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Katherine Carey Style Maven |

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Guest Contributor April issue: Dina Berhman PR and Publicity Strategist

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The 7 Pillars of Preeminence Feminine High Performance Principles for Ambitious Women on a Mission

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n r e t t a p t p u r r e int sue is Breaking Free from Personal Status Quo and Global Crisis

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Our mission is to inspire, support and showcase ambitious, visionary, mission driven and ethical women entrepreneurs.

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the view from preeminence | Editor in chief

Jenni Parker Brown |

The C Word. It’s Pattern Interrupt ‘ON’!

n r e t t t p a p erru in t

Even before the world locked down, something heavy was already

happening. There was a kind of despair energy lurking in people's hearts, especially those in the online entrepreneur landscape and consulting marketplace. So many people were experiencing that 'Groundhog Day' feeling when every day seemed to follow the same challenge - to conquer your particular corner of social media and the 10,000


moving parts of sustaining an online business. Without going insane, losing money or balance.

photographer | copywriter As the corporate world shifts and crumbles from it’s old institutional status, as technology grows ever more complex and central to staying afloat in business, thousands upon thousands of people (many of them barely out of nappies!) are taking up entrepreneurship.

We were lulled into some kind of torpor, beholding this pandemic trend whilst simultaneously feeling the weight of establishing and maintaining our own viablity in an ever more crowded market.

Faced with massive saturation of services, ruthless competition, the mighty power of advertising and social media, the perils of distraction, things to scroll and click on, we were faced with so much challenge to keep our natural, healthy lifestyle balance, hang on to our dreams and care for what matters to us, including our beloved planet.

“There are a lot of rich coaches with broke clients. Coaching is a $12.7 billion global industry. But just because someone receives training, accreditations or launches a fancy website with glamorous lifestyle shots, doesn’t mean they have the skills, credentials or experience needed to truly transform lives. They are merely draining bank accounts for a living.”

Ungenita Prevost Award-winning, Global Feminine Leadership Expert. Founder of 'Selling In Stilettos™' and Chief Feminine Officer™ Radio


photographer | copywriter Sadly, the best word to describe the current state of the coaching industry is ‘circus’.

New and aspiring coaches are being told that – no matter how inexperienced - as long as they are ‘3 steps ahead of their clients’ and they implement a few woo-woo practices, they’ll be able to get their 6 or 7-figure business overnight.

Social media has become a jungle where online etiquette and basic manners have been replaced by wild, frenetic attempts by wannabe laptop entrepreneurs to get you to pay attention to them."

Dr. Marilisa Conese,

Digital Marketing Strategist, Doctor of Applied Sociolinguistics and Co-Owner of International Digital Marketing Agency FunnelBolt 360 Website:


The theme of this issue is 'Pattern Interrupt' and I was going to write about the need to break free from the consequences of this pandemonium from a point of view of services providers, who make up our readers and members.

But then the big C stepped in and interrupted the whole pattern of global existence for us.

And it’s not a bad thing. In fact it’s a very good thing when you look at it on a macro level.

Over the last 10 years, I have met and worked with oodles of


heart-led, mission led, purpose driven entrepreneurs. And

many of them faced the same challenges that I had - being

photographer | copywriter

unable to reconcile their spiritual nature with the harshness of the business environment. I observed the despair as they beheld the growing gap between their humble, passionate desire to make a difference and the domination of the ‘gurus’ who had comandeered most of the service industry landscape.

So many worthy light-workers, motivators, lifestyle strategists, thought leaders, inspirers, pioneers, healers, bringers of wisdom, people helpers, messengers, yearning for recognition, yearning to get their voice heard. Yearning to touch humanity at a bigger level. Yearning to participate in ‘The Great Shift’ towards world harmony and yet frustrated at the convolutions of the online entrepreneurial adventure.

I have something to tell you. The world has collided with its own fallibility and now millions of people need your help.

Your time has come.

It’s time to Interrupt the Pattern and see the opportunity that this pandemic is offering.

But it’s going to take something different. Something that breaks the pattern of the statistics and your own status quos.

Here’s the thing. Just as the world collided on its fallibilties, there emerged a bridge.

It’s been there for years but most people never saw it. Our wonderful expert, Marcia Martin, has been preparing the way for decades. She was one of those who built this bridge.

On one side of the bridge lies the incredible possibilities of

photographer | copywriter

freedom that the online world presents. On this side stand the titans of business - sales, marketing strategy, leadership, technology, rules.

On this side lies the skills of linear thinking, self discipline, structure, money management, productivity and performance.

On the other side of the bridge lies the phenomenal knowledge we have about how the universe works. On this side lies the possibilities of freedom that we own in our great human nature. We are truly limitless and infinitely powerful.

On this side lies the titans of new throught, quantum science, the pioneers of consciousness, the leaders in sciences of the human mind, the explorers of the nature of the cosmos.

We can no longer ignore it. CV19 reminded us. It takes two sides to build a bridge.

Not one without the other or the bridge will fall into a chasm.

"Einstein revealed that we do not live in a universe with discrete, physical objects separated by dead space. The Universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled it is impossible to consider them as independent elements.” Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleasing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

We can no longer be at war with woo.

And woo can come out and play happily with structure and order, without pretending you're 'normal' around those that don't share your heartfelt, ethical, expansive woo vision and vocubulary.

Woo IS the New Normal! And it is a mighty tool in your success tool box. Not the panacea, but a vital part of it!

Everything about this new paradigm reminds us that we cannot do things the old ways any more, when all this knowledge exists to prove that we are on the brink of an evolutionary shift.

So this is your invitation to show up in the world at the level you dream of, using that bridge. In fact the bridge IS the way!

Stepping onto that bridge means unleashing your Preeminence, if you truly desire those dreams.

It’s time to become an up-riser of your, and the world's, great paradigm shift.

Preeminence is the way.

“To be empowered—to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be genius, to be divine—that is who you are…. Once you feel this way, memorize this feeling; remember this feeling. This is who you really are….” Dr Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

“If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.”― Joe Dispenza, What does that look like practically?

It means Aligning your Mission, your Message and Your Presence so that your visual and verbal communication match the gorgeous, life and planet changing value that you offer!

It means showing up in the world as your highest self with all your potential, now. Today. In the present. Not striving to get there.

It means taking a hard look at where the holes are in your ability to monetise and scale up, guided by someone trusted who has done that and can see chat your blindspots are.

It means

putting away shiny objects and mastering basic

timeless business skills that work, now.

It means

making your genius, your CEO, and being a 'disciple' to

your exquisite highest vision of life to bring forth your Magnum Opus. The one the world is waiting for.

It means becoming Preeminent in your field, an authority, a renowned, trustworthy, inspiring, brilliant woman leader.

Welcome to the

In service to your Genius, Grace and Greatness

Excellence "The way you do anything is the way you do everything"




When women embark on a path of entrepreneurial success they busy themselves ticking off all the usual boxes: Website - Social media (someone to help to do that $$$ of multiple dollars of investment) ✔ Business coach (accountability guidance and support $$$ of multiple dollars investment) ✔ Self-care in the way of HOW DO I LOOK for the perfect shoot (hair, makeup, mani-pedi, facials $$$$ multiple dollars investments)✔ TThe self-development books ($$ hundreds of dollars!!) ✔ TThe branding coach ($$$ of dollars) ✔ The new wardrobe for the branding! ($$$ dollar after dollar) ✔

And then there is YOU, the woman behind the brand, the photos, the business, taking stock of all that is being asked of her as she embarks on the entrepreneurial journey, which will be truly exacting on body and mind! And very few of you think to ask“How is my brain doing in all this?” Even less,” How is my Gut doing?” This critical factor that has too often become an oversight for far too many successful women.They pour so much

"How is my Gut doing?” money, time, energy and heart-ache into their business and strategies. And focus little on their biological and physical capacity to follow through with their success. But ladies, well-being is more than the ‘mani-pedi’ and the odd green juice when you remember to drink one.

There is a spectrum of various components that are needed to sustain optimal wellness and wellbeing. These pillars form the bedrock of your ability to endure the physiological challenges that you will surely encounter. And these pillars are the greatest foundation you will ever create in a sustainable business empire. Otherwise, you may find yourself sinking in the quicksand of overwhelm, burnout, work-life imbalance, or even worse disease. Unthinkable when you’re building an empire. High Performance requires High Commitment to Extreme Self Care. First it’s important to understand why that is so. We have all heard that mindset to success is key, but for your mindset to function as a mogul in the making, you need a clear understanding of the pathway between your gut and your brain. This path is known as the vagus nerve. The last decade has seen millions of $$ in research and studies to understand the direct correlation of these two major organs within our body.

The vagus nerve is the super highway messenger system between our brain and gut and the gut brain axis. The vagus nerve, historically cited as the pneumogastric nerve (relating to the lungs and stomach, is the tenth cranial nerve it interfaces with the parasympathetic (meaning our calner nervous system) that also assists in the control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It is the longest nerve of the Autonomic nervous system which regulates our heart, lungs and digestive tract in the human body.

Without the direct clear messaging between both organs, healthy functioning gets mis-mashed, confused, foggy and even lost in a dysbiosis of errors and neural pathways get hijacked! What does that even mean? You surely have heard that your personality creates your reality. So take a look at where you are right now? Do you like the way you live your life that your personality has created for you?

Do you feel blocked by doing things, especially unhealthy habits that keep you with brain fog or digestive issues? IIn order to create a new reality, a new way of being you succeeding at your highest level, you firstly need to look at your unconscious behaviours and patterns and change them in order to change your personality and thus your present reality. I hear you scratch your head! “How does this have anything to do with my gut or my brain?” Well if you are feeling disconnected to you or disconnected to your desired reality, there’s possibly an underlying physiological reason WHY.

Research now shows that we are more cells and microbiome than human!We

ecosystem of bacteria located within our bodies and it starts in our mouth! And

have 50 trillion cells in our body and our gut is home to 80% of our immune

these are known as the microbiome. The microbiome is defined as a “complex

system. There are billions of neurotransmitters that carry, boost, and balance signals between neurons, or nerve cells, and other cells in the body.

community of microbes.” The vast majority of the bacterial species that make up our microbiome live in our digestive systems.

Neurons are chemical messengers that affect a wide variety of both physical and psychological functions including

Your neurotransmitters that we usually associate as being in the brain, are also found in your gut.

heart rate, sleep, appetite, mood, and fear! FEAR as a successful woman is something we seem to face daily, but unless you have a Lion chasing you, it’s important to limit the daily fear!

The way we live, eat, sleep, move and communicate all affect the efficiency of our superhighway and ultimately our brain and gut. Let’s go back to your personality creating your reality.

Each of us has an internal complex

...unless you have a Lion chasing you, it’s important to limit the daily fear!

Has regular stress affected your weight

When we get our brain functioning at its

at some time?

optimum, it’s as if a cloud literally lifts from us.


MORE FREELY AND EASILY.Vital functioning for an entrepreneur wouldn’t you say?

Do you feel like you can’t make clear decisions?

Hippocrates became famous for the wisdom “All disease begins in the gut. Let

Are you often tired but wired (can’t

food be your medicine and medicine be

sleep yet exhausted?)

your food.”

All these are signs that your Gut needs some TLC so that your brain can function with more clarity and your body can become closer to a pain-free state.

"Live your life in a body you love"

If we are only feeding our gut

There is so much to understand about

microbiome with food-like

being well, but one thing is clear, all

substances, but not truly resting, or

of the external investments for

digesting sleeping etc then we affect

success will never truly be as

our entire cellular and neurological

valuable as investing in your health.

system. And that affects our capacity to succeed.

Arianna Huffington is testament to this after literally hitting the floor

Remember 50 trillion cells, billions of

with burnout and lack of self-care.

neurotransmitters and millions of bacteria known as microbes. Our

The greatest investment you will ever

body needs real foods to flourish,

make with the highest ROI will be on

once we nourish we truly thrive, this

being well.

is crucial to the success of the modern ambitious woman professional.

Alison Stockton XX Alison Stockton Š2020

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Make 'Vibrant on the Inside out' a daily habit: Delicious recipes and health tips for optimal health and slowing down the ageing process. Kindle edition here


Health & Wellness Coach for Female Entrepreneurs WWW.VIBRANTBALANCEDHEALTH.COM Alison Stockton, founder of Vibrant Balanced Health, Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Alison is an International certified Holistic Health & Wellness coach, eating psychology coach and a current student with The School of Applied Funtional Medicine. She supports successful women with their health journey across the globe. She draws upon her own personal challenges with health and wellness including battling and overcoming anorexia, bulimia, depression and anxiety, IBS, Hashimotos, Vaso Vagal Syncope and Fibromyalgia and is now on a mission to help other women connect their mental & psychical wellbeing and connecting the Body-Mind & Soul. In her previous career as a highly successful personal trainer for over twenty years her clients included Hollywood actor William Baldwin and Sports personalities such as International Tennis Star Jelena Janković as well as super bike champions. Today Alison’s mission is to educate and support women, empowering them to prioritise their health, happiness and find balance in this chaotic modern world.

9 Quick Ways to Feel Good In Your Clothes Without Diets Or Completely Changing Your Wardrobe

"I've got nothing to wear!" What you neither? Join most of the women on the planet lovely! So since, visibility is the hot topic of the moment and transforming ourselves daily into luscious amazons who can go from yoga mat to boardroom, from stage to date with hunnie, from Facebook Live to the store is a vital skill to master, let's cut to the real essentials of simple feeling a whole lot more inspired about your wardrobe and appearance in the mirror. ecause here's the thing, the lack of disatisfaction with our clothes selction comes down to three things: We don't feel good in our body, Maybe there have been some life shifts that have resulted in some change of weight or condition changes, or just some ongoing self-judgement when we look in the mirror (which we all are experts at!) We really haven't taken an honest look at our whole signature style and if it represents our highest self, in her ambitious glory. We have settled for buying automatically from chain stores for convenience or replicating fashion or trends without consideration of whether the styles and colours suit our body shape, personality and colour. When you get a wardrobe full of this, nothing will ever seem to go co-ordinate and nothing ever seems to be right for an occasion with the panache you dream of.

Go through the clothes you love the least and be honest with yourself about whether your clothes and outfits are right for your body shape and type. It is shape and form in outfits that give harmony to a body. Google ‘right clothes for body shape’ to dive into a myriad of info!

Purge everything you’re fed up of, or no longer wear. Make it a sacred ritual t of selfhonouring and even meditation! It's a powerful act that declutters your energy as much as your closet!

Commit to buying the best quality and cut of the items in your wardrobe that are part of your major signature look – jackets, shoes, jeans, accessories. Whatever is a significant part of your total look, get the best (even from recycled designer shops and thrift shops!)

Almost nothing in the world that is tight looks good on a body, unless you are a trained, toned athlete, and even then! Stop it.

Try elements of your wardobe in completely new ways with new combinations. Take some time and play dressing up with your own clothes in ways you’d never thought of before!Â

Get a best friend you really trust, to give you an opinion on the selection of new outifts you come up with! Better still have a girlie Champagne or smoothie evening and make clothes-swapping into some precious woman time while you exchange things you no longer wear.

Prepare your outfits the night before so that your image is thoughtful and polished. Nothing like rushing and throwing on any old thing to have us feeling ‘blah’ in our daily clothes!

Go through Pinterest and make yourself a style inspiration board with some outfit ideas you love on your icons, and see how you can create the same energy and look with what you have.

Commit to being kind and gentle to the reflection in the mirror. Our judgements and self criticisms about our bodies and appearance are so damaging to our vibe and our life results. Practise seeing your natural beauty even on bad hair days or post parties!

Remember beauty is in the ‘I’ of the beholder! © 2020 Jenni Parker Brown

GOALS VERSUS REALITY How to Create Your Perfectly Productive Day With Just One Thing!

Imagine. Revelling in the feeling that you have moved the needle on your success forward, nurtured your clients, accomplished the calls and opened up more doors to opportunity, closed the deals you have nurtured, now, feet up, a glass of vino or superfood latte in hand... what a great day! You got the whole lot done at last!That’s what a day in the life of a Preeminent Entrepreneuress should feel like. But is this your daily reality? Ever?

By Katherine Carey

Or... do you find yourself at the end of the day having the sensation that your two sweet feet are heading in multiple directions? Not even on merely two paths but almost like walking on hot coals so you can’t touch down instead you choose another path right away? Go on and try it right now. Try it. Stand up and spread your legs separately this way and that, a little farther, stretch more, farther. You can do this for a few feet, but then naturally, if you continue, you are headed for an extreme ‘splits’ position with your tush on the floor.

Reality check. It’s impossible to move forward when you have two legs going in different directions. It’s impossible to try and do everything and be everything that your business needs. As business owners, so many of us hold down “all” the jobs of our enterprise. We are the true backbone of our businesses. And all the supporting ribs too!

This can feel thrilling and daunting at the same time. You wake up on any given day and you know what the vision is, the Grand Vision, the big goal so to speak, but WOW OH WOW can you get distracted. Between dozens of DM’s that are asking for your attention, emails showing up that feel uber important, the phone ringing, needy clients reaching out panicking from their own spinning world, and you are now a little all over the place. With those feet treading multiple paths all together! Know that feeling? Split? All over the place? Trying to hold all the bits of you together? It is possible. And necessary. By deciding what is that ‘One Thing’.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. - Coco Chanel

As we know, every journey starts with a single step... there always has to be a starting point. When holding together “all” the moving parts of your life and business, where is your starting point? What comes first? Take the morning, as you weigh up the day ahead and your impossible schedule, have you ever found yourself going to list items in order of importance and said to yourself,“Everything is equally important!”?

While it can feel this way, the truth is this thought process is a stumper. It freezes you. No action happens or discombobulated movements occur with half-actions as you “try” to handle

I’m going to give you three simple ways to halt the spins. Three steps to connecting to The One Thing that has you stepping in a direction that will move you forward in your business.

everything equally. The reality is that this leads you nowhere, because at the end of the day, week and month, you might not have taken one

Let’s face it, it’s all about getting to the one thing, the top item, the number one ‘due diligence’ thing that will move that needle.

single solid step. Can you relate to this feeling?

Easier said than done often, however,

The great news is that you don’t have to spin out of control or practice the splits.

these three steps can really help you fine tune what actually gets the number one spot for the day.

Your sneaky subconscious may want to fight what I say, but if you can just let it be, smile at it and say, “I understand, but let’s just “try” this idea... this time.”, you’ll find yourself feeling accomplished and more importantly, you’ll end this month making the proactive progress your business and dream’s desire. After all, your subconscious is just doing it’s best to protect you (that’s it’s job), so by reassuring it that you are safe and making your choice for the benefit of everyone, well, you truly can tame the beast that is your own thoughts.

This is an exercise for your psyche. You know how key this is to your success. It will take about 10 minutes of your morning routine.The aim is to view your business day from your highest perspective. This is total Preeminence in action.

1. Let’s give this Inspired Productivity Visualisation a try (it’s amazingly challenging and yet truly so simple to do): Start by just sitting back, close your eyes and take a few minutes to breathe into your highest vision. See your surroundings. What does your work space look like? What does your desk look like? Not necessarily your current desk but your total Preeminent life desk. How does that workspace feel? Are there plants in the room, a coffee or tea on your desk, can you smell it? Is it floral or nutty, what kind of cup is it in? Do you have staff? Does your office have glass walls? Can you see your staff working or are they working remotely? Just take a moment to take all that in. Now picture your clients. Picture how you are helping them in their worlds? Can you perceive the feeling of progress in them? The joy from reading your words? The “aha’s” they are having from your speaking? Next, go to your bank. Take a peek at your balance. See how it’s growing. Immerse yourself in the feeling of thriving. Feel into how you will be using this generous bank account to propel you forward, helping those you love, helping the world. Just lean into any or all of these prompts. Feel into them until you are tingling and feeling vibrant and then open your eyes and ask yourself:

2. “What’s the One Thing I can do TODAY to move forward in my business?” I recommend not even looking at your running to-do list. This is a soul question. What IS the One Thing I can do THIS day to move myself forward in my business?? Sit with it for a bit. Your heart and soul will tell you. You know what it is because you are a savvy business woman. So lean into that wisdom that is you and claim the One Thing that will move you forward this day. Write it down. This is your mantra for the day.

3. Place that One Thing on the top of your todo list. Everything else comes under it, ideally in order of importance for supporting and accomplishing the direction of the day, which is, that One Thing. We can tell ourselves that everything is of equal importance but deep down we know that just isn’t true. When you have a vision of the next solid step, you know you are working wise and not just being busy.

What IS the One Thing I can do THIS day to move myself forward in my business?

While this method may feel a bit out of the

Thriving in the feeling that you

box, I challenge you to give it a try. Try

have moved your fortunes

this for a week. Check in with yourself at

forward, nurtured your clients,

the end of the day and of the week to see

made the calls, and opened more

just how it felt, how the work felt, how

doors to opportunity, closed the

your business feels. It’s all about balance

deals you had prepared, feet up, a

and growth.

glass of vino in hand (or superfood latte) ... what a great

Adjust as needed. The vision here is for you

day! You got this Girl!

to feel that blissful feeling as described in the beginning of this article. To truly feel

You truly do.

the Preeminence of your business and life. xo Katherine

Katherine Carey Š2020

K atherine CareyÂ

Katherine represents the modern hybrid global entrepreneur combining her expertise in business management, Location Independent Business, Influencer Lifestyle, Style and Creativity. Experienced Global Millinery Designer - Katherine Carey Millinery has been featured on some of the world's most celebrated Fashion Week catwalks. For 10 years her work has graced the windows of the most prestigious millinery boutiques in NY. Specialist for fledgling small business, Katherine's flair for creative solutions and savoir faire for global travel and style, have placed her firmly as an innovator and advisor to the new generation of Blogger Influencers, and Artistic Entrepreneurs. A proven 'dream-warrior', Katherine inspires people to take quantum leaps towards their dreams by showcasing themselves and their work at the highest level. She leads and lives with inspiration and her clients reap these benefits for their lives and businesses.

Need A Boost?! Now is a great time for opportunity. It truly is. Currently it is a time for re-thinking how we have "always" done things and a time to start thinking Out Of The Box! It's a time for pivoting and choosing new ways to reach our optimum clientele. Using real life/real time experiences of just how I am pivoting in my own business currently, I created a complmentary miniclass where I share with you the ways I am seeing that are positive outreach possibilities. I hope this inspires you and even more so I hope you take Inspired Action! Always. xo Katherine

distinction Align Your Message, Your Mission and Your Presence



Make A Statement! Hat: Beatrice. Mini Topper to give you a little boost. Hat stays a top head with small elastic band hidden under the hairline.Hand-dyed in your Brand Colors. Shown here in Saffron. $350

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How to adapt timeless wardrobe elements whatever your body type and personality

animal print Un peu? Beaucoup? Pas du tout?

"'Wild is never out of style"'

Since we stopped wearing furs out of necessity AND choice, ( thank goodness!) style conscious women have always been drawn to the allure of clothing themselves in animal print.Replicas of big cats’ coats - leopard, zebra, cheetah and faux snakeskin fabrics natural have become a timeless and versatile wardrobe stapleWhy? They’re bold, elegant and instant style-makers.Like denim, lace, polka dots, sailor stripes, sequins and a few other style patterns, animal print is one that endures the test of time and comes back into fashion again and again.So much so that, in the last decade, it has become a chic classic that repeats itself on the runway in as little as two years!

Not just runway favorites but also on film sets, and interior design, animal prints have made a long-lasting impression across the fashion industry board. Classics share that useful, intemporal quality that, when teamed with other wardrobe elements, they always look trendy!Unlike pure colour which either enhances or clashes with a women’s Natural Charms as I have re-named what is known as Colour Palette, animal prints seem to lend a “Je ne sais quoi” to just about every personality, energy and body type. Grounded and earthy, animal prints evoke our connection to our own wild nature, but play well with others, thus lending themselves to endless styling possibilities.

Whether you’re crazy about them or shy of them, having some animal print classics in your wardrobe will zing up your image for just about any occasion.They can be sophisticated or playful, lushly sensual or fresh, animal prints just seem to have the ability to pep up even a dull day. And women look good in them. Men do too come to that.

Holidays, leisure-wear, from desk to dessert dinner date to doing deals, a print will travel anywhere you go.

In my Styled to Sell™ makeover system, I use Visionary Women Style Archetypes to determine the ‘energy’ of a women. This analysis comes even before colour matching, since my work and your aim is to for your style to work for you to attract your ideal clients, opportunities, desires and dreams! So whether you’re a Boho archetype, Vintage and Retro oriented, Sporty, Classic and Introverted, whether you’re a Rock Diva, a Mystic or an Adventurer, there is a way to incorporate this timeless classic wardrobe element and make it an instant statement!

Walk on the wild side wherever you are!

Un peu? If you’re a little shy of making bold statements, you can begin by incorporating animal skin print through accessories. Belts, shoes, hats, bags, even hair accessories can ‘wilden’ up the quietest outfit! Scarves and shawls should go on your list of must-haves since they carry endless possibilities to add a touch of glamour in an understated way.

Coats, capes, gowns, sweaters, leggings, jeans, jackets - if you love animal print the wild world is your oyster! From Couture to High Street, Vintage to Second Hand and Hand Made, you can find just about any wardrobe item in patterns that will lend panache to your image and chrisma! Mixing and matching prints is bound to make a statement. Pairing a 'double print' with some sober and plain dark elements lends some glamour and true power to a woman's allure. Prints love to pair up with bright colour as well as well as neutrals.

18 or 80+ , animal prints are highly age friendly!

Take a tip from Top Designers who continually re-create Jungle Couture with verve and originality

n r e t t a p rupt r e t in

Animals prints are made to pair with other classics. A little black dress, some smart city pants, a pleated skirt or if you're daring leather shorts! And then there is our old friend, denim. Denim and print are the 'Bread and Butter' of a casual wardrobe.

Patterns and prints, like colours, carry energy and symbolism. Unlike wild animals who, through the miraculous paint-brush of nature, developed their natural skin patterns from the need for camouflage or asserting dominance, you can use them to renovate items that bore you and elevate your closet to a roar of power and confidence!

Prints for the office, an event or a speaking presentation. Monochrome tones are harmonious and sohpisticated.

Pas du tout? Allez...juste une petite touche!

Whether you’re pale skinned or of a striking colouring who doesn’t look good in neutrals, you can find animal print fabrics in many jazzy colours too. Bold colours and black, even pastel or primary backgrounds, being inspired by our beloved natural world can be done with class, discretion and individuality.

"Researches show that 55% of why people want to do business with you is from your appearance. On a first impression, your image is key to getting a "Yes!" It’s vital for your business that your appearance is working in your favour! Like it or not, you cannot afford to be less than polished and primed whenever you are in public. "

styled to sell™ quickstart guide Thinking about upgrading your image? Find out more and how you can access my Styled to Sell™ quickstart guide, Free. Click here

How To Look Polished & Professional Even When You’re Short On Time Or A Total Beginner Women often tell me that they don’t apply makeup because they think it’s too much hassle as it takes too long to apply and way too many products. Or that they don’t have a clue what they’re doing when it comes to makeup. They also fear that makeup makes them look like they’re wearing a mask! The first thing to keep in mind is that there’s a fine line between looking overdone and not being done at all!! So before we continue, I’m going to dispel 3 myths for you. You DON’T need a lot of products to create a look that flatters and enhances your complexion and makes you look polished, professional and put together. It does NOT take a long time to apply makeup every day. The ONLY thing that makeup significantly changes is your selfconfidence. Here’s what makeup actually does: The purpose of makeup is to enhance your naturally beautiful features, not change you in any way. It still makes you look like YOU by amplifying your best features. But it’s not necessarily about looking good wearing makeup. It’s about looking and feeling your best. And makeup is such a simple tool to use to instantly make you feel just that.

Polished in 4 minutes, with 4 products When you’re looking and feeling your best, you feel energised and full of confidence which means you show up as your very best self. You’re more productive, self-assured and make bold courageous decisions and you’re not afraid to be visible. For example, you’ll do that Facebook live or make that call to a client about working with you. Now you know why makeup is such a simple tool to use to make you look and feel fabulous and full of confidence, let’s look at how you can create a polished and professional look in just 4 minutes using just 4 products.

PRODUCT #1: CONCEALER Concealer is a little miracle worker! It’s essentially a colour corrector. Its purpose is to counteract discolouration such as dark circles, redness or pigmentation marks. It lightens shadowed areas such as dark circles under the eye area or around the mouth. And it can also camouflage blemishes.Even just a small amount of concealer around the eye area will instantly give a more refreshed look which will make you FEEL more refreshed and awake. You don’t even need to apply foundation if you wish as you can also use concealer to neutralise spots or redness on the cheeks which will instantly give a slightly more even tone to the complexion.

Time it takes to apply: approx 30-60 seconds

PRODUCT #2 MASCARA Simply applying just 1 coat of mascara makes you look INSTANTLY awake and refreshed. Even without applying any other eye makeup products, such as eyeshadow, it’ll enhance your eyes and instantly give a more fresh-faced appearance. I highly recommend you apply mascara to your bottom lashes too as it really opens up the eyes even further. Time it takes to apply: approx 40-60 seconds

PRODUCT #3: LIP COLOUR OF YOUR CHOICE When I say lip colour, I mean colour! Avoid nude, pale or neutral lip shades as they do absolutely nothing to brighten and enhance your complexion! And when your lips look pale, your complexion looks tired, washed out and gives a more aged look, no matter whether you’re 55 or 25! Now I’m not saying you have to wear reds or really bright shades. But even opting for shades that are at least 2 shades darker than your natural lip colour will still look really natural yet give an instant touch of warmth and radiance to your complexion. Of course, if you opt for a shade of red, for example, that will look even more sophisticated and give you an instant surge of confidence. Time it takes to apply: approx 10-60 seconds

PRODUCT #4: BLUSHER Last but not least, add a little blusher to your cheeks. This is such a quick and easy way to go from looking tired and pale to fresh and radiant in seconds.Cream blusher is really quick and easy to apply as you don’t even need a makeup brush. Simply apply a small amount to your cheeks using your fingers and blend well. Time it takes to apply: approx 30-60 seconds Of course, if you opt for a shade of red, for example, that will look even more sophisticated and give you an instant surge of confidence. Time it takes to apply: approx 10-60 seconds

"But what about all the other makeup products I need?" You’ll notice I haven’t even mentioned products like foundation or eyeshadow. That’s because you don’t necessarily need them! The 4 products I mentioned above are enough to brighten and enhance your complexion and make you look and feel polished and put together. And as you can see, you can achieve this in less than 5 minutes. However, if you have a little more time and would like to take things up a notch, here are a few further products you can use that only take a couple of extra minutes to apply.

EYE MAKEUP A quick swash of a neutral eyeshadow shade all over the eyelids looks really great for professional situations. Bronze, brown and even shades of gold are very daytime friendly and look great on pretty much every eye colour. They give the eyes a lovely pop colour and you can make the look as natural or glamorous as you like. If you’re a beginner, cream eyeshadows are a really great way to get started with eye makeup as they’re very easy to apply. Time it takes to apply: approx 30-60 seconds

EYELINER TIPS fF you’re stuck on time but love the look of eyeliner, tightline the eyes with an eyeliner pencil in black or dark brown. This is a super quick and easy technique in which you line your upper waterline to subtly define and thicken the appearance of your eyelashes. Time to apply: approx 10-30 seconds If you prefer a natural eyeliner look with a little more intensity, apply a dark eyeshadow shade along the upper lash line. Shades such as dark brown, dark grey, navy, plum and aubergine all make gorgeous eyeliner shades that define the eyes in natural and flattering way. Time to apply: approx 40-60 seconds

Don’t wear black eyeliner on the lower lashline. Aside from it not being a daytime appropriate look, it’s very

his! t g n i o A v oid d

unflattering as it’s much too harsh for many skin tones. It also gives an aged look to the complexion.

Neat, tidy eyebrows really frame the face. But you don’t need to spend hours creating a full-on defined look. At the very least, brush through your brows with a spoolie.

K eep y ou r ey brow s tidy...

Time to apply: approx 5-10 seconds

FOUNDATION If you like a bit more coverage but avoid wearing foundation because you think it’ll look and feel like you’re wearing a mask, let me reassure you this is not true. When you choose the right foundation for your skin type, it’ll make your skin look refreshed, radiant and like you had 10 hours sleep (when in reality you’ve only had 4!). LESS IS MORE when it comes to foundation. A simple way to ensure you don’t apply too much is to apply concealer first, then foundation. You’ll notice how your concealer will already have begun to even out your skin tone which means you’ll need less foundation. This will give a gorgeous, natural finish to the skin. Time it takes to apply: approx 60 seconds

Model MaĂ?lene Leblanc

Makeup is a way for a woman to feel like herself, Only, prettier and more confident

Bobbi Brown

pattern interupt #1: Stop rushing! Take your time. Aren’t you worth at least 5 minutes of your day too? #2: Your beauty routine (including skincare and makeup) is part of your self-care routine. It’s a great way to practice selfcare every single day. #3: Find the right products for you. When you have the right shades and products that suit your skin type, skin tone, eye colour best, they’ll flatter your complexion in the most beautiful way. And will give you an instantaneous uplifted, refreshed and rejuvenated look. #4: It’s better to invest in learning what products suit you first before wasting your time and money on products that don’t suit you. #5: It’s more cost-effective to have just a few products that you actually use than a lot of products you never use that don’t suit you or that you don’t know how to use. #6: When you look fabulous you feel fabulous. And when you FEEL fabulous you look even more fabulous and FEEL full of self-confidence.

© 2020 Noleen Sliney

Noleen is an Irish Organic Makeup Artist, Cruelty-Free Beauty Ambassador and founder of Natural Beauty Society. She helps professional women over 30 simplify their beauty routine by choosing the right products to enhance their natural beauty and make them feel confident. She also helps them to easily make the switch to natural, organic, cruelty-free beauty products, without sacrificing quality and glamour. Noleen takes a holistic approach and believes a healthy beauty routine also involves a healthy lifestyle and mindset. She does all this through her blog, online workshops and personalised 1-1 lessons, as well as her Natural Beauty Society membership community. She’s been called “The Organic Makeup Queen” by Natural Health Magazine and they’ve named her as one of the Top Beauty Eco Influencers to watch out for in 2020. Her work has also been featured in publications such as Thrive Global, Yoga Journal, The Little Wedding Corner. As well as working on advertising campaigns for some of the worlds largest companies such as Siemens, Allianz and Tam Airlines.

preeminent designer of the month

doviArt is a child of a life long dream. I was born in Lithuania and cannot pinpoint the exact time when l first felt the love for fashion design, but it was really early. By nine l was a budding paper doll and their exuberant outfits maker, selling them to my classmates for the price of cinnamon bun. While other children were waiting for animations on tv, I was glued to tv watching runway shows from Paris, very rare occurrence btw. In my teenage years I realized that I can transform my appearance with clothes, accessories and makeup. I started sewing when I was thirteen. I got tired to wait when my mom will finish my clothes and asked her to show me how the sewing machine works. That was magic, I still remember the first dress I made for myself. After more than two decades I am back to fashion design and life never was better. When I work on new designs, I feel alive, I can finally breathe. I cannot honestly say how I create, to me it feels that it just happens. Sometimes it’s a dream, sometimes I see a fabric and design just pops in my head.

Dovile Riebschlager

The more I work the more interesting ideas I get.I would describe what l create as wearable art. I am still exploring where this line of creative thinking will lead me. . What l show on the runway is the extent of my imagination and skill, but when l work with my clients, l listen, because it is not what l want, but what they want.

Recently I noticed that I am leaning towards avant-garde high fashion, but what I really want is to make it wearable, comfortable, user friendly. I want the person wearing my clothes to feel special, one-of-a-kind, someone, who stands out of the crowd and makes immediate and unforgettable impression


What l show on the runway is the extent of my imagination and skill, but when l work with my clients, l listen, because it is not what l want, but what they want. Instagram @dovilepar Email: Phone: +1-630-917-0051

peerlessness Hire Your Genius as CEO

Gown and Hat designed by

Dovile Riebschlager

preeminence is as preeminence does

renown Screw Visibility Master Unforgetability

“Your desire to help others needs to be greater than your fear of putting yourself out there�

HOW TO USE PR TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER AS A HIGH LEVEL EXPERT By Dina Behrman You know that coach – the one who’s SO popular there’s a waiting list to work with her? Yeah, you know the one. When people ask for recommendations for a coach in a Facebook group, everyone mentions her name. You see her clients all over the place, talking about how great she is.

Last week she was on the cover of some biz mag, and the week before that she was interviewed for an ‘Inspiring Women In Business’ feature on a well known website. She’s reached almost celeb-like status and has a thriving business because every damn person seems to want to work with her!

And you see her EVERYWHERE.

So, how’s she doing it? How has she cultivated that ‘expert status’?

She’s recently been featured in some major online publications, she’s got a regular slot on a well-known blogging platform.

The answer is, she’s leveraging the power of the media to position herself as an expert and show that she’s an authority in her field.

You’ve seen other entrepreneurs being featured in the media, but doing it yourself all seems a bit of a mystery.


People want to work with an expert. They want someone who categorically knows what they’re talking about. They want someone who is endorsed by others. They want someone who they can trust. Leveraging the media enables you to do all those things. It’s something I teach my clients to do, and something that if done right can be super effective. Take my client, let’s call her Sarah, a successful business coach. She was profiled in Forbes magazine, talking about her expert subject. She also wrote a series of articles and guest blog posts sharing her knowledge and expertise for some well known online publications and blogging platforms. She’s been interviewed in a series of podcasts on subjects relating to her area of expertise. All of these things help her to: Position herself as the expert Raise her profile Get in front of more of her ideal clients Inspire trust in potential customers Feel confident about raising her prices when the time comes Be open to more opportunities Drive more traffic to her website Get more followers on social media Make more sales


One particular newspaper article that she appeared in, led to journalists from a couple of glossy magazines reaching out to interview her, and an invitation to appear on a major radio show. All of that coverage led to her signing up a load of new coaching clients. That’s what you can expect when you successfully leverage the media to position yourself as an expert. So how can you become the ‘go to’ authority in your field? And how can you step into your power as the high-level expert you were born to be?


1. Own your expert status Don’t be afraid to call yourself an expert. If you’ve studied or got experience in a particular area, that makes you an expert to someone who knows nothing about that subject. So own it. Shift your mindset so that you start seeing yourself as the expert that you are. And remember, if you’re feeling scared to put yourself out there as an expert - ‘your desire to help others needs to be bigger than your fear of putting yourself out there’. 2. Write guest articles SStart submitting guest blog-posts and guest articles. Blogging on major blogging platforms or contributing guest articles to publications that welcome content from contributors, helps you to show off your knowledge and expertise. Find the outlets that are the best fit for you in terms of the subjects they feature and submit articles where you can showcase your knowledge of a particular topic.

3. Get quoted as an expert in the press Being quoted as an expert in the press gives you a third-party endorsement. Basically, people who know, like and trust a publication will automatically see you as an expert if you are quoted in that publication. You can be quoted in the press by proactively pitching different publications with story ideas. And you can find media opportunities by responding to media requests. Connect to journalists on social media and look out for any requests they put out there for experts to comment. 4. Become more visible If it’s done in the right way, being more visible in general will help people to remember you as the expert in a particular niche. Raise your visibility by being more active on social media, blogging regularly, and getting featured in the press. Target the media outlets that your ideal clients are reading/watching/listening to by sending journalists targeted media pitches with your story idea.

For more information visit Dina Behrman ©2020

Dina Behrman Dina Behrman is a journalist-turned- PR and publicity expert who works with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to take their business to the next level. She helps them get seen and heard in the media so they can share their story and expertise to help more people, whilst gaining more followers, raising their prices and making more sales.

Download her free PR & Content Planner:

prestige Ignite your 'Know, Like and Trust' factor!

Vanity Metrics: You Are Connected To The Wrong People

- by Ungenita Prevost

When you observe the habits of the top 2% of women business owners generating over a million dollars in annual revenues, you will often see their power comes from the quality of their relationships. If you’re like 75% of women entrepreneurs generating less than 50K per year. You’ve built quite a few connections over the years, but aside from ‘social media small talk’ you have yet to see a substantial ROI. Your vanity metrics are quite impressive. 10K, 50K and 100K.

with hundreds of likes and thousands of followers. Great for the ego but not for the bank account. You’ve collected hundreds of business cards, attended dozens of coffee meetings and the you




When I think about the glamorous projects I booked in Hollywood. My work with Janet Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Palmer, Jon Bon Jovi and Eartha Kit the right place at the right time, building relationships with key players in the entertainment business and


enough to seize lucrative opportunities. Today, I use the exact same skills to build a million dollar company but when I scroll my social media feeds it’s apparent..


elementary (10% at best and I’m being nice).

Why is that?

When I moved to Hollywood to model JLo (sing, dance and act). I applied those skills and became a ferocious networker. I had B/C level agents/managers. They didn’t do much for my career.

(to name a few) came down to me being in

Your Facebook / Instagram feeds are filled


When I was ‘aged out’ of the foster care system at 18 years old. I had no choice but to hone my communication skills, people skills and social skills. They were survival tactics back then.


In the era of social networks. We have zero social networking skills. Perhaps, it was never part of Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy. I don’t think Facebook includes an A-Z social networking manual

So , imagine you were CONNECTED to all the RIGHT people.

in their terms and conditions.

Would that impact your business? What

We are connected but we are not

income? Life?

CONNECTING. Is social media REALLY driving humanity forward? MILLIONS of people with.. • No social skills • No people skills • No interpersonal skills • No communication skills • No networking skills

about your career? How about your






entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars on group coaching programs, high level masterminds,





brigade of women’s networking groups longing for COMMUNITY and to make CONNECTIONS. Here’s the caveat.

Social Media is diminishing the very skills


we need to succeed in business and life.

idea how to build their networks

Women are so quick to jump on the gender

(much less monetize them) and leverage those communities to scale their businesses and advance their careers.

equality bandwagon. Truth be told, men are better networkers. They know how to





leverage their connections, create lucrative partnerships AND monetize their networks.

“It's Not Who You Know It's Who Knows You!”

~ David Avrin

I have news for you....


If your current circle is not helping you get to where you want to go by promoting you, investing in you or giving you referrals. Let’s not sugar coat the facts. They don’t support you, no matter what. You are connected to the WRONG people, if they are not putting you in front of the RIGHT PEOPLE. One of your primary business goals should be to belong to a powerful network of VETTED business women who will do what they say and support one another to achieve a common goal. It’s not about a list size. It’s not about how many fans, followers or likes you’ve garnered. Again, if your “community” is not increasing your impact, influence or income, why bother? Meeting the RIGHT people requires a strategy, time and MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS SKILLS.

n r e pattrrupt inte

"Stop investing in tactics and start investing in people"

Researchers show the average American KNOWS somewhere between 290 and 600 people.It’s the foundation which to build your rolodex. Your rolodex should include 500 influential collaborators and key advisors so you are only ever one text or phone call away from generating leads, referrals or resources. Hone your communication skills, people skills and (despite what you see online) sharpen your social networking skills.

"The one easy way to become worth 50% MORE than you are now — at least is to hone your Communication Skills - both written and verbal." - Warren Buffett

Instead of wasting MORE time chasing the wrong people on social media. Commit to building quality relationships with the RIGHT PEOPLE. Human contact is a LUXURY GOOD. Remember, when you invest in people you’ll yield a high ROI. Thanks a TRILLION,

Ungenita Prevost

© 2020 Ungenita Prevost

PS. If you’d like to see how I NETWORK, join Feminine, Rich & Powerful! This is my free, invitation ONLY ONLINE COMMUNITY filled with some of the world’s most influential beauty connoisseurs, style enthusiasts, luxury brands, sophisticated entrepreneurs AND OF COURSE FEMININE CEOs... Our members have made their mark in a variety of industries and range from start ups, social enterprises, ladies in the c-suite, coaches/consultants and high-profile women leaders who are scaling to multiple 6-figures, to women who generate 7-figures in annual revenues.This is the place to create lucrative partnerships, forge a network of influential collaborators and key advisors so you are only ever one text or phone call away from generating leads, referrals or resources. And you don’t want to miss my FEMININE SELLING POWER HOUR on Tuesday’s! Go to answer a few questions and my team and I will be there to roll out the red carpet for you.


ungenita prevost founder of SELLING IN STILETTTOS

Presents her complimentary masterclass


The Art of Social Sophistication

Ungenita Prevost

Ungenita Prevost is a former Hollywood body double and music video dancer turned feminine leadership expert, international speaker and the founder of SellingINStilettos® Women.Money.Power, Monetize Your Network and Chief Feminine Officer. She is based in Europe and the US with a global clientele and a career that spans film/TV, music, beauty and fashion. She’s worked with start-ups, business leaders, celebrities and global brands as a marketing consultant, creative director, brand strategist, sales trainer, fashion merchandiser and spokes model. She is an official member of Forbes Coaches Council, founder of Future Females London and one of the world’s most preeminent power connectors.

How your Image and Style can close

Million dollar deals

So after you've done your own version of your Miraculous Morning routine, you slip into an outfit that you pulled together effortlessly the night before. You dress mindfully, savouring how much the colours and textures make you feel energised. The outfit is a mix and match of your signature style, curated for your physique, body tones and personality, but also for your core message, your energy, your audience. You feel uplifted, elated and sparky as you glance in the mirror. Your inner voice, says 'Girl you look good today!' You know you are going to rock this morning's Live because you feel aligned with your highest self, today. She inspires you with confidence. You begin to tap into her vibe and your heart gives







possibility. On the Live, you receive comments on your appearance






attracted to you. The right ones. Your tribe is growing. You get invitations to speak on stage and everyone comments on how your style reflects your brilliance, and they ask for your card and book calls. Your message gets clearer with each passing day. You live your 'why' more and more. It is easier and easier to be on the outside, the visionary badass you are on the inside. You feel bloody gorgeous, just as you are.

AND THEN YOU WAKE UP UP THE REAL WORLD But if you were enjoying the story because it’s the one that plays out in your waking and sleeping dreams and if that is a reality you want to embroider into your 3D universe, then it's time to give some priority to one of the most powerful tools you have to step into your awesomeness and potential.

" Studies have shown that people considered to be attractive earn more money and generate higher sales results. .... appearances matter in sales in spite of any conscious efforts to be objective,

This judging is happening at least some of the time if not most of the time."

In fact, it is our brains that do the judging quite naturally. It's even a biological process over which we have no control. Except that we do! We can use that neurological instinct to our advantage






communicating to the person in front of us through







communication. So many women have not aligned these two vital skills together so that they are harmonious and coherent! Some women think this is something they will do when they reach 6 figures. But that’s back to front.

This is a priority sales and success skill that contributes to your scaling your business!

Why? Well first of all, It’s natural! You have 3 seconds to make an impression.Even before you get to talk about your beautiful vision.The person before you has already made up their mind if they are going to like you or not.How? By your image and your energy.

Three. Seconds. To conquer any doubts.







opportunity. Million buck ones.


"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman." —Coco Chanel

Except that we do! We can use that neurological instinct to our advantage by ensuring that we are communicating to the






through our visual as well as verbal


see, your own image is like a thumbprint. A one in 60 billion statement of who you are and what you stand for. You need to have success pouring out of every pore.

That does not mean dressed

head to toe in

designer apparel, but showing up as your highest future self today!

It has already been proven that people buy not what you are selling, maybe not even the slice

outcome. of







represent. Who you are. They want to buy your energy, and your




communication but you must be aligned with that highest self, to be able to do that!

It's about your energy. And as you know, this is a vital component in marketing. It's the vital link between your 'why', your message, and your mission! It's the vital link in making sure you are visible, coherent, ubiquitous, and attractive to the right people! It's the vital link in your vibe being a match for your intentions! It's a vital link to you loving yourself in the mirror. It's a vital link to you attracting the perfect clients.







in any





million to


Here’s the science behind it. Our Image is our way of communicating with the world – that is, our potential clients and audience, including potential JV partners, people with money to invest, potential lovers, everybody! Our Image is made up of 3 KEY ELEMENTS Our Energy: which means life force, vitality, prana, mood, mindset, emotional set point, hormone balance. Our Life Purpose: our 'why', values, mission, vision, goals, dreams, and raison d'être'. And our Style: Aka clothes that speak of our essence. Clothes that claim who we truly and uniquely are. Clothes that attract, magnetise our audience. Events, opportunities. It's an art and a science but it's not Rocket Science! It's an easily learn-able but vital skill. Showing up every day as world class brings world class results.

Showing up every day as world class, brings world class results.

Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, but it will happen. It will elevate your 'ordinary into the extra-ordinary, even Preeminent! Showing up every day as world class will raise the mediocre into the spectacular. The routine hum-drum into the adventurous and impactful. On condition that your style speaks of your own success signature which expresses who you are in your most brilliant glorn, playing at your highest level. Or whether you remain looking like a carbon copy of everyone else out there – fitting in so as not to stand out. Settling for 'meh'. If that's the case, how do you expect MILLION DOLLAR DEALS to find YOU?

n r e t t pa upt r r e t n i

Š 2020 Jenni Parker Brown

"Embody, in Your Image, The Outcome That You Are Promising Your Clients "

free audio masterclass click on the iphone for instant access

leadership Be The Change You Want To See In Your Bank Account

Marcia Martin

A New Paradigm for Leaders

Enlightened Leadership is 'The New Black'

Act on the world, rather than allowing the world to act on us.

A New Paradigm for Leaders I have been training leaders my whole life and creating leadership programs for hundreds of thousands of people, and so I know a bit about what leaders need to thrive. Leadership is an interesting












People think about leadership in lots of different ways.

The old model of leadership – the old paradigm – is that leadership is about a title, or about the authority you have been given, or about who is actually the leader of the team or the meeting.

It’s been thought in the past that if you had the title, then you must be a leader. There is a new leadership paradigm now – it is a different way of considering what leadership is, and it involves all of us, not just the person who has the title and not just the person who happens to be chairing the meeting.

The new paradigm of leadership has to do with our what our interpretation is of responsibility and commitment. It used to be thought that our commitment and our responsibility was determined by our circumstances, so in fact, if someone was asked to commit, they would first look to see what their circumstances were in order to have the answer – did they have enough money to commit to that, did they have the right team to be able to commit to delivering a result – in other words, their circumstances determined what they could commit to.

In the New World, we don't need a title to lead

Human beings innately want two big things – to belong, and to make a difference.

In the new paradigm of leadership, we are now waking up to our own personal power, and we are realizing that commitment comes first


committed BEFORE

ask to










we or





surround us. Then if we are really committed, we work on creating whatever circumstances we need to get the job done.










paradigm of leadership, we are acting as if we can cause things to happen and as if we have impact









world, rather than allowing the world to act on us.

In the new paradigm of leadership, we don’t need a title to lead – we just need a voice, and the perspective that we have the capacity to make a difference. That is a real leader – one who causes things to happen, no matter their title; one who realizes they have power to













offers and promises until the desired result is achieved. leader,





follow they

because they are inspired to.



kind to

of but

Human beings innately want two big things – to belong, and to make a difference.

Real leaders know that about people. They create communities where people feel they belong, and where they are affirmed for the difference they make; where they can speak and be appreciated for their ideas, rather than treated like sheep who have to follow along because ‘the leader’ said so.

Real leaders know their job is to wake up, and to wake others up to the fact that we all have the job to make this world a better place for all; not just for ourselves or our petty whims; but for the good of all – and that we need to operate in a way that our communities and our commitments can be sustainable, not just until we get what we want for ourselves. It won’t








They know they have a higher calling; they know they want to make a difference, and they become guided by that purpose rather than their petty wants and personal will.

Real leaders in the New Paradigm of Leadrship are Enlightened Leaders In this New Paradigm of Leadership, it





sustainability; leaders of this nature want things to work for all, and to be part of a bigger ecosystem. These leaders operate in a Win/Win world, not Win/Lose.

We are in a special time in history, where our actions make a difference to





communities and of our very planet. Once







difference, we can not forget that. Just like riding a bicycle – once you know how to ride a bike, you always know. Once we are enlightened, we are always enlightened, and then the real



responsible operate

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committed that


be to of

enlightenment or not – even in the face












thing that makes us an Enlightened

n r e t t a p rrupt e t n i







Leaders in the New Paradigm take the Stand for making a difference in life and making this a better world for all.

The 4 Stages of Consciousness

Stage One:

We are at the effect of our circumstances; we allow the world to act on us; we are victims.

Stage Two:

The four stages of consciousness We realize we have power and we can create our own

circumstances – we act into the world with our own voice and power; however, we act mostly for our own good – what we want, what we need, and pay little attention to the whole.

Stage Three:

We get to a place where we create many results, but end up feeling “is that all there is?” – we have things and personal power, but we discover a longing to make a difference, to contribute to a bigger purpose, to serve a higher cause or community.

Stage Four:

We get to a place where we find that there is a calling inside and we become ‘used’ by the Universe for a higher purpose; when we are on the ‘right path’, things go well, and if get off that path, we find life doesn’t flow as well; the Universe guides us in our actions from a higher place.

Champions get results not reasons

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THINKING OUT-OF-THE-BOX IS SUCH A CLICHÉ. Almost everyone blurts this line out when discussing a topic that demands you to stand out or see things from a different perspective.

Bearing this in mind, have you ever stepped back to ask yourself ‘HOW you can think out-of-the-box?’

Is there a process or system?

Are we born with this thought pattern?

Is it a special gift?

So many questions, which is why we’re going to start with:

What does ‘thinking-out-of-the-box’ mean?

Some tend to think it means thinking creatively, freely, and off the beaten path (something that for now, the kind of stuff that machines can’t yet do).

And in relation to business, where our audiences and market ask that we be authentic, different and original, it’s the kind of thinking that demands significant attention.

Now that we have a rough idea of what this means, would you agree that it all sounds fuzzy? All this “thinking creatively, freely and off the beaten path”, still, it doesn’t explain HOW one can think out-of-the-box.

AI propose we break this down (always a good start to learning HOW to think outof-the-box).

I would suggest that it means, that we need to learn how to THINK.HOW do we think? And how do we think ‘creatively, freely and off the beaten path’?Personally, I believe we begin to THINK, when something or someone triggers our curiosity.

“I think curiosity is our friend that teaches us how to become ourselves. And it’s a very gentle friend and a very forgiving friend, and a very constant one”. Elizabeth Gilbert. Which leads me to ask, what triggers our curiosity? According to, when googling “what triggers us to think?”, this is the answer that was given: Differences in the physical connections of the brain are at the root of what make people think and behave differently from one another.

Researchers reporting in the February 6 issue of the Cell Press journal Neuron, shed new light on the details of this phenomenon, mapping the exact brain regions where individual differences occur.

Their findings reveal that individuals’ brain connectivity varies more in areas that relate to integrating information than in areas for initial perception of the world.

Which leads me to ask, what triggers our curiosity?

According to, when googling “what triggers us to think?”, this is the answer that was given: Differences in the physical connections of the brain are at the root of what make people think and behave differently from one another.

Researchers reporting in the February 6 issue of the Cell Press journal Neuron, shed new light on the details of this phenomenon, mapping the exact brain regions where individual differences occur.

Their findings reveal that individuals’ brain connectivity varies more in areas that relate to integrating information than in areas for initial perception of the world.

To sum this up: Information vs. Perception Our curiosity triggers us to think — the answers we seek jump between our information and our perception.

Thereby, helping us to either think IN or OUT of the box (the box being the small space of what is norm vs. what leads us to think creatively, freely and off the beaten path).


And what we know, is what we’ve been taught or experienced and/or what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

The challenge arises when our intuition is in conflict with what we know aka INFORMATION.

In a nutshell, flip-the-switch.

Scramble what you know — to learn something new — to create a new perspective and a new pool of knowledge.

This discrepancy creates uneasiness in us. Triggering us to become curious about what

Take COVID-19 for example.

we know and how it can be perceived or seen differently, other than the frame in which it This virus hasn’t ‘come out of nowhere’. has always been seen. In 2015, the extraordinary Bill Gates already ‘predicted’ an epidemic (virus) So to answer HOW we can think out-of-thewould be coming soon and that we as a box, we need to heighten listening to our world weren’t ready for it. (Something intuition. really freaky is that a Hollywood movie with A-List actors was released in 2011 Which is often in conflict with what we know, around the COVID-19 virus, albeit a and use that to challenge the status quo (you little exaggerated). need to define what this is) and then use your curiosity to join the dots by challenging your status of information vs your level of perception.

Bill was already taking information vs perception and flipping the switch through his curiosity to find answers that would bring about ‘thinking out-of-the-box’ answers.

In fact, COVID-19 has brought about a few points that have gotten me to think out-of-the-box, rather than focus on the panic and fear of a virus killing off a part of the world’s population. PSA:

Once you’ve read these points, I would love to hear your feedback, as there is nothing I love more than constructive thought that creates space to bring the human race forward positively.

Let’s use this formula or process to learn HOW to think outof-the-box, using COVID-19 (a current topic 1st Quarter 2020).

Information: There is a deadly virus currently killing off the population worldwide. It started in Asia because of the foods that are eaten, apparently a bat. Bats transmit a flu from one species to another, this is the first time it has now transmitted from an animal to a human. Deadly. Intuition says: All will be well. Curiosity: What is so deadly about this virus? Is it a snakebite where you die within seconds? Or how does it work? Why will all be well, when people are being killed off and why is there no vaccination or something similar for this? Can we rescue ourselves? IS this metaphysical? Perception: We’re a first world country, it won’t affect us. We’re protected. Status Quo: Is this virus good for something? From every tragedy there is always a silver lining. What is this virus trying to tell us that we weren’t listening to before?

Our Mother Earth has been suffering immensely with our consumption always wanting more and more and more.

Mother Earth hasn’t been able to BREATHE for the longest time.

And it’s interesting that the epidemic that has surfaced is mirrored within us.

The virus attacks our LUNGS (respiratory system) — our BREATHING tool.

Is Mother Earth giving herself and us the space to finally BREATHE and EXHALE?

“It alawys seems impossible until it's done." (Apparently) a quote from my favourite person Nelson Mandela.

The world has been in a blatant and exorbitant OUTCRY about our planet for YEARS, and of late MONTHS with Greta Thunberg on tour.

With things like “Stop the emissions”, “Stop the pollution”, “Stop the use of plastic”, “Stop the use of fossil fuels”, stop stop stop!

And the answers were always “NOT POSSIBLE!” — “The repercussions would be fatal for the economy”…

Yet, along comes COVID-19 virus and makes the impossible — possible.

China’s lockdown has dissipated all pollution.

Markets have in reality crashed.

Politicians are digging into the ‘emergency funds’ that require no profit for the politicians but finally serve the nation — despite a financial deficit.

Pharma industries are being looked at, with despair why they don’t have all the answers.

Everyone’s ‘worst nightmares’ have happened and… the world is still turning.

It IS possible! Yes, understandably ‘at what cost’, but it just goes to show that it’s not that it CANNOT be done, but that many didn’t WANT it done (read that again)..

Beathe. And let's calm the fuck down.

Through these (mostly) worldwide lockdowns, we’re being asked to create spatial distance (not social distance). Social Media Influencers and business owners have been stocking up with content, offering assistance in how you can calm your anxiety, prepare to spend time with family (young children), how to explain the situation to your children, how to BREATHE.

Isn’t this is the flip-side? Isn’t this how Mother Earth is showing us HOW to think out-of-the-box? Because it’s through our BREATHE that we CALM (the fuck down). We allow ourselves to S L O W down and listen.

To see what has been consuming us negatively and what we need to change to allow ourselves to BREATHE again.

Flip-the-Switch Lesson: We are always told that something is impossible. We are told upfront the consequences of our choices and how the impact (mostly) is negative.

We always choose the safe path. We rarely choose the road less travelled because of

“Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand.

too much risk, aversion, despair, hurt, anger and more.

The question we need to ask ourselves is why do we WAIT until something DRASTIC needs to happen before making the right choice for ourselves or those around us?

It Never Did and It Never Will"

Because we are only able to achieve our

Frederick Douglass

greatest potential when we go through the rough, not the comfort zone.

And it’s not the politicians, pharma or oil Interesting that we’re conditioned to

leaders that dominate the DEMAND in our

believe that the politicians, oil lords and


pharma industries rule our world and supply our demands.Fact is, that it’s you and I that


rule the world. The consumer. WE say what we want.That’s not to say that we don’t need


leadership – we all do – it’s how we’ve been designed.

The ripple effect that Tourism and Events bring, is a snowball-effect – some positive

To have someone or something lead

and some negative!

us. Funny thing though is that up-to-date, we’ve chosen or had leaders appointed out

And the recent CV-19 lockdowns have

of conditioning, fear or indifference.

proven this!

Tourism and Events require the ripple services of other businesses: Hotels, Restaurants, Event Planners, Florists, Designers, Decorators, Speakers, Artists, Printers, Advertisers, Janitors, Cashiers, Social Media Managers, Website Designers, App developers, Crafters, Alcohol, Lawyers, Insurances, Accountants, Travel, and the list goes on.

And it’s the CONSUMER that DECIDES whether or not that tourism or event should take place through our SUPPLY i.e. attending.

Somehow, we have all gotten caught up in the web of FOMO and doing more and more and more.

And it takes a worldwide lockdown for everyone to slow down and realise all the implications of Tourism and EVENTS.

That is just how much Tourism and Events SUPPLY our economy.

Flip-the-Switch Lesson: Power is not in the hands of who we believe it to be. We are allowed to make educated choices on who we want as our leaders.

There isn’t one or the other. If the candidates don’t appeal, ask for different candidates.

Leaders can be compassionate and lead with construct and discipline — there doesn’t have to be a ‘one-orthe-other’, just look at Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister.EPIDEMICS AND RECESSIONS WON’T GO AWAY.

There will always be some kind of disruption in the world (and within us). It’s what helps us to reset.

That’s not to say that the disruption is pleasant or easy. Oftentimes it isn’t.

And what we see a lot of is that history ALWAYS repeats itself but in another form.

Different story on a different stage.

We never know when disruption will happen, only that it will happen and it will affect many on a micro- and macro-level.

Micro-level: Your personal growth and development.Macro-level: Your world around you in

n r e t pat rupt r e t in

conjunction with the environment.

I thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant TEDx talk by Alannah Shaikh about Epidemics that occur on a regular interval and how we as a nation can control this through our consumption.

When we exhaust our capacities, it’s only natural that something needs to give.

Take our current situation with the climate crisis and COVID-19. When we zoom out and look at the situation, wouldn’t you find it interesting to know that Mother Earth’s biggest problem right now is that she cannot BREATHE.

And isn’t it interesting that COVID-19 attacks our LUNGS (respiratory system) in both animals and humans?

Through the worldwide lockdown of the contagious COVID-19, Mother Earth has given herself and us time to BREATHE and EXHALE.

DISRUPTION IS GOOD. Disruption makes us better. It opens a way for people to THINK DIFFERENTLY than their peers. It allows us to use our imagination to redefine the industries we work in and the world we live in. Society, as a result, benefits from these different thoughts (or innovations) that will inevitably improve our efficiency and ease of our daily lives.

Disruption can help us solve major issues, and where our leaders haven’t been able to make necessary decisions, Mother Earth has stepped in.

Disruption may be necessary in solving issues as new issues require new ways of thinking.

And disruption improves economic growth.

Although it can lead to job loss, it also allows workers to enter into new types of jobs or flip-the-switch on jobs that need a new outlook.

Many of us shy away from disruption, that’s normal, we tend to see or have been taught to believe that disruption is a negative thing.

Let’s turn the negative into something good by creating a thought process to assist us in thinking out-of-the-box.

Disrupt the information from our perception to create curiosity and trigger our thinking differently around the status quo and how it’s perceived to come up with new ideas, thoughts, action steps that are considered to be thinking out-of-the-box.

© 2020 Sashka Regina

SUMMARY: How to think out-of-the-box, relies heavily on your curiosity. By entertaining your curious thoughts, which would include reading about industries that aren’t necessarily your field of expertise or partaking in a workshop that sparks curiosity but not necessarily any talents or gifts.

Your trail of curiosity will lead you to paths and journeys that teach you new information and help you to see moments or problems ‘out-of-the-box’.

Remember that where you’re led may not be your core interest, for example, the COVID-19, or any viruses for that matter.

However, by being curious as to WHY it has come about, leads your curiosity to ask and find out information on answering your how’s.

For example, I have no interest in Science as a whole or medicine or viruses such as COVID-19. However, my curiosity got me asking questions which led me to this article to help me think out-of-the-box on how humans are mirroring Mother Earth (or vice versa), and in turn how Leadership is being challenged on a greater scale on a personal and business level.

Just by learning something new about a virus — I am taking my current ‘boxed-in’ perception about typical ‘virus public information’ and expanding it into a space that opens the box to new ideas, thoughts and innovations that intercept with my intuition, values, purpose and vision.

Sashka Regina Sashka Regina is the leading Business and Brand Strategist for Creative Visionaries. She's a performing strategist, author, mother, visionary and speaker. She's the host and founder of the "Visionary on Fire" Podcast, Visionary Circle Events, Visionary Hub & SME VC.

Her vision is to shake creative visionaries awake, to create long-lasting success in building a brand and business that will influence generations and create generational wealth, by living their life purpose to its fullest potential without having to choose between their multi-passionate professions.

transcendence Do Your Dreams Fabulously

Dawn Bates

Chronicles of a Best-selling Nomad Global Adventureress

“Being an activist is one of the greatest things you can be. You think differently, you act differently and you bring the fire to the boardroom others are scared to bring. It’s what creates the best innovation and diversification in every area of life.”

How To 'Be more Penguin' What penguins can teach aspiring women moguls about boldness and being your greatest self

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop laughing and joking with a friend in a country where very few people speak your language, and someone else on the table starts giggling at some of the jokes you are sharing. You’re not being quiet in your conversation and it is an intimate coffee shop, so it is not surprising someone else can here you, but to be laughing at your jokes and looking over at you? At first you are intrigued.

Next you get stopped in your conversation. A look of confusion sweeps over your face as you try and figure out how this person, who appears to look nothing like the kind of person who would speak your language Understands the humour Knows when to laugh Understands the hand gestures that goes with the jokes

So, you ask in your own language how they are, and they respond in your own language with perfect diction.

The conversation continues across the café

You see not many people expect to hear a

and by now everyone in this small cosy

white English person speak Arabic,

place are intrigued and looking at this

especially the Arabs. It is a whole different

person you have just started chatting with

character set, we read and write it from

fluidly. This is what we call a pattern

right to left and the construct of the

interrupt, or as I like to call it “Shaking the

language is almost in reverse from English.

molecules within”, and it is something I have become very good at over the years;

A friend of mine in Australia used to work

almost without realising I am doing it to be

for Price-Waterhouse-Coopers in


Mebourne. She was, shall we say alternative in the way she dressed and

And this situation I describe above is exactly

pierced her body, but her mind for

what happened to a chap in a coffee shop in

accounting and business development more

Amsterdam several years ago, when he was

than made up for any prejudices anyone in

speaking Arabic with his friends and I

the firm may have had upon first meeting

started giggling away to myself.

her. Arriving at work one morning, she rode the lift to her department floor, with two

Yep, you read that correctly. I, Dawn Bates,

Chinese businessmen standing at the back

white, English and blonde speak Arabic,

of the lift.

well a version of Arabic I have created all of my own. I call it Arabic Soup as it is a mix of

In their mother tongue of Mandarin they

all the dialects and vocabularies from

started to discuss my friend’s alternative

around the Arab world, from Modern

style of self-expression, and in many ways

Standard Arabic and from Qur’aanic

were really quite rude. As my friend left


the lift, she turned around to the businessmen and thanked them for their

Yep, Qur’aanic Arabic. You read that

compliments in fluent Mandarin. Stood

correctly again.

there in shock, they didn’t know quite what to do or say, so imagine their surprise when they were shown into her office some 20 minutes later for the meeting they had set up with ‘the very best’ on the team.

"Sailing around the world, completely location free, of no fixed abode (homeless some would say), I find people are not only intrigued and inspired, but confused beyond measure."

Again, a pattern interrupt and more shaking things up on a deep molecular level for these men.

As humans we get used to a rhythm of life. We grow accustomed to certain ways of

"How?" "When will you return to the UK?" "What about your children?"

doing things, and ways of thinking. Yep, my children are at home with their Many of us will go into business with a plethora of ideas and excitement and before we know it, we are caught up in the ways of doing things the same as others. Things we say we would never do, we are doing, and we’re reminded of those parental moments

father, who is taking care of them, and my dogs, whilst I go off around the world on a global book tour, exploring business methods, leadership and culture on a much deeper level, whilst coaching my clients remotely online.

when we are doing the things we said as kids we would never do to our own kids, we are actually doing!

You see we have all this technology available to us. We have an incredible planet, and we have numerous methods of

The system and ways of ‘doing the business’ around the world has, whether we like to believe it or not, has a certain set of behaviours, techniques and preconceived

transport, but so many business owners are afraid; it’s the human condition after all to be afraid of what we don’t know, rather than get curious.

ideas. We can do our best to interrupt the status quo. We can start out with the very best of intentions, but how many of us continue to be that salmon that swims against the tide rather than get swept along with it? Sailing around the world, completely location free, of no fixed abode (homeless some would say), I find people are not only intrigued and inspired, but confused beyond measure.

I always tell my Executive Coaching clients to look for activists within their business.


Because they see the business differently. They can bring new ideas, and important insights to the fore which get lost in the Senior Executive pond of the ‘same old same old’. If there are no new minds, and no new ideas, businesses fail.

It really is as simple as that.

None of us wish to be the penguin lost in the crowd dithering about wondering whether we should go into the water or not.

We want to be the penguin at the front, striding ahead into the deep waters of the ocean blue, ready to take on the waves, and the possible sea lions that are guarding the open waters.

The ocean is full of opportunity.

She’s wild, free and she doesn’t allow anything or anyone to stop here, so let’s be more ocean; more penguin, and let’s leave the sheep and the fields to those who are a little more vanilla.

Ciao for now!

Dawn Bates © 2020 Dawn Bates

Dawn Bates is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker, author coach and sailor.

Dawn has created ‘an author's life’ that is completely location free that has expanded her brand dand enabled her to speak on a variety of topics.

When she’s not sailing on wild adventures around the world or writing a book in seven days, she’s coaching clients and creating new content for her courses.

What sets Dawn apart from anyone else is her incredible positive outlook and mindset on life, and her ability to say what everyone else is thinking, without fear. She has lead a full life of extreme highs and lows which has given her rich and diverse experiences.

Dawn Bates' riveting autobiographical, best-selling books are available on Amazon here


By Karen Baines

Are you speaking the language of Money? Are you communicating to the Universe the right message?

from Essex after all, so it’s not great English, but

When I'm talking about the

hopefully everybody that

energetics of money, I want

speaks English can

you to think of it as a

understand what I'm


saying, and what I mean when I say it.

So as human beings, generally speaking, we

Now, if you were French or

communicate with the

Spanish or Italian and you

spoken word..

didn't speak English, you wouldn't understand what I

So I speak English, and

was saying and it would be

anybody who speaks

very easy for me to

English can understand

miscommunicate and be

everything I'm saying. I am


And actually you can think of it that way when it comes to making misaligned choices, where you are actually choosing to miscommunicate with the Universe. Think of energetics as the language through which we communicate with the Universe, it's not the spoken or written word, or even sign language, it's vibration. Everything is energy. We all know that, and we're all on board with that. So everything vibrates at a specific frequency. And it's that frequency that the Universe reads, responds and reacts to.

Not the thoughts of “Oh, I don’t really want to do this”. It just doesn’t recognise that you obviously don’t want more of something because you don’t like doing it. What it actually responds to looks more like this - “I don’t want to do this, but I’ll do it anyway, even though it sucks!” and the Big 'U' responds with “Yes! Here’s more things for you to do that suck!” Because you’re vibrating at the ‘this sucks’ energy - Dya see?

So when you are vibrating at a specific frequency, the universe picks up on that as if you were saying, "Hi, hello, I want this." and BigU says, "Yes, of course, here you go." and gives you more of the same.

It’s the energy underneath your doings, your actions that the Universe reacts to. The Law of Attraction, which is one of the many laws that governs us, in it’s simplest form states that like attracts like. I like to interpret that as the Universe says Yes. So when you make a choice by doing an action, it resonates at a frequency, it has a vibrational frequency that the Universe responds to with , "Yes, sure. You want this? Here you are, have some more."

“Money is just a very happy by-product of Alignment”

And that's not about mindset. In order to affect your physical world, your physical reality, you need to do something. And that frequency needs to be at a physical level, a doing, so that the Universe says "Yes" to what you want. Not happy-thought thinking, and still doing stuff you think sucks!

“ Realign the things you can’t see, to get the results you can see.”

Are you sending the right message to the Universe? Are your actions aligned with what you want to achieve? Do you know how to recognise that misalignment and the little signposts that you're on the right track? Love, love, love - Karen

Karen Baines Š2020


Baines Karen Baines is a Conscious Wealth Creation Mentor and loves to work with passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs by showing them how to master their own creational process, particularly around their business and finances. I’ve been learning and teaching the language of money for some years now, having previously run my own successful bookkeeping business. Running quietly parallel to this was a life-long interest in personal development. In the mid 00’s a whole new level was introduced to me when I discovered Universal Law and energy, soon after that the defining moment when these two worlds suddenly collided. Previously, I had been attempting to compartmentalise them, the irony being that I now teach how you simply cannot compartmentalise energy. A vital component of running a business is your finances – your income - money. Understanding your own alignment and the energetics of money gives you a priceless opportunity to unlock and reach that illusive next income level, as in a nutshell, Money is just a very happy by-product of Alignment, and the best definition of Alignment is YOU Do YOU! YOUR GIFT! GET YOUR MONEY MOMENTUM ASSESSMENT HERE

endurance Perpetuate Your Preeminence

preeminence The Art and Science of Alignment™ "You cannot get more before being more. Being your most Iconic Self, who delights as you wield the very laws of the universe. This is beyond manifestation. This is true REALisation. And it is a most delicious, fun, thrilling, badass adventure! Every breath you take, every thought of the 60,000 or so, that pings through your mind daily, every word you speak, every garment you wear, every workout you do (or don't) even every morsel of food you put into your beautiful body, every interaction with another, it is all either accelarating your aspirations or slowing them down. Even the simplest habits are either contributing to your most legendary vision of life, or keeping it mediocre. "

it's time to get your 'badass' on...

12 ways To Stay Open for Business In a Closed Market In the old days, it was simple. You had a shop door with a little sign on it which said ‘Open’ on one side and ‘Closed’ the other.But in this humungous cyber market, it’s no longer enough to have a jolly, whistles and bells website with an opt in box with an all-singing, all-dancing freebie worth $997 for $7! Neither is it enough to flourish a tempting invitation to a Discovery call. Nobody wants them any more. We get sold to, and we’re sick of it.In fact, those two ways of alerting your potential clients you are open for business are becoming archaic. Here’s the thing…. the old way of opening a business in a town, having a pretty facade and waiting for people to walk through your door is now Neanderthal in business terms. Online and tragically offline too as the industrial giants take over the world. Taking your wares to market has taken on a whole new meaning. The old way of crying ‘buy my ripe juicy apples, just 10 a penny!’ may have worked in the beginning of the online marketing landscape. But not now. A few years ago, as long as you had a swish ‘funnel’, an expensive content-producing machine and could fill webinars (whatever they were) plus sales page copy written to make anyone feel like a total loser, you may have had

a chance of getting off the starting blocks.

It’s "Go Big Or Go Home" time ladies!

Right now, so called gurus (young enough to be your grandchild) have flooded and dominated the market place to such an extent that small to medium service providers risk being an extinct species before very long. The new generation are born cable-ready, tech-savvy, Social Media in their DNA and are re-inventing the world of online business. So between the uber-gurus and the Gen X Y and Zees, classical service providers are being squeezed out by too endemic and not prepared. The truth is it’s Go Big Or Go Home time. You can sink into the oblivion of never fulfilling your whole potential nor seeing your precious Vision Board dreams never materialise or you can shake the bejeebers out of your habits! It’s time to take a complete inventory of the way you are ‘Open for Business’, shake up your status quo’s and brainstorm on taking some bold powerful new action and initiatives.Having collated this list from my own study of the market-place and the what is working for the sturdier entrepreneurs who are forging ahead, here is a top 12 collection of ideas to inspire you.

Nowadays, we can’t just think of a good idea and stick it out as an offer willy nill. That is suicidal. We must, must, must find what our clients wants, needs and feels - so use polls, questions, quizes and conversations to get into their heads and hearts. Get back in front of humans and have real life conversations. Face to face. And not just people in your niche. Get out of your niche and into a business zone where you have never ventured before. Re-purpose or re-brand your wares (offers and services) and adapt them for the current market place with all the myriad of ways that are possible. This is vital with the current crisis happening! Re-look at your skill sets and expertise, look at what’s popular, needed and working and see how you can tweak desireability to needability. How can you solve a current problem? Move over Life Purpose, engage your genius as CEO and give it a raise. Create an awesome, exciting, real human event, on a scale and budget you can manage and make it something that nobody else is doing. Make sure your messaging is so clear and dazzling it could burn holes in paper. Get expert help with this task.Show up in the world and your day, like a successful business woman.

“Be The Change You Want To See In Your Bank Account” The energy of conviction is magnetic to money.

Be of service to someone who is higher up the success ladder to you, and show them your loyalty. By the law of reciprocity they will want to help you rise. Examine your own work-life balance, work ethic, agenda and productivity. Get brutally honest about the equation between that and your bank balance. Get expert help on that if neccessary, we have plenty in this issue! Re-affirm your confidence in your own value and worth. Every. Day. Fall in love with selling. Unrequited, passionate love. Do whatever it takes. Embody and practise the 7 Principles of Preeminence and join us in The Guild! Preeminence is not just an ideal. It's super advanced manifestation! Adopting Preeminence as an attitude in action, can bring you into alignment with your greatest visions! You'll find details towards the back of the magazine, plus my FREE 30 day Preeminence planner! Š2020 Jenni Parker Brown

Fabulous On a plate


The Art of Staying Young and Gorgeous Through Healthy Gastronomy

Aged 24

Style Maven and founder of House of Preeminence, Jenni Parker Brown is a lifelong, healthy living junkie. With 13 years of hospitality and fine dining experience, published author of 'Real Food - a feast for life', Jenni became an award-winning chef in 2015, through her acclaimed hotel and restaurant Auberge des Troubadours, in the French Pyrenees. A certified fitness coach, and equestrian cabaret artist, maintaining her fabulosity won her the opportunity of being hired at the age of 41 as a professional dancer in a French cabaret.

Aged 61

Jenni's main eating philosophy is for people to use organic, natural super-foods as a beauty and well-ness tool. Having experimented with every 'new' eating trend, just out of curiosity, she weighs less and is more toned than at the age of 18. She denies herself nothing if she likes it! However it's not just about the quality of the ingredients. Jenni is an advocate for Table Fabulosity.From table deco to plate presentation - from garden grown to preservation, from seasonal body boosts to using food as beauty aids, Jenni is passionate about sharing her lifelong love affair with the arts of healthy gastronomy.

Fabulous On a plate


My idea of heaven is sitting in front of a plate that is as beautiful as it is healthy. It must be a work of art and promise to nourish all the senses along with my body. In fact I can sit and stare at beautiful food without wanting to eat it. Does that ever happen to you when you go to a fine restaurant? I fell in love with food fabulosity when I published my first book ‘Real Food- a feast for life’ in 1988. Taking photos of my recipes outside in nature filled with me with a delight that has never left me. Nature, food, beauty, nourishment of mind, body, soul and the planet… what’s not to adore? Over the years, especially in my restaurants and dining with friends, I became addicted to exquisite food presentation. It’s an art, but it’s also a science as I do believe that mindful self-nourishment is a vital beauty and well-being tool. Many eminent food writers and healthy food experts echo this truth. And ancient texts on health and diet, such as Ayaveda, and also the first cuisine writers of the European middle ages, document the links between food and life balance.

I will be bringing you insights, ideas, inspiration but also recipes totally conceived in my brain and crafted for your Preeminent Mind, Body and Soul delight! Bearing in mind that ‘busy’ is a preoccupation with the modern working woman, and always seeking to create fabulous plates in the shortest amount of time, my recipes are easy. They rely on the freshest of ingredients and a well stocked larder of whole-food staples and seasonings. Every month I present my Diva Bowl, which is the fabulous equivalent of a Bhudda Bowl, the ideal mostly raw, superfood power-pack of a meal, I can think of. My menus are predominantly plant-based, low carb, gluten free and full of super-foods. But I also love fish and a little farm friendly poultry occasionally, and never ever touch industrially reared or produced ANYTHING! You can find every piece of nutritional information under the sun under Google’s titan power, and I heartily encourage you to take the advice of a nutrition certified professional (such as our own Fitness Goddess Alison Stockton see her article of Gut Health!) It is important to understand what works for YOUR body and health. Nobody is the same hence my intolerance of diets and fads. So I’m focusing on the Fabulosity, yours and the plates! Bon appetit!

diva bowls


One-dish wonders for optimum performance and body and soul vitality

All ingredients can be substituted with what is available to you AND NON ALLERGEN FOR YOU Make it as fresh and seasonal as you find. Preferably organic Make your own variations. Be creative. Make it as beautiful as you like, with lots of colour. Make time to prepare the table. Make time to savour!



Guidelines The night before, soak the cashews in water or veggie milk (or skip this and use a ready made vegan mayo). Roast off the beetroot in small cubes. Prepare a light marinade of oil, paprika, a little


tamari or soy. Cut the tofu into 1 inch cubes and

SHI-ITAKI MUSHROOMS - Can also be brown or pink, organic field mushrooms

smother it for 15m. Overnight marinading is even

LACTO FERMENTED TOFU - Can also be free range chicken breast or wild salmon SPROUTED GRAINS OR SEEDS - Buy some dried ones from the health food store and sprout your own! BEETROOT RAW UNSALTED CASHEWS

better. Finely grate the peel the butternut flesh. You could sprinkle a little cinnamon and nutmeg over it at this point if you like sweet spices. Wash, spin and shred the greens finely. Kale can be raw or 'sweated' for a few minutes on a low heat, in some light veggie cream if it's too 'raw' for you. Baby spinach is best left raw.


Slice the avocado at the last moment to prevent it going brown. Peel or wipe the mushrooms clean. Slice into big slices longways and sweat for a few minutes in some olive oil and any seasonings you fancy, such as crushed garlic or turmeric. Puree the roasted beetroot in a blender with a little well flavoured stock and lemon juice. Taste, adjust seasoning and add any spices such as caraway seed or herbs such as dill.


Drain the cashews and blend with a little veggie cream to make a runny, yummy dressing. Season with a pinch of Himalayan salt and pepper and any superfood 'sprinkles'.

©2020 Jenni Parker Brown


Fabulous On a Plate


Choose your prettiest bowls (or even better start to collect some gorgeous Diva bowls!) Assemble all your fresh ingredients, plus lots of chopped parsley on your work surface. Get your Michelangelo on and create art. Play with the colours of the ingredients. Play with the layout. Garnish with the beanspouts, chopped parsley and any fine natural leaves or edible flowers you may have access to - I love tiny roquette leaves, dandelion (it’s spring!) fennel fronds, herb flowers. Be sacred about your table rituals. Invoke gratitude. Get your kids prepping and creating with you. Mothers are Divas too. Evoke Spring in her pastel shades. Breathe before eating and infuse your beautiful plate with intentions of its nourishing powers! Swear you’ll never eat a rushed meal in front of the computer again - you are a Diva! If you are thinking you haven't got time for this, you are not serious about your fabulousness. Rejoice in the decision to commit to your highest self care and nourishment. A pre-requisite for Preeminence. Be truly, fabulously, Preeminently nourished! ©2020 Jenni Parker Brown

GATUGI SUPERFOOD BROTH Gluten dairy free, option vegan This is a sensational broth made from three of the world's most powerful superfoods, garlic, ginger and turmeric. It is hot, spicy and pungent! It is in the association of these three superfoods that their full power is unleashed. So this is my go-to daily grog in the winter. It is deliciously warming and you can feel it doing it you so much good! It's quite simple. You take a couple of couple of large cloves of garlic, a piece of ginger about the size of your thumb and a few roots of turmeric. You want roughly equal proportions of each. Peel and finely chop (or crush) the garlic. Peel the turmeric with rubber gloves on since it stains your hands easily. Slice or chop. Peel and slice the ginger. I chop the lot in a mini blender. So pop the mix in a pan and add about 1 litre of spring water. Tap will do too but filtered is always better. You can also use chicken or veg stock. Put a lid on and let this mix simmer for about an hour on a low heat. I add some bay leaves, sage and any other fresh herbs I have to hand. Now after an hour strain the stock and keep the mix for another batch, it's potent! To the strained stock, add 1 soup-spoon miso, a stock cube or just salt and pepper. You can now adapt this broth any way you wish. You can drink hot as is or take it to a new level with the addition of lentils, split pea flakes, chick pea flakes or tofu pieces. Then to make a complete meal, you can add some quinoa, buckwheat, or brown rice, or other of your favourite grains. This will thicken the whole kaboodle and turn it into a superfood stew! You can use the broth anyway you wish, add more stock or water if it's too peppery. Use a base for a curry or fish or poultry stock. Your Gatugi, your choice! Sup and grow strong!

Š2020 Jenni Parker Brown

The Guild of preeminence

"Your highest potential is our business" A Feminine High Performance Club, that is also an Enlightened Networking Association and a Style and Image Academy

WHAT preeminence CAN DO FOR YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS 'What exactly does Preeminence mean? tt's a little used word to define a state of sublime achievement and omnipotence It sounds full of grandeur yes, but we work on the principle that, it is only by reaching for the moon that we will ever have a chance of making it to the stars. Preeminence IS glory and influence in action for the greater good! It is sophisticated, yes, but look at what happens when the gravity of mediocrity keeps us from shining our lights brightly. ,When we practise Preeminence, they become lasers for personal and collective change. It is scary, yes because whenever we contemplate dedicating our lives to our supreme potential, there will be a price to pay. Is it posh? Yes but in a way that will allow every woman to elevate her own unique feminine glory and hitch her status and innate beauty to her dreams. Nobody is going to have you drinking tea with your pinkie in the air, but you will be invited to conduct yourself in all of your public appearances, networking, lives, events, presentations etc like a Duchess, or rather as an established, highly successful and fulfilled influencer. This kind of chrisma is magnetic to wealth and opportunity.





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Guild of preeminence Feminine High Performance and Enlightened Networking Association Some of our Founder Members and their Preeminent Visions

"Why does Preeminence drive you?"

Katherine Carey

Marketing Strategist for Pro Creatives Couture Milliner Travelpreneur Maven

When it comes to my life and my business, Preeminence is the core on which I base all of my choices and directions. As a brand I thrive on the qualities of Preeminence both as the boss, the mentor, the designer and also what I see for my clients, whether that is a consulting client or a hat client. Excellence, Distinction, Peerlessness, Prestige, Renown, Leadership, Transcendence, Endurance‌ these qualities truly lead the road map to my success and to the lives of those I touch through my business.

"What does Preeminence mean to you?"

Jacqui Bourne

Rapid Transformational Therapy Coach and Productivity Specialist Purpose Unleashed Ltd

My Preeminence Manifesto "Honouring myself and my clients by continuously striving to show up as the best version of myself, my core values and allowing them to reflect in everything that I do. My true essence shines through my business and the work I do with my clients. Always striving for excellence while building a powerful inner circle community and a reputation as a sort-after expert in my field of excellence. Navigating through life with all it’s pitfalls and challenges, looking for ways to navigate the change and rise up to a new level of empowerment to further serve my clients and inner circle."

"What is your Preeminence Vision?"

Venus Souls Founder of the House of Venus Ultimate Relationship Expert

"My brand, House of Venus, is built upon a firm foundation of Preeminence principles. With these principles, I have built a home for authentic love, joy, passion, beauty and abundance. In both my personal and business life, I am driven by the ambition of Excellence as well as thoroughly challenged to grow in Distinction that sets my brand apart for the value it delivers to its distinguished clients. Through Peerlessness and Leadership, I am creating a Prestigious brand that accepts nothing less that what my clients deserve and that nurtures them into the full orb of their greatness. Through the values of Leadership and Transcendence, I am able to offer a leading brand that is renowned for its embodiment and delivery of the Venusian values that I cherish and live by."

"What kind of impact will you make with Preeminence?"

Debbie Debonaire

Founder of the HeartACT™ Approach and Women's Freedom Movement Motivational Speaker Freedom Catalyst Guiding working mums in overwhelm Join us here

I commit to creating excellence in all areas of my life. The habits and Practices I am putting in place that ensure I am progressing constantly are based on the 7 Principles of Preeminence. My vision for becoming a person of influence is to become a speaker to spread my mission and message to inspire, empower and make a difference in the lives of the women in my niche. To reach out and collaborate with other influencers who I can learn from. The legacy I would love to leave behind is:Debbie Debonaire made a difference in so many women's lives empowering them to take ownership of their lives and make their own choices to enable them to thrive, through her Altruism, Authenticity and Heart. Preeminence helps me to step up to that legacy.

Guild OF PREEMINENCE Feminine High Achievement and

Enlightened Networking Association Founded by Jenni Parker Brown

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thank you I could not have created this magazine without the help of the efollowing people my beloved partner Dzai whose support and belief in me knows no bounds my bestie Katherine Carey who is always my right hand girl

my ninja sidekick va Juvee Perez who has my back in my online presence


To my gorgeous clients and founder Guild of Preeminence members who are stepping up to their preeminently badass potential Dovile Riebschlager for permission to share her beautiful couture designs of wearable art! To stock photos sites Unsplash and Pixabay whose community of talented photographers generously supplemented my supply of gorgeous stock photos

And most of all to my amazing recently-departed Mama who inspired me and who always knew I was destined to do something.....PREEMINENT

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