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Contractor: Damen Singapore Owner: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Fast Crew Supplier 5009


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Air Conditioning


DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT Designed for the quick and safe transport of crew and materials in rivers, harbours, coastal waters and offshore, the Damen 5009 Fast Crew Supplier has an innovative Sea Axe hull form that gives it unparalleled seakeeping behaviour. The vessel is highly fuel-efficient and equipped with everything required to fulfil its various functions.



Length: 52,3 m Deck area: 240 m2 Power (total): 5420 bkw Speed: 30 kts Industrial Personnel: 100

The challenge for Heinen & Hopman was to design a standard HVAC system for use in different types of accommodation (crew and/ or passengers area) without changing the main pipes, compressor, condenser, etc., while achieving in all conditions an indoor temperature of 28°C with 50% RH at 45°C with 45% RH outdoors.

SOLUTIONS For the different accommodation divisions, an air-conditioning system was selected with one air-handling unit featuring an optional heating section and one seawater-cooled condensing unit. At the customer’s request, we also designed and made a space reservation for a stand-by air-handling unit and seawatercooled condensing unit. A crossover ducting/plenum between the air-handling units makes it easy to switch between the units.

Contractor: Damen Singapore Owner: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company



Accommodation, Hull & Crane

Design & Equipment delivery Project management Commisioning of the HVAC system and refrigeration system. Installation & Implementation Service & Maintenance Equipment supply included all parts of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, including refrigeration and control panels.

Air handling Unit 2x Axial flow fans 5x Centrifugal duct fans 6x Galley extractor hood Fire dampers and smoke dampers Cabin units Punica louvres Mist eliminators Sand filters serving engine room Control panels Provision store refrigeration

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Heinen & Hopman encourages a more sustainable world. By providing eco-friendly solutions and services we offer our clients the option of reducing energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. Visit for more information.

Case Report | Damen Fast Crew Supplier 5009  

Marine HVAC System for Fast Crew Supplier

Case Report | Damen Fast Crew Supplier 5009  

Marine HVAC System for Fast Crew Supplier