Grounds for Play: A Playground for Healing

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to help our kids heal from trauma, regulate their nervous systems, and build trust.
playground Playground Project Proposal
“As an adoption-competent therapist, I’ve seen the power of movement and play in regulating children’s nervous systems and fostering attachment within families. Play has an important role in allowing for felt-safety and connection.”
- Nikki Outten, LCSW


We find safe, loving, permanent families for children in foster care. Our children have experienced significant trauma, abuse, and neglect that has impacted their brain development.

Our children and their caregivers need the specific training/support that we offer for life, at no cost to them.

With these supports, our children are at a lesser risk for failed adoptions, trafficking, addiction, houselessness, abuse, and incarceration.

Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children


Children use play to help them cope with and heal from the most emotionally impactful events in their lives.

Encouraging children to run, climb, jump, stretch, and swing, allows them to release energy in their bodies which reduces the long-term impact of trauma on vulnerable brains and bodies.

Trauma creates feelings of helplessness and overwhelm in children.

Play builds resilience by allowing them to regain a sense of control through opportunities to make choices.

Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children


Rec-n-Respite Supervisor, Child and Family Specialist

Hear from our program supervisor and some of our children about how a playground will greatly improve their lives.

Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children


Climbing, swinging, and hard landings (like when you reach the bottom of a slide and your feet hit the ground) are good sources of proprioceptive input. Kids who participate in proprioceptive activities tend to have better self-regulation and lower anxiety levels. This is because engaging in these activities helps children improve their cognitive skills, sensory processing, and emotional awareness.

Play helps children affected by trauma by:

● Helping them learning social-emotional skills

● Developing an awareness of body sensations

● Naming, managing, and expressing emotions

● Strenthening problem-solving skills

● Making friends

Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children


We sat down with Dr. Jonathan Baylin and Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH to discuss how trauma and play impact both brain development and functioning.

Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children


As a mom of six, I didn't realize how important "play" was, until our youngest son came to us with some pretty big sensory integration struggles.

I was referred to an agency in Wilmington who specialized in play therapy and I began taking him there two times a week. Their goal was to push him to the edge of his comfort zone with all the various swings, slides, and climbing equipment they had set up.

I was skeptical at the effectiveness of this at first, until I began to see a difference in his ability to regulate his responses.

Soon we were able to take him places without being worried that we would have to leave because something upset him. He became a more confident and "settled" version of himself.

We are so grateful for the difference it made in his life... and in ours.

Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children

Proposed Playground Design | Blueprint and Renderings

Our playground design inlcudes ADA-accessible features like a bucket swing with a harness, ground-level sensory activities, and pour-in-place rubber surfacing, which also saves in annual maintenence costs. There are plenty options for climbing and there is even a tunnel “hideaway” for when children become overstimulated and need a break.


BOULDER TUNNEL 8181 6' DECK 7185029 ADA STAIRS 2' RISE 7189599 SLOPED CLIMB WALL 71875726 GROOVE II SLIDE 7186386 TRAP DOOR CLIMBER 7187316 BENCH W/BACK 6' DIAMOND ING MRSG303D SQUARE ROOF 7188614 4' DECK 7185029 1/2 CALYPSO 2 DRUM (BELOW DECK) 71871513HB VIEW GROOVE 718716 TRANSFER POINT 718851459 VINE CLIMBER 71886715 SQUARE ROOF 7188614 3.5 ARCH SWING- (2 SEAT REQ'D) MR0930 SWG PART INCLUSIVE SEAT W/CHAIN FOR 8' TR 2740 8' BELT SEAT W/CHAIN 2840 **RENDERING ACCESSORY ONLY** SHADE SGL POST PYRAMID CANT 10X10X8 6'-6" MIN AN ENERGY ABSORBING PROTECTIVE SURFACE IS REQUIRED UNDER & AROUND ALL PLAY SYSTEMS GROUND SPACE: PROTECTIVE AREA: DRAWN BY DATE: PHONE NO: FAX NO: To promote safe and proper equipment use by children. Miracle recommends the installation of either a Miracle safety sign or other appropriate safety signage near each playsystem's main entry point(s) to inform parents and supervisors of the age appropriateness of the playsystem and general rules for safe play COMPLIES TO ADA COMPLIES TO ASTM/CPSC THE PLAY COMPONENTS IDENTIFIED IN THIS PLAN ARE IPEMA CERTIFIED. THE USE AND LAYOUT OF THESE COMPONENTS CONFORM TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF ASTM F1487. R0094_45323390442 Milford, DE A Better Chance For Our Children (302) 659-5083 (302) 659-5083 Clayton,DE 319 Wheatleys Pond Rd 1/29/2024 Charlie Walker 65'-0" x 32'-6" 79'-0" x 23'-6" Liberty Parks & Playgrounds, Inc. ELEV TED PLAY ACTIVITIES - OTAL: GROUND LEVEL ACTIVITY TYPE: REQ'D REQ'DPlayground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our

P Pr epared F or:

Miracle Recreation Equip. Co.

878 E. US Hwy 60

Monett, MO 65708


QUOTE: R0094248012

Project: R0094_45323390442_02

Pr oject Name & Location: P Pr epared by:

Heather Holiday Liberty Parks and Playgrounds, Inc

A Better Chance For Our Children

1307 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington, DE 19809 4432053070 (phone)

Quote Number: R0094248012

Quote Date: 2/1/2024

Valid For: 30 Days From Quote Date

Attn: A Better Chance For Our Children 319 Wheatleys Pond Rd

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Product line: Freestanding Age group: 5-12


Product line: Freestanding Age group: 5-12


Product line: TotsChoice


QUOTE: R0094248012

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Components Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total 2740 SWG PART THERAPEUTIC SWG SEAT W/CHAIN (8' TR) 1 135.00 1,537.00 1,537.00 2840 SWG PART SLASH PROOF SEAT W/CHAIN (8' TR) 1 10.00 152.00 152.00 MR0930 3.5" ARCH SWING- (2 SEAT REQ'D) 1 286.00 2,659.00 2,659.00
Components Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total 8181 BOULDER CLIMBING TUNNEL 1 400.00 5,625.00 5,625.00 925920Z TOUCH UP PAINT KIT - FREESTANDING (NO PRICE) 1 0.00 0.00 0.00
Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children



Additional Items

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R0094248012 Age group: 5-12 Components Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total 7185029 SQUARE DECK (ATTACHES TO 4 POSTS) 2 100.00 1,151.00 2,302.00 718573 3 1/2" OD X 162" POST ROOF (3'6" TO 5'DK) 4 50.00 263.00 1,052.00 718574 3 1/2" OD X 180" POST ROOF (5'6"TO 6'6" DK) 4 60.00 304.00 1,216.00 7186386 GROOVE II SLIDE (6' & 6'6" DECK) 1 350.00 2,793.00 2,793.00 71871513HB CALYPSO 2 DRUM 1/2 PANEL (BELOW DECK) 1 65.00 1,496.00 1,496.00 718716 VIEW GROOVE PANEL 1 45.00 677.00 677.00 7187316 TRAP DOOR CLIMBER (6'6" DK) 1 115.00 2,020.00 2,020.00 71875726 SLOPED CLIMBING WALL (6' DK) 1 250.00 3,324.00 3,324.00 718851459 SQ TRSFR POINT, OPN HR (4' DK) 1 250.00 2,901.00 2,901.00 7188614 60" SQUARE ROOF-SHINGLE, DOUBLE WALL 2 135.00 1,346.00 2,692.00 71886715 VINE CLIMBER (5' DK) 1 80.00 1,456.00 1,456.00 7189599 ADA STAIRS BTWN DECKS W/2' RISE CLSD HR 1 205.00 2,937.00 2,937.00 718999Z CUSTOMER SERVICE KIT (NO PRICE) 1 0.00 0.00 0.00
Product line:
Age group: 5-12 Components Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total MRSG303D BENCH W/BACK 6' DIAMOND ING 1 113.00 566.00 566.00
Components Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total 787Z RISK MANAGEMENT SIGN - ENGLISH (NO PRICE) 1 0.00 0.00 0.00
Product line: Freestanding Age group:
Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total 925961 THUMB DRIVE 2GB - MREC 1 0.00 0.00 0.00 INSTALL BOOK INSTALL BOOK FOR PP ORDERS 1 0.00 0.00 0.00 Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children

Parts By Other

Discount Amount: -$5,225.00

Equipment Price: $30,180.00

Products by Other: $63,708.00 SubTotal: $96,108.87

Estimated Sales Tax*: $0.00

Grand Total: $96,108 87

Page 3 of 4 QUOTE: R0094248012
Part Number Description Qty Weight Unit Price Total INS PLAY Install Equipment Install equipment on existing grade. 1 0.00 11,330.00 11,330.00 INST SHADE Install Shade Structure 1 0.00 4,000.00 4,000.00 SAFETY TURF POURED IN PLACE 2034 SF Safety Turf Poured In Place Rubber. 50/50 Standard Color/Blk Mix. 3" Depth Installed Over 4" Compacted Stone Base 1 0.00 40,680.00 40,680.00 SIDEWALK 5' X 25' 5' WIDE X 25' Long 1 0.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 USA Shade 10' x 10' x 8' Entry Single Post Pyramid Cantilever Shade Structure Includes; Colourshade Fire Retardant Fabric, External Quick Release, Sealed Engineering. 1 0.00 6,198.00 6,198.00
3,214.00 lbs
Totals: Equipment Weight:
Equipment List: $35,405.00
Freight: $2,220.87
not authorized to sign this Quote on behalf of Miracle or Customer, and signed Quotes cannot be accepted from Sales Representative. To submit this offer, please sign below and forward a complete signed copy of this Quote directly to "Miracle Sales 3551 or email: Upon acceptance, Miracle will return a fully-signed copy of the Quote to Customer (with copy to Sales Representative) via fax or email. THIS QUOTE IS LIMITED TO AND GOVERNED BY THE TERMS CONTAINED HEREIN. Miracle objects to any other terms proposed by Customer, in writing or otherwise, as material alterations, and all such proposed terms shall be void. Customer authorizes Miracle to ship the Equipment and agrees to pay Miracle the total amount specified. Shipping terms are FOB the place of shipment via common carrier designated by 30 days from invoice date with approved credit and all charges are due and payable in full at PO Box 734154, 4154, unless notified otherwise by Miracle in writing. Customer agrees to pay all additional service charges for past due invoices. Customer must provide proper tax exemption certificates to Miracle, and shall promptly pay and discharge all otherwise applicable taxes, license fees, levies and other impositions on the Equipment at its own expense. Purchase orders and payments should be made to the order of Quote Date: 2/1/2024 Equipment: $34,839.00 Grand Total: $96,108.87 CUSTOMER HEREBY SUBMITS ITS OFFER TO PURCHASE THE EQUIPMENT ACCORDING TO THE TERMS STATED IN THIS QUOTE AND SUBJECT TO FINAL APPROVAL BY MIRACLE. Grand Total: $96,108.87 Huge thank you to Speedway Children’s Charities and Do More 24 for helping us kick-off this project with a $22,100 in donations!
This Quote shall not become a binding contract until signed and delivered by both Customer and Miracle Recreation Equipment Company ). Sales Representative is
“It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives.”
- Mister Rogers
Playground Proposal | A Better Chance for Our Children
you for your support!
Heather Holiday Director of Development, for more information on making your gift and opportunities to put your
project. A Better Chance for Our Children, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 corporation as identified by the Internal Revenue Service. Our Federal Tax ID# is 27-1621216. CHANGE LIVES! Be part of our movement! Help us raise $74,000 by August 2024.
Your donation goes beyond building a playground—you are building resilience in young minds and bodies, promoting healing from unimaginable trauma, and providing a chance for youth to reach their full potential. Thank
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