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May Meeting

May 2, 2012 • 11:30 a.m.


Published by the Remodelers Council of Lincoln • May 2012 • Vol. 15, No. 5 • Editor Jennie Korth

Chairperson’s Message by Molly Johnson

I hope everyone was able to view the projects showcased on the Tour of Remodeled Homes. It’s a great way for members to display their work and talent. It’s also a great opportunity for homeowners to get ideas for their own projects and get motivated to start remodeling! I hope great leads and future jobs are created for the members who had projects in the Tour.

701 S. 6th Street

(Their shipping site) 1 block south of Valley Ice on 6th St. Cost: $10.00 per person (includes lunch) Please send your RSVP to or call 402-423-4225 by April 27. Members who bring a potential new member or someone who hasn’t attended a Remodelers Council meeting in the last three months are eligible for a door prize.

Best of the Best Best Window Winner

Pella Products of Omaha & Lincoln

The April meeting was educational for our members with a discussion about the EPA lead paint rule. Thanks to The Hoppe Law Firm for the information and answers to our members’ questions. The next meeting will be a tour of TMCO on May 2. They are a metal manufacturing company who specializes in various welding, metal fabrication and power coating services. They are located at 701 S. 6th Street, the tour and lunch will begin at 11:30 a.m. Congratulations to Pella Products of Omaha & Lincoln for winning the “Best Window Project”. May’s category is Outdoor Kitchens. Please make sure you submit your project pictures to by May 15.

Welcome New Member! Kay Maxwell

PDI, Paul Daniels Interiors

To see a color version of this photo, visit Congratulations to Pella Products of Omaha & Lincoln on being the “Best of the Best” winner with their window entry. Next month features outdoor kitchens, so be sure to submit your photo of the best outdoor kitchen remodel you have done or been a part of in the past year to the HBAL office no later than May 15, 2012 to be considered as the Best of the Best! Below is the list of the “Best of” projects we will be looking for the rest of the year. Photos can be submitted to or drop them by the HBAL office and we will scan a copy of them. Recognition will include a picture of the project along with your company name in the Step by Step publication and a spot on the HBAL website for one month. June – Addition July – Deck August – Landscaping September – Garage

October – Interior Remodel November – Custom Cabinetry December – Bar/Wine Cellar

Remodelers Spotlight Name: Mark Aksamit Position: Sales Manager Company: Earl Carter Lumber Co. Phone: 402-435-3544 Email: Company Information: 64-year-old family owned lumberyard. We pride ourselves on quality, service and knowledge. Favorite Book: The Old Man and the Sea Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan Favorite TV show: NCIS Find rewarding: Being of service to others Biggest challenge in life: Staying true to my faith What inspires you: My wife What did you want to be when you grew up? Professional basketball player Pet Peeve: Poor customer service Bad Habit: Heavy foot while driving First thing I do in the morning: Get a cup of coffee Favorite vacation spot: Leach Lake, MN Greatest Hero: My Mom for the things she had to endure raising four children Childhood fear: Mean dogs Spare time: Golf, fishing and family Family: My wife Tracy, daughter Natalie and son Tim

With remodeling increasingly in demand, now is the time to remind home owners about the professional remodeling resources your Remodelers Council offers. Whether it’s tips on remodeling for aging parents, choosing a professional remodeler or promoting your council’s directory of remodelers, May is the time to promote the remodeling industry. Log onto your account to start planning for the May is Remodeling Month campaign. Members have exclusive access to 2012 National Home Remodeling Month Promotional Materials.

Greatest accomplishment: Being married for 33 years and still in love

THE Event for Remodeling Professionals

October 9-12, 2012 Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, MD Remodeling Show is a full-service event, complete with the latest and greatest products, one-to-one discussions with manufacturers’ technical experts and shop talk with other remodeling professionals. Hosted side-by-side with DeckExpo, Remodeling Show is the only national event serving the residential remodeling segment of the construction industry. Knowledge is power, and in this economy, you need every advantage you can get. Make plans to attend today it’s the one event you can’t afford to miss!

Plan to join us in Baltimore!

TP Run!

Bring Toilet Paper, Toothbrushes, Soap, Other Necessities to HBAL through June 29. The Remodelers Council is having its fifth TP Run (Toilet Paper Run) to help the clients of the Community Mental Health Center (CMHC). These clients are on fixed incomes, and after rent and medical expenses, often are left with very little money for the basic necessities. And, with a decline in the amount of items given from the Center for People in Need, donations from the Remodelers Council of Lincoln are even more helpful than ever before. Items that would be greatly appreciated by CMHC & its clients: • Toilet paper • Laundry soap • Shampoo • Toothpaste • Sanitary products for women • Bar soap for men • Bath gel soap for women • Cleaning supplies • Poly-grip Please pick up an extra roll of toilet paper or bar of soap on your next shopping trip, and drop it by the HBAL office before June 29. Thanks for helping to take care of our community!

Lead Paint Q&A

Presented by The Hoppe Law Firm April 4th, 2012

Jeff Bielenberg, Vice Chair of Remodeler’s Council, presents Jennifer Bombeck of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery with the “Best of the Best” award for bathroom remodeling.

Fred Hoppe of The Hoppe Law Firm answers questions regarding the Lead Paint Law, a current issue facing remodelers.

Remodeling Permits: Alterations

Jan. Feb. March Total Avg. Cost

Jan. Feb. March Total Avg. Cost


89 87 100 276


19 13 34 66

2006 Cost 1,007,372 967,125 1,147,674 3,122,171 11,312

2006 Cost 333,000 426,676 613,750 1,373,426 20,809

City of Lincoln - Detached Single Family - 7 Year Table


88 78 107 273

2007 Cost 1,163,863 909,207 1,280,089 3,353,159 12,283


81 76 89 246

2008 Cost 907,619 947,505 800,412 2,655,536 10,795


71 76 72 219

2009 Cost 784,232 706,588 946,927 2,437,747 11,131


57 69 125 251

2010 Cost 502,454 600,743 1,229,150 2,332,347 9,292


69 79 104 252

Remodeling Permits: Additions City of Lincoln - Detached Single Family - 7 Year Table


7 4 33 44

2007 Cost 87,400 314,300 1,283,155 1,684,855 38,292


9 9 36 54

2008 Cost 1,364,460 141,600 589,154 2,095,214 38,800


2 5 10 17

2009 Cost 52,000 125,240 206,900 384,140 22,596


6 3 11 20

2010 Cost 152,980 99,500 317,000 569,480 28,474


3 7 18 28

2011 Cost 988,395 893,584 900,086 2,782,065 11,040

2011 Cost 80,100 178,700 452,005 710,805 25,386


81 69 96 246


2 5 10 17

2012 Cost 804,484 565,929 1,055,957 2,426,370 9,863

2012 Cost 43,500 107,786 691,458 842,744 49,573


Calendar of Events May 2 May 13-20


1:16 PM

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