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A Shoulder to Cry On “I am HCR ManorCare. I go above and beyond for my patients.” Tracy Overstreet goes above and beyond for her patients and that’s why HH - Roanoke wanted to acknowledge the great work she does. This is what her Administrator, Ted Killian had to say about her: “Tracy Overstreet is a RN case manager for Heartland Hospice, Roanoke VA. Tracy manages a small case load of patients and supports our on-call services greatly. Her patients adore her and the team greatly appreciates her contributions of compassion, commitment, morality and dedication. Tracy assists with obtaining referrals from her connections and collaboration in the field which enables the team to advance the patients and families served during such a difficult time.

Tracy Overstreet, RN at HH - Roanoke, receiving a Caregiver Award from Oakey’s Funeral Home. _______________________________________________________________________

“Tracy becomes very close to her patients and their families. She provides quality, compassionate, end of life care, while preserving dignity for the patient, and peace of mind to the family. This is demonstrated by the Hospice Caregiver Award she accepted from Oakey’s Funeral Home. Oakey’s Funeral Home provides a quarterly hospice caregiver award that is awarded to a caregiver who has shown excellence in being a champion of care. Tracy was recognized with flowers, a speech and a honorary plaque displaying her award from Oakey’s Funeral Home. The team gathered to witness Tracy’s

“I nominate Tracy Overstreet for the Hospice Caregiver Award because Tracy showed integrity and respect to both my momma and me. She was always prompt, available and dependable throughout all hours of the nigh... She was always available to talk to or listen to. Always there for a much needed hug. Her smile brightened our day. When my momma passed she was right here with me - to comfort - to hug - and even cry with me... I cannot explain or put into words just how much that meant. Tracy Overstreet with Heartland Hospice is MORE than deserving of this award!”

award and participated in her recognition for being an excellent caregiver.” A family member of one of Tracy’s patients took the time to write a letter explaining how much she appreciated Tracy’s care for her mother:

Love is in the Air “We are HCR ManorCare. We love our residents and employees.”

Employees at MC - Fond du Lac sing songs for their Valentine’s Day Cupid Grams. ____________________________________________________________________________

Staff members Scott Kegley, director of nursing, Kayla Lukoski, admissions director and Abbie Jo Soerens, activity director, serenaded the residents of MC - Fond du Lac during the residents’ annual Valentine’s Day party. The Cupid Grams were part of an initiative to promote positive comradery by offering singing telegrams that were sent to staff members and residents.

Resident Deb E. said, “The Cupid Grams made me smile.” Employee Kim K. said, “The Cupid Grams brought out a glimmer of happiness in everyone that day. After the music started, all those who were near started to sing and dance along. We were all brought together in that moment.”

All proceeds went to support the Hug Fund, a fund to Residents and employees enjoyed the Cupid Grams so much assist nationwide HCR ManorCare staff members in they had this to say about them: dire situations. This includes natural disaster relief, illness, fires, medical needs, injuries, death and domestic violence. Resident Cynthia M. said, “The Cupid Gram was good and Employees can also make a tax deductable contribution. For very enjoyable. I hope they do it again next year.” more information please visit Resident Gertrude H. said, “It was cute! You could tell the staff had fun singing to us.”

Circle of Care

Touched by an Angel “I am HCR ManorCare. I care,

even when I’m off the job.” Jan Andrews, quality assurance consultant and Lynn Dvorak, regional director of operations for West Division, Region 4 collaborated to write this story about an employee who went above and beyond the Circle of Care philosophy. “Thursday, January 25th, 2018 started out as every other work day for Athena Brooks, the administrator at HL - Macomb. Around 7:15 a.m., with an outdoor temperature in the mid 20s, Athena drove to work. “As Athena was driving, she witnessed an accident unfold right in front of her. A truck swerved, crossed the oncoming lane, and went off the road, rolling over and over. She saw something fly from the truck, but was not sure at the time what that something was.

Athena Brooks, administrator at HL - Macomb, responded to a tragic accident and may have saved a life. _______________________________________________________________

“Athena took quick action. She instructed him not to move “Athena was the first person on the scene to react. She and covered him with her coat to keep him warm and slow pulled over and went to the vehicle. The vehicle was so potential shock. Athena stayed with him until the EMTs badly damaged she wondered if she would be able to help arrived. As the story unfolded, we learned he had three the driver get out of the truck. She searched, but couldn’t see fractures within his cervical spine. anyone in the cab. “Athena is an everyday Hero in Action. Her compassion “Continuing her search she then heard a noise out in the moved her to be Helpful, Caring, and Responsive. Her field. It was the driver of the truck. He was lying face down quick reaction may have certainly saved this man’s life or at with his legs straight out behind him. The man was trying the very least prevented further injury with her instructions. to push himself up with his arms, and was complaining that Thank you to Athena for being an example at and away his back hurt. Athena quickly noticed that the man’s legs from our workplace!” were not moving.

Service Anniversaries

“I am HCR ManorCare. I love the people I work with. The therapy team is truly a team. All of us work together to help our residents. I am lucky to have worked with Adam, Julie, Jeanine, Doug, Brian, Deana, Mareta, Tamara and the nursing staff on MedBridge. It has been a pleasure to have worked with such a gracious group of individuals.” Bob P., Physical Therapy Assistant 10-year employee, HL - Springfield

Celebrating milestone anniversaries for employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years of service in April 2018.


MC - Erie

35 YEARS OF SERVICE Helen T. Mary W. Pat H. Patsy H. Paul F.

Corporate HL - Chillicothe MC - Fargo MC - Laureldale Corporate

30 YEARS OF SERVICE Angelita G. Diane H. Doris B. Gerard T. Kim D. Kymelyn G. Monica W. Sara M. Valerie W.

MC - Hemet MC - Dulaney HL - Miamisburg MC - Boca Raton MC - Jersey Shore MC - Hyattsville MC - Wheaton HL - Fostrian MC - Palos Heights

25 YEARS OF SERVICE Barbara L. Brenda F. Cassandra C. Cindy K. Deborah A. Margarita V. Michele B. Mirtha L. Peggy S. Redette H. Yvonne M.

MC - West Allen MC - York North MC - Yeadon MC - Wallingford Corporate MC - Walnut Creek MC - Dulaney MC - Boca Raton HL - Macomb MC - New Providence MC - Euclid Beach

Angela D. Ann J.

HL - Lynchburg Corporate


Pa. Ohio Ohio N.D. Pa. Ohio Calif. Md. Ohio Fla. Pa. Md. Md. Mich. Ill. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Ohio Calif. Md. Fla. Ill. N.J. Ohio Va. Ohio

Bernadette J. Carla M. Carol K. Charmell C. Deborah R. Denise C. Elizabeth M. Erica B. Fredrick C. Heather S. Indira P. Janet S. Jesula J. Kimberly W. Krista L. Lesley L. Marie J. Noriko H. Rajdai R. Rhita H. Sherry K.

MC - Richmond Va. MC - Plantation Fla. HL - Union S.C. HL - Dearborn Heights Mich. HH - Mason Mich. HH - Fremont Ohio HL - South Jacksonville Fla. HL - Galesburg Ill. MC - Pike Creek Del. AC - Seminole Fla. MC - Fort Worth Texas MC - Pittsburgh Pa. AC - W. Palm Beach Fla. HL - Champaign Ill. MC - Gig Harbor Wash. HL - Riverview Ill. MC - Lely Palms Fla. HL - Grand Rapids Mich HL - Kendall Fla. MC - Lely Palms Fla. HL - Ann Arbor Mich.

Amadeus M. Anthony N. Barbara G. Cassandra D. Celius C. Cynthia R. Debbie L. Deborah S. Deborah B. Denise B. Diana R. Douglas D. Edward S. Faye R. Gina B.

MC - Libertyville MC - Mountainside MC - Aberdeen MC - King of Prussia MC - Boynton Beach AC - Susquehanna MC - Plantation HRS - Varsity HL - Sarasota MC - Belden Village HH - Reading HH - Grand Rapids Corporate MC - Euclid Beach Heartland Care Partners


Ill. N.J. S.D. Pa. Fla. Pa. Fla. Fla. Fla. Ohio Pa. Mich. Ohio Ohio Ohio

Ivete B. Jacquetta J. Janette S. Jasbir K. Joan P. Jody P. Jose O. Joseph F. Karen K. Karyn O. Katherine B. Keziah K. Luisa S. Manuel V. Manuel C. Mariana S. Maribeck C. Martha A. Marybell E. MaryJo V. Mathew K. Melinda S. Nancy B. Nannette C. Patricia T. Petrokeen J. Robbin Q. Robert M. Robin W. Roger N. Sandra M. Santa F. Shauntay B. Shinetta P. Susan V. Tafoya E. Tamara R. Tracey J.

HL - Columbia S.C. MC - Mayfield Heights Ohio MC - Euclid Beach Ohio MC - Tice Valley Calif. AC - Chagrin Falls Ohio AC - Parma Ohio MC - West Delray Fla. HL - Boca Raton Fla. HL - Miamisburg Ohio HL - Sterling Heights Mich. HL - Union S.C. MC - Pike Creek Del. MC - Palm Harbor Fla. MC - Naperville Ill. MC - Boca Raton Fla. HL - Adelphi Md. MC - Arlington Heights Ill. MC - Boynton Beach Fla. MC - Palm Desert Calif. HL - Waterville Ohio Corporate Ohio MC - Cedar Rapids Iowa MC - Tacoma Wash. HL - South Jacksonville Fla. MC - Richmond Va. HL - Grand Rapids Mich. MC - Elizabethtown Pa. Corporate Ohio MC - King of Prussia Pa. MC - Elk Grove Village Ill. AC - Largo Fla. AC - Wayne N.J. HL - Dearborn Heights Mich. MC - Whitehall Borough Pa. MC - Venice Fla. HH - Greenville S.C. HL - Tamarac Fla. Corporate Ohio

Service Anniversaries

“I am HCR ManorCare. I am Helpful, Caring and Responsive.” Mirtha L., Laundry Aide 25-year employee, MC - Boca Raton

Celebrating milestone anniversaries for employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years of service in April 2018.

Valerie J. Valerie D. Vanesta L. Vicki V. Wendy N. Weston C.

MC - Sarasota MC - Plantation AC - West Orange MC - Fargo HL - Livonia NE MC - Palm Harbor

10 YEARS OF SERVICE Amy Z. Angela E. Annisa J. Ashly W. Babett S. Barbara B. Beaulah B. Benedicto A. Blanca F. Bolatito A. Brandy E. Brittany M. Carmen V. Carolyn G. Catherine M. Charlene L. Claribel R. Cliesta L. Constance J. Delizia N. Donna F. Donna M. Dora B. Dorothy S. Elizabeth R. Esmerald S. Estela S. Ethel J. Ezekiel K. Hewan T.

Fla. Fla. N.J. N.D. Mich. Fla.

MC - Aberdeen S.D. MC - Ruxton Md. MC - Fair Oaks Va. HL - Piqua Ohio HL - Oakland Mich. HL - Chillicothe Ohio MC - West Delray Fla. MC - Sunnyvale Calif. MC - Boulder Colo. MC - Denver Colo. HL - Waterville Ohio MC - Chambersburg Pa. HL - Miami Lakes Fla. MC - Greentree Pa. AC - West Orange N.J. MC - Palos Heights W. Ill. HRS - NJ Schools N.J. HL - Bloomfield Hills Mich. MC - South Holland Ill. MC - West Delray Fla. HH - Westmont Ill. MC - Parma Ohio MC - Potomac Md. HL - Union S.C. MC - Huntingdon Valley Pa. MC - Palm Desert Calif. HL - Moline Ill. MC - Kenosha Wisc. HH - Santa Rosa Calif. MC - Arlington Va.

Hilaire M. MC - Ft. Myers Fla. Jane W. MC - Oak Lawn W. Ill. Janeen W. MC - Oak Lawn E. Ill. Jay V. HL - Battle Creek Mich. Jennifer D. HL - Westerville Ohio Jennifer M. MC - Oak Lawn W. Ill. John W. HL - Ft. Myers Fla. Karen B. MC - Pinehurst N.C. Kari V. HL - Ann Arbor Mich. Katherine E. MC - W. Bloomfield Mich. Kathryn A. MC - W. Bloomfield Mich. Kelly B. HH - Flint Mich. Kelly M. MC - Voorhees N.J. Kimberly M. HH - Columbus Ohio Kudirat O. MC - Washington Twp. N.J. Laura M. HH - Homestead Fla. Lawanda D. MC - Pewaukee Wisc. Luna B. HL - Boynton Beach Fla. Marcella J. HL - S. Jacksonville Fla. Marie S. HH - West Branch Mich. Marlene O. HL - Marion Ohio Martha I. MC - Woodbridge Valley Md. Michael M. HL - Adelphi Md. Michael M. Milestone Healthcare Texas Mohammed U. HL - S. Jacksonville Fla. Murielle B. MC - W. Reading North Pa. Odessa J. HL - W. Ashley S.C. Patricia H. MC - Lely Palms Fla. Peggy G. HL - Madeira Ohio Randy B. Corporate Ohio Raven G. MC - Marietta (GA) Ga. Raymonde O. MC - Mountainside N.J. Robert P. HL - Springfield Ohio Sandra H. HL - Greenville Ohio Shannon G. MC - York North Pa. Shyam K. MC - Citrus Heights Calif. Somaria H. AC - Kensington Md. Sonia P. Heartland Care Partners Ohio

Sonya P. HL - Springfield Ohio Sophia R. AC - W. Palm Beach Fla. Stephanie H. HRS - Millville N.J. Steven F. HL - Woodridge AL Ohio Tatejona G. HL - Grand Rapids Mich. Wandy D. AC - Silver Spring Md. Wayne C. MC - Dubuque Iowa Yvonne B. MC - Davenport Iowa

Labor of Love “We are HCR ManorCare. We honor our employees.” “True love is our Team. We are passionate about living up to being Helpful, Caring and Responsive. It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone. “We are devoted to make sure every patient receives our overflowing Love! From New Providence’s Heart to Yours! “We thank all our employees for being Helpful, Caring and Responsive. Our Employee of the Year is Maria Radler, PTA, hired 3/1/06. “She is still providing exceptional love and dedication to every patient who walks through our doors. “Everyone here at New Providence thinks Maria is an awesome employee. She always goes above and beyond her work expectations. “Her coworkers stated she is exceptional and does her job with great humility. She shows creativity and initiative when tackling complicated problems and when dealing with challenging patients.

The staff at MC - New Providence posing for a Valentine’s Day picture. ______________________________________________________________

“She shows creativity and initiative when tackling complicated problems.” “She never makes excuses. She is always willing to get the job done. She definitely empowers the TEAM. We celebrate you, Champion of the Year of 2017!” - Naeemah Hill, human resources director at MC - New Providence

Words of Appreciation MC - W. Palm Beach David, a patient at ManorCare, had recently taken his first steps and said, “I’m back on my feet!” He said his therapists worked so hard for him. He stated, “None are neglectful, they all care.” David said he’s stayed at other facilities that were considered some of the best. “He said, “This is better; it’s unreal! They do whatever they can to get me healthy.”

“They do whatever they can to get me healthy.”

for our employees, about our employees. The We are HCR ManorCare newsletter features stories that capture the spirit of our direct caregivers in action and recognizes them in a special way. It is an honor to be highlighted in the We are HCR ManorCare newsletter. To submit your story, mail it to We are HCR ManorCare Newsletter Committee, HCR ManorCare, 333 N. Summit Street, Toledo, OH 43604, or e-mail to

We are HCR ManorCare - April 2018  
We are HCR ManorCare - April 2018