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MAY/JUN 2022



Managing in the pandemic Well … it has been a miserable couple of months at the Club with the heightened restrictions across the board! Our staff have been wonderful throughout despite the stress and personal risk. Moving on, I need to tell you that I am writing this on 18 April 2022 – because by the time that you read this the circumstances may have changed. On 15 April 2022 the Home Affairs Bureau announced that there would be an opening-up on 21 April 2022 of Private Recreational Leases (of which we are one; and not be confused with LSCSD Sports Centres and LCSD Beaches, which remain closed). Paul and his team are planning to further ‘open up’ the Club again from 21 April 2022 to allow dining until 10 pm (four people to a table, continuing with the Vaccine Pass and Leave Home Safe App arrangements) and most importantly to open up for sports again. This is really good news, and I am sure that we are all looking forward to seeing a resumption of these activities.


At the risk of sounding like the Commodore of another Club, please do not disrespect the rules and please do respect the staff who are obliged to administer these rules. Updated Articles of Association As Paul reports in this issue, the AoA webinar was well attended with just a few suggestions. The next step is to agree on a date for the General Meeting of Members (GMM)—for the old hands, this used to be called an Extraordinary General Meeting. If the opening-up progresses as we expect, then the GMM will be held in June 2022 and is currently being planned offsite. If so and if you approve the AoA, then the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November can be held under the new rules. Unsung heroes On reading the reports by Paul, Rob, Bridget and Eddy, I am left with two points to make. We have been incredibly busy since the last AGM and the amount of work covered by these four people has been accomplished at a frenetic pace; but more importantly, they are leaving little for me to say. Please do take the time to read their reports! Reporting to the General Committee are seven committees all with Chairs and, of course, you do not hear much from the other chairs. But these people are just as hardworking and diligent. Singling people out for a mention is hazardous but I do need to mention some more members of the General Committee and some staff: Frances Hurley who, with her team and the Club’s staff, is planning another fantastic 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race; Harvey Jessop who Chairs Sailing Development and who, with Rob Allen and Alfie Okoth, had four sailors in the Asian Games this year; Sonny Payne whose legal advice is always spot on and who along with Kay Patterson, Joseph Lau and Jessica Yau have, in 2022, arrested a long-term decline in membership; and Aaron Goach who, with Carol Chan, have redefined the word “brinksmanship” when preparing a most difficult FYE 2023 Budget. I chair the Human Resources Committee and I am indebted to Paul, Janet Lai and Eric Mok for the sorting out staff appraisals, staff increments, occupational safety and health issues and managing the Club’s leap into the twenty-second century in terms of payroll administration. Thank you!


疫情下的管理 嗯⋯隨著近來全面加強的防疫設施,本會最近的幾個月實在是太令人 不快!儘管有著壓力和個人風險,我們的員工由始至終都非常出色。 你需知道我在2022年4月18日寫這篇文章的,因為當你讀 到這篇文 時,情況可能已改變。2022年4月15日,民政事務局宣布將於 2022 年 4 月 21 日開放私人康樂租賃(我們是其中之一;不要與仍然關閉的 康文署體育中心和康文署泳灘混淆)。 Paul和他的團隊計劃從 2022 年 4 月 21 日起再次進一步「開放」遊 艇會,允許用餐至晚上 10時(四人同桌,繼續使用疫苗通行證和安心 出行應用程式),最重要的是可再次運動起來。 這真是個好消息,我 們都很期待看到這些活動恢復過來。 更新公司章程 正如 Paul 在本期中所報告的那樣,公司章程網絡研討會有很好的參 與度,並提出了一些建議。 下一步是會員大會 (GMM) 的日期— —對 老手曾經稱 為特別大會。如果開放 如我們預期的那樣 進行,那麼會 議將在 2022 年 6 月舉行,目前正在場外籌劃中。 如果順利進行並 批准了 公司章程,那麼 11 月的年度股東大會 (AGM) 可以根據新規則 舉行。 無名英雄 閱讀 Paul、Rob、Bridget 和 Eddy 的報告後,我有兩點需要說明。 自上屆年度股東大會以來,我們一直忙得不可開交,這四個人的工作 量以 瘋 狂的速 度完成;但 更 重要的是,他們讓我幾乎沒有什麼可說 的。 請務必花時間閱讀他們的報告! 向總務委員會報告的有七個委員會,每個委員會都有主席,當然,你 從其他主席那裡 聽到的消息不多,但 這些人同樣 勤奮。突然提 起 人 們是冒險的,但我確實需要提及更多的總務委員會成員和一些工作 人員:Frances Hurley,她和她的團隊和本會的工作人員正在計劃另 一場精彩的 24 小時慈善小艇比賽; Harvey Jessop 是航海發展的 主席,他與 Rob Allen 和 Alfie Okoth 在今年的亞運會上擁有四名水 手Sonny Payne 的法律建議始終如一,他與 Kay Patterson、Joseph Lau 和 Jessica Yau 一起在 2022 年阻止了會員人數的長期下降;還 有Aaron Goach與Carol Chan 在準備最困難的 2023 財年預算時, 重新定義了「邊緣政策」這個詞。我擔任人力資源委員會主席,我要 感謝 Paul、Janet Lai 和 Eric Mok 整理員工評估、員工加薪、職業安 全和健康問題,並管理本會在工資管理方面進入 22 世紀的飛躍。 謝謝!



MAY/JUN 2022



While it has been fairly quiet at the Club due to COVID restrictions, work has continued on our key projects, albeit with some minor interruptions. Bathroom renovation Work has continued on the ladies’ bathroom and has extended into the disabled toilet. The work to date has uncovered various historical issues including fire safety, electric cabling and differences between official plans and the actual layout. We are working through these challenges and anticipate completing the existing work by 13 May 2022 before construction starts on the men’s bathroom. Garden Bar, Regatta Deck and Access Lift The tent has been removed and we have informed the Lands Department who have inspected the premises to confirm the removal. We have installed garden umbrellas for the time being and are investigating whether an alternate temporary (non-fixed) shade and rain protection would be suitable.


We have received preliminary approval to proceed with the installation of a lift from the Garden Bar to the restaurant balcony. Before we proceed, we will need to investigate the ground at the proposed lift location and the nearby area. This will involve drilling holes down to the bedrock and digging ‘trial pits’ to investigate ground conditions. This work will be coordinated with the Sailing Centre to minimise disruption to sailing activities, which we hope will resume shortly. Design and planning for the Regatta Deck continues. Marina piling Ground investigation for the marina piling works has commenced. This is a precursor to completing the design to replace our marina piles with taller, more durable piles that are able to withstand higher storm surges. Commencement was slightly delayed due to a COVID outbreak at our contractor. Boat rack walkways During final consultations on the design of the safety walkways in the boat racks, we have decided to enhance the safety features of the walkways. The design is currently being finalised and we anticipate work will start in the near future.


儘管由於社交距離措施,令遊艇會相對十分安靜,但遊艇會並沒有停 頓下來,縱使期間有些小中斷,我們仍專注於關鍵項目的工作。 浴室裝修 女士浴室的裝修工作仍在繼續,並加設殘疾人士廁所。迄今為止的工 作,已經揭示了各項日久失修的問題,包括消防安全、電氣佈線以及正 式計劃與實際行動之間的差異。我們正全力以赴去面對此項工作挑戰 及解決方案,務必在我們開始進行男浴室裝修之前完成。 花園酒吧、regatta deck和無障礙電梯 帳篷已拆除並通知地政總署,地政總署也已進行視察及確認已拆除。 我們在花園已經安裝了花園雨傘,並正在研究是否適當使用替代的臨 時(非固定)遮陽光和防雨裝置。 我們已獲得初步批准,可以安裝從花園酒吧到餐廳陽台的電梯。在進 行之前,我們需要調查擬建電梯位置和附近區域的地面。這將涉及在 基岩上鑽孔並挖掘「試驗坑」以調查地面條件。 這項工作將與航海訓 練中心協調,以盡量減少對帆船活動的干擾,我們希望很快能恢復。 regatta deck的設計和規劃仍在繼續中。 打樁 打樁工程的地基勘察工作已展開。這是完成設計的先導,採用能承受 更高風暴潮的更高效、更耐用的樁取代我們的碼頭樁。由於我們承包 商有人員感染新冠肺炎,開工因此略有延遲。 船架走道 對於船架上的安全走道設計,進行了最後的諮詢時,我們決定加強走道 的安全功能。而目前該設計已完成,我們預計工作不久將來會開始開工。



MAY/JUN 2022



Party time! By the time you read this, the Club should have already reopened for all sailing activities and dining up to 10 pm. Just as I had finished penning this report, at a shade after midnight on 15 April 2022, the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB)—who looks after private recreation leases like HHYC’s—confirmed in writing that with effect from 21 April we could resume: • •

dinnertime dine-in services until 9.59 pm (in groups of up to 4 persons / up to 20 people per banquet) sailing and sports activities (including team sports activities)

As well as getting out on the water again, we will also be getting the Hebe Swingers back into action on the greens. We have six flights booked at the beautiful Kau Sai Chau South Course. Scan the QR code at the end of the report if you would like to join us on the green and/or back at HHYC for a BBQ and a few sundowners. The next one is 2 May 2022 at Kau Sai Chau, South Course, but fear not if you miss that—there are plenty more booked throughout the year.


In the meantime, tonnes are going on—a lot that you can see, and even more that you can’t.

General Manager

Things you can see New look garden bar The Garden Bar is a garden once more, and the removal of the tent has opened up a beautiful space for relaxed café-style chillin’ at the Club. We have got massive umbrellas for shade and are moving the sofas into the middle for a chill section. In the Garden Bar, we are going to be serving a delicious selection of burgers, bangers, steaks and veggie options freshly cooked on the outdoor BBQ, all washed down with ice-cold beers or your favourite bottle of wine. All being well we will have hopefully kicked off with a BBQ weekend on the 21 – 22 April by the time you read this. For Sailing Centre and Sailability activities, we will set up marquees to accommodate students in the half of the Garden Bar nearest the car park, while you chill and enjoy the Shelter Cove view. And if it rains, do not worry, we have still got you covered (legally, weather-wise and metaphorically) with a roll-out retractable rain and shade cover on order. Happier table arrangements At the time of writing, we were still operating as Type D, with a maximum of two per table in the Restaurant and on the terrace. To help make the most of the current situation, we have reconfigured the tables on the balcony to create more tables of two, while strictly adhering to the 1.5m minimum distancing rule between tables. 20 clear Perspex “effective partitions” are now available upon request to help facilitate families of four being able to be seated adjacent to each on either side of the effectively partitioned larger tables. Wonderful washrooms As you might have heard … hard to miss when the jackhammers are out … the contractors have been busy with a complete refurbishment of the female and disabled washrooms. Not long now, as we expect them online in early May. Then we shift to the male washrooms. The new design and complete refit will provide extra showers, loads more locker space, and a bright and modern feel throughout.


Speedier restaurant entry We have replaced the special on-station staff scanner in the restaurant and allow members to quickly scan themselves— with spot checks by front-of-house staff on duty. Most of us are already used to this, but for those coming out of hibernation, please note to enter the Restaurant/Balcony you are required to scan a different QR code scan to the one you used at the main entrance, you then have to display and scan your individual vaccination status QR behind our reader phone until you hear a loud “bing bong” from the behind the bar … then you are good to come in.

Things you will see Masterplan I could fill a hefty book with all that is going on in terms of planning and design for the Club development projects. I shall not—instead see the Vice Commodore’s report for more details. Suffice to say that things are progressing and you will see on site a big olde barge doing the submarine ground investigation works (currently drilling hole three of six as I write). Then you are likely to see lots of boats on the ground as we fit safety walkways to keep our staff safe on the hardstands while they are tying your boats down in bad weather. Next, you will see some pits being dug in and around the Garden Bar to allow contractors to test the ground ahead of the build of the new access lift and regatta deck. New AoA The new Articles of Association (AoA) have been drafted, reviewed by the General Committee, and approved in principle by the Home Affairs Bureau (all of which took years of hard work) … now it is your turn. A bilingual members’ webinar was organised on 7 April 2022, with around 60 members registered, to give an overview of the key enhancements and provide an opportunity for members to put any questions they had to Fred Kinmonth, the lawyer who worked for the Club on the AoA and Sonny Payne, our Honorary General Secretary. The webinar precedes a General Meeting of Members (GMM) to consider and approve the new AoA, along with the subscription and entrance fees.

Things you can’t see, but are worth sharing

Becoming an employer of choice The Club has come a long way since 1963, and now has around 80 full-time staff to help serve you in a myriad of ways. Some you see frequently, some you may never meet as they beaver away back-of-house, but all are working hard to help meet your needs and keep the Club going from strength to strength. Whether cooking up a scrummy meal, serving sundowners on the Terrace, lifting your boat in the water, fixing power on the berthings, keeping your washrooms clean, driving a sampan to take you to your swing, patrolling the pontoons, checking entry to the Club, getting your crew cards printed up, re-varnishing your tables, keeping the Club IT running smoothly, crunching the numbers in accounts or keeping the Club safe for you and our staff—know we have a great team. But this works both ways, and we also need to look after our team too—showing our appreciation to our staff who work so hard not just with ‘thank yous’, but also with timely remuneration, MPF, medical, a raft of training programmes to help them self-develop and in creating a safe and hygienic environment for staff to work and members to relax in. This is a significant part of my job and a huge part of HR’s job. As part of this process, we are currently rolling out a range of staff training programmes from IT to First Aid to industry-certified courses. We have also just rolled out a face recognition check-in system for casual staff, which will soon be rolled out for all staff—to make it quicker to check in, helps us know exactly who is on-site, and expedites attendance and bookkeeping functions at the Club. I really hope that we are all back out on the water again soon and whatever the weather … happy clubbing.

Join the Hebe Swingers…



MAY/JUN 2022



政府在4 月 6 日宣布了社交距離措施需要「繼續延長14 天」,直至 4 月 20 日。在撰寫 本文時,我們都非常希望 4 月 21 日措施能放寬及能夠開放更多設施。這是 4 月 13 日寫 的,我沒有許願水晶球,但政府提出的放寬社交距離措施的分階段計劃,有望讓我們 恢復晚上堂食服務,容我敢寫下……體育設施會重新開放。 除了再次出海,我們還將讓 Hebe球手重新在草地上行動。我們在美麗的賽馬會滘西洲 公眾高爾夫球場南場預約了 6 場。如果你想加入我們在草地上打高爾夫球,或回到遊艇 會燒烤和享受幾個日落,請掃描以下二維碼。下一場是 2022 年 5 月 2 日,在賽馬會滘 西洲公眾高爾夫球場南場舉行,但若你錯過了這場,不要害怕,因為全年內都有很多 其他預約場次。 請好好期待。同時有許多事情正發生,有很多可以見證,但是更多的是現時未見證到。

能見證的項目 花園酒吧新形象 花園酒吧再次成為一個花園,當移除帳篷之後,會為本會提供了一個像咖啡廳一樣既 輕鬆又寫意的美麗地方,我們有巨大的遮蔭太陽傘,並將沙發移到中間以建立一個放

PAUL C. ARKWRIGHT General Manager

鬆的空間。在花園酒吧,我們將提供各種美味的漢堡、香腸、牛排和在戶外燒烤的蔬 菜,配以冰鎮啤酒或你最喜歡的紅酒。當您閱讀本文時,但願一切順利,如期展開在 4 月 21 日至 22 日舉行的燒烤週末。 在帆船訓練和航海活動方面,我們將在離停車場最近的花園酒吧的一半地方來設置一 些帳篷以容納學生,同時你可以放鬆並欣賞西貢遊艇會花園的景色。即使遇到下雨, 請不要擔心,因為我們仍為你提供掩護(不論法律上、天氣方面和隱喻上),並已訂 購了可伸縮的遮陽防雨罩。 更愉快的餐飲安排 在撰寫本文時,我們仍實行D 類運營方式,餐廳和露台上每桌限制最多兩人。為了有助 更好地配合適應當時的情況,我們重新安排了露台上的桌子,以建立更多的兩人桌, 同時亦嚴格遵守桌子之間至少保持 1.5米 距離規定。現在因應要求提供 20 個透明玻璃 的「有效隔板」,以幫助四人家庭能夠坐在有效隔開大桌子兩側的旁邊。 超棒的洗手間 你應該也曾聽到……亦很難錯過電鑽的聲音……承包商一直忙於全面翻新女性和傷殘 洗手間。不久之後,我們預計將會在 5 月初重新提供服務。然後我們把重點轉移到男洗 手間。在新設計和全面改裝後,將會提供額外的淋浴間,裝載更多的儲物櫃空間,和 帶有明亮和現代的感覺。 餐廳入口捷徑 我們更換了餐廳的特別駐場員工的掃描器,並讓會員快速自行掃描,並會由值班的前 線員工進行隨機抽查。我們大多數人已經習慣了,但是對於那些仍不知情的人,請注 意,當進入餐廳或露台時,你需要掃描與進入正門的不同的二維碼,之後必須出示並 在指定閱讀器手機後面掃描個人疫苗接種狀態二維碼,直到你從酒吧後面聽到響亮的 「乒乓」一聲……然後就可以順利進來了。 將會見證的事情


總規劃 我可以把本會發展項目的規劃和設計方面的所有內容去填滿一本厚厚的書。我建議閱 讀副會長報告去了解更多細節。這足以地說明事情正進行中,你會在現場看到一艘大 型舊躉船正在進行海底地面調查工作(當我撰寫本文時,正進行鑽孔,是六個鑽孔中 的其中三個)。這時你可能會在地面上看到很多船,因為我們安裝了安全走道,以確 保我們的員工即使在惡劣天氣下,亦能安全地將你的船繫在硬支架上。接下來,你會 看到在花園酒吧內和周圍挖了一些坑,以方便承包商在建造新升降機和regatta deck 進 行地面測試。 新公司章程 我們已經起了新公司章程(AoA)的草稿,已通過總委員會的審核,而民政事務局亦原 則上批准(所有種種都需要多年的努力)......現在該輪到你了。 在2022 年 4 月 7 日, 舉行了一次雙語的會員網上研討會,約有 60 名會員登記出席,概述了主要改進事項, 並讓會員有機會向為本會處理有關公司章程工作的律師 Fred Kinmonth 和我們的榮譽總 秘書Sonny Payne提出任何問題。網上研討會舉行在會員大會 (GMM) 之前去審議和批准 新公司章程,還有訂閱和費用,我將會在適當時候再向你發送更新狀況。

無法眼見的項目但也值得分享 成為首選僱主 本會自 1963 年來一直走過漫長的道路,現時擁有大約 80 名全職員工,為你提供不同形 式的服務。有些人你經常會看到,而有些人你可能永遠不會遇到,因為他們努力於後 勤工作中,但所有員工都同樣地努力協助滿足需求,讓本會不斷發展更好。無論是烹 煮一頓美味的飯、在露台上更好地欣賞日落、從水中升起船隻、處理停泊位的電源、 保持洗手間的清潔、駕駛舢板帶你去打球、浮橋巡邏、檢查本會入口、打印船員卡、 重新粉刷桌子、確保本會資訊科技部順利運作、處理帳戶的金額數字和確保本會會員 和員工的安全,我們正擁有一支出色的團隊。 不過這是雙向的,我們也需要照顧團隊,在此向我們一直努力工作的員工表達感激之 情,不僅是簡單一句「謝謝」,還用適當的薪酬、強積金、醫療、大量的培訓計劃來 協助他們個人發展,並為員工建立一個安全和符合衛生的工作環境,讓員工安心工 作,同時讓會員放鬆。這是我,和同時亦是人力資源的重要工作部分。作為這過程的 一部分,我們目前正推出一系列的員工培訓計劃,從資訊科技,到急救,再到行業認 證課程。我們還剛推出了針對臨時員工的人面識別簽到系統,相信該系統很快將推出 並應用於所有員工,有助加快簽到速度,幫助我們更準確知道在場人士,而且加快本 會出勤和記賬的職能。 我衷心希望我們能很快再次回到水上,不論任何天氣……願有愉快的遊艇會體驗吧。




MAY/JUN 2022






MAY/JUN 2022






MAY/JUN 2022






MAY/JUN 2022





MAY/JUN 2022





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Wines from Central Valley, Chile

Peroni Nastro Azzurro WHITE WINE $238/bottle $58/glass Lapostolle, D'Alamel Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2018

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is an intensely crisp and refreshing lager, with an unmistakable touch of Italian style.

Aromas of lime, peach and green apple with floral notes. Palate with fresh acidity, good volume in the


mouth with a long and persistent finish.




Lapostolle, D'Alamel Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2018 A delicious cabernet with real cab character. Currant and fresh-basil undertones. Medium body, light tannins and a clean, bright finish.


Wines from Margaret River, Australia

June Heineken




Xanadu Wines Circa 77 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2021

Golden yellow lager with full flavour and typical fruity tones. The finish is mild and softly bitter.

Medium bodied, the zesty palate offers freshly squeezed lemon/lime flavours combined with tropical fruits and a touch of spice.




Xanadu Wines Circa 77 Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

A balanced wine with a persistent fruit finish with beautiful regional savoury inflections of bay, black olive and liquorice.





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HONG KONG 1973 – 1998


香港 1973 – 1998

從英國殖民地到特區政府 – 一位工程師的經驗

by Neil Jagger

From Colony to S.A.R. examines the journey of Hong Kong from British Colony to Chinese Special Administrative Region through the lens of an engineering expatriate. Neil Jagger, a 25-year residential veteran of Hong Kong, wrote this memoir in the early 2000’s whilst the places, people and events were still fresh in his memory. Jagger was prompted to publish following the Beijing-mandated implementation of the National Security Law and subsequent policy pivot in China’s interpretation of the Joint Declaration. From Colony to S.A.R.’s narrative details beautiful maritime landscape, expatriate family life, local festivals and excerpts from an exciting construction career to frame the tumultuous relationship between China and the UK over the period. Jagger examines the perpetual north-of-the-border threats to the colony and recounts witnessing Tiananmen Square unfold, China’s ensuing hard-line approach and examines the changing landscape in the leadup to the handover.

透過外籍工程人員的視角及審視香港從英國殖民地到中國特別行政區的歷程。賈格爾在香港 居住了 25 年,他在 2000 年代初寫了這本回憶錄,當時他對這些地方、人物和事物依然記 憶猶新。在北京授權實施《國家安全法》以及隨後中國解釋《聯合聲明》的政策轉向後,促 使賈格爾被作出發表。

Jagger, a long-standing HHYC member, uses the memoir to reflect on his first foray into boat ownership. Hwyl – Welsh for a good feeling, was a twenty-eight foot, Bermuda rigged, fibreglass yacht featuring a white hull, varnished woodwork, an aluminium mast and boom, a teak laid deck and spacious cockpit. Jagger chose to moor Hwyl at HHYC due to the “silent rocky coves, sandy white shores and sparkling clear water with underwater gardens of coral and brightly coloured resident fish shoals,” all within one hour from the Club.


從殖民地到特別行政區的敘事,詳細描述了美麗的海洋景觀、外籍人士的家庭生活、當地的 節日和激動人心的建築生涯的節選,勾出這一時期中英之間動蕩的關係。賈格爾審視了邊境 北部對殖民地的永久威脅,並講述了目睹天安門廣場的展開、中國隨後採取的強硬態度,並 審視了移交前不斷變化的景觀。 賈格爾是遊艇會的長期會員,他利用這本回憶錄反映了他首次涉足船隻擁有權。Hwyl– Welsh的是一艘 28 英尺、百慕達索具的玻璃纖維遊艇,具有白色船身、塗漆木製品、鋁製桅 杆和吊桿、柚木鋪設的甲板和寬敞的駕駛艙。賈格爾選擇將Hwyl–Welsh停泊在遊艇會是因 為“安靜的岩石海灣、白沙海岸和清澈海水,水下珊瑚花園和色彩鮮豔的常駐魚群”,距離遊 艇會不到一小時。

Also notable is Jagger’s first-hand encounter with Typhoon Ellen featuring the Marine team’s very own Sammy who ferried Jagger to the landbound Hwyl following an uncharacteristically high storm surge. Jagger recounts lively Club bar memories from fellow ‘yachties’ which further expand the scope of his recollection.


The narrative provides an insight into the pragmatic world of civil engineering contracting. Jagger’s involvement in the spectacular Tsing Ma Suspension Bridge – the longest road and rail span in the world (at the time) – is fascinating and culminates with a vertigo-inducing crossing of the temporary walkway.


次相遇,其中帆船中心的Sammy在異常高的風 暴潮之後將賈格爾運送到陸地。賈格爾講述了 其他“遊艇”成員對遊艇會酒吧的回憶,這進一 步擴大了他的回憶範圍。

察。賈格爾參與了壯觀的青馬大橋——當時世 界上最長的公路和吊橋——最令人感到亢奮的 是穿梭在吊橋的臨時走道上。 從殖民地到特別行政區.是一個逃避現實的度假

From Colony to S.A.R. is an escapist getaway. Jagger entices readers throughout — sharing intimate personal recollections of an expatriate’s colonial way of life in Hong Kong. From Colony to S.A.R. serves as a genial reminder of a bygone era and imparts some candid final words to the current overseer of the region — “it can no more change its behaviour than a leopard can change its spots”.

勝地。由始至終都吸引著讀者——分享一個外 籍人士在香港的殖民生活方式的個人回憶。從 殖民地到到特別行政區,作為對過去時代的親 切提醒,並向該地區的現任行政長官傳達了一 些坦率的最後一句話——“它不能改變它的行 為,就像豹子不能改變它的斑點一樣。”



MAY/JUN 2022




CHENG FUK CHEUNG, SAMMY 與海事主任 SAMMY 的五分鐘訪談 How long have you been with HHYC? 你在白沙灣遊艇會工作了多久?

I started working at Hebe Haven on 1 January 1980 when I was 17 years old, so that’s more than 40 years ago now. Since I joined the Club at a very young age I have been able to watch and be a part of the Club’s growth. I remember back then the Club had only just started so it was very small with a handful of members and around five members of staff. Being able to watch it grow to more than 1,000 plus members has been incredible. The Club has always been very supportive and like a family to me. HHYC has been a part of my life for a very long time and has celebrated and shared in some of the biggest moments in my life including my marriage and the birth of my son. 我由 17 歲開始在遊艇會工作,在這裡已經40 多年了。 由於我年紀很輕已加入了 遊艇會,令我能與遊艇會一起成長。記憶中,那時候遊艇會才剛剛起步,當年規 模比較小,只有少數成員,大約5名工作人員左右。能夠與遊艇會一起成長到現 時超過1,000多名成員,簡直令人難忘。遊艇會一直十分支持我,對我來說就像 家人一樣。遊艇會成為了我生活的一部分,並見證及分享我人生中一些最重要的 時刻,包括建立家庭,生兒育女。

What is your typical workday like? 你的工作日常是什麼樣的?

Currently, I am training and supervising over ten people in the Marine Team. On a day-to-day basis, I am ensuring that the team are performing their duties correctly, following instructions and looking after them. I also spend some time checking up on the marines and reminding them to always serve HHYC members from the heart. 最近,我在海事辦事處訓練和督導超過10人。在日常工作中,我要確保團隊能夠 正確地履行他們職責,遵從指引。我還會花一些時間監察海事事務,及時刻提醒 他們需由發自內心地為遊艇會服務。

Touring the marina 28

What have been some of your fondest memories of working in the Club? 你在白沙灣遊艇會工作了多久?

Back when I first joined there was only a handful of staff and it was very relaxed and stress-free. I was extremely eager to learn all about the boats and was incredibly happy whenever I could get out onto the water. One key memory I have stretches back to 1983 when Typhoon Ellen hit the Club. It did not affect just Hebe Haven members but also all the private boats, yachts and fishing vessels in the Pak Sha Wan area. After the storm, all the boats that are usually bobbing calmly on the waves were blown to the side and up onto the beach. I remember that we were not able to do anything about it, even the next day once the storm cleared. It took us a long time to clear all the debris as there were only five of us, so we had to recruit and rely on club members to come and help. Many of them came to assist us but were surprised to find their boats moored on the shore. A more recent memory I have which was something unlike anything I had ever seen before, was after Typhoon Mangkhut. I am sure many club members will remember how powerful this storm was. One of the most incredible things was the flooding. The car park seemingly disappeared and the whole thing was completely submerged. The water level was exceedingly high during that storm and over 100 boats were damaged. After Mangkhut dissipated, it took all members of staff over a week to clear the rubbish that was blown in including all the trees that were knocked down. Whenever there is a typhoon warning hoisted, I will always choose to stay at the Club and do whatever I can to take care of our members’ vessels. Other team members and I will work 12-hour shifts on a rotational basis and provide status updates to the Club and report any damage or issues that we find. 回想當年我剛加入時,只有少數成員,當時非常輕鬆,沒有壓力。當時我很渴 望了解所有有關於帆船的知識,每次當我能出海時,我都十分興奮。 其中一個深刻的回憶是當年 1983 年颱風”艾倫” 侵襲遊艇會。它不僅影響到遊 艇會的成員,它也影響到白沙灣地區的所有私人船隻、遊艇和漁船。暴風雨過 後,所有平時在海浪中停泊的船隻都被吹到一邊,有些衝上了海灘。我猶記得 我們當下無能為力,即使在第二天暴風過後也是。當時我們只有五人,我們花 了很長時間清理,所以我們不得不招募義工及有賴遊艇會會員來協助。許多會 員來到的時候,竟發現他們的船隻都停泊在岸邊。 而我最近的一段記憶,與之前見過的事物都不一樣,就是在颱風山竹之後。我 相信許多遊艇會成員都會記得這場威力強勁的風暴。其中最令人難忘的的事情 是水浸,停車場被水浸到幾乎消失了,所有東西完全被淹沒了。在那場風暴令 水位上升非常高,有100多艘船受損。 山竹離港後,所有工作人員花了一個多 星期的時間,才清理掉所有被吹進來的垃圾,包括所有被撞倒的樹木。 現在每當有颱風警告發出時,我都會選擇留守在會所,盡我所能照顧會員的船 隻。我和其他團隊成員12小時輪流工作,不時向遊艇會更新及報告任何損壞情 況或問題。



MAY/JUN 2022



If someone young wanted to join your team, what advice would you give to them? What type of person would be well-suited for this job? 如果有年輕人想加入你的團隊,你會給他們什麼的建議? 怎樣的人適合這份工作?

I am not going to lie and say that my job is very easy as it requires a lot of time spent outside, so a young person must be able to work well even during the height of summer under the hot Hong Kong sun. Another thing that would make them suitable is if they are able to work hard even during the difficult times as they will find it extremely rewarding. Being able to follow leadership instructions is also a must as are being able to maintain your composure and having a good temper. One of the most rewarding things about my job is getting to talk to the members and how friendly and willing to help they all are. That is why a young person must understand that enjoying what you do must come from the heart and treat our members with respect. 我會老實說出我們的工作大部份時間都會在外工作,一點也不輕鬆,即使烈日當空下,也必需擔任好我們的 工作。另外年輕人需明白,即使在工作時遇上困難及挑戰,只要他們能夠努力工作,他們會在過程中會獲益 良多。 能夠遵從領導的指示也是必需的,這能夠鍛鍊出保持鎮定及脾氣良好的個性。 另外令我覺得能與會員溝通亦非常值得的,令他們覺得我們是友好及願意幫助他們的。作為一個年輕人必須 明白的是,如何享受發自內心的善待及尊重我們的會員。

What are your plans for the future? 你對未來的計劃是什麼?

I am actually planning to retire in a year’s time. If that will happen, who knows, as I love working at HHYC very much. I plan on spending more time with my family and taking a wellearned, long rest before striking out on my next adventure. When the time does come to depart HHYC, I will miss it very dearly as it has been like a family. I have made lifelong friends and served some members for more than 20 years so I will miss them very much. 我是十分喜歡在遊艇會工作,不過我將 計劃在一年後退休。退休後,我會好好 休息及花更多的時間和家人在一起,然 後計劃下一個人生里程碑。當離開的時 刻到了,我會不舍得在遊艇會的日子, 遊艇會就像一個家庭般。在這裡


識了畢生的朋友,當中有些已認識超過 20多年了,我會非常想念他們。



MAY/JUN 2022




by Nigel Slattery

Nigel is the Senior Instructor of the Sailing Centre. Nigel 是帆船運動中心的高級教練。

As we all know, Hong Kong has imposed severe social distancing measures on multiple occasions and each time it does, we keep ourselves busy with our maintenance schedule. Maintenance is vital to all of us at the Club for a very simple reason—safety. If the boats do not have everything working the way they should then there is a risk of things going wrong and accidents occurring.

眾所周知,香港已 多次實施嚴格的社 交疏離措施,每一 次,我們都會忙於 維護工作。維護對 我們所有人來說是 極為十分重要的, 原因很簡單——安 全。為免出現事故 及問題發生的風 險,我們必須按照 應有的方式工作。 從遊艇會的角度來

From the Club’s perspective, there are quite a number of boats to look after including six J/80s, 11 powerboats and over 70 dinghies. After last year’s busy racing season, maintenance was a big goal for us in order to bring life back into our fleet. The J/80s have all been touched up, our Bosuns have had all their rigging and control lines redone, all outstanding repairs have been fixed and we also updated the toolboxes.


看,有很多船隻需 要照顧,包括六艘 J80、11艘橡皮艇 和70多艘小艇。 在去年繁忙的賽季 之後,確保設施可 以正常運作便是我 們的一個重要目 標,J80已經全部修 好,我們已經重修 了所有的繩纜和配 件,所有未完成的 維修都已修復好, 我們目前已經完成 更新工具箱。

Usually, we are so busy on the water that we never get the opportunity to get all our powerboats up and running. This year, we have managed to update all the control lines, antifoul the hulls and in the next few weeks before we reopen, will have put together new toolboxes so that each and every boat will be set up ready for the new season. All dinghies have had new lines installed and we have also been fixing hulls and retired a number of old Picos. Work on Quests is underway to ensure that they too will be ready to go in the near future. In other related news, the maintenance offices have been relocated. We now have an amazing open office space with lots of room including new J/80 storage and a basic maintenance shed for our Bosuns that enables us to store and repair everything and anything that could pop up on a day-to-day basis. 一般來說,我們在水上非常忙碌,導致我們從來 沒有機會啟動及運行所有的橡皮艇。今年,我們 能夠進行更新及監控,處理了船體防污設備,並 在接下來的幾週內,在重新開放之前,安裝新的 工具箱,為每艘船在新賽季做好準備。 我們在所有小帆船上安裝新繩,也一直在修理並 退役了一些殘舊的Laser Picos。 Quests 的工作正 在進行中,確保它們可以在不久將來準備就緒。 維修辦公室已經搬遷。我們現在擁有一個令人驚嘆 的開放式辦公空間,有更多的空間,包括新的 J/80 存儲空間及一個為我們的 bosuns 提供的基本維護 棚,使我們能夠供應和修理日常工作的事務。



MAY/JUN 2022




by Sean Basiga

Sean is the Bosun of the Sailing Centre. Sean 是帆船運動中心船隻 的維修保養專員。

The Club's Sailing Centre operations were halted as we reached 2022. We viewed this as a chance to conduct maintenance on our boats. The ban on social activities has turned out to be a gift in disguise, allowing us to complete full maintenance following the busy days of last summer.

踏入2022年,本會 帆船運動中心需要暫 停運作,我們因此得 到復修船隻的機會。 從另一角度看,限制 社交活動政策是一份 禮物,讓我們的裝備 可以稍作喘息,是去 年繁忙夏天過後的第 一次。 做好維修保養是船隻

Boat maintenance is an important component of boat ownership to ensure that water activities function properly throughout the season. Boats should be checked for safety and performance before being launched.

擁有人的責任,以確 保所有帆船運動可以 整個夏季順利進行。 所有船隻在下水前, 都應該已驗證能夠安 全、正常運作的。 在帆船運動中心方

In terms of the Sailing Centre, we planned to replace the ropes on our safety boats and sailing boats first. Sailing will be more enjoyable and safe thanks to the use of innovative and high-quality rigging materials.


面,我們已經全面更 換救生艇和帆船上的 繩索。這些創新和高 質量的船纜物料,將 會為帆船運動員帶來 更享受和更安全的航 海體驗。

Sean and his father, Ben

Shackles are spliced to prevent falling off boat

The boats are all on hardstand and the engines have been rinsed with fresh water to remove the salt. This extends the life of an outboard motor and reduces the cost of repairing corroded components. Following that, with the assistance of Dragon Marine, we repainted the anti-fouling. Furthermore, changing the oils and hydraulic fluids, as well as inspecting a boat's and engine's electrical systems, are critical. Technical components are just as vital as the boat's exterior.

我們把船隻全都停放 在岸上船架,用清水 洗擦走引擎的鹽份, 以延長舷外引擎的壽 命,以及減低維修腐 蝕機件的成本。隨 後我們又在Dragon Marine的協助下, 為船身重新刷上防污 油漆。此外,我們還 更換機油或液壓油、 檢查船隻和引擎的電 力系統,這些工序亦 同樣關鍵。因為船的 技術結構和外殼同樣 重要。

Finally, the plumbing and bilge pumps should not be forgotten especially with typhoon season approaching. It is important for boats to avoid stagnant water collecting, which makes the boat smell bad and attracts mosquitoes.

最後,當然不少得 要確保排水系統運 作暢順,尤其是颱 風季節將來臨之時。 以上都是我們近日船 隻復修日常工作的分

This is our experience with what we have done to the fleet in recent times, and I apologise if I have forgotten to mention any critical chores. The fleet still has some planned goals and changes to make. It is always a good idea to start by inspecting the hull, engine, and moving parts of the boat, and then focus on cleaning and polishing it.

享,如果我對某些重 要常務有所遺漏,我 在此表達歉意。我們 還有更多計劃、改變 有待實踐。任何時 候,先檢查船身、引 擎和活動部件,然後 再集中清潔和打磨工 作,都是愛護船隻的 有效做法。



MAY/JUN 2022




by Michael Anderson

All the participants have enjoyed the eight weeks of the first-ever Virtual Regatta very much, and while the Sailing Centre is reopening up with relaxation of the social-distancing measures, we are now ready to welcome everyone back again on the water! 在過去八個星期遊艇會首次舉辦的虛擬帆船賽中,所有參賽者對此都十分享受,現在遊艇會 在社交距離措施放寬之下重新開放,我們已作好準備,歡迎大家再次回到水上活動! Given that sailing events have had to be cancelled due to the ongoing social distancing regulations, the Sailing Centre innovated a daring concept to keep HHYC members engaged and out on the water—a virtual regatta. One fine sunny afternoon in early March, with sailors comfortably seated at home and fingers poised on their touch screens, 21 brave souls embarked on an epic virtual sailing battle, pitting Wi-Fi bandwidth, reflexes and a healthy dose of luck against one another. Ignoring traffic separation zones and throwing caution to the wind, the virtual Race Officers (RO) set up a windward-leeward course west of Victoria Harbour. In shifty 12-15 knot conditions, sailors were split into two divisions and the first-ever virtual Hebe starting gun was fired at 12:45.

鑑於現時持續的社交距離限制,被逼取消帆船賽事,帆船訓練中心提出了一 個創新而大膽的想法,讓白沙灣遊艇會成員能參與有關水上活動,正是虛擬 帆船賽。 在 3 月一個陽光明媚的下午,船員們舒服地坐在家中,當他們的手指擺放在 觸摸式屏幕時,21 位勇敢的選手開始了一場史詩般的虛擬航海大戰,Wi-Fi寬 頻狀況、反應能力和良好運氣在互相對抗。

J/70 was the boat of choice on day one, with four races sailed. Division One, consisting of 11 sailors, was made up of our crack youth squad with a few parents mixed in and daring to throw down the gauntlet. Division Two appeared to be a more sophisticated affair, with 10 sailors and some tight racing.

虛擬賽事官 (RO) 無視了分隔區,不顧一切地在維多利亞港以西設立了一個迎 風與背風的路線。在具變化12-15 節的航速條件下,船員們被分成兩個級別, 第一支虛擬的 Hebe 發令槍聲亦隨之在3 月 5 日,星期六中午 12:45 響起。 選擇了J/70 作為第一天的船,並進行了四場比賽。第一級別是由11名船員組

The first-ever virtual win in race one, Division One, went to Peter Jessop in 09:39.4 minutes followed 15.6 seconds later by yours truly, Michael Anderson. Third went to Tommy Wong and Purple Nurple, helmed by Kian Anderson, took up the fourth spot. With less than two minutes separating the top six boats, it was all to play for going into race two. The glory in race one, Division Two went to the one and only Clement Tong, followed closely by Zacharia Hmidat in second and Douglas Waterston in third.


成的,是由我們精銳的青年隊伍和一些家長混合組成的,勇於接受挑戰。第 二級別的事情似乎更複雜,有 10 名船員參加一些緊迫的比賽。 在首場比賽中的第一次虛擬的勝利,是由第一級別中 Peter Jessop 獲得, 成績為 09:39.4 分鐘內,隨後由Michael Anderson獲得,成績為15.6秒。 第三名是 Tommy Wong,而由 Kian Anderson 掌舵的 Purple Nurple則佔 第四名。在首六名的船隻表現時間當中只相差不到兩分鐘內,這一切都是 為了 繼 續 晉 級 第 二 場 比 賽 。 首 場 比 賽 的 榮 耀 是 屬 於 唯 一 在 第 二 級 別 的 Clement Tong,緊隨其後的分別是奪得第二名的 Zacharia Hmidat 和第三 名的 Douglas Waterston。

Race two, Division One saw a reversal in the top two positions. Michael Anderson took the bullet, followed 23.9 seconds later by Peter Jessop in second, and Vianney Lacouture in third. Race two, Division Two saw Clement taking his second win with Xanthus in second and Rafael Buitre in third.

在第二場比賽第一級別中,前兩名位置出現逆轉。Michael Anderson 首當其衝勇奪第一名,23.9 秒後,Peter Jessop 獲得第二名, 而Vianney



中,Clement再次獲得了勝利,Xanthus 獲得第二名,而Rafael Buitre則獲得第三名。

By races three and four, sailors were feeling the eye strain and with sweaty palms and tired fingers, formal racing for the afternoon was concluded. Will the sailors be able to take their newly honed virtual sailing tactics and translate them into the real world? That remains to be seen. A huge shout out to Rob, Nigel and the team for daring to try something new!

在第三場和第四場比賽時,隨着船員們開始感到眼睛疲勞、手心出 汗和手指疲憊,下午的比賽便正式結束了。船員們能否把他們新 鍛練的虛擬航海策略,轉化應用於現實世界?這還需要有待觀察。 要向 Rob、Nigel 和團隊大聲呼喊一句感謝願意敢於嘗試新事物!



MAY/JUN 2022




by Kevin Lewis

The single most important piece of safety equipment on any powerboat is the kill cord. Yet, it is often overlooked and without a doubt should be the number one concern when driving. The kill cord or ‘engine safety cut-out switch,’ is a simple lanyard that attaches to an engine cut out switch at one end, the other being secured to the driver. If the driver loses control and is thrown across or even out of the boat, the kill cord stretches and then pulls away, flicking the cutout switch and killing the engine. The kill cord is usually a coiled spiral plastic or woven lanyard with an inner core; one end has a snap hook to connect to the driver, and the other a more specialist connector that comes in a variety of shapes according to the design of each engine manufacturer’s cut-out switch. Some engines have a simple toggle switch arrangement, while others may have a spacer or ring that works at the keyhole of the engine itself. Kill cords are most frequently used on boats with outboard engines but may also be installed in other open boats where there is a risk of the driver losing control. In 2021, recognizing the importance of the kill cord, a new Federal Law in the United States mandated the use of engine cut off devices on certain vessels less than 26 feet when travelling on plane or above displacement speeds.

在任何機動船最重要的安全設備是安全繩。然而,這是經常被忽視的,毫無疑問地應 該是駕駛時最值得關注的。 安全繩或稱「引擎安全切斷開關」是一種簡單的掛繩,一端是連接到引擎切斷開關, 另一端會固定在駕駛員身上。如果駕駛員失去控制並被拋出,甚至被甩出船外,這時 安全繩則會延伸和拉開,輕觸切斷開關裝置,並關閉引擎。安全繩通常是帶有內芯的 盤繞着的螺旋塑料或編織掛繩;一邊是有彈簧鉤連接到駕駛員,而另一邊是有另一個

The main issue surrounding kill cord use is one of convenience and habit. Many powerboat drivers do not use the kill cord because it restricts their movement around the boat and is troublesome to be continually attaching and un-attaching the cord. Drivers tend to have great confidence that as they have not crashed or fallen out of their boat before, they will not do so in the future— rendering the kill cord unimportant. However, all it takes is a single accident and lives can be lost simply because the driver did not wear the cord. Think of it as akin to a seatbelt in the car – the kill cord is a proven lifesaver, and we need to get into the habit of always ‘clipping on’ just as we fasten our seatbelts when driving.


更專門的連接器,是根據每個引擎製造商的切斷開關裝置的設計,而產生的不同形 狀。有些引擎具有簡單的切換開關裝置,而其他或具有在引擎本身的鎖孔運作的墊片 或環。安全繩最常用於有備舷外引擎的船隻上,但也會安裝在其他有機會出現駕駛員 失控的開放式船隻上。 在2021 年,美國新聯邦法律意識到安全繩的重要性,規定在某 些小於 26 英尺的船隻上,當以水平或高於移位速度行駛時,必須使用引擎切斷裝置。 選擇使用安全繩與否的主要問題,是關於方便程度和習慣。許多機動船駕駛員都不使 用安全繩,因為認為這限制了他們在船上四處移動,並且不停地繫上和鬆開繩是很麻 煩的。駕駛員對此往往有很大的信心,因為他們之前沒有遇上墜毀或從船上甩下來, 因而他們將來也選擇不使用安全繩,令安全繩顯得不重要。不過,只要發生一次意 外,可能是因為駕駛員沒有佩戴繩索而失去生命。嘗試把它想像成汽車上的安全帶, 安全繩同樣是一種經證實的救生設備,我們需要養成經常「繫上」的習慣,就正如我 們在開車時會繫上安全帶。

In recent years, technology has provided some new alternatives to the traditional physical lanyard. Wireless devices, most using Bluetooth, will cut the boat engine if the transmitter and receiver move further apart than a set distance or if the transmitter, worn by the driver, is immersed in water. Some systems have additional features including alarms and some even can function as Man Overboard Alarms with a built-in radio direction finder (RDF) which enables the user to search for the transmitter's radio signal when retrieving the crew overboard.

近年,科技為傳統的實物繩索提供 了一些新的替代品。如果發射器和 接收器的距離超過指定距離,或者 駕駛員佩戴的發射器浸入水中,無 線設備,多數是藍牙裝置將會切斷 船的引擎。有些系統具有警報在內 的附加功能,甚至具有帶有內置 無線電測向儀 (RDF) 的人員下水警 報,令用戶能夠在下水救出船員 時,去搜索發射器的無線電信號。

Always remember the golden rule – when we are near people in the water our engine should always be turned off. We should not be driving without a kill cord connected. 時常記得黃金法則,首先是 當我們接近水上的人士時, 總是需關閉引擎。其次是我 們應在連接安全繩下駕駛。

Lessons to be learnt – use your kill cord! 要汲取教訓,請使用你的安全繩!

While it is not intended to scare powerboat users and over-dramatise the issue, it is worth noting a few previous incidents that highlight how serious this issue is.


Back in 2013, the UK saw a widely publicised powerboat accident off the town of Padstow, Cornwall. A family, including four children, were thrown into the water. The kill cord was not connected at the time and the father, and one daughter died after the boat continued circling at full speed and hit them in the water. This particularly sad accident seems to have had a strong impact over in the UK in terms of kill cord use. However, a quick Google search reveals kill cord related incidents—some fatal, continue worldwide. There are many videos online showing out of control boats travelling at full speed after their occupants have been thrown overboard.

早在 2013 年,在英國康瓦爾郡帕德斯托鎮附近,發生了

In St Aubin’s Bay, the Channel Islands, a high-powered RIB raced out of control after its occupants, a father and daughter, were thrown into the sea. The RIB narrowly missed crashing into several moored yachts before travelling miles across open water at speeds of up to 35 knots. It eventually crashed into some rocks at Elizabeth Marina. Both passengers were rescued by a passing yacht.



一宗廣為人知的機動船意外。一個家庭,包括四個孩子, 都被甩進了水中。他們當時並沒有繫上安全繩,而船隻繼 續高速盤旋,並在水中被撞到後,父親和其中一名女兒身 亡。這宗特別令人悲傷的意外,似乎對英國使用安全繩這 議題上帶來強烈的影響。但是,若在Google快速搜尋了安 全繩相關的意外,當中亦有些致命的意外,仍在全球繼續 發生。網上有不少影片顯示,當船上的人被拋下船後,船 隻仍失控地全速行駛。

對父女)被拋入海中後失控。那橡皮艇差點撞上幾艘停泊的 遊艇,再以高達 35 節的速度橫跨水域數英里。它最後在伊 利莎白碼頭撞上了一些岩石。而兩位乘客都被一艘經過的 遊艇救出。



MAY/JUN 2022



During a training session in Athens prior to the 2004 Olympic Games, the Austrian Racing Coach fell out of his RIB into the sea after being hit by an unusually large wave from a passing ferry. He was wearing a buoyancy aid and his kill cord, but it was around his wrist and slipped off when he fell from the boat. The RIB continued, unmanned, at approximately 25 knots into the Saronic Gulf and after about 10 minutes the Greek Marines intercepted the boat. They decided the best way to stop the boat was to open fire. Their first shots broke the steering rod, sending the RIB racing off in random directions but towards the Mistral racecourse area. Further gunfire eventually stopped the boat with shots through the sponson, engine and fuel tank—surprisingly, the boat did not explode.

在 2004 年雅典奧運會之前的一次訓練中,這位奧地利賽事教 練在被經過的渡輪帶來的異常大浪擊中後,從剛性充氣船上掉 進了海。他佩戴著一個浮力援助裝置和安全繩,但當他從船上 掉下來時,本來繫在他的手腕上的安全繩滑落了。


氣船繼續是無人駕駛,以大約 25 節的速度駛入薩羅尼克灣, 而在 10 分鐘後,希臘海軍陸戰隊攔截了這艘船。他們決定阻 止船繼續行駛的最好方法是開槍。他們的第一槍打斷了轉向控 制桿,令 那剛性充氣船以隨機方向地飛馳而去,朝著 Mistral 馬場駛去。其後更多的槍聲令船隻最終停下來,炮彈擊穿了舷 側、引擎和燃料箱,而令人驚訝的是,船並沒有爆炸。

Kill cords save lives! 使用安全繩可以拯救生命!

Should the kill cord be used at slow speeds? Yes! Incidents have occurred with boats moving very slowly; a crew member getting on to or moving around the vessel has tripped, fallen against the throttle and caused a sudden unexpected burst of acceleration, causing the whole craft to dramatically speed forward with dire consequences.

Should the kill cord be used in very calm weather with very flat, open water? Yes! Even with no waves or wash, a powerboat at speed can hit a substantial and unobserved floating, submerged object, causing the whole craft to stop or dramatically slow down. All crew members risk being thrown forward or out of the boat.

在慢速情況下,應否使用安全繩? 是的!即使船隻移動得非常緩慢,亦有機會發生意外; 如果一名船員正上船或在船上走動而絆倒,並撞到油門 而突然加速,導致整艘船急劇加速行駛,將造成可怕後 果。 在非常平靜天氣和非常開揚的水域情況下,應否使用安 全繩? 是的!即使沒有海浪或水流,一艘高速行駛的機動船也 有機會撞到一個巨大的、沒有被留意到的漂浮或淹浸物 體,導致整艘船要停止或急劇減速。所有船員都有風險 會被拋向前或拋出船外的。

Where should you attach the kill cord? Some drivers make a loop and slip this over their arm. However, this may result in the cord easily getting caught around the steering wheel and there have been occasions when the cord has slipped off as drivers have been thrown from their boats. You should attach the kill cord around your leg or to a secure point on the side of your lifejacket or buoyancy aid • Wearing a kill cord is at first troublesome, but you should place as much importance on it as wearing your lifejacket. Get into the habit and encourage any powerboat driver you see to do the same. •


您應該把安全繩繫在哪裡? 有些駕駛員會把安全繩繞個圈,並套在手臂上。但是, 這或會導致繩索很容易卡在方向盤上,並且有時會因為 駕駛員已被從船上拋出,令安全繩滑落。你應該將安全 繩繫在腿上、救生衣或浮力援助裝置的安全位置上。

起初佩戴救生繩會感到很麻煩,但你應該要像穿救生衣 一樣重視它。並把這養成習慣,和若見到任何機動船司 機,也鼓勵他們這樣做。

Make sure the kill cord is not worn out and that the inner strengthening core is still intact. You should make a habit of testing the kill cord and the kill switch to ensure that they function correctly; simply start the engine, pull the cord out, and make sure the engine stops.

Always carry a spare kill cord in your boat: if the driver is thrown overboard, he will take the kill cord with him, making it difficult to restart the boat easily to go to the rescue!

要確保安全繩是沒有破損,和強化內芯是仍完整無缺 的。你應該養成要測試安全繩和安全開關的習慣,去確 保它們是正常運作;只要啟動引擎,把線索拉出,並確 保引擎已停止。 經常在船上放置備用的安全繩:如果駕駛員被拋到海 裡,他會帶同安全繩,因此很難地再重新啟動船隻去進 行救援工作!


白沙灣遊艇會快艇課程 Here are the revised dates for Powerboat Courses following the reopening of formal activity at the Club. Spaces are limited, so be sure to apply early. We hope to schedule an increased number of dates later in the year, dependent on both the demand and availability of our RIBs. There will also be more opportunities to assist at Club events and as a reminder, we are moving towards the requirement that all Safety Boat drivers at Club events will need to hold a formal RYA Safety Boat Certificate.

HHYC Volunteer & Support Boat Driver (HK PVOCC license required)

RYA Safety Boat (2 days)

(HK PVOCC license required)

HHYC Powerboat Refresher Trip (half-day)

以下是遊艇會正式活動重新開放後,機動船課程的修訂日 期。名額有限,請及早申請。我們期待於今年稍後時間安排 更多的課期,這取決於我們充氣艇方面的需求性及可用度。 未來將會有更多機會幫助本會的活動,在此提醒一下,我們 要求所有安全船駕駛員持有正式的RYA 安全船證書。

RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2 (2 days)

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Assessment (half-day)

RYA Powerboat Level 2 PBL2012209

Wed, 4 May Thu, 5 May

RYA Safety Boat Training Course SBTR012205

Sun, 1 May Sun, 8 May

RYA Powerboat Level 2 PBL2012210

Wed, 11 May Thu, 12 May

RYA Safety Boat Training Course SBTR012206

Wed, 1 Jun Thu, 2 Jun

RYA Powerboat Level 2 PBL2012211

Sun, 5 Jun Sat, 11 Jun

HHYC Powerboat Trip PBTP012201

Fri, 27 May

RYA Powerboat Level 2 PBL2012212

Wed, 8 Jun Thu, 9 Jun

HHYC Powerboat Trip PBTP012202

Sun, 19 Jun Dates for Powerboat Courses



MAY/JUN 2022




by Seb van Ommeren

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, the Laser team has not been able to sail or train on the water, but we have managed to keep ourselves fit and ready to go back. I have set up my new laser hiking bench to practice hiking out whilst some of us have been cycling uphill several times per week to build up our endurance. We have also been training with a personal trainer who has us focusing on building up our strength and endurance either in our own backyard or over Zoom when the weather is horrific.


遺憾地,由於封城 關係,激光隊無法 在水上進行航海或 訓練,不過我們仍 然努力保持自己健 康,並隨時準備最 佳狀態返回水上。 我已經安排了新 激光遠足隊伍去練 習遠足,而我們當 中有些人亦會一星 期進行數次踏單車 上山去加強訓練耐 力。此外,我們亦 與私人健身教練一 起在各自後院或 若天氣惡劣時透過 Zoom進行訓練, 專注訓練於加強力 量和耐力。

We have kept busy by sailing on large boats as luckily owners can still take these boats out. The weather has been fine and we have had some lovely sailing over Chinese New Year; we went from Snake Bay to the CLP tower and achieved 10.8 knots. We think it is a new boat record. Most weekends we have taken the boat out for a sail and I usually try to squeeze every bit of speed out of the boat by adjusting the trim and the sail set up. It is great to be able to sail and learn to sail on a different boat.


When not on the water, many of us are watching videos on YouTube on sailing techniques and tactics from previous Laser events. Alfy helps us find quality videos and I also like to do additional searches for interesting races. Unfortunately, I could not watch the recent Asians in Oman and see our alumnus Dragon, Richard, race for the Hong Kong team.


這些船駕駛出去。天氣一直很好,所以我們在農曆新 年期間也愉快地航海;我們從蛇灣到中電塔,高達 10.8節。我們認為是船隻的新紀錄。我們多數周末會 駕船去航海並透過調整和修整帆配置去稍作加快速 度。能夠航行和學習利用在不同船隻航行,是件很美 好的事情。 YouTube

觀看之前激光隊賽事中有關航行技術和策略的影 片。Alfy


外搜尋其他有趣的賽事。可惜地,我無法觀看最近 在阿曼舉行的亞洲比賽,也無法看到我們的龍隊校友 Richard為香港隊比賽。

My personal favourite to watch is ‘Sail GP’ as it is very spectacular, fast sailing in 50-foot foiling catamarans raced by some of the best sailors in the world. I am a fan of the Australia team with Tom Slingsby at the helm. The weekend of 26 March was the final race of this season in San Francisco. I hope Sun Hung Kai will consider buying a Sail GP boat as that would mean the race could also come to Hong Kong—how amazing would that be?

我個人最喜歡觀看的是國際帆船大獎賽,因為是非常壯 觀,由全世界一些頂尖的船員駕駛 50 英尺的雙體船去 快速航海。我是由 Tom Slingsby 掌舵澳洲隊的粉絲。 3 月 26 日的那個周末是本賽季在三藩市舉行的最後一場 比賽。我希望新鴻基會考慮購買國際帆船,因為這同時 意味着也能來香港舉行比賽,這將會是驚喜的!

Luckily, Hebe also started a series of virtual regattas and we all have been enjoying racing virtually against each other from the comfort of our homes or wherever we are. It is nice that everyone can join the Laser sailors, the Optimist sailors and every other sailor or non-sailor in between. Sailing a virtual regatta is different from a real regatta and I have found that my gaming skills need a bit more practice for the upcoming races.


Finally, I enjoyed helping Alfy and Rob with tasks around the Club and cleaning the boats as well. At least then we were able to see each other and got to enjoy the Hebe community and of course, finish the day with fried rice in the restaurant as Hebe's fried rice, is the best fried rice.

最後,我喜歡幫助 Alfy 和 Rob 完成本會相關的任務並

都在舒適的家中或任何地方都享受着虛擬比賽的樂 趣。很高興每個人都可以輕易加入:激光隊船員、樂 天隊船員以及所有其他船員或非船員。虛擬帆船賽與 真正的帆船賽是很不同,我發現需要為接下來的比賽 去多加練習我的遊戲技能。

清潔船隻。至少我們可以在那時見面並享受白沙灣遊 艇會社區。當然是以白沙灣遊艇會餐廳的炒飯來結束 當天,因為那是最好的炒飯。



MAY/JUN 2022




by Vianney Bourrut Lacouture

My journey during these harsh COVID-19 breaks started back in 2020 when all of us were stuck in Hong Kong for the summer holidays. Back then, as the number of cases kept rising, all race training, sailing and watersports activities had to cease.

我的旅 程 於2020年開始,當時亦是

I took advantage of this extra free time to increase my sailing knowledge as I had just joined the Hebe Dragons’ main fleet. To further my knowledge, I would watch videos on YouTube about everything and anything sailing related. These helped to get me ready for when we went back out on the water.


COVID-19情況最嚴峻的時候,我們只 好滯留於香港去度過暑假。隨着確診 宗數不斷上升,所有賽事訓練、航海 和水上活動也被逼停止。

以要利用這額外的空閒時間來豐富航海 知識。為了進一步鞏固知識,我會觀看 所有航行相關的Youtube影片。這協助 我為再次回到水上時做更好的準備。 我們與 Alfy 和 Baifearn 進行了不少

We also did many Zoom calls with Alfy and Baifearn, where we made presentations on what we could do to be ready for training and IODA qualifying regattas. I took these sessions very seriously. I had to dedicate time to several theoretical training sessions which provided a welcome break from online schooling.


Our amazing coaches also created a Hebe Dragons Google Classroom that allowed us to share ideas and provided a space where we were tested on what we had learnt during our video calls. This was a smart challenge and one that boosted our knowledge, kept us motivated and enabled us to stay in touch with our teammates.

我們的出色 教練 還 創建了一 個 龍隊

日常訓練和國際樂天小艇協會 排位 賽帆去做好準備。我非常認真對待這 些課堂。我必需要花時間參加數堂理 論訓練課程,而出席網上課程同時亦 提供了一個很好的休息時間。

的Google 課堂,讓我們分享自己想法 並提供空間,考核我們在視像通話課 堂中學到的知識。這是個智能挑戰, 不僅增加了我們知識,還推動我們學 習,使我們能夠與隊友保持聯繫。 白沙灣遊艇會的行政團隊還提出了可

HHYC's administration team also sent out a DIY Optimist Simulator Challenge for us to build at home. We were all excited by the contest and it became quite competitive as we had to compete for the most likes on our video posts. Everyone was super creative and many families helped us to shoot our videos. They also helped us to connect to a wider audience with some participants achieving over 1000 likes! This was, by far, one of the biggest family moments during these confined times.


讓我們在家中完成的自製模擬樂天賽 挑戰。我們對這比賽都感到興奮,而 且非常有競爭性,因為要在芸芸影片 帖子中爭奪最多的讚好數量。大家都 非常有創意,亦有許多家庭幫助我們 拍攝影片。他們還幫助我們連繫上更 加多的觀眾,有些參加者甚至獲得了 超過 1000 個讚好!直至目前為止,這 活動可說是在這段受限制的非常時期 內其中一個最大型的家庭時光。

The battle was very tight for the top podium spot between Seb Van Ommeren, Felix Mulder and me. Fortunately, I ended up taking first place, in part thanks to my numerous cousins over in France.

我與Seb Van Ommeren、Felix Mulder之間 的競爭非常激烈。可喜地,我最終因為在 法國眾多表兄弟的支持而獲得了第一名。 在 第 一 次「中止 」航 海 期 間,有 些 龍 隊

During that first ‘pause’ on sailing, some Hebe Dragons sailors left Hong Kong for good including Felix Mulder, Kristopher Carman, and Hedi Bates who were close to us all. We miss them dearly, but we know that they are enjoying themselves and are still sailing in their new home countries. Hopefully, we will have the chance to meet again soon at international events.

船員為更 好 生 活而選 擇 離 開香 港,包括 與我們熟稔的 Felix Mulder、Kristopher Carman 和 Hedi Bates。我們非常掛念他 們,得知他們現在正享受新生活,並且仍 會在他們的新國家繼續航海。希望我們很 快有機會在國際活動上再次碰面。 在2020年夏 天之後,放 寬了本地限制措

After summer 2020, local rules were eased, and we were back sailing in Hebe which became very competitive. After such a long break we were all extremely eager to win. Following a few months of intensive sailing, there came another pause in December that year but luckily this one was not for too long as it was only over the Christmas holiday. In 2021, we were subjected to stop-and-start training but we managed to get through it. Luckily, we had fantastic sailing conditions and we were also able to train some days with the STA team and Antonio.


Then, came the restrictions which we are living under today. These restrictions are quite challenging for myself as I have been selected to participate in the Optimist World Championships that will be held in Turkey this summer. The beginning of the year looked very promising as I achieved my first podium at the ABC Southside Regatta held in early December. Like the previous pauses on sailing, Alfy arranged cycling sessions for us in Tseung Kwan O and Hang Hau but these too quickly came to an end with the new batch of restrictions. Currently, Alfy organises Video Calls for Hebe Dragons to exercise together which is quite fun and good for our bodies.

隨 後,便出現了我們 現 時的生 活 限制措

For me, the challenge is how to be at peak physical condition without being on the water. Therefore, I am also undertaking additional regular fitness activities and eating as healthily as possible. I also go sailing on the old family Laser 2000 when the conditions are right. It is the least I can do to get ready for The World Championships.


Additionally, this term the HHYC team came up with an online virtual regatta that was held every Saturday. As with all the previous initiatives led by the HHYC team, this has been a fabulous way to stay connected with my team and has pushed us to go beyond our limits.


I am very appreciative of all the efforts and creativity from the Club, but I also really hope to see Alfred Okoth, Jonothan Zeppezauer, Matthieu Tancock, Ivy So, Chantal Henriksson, Cyrus Yung and everyone else back in Hebe and on the water very soon!

我 非 常感 謝 本 會 貢 獻 的所 有 努力和 創

艇會;經過這長時間的休息,我們都非常 渴望勝出。經過該幾個月的密集航行,在 12 月時又再出現了一次活動停頓,但幸運 的是,這次停頓時間不算太久,因為僅是 聖誕假期期間。2021 年,我們接受了一時 開始一時中止的培訓,但仍成功地度過這 次難關。幸運地,我們擁有很好的航海條 件,還能與帆船訓練中心團隊和 Antonio 一起訓練幾天。

施。這些限制對我自己而言,算是挺具挑 戰性的,因為我被選中參加今年夏天在土 耳其舉行的樂天世界錦標賽。今年年初似 乎充滿希望,因為在 12 月初舉行的香港仔 遊艇會南部賽上,正是我首次踏上了領獎 台。正如之前的停止航海一樣,Alfy為我 們安排在將軍澳和坑口的單車課堂,但又 很快地因為新一輪限制,這些活動亦隨之 而結束。最近,Alfy 安排了供龍隊用的視 像會議去一同鍛煉,這是十分有趣的,而 且對我們身體帶來好處。

動的情況下,仍能保持最佳的身體狀態。 因此,我也有另外定期進行健身,和盡量 維持健康飲食。當遇上合適條件時,我也 會駕駛舊款Laser 2000 來航行。這已是我 至少可以為世錦賽所做的準備。

了每個星期六會舉行線上虛擬帆船賽。正 如由白沙灣遊 艇會團隊帶領的過往 所有 措施一樣,這是極好的方式去與團隊保持 聯繫,並且更加推動我們突破極限。

意,但 同 時 我 也十 分 希望 會 看見 Alfre d Okoth、Jonothan Zeppezauer、Matthieu Tancock、Ivy So、Chantal Henriksson、Cyrus Yung 和其他人很快地回歸到本會和水上!



MAY/JUN 2022




by Simon Jones

In late 2021, the HHYC Sailing Committee was approached by a previous winner of the Keelboat of the Year (BOTY) to see whether the Committee would consider presenting a flag/burgee to each of the winners, alongside the trophies. 2021 年將近完結時,一位「年度帆船」前優勝者接觸本會的賽事委員會,提議該奬項的優勝者及 後除奬杯外,還可以獲頒錦旗。

Such flags could be flown on specified occasions and at special events, to celebrate a boat’s success. This proposal was discussed at the January Sailing Committee Meeting where it was agreed that flag designs should be developed for both IRC and HKPN BOTY winners. 2021 was the first year that separate IRC and HKPN awards were up for grabs

優勝船隻可以在特定場合和 活動中展示旗幟。 該提案在 一月份的賽事委員會會議上 獲得通過,並着手訂造IRC 和 HKPN旗幟。2021年將會 是大會首次為IRC 和 HKPN兩 個組別分別設立獎項。 各式各樣設計陸續登場,有

A bold design (Figure 1)

Various designs were drawn up, some quite conventional and others more … bold (see Figure 1). Ultimately a consensus prevailed that the design should not stray too far from the Club burgee and the Battle Flags that the Club had presented in the past. Regular sailors will have witnessed (and coveted) Battle Flags being flown by a handful of yachts over the years—most frequently at Mirs Bay—though the opportunities for display have been few and far between in recent times. One such flag has been on show above the Garden Bar (see Figure 2) in recent years (note: the flag has been removed due to construction work.)

些偏向傳統,有些則不拘一 格(見圖1),最後大家的共 識為最終設計應與現有會旗 或過往的戰鬥旗設計相約。 有經常參與本會比賽的船員 或曾目睹(並渴望可以)在參 賽船上掛着戰鬥旗的景象, 尤其在大鵬灣舉行賽事上。 不過,近期可以展示戰鬥旗 的機會愈來愈少,只有花園 酒吧仍舊可以找到它的踪影 (見圖2)編者按:現已因工程 移除。 在二月以視像形式舉行的會

Garden Bar Battle Flag (Figure 2)


Further discussion at the Zoom-held February Sailing Committee meeting ratified two designs for the BOTY Burgee, which would be 50% of the size of the conventional Battle Flag. For the IRC BOTY winner, the conventional yellow edging would be replaced by a green edging, with a band added at the spine on which ‘IRC’ and ‘2021’ (or applicable year) would appear. HKPN would have a similar design, but with blue edging. Refer to Figures 3 and 4.

議上,賽事委員會進一步確 認了「年度帆船」錦旗的設 計,尺寸將會是傳統戰鬥旗 的一半。IRC組別的錦旗會以 綠色飾邊取代傳統的黃色飾 邊,並在掛邊添加一條帶, 以展示得奬年份。HKPN組 別的錦旗亦會沿用相若的設 計,但換上藍色飾邊。請參 閱圖 3 和圖 4。

IRC Battle Flag Design (Figure 3)

HKPN Battle Flag Design (Figure 4)

It is intended that the flags will be presented to the IRC and HKPN winners of BOTY 2021 at the Sailors’ Awards Night on 25 May 2022. In addition, flags will be presented to previous BOTY winners: Windseeker (2017), Bits and Pieces (2018), LoTech (2019), and Ichiban (2020)—all HKPN boats. Fingers crossed that this can be an in-person event! 這些錦旗將在 2022 年 5 月 25日舉行的年度傑出海員頒獎禮上,分別交到IRC 和 HKPN兩個組別的2021年「年度帆船」優勝者手上。此外,往屆 的得奬者亦將獲補頒錦旗,她們全屬HKPN組別,包括船:Windseeker (2017)、Bits and Pieces (2018)、LoTech (2019) 和 Ichiban (2020)。希望 這是可以實體進行交流的活動吧!

Brief History of HHYC Battle Flags


The practice of presenting Battle Flags to yachts heading out to compete in offshore and overseas races started in the early 1990s. The majority of the Battle Flags have been given to boats entered in the China Sea Race or the San Fernando Race—from Hong Kong to The Philippines. More recently, a number of yachts competing in the Hong Kong to Vietnam race have also received a flag. Unfortunately, no record exists of the boats that have received these prestigious mementos.


In the early years, the Battle Flags were presented at a dinner prior to the start of the offshore races. Presumably, given the consumption capacity of many HHYC sailors, such dinners were not held on the evening before the race. A picture of crews transferring directly from bar to boat is not too hard to imagine!


在九十年代初開始。已送出的戰鬥旗,大部分落入準 備出戰中國海帆船賽、及從香港賽往菲律賓的聖費爾 南多帆船賽的參賽者手中。近日,一些將參加香港至 越南帆船賽的賽艇也獲得了一面戰鬥旗。可惜,會所 並沒有保留哪些船接收過如此珍貴旗幟的記錄。

接收戰鬥旗的。大概是因為白沙灣遊艇會運動員有海 量的胃口吧,這樣的晚宴都不會在比賽前一天舉行。 船員從酒吧直接傳菜到船上的情景應該不難想像吧!



MAY/JUN 2022



President's Cup, Subic Bay, 1998


The iconic photo shown above has been on the wall in the Club bar for a number of years. It depicts five boats heading out to the start of the President's Cup in Subic Bay in 1998. Each boat is flying an HHYC Battle Flag and if you look closely, you will see that some of the flags have the boat’s name embroidered on them.


From left to right the boats are:


Vixen - An X-375 owned by Russ Peart. The story goes that near to the finish of the China Sea Race, Vixen’s forestay failed coming down a wave taking the tip of the hull with it. Emergency repairs were undertaken to get the boat ready for the President's Cup a few days later. Peart took up the damage with the manufacturer, X Yachts, and it was found to be a build fault. The manufacturer took the boat back, scrapped it and she was replaced by a new X442, which Peart also named Vixen.

Vixen - 由Russ Peart擁有的X-375。相傳在中國海帆

Monsoon - An X-99 owned by Merv Owen. The 1998 China Sea Race was to be the first leg of Owen’s intended expedition to sail the boat to the UK. However, both yacht and owner only got as far as Phuket. In the King’s Cup, that year, Stormvogel—a vintage 73’ Van Der Stat (worth a Google) ripped her backstay and transom out at speed. She was flattened, and all crew ended up in the water. Fortunately, and amazingly no one was hurt. While Stormvogel was being towed back ashore she sank; she was raised a few years later and is still in Phuket to this day.

Monsoon - X-99,由 Merv Owen 擁有。1998年的中

中展示了五艘帆船於1998年出發往菲律賓蘇比克灣迎 戰總統盃的一刻。她們每艘船都懸掛着白沙灣遊艇會 的戰鬥旗。仔細看的話,您還會發現當中一些旗繡有 船名。

船賽將近結束時,Vixen的前支索不堪海浪衝擊,連帶 船頭一部分一同脫離船身。由於幾天後就要出戰總統 盃,船隊就為船進行了緊急維修。後來 Russ 找製造 商 X Yachts跟進損毁,方發現意外由製造過程中的失 誤產生。製造商因此收回並銷毀船隻,然後把全新的 X-442交與Russ。Russ同樣將新船取名Vixen。

國海帆船賽本為Merv前往英國的首站,只是旅途最後 在布吉就告終。事緣在同年舉行的國王盃,一艘名為 Stormvogel的古式、73年出廠的 Van Der Stat(值得搜 尋一下!)高速撞擊船身,把她的船尾連帶後支索一同 扯掉。船身被橫向移平,所有船員都墮海。可幸的是, 事件中無人受傷。Stormvogel被拖返岸時,她在途中 沉沒了,幾年後才獲吊離海床。她至今仍然在布吉。

Outrageous - a Reichel Pugh 42, then owned by Gerry Daughton and John Baker. Outrageous is well known to all Hong Kong sailors and a 25+ year veteran of HHYC racing. Outrageous started life in Australia as ‘Bimblegumbie’, though the original owner, Keith Jacobs, was Hong Kongbased. The name change subsequently followed her purchase by Gerry and John. Gerry advised that the inspiration for the name came from a boat that had been hired to compete in and win the King’s Cup in Phuket called Outrageous of New Orleans.

Outrageous - Reichel Rugh 42,當

Temujin - a Northshore 38, was procured in early 1997 by a syndicate of HHYC sailors: Peter Mok, Joseph Lau, KK Poon, HP Chow, Derek Chan and Andy Lee—Joseph Chan later joined them with an aspiration to race to San Fernando, that year. The intrepid Temujin became a regular competitor in the Hong Kong to The Philippines races, entering in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2006, and in HHYC races to date.


時和至今仍由 Gerry Daughton 和John Baker擁有。Outrageous 為全香港帆船 運動員所熟識,是擁有25年以上香港比 賽經驗的老手。Outrageous 在澳洲「出 身」,前身為「Bimblegumbie」,不過 船主Keith Jacobs 主要在香港生活,易 手Gerry 和 John 時才取名Outrageous。 Gerry透露名字的靈感來自一艘獲聘出 戰國王盃並勝出的帆船,該船名字叫 Outrageous of New Orleans。 鐵木真 - Northshore 38,於1997 主有Peter



Poon、HP Chow、Derek Chan 和 Andy



入,希望可以於同年跟其他船主一起 賽往聖費爾南多。無畏無懼的鐵木 真期後成了香港至菲律賓賽的常規賽 手,在 1997 年、1998 年、1999 年和 2006



Legende - a J-boat owned by Ian Wilkinson. If you look closely, you can make out the late Tets Sakai sitting on the spreader. The story goes that Sakai was instrumental in effecting the rapid repairs to the bow and forestay of the damaged Vixen to allow her to sail in the President’s Cup.

Legende - 由Ian Wilkinson擁有的J系 船。只要您仔細觀察,便可以認出人 稱Tets Sakai、已故的酒井哲夫先生 懸坐在橫橕檔上。據說,當年就是他 快速修補好Vixen的船首和前支索, 她才可以繼續於總統盃作賽。

Motivated by the research for this article, the HHYC Sailing Committee wishes to compile a record of yachts that have received Battle Flags over the years. Please email sailing@hhyc.org.hk with any information that you have in this regard including name of the boat, year of presentation, pertinent offshore race/event and any related anecdotes. You never know, such information could inspire another Hebe Jebes article.

受編寫此文時所做的調查所驅使,本 會賽事委員會祈望可以整理重輯本會 記錄,記下多年來得到過會所戰鬥 旗的帆船。若果您有這方面的任何資 料,包括船名、贈旗年份、相關離岸 賽或海外賽、或任何相關軼事,請發 送細節至sailing@hhyc.org.hk。您永 遠不會知道這些資料在何時可以啟發 另一篇 文章。

(Author’s note: A huge thanks to Gerry Daughton and the Temujin Owners for the backstory on the five boats and to Joseph Lau for clarifying the years.)

編者註:非常感謝 Gerry Daughton 和 鐵木真船主們提供五艘船的背景故事, 並感謝 Joseph Lau 澄清當中年份。)



MAY/JUN 2022




Hebe has always been generous to sailors of whatever denomination, not discriminating between those who practice dinghy sailing, J/80 jostling or larger keelboat racing. Much is made available on the racing scene with an average of 90 race events per year, though for the last season, 2021, we managed about half of that with just 45 managed race events ... thank you, COVID. But it is those in the cruising fraternity that the Club has largely left to their own devices, with sailways left to artisan organisation and impromptu trips out of the Shelter and beyond for the hardy few.


So, with some COVID induced sailing space and a new shape to the Sailing Committee, it was decided to bring the Cruising sailors into a more partisan group with more support from the Club and a healthier incentive to push the cruising boundaries away from the usual venues of Port Shelter and Rocky Harbour. That said, we still plan to bring trips to Yau Ley and Snake Island into the fold of this new cruising initiative by introducing a calendar of suggested cruising venues, even though some may already be both predictable and frequent. Fear not though, there is more to be known in your usual anchorages that you otherwise might have overlooked!

因此,隨著因 COVID 引起一些針對航海

The Club is not in the business of mandating any standard operating procedures for cruising but more about encouraging best practice for cruiser sailors which includes:


的船員,不會歧視那些練習小艇航 行、J/80 爭奪賽或更大型龍骨船比賽 的人。每年平均會舉辦 90 場比賽, 但是我們只僅在 2021 年上個賽季完成 了一半,只舉辦了 45 場比賽……「 真的謝謝COVID」。但是,本會保留 很多自己的裝備予那些在巡航友會中 的人,把航道留給工匠機構,並即興 地離開牛尾海,除了有數個人堅持不 一起前往。

地方和帆船委員會的新形式,決定將巡 航船員帶到一個更具黨派性的團隊,去 獲得本會的更多支持和更正面的激勵, 將巡航邊界由平常的位置延伸到牛尾海 和糧船灣海。儘管如此,我們仍然打算 透過介紹推薦的巡航活動日程表,將糧 船灣和蛇島的旅程都被納入在這新的巡 航計劃,雖然有些路線或已經是可預測 的和頻繁去的。不過不要害怕,在通常 經過的錨地中是還有更多地方忽略了, 仍等待你去探索! 本會並沒有強制要求有任何用於巡航 的標準操作程序 (SOP),反而更加鼓 勵巡航船員實行,其中包括:

• •

• •

Disposal of waste at sea and the best way to carry boat rubbish for disposal ashore. Anchoring procedures and practice by raising awareness of the ground type (clay, shale, rock etc.) and chain snubbing techniques in various types of weather. Ship shop awareness for drinks and takeaway food, together with ashore restaurant options that are not so well known as the Yau Ley venue. Carriage of emergency equipment and its use - use of VHF in the case of emergency and best mobile contacts in lieu of poor channel 16 connectivity.

方法把船上垃圾帶到岸上 處理 •

透過對地面類型(例如:泥 土、頁岩、岩石等)和滯鏈 技術有更深入的認知,在 不同天氣下進行錨固程序。

增加提供飲料及外賣食品餐 廳的知名度,和更多不及有 利海鮮漁村餐廳有名的餐廳 選擇。

運輸和使用緊急設備,在緊 急情況下使用甚高頻和最佳 流動聯絡人以代替連接較差

First aid training. Shortening sail criteria and use of PLJ's, (personal life jackets) - man overboard protocols and use of MOB function on the electronic sea chart.


的 16 頻道。 •


收緊航海標準和使用PLJ (個人救生衣),這是人們下 水協議和電子海上圖表上使

Rules of the road - speed constraints and consideration of other vessels.

Common reasons for engine failures and use of sail to pick up a mooring or dock alongside.

Red tide and pollution awareness.

Illegal activity awareness and reaction - marine police protocols.

用流動通訊功能。 遵守水上道路規則,是速度 限制和對其他船隻的考慮。 引擎故障的常見原因和繫泊 或停泊在碼頭 •


對非法活動的意識和回應, 例如:水警協議。

The above is just a snapshot of where we can offer guidance to you, the Cruising Sailors of Hebe (CSH,) since the list is certainly not exhaustive. Additionally, it certainly does not exclude the powerboat community, where chart knowledge, speed constraints, creation of powerful wake etc. mutually impacts all of us out on the water and the near shoreline.


As we develop CSH, it is hoped that passage plans, talk events and workshops, chart knowledge and even exchange stalls can become more of a feature than they are at present.


Are you sure you know how to dispose of used engine oil and where? The same with old fuel? Where to charge a battery ashore and where a dead battery can be disposed? How about those fuel barges just south of the Hebe entrance? Who offers the best in clean and cash reasonable diesel? Fuel polishing? Bio additives for the potable water and your diesel? Grey and black water disposal at HHYC? All these questions and more can be answered with these exchanges. It is not as simple as out of sight out of mind...dispose at sea and be gone with it.


One of the core reasons for establishing the CSH is to cultivate a greater sense of responsibility and stewardship for our marine environment. As a result of COVID, there has been an increase in marine activity. As such, we all have a duty of care and should recognise how to invest in our environment.


So standby for more news, views, heads-up and trips to Hong Kong's lesser-known sailing venues. The Club has free, small reference pamphlets by the main bar, SOS (Save Our Seas), take one and leave it in the galley as you wait for the kettle to boil, the rum to settle or the wine to decant. Have a quick read and refresh yourself on some of the reasons we all enjoy being at sea.


(CSH)的,因為這清單並不是完全詳盡的。此外,它當然也適 用於機動船社區,當中的圖表知識、速度限制、製造強大航 跡等也互相影響我們在水上和靠近海岸線的所有人。

和工作坊,令到圖表知識甚至攤位交流,能夠比現在更具特 色。

是同樣地處理?岸上的哪裡可以給電池充電和可棄置沒電的電 池?本會以南入口的那些燃油駁船是怎樣?誰能提供最好的清 潔和價錢合理的柴油?燃油拋光?飲用水和柴油的生物添加 劑? 在白沙灣遊艇會棄置的灰水和黑水?所有這些問題和更多 其他問題都能透過這些交流來得到答案。它並不是眼不見為淨 如此簡單......不能隨它在海上被棄置。

境培養更大的責任感和管理意識。由於新冠肺炎的關係,增加 了海洋活動數量。因此,我們都有責任去照顧,而且應該認識 到如何回饋我們的環境。

行場地。本會在主酒吧 SOS(拯救我們海洋)旁提供免費的參 考小冊子,您可以在等待水沸騰、朗姆酒沉澱或葡萄酒醒酒 時,拿取一本並放在槳帆船。你之後可以迅速地閱讀並重新了 解我們喜歡在海上活動的一些原因。



MAY/JUN 2022





by Kay Rawbone

Sadly, there is not much to report on the activity front as the COVID restrictions are still in place. However, we have been busy with introductions to new beneficiaries and applications for funding still being made. These funding applications enable us to provide the programmes we do whilst giving enjoyment and a sense of achievement to many who would not otherwise have this opportunity.


A huge thank you to The Hong Kong Club Foundation, which will be supporting the continuation of our very popular Senior Sailing programme. The 2022 programme will focus on Learning to sail—a five-day course to achieve an RYA Sailability Bronze/Silver Sailing Level of Competence. In addition, we will guide the senior sailors to learn more about assisting as Safety Boat Crew and additional on-shore training.


Another thank you is to Mercedes-Benz, which has agreed to become Maintenance Sponsor for our 2.4mR Fleet for 2022 and 2023. This is really appreciated, as are all the donations we receive.

另外亦感謝Mercedes-Benz成為我們2.4mR Fleet 2022

Like everyone, we are now looking forward to the reopening of recreational facilities and the restart of our 2022 programmes.


As always, on behalf of Sailability I would like to say a big thank you to HHYC, its members and staff for their continued support.



能報告的。儘管如此,我們仍一直忙於為新的得益人 作介紹及申請資金。這些資金能夠讓我們推行不同的活 動,同時亦能給許多未能有機會的人嚐到當中樂趣和成 就感。

受歡迎的高級帆船課程。而2022年的課程將為期五天, 並以「學習航海」為重點,以助學員達到英國皇家遊艇 協會銅/銀牌的水平。此外,我們將指導年老船員學習更 多,例如如何協助安全艇船員,以及額外的岸上培訓。

年和2023年的維修贊助商。我們真的很感謝收到的所有 捐款。



‘Reflections’ diary of a painting by Kay Rawbone My introduction to Lorette Roberts, artist and author, was at The Nesbitt Centre (TNC) in Sai Ying Pun. Roberts and her husband Bill once lived and worked in Hong Kong and the relationship between Lorette and TNC grew whilst her daughter worked there many years ago. You may also remember that we started Sailability with several TNC students.

Kay Rawbone 的感想日記 在西營盤的思拔中心(TNC),我 認識了藝術家兼作家的Lorette Roberts。Roberts和她的丈夫Bill 曾經在香港生活及工作,而隨著 多 年 前 她 的女 兒 在 T N C工 作 後 , 便 開 展 了 她和 T N C的 關 係 。 你 可 能 還 記 得 我們 是 與 T N C的 學 生 一 同發展航能香港的。 隨著時間流逝,我們的友誼變得更

As time went on our friendship blossomed and we would catch up whenever they made their annual return to Hong Kong. During one visit, Roberts joined our Saturday Sailing Programme and since then our Sailability greetings card evolved, whilst Roberts developed a greater understanding of the benefits of our programmes.

加深厚,而每年當他們回來香港 時,我們都會敘舊。在他們其中的 一次到訪中,Roberts參加了我們 的週六帆船賽,而從那時起,我們 航能香港便開始發展賀卡活動,同 時Roberts亦對我們的項目有更多 了解,理解當中的好處。 航能香港跟一些畫作一起展示在

Sailability is featured alongside some drawings in Roberts’ book, About Boats, which was on sale at the Club in 2019 during her last visit to Hong Kong.


I mentioned briefly in the last edition of Hebe Jebes a painting which Roberts had done in memory of Mike and to raise funds for Sailability. I thought you may be interested in the story behind commissioning this amazing painting and so begins the Diary of a Painting … This is an abridged version of our email exchanges.



一書中,而這本書是於2019年她 最後一次到訪香港時在本會出售 的。 Jebes》

中,簡要地提到了一幅Roberts為 紀念Mike以及為航能香港籌集資 金的畫作。我想你可能會對這幅 精彩畫作的背後故事感興趣,就 讓我開始這故事吧…! 以下是我們電子郵件往來的精簡 版本。

Tr e a t s Aw a rd s 53


MAY/JUN 2022



2 September 2021

Hi Kay, I have been meaning to get in touch because I had a thought; I wondered if you would like a painting to auction in aid of Sailability? I was thinking of using the photos of the AWA boat that I took last time I saw you both. It is our way of honouring the hard work you and Mike have put in to help so many people. Hugs Lorette

Dear Lorette That is so very kind and thoughtful. From your perspective which do you prefer? As an artist, I know you will choose the right one. Thank you so much again - it really means a lot. Kay

你好Kay,我一直想與你聯繫,因為我有個 想法;我在想你是否願意出售/拍賣一幅畫 以幫助航能香港?我正考慮使用上一次見 到你們時所拍攝的AWA船的照片。這是我 們對你和Mike表示敬意,以致謝你們付出 了很大的努力幫助了這麼多人

親愛的Lorette 這真是太客氣及替人設想了。 從你的角度來看,你更喜歡哪一個?作為 一個藝術家,我知道你會選擇一個正確的 作品。再次感謝你,這對我意義重大。

2 October 2021

Dear Kay, This is the very early sketch of the painting. It will be in watercolour and the boat and reflections will be quite bright. It will be about 60 x 15 cm. It is not a very good image, but I hope you can get an idea of what the painting will look like. Love Lx

親愛的Kay, 這是這幅畫最早期的草圖。我打算將它畫 成水彩畫,船和倒影會相當鮮明。它大約 是60x50厘米。這仍未是一個很好的描繪, 但希望能讓你大致上有一個概念。 愛你的 Lorette

Dear Lorette I think it is great and I know who is sailing it too. The colours will be amazing! Lots of love to you both. Kay x

親愛的 Lorette 我認為這非常好,我也知道是誰在駕駛 它。這幅畫的顏色會令人驚嘆吧! 非常愛你們。

5 October 2021 Just wanted to send you the next stage, as I may not be doing much painting for a day or two; Is the sail roughly the right colour should it be a little greener? Take care, Lx


只是想把下一階段發給你,因為我在這一 兩天可能不會畫太多的畫作;帆的顏色大 致上正確嗎?是不是應該更綠一點? 保重,Lx

6 October 2021 Thank you, Lorette. The painting is looking good and I really love the name—reflections can mean so much. I agree with you, the colour should be a tad greener Hansa call it Aqua. Kay x

謝謝你,Lorette 這幅畫看起來很不錯,我真的很喜歡這個 名字,《Reflection》,意味著很多東西。 我也同意你的觀點,顏色應該稍微綠一 點,Hansa稱之為湖水綠。

27 October 2021 Hi Kay, I am so glad you liked the painting. I plan to send “Reflections” off to Tom early next week. He will be in touch with you. As I mentioned in earlier emails you may wish to use the painting to raise awareness for Sailability. Cheers Lorette

嗨,Kay, 我很高興你喜歡這幅畫。我打算下周初把 《Reflection》寄給Tom。他會聯絡你的。 正如我在之前的郵件中提到的,你或希望 用這幅畫來為航能香港提高知名度和籌集 資金。如果你需要印刷品用於宣傳,或者 需要圖像作銷售的話,請通知我。

24 November 2021 Hi Lorette What an amazing gift and what was so special is that it arrived on Mike's birthday. It really is beautiful and so powerful. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Kay

這是一份多麼神奇的禮物,而且更加特別 的是在Mike生日收到的。它真的很美,很 有力量。我想這會很受歡迎的,能不能複 制一份電子版給我讓我做一些印刷品? 非常感謝你的體貼和好意。

3 January 2022 Hi Lorette & Bill Happy New Year to you both. The painting was on show over Christmas in the lounge. It really is an amazing painting. It will be hard for me to part with it but I am sure a dear friend will sign a print for me at some time in the future. Kay

嗨,Lorette 和 Bill 祝你們新年快樂。 這幅畫在聖誕節期間在休息室展出,我們 會在合適的時候進行拍賣。這是一幅令人 驚嘆的畫,我很難捨棄它,但我相信在未 來我親愛的朋友會為我在畫上面簽名的。

If anyone is interested in purchasing Lorette’s ‘About Boats’ book we are pleased to offer it at a reduced price of HK$ 200 with HK$ 100 of every book sold being donated to Sailability.

如果任何人有興趣購買Lorette的書籍《About Boats》, 我們很高興以港幣200元的優惠價出售給你,並將每本收 益當中的100元捐贈給航能香港。

For anyone who may be interested in the ‘Reflections’ painting, please contact kay@sailability.org.hk. We would be happy to arrange for you to see the original. For the lucky buyer, Lorette will provide the sketches and copies of the early work that led to the final painting.

而任何人若對《Reflection》這幅畫作感興趣的話,請聯 繫至 kay@sailability.org.hk,我們將很高興能為你安排參 觀原作。而Lorette將為幸運的買家提供這幅最終畫作的草

To learn more about Lorette and her work you can find her on FB and via her website www.loretteroberts.com

若想了解更多關於Lorette和她的工作,歡迎透過Facebook找 到她的個人檔案,或瀏覽她的網站 www.loretteroberts.com。




MAY/JUN 2022




by Andrew Sheard, Sailability volunteer

Sailability Hong Kong has grown hugely since being founded in 2009. Over the years, much of what has been achieved has only been made possible by Sailability’s volunteers who have generously contributed their skills and time to the charity. In this article, Andrew Sheard, HHYC member and Sailability volunteer, talks with two volunteers—Joan Calduch and Emily Tang, who are a couple both at home and at work. Calduch and Tang are the founders of a design and technology consultancy that focuses on health and inclusive lifestyles. Tang is from Hong Kong, while Calduch hails from the Catalonian city of Barcelona. They often spend their weekends volunteering with Sailability or helping a local non-profit social enterprise called Happy Grannies, which supports single elderly members in need. Calduch first learnt to sail as an 8-year-old on his father's 35foot sailboat. Calduch and his father would head out into the Mediterranean Sea, visiting the sun-drenched islands of the Iberian Peninsula. By the time he was 16, he was a sailing coach and was active in local sailing competitions. In 2014, Calduch came to Hong Kong though it was another five years before he volunteered with Sailability after being introduced by Tom Chui, the founder of Inclusive Impact. Canadian-born Tang grew up in Hong Kong and has been surrounded by the sea for most of her life. Like so many Hong Kong people, she had no meaningful connection with the sea and never had the opportunity to try sailing until Calduch and her were introduced to Kay Rawbone in 2019. Since then, they have regularly volunteered and sailed with disabled friends and cleaned and stowed boats.

Joan Calduch & Emily Tang

航能香港自2009年成立以來,發展十分迅速。多年來,航能香港的義工們慷慨地貢獻自己的技能和時間予這個慈善機構,才會達到今天的成就。在本文中, 身為白沙灣遊艇會的會員以及航能香港的義工Andrew Sheard,與兩位義工Joan Calduch和Emily Tang進行訪談,他們無論在公在私,也是一對好伴侶。 Calduch和Emily是一家專注於健康與包容性生活的設計和技術顧問公司的創辦人。Emily來自香港,而Calduch則來自加泰羅尼亞的巴塞隆拿。他們經常 利用周未時間在航能香港做義工,以及幫助一家名為「耆妙人生」的香港非牟利機構,這企業旨在為有需要的獨居老人提供協助。 Calduch在他八歲時,首次在他父親35英尺長的帆船上學會航海。那時Calduch常常與他的父親會航向地中海,參觀著陽光普照的伊比利半島。而在他16 歲時,他已經是一名帆船教練,並積極地參加著當地的帆船比賽。在2014年,Calduch來到了香港,又過了5年後,在「融·聚·歷」的創辦人Tom Chui的 介紹下,他才成為航能香港的志願者。 出身於加拿大的Emily在香港長大,一生中大部分的時間都被大海包圍著。像許多香港人一樣,她與大海並沒有任何很有意義的聯繫,亦從沒機會嘗試 航海,直至2019年Kay Rawbone介紹兩人互相認識。從那時起,他們便定期在航能香港當義工,與傷健朋友一起航行,打掃和清理船隻。


Joan at Saturday Sailing

Their consultancy is currently working on a project—using an electric powered control system to operate the rudder and mainsail, that will enable a new group of people to sail with Sailability. Tang said, "Volunteering with Sailability is such a great learning opportunity and enables you to understand disabled people better. We could not have learned so much in any other way, uniquely seeing people developing and growing in stature and confidence. It is so fulfilling."


When she first joined Sailability, Tang was not that interested in sailing but found volunteering rewarding as she could take part in helping disabled people enjoy sailing. Later, Tang discovered she was learning a lot herself, "Not only was I learning to sail, but I noticed my mood always lifted when I was with the Sailability family. There is something about people with disabilities that is so transparent. They do not hide anything and I love that; it is different to the world of business, it is really heart-warming."


一個項目,關於使用電力控制 系統來操縱舵和主帆,這將使 更多新人能夠在航能香港一同航 行。Emily說:「在航能香港當義 工是一個很好的學習機會,能讓 你更好地了解殘障人士。相比起 在這裡,我們不大可能通過其他 方式一樣學到這麼多,因這獨一 無二的機會,在這裡能看著人們 在身心上不斷發展和成長。這實 在太令人感到滿足了。」

時,她對帆船運動並不太感興 趣,直至她發現義工當中的意 義,她能夠參與協助傷健人士享 受帆船運動。後來,Emily亦發 現到自己也從中學到了很多,她 說:「我不僅只是學懂了航海, 而更多的是發現到當我在航能香 港這個大家庭時,心情總是十分 愉快的。傷健朋友們給人一種很 坦率的感覺。他們不會隱藏任何 事情,我很喜歡這一點,因為與 商業世界截然不同,真的很讓人 感到暖心。」

Calduch explains there are many things he and Tang love about Sailability Hong Kong. "It is a family, which not only includes volunteers and instructors but also the young people and adults. As the saying goes, Sailability is more than sailing!"

Joan receiving HKSF Level 1&2 Certificates

Calduch解釋著,他和Emily都十 分喜歡航能香港的許多方面。他 說:「這是一個大家庭,不僅是 包括義工和教練,還有年輕新一 代和成年人。我們也常說,航能 香港並不止是帆船運動!」



MAY/JUN 2022



The fifth wave of COVID has put all the Club sailing and racing activities on hold. Hopefully, by the time you read this article, the measures will have been eased to a certain extent and some activities will have returned to normal. Whilst on hold, the Sailing Centre has been working hard to prepare the Club for what is sure to be a busy summer ahead. So far, the SC has: • Commenced planning and preparations for summer camps and the Open Dinghy Regatta • Undertaken maintenance and cleaning work of fleets and vessels • Arranged for staff to take compensation leave • Serviced six J/80s In addition to this, the SC has also launched the first Virtual Sailing Regatta in Hong Kong to keep our sailors engaged. The first session was held on 5 March and will run every Saturday afternoon until 23 April. So far, this event has attracted an average of 25 participants for each race day.

BRIDGET CHAN Rear Commodore—Sailing

Cruising Sailors of Hebe (CSH) We are delighted to have Stu Pryke join our SailCom this year. His addition will add value for our cruising community. Having a Cruising section in Hebe Jebes is just the first step with much more to come later. For anyone who is interested in promoting cruising activities, please contact the SC as the Club needs passionate and enthusiastic members to join our cruiser sailors. Racing The racing events in the coming two months are as follows: • Open Dinghy Regatta (21 & 22 May 2022) • Summer Saturday Series (begins on 4 Jun) • Typhoon Series (Begins on 12 Jun) As always, volunteer support is critical to the success of our races. If you do not race, please sign up as a volunteer. 第五波疫情令遊艇會的所有帆船和賽事活動暫停。期望到您閱讀本文時,這些社交 距離措施已經有某程度上的緩解,使一些活動恢復正常。 在活動暫停期間,航海訓練中心並沒有停下來,一直努力讓為即將來臨的繁忙夏季做 好準備。到目前為止,航海訓練中心 有: •




保養維修六個 J/80s

與此同時,航海訓練中心還在香港舉辦了首個虛擬帆船賽,確保我們的船員能夠持 續參與。 並於3 月 5 日開始,直至2022年4 月 23 日為止,逢週六下午舉行。 到目前為止,每次賽事都吸引了大約25人員參與。 白沙灣遊艇會巡航船員(CSH) 今年,我們很高興 Stu Pryke加入了本會的賽事委員會。他的加入有望增加我們的 巡航事務。開設巡航事務只是第一步,日後還會有更多。本會需要對推廣航海活動 充滿熱心的會員加入,如有興趣參與的朋友,請聯繫航海訓練中心, 賽事 未來兩個月的賽事如下: •

2022年5月21至5月22日 - 公開小艇大賽

2022年6日4日啟動 – 周六夏季系列賽

2022年6月12日啟動 – 颱風盃帆船系列賽

與過往一樣,義工的支持是對賽事的成功,是十分重要。若然您不參加賽事,懇請 登記成為義工。



MAY/JUN 2022



Under the ongoing anti-epidemic efforts, members must continue to use the Leave Home Safe (LHS) app whenever they enter the Club be it via the main pedestrian gate, vehicular entrance, or via sea when they disembark onto club pontoons. To comply with government policies and ensure everyone's safety, there is also a locked security gate for the exclusive use of members wishing to access the Club from the pontoons. Members must have their membership card with them to be able to get in and out of the Club via this gate. Members are reminded that they must accompany guests at all times at the Club, and will need to be physically present to facilitate guest access via club security gates. Members who are not able to present their membership card must then fill in their information legibly on the form provided by security staff to confirm their identity. To save time, members are reminded to always bring their membership card with them when visiting the Club. In addition, HHYC has a new Dock Master who is helping to better manage pontoon usage—ensuring better member safety, efficiency and appropriate and fair use of club pontoons.

EDDY LO Rear Commodore—Operations

For any member’s guests who drive their vehicles into the car park from Monday to Friday, the security guard on duty will issue them with a temporary parking card to be placed in a prominent place on the dashboard (as well as the usual pink parking chit to be signed). Guests will also use the LHS app and have a temperature check. A warm reminder to members that in respect of boat changes and requests for transfer of berthings, moorings and hardstands (where eligible), the Club not only determines the size of the ship based on the documents provided, but also, Marine Office staff will measure the actual size of the vessel to calculate suitability for particular facilities and the relevant fees. HHYC is actively reviewing that the facilities are properly used in accordance with the regulations. As such, any application for grandfathering rights, found to be not in accordance with all the requirements and regulations as stipulated by HHYC will not be accepted. Over the next few months, work will start on replacing and improving the boat rack walkways. These walkways will enhance staff safety, especially when tying boats down before a typhoon. During this period of time, there may be more boats on the ground than usual, while the walkways are fitted and we ask for your patience during this process. Summer is approaching. It is time to prepare and check your safety equipment. • Have you checked your onboard portable extinguishers? • Where are they located? • Are they easily accessible? • Are they fully charged (and the indicator in the green zone?) • When were they last serviced? • Do you and your crew know how to operate them? • Have they expired and need to be replaced? Please remember to have a thorough visual inspection of your vessel before your next trip. I hope you all have a pleasant and safe time on the water.


在漫長的防疫工作下,會員無論從主入口、停車場, 還是從海上(浮橋)進入 會所、餐廳,都必須使用“安心出行軟件”。 為了遵守政府政策,確保每個人的安全,從浮橋進入會所時都設有安全閘 門,會員進出均須持會員卡自行拍卡進出。賓客到達和離開時,請會員自 行陪同和照顧。 如會員如未有攜帶會員卡,必須清楚填寫資料,以便核對及確認身份。為 節省您的時間,請帶好您的會員卡。此外,本會擁有了一位新的碼頭管理 員,希望更有效地管理船橋的使用、安全等問題。 所有在周一至週五(非公眾假期)駕車前往停車場的賓客,除會員必須事先 通知海事部、進入時需要使用"安心出行"軟件及測量體溫外,保安員將發 給一張A4大小的臨時停車卡。請將臨時停車證放置在擋風玻璃的當眼位 置,以便辨認,離開前請退還保安員。 溫馨提示對於換船和轉讓設施使用權申請,本會不僅根據提供的文件確定 船舶的大小,還將以實際大小為最終決定標準。會方正積極檢查各項設施 正確符合規格使用, 在轉讓使用權時, 如有發現未能符合會方租賃合約要求 及規例, 有可能不被接納轉讓申請。 在接下來的幾個月裡,將開始更換和改善船架走道的工作。這些通道將加 強工作人員的安全,特別是在颱風來臨前繫船時。在這期間,地面上的船 可能會比平時多。對此造成的不便,我們深表歉意。 夏天即將來臨。是時候準備和檢查你的安全設備了。 •











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