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DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT A new type of icebreaker that uses its asymmetric hull to break ice sideways is built at Finland’s Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. The vessel is being built in co-operation with Kaliningrad, Russia, based Shipyard Yantar JSC, that has produced the blocks of the vessel. The icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel Baltika is being built for the Russian Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport and will be operated by the FGI Gosmorspassluzhba (Russian Marine Emergency Rescue Service). It will be used in icebreaking, rescue and

KEY FEATURES Dimensions (m): Speed (knots): Displacement (t): Main machinery: Total ships: Capacity (sqm): Aviation facilities:

oil spill response operations in the Gulf of Finland. The vessel features an asymmetric hull, built-in oil recovery system and three 360 degrees rotating propulsors, which allow the vessel to operate efficiently sideways, astern and ahead. In the oblique mode the vessel will be able to generate a 50 m wide channel in 0.6 m thick ice. Baltika is thus the first icebreaker ever that can break a channel in ice that is twice as wide as its own breadth.

DESIGN DATA HVAC 76.4 x 20.5 x 6.3 14 2335 3 x diesel engines at 3.000 kW max. power each 3 380 Helideck

Summer 300C - 80% RH outside 250C - 50% RH inside Seawater temp. 250C Winter -300C - 70% TH outside -400C for selection of hull steel materials Accomodation +200C Seawater temp. -20C


Solas 2004 with latest amendments Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) KM Icebreaker6, [1], AUT1-ICS, OMBO, FF3WS, EPP, DYNPOS-1, ECO-S, Oil recovery ship (>600C), Salvage ship, Tug

SOLUTIONS Heinen & Hopman participated in the EPC of the HVAC systems. The HVAC equipment is designed to withstand the harsh summer and winter conditions and are especially designed to meet the requirements of classification and end-user.

SCOPE OF SUPPLY Accommodation & Hull • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Air intake systems for HVAC Air Handling Units Fan coil units Refrigeration equipment Central heating system Axial fans Air filters Exhaust hoods Duct heating & cooling coils Dampers Sound attenuators Supply & extract ornaments Heaters Provision cooling system HVAC control systems HVAC instrumentation Gravity cooler

SCOPE OF WORK Design & Engineering Project management Custom built production Commissioning Service & Maintenance

Total capacity 27.000 m3/h 2x 12x 2x 2x

Total capacity 700 kW Total capacity 175 kW

Total capacity 3,5 kW 2x


Total capacity 2.2 kW

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Case Report | Icebreaker Baltika  

HVAC System for Icebreaker Baltika

Case Report | Icebreaker Baltika  

HVAC System for Icebreaker Baltika