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Welcome to Bead Cruise 2015 As we celebrate 10 years of taking our beads to the high seas I want to welcome you aboard! This booklet was created as a starting point for your beady adventure. In the pages you’ll find projects featuring beads from past and current sponsors and resources for all your bead needs. The gift bag items have been generously donated by the sponsors featured in this booklet. After the cruise take some time to visit their websites. Our sponsors would love to hear from you. If you make something with their product snap a photo and share it with them! For an easy online reference visit the sponsor page on the Bead Cruise website. Have a wonderful cruise!

Heather Powers




215 East Main Street Ligonier, PA 15658 724-610-3770


Briny Sea Bracelet Supplies: 2 14mm lampwork ribbed beads

1 pewter octopus bead

2 12mm ceramic urchins

1 pewter button

3 15-16 ceramic round beads

24 peanut seed beads

2 10mm ceramic round beads

36� 4-ply waxed linen

1 25mm ceramic faceted bead


1. String on 24 peanut seed beads on the waxed and slide them to middle of the cord. 2. Create a loop with the peanut seed beads, with both cords tie two knots. 3. String on a 10mm ceramic bead onto both cords, tie a double knot with both cords. 4. Repeat adding each bead and tying double knots in between following this pattern: 3 urchins, ribbed lampwork, octopus, faceted bead, 3 15-16mm ceramic rounds, ribbed lampwork and 10mm ceramic bead. 5. Tie the last bead, string both cords through the button, pull the cord tightly and string the cord again through the button loop. Tie a knot under the button with both cords, repeat. 6. Separate the cords, wrap each cord around the knots under the button and tie them together. Repeat 3 times. Pull each knot tightly. Fray the ends of the cord.

Resources: Lampwork: 15mm ceramic beads: 10mm ceramic beads: Pewter octopus: Pewter button: Faceted ceramic beads: Peanut seed beads: Waxed linen:

Earring Resources: Ceramic tabs: Pewter urchin charms: Peach wobbles: Faceted brass beads: Earwires: Steel wire: 5



Fiesta Bangle

Supplies: 8” 9 x 7mm Ethic cotton cord

1” copper toggle clasp

2 10mm copper bead caps

15mm Arte Metal jump ring

15mm Czech glass flower

3 6mm copper jump rings

15mm ceramic house charm

9” 19 gauge steel wire

15mm copper jump ring

1 2” copper ball headpin

Note: Adjust the size of the cord as needed for your wrist size.


1. Straighten the wire completely. String the wire through the center of the cotton cord. The cord has foam tubing in the middle. Using chain nose pliers, grab the end of the wire and push it through the cord, about an inch at time. Work the wire through the cord until it reaches out the other side. (It’s like pulling elastic through a hem, it takes a little work to keep the wire straight and pushing it through the cord.) 2. On the end of the wire, string on a bead cap. Trim the end of the wire to ½” and form a simple loop. Repeat on the other side of the wire. 3. Attach the toggle clasp to the end of the wire with a 6mm jump ring. 4. On the headpin, string the flower bead and create a wrapped loop. Attach a 6mm jump ring to the house bead. 5. Open the 15mm jump ring, string on flower bead dangle and the house. Attach the 15mm jump ring to other end of the bracelet, close ring.

Resources Cord: Jump rings: Czech flower bead: Bead caps: House charms: Steel wire:

Earring Resources Pineapple charms: Czech flower beads: Spacers: Czech glass rondelles: 9

Creative Impressions In Clay

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in clay + cla yb

Handmade Ceramic Buttons & Jewelry Components


Drink the Wild Air

Supplies: Leather snap clasp

24” 1” brass headpins

3 34mm Arte Metal blanks

40 7mm brass jump rings

6 8mm Czech glass rondelles

Vintaj Patina paints

6 6mm Czech round glass beads

Renaissance Wax

6 6mm fire polished glass beads

800 grit automotive sandpaper

6 Czech flower glass beads

Tools: letter stamps metal hole punch steel bench block and hammer buffing block Tip: Stamp the phrase into a piece of clay to plan out how to stamp it on the metal. “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 12

1. With the metal punch, punch 3 holes on both sides of the blanks. Stamp the phrases into the metal. Sand with sandpaper to reveal the silver undertones of the metal. 2. Paint on the patina paint, and wipe off the excess with a paper towel, leaving more paint near the edges. 3. Sand the paint off so the paint is mainly in the letters. Seal with a light coat of wax, rub wax on with your finger. 4. Curve each blank slightly by bending it with your hands. 5. Attach the blanks together with 3 jump rings for each hole. 6. Attach 7 jump rings to the end of the blank, attaching the clasp. Repeat 2 more times, for each hole on the blank. Repeat on the other size of the bracelet. 7. String a glass bead on a headpin, create a simple loop. Repeat with all the glass beads. 8. Attach the rondelles to the first jump rings attaching the blanks to the clasp. 9. Attach glass beads to the center jump rings between the two middle blanks. Use the photo as a guide. Note: The bracelet is 8 ½” long, reduce the jump rings on the end to adjust the size.


Leather clasp: Metal blanks, Patina paints, jump rings and heapdins: Glass beads:



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Bronze is Beautiful Three Finishes : Attractive Prices

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Sail Away Bracelet

Supplies: Ceramic charm

15mm Arte Metal jump ring

10mm ceramic bead

3 6mm copper jump rings

7� long oval cable chain

4 4mm copper jump rings

78 Rizo beads

2 2mm copper crimp beads

5mm copper spacer

10� beading wire

4mm red crystal

Copper hook clasp

11/0 antique copper seed bead


1. Open the 15mm jump ring, attach the chain, close jump ring. 2. Attach the clasp to the other side of the chain with a 6mm jump ring. 3. String a crimp bead on the beading wire, thread the wire through the 15mm jump ring and back through the crimp bead. Close the crimp bead with crimp pliers. 4. String on copper spacer, ceramic bead and 78 Rizo beads. String on the copper seed bead, crystal and crimp bead. String the beading wire through the jump ring below the clasp and back through the crimp bead. Close the crimp bead with the crimp pliers. 5. Use a 6mm jump ring to attach the ceramic charm to the 15mm jump ring.

Resources: Ceramic charm: Ceramic bead: Rizo beads: Chain, clasp, jump rings, beading wire, spacers and crystal: Copper seed beads:

Earring Resources: Sand dollar charms: Earwires, jump rings and crystal: Czech glass flowers: 17

Island Life Pendant

Supplies: Polymer clay Beach House bead Polymer clay starfish bezel charm 10mm ceramic bead 10 8mm copper spacers 1 5mm copper spacer

15mm Arte Metal jump rings 1 6mm jump ring 26” 1.5mm ball chain 1 ball chain connector 6” 20 gauge copper color wire

1. At 2” on the wire, create a large loop. Open the loop and string on the starfish charm. Close the loop and wrap the wire above the loop. 2. String on the ceramic bead, 5mm spacer and beach house bead. 3. Create a wrapped loop on top of the house bead. 4. Attach the 6mm jump ring to the chain, attach the connector to the ends of the chain. 5. Open the 15mm jump ring. String on five 8mm spacers, the house pendant and five 8mm spacers. String on the 6mm jump ring attached to the chain. Close the jump ring.


Starfish charm: Beach house: Spacers: Chain: Jump rings and wire: 18

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