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Cheval Blanc Paris


A New Beacon for the City of Lights

Where the Mountains Meet the Heavens



By Heavens Portfolio

Ultima Collection

The Hari Hong Kong

A Private Affair

Passion From Piedmont



Welcome Letter

Welcome… Fellow travel enthusiasts, 欢迎细阅…


rom tracking polar bears in the frozen Arctic; witnessing grizzlies hunt during the salmon run; and travelling on one of Japan’s new luxury trains; to enjoying breathtaking scenery with charming accommodation and gourmet indulgences

in the likes of Provence, the Italian Dolomites, or on Japan’s Kumano Kodo Trail, there are so many new travel frontiers for us to explore and to share. With Country Holidays guests travelling to the four corners of the globe - from the Arctic to Madagascar and everywhere in between - there are also many tales to tell. We have a love affair with travel, and have always strived to share the latest and greatest destinations, travel products and experiences through our Facebook pages, Instagram account, e-newsletter, and website. While these methods are instant, many details of the remarkable travel

experiences we offer are lacking, soHeavens I’d like to welcome I’m humbled and excited to share with you the 我深感荣幸并兴奋地与您分享 Voyage 的创

you to刊版, the fi rst issue ofHeavens Journey Weaver发行的全新杂志, , the new travel inaugural edition of Heavens Voyage, a new magazine 这是一本由 Portfolio by Heavens Portfolio and one that showcases magazine a of Country Holidays and a consummate guide 每一期的内容都为您展示了一系列我们精心挑选和全 tantalising array of our favourite and most iconic travel for affl uent travellers looking to explore the world in 球具标志性的旅游目的地。 destinations with each issue.

style. Packed with fascinating places, both established Heavens Voyage 在这个充满挑战的出版行业市场中, and intrepid; profiles and interviews; and adventures In a challenging marketplace for our industry, the and insights, our fi rst issue takes an in-depth look at the 的诞生使我们能够庆祝一直以来所追求和热爱的事物 creation of this publication has allowed us to celebrate

destinations that will define Africa in the year ahead; rides – 为旅行加冕理想元素的能力。 what we love so much - the ability to champion idyllic getaways.

the rails on both the newest and most endearing of the 当面对着前境不明朗的创刊路,我曾经参与无数的座 world’s greatest trains journeys; traces the food trails of

I have spoken to and participated in countless panels




NickTheng Walton Chang Hwee Designer MANAGING EDITOR 设计

Nick Walton

Boey Chan nickwalton@artemiscomms.com

EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Translator 翻译 Lui Isabelle

Tracy Ng


Philippa Walton

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Don Pierre Riosa



Carmen Ng

carmen.ng@countryholidays.com.hk Journey Weaver is owned and published by Country Holidays, 04-20/21 Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247909 www.countryholidays.com.sg

step back in time to an era of shoguns and samurai. 不断变化和发展,但是大家对于探索未知和享受更好

Heavens Voyage 由 Heavens Portfolio 所拥有和出版 www.heavensportfolio.com

new hiking itineraries that allow travellers the chance to 大家如何看待旅游这回事,就是纵使旅行的方式正在

travel continues to evolve, the appetite to explore

的渴求并没有减弱。事实上,我们现在越来越享受外 We look forward to sharing more adventures with you, and 出旅游,因为我们渴望有更多的机会与挚亲友人共度

and discover has not diminished. In fact, it is now something we look to with an increased desire, as we

inspiring your own adventures in the months to come. 美好时光,品味炫彩的人生。 crave the opportunity to spend more quality time with loved ones and savour the finer things in life.

In this edition, we take you to one of the most anticipated openings in the French capital, get a

glimpse into a new level of luxe in cruising, learn of

在此创刊号,我们将带您前往法国首都备受瞩目的酒 店新开,一睹豪华游轮的全新旅游体验,品尝来自世 界各地的佳肴美馔,并了解养生健康旅游趋势。

Chang Theng Hwee delectable culinary delights from around the globe, 我希望这本杂志是我对 Heavens Portfolio 愿景的进

and discover how brands pay homage to quintessential CONTRIBUTORS wellness.

I hope that this magazine is a further extension of

my vision for Heavens Portfolio, one that allows us to dream and discover the next amazing adventure, and imagine tailored experiences in the world’s most

sought after locations while creating moments that will

published by Heavens Portfolio

Heavens Voyage is produced by boutique custom publishing agency Artemis Communications Ltd.

Journey Weaver is produced by boutique Heavens Voyage 由出版机构 Artemis custom publishing agency Communications Ltd. 负责制作 Artemis Communications Ltd. www.artemiscomms.com www.artemiscomms.com

一步延伸,它让我们能够计划探索下一次令人刻骨铭 心的冒险旅程,并在世界上每个受欢迎的目的地留下 人生中难以忘怀的私人定制旅行时刻。

在此, 我再次感谢所有参与 Heavens Voyage 创刊号

的所有工作人员,我们非常期待与您分享更多全球独 一无二的宝贵旅游体验!

A very big thank you to all who have been involved in

bringing the first issue ofaHeavens Voyage to life and Isabelle Liu is passionate Joewe Mortimer is a UK-


Christine Galle

Find even more travel inspiration at Heavens Voyage is owned and www.journeyweavermag.com

the sentiment is clear that while the way we look at

cannottraveller, wait to share future editions with you! writer and budding photographer based in Hong Kong. Ever since doing exchanges to New York and San Francisco, she has had the travel bug and when she’s not jetting off on assignment Christine Galle you can find her exploring the Founder & Managing Director latest restaurants and bars in 创始人兼董事总经理 her home town.


Iceland; and takes to the mountains of Central Japan on 谈会及小组讨论借此获得一些意见,由此我清楚了解

as we try to navigate these unchartered waters and

be cherished for a lifetime.


based travel writer who specialises in luxury and lifestyle. He has visited 60 countries, stayed in more than 100 high-end hotels, and eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world.

Based in London, Laure Latham is a French

outdoors and active travel writer who believes that good food is key to a healthy lifestyle. Wherever she travels, she goes out of her way to find out what makes each place unique.

All rights reserved: Copyright and distribution All rights reserved: Copyright and rights are reserved exclusively by Artemis distributionLtd, rights are reserved Communications its partners, associates exclusively and affiliates.by AllArtemis materialsCommunications published remain the property the production agency.and No part Ltd, its ofpartners, associates of this publication may be reproduced without affiliates. All materials published prior written permission. All information remain the property of the production contained in this publication is from a reliable agency.Artemis No partCommunications of this publication source. Ltd may and Heavens Portfolio dowithout not makeprior any guarantees be reproduced written aspermission. to the accuracy the information contained. Allofinformation contained

in this publication is from a reliable

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Dining Fit for a King

宛若皇室的美馔之旅 DESIGN

The Ultimate Urban Retreat



Time to Heal

26 尽情拥抱 心灵. 健康

湖畔的奢华治愈养身体验 CAPTIVATE

Passion From Piedmont 28 感受皮埃蒙特的浪漫与激情


A New Beacon for the City of Lights

巴黎的新一代人气地标 DEPART

Cruising’s Most Anticipated New Vessel

乘坐瞩目的新探险船到极地体验 INSPIRE

From Florence to Amalfi

从佛罗伦萨漫游至阿马尔菲 CAPTURE

Where the Mountains Meet the Heavens

当朴实山峦遇上天堂美景 EXPERIENCE

The Return of the Ancient Silk Road

古丝绸之路的载誉回归 EXPLORE

Delve into the Desert

南极洲的顶级探秘 ROMANCE

Island of Love

恋爱岛上的独有体验 UNCOVER

A Private Affair


29 30


The Maestro’s Touch

大师级的待客之道 COMMUNITY

Nature’s Nursery




A New Beacon for The City of Lights 巴黎的新一代人气地标

One of the most anticipated openings in the French capital in a decade, Cheval Blanc Paris prepares to captivate guests this September. 作为法国首都让人期盼十年之久的豪华建筑, Cheval Blanc Paris 已准备在今年 9 月正式敞开大门迎宾。



Paris has no shortage of indulgent houses of slumber but this autumn,

巴黎不乏豪华的建筑物, 但随着 Cheval Blanc Paris 于今年秋天的落

of Cheval Blanc Paris.

在前 La Samaritaine 百货公司内, 由建筑师 Peter Marino 和 Edouard

the French capital will have a new luxury benchmark with the arrival Nestled within the former La Samaritaine department store, an Art

Deco icon that has been lovingly preserved and remodelled in the style of a chic Parisian residence by architects Peter Marino and Edouard

François, this elegant urban retreat will boast just 72 guest rooms and suites, each paying tribute to the River Seine, which meanders past nearby.

With views to the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, each

palace-worthy guest space will boast marble bathrooms, standalone bathtubs, bay windows with reading nooks, and signature

fragrances by Dior perfumer François Demachy. Some suites will

also offer terraces, balconies and private projection rooms, while the Quintessence Suite, the hotel’s penthouse, includes a private swimming pool, hammam, and wellness suite.

A new home for sophisticated urbanites that embodies the French

art de vivre, the boutique hideaway will also seduce the senses of

the city’s diners with four restaurants helmed by Head Chef Arnaud Donckele. The chef relocates from restaurant La Vague d’Or at Cheval

Blanc St-Tropez and in Paris will tap into his extensive network of artisanal suppliers from across France to create inspired seasonal

Mediterranean cuisine. At the Cheval Blanc Paris he will be joined in the kitchen by virtuoso pastry chef Maxime Frédéric.


François 精心保存内装原本的 Art Deco 风格并改造成别致迷人的历史性

的巴黎风格住宅,仅拥有 72 间客房和套房,每个房间均俯瞰著名塞纳河, 为贵宾留下难忘的住宿体验。


的房间将设有大理石浴室、独立浴缸、具阅读角的窗台以及由 Dior 香氛 师 François Demachy 订制的标志性香水。部分套房还设有阳台、露台和

私人放映室,而酒店的顶层套房 Quintessence Suite 更特设私人游泳池、 土耳其浴室和健康养生房间。

为体现法国 art de vivre 核心生活理念,这家精致的都市建筑将通过由主 厨 Arnaud Donckele 掌舵的四家餐厅来吸引众人的感官味蕾。此厨师特

意从 Cheval Blanc St-Tropez 的 La Vague d’ Or 餐厅搬迁至巴黎,並以他

在法国各地的人际网络搜罗顶级食材供应商来为他烹调时令地中海美食 创造灵感。在 Cheval Blanc Paris,糕点大师 Maxime Frédéric 更将与他 一起进入厨房,为客人烹煮各式佳肴。

Cheval Blanc Paris 将成为世界奢侈品集团 LVMH 的第 5 家 Cheval Blanc 系列的超豪华酒店,The Dior 水疗中心亦设于此,该水疗中心已为顾客

打造六间贵宾专属的奢华定制理疗室,以及一处令人放松身心的 30 米游

泳池和设备一流的健身中心 ;而家庭顾客可把孩童们带到一个专属的儿童 区 Le Carrousel,享受愉悦的玩乐时光。

The fifth property in LVMH’s ultra-luxe Cheval Blanc portfolio, Cheval

Blanc Paris will also be home to The Dior Spa, which will boast six

treatment rooms for indulgent bespoke rituals, as well as an elegant

30-metre swimming pool and state-of-the-art fitness centre; while families will enjoy Le Carrousel, a dedicated children’s area.



Cruising’s Most Anticipated New Vessel 乘坐瞩目的新探险船到极地体验

Quark Expeditions’new ship Ultramarine is a symphony of technology and sustainability.

由 夸 克 探 险 邮 轮 (Quark Expeditions) 推 出 全 新 的 探 险 船 海 洋 无 极 号 (Ultramarine) 象征先进技术与可持续性性能的完美创新组合。

You might have noticed that the expedition cruising scene is enjoying a technological upgrade with the arrival of a flotilla of custom-built

vessels now offering adventures to the world’ s four corners. Among

these new arrivals is Ultramarine, the newest addition to the Quark

Expeditions fleet and one of the most cutting-edge cruise ships on the planet.

Ultramarine combines technology with comfort at an unprecedented

level. Boasting a 1A+ PC6 ice-strengthened hull rating, accommodation for just 199 lucky souls, luxurious public spaces, and not one but two

twin-engine helicopters, Ultramarine signals a new chapter in small-

ship exploration, one that’ s been five years in the making.


随着一批定制探险邮轮的技术升级革新,您或许已经注意到此改革将为巡 航至冰破天惊的场景划上全新感观享受,同时为前往世界四个极地角落探 索未知的客人提供冒险舒适的旅程。夸克探险邮轮现诚意为您推介既是船 队中的全新成员,又是世界先进的邮轮海洋无极号。


探险享受。海洋无极号为一艘配备了 1A+ PC6 具抗冰功能的加强冰级船、 最多能搭载 199 名乘客、豪华宽敞的公共空间,以及配置两架双引擎直

升机。耗费 5 年时间打造,海洋无极号标志着小型探险船的探索新里程碑, 为每位乘客增添难忘的冰极回忆。


Built in Croatia to Quark’ s own exacting standards, Ultramarine is 128

metres long and boasts a complement of 20 quick-deploy zodiacs for

coastal exploration. When combined with the helicopters, which will offer heli-hiking, flightseeing and heli-supported alpine kayaking,

Ultramarine will offer the most comprehensive polar adventure experience to date.

The ship’ s state-of-the-art navigation and environmental systems also ensure smooth, sustainable cruising in the world’ s most fragile locales, landscapes which will be brought to life during on-board lectures in

the ship’s modern auditorium, which boasts a high-resolution LED wall screen and surround sound system. Guests will also be able to

work up a sweat in the sauna or fitness centre, meet friends for drinks in the Panorama Lounge, or even indulge in a spa treatment between action-packed days out on the ice.

Ultramarine will be cruising Antarctica and South Georgia Island

按夸克的严格标准在克罗地亚建造,海洋无极号船长 128 米,拥有 20 艘 与海面平齐且快速出海探索的橡皮艇。海洋无极号上还配备直升机,为客 人提供包括远足、直升机观光和高山皮划艇等活动,海洋无极号无疑是迄 今为止提供所有南极探险项目的极地探险船。

海洋无极号有先进的导航及环境系统,可确保在世界上遍布浮冰的极地水 域持续顺畅航行 ;船上更设有现代化的大礼堂,内置高清 LED 墙屏幕和

环绕音响系统,令景致分外栩栩如生。客人还可以在桑拿浴室或健身中心 锻炼身体、在全景酒廊与朋友把酒谈天,甚至可以在欣赏绝美的冰上环境 同时享受热腾腾的水疗护理。

海洋无极号将于 2021 年 11 月至 2022 年 1 月期间于南极洲和南乔治亚岛 为您开航。

between November 2021 and January 2022.



From Florence to Amalfi 从佛罗伦萨漫游至阿马尔菲

The first chapter of Belmond’ s New Travel Experiences series showcases the culture and cuisine of Italy to perfection. 贝梦德全新度假系列体验的第一章节将意大利的文化和美食享受展现至完美极致。



著名豪华酒店、游轮和铁路公司贝梦德 (Belmond) 推出其全新度假系

列体验的第一章节, 为初次探索法国、西班牙和英国的贵宾, 于亚平

宁半岛 (Apennine Peninsula) 乐享一个令人大开眼界的毕生难忘之旅。 把豪华酒店住宿概念与一连串生活体验揉合,全新意大利度假系列包括 : 下榻 Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel 的宾客将可以跟随 One Ocean Foundation 的创办人 Mauro Pelaschier 乘坐美丽的 Anywave 号帆船,展



回酒店后,参加定制烹饪课,在海港景观环绕中品尝鲜美的利古里亚食材。 您还可以私密享受神秘醉人的热那亚宫殿之旅 ;于入住贝梦德旗下酒店

Caruso, A Belmond Hotel 期间, 出海探索阿马尔菲海岸, 包括庞贝、 埃尔科拉诺和奥普隆蒂斯的考古宝藏 ;在珠宝大师旁学习奥普隆蒂斯 (Oplontis) 历史上使用造粒 (granulazione) 和陶瓷 (cera persa) 的古老技

术 ;下榻 Villa San Michele, A Belmond Hotel 的宾客,更可乘坐经典的 Fiat 1100 Musone 探访引领佛罗伦萨新文艺复兴风潮的艺术工作坊与手 工艺者。

Luxury hotel, cruise and rail company Belmond has created the first chapter of its new Travel Experience series, and while the new encounters reach to France, Spain and the United Kingdom, adventures across the Apennine Peninsula take the limelight.

Combining luxury hotel stays with behind-the-scenes escapades, the Italian series includes a weekend sailing aboard the stunning yacht

Anywave with One Ocean Foundation founder Mauro Pelaschier to

discover marine parks and learn sustainable practices at sea before

returning to the Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel, for a cooking class using Ligurian ingredients.

You’ ll also be able to enjoy a private tour of Genoa’s enchanting palaces; explore the archeological treasures of the Amalfi Coast –

including Pompei, Ercolano, and Oplontis - during a stay at Caruso,

A Belmond Hotel; learn at the side of a master jewellery designer who will reveal the age-old techniques of granulazione and cera

persa historically used in Oplontis and, at Villa San Michele, A Belmond Hotel, enjoy an exclusive tour of the ateliers and workshops spearheading Florence’s New Renaissance in a classic Fiat 1100 Musone.



Where the Mountains Meet the Heavens 当朴实山峦遇上天堂美景

The Swiss region of Graubünden is famed for its natural beauty, its awe-inspiring landscapes, and its year-round activities, with experiences ranging from visits to tranquil mountain villages steeped in history, and runs on world-class ski slopes, to the luxurious hotels and exclusive events of glamourous St. Moritz.

瑞士格劳宾登地区以其自然美景、令人惊叹的风景和全年的活动而闻名, 游客可尽情体验多元

活动, 从参观历史悠久的宁静山村、在世界一流的滑雪场上滑雪、以及在圣莫里茨享受豪华酒 店和参与独家定制的活动。

The region is home to The Swiss National Park, the country’s largest and oldest nature reserve and one that’s home to walking tracks – including the National Park Panorama Trail ancient monasteries, and endemic wildlife.

No visit to Graubünden is complete without riding the Unesco-recognised Bernina Express, which snakes its way along the highest railway line in the Alps from Chur or St. Moritz to Tirano. Highlights of the four-hour journey include the towering Landwasser Viaduct, Alp Grüm station, and the train’s namesake, the spectacular Bernina Pass.

Wellness has long been a drawcard of Switzerland and Graubünden is home to many world-class spas and wellness centres, including the luxurious Bogn Engiadina in Scuol, home to six indoor and outdoor pools with massage jets, bubbles, waterfalls, and a swim-current channel, in addition to a brine pool. The spa also offers a wide range of wellness therapies and during winter, the open fire pit makes for a cozy posttreatment retreat. The region is famed for its rustic Alpine villages, most popular of which is Tschiertschen, which is easily reached from Chur. Explore the hamlet’s narrow, winding lanes, its traditional chalets and its magnificent Alpine vistas. Don’t forget to try the air-cured meat Alpenhirt, a local delicacy. Descend the 359 steps into the breath-taking Viamala Canyon, which has been carved from the living rock by glacial ice and the turbulent Hinter Rhine River. The remnants of the original Roman road through the gorge can still be seen today.

If you’ve never been glamping, Graubünden is the perfect spot for your first foray, with hotels and resorts offering everything from luxury tipis and yurts through to igloos, many with fire pits and even alfresco bathtubs for soaking under the stars.


Of course one of the main reasons people come to Graubünden is to ski its more than 2,200 kilometres of groomed runs. Leading resorts include International Ski-Arena Samnaun/Ischgl, Ski Resort Savognin, and Ski Resort LAAX.

Hit the ice in St. Moritz, the most glamourous of the Alpine villages and home to an eclectic series of lavish events that take place on the frozen lake, ranging from the historic White Turf horse races, to snow polo and even winter cricket matches, attended by celebrities and the international jetset.


瑞士国家公园正位于格劳宾登州, 是该国最大、 最古老的自然保护区,区内亦设国家公园全景步

道,可观赏古老的修道院和当地独有的野生动物。 来到格劳宾登州就必须乘坐联合国教科文组织认 证的伯尔尼纳快车,从库尔或圣莫里茨开往蒂拉

诺的路段上,欣赏阿尔卑斯山高处路线的美景。 4 小时旅程的亮点包括世界遗产之一的兰德瓦瑟高 架桥、阿尔卑斯故鲁恩 (Alp Grum) 车站以及与火

车同名的壮观伯尔尼纳铁道,沿途风景尽收眼底。 养生活动一直以来是游客来到瑞士必做的活动之

一, 格劳宾登州拥有许多顶级的水疗中心和养 生设施, 包括位于施库尔的豪华水疗中心 Bogn

Engiadina,设有 6 个附带按摩喷头功能的室内及 户外游泳池、泡泡浴池、瀑布、桑拿房和仿海水


此处放置多个开放式火炉,以供客人在冰寒的冬 天接受治疗后可温暖舒适地休息下来。


供从豪华帐篷、蒙古包、到冰屋的各种设施,其 中许多都设有火炉,您甚至可以暖烘烘地沉浸在 露天浴缸,安静地欣赏漫天星空。




地首屈一指的滑雪度假村包括 International Ski-

(Tschiertschen) 村庄。您可在这里探索小村庄的 阿尔卑斯山景色。当然千万别忘了品尝当地的著 名风干肉 Alpenhirt。

当下行 359 级台阶,你就会进入令人叹为观止的 维亚马拉峡谷,此峡谷的来源是因冰川和水流湍

急的莱茵河撞击活石多年而成。穿过峡谷后,时 至今天你仍可看到罗马道路的原始遗迹。

如果您从未体验过豪华露营,格劳宾登州是可满 足您第一次的难忘体验。这里的酒店和度假村提

在其精心打造 2,200 多公里的雪道场上滑雪。当 Arena Samnaun/Ischgl、Ski Resort Savognin 和 Ski Resort LAAX,吸引很多滑雪爱好者冒名而来。

圣莫里茨无疑是阿尔卑斯山众多村庄中令人心驰 神往之处,各地名人和私人的国际喷射机均会来

到此处参与在冰湖上举办的一系列盛大奢华活动, 包括历史悠久的白草赛马到雪地马球,甚至冬季 板球比赛。



The Return of the Ancient Silk Road 古丝绸之路的载誉回归

One of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in the region, Silk Road Samarkand combines cutting-edge leisure and business facilities with one of the world’s most historic legacies.

撒马尔罕的丝绸之路将顶尖的休闲体验和商业设施与世界上别具历史意义的文化遗产互相交缔 结合, 发展区内其中一项最雄心壮志的项目。

The ancient Silk Road was an early and crucial network of trade routes

古代丝绸之路是公元前 2 世纪至公元 15 世纪之间连接东西方早期贸易至

century AD. Named for the lucrative silk that merchants transported -


connecting points east and west between 2nd century BC to 15th along with many other precious goods - along the route, the Silk Road

was a trade superhighway that reached from China to Continental


Europe, passing through the Indian Subcontinent, and Central Asia.

随着 2022 年撒马尔罕丝绸之路的盛大启幕,乌兹别克斯坦将诞生一个前

the 2022 arrival of Silk Road Samarkand, an unprecedented tourism


The route’s rich heritage will now be celebrated in Uzbekistan with complex that is being developed at one of the trade route’ s most

important weigh stations. Set to serve the wider Central Asia region, Silk Road Samarkand will boast world-class dining, eight major and

boutique hotels (including Central Asia’ s first Leading Hotels of the



所未有的旅游综合体验地,为本来这丝绸之路的丰富遗产进一步加强开发 有世界顶尖的餐饮设施、八家大型和精品酒店(包括中亚地区首家立鼎世

酒店集团成员)、许多由著名建筑师设计的公共空间和现代化的会议场所, 同时还配有崭新的商务、休闲和医疗旅游设施。


World member), public spaces and modern meeting facilities – many

designed by leading architects – while also offering spectacular new business, leisure and medical tourism amenities.

Located in the city’ s east, the 260-hectare development will feature expansive congress halls, wellness enclaves, retail precincts and a fascinating historical and ethnographic centre, ensuring the project

appeals to all travellers to the region. A comprehensive Medical Cluster

will boast four boutique hotels, each dedicated to different medical services and holistic treatments, while The Eternal City, where ancient Samarkand has been lovingly recreated by acclaimed Uzbek artist

Bodur Ismoilov, will be populated by artists, craftsmen and artisans,

offering new insight into ancient Parthian, Hellenistic and Islamic cultures.

这座占地 260 公顷的开发项目位于城市东部,将设有宽敞的会议厅、健

gardens, and parks, creating a verdant oasis that brings the vitality of


The entire development will be framed by green pedestrian zones, the Silk Road back to life.


每家酒店都致力于提供不同的医疗服务和全面性的整体护理。至于永恒 之城 (Eternal City),则由著名的乌兹别克艺术家博杜尔 · 伊斯莫伊洛夫

(Bodur Ismoilov) 按古老的撒马尔罕元素用心重建,将由艺术家、工匠和

艺人进驻,为古代帕提亚文化、希腊文化和伊斯兰文化提供全新的视角感 观享受。

整个开发项目将以绿色步行区、花园和公园为框架,营造出一片爱的绿洲, 让丝绸之路的活力增添生机。



Delve into the Desert 南极洲的顶级探秘

Famed for being the first company to offer private jet excursions to Antarctica, White Desert offers a whole new take on this remarkable destination.

作为第一家提供私人飞机游览南极洲而闻名的公司, 白色沙漠再次为这个超 乎您想象的目的地推出全新的奢华旅游体验。

The creation of husband-and-wife duo Patrick and Robyn Woodhead, White Desert pioneered private jet excursions to Antarctica in 2005 and now offers one of the world’s most coveted travel experiences.

The company whisks just 12 guests at a time from Cape Town aboard a state-of-the-art Gulfstream private jet, arriving at Wolf’s Fang

白色沙漠由 Patrick 和 Robyn Woodhead 夫妇于 2005 年创办,为首家前

temporary eco-conscious pods and the only luxury accommodation

界上令人梦寐以求的旅行体验。旅程先从开普敦以先进的 Gulfstream 湾

airstrip and White Desert’s own Whichaway Camp, a clutch of just six in Antarctica.

Guests can choose from a selection of exciting itineraries, including

thrilling one-day excursions during which guests can try snow cycling and mountaineering, explore ancient ice caves, and enjoy a champagne picnic on the ice during their four hours on the ground.

Multi-day adventures include learning at the side of Antarctic veterans during the four-day Explorer’s Academy; the six-day Owner’s Club,

which sees travellers travel on their own jet to these frozen southern latitudes; and Ultimate Antarctica, which combines ski-plane and

helicopter flights into the rugged interior with submersible and yacht sailings and a visit to the elusive Emperor Penguin colonies.

Guests return to Whichaway for world-class cuisine and a curated wine selection before returning to civilisation by private jet.



流私人飞机接送仅 12 名的贵宾,抵达狼牙峰跑道及由白色沙漠拥有的威 驰威营地,入住世上独一无二、且为南极洲唯一豪华住宿的六个含环保设 计的先进营地。

客人可以从一系列刺激的行程中选择活动,包括惊险难忘的一天游,贵客 可以尝试雪地自行车和登山、探索古老的冰洞,并于呆在地面上的四小时 享受冰上香槟野餐。

公司亦全新推出数个多日冒险之旅,包括为期四天于探险家学院中,在南 极退伍军人身旁学习 ;为期六天的旅客自主行程,客人可乘坐私人豪华飞 机前往冰极的南纬地帶,参与私人订制的难忘精彩活动 ;和终极南极洲之 旅,将滑雪飞机和直升机与潜水和游艇航行互相结合,驶进崎岖的内陆地 带,并近距离参观难得一见的帝企鹅栖息地。

在乘坐私人飞机结束此趟奢侈旅程之前,客人将返回威驰威享用由屡获殊 荣的厨师准备的美味佳肴,和上等精选佳酿。


Island of Love 恋爱岛上的独有体验

The oldest hotel on Capri, the Hotel La Palma has been lovingly restored as the Oetker Collection’s first Italian Masterpiece Hotel.

卡普里岛上古老的酒店经过精心改造后, 拉帕尔马酒店将成为 Oetker Collection 旗下 第一家意大利的杰作酒店。

Originally built in 1822, the former Locanda Pagano hotel has long

原名为 Locanda Pagano 酒店,始建于 1822 年,长期以来一直是诗人、

giving it its moniker‘the artist’s hotel’. Now, the Hotel La Palma

店”。现在,拉帕尔马酒店将重新装修成为一个拥有 50 间精品客房的世

been a destination for poets, musicians, writers, lovers and dreamers, enters the next chapter of its storied life as a 50-room boutique island hideaway, complete with an utterly romantic new rooftop restaurant

and bar, a sun-kissed new pool deck, an indulgent spa, and a beach club that’s long been the epicentre of the island’s seasonal sociality.

Located steps from some of Capri’ s most desired attractions, including famed Piazza Umberto I, the hotel has been transformed by Francis

Sultana in collaboration with Francesco Delogu of Delogu Architects,

who drastically reduced the key count to create an intimate and luxurious house of slumber.

Be sure to book one of the 18 lavish suites, each of which comes with a private balcony or terrace (the perfect spot for sunset aperitive), and

after a visit to the buzzing La Palma Beach Club at Marina Piccola,

coveted by Capri’ s celebrity visitors, return to the hotel for the island’ s best dining experiences. These range from the authentic yet

unpretentious Italian cuisine of Gennaro’ s to the glamour of newly opened rooftop eatery and cocktail bar Bianca, the island’ s favourite new late-night spot.

Hotel La Palma joins the Oetker Collection as its 11th hotel and its first in Italy and is located adjacent to the legendary La Taverna Anema e

音乐家、作家、情侣和梦想家的旅游目的地,因此也被称为“艺术家的酒 外桃源,开展其传奇一页的全新篇章。酒店配备了一个极具浪漫氛围的顶 层餐厅和酒吧、一个可享受日光浴的新户外泳池、一个为您的身心注入新 鲜活力的水疗中心和一个大众期盼已久的海滩俱乐部,许多游客都是冲着 岛上的季节性海滩活动而来到卡普里岛开展悠闲假期。

拉帕尔马酒店距离卡普里岛一些受欢迎的旅游景点,包括著名的翁贝托 一世广场,仅几步之遥。酒店由 Francis Sultana 与 Delogu Architects 的 Francesco Delogu 合作翻新,通过大幅减少客房数量,目的就是为客人 打造了一个私密而豪华的度假之旅。

请记得要预订 18 间豪华套房中的其中一间,每间套房均附设私人阳台或

露台(绝对是享受日落美景和畅饮美酒的理想空间)。参观完卡普里岛上 名人游客经常游玩的拉帕尔马海滩俱乐部后,客人就可返回酒店享受美味 精致的用餐体验,从 Gennaro 的正宗且朴实的意大利佳肴,到新开业已

成为岛上备受欢迎的新夜店之屋顶餐厅和鸡尾酒吧 Bianca,让您尽情陶 醉于岛上魅力,过一个醉人的黄昏。

拉帕尔马酒店作为第 11 家和意大利第一家加入 Oetker Collection 集团

的酒店,毗邻为传奇的 La Taverna Anema e Core,这是著名的酒吧,也 是 Oetker 集团旗下 Reuben Brothers 最近收购的另一家产业。

Core, one of Europe’ s most famous nightclubs and another recent acquisition by the hotel’s owners, the Reuben Brothers.



A Private Affair 一程私人奢华的度假之旅

The Alpine retreats of the Ultima Collection offer sophisticated travellers the ultimate private travel experiences in the world’ s most sought-after destinations.

邬蒂玛奢华度假精选 (Ultima Collection) 的高山度假胜地为追求顶尖享受的人士提 供世上备受欢迎目的地的终极私人旅行体验。

Nestled in one of the most coveted ski resorts in the French Alps, Ultima

位于法国阿尔卑斯山脉的其中一家顶级滑雪胜地,Ultima Courchevel

13 sublime four or five ensuite bedroom ski-in, ski-out chalets – set

五间套房、可滑雪直接进出的独立小木屋组成,横跨两个度假村 Sud 和

Courchevel Belvédère offers a truly exclusive alpine escape. Ultima’s across two resorts, Sud and Nord – marry the space and ambiance of a

luxurious private home and the facilities of a five-star hotel, complete with attentive concierges, chauffeurs, and personal chefs.

The four five-bedroom and one four-bedroom full-service chalets of Sud, and the five four-bedroom residential-styled chalets of

Nord offer ski bunnies elegant living spaces, voluminous guest

rooms, private gardens and balconies; and views across the valley. They also come with a few exclusive perks, including access to a

sublime Swiss Perfection spa, private transfers to Courchevel 1850,

Ultima ski instructors, and a boutique ski store for in-house fittings. From the French Alps to one of Switzerland’s most desirable


Belvédère 为贵宾提供真正独特的高山之旅。由邬蒂玛构建的 13 个四或 Nord,Ultima Courchevel Belvédère 将豪华私人住宅的空间和氛围与五 星级酒店的顶级服务及设施互相结合,包括专属礼宾团队、贴心的司机和 世界一流私人厨师的款待。

Sud 的四间五卧室和一间四卧室拥全方位配置的小木屋,以及 Nord 的五

间四卧室住宅式小木屋,均为滑雪人士提供高雅的生活空间、宽敞的客房、 私人花园和阳台,可俯瞰整个山谷的壮丽景色。客人还可独享尊贵的服务, 包括独家使用 Swiss Perfection 水疗中心、 获私人接送到 Courchevel

1850、跟 Ultima 滑雪教练学习,以及到一家精品滑雪商店挑选滑雪配件。 屡获殊荣的 Ultima Gstaad 就是从法国阿尔卑斯山到瑞士皆具人气的度假

胜地。酒店将传统的瑞士建筑与现代设施相揉合,将 11 间宽敞的套房与

6 间从两卧室到四卧室不等的私人住宅结合在一起,其中许多都设有大理


properties, multi-award-winning Ultima Gstaad. Combining traditional Swiss architecture with contemporary amenities, this unique property


combines 11 spacious suites with six exclusive private residences

作为所有高山活动的热门目的地,格施塔德 (Gstaad) 同时亦是该国著名

bathrooms and spectacular valley vistas.

的美学中心提供一系列从排毒、肉毒杆菌到 DNA 分析的护理,而 Swiss

ranging from two to four-bedrooms, many with marble-lined A popular destination for all Alps activities, Gstaad also has a vibrant

luxury retail scene and is one of the country’s leading wellness destinations.

Ultima Gstaad’s Aesthetic Clinic offers a range of medical and holistic treatments ranging from detoxes and Botox through to DNA analysis, while Swiss Perfection’s anti-ageing therapies will ensure you look your best whenever you hit the slopes.

Finally, make your way to Switzerland’s acclaimed Plateau de PlanMayens, home to Ultima Crans-Montana, an exclusive Alpine hideaway

of just two luxurious chalets that are perfect for multi-generational travel.

The epitome of a private mountain retreat, Ultima Crans-Montana

boasts its own on-site lake and swimming pool, ideally suited for the active summer months; ski-in ski-out access during winter, and a comprehensive spa that would be the envy of many major hotels.

Catering to 38 guests across the eight-room Main Chalet, with its

bunk rooms for the little ones, arcade, cigar lounge and billiard room; and the six-room Guest Chalet, home to an open kitchen, library and

的养生地之一, 客人还可以在此购买多样化的奢侈品。 Ultima Gstaad Perfection 的抗衰老疗法将确保您的美貌在滑雪时由始至终都保持完美的 状态。

最 后, 您 可 前 往 瑞 士 广 受 赞 誉 的 普 兰 马 恩 斯 高 原 (Plateau de Plan-

Mayens),这里也是 Ultima Crans-Montana 的所在地,一个坐落高山中 的独特世外桃源,由两个豪华的木屋组成,非常适合家庭旅行。作为著名

私人山区度假胜地,Ultima Crans-Montana 不但拥有令人惊艳的综合水

疗中心,更设有自己的内部湖泊和游泳池,非常适合夏天多姿多彩的活动, 又适合冬季在此滑雪的旅客。

Ultima Crans-Montana 度假村旨在为客人在庆祝活动、家庭团聚或与亲

友一起在阿尔卑斯山的旅行时光,提供壮丽的欧洲景色及高度的私密性。 仅拥有八间客房的 Main Chalet 只可容纳 38 位客人,当中设有供小朋友

使用的双层房、拱廊、雪茄休憩室和桌球室 ;以及只拥有六间房的 Guest Chalet,内设有开放式厨房、图书馆和私人电影院。

度假村同时配设奢华的悠闲空间,包括具 Baccarat 水晶吊灯的 16 人餐桌、 按摩浴缸和室外游泳池。这里同时设有一个 1,000 平方米的水疗中心,提 供一系列个性化的排毒和免疫增强护理,为您放松身心灵。

private cinema, Ultima Crans-Montana makes for a spectacular setting

for celebrations, family reunions or friends and family travelling the Alps together.

There are spaces for being social, including the 16-eat dining table – lit by Baccarat crystal chandeliers – Jacuzzi and outdoor pool, and for

when you need some pampering, a 1,000sqm spa that offers a host of personalised detox and immune-boosting treatments.



Dining Fit for a King 宛若皇室的美馔之旅

Famed for its spectacular setting, regal interiors and indulgent

experiences, Morocco’ s Royal Mansour also offers a world-class culinary encounter.

摩洛哥皇家曼苏尔不单拥独特絕美的环境、 宏伟优雅的内饰和无与伦比的体验, 还为贵宾提供 世界顶尖的美食感官享受。

The hotel, revered for its private riads and manicured gardens, has


a new Italian dining concept helmed by acclaimed Chef Massimiliano

西米利亚诺 · 阿拉伊莫 (Massimiliano Alajmo) 掌舵全新意大利餐饮概念

long seduced the palates of the jet set and the addition of SESAMO, Alajmo, further cements the retreat’ s position as a gastronomic destination.

The chef, who in 2002 became the world’ s youngest chef to helm a

restaurant with three Michelin stars, comes from one of Italy’ s most famous culinary dynasties. In its first collaboration with a hotel, the

family delivers the same levels of service and cuisine that has earned its flagship restaurant Le Calandre a spot on the coveted World’ s 50 Best Restaurants list for the past decade.

At SESAMO, Chef Alajmo offers a contemporary interpretation of classic Italian dishes while showcasing locally sourced ingredients,

including fresh produce, Moroccan mozzarella, and a special floral

olive oil made specifically for the Royal Mansour. Dishes are presented in a sublime dining room dressed in Venetian-inspired marble and onyx marquetry by 3BIS’ s Fabrice Bourg and Nicolas PapamiltiadeÌs.

SESAMO joins the Royal Mansour’ s existing dining venues, which include La Grande Table Marocaine, a fine dining restaurant putting

a fresh spin on the flavours of Morocco; and Le Jardin, an open-air eatery with an enticing revolving menu.


极致味觉体验的贵宾来享受超凡奢华假期。自酒店引入享负盛名的厨师马 SESAMO,进一步巩固了此度假胜地作为享受顶级餐厅美食的地位。

Massimiliano Alajmo 来自意大利美食之都,他曾在 2002 年成为世界上 为餐厅赢得米其林三星的年轻厨师。其家族的旗舰餐厅 Le Calandre 在过 去十年间于全球五十大最佳餐厅名单中稳占一席位。在与酒店的首次合作

中,Alajmo 已为酒店提供与其旗舰餐厅相同品质的高级贴心服务和创意 精致美馔,为客人留下淋漓尽致的体验。

在 SESAMO, 主厨 Alajmo 为饕客重新演绎经典意大利佳肴, 他于当地 采购臻于完美的食材,包括新鲜农产品、摩洛哥马苏里拉奶酪和专为皇 家曼苏尔特制的花卉橄榄油。贵客可于由 3BIS 的工匠 Fabrice Bourg 和

Nicolas PapamiltiadeÌs 以大理石和缟玛瑙镶嵌工艺打造的威尼斯风格餐 厅享受一顿风味不凡的意国风味菜肴。

SESAMO 加盟皇家曼苏尔现有的高级餐厅系列,其中包括一家为摩洛哥 风味注入新鲜元素的特色高级餐厅 La Grande Table Marocaine 和一家拥 盎然户外空间和品尝多国风味菜肴的餐厅 Le Jardin。


The Ultimate Urban Retreat 来一趟城市格调极致之旅

One of Shanghai’ s most refined guest spaces, the Penthouse at The Middle House combines cutting edge design with timeless elegance.

作为上海其中一家最雅致的居舍, 镛舍顶层套房把极简的奢华设计与个性化的雅致情 感永恒的结合起来。

镛舍的顶层套房坐落于备受赞誉的静安区酒店之顶层,适合举办私人聚会 和庆祝晚宴,也适合客人与挚爱渡过一个浪漫愉快之温馨时光。

由著名米兰建筑师、Lissoni Architettura 的创始人 Piero Lissoni 精心打

造位于 14 楼之顶层套房的室内设计,他延续了酒店的个性化现代美学主 义,于设计和陈设中融入意大利和中国的文化元素,其中包括选取了传统 的威尼斯水磨石地板,和一幅自然色调的手绘龙纹壁画,两者完美的突显 优雅古典气息,同时向中国文化致敬。

此富有格调的顶层套房足有 660 平方米,设有宽敞的主卧室,配有 400

支数床单、深浸浴缸和限定 Bamford 手工沐浴身体用品 ;第二间较小的 客房 ;一个休闲娱乐空间配备液晶电视和著名的娱乐系统,以及可俯瞰城

景的私人户外露台,此室内区域可分成两个最多可容纳 200 位客人的私 人空间,适用于不同晚会聚会和庆祝活动。 Perched at the top of the acclaimed Jing’an District hotel, The Middle

House’ s Penthouse suite is as well suited for intimate gatherings and entertaining as it is for a romantic and indulgent urban escape.

Designed by Piero Lissoni, renowned architect and founder of Lissoni Architettura in Milan and designer of The Middle House, the 14th floor Penthouse’ s luxurious interiors extend the hotel’ s modernist

aesthetic, with touches of both Italian and Chinese culture found in its design and its furnishings. These include traditional Venetian terrazzo flooring and a large hand painted dragon mural in earthy tones.

Spread across 660 sqm, this elegant retreat features an expansive

master bedroom with 400-thread count linens, a deep soak tub, and Bamford amenities ; a second smaller guest room ; an entertaining space with an LCD television and state-of-the-art entertainment system, and a coveted outdoor terrace. The entertaining space can also be split into two meeting rooms and cater for up to 200 guests for evening soirees and celebrations.

The result is an infinitely elegant yet functional suite that captures

the rich heritage and vibrant contemporary persona of the Chinese commercial capital to perfection.




t h e h o u s e c o l l e c t i ve .c o m

Swire Properties Hotel Management Limited


Time to Heal 尽情拥抱 心灵. 健康

While travellers prepare to emerge from the Covid pandemic with a new-

found focus on health, COMO Hotels and Resorts continues to strengthen the wellness philosophy that’ s been at its core for the past 30 years.

COMO 酒店及度假村将继续加强过去 30 年来作为其核心的健康理念, 为后疫情时代重新出发 的旅游爱好者注入全新养生度假元素。

As it marks its 30th anniversary, COMO Hotels and Resorts has found

为庆祝集团成立 30 周年,CO M O 酒店及度假村把其独有的市场定位加而

her own vision to enrich the lives of guests through proactive wellness,


itself in an enviable position. Founded by Christina Ong and moulded in seductive locations, and life-affirming activities, the company has wellness in its DNA.

In fact, founded in 1997, COMO Shambhala, the group’ s dedicated wellness brand, offers an integrated and ever-evolving approach to

wellbeing, one that encourages guests to deepen their holistic journey. Named for and inspired by the mythological roots of Shambhala, which in ancient Buddhist texts denotes the sacred place of bliss, COMO Shambhala presents an ancient philosophy – which has been

carefully incorporated into every COMO property – for today’s postpandemic traveller, one that guides guests on a transformative journey of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

To achieve this, COMO Shambhala turns to the timeless elements

of cuisine centred around sustainability, flavour and nutrition;

exercise, including Pilates, pranayama and yoga; treatments ranging from ancient healing therapies to cutting edge rituals; and intuitive counselling delivered by expert therapists.

These elements are offered at COMO Shambhala Urban Escapes at the

group’s city properties, which include COMO Metropolitan in Bangkok and London; and COMO Shambhala Retreats at its resorts located in

Turks & Caicos, Phuket, Bhutan, the Maldives, Tuscany, and Bali, home to the coveted COMO Shambhala Estate.


发挥。集团由 Christina Ong 创立,她把自己的人生愿景融入集团的 DNA, 动来丰富顾客的人生。

事实上,集团旗下专注于健康发展的品牌 COMO Shambhala 健康理疗中心, 早于 1997 年成立,旨在为客人提供 360 度全面完善且不断进步的全面方案, 鼓励客人注重外在和内在的整体健康,过一个身心平衡的丰盛人生旅程。

COMO Shambhala 以香巴拉 (Shambhala) 的神话起源命名并受其启发, 在古代佛教文献中,香巴拉象征着幸福的圣地。 COMO 把此哲学精神融

入旗下每家酒店和度假村,这正好跟 COMO Shambhala 提倡的概念不谋

而合,为后疫情时代外出旅行的游客完美呈现这古老的哲学精神,为各客 人重新体验身、心、灵的健康变革,使其由内到外都能重焕新生。

为实现此精神理念,COMO Shambhala 注重具持续性、味道简约和营养 均衡为中心的美味食疗 ;健体运动,包括普拉提、调息和瑜伽课堂 ;从古

老疗法到使用尖端先进养生仪器的治疗方案 ;还有专家治疗师提供的直观 咨询。

集 团 旗 下 物 业 COMO Shambhala Urban Escapes 都 可 享 受 以 上 一 系

列的养生体验, 其中包括位于曼谷和伦敦的 COMO Metropolitan ;特 克 斯 和 凯 科 斯 群 岛、 普 吉 岛、 不 丹、 马 尔 代 夫 和 托 斯 卡 纳 的 COMO Shambhala Retreats 及 度 假 村 ;和 巴 厘 岛 的 集 团 旗 舰 养 生 度 假 酒 店 COMO Shambhala Estate。


Wellness at the Water’s Edge 湖畔的奢华治愈养生体验

As part of the Oetker Collection’ s transformation of Geneva’ s iconic The Woodward hotel, the group introduces a spectacular new wellness destination by Maison Guerlain.

欧特家酒店系列特意于日内瓦标志性的 The Woodward 酒店进行焕新升级, 新推出妙 不可言的全新健康胜地 Maison Guerlain。

Opening this September as Oetker Collection’s 10th Masterpiece

The Woodward 酒店为欧特家酒店系列的第 10 家杰作酒店, 于今年 9

Pierre-Yves Rochon, and while the jet set will enjoy spectacular guest

仅 26 间豪华套房, 喷气式飞机将停泊在宽广的空间, 酒店坐落于位置

Hotel, The Woodward represents the first all-suite hotel designed by

spaces (there’s just 26 sublime suites), an enviable lakefront location,

and world-class dining by Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Le Jardinier, it’s the 1,200 square-metre spa by acclaimed French beauty brand Guerlain that has spaophiles talking.

月正式开业, 是首家由 Pierre-Yves Rochon 精心设计的全套房型酒店。 极佳的湖畔旁, 配备由米其林星级 L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 和 Le

Jardinier 提供首屈一指的餐饮服务,和水疗爱好者心驰神往的 1,200 平 方米法国品牌娇兰水疗中心。

Housed in a post-Haussmann styled building designed in 1901 by

酒店的综合健康中心 Club Woodward 位於由法国建筑师 François Durel

enclave, Club Woodward, will include a 21-metre indoor swimming

一个达 21 米长的室内游泳池、一个设备齐全先进的健身中心、桑拿浴室、

French architect François Durel, the hotel’s comprehensive wellness pool – the longest in the city – a state-of-the-art fitness centre, saunas, steam rooms, Swedish baths, snow and ice showers, and Jacuzzis.

In addition, the ultra-exclusive club will boast the Guerlain Spa - the first in Switzerland - which will offer a seductive menu of Guerlain treatments conducted in six wellness suites, including dedicated spaces for couples and for gentlemen.

Treatments range from the Lake Geneva Escape, a re-energising body massage using the exclusive Guerlain technique; and the Glamour in

Geneva, a head-to-toe beauty experience combining a back massage and bespoke facial with a manicure and pedicure; to The Woodward Dandy, a back and head massage and bespoke facial for men.

于 1901 年按后奥斯曼风格而设计的建筑物內,Club Woodward 将包括 蒸汽房、瑞典浴室、冰雪淋浴和按摩浴缸。

此外,这家拥高度私密性的 Club Woodward 将拥有瑞士首家娇兰水疗中 心,水疗中心内设有六间健康养生套房,包括专为情侣和男士提供的私人 空间,让客人可安心宁静的享受尊贵的娇兰护理疗程。

养生调养理疗包括 Lake Geneva Escape,娇兰专属技艺助您重新焕发精

神活力的全身按摩;Glamour in Geneva,一个从头到脚的绝顶美容体验, 客人将享受前所未有的背部按摩、定制美颜面部护理、指甲修护和足部

护理服务;The Woodward Dandy,专为男士而设的极致背部和头部按摩, 及定制面部护理。



Passion From Piedmont 感受皮埃蒙特的浪漫与激情

Hong Kong’s newest luxury hotel, The Hari is also a culinary destination, with signature Italian restaurant Lucciola already garnering a loyal following.

The Hari 是香港全新的豪华酒店, 荟萃奢华佳肴。 其标志性的意大利餐厅 Lucciola 已在当地 获得坚实拥趸。

Helmed by Piedmont native Chef Francesco Gava, whose career spans

Lucciola 由出生自皮埃蒙特的主厨 Francesco Gava 掌舵,他曾于世界各

Restaurant & Bar serves modern interpretations of beloved Italian

Lucciola Restaurant & Bar 采用 Tara Bernerd & Partners 的住宅式风格

kitchens in Italy, Switzerland, Dubai and now Hong Kong, Lucciola dishes amidst contemporary, residential-styled interiors by Tara Bernerd & Partners.

At Lucciola, dishes trace a lingering route through Italy’s most famous

culinary regions, from the peaks and lakelands of the north, to the picturesque coastal villages of the south.

“Italian cuisine is an expression of genuineness and authenticity,

complex in terms of taste and texture but simple at the same time,” says Gava.“It is a cuisine that is honest, easy to understand and to fall in love with.”

Menu highlights include Piedmontese antipasto Il Vitello Tonnato,

slow-cooked veal tenderloin paired with a velvety tuna and Pantelleria caper sauce; delicate Spaghetti Acciughe E Tomino Fresco, al dente pasta tossed in a glossy, perfectly balanced sauce of Sicilian anchovies, garlic, parsley and fresh Tomino cheese; and Paglia E Fieno Al Ragu Di

Rane e Dragoncello, handmade tagliatelle with oven roasted frog’s legs, prosecco and white balsamic vinegar in an insightful nod to a Vercelli classic.

At The Hari, Lucciola is joined by innovative Japanese eatery Zoku Restaurant & Terrace, and The Lounge, a refined lounge and bar helmed by Argentinian Beverage Manager Sabrina Cantini Budden.


地包括意大利、瑞士、迪拜以及如今在香港, 为飨客献上非凡的美馔。 装潢,配以专注于以现代手法烹调意大利的传统菜式,为贵宾在高格调的 环境下呈献简单而正宗的意大利风味菜肴。

Lucciola 会依次为客人呈献美食, 每个顶级食材均来自意大利原产地, 从北部的山峰和湖区,到南部风景如画的沿海村庄,务求为客人留下一个 精致难忘的美味回忆。

主厨 Gava 认为 : 「意大利菜是真诚和真实的表达,味道和口感同时充满

着复杂和简单的味道,这绝对是一种直接,易于理解和容易令人爱上的菜 式 。」

餐厅推介的菜品包括,皮埃蒙特的著名开胃菜 Il Vitello Tonnato,是一道 慢煮细嫩牛肉里脊配以新鲜金枪鱼和 Pantelleria 刺山柑酱 ;招牌意大利

面 Acciughe E Tomino Fresco,一道悉心炮制、选用西西里凤尾鱼、大蒜、 欧芹和新鲜 Tomino 软芝士调制而成且充满口感的意大利面 ;和 Paglia E Fieno Al Ragu Di Rane e Dragoncello,一道手工制作的意大利面条,配 以烤蛙腿、普罗塞克和白香醋,向 Vercelli 的经典致敬。

除了 Lucciola,The Hari 内亦有两间各具特色的餐厅 :Zoku Restaurant & Terrace 主打创新隽永的日本料理,及 The Lounge,由阿根廷餐饮经

理 Sabrina Cantini Budden 掌舵,可调配多款创意美酒及佳酿的户外露 台酒吧。


The Maestro’s Touch


Thomas Peruzzo, General Manager of Armani Hotel Dubai, discusses the hospitality vision of designer Giorgio Armani and its impact on the hotel experience.

迪拜阿玛尼酒店总经理 Thomas Peruzzo 将为我们分享设计师 Giorgio Armani 对酒店的愿景及如何为客人 提供与众不同的体验。

What is the philosophy behind the Armani

contemporary influence of Giorgio Armani,

are especially magical; when the weather

Opened in 2010, Armani Hotel Dubai is the

before seen in hospitality. Additionally,

having dinner alfresco overlooking The Dubai

Hotel Dubai?

first hotel built and designed by fashion icon

Giorgio Armani. Practicality and elegance – the cornerstones of Armani’ s signature style –

have been combined with precious materials and sophisticated finishes to create a highly personalised space. So




reflected throughout the hotel?



Each and every element of the hotel’ s design features the impeccable taste and


迪拜阿玛尼酒店于 2010 年开业,是第一家由时 尚大师乔治 · 阿玛尼 (Giorgio Armani) 亲自建

造和设计的顶级酒店。酒店贯彻阿玛尼标志性 的独特风格 - 低调实用和简约优雅,配以高尚的

原材料和精致的饰面互相结合, 营造出高度个 性化的空间。


酒店内的每一个设计元素都体现了乔治 · 阿玛

尼无可挑剔的时尚品味和当代影响力, 为酒店 业带来前所未见的美学新水平。此外, 酒店加

bringing a new level of aesthetics never the unique concept of Lifestyle Managers,

dedicated ambassadors who cater to guests’ every need from the moment they make their reservation, has redefined service standards.

Tell us about some of the special settings the hotel offers travellers.

There are so many special spaces within

Armani Hotel Dubai, from the exclusive

Armani/Galleria, to the luxurious 390sqm Dubai Suite. However, our restaurant terraces

入贴心服务经理 (Lifestyle Managers) 的独特理

念, 从客人预订的那一刻起就能满足客人每个

需求的专职大使,确保顾客有宾至如归的感觉, 也为酒店业的服务标准重新写下定义。


is pleasant, there is nothing better than Fountain show.

How else do you integrate fashion into the hotel experience?

The seasonal campaign Made to Measure for

men and Made to Order for women allows the creation and personalisation of Giorgio

Armani Collection items directly at the Giorgio Armani Retail or in the comfort and privacy of guests’rooms.


季节限定「男士量身定制」和「女士贴身定制」 的专贵服务均允许宾客直接在乔治 · 阿玛尼的 零售店, 或在私密的客房中, 悠闲舒适地度身 定制个性化的乔治 · 阿玛尼时装系列。


施, 例如专属私人购物空间 Armani/Galleria, 以至达 390 平方米的超豪华迪拜套房。我们的 露台餐厅也特别奇幻 ;当天气宜人时, 顾客可

以在户外享用精致考究的晚餐, 并俯瞰极富盛 名的迪拜喷泉表演。



Nature’s Nursery 自然生态需要你我呵护

As part of its on-going support of regional charities and NGOs, Heavens Portfolio has helped revive one of Bali’s most important ecosystems.

为持续大力支持区域慈善机构和非营利组织, Heavens Portfolio 协助了巴厘岛其中一处重要 的生态系统复苏进程。

Ask any fisherman and they will tell you the

bamboo compost‘cages’that volunteers fill

environment. In addition to helping shore

ensuring nature’ s nutrients return to the soil;

importance of mangroves to the marine up coastlines that are susceptible to erosion,

mangrove forests act as vital nurseries for local

fish stocks, and as natural filters of pollutants like nitrates and phosphates while capturing

carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and maintaining soil fertility.

However, mangroves are often threatened by development, pollution, and dredging, and the

flow-on effects can be devastating both for the

marine environment and for the communities which live of the sea and land.

Dedicated to saving the mangroves of Benoa, in

southeast Bali, a collaboration of organisations,

the development of small-scale fish and crab farms that bolster commercial stocks; and

the creation of bee hives to help encourage pollination, the honey from which is sold to support the local community.

Led by passionate environmentalist and Rotary

Club Pecatu President Johana Thomas, the

collaboration encourages the local community to reduce plastic rubbish, works with civic

leaders to educate residents, maintains the health of Benoa’ s mangroves, and has lobbied

for a park to be built on an adjacent illegal dump.

including Rotary Club Bali Pecatu, supported

Six months in, the campaign has made

Care Forum; and NGO Plastic is Change, has

coastal mangroves, educating stakeholders,

by Heavens Portfolio; the Bali Mangrove commenced a multi-pronged campaign.

Their efforts included the construction of

significant inroads, restoring the health of and creating a bright future for one of Bali’ s most important ecosystems.


林护理论坛 (Bali Mangrove Care Forum) ;和非





海洋环境是有多么的重要。除了帮助保护易受侵 要粮食来源,它也可以作为硝酸盐和磷酸盐等污 染物的天然过滤器,以及吸收二氧化碳和其他温 室气体以保持土壤肥沃。


污染和疏浚的威胁,它们衍生出来的负面效应可 对海洋环境和居住在海洋和陆地上的社区群体带 来毁灭性的影响。


(Benoa) 的红树林,包括由 Heavens Portfolio 全 力支持的 Rotary Club Bali Pecatu、巴厘岛红树


with naturally-discarded organic leaf matter,

营利组织 Plastic is Change。通过三方携手合作, 括 :使用竹堆肥建造成“笼子” ,志愿者可把自


的养分回归土壤 ;开发小规模的鱼和蟹养殖场, 以增加其群种用作商业用途 ;以及创建蜜蜂箱以 帮助鼓励蜜蜂授粉农艺,再以出售的蜂蜜回馈和 支持当地社区重建发展。

在 环 保 主 义 者 和 Rotary Club Pecatu 主 席 Johanna Thomas 的热心带领下, 此合作计划 鼓励当地社区减少塑料垃圾,与市政代表合作教 育更多居民,齐心协力维护贝诺亚红树林的健

康, 并游说在非法倾倒的邻近地区兴建一个绿

只是花了短短六个月的时间,此活动就已经取得 教育不同持份者,为巴厘岛重要的生态系统之一 创造了光明前路。

Transforming the most impoverished children into tomorrow’s leaders.

1 Education is key access is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty.

2 Remove the barriers addressing child labour, healthcare, and gender inequality is also required.

3 Build a Community we provide children and families with a safe and nurturing environment, instilling pride and respect for the community.

Learn more: cambodianchildrensfund.org

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