acid for the cation resin and caustic soda for the anion. The regeneration process isn’t 100% efficient, so some of the chemical – typically about 20%is wasted, and the regenerated resins

also have to be rinsed prior to returning to service. This generates a waste stream with volume equivalent to about 5 - 15% of the plant throughput depending on the raw water quality. RO is a continuous process that uses no chemicals but depends on a high operating pressure generated by an electrically driven pump. This makes it appear more environmentally friendly than ion exchange. The ions removed from the raw water are concentrated into a waste stream that is typically 25% of the throughput suggesting that it is less sustainable. If the raw water is hard, RO can be fouled by scaling and this is normally prevented by softening upstream of the membranes, but this requires salt and produces more wastewater.

A simple two-stage ion exchange demineralisation system can produce purified water of >1µS/cm conductivity which is equivalent to about 0.5mg/l total dissolved solids (TDS) whilst RO permeate is typically about 5µS/cm (about 2mg/l TDS).

RO has a higher capital cost than ion exchange but operating costs for both processes depend on the system flow rate and the TDS of the raw water. The chemical consumption in ion exchange is directly proportional to the

raw water TDS whilst the power consumption of RO remains fairly constant, so RO becomes more economic for higher TDS raw waters. The actual cut-off point will depend on the raw water composition, the costs of chemicals and the anticipated lifetime of the plant.

Using pure water in all stages of surface preparation will not only improve the adhesion of the coating but will also extend chemical life and reduce waste. Not only sustainable but also cost effective.

Telephone Visit for more information on water purification for surface finishing.

ADEPT Pure Water, 36 Huxley Close, Park Farm South, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6AB

Telephone: +44 (0) 1933 677181

Email: Visit:

32 APRIL 2023

We are Pure Water Equipment Specialists and provide an extensive range of water treatment systems and services to commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. Providing a Full Turnkey Service means we can Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission a system based on specific produc�on needs or requirements.

These Systems include:


I‐on‐x Exchange Cylinders

Reverse Osmosis

UV (Ultra Violet)



Pumps and Tanks

Spares and Consumables:

ADEPT Pure Water Ltd can also provide service for: Break Down & Repair on ALL makes of Water Purifica�on Equipment

Re-Condi�oning of all types of Water Purifica�on Equipment

Tailored Service Agreements –Standard or Responsive op�ons available Site Survey and System Efficiency Reports for prospec�ve clients or Repair and Service op�ons for pre-exis�ng systems.

ADEPT Pure Water Limited

36 Huxley Close, Park Farm South, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 6AB

Celebrating more than 70 years providing excellence in pumps and filtration

ADEPT offer a choice of consumables including UV Lamps, Chemicals, Micron & Carbon Filters. We also offer Spare Parts, Tanks, Refurbished Water Equipment and more. Look out for the launch of our New ONLINE STORE COMING SOON Pumps up to 250m³/h

Magnetic Sealless  Vertical Sealless

Filtration Systems up to 60m³/h



For all your product finishing requirements Hendor-pe UK Ltd, 11 Clarendon Court, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 8QP Tel: 01925 361400 | E : sales@hendo r-pe. co .u k | W: www.H endo r-pe. c o.u k For all applications  Electroplating  Anodising  Hard Chrome  Reel-to-Reel Plating  E-Coat
 Cartridges 
 Papers
Quality German DC
Mode Rectifiers 
Rectifiers  Pulse Rectifiers  High current rectifiers up to 10,000A
“The Professionals” email info@pros phone 01 1 5 91 1 2240 “Save up to 20% on your monthly s tripping cos ts” Send your enquir y today!! Sub contract specialists in Paint & Powder coat removal to the finishing industr y JIG CLEANING PAINT BOOTH GRID CLEANING COMPONENT RECLAMATION EST . 1989 Pro-Strip Ltd. Trent Lane, Daleside Road, Nottingham NG2 4DS web

Pull-Off Adhesion Testers

n Impact and scratch resistant color Touch Screen display with keypad

n Wirelessly connect the PosiTest AT-A to your smart device using our free app

n Record the results as pass/fail and the nature of fracture cohesive, adhesive and glue failures

W i F i Proud supplier of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments DFT Instruments UK LTD 16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494 f: 01442 879595 e: AT Measure the adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and more AT-A Automatic Model Also available AT-M Manual Model A u t o m a t i c F e a t u r e s

A revolution for the chrome (III) bath treatment

Traditionally, to avoid massive pollution of the treatment baths, baths are often completely drained and refilled with brand new chromium (III) solution. Such maintenance represents a significant cost. It leads to a complete stop of the production, a major quantity of effluent to treat and a nonnegligible cost of a brand new solution.

IONPURE™ treats the chromium (III) bath continuously, keeping metal ion pollution to a minimum. Thus, there is no interruption in production and the volume of effluent is minimal compared to the traditional method. Once the ion exchange resin is saturated (50 g of metal for 1 litre of resin), IONPURE™ switches to regeneration mode to clean the resin of impurities in order to reuse it in the next cycle.

Note: As IONPURE™ does not have an integrated analysis system, regular monitoring and analysis of the chrome plating bath is necessary to trigger the resin regeneration mode.

Quality parts. Guaranteed

Zero bath contamination due to the build-up of metal impurities.

Continuous high quality, every time.

Increased productivity

No production line interruption.

Reduced maintenance frequency.

Durable and profitable investment

Removal of a significant part of the cost linked to maintenance.

Reduced environmental footprint thanks to minimal effluent disposal.

Automatic regeneration mode

When the bath analysis reveals an abnormal level of polluting metals, it means that the resin is saturated and that it is time to regenerate it. The operator then activates the “automatic regeneration” mode. The IONPURE will then successively evacuate the metals and regenerate the resin.

Machine stop mode

This mode allows the IONPURE™ circuit to be completely emptied and cleaned, in order to avoid any risk of crystallization inside its various elements.

Product Features

10 µm pre-filtration, Ion exchange resin (40 or 80 l), Storage of regenerating solution, 100% polypropylene pneumatic valve, Special resin strainer, Compact design, Touch screen interface.

Get in touch with SIEBEC UK today to learn more about products, support and service.Telephone: 01785 227700



New SIEBEC brochure: Dedicated Equipment Surface Treatment – please contact SIEBEC for a copy.

36 APRIL 2023
IONPURE™ from SIEBEC UK continuously eliminates metals polluting the chromium (III) baths in order to guarantee optimal concentration and constant parts quality. 4kg of polluting metal collected in one cycle!

We solve our customers filtration, chemical transfer and treatment needs.


L SERIES | Medium flow rate filter

P SERIES | Ultra-high flow rate filter

A SERIES | Mechanical seals pump

M SERIES | Magnetic drive pump

T SERIES | Vertical pump [...]


L-TECH | Pleated cartridge

BAGTECH | Filtration bag

QUALITHERM | Extruded cartridge

QUALIBOB | Wound cartridge

ANODTECH | Anode bag [...]


ACIDPURE | Acid recycling

EASYPURE | Fluid recycling

IONPURE | Ionic filtration

ACIDVAC | Acid draining vacuum

EDUCTORS | Bath agitation [...]

Contact us SIEBEC UK Ltd, Stafford +44 (0) 1785 227700

Rainwater Harvesting: An investment not to be missed

lamp system. Conductivity monitoring and ion exchange operations can also be utilized to ensure water quality required by today’s increasingly water critical processes.

The costs of energy, materials and manufacturing operations are constantly increasing and unlikely to be reduced in the foreseeable future, so companies are required to work more efficiently and effectively to enable costs of production and operational costs to be standardised or even reduced.

The control of significant energy costs, both gas and electricity, is well understood but that of water is another commodity that is somewhat taken for granted and accepted, although the costs of water in and effluent out must be accounted for in the total company employment of capital and affect bottom line profits and profitability.

Rather than rely on the ever-increasing cost of water from the water companies in all industries and especially in the electroplating and metal finishing sectors, significant water volume can be sourced from harvesting the rainwater collected on the company’s roof area into a bulk holding tank. This can augment a decreasing dependance on the supply from water companies or have a volume that can service the applications completely.

From the holding tank the collected rainwater is filtered, using Multimedia filtration and carbon filtration. The filtered water can then either be dosed with a biocide or sterilized using a UV

The treated process water can then be boosted to the required pressure and connected using the existing pipework systems to each application accordingly.

In some cases, the water can also be used for domestic applications. Following its use, apart from that used for domestic purposes, the water can be recirculated, recycled and constantly reconstituted and reused following the application of ion exchange resins thus again reducing the cost of incoming water from the supply companies and enhancing and reducing the effect on the environment.

It is not unusual to expect a payback on investment that could be within three and a half years.

With the ever-increasing production costs Rainwater Harvesting an investment not to be missed. Please contact us for an evaluation of your potential.

Telephone: 0121-314-1191


38 APRIL 2023
Plastratum Ltd, the Birmingham based manufacturer of both Manually operated and Fully Automatic Electroplating and Metal Finishing plant and equipment together with Effluent Treatment plant, Water Recirculation plant and Fume Extraction systems can provide the benefit of rainwater harvesting chemical engineering.

Since 1982 Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have been supplying process control equipment to the metal finishing and surface finishing industry. We have an

team of qualified engineers able to recommend and build control panels and process equipment specific to fit your requirements. A wide range of our control instrumentation, dosing pumps and chemical process equipment is available on short delivery.

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd
AWE House, Antom Court, Tollgate Industrial Estate, Stafford, ST16 3AF 01785 254 597 Get in touch for a quote today! • Custom Designed & Built Control Panels • pH & Redox Controllers & Electrodes • Conductivity Controllers • Liquid Level Controllers • Open Chanel & Magnetic Flow Meters • Data Loggers • Dosing Pumps & Tanks Visitusat SurfaceWorldLive2020 atStandA9 100 Armoury Road Birmingham 811 2RH

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd trading since 1982

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd started trading in 1982 and has garnered a wealth of experience across a number of sectors. During this time their key belief has remained unchanged - that accurate measurement and precision control is the key to process control, water and effluent treatment.

That’s why everything in the Automated Water & Effluent Ltd equipment range from the electrochemical sensors for measuring pH, Redox, Conductivity, to Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity are of the highest quality for precision measurement. Every element from the connecting cables to the amplification within their provided instrumentation is designed to offer linear amplification for accurate representation of your measured value.

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd even ensure that every item they sell is

specifically shielded from electromagnetic interference so that it is as accurate in the laboratory as it is operating in the confines of heavy industry. Their control equipment is designed to be robust and offer precision control. When it comes to dosing pumps and solenoid valves they ensure that when required these are able to work with concentrated industrial chemicals.

During almost 40 years of trading, Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have built up, through experience, a client base covering Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Process Control in sectors varying from municipal swimming pools, surface treatment and metal finishing, laboratory analysis, hydroponics and growers, ceramics, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, power generation and pulp and packaging.

Reduce Delays

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd understand that everyones process is critical - that’s why they try to ensure that every item in their catalogue is available with ex-stock deliveries. Their engineered solutions, designed and customised to your requirements, are always specified with a delivery date agreeable to both parties. They will update you on the progress of your order and ensure that you can visit the factory to test or inspect any equipment prior to shipping.

Ensuring operability

Their Service Team has 4 experienced members who are fully qualified for on site work.

The team offer commissioning services to ensure that all supplied and installed equipment is calibrated and operating as expected, to ensure that your process gets off without a hitch.

The Service Team also offers ongoing service contracts which ensure that equipment is calibrated and continues to operate as expected. They are also able to offer certificates of calibration, traceable to UK National Standards to ensure that equipment complies with external audits from a number of different manufacturing and water authorities. Their service contracts can also include provisions for emergency call-outs for process critical equipment.

The Service Team also offer same day, on the phone, technical support by simply calling the office phone number - 01785 254 597.

The Right Equipment For The Right Process

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd’s engineering Sales Team are all experienced in the installation and operation of instrumentation and control equipment. This means that they are experienced in working out the right equipment for your requirements. They are quite aware that sometimes the right pH electrode for a hydroponics application is very different to the right pH probe for a titanium pickling application.

The Sales Team are also available to offer a level of customer support for equipment, in the absence of the Service Team, when required.

On Site Manufacturing and Fabrication

Finally their Production and Fabrication Team are based on-site. This means that if you need customised solutions from control panels, to enclosures or even custom length dip pH probe assemblies then the Sales Team can liaise with production, at the beginning and during the manufacturing process, to ensure that all your requirements are considered prior to inspection or despatch.

For more information telephone 01785 254 597 or email the sales team at


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UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER PYROLYSIS & BURN OFF OVENS Call Longworth today for a no obligation meeting on how we can help you and your business Longworth’s pyrolysis & burn off ovens are second to none in design and build quality, built to last and have the latest in technological features. Our ovens provide a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastics, paints and resins from jigs, filters, shelving, food trays, motors, automotive parts and a multitude of other components. Our Pyrolysis ovens provide you with a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastic, paints and resins Accreditations BS EN ISO 9001:2008 visit call 01254 680501 email

Comply with standards for coating thickness inside storage tanks

Anti-corrosion Coatings have Special Regulations

Anticorrosion coatings on the interior of storage tanks are critical when storing many types of products, whether saltwater or freshwater, gasoline, ballast, foamy liquids, or diesel. Typically, regulations are in place to ensure that the right coating is used. Quality inspection of the coating is an essential part of compliance with the regulations.

The Petrobras Standard is One of the Best Known

Although there are many such regulations, the Petrobras standard, N-1201:2008 – “Anticorrosion Coatings for the Interior of Storage Tanks”, is a good example. A multinational company headquartered in Brazil, Petrobras uses the above-mentioned standard wherever it has operations. This standard is in the public domain and can be accessed online from their database; it regulates all painting processes applied to storage tanks, from surface preparation, to painting and coating, through to final inspection.

Excerpt from the Petrobras Standard (opposite)

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Product Overview

Manual Monorail Systems

Unit loads up to 3000kg

Handling Solutions

Stewart Gill Conveyors Ltd have been supplying overhead conveyors into all sectors of industry for over 70 years.

As a long time member of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV Group based in the Netherlands, Stewart Gill Conveyors can offer a comprehensive range of overhead conveyor products which are capable of handling unit loads up to 7000kg.

Monorail Chain Conveyors

Unit loads up to 300kg

Stewart Gill Conveyors Ltd offer complete manufacture, installation and commissioning, coupled with fully documented instruction, operation and maintenance manuals.

We do:

 In-House 3D CAD engineering

 In-House manufactoring in the UK and EU

Power & Free Conveyors

Unit loads up to 7000kg

 In-House design of PLC/PC control systems

 Industry 4.0

 Worldwide installation and commissioning

 Remote support, service & inspection

Part of the

Floor Conveyors

Unit loads up to 500kg

Gill Conveyors Ltd
3&4 Brook Business Park Brookhampton Lane Kineton, Warwickshire CV35 0JA, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1926 641424

Petrobras Standard Coating Types and Thicknesses

The Petrobras standard N-1201:2008 prescribes the following coating types and coating thicknesses for the different products to be stored, as listed in Table 1:

Coating Type 1:

Primer: one layer of epoxy-zinc phosphate paint: 100 µm

Top protective coating: two layers of non-solvent epoxy paint: 150 µm minimum thickness per layer

Coating Type 2:

One layer of zinc-ethyl-silicate paint: 75 µm

Coating Type 3:

One layer of non-solvent epoxy resin, cured with polyamine and embedded with ceramic or fiberglass: 800 µm

Easy Coating Thickness Measurement under Difficult Conditions

Once they are applied, the coatings need to be inspected – a tricky job, because this is done in place! The enormous tank still smells sharply of noxious paint fumes as a technician wearing bulky protective gear and a headlamp (perhaps the only source of light) is lowered into the slippery vessel to measure the coating thickness at a number of positions. And, since a normal handheld gauge with integrated probe will not work, as the tank geometry does not permit it in some spots, an external probe is necessary.

This procedure only needs a piece of the original tank material, thus to avoid that the entire calibration procedure has to be performed directly in the tank.

The Right Choice with the MP0x-FP Series Coating Thickness Gauges from Fischer

Besides the unmatched accuracy and repeatability performance of the MP0x-FP series from FISCHER, extra features like the wristband or the easy calibration process make these coating thickness gauges the ideal choice for checking compliance with regulations like the Petrobras standard N-1201:2008 for storage tanks. Handheld devices for simple coating thickness measurements in harsh environments.

For more information, please contact your local FISCHER representative:

FISCHER INSTRUMENTATION (GB) LTD - 12 Goodwood Road, Keytec 7 Business Park, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2JL.

Telephone: +44 (0)1386 577370

Or visit:

FISCHER developed the MP0x-FP products for just such applications performed under difficult conditions. While other thickness gauges on the market require the use of both hands (one to hold the instrument and the other for the probe), the wristband accessory is indispensable when the task itself requires some juggling.

Quick Coating Thickness Measurements with the MP0 and MP0R Series

Another very practical advantage of the MP0x-FP series is that calibration can be done outside the tank using FISCHER calibration accessories to maximise accuracy.

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Single-handed measurements with the MP0R-FP. The display is visible like a watch.
Detergents for Industrial Parts Cleaning Borer Chemie AG Gewerbestrasse 13 4528 Zuchwil / Switzerland Bühler Ltd. Unit 8/9 Mercury Park, Mercury Way, M41 7LY Urmston, Manchester / United Kingdom Tel. +44 161 866 2800, Fax +44 161 866 2801

Sheffield based Welbilt invests in a new automated world class coating facility from GEMA UK

Welbilt, also known as Merrychef, is an award-winning, global leader in the manufacture and supply of professional catering equipment. Their products are able to meet the needs and demands of even the busiest kitchen and front of house environments, Welbilt manufactures several top brands including, Merrychef, Convotherm, Crem, Manitowoc Ice, Frymaster, Lincoln and Garland, all of which will be familiar to most within the industry.

The investment: Welbilt had previously subcontracted all their powder coating to third party suppliers, however brining this operation inhouse delivered multiple benefits to their business, from inventory management through to quality control, and the decision was taken to invest. After a comprehensive review of the cost and benefits of an inhouse facility, several suppliers were evaluated and the decision was taken to vertically integrate this process within their Sheffield based manufacturing facility.

Welbilt’s team carried out a detailed market evaluation of several powder coating equipment manufacturers assessed on powder application performance, product quality, reliability and after-sales support. Welbilt took the opportunity to visit one of the many successful GEMA installations in the UK and spoke with our clients to gain insight into how our equipment performs and how we respond to customer issues and provided security and confidence.

To support the decision-making GEMA engaged with Welbilt’s team to ensure that the most suitable technology was selected. With no prior powder coating experience on the site there were several key aspects for consideration during the system design to meet Welbilt’s needs, and provide the best return on investment;

1) High degree of Automation

2) First class product finish quality

3) Considerations to energy efficiency

4) Simplification of operation

The production line is a continuous loop conveyor, once loaded the parts convey through the process, initially the

pre-treatment washes the components and chemically treats the substrate ahead of the powder application process. The GEMA booth system incorporates four reciprocating auto guns that deposit an average 80 micron coating evenly onto the product surface for the perfect results. The advanced technologies from Gema incorporated into the Welbilt installation include:

Component recognition and automatic gun triggering for 1.25m high x 300mm wide parts

PCC, precise charge control, for optimum powder application

Quick colour change using the OpriCentre OC06 advanced features of the All-in-One control system

Industry 4.0 MagicControl HMI system which stores and recalls programs

Magic Booth with EquiFlow for superior airflow, cleanliness and minimum clean down times

The Magic Compact booth features advanced EquiFlow extraction technology; this ensures a consistent airflow in the automatic coating zone as well as optimal powder extraction around the manual touch-up stations. Powder is prevented from escaping into the atmosphere to give a clean working environment with reduced risk of contamination. The plastic structure is combined with an extraction system that is calculated to suit the production requirements, this prevents powder build up in the booth. Perfect coating

Automatic Gema Guns coating products

Scan & Spray

Dynamic Contour Detection

Programming-free coating of any shape! Gema

The second generation of Dynamic Contour Detection detects the object contour fully automatic and positions the guns individually even for thin objects and at high conveyor speeds. Due to the programming-free adaption of all relevant line settings the application range is significantly extended.

Europe Srl – UK Branch
Tel: 0044 1202 763 942 Email:

conditions and fast colour changes are the result.

Light barriers are located before the booth entrance to measure the overall part height and width (maximum points), this information is translated by the CM4.0 MagicControl system to automatically adjust the gun position (width) and triggering (height).

David McHugh, UK Operations Systems Manager, at Welbilt is delighted with the new installation and is already observing the benefits to their business since installation in December 2021.

David is happy to report on how transformative the GEMA line has been

to their business by improving throughput, quality and helping to maintain a repeatable production flow through their factory. In addition to these benefits, David also commented on the professionalism of our installation team who installed the equipment on time and with the minimum of disruption to the production in their factory.

When the equipment was installed, Welbilt had scheduled for two operators to run the line. Due to the high degree of automation, quality of finish and reliability of the equipment, Welbilt now uses a single operator to oversee the whole finishing line.

The operators who are knowledgeable in powder coating automation are delighted with the GEMA line compared to their previous experiences and have commented on the ease of use, cleanliness and dependability of the system.

If you interested in how GEMA can improve your processes and lower your powder coating costs, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 763942 or email

Product detection system
PAINT & POWDER  6 K-type thermocouple ports  High temperature stainless steel barrier box for long run times  Download, view, and analyze data using PosiSoft Desktop Software or export to .CSV Oven Temperature Logger Measures and records oven temperature profiles 16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494   e: Customizable PDF Reports Prices starting at: Oven Temperature Logger .......... £1895 Temperature Probes ............ £100 Wide variety of spring clamp and magnetic temperature probes available NEW
David McHugh, UK Operations Manager

New generation of automatic guns for maximum flexibility

The new automatic powder guns from WAGNER stand for highest coating results with maximum application efficiency in coating systems (PEA-X1) as well as robot-based production environments (PER-X1). Compared to the previous model, they offer several advantages.

With its modular design and the variety of accessories, the new gun family enables a wide field of applications for all kinds of customer requirements. Thanks to their flexibility, the guns ideally meet the high demands of today’s production processes. For example, the basic gun of the PEA-X1 can be combined with a bracket, XL extension or robot adapters. The PER-X1, in turn, can be combined with various robot mounts for single or dual use.

Depending on the application, various nozzles are available that are also compatible with the PEM-X1 manual gun that is part of the product family. The new angled nozzles, for example, can be used to reach difficult spots on the workpiece. With the angled adapter, this advantage can be extended even further. Even with

difficult metallic and effect powders, high coating quality can be achieved with the new guns.

They are ideal for both single-color and color change systems. For this purpose, they have been optimized, as has the nozzle system, in terms of their color change and cleaning capabilities. The optimized, streamlined design of the CoronaStar provides minimal areas for powder accumulations on the gun body and ensures efficient, automatic blow-off during color change. This way, the guns provide a more stable production process without waste. The improved powder cloud results in thinner, more uniform coating thicknesses. As a result, powder consumption is also significantly lower. In addition, powder accumulations in the nozzle or spitting occurs less frequently - thanks to the improved internal geometry.

Already installed systems with the previous WAGNER automatic guns can easily be retrofitted with the new guns. Installation and maintenance is very simple, which reduces service costs.

The highly integrative design has made it possible to create a compact and extremely powerful product with the new gun family, which adapts smoothly to the clean world of modern automation landscapes.

You can find more information on: industry/products/powder-coating/ product/pea-x1-corona-automaticguns/ industry/products/powder-coating/ product/per-x1-corona-robot-guns/

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PEA-X1 with bracket and XL extension PER-X1 for robotic applications in exemplary variations
ECONOMICAL COATING. FLEXIBLE APPLICATIONS. GM 5000 & GA 5000 Manual & automatic electrostatic guns • High transfer efficiency with wrap-around effect • Suitable for water-based & solvent-based paint • Excellent finishing results Contact Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd a Member of WAGNER GROUP Telephone: 01327 368410

Galvanizers Accelerate Restoration Project

A West Midlands-based galvanizing firm is the driving force in future-proofing classic vehicles for a local car enthusiast.

Edward Howell Galvanizers Ltd, part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, is assisting part-time Formula 1 Contractor, Rob Sapinski with the restoration of his classic car collection, endeavouring to overcome the frequent challenge of rusting components.

Rob said: “When I’m not working, I enjoy building Land Rover Defenders in my workshop. When restored, they’re incredibly fashionable, sought after, and only increase in value due to dwindling numbers. Plus, I’m doing my bit for the environment – I won’t be discarding it as soon as the engine is faulty or it’s done too many miles. Instead, there’s endless possibilities to change, restore, and update it. With the help of Edward Howell Galvanizers, and other local companies who have helped, I’m restoring these Land Rovers so that they can stand the test of time.

“I’ve completed many of these projects to date, but often my biggest obstacle is rust. A few months ago, I contacted Edward Howell Galvanizers for help,

and I’m incredibly grateful that a firm of their stature agreed to accept my Land Rover’s very intricate steel parts – as others have previously been unable to handle the delicate pieces.”

The major steel componentsincluding the chassis, bulkhead and axles – are acid dipped at local business, Surface Processing in Dudley, before Edward Howell Galvanizers collect and galvanize them.

During the galvanizing process, the parts are dipped in a large bath of molten zinc at 450oc, which provides them with an estimated rust-free lifespan of more than 70 years.

“Jim and the team take great care when galvanizing to prevent the thin steel from buckling, and this precision and attention to detail is really appreciated,” Rob continued. “But my latest project consists of parts that are very small. Luckily, another galvanizing plant in the Wedge family, B.E. Wedge Ltd, specialises in centrifuge galvanizing and was able to handle these. Centrifuge or spin galvanizing follows the same process as general galvanizing except that the work is placed in baskets to be galvanized and rapidly removed from the bath before the zinc on the work solidifies. The basket is placed in a centrifuge and spun for several seconds to remove excess zinc from the surface and prevent items from sticking together, ensuring a smooth finish.

“After galvanizing, the parts can also be powder coated or painted as specified, to further protect them from the elements. Unfortunately, as many car fanatics like myself will understand, the production quality of this particular vehicle declined significantly in the early 2000s, causing them to deteriorate quicker, before the original model was discontinued completely in 2016. While new models are available, many like myself will agree that these

originals were the best 4x4s ever made, and we must preserve them at all costs.”

Jim Lindsay, Sales Manager at Edward Howell Galvanizers, added: “It’s a privilege to be supporting Rob again with his latest Land Rover Defender project – it’s fantastic to see alternative and exciting parts come through the plant. And, what a thrill it is to see the finished product, knowing that thanks to the galvanizing process, these cars have been given a new lease of life so they can be enjoyed for many more years to come. We can’t wait to welcome Rob back and see what he’s up to next!”

Edward Howell Galvanizers is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest hot-dip galvanizing organisation in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically placed across the country, the firm offers a truly national galvanizing service.

For further information

please contact Wedge Group Galvanizing on 01902 601944 or visit

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HangOn is a partner who helps customers to nd smart solutions to increase the e ciency in their coating process and improve their pro tability. We develop and produce in own factories. Our products are distributed from our warehouses into more than 40 countries.

HangOn Ltd. Leintwardine, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 0NB WEB EMAIL TELEPHONE 01547 540 573


Shot Blast, Shot Peen THE NEXT LEVEL!

As part of an International Group Straaltechniek UK offer World Class Support to the surface preparation industry.

As a leading manufacturer of NEW, 2nd hand refurbished Shot Blast & Shot Peening equipment, Equipment Modernisation Programmes including the successful High Performance Long Life Blast Wheel range Straaltechniek UK underpin their success with a comprehensive aftermarket package including spares, maintenance, service contracts and 24 Hour breakdown cover.

New Wheel, Air & Portable Blasting & Shot Peening Equipment

Dust Filtration, Housekeeping, Handling & Ergonomic issues are classic examples. The health & safety of all employees is paramount in any modern businesses who must comply with the latest H&S regulations. Straaltechniek UK can assist these businesses with advice and upgrades to meet with these increased production and mandatory demands.

Aftermarket Spares, Service Maintenance Contracts 24 Hour Breakdown Cover

With the supply of Spare Parts for their own and many other manufacturers Straaltechniek UK are able to provide customers with a quick response by keeping a wide range of spares stock along with a team of skilled engineers on hand to offer the required service support.

Carrying out preventative maintenance to customers installations will save cost, unnecessary down time and ultimately lost profit. Proper and timely maintenance will also extend the service life of the machinery. Opting for a Straaltechniek UK service & spares contract allows the customer to concentrate on other critical aspects of production maintenance.

Shot Blast Equipment Modernisation Programmes E.M.P.

With over 150 years of combined experience Straaltechniek UK can offer extensive Equipment Modernisation Programmes for all types of Surface Preparation Blasting & Shot Peening Equipment. at a fraction of the cost of new installations.

Straaltechniek UK have a wide range of EMP programmes to assist customers when legislation and Production Demands require more from their existing equipment. Health & Safety,

Abrasive Media

Straaltechniek UK also stock and supply a range of Abrasive media including Steel shot, Steel Grit, Aluminium Oxide, Glass bead, expendable and plastic media.

54 APRIL 2023
Table Wheel Blast Machines Manual Air Blast Rooms Portable Manual Hand Blast Aerospace Robotic Shot Peening Equipment High Performance Long Life Blast Wheels Maintenance Access Platforms


Straaltechniek UK Quality Standards

Straaltechniek UK continuously aims to improve the quality of their products, managing systems, communication and was one of the first organisations in the Sheffield City Region that was granted ISO 9001 2015 Quality Standard Certification. Made In Sheffield is one of the world’s great brands, made famous internationally as a mark of origin and quality on the city’s manufactured products.

Today, Sheffield is a successful 21st century producer city, boasting world-class companies in sectors as diverse as advanced manufacturing, materials technology, the creative and digital industries, food and biomedical / healthcare technology.

Sheffield City Regions companies now have the opportunity to declare their proud Sheffield credentials through the use of the new Made In Sheffield Mark, a symbol of the cities on- going commitment to quality and excellence.

Straaltechniek UK Ltd – THE NEXT LEVEL!

Telephone: +44 (0) 1142 571077



chromitAL TCP

Trivalent Chrome Passivation for Aluminium

SurTec 650 chromitAL provides excellent bare corrosion resistance on unpainted surfaces and enhances adhesion of organic coatings. Applications include plain and anodized aluminium.

drop-in replacement for conventional hexavalent chrome passivation

environmentally safe, non-toxic, simple to operate and waste treat

meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-81706B and MILDTL-5541F for bare corrosion (336 h in NSS per ASTM B-117) respectively, DIN EN ISO 9227 temper resistant up to 100 °C

low contact resistance, meets electrical conductivity requirements on aluminium substrates per MIL-DTL-81706B

field tested on alloys 2024, 2219, 5083, 7075 and various castings applied by immersion, spray or wipe-on for large areas finishing

SurTec Technologies is a trading name of SurTec Benelux B.V. Molenweg 17A NL-5953 JR Reuver The Netherlands Tel : Fax: 0(031) 77 3081590 0(031) 77 4762033 E-Mail :


Aqueous and Solvent Cleaning: Partners in Cleaning Technology

In the world of industrial cleaning, aqueous & solvent cleaning systems both have their advantages. The process & customer requirements will determine the most suitable & effective method.

Aqueous cleaning solutions ranging from fully-automated ultrasonics cleaning lines to stand-alone rotary spray washers can be an eco & user-friendly solution to many typical industrial cleaning applications. The benefit an aqueous process can offer is its versatility on many different types of contamination (polar/inorganic contaminants with acid detergents, non-polar/organic contaminants with alkaline detergents).

However, high-quality & throughput demands can result in aqueous cleaning lines quickly growing into large systems due to the number of treatment and rinsing stages required.

This is where the Kemet/IFP range of KP hybrid systems steps in, offering the best of both by combining aqueous and solvent cleaning. These modified alcohol washing machines operate in a complete vacuum treatment cycle to clean finished products from wastage and oily substances without releasing harmful substances into the environment. With the ability to clean

polar and non-polar contamination, leaving a spot-free finish and dry components without the need for multiple reverse osmosis and deionised water rinsing stages used on purely aqueous systems, these hybrid cleaning systems are a real breakthrough for many of today’s cleaning challenges.

Integrating ultrasound cavitation in a seal vacuum treatment chamber and the use of universal washing liquids and modified alcohols with low environmental impact ensures a perfect degree of cleaning while drastically reducing consumption. The machines can work with a variety of materials and are ideal for high throughput machined components, precision mechanics, automotive, heat treatment, medical, dental, electronics, and other applications

The combination of aqueous and solvent-cleaning technologies offers a powerful solution for industries looking to clean their parts and surfaces efficiently and effectively. By working together, these machines can achieve results that would be difficult or

impossible to attain with either technology alone.

Aqueous cleaning machines are great for removing water-soluble contaminants, while solvent cleaning machines are ideal for removing oil and grease-based contaminants. By using both technologies in combination, a wider range of contaminants can be effectively removed, leading to cleaner and more efficient parts and surfaces.

Moreover, the use of aqueous and solvent cleaning, particularly with modified alcohol as the Kemet/IFP range of machines offers the benefit of minimal solvent consumption thanks to continuous distillation and renovation of solvent inside the machine. By reducing solvent use, industries can reduce their environmental impact while still achieving excellent cleaning results.

The Kemet/IFP range of machines is a prime example of the power of combining aqueous and solvent cleaning technologies. By using these machines, industries can achieve a perfect degree of cleaning while also reducing their environmental impact.

Aqueous and solvent cleaning machines are not competitors, but rather partners in the world of industrial cleaning. By combining the strengths of both machines, a more effective and environmentally friendly cleaning process can be achieved. The combination of these two technologies offers a powerful solution for industries looking to clean their parts and surfaces efficiently and effectively while reducing their impact on the environment.

A hybrid process is not the answer to every application, and Kemet can supply fully aqueous or fully solvent-based systems as well as Hybrid combinations.

Please contact Kemet at to initiate a discussion regarding your cleaning process. We will be pleased to provide you with information on how the combination of aqueous and solvent cleaning can be optimised to best suit your specific requirements, while also ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

58 APRIL 2023
Solutions for recycling SOLVENTS Save Money | Recycle Any Solvent High Yield | Low Waste ASK FOR A FREE QUOTE SYSTEMS Units available for any quantity and application Safe and easy to use Recycled solvent as good as new Atex certified for flammable solvents The number one choice with over 38,000 units worldwide BUY OR LEASE | 01691 622 225 For more information visit:


Perfect paint preparation of agricultural equipment components

Agricultural equipment is constantly exposed to tough climate and weather. For this reason optimal paint preparation is essential for the equipment to hold up under such tough conditions. A custom-engineered continuous feed spinner hanger blast machine

RHBD-K 22/27-HD, installed in a new factory of a globally active manufacturer, is making a significant contribution towards this goal. The shot blast machine is integrated into a fully automated manufacturing line. It allows the blastcleaning of a variety of complex weldments, weighing up to two tons, prior to painting.

This Brazilian manufacturer supplies innovative agricultural machinery for a wide range of applications. For example, it is used for harvesting coffee beans and sugar cane as well as for seeding and cultivating all kinds of agricultural crops. The company is active in more than 100 countries. Reasons for this success are the excellent productivity and quality of the equipment as well as the continuous improvement of the manufacturing operation. It is not surprising that the new factory in Brazil is equipped with a fully automated, digitized manufacturing line. There, steel plates and profiles are cut, welded into complex constructions, shot blasted and painted in continuous flow operation. Based on the tailormade equipment concept, the technical implementation and the high equipment quality, the company had decided to purchase the continuous feed spinner hanger blast machine RHBD-K 22/27-HD made by Rösler.

The work pieces are transported through the shot blast machine by the power & free conveyor system of the manufacturing line. This required optimal coordination of the various interfaces in the manufacturing line. But thanks to the help by the colleagues at Rösler Brazil the whole project went very smoothly.

Energy-saving shot blast operation integrated into the overall manufacturing process

After the welding operation the components are transported through an inlet chamber into the actual blast chamber equipped with 12 Gamma 400G turbines, each with a drive power of 11 kW. These innovative Rösler high-performance turbines contain curved throwing blades in “Y” design. Compared to conventional turbines the special blade design with optimal curvature increases the throwing speed significantly.

The shot blast machine for the continuous blast-cleaning of welding assemblies is integrated into the overall manufacturing line. Manual touchup blasting of particularly complex surface areas can be done in a blast room located behind the outlet chamber of the shot blast machine. The thrown blast media from the blast room is transferred to the media cleaning system of the shot blast machine.

60 APRIL 2023
Surface Finishing is our DNA AM Solutions Shot Blasting Individual systems engineering and intelligent process solutions –reliable and energy efficient The full solution provider for 3D post processing equipment and 3D printing services Mass Finishing Efficient systems engineering and innovative technologies – powerful and economical Rösler UK Limited| 1 Unity Grove | Knowsley Business Park | Prescot | Merseyside | L34 9GT Tel: +44 (0)151 482 0444 | Fax: +44 (0)151 482 4400 | |


This results not only in an up to 20 % higher blasting performance but also in significantly shorter cycle times.

Sophisticated equipment design allows more flexible shot blasting operation

Because of the enormous work piece diversity the shot blast machine was designed to handle welding assemblies with dimensions of up 10,000 x 2,000 x 2,500 mm (L x W x H) and weights of maximum 2,000 kg. Some of the weldments have thick walls and are very sturdy, whereas others have thin walls and are delicate. To account for these differences and to consistently achieve the required preparation grade of Sa 2,5 as well as the specified surface roughness values, the turbine RPM is controlled by

frequency inverters. This ensures optimal paint adhesion and prevents warping of the thin-walled components. The variable turbine speed and the automatic control of the media flow allows precise adaptation of the blast-cleaning process to the different welding assemblies. Selection of the workpiece-specific shot blast programs is done at the master computer of the manufacturing line. Behind the outlet chamber of the shot blast machine is a blast room that allows the manual touchup blasting of geometrically complex assemblies with undercuts and internal passages. Augers below the blast room floor transport the thrown blast media to the central media cleaning system. This eliminates the need for a separate media transport and cleaning system for the blast room.

Wear-resistant design ensures high equipment availability

The customer was also impressed by the wear-resistant design of the Rösler equipment. For example, the blast chamber is made from manganese steel and is protected by easily replaceable 10 mm thick wear liners, also made from manganese steel. Another plus is the fact that both sides of the throwing blades can be used, which practically doubles their usable life. The throwing blades can be replaced with a quick-change system without having to take the turbine apart.


The 12 Gamma 400G turbines are arranged in a circle around the blast chamber. Because of the curved design of the throwing blades, the shot blast process is particularly productive and energy efficient. The turbine RPM is controlled by frequency inverters. The variable turbine speed and the automatic control of the media flow allows the precise adaptation of the blast-cleaning process to the different welding assemblies. This ensures optimal paint adhesion and prevents warping of thin-walled components.

62 APRIL 2023

Cleaner components and greener credentials

Graham Fraser, MD of Fraser Technologies, discusses how the next generation of cleaning technologies cut costs, time and carbon footprint for an automotive customer.

When considering how to clean or degrease products or components, businesses will find they are faced with a choice between water-based aqueous cleaning and using solvents. While both solutions are suitable for various applications, businesses looking to improve their cleaning and degreasing processes, as well as make choices that reflect their company vision and commitment to better environmental awareness and practices,

should most definitely include solvents as part of the conversation.

We worked closely on this decision with a leading automotive power management company, and delivered excellent results. This organisation manufactures a range of integrated hydraulic products, including screw-in cartridge valves (SiCV) and hydraulic integrated circuits. They had cleaned their products with a variety of materials over the years, initially operating with trichloroethylene, before switching to an aqueous-based process. They were finding a number of issues with the aqueous processes, essentially related to the age of the cleaning equipment, the level of cleanliness achievable with aqueous cleaning, and the potential for ‘flash rusting’ at the end of the process.

To assess the cleaning processes in detail and to ascertain an alternative solution, we arranged a visit to their facility in the Midlands. We observed that they had two aqueous cleaning systems on site: a three-stage immersion tank system, consisting of a chemical cleaning tank, two rinsing tanks and a hot air dryer chamber, and a spray wash system. Both systems took up a great deal of floor space, and operation was manual, needing constant checks by a skilled operator.

The challenge

A variety of parts go through the cleaning processes, ranging from large manifold blocks (of up to 450 x 300 x 300mm) to smaller components, which are loaded into trays. The parts are used in a variety of hydraulic

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We are seeing time and time again that the latest generation of solvents are reducing our clients’ carbon footprint by 25% and using five times less power than previous aqueous systems.

applications, from mobile industrial equipment to automotive platforms, with strict cleanliness requirements to maintain valve life. They all need to meet the strict cleaning standards of BS 4406, with a maximum particle count of 0.6mg/kg and a maximum particle size of 250 microns for the most sensitive application. The parts must be gravimetric tested to give a residue reading, to ensure the appropriate levels of cleanliness performance have been met.

It was immediately clear that a solvent cleaning process would optimise the entire operation. The fact that trichloroethylene had been used successfully in the past suggested that solvents did work in this application, and indicated that the products would be compatible with newer generation solvents.

We recommended that solvent cleaning would offer a much higher cleanliness standard than aqueous cleaning, due to the final rinse in pure solvent vapour. As solvents are a ‘dry’ cleaning option, this process is ideal for difficult to dry components. Opteon™ SF79® was deemed to be the most suitable chemistry solution. With the use of low boiling point, nonflammable products, the components would be cleaned to an exceptionally high standard with minimal cost and capital investment.

There were two ways of delivering the process. This particular factory is broken down into product specific cells, so one solution was to have several smaller solvent cleaning

systems, with one allocated to each cell, or shared between two or three cells. Alternatively, they could opt for one fully automated cleaning system. It works in exactly the same way as the smaller ‘cell’ systems, but has full automation. Baskets are loaded onto a roller conveyor, where they are picked up by a handling system and stepped through the process. With this system, the operators simply load baskets onto the infeed conveyor and remove from the outfeed at the end of the process. It would be located in a similar central position to the existing aqueous machines, but only required power and air supply. The client opted for one machine, as it better suited their production flow and reduced handling.

The results

The client’s team found the results better than they anticipated. A solvent recovery system was installed at the same time as the cleaning equipment, which puts the solvent through a distillation process so that it can be used again. 90% of waste solvent is recovered for reuse, which reduced what they have needed to buy, as well as reduced waste handling costs.

The OPEX Manager commented “The report that came back from Fraser Technologies was clear –

a solvent solution would save us money in the long term, and would provide a more consistent superior clean.

“With improvements to be seen on not just the quality of the clean, but also productivity, maintenance, safety and our environmental impact, we were able to very easily justify the capital expenditure. Since the machine was installed, the results have more than lived up to our expectations – the cleaning is technically superior; and we can see the difference that the machines are having on our carbon footprint, as well as our business, as the cost of heating water and air has gone from around 40kw to 8kw.”

We are seeing time and time again that the latest generation of solvents are reducing our clients’ carbon footprint by 25% and using five times less power than previous aqueous systems. The old solvent technology has been reintroduced with a modern variant – they can be fully automated; they’re much safer for people, significantly reduce the impact on the environment; and they deliver unbeatable results.

Telephone: 01506 443 058


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High Carbon Steel shot and Grit. Low Carbon Steel Shot and metal Bead Stainless Steel Cr and Cr/Ni. No


Scangrit has become one of the leading suppliers of blasting abrasives by meeting the rigorous demands of European Industries.

We combine huge resources of skill and expertise to provide you with the widest range of top-performing products, a first-class technical support service and fast reliable deliveries.

5, Queensway Link Industrial Estate
Park 17, Telford, Shropshire TF3 3DN
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Eastfield Road, South Killingholme, N.E. Lincolnshire, UK Tel: +44(0)1469 574715 Fax: +44(0)1469 571644 e-mail:
ABRASIVE BLASTING EQUIPMENT Straaltechniek UK Ltd Unit 8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ Tel: 01142 571077 Fax: 01142 571075 www straaltechniek co uk For
& Engineering needs. ADVICE BOILERS & STEAM GENERATORS 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham • 100Kg/h – 25,000Kg/h • High efficiency – up to 96% • Low overall emissions • Improved safety • Simplicity of control • Quiet, clean & cool in operation Modern Coil Type Steam Generators & Fire Tube Boilers Tel: 020 8953 7111 ACID PROOF EQUIPMENT telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 COMPLETE FINISHING PLANT • PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS • BARRELS - PROGALVANO ROTOR • BARREL AUTO LOADING SYSTEMS • PROGALVANO FILTERS • SEMI/AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS (Large Range • AUTOMATIC DRYING SYSTEMS • ROTARY PAINTING/LAQUERING • TOP COATING/SEALING SYSTEMS • VIBRATORY POLISHING EQUIPMENT • LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT • RECTIFIERS Conventional & Pulse • A/HOUR METERS & DOSING PUMPS
When you need to take abrasive action, you’ll find Scangrit is a hard act to follow.
all your Shotblasting
66 APRIL 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS FILTERS telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 E T 01420 544 909 F 01420 542 264 Final Cleaning • Spray Wash In-process Cleaning Aqueous Ultrasonics Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines Degreasing • Anodising Chemical Cleaning for MRO Chemical Etching/Milling CLEANING, DEGREASING & PRETREATMENT ELECTROPHORETIC COATINGS SUPPLIER Equipment + Chemistry + Support = Total Cleaning Solutions ✓ Over 50 years expertise ✓ New generation chemistries & equipment ✓ Superior performance & results ✓ FREE audit & trial facilities ✓ Extremely eco-friendly, safe and reliable 01506 443058 • EXTENSIVE RANGE OF FILTER SYSTEMS • AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • SEMI AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • BAG FILTERS • CARTRIDGE FILTERS • DISC FILTERS • OIL SEPARATION • FILTER PRESSES • CARBON UNITS • PUMPS • PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT FOR: ANODIZING CLEANING ELECTROPLATING AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLEASE CONTACT LOCALLY: TEL: 01420 544909 EMAIL: SALES@TURBEX.CO.UK ELECTROPLATING EQUIPMENT COMPUTER SYSTEMS ORPHEUS... Proven Production control software Barcode technolog y provides TOTAL ORDER TRACKING and TRACEABILITY Interested? Why not give us a call for a demonstration. Mark dimmock Acton Gate Systems Ltd, Essington, Staffordshire Do you know what your production line is doing? ORPHEUS DOES 01902 249299 actongate www.actongate enquiries@actongate EFFLUENT TREATMENT TENNANTS TENNANTS DISTRIBUTION LIMITED 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham
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APRIL 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS PAINT STRIPPING RDM Industrial Services Ltd Parkfield Industrial Estate Kemp Street Middleton Manchester M24 4AA Tel: 0161 643 9333 Fax: 0161 655 3467 Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units.
MASKING LACQUERS MASKING - TAPES, CAPS & PLUGS Over 40 years of effective solutions! We are your natural partner when selecting hanging and masking technology. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of our products or our work! Jason Hardeman, Phone: +44 7500 938 950 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham
69 APRIL 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 OVENS, CURING & DRYING Excellent surfaces WAGNER offers a wide range of systems and products for perfect coating solutions in liquid and powder. Applying Feeding Mixing Controlling Booths & Systems Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd. Tel. 01327 368410 POWDER COATING EQUIPMENT Performance by design Advanced powder coating system technology for greater productivity and operating efficiency delivers top performance at the lowest operating cost. Get in contact today +44.161.498.1500 7 Ravenswood Drive, Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5AJ TEL: 01204 495818 EMAIL: PRODUCT RANGE METACLEAN AL Powder and liquid alkali cleaners for spray and immersion degreasing METACLEAN DR Acid based materials for etching derusting and descaling applications PHOSGUARD LW Lightweight Iron and Zirconium Phosphates pretreatments for use prior to painting PHOSGUARD ZP Zinc Phosphates prior to rust proofing and painting PHOSGUARD NC Non Chromate conversion coatings for aluminium METPHOS CL Single stage degrease phosphates for use at ambient temperatures METSOL PT A wide range of environmentally friendly materials for wipe on degreasing applications STRIPSOL PS Paint and powder coating strippers covering a wide range of applications METSOL SD Single stage low temperature degreasers for use in vapour degrease plants DESOL PW Panel wipes and pretreatment wipes WEB: We supply automatic dosing equipment, spray nozzles and standpipe fittings for pretreatment plants and powder coating equipment parts PRETREAMENT CHEMICALS Your global partner for high quality powder coating Gema Europe SRL UK Branch Tel: 0044 1202 763942 POWDER Aluminium Anodizing Chemetall’s Anodizing Technology. PUMP & FILTRATION SPECIALISTS

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To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email

Final Cleaning • Spray Wash


Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units. E

T 01420 544 909

F 01420 542 264

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In-process Cleaning Aqueous Ultrasonics
Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines
Degreasing • Anodising Chemical Cleaning for MRO
Total Cleaning
Chemical Etching/Milling SPRAY
SPRAY BOOTHS info@solutex co uk e:
Equipment + Chemistry + Support =
Over 50 years expertise
✓ New generation chemistries & equipment
✓ Superior performance & results
✓ FREE audit & trial facilities
01506 443058
✓ Extremely eco-friendly, safe and reliable
F 01420 542 264
NEC, Birmingham
71 APRIL 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS AUTOMATIC & MANUAL METAL FINISHING PLANT & EQUIPMENT Fume Extraction Plastratum Ltd 100 Armoury Road Birmingham B11 2RH TEL: +44 (0) 121 314 1191 Effluent Treatment DI Water Generation • PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS • BARRELS - PROGALVANO ROTOR • BARREL AUTO LOADING SYSTEMS • PROGALVANO FILTERS • SEMI/AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS Large Range • AUTOMATIC DRYING SYSTEMS • ROTARY PAINTING/LAQUERING • TOP COATING/SEALING SYSTEMS • VIBRATORY POLISHING EQUIPMENT • LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT • RECTIFIERS Conventional & Pulse • A/HOUR METERS & DOSING PUMPS VAPOUR DEGREASING VIBRATORY DEBURRING, POLISHING & SURFACE FINISHING 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham VIBRATORY FINISHING EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS FOR ALL YOUR VIBRATORY FINISHING EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS Sharmic Engineering Ltd Telephone: +44 (0)1299 822135 or +44 (0) 1299 878123/4/5 Email: SHARMIC FOR FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE Experienced Engineers After sales technical support Nationwide deliveries To advertise in these pages under an existing or heading of your own choice please call Nigel on 01442 826826 or email SURFACE FINISHING & EFFLUENT TECHNOLOGIES • Up to 50% energy savings • Compact size • Easy & safe to use • Works up to 350°C • Low exhaust emissions • High efficiency • Requires no specialist knowledge • Corrosion free operation • No chemical treatment Thermal Fluid Heating Technology now for the future Tel: 020 8953 7111 THERMAL FLUID Thermal Insulation Spheres Frogspawn™ by Manufacturing in the UK since 1957 THERMAL INSULATION ��>������>������>����>����>�����>���>�������>���������������>����������>���>��� >>>�������>������� > �����>�>����� >>>�������>����������>������� >> ������>��������>��������� >>>��������>�������>����������> >>>>������>�>�����������> ����������>������>�>��������������� ���>��>���>�������>���>���������>��>��� >��>���>�������>������������>������� >>>>>>�����>�������������>��>����>�����>��> > >��������>������� > ����������> >>>�����>������>����>�����>������ ��>���>����>�����>���������>�����������>���>�������>��>���������>�����>��> �����>������������>�������>���>��������>��>����������>���>����������>�������> ����������>���>���> WATER PURIFICATION

Process Engineer Copper Plate - Transmissions M.E.

At Leonardo, we have a fantastic new opportunity for a Treatment Process Engineer within the Transmissions Centre of Excellence function.

Leonardo is a global high-tech company and one of the key players in Aerospace, Defence and Security. Headquartered in Italy, Leonardo has over 45,000 employees, of which 7,000 are based in the UK.

The role will be within the Helicopters Division based in Yeovil, under the Transmissions Centre of Excellence function and will be within Manufacturing Engineering.

We work on many of the Leonardo Helicopter platforms, in the civil, military platform and new technology, Tilt rotor and UAV. This is an opportunity for you to provide expert technical support and advice on Treatment Processes within a busy and high demanding aerospace manufacturing team.

You will experience working in a very structured, busy and technically challenging but friendly environment on the delivery of manufacturing engineering activities in support of a Treatment Processes primarily Copper plate to support the carburising and nitriding masking on a variety of gears ranging from 30mm to 600mm diameter on Helicopter components.

You will need to be energetic, determined and lead by example to ensure the highest of standards and quality are met, whilst adhering to company processes and procedures.

This vacancy may close at any time and if you feel like you are a good fit and you are keen to develop then why not join us. Apply here now!

4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham

Straaltechniek UK Limited

8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ, United Kingdom

Table Wheel Blasting Machines

• Work zone mm; 1803 Dia x 1500 H

• Work zone mm; 2743 Dia x 400 H

• Work zone mm; 1500 Dia x 1000 H

• Work zone mm; 1000 Dia x 400 H

• Work zone mm; 1200 Dia x 1200 H

• Work zone mm; 1100 Dia x 500 H

Tumblast Wheel Machines

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 420 Litre

• Type; Steel

Volume Litre; 425 Litre

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 50 Litre

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 150 Litre Belt

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 170 Litre Belt

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 180 Litre Belt

Hook Wheel Machines

• Type; I Track

Work Zone mm; 1800 Dia x 1800L

• Type; Y Track

Work Zone mm; 1500 Dia x 1700L

• Type; Y Track

Work Zone mm; 800 Dia x 1200L

• Type; Y Track

Work Zone mm; 1100 Dia x 1600L

Roller Conveyor Wheel Machines

• Type; Roller Conveyor

Work Zone mm; 1000 x 500

Wheel No; 4

• Type; Roller Conveyor

Work Zone mm; 1000 x 500

Wheel No; 4

Air Blast Hand Cabinets

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 600D x 350H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Suction

Work Zone mm; 700W x 500D x400H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 800 Dia Turntable

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 500 Dia Basket

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 1200 x 750 x400

• Type; Suction

Work Zone mm; 700W x600D x300H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 600W x 500D x 400H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 1400W x 700D x 600H

Blast Rooms

• Work Zone mm; 4000L x 2000W x 2000H

Type; Room

Abrasive Recovery; Waffle Floor

• Work Zone mm; 4000L x 2000W x 2000H

Type; Room

Abrasive Recovery; Waffle Floor

• Work Zone mm; 20ft x 8ft x 8ft

Type; Container

Abrasive Recovery; Sweep Up

• Work Zone mm; 20ft

Dust Filters

• Various Types & Sizes

For more information please contact:

| Jay Dorling | Sales Director | Mob: 07872 599925 | DD: 0114 2571077 | Web: |

With an estimated 30% rise in gas prices, can your company afford not to switch to our ambient, one stage pretreatment technology?

Our ambient temperature one stage processing system requires no heating and therefore no gas.

Additional benefits when switching include: better corrosion protection, savings in water, and savings in extra labour costs.

Customers who switch from their standard three stage phosphating plant to our innovative one stage Toran 3 technology reduce their overall costs by 23% annually.

Contact Metavate to help your business move forward.


1000+ hours salt spray protection

No water required - no sludge produced

Ambient processing - no gas required

No flash rust for 6 months on treated-metal prior to painting

Just Clever Chemicals No Water. No Gas. Reduced
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