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Owl Forest

Owls, leaves, and stones create a dark and moody collection.

Owl Forest Necklace Layer together a collection of small charms to make a big impact.

Resources: Vine Polymer Clay Bead: Owl Charm: Nunn Designs/ Leaf Charms & Chain: Vintaj/ Czech Glass & Stones: Clasp:

Designer Tip: Create a tendril on the top of the vine bead. Use 6" of 20 gauge wire, leave 2" of wire to wrap the top loop. After you create the wrap, use the last 3/4" of the wire and wrap around round nose pliers several times to create tendrils.

Add a little bit of body text

Dark & Story Night Bracelet Wear this bracelet with the clasp on top ­ the artisan pewter creation by Green Girl Studio is too awesome to hide!

Bracelet Resources: Polymer Clay Disk: Stones: Czech glass: Leaf charm: Vintaj/

Designer Tip: Hide the crimp beads with charms or dangles like I did with the leaf and flower near the clasp. Use small beads near the toggle bar so it will slide easily through the hole. 

Falling Leaves Earrings Cluster together a collection of light­weight leaf charms for these earrings. Use two jump rings on the back leaf to give it length.  Use smaller hook wires to shorten the length if these are too long.

Layers Layers Layers! I'm obsessed with layering charms this season. Pick charms that are light­weight with contrast in color, texture and size.  

Fox Fever These stylish and clever woodland creatures bring whimsy to your earthy fall designs.  Find more fox beads at

A Quiet Woods Autumn Vignette Fox Pendant: Branch toggle, leaf chain, branch connectors and Czech glass beads:  Cluster 6 glass flower dangle on an 8mm jump ring that attaches the leaf chain on the branch toggle. Repeat on the other side. 

Color Hunting! I always have my phone at the ready to snap inspiring color palettes during the fall season. Nature out does herself this time of year!

Mums the Word!

I love a pretty pendant that only takes minutes to create! Use whatever beads you have on hand that match your focal. Tie leather cord to finish the design.

Use 6" of 20 gauge wire, place 2" through the bead. pull both ends of the wire around the top of the bead. Use the smaller side of the wire to wrap around the longer wire two times. Add your beads to the longer wire and create a wrapped loop at the top.

Autumn Vignette Pendants

Bird Totems Instant Inspiration!

Woodland Dream Collection

Necklace Resources: Polymer clay bird, disk and feather: Ceramic beads: Acorn cap: Vintaj/ Stones, Czech glass and waxed linen: Gather together a bead soup of odds and ends for this knotted necklace.  

Earrings Resources: Polymer clay disk: Bead caps, spacers, glass flowers and earwires: Copper charms: Layer together two beads caps and the flower bead for a interesting top to the earring design.

Bracelet Resources: Polymer clay branch beads: Dream beads: Diane Hawkey: Pewter owl, tree button and leaf: Stone beads, bead cap, waxed linen:

Designer Tip: I started with 36" of waxed linen folded in half. I pulled it through the button clasp three times and then knotted both sided together. String on a small bead to fit under the button. When using beads with smaller holes, string one side of the linen through the bead and then tie both together. 

Autumn Coin Beads

spicy mustard


lush meadow


airy blue


warm taupe dusty cedar

potter's clay

aurora red

Pantone Colors FAll 2016

Have fun with some of fall's trendy new color palettes. Try an unexpected color mix.

Add gray, lighter versions of taupe and cream to balance out these rich colors.

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Autumn Inspiration - Humblebeads  

Jewelry inspirations from bead artist Heather Powers of Discover tips, color palettes and more in this 22 page booklet.

Autumn Inspiration - Humblebeads  

Jewelry inspirations from bead artist Heather Powers of Discover tips, color palettes and more in this 22 page booklet.