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Holistic Feminine Achievement For The New Paradigm No 24 WINTER 2022/2023 Marcia Martin GRAND DAME OF TRANSFORMATION Redefining Feminine Success and Fulfilment In A New World Order
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Thought Leader Jenni Parker Brown is a visionary multi potentialite, Divinely Aligned Brand expert, philosopher and genius activist. Her careers range from fashion retailing, performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, awardwinning gastronomy chef, published author, media design, image consultant and visionary magazine editor. Her mission and passion are to ‘Raise the bar on transformation by merging the qualities of beauty, grace creativity and heart to help humanity rise’.


True to the New Renaissance that is currently happening in our time, Jenni has brought her multi faceted skills to innovate an aesthetic and high vibrational new approach to success and personal transformation through enlightened collaboration with leaders who epitomise harmony of new thought, altruistic ideals, and blending science and spirituality in their service to the world.

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WINTER Feminine Energy Moodboard

Endings and Beginnings, Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite, Hope, Prosperity Passion, Primal Power Renewal

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."

Anne Bradstreet
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The Preeminence Monthly Collection and the WELLthy Life section are designed to activate your Highest Potential in Vitality, Radiance, Purpose and Profit.

Our panel of world class experts recommend using the resources and content within, along with the 9 Graces Blueprint every day The Blueprint and they can help you to leverage your Genius, Grace and Greatness, so that you can break free of personal, global, technical and market challenges and rapidly accelerate your visions and dreams.

Our mission is to inspire, support and showcase, ambitious, visionary, mission driven and ethical women entrepreneurs everywhere who are actively initiating change, for the greater good of all


C r e a t e a f i l e i n y o u r b r o w s e r b o o k m a r k s b a r . S a v e t h e i s s u e t o t h i s f i l e

C r e a t e a ' P r e e m i n e n c e M o m e n t ' i n y o u r d a y ,

s c h e d u l e o r w e e k e n d t o b e n e f i t f r o m t h e w o r l d c l a s s a d v i c e , w i s d o m , i n s p i r a t i o n a n d f r e e r e s o u r c e s o f o u r c o n t r i b u t o r s

T A K E A C T I O N , T A K E A C T I O N , T A K E A C T I O N o n i t !

I f y o u a r e n o t a s u b s c r i b e r , p l e a s e r e g i s t e r h e r e f o r e x c l u s i v e i n v i t a t i o n s a n d n e w s a n d e v e n t s .

T h i s c o l l e c t i o n r e p r e s e n t s t e n s o f t h o u s a n d s o f

$ $ $ o f t r a n s f o r m a t i o n w i s d o m F R E E .

P l e a s e h e l p u s g r o w f o r t h e g r e a t e r g o o d o f a l l a n d s h a r e t h e a b o v e l i n k w i t h y o u r f r i e n d s .

D o w n l o a d t h e F R E E m o n t h l y d e s k t o p c a l e n d a r J o i n o u r F a c e b o o k G r o u p h e r e



Out beyond ideas of right marketing or wrong marketing,

Where your business is not work but an extension of your highest self, with every exquisite detail of the most thrilling vision you can create, included.

Where you don’t have to sell because your soul clients already want what you have to offer.

It swaps push, hustle and strive for clarity, calm conviction and confidence

It allows you to put yourself in a league of your own as an expert and leader

It permits you to define your message, mission and persona so that you communicate a coherent and unique service with a super high value

This is where it helps to ensure that your brand is really your vocation; work that you feel you are suited to doing, called to do and to which you would willingly give a massive amount of time, energy and resources. Where your days are spent in inspiration and an uplifted and grateful heart (magnetic to money!)

Operating in your vocation zone will never feel like work in the sense of duty and obligation, and it will feed your soul, who constantly oversees your alignment with your dreams

there is Preeminence.
Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field I'll meet you there. Rumi

Years ago, vocational work was the name given to spiritual or scientific trajectories and artistic or humanitarian callings

Now, femme change makers have four of those callings infused into your business!

We know that the mystical and esoteric world is as important as the marketing rules and our biology of achievement.

We understand how important it is to be clear about our ‘why’, values and quintessential self And how vital it is to communicate that uniquely

The more your vocation is infused into your brand and messaging, the more you will become magnetic to your ideal soul clients and position you as a leader

A vocational vibe in your brand supports you to communicate visually, verbally and energetically the value of your offerings so that it becomes easy to attract opportunities and ideal collaborations

It takes courage and perfect clarity to avoid getting sucked down the rabbit hole of the technical challenges of this online world And if you are finely motivated by your vocation daily, you will be able to quickly check in with yourself when you feel off course.

With so many options of business models for us to pick from (according to whatever expert has mastered one), it is so tempting to get acute FOMO every time we open our inboxes!

But if we stay aligned with our true vocation, it easily marries our messaging with our mission

But only if you ‘show up as your 'highest self’ as I call it

You see, there is a fundamental principle in the universe AND business that goes like this:

To have more, you must first ‘be more.

To strike gold, you have to know where that gold lies in you.

Reflect on your true vocation in life and take a hard look if your brand and messaging are communicating that

Rather than leading with your title, products, services, skills, and qualifications as your brand identity, you must lead with your Genius, Grace and Greatness

Genius, Grace and Greatness are paradigm changers for mission driven entrepreneurs with dreams of making an impact

Genius, Grace and Greatness are what I help my clients reveal their own divine personal brand

These virtues will help you instantly transcend those darn online marketing challenges. These pages are full of them.

Out beyond ideas of right marketing or wrong marketing, there is Preeminence. It’s in your hands. Enjoy this winter edition!

With love, Jenni P

PS: My vocation is to use my genius to raise the bar on transformation and help humanity rise Preeminently Does it show? : )



"The way you do anything is the way you do everything"
by Kate Yurenda


The aspiration to excellence in everything you do, or even in just a few key areas of your life is like rehearsing for supreme achievement.

Even honing one craft to excellent or exceptional, causes ‘the multiplier effect’ doing one thing excellently cascades over into all other parts of our life.

Practise skill sets that elicit positive results consistently Raise your ‘normal’ to world class as a daily habit, and watch world class results unfold.

Makealistofallthehabits youwanttochangeinthe newyear. Createahabittracker,buy afewbooksonhabitsand finallycommittochanging anythingthatdoesn’t amounttoExcellence

Flowisthenewmindset. Getintotheroutineof favouringaflowstate witheverythingyoudo Makealistofresources tomasterflow

Isyourdreambig enough? Smalldreamsinvoke smallresults. Whatifyoudaredtobe 3timesbolderthisyear withyourvisionsforyour life?



arcia Martin rand Dame Of Transformation


Talk This Way for Success!


“If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicateskillfully,youcanworkmiracles ”

It lives within each and every one of us the need and desire to communicate How you do it will dictate the quality of your relationships, the profits of your business, the results you produce, and your success in life

Let’s start with public speaking Many people are afraid to speak in front of others, and many don’t know how to do it well. But there are countless times in life when you must present yourself effectively in front of others It is an art form that can be learned to be able to do that fearlessly, spontaneously, magnetically, authentically, and yes even charismatically.

And what about persuasion? Everyone needs to sway others at some point to accomplish something you need to get done The art of persuasion is a necessary skill to be successful in life The good news is that one can learn, if one is committed, to influence others easily and artfully to your point of view.

And then there is leadership Effective leadership skills are necessary for anyone who must challenge, motivate, and develop a team to produce extraordinary results. To be an effective leader you must learn to be inspirational, influential, and impactful If people see you in that way, then they will follow you through anything

And of course, the dreaded S-word: selling! Everyone needs to sell something to someone whether it is a product, a service, or an idea Most people are uncomfortable with selling, and they do not have the necessary skills to do it well But if you put your mind to it, you can learn to adeptly sell with ease, finesse, and subtlety, while you are having a great time doing it!

And what about meeting strangers? Consider the many times you must meet new people, talk to children, or guide a group to follow your instructions. First impressions count, and it is sometimes difficult to be authentic, natural, and effective when dealing with strangers or young people Our self esteem and confidence come into play, and many times we falter and miss opportunities because of questioning ourselves or our ability. You must learn to access and harness your inner power to be able to effectively connect and communicate with others in any situation

And finally, how about relationships? What about the times we find ourselves upset at family or loved ones, and our relationships become broken and need mending? All of us have intimate relationships that have upsets, malfunctions, or distress Sometimes it seems impossible or unfeasible to repair or mend these breakdowns, yet we yearn to have these relationships work well again. It is possible, with the right training, to transform your ability to heal broken relationships of any kind and to elevate relationships that are working well already

Being a powerful and masterful communicator is much like learning to read. When you learn to read, you must first learn the basics the things that will serve as the foundation of your expertise In learning to read, we must first learn the alphabet The ABCs Then we learn how to put the letters together to form words Then sentences, then stories, and soon voila! we can read very complicated and complex novels and narratives

Communication is like that. It is an art to be learned. There are basics you must learn well, that will serve as the foundation of your ability to be a master at it. The basics are simple, yet profound, just as in reading And just as in life, there are Laws that must be followed

PHOTO BY CARL STUDNA https://carlstudna com

You learned the Law of Gravity when you were quite young And from that time that you knew gravity would always win, you have organized your life around gravity You don’t argue with it You never try to leave the building by the 10th floor window, saying “Screw Gravity!” as you depart You organize yourself around the Law of Gravity and always go down to the first floor to depart out the front door, whether it is by an elevator or the stairwell You don’t argue You just follow the Law That makes you effective

In Communication, as with gravity, there are laws

The first law to follow to be an effective and masterful communicator is the Law of Presence The Law of Presence says you must be present for communication to take place There are always two people in any communication the sender, and the receiver And BOTH must be present for communication to take place To be a great communicator first focus on getting yourself in present time be here now and then focus on getting your audience in present time.

How do you do that? ANY WAY YOU CAN! Start trying out different ways to get yourself here, now, rather than in your head, worried about the future, regretting the past, or thinking about what you are going to say, or being swept up in your emotions. Take a breath. Look around you. Get yourself HERE, NOW. That’s step one.

Then get your audience here If the person you are talking to is on the phone, then wait till they are off. Or ask them for their attention. Or burp, so they notice you! Whatever it takes, get them HERE, NOW

That is Condition One of effective communication Whether it is one to one or one to many Whether you are at a board table, sitting and having a glass of wine with your partner, or speaking to a large audience Take a breath and get yourself present Then wait till your audience is also present before you begin

Next step: Speakfromyourheart.

When we remember something and share the memory, it is a different experience than when we feel something and share it from our heart When we speak from our head and recite all the information we have about something, it allows us to disconnect from the experience and report it as if we are just a robot People know the difference One involves being authentic and inspirational, the other is devoid of connection

A good trick to get in touch with your experiential speaking is to close your eyes and remember a time when you felt the way you want to feel in your communication For example, if I want to BE inspirational, I close my eyes and think of an actual time when I was being and feeling inspired; then I hold onto that feeling, open my eyes, and share my current thoughts with that feeling It will change everything

Another important thing to remember is that communication is a DANCE it is two sided you and the person who is listening, and who is in the conversation with you whether it’s one person or a whole audience of people When you are speaking in front of a group it might seem like you are the only speaker, but that’s not true People in the audience are responding with their own thoughts and emotions, even if they are not talking out loud You must be willing to receive what they are saying and feeling, as PART of the conversation Rather than talking AT them, have a conversation WITH them Use pauses and stop and let them catch up with you as they experience what you are saying. Relate as if you are LISTENING, as well as speaking

When you are listening, and someone else is talking, then listen generously Generous listening is listening as if the person is brilliant, and as if theirideaispossible.

Most times, most of us are listening, while we are judging the person at the same time, or while we are preparing our response to what they are saying We aren’t present, and we certainly aren’t giving them much space to show up in. We rarely wait till they are done expressing their ideas, but usually interrupt instead, in the middle of their thoughts as if we know what they were going to say We don’t know Most people are more interested in getting their own point of view across than they are in fully listening to the other person’s point of view. The funny thing is, though, that the other person will be MORE interested in your point of view if you have first listened fully to what they think


There is another important LAW in this Universe that comes into play here. The Law of Space says there must be space for anything to exist. Things take up space So, for things to exist, there must first be space for them to exist Ideas are things Emotions are things If you want to communicate an idea, a feeling, or an instruction, then you must first create the space for it to exist in And people are FILLED UP Most people don’t have space They are filled up with their own ideas, feelings, upsets, dreams, things to do, worries about the future, regrets from the past, and so much more.

So, to create space, you must first listen to people and EMPTY THEM OUT The same way you would empty out a glass full of water Once the glass is empty, you can put something else in the glass But you cannot put anything in if the glass is already full. And how you empty a person, is to listen generously to them, receive everything they are sharing, and acknowledge that you got it. Don’t put things back in, till you empty them completely Listen longer than you think you should Let them talk, till they run out of things to say Don’t add anything back till you empty them out That is how you create space for them Once they have space, they will be able to listen to you, and they will be able to hear you.

If you are giving a speech or making a presentation in front of a large audience, the way you ‘empty them out’, is to take some pauses and be still while you look at them They are thinking something They are either agreeing with you or asking you a question but they are doing that silently Give them space to be part of the conversation. They will feel ‘heard’, and that will allow them to feel ‘connected’ to you. And as a result, they will be more interested in what you have to say


First get yourself into present-time before you start talking.

· Next,getyouraudienceinto present-time

Listengenerously, as if they are brilliant, and as if their idea is possible

· Receive what they say to empty them out and create space before you put anything new in

Acknowledge let them know you ‘got it’ Don’t say anything else for a time until they are empty and have shared all they want with you first.

· Speak from your heart get in touch with your feelings and speak from there

In my Talk This Way programs, I teach people how to be masterful communicators so they can improve their results, their relationships, their business, and their lives

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusionthatithastakenplace.”

George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize-winning playwright PHOTO BY CARL STUDNA https://carlstudna com


Successful entrepreneur, global speaker, corporate executive coach & trainer, transformational thought leader, and changemaker extraordinaire, Marcia Martin’s reputation is legendary Having personally trained over 350,000 people globally in communication and leadership skills, and coached and trained thousands of corporate teams to perform at championship level, she is renowned for her achievement mastery.

Marcia’s Talk This Way programs are the pathway to successful living, and teach participants to harness their personal power, excell at the art of influential communication, understand the secrets of successful relationships, become charismatic public speakers, achieve effortless sales prowess, and lead with inspiration and enlightenment

Her clients include Hard Rock Hotels International, Warner Bros , Evian Water, Inter Continental Hotels, Dannon Yogurt, Capital One, McCain Foods, Hyatt Hotels, American Cancer Society, and Chase Bank, among others She has consulted, trained or coached some of the most acclaimed thought leaders and authors of our time including Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Lynne Twist, T. Harv Ecker, and Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Her entrepreneurial achievements are astonishing! Marcia was an award winning General Manager of the Shiretown Inn, a 100 room lifestyle hotel with a 4 star restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard: she successfully operated Tsuru, Inc , an international wholesale manufacturing and retail fashion jewelry company manufacturing and distributing Laurel Burch designs with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New York; she filled auditoriums with 5,000 to 20,000 in attendance on a regular basis and developed numerous marketing and sales campaigns that resulted in millions of dollars of annual sales as Division Head for Erhard Seminars Training; she created sustainable associate organizations and guided entrepreneurs to create millions of annual income as a Founder of the Transformational Leadership Council, and the Network for Transformational Leaders; and she founded and operated as Senior Vice President, Landmark Forum, the largest personal development educational training company in the world, taking it from inception to millions of graduates worldwide

Marcia was personally mentored in the art and technology of communication, business, and human development by renowned futurist and philosopher Buckminster Fuller, business management guru Peter Drucker, innovation academic thinker Werner Erhard, esteemed organizational consultant Warren Bennis, and Oscar winning film producer Jerry Weintraub


Now you can learn the tips, tricks, and techniques that Marcia Martin learned personally from some of the greatest thinkers of our time

The Marcia Martin Club is a Private Transformation Education Club that has been created as an online digital library of Marcia’s training resources used to teach life success skills and transform over 350,000 people around the globe.

By joining the Marcia Martin Club you will have access to a treasure vault of Marcia’s workshops, seminars, podcast interviews, and keynote speeches that Marcia has facilitated over the past 25 years

By watching the videos on your own time schedule, and in the leisure of your own home, you will learn the secrets to transforming your mindset, thought patterns, and actions to achieve extraordinary success in all aspects of life

Come and join the Club! It's just $10 per month! See what is in store for you by clicking below.

JOIN the Marcia Martin Club and access the content of one of the world's best-loved 'influencer's influencer' and change your future while having a good time along the way


The Preeminent Interview

Jenni P talks to Marcia Martin about her life-long passion for transformation, what it takes to to sustain Preeminence in a career for over 40 years and what she sees as Feminine Success for the new Paradigm. Click above



Youareanaturalgeniusandwarrioressofyourownsoulquest. Theworldawaitstobeholdyourdazzlingprowess DISTINCTION Artwork
by Kate Yurenda


When we move towards excellence and leave any traces of mediocrity behind, we gain distinction.

It may be with an accolade or an award, or simply by the power of our own convictions, passion and charisma.

A state of preeminence is a natural way for us to stand out, be seen, heard, admired and paid.

Bringsomeglamourinto yourwardrobeandlife It evokesPreeminence!

Velvet,satin,sequins, goldorsilver,whatever, whereverBlingisa distinctionthing!

Howcanyouimprove yourvocal communicationto capturepeople’s attention? Whatwouldyousayon yourLivesifyouhadthe courage?

Updateyourbrandand brandcollateral!It shouldbeconstantly evolvingasyoudo!

Jenni P’sweeklyemail contentisfulloffreetips andadvice!


DEC 2022




How to radically improve your positioning in your niche through the 9 Graces.

Ten years ago, the word 'visibility' conjured up driving foggy roads with the headlights on

Now the word is the holy grail of online marketers, especially coaches with big messages, change makers and visionaries. If we are not seen, we potentially don't have a business.

Why is it so critical for visionaries to be visible? A seer must be seen (visionaries are seers who see, know and understand, and believe that new ways are possible), but unless seers are seen and seen to be heard and believed, their seeing is not worth much!

The online market is vast, and Visibility is a crucial skill to master.

In the same conversation often comes the necessity for PR, press recognition, acquiring publishing notoriety and accolades, and finding opportunities to present and speak. These are acceptable and valuable ways to get our messages out there.

But the Highly Visible Woman will be everywhere because she's created her Visibility by not hiding. Being visible is not just a tactical and technical move; it's the energetic opposite of hiding.

And since energy creates everything, it's beneficial to understand how service providers hide so you can stop it! Change making is an aspiration that requires you to be highly visible! Making an impact is hard to do when nobody knows you or sees you!

You may think you show up all over the place and talk to many people, and you ' re doing your best to be visible. So, may I invite you to look at where you may be hiding and how the 9 Graces of Preeminence can support your Visibility which leads to your Profitability!

9 Ways Change makers Hide And How To Stop It!

Hiding under limiting beliefs

This is a biggie with service providers who cannot transition from obscurity to claiming a position on the world stage as an authority in their topic.

There may be a limiting belief that you ' re not good enough to be an authority, that every position on your topic is already taken. That there aren't enough clients to go around. Comparisonitis will be prevalent, and all the sneaky little voices of self sabotage will convince you that you ' re not enough!

The Grace of Excellence, if you let yourself be guided by a solid aspirational spirit, will not let your highest self get in the way of getting your message out there so that many people see, hear and benefit from your wisdom. The Grace of Excellence will keep reminding you of your Greatness, potential, duty to your soul's purpose and desire for positive impact.

Hiding behind your heart

This is a subtle but pervasive one for heart centred entrepreneurs and women in general!

Women as natural carers, givers, lovers, healers, and nurturers…often hide behind their hearts. They do that by making their mission, message, and impact more important than being well paid.

Altruism can be a trap which can cost you dearly. Heart centred entrepreneurs generally overgive, underprice and spend too much time on how many people they can reach rather than creating solid foundations for a sustainable business.

Having a mission is a fine and noble thing, but it's natural for you to be handsomely rewarded for sharing your gifts with the world.

The Grace of Peerlessness and Prestige will enable you to hone in on what is unique about your brand and message to reach a maximum number of people.

Being in your unsurpassed zone of genius will help you and your message be visible, effective, and impactful. Prestige must be the natural result. Stop being too nice.

Hiding in appearance

Once again, heart centred entrepreneurs seem to be the least bothered by the importance of image and appearance. Many of them privilege their nurturing side over any desire to be polished, sparkly, unique and professionally presented. Many lack a personal style.

They generally love the 'I just want to be me ' argument, preferring to play down any of their extravagant or charismatic potential. As a brand and messenger, any blandness is anti visibility. You don't have to be permanently dressed up as if going on the red carpet, but you do need to be coherent to turn up as your greatest self when you present yourself with your unique style and panache! Drum roll for the Grace of Distinction to help you do that! Image and appearance are critical to Visibility.

Hiding in mediocrity and fitting in with the crowds

Many change makers, coaches and consultants don't even realise that they are hiding out at a 'less than' level except when they reflect on their bank accounts. Homogeneity is a killer in this pressured, complex, multi pressure online world. If you look and sound like everyone else, no one will see you hear you or buy from you. Don't let your business be a cookie cutter model for your mentors or anyone else out there.

Don't fit in when you need to stand out! Embrace your difference in your brand message and business model. Make your USP outstandingly memorable and magnetic! The Grace of Excellence will have you becoming a beacon of inspiration along with Distinction and Renown.

"Find your zone of genius, give it a price tag, strike a pose

Hiding behind excuses and procrastination

Stuckness, excuses and procrastination are three great places to hang out if you want to hide. We're talking 5 star, hide out luxury. You could crawl into any of those and hide forever Many do

But you will never ever bring Greatness to the world, which is tragic.

The Graces of Transcendence and Endurance will help you to get over it They will be tough, clear and decisive and may bring you an ultimatum on which you have to make an essential decision for your business. In the end, what's more important? Your excuses or your mission? Get over it! And keep going! Even if you don't know what to do next, do something different.

Hiding behind someone ' bigger and better.'

When we ' re mentored by people who are further along the journey, it's really easy to hide in their light Working with a top mentor can feel like we are going places a feeling of prestige and privilege and settling for our own smallness. We put them on a pedestal, tend to give them superpowers and forget that all they did was master a part of the equation that you ' re still working out. Again comparisonitis will rear its silly head. As we work near someone we perceive as better than us, it's tempting to automatically hide in their light.

The Grace of Renown will help you grow your own 'Know Like, and Trust' dynamic, which is equal to or even surpasses some of those people to whom you have given your power away. We love to be near their shadows, hovering around to try and emulate their success. If you believe in your own Greatness and power, don't stay in their shade for too long, it can obliterate you.

Hiding by not showing up

In this land of social everything, the sometimes oppressive pressure of showing up has us all running to hide away and get away from the overload of information and tension at some point. Understandable it's tough out there in the crowd..especially if you ' re an introvert, as are many visionaries. But if you are hiding, you are not leading. And leadership is what visionaries must do to effectively share their messages.

The temptation is there... you can take years to build a website or create a funnel or get a program off the ground. Social media can make us squirm sometimes and want to hide forever. But we will not make a difference or build sustainable revenue if we don't show up. Even showing up for ourselves. Being a change maker is being a leader. Wanting to set an example is being a leader. So lead without a title if you must but get out of bed, get out of your way, and get out there.

Hiding behind busyness

We live in a world where we could be busy for 90 years and never achieve anything. How tragic. And yet it is a genuine danger for entrepreneurs who privilege the secondary parts of business building over the primary part, which is making sales. And again, with the complexities of online marketing, we could hide behind the busyness of perfecting our brand, strategy or anything else and never come out of hiding again! Busyness is an excuse as well as a misaligned use of your energy. When you should be sharing your genius and superpowers, if ' you doing stuff you could outsource or hate doing, it is kryptonite to money!

Take up the shield of the Graces of Distinction, Renown, Peerlessness and Leadership.

Let them sit you down and get help, support and clarity. Let them help you get space on your agenda to make money.

These are all Graces of Preeminence, and Preeminence is your ticket to Greatness!

"Showing up in the marketplace as an unlimited being will give you an unfair advantage"

In this scrummy bundle, you’ll have instant access to my ‘Influencer Identity’ secrets to craft your most scintillating message to the world, by making over your image, style, energy and client communication!

This is a masterclass with high value wisdom that works as you play!

By doing this, you will be able to get truly clear about;

How to BE what you want to say to the world

How to silently call in your most aligned clients to your brilliant offers!

How to enrol with ease because you ARE the solution your clients are looking for

w w w . j e n n i - p . c o m
RENOWN PRINCIPLE "Peoplewillnotrememberwhatyousaid,butthey willrememberhowyoumadethemfeel". Artwork
Yurenda @dreamboldnetwork
by Kate



An impeccable know-like-and trust reputation will serve your highest visions. Swap the desire to just being ‘visible’ for showing up to serve with the prosperous presence of a hero, and adopt the etiquette of titans.

Make integrity (including self integrity) your foundation stone on which to build relationships that thrive on win win win ethics

Be known exclusively for your genuine virtues and endear people with your charm and ability to listen. Wear elegance, good taste, humour and style like a designer label, and be generous with your compliments to those who need them.

Gobackthroughyour clientlistandeventsyou haveappearedonand updateyour testimonials

Usethemasinspiration forthismonth’semails


Gobackthroughpast clientsandreachoutto theminaNewYear, friendlyreconnecting waytowishthem success

Committo2social mediaplatformsthat youenjoyandwhere youridealclientshang out It’sbettertofocuson2 withfunthandreadthe socialmediaspread


DEC 2022

Greatness Codes The


Show Up As Your Highest Self

And Your Highest Life Will Meet You There.

This is an expression of a way of living that has allowed me to identify and manifest just about whatever I put my heart on But not just manifesting things more manifesting experiences. In embodying the desired experience, it allows you to draw in what you wish to have

We popularly know this as the Law of Attraction, but this is not quite so This is another law that is a corollary of the law of Attraction. It is the Law of Expectation. It is every bit a natural law and is the one to master if you get tired of hanging around waiting for your desires to turn up!

Defined by Dr Milton Erickson, a brilliant hypnotherapist at the beginning and middle of the 20th century, the Law of Expectation simply states that 85% of what you expect to happen will occur.

He also states that the law doesn't play 'favourites', so it doesn't matter if you expect negative or positive things to happen. The Law of Expectation responds accurately.

You can't cheat the Law of Expectation. You can't cheat by just wishing an expectation, like, I expect to have my first 10k month this month. That's a wish, not a real expectation. A real expectation is tied to your Belief System.

And is the main reason why even highly motivated people can't get ahead at times.

Because somewhere ingrained in their thinking (usually due to an earlier experience) is the belief they can't.

The law of expectation is not talked about nearly enough. It makes up such an essential part of understanding, manifesting and creating a remarkable life.

I'd like to break it down for you and make it really practical.

Popular Peak Performance writer Benjamin Hardy states in his book 'Willpower Doesn't Work':

"You shape the garden of your mind by planting specific things from your environments, such as the books you read, experiences you have, and people you surround yourself with."

Benjamin Hardy, Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success

But this goes a lot deeper. Your environment means your home, desk space, nutrition, appearance, bank account, self care, car, animals, and entertainment. It also means the context you live in every day, your default beliefs, emotions, actions and the 'role' you play out the 'identity' you portray to the world. All this constitutes your environment.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to lift yourself out of your current circumstances and step up to the level of life you desire. We live with an unconscious expectation of ourselves and our own lives. This expectation not only determines what we have in our lives but also represents what we are willing to settle for.

"Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations."

For most people, the future holds too many uncertainties. The fear of what might happen tends to overshadow the ray of light that represents the life they ultimately desire.

In a previous edition, I shared a piece called 'Manifesting At The Speed Of Light' with you. It described the science and energy behind living ' as if' or 'living from', as opposed to 'living for'.

When you cultivate expectation as a daily way of being, you open yourself to allowing the flow of life to bring you all the delights you can imagine. However, if you expect bad things to happen to them (and many people do without knowing it!) they will.

Expectation is a potent driver and one that very few people ever learn to fully master in consciousness. But here's the neuroscience behind it; when you expect something, you activate and engage those parts of your mind and the nervous system that can empower you to think the unthinkable and do the undoable.

One of the most effective ways to activate the law of expectation in your favour is to develop a very clear vision for your life. Most people never even take the time to really define what they want from their lives. I'm sure, if you ' re reading this magazine, you ' re not one of them. However, even those with clear visions often follow the 'hope and pray ' strategy for achievement.

You may know what you want, but at some level, you don't believe you can have it.

Expectation, however, is an entirely different mindset. It is a mindset of absolute certainty that can be deliberately levered.

Hoping and praying infer doubt since you always hold two opposing results in your mind's eye. You want it, but you don't think you can have it, so you keep hoping and praying to something outside yourself.

To elevate your life, elevate your expectations.

Raise your expectations of whom you want to become as a person and what you believe you deserve. For, what you believe you deserve is based on your expectations.

When you lift your expectations to a higher level, you raise your own standards and raising your standards is the first step to improving your life. Now let's get practical with this. Remember all the things that make up your environment and context. You will have to cultivate high expectations in each of the areas that make

When you expect only the very best, you will get only the very best.

What you earn right now is what you expect to earn The amount of free time you have right now is what you expect to have as free time. The relationships you have are what you expect them to be Ouch, right?

Expectation acts in the same way as a weather vane that determines your internal 'weather' According to your expectations, it will turn out bright and sunny or stormy.

When you expect the very best, you ' re not simply expecting something good or something similar; you ' re drawing the line in the sand that determines your highest life.

It begins with never settling for less than you can do, be or have. This is not something you do from time to time when you become aware of it but develops as a normal way of being, doing and having - your normal lifestyle.

So let's take this list that makes up your environment again. On a clean sheet of paper, draw up 3 columns:

On one side, make a list of everything here and add other items that are personal to you. Put one item under the other separately but allow space between the items to write a sentence or two.

Home, desk space, nutrition, appearance, bank account, self care, car, animals, entertainment. It also means the context you live in every day, your default beliefs, emotions, wardrobe, relationships, actions and the 'role' you play out, in other words, the 'identity' you portray to the world.

Now in the middle column, write down what your expectations are, and you ' re going to need to be ruthlessly honest and aware!

For example:

Relationships I expect people to respect my boundaries and treat me well. Now, look at this. Do you really expect that? Does that play out in reality?

Desk Space I expect to carry out my days with maximum productivity, flow and effectiveness.

Really? Is all your workspace set up for flow, maximum productivity and effectiveness?

Appearance I expect my perfect mate to manifest any day now. Really? Is all your life, appearance and vibration set up to attract your soulmate?

You see how you can confuse desire and expectation so easily! You can't BS the laws!

High expectations create high results. When you expect the best, it will become a directional mechanism that will guide you to seeking out and finding what you expect.


Now let's take this one step further. What if you swapped high expectations for highest self expectations?

So in that third column, can you lean into not just real, high expectations but highest self expectations?

Relationships I expect that my relationships thrill me and are a major part of my fulfilment. Do you? Can you? Will you? What will you do today to PROVE THAT EXPECTATION?

Desk space I expect my work environment to support days of immense creativity and results that delight me. So does your workspace look and feel like that? How can you change it so that it does?

Appearance I expect to feel beautiful and powerful in my femininity every day and attract the perfect people and opportunities for my highest good.

Ok, time to look in the mirror and the closet and make sure that your image expresses what you are expecting. Get it? Such a powerful exercise

Create expectation by making committed decisions. Nurture your expectations by never settling for anything less than the best you can be, do or have.

Go back to the January 2022 issue and lean into the power of 'living from' instead of striving towards.

And allow the law of Jenni P flow through you. 'Show up as your highest self, and your highest life will meet you there."

I help passionate change makers go from best kept secret to highly sought after superleaders through Quantum Coding and market relevant, personal branding so that they can magnify their message and channel more wealth into their soul driven movement.







Our Preeminent Self is the one who intuitively knows that all the secrets, all the answers, all the breakthroughs you seek, are already within you.

You need nothing else except the code to access them. To decipher the code is to truly know your full power as the creator of your own legacy

You came here for greatness. You came here to express your genius. Genius lies in the intersection between your gifts, your bliss and your values and is the most powerful attractor of abundance.

Makeyourweeklyor monthlyaccountinghigh frequencyandfun! Usecolours,orbecreative withitwithyour accounting!Somepeople loveexcelsheets;some loathethem Trackyour moneyinawaythatfeels alignedwithyourhighest moneygoals!

Beforehandlingany moneytransactions, createaritualthat makesyoufeellikea Goddessandgetintoa highvibeflow Evenin thegrocerystore, rememberhow abundantyourlifeis Givethanksforsomany thingstobuyforour delight!

Choosesomethingon yourultimatebucketlist andeithergetitonthe scheduleorsetupa savingsspaceforit


DEC 2022

aren Baines

The Ultimate Missing Piece in Conscious Wealth Creation

Every choice you make daily is broadcasting to the Universe whether or not you're available to receive money Every single choice

And it does not matter if those choices you're making are even about money, business, your health, or anything in your life come to that

And what is so key here is that those choices are your secret language between you, the Universe and everything you desire. It's your own private conversation with Big U, who always agrees with you.

With every choice you make, you are broadcasting, "Yes, money is welcome in my life," or, "No, money is not welcome " And the big U always agrees and says yes That is universal law

So how is it possible, when we make so many choices, that actually we're broadcasting all the time about money?

I'm sure you're aware that everything in the world is energy Money is energy Everything is connected. But, when it comes to money, money is creational energy.

Human beings are designed to create We are designed to manifest, designed to create. We do that through the process of choice and consequence. When we make a choice, the choice has a frequency. But a choice isn't a choice until you've done it. It's not a thought; it's a doing It becomes a choice when you ground it third dimensionally by doing it That's one of the most important things about this Making a cup of coffee is a choice; how you do it and feel about it are equal choices There is nothing you do as a human that is NOT a choice! Sorry to all those who think they are somehow controlled or influenced by some religious entity or unseen forces Whatever you call it, it's still Big U!

So you make a choice The choice the doing has an underlying frequency. That's the language of the Universe, the language of money. The Universe reads the frequency, reads the vibration, says yes, and brings you more opportunities and consequences that match the energy of the original choice

So the consequence that you experience from that choice will also be vibrational It will be exactly the same as the original choice and have the same energy That is how humans create This is the manifesting process, broken down into its most basic form

So, where does value come in?

Energetically, money vibrates naturally before you spend it to the energies of responsibility and power The responsibility part is the responsibility that you have as a human being to take care of your physical body, the basic needs of your physical body, so that you can show up and add value to the lives of other people through your gifts, in exchange for money, if you're a business owner That's the responsibility part

The power part is the money that you have absolute choice over So once you've paid for and covered your responsibilities as a human, you're left with an amount of money that you can spend on whatever you want, however you want. And that's your power.

Because when you spend that money, you're assigning value with it to that energy power And by spending the money, you're making a choice You're making a grounded, practical choice in the third dimension, with money as an intermediary to something you value

Yet, although those transactions come into being in the third dimension, money enables us to fulfil our own divine self expression We spend it on things and experiences that we want, that we desire so that we can express ourselves fully And that really is divine

So any nonsense talk about only greedy people wanting money, and 'I'm a healer, and I just want to heal', and 'I just want to give', and 'I just want to serve, I don't need money for it', that sort of conversation is absolute rubbish. And it's also the reason you don't have money!

Consider that entrepreneurship is a very spiritual journey towards self expression and self knowledge Money is actually a tool of divine self expression because it allows you to be expressed in your perfect unique way How could you put spiritual and divine self expression in the same sentence with money if it's 'the root of all evil'? Makes no sense whatsoever

So as a means of convenience, humans invented money so that we could exchange it for that which we value And when we spend the money, we realign the power money to energy

Most people grasp can grasp this If you decide that you want to go and buy a new three piece suite, your power money that you've got absolute choice over, and you say, I'm going to go spend this money on a couch I need a new couch.

So maybe you're upgrading to a new piece of furniture because your old couch got a little bit tired, a little bit sad, a little bit springy, a little bit uncomfortable And what you really want is to lean back into a lovely comfy couch in the evening and have some more comfort

In that case, the Universe reads the frequency of comfort You are assigning value to your money, corresponding with the energy of comfort And then Big U will reveal consequences that match that vibration It'll say 'yes' to comfort and bring you more opportunities to experience comfort

You may suddenly have an unexpected mug of hot chocolate bought for you by your husband or one of your kids in the evening because that also represents comfort. So someone will deliver you comfort. That's how it works.

If, on the other hand, you're buying a new couch because you want a bit of luxury, say it's a really high end Chesterfield or something super chic, you're then assigning your value not to comfort but to luxury The Universe reads the frequency of luxury, and it says yes Same dynamic and different energy

The choice here is to spend money on the couch, and then the Universe reads the frequency, says yes, and drops in a consequence that matches the original choice But it doesn't drop ten tons of couches on your driveway If you buy a couch, you don't create more couches The Universe doesn't say yes to furniture and then starts throwing furniture from the sky What it does is it reads the frequency underneath the purchase You might get an invitation to some sort of lush event, and you get to stay in a five star hotel. Maybe you win a competition or something that you've entered. There are loads of ways that the Universe can bring these opportunities to you. But what's important to understand is it's the energy, not the thing It's the energy, not the thing

So that is how we assign value to our money Money represents value We spend our money on that which we value That being the case, you should make sure that anything you are spending your money on you want more of because you value it with a particular energy

This is why money is a very powerful commodity And if money is a happy byproduct of alignment, and money represents value, we now understand that when we make choices around money, obviously, we're perpetuating and creating more of that.

But what about all our other choices when they're not about money?

Money is a happy byproduct of alignment, and there are three commodities of alignment Money, time, and you

So if money represents value, and now you understand how the Universe reacts when you assign value with money to a particular energy, once you grasp that concept fully, you are in a fabulously powerful position where you understand time as well!

This is because the Universe treats the commodities of money and time precisely the same way

That is why we talk about spending time Same as we spend money on something, we spend time doing things The language is exactly the same

So the energy underneath the things you do through the choices you make is the language you speak, broadcasting to the Universe, so the Universe can say yes. The language of time is also the language of money.

So time in and of itself is the most powerful commodity of the three It would seem that you, yourself are the most powerful commodity From my experience, when people listen to me speaking about this topic, this is the part that resonates with them; it's because, at that particular time may be in their lives, maybe time is the most powerful commodity

We can all relate, right? Anything amiss in our life, we will be explaining it away in terms of money, time and, lastly ourselves. The three commodities dance around each other and are all interwoven.

We make spontaneous impulse decisions so quickly, and one day can easily fall into another So this is a thing about time and why it is the most powerful commodity

Doesn't matter who you are, where you live No matter your class, your colour, or your creed Everybody gets the same 24 hours allocated to them every single day And those 24 hours, you have an absolute choice over them to do what you want with You can't rewind time, so you can't go backwards and do it over, and you never know when it will end. It could all be gone tomorrow.

So again, how you spend your time when you spend time doing something is a choice Similarly, the frequency that vibrates underneath that choice, you'd better make sure you want more of it because the Universe says yes

You are assigning value to time when you spend it And as we spend it, we spend our days doing all sorts of things Whatever is underneath it, you better make sure that it's vibrating at a frequency at the very least of love or above At the very least

Ideally, you're going to know what your target energy is. You will assign value with your time to your target energy because you know that when you do that, in the moment, you are creating your future

Often though, even if you know what your target energy is, it can be a challenge to ensure that every choice vibrates at that frequency But as long as it vibrates at love or above, you should be good to go

Warning But what you absolutely do not want to choose are our not so fab four false friends obligation, sacrifice, resentment, and guilt.

Obligation is all your have to's, must do's, should do's, and go to's Remember, obligation and sacrifice cannot be separated. So if you're doing something out of obligation, you are also sacrificing. Very quickly, that's going to be followed by resentment, and quite often, guilt's in there as well. Not always, but quite often

But guilt, you need to watch out for her because she creates chaos in her wake, and she often camouflages herself as love or above For example, when you spend too much time working on something, thinking it's filled with love energy, you're secretly feeling guilty about not spending the evening with your partner

To navigate all these subtleties, you've got to be tuned in and super self aware of what's happening in your life to ensure that you are not assigning value with your time to any of those energies.

But the reason we've done V, and you'll understand why, is because , I can come at the letter V from all these different angles because it is so freaking important

When it comes to your money, when it comes to you vibrating at a frequency that is broadcasting yes to money, it's so important to understand value and how it shows up

How do we know 'how to make the right choice'? The key is really knowing why you want what you want.

And how you feel about it.

What values do you stand for in your business? What is the energetic representation of that? Is it joy and freedom, expansion, exhilaration, or something else? Whatever it is, that's the energy underneath your expenditure intention; it's your 'Target Energy' And Target Energy is what you truly value!

In order to create freedom, you've got to make choices and take action that resonates with freedom, thereby becoming a vibrational match for, yep, you guessed it, freedom!

And since money is one of the ways that we assign value to things, we must then make sure that our expenditure resonates with freedom.

When you assign value with money to joy, you're saying, "I want joy in my life I value joy so much in my life that I will pay for it " And the Universe does its part It responds with "yes "

That is your power as a Conscious Creator Your power is in your choices You have a choice about how you use that power, but keep in mind that you will create more in your world of whatever energy you spend it on

How do we know 'how to make the right choice'?

The key is really knowing why you want what you want And how you feel about it.

Many people struggle to answer the question, 'why do you want what you want?' Except for business, the answer is nearly always 'more money'.

But that's not enough reason for the universe to respond

For starters, wanting more money will give you exactly that having a situation of not having enough money, which is why you want it! I know this can sound frustrating! But it IS the way that our universe works!

So part of the answer lies in what you FEEL about what you want How do you FEEL about having more revenue? What are the experiences and sensations connected to your desires? What would the future look like if those desires came true? Now you're in the process of connecting to your Target Energy

That is the determining thing about the outcome of your desires! In energy and frequency terms, your feelings affect the outcome of your wishes.

Now, if that was enough, we could all meditate into a state of bliss or kick back until we feel great before we get to work. But there is something more powerful than this


Doing is choosing, so what are you doing right now?

The power of now really is all you have, but the ENERGY underneath your actions is what determines your outcomes

Spend time engaging with the potential energy of what you want to create because that will bring you your next steps

So many of us, even if we are conscious and self aware, tend to just go to sleep when it comes to our actions We tend to spend our days on auto pilot; even if we're a bit discombobulated, we just muddle on through

Or maybe the not so fab 4 will have their noses pressed against the window, trying to come in when you engage in obligation, guilt, sacrifice and resentment. I get it! Those guys are stalkers!

If you want to master energy alignment, especially money energy alignment, you must examine your actions all the time in the moment of doing them to become aware of how you are assigning value j

You can do this simply by first identifying your target energy to see what you're doing and feeling is in synch with your desire You can do some breathwork to come back to the now and watch what's happening in your body. Do a body scan… is there any tension? Weird sensations? Even discomfort? If so, ask yourself, 'Is this aligned with my goals and desires?

Remember, when you've got a desire in your future, that's because it's available for you to create, and you can start creating it right now, this very minute,

So, you must identify the energy underneath what you want so that you can start choosing it now to become a match for that energy Because the value you assign with time and money is always always a reflection of how much you value yourself

With every single choice and decision you make, you are determining how much you actually value yourself. In that moment, you're saying, "I value myself enough. I'm worthy of the experiences that I desire".

If you don't value yourself, the universe will react to that: "Okay Gotcha You don't value yourself? Then you won't be valued "

You cannot be a vibrational match for money if you're not vibrating value because money represents value Do you see?

So as you're taking an audit of your life and business now, take an audit of your time and money expenses Make sure that what you spend your money on resonates with what you want to create You've got to make sure that it's aligned and that you are purchasing stuff you really, really value energetically, not just physically.

Make sure that what you spend your time on resonates with what you value and want to see more of in your life Make sure that it reflects the kind of self value and self love that money will respond to with swooning fortune and favour

Take some time to consider how you could be making misaligned choices with your time and money without realising it This is the real work to do as we turn the page into 2023!

Get really honest with yourself, so the Universe can respond as you want it to! All you have is each day to do this practice again and again

The Universe who loves you enough to say ‘ yes ’ to all your choices will faithfully keep you on track to your heart’s desires

soulwhispers uk

Karen Baines

KarenBainesisaConsciousWealthCreationMentorandlovestoworkwith passionate,ambitiousentrepreneursbyshowingthemhowtomastertheir owncreationalprocess,particularlyaroundtheirbusinessandfinances.

I’vebeenlearningandteachingthelanguageofmoneyforsomeyearsnow, havingpreviouslyrunmyownsuccessfulbookkeepingbusiness.Running quietlyparalleltothiswasalife longinterestinpersonaldevelopment.A wholenewlevelofmoneywisdomwasintroducedtomewhenIdiscovered UniversalLawandenergy,soonafterthatthedefiningmomentwhenthese twoworldssuddenlycollided Previously,Ihadbeenattemptingto compartmentalisethem,theironybeingthatInowteachhowyousimply cannotcompartmentaliseenergy

Avitalcomponentofrunningabusinessisyourfinances yourincome money Understandingyourownalignmentandtheenergeticsofmoneygives youapricelessopportunitytounlockandreachthatelusivenextincomelevel, asinanutshell,Moneyisjustaveryhappyby productofAlignment,andthe bestdefinitionofAlignmentisYOUDoYOU!

“ Realign
the things you can’t see, to get the results you can see. ” Free Money mentum essment



"Thereisno oneintheworldlikeyou.Rejoiceinyourglory. Youareanaturalgeniusand theworldawaitstobeholdyourdazzlingprowess".

Artwork by Kate Yurenda



Find your genius

Believe in your super powers Conduct yourself like nobility Be fascinated by others Keep a beginner's mind Wear your heart on your sleeve Avoid crowds Think before speaking Breathe integrity Cultivate charm Choose your own values Avoid wearing black Practice playfulness Ooze fabulousness

Reviewhowyoutalk aboutyourtopicin public.Peoplearevery fatiguedbysomuch talking Howcanyoube moreentertaining,funny, andcharismatic?

Practiceforawholeday, thefeelingof‘Iam enough’.Tellyourselfat allopportunitiesduring theday.Thenrepeatfor theother364daysofthe year

Makeacommitmentto upholdyourboundaries thisyear. Whatmeansareyou goingtousetodoso?


DEC 2022

Hartley & Soul

Marianne Hartley


Youhaveauniquegifttoshare Youarehereforareason Yourheartknows

Alignment starts from within From the heart All we need to do is to stop and listen Deeply. Inquisitively and with curiosity. Ask our heart to show us our truth for it to be revealed Adeepbreathbringsustothepresentmoment Allowsustopause Tofeel To befullypresentandtoconnect.Andbeopentoreceivetheanswer.

Your heart is wise It holds your values, your vision, your purpose for yourself, your work andtheworld Alignmentistheconnectingthreadfromyourhearttoyoursoul Oncethis linkisestablished,itbecomesyourcompassandguidinglight Everythingflowsfromthis innerconnectionandnothingcanthrowyouoffbalance.


Brands created from the heart, from the inside out, create an energetic link with the heart of their audience This happens in a heartbeat People who recognise themselves inyourbrandresonatewiththeenergy,thefrequencyandintentionwithwhichthebrand hasbeencreated.Theyaretheoneswhoalignwithyourvaluesandarethepeoplewho youareheretoserve

Your circumstances and specific combination of events have given you insights and skills that only you can share in the way you do This is the DNA and unique essence of your brand. Someone needs your gift so they in turn can share their gift with the world. You showing up as who you truly are gives another person permission to do the same andcreatesapositiverippleeffect.

Iremembervisitinganartexhibitionwithmymotherandherartistfriendasachildwhen Iwasabout7yearsold ItwasanexhibitionofSwissartistHodlerwhopaintedhispartner at the end of her life The subject was dramatic and stark but there was real beauty, depth and honesty in the paintings that touched me deeply. The atmosphere in the gallery was very serene and gave me a sense of peace and contentment After we left the gallery, I was struck by the contrast with the billboards on the street. These images were leaping out at me and left me feeling like I had been punched in the face In the gallery,eachpaintingwasaninvitationthatdrewmeinandgavemeadeepersenseof connection with myself and the subject in the picture I felt nourished and uplifted This wasmyfirstexperienceofthepowerofimageandhowbeautyhasahealingeffectand connectstotheheartanditstillispresentinmetothisday.

Later, as a teenager, I wondered why we couldn’t have that same sense of connection withbrandsandimagesweinteractedwithregularly.Thethoughtof‘wouldn’titbegreat if the images we saw on a daily basis made us feel really good, reminded us of who we truly are and what we are here to do?’ became my driving force for studying graphic design


My clients tell me that when their brand is aligned with their vision everything flows with ease Theycanshowupataconferencefeelingconfidentandsupportedbytheirbrand becauseitrepresentswhotheyareandwhattheyaredoingintheworld Itisalivingentitythatliftstheirspiritontheodddayswhentheyneedareminderofwhy they are doing what they are doing and the reason they set off on this entrepreneurial journey.

Therearenotablesignswhenwehavecomeoutofalignment.Thingsfeellikehardwork, stickyorslow There’sresistanceandwefeelstuck Liketryingtopushtheriveruphill

When our brand is out of alignment it costs us a lot of energy, we have to work much hardertomakeitworkandoftenexplaintootherswhatwedo

Youmayhavehadtheexperienceofspendingtimeandmoneywithadesignagencyto createyourbrandonlytodiscoverthattheresultwasn’tyouatall.Youmayhaveagreed toadesignthat‘looked’goodbutdidn’tactually‘feel’good Theymaynothavereallygot to know and understand you and your vision first and your new design felt like a respectableoutfitbutitwasjustnotyouatall.It’sfrustrating…painfulanddisheartening. You may have felt despair at the thought of not ever having a brand that truly representedyou.



With the Conscious Design methodology I have developed and refined over t I’ve identified 3 key steps to alignment, which I take my clients through in th AlignmentprocessanddescribeinmybookALIGN&SHINE

ThefirststepisDIVE,whichisaboutdivingintotheheartofyouroffering,yourWHY?,your audience, your values, purpose and what you are here to do and be Digging deep to unearthyourtreasureandclaimyouruniquespaceinthemarketplace.

The second step is DISCOVER your energy, vibration and frequency. The intangible aspectofyourbrand Wenowknowthateverythingisenergyandthatlikesound,words, colours and images all emit a vibration The colours and content of an image and the wayitisportrayedcaneitherupliftusordragusdown Raiseorlowerourfrequency

ThethirdstepisDEFINEwhenwebringalltheDNAstrandsofyourbrandtogethersoyou haveanunshakablefoundationtobuildyourbrandfromandshowupandshine

Once we have established the connection to your heart, words, colours, fonts, shapes and images all work together to create a unique visual identity that makes your heart sing and encapsulates your message Holding the highest intention for the outcome of yourbrandwhileitiscreatedisakeyenergeticimprint

We know that we buy on emotion and rationalise our purchase afterwards We are all seekingmoreandmoremeaningfulandsoulfulconnectionsandasaresultwanttobuy products from people and brands we trust and where our actions not only sustain our immediateneeds,butalsothepeopleandplanetasawhole


Thereissomethingmagicalwhenwealignwithourpurpose.Eventsandpeopleshowup at exactly the right time It’s as if the universe is conspiring to making our vision and dreams a reality You start seeing that every challenge and event that happened in the pastisagiftandformsadotthatlightsupyourpathandstorytothisverymoment You feelasenseofperfection,peaceandgratitude

Consolidating your message from your point of power inside your heart not only brings youjoybutisaninvitationtoigniteanotherperson’sheart.

My heartfelt wish for you is for your brand to uplift your heart and support you in everyday endeavours and be a visual reminder of why you do what you do so others canconnectwithyoutruthfully

Your unique message is powerful because each of our individual voices are needed at thisimportanttimeonearth.Weallhaveourparttoplayinthisbigtapestryoflife.Each of our offering is like a strand of light and together we are weaving a new cloth that is here to support, sustain and uplift us all Creating a sustainable world where each of us cannotonlysurvivebutthrivebydoingwhatlightsusupandwhatwewereborntodo.


Marianne Hartley

Marianne Hartley is the founder of Hartley & Soul branding and design agency and author of ALIGN & SHINE. She launched her business in 2013 to bring two of her passions together, energy healing and design to create brands that are a truereflectionofabusinessowner’svaluesandthatconnecttotheheart


With over 25 years experience in branding and design she has worked with someoftheworld’slargestbrands,fromtheQueensDiamondJubileePageant, Intercontinental Hotels, Toyota, Bacardi, Bonhams Auctioneers, The Royal AcademyofArtsaswellaswithstart upsandfounderledbusinesses.

Ifyouwanttocreateabrandthatisatruereflectionofyourvisionandvalues,I wouldlovetospeakwithyou ALIGN&SHINE isavailableonAmazon! BOOKACALLWITHME



"Believe in the possible, Trust in the infinite, Reside in the limitless"

by Kate Yurenda



All the ideals in the world will amount to nothing without dominion over your ability to change yourself and your agility to navigate changes around you

Leave defining yourself by your past, in the past. Unless it is to tell the world an epic story of your highest life, with a happy ending.

Be your own BS BFF, and watch the needle move on your results.

Haveareallylong,lush sessionorretreatwithyour soulCEOandallyour guides

Re clarifyyourpurpose, passionandwayforward takingaccountofthe complexmarketand globalchange

Whatareyoudoingto transcendthevery challengingtimeswelive insothatyoucanstayin appreciationofyourlife? Howcanyoubring excitement,playandfun intoeveryday?

Canyoufind3newways toexpressyourdeeply feltopinionsorvalueson atopicyoumaster, duringaLive,inaway thatinspires,educates orentertains,orall3?


DEC 2022
FREE COACHING ROUTINE A Conscious Media Platform DREAM BOLD NETWORK Redefining Feminine Success & Fulfilment


We all have different definitions of what success is However, what we all have in common is that success is a frequency. When we radiate this energetic state, we attract more success and joy

We can embody the vibration of success by becoming more aware of our inner dialogue Are you telling yourself that you are already successful? Are you proud of yourself? Are you acting like you are living your best life?

When we tell ourselves a more empowering narrative, we signal to the quantum field differently This can be achieved with daily affirmations and unconditional support for ourselves

Another way to become more successful is to surround yourself with people that have achieved what you desire We become who we surround ourselves with and this is a great opportunity to model people who's vision is aligned

"We can choose to be happy and fulfilled"

Dream Bold Network Art

Success Flow

When we are in the flow state, things are able to manifest with more ease The higher our inner vibration, the more abundant our lives will become By slowing down and allowing yourself to receive success, you are able to create with more effectiveness. Mastering the flow state is a superpower! To drop into the flow state start by focusing on your breath and your body. Heighten your senses, slow your brain waves and become more aware of sounds and colors Our natural state is to be relaxed so give yourself permission to unwind, be calm and let go


Fulfilment Energy

What do people generally say about yo and presence? Are you always in a hur you relaxed? Are you a go getter? So m think that we need more in the physica order to be fulfilled However, when we with magnetic energy, we are truly sati

We feel fulfilled when we are healthy, joyful and excited about life This requi to achieve harmony, balance and self l

"Your natural state is unconditional peace & joy

Dream Bold Network

Success Instincts

Instincts are an extremely important aspect of success. When we listen to our bodies and we trust our abilities to attract the right people, circumstances and opportunities we become limitless.

Do you trust your inner voice? Do you have faith that you are being guided in the direction of everything that you want and desire? Watch what happens in your life when you trust your instincts more and embody your success!



Imagine and visualize success then magnetize it!

Dream Bold Network Art

Success Affirmations

I am grateful for my innate powers to manifest success.

I am very qualified and worthy of massive success

I am so proud of my ability to attract success & money

I am an attractor beam for the right people & opportunities

l am so magnetic for things that light me up and teach me

I am consciously aligning myself to the energy of success.

I am in the frequency of abundance, peace and fulfillment

I am expecting and patiently receiving constant success

I am setting intentions on only what I truly desire in life.

Dream Bold Network Art
"Success is easy, it's my birthright"

Until we reprogram our minds, we will be running on an old program that's not aligned with our potential This is key to shifting our inner world and magnetizing what we want to attract This is a lifestyle and it's worth the effort!

Dream Bold Network Art

Success Mindset

Most people think of success as a list of qualifications and credentials. Some people even think about success in terms of getting lucky or knowing the right people. However, true success originates in the mind and it is fueled by repetitive thoughts, especially those that are strongly emotionalized

What do you consciously think about when you are evaluating your level of success? Do you put yourself down or do you build yourself up? Do you believe that you are worthy of success and do you speak your desires out loud? This is a very effective way to attract what you are seeking because we speak our lives into materialization

We can reprogram our minds with repetitive thoughts, self hypnosis and people that are aligned with our dream life So many people will allow fear to interfere with their level of success This is why it's extremely important to become more aware of conscious and unconscious thoughts so that you can upgrade your inner dialogue

What do you repeatedly emotionalize? What sets you off and what do you praise? What are you grateful for? What we express gratitude towards, we magnetize more of What could your life look like if you invested more time into embodying the frequency of already having the success that you desire? What does success mean to you?

You attract what you emotionalize & consistently think about so choose wisely

Visualize what you want to attract and vibrationally align your inner world with what you want to magnetize

NEXT STEPS Visit Dream Bold Network and enjoy our conscious media platform Check out more of our content:
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Dream Bold Network is a company that I started to share conscious media that empowers humanity It’s a platform that showcases my greatest passions, including graphic art, interviews, Qi Gong, my books, conscious products, spoken word and inspiring writing Dream Bold Network consists of thought leaders, artists, filmmakers, authors, mindset coaches, healing practitioners and bold visionaries We are all dedicated to the art and science of intentional magnetism, ancient healing modalities, quantum creation and unity consciousness I became interested in this because of my own personal healing journey and the more I learned about ancient healing, the more I knew the world needed someone to translate it with a bold and innovative approach It was a calling that I am so grateful I answered

Dream Bold Network is on a mission to empower humanity and to reconnect us to our innate abilities Our intention is to tap us back into superhuman consciousness so that we can make a quantum shift in the direction of world peace Our plan is to teach this wisdom in a playful, sensual, artistic and entertaining way We are conducting a global energy experiment and truly believe that we just need enough of us to vibrate high enough to nullify the lower frequencies that are holding humanity back Our vision is to teach the world how to heal and create on a quantum level so harmony and spiritual evolution We are all motivated to build a bridge back to divi reconnect with infinite intelligence and consciously create a better world for our ch

Success Coaching:

Be sure to check out Kate's e book, Spiritual Foreplay available at www



by Kate Yurenda


To set our personal north star as the only guideline for our journey, and to set our ‘life sails’ in that direction, will cause others to want to do the same.

Hold the space for others to rise by expecting the best from them. Be the change you want to see in every part of your world.

Stand for your highest values and don’t stand anything less than being treated with respect and integrity

Everymorning,write down3waysyoucanbe aleaderorwillbea betterperson,andinthe evening,3waysyou knowyouhaveinspired orhelpedothers.

What3ideasdidyou havelastyearthatyou didn’tfollowthroughon thatwouldhave elevatedyourbusiness andlifestyle?Schedule theminbeforetheend ofthismonth

Wheredoyouneedto bemorehumbleinyour life?


DEC 2022

Kendra E Thornbury


Thispotentpowerofcreationlivesineverywoman. Inhercells,inherbody,inherintuitivedepths


Toideas Toprojects. Tobabies. Tobooks. Tomoney.










Self doubt Undervaluinghergifts Burnout Depression Stress Anxiety Overwhelm Timepressure Lackofpleasure Strivingbutneverarriving Neverenoughmoney Abuse
"The Soul does not find satisfaction in the comfort zone. Its quest for freedom is met on the edges of expansion."


Misogyny Discrimination Inequality Distortionoftruth Normalizationofbullying Violence Disregardfortheearth Greed Addiction Manipulation Secrecy

SeparationfromtheFeminineisdestructiveanderosive. Wecanseeitallaroundus.

Thesocial/politicalclimate,whileonsomelevela horrorshowthatyoujustcan'twaittoturnoff, isrevealingsystemsclearlynotsustainable.Theyarefallingapart.

Thedominationandpower overmodeldenieslife. Therefore,itmustbedismantled.

Thatisnotanactof‘gettingeven’. Itisanaturalprinciplethatwomenareremembering. Becausethetruthis=LIFEKNOWSHOWTOLIVE

Lifedoeswhatitneedstore establishbalanceand renewharmonywithitselfinordertoflourishandprosper

Itwon'talwaysbepretty. ButlifeWILLfollowitsimpulsetogrow

"There's no wealth without true self"

Toensurethesolutionsandfuturewearehere tocreate,theDivineFeminineisreturning

Sheiscallingyouinresponsetothe evolutionaryimpulse.

Herprinciplesofnurturing,love, understanding,compassion,insight,intuition, creativity,forgiveness,healing,pleasure,and beautyrequireyourattention.

Notonlyisit"right"tojointhequestofthe Femininetohelpusbuildanewparadigmof successthathonorslife itisimperative

Nolongercanweneglectandcutourselvesoff fromtheverySourcethatnourishesus

Weneedtorememberherways,soweexpand ourawarenessandfocusonthe transformationweareherefor personally andcollectively.

Weneedtheteachingandguidanceofthe Feminine,sowestopfightingforresources,for land,formoney,forpower.

Weneedhertowakeusuptothetruthof abundancesoweceasetheviolationand violenceperpetuatedinthenameoffearand lack Inthenameofrighteous andpervertedvalues

Weneedhertohelpusbuildbusinessmodelsthattrulyserveour well being.

ThelifeforceoftheFeminineisthemedicineandsparkignitinga deeperandlastingtransformation.


Onewherewealignonlytothatwhichislife givingandnourishing

Onewheretherealizationoffreedomandfulfilmentisnatural, inevitableandforthegoodofall.


I’mdelightedforyoutoreceiveandenjoytherichesyouwereborn for.Wildlysuccessfulonyourtermsandservingtruetoyourdesign,I seeyouandknowyouasthepowerfulcreatoryouare.

YourreconnectionwithandreturntoyourFeminineisawayof beingyouwillcometosavor

Rightdowntoyourcore Whenyouawakenthispower,youwill becomearadiantandunstoppableforce.Andthismakesallthe differenceinmanifestingadeliciouslifeandbusinessthatfreely expresseswhoyouarewhiletransformingpeople'slivesthrough yourpassionatepurpose.


Stoptoleratingandupholdboundariesthathonoryou Activelyhealtheseverancesinsacredspacesthat reveretheFeminine CreateaceremonytoreclaimyourFemininepower Dobreathworktounwindyournervoussystem Maintaindeeprelaxation Fillyourwelleveryday Playwithyourwildwoman

Theseprinciplesarenotjustideastodowhenyouhavetime. Theyarevitalritualstopermanentlyreclaimouralliancewithnature andourabundantbirthrights.

Usetheseprinciplestoreinstateotherlong-forgottendailyrituals whichwillactivatetheDivineFeminineinyou

Weneedhertohelppullthischaosaround WillyouheedthecallforthesakeofLIFEitself?

Kendra E Thornbury

Kendrahelpssoul centeredwomen&evolutionaryleaderscreatespiritualand financialfreedomsotheyhaveagreaterinfluence&makemoremoney allwhile beingtruetowhotheyare!Sheispassionateaboutmakingiteasyforthosecalled toservetheawakeningontheplanettoeffectivelyhelpmorepeople

DeeplydevotedtothereclamationoftheFeminineasanintegralforceofchange andevolution,herunconventionalbusinessandmoneyapproachesleadwomen tobuild6&7figurebusinessesgroundedinpurposefulcontributionandpersonal liberation.

KendraEThornbury,MA,isaninternationalhighlyacclaimedcoach,spiritualguide, speaker,facilitator,humanitarianandentrepreneur.She'sonthecuttingedgeof spiritualthoughtandconsciousness,blazinganewtrail&wealthrevolution.

Shehasledretreatsinandtraveledtosomeofthemostbeautifulandsacredplaces ontheplanet fromSedonatoKauaitoPerutoBali In2021,shewasinitiatedinto “TheRiver”,andco leadsleadingwomenonawildernessadventurefordeepnature medicineontheSalmonRiverinIdaho

Her"sweetspot"asaskilledfacilitatorleaveswomenravingabouttheimpactof asingleretreatontheirhealingandempowerment She'sbeencalledaspiritual growthballbuster,transformationalguideofepicproportionsandashamanic businesscoach

ShehasservedasaboardmemberfortheWomen'sBusinessExchange,Woman's WayRedLodgeandhasbeenPresidentfortheWashingtonChapterofthe InternationalCoachingFederation.

Apersonalgrowthjunkie,heradventuresinchallengingthestatusquoincluded packingherbelongingsinstorageandtravelingfor5+yrs.

Shehastradedhertravelinglaptoplifestyleforplantingrootsandishappily livinginthebeautifulhillsofIdaho

Labelsaside,sheconsidersherselfahumanbeingsimplydoingherbesttowalk apathofauthenticityandintegritywhilemakingamuch neededdifference

Enjoyhergift,"3KeysToMakingMoneyBeingYou" wwwkendrathornburycom

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"Endurance is not suffering, it's persistence and consistency in energetic balance".
Artwork by Kate Yurenda


Struggle, confusion, overwhelm and obstacles are exquisite opportunities to declare that we have turned away from our heart's desires

But they are also exquisite signposts inviting you to turn back. The journey of a thousand miles...begins, not just with the first step, but with putting the right shoes on.

Make them preeminently, resolutely gorgeous. And durable. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved by giving up. When the going gets tough, move on to the next Grace

Themostenergycomes frompeaceofmind, inspirationandself love. Somakesureyou prioritisethoseevery day!

Identifyoneareaofyour bodythatyouneglect systematicallyandmake acommitmenttogiveit someTLC!

Whodoyouneedto forgiveassoonas possiblesothatyoucan rise?


DEC 2022

Flow v Flowting


Hands up, are you working too hard? I bet I see a majority of hands here.

I don't know many people who say they want to achieve big visions, NOT work hard But in the land of over the woobow, abundance will come to me, highly spiritual communities, hard work is a shameful thing There is a bit of a war going on, actually, between the spiritual approach to dream fulfilment and the traditional hard work ethic way.

Many top transformation teachers who've mastered manifestation to the tune of lots of $ and £ claim that hard work is unnecessary if we ' re 'aligned with the universe' or in flow. Then, some haven't mastered the basic manifestation skills (or marketing!), are still hustling to find that elusive key, and are still working hard! Women tend to be hopping around in this situation and more than men.

Now, in the other corner, there are the hard core high performance or personal mastery titans (mostly guys as it happens!) These types maintain that you can't achieve anything of value without really gruelling endurance and relentless persistence This yang approach usually involves getting up at unearthly hours, taking daily cold showers, resistance training, mental toughness, and many just get it done, productivity protocols i e , lots of hustle and grinding!

Both these approaches are flying around lauded as being the only way to greatness and wealth. For 5 years, helping coaches and consultants, I've observed how this latter way confuses my sparky, sister souls. They are clearly here to do something immense in the world and know greatness.

Still, they tend to ping pong between yang, alpha driven 'doing' work to excess, whilst adhering to the idea that ' grace ' means not doing much. These types love lotus position abundance mudras and trust that the universe knows where to send all good stuff while they're napping.

But these types also tend to over procrastination and emotional meltdowns to ever transcend their own status quo and create something that makes the world gasp in wonder!

The converse is true too. Those women who've learned through conditioning and society that working hard is the only way to make it usually end up abusing their bodies and knowing the catastrophe of burnout. There are many, many examples of manically driven women who drive themselves to ill health.

You see, what we ' re talking about here are two polarised approaches to achievement that both leverage the energy we expend in building our empires in very different ways. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with either of them

But times have changed; the world is different from when all the human potential ideas were founded fifty years ago. Science has embraced spirituality and vice versa

The result is a much better understanding of how to optimise our energy and daily functioning to see our dreams and genius creations through to completion And it turns out this isn't a debate we should be having It's not one versus the other; it's one WITH the other.

But times have changed; the world is different from when all the human potential ideas were founded fifty years ago Science has embraced spirituality and vice versa

The result is a much better understanding of how to optimise our energy and daily functioning to see our dreams and genius creations through to completion. And it turns out this isn't a debate we should be having. It's not one versus the other; it's one WITH the other.

The whole Hustle V Flow dichotomy is something I've been experimenting with for a very long time, long before I even knew of that terminology.

Because, as a dream and mission motivated entrepreneur with a feisty personality and an ADD tendency, sitting still and connecting with the divine doesn't come easily to me. Moving my butt and connecting with the universe through radical action is my thing!

It is tough for me to take days off, retreat, or even pray for guidance. I do have a marvellous relationship with the divine I trust my intuition, instincts, and inner knowing, and I move into high gear

The universe will always tell me if I'm on track or not because good stuff happens or not!

And when I'm powering silently in solitude, I AM praying When I run through the forest at dawn in all weather, I get the most incredible downloads from the divine creator When I'm weary with deadlines and late nights, I know that on the other side of pushing through is majesty. Hard work happens to be my kind of flow! But I access flow easily because my hard work is aligned with my soul. That's the key.

You see, flow is a valuable tool for any personality type, and it is undergoing a revolution. Flow is the new gold. From every corner of personal transformation and business, like the holy grail, everyone is after it It is elusive and precious

Flow is recognised by extreme athletes and ultra performers as THE state they aspire to, to perform at world class

Leviathon Silicon Valley companies give their employees the conditions to experience flow since there are so many studies to prove that productivity becomes exponential when taking action under flow states.

With scientific studies to back up the actual physiological conditions in the body in a state known as flow, it is recognised as being the key to optimum performance and exponential success

World acclaimed, bio hacking authors and thought leaders such as Tim Ferriss, Steven Kottler and Jamie Wheal have claimed this state to be akin to being enlightened. That was previously only something you could get to by lots of meditating!

So, is there any difference between the feminine flow of practised meditative alignment and intuition, trust and inspired action, and this kind of deliberately triggered state of flow?

Well, if you read the findings of thought leader and pioneer Dr Jo Dispenza in his myriad of excellent books or by watching his live classes no, thereisn't anydifferenceinbrainwaves and neuroconditions of subjects sat quietly in profound contemplation of their inner universe Theauthorsmentionedaboveaffirmthisintheir latestbooks(seebelowforrecommendedreading). Flow is not hard work, but it takes great mindfulnesstocultivateitdeliberatelyinserviceto yourmagnumopus.

Sowhat'sthebestapproachforyoutoaccessthis kindofsuperstate?

Through highly driven, goaloriented, laser focused and uber disciplined linear work in action?

Or through a softer, flexible, detached, rounder andmoreholisticway?

Isn'tthelastonebetterthanhardwork? Well,Isayno.

Because the words' hard work' are a matter of perspective.Uniquetoeachone.

Whatisapowering,structured,actionpackedday tooneisanightmaretoanother.

What feels like an ambitious, scary big, bold dream to one person feels like a fantasy to another.

Whatfeelslikeoperatingingentleeasetoonefeels likelazinesstoanother.

Whatlookslikealignmenttoonedoesnotfeellike alignmenttoanother.

What looks like sloth to one may seem like a dancetoanother

We are all so different in our personalities, temperamentsandenergy


Without devotion, dedication, endurance and persistence nothing of any grand import ever sees the light of day. Nothing momentous, genius, inspiring, impactful, exponential and paradigmchangingwillcomeofmediocrityand apathy

Magnum Opus’s demand uncommon commitment.Isthathardwork?Itshouldn'tbe if the project you are focused on is soul generated For when you are working in alignment with your purpose and soul, it never feels like hard work! It feels right! It feels like flow!

Athletesdon'tgettoworldclassbypreferringto meditateratherthanrun15km.Theysweat.

Authorsdon'tcompletegreatworksbysleeping in late or allowing distraction. They write until theirarmsandheadsache.

Musiciansandsingersdon’tproducealbumsby bingingonfilms Theykeeppractising

Innovatorsandcreativesdon’tpresenttheworld with something it’s never seen before by watching the news. They explore the realms of thecompleteunknown,overandoveragain.

Lookatnature Tinybirdsflyridiculouslylong distances in all conditions to achieve their destiny.SodoSockEyeSalmon,swimmingand leapinginthemostimpossiblyuphillrivers.

So do plants and insects in places devasted by fireThey do extraordinary things And so must we to set the world alight with our own brilliance.

Youloveaholisticlifestyle.Youhavebigdreams, and your heart beats passionately with a desire togrow,thriveandmakeadifference Butyou knowit'svitalforyoutohonouryourfeminine naturetoo.


The9Gracesformacycle(womenmoveandfunctionbestincycles) Thiscycleencapturesallthat motivatesyoutoaimhighandaspiretoyourowngreatness

Butitallowsyoutoflowthroughthedifferentstagesofyourvision,respectingeverypartofthe journey.Iteveninvitesyoutouseitdailytocraftanideadaythatembracesyourwholisticnature, withboththeyinandyangsidesinbalanceandharmony.

It allows you to experience clarity, balance and focus on the way to accomplishment while you graduallyandgracefullycreateyourhighestlife. Somedayswehavetohustle.Butthat'snotourdefaultnature.Somedayswewanttocurlupina ball,weepandaskforahug.Butthatdoesn'tgetthetodolistdone. Soweneedtomasterthewondersoftheflowstateinfullmindfulnessofitsmanyparadoxes.Infact, ithasbeenproven thatchasingflowcanresultiniteludingus! JustpickaGracefromthe9andstartthere...itwilltakeyounaturallywhereyouwanttogo,easily andflowily.

Artwork by Kate Yurenda


Rest, recuperation and releasing are crucial to keeping our holy preeminence grails at least half full to overflowing with vitality and abundance.

It is ok to not be ok, but it is even better to let balance, detachment, neutrality and silence, be the ingredients for the balm of our questing soul. To be applied daily and as often as needed to feel the stir of excellence rise again

Naturetimeisasvitalas breathing Howmany wayscanyouspend moretimeconnectedto theearth,cyclesand naturethisyear?Itcould belearningaboutplant medicine,orsimply taking5minutesevery hourtogooutsideand hangoutwiththesky Getreconnectedwith ourbiggestsourceof renewal.

Wheninsupermarketsor otherlow frequency environments,keepyour headphonesonwith meditationalnature soundssuchaswaves ontheshoreorbirdsong.

Maketheinsideofyour carfeellikeaspa avoid chemicals.Putcotton padssprinkledwith essentialoilsinthefront ofyourventilators.Buya backsupportand/or beadedseatpadto stimulatecirculation Keepanobjectof protectioninthere a crystalorotherobjectof meaning.Onevery journey,visualisea bubbleoflightaround thecarandblessitto getyoubacksafely


DEC 2022

Gina Lazenby


Healthy Holistic Homesteading for The Visionary Woman

Does the word selfish come to mind and if so, is that bad? Making yourself a priority can often be a difficult thing for women to do, especially mothers, but sometimes you just have to do that. It doesn’t mean that you no longer care for others .. it simply means that you care for yourself.

I’ve had a bout of self care recently. It seemed like the year still had a couple of months left to run but my own batteries were telling me that they were empty and unable to get me through those last few weeks So what to do? Well, rest is the obvious step and I did just that, not only resting my body with a series of duvet days lying down, but also my mind In fact, it was my mind that was more tired than my body! So no lying in bed watching movies and catching up on a list of To Dos for me I savoured the silence and did my best to let my mind go blank giving myself space. Silence and stillness are so so nurturing.

I was truly feeling out of flow. I have been caring for two other households, in addition to my own, and I could feel my brain short circuiting on the myriad details of daily care responsibilities

Taking a step back was helpful and giving myself a longer view of my whole schedule allowed me to decide what I would and would not continue doing in the future. I took an honest review of what had taken me out of flow.

As soon as I got a little bit of energy back I examined my home Remember you are always in partnership with your home and if you are feeling a bit out of whack, it stands to reason that there is something in your environment that needs attending to

As I took time out from my normal busy, nay shall we say hectic, routine, and lay in the quiet reflecting on life, I could feel the overwhelm .… the too muchness that has become my normality. Enough is enough I said to myself. So, before pulling out my diary and working out what I could cancel or remove, I set about my home with a refreshed and discerning eye

Quite simply I have too many things I almost feel like an alcoholic admitting that they drink too much alcohol! I reflected on moving into this house six years ago with far fewer things and wondered how I had attracted so much clutter But so much of it is not clutter (to me), it simply reflects my love of beautiful things, my interest in a wide range of issues hence so many books, magazines and press cuttings, and my love of plants which keep on growing larger and producing other plants.

Haveyoumasteredthe artofputtingyourself first?

Sickness or bouts of low energy always signal that change is needed so I set about ruthlessly gearing up to let go The more you remove from your home and other spaces that you control, the more space you create for yourself in your life and business

And when you do that you have flow again There has to be some emptiness to allow circulation and if you feel full, it is virtually impossible to attract the new opportunities that you seek I can recall an incident in my office many years ago when I had never heard of Feng Shui

My consultancy firm needed new clients, at least I could see on the horizon that the flow of new clients was slowing down.

It was at that moment that I opened a filing cabinet and tried to add some paperwork only it was so full, I could barely get my hand in I had a sudden realisation that if there was no space to create new files for new clients then it was not likely that we would get the new business we needed

So, intuitively, as I am sure you have felt moved to do so, I cleared out the excess to make space for the new and in they came new clients with their revenue and their files that sat easily in the newly vacated filing cabinet drawers

Photo Credit Henry Archer

My advice for you that works for me is to start small, one pile or one drawer at a time On the basis that our lives are fractal, like our homes, which means that everything, however small is reflective of the whole, it does not matter where you start just begin the process and the effects will ripple out For me, that was my deep freeze

It was so full it could not take another morsel of food I make loads of soups and bone broths for the folks that I provide for and as we have just passed through apple season the freezer drawers are rather overwhelmed with cooked apple and other summer fruits squirrelled away for the winter. A second freezer is the solution for me.

And within days of me making that clear decision, someone local was getting rid of theirs and delivered it to my door. Just the act of relieving the excess and pressure from one freezer and spaciously storing all my nourishing food gave me a sense of relief and inner spaciousness

Have you ever recognised this? The inner calm that can come over you when you rearrange your outer environment in a pleasing way We are so connected to our space that no matter how tricky the difficulty or challenge you have to resolve, if you work on your external space, you can always come up with a resolution with the resulting clarity or receive unexpected outside help that steps into the space you have cleared

deep inside me that does not like waste to throw away perfectly good glossy f which I did not even have time to read livered by subscription through my letter o go

self of the space that my life needs right pile can make a difference to my own ty to attract what I need Thankfully the was happy to take my excess reading waiting rooms so that felt good

So here I am again, sitting with the excess in my life and wondering where to start.

I got my handyman to help me create shelves in corners and make better use of the storage space I do have As each day went by my creative brain kicked in and I came up with some innovative solutions for better storage in my loft room

I aim to take a bag of something to a charity shop every time I leave the house I am keeping the letting go momentum going and I can feel its healing effect on me

Of course, I have been taking care of my physical well being with extra supplements, nourishing foods, a session with a healer, and more rest but hand in hand with all of that, I have looked at every corner of my home and made an assessment of what could be better, and what could be reduced I have had my house spring cleaned (why wait until spring if I need an energy boost now in the depth of winter?) and every corner has been poked at and wiped It is truly amazing how deeply connected we are with our home and office environments.

It is virtually impossible to rise above mess and disorder and feel clear headed and optimistic. So if you feel in need of refining the flow in your life and business, then pay attention to everything around you. Do an audit of your space. Does it all work for you? Do you really need everything? Can you move about the space easily or are things getting in the way and impeding you? Are there artworks, plants or ornaments that you have tired of? You want to feel inspired when you look around, not just at the view outside but at the layout of your space and its contents If you want a sign of how things are going for you, some feedback on life, just examine what you have gathered into your life If you love it, and find it pleasing and workable then that is likely how life will be for you Remember the old saying as without so within

Look after yourself and your home and it will look after you Get the flow going again in your home and you will start to experience that flow moving you forward in life in magical ways

Photo Credit Henry Archer

Work with Gina

Healthy Home: Creating The dation For Your Abundance

or the Book CLICK HERE

t the Real Healthy Home: tch the beautiful video! Click here:

Gina Lazenby

Gina’s beautiful hilltop home in the Yorkshire Dales, featured on many TV programmes and the inspiration for her Healthy Home book, is now let as a retreat house to facilitators of yoga, transformation work and wellness It’s also a special place to hire for family gatherings and celebrations

She has always understood the management and care of a home as a highly feminine skill set Her work in the last twenty years has been in the exploration of the changing nature of gender roles and thevalueofhome makinginourlives Herfengshuiskillsetenabledhertoteachhundredsofstudents the value of aligning your home for success and wellness She has also produced and presented a radio series called ‘The Rise of the Feminine’ exploring the shift in values in the world and the unique contributionofwomen

Gina is a veteran conference speaker and has led gatherings for women entrepreneurs all over the globe Most recently, she has taken on the role of global host for Conscious Café, a consciousness raising initiative, and hosts the northern community group based in Skipton Gina is a born organiser and has created thousands of events since she was a small child and led birthday parties for her reluctant toddler brother You can join her online or in person at one of the many gatherings she creates around her passions of conscious conversation, feminine leadership, wholefood cooking, Feng Shui, living well and wisdom Her Healthy Home podcast is about to be launched from the Retreat Housewithtipsformakingyourhomethefoundationofyourabundanceandhealth

Gina has spent most of her life at the leading edge of new ideas. She started out in the world of hospitality and her groundbreaking work in tourism marketing was recognised with a number of industry awards. Responding to her own life crisis took Gina into the emerging human potential movementandintheearly1990s,sheagainbrokenewgroundbylaunchingLondon’sfirstcentrefor personaltransformation.

Her passion for self care and living well at home became the seed for her interest in feng shui and she was instrumental in creating the popularity of this eastern philosophy in the west. In 1995 she createdtheworld’sfirstprofessionaltrainingprograminfengshuigoingontowritethreebestselling books.

Ginahascircledbacktoherhospitalityrootsandnowoffersherhomethatinspiredherbooksasthe HealthyHomeRetreat.The750 year oldoriginalpropertynearSkiptonintheYorkshireDaleshasbeen restored and extended according to the principles she expounds. She often leads programs there herselfforwomenaroundthethemesofwellness(personalnourishment)andwisdom(handlinglife transition). Watch the video and see how beautiful this venue could be for your own gathering or retreatinnature.


A Call To Feminine Re-Wilding And Homesteading For The Sake Of Life Itself

One of the biggest blessings that came out of the Covid Pandemic is that it forced us to look at the quality of our home lives and personal values

With our immune systems and well being top of mind, millions have been called to consider the importance of rebuilding our daily existence as self sufficiently as possible Weve been reminded that our survival of ourselves, that which we hold dear our community country and planet relies on returning to a simpler wilder life (in the sense of being more in tune with nature) To swap the madness of over consumerism and technological coma for an embracing of all that our hearts have been longing for, for decades and centuries This lifestyleisnolongerdeemedas''alternative' but vitalifwearetosurviveasarace

Simple survival requires us to be in possession of many skills The pursuit of dreams requires many more We embody many roles throughout our lifetimes, all of which are representative of our capacity for self sufficiency and self determination We are our own counsellor janitor caregiver cook healer teacher, and student in different phases of our lives Our willingness to joyfully take on these roles grants us the power to maintain control overthedirectionourlifesjourneytakes

In times past, human beings learned all of the skills needed for survival Today, the majority of people specialise in a single skill, which they hone throughout their lives Thus, many of us feel uncomfortable standing at the helm of our own existence and realising just how responsibleweneedtobe

We are emerging from an era when we didnt question our ability to make decisions concerning our own health happiness and welfare But it's also left us feeling dependent andpowerless

But the authority to take ultimate responsibility for ourlivesissimplyamatterofbelievingthatwehave the necessary resources and intelligence to cope with any circumstance the universe chooses to placeinourpath Icallitbeinga'surthriver'

Through taking action which enables us to accept thatwearestrongenoughtoexistautonomously,we will always be surthrivers It allows us to overcome challenges embrace isolation of any kind, celebrate our wondrous inner strength and resourcefulness, as well as acknowledge our innate abilitytocapablysteerthecourseofourlife

When I divorced my husband, I asked him to show me how to change a tyre I knew how to decorate, chop wood, make concrete and look after fencing andpasture,butthethoughtofchangingatyrewas daunting Actually, I have never had to try it out of the rare occasions I have had a flat tyre, I've always beenrescued!

Butbeingpracticallymindedallowsmetoknowthat, when it comes to simple homesteading, I can take care of myself I wouldn't like to try it out in the wilds, but nevertheless gathering a harvest of natural bounty and preserving seasonal food keeps me closetothesamereassurance

My year revolves around maintaining 'homesteading' at the highest level Surthrival doesn't mean you go without or suffer from an absence of comfort and bounty Instead, it encourages you to rejoice in the abundance that is availabletousall

Lets take a look at how easy it is to return to a homesteadinglifestyle

Home cooking rather than depending on industrial foodtitans,cultivatingatinyorlargegardenoffruits and vegetables doing our own minor home repairs or adopting a healthier lifestyle will help build your tenacity to thrive AND achieve your life magnum opusorpurpose

In fact, this lifestyle will contribute to it happening faster! Surthrival skills develop our confidence, energy,personalpowerandabilitytomanifest!

Food is medicine It is the foundation of survival Do not underestimate the power of making simple changes to your diet in favour of slower, more natural, healthier foods as a way of keeping you alive! For me, it's a lifelong passion food is the sacred offering to the temple of my body I pray every day through theartofhigh vibenourishment

Even if you don't have a garden, you can incorporate this level of self care by buying organic from farmers markets and sprouting seeds A window sill can behometoadozenlife enhancingherbs

Nature abounds with plant medicine, and the internet is a fab resource to get holdofitifyoudontlivenearnature It'sadecisiontochooseawayoflifethat isinharmonywithGaiaandyourLifeForce

In terms of resourcefulness, preserving has also become a passion of mine In addition to never eating industrial food, I've always made bread and yoghurt, but now I have added sauerkraut, fresh cheese, kombucha, kimchi, chutney, jam and condiments like seaweed tartare and even umami to my repertoire Curing fish is easy, salting a fine piece of wild trout, sousing herrings even smokingonabarbecue Fermenting,preservingandsaltingaresimpleskillsbut theyarelife preservingtoo!

“The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul place.”
Clarissa Pinkola

Even if you can’t grow veg, a small air dryer is inexpensivetopreservefruitandothersurplusvegwhen the season is at its most abundant With the power of a motor research click, you can find any of these tools processes online, and I have to tell you it's easy peasy! The hardest part is prioritising your time to give yourself this high vibe gift Simple as that a decision Most peoplewon'tdoit,whichiswhytheworldisinthestateit is Pleasemakethatdecision!

Essentially, I make anything and everything for my kitchenandhome,dependingontheseason It's hard to describe the vitality and benefits of this level of self care, but Im convinced it is the reason I have rarely been ill in my life And I know I can always turn to theearthifIneedto

Curing illness with plants and natural remedies is as old as time Swapping drugs for nature’s medicine is an act of love for you and the planet Between certified experts and your own research, you can find the answers to every physical or emotional challenge in one click and theblinkofaneye

“ B o n e b y b o n e , h a i r b y h a i r , W i l d W o m a n c o m e s b a c k T h r o u g h n i g h t d r e a m s , t h r o u g h e v e n t s , h a l f u n d e r s t o o d a n d h a l f r e m e m b e r e d … ” . C l a r i s s a P i n k o l a E s t e s

Homemade household cleaners don't even get me started on this! So few ingredients are required, such as bicarbonate of soda, citric acid white vinegar Marseille soap and essential oils to keep a very healthy, high vibe home! Refuse plastic and buy rechargers or take the leap and replace all terrible industrial cleaners Your home, body andplanetwillthankyou!

Whentimeallows,Idomyownbodycareproducts,too oftenbuying organic shower wash and shampoo, plus clothes washing liquid in recycled containers and personalising them with my favourite essential oils Massage oils, mouthwashes, even skin toners can be madewithafewsimpleingredients!

Seasons thisissuchanessentialpartofpersonalre wilding Incities it's not as easy to tune into the passing of seasons Still it is an essential one for our balance and serenity We are interconnected to the moon, tides, stars, and to all living things Spending time remembering this way is life giving Our sleep rhythms, appetites, and emotional and hormonal depend on it Our energy is woven into the coloursofthespectrum,sunlight,sound,andtheelements

Life outside of that awareness is an empty life and a vulnerable one too Thereareinnumerableandprovenbenefitstobeingclosetotrees, the sea or clean rivers And you can always bring nature indoors with plants,fountainsandflowers

We are in an osmotic partnership with mother Gaia at all times! She has ourbestinterestsatheartifwerespecthersandourownwildnature!

Now, I may be teaching you to 'suck eggs '' if all of this is already your lifestyle However there is always another skill to discover and hone in a holisticapproachtoafulfilledandthrivinglife Ineverstoplearning!

This may sound like a very gentle form of wildness Its not exactly ‘Women Who Run With Wolves, but it is a supplication to give yourself the most precious gift of life, that you can give The point is to take the first steps towards harmonising our modern techie world and the unfathomable, unknowable immensity of our true, wild earth It is not for taming, and neither are we We must live with a foot in both worlds, but an unwavering reverenceforthegiftoflifethattheplanetoffersusuntilwereturntoit So rememberhowvitalitistokeepknowingthatyoursurvival yoursurthrival ‘isnotbetweenyou,rules,governments,bigpharma,institutionsandworld crises it’sbetweenyou theplanetandyou

As we age, being able to fend for ourselves is a vital skill! We will lose family We will be alone at some point Taking responsibility for our wellness and learning simple homesteading practices really are a matter of the quality ofourlifeanddeath

The crushing might of technological ‘ progress and the ugly over consumerismoftheworldwearebeholding,havecut us all off from our wild nature Over the last few decades, our sense of connection and responsibility to the planet haswitheredtosomethingwehavetoremindourselvesof Asarace,weareindeedfightingforsurvival,alongwiththe natural world we have destroyed The insanity is that the world’s resources can support the population if we work in

Our willingness to joyfully take on these roles grants us the power to maintain control over the direction our life s journey takes.

The BeTheChange philosophyapplies critically here; only by taking individual responsibility for our survival and the planet’ssurvivalcanwecollectivelyre adjustthebalance

And yet, it is so easy to ‘homestead’ with a few simple principles even if you live in a city far from nature You are never far from nature Just go outsideandlookatthesky,breathethe air remember you are in an intimate relationshipwitheverythingaroundyou andthatwhichyoucan’tseeaswell

You were born wild and have a choice todiewildortamed

Tamed by society’s programming and the illusory control matrix we ’ ve been forced to accept as reality Or as wild asyourfemininespirit theessenceof all that is creative, nurturing and beautiful

Aswildandpowerfulasthewind Itsyourchoice



Go out in the woods, go out If you don t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin

"All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come "

Victor Hugo

Mediocrity doesn’t mix with Preeminence Women have taken the whole of history to acknowledge and fight for their role in the balance of human progress.

And in the current entrepreneurial landscape, we are confronted with a harsh ‘Go Big or Go Home’ultimatum. Every day so very many women hide in the safe ‘home’ of looking, doing and speaking just like everyone else And they wonder why the years roll by with despairing similarity and paltry results to show for their efforts.

Statistics show that the majority of women in a western business environment, live under a very low revenue threshold and many don't pay themselves

Yet, we yearn for more, for the moreness of our higher self and recognition for our stories and gifts We sit behind our screens and wish the world could just see how brilliant we are, wasting time on outdated tactics and spray and pray strategies Few will get off their sweet goddessy butts and engage as a militant self authorised champion of dream life kickassery.

Never in a million years will these women reach their own Preeminence Tragic but toughly true

The Guild of Preeminence is an incubator for feminine leadership and exponential growth We are proud to present their first works published in the magazine

HowtoGetOurVoices OutintotheWorld Kip Clarke

Never before have there been more opportunities for conscious women leaders and impact makers to step into their innate beauty and power in order to help create a world of transformation and abundance. In fact, over the past few years, it’s felt as though the floodgates have been thrown wide open for soul led women entrepreneurs who have a vision and a desire to makeadifference.That’s trulywonderful!

It’s also a situation that presents its own challenges. How do we not get overwhelmedorsweptawaybythesheervolumeofcontentthat’salready out there? How do we remain true to our own vision? And how can we createourownstage,sothatourbig,bold,beautifulvisiontohavethekind ofimpactwewanttohavewillreachthelargest,mostaligned,mosthigh vibe audiences possible? (Yes, I know that’s a lot of superlatives, but that’s howitiswithusUprisers wethink,dreamandbreathesuperlatives!)

What’sneededrightnoware women impact makers and leaders who are aligned with their values in everythingtheydo,whohaveaclear vision of how they want to transform the world, and who feel empowered to get their message out to the right clientsattherighttime.WhatIseeall too often, though, are women who once had a dream, but it’s been derailed by circumstances, or by self doubt,orbyotherswhotellthem they don’t have what it takes. What I also see are women with an enormous amount of talent, wisdom, generosity, love, and compassion who don’t have a stage from which to share what they know or to serve thoseinneedoftheirgifts.So,howdo wecutthroughthenoiseandfindour way back to clarity and confidence, where we can once again thrive as the brightly shining Change-Makers in the world as we know we were meanttobe?

Where to Start ? Begin with Values

Thefirsttaskforany seasoned or aspiring femme preneur is to get really, really clear on one’s values. This is the most straight forward and impactful path to alignment, and it’s this alignment that forms the foundation for all the work we do. It’s an alchemizing process that transforms uncertainty into clarity, overwhelmintoconfidence, and constraint into empowerment.

Get clear on your values and infuse everything you do with their golden alchemizingpower.

Sometimes this process of alignment can be onerous,especiallywhen we’ve been living for a long while through upsets, overwhelm, trauma, or self doubt. The important work of healing must take the timeitneeds.

It simply cannot be rushed or fast-tracked.

And it arises not from a feelingthatweareforever broken, but from recognizing that all these experiences we’ve lived through have been gifts for us – even the most painful or traumatic ones because they offer an opportunity for healing at adeep,soulfullevel.

The Transformative

Power of Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a gorgeous, soul expanding principle I use with clientsthatallowsthehealingofwoundsthroughadeliberate process of accepting and even embracing them. The word kintsugi comes from the Japanese terms kin (meaning “golden”) and tsugi (meaning “repair” or “joinery”). The ancient method of kintsugi is one in which a broken vessel is restoredwithalacquerformedfromthesapoftheurushitree. The lacquer is then dusted or mixed with gold, silver, or platinum, thus highlighting the repair and rendering the restored vessel even more beautiful and valuable than the original.

Likewise, when we experience our own brokenness, we have the soul expanding opportunity to bring back together the shattered parts of our selves with the gold of our inner wisdom, so that the repair not only mends the broken pieces, butactuallyhighlightstheironce-fragmentedstateinwhatis now a wholeness that is stronger, more resilient, and more beautiful than its pre fragmented version. Our painful experiences are not meant to be hidden away or disguised, fortheyarewhathavehelpedformwhowearenow,andwho weareisunique,beautiful,andimmeasurablyprecious.


kin - "golden" & tsugi - "repair"

Outofourimperfectionsarisessomethingnew,andweare restored to a new identity that is expanded, empowered, elevated We are now ready to carve out our own unique, gorgeous, and immeasurably precious method of supportingandservingourownclients.Andoneofthemost important and impactful channels for doing that, and for getting your beautiful message out into the world, is to createyourownmessage-to-manyevents.

Creating Our Own Stage

hat does it take to be truly heard and to serve at our highest levels? How can we establish meaningful connections and draw to us the kinds of ideal soul clients we desire? And how can we establish our own preeminence aspeerlessleadersinourniche, monetizing our message with confidence and claiming our place on the world stage as abundantimpact makers?

Creatingourownstageinvolves alchemizing our stories, brilliance, purpose, and creativity into the gold of an impact infused, message to many event that can be accessed from just about anywhere in the world. It’s a fabulous way to provide high level value to participants and potential clients, to collaborate with other change makers and leaders, and to earn revenue while having fun and changing lives.

These online events (masterclasses, summits, forums,workshops,chalktalks…) can be a gorgeous way of building a stage for ourselves, but they can also be memorable for the wrong reasons if they’re not done well. Too often I’ve seen message to manyeventsthatsufferfrom anyoralloftheseissues:


Unrelatablecontent(it’snot justaboutgrowingalist!) Unskilled,impersonal interviewing Unprofessionallookandfeel oftheonlineenvironment Overwhelmingcontent volume Difficultyinparticipants’ accessingcontent

Creatingourownstage involvesalchemizing ourstories,brilliance, purpose,andcreativity

Theseandotherissuescanderailour best intentions and leave our audienceswishingtheyhadspenttheir time elsewhere. The good news is that itdoesn’thavetobethisway!

Inordertomakethekindofimpactwe dreamof,wemustdeveloptheskillsto manage the technical, strategic, and interpersonal aspects of our online ecosystem.Thisisthenumberoneway to position ourselves as experts, and to leverage potentially huge numbers of idealprospects.

Studies of women entrepreneurs have shown that two of the top issues they face are attracting new clients and expanding their distribution networks. Hosting message to many events helpssolveboththesekeychallenges.

Tools and Skills Required for Gorgeous Online Events

At the very least you need a channel for distribution this can be Zoom, YouTube, Teams,orothervideoconferencingplatforms.

Automating as much of the process as possible will free up time in the long run and help you analyze the event’s metrics (who is attending?; how engaged are they with the content?; what are the click through rates on links provided?). Again, there are numerous auto responder and funnel software platforms that simplify these processes.

And if the very thought of digging into the technology leaves you in a cold sweat, consider hiring a VA – websites such as Upwork, Indeed, and Fiverr are a fabulous resourceforfindinghighly talentedexpertsatawiderangeofpricepoints

Locating guest speakers can also be daunting, but there are ways to streamline the search and find perfect, high-vibe experts who are aligned with your vision and providerealvaluetoyourparticipants.

And finally, it is essential that you pay attention to the overall look and feel of your events.Thisincludes(butisnotlimitedto)craftingquestionsthataremeaningfuland coherewithyouroverallmessage,payingattentiontothebackdropofyourandyour speakers’ online spaces, learning to listen deeply to your guest experts so that they feelseenandheard,andpreppingyourspeakersaheadoftime–theseallgoalong waytocreatingahigh impact,high valueeventforeveryone

Let's Connect !

Ifyou’reconsideringhostingyourownmessage to manyonlineeventandaren’tsurewhereto start,let’shaveaconversation.

MyFeminineImpactAlchemy™Masterclass Modelhaseverythingyouneedtoexpandyour networkreach,findyoursoul basedidealclients, andcreateastageforyourownbeautifulvoice tobeheard.

wwwkipclarkeco m kip@kipclarkeco m

Coach Educator Athlete Founder of Feminine Impact Alchemy


Hi. I'm Kip.

helpMission Inspiredwomenalchemizetheirstory,purpose, brilliance,andcreativityintothegoldofanImpact infused message-to-manyeventthatpositionsthem asleadersintheirniche,monetizingtheirmessage withconfidence,andfinallyclaimingtheir placeontheglobalstageas AbundantChange-Makers.



Without the Fear of Judgement, Need to Fit In or Feeling of Overwhelm

When I applied to join the Guild of Preeminence at the end of 2021, Jenni asked me to write my Preeminence Manifesto using the 9 Graces that I’ve since come to know and love.

The first Grace is Excellence, which brought up a lot of things for me from my childhood and younger years. As the eldest of three children, and the only girl, there were times when I found myself sitting on the outside, not feeling part of the family.

My brothers had come to call me the golden girl, in reference to my academic achievements and my personality which was to please others, never rock the boat and strive to do my best.

This last part appeared in my Manifesto

“ I commit to showing up every day as my best self and to working on anything that comes up and that may prevent me from showing up like this. ”

As a sensitive, empathetic business owner, there are many things that prevented me from showing up as my best self, including: The fear of being judged, The need to fit in, Feeling overwhelmed by other people’s energy and emotions.

These are very common to all sensitive empaths, whether or not they are in business

And I’d like to offer you some of my wisdom on how to overcome these three things

1. The Fear of Being Judged

Part of this fear can come from old conditioning that made us feel like we needed to be different, in order to be accepted and loved.

This could be fears and doubts that no one will love us as we are, for example, because we were once told this by someone who held authority over us (like a parent, close friend or teacher), and took their words to be the Truth.

A good place to start is to note down all the times when you were made to feel unlovable for just being who you are

With this awareness, you can then begin to question the truth behind it:

a) Who made you feel like this?

b) How important is that person in your life?

c) Is that person normally kind, loving and supportive? If so, what could have made them act like this? If not, why are you still holding onto this?

I realize that there may be many more layers to your story, yet I know that these questions are a great place to start unpacking the fear of being judged. They can help us see that one person ’ s opinion doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same.

We can also be afraid of other people’s judgements if we tend to people please, because there’s the need to get everything right, to be perfect in their eyes

One way to overcome this is to allow yourself to do something “ wrong ” every day. This will help take the pressure off you, and to show you that it’s OK to just be your human self.

An easy way to try this out is to start a new hobby such as painting, pottery or another creative art It’s fun, and who knows? You may well discover a hidden talent!

2. The Need to Fit In

The old paradigm is crumbling and while we ’ re in the middle of birthing a new one, the need for us to fit in can still show up.

After all, we all crave a sense of belonging, and this is difficult to find if we ’ re alone.

The one thing that helped me move past this was learning to love myself as I am.

In the words of the late Eileen Caddy, founder of Findhorn, an education charity offering workshops, courses and retreats in Scotland:

“When you love the self, you ’ re in a state of total acceptance

As you accept, you cease resisting the world and everything in it. As you give up resistance, you allow everything to be as it is.

As you allow everything to be as it is, you are at one with the source of all life ”

When you reach the stage where you can be at one with the source of all life, the Universe, God or however you like to call it, then the need to fit in disappears.

3. Feeling Overwhelmed by Other People’s Energy and Emotions

This is often one of the greatest hurdles that people like myself are faced with, especially when we ’ re in a coaching/therapy/healing context. Before meeting with other people, you can place yourself in a protective bubble of white and/or violet light. Nobody will know it’s there but you! This bubble will deflect any energy and emotions that you don’t want to absorb, and help you maintain your own energy levels which is essential for sensitive empaths!

I love helping people anticipate possible overwhelming situations and (re)discover their real essence; this is no different.

If you ’ re feeling overwhelmed, then here are my go tos to release other people’s energy and emotions:

* Take a saltwater bath

* Burn some white sage in your space and move the stick all around your body

* Go outside and ground yourself in Nature, preferably barefoot.

My last advice for you as a sensitive empath is this:

* Respect your intuition

* Respect your values

* Respect your energy levels

And remember that you ’ re constantly evolving, some days will be easier than others!

With Love and Gratitude, Sarah

Grounding & Alignment Meditation

O n e o f t h e t h i n g s t h a t s e n s i t i v e , e m p a t h e t i c b u s i n e s s w o m e n f i n d c h a l l e n g i n g i s b e i n g i n a l i g n m e n t w i t h t h e i r s o u l a n d l i f e p u r p o s e .

M y g u i d e d m e d i t a t i o n w i l l h e l p y o u :

* i n c r e a s e y o u r a w a r e n e s s o f y o u r b o d y * g e t o u t o f y o u r h e a d a n d g r o u n d y o u r s e l f * f e e l a l i g n e d a n d f u l l y p r e s e n t

S a y g o o d b y e t o e v e r y t h i n g t h a t ' s w e i g h i n g y o u d o w n , a n d e m b r a c e t h e p e a c e t h a t c o m e s f r o m b e i n g f u l l y a w a r e o f t h e u n i q u e , l o v a b l e a n d l o v i n g s o u l y o u a r e !

Get access to your guided meditation here

MEET SARAH BRIGID BROWN Speaker Coach Teacher Author

Sarah Brigid Brown is a speaker, coach, teacher, author and nurturer creating a safe and empathetic space for sensitive, emotive midlife mums, to show them the way to get to the root of what’s stopping them from moving forwards.

As the Soul Based Healing Mentor, she accompanies them on a journey to heal their past pain, suffering and trauma so that they are able to create healthy, deep connections with their Self, Others, the Universe and Life. This will give them the freedom to rely on their innate power and judgement to create their dreams and desires by their own rules!

Sarah’s approach is very holistic, as she is

trained in neuro linguistic, emotional and energy healing techniques What she loves more than anything else is letting her intuition guide her towards the modalities that would best serve each individual person and holding space for people to learn to rely on their own power and resources.

She is one of the co authors of Evolving on Purpose and Entangled No More, both Amazon international best selling books published by Soulful Valley. She is also the creator and producer of guided meditations and visualizations, EFT (tapping) sequences and coaching insights, available on her YouTube channel.


Sarah fulfilled a childhood dream in 2021, by becoming an international best selling author as part of the collective of coaches, therapists and healers who came together to write Evolving on Purpose.

When the opportunity to renew the experience presented itself in 2022, with the same independent publishing company, there was no hesitation and so her chapter in Entangled No More was birthed. It is the fruit of six months of reflection, note taking and revisiting some toxic relationships

Sarah was finally ready to share this chapter of her life with the world and the title " The Shifting of Consciousness From Victim and Rescuer to Creator and Coach " dropped into her mind during meditation

One of the things that had really stopped her from embracing her life purpose was how she thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with her for SO MANY years, because she was called out for being too sensitive, so serious and not fun enough.

Sarah has always been intuitive but hid this away from herself and the rest of the world for most of her life. Those days are over!

She's very proud of her sensitivity, her emotional side and her intuitive gift

If you would like to get your signed copy of Entangled No More, send her an email to:

Repeating Patterns

Learning to be aware of how life runs us and turn it around!

RepeatingPatternsareintheheartofthebestofus. Those long standing patterns of behaviour keep occurringinyourlifethroughthedeeptraumasofyour lifethatareholdingyoubackfromyourtruepotential Nomatterhowhardyoutrytoremovethem

Youremotionstakeholdofyou,andyoucannolonger control them Unbeknown to you, the warning signs keepgettingignored

Youstopdoingthethingsyouusedtolove Youmakeexcusesforyourselfandothers Youloseinterestineverything. Youstoplovingyourself Youstoplovingyourlife. Youdreadgoinghomeafterwork Youovereat Youstopeating

Youbelievewhatisbeingsaidtoyoutobetrue aboutyou Yougiveupandresignyourselftothislife

Onceyoulearntotakenoticeoftyhewarningsigns andtakebackcontrolfromthosecontrolling emotionsthatfeedtherepeatingpatterns,youtoo cantransformyourlife


*Learntobemoreconsciouslyawareofyour thoughts

*Listentothelanguageyouuseabout yourself



*Writedownhowyouwouldloveyourlifeto be


YoucanalsowatchthevideothatDebbie curatedespeciallyforyou: Clickhere

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Take some moments to care for yourself. This meditation and relaxation will

Allow yourself to ease your tense body for head to toe

Take you on a journey of tranquility and surrender

Have you creating your own safe sanctuary place where yo can go to any time you need your own space

Give you the space to get the balance back into your life

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Your Heartened Life!



Debbieisaleadingvoiceforemotionaltraumarelief Sheisempowered,guidedandtotallysupportedbytheuniversetowalk her talk towards creating a significant impact on emotionally wounded people’s lives with her healing Theatrapy and innovativetransformationalstorytelling

It is her calling to serve others with her unique story and empathy, through speaking and sharing her own transformation to inspire,empowerandtransformmanypeople’slives


Meet Debbie Debonaire

Debbie Debonaire (Emotions Warrior) is a Global Emotions Empowerment Consultant, Holistic Counsellor, Author, and Speaker. She is a Mental Health Advocate and Suicide Prevention Campaigner who has transformed her life, to become a beacon of light to help others suffering in adversity, fear, severe lack of self confidence, and self esteem She failed suicide three times, overcame extreme clinical depression, and prolonged mental domestic abuse, so knows what it takes to take back control and transform one's life

She has been a guest on several podcasts and radio shows, as well as a speaker on summits sharing her mission and message to make a difference in the world Her story is one of extreme courage and focus and has resulted in a complete transformation that has seen her rise to become a highly esteemed expert on contemporary emotional and trauma recovery. Debbie brings solutions, inspiration, and change, through her innovative process to guide career women (and men) from negative life patterns to triumphant transformation and empowerment

Debbie brings solutions, inspiration, and change, through her innovative process the HeartAct Theatrapy™ to guide career women (and men) from negative life patterns to triumphant transformation and empowerment.This gives them the courage to take back their control and live life on their own terms with strengthened resilience so that they can thrive to their true potential and live the life they desire and deserve


Ist Class BA Honours Degree in Disability Studies ( specializing in Mental Health)

Heartmath Certified Coach

IMTTA Qualified Holistic Counsellor

IMTTA Certified Meditation Teacher and Holistic Human Developer

IMTTA Chair Yoga Instructor

Inside you will read of lead author Debbie Debonaire and her three attempts at suicide, all of which failed, proving to everyone that she was useless and wasn’t even able to get that right Until one night everything changed, and her passion and purpose to make a positive and powerful difference in ten thousand plus people awoke within her. Overcoming Agoraphobia, conquering Clinical Depression, brought on by extreme mental abuse and physical bullying, Debbie Debonaire transformed her life in ways which astound those who know her and will astound you too.

During her transformation, Debbie had a vision to bring together other women who had failed suicide and overcame their own challenges and adversities to share their stories with the world. Her vision to curate a collaborative book called Alive to Thrive came in a dream in 2018, so setting out on a journey to find nine other like minded women, her dream came alive.

The book takes you into the awe inspiring lives and courage of ten incredible women, all of whom share with you the anxiety, depression and all the other feelings and emotions they have all gone through, including love, joy, and excitement as they journeyed out the other side Click above to purchase

TAKE BACK YOUR FAIRYTALE Inspired Dreaming M i s t r e s s o f B l i s s T h h e V i s i o n e s s &

Awaitnoprincestosaveyou throughtheirlipstouchingyours whilstyouareinunwilling slumber.

Meeteachotherinthewomb ofyourenchanteddreams, SnowWhiteandSleepingBeauty.

Relyonnomantosaveyou, hewillawakenyoutoanew prison andtakeyou,forthisisthe hungerofmen.

Darklingmagiciscoursing throughthoseveins,turnitinto kindling,myresourcefulgirls,find oneanotherinthefogrealm.


~~Nikita Gill

Write a New Ending Don't

forget to be yourself

The Journey Becomes the Greatest Adventure

Launching a business with the desire to uplift humanity isn’t something everyone wakes up and decides to do For those who do, the realization comes quickly that creating and building this type of business requires incredible work. In fact, it’s the internalworkonone’sselfthatbecomesthegreatest ofallthework.

Whenwerealizethatwemustgrowontheinside,this can make the entire business building process feel overwhelming We face our deepest and darkest limiting beliefs and quickly discern which parts of running our business feel easy, and which feel utterly draining.

Someofusfaceourfearsofbeingvisible,orspeaking in front of groups. Others have to deprogram old beliefs about money or worthiness. Whatever your particularsetofchallengesandopportunities,wecan promise you that doing the work is not only necessary, but it is also incredibly rewarding The journeyitselfbecomesyourgreatestadventure.Ifyou resistthework,thenthedreamcanfadeawayunder thelayersoffearandoutdatedbeliefs.Thisiswhollya topic for a full article in the next edition of the magazine.

Let's explore the dance we do with the dream that inspired us to begin this crazy journey in the first place

Dance with Your Dreams

THE QUEST Love your Why


Through all the internal and external work, our connection to our dreams can falter. We get so caught up in the ‘doingness' and personal growth that we might forget to look up and reconnecttoourdream.

If you pause right now and do this, does your dream fan the flames of your desire? Are you being called to expand it? Perhaps you find that your vision has shifted. Maybe you are still dreamingthesamedream,yetthepresentwork onyourselfandyourbusinesshavesimplymade youtootiredtolookrightnow.

Fanning the Flame of Your Desires

To remain connected to your dreams and the goals that bring the dream into your reality, remember that renewal is a vital part of your experience No one finds an endless source of energy, creativity and focus without weaving renewalintodailyandweeklyactivities.

Asmoreandmorewomenshifttofeminineways to run their business, renewal becomes such a delicious and radical choice It’s the most anti hustlecommitmentonecanmake.

The Feminine Way

One of the most effective ways to reconnect to your dreams is to step away from the 'doingness'. Picture yourself turning a page inside your mind to a fresh, blank paper. Feelintotheopenandexpansivesensationthatwellsupinside.Askyourselfwhatyou trulydesire.Breathedeeplyandtrust.Thinkaboutyourvisionandwhyyoucreateditin the first place. Remember you have a gift inside you that is blissfully wanting to be expressed.

Renewal comes from creating or finding unscripted moments and experiences. Adventure, in both small and expansive doses, can be the perfect opportunity that allowsyourmindtobecomedetachedenoughforcreativitytoblossom.

Cosmic downloads begin to flow and you’re reminded of your big ‘why’ for starting your business in the first place. The freshness of new ideas, offerings, services and moreareanintoxicatingfuel.

What do you truly desire?

Declutter Your Way to Expansion

Freeing up space, both physical and emotional, is another necessary process. Clutter in your physical space canlowerthevibrationofyourmaterial worldandaddtothechaos,preventing inspirationfromflowing

The same is true for what’s going on inside. Unresolved trauma and pain will alsoslowtheflow.Resistancetogrowth hasthesameeffect.Youcannotcreate a different reality when you don’t change your ways of being. Ask yourself,“WhodoIneedtobetocreate theresultsIdesire?”

Declutteringandhealingallowformore positivethingstotakeroot.Usethenew space to add new routines or practices into your life. Commit to regular clean up sessions. Look around you and find the items that have started to invade yourcleanspace Addressthoseinthat moment Likewise, sit with yourself and ask what else needs to be shifted, healedorbroughtoutoftheshadowof shame into a compassionate light. Whenyoudothework,yourlifeexpands delightfully.

Keep Your Eye on the Compass

When you stay connected to your dreams, you also give yourself permission to change them Many business owners started with one idea, only to find that creativity and inspiration gave them even bigger ideasandnewdreams.

Go ahead, check in with yourself. Are youstillplayingitsmall?

K e e p Y o u r E y e o n t h e C o m p a s s

Ifyoudecideonedaythatyoutrulywant tomakeamassiveshiftandapplyfora job elsewhere, that’s perfectly fine, too Pleasepromiseyourself,though,thatyou willremaininintegritywithyourselfDon’t makeabigdecisioninmomentsoffear, doubt or disappointment. If something showsupandisevenmorealignedthan everythingelse,andyoursoulsays,“hell yes,” let this be all the permission you needtomakea180degreeshift.


Uplifting, healing and serving others is work that finds great company in a supportive group of likeminded souls Choose your squad carefully. Find one thatgivesyouafeelingofbeingsafeand seenUnconditionalsupportisamust,as longasyouseekaccountabilitytoo

Beinacommunitywhereyouseethe bestinothersandtrustthattheyalsosee thebestinyou.Findtheoneswhowillcall youonyourBS.Whenyoustruggleand temporarily get stuck in the darkness, thesearetheoneswhoholdthelightand remember your greatness even when youdoubtit

Whenyouaccomplishsomethinggreat, they will be the first ones to celebrate withyouandtellyoutheyalwaysknew youcoulddoit.


Levity Loves to Laugh

Alongwithasquad,findamentor,coachoradvisor too. A coach believes wholeheartedly in you and your dream They also hold you accountable and canhelptoshinelightintoyourblindspots,helping you grow and practice new ways of being until you createnewhabits Acoachcanhelpyougofarther, faster.Theyare,indeed,averymagicalrocketfuel.


Please have fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously. A healthy dose of levity will serve you well Trust that you will stumble and get messy It’s all a necessary le to laugh, or willstaytrueto horprogress.

er alone. We’re nyouandyour you and your ance eminent Plan & mon!

ey May




Magic Mindset Monday Live Be the Leader in Your Life Tracey May's Mid Week Boost JoinTraceyMaytomakemagicusingscience



with Karen Eccles

AVisionaryWomanhasastrongclearvisionofho personalandbusiness,tolookli


Clarityiskeyto thedistractions wemustbeconnectedtoself

Therearemanypractices,resources,andtools availablethatwillhelpusachievethis,suchas meditation,journaling,breathwork,etcMygoto waytocheckinwithmyselfisthroughmovement, in particular, Pilates, the ultimate mindbody practice.

I have an innate understandin circumstances, events, mindse connectedemotionsimpactourp understandingthatIhavebec throughmypersonalPilatespra teachingmyclients,whichthenled energyandsoundhealing.

Myuniqueunderstandingandblen practicesenablemetoguideclien theirbodiesandnurturebodyaw empoweredandincontrolofth wellness

inspire,andleadwithconfidencebecausesheb andherabilitytocreateit Inthisarticle,Iwillsharewithyoumy top7tipstooptimiseyourworkout andgainadeepermind,body,and soulconnectionforgreaterclarityand amoreexpansivevision.

urworkout,whyyou arehopingtoget


Releaseexpectations whatwehavegoingon inourmindshasadirectimpactonhowour bodyperforms.Approacheachworkoutwithan openmindandheartMakeyourgoalsand targetsflexible,adaptable,andacceptthe outcome

Intention setflexibleandpositiveintentions foryourworkoutForinstance,‘Iinvitemybody toguidemethroughmyworkoutwithouta planorexpectation’,or‘Iappreciatemybody andwillsmilethroughoutmyworkout’,or‘I focusonmybreathandhowitnourishesand energisesmymind,bodyandsoul’.

5. 6.

Knowledge understandinghowourthoughts, mindset, circumstances, events, and their connectedemotionsimpactourbodiescanbe very revealing. When we feel unexplained discomfortinareasofourbodies,itwill normallyrelatetosomethingthatwehave goingon,consciouslyorunconsciously


Awareness-everyworkoutisanopportunityto pickupvaluablefeedbackfromyourbodythat youmaynothaveotherwisebecomeawareof Noticehowyoufeelbefore,duringandafter yourworkoutDidyoufeelrestriction,discomfort anyemotions


Connection onceyouhavecompletedyour workout,takeafewmomentstositinstillness, giving yourself time to reconnect and reintegratebackinwithyourmind,body,and spirit

Gratitude-writedownaminimumofthree thingsthatyouarefeelinggratefulfor;this couldbedirectlyorindirectlyrelatedtothe workoutFinishingyourworkoutinthiswaywill createanupliftinga leaveyoufeelingm

Moveyourbodyf knowledge and conscious movem deeplytoourmin claritythatwecan ofourlives.

Usethelinkonthenextpageto receivemygifttoyou,amindful Pilatesmatworkouttoguideyou throughconsciousmovement.

KarenEcclesisaholisticmovementandwellbeingspecialist. Throughherknowledgeandexperience,andworkingwithPilates,energyandsound healing,Karenenablesclientstounderstandtheirbodiesbycreatingawareness,and increasingtheirself-confidencesotheyfeelasenseofphysicalandemotionalfreedom.

""IdonotsimplyteachPilatesIshowclientshowto IdonotsimplyteachPilates.Ishowclientshowto understand their bodies and nurture body understand bodies and nurture body awarenesssothattheyfeelincontroloftheir awarenesssothattheyfeelincontroloftheir healthandwellnessThisnotonlyimpactstheir healthandwellness.Thisnotonlyimpactstheir physicalhealthbutalsohelpsthemmentallyand physicalhealthbutalsohelpsthemmentallyand spiritually." spiritually."

MygifttoyouisamindfulPilates matworkouttoguideyouthrough consciousmovement.Creating awareness,increasingselfconfidence,andgainingasenseof physicalandemotionalfreedom.


Free Gift

Karen Eccles

Pilates & Wellbeing Personal Trainer

Movement Sound Energy


Connection Freedom


On 23rd December 2019, I received the announcement that I had an aggressive type of breast cancer. Disbelief, fear and then guilt and shame flooded my world withsuchferocitythatitleftmebreathless

Today, nearly 3 years on, I am forever grateful for this wake-up call and my couragetoembracevulnerability,riskanduncertaintyonmyjourneytorevealand remembermytruegreatness.

Y R O M A Y N E W I L D thatyouneverthinkwillhappentoyouuntilitdoes...

In truth it was the beginning of a sovereign journey to self-love, self-compassion and a coming home to ME.

Sofearhasyouinitsclutches Youwantto breatheandfeelfreeagain Youwanteverything backasitwas Youareinunknownterritory,and youfeeloutofcontrol Thisisnotthelifejourney youwereexpecting


Deepdown,youknowyouareawarrior.Youlive fromyourheartandtrustyourinstincts.Nowis thetimetoawakenthroughthefearand darknessandrevealyourmagnificence.

Letmeshowyousometoolsthathelpedmeon myjourney.

Gems Of Wisdom To Light Up Your Path


Youaresufferingbecauseyouareafraidtobe presentwithwhatis. Stoprunning,befriendtheexperience,bravelylookat it,courageouslyfeeleverythinganddonotbeafraid. Fearwillstopbeingincontrol,andIpromiseyouwill findfreedomandpeace Learntoaccept,relaxandtrust

Accepttheexperiencegraciouslyasanopportunity toblossomandevolve RelaxintothejourneyandtrustthattheUniverse alwayshasyourback. Remember:Everycloudhasasilverlining. Somethingbiggerandwonderfulishappeningthat youcan'tseeyet.


Asking``Whyhasthishappened,whatdidIdowrong, howcanIfixthis?”willtakeyouintothepast(guilt, shameandjudgement)orthefuture(fearful unknowns)







Throughmeditation,prayerandself reflection,you willfindallthesolutionsyouneedtohealtheholes causedbytraumaandembodyholisticwellness

Itcanbeprettymessyasyoudeclutterandcleanout thedeadwoodfromtheshadows,butitwillbeworth theworkasyoubecomethebestversionofyourself andyourtruegloriousselfisrevealed


Emotionsareyourguidancesystemandaccompany thoughtsandbeliefs.Theyindicateyourstateof Beingandyourperceptionoflife. Remember:Youcannotchangetheemotionofa thought,sothereforeYOUhavetochangeyour thought

YOUthenconsciouslytransformyourstateofBeing byalteringyourperceptionandfeelingbetter Only YOUcandothat!!!!!

Howareyoufeeling?Areyoubeingcontrolledbyfear, orareyouinastateofpeace,joyandlove?


Takeresponsibilityandleadershipforyourhealingjourney YourintuitionandSourcewillguideyoutomakeinformed choices,andyouwillfeelempowered Remember:Lifehappensforyou,nottoyou.


You create what you focus on, so see your body thriving Whatdoesthatfeellike? Howareyoubeing? Whatareyoudoing? Whatfunactivitiesandpracticescanyoustartdoing?


Yourbodyisamiraculouscreationandyourlife companion.Learntolistentowhatitneedsfor nourishment,activities,restandrelaxation Treatitkindly Dofunthingstogetherthatmakeyoulaugh,andyour spiritsoar


Now is the time to be raw and vulnerable with no shame. Accept help and support. You do not always have to be theHeroine.Youdonothavetodothisalone.Ournatural stateistobeincommunionandconnection


"I am not here to fix or change you. I come to help you remember the Devine plan for Earth's evolution and your role as a Light Being in human form in these times"

Teacher Trainer Mentor LifeCoach

RomayneWildisaqualifiedteacher,trainer, mentor,lifecoach,aninspiredmotherand wife,anutritiondevotee,agreatcook,aparty girl,anda'foragerintraining'

Alsodescribedasamodernmysticand visionary,sheispassionateaboutexploring lifeexperiencesandourevolutioninthis quantumuniversewithwonderandcuriosity, sharingmessagesfromSourcewithother awakeningsoulstorevealtheDivineplanfor Humanityatthistime.

Shehonourseveryone'suniqueness,creating spaceforpeopletoexpresstheirunique selvesandgiftsintheirownbeautifulwayto servehumanityintheGreatWholenessand Onenessthatweare.

Romaynefeelscalledtoinspirewomento courageouslytakebacktheirpoweras homemakersandtofindmasteryovertheir ownlives Thuswomencanmindfullycreatea heart centredhomefilledwithlove,freedom, abundance,connectionandwellbeinginan atmosphereoffun,laughter,peaceandjoy

Iflifehasknockedyousidewaysandyou wouldlikesupportinsofteningtheblow,it wouldbeherpleasuretogiftyouwitha30 minuteone-to-oneconversation.Ifyouare inspiredtolearnandremembermoreof yourandhumanity's purpose,Iamherefor youtoo


How To Step Closer To Gorgeous Plant-Based Living

How To Step Closer To Gorgeous Plant-Based Living

I was sitting in an office at a local car dealer, waiting for the paperwork for my new car. I casually mentioned to the salesperson that I was plant based. He immediately responded with: “How do you get your protein?”

It’s not as if that was the first time I was asked that question And as a plant based eater, I knew it wouldn’t be the last

I remember asking that same question years earlier when my own daughter declared herself vegetarian at the age of three She’d made a new friend whose family was vegan at school, and she quickly latched onto the idea “Vegan means no meat,” I’d explained Because she’d never cared much for meat, she dug in and never let up

That sent me on a whirlwind journey to learn more about food, protein, nutrition, and good health

Success Leaves Clues

When my daughter declared herself vegetarian, I was a young mom also in the early stages of building a successful business I’d latched on early to the concept of learning all I could from mentors, and I distinctly remember sitting in the audience of one of my first coaches, soaking up everything he said

“Success leaves clues ” He told stories about how the brightest, most successful people on earth all had things in common If you read biographies, picked out mentors, and studied their approaches to business and life, you

could pick up these clues and use them to make gains in your own life.

Like a sponge, I took his words to heart. I already had stacks of business, parenting, and self help books stacked up around my house. I added new piles dedicated to vegetarian living

One of the first books I read was by John Robbins John was heir to the Baskin Robbins fortune, but he turned it away to live a cleaner, healthier life

“Few of us are aware that the act of eating can be a powerful statement of commitment to our own well being, and at the same time, the creation of a healthier habitat Your health, happiness, and the future of life on earth are rarely so much in your own hands as when you sit down to eat ”

I hung on to his words, learning all I could His advice led me to many other mentors, some of which I still have their books and cookbooks on my shelf, and I refer to them often today

Who wants to eat salad for the rest of their lives? The more I moved into a plant based eating lifestyle, the more content I became I noticed differences everywhere

My energy levels increased My mood swings disappeared My weight rarely fluctuated I slept better at night

G o r g e o u s W e l l t h c o m

I felt better in so many ways And I’d test the theory occasionally by breaking my plant based routine I’d meet up with a friend, indulge in something cheesy and feel bloated a few hours later I’d consume cake and ice cream at a friend’s party and pay for it the next day

I recall sharing my revelations with a friend with intestinal problems Maybe a plant based diet could help her?

She looked at me and laughed. “Who wants to eat salad for the rest of their lives,” she’d said with a smirk, as she dug into her burger and fries.

Author and speaker Dr Neal Barnard stated in one of his books, “You will find that your taste buds have a memory of about three weeks ”

I’ve found that to be true

Salads are so unappealing to many eaters because they lack the salt, sugar, and fat content in most processed foods (Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss is an eye opening book too ) With so little flavor, they find “salad” dull and boring

Yet nothing can be further from the truth When you adjust to cleaner eating, you start noticing flavors in ways you’ve never experienced before

How Do You Get Your Protein?

When my daughter declared herself vegetarian, I was a young mom also in the early stages of building a successful business. I’d latched on early to the concept of learning all I could from mentors, and I distinctly remember sitting in the audience of one of my first coaches, soaking up everything he said

“Success leaves clues ” He told stories about how the brightest, most successful people on earth all had things in common If you read biographies, picked out mentors, and studied their approaches to business and life, you

The first concern for people interested in moving to a plant based lifestyle is how they will get enough protein I often hear people say they consistently feel hungry without adding meat to their plate, or lose energy and focus

As I moved deeper into plant based eating, I discovered that protein and hunger don’t go hand in hand As author and cookbook creator Mark Bittman says in his book Food Matters, “1 billion people in the world are chronically hungry 1 billion people are overweight ”

As an eater in Western society, you’re far more likely to be impacted by obesity issues than suffer the effects of a lack of protein The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) calls for around 0 8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight For a 50 year old woman who weighs 140 pounds and leads a sedentary lifestyle, that equates to 53 grams of protein per day

Order a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald’s, and you’re already up to 48 grams of protein

Lots of plant based foods have high protein Tofu gives you 22 grams of protein per cup Tempeh offers 33 grams per cup Black beans contain 15 grams, and cooked spinach gives you 5 grams Create a grain bowl featuring tofu, black beans, and spinach, and you’re about equal to what you’d receive if you spend a few minutes at the drive thru But the nutrient density far outweighs what’s contained in a wrapper you’ll simply throw away at the end of the meal

How Do You Get Your Protein?

Switching to a plant based diet isn’t a fast process It’s something you work on daily, monthly, and yearly, adjusting your taste buds along the way

Like any busy entrepreneur, I had favorite restaurants we frequented regularly As I adjusted my diet, I continued to visit these places, despite my limited choices I’d have one or two entrees to choose from, and I remember thinking how unmemorable they were The flavors were almost non existent I started wondering if my plant based journey was going to stick

But I had the advantage of having a vegan friend I remember having lunch with her one day at her home, and was shocked at the flavors she’d produced When I commented on it, she started laughing And she let me in on a little secret

She told me that while traditional restaurants often produce one or two vegetarian options, the chef is rarely trained in plant based foods. They won’t create highly flavorful entrees because they put all of their focus on meat based entrees, and haven’t mastered flavors for plant based menu items

She advised me to visit one of the few plant based restaurants in town And she gave me a selection of cookbooks to start using at home

I went to my very first plant based restaurant a few days later The flavors were gorgeous! A bounty of flavor in every bite I knew if I could get food to taste like this every day, I’d follow a plant based diet for life

So I broke out the cookbooks and started cooking In his book Cooking Solves Everything, Mark Bittman states: “Cooking is like exercise or spending time in nature or good conversation: The more you do it, the more you like it, the better you get at it, and the more you recognize that its rewards are far greater than its efforts and that even its efforts are rewards ”

Yep It worked for me

I started learning how flavors come together with herbs and spices I learned how different flavor combinations work together to create exciting meals

If the idea of plant based eating appeals to you, push past the ever present myths Because it’s not difficult to get enough protein, you don’t have to eat bland meals for the rest of your life, and flavors will be abundant once you take the time to learn how they all come together

Give it a try yourself with one of my favorite recipes

Thai Soup with Ginger, Lemongrass, and Crispy Tofu


12 grams coconut oil

1 package organic extra firm tofu

56 grams soy sauce or tamari

15 grams agave

4 grams sesame oil

1 small yellow onion, diced

2 medium carrots, diced

3 green onions, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 small piece of ginger, chopped

1 stalk lemongrass

600 grams vegetable broth

1 can coconut milk

1 lime, zest and juice

Cooked rice

Cilantro Peanuts

Cube the tofu and put it in a medium sized bowl Mix together soy sauce, agave, and sesame oil Pour soy sauce mixture over, coating tofu completely

Heat 1 tsp coconut oil in a soup pot over medium high heat Add tofu to hot pan and brown on all sides Remove, and set aside

In the same pot, heat remaining coconut oil Add onion and carrot and cook until soft Add half the green onions, garlic, ginger, and lemongrass (Use the entire lemongrass stalk, cutting an X at the bottom of the root to help release flavors ) Cook for 2 3 minutes until fragrant

Add the vegetable broth and coconut milk and bring to a boil Reduce to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes

Remove lemongrass from the pan and toss it Season with salt and pepper to taste Add the lime zest and juice.

Place a serving of rice into each bowl. Pour the broth over the rice. Add tofu, green onions, cilantro, and peanuts. Serve.

Lori Osterberg

I inspire women in midlife to change the stories they’ve been feeding themselves about their personal health, so that they can create foundational life enhancing wellness strategies as they design their own Gorgeous Wellth!

What's Your Story? What's Your Story?

Show up and be Gorgeous every single day!

What does foundational wellness mean to you? For me, it sets the stage for overall health. Health is the one thing we all seem to take for granted … until we have a problem In midlife, we often receive a wakeup call that leads to wanting to do more to change

Download my free, 7 day email course designed to help you explore your mind/body connection to your wellness journey

MargaretSapisFounderofYCMore,makingtheinvisible visible.Sheguidesyoutounlockyourselfandopenthe doorstocultivatingcourage,neededtopickupthe radicalresponsibilityforyouroneandonlyuniquelife. Tobefree,thatiswhoyouare.

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No 1 IMPORTANCE The art of being yourself Youwillalwaysbringyour joy,whereveryougo Youholdthekeytoyourinnerworld. Youhavethepowertotellyourown, truestory. Stepoutofillusion,intoanewreality. Pen + Paper. = Portal



EnjoythisFREEseriesfor afreshperspectivethatsupportsyou inseeingyourselfthrough adifferentlens


Takingadifferentspinonthe expression"whodoyouthink youare?"willhelpyouto deeplyanchorintoyourself

Sothatyoucanhangonto yourselfinanycircumstance.

day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4


Whetheryou'reinpain,agony,grief, joy,doubtoranyother'situation', watchthistraining(afterlistening today1)withanopenheart

Life'snotalwayseasy,yetthings oftencanbecomealittlebetter.

day 5


Thinkoftimelapsesof growingwildflowers. Youtoo,youwon'tstop growinguntilthelastday ofyourlife

Isn'titexcitingtogetintouch withvaluableknowledgethat supportsyourgrowth?


Everwonderingwhat elsethereistoknow?

Justimagineyou onlyknow7%of what'sknowable, wouldn'titbe marvelloustostretch itto8%?


Asalittleone,youutteredyour firstcriesoutintotheworld

Youdeservetobetakencareof Youdeservetofeelsafeenough toexpressyourneeds.

Somehowalongtheway,many unlearnhowtoexpress themselves.

F a c i n g Y o u r s e l f

Your innate talents are signposts that are often overlooked.

Through direct access coaching, you quickly (re)discover a set of strengths, skills and desiresthatarehidden.

To find what was hidden, isjoyful!

Y o u a r e a c r e a t i v e h u m a n b y n a t u r e




With Margaret as your personal ‘travel guide’, you wander inwardsinamarvellous,surprising,deep,funandsafeway

Ifyoulongforarenewedsenseofaliveness,arecalibrationof your being and you want to spark a light under your dreams andpotential,you'rewiththerightlifeartist

Her transformative way of coaching is the personal growth experienceyou’relookingfor:asurefirewaytocomehometo yourself

What if this enriching adventure is the answer to your prayers?

F R E E D O M B Y I N T E N T I O N , I M A G I N A T I O N & I M P L E M E N T A T I O N
Personal Leadership Coaching through Intentional Creativitytakesyouonawonderfuljourneyinwards.
Connecting you to yourself way beyond what you imagine possible You are guided into a safe space within, free from harsh inner voices, judgment, perfectionismandexcessivethinking.
Creativityisnotsomethingwedo,it'saplacewego. 3 pillars are built in: embracing discomfort through creativity,surrenderingintotrust,honestyand vulnerability,100%actionabilityandaccountability
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Women have been bombarded with images of “perfect” women fulfilling particular roles for centuries, more often than not created by men for other men to look at with the sole purpose of sending subliminal messages to both sexes: men as the powerful dominant half and women as the passivesubduedhalfofthespecies.

This has left us confused as to how wewomenarerepresentednotonly in the public psyche but in our mind'seye.But,let’sfaceit,oncewe have walked away from the mirror, we have no idea what we look like and how others “see” us is often more about the energy we project thanourphysicalattributes

Wearethearchitectsofthatenergy in every moment So, if you feel you are not expressing your true self or givingofftheenergyyouwanttobe defined by, then what can you do aboutit?


Ask yourself, who do you rely on to tell youhowamazingyouare?Isityourself? The people around you? The media (socialorotherwise)?

Ifitisthelatter,thenyoutrulyarelost. Letushelpyoufindyourself.

Together we have created this little exercise for you as a really fun way to open your soul up to embodying the energy and qualities that you know deepdownyoupossessandwouldlike toexpressintotheworld.

Youcanfollowthestepstotheletteror adapt it as you wish, it’s all good. You can even repeat it a few times as you begin to open up your heart to your trueessence.

The Art of Surrender by Sara Siân

Create a visual affirmation of who you are without words

Take some time to write down a few words that expresswhoyouareenergetically(callthemyour core values if you like) They can be words like courage, kindness, love, passion, wild, peaceful, joyful,etc.

Then get online and search for images of women (or animals or a mood) that you feel embody thesequalities.

Wehavejustoneruleherebutitisadealbreaker you must NOT use images of real people or celebritiesorphotographs, no matter how much they have been “artified”. (If you include the word “art”inyoursearch,you’llfindthiseasier).

Komoya (Of the Spirit) by Sara Siân

Lookuppaintings,portraitsetc thatresonatewith how you feel about yourself inside. Look for the images that reveal your strengths, your desires, yoursoulessence.Usingthewordsyouhavejotted downinconjunctionwiththeword”art”mighthelp.

Wehaveprovidedyouwithalinktoaspecialboardon Pinterestwecreatedtogetyoustarted

The idea is that you are creating a visual affirmation of who you are without words. We all love those quotes and memes online but they are usuallysomeoneelse’swordsorfeelings.Apicture without words, especially one that has been createdbyanartist,carriesacompletelydifferent kindofenergythanwordsorphotographs

The lack of words or “explanation” means we humans imbue the image with our own message or meaning, we amplify the connection within us towhatwearefeelingwhenwelookatit.Andover time,weembodythisandthenitgrowsand

Freya Goddess of Spring by Sass Tetzlaff
"It's about reclaiming how we, as women, choose to be represented and that starts with how we are represented in our mind's eye"

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

becomesakindofcordfromourconsciousbrainto our subconscious, resulting in a subliminal reinforcementofourtruesoulanditsessence

Youcanuseoneimageormany,createacollageif you like. Spend some quality time doing this because,ifyoucan,itwillhavemoremeaning.Your subconscious will lead you to the right images for youbutifyourushit,youarejustgoingtobrushthe surface of what your soul is trying to tell you about yourself

Make a selection of images and place them where youcanseethemoftenandthen,afterafewdays, makeyourfinaldecision.

Create a single image or a collage and pin it up and/or make it the wallpaper on your phone and lookatitoverthecourseofyourdaytoremindyou of how and what you represent in this world, as opposed to the relentless bombardment of media andmarketingimageswearefed.

It’saboutreclaiminghowwe,aswomen,chooseto be represented and that starts with how we are represented in our mind's eye. Make that the pervading image of our selves and our whole energyshiftsandbringsabouttransformationsin our energy and how we interact with people and soitripplesout.

Repeat this after 6 months or a year on a regular basis and see if it has changed. Has/Have the image(s)youchosecreatedashiftinyourenergy?

If so, you might be ready to up level again and bring a new expression of your divine energy into your physical reality, in which case, just have fun doing the process again.

Ifyouareableto,buyapieceofartfroman artistthatdoesthisforyouandhangitina prominent place to announce to the world who you are and what you stand for from theinsideout.Ifyoudothis,youarenotjust buying an image, you are buying the energy of the love and passion that the artist has poured into it that you can tap intoanytimeyoulike.

If you can’t afford a piece of art, then investigate a limited edition print or commissionasmallerversionofsomething from the artist. By supporting makers and artists, you are helping to create a shift in the emphasis of consumerism from mass produced to authentic and unique, which, afterall,iswhatyouare!





Takesometimeto writedownafewwords thatexpresswhoyou areenergetically(call themyourcorevaluesif youlike) Theycanbe wordslikecourage, kindness,love,passion, wild,peaceful,etc

Thengetonlineand searchforimagesof women(oranimalsora mood)thatyoufeel embodythesequalities


Wehavejustonerulehere butitisadealbreaker youmustNOTuseimages ofrealpeopleor celebritiesor photographs,nomatter howmuchtheyhave been“artified” Ifyou includetheword“art”in yoursearch,you’llfindthis easier

Solookuppaintings, portraitsetc that resonatewithhowyou feelaboutyourself inside Lookforthe imagesthatrevealyour strengths,yourdesires, yoursoulessence Using thewordsyouhave jotteddownin conjunctionwiththe word”art”mighthelp

Wehaveprovidedyou withalinktoaspecial boardonPinterestwe createdtogetyou started VEI S SELECT Makeaselectionof imagesandplacethem whereyoucanseethem oftenandthen,aftera fewdays,makeyour finaldecision R RULE Createasingleimageor acollageandpinitup and/ormakeitthe wallpaperonyourphone andlookatitoverthe courseofyourday toupliftandinspireyou. How to embody your soul ' s essence


Art is restorative we are often fragmentedbylifebutartcanmakeus whole again. Art can literally change a person’s outlook and the way we experiencetheworldanditcanhealus emotionally

Artservesasareminderofwhoweare our true self our vision of ourselves It both acknowledges and celebrates the beauty, power and uniqueness of usaswomen.Itcantellourstoryforus orrepresentwhoweaspiretobe.

A r t r e m i n d s u s o f w h o w e a r e . . .



Sass Tetzlaff is a transformational coach using energy alignment and intuitive wisdom from her ancestors Her mission is to empower women to reach their highest potential and become the truest version of themselves.




Sara Siân is a mixed media artist, specialising in female portraits which evoke a deep emotional connection and inspire joy and upliftment.

A collaboration between Sass Tetzlaff and Sara Siân

Wanttocollaborate? pleaseemailjenni jenni@jenni pcom
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