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For it is in giving that we receive.

St. Francis of Assisi

HILBERT COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chair Ann Swan Clarence, NY Vice Chair Gretchen Wylegala Hamburg, NY Secretary Edward Gelia, Jr. East Amherst, NY Patrick Backman Orchard Park, NY James Balon Holland, NY

HILBERT MISSION Hilbert College is an independent institution of higher learning that embraces its Catholic Franciscan heritage and values. Students from diverse backgrounds are educated in liberal arts and professional programs to become informed citizens committed to serving and strengthening their communities.

Sr. Emily Therese Bloom, FSSJ Hamburg, NY Andrea Cherenzia Cheektowaga, NY John Ciminelli Clarence, NY Robert Clerici Orchard Park, NY Russell Corigliano Lake View, NY Sr. Benedicta Dega, FSSJ Cheektowaga, NY






Donald Ogilvie Hamburg, NY Richard Ruh, M.D. Orchard Park, NY Fr. Michael Sajda, OFM Conv. Athol Springs, NY Michael Sendor Boston, NY Ronald J. Soluri, Sr. Grand Island, NY Stuart Steiner, Ph.D Batavia, NY John A. Wabick Orchard Park, NY Cynthia Zane, Ed.D Hamburg, NY


Beth Del Genio, Ph.D. East Aurora, NY

Chris Holoman, Ph.D Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Deborah DiMatteo Buffalo, NY

Peter Burns Vice President for Enrollment Management

Joseph Dommer Orchard Park, NY

Gregg Fort Vice President for Institutional Advancement

James A. Dunlop, Jr. Orchard Park, NY

Michael Murrin Vice President for Information Services

Sr. Sharon Goodremote, FSSJ Hamburg, NY

Rick Pinkowski Vice President for Business and Finance

Richard Hamister Orchard Park, NY

Denise Harris Vice Provost for Student Engagement

Sr. Ann Marie Hudzina, FSSJ Angola, NY

Jim Sturm Vice Provost for Leadership Development/ Dean of Students

James Iglewski Hamburg, NY


Hon. Jeremiah J. McCarthy Williamsville, NY

Wayne Keller East Aurora, NY Joseph Kubarek, Jr. Orchard Park, NY Sr. Joyce Kubiniec, FSSJ Cheektowaga, NY Gerard Mazurkiewicz West Seneca, NY

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT The Hilbert College community begins every January with a College-Wide meeting during which we review our annual “Report Card” that evaluates the progress we are making with our Strategic Plan goals and strategies. In May 2012, we officially completed the strategic plan that guided us over the last five years, Destination 2012. As we looked back, it was rewarding to acknowledge the progress we have made including:

Trinity Hall

• Record number of first time, full time freshman students • Construction of Trinity Hall that houses 155 residence students. • A new General Arts & Sciences Curriculum including a first year seminar • Hilbert’s first graduate programs • A 10% increase in student retention • Two new science lab classrooms accompanied by a new scientific literacy curriculum. • Completion of the 3.5 million dollar Capital Campaign • The addition of two new intercollegiate sports- men’s and women’s lacrosse. • Over 65% increase in annual support. We have accomplished much and we are not done yet! In September, we launched the new strategic plan that will succeed Destination 2012…Vision 2017. The plan’s development included input from stakeholders representing every segment of the College: students, staff, faculty, alumni, trustees, and community leaders. The new plan serves as a bridge between the past and the future and builds upon the gains we made in recruitment, retention, a greater emphasis on student success and engagement as we carry out our Catholic Franciscan mission. The new plan calls upon the College to increase enrollment, continue its unshakable focus on student learning, enhance our physical environment, and expand our outreach to the community.

Students working in the science lab

I am truly proud of our accomplishments and excited about where we are heading. On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff, I gratefully acknowledge your generosity that has made the Destination 2012 accomplishments possible. I hope that you will visit the campus in the near future, visit our web site, or participate in our social media outlets as our journey continues. Sincerely,

Cynthia Zane

Men’s lacrosse

HILBERTCOLLEGE Small Community, Great Opportunities

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

St. Francis of Assisi

FRANCISCAN VALUES Compassion Hope Integrity Joy Peace Respect Service Vision




Hilbert College embraces its mission to be a place where “students from diverse backgrounds are educated in liberal arts and professional programs to become informed citizens committed to serving and strengthening their communities.” At the heart of this is an exciting vision of the complete student experience, inside and outside the classroom.

Trusting in God, Colette Hilbert, a remarkable and saintly woman, left her homeland and family at the age of 23 to respond to the needs of Polish immigrants in America.

Students achieve greater success and retain knowledge longer when they are actively engaged in their learning. This means participating in a dynamic classroom, where concepts are applied, preconceived notions are challenged, and handson experiences reinforce content presented by a highly qualified faculty. It also means providing students with many opportunities to feel connected to the college outside the classroom through clubs, athletic teams, diverse programming including study abroad, and effective advisement and counseling. Hilbert has structured its programs to allow students to start successfully and build on that beginning through an integrated series of classes and opportunities that result in broad preparation for a fruitful career and meaningful future. In their first year, all students take the Foundations Seminar to acquaint them with the college and provide them the tools they will need as they progress. As sophomores, they are expected to enroll in at least one course that includes a service learning component which provides both experiential learning in the course material and promotes engaged citizenship. The cornerstone of the third year is Hilbert’s nationally-recognized “Junior Symposium.” Centered on global current events, the course acquaints students with the world they will live and work in and allows them to engage in respectful dialogue with people who may hold very different opinions and worldviews. Finally, each degree program features a senior

In 1897 she founded the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph and extended her influence in the ministry of education in elementary and secondary schools for generations. It was in 1957 that the Franciscan Sisters founded Hilbert College where Mother Colette’s strong faith, concern for others and respect for the unique value of each person, still reflect her guiding principle “in all things love.”

A CATHOLIC, FRANCISCAN COLLEGE Franciscanism dates back to the 12th century in the tiny Italian village of Assisi from the work of one man: St Francis of Assisi. He was more than a saint - he was a prisoner and soldier who possessed a magnanimity of spirit. The son of a wealthy merchant, Francis’ prosperous, rebellious life changed one day with a chance meeting of a leper. Rather than shun this social outcast, as he and so many others had done in the past, Francis embraced him. The gesture led Francis to a life of service to God. Soon after his conversation, Francis was praying before the crucifix at San Damiano when he heard Christ speak: “Francis, go and repair my house.” A man of action, Francis began repairing chapels, financing his work by selling family possessions. Disowned by his father and jeered by the masses, Francis remained focused on his mission. He soon realized that God was speaking not of physical buildings, but the spiritual Church and souls of

capstone experience appropriate for their discipline. Through an internship, major research project, or an intensive symposium, students get the chance to integrate and reflect on their entire academic career and showcase their preparation to begin their career or further integration.


With the addition of professional Master’s programs, accelerated degree-completion opportunities, and updated curricula, Hilbert College has taken the next steps in its development as an institution providing high quality, relevant education built on a strong foundation of Franciscan values.

Although Francis lived only to the age of 44, his message of a life of simplicity and the power of prayer has never faded. Today, St. Francis is a symbol of spiritual love, guidance and hope. His ideals of peace and healing live on at Hilbert.

Francis’ belief in preaching by living the gospel message attracted devoted followers whose lives were changed, eventually leading to the founding of the Franciscan Order.

Fast Facts HISTORY & CAMPUS Founded 1957 by Sister Edwina Bogel, FSSJ Name Named for Mother Colette Hilbert, foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph (FSSJ) President Cynthia A. Zane, Ed.D. 2006-present Campus Located in Hamburg, N.Y., approximately 10 miles south of Buffalo 60-acre campus

ACADEMICS Undergraduate Programs


Accelerated Degree Programs 2 Graduate Programs 2 Minors & Concentrations

More than 50

Degrees Master of Science Master of Public Administration Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Associate in Applied Science Associate in Art

Residence Halls 230 students On-Campus Apartments 67 students Percent of Full-Time Students Living On Campus 34% Student Clubs, Organizations and Honor Societies

More than 20, plus intramural and club sports

School Colors

Blue and white


Student to Faculty Ratio


Applications (Fall 2012)

Graduation Rate (6 years)


Increase in Applications (2010 to 2012) 5%

Honors Program Offered in all majors Students graduate with honors Leadership Program Annual scholarship Serve various campus leadership roles Internships

Available in all academic majors

Study Abroad Available through partnerships

STUDENTS Full-time Students 85% Part-time students 15% Students from Western New York 87% Male Students 42% Female Students 58%



Enrollment 1,074 Admissions Rolling admissions policy

ATHLETICS NCAA Division III institution. Member of the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference and United Volleyball Conference. Team Name


Men’s Sports

Women’s Sports

Baseball Basketball Basketball Cross Country Cross Country Lacrosse Golf (varsity sport in 2012-13) Lacrosse Soccer Soccer Softball Volleyball

ALUMNI Living Alumni 6,776

Students Qualified for Financial Aid 87%

Total Number of Graduates


Students Receiving Pell Grants 50%

Alumni Residing in Western New York


More than $3.9 million total in scholarships available, including numerous academic, institutional and private scholarships.

FACULTY Full-time 49

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Endowment $3.7 million Operating Budget

$16 million

Adjunct 76

Highlighted Results from 2012 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 94% of students rate their educational experience at Hilbert College as good or excellent. 91% of first-year students and 93% of seniors rate the quality of academic advising at Hilbert College as good or excellent. 91% of seniors say that Hilbert College has contributed substantially toward their acquiring a broad, general education and 86% report that their experience at Hilbert College has contributed substantially to their acquiring job or work-related knowledge and skills. 90% of seniors report discussing career plans with faculty. 87% of seniors would choose Hilbert College again if they could start their college career over. 87% of first-year students and 96% of seniors say faculty are available, helpful and sympathetic. 81% of first-year students feel that Hilbert College provides substantial support for their academic success. 78% of first-year students report that their peers are friendly, supportive, and give them a sense of belonging. 77% of first-year students feel that Hilbert College places substantial emphasis on academics.

STRATEGIC PLAN SUMMARY VISION 2017 Goal 1: Strengthen Revenue Streams: Hilbert College will achieve increased enrollment and fundraising goals in order to improve fiscal and programmatic health and more effectively achieve its mission. 1.1:

Achieve optimal enrollment in each of three main categories: Traditional undergraduate increase to 1,269, Adult Degree Program to 102, Graduate to 118.


Increase number of traditional transfer students by Fall 2017. Goal – 165 new transfer students by 2017.


Perform a comprehensive review of the college’s financial aid awarding practices and formalize a financial aid literacy program in order to minimize student debt and keep college affordable.

1.4: Increase external funding resources as follows: 45 planned gifts; increasing the number of $1,000 donors to 100; increasing annual fund gifts to $225,000 per year; increasing the endowment to $4.0 million; and grants. Goal 2: Strengthen the Student Experience: Hilbert College will continue its unshakable focus on student learning by providing clear pathways to success. 2.1:

Improve retention rates by 5% by 2017 for all students and specifically within the following populations: academically at-risk students, firstgeneration students, and students from non-majority populations.


Establish and meet benchmarks for learning outcomes for all students at course, program, and institutional levels.


Increase percentage of students participating in horizontal programming: study away, on-campus employment, internships, service learning, etc.


Design and implement systems to ensure that students can complete a degree in four years prepared for the world of work and/or graduate education.


Realign the current class schedule and academic calendar to more appropriately reflect and support a highly engaged student experience and maximize facility use.


Develop and resource a “teaching and learning” curriculum focused on pedagogies that promote engaged learning, including appropriate use of technology and alternate course delivery options.


Revisit general education and liberal learning goals to assure alignment with college mission and vision.

Goal 3: Strengthen our Institutional Story: Hilbert College is committed to raising the visibility and clarifying the distinction of the Hilbert-College experience. 3.1:

Complete a review of the current integration of Catholic and Franciscan traditions within the college’s curriculum, campus programming, and marketing efforts with actionable recommendations for improvements and enhancement.


Build comprehensive alumni and parent programs through the combined efforts of Institutional Advancement and Student Affairs.


Develop a comprehensive integrated marketing plan that includes social media initiatives and the College’s branding/positioning and public relations strategy suggestion.


Assure effectiveness of intercollegiate athletic program and its alignment with college goals.

Goal 4: Strengthen the physical and social environment of the campus: Hilbert College is committed to providing a culture of professional development, shared accountability, and excellence that promotes student success and work-place satisfaction. 4.1:

Enhance grounds and buildings to improve prospective student and donor first impression of our commitment to excellence.


Expand and improve student engagement spaces on campus: dining, recreation, and study space, athletic facilities, and student center.


Assess residential options on and near campus.


Complete an effectiveness and efficiency audit of all support systems to ensure adequate staffing and best practice services.


Review practices in student admissions, faculty and staff hiring, and campus life to assure a diverse and welcoming college environment.

Goal 5: Strengthen External Opportunities: Hilbert College is committed to engaging its local community, region, and Franciscan affiliations to create mutually beneficial partnerships. 5.1:

Increase the number and quality of on-campus events to attract more local and regional visitors to campus, increase utilization, and take advantage of the summer months.


Build relationships in local and regional business and organizations to develop access to and quality of student internships.


Explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships across the full range of college activities, especially with other Catholic and Franciscan organizations and institutions.


Increase the visibility of students and faculty in the local community.

The generous support of the following donors has enabled Hilbert to advance its mission and goals. PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY Gifts of $1,000 and above annually qualify for membership in the President’s Society, Hilbert College’s annual giving society of donors.

$250 - $499 Robert and Sheri Beatty Joan Eustace Reeverts

Up to $249 Joan Banach Sr. Paulette Tirone, FSSJ

Up to $249 Linda Hammer Demler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gorski Joann Kick Mary Lynch Margo Maute Betty McCarrick Annette Noto Susan and Maurice Stoney

Class of 1964

Class of 1972

Up to $249 Sr. Conrad M. Glica, FSSJ

Up to $249 Martin Mann John McGuire Gloria Miller Dr. and Mrs. Marc D. Smith

ALUMNI Class of 1963

Class of 1965 Up to $249 Sr. Stephen Hadrych, FSSJ Class of 1966 $500 - $999 Anne Marie Milazzo Up to $249 Joan Kozina Susanne Wiencek Class of 1967 Up to $249 Sr. Geraldine Kaczynski, FSSJ Margaret Rawski Class of 1968 Up to $249 Margaret Haney Patricia McCabe Charlene Soderquist

Up to $249 Betty Dicembre Sr. Ann Marie Hudzina, FSSJ Cynthia Wapner, Ph. D. Class of 1970 $500 - $999 Cleo Alexander Up to $249 Cheri and Robert Andelora Gretchen Coyner Debra Janiak Sr. Michael Jordan, FSSJ Patricia Loretto Joann Rebrovich Claudia Sodaro Kathleen Tomaszewski Class of 1971 $500 - $999 James and Veronica O’Donnell

Class of 1978

Up to $249 Roberto Gesualdi Jean McGowan

$250 - $499 Anthony and Ann Wiertel Up to $249 Thomas Inskip Judith Karmelek Renita Baron Kasprzyk Kathleen Parker Douglas Smith Class of 1979 Up to $249 Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Frunzi Vastye Gillespie Gerald Queen, Jr. Class of 1980

Up to $249 William Cleary Frederick Gaunder Jane Rozborski Jerome Wszalek

$250 - $499 James Zielinski

Class of 1974 $1,000 and above (President’s Society) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Qualey $500 - $999 Michael and Edith Fantaske $250 - $499 Barbara Bargmann Lillian Sanson Richard Wipperman Up to $249 Elizabeth Drozd James Kauderer Patricia Malone Karen Wanemaker

$1,000 and above (President’s Society) James and Marcie Cocina

$250 - $499 Antonita Graci

$250 - $499 Marne and Patrick Griffin

Class of 1973

Class of 1975

Class of 1969

Steven Schwagler Elizabeth Stupski

Class of 1986 $250 - $499 Brooke and David Tompkins

Up to $249 Tammy Barry Catherine Errington Patricia Jenney

Up to $249 Karen Kawczynski Anne Kuwik Nancy Lomison Kathryn Petrinec Jacqueline Scott

Class of 1981

Class of 1987

$1,000 and above (President’s Society) Lorraine Sturdevant Hritcko

Up to $249 Elaine Bonare Kathleen Fairbanks Tina Gates Maia Ek Kapuszcak

Up to $249 Patricia Baubonis Kelly Clifford Michael Dudek Alise Rounsville Joanne Saunders Class of 1982 Up to $249 Therese Anderson James Carr Robin Connolly Jack Gaylord, Jr. Sr. Cecelia Haier, FSSJ Susan Kranz Anita Smith

Class of 1988 Up to $249 Julie Diehl Sandra Quinlan Marian Siwy Celina Szuflita Class of 1989 Up to $249 Bonnie Gabel Norine Gabreski Charmin Gerwel Gretchen Koester Annette and David Olday

Up to $249 Nina Arendt Joseph Doody Charles Nicholls Molly Wiesmore

Class of 1983

Class of 1976

Up to $249 Joseph Dioguardi Peter Henley Lynda Wilcox

Up to $249 Julie Hadley

Class of 1984

Up to $249 Janice Hood

$500 - $999 George and Mary Thomas Up to $249 Paul Biellak Thomas Donovan Joseph Griffin Charlotte Filipiak William Schroer John Tonello William Yeates Gerald Zasowski Class of 1977 Up to $249 Kathy Burr Lillian Etzel Philip Hendrix Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McCartan Becky Minkel Roseann Mumbach Donald Nitto USN

$1,000 and above (President’s Society) Maureen English

$1,000 and up Hillary Ruh and Richard Ruh M.D. $250 - $499 Anne Gavin Up to $249 Susan Bertin Jerry Buscarino Onalee Carrow Thora Graybeal

Class of 1990 $250 - $499 Theodore and Mary Van Deusen

Class of 1991

Class of 1992 Up to $249 Kathleen Barreca Mr. and Mrs. Peter Golden Class of 1993 Up to $249 Catherine Warner

Class of 1985

Class of 1994

$1,000 and above (President’s Society) James and Diana Iglewski

$1,000 and Above (President’s Society) Carol and Roger Palczewski

Up to $249 Cynthia Abel Taylor Doherty Colleen Kumiega Ginger Smathers Julie Welsted Class of 1995

Up to $249 Sara Anthis, Esq. Linda Deyell Ronald Hestdalen Susan and Patrick Lupiani Amy and Brad Meisner Nichole Ranney Karen Russell

Up to $249 Mary Feldman Mark Gordon Joyce Kantor

Class of 2002

Class of 1996

Up to $249 Nicole Aquino William Cookfair, Jr.

$1,000 and above (President’s Society) Mary Ann Hobar Jason Luna Up to $249 Curtis Ahrens Brian Hoeckh Christopher Iannello Sharon Moffat Mary Mulvaney Michael Rappold Class of 1997 $250 - $499 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Heraty Up to $249 Thomas Doody Jenny Jurek Jenni Losel Linda Mahoney Nancy Williams Class of 1998 Up to $249 Susan Biro Amee Camp Nancy Ehlers Todd Ehret Margaret Kosowski Thomas Weaver Linda Zaborowski

$250 - $499 Kevin Monaco

Dawn Ehrhardt Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Gunnarson Christopher Hull Douglas Jensen Lisa Selvaggio Paula Shank Class of 2003 $250 - $499 Lawrence Wade Up to $249 Teri Bass Heather Earl David Heraty Class of 2004 Up to $249 Lisa Avolio Lucia Avolio Bonni Doctor Deborah Latham Cheri Sheehan Kimberly Smolinski Class of 2005 Up to $249 Christopher Baran Timothy Bley David Jensen Ashley Maguder Sally Pellnat Melanie Phillips Class of 2006 $250 - $499 Karen Kalwicki and Thomas McArthur

Class of 1999 $1,000 and above (President’s Society) Matthew Lanfear Up to $249 Dawn Boudreau Julia Geerkin Daniel Jachlewski John Waterman, Jr. Class of 2000 Up to $249 Nicholas Budney Elizabeth Escott Robyn Kulczyk Leah Pappas Michelle Rickard Puleo Virginia Walentynowicz Class of 2001 $250 - $499 Richard and Shannon Schunke

Up to $249 Adam Brodsky John Kordrupel Laura Manch Jeffrey Soja Class of 2007 Up to $249 Danielle Delaney, CPA Kristie Edwards Jean McCormick Class of 2008 Up to $249 Colleen DeFilippis Katrina Galofaro Karen Gaudy Kristina Kopp Dianna Laraiso Michelle Podpora Class of 2009 Up to $249 Christopher Balon Amy Chambers, J.D. Amy Fatta Christopher Greco

Melissa Kick Barbara Kowalsky Deborah Mogavero Jamie Molnar Sara Seweryniak Class of 2010 $1,000 and above (President’s Society) Michael Sendor, Jr.

Craig and Denise Harris John and Magdeline Hayman Joseph F. and Diane M. Kapsiak Eleonore E. Kolodziej Richard and Susan Minekime Michael and Joann Murrin Teresa Newton Roger and Carol ‘94 Palczewski Daniel and Andrea Roland Dr. Amy Smith Marjorie Sanders

Up to $249 Dawn DiCarlo Maggie Fage Arlene Henry Holly McClure Robert Minkel, Jr. Margaret Shea Christine Timmel Class of 2011 Up to $249 Jacquelyn Berst Rachel Dobiesz Madison Lux Dino Marrocco Kathleen Przybyl Angelika Summerton William Wesolowski FRIENDS $1,000 and above (President’s Society) Anonymous (1) Mr. John T. Babi G. Gary and Judy Berner Todd Best and Kathleen Lawley-Best Scott Bieler Susan and Robert Bompczyk John and Sherri Ciminelli Barbara Conners Joseph and Shannon Dommer Robert and Doris Drago, Sr. James and Cathy Dunlop, Jr. Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph Michael and Michelle Gacioch Daniel R. Gernatt, Jr. and Roseann Morgano Anthony and Becky Habib Richard and Polly Hamister Mr. and Mrs. Vincent O. Hanley Dr. Christopher Holoman, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne N. Keller Peter Manzi Ed.D. Eugene and Florence Mruk Donald and Jane Ogilvie Anthony Ogorek, Ed.D. and Jane Ogorek Angeline A. Pantera Richard and Karen Penfold Richard and Debbie Pinkowski Estate Of Stephen G. Qualey Joseph A. Rath, Sr. Richard Ruh M.D.and Hillary ‘84 Ruh Dr. and Mrs. Richard Saab Patrick Scott D.D.S. and Gabrielle Scott Stanley Scott D.D.S. and Karen Gaughan Scott Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Slon Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Soluri, Sr. Ann L. Swan John and Kathleen Wabick Mary Lee Campbell-Wisley and Chester Wisley Gretchen Wylegala and Stephen McCabe Cynthia Zane and Stephen Mazurak Stephen Zenger $500 - $999 Anonymous (1) Fred G. Attea Linda Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Burns Barbara and Joseph Castiglia Robert and Rachna Clerici

$250 - $499 Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Augustine Charles A. Binaxas Michael Bonilla Deborah DiMatteo Eleanor W. Drury Wendy Edson Michael and Colette Heraty Patrick and Ann Heraty Hilbert FAN Club Dr. Chad Jolly Francis and Kathleen N. Kerrigan John and Carol Kociela Carraugh R. Nowak Kathleen R. Pierino, Ph.D. Dr. Edward Pristach and Dr. Cynthia Pristach James Sturm Up to $249 Faye R. Adams Dr. Livingston Alexander and Evelyn Alexander Anna U. Allen Karen Archibee Paul and Lynn Balbierz Edith S. Beatty Fred and Linda Becker Maria Bello Oliver and Elizabeth* Bobseine Martin and Martha Boggan Barbara Bonanno Patricia Bredl Denise Brill J. Nadine Brown Stephen and Marie Brzuszkiewicz Curtis Campbell Loretta M. Castiglia Henry Charlap Kimberly Chiarmonte Robert and Margaret Cieslica Lee Mitchell Cisek Cindy Claar John Culhane John G. D’Amico Jeanne Dallas Mary Dedrick Dr. Michael Degnan and Sarah Degnan Rob and Sarah deGrandpre Ethel DiPaolo Barbara and James Donahue Dr. Yvonne Downes Julia Downey Frank and Jean Dulak Paula Newcomb Eade, Esq. Jason D. Enser Dr. Charles Ernst and Mary Ernst Raymond Ernst Dr. and Mrs. Ron Eskew Dr. Meredith Ezak Irene Facklam Bruce I. Fage Vincent and Evalynn Ferraro

Maura and Tim Flynn Dr. Edward Frank* Marcella Fugle Povi M. Gaba-Dovi Maryangela Gadikian Ben Gaynes, Jr. Anne Gibby Susan M. Glose Brina I. Goldstein William and Mary Ann Gray Oreal Gresty Phyllis Hanson Patricia F. Harris Wayne and Patricia Harvey William and Patricia Haslinger Sarah Henderson Alaina Houseknecht Dr. Anthony Hughes Sr. Rosaline Igielski, FSSJ Robert and Barbara Johnson Karen Kaczmarski Thomas and Pauline Kalenik Judy Kaplan Herb Kauderer Michael and Jane Kerrigan Rosemary Kersten Adrienne J. Kerwin Robert Knightly Craig Koval Marilyn and David Kurzawa Eugenia B. LaRusch Dr. Timothy Lee Thomas Y. Ling Michael and Jenelle Lukasik Virginia Lyons Douglas Marky Dr. Julie McGillicuddy Charles P. McQuaid Anna B. McQuaid Michael J. Melton Deanna Messinger Audrey Millar Joseph Mooney Michael and Suzanne Moravec Katherine Munroe Dan and Marguerite Murphy Anthony and Bridget Musante Monica Neuwirt Carmen Notaro Dr. Carol Nowak Sabina Oshier Sr. Edmunette Paczesny, FSSJ Gloria Paczesny Matthew J. Palisin Samuel Palmiere Deborah Palumbo Joseph Parkinson Robert and Diane Pawelski Ann Pinkowski Carol J. Reinard Edward J. Reska Helen Rosati Dr. and Mrs. Peter G. Roswell Maureen J. Ryan Edward Ryczek Marlene E. Sajdak Louis and Jeanne Sarna Dolores B. Schlitzer Mary A. Schmidt Curtis and Julie Schmit Marcia Scott Josephine Shults Samantha Sieg Sharon Sisti Brian P. Smith Dr. Gordon Snow and Dr. Thea Harrington Michele Sojda Eileen Stack MaryAnn Stalke Rev. Paul Steller Roger Stone Wendy Streebel Dr. Joan Sulewski John Swanekamp James P. Sweeney, Jr. John P. Synor Mr. Donald H. Thompson Ann Marie Tyrpak Lenin and Mary Ann Uglesich

Peter G. Van Denbergh Donna Vanstrom Dr. Donald Vincent Susan Viscomi June L. Walter Elizabeth A. Wandersee Lauren Watkins Wilbur and Virginia Way Betty J. Wilkerson Patricia Wilson Paula Witherell Nancy Wojtanik Peter J. Wolfe Rev. Msgr. John W. Zeitler IN MEMORY Names in bold are being memorialized Louie Jahnke Gloria Paczesny IN HONOR Names in bold are being honored. Carol Kociela Sr. Edmunette Paczesny FSSJ Peter Roswell Cynthia Wapner

MOTHER COLETTE SOCIETY The Mother Colette Society honors planned giving donors. Peter Adamski* Barbara Bargmann G. Gary Berner Maximillian Bogacki* Barbara Conners Martha Eder* Maureen English Wesley Evans* Charlotte Filipiak Edward Frank* Vincent Gaughan, Sr.* Lambert Graham* Craig Harris Denise Harris Patrick Heraty Mary Ann Hobar Olive Hurlburt* Denise Johengen* Waldemar Kaminski* Rachel Kapelanski Jason Luna Peter Manzi, Ed.D. Francis McGrath, Jr.* Audrey Millar* Violet Monaghan* Carmen Notaro Stephania Nowicki* Charles Palisano* Angeline Pantera* Joseph Rath, Sr. Natalie Roth* Helen Schultz* Emil Schwartz* Judith Slon Albert Surowiec

Stanley Szymanski* Virginia Weiss* ORGANIZATIONS/FOUNDATIONS $1,000 and above (President’s Society) Ad Pro Team Sports Baer & Associates, LLC Baillie Lumber Co. Bank of Akron Bank of America Benefits Management Group, Inc. Buffalo Truck Center, Inc. Catholic Health System Creative Communication Associates Cullen Foundation Dolores Turco Foundation, Inc. Eaton Office Supply Co. Evans National Bank First Priority Mortgage Five Star Bank Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc. Goya Foods Great Lakes Harriet & Vincent Palisano Foundation HealthNOW New York, Inc. Hilbert College Alumni Association Hilbert College Staff Senate HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Inergex, Inc. Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP John R. Oishei Foundation KeyBank of Western New York Lawley Service Insurance Liberty Mutual Group LP Ciminelli, Inc. Lumsden & McCormick, LLP M & T Charitable Foundation Multisorb Technologies, Inc. National Property Management Assoc., Inc. Patrick P. Lee Foundation Petri Baking Products, Inc. Picone Construction Corporation Post Foods, LLC Rich Family Foundation Rosina Food Products, Inc. RSM McGladrey, Inc. Russo Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. SIFE (National) The Ferguson Family Foundation Union Concrete & Construction United Insurance Agency, Inc. Wachovia Bank, a div. of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Walmart Foundation West Herr Automotive Group Wilson Environmental Technologies, Inc. $500 - $999 California Closets Copier Fax Business Technologies Frank’s Flatbed Service Hanes Supply, Inc. Klass Ingredients, Inc. Largo Real Estate Advisors, Inc. M & T Bank Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc. National Fuel Resources, Inc Northwest Savings Bank Red Mortgage Capital, LLC St. Bonaventure University St. Francis High School Try-It Distributing Company, Inc. $250 - $499 Anderson Equipment Company Buffalo Sabres Ferry, Inc. Foit-Albert Associates Hallmark Management Service Hamburg Floor Covering Hilbert College Human Services Club Ilio DiPaolo, Inc. Immaculata Academy LaFarge North America LCS, Inc. Murray Roofing Co., Inc.

Notable Corporation Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc. Paulus & Company, LLP PEL Industrial Supply, Inc. Preischel Brothers Service, Inc. R. M. Murdock Co., Inc. Robco Insurance, LLC Robo Services, LLC Sanderson & Company Investment Consultants, LLC Scandia Tours & Travel, Inc. Superior Lubricants Co., Inc. Up to $249 Alliance Construction of WNY Benzinger’s Dry Cleaning Buffalo Bisons Charles J. Sellers & Company, Inc. Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP Colgate Heating Corporation Creative Photography Dee’s Firehouse Bar and Grill Dick Stein Advertising, Inc. Dick’s Sporting Goods DIGITS, LLC Donald Demmerley Funeral Home, Inc. Fairgrounds Gaming & Raceway Flynn & Friends, Inc. Frame and Save Goldberg Segalla, LLP Hampton Inn Buffalo South/I-90 Hilbert College Business Office Hilbert College Institutional Advancement Office James Services John W. Danforth Co. Foundation Mineo’s South Pizzaria Mount Mercy Academy MSC Industrial Supply Company Niagara Fiberglass, Inc. Northeastern Appraisal Associates Residential, Inc. Potwora Agency West Quality Plus, Inc Romanello’s Restaurant South, Inc. Salvatore’s Italian Garden Sports Performance Park St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church The Buffalo Chophouse The Lambert & Margaret Graham CRAT Irrevocable Trust The Library Corporation Uncle Joe’s Restaurant, Inc. Urban Valet Dry Cleaners Vara’s Dry Cleaning Waring Financial Group Wee-Folk Child Care, Inc. What a Woman Wants Zimmer Upstate New York, Inc. MATCHING GIFTS Bank of America Matching Gift Company Cobham Mission Systems Division The Home Depot Foundation H & R Block Foundation (President’s Society) HSBC Philanthropic Matching Gift Program (President’s Society) Moog, Inc. New York Life Foundation NYBDC Charitable Foundation (President’s Society) Verizon Foundation


2011-12 GIVING Unrestricted Gifts



Restricted Gifts



Endowment Gifts




Endowment 21%

Restricted 50%

$ 1,158,000

2011-12 EXPENSES Student Learning

$ 10,303,000

Institutional Support

$ 4,158,000

Auxiliary Enterprises

$ 1,140,000


Auxiliary Enterprises 7%

Institutional Support 27%

Student Learning 66%


2011-12 REVENUES Net Tuition and Fees

$ 13,809,000

Auxiliary Enterprises



Other Revenues




Unrestricted 29%

$ 17,140,000

Auxiliary Enterprises 13%

Other Revenues 7%

Net Tuition and Fees 80%

HILBERTCOLLEGE 5200 South Park Avenue Hamburg NY 14075 (716) 649-7900

2012 Hilbert College Facts  

Updated information on Hilbert College.

2012 Hilbert College Facts  

Updated information on Hilbert College.