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Welcome to Bead Cruise 2019 As we start our 14th annual adventure I want to welcome you aboard! This booklet was created as a starting point for your bead adventure and a memento of our journey. You’ll find projects featuring beads from past and current sponsors and resources for all your bead needs. The gift bag items have been generously donated by the sponsors featured in this booklet. After the cruise take some time to visit their websites. Our sponsors would love to hear from you. If you make something with their product snap a photo and share it with them! For an easy online reference visit the sponsor page on the Bead Cruise website. Have a wonderful cruise! Heather Powers All projects were created by Heather Powers,

Show off a bracelet focal on embossed leather. Using screw and nut rivets makes assembling this bracelet a breeze, no metalworking skills required! Faux Tin Bracelet Focal Supplies: 1” x 8” embossed leather strip 17mm copper plated pewter leaf button 9” 1mm leather cord 2 copper micro screw & nut sets

Tools: 1.5mm leather or metal hole punch Bench block and ball peen hammer 600 grit sandpaper Beading or leather super glue Awl

wild bird leather cuff 1. Cut the leather to desired length to wrap comfortably around your wrist, edges should touch but not overlap. 2. Center the Faux Tin focal on the leather cuff. Insert the awl into the holes on the Faux Tin focal and poke a small hole into the leather to mark where to punch the holes.Punch the holes out with the leather or metal hole punch. 3. Lay the leather cuff on the table. Place the button the edge of the leather, use the awl to mark the holes on the button. Punch the holes with the leather or metal hole punch.

4. Cut a 3” piece of leather cord. Tie the button onto the leather cuff with the cord. 5. On the other side of the leather cuff, punch a hole ¼” away from the end of the leather. Use the hole to widen the hole. 6. With the 6” length of leather cord, fold it in half to create a loop. Insert the loop through the top of the hole on the leather cuff. Pull the ends of the leather though the loop to create a Larks knot. Leave a gap long enough to fit the button through and tie the end of the cord to create the closure for the button. Use glue on all three of the knots. 7. Insert one of the screws through the Faux Tin focal and leather cuff. Thread the nut on the screw and twist it down to the leather. Use chain nose pliers to twist the nut as close to the leather as possible. Cut the end of the screw flush to the nut using wire cutters. Repeat on the other side of of the Faux Tin component. 8. Place the center of the cuff, leather side up, on the bench block. Gently hammer the ends of the screw with the rounded part of the ball peen hammer to smooth out the surface of the screw. You shouldn’t feel any burrs when it’s done. Sand the hammered screw end with sandpaper to make sure it’s completely smooth. 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the other screw. Resources: Faux Tin: Leather cord and cuff: Button from TierraCast and Screw & Nut Set from Nunn Design:

Rainforest Expedition Necklace

This tropical design features a pendant of artisan finds clustered together with a knotted bead necklace. Supplies: 49mm ceramic feather 

2 8x6mm faceted glass drop

49mm dotted skinny oval pendant

2 6mm round glass beads

14mm dotted dapped circle charm

2 6mm glass melon beads

25mm enameled ivy leaf charm

2 3mm faceted copper beads

30mm ceramic pod

3 2x4mm teacup glass beads

25mm ceramic disk

24 22mm faceted wood beads

2 12mm bark texture jump ring

3 2” ball headpins

21.5mm large organic loop

10” 1mm leather cord

10.8mm flat mini organic circle bead

36” 4ply waxed linen

4 10mm English cut beads

4 8mm copper jump rings

8 13mm maple leaf beads

1 4mm copper jump ring

3 12mm Hawaiian flower beads

Necklace Length: 26”

1. String a teacup bead on a headpin, create a wrapped loop. Repeat two more times. Add all three teacup dangles to a 4mm jump ring. 2. Use an 8mm jump ring to attach the dotted charm to the large organic loop, slide on the jump ring with the teacup dangles, close the jump ring. 3. Attach the pod, ivy leaf and dotted pendant to the large organic loop using an 8mm jump ring for each one.

4. Attach the feather pendant to the large organic loop using the 12mm bark jump ring.5. Cut the leather cord into two 5” lengths. Fold one length in half to make a loop. String the loop through the disk bead, pull the ends of the leather through the loop to create a Lark’s knot. Wrap the other end of the two cords around the large organic loop, wrap each strand around the cord between the pendant and organic loop and tie a knot. Repeat with the other length of cord and the other 12mm bark jump ring. Use a dot of leather or beading glue on each knot. 6. Fold the waxed linen cord in half to create a loop, slip the loop through the bark jump ring and pull the ends of the cord through the loop to create a Lark’s knot. 7. On one strand of the linen cord, create a simple knot. String on the copper faceted bead and tie another knot. 8. Tying a knot betweeneach bead, string a wood bead and then a glass bead in the following order: English cut glass bead, leaf bead, flower bead, teardrop bead, leaf bead, English cut bead, leaf bead, flower bead, leaf bead, round bead, melon bead. 9. String the flat copper bead on one side of the linen cord, string the other linen cord though the bead, pull the linen cords tightly on both sides of the bead. Create an overhand knot on each side of the copper bead, pulling the linen cord tightly. Tie another knot around cord oneach side of the necklace. Trim linen cord, use beading glue to secure knots if desired. Repeat pattern on other side of necklace. Resources: Feather pendant: Ceramic pod and disk bead: Dotted pendantand charm: Vintaj. Enameled leaf: Organic loop, bark jump rings and copper beads: Waxed linen and leather cord: Jump rings and headpins: Czech glass beads: Wood beads: find similar beads at Earrings: Daggers and wobbles: Ceramic round beads: Earwires:


An easy knotted bracelet features artisan disk beads as the closure. Create several to stack together. When picking beads for this project choose contrasting colors leather and seed beads. Pick seed beads with a different textures and finishes for a more interesting ensemble. Supplies: 20-30mm disk bead 40” 1mm leather 49-67 6/0 seed beads (49 = 6”, 67 = 8”)

1. Fold the leather over, string a seed bead on the leather cord. String the disk bead on both strands of the leather, pull it to the middle of the cord, wrapboth cords around your index finger and tie a knot. 2. String on three seed beads on each side of the cord. Wrap both cords around your index finger and tie a knot. Keep the the cords from twisting when tying the knot. Tie the knot exactly the same each time. 3. Repeat until desired length, the seed beads should touch the disk bead when wrapped around your wrist. 4. On the cord leave a space wide enough to slip the disk bead through, tie a knot to create a the closure. Trim the leather to a ½” past the knot. Resources: Ceramic disk beads: Polymer clay beads: Leather: Seed Beads:

Supplies: 50mm moth pendant 35mm polymer lentil bead 17mm rope jump ring 12mm copper bark jump ring

Midnight Garden Soiree

20mm copper hammered ring and hook clasp 4 16mm glass leaf beads 4 14mm glass Hawaiian flower beads 10 12mm glass flattened teardrop beads 16 10mm English cut glass beads 16 6mm glass melon beads 6x9mm glass copper lined roller beads 20 3mm faceted copper beads 40 4mm faceted copper beads 40� 1mm leather cord

Necklace length: 24�

I partnered with Allegory Gallery to create this moth pendant featuring my original drawing on walnut wood. Knotted on blue leather cord, I assembled a garden of glass beads to match the flowery focal bead. There is definitely magic in the air!

1. Use the bark jump ring to attach the moth pendant and the rope jump ring. 2. Fold the cord in half to create a loop at the center, thread the loop through the rope jump ring, pull the ends of the cord through the loop to make a Lark’s knot. 3. String the lentil bead on both strands of the cord. 4. On one strand tie a knot. String a 3mm copper bead, leaf bead, 4mm copper bead, flower bead, 4mm copper bead, flatted teardrop and 3mm copper bead, tie a knot. 5. On the same cord, string English cut bead, 4mm copper bead, roller bead, 4mm copper bead, melon bead. Tie a knot. 6. Repeat steps 4and 5 one more time. 7. One the same cord, string a 3mm copper bead, flatted teardrop, 3mm copper bead and tie a knot. 8. String on English cut bead, 4mm copper bead, roller bead, 4mm copper bead, melon bead, tie a knot. 9. Repeat step 7 and 8 two more times. 10. Repeat step 8 three more times. 11. Tie the clasp to the end of the cord, tie the cord under the clasp three times. Use beaders glue on the knot. 12. Repeat pattern on other side of the necklace.

Resources: Moth pendant: Allegory Gallery. Lentil bead: Rope jump ring and clasp: Vintaj. Bark jump ring: Copper lined glass roller beads: Teardrop beads: All other glass beads: Faceted copper beads: Leather cord:


Ocean Treasures Bracelet Tiny glass drops add movement and texture to this simple bracelet. 1. Cut the wire into six 1” lengths. Create a simple loop on the end of the wire, string on a wood bead, create a simple loop on the other side. Repeat five times. 2. On the 8mm jump ring, string three glass drops, close jump ring. Repeat five times.

37mm enameled sand dollar 22mm pewter starfish clasp 6 15mm wood beads 9 4 x 6mm Czech glass drops 6 14.5mm etched brass jump rings 2 8mm etched brass jump rings 4 5mm gunmetal jump rings 6 8mm 24 gauge gunmetal jump rings  6” 19 gauge darkened annealed steel wire

Working with Steel Wire: You must prep the steal wire before using. Wipe the wire down with a paper towel, rub lightly with super fine steel wool, rub a thin layer of Renaissance wax along the wire. Do not use your regular wire cutters with steel wire, they must be Xuron heavy duty cutters or memory wire cutters.


3. Open the loop on one of the wood bead links, string the link through the hole on the sand dollar, close the loop. 4. On the same link, open the other loop, string on the jump ring with the drops, close the loop. Repeat on the other wooden links, adding the glass drops trio to one side on each wooden link. 5. Open the 14.5mm jump ring, string on the wooden link that is attached the sand dollar and another wooden link, close the jump ring. Repeat attaching the wooden links to the 14.5mm jump rings two more times. 6. Use a 5mm jump ring to attach an 8mm jump ringto the bracelet. 7. Attach two 5mm jump rings to the bracelet. Attach the toggle bar of the clasp to the last jump ring. 8. Repeat pattern on the other side of the bracelet. Attach the starfish toggle to the end of the bracelet with one 5mm jump ring. Resources: Enameled sand dollar: Starfish clasp: Glass drops: Etched jump rings: Gunmetal jump rings: Wooden beads: RingsandThings.Com.

Mermaid’s Grotto Earring Collection Mermaid Charm Earrings 6 links of 6mm flatted cable chain

2 5mm copper jump rings

2 mermaid pewter charms

2 4mm copper jump rings

2 copper dotted dapped circle charms

2 copper plated earwires

Simply attach the chain and copper charm to the mermaid charm with the jump rings.

Nautilus Earrings 2 ceramic headpins

6 5mm copper jump rings

6 6x15mm Czech glass drops

2 8mm copper jump rings

16 2mm copper faceted beads

6 2� copper ball headpins

2 15mm etched brass jump rings

2 copper plated earwires

1. String 8 faceted beads onto the wire of the headpin, create a loop with the headpin and wrap the wire under the beads to create a wrapped loop. 2. String each of the glass drops onto a copper headpin, create a wrapped loop. Set aside.

3. Use a 5mm jump ring to attach the nautilus drop to the 14.5mm etched jump ring. 4. Use a 5mm jump ring to the attach an 8mm jump ring to the 14.5mm jump ring. 5. Attach 3 of the glass dangles to an 5mm jump ring. Open the earwire, slip on the jump ring with the dangles in the front and the rest of the earring dangle in the back, close earwire.

Seahorse and Bubbles Earrings 2 ceramic seahorse charms 2 14mm rope jump rings 2 brass earwires 14 8mm 24 gauge gunmetal jump rings 2 5mm gunmetal jump rings 42 4x6mm Czech glass drops

1. String 3 glass drop on an 8mm jump ring, close ring. Repeat 13 more times. 2. Attach a 5mm jump ring to the seahorse charm. 3. Open rope jump ring, string on 3 glass drop jump rings, seahorse and 3 more glass drop jump rings, close jump ring. 4. Open earring loop, attach rope jump ring dangle and one glass drop jump ring, close loop. Resources: mermaid charms: Jump rings, faceted beads andchain: Circle charms, brass earwires, rope and etched jump rings: Copper earwires: Ceramic headpin: Glass drops: Seahorse charms:

Floating Along Pendant

Gather a collection of sea inspired charms to whip up a necklace in minutes. Supplies: 24mm gold-plated pewter twisted loop

8mm etched brass jump ring

31.5mm scallop shell charm

2 2” brass ball headpins

22.8mm seahorse charm

6mm Czech glass round bead

Starfish pendant

4 3mm Czech glass melon beads

5” 20 gauge brass colored wire

13 2mm faceted brass beads

2 8mm gold-plated jump rings

36” 1.5mm leather cord

1. On a headpin string the round glass bead, create a wrapped loop on top of the headpin. 2. On another headpin string three melon beads, brass bead and melon bead. Create a wrapped loop on top of the headpin. 3. Bend the 6” length of wire in half, string on the starfish pendant. String 6 brass beads on each side of thewire. Directly above the beads, wrap one end of wire three times around the other wire. With the longer wire, create a loop directly above the wrapped wire and continue wrapping the end of the wire several times under the loop. Trim the wire and push the end of the wire flush to the wrap using chain nose pliers. 4. Attach the starfish pendant and round bead dangle to the twisted loop using the etched jump ring. 5. Attach the starfish to the twisted loop with a jump ring. 6. Attach the scallop charm and melon bead dangle to the twisted loop with a jump ring. 7. Fold the leather cord in half, insert the leather loop through the twisted loop and pull the ends of the leather cord through the loop to create a Larks knot. End the leather cord with a sliding knot or trim the leather cord to 12-14” long and tie a simple knot. Resources: Starfish: Green Girl Studios and brass wire: Scallop charm, seahorse charm, twisted loop and 8mm jump rings: Czech glass beads: cord and faceted beads:

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Bead Cruise 2019  

Free jewelry-making projects and resources for bead enthusiasts.

Bead Cruise 2019  

Free jewelry-making projects and resources for bead enthusiasts.