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history In 1965, Melis Heinen and Cees Hopman founded the family business of Heinen & Hopman Engineering in the Netherlands. For the first eight years, the company specialised in the design, engineering and installation of air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and central heating systems in buildings. As Heinen & Hopman grew and gained recognition for its onshore activities, the company, in 1972, started receiving inquiries from the commercial shipping industry too. Heinen & Hopman began to approach different segments and quickly gained an excellent reputation in the sector, causing other industries to start calling on the company, including offshore, yachting and the navy. In no time, leading yards at home and abroad were partnering with Heinen & Hopman, and what started as a few simple inquiries for air conditioning installations on-board of commercial ships soon became requests for advanced systems for state-of-the-art navy vessels, superyachts and offshore platforms. Very quickly the company began to design and manufacture its own products for marine applications (with FAT) and Heinen & Hopman as we know it today was born.


Heinen & Hopman has been a family owned and continuously growing business since 1965. With technical knowledge, local know-how and an ability to adapt, we have consistently proven ourselves to be a strong and reliable partner


Joep Hopman (CEO)


Mission “We are a reliable partner in the global maritime sector, offering top quality products and service in the field of climate control (HVAC & R). The no-nonsense and entrepreneurial character of the founders who established the company in 1965 is still one of the main cornerstones of Heinen & Hopman. We support our clients using our knowledge and experience by realising the best possible climate control solutions; either fully customised or with varying degrees of standardisation. Like our clients, we are continuously active on a global scale to assure that we can always be of service. We are also constantly searching for sustainable innovations as we aim for the best and very latest solutions in collaboration with our clients. Heinen & Hopman is critically aware that a company’s greatest asset is its employees – it is they who represent the added value of our business. Our goal is to continue to expand in the global market for maritime climate control solutions in a future-proof way.”

Service and advice-oriented “We take good care of our clients, and they can rely on global service from Heinen & Hopman. We support them with our personal service and proactive advice; before, during and after developing a solution. The relationship with our clients is often that of a co-maker rather than supplier. More than 45 years of experience has taught us that providing our clients with superior service assures our own success.”

Core corporate values

Innovative “The continuous development of our client relations and our company partly depends on innovations of products, services and operational processes. Innovation is crucial to keeping our expertise in the field of climate control up to par, and maintaining our leading position. This is why we continuously develop our knowledge and pass it on to our clients. Our vision of innovation is based on the conviction that we need to find creative and sustainable ways in which to face (future) challenges and client demands.”

Reliable “Our reliability is anchored by our people, products and services. In practice this translates into systems/equipment with a long lifespan and solid advice. We understand the needs of our clients (and the markets in which they operate). As a result we can provide each client with the right product; at all times and on time. We believe that agreements should be kept.”

Honest and involved “We do business in an honest and straightforward way, with a special focus on respecting people. The specialists at Heinen & Hopman are highly valued and share a strong connection based on mutual collegiality. This results in a pleasant working environment for both our employees and our clients. Together we work hard and enthusiastically to find the best possible solutions for our clients.”

It’s our number one priority to dedicate ourselves to our customers with top service, high-quality products and sustainable, innovative technology

Top quality “Our experience, knowledge and expertise are reflected in our advice, customised and standard solutions, innovations and long-standing client relations. Our (local) specialists assure an optimal operational guarantee for our clients .”

Joep Hopman (CEO) 05

vision Looking ahead together At Heinen & Hopman we strongly believe that the growth of our customer relationships and our business depends on the innovation and globalization of our products, services and business processes. Being in an international business, it is very important to be close to our clients, to be able to provide service to them whenever and wherever they may find themselves. Constant improvement of our services and know-how is essential to our expertise in the field of climate control. Excellent service assures success Over 45 years of experience have showed us that offering our clients excellent service assures our own success. We are continuously working to develop and provide knowledge, personalised service and proactive advice to our clients before, during and after the development of a solution. The future of air conditioning Our vision of innovation and globalisation is also motivated by the conviction that we must find creative and sustainable ways for present and future challenges and customer needs. Generally speaking, we can say that the future of air conditioning will revolve around lower sound levels, better filtration, better controls, better regulation, more automation and greater energy efficiency. We strive to stay on top of these developments to assure that our customers worldwide have the latest and best technology in the field. We are always looking for the best answers, old and new, for our customers’ needs.


Our vision is to provide the best HVAC services in the world, by constantly expanding our global network and by offering more innovative and sustainable solutions


Joep Hopman (CEO) 06



Name Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV

Heinen & Hopman has 400 skilled personnel working at its Headquarters in the Netherlands and around 1800 worldwide.

Place of establishment Bunschoten - Spakenburg Address Produktieweg 12 3751 LN Bunschoten- Spakenburg The Netherlands Correspondence address P.O. Box 9 3750 GA Bunschoten - Spakenburg The Netherlands Telephone +313 3299 2500 Fax +313 3299 2599 E-mail Internet Range Worldwide

Employees are continuously encouraged to take additional training courses in the following areas:

Air handling Technical design Engineering Refrigeration Technical design Engineering Noise Technical design Engineering Automatic Computer Added Design (2D & 3D) Installation techniques Welding courses M.I.G. / T.I.G. Arc welding


company chart

Salor Spakenburg B.V. Holding Company -The Netherlands-

GeoTherm Energy Systems B.V. -The Netherlands-

Gooiland Elektro B.V. -The Netherlands-

Heinen & Hopman Installaties B.V. -The Netherlands-

Esco TCO OSS B.V. -The Netherlands-

Radio Zeeland DMP B.V. -The Netherlands-

Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw B.V. -The Netherlands-

Auerhaan B.V. -The Netherlands-

Heinen & Hopman Beheer B.V. -The Netherlands-

Retail Technics B.V. -The Netherlands-

Aeroflex B.V. -The Netherlands-

Warmtebouw Utrecht B.V. -The Netherlands-

IBK B.V. -The Netherlands-

Heinen & Hopman Engineering B.V. -The Netherlands-

Thermagas B.V. -The Netherlands-

Heinen & Hopman Real Estate S.R.L. -Romania-

Heinen & Hopman Real Estate Inc. -United States of America-

W&W Vastgoed B.V. -The Netherlands-

Kronkels Vastgoed B.V. -The Netherlands-

Heinen & Hopman Brasil LTDA -Brazil-

A.R.W. Maritime Inc. -United States of America-

Teknotherm Inc. Seattle -United States of America-

Heinen & Hopman Belgium BVBA -Belgium-

LeBlanc & Associates, LLC. -United States of America-

Teknotherm Therma AS Tromsø -Norway-

Heinen & Hopman Klimatechnik GmbH -Germany-

Heinen & Hopman Italia SRL -Italy-

Teknotherm Marine AS Ålesund -Norway-

Heinen & Hopman Engineering India Ltd. -India-

Heinen & Hopman Rotterdam B.V. -The Netherlands-

Teknotherm Marine AS Bergen -Norway-

OAC Group B.V. -The Netherlands-

Teknotherm Marine AS Halden -Norway-

Teknotherm Marine AS Oslo -Norway-

Carea Air Conditioning Services LLC -UAE - Dubai-

Heinen & Hopman Ibérica SL. Barcelona -Spain-

Teknotherm Refrigeration (Wuxi) Co. Ltd. -PR of China-

Heinen & Hopman France EURL -France-

Heinen si Hopman MAR SRL. -Romania-

Teknotherm Marine HVAC Sp. Z.O.O. -Poland-

Heinen & Hopman Korea Co., Ltd. -South Korea-

Heinen Hopman Mühendislik a.s. -Turkey-

Teknotherm Refrigeration AB -Sweden-

Heinen & Hopman Engineering Singapore Pte. Ltd. -Singapore-

Heinen & Hopman Rus, LLC -Russia-

Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai -PR of China-

Heinen & Hopman Deutschland GmbH -Germany-

Drews Marine GmbH -Germany-

Möhring Marine Services GmbH -Germany-

Drews Marine MV GmbH -Germany-

Drews Marine GmbH -Austria-

Casp Air Conditioning Services LCC -UAE - Fujairah-

Casp Air Conditioning Services LCC -UAE - Abu Dhabi-

Structure Salor Group July 20, 2018

This structure is current and up to date. It only reflects Salor Spakenburg B.V. and her direct shareholders and Ultimate Shareholders

Heinen & Hopman Workforce Pte. Ltd. -SingaporeHeinen & Hopman Offshore Pte. Ltd. -Singapore-


Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. Chanhshu -PR of China-


Project Assistant

Junior Cooling Technician

Junior Mechanic HVAC

Junior Project Engineer

Cooling Technician

Mechanic HVAC

Project Engineer

Senior Cooling Technician

Senior Mechanic HVAC

Junior Mechanic

Junior Mechanic S&M

Junior Sales Representative Spares

Sales Assistant

Junior Draughtsman

Senior Project Engineer

Junior Purchaser

Junior Commissioning Engineer

Junior Supervisor HVAC


Mechanic S&M

Sales Representative Spares

Junior Sales Manager


Junior Project Manager


Commissioning Engineer

Supervisor HVAC

Senior Mechanic

Senior Mechanic S&M

Senior Sales Representative Spares

Sales Manager

Senior Draughtsman

Project Manager

Senior Purchaser

Senior Commissioning Engineer

Senior Supervisor HVAC

Manager Workshop

Manager Service & Maintenance

Manager Spares

Senior Sales Manager

Senior Project Manager

Manager Purchase

Manager Installation & Commissioning

R&D Engineer

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Manager R&D

Bookkeeping Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Manager Administration

ICT Support Engineer

ICT Manager

HR Assistant HR Advisor

QESH Engineer

HR Manager

QESH Manager

General Management 09

subsidiary companies Austria




Drews Marine GmbH Freudenauer Hafenstraße 24 1020 Wien T: +43 1720 1309 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman France EURL 46, Quai François Mitterand 13600 La Ciotat T: +33 4420 48685 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Engineering India PVT. Ltd. 79, B.T. Road, Panihati Kolkata 700114 West Bengal T: +9133 6499 1293 E: W:

Teknotherm Marine AS Kokstadflaten 35 N-5257 Bergen T: +47 5510 4060 E: W:





Heinen & Hopman Belgium BVBA Seringenlaan 6 3590 Hamont-Achel T: +31 3329 92500 E: W:

Möhring Marine Services GmbH Am Lunedeich 110a 27572 Bremerhaven T: +49 471 9869 300 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Italia SRL. Viale San Bartolomeo 777/H (DarsenaPagliari) 19126 La Spezia (SP) T: +3901 8745 7970 E: W:

Teknotherm Marine AS Strandveien 12 N-1366 Lysaker T: +47 4812 9050 E: W:





Heinen & Hopman Equipamentos E Servicos Navais LTDA Av. Ewerton da Costa Xavier 454 24340 - 105, Itaipu - Niteroi T: +55 213 587 4241/4244 E: W:

Drews Marine GmbH Billbrookdeich 151 D-22113 Hamburg T: +49 4073 1680 E: W:

Teknotherm Marine AS Sørliveien 90-92 P.O. Box 87, N-1751 Halden T: +47 6919 0900 E: W:

Teknotherm Therma AS Stakkevollveien 12 N-9010 Tromsø T: +47 7761 1100 E: W:




people’s republic of CHINA

Heinen & Hopman France EURL 44, Avenue Robert Soleau 06600 Antibes T: +33 4890 24562 E: W:

Drews Marine GmbH Schiffbauerring 59 19109 Rostock T: +49 381 8011 3990 E: W:

Teknotherm Marine AS Kalvøyvegen 20 N-6014 Ålesund T: +47 7014 2600 E: W:

Teknotherm Refrigeration Co. Ltd. No. 19-8, Xingchuang #4 Road, Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park, Jiangsu Prov. T: +86 510 8528 1763 E: W:


subsidiary companies people’s republic of CHINA




Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (Factory) No. 189 Huang Pujiang Road, Southeast Industr. Park, 215500 Jiangsu, Changshu T: +8621 3253 2896 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Rus, LLC Kaliningrad Oktyabrskaya 2, office 21 236006, Kaliningrad T:+7 4012 430 034 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L. Paseo Juan de Borbón, 92 08003 – Barcelona T: +349 3225 9668 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Rotterdam B.V. Nieuwland Parc 308d 2952 DD Alblasserdam T: +317 8890 8050 E: W:

people’s republic of CHINA



United arab emirates

Heinen & Hopman Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. Unit 1508, Zhongtian Mansion No. 1063 Siping Road, Shanghai T: +8621 3253 2896 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Rus, LLC St. Petersburg Optikov street 4, 3, building A, office 305 197374, St. Petersburg T:+7 8123 171 701 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Balearic S.L. Muelle Viejo S/N, Islas Baleares 07012 Palma de Mallorca T: +31 33 299 2500 (HQ) E: W:

Carea Air Cond. Services L.L.C. P.O. Box 16365, Al Mezan Building, 2nd floor, Suite 202, Beirut Street Muhaisnah-4, Dubai T: +971 4263 5453 E: W:




United arab emirates

Teknotherm Marine HVAC Ul Wyspianskiego 51, PL-70 497, Szczecin T: +489 1433 1800 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Engineering Singapore Pte. Ltd. 10 Third Lok Yang Road Singapore 628005 T: +65 6897 7879 E: W:

Teknotherm Refrigeration AB Marieholmsgatan 10B S-415 02 Gothenburg T: +46 3121 7500 E: W:

Carea Air Cond. Services L.L.C. P.O. Box 16365, Warehouse #4, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3, Dubai T: +971 4258 8931 E: W:




United arab emirates

Heinen si Hopman MAR SRL. 132 Alexandru Moruzzi Street 800223 Galati T: +402 3644 8222 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Korea Co., Ltd. Room No. 1513/1514, Byuksan e - Centum, Class One, 99 Centumdong - Ro, Haeundae - Gu 48059 Busan T: +8270 4901 0000 E: W:

Heinen & Hopman Mühendislik A.S. Elzem sokak no. 18 34903 Güzelyali-Pendik, Istanbul T: +9021 6493 8118 E: W:

CASP Air Cond. Services L.L.C. P.O. Box 92489, Office #F017 Industrial City of Abu Dhabi 1 (ICAD 1) Musaffah, Abu Dhabi T: +971 2550 4147 E: W:

subsidiary companies

sales and aftersales

United arab emirates

U.S.A. - Washington



Carea Air Cond. Services L.L.C. P.O. Box 9569, Office #208 Senyorita building, Fahid Street, Fujairah T: +971 9222 1529 E: W:

Teknotherm Refrigeration Inc. 3941 Leary Way NW Seattle, WA 98107 T: +120 6632 7883 E: W:

Antelope Engineering Pty Ltd. Unit 9, 12-18 Clarendon Street Artarmon NSW 2064 T: +64 3482 2505 E: W:

Klima Marine d.o.o. Ciottina 26 51000 Rijeka T: + 38 551321 351 E:

U.S.A. - Florida



A.R.W. Maritime Inc. 3211 South Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-4127 T: +1 954 463 0110 E: W:

H.I. Fraser Pty Ltd. 6/5 Viko Place Warriewood NSW 2102 T: +612 9970 7322 E: W:

Air Sea Port N.V. Emancipatieblv. 21 Willemstad T: +599 9738 2331 E: W:

U.S.A. - Florida



A.R.W. Maritime Inc. / Heinen & Hopman 1940 Broadway West Palm Beach, FL T: +1 954 463 0110 E: W:

Hero International House-28A, Road-2, Sector-3 Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230 T: +88 02 4895 1591 E:

MEH Consulting Egypt Co. 252 Street no.12 41112 Ismaila T: +2 64 320 7333 E: W:

U.S.A. - Louisiana



LeBlanc & Associates, LLC. 132 Intracoastal Drive Houma, LA 70363 T: +1 98 5876 7982 E: W:

Rui Neiva Representações Ltda. Rua Dr. Sá Earp, 95 - sala 317 Centro - Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro T: +55 24 2246 4475 E: W:

Technava S.A. 6, Loudovikoy Square 185 31 Piraeus T: +30 210 411 3916 E: W:

sales and aftersales centres INDONESIA




P.T. Tatalepa Energi Teknologi Komplek Ruko Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Jl. Gunung Rinjani 2, Blok RF no. 20 Serpong - Tangerang T: +6221 6860 3165 E:

Jagapolska Engineering Ul. Narutowicza 13 A/6 70-231 Szczecin T: +489 1812 1224 E: W:

Global Energy Services Establishment P. O. Box 1073 Al-Khobar 31952 T: +966 3859 2959, E: W:

Engtek Pte Ltd Unit 907, 9th Floor, Indochina Park Tower No. 4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Dakao Ward, District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City T: +8483 910 4580 E: W:




Kashani Techno-Trading No. 3047 Vali-e-Asr Ave. Ferdos Building 7th Floor Unit # 40 Tehran 19 6175 3469 T: +9821 2270 4326 E:

MCT Group, Inc. Salwa Road PO Box 11446, Doha T: +97 4413 0305 E: W:

G&M Enterprises 392 Serpentine road Colombo 8 T: +94 112 691 415 E:

new zealand


Trinindad & tobago

Antelope Engineering Ltd High Street 161 9016 Dunedin T: +64 3482 2505 E: W:

Sudomechanism JSC 1 Avtozavodsky proezd, 4/1 115280 Moscow T:+7 495 710 3040 E: W:

Thermodynamics 1A Hingoo Lane Boundary Road, San Juan T:+1 868 638 9444 E: W:

new zealand



M T Chill Ltd. Highview Terrace 24 9300 Queenstown T: +642 7487 7638 E:

Tehno Trest M Ltd. Sakhalinskaya street, 395 693004 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk T: +8 424 275 5523 E: W:

James Jervis Partnership LTD. Unit 9 Aboyne Industrial Estate Low Road, Aboyne AB34 5GW Aberdeenshire T: +4479 6703 5821 E: W:


SAFETY & regulations


Heinen & Hopman is very aware of its responsibilities with respect to operational safety and takes all necessary measures to assure a safe and healthy working climate. In the case of projects, the working climate is determined in conjunction with the measures and requirements of the principal, and in consultation with the other contractors involved.

Heinen & Hopman is currently working towards a quality system based on the NEN-ISO 9004 quality guideline, subject to section 4.4.3., thus safeguarding adherence to the NENISO 9001 quality standard (i.e. third-party requirements).

The Dutch Health & Safety at Work Act (ARBO) provides for joint responsibility with respect to safety, health and welfare. In order to keep risks at work to a minimum, statutory and other rules and regulations are applied, in which respect the following may be distinguished:

Official safety regulations The government has laid down a large number of rules in the area of safety, health and welfare, generally in the form of legislation and official regulations. These include the Health & Safety at Work Act (ARBO) and the NEN-standards. The interpretation and application of the legislation is set out in the Publication Sheets issued by the Factory Inspectorate. General safety regulations General guidelines and safety regulations for staff are laid down in the ARBO Policy Plan and the ARBO Safety Plan. Special safety regulations Special rules and regulations may be laid down specifically for certain activities, situations and/or circumstances and can, in extreme cases, differ from Heinen & Hopman’s general safety policies. These special regulations are laid down in a projectbased safety plan. General environmental regulations General guidelines and environmental regulations for staff are included in a written environmental protection system, for instance the F-Gas Directive regulations with regards to CFCs. Contractual environmental regulations These are the principal’s environmental regulations, as laid down in the contract. To assure that the contractual environmental regulations are observed, instructions and procedures are drawn up for the relevant activities. 14

The written quality system has the following aims: • Uniform working methods • Efficient working methods • Demonstrable process control for third parties based upon the personal involvement and motivation of staff The written quality system is currently being implemented broadly throughout the organisation. The structure of the quality system is as follows:

Quality handbook 1 The structure of the quality system as laid down in the NEN ISO 9001 quality guideline. Quality handbook 2 Written procedures for the different processes, indicating responsibilities and qualifications for making the necessary decisions. Quality handbook 3 Written instructions for the way in which activities should be carried out, supplemented by measuring, inspection, calibration and testing forms.

Turn-key project delivery


CSR: Company Social Responsibility Green Manifesto Heinen & Hopman has decades of experience in improving living conditions on-board of maritime structures. Of course living conditions in general are important to us as well. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that can help us and our clients contribute to a more sustainable world. Because we strongly believe it is important to be able to live in a world with optimal environmental conditions. Not just for us but for our descendants and the next generations to come. That’s why we take our responsibilities regarding safety and environment very seriously.

Examples of eco-friendly solutions include: • Energy Recovery from cooling water • Choosing the best type of compressor, drives, etc. • Smart design of onboard HVAC spaces • Efficient ventilation solutions • Savings on operating/maintenance costs • Integrated design and building solutions • Selection of products used in our workshop and systems, including paint and coolant We provide durable custom HVAC systems that guarantee an optimal quality of life onboard any maritime structure.

In practice these convictions are implemented into our everyday operations in a variety of ways. Geothermal energy is used for our main office building, we recycle wherever possible, video conferencing is deployed to efficiently communicate with our affiliates and avoid unnecessary travel, and Heinen & Hopman ‘s service & company cars are being replaced by electric, where possible. Meanwhile, our line of eco-logic products and systems gives customers the option to lower energy consumption and CO₂emissions, among other things. We try to keep a broad horizon and constantly be on the lookout for innovative solutions that can help us contribute to a sustainable world. Thanks to our nearly 50 years of experience in the field of customized HVAC systems, we are able to fully meet the ecological needs of clients. 16

Social Contribution Heinen & Hopman not only aims to embrace its responsibility for the environment but is also committed to have a positive impact on its employees, local communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere through various charitable and social activities.

Our business Activities Consultancy

System status check Board survey Advice Design & Engineering

FEED Study Basic Engineering Detailed engineering Production

Custom built equipment Installation & Implementation

Equipment Ducting Piping Instrumentation- Electrical wiring Supervision

Complete HVAC+R system Ducting Piping E&I Commissioning Mechanical Completion System start up Air balancing Water flow balancing Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

Service & Maintenance Troubleshooting Pre-emptive Regular check ups Spare parts Remote support Training Design & calculation Installation Operation & maintenance Research & Development

Specialism Heating systems Ventilation Systems Air Conditioning Systems Refrigeration Systems Air Conditioning Energy Savings Systems Heat Recovery systems Whispering / draught free / invisible HVAC+R Explosion proof HVAC+R Shock proof HVAC+R Low-magnetic HVAC+R Arctic HVAC+R Air filtering systems Process ventilation systems Provision Cooling Plants Custom design & production


markets Cruise & Ferries Cruise Ships Expedition Cruise Ships Ferries River Cruise Vessels RoRo Vessels Fishing Fishing Vessels Merchant Barges Bulk Carriers Chemical/Oil Recovery Vessels Container Vessels Dredgers Icebreakers LNG/LPG Carriers Oil Tankers Tug Boats Offshore Construction Vessels Drilling Units Floating Units Production Units Jack-Up Units Offshore Support Vessels Offshore High Voltage Stations


Navy Carriers Corvettes Fast Attack Crafts Frigates Landing Crafts Mine Countermeasure Vessels Multi Role Vessels Research Vessels Submarines Support Ships Training Vessels Patrol Vessels Yachting Expedition Yachts Motor Yachts Sailing Yachts Yacht Support Vessels

OPERATIONAL ASPECTS Workshop Heinen & Hopman has a modern and wellequipped workshop well-suited to most types of work, from making a simple rectangular duct to the production of complete air conditioning units, switchboards, water or air-cooled condensing units, or prefabricated piping material. Maintenance Heinen & Hopman has an extensive range of facilities. After an installation is completed, we can assure the further maintenance of installations to assure flawless operation. Service Industrial safety and the proper management of any system are depending on careful maintenance. Heinen & Hopman therefore always gives advice on preventive and corrective maintenance via a special tailor-made training. A Heinen & Hopman contract offers customers the guarantee that their systems will be kept in excellent condition, ensuring optimal safety and performance. Systems which need to perform continually are only complete when they come with service which is efficient and thorough, and above all fast. And Heinen & Hopman delivers! Heinen & Hopman can be contacted day and night seven days a week; during office hours at its subsidiary companies or head office, outside office hours on a central emergency number, where a message can be left. One telephone call is sufficient for the Heinen & Hopman service team to come into action and send a technician to the relevant site anywhere in the world. In addition to their excellent basic training, Heinen & Hopman service personnel have extensive

practical experience. They are involved in starting up the systems and therefore well-versed in these, enabling them to respond if any faults arise. All service engineers naturally have a well-equipped service vehicle at their disposal. Our employees feel responsible for the quality of our service, confirming Heinen & Hopman’s basic premise that people matter as much as technology.

Innovations Due to requests from many stakeholders, including our own people in the field, Heinen & Hopman encourages and facilitates innovations on a major scale. New products and systems are continuously in development. Equipment Heinen & Hopman possesses all the equipment and facilities needed for the work on our various projects, including simple tools, welding equipment, lathes, measuring equipment (electro-technical as well as air-technical), site offices, etc. Warehouse Heinen & Hopman has its own warehouse where all items needed for the unhindered progress of projects are kept in store, ready for use. Manpower As a rule, all the work is carried out directly by Heinen & Hopman personnel. In cases where work is, atypically, undertaken by regional subcontractors, they are always closely monitored by Heinen & Hopman.



PROJECT ORGANISATION Project team When Heinen & Hopman receives an order, a project team is formed consisting of the following:

Management / Owner

Management Heinen & Hopman

Management Client

• • • •

project manager engineers draughtsmen chief mechanic / assistant mechanics

Project managers have complete responsibility for dealing with the client, budgetary control and for preparation and implementation of the project in technical and commercial terms. They have the technical and financial authority required to undertake their duties effectively.

Project Manager

Quality & Safety

Job Preparation & Planning





Engineers Draftsman


Planning In consultation with other partners on site, an overall plan is drawn up, after which detailed plans are made for: • • • • • • •

Engineering Drawing and design work Installation components Material procurement Assembly Testing and commissioning Operational and maintenance procedures

The plans show the ultimate dates of decision making and approval, based on which the delivery and assembly times are achieved. Every week, the project managers and the management of Heinen & Hopman briefly discuss the progress and current situation on ongoing projects.

Commissioning & Testing

Chief Mechanics

Mechanics 20

Purchasing Materials are purchased by the procurement department in consultation with the project team. The main criteria are quality and budget management.

“Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Heinen & Hopman. Email us at or call us at +31 33 299 2500

Austria T: +43 1720 1309 E: Brazil T: +55 213 587 4241/4244 E: Canada T:+1 450 659 6571 E: France - La Ciotat T: +33 4 4204 8685 E: France - Antibes T: +33 4 8902 4562 E: Germany T:+49 4073 1680 E:

Germany T:+49 471 9869 300 E: India T: +91 336 499 1293 E: Italy T: +39 018 745 7970 E: The Netherlands (HQ) T: +31 33 299 2500 E: The Netherlands - Rotterdam T: +31 78 890 8050 E: Norway T: +47 6919 0900 E:

Peoples Republic of China T: +86 213 253 2896 E: Peoples Republic of China T: +86 510 8528 1763 E: Poland T: +48 914 331 800 E: Romania T: +40 236 448 222 E: Russia T: +7 (4012) 308 801 E: Singapore T: +65 6897 7879 E:

South Korea T: +82 704 901 0000 E: Spain T: +34 932 259 668 E: Sweden T: +46 3121 7500 E: Turkey T: +90 216 493 8118 E: UAE - Abu Dhabi T:+971 2550 4147 E: UAE - Dubai T: +971 4263 5453 E:

USA - Seattle, Washington T: +1 206 632 7883 E: USA - Fort Lauderdale, Florida T: +1 954 463 0110 E: USA - Houma, Louisiana T: +1 985 876 7982 E:

Heinen & Hopman encourages a more sustainable world. By providing eco-friendly solutions and services we offer our clients the option of reducing energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

Company Profile Heinen & Hopman  

We are a reliable partner in the global maritime sector, offering top quality products and service in the field of climate control (HVAC & R...

Company Profile Heinen & Hopman  

We are a reliable partner in the global maritime sector, offering top quality products and service in the field of climate control (HVAC & R...