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Published monthly by the Home Builders Association of Lincoln Volume 49 No. 7

2012 NAHB Legislative Day

What you need to know about current legislation and how it is effecting you! (Page 12) Plus, a closer look into the Lead Paint Rule! (Page 13) Scan this QR code with your smartphone to view the Lincoln Business Builder on the go! Need a QR code scanner? It’s easy and free to download an application from your service provider.

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nebraska title company

Powerhouse Residential Staff Featuring Chuck Pfenning Business Development Chuck Pfenning Business Development

“Chuck has years of experience and his knowledge, expertise and integrity are an asset to Nebraska Title Company as well as our customers. He has the natural ability to make home buyers feel at ease when making one of the biggest investments in their life.”

Favorite part of your job? Helping first time home buyers at their closing, seeing the joy and excitement on their faces.

Patrick Lutz, CEO, and General Counsel

How I got into the business? I was a real estate broker in the late 70’s and was asked to help out a local title company by doing closings for them. As they say; “the rest is history”.

Recent Book you finished? The Lions Game How will your business change in the next year? Our industry will rely less and less on paper and move into paperless closings.

About my family; wife Rita, daughter Angie and son-in-law, Ben. New granddaughter Stella Grace. One thing that makes your company different? Our Company was founded on service and accuracy. With our long time employees, we have the foundation and experience to handle all real estate transactions, and we choose to keep ourselves independent.




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President’s Message July 2012 Vol. 49, No. 7

Contents President’s Message 3 Upcoming Events 4 Remodelers Council Golf Tournament 5 Spike Party 6 Pruning Punch Lists 7 Lincoln Children’s Museum: Under Construction 8 Vacation Time - Timeshare, Vacation Home or Craigslist 9 Student Loan Debt and Lower Home Values 11 HBAL Business Update 12-13 HBAL Golf Tournament 14-17 HBAL’s The Big Catch 18-19 New Members 20 Cancellations 20 Directory Changes 20 Renewals 20 Jobsite Safety Handbook 22 Made in America Challenge 23 Parade of Homes 24-25 Building Permits 26

President’s Message Dan Klein, Sr., HBAL President Pay it Forward Have you ever been encouraged, helped or uplifted by someone? Have you ever noted the even bigger picture of the benefit or privilege of being given the gift or Freedom, Family and safety? I was reminded of these while attending the NAHB Spring Board in Washington, D.C., surrounded by the beauty of the architecture and the center of our government. I walked freely and without fear, ate good food in a variety of places and met people with a common purpose to make life better for others. I have been able to enjoy all these experiences because others chose to do what was good and right for our country and passed that along to the future. I am continually amazed by our country! I was solemnly reminded of the bigger picture of living in the United States of America as I walked around, sat and pondered the price that was paid by those for whom the World War II Memorial was built lest we forget. What a sacrifice! The Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the power of thinking, writing, doing and being. All of this while considering the price they may pay, but doing it with the outlook of a greater good and future. What a vision!

“Considering the price they may pay, but doing it with the outlook of a greater good and future. Pay it forward!”

What is in your hand, in your spirit, in the memory of your appreciation? Pay it forward to those you know and those you may never meet again. Pay it forward to a child who could not pay you back tomorrow. Pay it forward to the elderly or the disabled that need a smile inside. Pay it forward to invest in the future just to make it a better, nicer place to be with people who have been blessed. Pay it forward. What a gift!

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Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events

Mark Your Calendar!

July 20

Fall Parade of Homes Early Bird Deadline

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

July 27

Fall Parade of Homes Final Deadline

A Night at the Saltdogs

Aug. 3

Remodelers Council Golf Tournament Wilderness Ridge Golf Course 8:30 a.m. Shotgun Start • $65 per person

Aug. 6

Night at the Saltdogs Haymarket Park 6:00 p.m. Picnic • 7:05 p.m. First Pitch

Aug. 9

Aug. 16

Aug. 16

Spike Party at Ribfest Pershing Center • 226 Centennial Mall South Lincoln, NE 68508 • Call HBAL to reserve seat 402-423-4225 HOMEPAC HBAL Office • 6100 S. 58th Street, Ste. C 9:45 a.m. Board of Directors HBAL Office • 6100 S. 58th Street, Ste. C 10:30 a.m.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lincoln Saltdogs vs. Wichita Wingnuts First Pitch is at 7:05 p.m. Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation

Sporting Clay Shoot Friday, October 26, 2012 Oak Creek Sporting Club 2890 “W” Road

Save the Date!

3 miles east and 1-1/8 miles south of Brainard, or 2 miles north of Loma.

Sponsorships are available.

Call the HBAL office at 402-423-4225 for more information.

Look for more information about these events in future issues of the Lincoln Business Builder.

Find the Frog! 2013 Nebraska Builder Home & Garden Show February 7-10, 2013 Lancaster Event Center Watch the mail this summer for your exhibitor contract!

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Find this guy in the Lincoln Business Builder and be the third person to call the HBAL office (402423-4225) with his location and your meal at the next General Membership Meeting is on us! We didn’t have a third caller for the month of May! Don’t forget to call the HBAL office with the location of the frog for your chance to win a free meal at the next General Membership Meeting!

Only one call per member company will be allowed. Note that once you win, you are not eligible for 12 months. If there is not a third caller, the prize will not be awarded.

Remodelers Council Golf Tournament

Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation Scholarship Golf Tournament Friday, August 3, 2012 Registration: 7:30 - 8:15 Shotgun Start at 8:30 a.m.

Wilderness Ridge

1800 Wilderness Woods Place

$65 per golfer • 4-Person Scramble Friday, August 3, 2012 promises to be another day of fun, friendship and competition. Please join us for the 20th Annual Remodelers Council Golf Tournament. The tournament is open to all HBAL members, Remodelers Council members, spouses and guests. • Check-in: 7:30 - 8:15 • The tournament format is 18 holes, 4-person scramble. • Shotgun start. • Tournament is limited to 36 foursomes. • Hamburgers & hot dogs will be served all day.

• This will be a handicapped event. Flights will be determined based on a 9 hole score randomly selected. • $65 includes golf, cart, food & prizes. • Prizes awarded following the tournament.

Sponsorship!!! If you are interested in sponsoring a hole or contributing to the Scholarship Golf Tournament, call the HBAL office at 402-423-4225. The cost to sponsor a hole is $100. All sponsors will be listed in the Lincoln Business Builder and a sign will be posted at the golf tournament. To sign up, you may fax (402-423-4251) or mail this form to HBAL…or call (402-423-4225).

Remodelers Council Scholarship Golf Tournament Registration If you are interested in a designated foursome, please register all four players together. If not, you will be assigned a team. 1st Player ___________________________Company _______________________________________________ 2nd Player __________________________Company _______________________________________________ 3rd Player ___________________________Company _______________________________________________ 4th Player ___________________________Company _______________________________________________ Enclosed is $_________ for_____ players. Make checks payable to Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation.

Prepayment is required to play. Fax this form to HBAL at 402-423-4251.

Or send it to: Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation • 6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C • Lincoln, NE 68516

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Spike Party

Attention HBAL Spikes! Get Ready for Summer Fun with Fellow Spikes! Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spikes “Pig Out” at Ribfest Join your fellow Spikes at Lincoln’s largest cookout! • • • •

Spikes fax this form to 402-423-4251 or RSVP to 402-423-4225 or

Free admission for Spike & one guest Reserved seating for Spike Club Members Entertainment Award-winning BBQ chefs & pit bosses from around the country • Live music • Fun & conversation with other Spikes on a great summer evening

Reservations required by August 2 so we can mail you your tickets. _____ Yes, I want to “pig out” at the Ribfest _____ Sorry, I can’t attend _____________________________________ Spike Club Member’s name & name of guest

Camherdz Services Corporation Painting

Interior, Exterior, Commercial, Residential New, Repaint


Power Washing, Staining


Sealers, Epoxies, Urethanes


Specialty Coatings

To include Epoxies and Urethanes on walls

Hector Hernandez 2240 S. 46th Street Phone: (402) 580-0870 Fax: (402) 438-6937 Lincoln, NE 68506 Email: 6  Lincoln Business Builder

Pruning Punch Lists

Pruning Punch Lists What’s better than a short punch list? No punch list at all. Imagine how delighted your customers would be if you delivered a home that didn’t need any tweaking or touch-ups. They could use every bit of their home as soon as they moved in and you wouldn’t have to sock any more labor into the house until it needed warranty repairs. Come to think of it, you’d probably have fewer of those to attend to. Sounds impossible? It isn’t. Christopher Homes in Las Vegas shoots for a “zero” punch list on every custom or luxury production home it builds. That includes having no punch list items at the pre-closing walk-through. The system assures Christopher’s exacting customers that their homes are 100% complete at closing. It also maintains the company’s productivity by letting its superintendents move on to other houses. Even if you don’t build a high-end product, you can get your punch lists down to nothing or at least trim them to just a few items. Customers will benefit and you will too. Here’s how to do it: 1. Inspect trades’ work. You give your trades a list of specs, right? Hold ‘em to those specs by having your supers inspect their work at each phase. “For some trades we use a fairly long checklist of items I’ve compiled over the years,” says Allan Edwards, president of Allan Edwards Builder, in Houston. “Other trades’ lists are much shorter.” Inspecting trades’ work during construction reduces the number of little things that pop up at the end of the job.

2. Fix it as you go. “As the job progresses, we remedy all blemishes, mistakes, and damaged material as we go,” says Edwards. “I designate the last month of construction as the punch-out stage. This may include installing missing and back-ordered items, re-keying locks, reglazing broken glass, minor adjustments, and touch-ups.” 3. Walk the house often. Because he notices things that other people don’t, Edwards walks his houses nearly every day during the punch-out period and generates lists for his supers and trades. “They start with larger items, damaged or missing material that needs to be installed, and progresses down to final clean and paint and touchup,” says the builder. 4. Try everything out. Run all appliances, tubs, and fixtures. Put the HVAC system through several cycles. Better you discover that the washer “walks” while churning a load of laundry (and level the machine) or that there’s some paper rattling in one of the registers (and pull it out) before the customers find it. 5. Fine-tune in stages. Edwards usually has about four different final cleans and four different paint touch-up work stages. “The process repeats itself until the original list of dozens of items becomes a list of just a few items,” he says. “We remedy those, and then we are ready to deliver the house.” 6. Watch your nomenclature. When you’re ready to walk the house with the customer, have a walk-through approval form on hand. “Don’t call it a ‘punch list,’ “ says Bob Kovacs, president of Constructive Solutions in Iselin, N.J. “If you call it a ‘punch list,’ that implies that there’s something wrong or not finished, and the customers will start looking for it. If you and your trades have followed the right procedures, there should be no issues. The client shouldn’t have to tell you what to fix.” 7. Examine your systems. If certain things keep popping up on your internal punch lists again and again, go over your construction methods or specs and consult with your trades to see what can be adjusted to prevent those items from reappearing on your next project’s list.

For more information about this item, please contact Natalie Holmes at 800-368-5242 x8201 or via email at

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Lincoln Children’s Museum: Under Construction

Newest Exhibit at the Lincoln Children’s Museum Features a Construction Theme The new exhibit at the Lincoln Children’s Museum is a construction-based addition, giving kids a chance to learn more about the profession and have fun at the same time. The exhibit features a mascot, aptly named “Fix-It Frannie.” Frannie guides children through the exhibit in the form of many different posters and signs, all while teaching them tidbits of information. The exhibit is packed with hands-on experiences for the visitors, including bricks to help finish the “HBAL House,” a rock quarry and various play equipment. Angela Smith, Director of Development at the Lincoln Children’s Museum remarks that the exhibit “is most definitely a huge hit and we cannot thank you enough!”

Special Thanks To Tru-Built Construction 84 Lumber Comfort Techs, Inc. John Henry’s Plumbing, Htg. & A/C Eric’s Electric, Inc. CS Kitchen & Bath

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Vacation Time - Timeshare, Vacation Home or Craigslist

It’s Vacation Time - Timeshare, Vacation Home or Craigslist? Summer time typically means vacation time for many families across the United States. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to hit the road or hop on a plane — and where — the next natural question is, where will I stay? The question of lodging can be a little tricky. Does your family own part of a timeshare or have a vacation home? Do you have hotel points built up from business travel or credit card use? If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, your choices are easy. If the answer is “no,” the choices can seem daunting. It can be tough to know whether you’re getting the best price on vacation packages with so many options available. There is no right way to go; much of the time, it simply comes down to preference and which option is the easiest and most convenient for you and your family. Timeshares and Property Ownership The vacation business has grown in stature across the country and one avenue of that growth is the timeshare industry. Timeshares allow vacationers to purchase a furnished resort accommodation without actually owning a second home. Typical programs give the owners use of the resort they bought into for one week a year and allow owners to exchange their week at sister resorts around the country and the globe. In addition to timeshares, families often purchase a vacation home outright. In recent years, more than 10 percent of all homes have been vacation homes.

Going Online Navigating the wilds of Internet vacation planning can seem daunting at first, but many travel sites have made it much easier for travelers to book their vacations. Web sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity do much of the work for you by consolidating all decisions you have to make about hotel, airfare and car rental into full vacation packages. Websites such Craigslist act as a huge online bulletin board where timeshare and vacation home owners post ads to rent their properties. If you want to visit Lake Tahoe, for example, you can search local ads in that area or see if someone in your hometown has posted an ad for their property in Tahoe. Of course, the traditional ways of booking your vacation (such as AAA or your local travel agent) still exist. What you choose

depends on your level of comfort with online access tools or whether you just like the personal touch of face to face advice. Whatever you choose, here’s a piece of advice: don’t put it off! Vacation time is important for the health and well being of anyone who works hard. To sign up for NAHB’s free consumer e-newsletter with news and information for current and prospective home owners, visit

Almost Any Brick You Use Can Last for Hundreds of Years. So Be Particular.


ANKEE HILL BRICK manufactures the highest quality FBX brick in a color palette ranging from the traditional reds and buffs to the innovative pinks, maroons, and lavenders. Standard and custom color ranges, sizes, and shapes are our specialty. Brick murals and ornamentation are brought to a new level of sophistication at Yankee Hill Brick. •r' Fireplaces r'JSFQMBDFT JSFQMBDFT • Fire Pits rr'JSF1JUT 'JSF1JUT • Finishing rr'JOJTIJOH 'JOJTIJOH Touches • Outdoor Kitchens 5PVDIFT P 5PVDIFT & Patios


Rely on Yankee Hill to supply your project with the nest of materials.

402-614-8006 402-614-8006

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 Face brick  Paving brick  Thin brik veneer  Pool Coping  Ceramic tile and marble  Keystones  Address & entry signs  Brick mural & ornamentation  Crushed landscape brick

4212 S. 133rd Street Omaha, NE 68137

(402) 330-2751

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Bob Nohavec Plumbing


Service • Remodeling • New Construction Free Estimates Bob Nohavec, Master Plumber 3400 S. 6th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502

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A & D Auto-Truck Service

“Your Total Vehicle Service & Repair Center”

Special discount for HBAL Members! 10% discount on a service or repair First-time customers only.

“We Specialize in Fleet Service and Repair.” Open: Monday-Friday 6:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Phone: 464-3211 5940 Colfax Avenue

Student Loan Debt and Lower Home Values

Student Loan Debt Crisis Linked to Lower Home Values New analysis of government data by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reveals a connection between rising student loan debt and the onset of the housing slump, and offers yet another example of how lower home values have hurt millions of middle class households and threatens the fragile economic recovery. “The rising student loan debt problem is another consequence of the housing downturn,” said NAHB Chairman Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Gainesville, Fla. “As more and more parents face tighter budget restraints as a result of lower home values, this is forcing an increasing number of students to take out loans for tuition, essentially shifting some of the burden of paying for college from parents to students.” The link between rising student loan debt and the start of the housing crisis comes on the heels of a recent report from the Federal Reserve showing that U.S. household wealth plunged nearly 40 percent from 2007 to 2010 as a result of declining home values.

borrowers; demonstrate their support for the mortgage interest deduction; support affordable down payments for home buyers; enact reforms in appraisal practices and oversight to ensure that appraisals accurately reflect true market values; and establish a strong housing finance system that retains a federal backstop to ensure that standard 30-year fixed-rate loans and adjustable rate mortgages remain readily available for working class households. “Young Americans need to have the ability to pay for college in order to prepare for the jobs of the future,” said Rutenberg. “Homeownership has historically generated a thriving middle class by creating wealth and helping families to cover higher education costs. Hard-working American families and the economy will continue to struggle until we get housing back on track.”

“Together, these findings should serve as an urgent wake-up call for policymakers to do their part to ensure a full-fledged housing recovery moves forward to restore the balance sheets of tens of millions of home owning families, create jobs and spur economic growth,” said Rutenberg. To get housing back on track and provide the foundation for a long-lasting economic recovery, Rutenberg called on leaders in Washington to provide access to mortgage credit for qualified

Waddell & Reed

1001 S. 70th Street, Suite 201 Lincoln, NE 68510 402-484-7526 800-399-4468

Brian Willet, CMFC Financial Advisor

Let Us Help You Make The Most of Your Financial Future    

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Financial Planning - Investments - Insurance Solutions *Insurance products offered through insurance companies with which Waddell & Reed has sales arrangements

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Waddell & Reed, Inc. Member SIPC

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HBAL Business Update

HBAL Business Update 2012 NAHB Legislative Day By: Mike Benker

Eighteen representatives from the Nebraska State Home Builders Association (NSHBA) including ten from the Home Builders Association of Lincoln (HBAL) met with each of our Congressmen and Senators on Wednesday, June 6, 2012. The issues discussed included: The Housing Production Credit Crisis, Housing Finance Reform, Tax Reform, Wetlands, Amending the EPA’s Lead Paint Rule, National Flood insurance Program and General EPA/OSHA Regulation. The Housing Production Credit discussion revolved around H.R. 1755, the Home Construction Lending Regulatory Improvement Act of 2011 and S. 2078, the Home Building Lending Improvement Act of 2012. These bills focus on AD&C loan limits, payments and “work out” periods before charging off a homebuilder’s loan. The Housing Finance Reform focuses on the housing GSE’s, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks. Although a federal government backstop for reliable flow of affordable housing credit is needed, private capital must be the dominant source of mortgage credit. Federal support to shore up the mortgage market during catastrophic situations when private capital and insurance reserves are depleted will provide a base line and stability. Federal support is important in continuing the availability of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, a system in place since the 1930’s. For rural communities, Senator Ben Nelson’s amendment to the farm bill to “grandfather” all existing communities in the USDA Rural housing Section 502 program for another 10 years is very beneficial. The amendment also increased the legal population threshold for the definition of a “rural” county from 25,000 to 35,000. The amendment passed with a voice vote on June 20, 2012 and a subsequent vote June 21, 2012 to pass the farm bill with a vote of 64 to 35. The programs offered by the Rural Housing Service (RHS) Section 502 are instrumental in providing opportunities for homeownership to families living in rural communities. The amendment does NOT expand any funding levels for rural housing programs. It simply updates the pool of communities eligible for its services. With prospects for the overall farm bill uncertain, NAHB is continuing to pursue several other legislative avenues to address this issue. Tax Reform included discussion regarding the mortgage interest deduction, second homes and the low income housing tax credit. The elimination of these items would further depress home prices, place more homeowners underwater and trigger a new wave of foreclosures. Continued support of H.R. 25 to protect these vital tax codes was requested. The Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers are currently pushing for significant changes to the Clean Water Act. These include the “waters of the U.S.” definition to include what comes out of the downspout of your home. Conflicts with previous U.S. Supreme Court Rulings, Private Property Rights and States Rights are in jeopardy. Continued support of H.R. 2965 and S. 2245 were requested so only Congress reserves the authority to make such sweeping changes to the Clean Water Act.

12  Lincoln Business Builder

Although S. 2148 didn’t have a companion bill for the House on Wednesday, Nebraska Congressmen were made aware a bill would be coming and their support would be appreciated. The next day, H.R. 5911 was introduced. These bills reintroduce the “opt-out” clause for the Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule. Restoring the “opt-out” provision will not change the rule’s protections for pregnant women and small children, yet creates a necessary balance between responsible regulation and consumer choice. Additionally, the EPA has yet to approve an accurate lead test kit, which is a requirement under the EPA’s own rule. Other hindrances include the lack of consumer education and the agency’s focus on enforcing paperwork violations by certified contractors rather than safe work practices. The National Flood Insurance program received a short term extension just prior to our delegation arriving in Washington, D.C., but a long term reform bill needs to be signed into law to prevent construction delays, cancelled closings and job loss. Many other Associations and groups such as the National Association of Realtors realize the effect a lapse in this program would have on our industry. Finally information was exchanged and progress reported regarding the overreach of the EPA and the OSHA. Although the Nebraska Congressmen and Senators understand and share our concern regarding these issues, it was Senator Johanns who brought multiple staff and policy aids to the table to speak with us. Two of his offices in Nebraska were connected through a video conferencing system to receive this information first hand. The HBAL greatly appreciates the attention, support and work of Senator Johanns, his staff and policy personnel. NAHB’s Assistant Vice President of Labor, Safety and Health Policy, Robert Matuga, made a special point to express his appreciation of the HBAL’s Mike Rezac. Mike played an active role in working to develop the Safety Guidelines for Residential Construction. This information will be used to enter the next phase of negotiation with the OSHA at the national level. As you can see much of this information is very technical, but very critical to our industry. Each member of our association is very important as we have strength in numbers, but also bring varying areas of expertise to the table. In working together, we can make a difference. The next time you receive an email from NAHB BuilderLink, State or Local HBA with a “call to action,” please consider taking 2-3 minutes to click through the process and send a letter to your representative on behalf of your business and industry.

HBAL Business Update Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule By: Mike Benker

A portion of the NAHB Remodelers Board of Trustees meeting at the 2012 NAHB Spring Board Meeting included reports from Bob Hanbury, House of Hanbury Builders in CT, Matt Watkins, NAHB Environmental Policy Analyst and a presentation with Q&A by Steven Chester, Deputy Assistant Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, Rosemary Kelly, Director, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and Greg Sullivan, Lead Attorney and Chief, Chemical Risk and Reporting Enforcement Branch. Starting on a positive note, H.R. 5911 and S. 2148 are companion bills to reintroduce the “opt-out” clause for the Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule. Restoring the “opt-out” provision will not change the rule’s protections for pregnant women and small children, yet creates a necessary balance between responsible regulation and consumer choice. Additionally, the EPA has yet to approve an accurate lead test kit, which is a requirement under the EPA’s own rule. Other hindrances include the lack of consumer education and the agency’s focus on the enforcing paperwork violations by certified contractors rather than safe work practices. The majority of enforcement has been a review of records then shared with auditors and passed along to attorneys to tally the amount owed. Small technicalities are often noted and a Notice of Non-Compliance is issued. Many of these letters show what the fines could be, but are not actually a fine itself. Property managers of multi-family housing units are being audited of their records for distribution of brochures to residents. The on-going NAHB legal challenge regarding the “opt-out” from last fall has reached oral arguments, but hasn’t received a response yet. NAHB is rallying support for H.R. 5911 and S. 2148 currently trying to have each bill become bipartisan. It is doubtful whether the legislation will go very far until after the November elections, but with enough co-sponsors there will be a push for a hearing to advance them. On the regulatory side, the NAHB petition on the test kits is essentially being ignored by the EPA at this time. The Center for Disease Control has also changed the definition of lead, when it comes to blood lead concentrations, the previous level for concern was 10 μg/dL with an action level limit of 20 μg/dL for

blood lead concentrations, but the new guideline is set with an action level of 5 μg/dL. In the EPA Enforcement Report, it was reported since April 2010 in the 10 Regions there have been 1,150 EPA inspections and 40 Notices of Non-compliance. The cases have been bundled by category each quarter to share with the press to educate the public. The April 2012 news release included a Boston property owner doing work for a fee, a dust control issue and an Omaha company having issues regarding pamphlets. The Regional Offices will continue to do more bundling of issues found during inspections for future news releases. During the Q&A time, the first question had to do with where the EPA gets its list of names for enforcement. Rosemary Kelly responded to the suggestion of targeting audiences and says this does not happen. Most of their leads come from tips and complaints from competitors and homeowners. The EPA monitors State and Local Health Department numbers to address potential problems and have the greatest impact. The phone book, yellow pages and building permits are used when needed. Another direct question asked about the EPA’s authority to shut down a job site. The EPA doesn’t have the authority to shut your jobsite down, but in some cases the local Health Department may have that right. The two most recent questions left somewhat unanswered at HBAL Remodelers Council meetings were asked with a general response and information collected for a more official response. Once the response is received, it will be published for all to see. The questions asked regarded the testing of wood floors and installation of new siding over painted wood siding (potentially lead based paint). For more information please contact Mike Benker at 402-423-4225 or

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HBAL Golf Tournament

Lincoln Home Builders Care

14 ď ´ Lincoln Business Builder

HBAL Golf Tournament

Foundation Golf Tournament

Flight Winners First Flight

Second Flight

Third Flight

1st Place – 58 Shawn Lang John Mahoney Ken Svoboda

1st Place – 64 Jason Thiellen Bob Lewis Rick Onnen Matt Tiarks

1st Place – 66 Larry Epp Darren Parrott Jim Conway Carol Conway

2nd Place – 64 Dan Walker Jason Firestone Bill Barclay Leo Schumacher

2nd Place – 68 Mark Aksamit Jack Cooper Lance Roach Allen Barber

3rd Place – 64 Tony Nolan Jim Davis Matt Fox Cory Hoagstrom

3rd Place – 69 Brian Kamler Steve Statz David Kilgore Susie Krause

4th Place – 65 Marlin Lyon Todd Bohlmeyer Marc Hausmann Bob Sundquist

4th Place – 69 Doug Prewitt Monte Marschman Jason Kirby Kevin Trembley

2nd Place – 58 Mike Goings Clair Munyon Jayson Becker 3rd Place – 59 Matt Minchow Steve Stevenson Mike Adams Ed Schulenberg 4th Place – 60 Jeff White Gary Harmon Stan Tafoya Tim Nelson

15  Lincoln Business Builder

HBAL Golf Tournament

Flag Prize Winners Hole #1: West Gate Bank – closest to the pin, 3rd shot Winner: Greg Lee CKF-Consolidated Kitchens – longest putt on the green Winner: Ramsey Yousif

Hole #2: Pella Products of Lincoln – closest to the pin 2nd shot Winner: Jim Markel Lincoln Winnelson Co. – longest putt on the green Winner: Dave CiaVarella

Hole #3: Cattle National Bank – longest drive in the fairway Winner: Roger Bumgarner

Hole #4: Rels Title – closest to pin first shot Winner: Tom Harrison INSPRO Insurance – longest putt on the green Winner: Cory Hoagstrom

Hole #5: Pinnacle Bank – longest putt on the green Winner: Kyle Courter

Hole #6: Union Title – longest drive in the fairway Winner: Jason Thiellen EMO Flooring – closest to the pin, any shot off the green Winner: Larry Loomis

Hole #7: Woods Bros. Realty – longest putt on the green Winner: Curt White Artz & Sons Construction – shortest drive played by group Winner: Jason Rau

Hole #8: Structural Component Systems – closest to the pin in 1 shot Winner: Grant Carter Bryant, Katt & Associates – longest putt on the green Winner: Jack Cooper

Hole #9: Lincoln Federal Savings Bank – longest drive in the fairway Winner: Kirk Havranek Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery – longest putt on the green Winner: Bob Bryant

16  Lincoln Business Builder

Hole #10: Great Western Bank – longest putt on the green Winner: Cindy Foster Reimers-Kaufman Concrete Products Co. & Ready Mixed Concrete Co. – closest to pin, 2nd shot Winner: John Mahoney

Hole #11: Cornhusker Bank – longest drive in the fairway Winner: Jean Brown HS Bank – closest to the pin, 3rd shot Winner: Shawn Lang

Hole #12: Yankee Hill Brick & Tile Co. – closest to the pin 1st shot Winner: Gary Harmon Neemann & Sons, Inc. – longest putt on the green Winner: Dave Potter

Hole #13: HomeServices Lending – closest to the pin 2nd shot Winner: Lance Roach

Hole #14: The Glass Edge – longest putt on green Winner: Ben Hartzell Union Bank & Trust Co. – closest to the pin, 1st shot Winner: Skip Semin

Hole #15: Schaefer’s – longest putt made on the green Winner: Matt Tiarks Nebraska Land Title & Abstract – closest to the pin, 2nd shot Winner: Kevin Eriksen

Hole #16: Security First Bank – closest to pin any shot off green Winner: Jason Martinez Home Real Estate – longest drive in the fairway Winner: John Haney

Hole #17: Millard Lumber, Inc. – closest to the pin 3rd shot Winner: Gene Hiatt A1 Mold Testing and Remediation Services – shortest drive played by the group Winner: Matt Fox

Hole #18: City Bank & Trust – closest to the pin, 2nd shot Winner: Jason Bryant Drywall Unlimited, Inc. – longest drive in the fairway Winner: Mike Adams

HBAL Golf Tournament

Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Gas Grill from Lowe’s

Door Prize Winners $15 Gift Certificate to Lowe’s

Winner: Aaron Terry

Embroidered Sweatshirt from Art F/X Winner: Brandon Harris

Adam Albee Cory Anderson TJ Artz Mike Barry Dave Bayne Michelle Benes Steve Bos Steve Bowen Ron Eisenbarth Mark Golden AnDee Harris John Harrison Joel Hohensee John Hoppe, Jr. Jim Hruby Dan Illian Dave Johnson Paul Johnson Charity Khuen Ryan Kolbo

Bruce Kumpula Pete Luke Chad Lyons Steve Meyer Geoff Mietz Tyler Moormeier Rob Mueller Terry Neemann Trent Neemann Bob Rentfro Ryan Reynoldson Mike Rezac Joel Russell Paul Schaer James Schweers Andy Shipley Joe Steinbach Scott Stratton Corey Vandewege Chris Wadhams

Contributors, Sponsors and Volunteers Golf Committee

Chairman Dan Walker Ruth Hietbrink Kim Kumpula Linda Heiman Lois Hartzell Chuck Pfenning Grant Carter Ron Fricke Kayla Harrison


Art F/X Fireplace Center The Harry A. Koch Co. Liberty First Credit Union Lincoln Glass Raynor Doors of Nebraska Shelter Distribution US Bank


Black Hills Energy Union Title Company A1 Complete Services Thank you To... Aqua Systems for the bottled water! Nebraska Title for the ice cream treats! Lowe’s and Security First Bank for providing the grills! Lee’s Propane Service for donating the propane! Linda Heiman for organizing the grillers!

Volunteers/Grillers Tammy Bohnenkamp Sue Eaton Mike Graham James Hamlette AnDee Harris Lois Hartzell Ruth Hietbrink Tami Lambie Jo Lewis Sheryl Oldham Pete Peterson David Raddock Val Sabata Russ Sebek Brady Yoder

Thank you! 17  Lincoln Business Builder

HBAL’s The Big Catch



with Harbor Master


Mike Rezac Buying a license doesn’t guarantee you a fish. HBAL will provide you with special tackle to help you find the fish and reel ‘em in. All you have to do is cast! Contact the HBAL office for: • a list of potential members • membership packets to mail or email

In it to win it! New Incentives to cast those reels even farther!

Monthly Prizes (July through October)

$100 Cabela’s Gift Card Drawing

Starting June 1, 2012, HBAL members will launch their boats looking for The Biggest Catch! For each new member, you will increase your rank on the boat. • • • •

Deck Hand = 0-1 new members First Mate = 2-3 new members Commander = 4+ new members Captain = 4+ new members & leads team in catches

Launch your boat, bait your hook and cast your line to reel in new members and prizes today!

Each new member increases your chance to win!

Individual Prizes

These will be awarded to the best fishermen at the end of the contest!

1st Place - $500 Visa Gift Card 2nd Place - $400 Visa Gift card 3rd Place - $300 Visa Gift card

Current Standings Sea



e Bandit

Jim Crawford (1) • Morton Buildings

18  Lincoln Business Builder




HBAL’s The Big Catch

The Place to go for Everything Fireplace and Stone! You won’t find a larger selection of fireplaces & stone in town! Our showroom displays 37 fireplaces and over 170 brick and stone samples. Also available at Lumbermen’s:

“Bringing Quality to Life”

• Wood & Pellet Stoves • Grill Islands & Kitchens • Erosion Control Products

• Outdoor Firepits • Paving Stones • Stone Veneers • Brick

Showroom Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm | 8655 Amber Hill Court, Lincoln, NE 68526 | 402.421.0948 |

Adam Flanagan

Construction and Real Estate Lending Officer

Scott Williamson

Vice-President Mortgage

Susan Bredthauer

Vice-President Mortgage

Strong Foundations Begin With Great People

West Gate Bank recognizes that people make the difference. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and committed to providing excellent service.

When it comes to cabinetry, Millard Lumber offers a vast and diverse selection. Whether it’s a color, finish, or look, Millard Lumber has the solution to any builder or contractors needs. Stop by our Design Center today for design assistance and free estimates. Millard Lumber also offers installation for all cabinets and hardware. 11200 N. 148th St., Waverly NE


M-F 7:30am - 5pm

Whether you are building, buying or refinancing your home, experience the West Gate Bank difference. Create your customized loan program today. Lincoln’s Bank 402-434-3456



member FDIC

19  Lincoln Business Builder

New Members| Cancellations | Directory Changes | Renewals

Welcome New Members Morton Buildings

Principal: Curtis Adkins 12055 Hwy 7, Waverly, NE 68462 Phone: 402-786-3000 Fax: 402-786-5505 Cellular: 402-314-4886 Email: Reason I joined HBAL: To get Morton Buildings back on Lincoln’s job market Sponsor: Jim Crawford, Precast Products and Landscape Village

Directory Changes

Thanks for Renewing Your Membership! (Please allow 60 days for names to appear on this list.) A Pause for Paws, 3 years American National Bank of Lincoln, 10 years BJ Shower Door Co., 21 years Barber Homes & Remodeling, 20 years Brester Construction, Inc., 35 years CS Kitchen & Bath Studio, 22 years Capitol Heating & A/C, Inc., 11 years Civil Design Group, 7 years

• Brian Willet is the new principal for Waddell and Reed. Email:

The Cleaning Ladies, 13 years

• The new address for is 3119 S. 33rd Street, Lincoln, NE 68506.

Hoppe Homes, LP, 22 years

• The new address for INSPRO Insurance address is 4000 Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, NE 68516. • The new mailing address for INSPRO Insurance is P.O. Box 6847, Lincoln, NE 68506. • John Oestrich is no longer an affiliate member with Waddell and Reed. • The new address for R & D Custom Homes is 7431 Cardwell Circle, Lincoln, NE 68523.

Hoos & Suing, 3 years Hunt Irrigation, Inc., 14 years JL Exteriors, Inc., 4 years Jerry’s Basement Waterproofing, Inc., 16 years John Henry’s Plumbing, Htg. & A/C, 12 years KLIN 1400, 37 years Lawnscape, Inc., 3 years Lincoln Housing Authority, 17 years Lincoln Winair Company, 17 years NECO Security, 6 years

Sorry to See You Go! If you see your company listed below, contact HBAL at 402-423-4225 to renew your membership TODAY!

JM Barber Construction & Design

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA), 32 years New Ventures, Inc., 26 years Pro Drywall, Inc., 7 years Roth & Troyer Construction, Inc., 6 years Sark Tile, 11 years Seal-Rite Insulation, Inc., 12 years Signs Now, 21 years


Special Tee Remodeling, 2 years Sticks & Stones Hardscapes, Inc., 6 years Summit Homes, L.L.C., 17 years Vodicka Construction, Inc., 6 years

Be sure to contact the HBAL Office at 402-423-4225 to update your contact information. 20  Lincoln Business Builder

Just minutes away from shopping and dining you will find the best in country living at Whispering Creek. Our three+ acre lots can be reached on paved Old Cheney Road. The neighborhood features paved interior streets, wooded lots and an NRD pond. The rolling terrain offers elevations to showcase your custom home plans.

Future Addition

    

Lots starting at $140,000 All lots are 3 + acres No impact fees Paved interior roads Restrictive Covenants

Take a drive to Whispering Creek—you’ll like what you see! 402.423.7377

8200 Cody Drive, Lincoln, NE 68512

21  Lincoln Business Builder

Jobsite Safety Handbook

Newly Updated Jobsite Safety Handbook Now Available at the HBAL Office The Jobsite Safety Handbook, Third Edition, has been updated and is now available for purchase for $9.00 at HBAL as a benefit to members. The handbook explains what builders can do to comply with OSHA requirements. It covers the key safety issues that home builders, remodelers and trade contractors need to focus on to reduce accidents and injuries. It identifies safe work practices and related OSHA regulations that have an impact on the most hazardous activities in the construction industry. Included in the handbook is a series of general safety tips, designed to provide examples of common best practices for residential construction safety that can be incorporated into a company's safety and health program. The third edition includes clear illustrations and color photographs with new and updated information on topics such as: • Fall protection for roofing work and around openings • Hearing and respiratory protection • Working in confined spaces • First aid • Hazardous materials • Housekeeping and general site safety • Employer duties, including training and protective equipment The Jobsite Safety Handbook highlights the minimum safe work practices and regulations designed to prevent major hazards and causes of fatalities occurring in the residential construction industry. It should be used only as a companion to the actual regulations and as a general guide to safety practices. For more information and to order the Jobsite Safety Handbook, Third Edition, call the HBAL office at 402-423-4225.

It's the LOCAL Web! 402.483.7575 3133 S. 7th Street • Suite D

Fax 402.483.7577


Lincoln's Official Web Site Directory Multi Color Printing Graphic Design Ad Specialties Bindery Services

Digital Color Copies Digital Black & White Engineering Copies Personalized Service

Providing Offset Printing & Digital Services in Lincoln since 1980.


You'll find hundreds of Lincoln Web sites indexed by keywords and categories.

LOG ON! Phone: (402) 420-9800 • E-mail:

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YOU’RE GOOD TO GROW. Whether you’re a new lawn-maintenance business or a wellestablished, full-service landscaping company, your business will thrive with the help of John Deere D-Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders (CTLs). Designed with extensive input from landscapers and other customers, these capable compacts cultivate more productivity with enhancements such Whether you’re a newalawn-maintenance business or a well established, Whether you’re new lawn-maintenance business or acurvedwell-full-service as roomier operator stations, quieter pressurized cabs, landscaping company, your business will thrive with the help of John Deere D-Series Skid established, full-service landscaping company, business glass doors, and optional electrohydraulic (EH)input from landscapers Steers andswing-out Compact Track Loaders (CTLs). Designed withyour extensive thrive with the help of John Deerecultivate D-Series Steers with andwill other customers, these capable compacts productivity joysticks. Uptime-boosting advantages includemore aSkid V-plenum enhancements such as roomier operator stations, quieter pressurized cabs, and Compact Track Loaders (CTLs). Designed with extensive cooling system, hydraulic-driven reversing fan, and wide-open curved glass swing-out doors, and optional electrohydraulic (EH) joysticks. input from landscapers and other customers, these capable engine-compartment more than 100 Worksite Uptime-boosting advantagesaccess. includePlus, a V-plenum cooling system, hydrauliccompacts cultivate more productivity with enhancements such driven reversing fan, andare wide-open engine-compartment access. Plus, more Pro™ attachments available. So whether you are laying than 100 Worksite Pro™ attachments are available. So whether you are as roomier operator stations, quieter pressurized cabs, curvedsod, seeding, grading, tilling, trimming, planting, installing laying sod,swing-out seeding, grading, trimming,electrohydraulic planting, installing(EH) glass doors, tilling, and optional hardscapes, or whatever else, you’re hardscapes, or whatever else, you’re good to good grow. to grow. joysticks. Uptime-boosting advantages include a V-plenum cooling system, hydraulic-driven reversing fan, and wide-openContact us today. Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Murphy Tractor & Equipment Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. engine-compartment access. Plus, more than 100Co.Worksite 220810 Highway 92 3701 South Jeffers 9751 S 148TH Street Pro™ attachments are available. So whether Gering, NE 69341-5200 North Platte, NE 69101 you are laying Omaha, NE 68138-3898 (308)sod, 436-2177 (308)trimming, 534-7020 (402) 894-1899 seeding, grading, tilling, planting, installing hardscapes, or whatever you’re good to grow. Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. else, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co.


3204 S Engleman Road Grand Island, NE 68803-6621 (308) 381-0741

6100 Arbor Road Lincoln, NE 68517 (402) 467-1300

Contact us today. 23  Lincoln Business Builder

Parade of Homes

2012 Fall Parade of Homes Contract October 7-14, 2012

Early Bird Deadline - July 20, 2012 • Final Deadline - July 27, 2012 THE BUILDER PARTICIPANTS AGREE TO: 1. Participate with a new, not previously occupied home(s) built by the entrant. 2.

Have the entry open Sundays 1-6 p.m., Weekdays 6-8 p.m. and Saturday 1-6 p.m.


Display the HBAL site sign prominently in the front yard of the entry(s). (Sign pick-up is at 84 Lumber the Friday before the Parade from 8-11 a.m.)


Have final inspection completed by Building & Safety AND THE DECISION OF THE PARADE OF HOMES COMMITTEE by the opening date and time.


Provide information for the Guidebook by July 27, 2012. This includes the price range of your home(s), professional rendering, narrative, and directions. Renderings must be professional drawings or photographs and may be supplied in color or black and white. Renderings are subject to approval of the Parade Committee. Narratives and renderings may be emailed to Call 402-423-4225 for questions regarding format.


You must notify HBAL IN ADVANCE if you are unable to have your entry open--NO EXCEPTIONS!

Additional information regarding the Parade is on the next page.

THE PARADE OF HOMES COMMITTEE WILL PROVIDE ENTRANT WITH: 1. A comprehensive advertising campaign. 2.

One site sign and two directional signs per entry, or more if route evaluation indicates. SIGNS MUST BE RETURNED ON October 15 BY 11:00 A.M.


A full page in the Parade Guidebook which describes your house. Builders will receive a proof of their page by email if we have an email address on record. If an email address is not available, a copy of the page will be faxed or mailed.


A full page ad opposite your entry page may be purchased for only $400. (This ad must be about the builder’s business only.)

5. Sufficient Guidebooks for each entry. 6. An online flipbook (including links to your website) will supplement the printed guidebook. FEES: Your check must be submitted by July 27. (After the Early Bird Deadline, the entry is $50 more per entry. There is no discount for more than one entry.) Early Bird Fees _____ Single-family: $750 _____ 2-4 plex: $900 _____ 5-and-up plex: $1,150

Final Deadline Fees _____ Single-family: $800 _____ 2-4 plex: $950 _____ 5-and-up plex: $1,200

I agree to cooperate with the Parade of Homes Committee and to abide by the terms and conditions above and on enclosed sheet. Exact Address of Entry

Name of Entry


Company Name

Signature Approximate Price of House: This home is: Presold

For Sale

With Lot:

Without Lot:



This home uses a natural gas furnace and water heater (no heat pump): yes


Online Flipbook: The online flipbook will include links which can be used to direct the public to your webpage. By default, we will link the rendering, your logo and your website in the contact information to the web addresses you supply here: Rendering: Logo: Website: If you do not provide a link, it will not be included in the online flipbook. You can request additional links on your entry page. Fees may apply. Contact HBAL at 402-423-4225 for more information. Directions to the home will be on each page. You must give specific turnby-turn directions to your entry: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

24  Lincoln Business Builder

Return this contract to

Home Builders AssociAtion of lincoln

6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C • Lincoln, NE 68516 Phone: 402-423-4225 • Fax: 402-423-4251 Email:

Return this form to HBAL!

Parade of Homes

2012 Fall Guidebook Advertising Contract October 7-14, 2012

Early Bird Deadline - July 20, 2012 • Final Deadline: July 27, 2012 Circulation: Five thousand books are distributed to Parade visitors. Please return this page to reserve your ad space. Complete the second page (the Advertising Checklist) and return with your ad. Company

Ordered By

Billing Address





ZIP Code


If you use an ad agency or graphic artist for your ad, include the contact name, company and phone number of the person who designed it: Name/Company Ad Size Full Page 1/2 Page 1/4 Page Centerfold*



Dimensions 7.75” wide x 10.375” high 7.75” wide x 5” high 3.75” wide x 5” high 15.5” wide x 10.375” high

Early Bird

Final Deadline

 $775  $475  $335  $1,700

 $800  $505  $360  $1,760

Note: Builders can purchase a full page ad opposite their Parade Home entry for $400. This ad must be about the builder’s business only.

Builder Page

 $400

7.75” wide x 10.375” high

*The previous advertiser has the right to request the centerfold, inside front cover, inside back cover and outside back cover again.

Please see the attached Advertising Checklist for acceptable ad formats and other details. Check One: Color:

    

 Use the exact ad placed in the 2012 Spring Parade Guidebook.  I want HBAL to revise my ad (see hourly rates under “Revisions”).

 I will furnish an ad to HBAL by July 27, 2012.  I want HBAL to design my ad (minimum $55 charge).

At an additional cost, you can use color in your ad. If you are using a process or spot color, be sure to list it. Color mode must be Black & White or CMYK, not RGB. Black & White (No color, no extra charge) 1 color (in addition to black) ($50)

Process/Spot Color:

2 colors ($150)

Process/Spot Colors:


3 colors ($200)

Process/Spot Colors:



Full color ($250)

Ad Format: Please see the attached Advertising Checklist for acceptable ad formats and specifications. Revisions: Any adjustments or changes to your ad will be billed as follows: $55 per hour for all changes $55 per hour for pre-production work if required $55 minimum to design your ad (please call HBAL at 402-423-4225 for details) If you have questions on whether your ad will be subject to additional charges, contact HBAL at 402-423-4225. Proofs: An Epson proof of your ad will be available at the HBAL office for you to review. This gives you an opportunity to look at the actual printed color (vs. viewing it on your computer screen), as well as a final review of content. Online Flipbook: Your ad will be linked to your website in the online version of the Parade Guidebook. Please indicate your web address here: If you do not provide a link, it will not be included in the online flipbook. While we do keep previous Guidebook ads, it is your responsibility to keep your ad on file if you want to re-use it or make changes to it in the future.

Return this contract to

Home Builders AssociAtion of lincoln

6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C • Lincoln, NE 68516 Phone: 402-423-4225 • Fax: 402-423-4251

Please return this form to HBAL to reserve your ad space. 25  Lincoln Business Builder

Building Permits Building Permits

City of Lincoln - 10 -Year Table

Jan. Feb. March April May YTD

SF 98 103 136 145 186 668

Jan. Feb. March April May Total Avg. Cost

2003 TH 8 33 24 26 98 189


19 13 34 52 57 175

MF 4 2 90 4 102 202

SF 74 73 137 124 113 521

2004 TH MF SF 8 5 54 9 24 66 18 20 92 22 0 80 33 100 88 90 149 380

2006 Cost 333,000 426,676 613,750 560,472 907,924 2,841,822 16,239

SF=detached single family - TH=townhouses - MF=multi-family (including duplexes)

2005 TH 21 10 11 16 12 70

MF SF 0 72 4 58 4 82 4 91 4 83 16 386

2006 TH 14 20 17 16 20 87

MF SF 0 40 2 35 16 59 60 61 16 65 94 260

2007 TH 8 4 40 70 39 161

MF 4 12 112 66 0 194

SF 35 22 41 50 59 207

2008 TH 19 0 28 2 15 64

MF SF 6 11 4 29 2 30 2 30 4 38 18 138

2009 TH 14 2 14 14 28 72

MF SF 0 24 3 32 2 42 15 33 24 29 44 160

2010 TH 7 18 6 8 19 58

Remodeling Permits: Additions City of Lincoln - Detached Single Family - 7 Year Table


7 4 33 56 55 155

2007 Cost 87,400 314,300 1,283,155 539,511 818,301 3,042,667 19,630


9 9 36 62 52 168

2008 Cost 1,364,460 141,600 589,154 1,208,366 809,323 4,112,903 24,482


2 5 10 10 9 36

2009 Cost 52,000 125,240 206,900 198,413 183,000 765,553 21,265


6 3 11 19 9 48

2010 Cost 152,980 99,500 317,000 706,474 148,500 1,424,454 29,676


3 7 18 15 20 63

MF SF 2 22 60 26 8 42 0 28 0 39 70 157

2011 TH 0 0 10 26 14 50

2011 Cost 80,100 178,700 452,005 908,366 340,080 1,959,251 31,099

MF 4 20 180 3 44 251


SF 27 31 47 43 41 189

2 5 10 11 20 48

2012 TH 4 13 24 19 21 81

MF 0 144 36 24 0 204

2012 Cost 43,500 107,786 691,458 600,931 723,945 2,167,620 45,159

Remodeling Permits: Alterations

Jan. Feb. March April May Total Avg. Cost


89 87 100 87 120 483

2006 Cost 1,007,372 967,125 1,147,674 706,214 1,042,668 4,871,053 10,085

City of Lincoln - Detached Single Family - 7 Year Table


88 78 107 88 115 476

2007 Cost 1,163,863 909,207 1,280,089 1,031,776 1,578,971 5,963,906 12,529


81 76 89 82 79 407

2008 Cost 907,619 947,505 800,412 877,275 723,878 4,256,689 10,459


71 76 72 85 65 369

2009 Cost 784,232 706,588 946,927 813,112 617,270 3,868,129 10,483


57 69 125 154 124 529

2010 Cost 502,454 600,743 1,229,150 1,386,859 931,223 4,650,429 8,791


69 79 104 133 111 496

2011 Cost 988,395 893,584 900,086 1,292,245 946,242 5,020,552 10,122


81 69 96 96 123 465

2012 Cost 804,484 565,929 1,055,957 871,985 1,544,337 4,842,692 10,414

Your Hometown Source For • House Beams • Columns • Brick Lintels • Joists & Deck

Local service for the life of your mortgage loan.

• Miscellaneous Plate, Angle, Pipe & Tubing

At Cornhusker Bank, we believe when you come to us for a mortgage loan, you expect to continue to work with us well beyond closing. This is why we offer to service your mortgage right here in Lincoln.*

Life is good when banking is simple. Stop by, call, or visit us online to learn more. 56th & South St.




APOLLO STEEL COMPANY Fabricating The Future of Nebraska 7200 Amanda Road, Lincoln, NE 68507 Phone: 402-466-8587 • Fax: 402-466-0594

* Not all mortgage loans qualify for the local servicing program. Please contact a mortgage lender for details.

26  Lincoln Business Builder

Member FDIC


27 ď ´ Lincoln Business Builder

Home Builders Association of Lincoln 6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C Lincoln, NE 68516


Mention this ad and recieve

*$35 New Patient Special includes exam and first treatment *Insurance rules apply


Dr. Kristin Morgan

(402) 421-1411

5700 Thompson Creek Blvd Suite 3 Lincoln, NE 68516

Would you prefer homebuyers put more money into their homes, or their utilities? While ENERGY STARŽ qualified homes cost a little more, they’re at least 15 percent more efficient than the 2004 International Residential Code. Their energy savings more than offsets any additional cost. Which makes them more affordable to own. And more profitable to build.

Lincoln Business Builder July 2012  

Monthly newsletter of the Home Builders Association of Lincoln