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WELCOME TO BEAD CRUISE 2017 As we start our 12th annual adventure I want to welcome you aboard! This booklet was created as a starting point for your bead adventure and a memento of our journey. You’ll find projects featuring beads from past and current sponsors and resources for all your bead needs. The gift bag items have been generously donated by the sponsors featured in this booklet. After the cruise take some time to visit their websites. Our sponsors would love to hear from you. If you make something with their product snap a photo and share it with them! For an easy online reference visit the sponsor page on the Bead Cruise website. Have a wonderful cruise!

Heather Powers

All projects were created by Heather Powers, 2


Forklorico Filigree Pendant

Supplies 61x37mm fanned boho filigree 14 x 10mm copper bead cap 30mm polymer clay lentil bead 5 lengths of 3 ½” copper chain 8 6mm etched lentil glass beads 2 4mm glass o beads

8 5mm brass jump rings 2 6mm copper jump rings 2 10 etched brass jump rings 4” 19 gauge blackened steel wire 28” 5mm deerskin leather 2 micro screw and nut set

Tools: 1.5mm metal or leather hole punch, ball peen hammer and steel bench block


1. Cut a 1” piece of steel wire, create a large loop at one end. Open the loop and string on the 5 lengths of chain, close the loop. 2. Insert the wire through the bead cap, hold tightly and bend the wire over at 90 degree angle over the bead cap. Trim wire to create a small loop on top of the bead cap. 3. Create a small loop on the remaining wire, string on a glass o bead, polymer clay lentil and a glass o bead. Trim wire and create a small loop on top of the lentil. Open the loop at the bottom of the lentil bead, insert chain tassel, close loop. 4. Open the top loop above the lentil, insert into the bottom center loop on the filigree, close the lentil loop. 5. Attach the etched glass lentils to the loops on the bottom of the filigree with 4mm jump rings. 6. Attach the etched jump rings to the filigree with 6mm copper jump rings. 7. Insert the end of the leather through the etched jump ring. Create a loop with 5/8” of the leather. Punch a hole with the metal hole punch an 1/8” from the end of the leather loop. (Punch the leather from the front to the back. Repunch the back hole on the leather to make sure the hole goes all the way through.) 8. Insert the micro screw through the hole on the front of the leather and through the back hole too. Screw on the nut until it’s tightly secure. 9. Use flush cutters to trim with screw with a tiny amount of the screw raised past the nut. Place the front of the rivet on the bench block and gently hammer the back of the screw, around the edges of the screw with the round end of the ball peen hammer until it’s domed and smooth. Repeat on the other side of the leather.

Resources: Filigree and etched jump rings: Leather and micro screws: NunnDesigns. com. Etched glass beads: Polymer clay bead: Humblebeads. com. Chain and jump rings:





215 East Main Street Ligonier, PA 15658 724-610-3770


Leather Charm Tassel

Supplies 5/8” x 1 ½” leather strip 16mm copper ribbon clamp 11/0 seed beads Leaf charm

8 ½” 26 gauge brass colored wire 4mm copper jump ring 6mm copper jump ring

1. Evenly cut the end of the leather into 1/8” strips, leaving the top half inch of the leather uncut. 2. Wrap the end of the wire around one side the ribbon clamp two times. With the wire facing the front of the ribbon clamp string seed beads as the same length as the clamp. Wrap the wire around the front of the clamp again. String on another row of seed beads. Wrap the wire around the front of the clamp two more times. Make sure the wire is wrapped very tightly each time. Trim the end of the wire so it is shorter than the clamp. 3. Insert the leather piece into the clamp, use chain nose pliers to close the clamp tightly, squeezing under the beads to close it securely. Reposition the rows of beads if needed so they lay straight across the clamp. 4. Add the leaf charm to the 4mm jump ring, close the jump ring. Add the ribbon clamp loop and the leaf jump ring to a 6mm jump ring.

Resources: Leather: Leaf charm and jump rings: YadanaBeads.etsy. com. Seed Beads: Ribbon clamps: In the example I paired up my leather charm tassel with coordinating disk and birds from and a round ceramic beads from The branch connectors are from 8

Wings and Blooms Cascading Pendant

A great collection of art beads uses the simplest construction to show off their beauty.

Supplies 3 lampwork butterfly wing beads 1 large lampwork disk 1 large lampwork flower 1 small lampwork disk

1 small lampwork flower 9 15mm jump rings 20 4mm copper cube beads 30� oval chain

1. String on one wing and 4 copper beads onto a 15mm jump ring. Close the ring. 2. String a 15mm jump ring through the large lampwork disk bead, string onto the jump ring from step 1. Close jump ring. 3. On a 15mm jump ring, string through the jump ring on the large disk bead. Add another wing bead and 4 copper beads. Close jump ring. 4. String a 15mm jump ring through the small flower disks, add on the jump ring from step 3, close the jump ring. 5. String a 15mm jump ring behind the flower, add a lampwork wind and 4 copper beads. Close jump ring. 6. Add a 15mm jump ring to the flower jump ring, add 4 copper beads, close jump ring. String another jump ring though flower jump ring and through the first jump ring in this step, add 4 copper beads. Close jump ring. Add the small lampwork disk to a 15mm jump ring and add it to both the top jump rings. 7. Open the end of the chain link, insert through the two top jump rings. Repeat with the other side of the chain.

Resources: Lampwork wings: Kim Snider, Mandrel Beads Group on Facebook. Lampwork flowers and disks: Nikki Thronberg, Jump rings and chain: Earrings: Disk beads: Leather: Wire: Earwires: 9

Vintaj Design Stock

& Embellishment Salvage


We are overflowing with great treasures...





Thank you to our amazing instructors for sharing with us on the Bead Cruise! Be sure to visit their websites for upcoming events, patterns, kits and new publications!


Mini Leather Tassel

Create these tiny tassels to use in a wide variety of jewelry designs. Vary the size and colors of the leather for endless design options. Add them to earrings, at the bottom of charm necklace or as a pop of texture on the end of a bracelet.

Supplies 6� 3mm suede cord 6� 20 gauge copper wire 8mm jump ring 18 gauge


1. Fold the leather in half and cut into two equal parts. 2. Insert the two pieces through the jump ring. Fold both pieces over, laying one on top of the other. 3. Center the wire over the leather, just below the loop. Begin wrapping one end tightly going up toward the jump ring. Wrap the other end tightly, overlapping the first row of wire. 4. Make sure both ends of the wire are trimmed at the back of the tassel, use chain nose pliers to wrap the ends tightly around the leather. Trim the ends of the leather evenly. Design Inspiration: Here you can see I added my tiny tassel to the end of necklace with a lampwork headpin from SueBeads and a tiny shell charm from Nunn Designs. The polymer clay pendant is from Humblebeads. The beaded chain is from Hobby Lobby.

Resources: Suede cord: ClassicElements. com. Jump rings: YadanaBeads. Wire: MonsterSlayer. com Earrings: Brass charms and earwires: Vintaj. Glass beads: LimaBeads. com. Copper seed beads:





Swept in the Current Necklace

Supplies Ceramic starfish bead

12” 26 gauge brass colored wire

24 14mm ceramic beads

5” 19 gauge blackened steel wire

24” sari silk ribbon

36” 5mm deerskin leather

15mm jump ring Designer’s Tip: When working with steel wire, you must pre-treat it by wiping it down, rubbing it with extra fine steel wool and sealing it with Renaissance wax. Only use heavy duty wire cutters or memory wire cutters with steel wire. 16

Create a Ribbon Tassel 1. Wrap the silk ribbon vertically around a 3 1/2” piece of cardstock four to five times. Open and insert the jump ring through the ribbon at the top of the card, close the jump ring. 2. Gently pull the ribbon off the card, tie a knot under the jump ring with end of the ribbon, trim ribbon if needed. 3. Wrap the 26 gauge wire around the knot to secure it. Make sure the ends of the wire are at the back of the tassel and tucked toward the ribbon so they don’t catch on anything.

Create the Necklace: 1. With the 19 gauge steel wire create a wrapped loop, string on the starfish bead and create a wrapped loop on top of the bead. 2. Open the jump ring on the tassel, insert through the bottom loop on the starfish bead, close jump ring. Turn the jump ring so that the seam of the opening is covered by the top of the tassel. 3. Thread the leather cord centered on the top of the starfish bead. Create a knot on each side of the wire loop. Add a ceramic bead, tie an over-hand knot. Repeat with 11 more beads on one side and repeat the pattern on the other side of the necklace.

Adjustable knots: 1. Overlap the two ends of the cord with about 6” of cord on each side of the necklace. Create a loop with one end of the cord, leaving a 2-3” tail. 2. Wrap the end of the cord around both strands of leather and around the loop, keep wrapping the cord around all three cords two more times. Slide the end of the cord into the loop and pull tightly. Repeat on the other side.

Resources: Starfish Bead: Silk Ribbon: Leather cord: Wire, jump ring and ceramic beads: Hobby Lobby. 17

Tidepool Knotted Leather Bracelets

Supplies .5mm leather (24-40�) Brass sand dollar buttons 10 freeform 23 x 20mm faux sea glass beads 28 6mm bronze electroplated hematite beads Note: I always use more leather than needed because I’d rather have too much than not enough!


Sea Glass Bracelet 1. Fold over a 24” length of the leather, string on the button and tie at the knot so the button is centered on the leather cord. 2. On one cord string a glass bead, tie an overhand knot with both cords. Repeat 9 more times. 3. Leave a 1” gap and tie a knot to create a loop for the clasp. Trim the end of the leather leaving a 1” tail.

Knotted Bead Ladder Bracelet 1. Fold over a 40” length of the leather, string on the button and tie at the knot so the button is centered on the leather cord. 2. String on a 6mm hematite bead on each cord, line the beads up next to each other and tight a knot leaving a 1/8” piece of leather between the knot and bead. Adjust the beads if needed so they line up with each other. Repeat to the desired length of the bracelet. 3. Leave a 1” gap and tie a knot to create a loop for the clasps. Trim the end of the leather leaving a 1” tail.

Resources: Cord and starfish button: Faux Sea Glass: Hematite beads: Earrings: Anchor Charms:, peanut seed beads: Jump rings and earwires:


Nunn Design offers high quality base metal ďŹ ndings and innovative ideas on how to create beautiful jewelry. Visit our website for free tutorials, videos and kits. 1-800-761-3557


2017 Bead Cruise Booklet  

Free jewelry projects and bead resources from

2017 Bead Cruise Booklet  

Free jewelry projects and bead resources from